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Rogue Redemption 1.10 "Hunting Season"

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  • Rogue Redemption 1.10 "Hunting Season"

    1.10 "Hunting Season"



    A TEENAGER, girl, short brown hair, walks out of the mall searching through her purse and looking for her car keys. When she gets them out, she walks quickly over to her car, but then hears something in the alley across the street that sounds like a struggle. She begins to walk over there.

    TEENAGER: Hello?

    She continues to move toward the alley when another crash is heard.

    TEENAGER: (cont'd) Are you okay?

    As she turns the corner, we see the YOUNG WOMAN being held against the wall by a man. The TEENAGER widens her eyes, and then looks mad.

    TEENAGER: (yelling) Hey!

    The man turns to face her.

    MAN: What do you want, girly?

    TEENAGER: Get off of her.

    The man smirks.

    MAN: And what are you going to do if I don't?

    He begins to loosen his grip on the YOUNG WOMAN.

    TEENAGER: I...I...

    MAN: That's what I tho-

    Suddenly, the man is knocked down on the ground, and the YOUNG WOMAN stands behind him with a brick in her hand.

    TEENAGER: Well, I see that you've got that handled...

    YOUNG WOMAN: I'm not finished yet.

    She smirks. The TEENAGER widens her eyes and attempts to run away. We see her run partly out of the alley, but she is then pulled back. We hear several screams until they die down. We pan to the YOUNG WOMAN standing over the TEENAGER with a bloody knife. She then gets up and walks over to the side of the street, making sure no one saw her walk out of the alley. She picks her cell phone out of her pocket and dials a number. After a few rings, someone picks up.

    VOICE: Yes?

    YOUNG WOMAN: One down.



    Theme song "Time is Running Out" by Muse.

    Main Characters:

    Guest Starring:
    ??? ??? as TEENAGER

    "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."

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    ACT I


    We pan up to a black, wooden coffin. A slow classical song is playing in the background, so faintly that you can hardly hear it. The camera moves to a podium, where a priest is standing and talking.

    PRIEST: Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to say goodbye to a loved one, Christopher Wood.

    The priest continues to talk and the camera moves over to ROBIN and FAITH both sitting in chairs. FAITH is looking off to the side, and she looks like she's feeling very out of place. ROBIN stares at the grave and then looks at FAITH. Seeing that she isn't looking, he turns back to the priest.

    PRIEST: (cont'd) Would anyone like to come up and say a few words about the departed?

    He waits in silence for a few seconds, and no one raises their hand. All of a sudden, FAITH gets up. ROBIN looks surprised. We pan back to MARIE, BRIAN, SAM, and ALAN, who are all sitting behind ROBIN. They look surprised as well. FAITH walks up to the podium. The PRIEST moves out of the way and adjusts the microphone. FAITH glances at him.

    FAITH: (to the priest) Thanks...

    She looks at the people in the chairs and then puts her mouth near the microphone.

    FAITH: (cont'd) Hi everyone...I don't have much to say. I didn't know Chris that fact, he just showed up on our doorstep a few days ago.

    She glances back at the coffin. She then looks at ROBIN.

    FAITH: (cont'd) But he meant a lot to someone special to me, and that's what really matters. And...that's all I really have to say. Not really a speech kind of gal.

    People in the chairs applaud silently, and FAITH steps off of the podium. She smiles weakly at ROBIN, who smiles weakly back. The PRIEST gets back up on the podium to speak again.

    PRIEST: Thank you, miss.

    He clears his throat.

    PRIEST: (cont'd) Would anyone else like to say something?

    ROBIN semi-raises his hand and walks over to the podium, stepping up on it. He looks at the coffin and the picture of CHRIS on it for several seconds before turning his gaze back to the audience.

    ROBIN: Hello, I'm Robin Wood...Chris' son.

    Several whispers can be heard throughout the area.

    ROBIN: (cont'd) Although Chris just entered my life a couple days ago, he filled a part of me that was mother had died when I was very young, and I never knew my father. I was raised by my mother's W-

    He pauses, realizing who he's talking to.

    ROBIN: (cont'd) My mother's friend. When Chris arrived, I felt whole again. That may sound "cheesy", but it's entirely true.

    He lets out a sigh of pain and grief.

    ROBIN: (cont'd) And now that he's gone, that part of me just isn't there...May he rest in peace, and good luck with his next life. We'll miss you...

    He pauses.

    ROBIN: (cont'd) Dad.

    There's another small applause and the PRIEST gets up on the podium to speak. You can hear him speaking in the background, and the camera pans over to ROBIN sitting next to FAITH. She touches his shoulder, and they exchange a look. The camera moves back to the PRIEST, who is lighting three candles.

    PRIEST: Ashes to ashes...

    He lights the first candle.

    PRIEST: (cont'd) Dust to dust...

    He lights the second candle.

    PRIEST: (cont'd) Spirit to spirit.

    He lights the final candle and closes his eyes.

    PRIEST: (cont'd) Amen.

    There is a chorus of "amens" throughout the crowd. They get up, and ROBIN and FAITH walk over to the coffin to accept condolences while SAM, BRIAN, and ALAN begin to walk over to the car. MARIE walks over to ROBIN and FAITH:

    MARIE: Hey guys...w-we're going to go and get a cup of coffee, okay?

    FAITH: That's fine.

    MARIE smiles weakly and walks over to the car with the others. The YOUNG WOMAN from previous episodes then walks up to both FAITH and ROBIN. She looks slightly apologetic, but the viewers can tell she's faking it.

    YOUNG WOMAN: I'm so sorry for your loss.

    ROBIN nods.

    FAITH: Thanks...

    ROBIN: Yeah, thank you.

    The YOUNG WOMAN walks away, and we close-up on her face. She smirks.


    BISHOP is pacing inside the warehouse. HECTOR approaches him.

    HECTOR: It's almost time.

    BISHOP turns to him.

    BISHOP: Don't you think I know that?

    HECTOR holds his hands up in mock surrender.

    HECTOR: Fine, just making sure that you're aware.

    BISHOP: You have to make sure? After you've been bothering me about it for so long? That's interesting.

    HECTOR looks slightly aggravated.

    HECTOR: Don't forget your place, you imbecile!

    BISHOP looks down at his feet, and we close-up on his face. He has his teeth clenched together.

    BISHOP: (through clenched teeth) Yes.

    HECTOR: Yes what?

    BISHOP: (still through clenched teeth) Yes master.

    HECTOR nods his head.

    HECTOR: Good.

    And with that, he walks out of the room.


    MARIE, SAM, ALAN, and BRIAN all walk into the caf?. They walk over to where there is a cluster of tables. The tables are all for two, so they put two tables together and sit down. SAM and ALAN sit by each other and MARIE and BRIAN sit by each other. BRIAN gets up.

    BRIAN: I'm going to get our drinks...

    Everyone tells him what they want, and then he walks over to the counter where you order drinks. MARIE, SAM, and ALAN wait for a few minutes until BRIAN comes back with a tray of drinks and sets it on the table.

    BRIAN: (cont'd) Alright, three coffees, one hot chocolate.

    MARIE looks at SAM.

    MARIE: You got hot chocolate?

    SAM: Yeah. I hate coffee.

    MARIE raises an eyebrow and then shrugs, picking up her cup of coffee and taking a sip.

    ALAN: do you think Robin's dealing?

    SAM: Dealing? I don't really think he's "dealing". I mean, think about what happened.

    MARIE: See, that, I have to agree with.

    She takes another sip of her coffee.

    BRIAN: He seemed to be dealing a little bit...

    He pauses.

    BRIAN: (cont'd) But then again, I don't have my empathy powers anymore, so...

    SAM: Well, he wasn't crying. But people don't necessarily cry when they grieve.

    ALAN glances at SAM, and then back to his coffee and takes a sip.

    SAM: (cont'd) I mean, I just hope that he's alright.

    MARIE: He sh-should be. He has Faith...

    She pauses at this.

    MARIE: (cont'd) Which doesn't seem very good, now that I think about it. She isn't very emotionally stable.

    ALAN: That's true, but she's strong. She'll help Robin through this, I'm sure.

    MARIE: I hope she does. He really needs someone right now.

    They all nod in agreement.

    SAM: So...let's get off the subject of death shall we? Let's talk about-

    BRIAN: The dark ones.

    SAM frowns.

    SAM: Okay, not really what I was shooting for there.

    BRIAN: But we have to talk about it sometime. I mean, what if these "dark ones" are the Big Bad? Trying to end the world?

    ALAN: Wait...end the world?

    MARIE, SAM, and BRIAN nod.

    ALAN: (cont'd) They can do that?

    SAM: Yeah, and they've been attempting for years. That's why we're here. To stop them.

    ALAN: Wait...the "dark ones" have been trying for years? Or demons in general?

    MARIE: The latter.

    ALAN sits back in his seat.

    ALAN: Okay, good to know...

    BRIAN: can we find out who this is?

    MARIE: W-well...they're using dead people. We know that. I think that that's why those demons and vampires though Robin's m-mom was alive. The question is- why are they using dead people, and not attacking us themselves?

    SAM: I think they're using the deceased because they want to hit us where it hurts.

    ALAN: Which they have been doing.

    SAM: Well, atleast the dead people can't physically hurt us...

    BRIAN: That's true.

    SAM: Let's hope that these people don't find a way to make that happen.

    There is silence for a while, and then a look of fear can be seen on all of their faces.


    BISHOP is standing in front of a table and putting several objects in a bag, though we can't see what they are. HECTOR walks up behind him and puts a hand firmly on his shoulder.

    HECTOR: Preparing I see.

    BISHOP: I'm almost ready.

    HECTOR: Good, good...

    He begins to walk out of the warehouse. We pan up to BISHOP who picks up a sword and holds the blade in front of his face, and then puts it in its holder. He swivels around.

    BISHOP: It's time.

    With that, he walks out the door in front of HECTOR. HECTOR smirks.



    "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."


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      ACT II


      FAITH and ROBIN walk into the house and FAITH shuts the door. ROBIN looks sort of out of it. FAITH looks at him sympathetically, and ROBIN turns to her.

      ROBIN: I think I'm going to go sleep.

      FAITH nods.

      FAITH: Alright.

      ROBIN walks back to his and FAITH'S room. FAITH sighs and slumps down on the couch, closing her eyes. Suddenly, the phone rings and her eyes fly open. She gets up from the couch and picks up the phone.

      FAITH: Hey.

      VOICE: Faith! Where are you?

      It was her boss, from Porkey's, sounding majorly pissed off.

      FAITH: I...I had a family emergency.

      She hesitates to say the word ?family'.

      BOSS: I don't mean today...I mean for the past two weeks.

      FAITH: Oh. That.

      BOSS: Yes, that!

      Several customers yelling can be heard in the receiver.

      FAITH: I can't rea-

      BOSS: Look, Faith, I need you down here now!

      FAITH: I was just saying that-

      BOSS: No. You need to come down here. Right. Now.

      With that, she hangs up the phone. FAITH huffs and then walks over to where her coat is hung, grabs it, and walks out the door- slamming it behind her.


      FAITH gets out of the car and slams the door and walks in the door to the bar. When she enters the door, we can see the feet of a figure standing outside of the building.


      FAITH makes her way through the huge and angry mob of people, pushing them out of the way. Several people glare at her, but when she glares back, they back off a little bit. Then she pushes a big man out of the way and he turns to her.

      MAN: Hey, watch it, girly!

      FAITH turns around.

      FAITH: Or what?

      MAN: I'm not afraid to hit girls.

      FAITH: Good. Neither am I.

      FAITH punches the man in the stomach and he stumbles back a little. He glares at her, and then attempts to punch her, but ends up punching thin air and landing face flat on the floor. The camera pans up to FAITH, who maneuvered her way behind him. She smiles.

      FAITH: (cont'd) Warned ya, sweetie.

      He looks angry and then gets up and huffs, sitting down at a table while his buddies laugh at him.

      MAN'S BUDDY: You got beat up by a little girl!

      Someone taps him on the shoulder, and he turns around, ending up getting punched in the face and knocked onto the floor. The camera moves to FAITH again.

      FAITH: Call me that again, and I'll punch you with full force. Got it?

      He nods quickly, out of fear. FAITH shakes her head and then heads over to the desk and gets behind it. She walks over to her boss, who looks at FAITH and then looks relieved.

      BOSS: Oh, good, you're here.

      She begins to walk away from the register and the mob of angry customers.

      BOSS: (O.S.) Thanks Faith!

      FAITH: Wait...

      She jogs to catch up with her, and then stops her by grabbing her shoulder. Her boss turns around.

      BOSS: What do you want? You're supposed to be working!

      FAITH: I actually came down here to-

      BOSS: Work. You came down here to work.

      She begins to walk away again, but then FAITH gets ahead of her.

      FAITH: No. I came down here to quit.

      Her BOSS widens her eyes.

      BOSS: No, Faith. I need your help around here.

      FAITH: No.

      She crosses her arms on her chest.

      FAITH: (cont'd) I don't like the way I'm treated.

      FAITH turns and begins to walk toward the exit. Her boss is walking quickly after her.

      BOSS: Faith, wait!

      FAITH shakes her head and continues to walk. Then an arrow comes flying through a window of the bar, and people duck and scream. The arrow goes right into the wall ahead of FAITH, and she slowly walks over to it. There is a note attached to it. She takes the arrow out of the wall and carefully unfolds the note. She widens her eyes, and then the camera pans down to the note. It reads ?Soon.' She looks through the window in which it came from, and sees no one there. She then turns to face her boss.

      FAITH: See?!

      Her BOSS looks stumped.

      BOSS: But-

      By that time, FAITH is already out the door.


      FAITH walks through the door, and then walks over to the coach, and slumps down on it. She takes the note out of her pocket.

      FAITH: Soon...what the hell is that supposed to mean?

      She stares at the note, and then hears someone walking around in the kitchen. She gets up from the couch and carefully and slowly makes her way out to the kitchen. She sees no one, but all of a sudden ROBIN walks in front of her. She jumps back, but then looks relieved.

      FAITH: (cont'd) Oh, scared me!

      ROBIN: Huh? Oh...sorry.

      FAITH tilts her head.

      FAITH: What's wrong?

      ROBIN: It's nothing. (pause) Why'd I scare you?

      FAITH: You answer my question first.

      ROBIN: I did.

      FAITH: Yeah, but that wasn't the truth. (pause) What's wrong?

      ROBIN: I...It's that...he's gone...

      ROBIN looks as if he's on the verge of tears.

      FAITH: Oh...

      ROBIN begins to lean on FAITH and sob.

      ROBIN: (through sobs) I have no family left.

      FAITH'S eyes widen, and she looks very out-of-place and uncomfortable. She stumbles a bit as ROBIN is leaning on her. Tears begin to form in her own eyes and then she wraps her arms around ROBIN.

      FAITH: It's alright...

      She pauses.

      FAITH: (quietly) You have me.


      BISHOP walks through the door and into the warehouse. He sets a crossbow that he is holding on a table which has many weapons on it.

      HECTOR: (O.S) Well?

      BISHOP: I gave her a scare.

      HECTOR steps up beside BISHOP.

      HECTOR: That is not what I asked you to do.

      BISHOP: I know. I didn't say I was finished.

      HECTOR smiles.

      HECTOR: Very good. Make sure you get it done.

      BISHOP: I will.

      BISHOP walks over to another side of the warehouse, where there's a door.

      BISHOP: (cont'd) But first, I have to rest,

      HECTOR nods and BISHOP enters the room.


      HECTOR walks out of the building and into an alley. He takes a flip phone out of his pocket and pressing 1 on the speed dial. He then puts the phone to his ear.

      YOUNG WOMAN: Hello.

      HECTOR: Hello.

      YOUNG WOMAN: Good, it's you. Is Bishop doing his job?

      HECTOR: Yes. And he thinks what he's doing is the ?right' thing to do.

      YOUNG WOMAN: Excellent. Has he finished the job yet?

      HECTOR: No, but he will.

      YOUNG WOMAN: He better.

      With that, she hangs up.



      "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."


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        ACT III


        MARIE, SAM, ALAN, and BRIAN all walk through the door to the apartment, one after the other. They see FAITH sitting on the couch, and she turns around to see them enter.

        FAITH: Hey guys.

        SAM: Not a guy here, but I shall say hey.

        FAITH gives her a look.

        FAITH: It's a figure of-

        SAM: Yeah, I know.

        FAITH: So, how did caf?-ing go?

        BRIAN: It went well. How's Robin doing?

        FAITH shakes her head.

        FAITH: Not well. Dealin' with death isn't easy.

        MARIE: We know.

        There is an awkward silence, and then FAITH breaks it.

        FAITH: I quit my job today.

        ALAN: Cool...wait, what? Why?

        FAITH: ?Cause I hated it there. But...

        She pauses and takes out the note from earlier.

        FAITH: (cont'd) I did get this nifty thing.

        She opens it and shows the group what it says.

        ALAN: Soon? Soon what?

        SAM: The hamsters will start attacking.

        The entire group looks at her strangely.

        SAM: (cont'd) Well, I tried to be funny...I really did...

        MARIE: That leant more towards ?creepy'.

        SAM shrugs.

        BRIAN: Where is Robin, anyways?

        FAITH: Oh. He's sleeping.

        BRIAN nods.

        ALAN: Back to the note...

        FAITH: Yeah.

        ALAN: Who could it be from?

        FAITH shrugs.

        FAITH: I honestly don't know. Can't think of anyone, I've been trying.

        ALAN: Well, vampires and demons in general are subjects.

        FAITH: In New York City. That narrows the list down to only a million!

        She rolls her eyes.

        FAITH: (cont'd) We'll need to get more specific.

        ALAN: So, a list of people that hate you?

        FAITH: That widens the list.

        MARIE: True.

        FAITH looks at her and glares.

        MARIE: (cont'd) What?

        SAM: Seriously though.

        FAITH: Well, you could do some magic-y thing.

        SAM: A spell?

        FAITH: Yeah, that.

        SAM shrugs.

        SAM: I guess. But a spell requires a subject. I don't even know where to start.

        FAITH: Can't you somehow find out who shot the arrow through the window?

        SAM: I could try.

        FAITH: Good. Do that.

        SAM: I'll have to-

        FAITH: Do whatever you have to do.

        SAM nods.

        SAM: Okay...I guess I'll head to the library.

        She walks over to the door and out of it. ALAN looks in the direction.

        ALAN: I'll go help.

        With that, he follows her.

        MARIE: Seeing that they're on that, I'm going to sleep for a little while.

        BRIAN: Yeah, me too.

        They both head to their rooms- MARIE to the left and BRIAN to the right.

        FAITH: And that leaves me alone here.

        She sighs and lays down on the couch.


        SAM and ALAN walk along the rows of books, looking up and down the aisles.

        SAM: You would think that New Age-y stuff would be easy to find.

        ALAN: That you would.

        SAM: Aha!

        ALAN looks at her.

        ALAN: What aha?

        SAM: I found it!

        ALAN: Found the section, but not the book.

        SAM frowns.

        SAM: No need to discourage me!

        ALAN: Wasn't trying to. (pause) You're cute when you frown.

        SAM smiles.

        SAM: Aren't I cute all the time?

        ALAN laughs.

        ALAN: Of course.

        SAM walks down the row of books and looks at the stacks. She skims with her index finger down them.

        SAM: Aha!

        ALAN: You know, you're doing that a lot tonight.

        SAM: Oh, shush.

        She takes a book from the shelf and walks over to a table, sitting on a chair in front of it. ALAN follows suit and sits next to her. SAM opens the book and begins to flip slowly through it.

        ALAN: How do you even know what to look for?

        SAM: I don't.

        She continues to flip, but then let's out a sigh of frustration.

        SAM: (cont'd) I'm never going to find it at this rate...

        She puts her hands over each side of the book and closes her eyes, saying a Latin phrase. The book's pages begin to move and then stop at a certain page.

        ALAN: That might not have been the smartest thing to do in public...

        SAM: But it worked, didn't it?

        ALAN: Yeah, I guess.

        SAM looks down at the page and skims it.

        SAM: Found it. This is what I need. It's actually just a simple locater spell, with a bit of a twist.

        ALAN: Then let's go and have you do that.

        SAM stands and picks the book up.

        SAM: Yes. Let's.


        The sun is just beginning to set. FAITH walks through the cemetery, stake in hand, looking at her feet.

        FAITH: This is boring. (pause) But hell, it's something to do.

        She kicks a rock, and it's heard hitting a gravestone.

        FAITH: (cont'd) Oops.

        VOICE: Talk about disrespect for the dead.

        FAITH turns in the direction of the voice, and the camera pans up to a female VAMPIRE.

        FAITH: Atleast they deserve respect. Your kind of dead? Not so much.

        VAMPIRE: Hey, vampires deserve respect.

        FAITH: Does putting you to rest count as respect?

        VAMPIRE: Not really.

        FAITH shrugs.

        FAITH: Oh well, I do it anyway.

        FAITH punches the vampire in the face, and the VAMPIRE retaliates by kicking FAITH in the stomach. The VAMPIRE attempts to punch FAITH, but FAITH grabs her arm and twists it instead. The VAMPIRE groans in pain.

        FAITH: Now, we can do this the easy way, or the-

        The VAMPIRE elbows FAITH in the stomach.

        FAITH: (cont'd, gasping) Hard way. (pause) Fine.

        She takes a stake out.

        FAITH: (cont'd) We'll do the hard way.

        FAITH takes the stake and stabs it through the vampire's arm quickly, and pulls it out almost just as quickly. The VAMPIRE screams, and glares at FAITH.

        VAMPIRE: You'll pay for that.

        FAITH: See, that can't exactly happen if-

        She stakes the vampire in the heart.

        FAITH: (cont'd) You're dead.

        FAITH sighs, and continues to walk again.

        FAITH: (cont'd) Bored...again.

        VOICE: Maybe I can fix that.

        FAITH looks over to the bushes, where the voice came from. It's unidentifiable, yet FAITH seems to think it's familiar.

        FAITH: I've heard that voice before...

        VOICE: I'm sure you have.

        FAITH: Who are you?

        VOICE: You'll find out.

        FAITH: When? Anytime this century?

        VOICE: Soon.

        FAITH widens her eyes.

        FAITH: It's you. You shot that note at me.

        But all of a sudden, the voice disappears.


        END OF ACT III

        "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."


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          ACT IV


          SAM walks through the door with ALAN. They see no one sitting on the couches, obviously everyone is still in their rooms and sleeping.

          SAM: I see Faith's not back yet.

          ALAN: Apparently not.

          SAM: Oh well. Might as well do the spell anyways.

          ALAN: Might as well.

          SAM sets her bookbag down on the floor next to the couch, and sits down on the floor. She grabs the book out of the bag and flips it open to the page that she has marked.

          ALAN: (cont'd) You taped something to a library book.

          SAM shrugs.

          SAM: It's not like it's a felony.

          ALAN: Actually-

          SAM: Never mind. Could you get me these ingredients from the kitchen?

          She hands ALAN a piece of paper, and his eyes slowly move down it, and then widen.

          ALAN: We have these things in the kitchen?

          SAM: I went on a shopping spree.

          ALAN: Uh huh...

          He takes the list and walks over to the kitchen, opening several cupboards. He looks through them, and while doing so, pulls out several jars of which contain things that can't be identified. But they are definitely not snacks.

          ALAN: (cont'd) See, this is just disgusting.

          SAM: (O.S.) And you're supposed to be the man?

          ALAN: Hey! I am...(pause) But seriously.

          He makes a face.

          ALAN: I don't understand why you need this.

          SAM: To perform a handy dandy spell!

          ALAN: Yeah, got that part.

          He puts all of the jars on a huge cookie sheet so he can carry them out to the living room easily. He walks over to SAM and sets the cookie sheet next to her.

          ALAN: (cont'd) So, will this take long?

          SAM: It shouldn't.

          With that, she begins to arrange candles around her, and she takes the ingredients out of their jars.


          HECTOR paces inside of the warehouse, muttering to himself and looking extremely worried.

          HECTOR: (quietly) C'mon, where are you?

          VOICE: Where's who?

          HECTOR lifts his head up in the direction of the voice and smiles.

          HECTOR: Hello, dearest.

          The camera pans over to the YOUNG WOMAN.

          YOUNG WOMAN: Ugh. Don't call me that. I hate it.

          HECTOR: Yes, ma'am.

          YOUNG WOMAN: I don't like that either. Just don't address me at all. Talk, but don't direct it straight to me.

          HECTOR: Okay...

          He pauses.

          HECTOR: It's very nice to see you here.

          YOUNG WOMAN: I should hope so. (pause) Is he doing his job?

          HECTOR nods.

          HECTOR: Of course. Why wouldn't he be?

          YOUNG WOMAN: He might be too afraid.

          VOICE: Afraid?

          The YOUNG WOMAN turns around, to see BISHOP.

          BISHOP: Now why would I be afraid?

          YOUNG WOMAN: Because Faith is a Slayer.

          BISHOP: Your point being?

          YOUNG WOMAN: My point being, dear, that she could snap you like a twig.

          BISHOP: I think you're talking to the wrong guy.

          The YOUNG WOMAN tilts her head.

          YOUNG WOMAN: I think you're right. Because you're not supposed to be here, now, are you?

          BISHOP looks down. The YOUNG WOMAN narrows her eyes at him.

          YOUNG WOMAN: (cont'd, more fiercely) Are you?

          BISHOP shakes his head.

          BISHOP: No.

          YOUNG WOMAN: I didn't think so. Now go do your job.

          BISHOP: Yes A-

          YOUNG WOMAN: Eh eh eh. No addressing me by my name. I just spoke to your boss about that.

          BISHOP: Alright.

          BISHOP turns around and heads back out the door.


          FAITH is still walking around through the cemetery. She looks around at the gravestones, and then puts her hands on her arms, across her chest, as if she if cold.

          VOICE: I told you it would be soon.

          FAITH looks right in front of herself, and widens her eyes.

          FAITH: You.

          The camera moves over to BISHOP, who smirks.

          BISHOP: Yeah, me.

          They stand there for a few seconds, and then BISHOP punches FAITH in the stomach, sending her flying onto the ground. She gets back up by jumping up using her back's strength, and landing on her feet. She does a spin and kicks BISHOP right in the face.

          FAITH: You really think you're going to win this fight?

          BISHOP: I do.

          He advances toward her, and takes out a sword. She dodges it quickly.

          FAITH: Whoa. Unfair.

          BISHOP tilts his head.

          BISHOP: Who ever said death was fair?

          He lunges toward her. Suddenly, he lets out a scream of pain. FAITH has put a stake through his leg. She looks up at him and smirks.

          FAITH: I sure as hell didn't.

          BISHOP: You don't think I'm going to win this fight?

          FAITH shakes her head.

          FAITH: I really don't.

          BISHOP smirks.

          BISHOP: We'll see about that.

          FAITH smirks as well.

          FAITH: We will.

          She lunges for him again, knocking him on the ground. The camera moves up to the trees, and sounds of a fight below can be heard.


          SAM and ALAN sit on the couch.

          SAM: I can't believe that didn't work.

          ALAN: Well, that's life for you.

          SAM: But my spells usually work.

          ALAN touches her hand.

          ALAN: I'm sure it's nothing.

          SAM: Yeah, nothing is the problem. It went kaput.

          Suddenly, the door swings open, to reveal FAITH standing there, looking pretty beaten up.

          SAM: Faith, the spell didn't work...what happened to you?

          FAITH shrugs.

          FAITH: Had a fight. (pause) Oh, and...I have our criminal right here.

          She steps forward to reveal that she has her grip on BISHOP, who is tied up with rope.

          FADE TO BLACK

          END OF EPISODE

          ROLL CREDITS

          "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."