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  • Rogue Redemption 1.09 "Birds of Prey"

    1.09 "Birds of Prey"



    SAM and ALAN walk down the hallway, until they reach ALAN'S room. They stop at his door.

    ALAN: So...

    SAM: I had a good time tonight.

    ALAN: Me too.

    They both smile. ALAN then looks at his watch.

    ALAN: (cont'd) Whoa, it's late. And I have classes tomorrow.

    SAM: So do I, silly.

    ALAN: (chuckling) I guess I'll see you tomorrow.

    SAM nods. She looks up at him and ALAN looks back at her. They lean closer and then give each other a small kiss. SAM pulls away and smiles. She then starts walking down the hall.

    SAM: (OS) Tomorrow!


    The FIGURE from 1.08 "Scar Tissue" stands outside the door of FAITH and ROBIN'S apartment. He sighs.

    FIGURE: Well, it's now or never.

    He slowly opens the door and walks up the stairs. He walks down the hallway, and then stops in front of FAITH and ROBIN'S door. He pulls his hand up and almost knocks, but then stops himself.

    FIGURE: Maybe I shouldn't...

    He sighs again.

    FIGURE: (cont'd) Well, here it goes.

    He knocks on the door two times, stands there, and waits.


    There is a knocking heard from off screen. FAITH shifts in bed. Then there is another knock, and FAITH turns to ROBIN, who is awake.

    FAITH: (sleepily) Wanna get that?

    ROBIN nods.

    ROBIN: Sure.

    He shoves the covers that are over him to the side, and exits the room.


    The door opens and the FIGURE sees ROBIN standing there. ROBIN looks confused.

    ROBIN: Who are you...?

    FIGURE: Hello, son.



    Theme song "Time is Running Out" by Muse.

    Main Characters:

    "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."

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    ACT I


    A YOUNG WOMAN walks out of the shopping center holding a purse on her right side. She walks down the crowded street, bumping into a few people along the way. After going about forty feet down the street, she turns into an alley. She looks both ways to be sure that no one is following her. Then she pulls out a cell phone, and dials a number. After two rings, someone picks up. The VOICE can only be heard in the slightest, and you can't tell whether it's male or female.

    VOICE: Hello.

    YOUNG WOMAN: Hello, I'm calling to confirm something.

    VOICE: Yes Ms.-

    YOUNG WOMAN: No need to use my name. I have to ask you something.

    VOICE: Go on.

    YOUNG WOMAN: Is everything going according to plan?

    VOICE: Of course, ma'am.

    The YOUNG WOMAN smirks.

    YOUNG WOMAN: Excellent...keep me posted.

    And with that, she ends the phone call, puts the phone in her purse, and walks out of the alley.


    ROBIN stares at the MAN standing at the door.

    ROBIN: Is that a metaphor? Or are you really-

    MAN/CHRIS: I'm Christopher Wood...your father.

    ROBIN continues to stare at him in shock.

    ROBIN: What are you doing here...? Not that it's not good to see you.

    CHRIS: I-

    Suddenly, FAITH comes walking out, looking at ROBIN.

    FAITH: Hey, I decided to get up after all, who was at the door?

    CHRIS: That would be me.

    FAITH looks confused and furrows her eyebrows.

    FAITH: And you would be...?

    CHRIS: I'm Chris...

    ROBIN: He's my dad.

    FAITH raises an eyebrow.

    FAITH: Oh...

    There is a pause.

    FAITH: (cont'd) Seriously?


    MARIE sits on her bed with her knees up and her hands wrapped around them. She rests her chin on her kneecaps, and sighs.

    MARIE: I can't believe she did that, and didn't tell us...

    She looks at the mirror.

    MARIE: (cont'd, V/O) But I did that too. I killed Joseph. But that was different...wasn't it?

    She gets up off of the bed and walks over to the window, pulling the curtain away, so she can view the city.

    MARIE: (V/O) Of course it was different...I had reasons...

    She sighs.

    MARIE: (V/O) Maybe I shouldn't trust her...

    Suddenly, a gust of wind comes through the room, blowing MARIE'S hair in the air.

    MARIE: What the...?

    VOICE: shouldn't trust her.

    MARIE: Who are you? What do you want?

    VOICE: I let you know the truth.

    MARIE: About what?

    VOICE: About Faith. You know she's not who she appears to be.

    MARIE: Yes she is...the things she all happened a while ago.

    Though she tried to make her voice sound confident, it faltered a bit.

    VOICE: And you think she won't do it again?

    There is a pause.

    VOICE: C'mon, Marie...think about it. Once a killer, always a should know that.

    MARIE: I'm not a killer.

    VOICE: Think as you may...I know what you really are, as I know who Faith really is...I know all...

    MARIE: Wrong. You don't know me. I don't care what you say. Some sadistic villain could never truly know me...

    The VOICE laughs.

    VOICE: Cate did.

    Suddenly, the wind dwindles down and the voice is gone. MARIE stares in the direction of the wind, and then back out the window.


    FAITH, ROBIN, and CHRIS sit on the couch and look at each other.

    FAITH: are you doing here?

    ROBIN gives FAITH a look, and then looks back at CHRIS. CHRIS sighs.

    CHRIS: I have something to tell you...but it'll have to wait until tomorrow. I'm really tired right now.

    FAITH: Oh, right...

    ROBIN: Long trip?

    CHRIS: Yes. Is it alright if I stay here?

    ROBIN looks at FAITH.

    FAITH: Yeah...but you'll have to stay on the couch...we're a bit crowded. (beat) Maybe that's an understatement.

    ROBIN nods.

    CHRIS: The couch is fine...

    FAITH gets up off of the couch.

    FAITH: Alright. It pulls out...I'll go get blankets.

    She walks out of the room, leaving ROBIN standing there with CHRIS. CHRIS smiles weakly.


    SAM and ALAN sit down in seats that are right next to each other, and set their books down on the floor, as this is an auditorium type of room, not a room with desks. Several students are talking, and the camera moves over to a teacher standing in the front of the room.

    TEACHER: (yelling) Okay, class. Time to settle down and get started!

    The room begins to quiet down. The teacher walks over to his desk.

    TEACHER: Now, before I begin, I have a couple small announcements to make...

    His voice slowly starts to fade out as we close-up on SAM writing in a notebook. After she finishes writing, she looks at ALAN and passes the note to him. ALAN takes the note and opens it. The camera moves down to it, revealing that it says "Could this class be any MORE boring?" We pan back to ALAN'S face and he smiles and writes. When he's done, he passes it back to SAM. The camera moves down to it, "Nope. Last night was so much better." SAM smiles and blushes.


    MARIE walks out of her room and into the kitchen, closely followed by BRIAN. They see CHRIS, ROBIN, and FAITH sitting on the couch, and discussing something.

    MARIE: What's with the newbie?

    BRIAN looks equally confused.

    FAITH: He's Robin's dad!

    She says this a bit too enthusiastically, and we can see that she isn't that happy about it.

    MARIE: Oh...that's...nice.

    She pauses.

    MARIE: (cont'd) I'm sorry, but what's he doing here?

    ROBIN: We were just getting to that.

    ROBIN turns to CHRIS, and CHRIS sighs.

    CHRIS: Robin...we have a problem. Vampires...they seem to think that Nikki is still alive.



    "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."


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      ACT II


      We zoom in on the teacher again, who is pointing to something on an overhead. He begins to walk up the stairs of the auditorium-like classroom. We then move over to SAM, who passes a note to ALAN, and ALAN takes it. When he takes it, however, a hand takes it away from him. We pan up to see that it's the teacher. The teacher begins to open the note, while looking at ALAN.

      TEACHER: Passing notes, Mr. Ross? How very high school drama of you.

      ALAN sighs and slumps down in his seat. The teacher looks down at the note.

      TEACHER: (cont'd) Ah, a love note.

      SAM blushes and looks away. A lot of ?ooo's can be heard from around the room. SAM chuckles. The teacher looks at her.

      TEACHER: (cont'd) Ms. think this is funny?

      SAM smiles.

      SAM: Yeah, I do...

      TEACHER: Well, then-

      SAM: And I also think you have a class to teach. So go on...continue.

      She smiles cheerfully at him.

      TEACHER: Now hold on-

      SAM: No. Your job is to teach us. Not to get involved with our personal lives. Now shoo.

      The teacher glares at her, but then turns as the class begins to clap for SAM. SAM once again smiles, and the teacher walks down the steps.

      TEACHER: As I was saying before...

      ALAN looks at SAM.

      ALAN: (whispering) Nice one.

      The clapping begins to die down as the teacher drones on.


      ROBIN and FAITH look shocked at what CHRIS has just said. MARIE and BRIAN look confused.

      MARIE: Wait...who's Nikki?

      ROBIN: She's...she's my mother. Well...was.

      MARIE: Oh...

      FAITH looks at CHRIS.

      FAITH: What do you mean? Why do they think Nikki's alive?

      CHRIS: To be honest...I don't know.

      He pauses.

      CHRIS: (cont'd) What I do know is what they think...because they keep coming after me...looking for her.

      ROBIN: They've attacked you?

      CHRIS nods.

      FAITH: Good thing you're here then. You're safe.

      CHRIS: And what makes you think I'm any safer here?

      FAITH: You have a slayer...two, in fact.

      CHRIS: Wait...what? Two? How did this happen?

      FAITH: Oh, that's a really long story. Rain check, ?kay?

      CHRIS nods.

      FAITH: (cont'd) As I was're safe. Not much is going to get through to Slayers.

      BRIAN: And an empath demon.

      FAITH: Oh, right-

      CHRIS: Empath?

      BRIAN: Yeah.

      CHRIS: That's nice...

      FAITH: Plus, you have Robin too. And he was raised by Nikki.

      FAITH smiles.

      CHRIS: Yeah...that's my boy.

      CHRIS smiles at well, and ROBIN just looks at him.


      We see BISHOP sitting in a chair, and scratching his chin. He appears to be contemplating something. He sighs and puts his hand down, pushing off of the table next to him and standing up.

      VOICE: Planning your next move?

      BISHOP turns around to see HECTOR in the shadows. BISHOP nods.

      HECTOR: Good. Because we have to attack soon.

      BISHOP: Of course.

      There is a pause.

      BISHOP: (cont'd) We?

      HECTOR sighs.

      HECTOR: By we, of course...

      He begins to walk forward, and he makes gestures. And then he turns back to BISHOP.

      HECTOR: (cont'd) I mean you.

      BISHOP: I figured.

      HECTOR tilts his head.

      HECTOR: I don't like the tone I hear in your voice, halfbreed.

      BISHOP: (muttering) Too bad.

      HECTOR: What was that?

      BISHOP: What tone?

      HECTOR shrugs.

      HECTOR: I don't really know. But I don't like it. So stop it now.

      BISHOP nods.

      BISHOP: Yes, master.

      HECTOR: As I was saying before...

      He stares at BISHOP.

      HECTOR: (cont'd) When is your so-called plan going to happen?

      BISHOP:'s not "so-called".

      HECTOR glares at BISHOP.

      HECTOR: Don't test me, boy.

      BISHOP: Two. Soon. Very soon.

      HECTOR nods.

      HECTOR: Good.

      He begins to walk away.

      HECTOR: And very soon better mean by next week. We do have a schedule, especially with our leader.

      BISHOP sighs.


      MARIE, FAITH, and ROBIN sit on the couch. CHRIS sits in the chair, and BRIAN sits in the kitchen at the table.

      FAITH: So we have to figure out.

      ROBIN: Yeah. Vampires should know that Nikki died a while ago...shouldn't they?

      FAITH: I would think so...

      ROBIN: I mean, a famous vampire killed her.

      CHRIS: Famous vampire?

      ROBIN: Spike.

      CHRIS: William the Bloody, you mean?

      FAITH: One in the same.

      CHRIS: Huh...I'm surprised they think she's alive too.

      FAITH: Unless...

      MARIE: Oh God!

      FAITH turns to MARIE.

      FAITH: You're thinking what I'm thinking, aren't you?

      MARIE: If it's about Melody and the things surrounding her, then yes.

      FAITH: You think-

      MARIE: The "dark ones"?

      FAITH nods.

      MARIE: Yeah. Definitely.

      CHRIS: Wait...who?

      FAITH: I'll explain.

      MARIE stands.

      MARIE: I'm going to get some fresh air.

      With that, she walks out the door.


      MARIE walks down the sidewalk with her hands crossed over her chest. She looks down at the ground and tries to watch where she's going. But then she bumps into someone. The camera zooms out to reveal that it's the YOUNG WOMAN from earlier. MARIE has a shocked expression on her face, like something has just hit her. The YOUNG WOMAN looks sorry.

      YOUNG WOMAN: Oh, I'm sorry miss...I should've watched where I was going.

      She smiles at MARIE and then continues walking down the street.

      MARIE: That's...

      She stops speaking, wondering what just happened.

      MARIE: (cont'd) Okay.


      FAITH: And that's pretty much it.

      CHRIS: Oh. That's...interesting.

      FAITH: I know. How excited we are. You can just imagine.

      Suddenly, the door is knocked down and everyone turns their head quickly to see what it is. It turns out to be a huge demon, standing there and ready to attack. He enters the apartment building. CHRIS gulps.

      CHRIS: Uh-oh.



      "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."


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        ACT III


        FAITH, ROBIN, MARIE, BRIAN, and CHRIS all stare at the intruder, who moves closer to CHRIS.

        DEMON: Where is she?

        CHRIS: Not this again...

        The DEMON moves even closer to CHRIS and grabs his shirt collar, pulling him off the ground.

        DEMON: I said....where. Is. She?!

        CHRIS begins to choke. Someone taps the DEMON on the shoulder, and he turns around, releasing his grip on CHRIS a little bit. FAITH is standing there.

        FAITH: Looking for a slayer?

        The DEMON grunts and nods. FAITH punches him in the stomach, sending him flying across the room and into the wall.

        FAITH: (cont'd) Looks like you've found one.

        FAITH moves over to CHRIS, who was thrown down on the floor when the DEMON went flying across the room.

        FAITH: Are you going to be okay?

        CHRIS nods. FAITH is then punched in the side and goes sliding across the floor.

        DEMON: Not that easy, Slayer.

        MARIE: (OS) Care to try that on me?

        The camera pans over to MARIE, who has her hands crossed against her chest. She tilts her head. The DEMON advances on her, as ROBIN rushes over to CHRIS and BRIAN runs for cover. The DEMON attempts to punch MARIE, but she dodges the punch, and kicks him in the stomach. It doesn't send him flying across the room, but knocks him a few steps back. The DEMON then is successful in punching MARIE, and she falls to the floor. FAITH gets up and kicks the DEMON down by kicking his legs. She looks around and then sees a knife lying on the floor. She picks it up and stabs the DEMON in the heart. He screams in pain, and then his scream slowly fades away. He stops breathing, and is dead. FAITH stares at him.

        FAITH: What? He doesn't go "poof"?

        ROBIN: Apparently not.

        FAITH frowns.

        FAITH: Clean-up time then.

        She looks to MARIE and BRIAN. MARIE and BRIAN both give each other a look, and then look back at FAITH.

        MARIE: (simultaneously) No.

        BRIAN: (simultaneously) No.

        FAITH sighs.

        ROBIN turns to CHRIS.

        ROBIN: Are you alright?

        CHRIS nods.

        CHRIS: I'll be fine.

        CHRIS looks to FAITH.

        CHRIS: (cont'd) Now, see what I mean?

        FAITH turns around and nods.

        MARIE: I'm...I'm going to go to the l-library. See if I can find any baddies that control dead spirits.

        With that, she walks out the door.


        MARIE looks up and down the rows of books, looking for the correct category. She reaches a mystical section and walks down the row. She chooses several books about the dead at random and then walks over to a table, sitting them down and then she, herself, sits down. She opens the first book, which is about 7 inches thick. She stares at it.

        MARIE: Gee, this is going to be fun.

        She rolls her eyes, and sighs. She then opens the book and leans in to read the small printing.

        MARIE: (V/O) And I need the definition of "dead person" why?

        She shakes her head and continues reading.


        SAM and ALAN walk out of the campus side by side.

        ALAN: does that work?

        SAM: How does what work?

        ALAN: You just told the teacher off.

        SAM: And?

        ALAN laughs.

        ALAN: So shouldn't you get in, oh, I don't know...trouble?

        SAM shakes her head.

        SAM: That's high school. College? You can pretty much call your teacher an idiot and get away with it.

        ALAN: Oh really?

        SAM nods.

        SAM: Yep. OH! And you can walk out of the room, right in the middle of class.

        ALAN: Good to know.

        SAM: It is, isn't it?

        She smirks.


        ROBIN and CHRIS sit on the couch. FAITH is not there. Then BRIAN enters and sits down on the chair. He looks around.

        BRIAN: Where'd Faith go?

        ROBIN: Patrolling.

        CHRIS: She went to see if she could find out who's sending the demons, and why they think Nikki's alive.

        BRIAN: I may know why.

        ROBIN and CHRIS both look at him.

        BRIAN: (cont'd) Well, a few days ago, we had an incident.

        ROBIN: Oh. Melody.

        BRIAN nods, and continues.

        BRIAN: Anyways, she was taunting Marie. Problem is...she's dead. She shouldn't be there. A day or so later, people came to taunt Faith as well. So I think whoever is controlling these dead spirits is taunting the demons with Nikki's.

        ROBIN: The dark ones...whoever they are.

        CHRIS: So you think these... "dark ones" are behind all of this?

        ROBIN and BRIAN nod.

        CHRIS: What are the dark ones?

        BRIAN: See, that's the thing...we don't know.

        Suddenly, FAITH walks in the door and sighs in frustration. She leans against the door after she closes it.

        ROBIN: Find anything?

        She looks at him and glares.

        FAITH: Not. One. Freaking. Thing.

        There's a pause, and ROBIN almost says something, but FAITH continues to speak.

        FAITH: (cont'd) I mean, you would think that demons would be everywhere! Bragging how they saw a supposedly dead slayer! But no. Not a single demon to be seen!

        BRIAN: Huh...not even our little friend?

        FAITH looks confused.

        BRIAN: (cont'd) Bishop.

        FAITH: Though I-

        The door, which was put back up on its hinges earlier, is once again knocked down. FAITH looks to see yet another demon, this one red. FAITH sighs.

        FAITH: (cont'd) Oh not again.

        The demon advances toward CHRIS, completely ignoring FAITH. But FAITH grabs his shoulder, pushing him back and then punches him in the chest. He stumbles back a bit and then attempts to punch FAITH, but misses. FAITH runs behind the couch where a bag of weapons is and pulls out a short sword. She then runs back to where the DEMON is, which is now closer to CHRIS. ROBIN is in front of CHRIS, making sure that the DEMON doesn't harm him.

        FAITH: Over here lava boy.

        The DEMON turns around, grunts, and lunges for FAITH. He makes a scratch on her arm whilst swinging his arms, but FAITH dodges him as best as she can. She then sticks the sword through his stomach, and he groans in pain, but still manages to punch FAITH in the side. She then pulls the sword out and sticks it through his heart. This DEMON groans and then begins to slowly catch fire until he is entirely engulfed in fire, and is gone. FAITH turns to ROBIN and CHRIS.

        FAITH: I'm thinking here is not such a safe place to be.


        END OF ACT III

        "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."


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          ACT IV


          SAM and ALAN walk down the streets of New York City. SAM looks up at the sky, and then someone bumps into her. She stumbles back a little bit, and then someone else runs into her. ALAN is a few feet ahead now, and she decides to push people out of the way to reach him. Eventually, she does.

          SAM: Geesh, do people know no manners here?

          ALAN: It's New York City.

          SAM: Ah, yes. That answers the question completely.

          Yet another person bumps into SAM, but this time ALAN grabs her before she can stumble back into the crowd again. SAM smiles.

          SAM: Thanks for that.

          ALAN shakes his head.

          ALAN: Not a problem.

          SAM: Seriously though, what is society coming to when people act this way, like, all the time?

          ALAN: A complete disaster. I've known that for a while now.

          SAM: Ever since that idiot ran for president.

          ALAN: Exactly.

          There is silence for a little while as they continue to walk through the vast amounts of people. Then SAM picks her head up and looks cheery.

          SAM: Ooooh, a Starbucks!

          ALAN: Huh?

          SAM points to the Starbucks on the corner.

          SAM: Beverage too! Except I don't like coffee.

          She laughs.

          ALAN: Wanna go in?

          SAM nods.

          SAM: Sure.

          With that, they entered the store.


          The sun is beginning to set, and FAITH, ROBIN, and CHRIS walk through the cemetery.

          CHRIS: And this is

          FAITH: I don't know.

          CHRIS: Oh.

          He does a double-take.

          CHRIS: Wait, what? You don't know?

          FAITH: Hm...more room to fight?

          CHRIS: Oh, yeah, that's helpful.

          VAMPIRE: (OS) Slayer...

          FAITH turns her head to see a huge group of vampires surrounding FAITH, ROBIN, and CHRIS.

          CHRIS: (quietly) Yes, great plan Faith.

          FAITH quickly turns to CHRIS and glares at him, and then turns back to the vampires and crosses her arms on her chest.

          FAITH: What do you want?

          VAMPIRE 1: The Slayer.

          FAITH raises an eyebrow.

          FAITH: Are you completely blind or just mentally challenged?

          VAMPIRE 1 growls.

          VAMPIRE 2: That's not what he meant. We're looking for one that's supposed to be dead.

          CHRIS and ROBIN widen their eyes. VAMPIRE 1 smirks and looks at VAMPIRE 2. VAMPIRE 2 gets what he's signaling. VAMPIRE 2 looks to CHRIS and ROBIN.

          VAMPIRE 2: Or we could settle for her kin.

          VAMPIRE 2 lunges for ROBIN who quickly pulls out a stake. FAITH is about to attack VAMPIRE 1 when a DEMON knocks her down. She tries to fight him off. VAMPIRE 1 slowly sneaks over to CHRIS, who is trying his best to stay away from the creatures. ROBIN kicks VAMPIRE down onto the ground and pins him with a stake, but misses the heart by about two inches. Pan over to FAITH who throws the DEMON off of her and grabs an axe she is carrying with her and decapitates the DEMON. We move over to ROBIN who stakes the VAMPIRE. They look over to the side to see VAMPIRE 1 holding the body of CHRIS, who is bleeding from the neck. ROBIN quickly moves over to him, pushing the VAMPIRE out of the way-FAITH stakes him. ROBIN grabs CHRIS and listens for him to breathe, and then checks for a pulse. ROBIN'S face falls, and he looks at FAITH.

          ROBIN: He's dead.

          FADE TO BLACK

          END OF EPISODE


          "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."