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Rogue Redemption 1.11 "Confessions"

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  • Rogue Redemption 1.11 "Confessions"

    1.11 "Confessions"



    A girl is seen running down an alley. We can't identify who it is, except for the fact that she has blonde hair. She is running the fastest that she can, and we can hear the footsteps of someone behind her, following her. In pursuit, as it seems.

    The camera zooms out to see that it is a brunette that is chasing the blonde. Both are women. The blonde girl turns a right corner, because there is nowhere else to go. She looks like she's getting tired, because she has been running for so long. She is getting slower by the second, and the brunette is catching up to her. All of a sudden, the brunette grabs the blonde's shoulder, and her eyes widen. She is forced to turn around, and we see that she is MARIE.

    MARIE: Please, don't do this!

    She looks as if she's desperate. The brunette steps forward and into the light. She is revealed to be FAITH.

    FAITH: You know I can't stop.

    MARIE sighs with frustration.

    MARIE: Why won't you just let me explain?

    FAITH: No. I can't let you hurt more people.

    MARIE: I'm not going to! That was-

    FAITH: Your first and only time?

    MARIE: Well-

    FAITH: See? I can't let you just do that!

    MARIE starts to slowly back away.

    FAITH: I'm sorry.

    MARIE continues to back away, but then walks right into a fence. There is no way that she can climb up it. She widens her eyes. FAITH lifts up an object, though we can't see what it is. MARIE screams. It is revealed that the object FAITH is holding is a crossbow.

    FAITH: (cont'd) I'm so sorry.

    MARIE: Faith, don't. (pause) You're a good pers-

    We pan up to the crossbow, and FAITH pulls the trigger.




    Theme song "Time is Running Out" by Muse.

    Main Characters:

    Guest Starring:

    "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."

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    ACT I


    We see FAITH and MARIE sitting on the couch. A caption comes onto the bottom of the screen that reads '36 Hours Earlier'.

    FAITH: What should we do with him?

    FAITH looks over to BISHOP, who's tied up on a chair. MARIE looks over to him as well.

    MARIE: I wonder if they take trash out at this hour.

    FAITH: Now that's just mean.

    MARIE: Your point?

    FAITH shrugs.

    There is a muffle through the tape on BISHOP'S mouth.

    FAITH: Do you think we should let him talk?

    MARIE shrugs.

    MARIE: D-depends what he's going to talk about. We do need information. But...

    FAITH: There's no guarantee he doesn't know some witch-y stuff?

    MARIE nods.

    MARIE: Exactly.

    There is muffled talking from BISHOP once again.

    FAITH: But that? Is getting really annoying.

    MARIE: True.

    MARIE stares at the tape on BISHOP'S mouth, and it begins to peel off. FAITH is not looking. MARIE then realizes that FAITH could see what she's doing at any moment, so she stops and the tape goes back on BISHOP'S mouth fully. BISHOP realizes this and looks at MARIE with a very strange look. FAITH looks to MARIE.

    FAITH: So, do you think we should take the tape off? Let him talk?

    MARIE: Sure. After all, what's he really going to do?

    FAITH looks at MARIE and glares at her.

    MARIE: (cont'd) Oh, c'mon. Don't be paranoid!

    FAITH gets up from the couch and walks over to BISHOP, taking the tape off of his mouth.

    BISHOP: Thank God.

    FAITH: Not really. Now, you're going to tell us who you work for, or this shiny piece of tape?

    She holds it up for him to see.

    FAITH: (cont'd) Goes back on your mouth.

    BISHOP: I'm really scared now.

    You can here the sarcasm in his voice. FAITH tilts her head.

    FAITH: And then we could go to option two.

    She walks over to the other side of the room, picking up something that you cannot see from BISHOP'S point of view, or the camera's. She then hides it behind her back as she walks back to BISHOP. She pulls the object out from behind her back, revealing that it's a stake. BISHOP actually laughs.

    BISHOP: I'm not a vampire, you idiot.

    FAITH: Oh, I know.

    She steps closer and smirks. BISHOP stops laughing, and doesn't even smile.

    BISHOP: You wouldn't dare...

    FAITH narrows her eyes.

    FAITH: Wouldn't I?

    She takes the stake and puts it over his arm. BISHOP looks down at it.

    BISHOP: That won't kill me.

    FAITH: Again...I know.

    She slowly presses the stake into his arm, and he lets out a groan of pain.

    FAITH: (cont'd) Who do you work for?

    BISHOP looks at her, as if he's going to tell her.

    BISHOP: I'm not telling you anything, you bit-

    FAITH pushes the stake harder into his arm. He screams in pain. MARIE walks up from behind him and gets really close to his ear.

    MARIE: Then maybe you'll tell me.

    BISHOP: What are you going to do? Pull a rabbit out of a hat?

    MARIE scolds him. She then turns to FAITH.

    MARIE: You know, that trash idea isn't looking too bad now, is it?

    FAITH shakes her head.

    FAITH: Definitely not.


    HECTOR is pacing back and forth in the seemingly empty room. He looks around as he is pacing, almost as if he is waiting for someone that's supposed to be there.

    HECTOR: (quietly) C'mon...where is that boy?

    He continues to pace in the darkened room, when someone in the shadows appears behind him.

    VOICE: Looking for someone?

    HECTOR turns in the direction of the voice. He sees a young woman with red hair. It's the YOUNG WOMAN from previous episodes.

    HECTOR: Oh, it's you.

    YOUNG WOMAN: Yeah, it's me.

    She starts to walk towards HECTOR.

    YOUNG WOMAN: (cont'd) And where is our little "bounty hunter"? On the mission?

    HECTOR: Yes.

    YOUNG WOMAN: (inquisitively) Shouldn't he be back by now?

    She glares at HECTOR.

    HECTOR: These things take time-

    The YOUNG WOMAN slams her hand down on a table next to her, and looks at HECTOR angrily.

    YOUNG WOMAN: This particular thing is taking time we don't have! You know that as well as I do!

    HECTOR: I can't control that boy.

    YOUNG WOMAN: Don't go giving me excuses like that! You should have been training him.

    HECTOR: I-

    YOUNG WOMAN: I don't want to hear it. What I want to hear- by midnight ? is that the Slayer is dead.

    HECTOR: (slightly fearful) I can't guarantee that.

    The YOUNG WOMAN narrows her eyes.

    YOUNG WOMAN: You better guarantee that. Or I'll kill you.

    With that, the YOUNG WOMAN begins to walk out the door. HECTOR steps toward her.

    HECTOR: (O.S.) You know, eventually that disguise is going to fail you, A-

    The YOUNG WOMAN stops in her tracks, and turns around.

    YOUNG WOMAN: (angrily) I told you: Do not address me by that name!

    The YOUNG WOMAN'S features flicker. HECTOR steps even closer.

    HECTOR: Won't you look at that, it's already fading.

    YOUNG WOMAN: Shut up.

    HECTOR: Why should I?

    The YOUNG WOMAN looks really angry.

    YOUNG WOMAN: I said...Shut. Up.

    She is seething now, and waves her hand in the air toward HECTOR, muttering a Latin phrase. The next thing HECTOR knows, he's flying through the air and into a cement wall. He lays there on the ground, gasping for air. The YOUNG WOMAN steps over beside him, and looks down on him.

    YOUNG WOMAN: (cont'd) Dare to defy me again...and that will hurt much worse.

    She kicks him in the stomach, sending him sliding over to the side. He clutches his stomach, gasping for air once again. She starts to walk out of the warehouse for a second time. The camera moves over to HECTOR.

    YOUNG WOMAN: (cont'd, O.S.) Dead midnight.

    With that, she walks out of the door, slamming it behind her.


    ROBIN walks out into the hallway, and into the living room. He sees FAITH and MARIE sitting on the couch (where they were earlier) and looking at BISHOP. ROBIN widens his eyes at the sight of BISHOP. He blinks.

    ROBIN: Did I miss something? Or is there a bounty hunter in our living room?

    FAITH turns her head, looking surprised to see ROBIN.

    FAITH: Both.

    ROBIN: That's...interesting.

    FAITH gets up from the couch and walks over to ROBIN, giving him a small hug before stepping back a little bit.

    FAITH: How are you?

    ROBIN shrugs.

    ROBIN: I'm...better.

    FAITH nods. ROBIN looks over to BISHOP, and nods his head toward him.

    ROBIN: (cont'd) So...what's he doing here?

    FAITH: Oh, him-

    MARIE: He's our torturee!

    She sounds really chipper about this. ROBIN raises an eyebrow.

    ROBIN: Right.

    FAITH: Don't mind her. She's acting really weird.

    She pauses.

    FAITH: (cont'd) We have Bishop because one- he attacked me. And two- we're trying to find out who he works for.

    MARIE: If he works for anyone.

    FAITH sighs and rolls her eyes.

    FAITH: Please. Of course he does. Otherwise, he wouldn't be dumb enough to attack me.

    She looks at BISHOP and tilts her head.

    FAITH: (cont'd) Would you?

    BISHOP: (firmly) I'm not going to tell you a thing.

    FAITH steps closer to him, putting her face right in front of his.

    FAITH: We'll see about that.


    ALAN, SAM, and BRIAN all walk on the sidewalk outside of the building. ALAN and SAM are walking side by side, and holding hands. BRIAN stays a few feet away from them. ALAN and SAM are whispering things back and forth to each other, as well as laughing and giggling. BRIAN rolls his eyes.

    BRIAN: (muttering) Good thing I don't have my empathy powers anymore...

    ALAN turns around.

    ALAN: What's that?

    BRIAN shakes his head.

    BRIAN: Nothing. (pause) Look, I think I'm going to leave you two love birds alone.

    SAM turns to him as well.

    SAM: Oh, you don't have to go! We can-

    BRIAN: No, I'm going to go. I have...stuff to do anyway.

    He starts to walk away, and waves. ALAN and SAM both say goodnight, and then they resume what they were doing. BRIAN looks back at them and smiles. Suddenly, his eyes widen and he looks as if he's been hit by something. He holds his head. Clearly, the pain is coming from there. Suddenly, the entire screen fills with a blinding white light, and comes back time.


    The image is blurry and a little bright, and we can tell it is a vision. We see a FIGURE standing in the shadows/

    FIGURE: Marie.

    Close-up on MARIE'S face. Her eyes widen.

    MARIE: Leave me alone.

    The camera cuts over to the person, and we see that they are a man.

    MAN: Now, why would I want to do that?

    MARIE: Leave me the hell alone, Joseph.

    JOSEPH: No. You see, I have a bone to pick with you.

    MARIE: No. You see?I don't care.

    She grins and then glares at him. The camera cuts over to him, and we see his skin begin to sizzle.

    JOSEPH: You bitch!!

    He slowly catches on fire and turns to ash. She looks down at the pile, and frowns. She smiles again.

    MARIE: Buh-bye now, sweetie.


    The colors and the sharpness on the screen become normal again. We close-up on BRIAN'S face, who's now sweating, with his eyes full of fear.

    BRIAN: What is that girl?



    "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."


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      ACT II


      SAM and ALAN walk on the sidewalk, still holding hands.

      ALAN: Okay, your turn.

      SAM: it! What was your most embarrassing moment?

      ALAN: Heh...okay. One time when I was in a Wal-Mart, and mind you this was when I was seven, and I had to go to the bathroom.

      SAM: I can see that this story already entails funny.

      ALAN gives her a look, but then continues with his story.

      ALAN: Anyways, I went to the front of the store and went in the door on the left. Of course I went in and did my business, but when I came out, my entire family was laughing at me. They wouldn't tell me what was funny, so I looked behind me, confused. (beat) I went in the women's bathroom.

      SAM bursts out laughing. It takes a little while for her to stop laughing, and when she does stop, she's still smiling. She turns to ALAN.

      SAM: You couldn't read when you were seven?

      ALAN looks hurt.

      ALAN: For your information, yes I could! I just wasn't paying attention...

      SAM: I see.

      ALAN: My turn. (pause) First boyfriend?

      SAM: Jerk.

      ALAN looks startled.

      ALAN: What?

      SAM: Oh, not you jerk! Him jerk.

      ALAN: Oh.

      SAM: Yep. We had a couple of dates which went well. But then he became one of those "I'm-never-speaking-to-you-again" types.

      ALAN: Oh. One of those. Hate ?em.

      SAM: It appears we have another thing in common with each other, then.

      She smiles, and ALAN smiles back. They spend a few moments like that before starting to walk again.

      SAM: My turn! Yay!

      We hear them talking as the camera stays in the same spot, not following them as they walk away towards ALAN'S dorm room.


      SAM and ALAN enter the door to ALAN'S bedroom. They are holding hands and laughing once again. They separate for a few seconds and look at each other.

      SAM: So...

      ALAN: I had fun tonight.

      SAM smiles.

      SAM: Me too...

      There is a silence, though not awkward. It's a comfortable silence. SAM and ALAN move closer together, and then ALAN leans down and kisses SAM on the lips. The kiss begins to deepen, and they move over by the wall, SAM leaning against it. ALAN breaks the kiss and sighs. SAM looks confused.

      SAM: What is it?

      ALAN: It's just...I feel that this is going somewhere. Somewhere that we haven't been before. I just...wanted to make sure that you're ready. That we're ready.

      SAM thinks about this for a moment, and then slowly nods.

      SAM: I am.

      ALAN gives a slight smile and nods, as if to say ?I am too.' He then leans in for another kiss, and this one begins to deepen even further than the previous one. They continue to kiss and move closer to the bed as the camera moves out of the room, and the screen fades to black.


      MARIE sleeps on the couch, BISHOP in a chair very near to the couch. BISHOP looks as if he's fidgeting, and the camera moves to behind him, and down a little bit. We see that he has a knife and is beginning to saw the rope off with it. He tries to look back by turning and straining to see how far he has cut the rope. All of a sudden, he drops the knife, and a huge clang is heard. He widens his eyes. He turns back around at the couch, and doesn't see MARIE there anymore. He begins to panic.

      BISHOP: Oh sh-

      Someone comes up right next to his ear.

      VOICE: Now, your language.

      The camera pans over to view MARIE standing behind BISHOP. She then walks around him and in front of him. She sits on the arm of the couch, and puts one leg over the other, balancing by using her arms to hold her up.

      MARIE: Did you really think I wasn't a step ahead of you?

      She tilts her head. BISHOP raises an eyebrow, and gives her a strange look.

      BISHOP: You're not what you seem.

      MARIE is silent, and looks as if someone has figured out something that she wanted to keep hidden. She opens her mouth as if to speak. But then a knock is heard at the door, and she gets up from where she's sitting. Suddenly, a voice comes from the kitchen.

      FAITH: (O.S., groggily) I got it, I got it...

      The camera moves into the kitchen, where FAITH slowly gets up from the table and moves over toward the door. She opens it, and sees BRIAN standing there, looking like he hasn't slept in a week and afraid. FAITH looks surprised and steps back a bit.

      FAITH: Are you okay...?

      BRIAN: Fine.

      FAITH: Ya sure? You look a bit...well, drugged.

      BRIAN shakes his head.

      BRIAN: I'm fine....Okay, so I'm not fine. Physically, I am, but emotionally? (beat) I need to tell you something. It's important.

      FAITH: What about?

      BRIAN: Marie.

      MARIE: (O.S.) What about me?

      The camera pans over to MARIE, who is standing in the threshold of the entrance to the kitchen. Both FAITH and BRIAN look at her. BRIAN is at a loss for words, because he knows he can't say anything in front of her.

      BRIAN:'s another Marie. You don't know her.

      FAITH looks inquisitive at this.

      FAITH: Do I?

      BRIAN looks at her and clenches his teeth together.

      BRIAN: (through clenched teeth) Yes, you do, Faith.

      MARIE looks confused but then shrugs and walks off into the living room once again.

      FAITH: Hey, wait!

      MARIE comes back and pokes her head through the door to the kitchen.

      MARIE: What?

      FAITH: Where's Sam?

      MARIE shrugs.

      MARIE: I don't know. She didn't come home last night.

      MARIE then heads back out to the living room. FAITH turns back to BRIAN and raises an eyebrow.

      FAITH: Another Marie?

      BRIAN shakes his head.

      BRIAN: There is no other Marie. I needed to say that to get her to leave.

      FAITH: Oh...(pause) So what about Marie?

      BRIAN: Well...

      He begins to speak as the camera moves into the living room, and by the entrance to the kitchen, only from the living room point of view. MARIE is leaning against the wall, and listening to every single word that BRIAN is saying. She widens her eyes, and moves further into the living room, looking really worried. The camera moves back over to BRIAN, who's now looking at FAITH, waiting for her to say something. There is a somewhat long silence, and BRIAN decides to break it once again.

      BRIAN: What do you think we should do?

      FAITH stays there in silence, and then begins to speak.

      FAITH: So this already happened? Or it's going to happen?

      BRIAN: That's the thing. I have no idea.

      FAITH: Well, that helps.

      BRIAN: I can't say whether or not it was past or present, Faith. I mean, I've never had a vision from the past before, but that doesn't mean I couldn't have.

      FAITH: Either way, there's no way this is good.

      BRIAN: No, not really.

      FAITH: So the only thing we can do is talk to her.

      There is a slam, like a door slamming. FAITH turns her head and jogs out to the living room, followed closely by BRIAN. The camera moves to BISHOP, who is still tied up in the chair. BISHOP looks over to the window, as if he is showing FAITH and BRIAN something. FAITH and BRIAN then follow suit, looking over to the window as well. There is a piece of material stuck to the window, and the window is closed. FAITH moves closer to it to examine it. She touches the piece of clothe.

      FAITH: It's part of Marie's jacket?

      She opens the window and takes it out of there. She looks down the building, seeing no way MARIE could have jumped down and safely landed. But she did not see a body either. She turns around to face BRIAN.

      FAITH: (cont'd) She jumped. I don't know where she-

      BISHOP: (O.S.) Oh, you idiot.

      FAITH looks at BISHOP and raises and eyebrow.

      FAITH: Excuse me?

      BISHOP shakes his head.

      BISHOP: Of course she didn't jump.

      FAITH crosses her arms over her chest.

      FAITH: Oh yeah? So what did she do?

      BISHOP rolls his eyes.

      BISHOP: Look out the window again. To the left.

      FAITH eyes him suspiciously but then moves slowly back to the window. She pops her head out of it and glances toward the left. There is a ladder that goes all the way down to ground level.

      FAITH: Oh.

      BRIAN: Yeah, ladders usually mean climbing. Not jumping.

      BISHOP looks at BRIAN, and then back to FAITH.

      BISHOP: See? Your boy here agrees with me.

      FAITH: My what?!

      BRIAN: I have to say I agree with Faith on this one- her what?

      BISHOP: Well, you do work for her.

      BRIAN: With. There's a difference.

      BISHOP: Sure there is.

      BRIAN narrows his eyes at BISHOP.

      BRIAN: I don't work for anyone.

      BISHOP: Whatever you say.

      FAITH: God, stop arguing. Getting a headache here.

      She turns to BRIAN, a look of concern on her face. She looks to the window, and then once again back at BRIAN.

      FAITH: (cont'd) So-what's the verdict now?

      She tilts her head.

      BRIAN: What are you talking about?

      FAITH: Well, I'm guessing the reason Marie pulled a Houdini isn't a good one.

      BRIAN: You think she knows?

      BISHOP: She knows a lot more than you do.

      FAITH turns to face BISHOP.

      FAITH: What's that supposed to mean?

      BISHOP: Well, she obviously knows whatever you were talking about in there-

      He glances at the kitchen.

      BISHOP: (cont'd) ?And you don't know who she is.

      FAITH and BRIAN look confused at this.

      FAITH: What's that supposed to mean?

      BISHOP: You really think that she's a shy, innocent girl?

      FAITH takes a minute to think about this.

      FAITH: Well... (beat) Yeah.

      BISHOP: You've got a lot to learn.

      There is a few moments of silence and then someone speaks.

      ROBIN: Not to break up the teaching lesson, but what's going on?

      Everyone turns to look at ROBIN, who is standing in the hallway that goes from his bedroom to the living room.

      BRIAN: We have reason to believe that...Marie killed someone.

      ROBIN stands in silence for a moment than chuckles. BRIAN looks confused.

      BRIAN: (cont'd) How is that funny?

      ROBIN stops chuckling, but still looks like he finds something funny.

      ROBIN: Sorry, but I have a hard time believing that. I mean...Marie? She wouldn't hurt a-

      FAITH: Fly? No. But apparently she would hurt a person.

      ROBIN begins to look more concerned.

      ROBIN: How do you know that?

      FAITH nods her head towards BRIAN.

      FAITH: Vision guy had (beat) That's what vision guys do.

      ROBIN: But it could have been of the future.

      BISHOP: I doubt that.

      ROBIN glares at BISHOP.

      ROBIN: Did I ask?

      There is a pause.

      FAITH: After her little escape, I'm pretty sure it's already gone down.

      BISHOP: Did I not just say something like that?

      FAITH: Yeah, but when it comes out of your mouth, no one cares.

      BISHOP: Oh. So I don't have to tell you who I work for?

      FAITH: No, you still have to. Which reminds me-

      FAITH grabs a knife off of the coffee table in the living room. She then moves closer to BISHOP.

      FAITH: (cont'd) You need to start talkin'.

      BRIAN looks at FAITH getting close to starting to torture BISHOP again.

      BRIAN: Faith, I think we have other things to worry about.

      FAITH: No. You worry about Marie. I'll worry about our little bounty hunter here.

      BRIAN: Okay then...

      BRIAN walks over and grabs his coat, and is quickly followed by ROBIN. FAITH watches as ROBIN begins to leave.

      FAITH: You're goin'?

      ROBIN nods.

      ROBIN: Take my mind off of things.

      FAITH: Right.

      BRIAN goes out the door followed by ROBIN. FAITH turns back to BISHOP.

      FAITH: So...about your boss.


      HECTOR is pacing, once again.

      HECTOR: (quietly) Where the hell is he?!

      VOICE: (echoing) He has failed you.

      HECTOR looks around.

      HECTOR: What the-

      VOICE: And you have failed me.

      The voice continues to echo, and a strange wind picks up. HECTOR still looks confused and the wind begins to swirl around him. He begins to fade out of sight, and as he does, a look of realization and panic comes on his face. He then fully disappears.


      It's dark and dank. You can barely see anything but a few things that are in most cellars- things that are being stored. HECTOR slowly appears here from the swirl of wind that brought him from the warehouse. He looks around, though seeing is not an easy job in his current location.

      VOICE: You failed me.

      HECTOR looks to his right and sees someone approaching him. As the figure steps closer and closer, it is revealed that it is a woman. Even more distinct her features become as she walks closer. She is the YOUNG WOMAN.

      YOUNG WOMAN: As far as I'm aware, I told you dead Slayer by midnight. I see no dead Slayer.

      HECTOR: Normally you don't see dead people.

      The YOUNG WOMAN narrows her eyes at HECTOR and gets a very, very serious expression on her face.

      YOUNG WOMAN: You are in no position to be back-talking.

      HECTOR looks down at the floor.

      HECTOR: Of course not, m'lady.

      YOUNG WOMAN: As I was saying- you failed me.

      HECTOR: I'm sorry. That boy is...unpredictable, to say the least.

      YOUNG WOMAN: Yes, I know. I don't see why we trusted him in the first place.

      There is a silence. The YOUNG WOMAN moves over to the left side of the room, smirking in that direction.

      YOUNG WOMAN: That's quite alright.

      HECTOR begins to nod and then does a double take.

      HECTOR: Wait, what?

      YOUNG WOMAN: It's all fine.

      HECTOR looks surprised at the YOUNG WOMAN'S calmness. The YOUNG WOMAN keeps looking in the same direction.

      YOUNG WOMAN: (cont'd) We have her.

      The camera is placed so that we are looking from the YOUNG WOMAN'S point of view. You can hear someone stepping forward, but you can't quite see them yet. The figure is clearly a woman. She steps even further and is revealed to be dressed in a battle-type outfit- modernized, of course. A tank top and a pair of pants that are easily flexible and easy to kick things in. The camera slowly moves up to reveal the face of this person. She's LILY EVANS.


      The camera is viewing outside the window, and the sun is up in the sky. You can tell that it's obviously afternoon. The camera begins to move over to the right and we see ALAN'S stuff- his dresser, his end table, his desk. When we get past all of those things, you see the edge of the bed. You move up and begin to see that there are two people in the bed. Moving up farther you see that these people are ALAN and SAM. They are both lying on their sides and ALAN has his arm draped over SAM. The sun is in SAM'S eyes and she groans.

      SAM: (sleepily) Morning already?

      ALAN slowly wakes up and turns to look at the clock on the end table next to the bed.

      ALAN: After noon.

      SAM jolts up.

      SAM: Afternoon? What do you mean, afternoon?!

      She looks worried. ALAN chuckles.

      ALAN: No school today.

      SAM: It's the weekend?

      ALAN: (smiling) No. It's a holiday.

      SAM: How convenient. (beat) Wait, no it's not!

      ALAN: Yes, it is. It's a "we're-not-going-to-school" holiday.

      SAM: Oh. Is that a new one?

      ALAN shakes his head.

      ALAN: Nope, been around for years.

      SAM smiles.

      SAM: You're funny.

      ALAN: I hope you mean that in a good way.

      SAM nods.

      SAM: In a very good way.

      She smiles again, moving closer to ALAN. They look at each other for a few moment, and then begin to kiss. As the kiss deepens, a noise interrupts them. A phone ringing. SAM groans.

      SAM: (cont'd) Do you have to get that?

      ALAN: We'll wait to see who it is...

      They continue to kiss while the phone rings a few times. The answering machine picks up after those few rings. It says, in ALAN'S voice "Hey, I'm either away or ignoring your call. Leave a message, if it's important enough."

      FAITH: (on answering machine) Hey Alan. It's Fai-

      ALAN grabs the phone off of the end table.

      ALAN: I'm here.

      FAITH: Good. We need you to come to the apartment.

      ALAN: Why?

      FAITH: Well, for one, Marie's missing.

      ALAN: Oh god. Since wh-

      FAITH: Don't get too worried. She escaped.

      ALAN: What?!

      FAITH: Yeah. We think that...that she hurt someone.

      ALAN: That's ridiculous. She wouldn't hurt anyone.

      SAM is listening to the conversation.

      SAM: Who?

      FAITH: Is that Sam?

      ALAN glances at SAM.

      ALAN: Uh, yeah. She stayed over last night.

      FAITH: I figured. (beat) Could you both get over here?

      ALAN: Sure.

      FAITH: See ya in a bit.

      ALAN: Yeah.

      ALAN hangs up the phone. SAM looks at ALAN.

      SAM: Who wouldn't hurt anyone?

      ALAN: Marie.

      SAM widens her eyes.

      SAM: Faith thinks she hurt someone?

      ALAN nods.

      ALAN: And she wants us over there.

      He gets up from the bed.


      HECTOR and the YOUNG WOMAN walk down a dark, what seems to be, hallway. It has a definite cave-like feel to it.

      YOUNG WOMAN: So, what do you think of our...project?

      HECTOR: It's a very good plan. But how will she go against all of them?

      YOUNG WOMAN: All of them?

      HECTOR: The slayer has a crew. She's not alone.

      YOUNG WOMAN: Oh, I know that. That's what my girls are for.

      She glances over to a room which you can hear chanting coming from.

      HECTOR: Right.

      YOUNG WOMAN: Lily is trained specifically to fight that other pesky Slayer.

      HECTOR: Faith?

      YOUNG WOMAN: Of course Faith. Who else?

      HECTOR: Well, they have more than one Slayer.

      YOUNG WOMAN: Oh. Those others. They won't be a problem. They're new to it.

      HECTOR: Not to be offensive, but so is Lily.

      YOUNG WOMAN: But I'm not. And I taught her. (pause) Do you want to question my knowledge? My abilities?

      HECTOR is silent with fear for a few moments.

      HECTOR: Of course not.

      YOUNG WOMAN: Good.

      They continue to walk down the hallway. After a while, HECTOR speaks again.

      HECTOR: When does the big plan start?

      The YOUNG WOMAN smiles.

      YOUNG WOMAN: When it has to.

      HECTOR: Well, you can't really call it a plan then. More like a thought out, somewhat random, attack.

      YOUNG WOMAN: I don't care. As long as it gets me what I want.

      HECTOR shrugs.

      HECTOR: I suppose you're right.

      YOUNG WOMAN: No. I know I'm right.

      HECTOR nods.

      HECTOR: Of course.

      A teenage girl steps in front of them. She looks to be about 17. She looks nervous.

      TEENAGE GIRL: Excuse me, my lady, but we've run out of some ingredients. Should I-

      YOUNG WOMAN: Why are you telling me this?

      TEENAGER: I-I thought that-

      YOUNG WOMAN: Just go get it. You should know that you can do that, unless we are having an emergency.

      The TEENAGE GIRL nods.

      TEENAGE GIRL: O-of course.

      She hurries off down the hallway and into a different room. HECTOR watches her leave.

      HECTOR: They seem trained.

      YOUNG WOMAN: They are.

      HECTOR: That's a good thing. You want them to respect you.

      YOUNG WOMAN: Well, they must respect their elders.

      There is a few moments of silence again.

      HECTOR: Speaking of longer are you going to be able to keep this up? This gui-

      YOUNG WOMAN: Long enough.

      Her features begin to flicker, but then are full again.

      HECTOR: It looks like it's beginning to fade away...

      YOUNG WOMAN: It is. But like I said- It will last long enough.

      She smiles as they continue to walk down the hallway.



      "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."


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        ACT III


        MARIE walks down the street, with her arms crossed over her chest. She walks very swiftly, yet aimlessly. She looks as if she's upset. She doesn't seem to notice the people that are walking around her. She also looks the same amount of confused that she does upset. She turns a corner, and sees a store. A New Age store. She walks through the door to it, and a bell rings. There is a cashier at the front desk looking at some receipts. She looks up when she hears the bell ring, and sees MARIE.

        CASHIER: May I help you with something?

        MARIE shakes her head.

        MARIE: No...I'm just...b-browsing.

        The CASHIER nods and then goes back to looking at the receipts. MARIE walks further into the store, looking from side to side. She was telling the truth. She is just browsing. She hears the bell ring. Clearly someone just entered the store. She disappears into a shelf of books, and looks through it. The TEENAGE GIRL from the cellar was the one that just walked in. The CASHIER looks up once again. Apparently what she said to MARIE is routine.

        CASHIER: May I help you with something?

        The TEENAGE GIRL looks at the CASHIER and nods. She begins to walk over to the counter.

        TEENAGE GIRL: Um, yeah. I'm looking for these ingredients.

        The TEENAGE GIRL hands the CASHIER a list of magical supplies. The CASHIER takes it and skims over it. She gets a look of concern and worried-ness on her face. She then looks back up at the TEENAGE GIRL.

        CASHIER: This is some pretty powerful stuff.

        TEENAGE GIRL: I know.

        The camera moves so we see MARIE'S face. She looks confused.

        MARIE: (quietly, to herself) Why does a teenager need powerful ingredients?

        It seems that the CASHIER is thinking this exact thing.

        CASHIER: Why do you need these? Are you sure you know how to handle them?

        The TEENAGE GIRL waits a few moments to respond to this, but then nods.

        TEENAGE GIRL: Of course. I wouldn't be buying them otherwise.

        The CASHIER looks a little unconvinced but nods regardless.

        CASHIER: I'll go get these items for you.

        The TEENAGE GIRL smiles sweetly.

        TEENAGE GIRL: Thank you.

        The CASHIER walks away from the desk, and up the stairs that are over to her right. Once she reaches the second floor, the TEENAGE GIRL makes sure that she is up there and the walks around the counter and behind the desk. She skims the shelves that are located behind the desk, taking a few things and putting them in a book-bag that she's carrying.

        MARIE: (O.S.) See, I don't know about you- But I would define that as ?stealing'.

        The TEENAGE GIRL turns around and sees MARIE leaning on the counter. She gives her a nasty look and crosses her arms over her chest.

        TEENAGE GIRL: What's it to you?

        MARIE: Well...

        She starts to walk around the counter.

        TEENAGE GIRL: Take one more step and I'll-

        MARIE: You'll what? Throw newt eyes at me?

        TEENAGE GIRL: Not exactly.

        MARIE moves closer.

        MARIE: I don't see you doing anything.

        TEENAGE GIRL: Not yet.

        The TEENAGE GIRL watches MARIE'S movements.

        TEENAGE GIRL: (cont'd) What do you want?

        MARIE: I want to know why you need this stuff.

        The TEENAGE GIRL tilts her head and then crosses her arms more tightly over her chest, like she's getting protective of something- something she doesn't want MARIE to know.

        TEENAGE GIRL: Why do you want to know?

        MARIE: Well, if it's for a good reason- I can help.

        The TEENAGE GIRL looks intrigued and walks to the front of the corner.

        TEENAGE GIRL: Yeah?

        MARIE nods.

        MARIE: But, if it's for a bad reason...

        She smirks. There's a few moments of utter silence. Suddenly, MARIE concentrates on an object in the corner- a chair. Her eyes glaze over and become red. There is a slight smell of smoke as the chair begins to catch fire. The TEENAGE GIRL stares open-mouthed at MARIE, looking frightened.

        TEENAGE GIRL: H-how...

        CASHIER: (O.S.) I have your items, mis-

        She stops suddenly as she sees the chair. She looks at the two women.

        CASHIER: (cont'd) What's going on here?

        MARIE swivels to see the CASHIER standing there. She stops smiling. And then puts a look of confusion and shock on her face.

        MARIE: I-I-I don't just...caught on fire.

        The CASHIER rushes over to the counter, taking a cloth from behind it, and then runs over to the chair, in an attempt to put the fire out. MARIE looks to where the TEENAGE GIRL was standing before. You no longer see her there and you hear the bell ring. MARIE sighs, and looks back to the CASHIER. She continues to try to put the fire out. When she finally does, she looks up.

        CASHIER: How did this-

        She sees that MARIE is no longer there.

        CASHIER: (cont'd) ?happen...?

        She sighs.

        CASHIER: (cont'd) Oh, well. I guess I'll just have to clean this up. (pause) Why didn't that girl-

        She pauses and looks over on the counter, where she set the bag with the ingredients in it. It's no longer there. The CASHIER sighs once again, and goes back to cleaning up the mess.

        CASHIER: (to herself, cont'd) Great. Just great.


        The door to the apartment opens. SAM walks in, followed by ALAN. They are holding hands. You can see the living room through the kitchen, which is where they entered. They see BISHOP tied to a chair, looking like he's been beaten to a pulp. They separate.

        ALAN: What the-

        FAITH: (O.S.) Cookie?

        The camera moves over to FAITH, who is sitting at the kitchen table with a plate of cookies by her. She smiles. SAM and ALAN give her a strange look.

        SAM: I'm sorry, but who is he and why is he tied to a chair in your living room?

        FAITH: Oh, you never met Bishop?

        SAM slowly shakes her head.

        SAM: Heard of, not met...

        ALAN: He's just the demon bounty hunter who tried to kill me.

        SAM looks angry.

        SAM: What?!

        She glares at BISHOP, and then looks back to FAITH.

        SAM: (cont'd) Why is he here?

        FAITH: Because he's here and tied to a chair.

        ALAN nods.

        ALAN: That's a valid point...

        SAM: But seriously, why is he here?

        FAITH: I'm trying to find out who he works for. He attacked me. Makes me a little pissed off.

        ALAN glares at BISHOP as SAM did.

        ALAN: Yeah, he does that with a lot of people.

        FAITH: Geesh, don't get all worked up about it. It's not like I invited him for tea and crackers. (beat) In fact, the exact opposite...

        She takes a glance at BISHOP'S battered form.

        ALAN: Have you gotten anything out of him yet?

        FAITH: Besides blood and the occasional insult? No.

        ALAN: And you think he's eventually going to give in?

        FAITH grins.

        FAITH: Eventually. I haven't even used the hairspray yet.

        ALAN looks confused, and SAM looks a bit scared.

        SAM: Hairspray? Do I want to know?

        FAITH: Probably best you don't.

        SAM: Right.

        There is a pause.

        ALAN: So, we came over here because of that Marie thing...

        FAITH: Oh, right. That.

        ALAN: Yeah, that. Why do you think she hurt someone?

        FAITH: Brian had a vision.

        ALAN: That could have been of the future. It probably was.

        FAITH: And the fact that she ran off? Proves that it wasn't.

        ALAN: I wouldn't use the word ?ran off'. She could have just gone for a walk.

        FAITH: Really? Gone for a walk by climbing out a window?

        ALAN: Okay, that's not so usual, but-

        SAM: No, I think Faith's right.

        FAITH and ALAN are both surprised by this.

        FAITH: Really? I thought you would be the first to defend her, along with your boy here.

        SAM: My- (beat) Never mind. There's a reason I think you're right, Faith.

        FAITH: Why's that? Not that I'm disagreeing...

        SAM shrugs her shoulders slightly.

        SAM: It's just...I don't know. She's been acting strange lately. And one day, when we went to the mall, she came back from the bathroom, supposedly...and was really cheerful.

        FAITH: And cheerful equals bad?

        SAM: No. (pause) But bad cheerful does.

        ALAN looks confused by this.

        ALAN: What do you mean by ?bad cheerful'?

        SAM: It was kind of...fake. And she seemed a bit shaken up too.

        FAITH thinks about this for a moment.

        FAITH: That coulda been when she killed that guy.

        SAM widens her eyes.

        SAM: She killed someone? You said hurt.

        FAITH: Well, that was an understatement.

        SAM: Clearly. And she did this when I was with her? That's just...

        SAM shivers. ALAN looks sympathetic toward her, and FAITH gives her a similar look.

        FAITH: We don't know for sure that's when it all went down. Just a thought.

        SAM: A thought that makes sense.

        FAITH: Yeah.

        ALAN: But...why would she hurt someone?

        FAITH: I don't know... I think she's hiding something from us.

        BISHOP: (O.S., faintly) Probably more than you know.

        They all look at him.

        FAITH: What makes you think that?

        BISHOP chuckles, again faintly. It's obvious that he's weak.

        BISHOP: She's conniving. She knows what everyone's going to do before they even move an inch.

        FAITH: And how do you know this?

        BISHOP: Well, she knew what I was trying to do earlier.

        FAITH raises an eyebrow.

        FAITH: Which was?

        BISHOP: None of your business. (pause) Just know this- Marie isn't what she seems. You shouldn't trust her.

        FAITH tries to remain as if she isn't affected by this, but she gets a slight look of fear on her face regardless.


        BRIAN and ROBIN walk on the streets, BRIAN in front of ROBIN.

        ROBIN: You really think we're going to find her this way?

        BRIAN: I'd say we have a .01% chance...

        ROBIN sighs.

        ROBIN: Well, at least it's a chance.

        BRIAN: Did you not hear the percentage?

        ROBIN: Oh, I heard...

        He looks at the crowd of people that are walking very fast around them.

        ROBIN: (cont'd) And I believe you. But do you know any other way?

        BRIAN: Not really.

        ROBIN: Well, then we should probably resume this mission.

        They continue to walk through the vast amount of people, but suddenly, BRIAN stops.

        BRIAN: Wait a minute.

        ROBIN stops as well, and BRIAN turns around.

        BRIAN: (cont'd) Why don't we just have Sam do a locator's spell?

        ROBIN: Good point. But while we're out here, we might as well try to find her.

        BRIAN raises an eyebrow.

        BRIAN: Percentage...

        ROBIN sighs.

        ROBIN: Fine, we'll head back.

        They turn around, heading back to where they came from.


        HECTOR sits at a table across from the YOUNG WOMAN. There is a cup of tea on the table. He grabs it, and takes a sip, before setting it back down.

        HECTOR: You really think that this plan will work?

        The YOUNG WOMAN nods.

        YOUNG WOMAN: Of course. It's almost 100% fool-proof.

        HECTOR: Good. The last thing we need is for this to mess up.

        YOUNG WOMAN: Oh, believe me, I know. And it already messed up, in a way.

        HECTOR: How so?

        YOUNG WOMAN: Bishop. He didn't complete his assignment.

        HECTOR: He may have been caught.

        YOUNG WOMAN: Yes. But he shouldn't have been.

        There is a long silence as they sit across from each other, letting this thought sink into their minds. Suddenly, HECTOR looks up at the ceiling. The YOUNG WOMAN looks at him with curiosity.

        YOUNG WOMAN: (cont'd) What is it?

        HECTOR: I think that I sense him.

        YOUNG WOMAN: You can...sense him?

        HECTOR: Yeah.

        The YOUNG WOMAN looks angry.

        YOUNG WOMAN: (angrily) Then what the hell have you been doing this whole time?!

        HECTOR: No, you misunderstood...I can only sense him when he's close enough.

        The YOUNG WOMAN calms down.

        YOUNG WOMAN: Oh, okay then.

        HECTOR: I'm going to see if I can get him.

        YOUNG WOMAN: That would be a good idea.

        HECTOR nods and disappears by shimmering away.


        ROBIN and BRIAN are walking through the warehouse district, still on their way back to FAITH and ROBIN'S apartment.

        ROBIN: And you're sure that this is a shortcut?

        BRIAN: Yeah. That or we're completely lost.

        ROBIN: That's comforting.

        BRIAN shrugs. They continue to walk through the warehouses, and then they hear a gust of wind.

        HECTOR: (O.S.) There you are.

        ROBIN and BRIAN turn around to see HECTOR standing behind them. They look confused, and as does HECTOR.

        HECTOR: (cont'd) I though-

        ROBIN: You.

        ROBIN looks angry, and HECTOR widens his eyes.

        HECTOR: Oh, sh-

        ROBIN grabs a weapon out of a bag that he's carrying- a crossbow, and aims it at HECTOR. HECTOR backs off slightly.

        HECTOR: (cont'd) As much fun as this has been...

        He turns around and begins to run. ROBIN pulls the trigger on the crossbow, but misses. ROBIN and BRIAN then break into a run. HECTOR runs as fast as he can, and turns a corner, with ROBIN and BRIAN catching up to him. But when they turn the corner, he isn't there. They look at each other.

        BRIAN: Where did he go?

        ROBIN: I don't know...but we need to tell Faith.

        BRIAN nods in agreement, and they both head back the way that they were originally going, walking faster than before.


        FAITH steps in front of BISHOP and leans down, her face really close to him.

        FAITH: So, feel like chattin'?

        BISHOP looks up and glares at her. FAITH shrugs.

        FAITH: Hey, if you don't, that's cool. (pause) I'll just torture you some more.

        FAITH walks over to a table, and suddenly the door to the apartment flies open. BRIAN and ROBIN look like they've been running as they walk through the door. FAITH looks surprised.

        FAITH: (cont'd) Judging by your entrance, you either have something to tell me or just joined the track team.

        BRIAN: The former.

        FAITH: That's the choice with the most logic. (pause) What is it?

        BRIAN: It's not about Marie.

        ROBIN: We know where Hector is located...or at least near it.

        FAITH: Oh.

        BISHOP: (O.S.) Oh crap.

        FAITH looks to BISHOP, still tied up to that chair. She gets a look of realization on her face.

        FAITH: So he's your boss.

        BISHOP looks at her.

        BISHOP: I never said that.

        FAITH: Well, your comment there kinda gave it away.

        BISHOP sighs.

        BISHOP: If it means I get to kill him- then yes, he is my boss.

        FAITH: Right. And you want to kill your boss...why?!

        BISHOP: Just because he's my boss doesn't mean that I like him.

        BRIAN: He's got a point there.

        FAITH: And now you're agreeing with him, again...right. Strange.

        She turns back to ROBIN.

        FAITH: Where?

        SAM and ALAN walk into the kitchen from the living room.

        ALAN: What's going on?

        ROBIN: (to Faith) In a warehouse district. We'll show you.

        SAM: Okay, I suddenly feel really out of the loop.

        ALAN: You're not the only one.

        FAITH turns to SAM and ALAN.

        FAITH: I'll explain on the way. (to SAM) Grab your magic books. (to everyone else) Go get some weapons. We're going to take him down.

        BRIAN: You really think that that's the bes-

        FAITH: Go!

        SAM goes back to her room as everyone else goes to the living room where FAITH keeps her weapons and takes a few. FAITH walks over to BISHOP.

        FAITH: (cont'd) You try to escape? I will kill you. Slowly, and painfully.

        BISHOP: I can barely move as it is. How do you expect me to even help you?

        FAITH: That's what Sam's witchy stuff is for. (pause) But I need to know that I can trust you. .

        BISHOP gives her a strange look.

        FAITH: (cont'd) At least trust you enough to know you aren't going to turn on us and help your boss out instead.

        BISHOP nods.

        FAITH: Good.

        She begins to untie him.


        HECTOR is running down the hallway that the YOUNG WOMAN and himself were walking down before. He continues running until he reaches the room that he was sitting in before. When he enters, the YOUNG WOMAN is still sitting there. She turns her head when he enters.

        YOUNG WOMAN: I see that you don't have him.

        HECTOR shakes his head and then takes a minute to catch his breath.

        HECTOR: I ran into...some of Faith's people.

        The YOUNG WOMAN widens her eyes.

        YOUNG WOMAN: And what did they do?

        HECTOR: Tried to kill me. But there's more. (pause) We might have an-

        There is a loud noise coming from somewhere in the CELLAR. It rumbles a little.

        HECTOR: (cont'd, quietly) -incoming.


        END OF ACT III

        "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."


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          ACT IV


          We are at the entrance to the cellar. There is smoke everywhere. Clearly some kind of hand grenade was thrown down. As the smoke clears, FAITH comes out of it. She looks around.

          FAITH: Looks like a party to me.

          She stops. She sees that there are a bunch of teenage girls coughing.

          FAITH: Wait a minute...are you sure this is the right place?

          She turns to SAM, who is behind her. SAM doesn't have time to respond.

          HECTOR: (O.S.) Faith.

          FAITH turns around to see HECTOR standing in the entrance of the hallway.

          FAITH: You know, you're not too smart. A smart person woulda just stayed hidden.

          HECTOR: I really wouldn't throw stones there, Faithy.

          FAITH: Are we gonna fight, or am I just gonna beat the hell out of you for saying that?

          HECTOR: Fighting sounds good.

          FAITH: Alright.

          They stand there in silence for a few moments before FAITH charges at HECTOR, sword in hand. She tries to stab him with it, but he dodges it.

          HECTOR: (loudly) A little help would be nice!

          And just as he says this, a sword appears in his hand, materializing out of nowhere.

          HECTOR: (quietly) Thank you, ma'am.

          HECTOR begins to start a swordfight with FAITH, but each strike that he makes is blocked by her. Suddenly, many teenage girls come rushing out of the hallway. Some with weapons, and some without. The camera moves over to ROBIN, ALAN, SAM, and BRIAN- still standing in the entrance to the cellar.

          ROBIN: Didn't count on that.

          SAM: I did.

          ROBIN looks at her strangely.

          SAM: (cont'd) C'mon, you really thought he was alone in this?

          SAM moves forward, followed by the others. That's when the bolts of energy start to head their way. Some, if not all, of these teenage girls were witches.

          ALAN: Oh, great. I'm not going to be of much he-

          A bolt of energy hits him in the chest. SAM turns to see this.

          SAM: (worriedly) Alan!

          ALAN coughs.

          ALAN: I'll be fine...damn that hurt.

          ALAN looks up, to see the TEENAGE GIRL that we saw earlier standing in front of him, smirking.

          ALAN: (cont'd) At this point, I really don't care if you're a girl.

          He punches her in the stomach. She falls to the floor, gasping for breath. The camera moves to SAM. She and another girl are battling with magic- sparks are literally flying. The girl that SAM is fighting is almost knocked over, but gains more control, and knocks SAM down. The girl then kicks SAM in the side while she's down. SAM clenches her stomach, and then slowly gets back up.

          SAM: You don't know what you just did.

          She takes a breath, and closes her eyes.

          SAM: (cont'd) Filiolus, ego ingenero tu- coniveo abscindo accipiocepi ab acer abalienatio ardeo.

          After a few seconds, the girl begins to scream.

          SAM: (cont'd) It won't kill'll just hurt like hell.

          The camera pans over to FAITH and HECTOR now fighting hand-to-hand. They must have lost their swords as they were battling. FAITH punches HECTOR in the chest, but it doesn't knock him down- it barely affects him.

          FAITH: Damn.

          She is suddenly knocked down when HECTOR kicks her in the stomach. She is lying down on her back, trying to get up. But HECTOR grabs his sword back up, and walks over to her, putting his foot on her chest. He lifts the sword just above her.

          HECTOR: Any last words, Slayer?

          FAITH tries to say something, but can't because of the pressure on her chest. HECTOR frowns.

          HECTOR: (cont'd) Aw, that's a shame.

          He starts to lift the sword up, about to pierce her chest with it, when he stops suddenly. His eyes widen, and he drops the sword, missing FAITH completely. He slowly turns around, to see BISHOP, glaring at him. FAITH props herself up a little bit, and she can see that there is a knife in HECTOR'S back- right where his heart is. FAITH looks surprised and, apparently, so does HECTOR.

          HECTOR: (cont'd, weakly) Why...

          BISHOP: You're a sadistic bastard. Need further explanation?

          Before HECTOR can say anything, he falls to the ground- dead. FAITH looks at BISHOP, with a shocked expression on her face. She begins to get up.

          FAITH: When you said kill him, I didn't know you actually meant it.

          BISHOP: A lot of people don't understand me.

          FAITH: I'm getting that.

          FAITH looks at all of the others, whom are fighting the teenage girls. She nods to them.

          FAITH: (cont'd) We should go help them.

          BISHOP: Right.

          And with that, they both start towards where the battle is occurring.

          VOICE: (whispering) Faaaaiiiith...

          FAITH stops suddenly. BISHOP keeps walking over to help the others. She appears to be the only one that can hear the voice.

          VOICE: (cont'd) Faith...come to me.

          FAITH hears the voice again, and thinks that it is coming from the hallway. She turns around, and starts to slowly walk down the hallway. The further she walks, the more the sounds of the fight drift away. She senses something from a specific room, and decides to enter it. It's dark, and you can see a table with a coffee mug still on it. This is clearly the room the YOUNG WOMAN and HECTOR were in earlier. She looks around.

          VOICE: (cont'd) So glad to see you here.

          FAITH turns to her right, where she knows the voice came from, but she sees no one and sees nothing moving either. FAITH begins to step in that direction. Suddenly, a blast of yellow light comes out of nowhere and hits FAITH in the chest. She's knocked down, and appears unconscious for a second. Suddenly, her eyes snap open, and are glowing the same color as the light that hit her. She smirks.

          VOICE: (cont'd) You know what you have to do.

          FAITH nods, and gets up from the floor, exiting the room.


          BRIAN is in a hand-to-hand combat with a young woman- not the young woman that we've seen in previous episodes, just a random one. He knocks her down, and then he turns to ROBIN, who is also fighting someone- well, more like defending himself. He's trying to block each punch, though sometimes his blocks don't work. He also tries to dodge them.

          BRIAN: (to ROBIN) What are we supposed to do? We can't just kill them...

          BRIAN is suddenly sent flying by an invisible force, and lands on the ground.

          BRIAN: (to himself, cont'd) Though I'm starting to lean towards that option...

          All of a sudden, all of the girls stop fighting- this leaving the gang very confused. The teenage girls back up and are all cluttered in one spot. The TEENAGE GIRL from before stands in front of them all, and grins.

          TEENAGE GIRL: See ya soon.

          She gives a gesture of her hands, and a smoke fills the room. ROBIN, ALAN, SAM, BRIAN, and BISHOP start to cough. When the smoke clears, all of the girls are gone, leaving everyone confused.


          All of the girls suddenly appear there, in the middle of that room. They look very pleased with themselves.

          VOICE: Very good, ladies.

          They all turn to their right, where the YOUNG WOMAN is standing. She smiles.

          YOUNG WOMAN: Faith is off to kill her little friend now, so she won't be a problem.

          The girls are still looking very pleased.

          YOUNG WOMAN: (cont'd) Tonight they found out just how hard it is to take us down. (pause) But we still need to train. Melissa...

          She turns to the TEENAGE GIRL/MELISSA from earlier.

          MELISSA: Yes?

          YOUNG WOMAN: Take the girls to the training room.

          MELISSA nods.

          MELISSA: Of course.

          She begins to walk toward the door. When no one follows her, she turns.

          MELISSA: (cont'd) Come on, girls. We have a lot of work to do.

          And one by one, they start to follow her. The YOUNG WOMAN looks proud.

          YOUNG WOMAN: I always knew I wanted children.


          SAM, ROBIN, ALAN, BRIAN, and BISHOP are all walking just outside of an alley.

          ROBIN: You're sure this is where-

          SAM: This is where the locator's spell said she was...

          Suddenly they hear people running down an alley. They turn and begin to jog down it.

          FAITH: (O.S.) I'm so sorry.

          MARIE: Faith, don't. (pause) You're a good pers-

          They turn the corner at the end of the alley just as FAITH pulls the trigger of a crossbow, aimed at MARIE. They all look shocked. Suddenly, a blue-ish kind of forcefield surrounds MARIE, protecting her. They seem shocked at this as well.

          ROBIN: Faith, what are you-

          FAITH turns around to face ROBIN.

          FAITH: Not Faith.

          She smirks. It's clear that she is possessed by something, if it wasn't clear before.

          ROBIN: Who are you?

          FAITH: I'm Joseph. The man she murdered. She's betrayed you.

          Everyone's eyes widen at this. MARIE is slowly sneaking up behind FAITH/JOSEPH. She hits him/her over the head with a large object. FAITH/JOSEPH falls to the ground- unconscious.

          BRIAN: So it's true then. You killed a man.

          MARIE looks up to him, looking slightly ashamed.

          MARIE: Yes.

          The entire gang looks shocked. MARIE had just confirmed what they feared. SAM looks at her like she's disgusted.

          SAM: How could you...

          MARIE: I can explain...

          SAM shakes her head.

          SAM: Don't bother. I trusted you. I really did.

          SAM turns around and walks away from MARIE, and out of the alley. That leaves everyone else looking at MARIE in disbelief and shock. They look almost as disgusted as SAM did.

          FADE TO BLACK

          END OF EPISODE

          ROLL CREDITS

          "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."


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            Thank you for reading Rogue Redemption.


            +Wondering why Marie killed Joseph? Stay tuned for 1.12, "Unexpected Relations".
            +This 'young woman' is just full of surprises, isn't she? The question she working for someone?
            +This was the longest episode of the series yet.

            "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."