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Rogue Redemption 1.12 "Unexpected Relations"

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  • Rogue Redemption 1.12 "Unexpected Relations"

    1.12 "Unexpected Relations"



    The camera is moving down the same hallway that was used in the previous episode. We slowly move down it, and can still sense that cave-like feel. You can hear chanting as you did in the previous episode as well. We move past that room and continue down the hallway. The camera looks to the left to see a door. It appears to go right through it, as though it isn't even there. Once inside, we see that this is the same room that the YOUNG WOMAN was in in the previous episode. She is sitting on a couch that is up against the wall. There is someone sitting next to her, though she isn't identifiable. The YOUNG WOMAN gets up from the couch, walking over to a kitchen-type part of the room. She pours herself some hot water in a coffee cup and puts a tea bag in it. She turns to the other woman sitting on the couch.

    YOUNG WOMAN: Would you like some?

    The camera moves over to the woman sitting on the couch, who we can now see in the light. She is LILY EVANS. She shakes her head.

    LILY: No thank you.

    The YOUNG WOMAN shrugs and then grabs the cup that she's using and takes it over to the couch, setting it on the table in front of it, before turning to LILY.

    YOUNG WOMAN: Do you think that you're ready?

    LILY: (sarcastically) Absolutely not. All of this training during the past few months did nothing.

    The YOUNG WOMAN does not appreciate the sarcasm or the attitude.

    YOUNG WOMAN: I thought you had learned not to talk back to-

    LILY: Geesh, take a chill pill. Just trying not to be robotic, for once.

    The YOUNG WOMAN sighs.

    YOUNG WOMAN: You have to start taking this seriously. You must face-

    LILY: I know, I know. You think I haven't been taking it seriously? Why would I be here if I haven't?

    Suddenly the door to the room bursts open. The YOUNG WOMAN and LILY look over to the threshold, which MELISSA is standing in.

    MELISSA: I'm sorry to interrupt you, but I have something to tell you.

    The YOUNG WOMAN makes a gesture with her hand and an expression on her face that tells MELISSA to continue.

    MELISSA: (cont'd) Joseph didn't kill Marie. She stopped him. But she's distracted enough now. Everyone knows she killed him.

    YOUNG WOMAN: That's good and bad news. (pause) It will do...for now.

    She smiles.


    We see MARIE sitting on a chair, looking forward. She looks as though she's staring at something, though we can't see what it is- if she is. She keeps looking around in different places of the room, and appears to be averting the gaze of someone. The camera then shows FAITH and Co., sans SAM and FAITH. Bishop is there as well. ALAN looks as if he's glaring at her. There is silence for quite a while.

    ALAN: You've got a hell of a lot explaining to do.

    MARIE looks up and stares at him, and then at everyone else. Again, silence. Suddenly, she gets up from where she's sitting.

    ALAN: (cont'd) Where, exactly, do you think you're going?

    MARIE looks at him.

    MARIE: Bed.

    She starts to walk down the hallway, toward her bedroom.

    ALAN: What about-

    MARIE: (O.S.) Tomorrow.

    We hear a door slam.



    Theme song "Time is Running Out" by Muse.

    Main Characters:

    Guest Starring:

    "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."

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    ACT I



    ALAN is sitting at the table, staring into a bowl of cereal-completely lost in his thought.

    VOICE: Couldn't sleep either?

    ALAN looks up at the door that leads the kitchen to the living room. BRIAN is standing there, leaning against the threshold. ALAN sighs, and shakes his head.

    ALAN: The fact that we're harboring a murderer doesn't exactly make me drowsy.

    BRIAN nods his head.

    BRIAN: Have to agree with you there.

    He pushes himself off of the threshold, walks over to the table, and takes a seat.

    BRIAN: (cont'd) Especially that, when you think about it, we're harboring two.

    ALAN looks confused at this.

    ALAN: Huh?

    BRIAN stares at him blankly, giving ALAN the impression that he should know what he's talking about. ALAN still looks as if he has no idea.

    BRIAN: Bishop...

    ALAN gets a look of realization on his face.

    ALAN: Oh, yeah, him...forgot about him in this mess.

    BRIAN: I didn't. He bugs me.

    ALAN: Well, he tried to kill me. So I guess he's on my list of disliked people.

    BRIAN: You guess? Disliked?! I thought he would be automatically on the list of hated people.

    ALAN sighs once again.

    ALAN: He is. I'm just...worried about other things right now.

    BRIAN nods.

    BRIAN: I get that. (pause) Do you know where Sam went?

    ALAN: No. She's probably back to my place, though.

    BRIAN: Makes sense.

    ALAN nods.

    ALAN: Yeah. But I am worried about her.

    BRIAN: She's probably fine.

    ALAN: I guess.


    The camera is set on the window, as it was in the previous episode. It begins to move to the right, slowly. We see all of the usual stuff- ALAN'S desk, end table, etc. Everything is very quiet. As we move to the bed, we can see that someone is lying down on it. We pan up to reveal that it's SAM. She is sound asleep. The sun begins to slowly creep up onto her face, eventually reaching her eyes. She shows some response to this by trying to keep the light out of her vision- she tries to squeeze her eyes shut. But eventually, she opens her eyes. She sighs and sees the sun rising. She smiles and sits up. But suddenly her smile is replaced with a look of realization and disgust.



    FAITH: I'm Joseph. The man she murdered. She's betrayed you.

    Everyone's eyes widen at this. MARIE is slowly sneaking up behind FAITH/JOSEPH. She hits him/her over the head with a large object. FAITH/JOSEPH falls to the ground- unconscious.

    BRIAN: So it's true then. You killed a man.

    MARIE looks up to him, looking slightly ashamed.

    MARIE: Yes.

    The entire gang looks shocked. MARIE had just confirmed what they feared. SAM looks at her like she's disgusted.

    SAM: How could you...

    MARIE: I can explain...

    SAM shakes her head.

    SAM: Don't bother. I trusted you. I really did.

    SAM turns around and walks away from MARIE, and out of the alley.

    SAM: (V.O.) How could she do that...I thought she was my friend


    The camera does a close-up on SAM. She looks to her left and then to her right. The camera pulls out, to reveal that MARIE is walking with her. SAM looks like she notices something interesting. She walks over, slowly followed by MARIE.

    SAM: Oh look, little plastic ducks! How cute!

    MARIE raises an eyebrow.

    SAM: (cont'd) Okay, yeah. I'm officially the lamest person ever.

    MARIE laughs.

    MARIE: You're not so lame?just?

    She looks at the plastic ducks.

    MARIE: (cont'd) Strange.

    SAM: Just strange?

    SAM looks at the plastic ducks again as well.

    SAM: (cont'd) I'd pretty much call me psycho.

    MARIE shakes her head.

    MARIE: Nah, you're?okay, yes. Psycho.

    SAM puts a hand over her heart.

    SAM: That hurts!

    MARIE laughs again and shakes her head.

    MARIE: I used to know someone like you.

    SAM: Who?

    MARIE: Just an old friend?

    SAM: Well, now you know me too.


    SAM looks down at the floor. She then looks back up and she looks like she's about to cry. She shakes her head, trying to make the feeling go away. But she appears to not be able to control it- her eyes widen, filling with tears.


    MELISSA is looking out in front of her, and the camera moves to where she is looking. There is a large group of girls looking right back at her, appearing to be waiting for instructions.

    MELISSA: Okay ladies. Pick a partner. Just spar with each other for now.

    The girls obey and begin to scatter about the room, choosing a partner for themselves. They then begin to train- hitting, blocking, and dodging hits. We are viewing this from MELISSA'S POV. She begins to circle around the group.

    MELISSA: (to girls, cont'd) Tracey, you're being gullible! Watch her! Liz, stop trying to show off. Rachel!

    A young girl with brown hair turns her head to MELISSA.


    MELISSA: You're not even trying.

    RACHEL shrugs.

    RACHEL: It's not the real thing. We're not battling Faith and friends. Not right now.

    MELISSA tilts her head.

    MELISSA: I suppose you're right...

    She begins to back off but suddenly turns to RACHEL, flicking her wrist. A blast of purple energy comes from her hand, knocking into RACHEL and making her fall on the floor. MELISSA stands next to her, towering over her.

    MELISSA: (cont'd) But let's pretend it is real. Just for a sec.

    She smiles.

    RACHEL: Fine then.

    She pushes herself off the ground and sits up, and then stands. She attempts to punch MELISSA, but MELISSA blocks her punch. RACHEL pauses for a moment. She then tries to kick MELISSA, but MELISSA grabs her foot and twists it, knocking RACHEL back on the floor, again. RACHEL swiftly gets back up and once again attempts to punch MELISSA, but MELISSA flicks her wrist and a bolt of blue energy comes from it and hits RACHEL square in the chest, sending her flying again- this time into a wall. She leans against the wall.

    RACHEL: That's not fair. No one has powers in her gang.

    MELISSA: What are you talking about? The blonde one has powers.

    RACHEL: Marie?

    MELISSA: Well, duh. Look at how she killed her ex.

    RACHEL sighs. MELISSA turns back to the large group of girls.

    MELISSA: (cont'd) So that's how it could go down. And it will probably be worse than that. So, we have to be ready.

    The camera pans to the group of girls. They are all nodding or showing that they understand her, in some way. MELISSA grins.

    MELISSA: Good. Now back to the actual training.

    VOICE: The actual training wasn't going on before?

    MELISSA turns around, to see the YOUNG WOMAN standing in the doorway. MELISSA widens her eyes.

    MELISSA: N-no...of course we've been training, ma'am.

    The YOUNG WOMAN looks around the room.

    YOUNG WOMAN: Looks like you're just standing around to me.

    MELISSA: We're not.

    YOUNG WOMAN: You better not be.

    She turns around and walks out the door, slamming it behind her. MELISSA turns back to the group of girls.

    MELISSA: Let's get to work.


    FAITH is lying down on the bed, and on her side. She groans as she begins to wake up. She holds her head and turns onto her back. She opens her eyes, and looks around.

    FAITH: What happened?

    The camera moves over to ROBIN who is standing in front of the window and looking out of it. At hearing Faith's voice, he turns his head.

    ROBIN: Oh...Marie hit you on the head with a brick.

    FAITH nods.

    FAITH: Oh. (pause) Wait, what?!

    ROBIN: You were possessed.

    FAITH: Well, that makes more sense. (beat) What about the whole ?she murdered a guy' thing?

    ROBIN: That was confirmed...but she has yet to tell us why.

    FAITH: And we care about the why...why?

    ROBIN: Maybe she had a reason.

    FAITH sighs.

    FAITH: It better be a damn good one.


    ALAN and BRIAN are still sitting at the table. You can see that BISHOP is sitting on the couch in the living room. The door to the apartment opens, and SAM enters the apartment. She looks a little depressed. ALAN and BRIAN turn to see her. ALAN gets up from the table, walking over to SAM and giving her a hug. He kisses her on the forehead. She gives him a weak smile.

    SAM: Hey to you too.

    ALAN: Where've you been?

    SAM: Just at your place.

    ALAN nods.

    ALAN: I figured.

    FAITH: (O.S.) Good morning, people who weren't hit by bricks.

    ALAN and SAM turn to see FAITH standing in the doorway that leads to the living room.

    SAM: Morning to you too. Did ya have a good night?

    FAITH: Besides the searing pain of being hit with a rock, it was great. (sarcastically) Being knocked unconscious is the best! (beat) Especially when you get to sleep for eight months...

    ALAN: What are you on about?

    FAITH: Being in a coma.

    ALAN: You were in a-

    FAITH: Not important.

    ALAN: Right.

    He gives her a strange look before sitting back down at the table, followed by SAM. FAITH goes back out to the living room, where ROBIN is sitting on the couch and BISHOP is sitting on the chair. FAITH sits down on the couch. There is an awkward silence, which is soon broken.

    FAITH: (to ROBIN) Where's Marie?

    ROBIN: She went to bed without telling us anything yesterday.

    FAITH: That's comforting. Thr- two murderers in the house.

    BISHOP looks up and glares at her.

    FAITH: (cont'd) Yes, I was talking about you. Nice observation.

    BISHOP continues to glare at her. FAITH turns back to ROBIN.

    FAITH: Did she say when she was gonna tell us?

    ROBIN: She just said ?tomorrow'. Not any specific time...

    FAITH: Great. One more thing to worry about.

    BISHOP: You should have seen this coming.

    FAITH turns to look at BISHOP.

    FAITH: Excuse me?

    BISHOP: I told you before. You should have seen that Marie isn't an innocent girl.

    FAITH: (cont'd, sarcastically) Well sorry for thinking that she really was just a girl.

    BISHOP: She's much more than that.

    FAITH: Okay, I get the point. She's full of badness.

    BISHOP: Not necessarily.

    FAITH: Oh? ?Cause last time I checked, killing people was a bad thing.

    The camera moves over to the kitchen, where ALAN, SAM, and BRIAN are still sitting at the table.

    ALAN: (to SAM) How are you?

    SAM: Not the best. But I'll be fine.

    ALAN: That's good. That you'll be fine.

    VOICE: (O.S.) I-I think I'm ready to talk now.

    ALAN, SAM, and BRIAN all turn to see MARIE standing in the doorway to the living room.



    "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."


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      ACT II


      Everyone is sitting on the couch or chairs, sans MARIE. MARIE is standing in what seems as the center of everyone. The camera is set on her face, and begins to circle around the entire group, and then focuses on MARIE again.

      MARIE: Okay, so you want to know why I...why I killed Joseph.

      SAM: (coldly) The when would be nice too.

      MARIE looks at SAM, frowning.

      MARIE: I don't think you want to know that.

      FAITH: Tell us the why then. Not that any reason is going to be very good...

      MARIE: I had a reason. A good one. Even if you don't want to believe me. (pause) Anyways...Joseph was my boyfriend.



      The image is blurry, and everything is static, so this is clearly a flashback. Two people enter the restaurant, but their backs are turned to us, so we can't see who they are. They walk up to the main desk, where a waitress smiles at them.

      WAITRESS: Welcome! Would you like smoking or non-smoking?

      GUY: Non.

      WAITRESS: Right this way...

      She begins to walk off to the right, and the guy lets the girl walk in front of him. The waitress eventually stops at a table, and sets menus down, turning back to the people following her.

      WAITRESS: There you are. I'll be back with you shortly.

      The camera pans over to the people standing behind her. They are MARIE and JOSEPH. MARIE smiles and takes a seat, followed by JOSEPH.

      MARIE: This place is wonderful.

      JOSEPH: Yeah, it really is.

      He stares at her. MARIE eventually notices this and blushes.

      MARIE: I meant the restaurant.

      JOSEPH: Who says I didn't?

      He smiles and MARIE smiles back.

      WAITRESS: (O.S.) Sorry to interrupt...

      MARIE and JOSEPH look at the end of the table, where the waitress is standing.

      WAITRESS: (cont'd) But what would you two like to drink?

      JOSEPH: I'll have a beer.

      The waitress writes his order down, and then turns to MARIE.

      WAITRESS: And what about you, hun?

      MARIE: Water's fine.

      The waitress goes to write this down, but is interrupted.

      JOSEPH: (to MARIE) Just water? We're celebrating, Mar!

      MARIE winces at the nickname.

      MARIE: (quietly) Don't call me that. (to WAITRESS, louder) And yes, water's just what I want.

      The waitress nods, writes it down, and walks off. JOSEPH looks at MARIE.

      JOSEPH: Why can't I call you Mar?

      MARIE: Because that's what Mel-

      JOSEPH: Oh...I'm sorry.

      MARIE shakes her head.

      MARIE: That's alright.

      There is a long, awkward silence.

      JOSEPH: So...happy one year anniversary.

      He smiles, and as does MARIE.

      FAITH: (V/O) So you killed your boyfriend.



      The camera is focused on FAITH, and the image is back to normal.

      FAITH: (cont'd) You know, this is getting less and less comforting.

      BRIAN: Tell me about it.

      He looks over to BISHOP, who looks right back.

      BISHOP: What?

      BRIAN: Did I say anything?

      FAITH: More to the point...(to MARIE) You killed your boyfriend!

      MARIE: Good job, Faith! Should I give you a gold star? (beat) And I wasn't finished.

      SAM: Yes, please tell us exactly why you murdered your significant other.

      MARIE: Ex. And fine, I will. (beat) Well, there were times that he would get really jealous...



      The image is blurry, and everything is static, so this is clearly a flashback. MARIE, JOSEPH, and three other people are walking in a mall, past quite a few stores. They are all talking to each other. A girl with brunette hair speaks up.

      BRUNETTE GIRL/SIERRA: Okay, we've officially covered every inch of this place.

      MARIE: We haven't seen the puppies yet!

      RED-HEAD/JOANNA: I don't like to see puppies in stores...cages and all. It bugs me.

      She frowns.

      BRUNETTE GUY/ROBERT: They keep people in cages all the time.

      The entire group gives him a strange look.

      ROBERT: (cont'd) I meant in jails...

      JOANNA: Right.

      MARIE: I think we should head for cappuccinos. ?Cause, hello, frothy goodness!

      SIERRA: Plus, shortness and yellow teeth! Who wouldn't want that?

      MARIE: It's caffeine. It's worth it.

      JOSEPH: Here, here!

      MARIE: We're not toasting, honey.

      JOSEPH: And your point is?

      MARIE shrugs.

      MARIE: Just sayin'. So, who's up for highly caffeinated drinks?

      She looks around the group, and no one seems to respond. Suddenly ROBERT walks up beside her and takes her by the elbow, walking her towards the coffee shop. JOSEPH notices this and glares at ROBERT, but then starts to walk in that same direction, followed by SIERRA and JOANNA.

      MARIE: What exactly are you doing?

      ROBERT: Getting a cappucciono with ya. What does it look like I'm doing?

      MARIE: Dragging me...somewhere. To an outsider it might look like a kidnapping.

      ROBERT: Ah, yes. A kidnapping in the middle of a crowded mall. ?Cause, you know, that makes sense.

      MARIE: It happens on TV shows all the time!

      ROBERT gives her a strange look.

      ROBERT: What TV shows are you watching?

      MARIE: Television-ish ones.

      ROBERT: And that became a word...when?

      MARIE: Now-ish.

      ROBERT: Ish doesn't happen to be your word of the day, does it?

      MARIE: Can't be my word of the day when it isn't even a word.

      They both laugh. They come up on the coffee shop, and enter it. JOSEPH, SIERRA, and JOANNA aren't far behind.

      JOSEPH: What does he think he's doing?

      SIERRA: That would be called walking.

      JOSEPH gives her a glare. SIERRA puts her hands up as if in surrender.

      SIERRA: (cont'd) Hey, you asked. I was just answering.

      JOANNA: It's also "getting coffee".

      JOSEPH: With my girlfriend.

      JOANNA: It's not like they're on a date. (beat) Why are you Mr. Jealous all of a sudden?

      JOSEPH: I'm not.

      JOANNA: Like hell.

      SIERRA: See above, re: glares.

      JOSEPH: I'm not jealous.

      SIERRA rolls her eyes, and JOANNA just looks annoyed. They then enter the coffee shop. The camera moves back to MARIE and ROBERT. MARIE is looking up at the list of things to drink.

      MARIE: You know, it'd be great if they explained what a "Energy Bunny" is, because my brain keeps thinking battery.

      ROBERT: I'm pretty sure it's an energy drink.

      MARIE: (sarcastically) Gee, really? Why do you think that?

      ROBERT smiles.

      ROBERT: Because of the word bunny.

      MARIE blinks.

      MARIE: Okay, ew.

      ROBERT laughs.

      MARIE: (cont'd) I think I'll just stick with the usual for now.

      The camera moves over to JOSEPH, who is watching MARIE and ROBERT and their interactions with each other. He sees them laughing and smiling and begins to glare at both of them. He looks like he's really angry.



      The camera is focused on SAM.

      SAM: So, what? He got jealous so you decided to go homicidal?

      MARIE: That's not what happened.

      SAM: Starting to look like that's exactly what happened.

      MARIE: Will you people never let me finish?

      FAITH: Agreeing with Sam here though. Looks like your boyfriend just got jealous and then you got angry and decided "Hey, let's kill him! I've got the mojo!"

      MARIE: (angrily) That's not what happened!

      The camera moves over to a vacant chair in the kitchen, and it begins to smoke. It almost catches fire, but MARIE notices this and takes a deep breath. The chair ceases to smoke without anyone in the living room besides MARIE noticing.

      ROBIN: Come on, guys. It's only fair we give Marie the benefit of the doubt here. She's trying to explain.

      MARIE: Thank you. Finally, someone who understands.

      BISHOP: I understand...

      MARIE: You don't count.

      BISHOP: Oh? And why's that?

      MARIE: Because I could care about an ant more than you.

      BISHOP sighs with annoyance.

      MARIE: (cont'd) Anyways...I think I need a little break.

      The entire group seems to agree with her. Some of them nod. FAITH gets up.

      FAITH: I'm gonna go outside for a few minutes.

      They nod and FAITH goes out the door. The group begins to walk away from where they're sitting.


      The girls from earlier are all sitting on the floor, and talking. MELISSA and RACHEL are standing in the corner, talking.

      MELISSA: Now, you understand that this has to be taken with full seriousness, right?

      RACHEL nods.

      RACHEL: I do. I just...

      She trails off. MELISSA raises an eyebrow, and crosses her arms over her chest.

      MELISSA: You just what? Felt like being snarky?

      RACHEL: No. (beat) But I...I don't feel right about this.

      MELISSA: You don't feel right about what?

      RACHEL: Our whole plan thing...I have a bad feeling about how it's gonna go down.

      MELISSA looks confused.

      MELISSA: Then why did you even sign on to help?

      RACHEL: I didn't exactly know what I was getting in to.

      There is a pause.

      MELISSA: Again I ask...why did you sign on to help? If you didn't know what you were getting in to, you shouldn't have gotten into it at all.

      RACHEL: Well, I know that now, don't I?

      MELISSA: And what exactly are you saying? You're going to drop out? Run to Faith and her little friends and help them?

      RACHEL shakes her head.

      RACHEL: No. That's not what...You're putting words in my mouth.

      MELISSA: Not really. They're kinda already there.

      RACHEL: They aren't. It looks like you're just trying to get me to slip up.

      MELISSA shrugs.

      MELISSA: I would actually rather you not slip up. We don't need to get her angry.

      RACHEL: No, we really don't need that.

      MELISSA sighs.

      MELISSA: So let's get back to work, shall we?

      RACHEL: We shall.

      They walk back over to near where the group of girls is sitting.


      FAITH is leaning against the side of the wall of the building. She takes a deep sigh. She puts her hand up to her lips- she's holding a cigarette. She puts it to her lips, takes a breath, and then puts her hand down. She lets a breath out and we see smoke coming out of her mouth.

      ROBIN: (O.S.) Back to old habits?

      FAITH turns to see ROBIN standing to the left of her.

      FAITH: Never quit ?em.

      ROBIN: And the current situation...not helping you.

      FAITH: I don't want to quit.

      ROBIN nods.

      ROBIN: Why do you think she-

      FAITH: I really don't know. Hell, I don't even know why I killed people.

      ROBIN: You were a different person then.

      FAITH: Yeah, I know that. And I'd like to know what kinda person Marie is now.

      ROBIN: We're slowly learning.

      FAITH: Well, slow isn't fast enough. (beat) That makes sense...but you know what I mean.

      ROBIN nods.

      ROBIN: Yeah, I do. (pause) Should we head back up?

      FAITH: Not yet. Marie's probably still not ready to talk again.

      ROBIN: Right.


      MARIE is sitting on her bed, and she's holding a picture frame. She has a sad look on her face. It's very dark in the room.

      The camera slowly moves towards her. When the camera gets to her, it moves down to the picture frame. It is a strip of pictures- like the ones that you get at a carnival. All of the pictures are of her and JOSEPH, just having fun. She smiles. She puts the picture down, and leans down, and takes another picture frame out of the box. This time, it's a picture of JOSEPH, MARIE, SIERRA, JOANNA, and ROBERT. She frowns, and puts it back. She leans down once again, and takes another picture. It's of CATE, MARIE, MELODY, BREE, and SKYE. She's still frowning, and her eyes get really teary. She puts the photo down and wipes the tears from her face.


      ALAN, SAM, and BRIAN are sitting on the couch, and BISHOP is sitting on the chair.

      SAM: I'm still not liking the whole ?she murdered someone' thing.

      ALAN: None of us are.

      BISHOP: Beg to differ.

      BRIAN gives him a glare and a strange look.

      BRIAN: You're glad she murdered someone?

      BISHOP: At least one person in this house is like me.

      FAITH: (O.S.) More than one.

      BISHOP turns to see FAITH standing in the doorway. He tilts his head.

      BISHOP: What are you talking about?

      FAITH: Me.

      SAM, ALAN, and BISHOP look confused. BRIAN looks blankly, as he already knows about this.

      ALAN: Wait, what?!

      SAM: I'm sorry...I might be misinterpreting...but did you just imply you killed someone?

      FAITH: I did.

      ALAN and SAM stare at her in disbelief. BISHOP looks surprised.

      FAITH: (cont'd) And now you see that people can change.

      ALAN: But...

      FAITH: No but's. Let's try to give Marie a chance. It's what helped me.

      MARIE: (O.S.) T-thanks, Faith.

      The entire group looks to her.

      MARIE: (cont'd) I think I should tell you guys the rest now.

      ALAN: Alright.

      MARIE moves swiftly into the living room, standing in front of the group.

      MARIE: Well-

      Suddenly, BRIAN groans in pain. The camera moves over to him, and he's holding his head-clearly, he's having a vision. The camera goes out of focus and enters the vision.



      BISHOP is walking down the warehouse district. He's in a suit- which is strange for his character. Suddenly, he hears a noise off to the side, looking in that direction. He shakes his head, and then continues to walk through the alley. All of a sudden, someone runs in front of him.

      HECTOR: Hey there.

      BISHOP gives him a strange look.

      BISHOP: Who are you?

      HECTOR: Someone you're going to obey.

      BISHOP starts to back up a little bit.

      BISHOP: Listen buddy, I don't know who you are, but you better get the hell away from me.

      HECTOR grins.

      HECTOR: Sorry, can't. Your mother signed a contract. You have to work for me.

      BISHOP widens his eyes.



      BRIAN widens his eyes as BISHOP did in the vision, and looks over to BISHOP.



      "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."


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        ACT III


        We fade back in again. The camera is still focused on BRIAN, looking at BISHOP. BISHOP glares at him.

        BISHOP: What do you want know, vision boy?

        BRIAN just continues to stare at him in shock. The gang looks confused.

        FAITH: Okay, enough of this staring session. What the hell did you see?

        BRIAN: Uh...Faith...can I talk to you in the kitchen for a sec?

        FAITH: Sure...

        Both FAITH and BRIAN get up from the couch and walk into the kitchen. The camera follows them. BRIAN stops at the kitchen table, and turns to FAITH.

        BRIAN: Bishop isn't evil.

        FAITH: Okay...what?!

        BRIAN: Bishop. He lacks evil-ness.

        FAITH blinks.

        FAITH: And you came to this sudden

        BRIAN: That vision I just had. Didn't you notice that?

        FAITH: Of course I did. (pause) This isn't something we need to be worrying about right now.

        BRIAN: I would say it's pretty big.

        FAITH: But...the Marie thing.

        BRIAN: You can fill me in later. I need to prove that Bishop isn't evil.

        FAITH looks confused.

        FAITH: You want to prove this? Last time I checked, you weren't exactly on the "Go Bishop!" train.

        BRIAN: If it really means that he's on our side now, then yes. I want to prove it.

        FAITH: Fine. I'll fill you in later.

        BRIAN: I'm taking Bishop with me.

        FAITH raises an eyebrow.

        FAITH: And you want to do this, why?

        BRIAN: Well, it's not like he has any business learning about Marie anyways.

        FAITH nods.

        FAITH: This is true...alright. Take him. And make sure you're doing something useful.

        BRIAN: I just said-

        FAITH: I know.

        BRIAN: Okay.

        He walks back to the living room, and looks at BISHOP.

        BRIAN: (cont'd) You're coming with me.

        BISHOP looks confused.

        BISHOP: And why would I do that?

        FAITH: (O.S.) Because I say so.

        BISHOP looks at her and cringes. He then gets up from the chair, and walks over to BRIAN.

        BISHOP: (quietly) This better be worth-while.

        BRIAN: Well, it involves you. Is that worth-while enough for you?

        BISHOP looks intrigued. BRIAN heads for the door, and BISHOP follows.


        RACHEL and a GIRL are facing off- The GIRL tries to punch RACHEL in the face, but RACHEL grabs her fist and twists her arm, punching her in the stomach. The GIRL falls on the ground.

        GIRL: Geesh, it's not like this is the real deal.

        RACHEL: It could be.

        The GIRL gets up from the floor, and spins, kicking RACHEL. RACHEL stumbles back a little. Suddenly, the door to the training room opens once again, and the YOUNG WOMAN enters.

        YOUNG WOMAN: Making progress, I see.

        RACHEL turns to see her, and nods.

        RACHEL: Yeah.

        GIRL: I think that I can take on Faith.

        The YOUNG WOMAN tilts her head, looking at the GIRL with curiosity.

        YOUNG WOMAN: Oh, really?

        GIRL: I...I think...

        YOUNG WOMAN: Interesting...

        She turns behind her and sees LILY enter the room. She then turns back to the GIRL.

        YOUNG WOMAN: Let's see you try to face her then.

        GIRL: Um...

        YOUNG WOMAN: Well, you said that you could take on Faith. And Lily's a bit weaker than Faith. So...try to take her.

        GIRL: Uh...okay?

        LILY moves over to the girl, and tilts her head as the YOUNG WOMAN did. She smiles.

        LILY: Let's do this.

        They stand in silence for a few seconds, and then the GIRL throws a punch towards LILY, but LILY grabs her arm and twists it behind her back. She then kicks the GIRL in the legs, making her fall on her back. She takes a deep breath. LILY looks down at her.

        LILY: (cont'd) Figured it wouldn't take long.

        The YOUNG WOMAN steps beside LILY, looking to the big group of girls.

        YOUNG WOMAN: So that's why you're training.

        She then turns around and leaves the room. LILY tilts her head, turning to the group of girls as the YOUNG WOMAN did.

        LILY: So, who's next?

        She smirks.


        BRIAN and BISHOP walk through the warehouse district, slowly but swiftly.

        BISHOP: And what will this prove? That you're still annoying as ever?

        BRIAN shoots a glare at him, and continues walking. BISHOP follows.

        BRIAN: You know, you didn't have to come.

        BISHOP: But you told me to-

        BRIAN: Shut up. Because now, I wish I didn't.

        BISHOP: Fine then.

        BISHOP turns around to head out of the alley, when BRIAN grabs him by the arm.

        BRIAN: No. You're staying.

        BISHOP: Why?

        BRIAN: Because without you, I have no one to annoy.

        BRIAN grins. BISHOP then gives him a glare, as BRIAN did to him.

        BISHOP: Fine. I'll stay.

        BRIAN: Good.

        They continue walking.

        BISHOP: How do you plan to prove this, exactly?

        BRIAN: Honestly...I don't know.

        BISHOP: Right. Smart boy, you are.

        BRIAN: Shut up.

        BISHOP: (sarcastically) Oh, that hurts.

        Suddenly, a rush of wind comes up from behind them. They turn around, as a figure begins to appear in front of them. Eventually, it is fully there. It is a MAN. He steps forward and smiles.

        MAN: Hello boys.


        MARIE is standing in front of the group as she was before, only this time, BRIAN and BISHOP aren't there.

        FAITH: So, continue.

        MARIE: With...what?

        FAITH blinks.

        FAITH: (sarcastically) The little fairytale you were tellin' us about.

        MARIE: Killing people is considered a fairytale. (beat) When did this happen?

        FAITH rolls her eyes.

        SAM: Oh, they kill people in fairytales all the time! Hansel and Gretel being one of them...

        Everyone gives her a strange look.

        SAM: (cont'd, quietly) Not that that's the point...

        FAITH: Buffy met them once...turns out the kids were damn nasty.

        SAM looks curious.

        SAM: How so?

        FAITH: They tried to kill her. And Willow...(really quiet) not that I haven't...

        MARIE: Um, not that I want the attention, but back to me please. Kind of...explaining. U-unless you want me to stop.

        FAITH: You know, you should really cut the stutter crap.

        MARIE: Uh...

        FAITH: We know your secret now. You don't need tp pretend to be all self-concious.

        MARIE: Not pretending.

        FAITH: Riiight.

        She leans back in the couch.

        FAITH: (cont'd) So...continue. (beat) Okay, d?j? vu.

        MARIE: Alright. One night...



        MARIE and JOSEPH are sitting on the couch. MARIE is leaning on JOSEPH'S shoulder. They are watching television. JOSEPH has a bag of popcorn in his lap. MARIE cringes as she watches the TV.

        MARIE: That's just downright unnatural.

        JOSEPH: That's just television.

        MARIE: See above. Re: unnatural.

        JOSEPH: Well, it is the Exorcist.

        MARIE: But does her head have to do that twisty thing?

        JOSEPH: That's why they call it horror.

        MARIE: Well they should call it circus freak fest. (beat) Or maybe just ?ew'.

        There is a knock heard at the door.

        JOSEPH: I'll get it.

        MARIE nods, as JOSEPH gets up from the couch, and heads out to the main room of the house. MARIE continues to watch the TV and continues to cringe.

        MARIE: Okay, what were the writers thinking? This is just...nasty. And it could be comical...

        All of a sudden, she hears JOSEPH yelling in the other room. She looks curious, and gets up from the couch- a slight hint of fear in her eyes. She slowly moves to the main room, making sure that no one can hear her going there. JOSEPH'S words become clearer.

        JOSEPH: (yelling) How about you don't come near her anymore!

        MARIE nears the threshold that looks to the main room. She sees ROBERT standing in front of JOSEPH. She looks confused.

        ROBERT: Look, I just have to tell her something.

        JOSEPH: No, you really don't.

        ROBERT: I'm not trying to steal her! I just have to talk to her.

        JOSEPH: (yelling) I'm not going to let you. (pause) I can't.

        JOSEPH holds something up to ROBERT. ROBERT widens his eyes, and MARIE still looks confused. A look of realization hits her face, but by then, it's too late. A gunshot is heard, and ROBERT looks down at his stomach, which is bleeding. MARIE turns away. She hears ROBERT fall to the ground.

        Pan up to JOSEPH'S face. He looks almost as shocked as MARIE was when she realized what was going on. He drops the gun, and stumbles back a bit. He then turns around, heading toward the living room- almost running. When he gets there, there's no sign of MARIE. He turns to his right, to see her standing in a corner. She has a stern look on her face.

        JOSEPH: Mar-

        He goes to put his hand on her face, but she backs away.

        MARIE: No. You killed him.

        JOSEPH sighs.

        JOSEPH: So, you saw, huh?

        MARIE looks at him blankly.

        JOSEPH: (cont'd) I'll take that as a yes.

        He goes to put his hand on her shoulder, but then his hand begins to burn. She closes her eyes.

        MARIE: Don't. Touch me.

        JOSEPH: Fine.

        There is a pause, and then he looks angry.

        JOSEPH: (cont'd) If you tell anyone about this, I will kill you.

        MARIE: And if you come near me again, I'll make sure you burn. Slowly, and painfully. I swear to God. Goodbye.

        She turns around, walking out the door. She leaves the door open. A breeze goes through the house, and JOSEPH looks out the door. He then looks over to the main room, where ROBERT'S dead body is still lying.




        FADE BACK IN

        MARIE takes a deep breath and then exhales. The gang is looking at her in shock and horror.

        MARIE: He...He killed my best friend.

        SAM: Oh, God, I am so sorry...

        MARIE: Not your fault.

        ALAN: So you made the son of a bitch pay. That makes all kinds of sense...not being sarcastic here, either.

        MARIE nods.

        MARIE: So know.

        SAM: You killed a killer.

        FAITH: (O.S.) Doesn't make it less of a murder.

        SAM turns to FAITH.

        SAM: But...he was a killer.

        FAITH: And I'm not saying she wasn't right to kill him. But a murder is a murder. She told me that once.

        MARIE nods once again.

        MARIE: Yeah, I know.

        ROBIN: Yeah...we know too.

        There is a silence in the group.

        FAITH: So, are we done here?

        MARIE: Pretty much...


        BRIAN stares at the stranger.

        BRIAN: Who are you?

        MAN: You need not know that.

        There is a pause.

        MAN: (cont'd) But you do need to know something, though.

        BISHOP: Cryptic guys annoy me.

        The MAN shoots a glare at him, but then looks back to BRIAN.

        MAN: You need to know this.

        BRIAN: Know what?!

        The MAN reaches his hand over to BRIAN, and touches the side of his head. The entire image fades to white, and then fades back in again to a light in the room of a hospital.

        In the vision...

        You can see the face of a WOMAN. She looks like she's in a lot of pain, closing her eyes.

        DOCTOR: (O.S.) One more push, miss.

        The WOMAN groans loudly in pain, and she squeezes the hand of something standing there. The camera pans over to a MAN standing by her side. You can then hear the sound of a baby crying, and the woman laughs with joy.

        DOCTOR: (cont'd) There's two...

        The WOMAN looks curious, yet still in pain. The MAN smiles. A NURSE walks over to the WOMAN, holding two babies. She hands them both to the WOMAN, smiling.

        NURSE: There they are. Two, beautiful boys.

        The WOMAN laughs as her eyes fill with tears of joy. She looks to the MAN, who pretty much has the same reaction.

        WOMAN: You know, we still haven't thought of names.

        MAN: I have two ideas.

        WOMAN: What are they?

        MAN: Well, one is Brian because my grandfather's name was that.

        The WOMAN smiles.

        WOMAN: And the other?

        MAN: Hm...Bishop.

        The camera fades back to the alley, where BRIAN is standing. He opens his eyes, and the stranger is gone. He turns to BISHOP, and widens his eyes.


        END OF ACT III

        "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."


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          ACT IV


          FAITH, ROBIN, SAM, and ALAN are all still sitting in the living room. MARIE appears to have retreated to her bedroom.

          ALAN: I'm glad we know...I hate when people keep secrets.

          SAM looks down at her feet, but ALAN doesn't seem to notice.

          FAITH: Just glad it's out. No need to worry about anything anymore.

          SAM lifts her head up.

          SAM: you guys remember that song chick?

          ROBIN: Melody.

          SAM: Yeah, her...she mentioned something. The ?dark ones'. Remember?

          They all either nod or show some recognition.

          SAM: (cont'd) Well, shouldn't we be worrying about them?

          FAITH: She might have been saying that to intimidate us. (beat) And those people we fought yesterday? Yeah, they might be them.

          The door is suddenly knocked down, revealing MELISSA and RACHEL. RACHEL waves.

          MELISSA: Hey guys.

          She smirks and steps inside, followed by RACHEL.

          FAITH: Oh you so didn't do that! I just had that damn thing fixed!

          MELISSA: Worried about payments?

          FAITH'S face remains blank, as she gets up.

          FAITH: You're messing with the wrong Slayer. Buffy's the one who gets her furniture destroyed. (beat) Me? I'm the one who kicks your ass.

          She punches MELISSA in the stomach, sending her flying across the apartment and into the wall. RACHEL advances on FAITH, but FAITH kicks her in the side, sending her to the ground. FAITH grins.

          FAITH: Gee, you gals really are stupid.

          MELISSA: Enough of this.

          MELISSA flicks her wrist, and a blast of blue energy emerges from it, hitting FAITH square in the chest. FAITH is sent flying into the couch, and groans. She tries to get up, but she's tied down by some mystical force. SAM gets up from the couch.

          MELISSA: Another Slayer.

          SAM: Not exactly.

          She smirks.

          SAM: (cont'd) Transporto volatilis.

          MELISSA and RACHEL are sent out the door by some invisible force, and are slammed up against the wall. MELISSA gets up, slowly followed by RACHEL.

          MELISSA: This isn't over. This was a test.

          RACHEL: Big, bad things are coming. And you're not even ready.

          They both smirk, and then MELISSA says an incantation.

          MELISSA: Transporto nos ut nostrum rector.

          A gust of wind begins to surround the both of them, and they slowly begin to fade away. They are eventually gone. SAM turns to FAITH, who is leaning against the back of the couch.

          SAM: Nothin' to worry about, huh?

          FAITH takes a deep breath.


          FAITH is leaning against the wall, and she has the phone pressed to her ear. It is ringing. Finally, someone picks up.

          VOICE: Hello?

          FAITH: Hey Will.

          WILLOW: Faith! Hi! Long time, no chat.

          You can hear her smiling over the phone.

          FAITH: Yeah.

          WILLOW: Is something wrong?

          FAITH: Well...yeah.

          WILLOW: Kinda knew that depressed tone wasn't you celebrating a new puppy...

          FAITH laughs.

          FAITH: No.

          She gets more serious.

          FAITH: (cont'd) Listen, Willow...

          WILLOW: Uh oh. You have "bad-things-are-happening" voice. Never good.

          FAITH: That's kind of because bad things are happening. (pause) We're going to need some back-up.

          WILLOW: Well, I can't-

          KENNEDY: (O.S.) Willow, do you know where I put my crossbow?

          WILLOW: (to KENNEDY, angrily) For the last time, I don't touch your weaponry! (to FAITH) I can't come up there. We're dealing with...things of our own down here.

          FAITH nods.

          FAITH: Yeah, that's fine...what about that group?

          WILLOW: What group?

          FAITH: You are always talking about them. The ones who helped you get better.

          WILLOW: Oh! The Coven?

          FAITH: Yeah, them.

          WILLOW: I would send them but-

          FAITH: But what?

          WILLOW: They're kinda already in New York...Manhattan even. Have been for a while now. Recruiting new Slayers. I gues-

          FAITH: Willow, stop.

          FAITH gets a look of realization on her face.

          FAITH: (cont'd) It's them.

          WILLOW: Them-who?

          FAITH: The Coven...

          FAITH widens her eyes, and nearly drops the phone.

          WILLOW: Wait, what? What are the Coven doing?

          FAITH cannot speak.


          The YOUNG WOMAN is sitting on the couch in the room that she was in in the beginning of the episode. She is completely alone, and the room is dark. Her features are beginning to flicker.

          YOUNG WOMAN: Oh, crap.

          Her features begin to fade into the features of a much older woman. She groans with annoyance. Her hair becomes greyer and her face is kind of wrinkly. She enters the light, leaning forward, and we pan up to her face to reveal that she is ALTHANEA.

          FADE TO BLACK

          END OF ACT IV



          "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."