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Rogue Redemption 1.06 "Other People's Shoes"

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  • Rogue Redemption 1.06 "Other People's Shoes"

    No Previously On. Please read previous episodes to find out what is going on.



    We see a young girl walking with her mother through the store. She is short, so she tries to get her mother's attention by grabbing onto the bottom of her dress and tugging it.

    YOUNG GIRL: Mommy!

    The MOTHER looks down to the YOUNG GIRL.

    MOTHER: What, honey?

    The YOUNG GIRL points to a stuffed animal- a unicorn.

    YOUNG GIRL: I want that one!

    MOTHER: I don't know?

    YOUNG GIRL: Please?

    She pouts.

    MOTHER: Well, I suppose so.

    The YOUNG GIRL smiles.


    BRIAN is lying on his bed, and smiles, just as the YOUNG GIRL did.


    A WOMAN and a MAN are sitting at a table, and their orders arrive.

    MAN: Thank you.

    They pick up their utensils.The WOMAN looks away, and then looks back to the MAN.

    WOMAN: We have to talk.

    The MAN looks concerned. He stops eating.

    MAN: What is it?

    The WOMAN sighs.

    WOMAN: I think we should break up.
    The MAN frowns.


    BRIAN shifts in his bed, and frowns as well.


    A BUSINESS MAN walks out of the building, with a briefcase in his hand, and a dress suit on. He starts to walk over to the parking lot, but then hears something in the alleyway. He slowly walks toward it, until he's almost fully in.

    BUSINESS MAN: Hello?

    He looks around.

    BUSINESS MAN: (cont'd) Is someone there?

    He hears rustles, and continues down the alley. He suddenly sees a CRIMINAL trying to mug a WOMAN. He walks over to the CRIMINAL, and tries to pull him away from the WOMAN.

    BUSINESS MAN: Stop that!

    The CRIMINAL swivels around. He smirks, and pulls out a gun. He shoots the BUSINESS MAN in the leg.


    BRIAN'S eyes pop open, and he grabs his leg, groaning with pain. The camera pans down to his leg, with a tiny hole through it. A gunshot wound.




    Theme song "Time is Running Out" by Muse.

    Main Characters:
    Eliza Dushku as Faith
    D.B. Woodside as Robin
    Michelle Williams as Marie Kaloff
    Tina Majorino as Samantha Derevco
    Jason Momoa as Bishop
    Callum Blue as Alan Ross
    James Callis as Brian Edwards

    Guest Starring:
    Alexander Brown as Hector

    "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."

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    ACT I


    SAM and ALAN both enter the doors of ALAN'S COLLEGE.

    SAM: So, school. Nice to be back.

    ALAN stays silent. SAM waves a hand in front of his face.

    SAM: (cont'd) Hello? Anyone in there?

    ALAN: Huh? Oh. School.

    He looks like he's deep in thought, and then shakes his head.

    ALAN: (cont'd) Never did like it.

    SAM chuckles, but ALAN'S face remains blank.

    SAM: What's wrong?

    ALAN: Nothing. I've got to get to class.

    SAM: Yeah-

    He walks off and into a room that's numbered ?103'. SAM looks confused.

    SAM: (cont'd) Okay??


    BISHOP is sitting in a chair. He is looking at the shadows, because he sees something moving. He leans forward.

    BISHOP: Who's there?

    HECTOR steps out from the shadows.

    HECTOR: I hear that you were commenting on me during your?lesson.

    BISHOP looks down.

    HECTOR: (cont'd) Well? Were you?

    BISHOP: Yes, sir. I was.

    HECTOR: Yes. Good. At least you aren't lying to me.

    BISHOP scoffs.

    BISHOP: I would if I could.

    HECTOR: Ah, yes. That's right, The truth spell. Useful, that one is.

    BISHOP rolls his eyes.

    BISHOP: (sarcastically) Yeah, it's great.

    HECTOR turns to him, with an angry look on his face.

    HECTOR: Do not insult me or my actions, halfbreed. Or, next time, I'll torture you.

    BISHOP is silent. The whole room is, but only for a few minutes.

    HECTOR: (cont'd) I have a way that you can make up for your insolence. A proposition.

    BISHOP looks up.

    BISHOP: And what would that be?

    HECTOR smirks.

    HECTOR: A job, long term.

    BISHOP waits for the remaining part of the assignment to be stated.

    HECTOR: (cont'd) I want you to keep an eye on, and eventually kill, a certain Slayer.

    He pulls out a photo, and hands it to BISHOP. BISHOP'S eyes widen. Pan down to the picture. It's of FAITH.

    HECTOR: (cont'd) So, are we understood?

    BISHOP waits a moment.

    BISHOP: Yes, sir.


    BRIAN is lying down on the couch, with a blanket covered over him so that no one can see the wound on his leg. He has his eyes closed, but he's clearly not asleep. He keeps shifting in the blanket.

    FAITH: Hey, emotional.

    BRIAN opens his eyes. He turns to FAITH, who is sitting on the arm of a chair.

    BRIAN: What did you just call me?

    FAITH: Emotional.

    BRIAN holds his head.

    BRIAN: And?why?

    FAITH: You forgot? You're an empath!

    BRIAN remains holding his head.

    BRIAN: (murmuring) I definitely haven't forgotten.

    FAITH: I can tell.

    BRIAN: Oh, you heard that.

    FAITH: Slayer hearing.

    BRIAN: Right.


    BRIAN: (cont'd) Okay, you're going to have to back up a bit. Your stress and concern is trying to overpower me.

    FAITH: Oh, right?sorry.

    She gets up and walks over to the window. She stares out into it.

    FAITH: (cont'd) It's getting worse, isn't it?

    BRIAN looks over at the window, and notices that it's not raining. She can't be talking about the weather.

    BRIAN: What is?

    FAITH: Empathy. Emotions?they're taking over you.

    BRIAN remains silent.

    FAITH: (cont'd) Being taken over isn't a fun thing.

    BRIAN shakes his head.

    BRIAN: No, it's not.

    FAITH turns around, now facing him again.

    FAITH: So I was right.

    He nods.

    FAITH: (cont'd) That's not good.

    BRIAN: Nope.

    There is silence.

    FAITH: So, anything good on TV?


    SAM stands at a corner, only leaning forward slightly to see who is walking through the hallway. When she spots ALAN, she sneaks up on him and taps him on the shoulder. He turns around.

    SAM: Hey.

    ALAN: Oh, it's just you.

    SAM looks offended.

    SAM: Yeah, it's just me. God?Anyways, what's up? Why do you keep avoiding me?

    ALAN looks away.

    ALAN: I have to get to class. I'm gonna be late.

    He starts walking off. SAM gets a stern expression on her face.

    SAM: No.

    Suddenly, ALAN stops, but not willingly. He is somewhat jerked backwards.

    ALAN: What the-?

    SAM: You are going to tell me why.

    ALAN sighs and looks down. He then looks back up at her, a bit angry.

    ALAN: You lied to m- us. You lied to all of us. Not just about Kevin. About everything.

    SAM: Alan-

    ALAN: No. I don't want to hear it. I don't even no who you are anymore.

    ALAN then walks away, leaving SAM with tears in her eyes.


    An EMPATH DEMON sits at the bar. Another DEMON is sitting beside him.

    DEMON: You're new here.

    The EMPATH DEMON turns to the DEMON next to him.

    EMPATH DEMON: And you say that why?

    The DEMON shrugs.

    DEMON: Some things, I can just tell.

    EMPATH DEMON: Yes, I am new to this bar. But not to the Supernatural world.

    He turns to the DEMON.

    EMPATH DEMON: But don't underestimate my powers. That would be truly foolish.

    He stares into the DEMON'S eyes, and suddenly, the DEMON'S eyes are filled with fear.

    DEMON: Of course, sir.

    He returns to his drink, and the EMPATH DEMON looks to the BARTENDER.

    EMPATH DEMON: You can help me.

    The BARTENDER looks up from cleaning a table. He leans forward.

    BARTENDER: Oh, really? How's that?

    EMPATH DEMON: I need you to find someone for me.

    BARTENDER: And why would I do that?

    EMPATH DEMON: Because there's a large amount of money in it for you. And also-

    He pulls out a knife and grins.

    EMPATH DEMON: Because I can kill you brutally.

    The BARTENDER visibly shivers.

    BARTENDER: Y-yes.

    EMPATH DEMON: Good. I need you to find this man for me. He stole my powers.

    He takes out a picture, and puts it on the counter.

    EMPATH DEMON: Brian Edwards.



    "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."


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      ACT II


      BRIAN is now sitting on his bed, and tending to his wound. Suddenly, a shock goes through him that makes him shiver, and then it passes. He clutches his head in his hand.

      BRIAN: Will this ever end?

      A gust of wind whirls around the room.


      The wind goes away. BRIAN looks around the room, confused.

      BRIAN: What the-?

      The wind returns.

      CHORUS OF VOICES: Soon, it will all end.

      It retreats again, leaving BRIAN sitting on his bed, puzzled.


      The EMPATH DEMON jumps down into the sewers, and smells the air. He looks to the right, and starts walking in that direction, for about 50 yards. We then see a vampire crouching in a corner, looking for rats.

      EMPATH DEMON: Vermin.

      The VAMPIRE looks up from where he is crouching, and then stands.

      VAMPIRE: You see some? Where?

      The EMPATH DEMON points to the VAMPIRE.

      EMPATH DEMON: Right there.

      The VAMPIRE gets a furious look on his face. He growls, and is ready to attack the EMPATH DEMON. But then the EMPATH DEMON gets a serious look on his face.

      EMPATH DEMON: (cont'd) Eh eh eh. Let's not get testy. I have a question for you.

      VAMPIRE: And why should I tell you anything?

      The EMPATH DEMON smirks.

      EMPATH DEMON: Well-

      He begins to step forward. He then pins the VAMPIRE against the wall. The VAMPIRE attempts to get away, but the EMPATH DEMON puts a stake right over where the VAMPIRE'S heart is, leaving him pinned against the wall.

      EMPATH DEMON: (cont'd) I could always just kill you.

      The EMPATH DEMON presses the stake an inch into the VAMPIRE'S skin. The VAMPIRE flinches.

      VAMPIRE: What do you want to know?

      EMPATH DEMON: That's better. (pause) I want you to tell me where Brian Edwards is. I have someone on the job already, but they're completely incompetent, and have probably left town already. You on the other hand?

      VAMPIRE: But I don't even know who-

      EMPATH DEMON: I know. That's the catch. You're going to find him for me.

      The EMPATH DEMON smirks again.

      VAMPIRE: But-

      The EMPATH DEMON glares at him.

      EMPATH DEMON: Do you want me to drive this stake through your heart.

      The VAMPIRE shakes his head furiously.

      EMPATH: Now go.

      He releases the stake from the VAMPIRE'S chest. The VAMPIRE takes off in the other direction.


      MARIE walks out of her bedroom, and starts heading toward the living room. She stops at BRIAN'S door, thinking that she heard something. But then the noise is gone.

      MARIE: Huh. Weird.

      She continues to walk toward the living room. She stops at the coat rack, and picks her coat up, and puts it on. She walks toward the kitchen. ROBIN is sitting at the kitchen table, reading a newspaper. He looks up as she enters.

      ROBIN: Hi Marie.

      MARIE waves.

      MARIE: What are you reading?

      He turns the newspaper around and holds it up. It reads ?Obituaries'.

      MARIE: (cont'd) Oh?anyone we know?

      ROBIN: Not really?people from the restaurant. 3 people died.

      MARIE looks down.

      MARIE: I know?I heard from Sam. (pause) She must feel so guilty.


      SAM sits and tries to listen to the teacher's lecture.

      TEACHER: And seeing that he thought that he was responsible for the deaths of the innocents?

      SAM'S eyes go out of focus. Fade to the restaurant that blew up, and a caption that reads ?One Week Ago'. SAM and ALAN are sitting at a table, laughing. All of a sudden, a flash of fire appears, just missing them. One person is entirely engulfed in flames, and several others are knocked to the ground. We see as SAM and ALAN looking around, and checking whose alive and who's not.

      Fade back to the classroom, and a caption that reads ?Present'. SAM blinks, her eyes filling with tears.

      TEACHER: That he felt that he himself should pay.

      SAM raises her hand.

      SAM: But if he knew he didn't do it, why did he kill himself?

      TEACHER: Because in his mind set, he thought that he killed them. Because of his relationship with the killer. Does that answer your question?

      SAM nods, and gulps.

      SAM: Yes sir.

      The TEACHER continues with his lecture, his words fade away, and we close up on SAM.


      The camera is set at an angle where we see a priest standing in front of a group of people. Many of the people are dressed in black, and clearly mourning. We close-up on the priest.

      PRIEST: Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to say our good-byes to one of us that has slipped from the physical realm. May she rest in eternal peace.

      The camera cuts to casket that is lying behind the PRIEST. A picture of a young woman lies on it.

      The camera then cuts to a close-up of SAM'S face. A tear rolls down her cheek.

      SAM: (muttering) It was all my fault.

      Everyone around her starts to get up to make a circle around the casket, and say their good-byes. SAM remains seated. A few more tears roll down her cheeks. She soon gets up, takes one look at the casket, and leaves the cemetery.


      BRIAN sits at the kitchen table. He looks like he's waiting for someone to arrive. Suddenly, FAITH enters from the door that leads outside.

      BRIAN: Hey.

      FAITH: Oh, hi. What's up?

      BRIAN: Something happened earlier.

      FAITH: Really? Any visions?

      BRIAN shakes his head.

      BRIAN: No, actually. I haven't had any in?wow. A while.

      He looks deep in thought.

      FAITH: So, what's it about?

      BRIAN: Oh, right. Earlier today, I was sitting on my bed, and-

      FAITH: As interesting as this is-

      BRIAN: Will you let me finish?

      There is a pause. BRIAN sighs.

      BRIAN: And I heard something?I don't know where it came from. But it said "Soon it will all end."

      FAITH widens her eyes, and then blinks.

      FAITH: So, here's our Big Bad.

      BRIAN: Big Bad?

      FAITH: It's basically just the people or things that try to end the world?

      BRIAN: Oh.

      FAITH: Every. Single. Year. Gets annoying.

      BRIAN: Seems like.

      FAITH: Well, was it?

      BRIAN: Was it?.?

      FAITH: Big Bad-ish.

      BRIAN shrugs.

      BRIAN: I think so. I'm guessing that "soon it will all end" doesn't mean that we're all getting big bags of candy.

      FAITH: Probably not.


      SAM walks through the door of the magic shop, and the bell rings. A clerk sitting at the front desk looks up from a book she's reading.

      CLERK: May I help you?

      SAM looks up, and we can see that she's been crying. The clerk doesn't seem to notice.

      SAM: No, I'm just?browsing.

      The clerk nods, and looks back to her book. SAM looks around the shop, and soon sees a book rack. She walks over to it, and skims the titles with her finger. She spots one, and pulls it out, putting it on her lap. It is titled "Resurrection".



      "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."


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        ACT III


        The VAMPIRE that we saw earlier is roaming the streets, looking for the place where BRIAN lives. He sighs.

        VAMPIRE: (muttering, to himself) This better be the place.

        He opens the door to their apartment building, and walks up the stairs. He hears someone coming down towards the stairs, and then hides in the darkness of a corner. He hears voices.

        FAITH: I'm going out on patrol! Tell me if anything else happens, will ya?

        BRIAN laughs.

        BRIAN: Something's always happening.

        FAITH: I meant as in-

        BRIAN: I know.

        The VAMPIRE peeks around the corner, to see FAITH- stake in hand. He widens his eyes, and then goes back into the shadows. FAITH passes him, and heads out the door. The VAMPIRE sighs. He then goes to the room where BRIAN was looking out of. He knocks on it. He hears footsteps, and then goes back into the shadows.

        The camera cuts over to the door, where we see BRIAN look out the door once again. The VAMPIRE checks the picture that the EMPATH DEMON gave him. Same exact person. He smirks. He then goes down the stairs. There is a confused expression on BRIAN'S face.

        BRIAN: Huh.


        SAM walks toward the place where the girl from the restaurant is buried. She sees that the dirt is fresh, and she sits next to the grave. She then sets a few ingredients down.

        SAM: Goddess, I call upon you to restore the life of this child of earth?

        She sprinkles something that looks like grain on the grave.

        SAM: (cont'd) She passed before her time, and it is now your job to bring her back.

        She takes a knife and cuts the palm of her hand. She lets the blood drip on the dirt.

        SAM: (cont'd) Accept my offering, and return to the world what was unrightfully taken.

        She stops, and sighs, waiting. Several minutes pass. She starts to cry.

        SAM: Please! Please, bring her back! It's all my fault?

        She starts hitting her hand on the ground.

        SAM: (cont'd) Damn it! Listen to me! She didn't deserve to die! None of them did?

        She begins to sob, and she puts her face down on the ground. She mutters to herself. She finally lifts her head back up.

        SAM: Something has to be done.


        A VAMPIRE goes flying right into a headstone, and it breaks. Pan up to FAITH, who tilts her head.

        FAITH: I really don't think you shoulda done that.

        The VAMPIRE smirks.

        VAMPIRE: I think-

        FAITH: You know what?

        She walks over to him and grabs his shirt. She pulls him up, and puts a stake through his heart.

        FAITH: (cont'd) Don't.

        Suddenly, ROBIN comes flying over and right onto the ground. He then looks up to FAITH.

        ROBIN: Hey.

        FAITH: Hi there.

        She then looks up to the direction in which ROBIN came flying from. There is yet another vampire.

        VAMPIRE: Hi girly.

        FAITH raises an eyebrow.

        FAITH: Girly? Okay, that's it.

        She advances towards him and high-kicks him in the chest. He is sent up into the air, and then right back down onto the ground. He tries to get up, but she puts her foot on him to keep him on the ground.

        FAITH: (cont'd) No one calls me girly.

        She then puts a stake through his heart. She wipes the dust off of her hands, and walks over to ROBIN. She holds out a hand, and helps him up.

        ROBIN: Thanks.

        FAITH: No problem.

        ROBIN: So, shall we continue?

        She nods.

        FAITH: We shall.


        BRIAN is sitting at the kitchen table when all of a sudden his head lurches forward, and he screams. The pain remains there for a moment, and then it passes once again. He pulls his head up, and remembers earlier today?


        CHORUS OF VOICES: Soon.

        The wind goes away. BRIAN looks around the room, confused.

        BRIAN: What the-?

        The wind returns.

        CHORUS OF VOICES: Soon, it will all end.

        Cut back to present time. BRIAN sighs.

        BRIAN: Maybe that's not such a bad thing after all.

        Suddenly, there is another rush of wind.

        CHORUS OF VOICES: It isn't.


        SAM is walking down the street, and she's got a determined look on her face. She has blood on her hands still, but she doesn't seem to care. People are giving her strange looks. Someone bumps into her.

        SAM: Watch it.

        She glares at him, and we see that it's the VAMPIRE from earlier, but he has his human face on.

        VAMPIRE: Whatever, lady.

        SAM glares at him, and then continues to walk.


        The EMPATH DEMON from earlier is leaning against a wall, and looking at his wrist, where a watch is.

        EMPATH DEMON: Should've never trusted that cretin.

        Just then, the VAMPIRE comes running up to him.

        VAMPIRE: (panting) Sorry I'm late.

        The EMPATH DEMON sighs.

        EMPATH DEMON: Well?

        VAMPIRE: He lives with the Slayer-

        EMPATH DEMON: Oh, Buffy? Joy.

        VAMPIRE: I don't think it was Buffy?

        EMPATH DEMON: It's the other one, then.

        The VAMPIRE nods.

        VAMPIRE: She was brunette, and-

        EMPATH DEMON: I know what she looks like, you idiot. Who doesn't know who Faith is?

        The VAMPIRE is silent.

        EMPATH DEMON: (cont'd) You must be young, then.

        The VAMPIRE nods.

        EMPATH DEMON: (cont'd) I'll finish the rest of the job by myself.

        VAMPIRE: So, you won't be needing me anymore?

        The EMPATH DEMON grins.

        EMPATH DEMON: No?

        He pulls out a stake.

        EMPATH DEMON: You're done.

        And with that, he stakes him.


        BRIAN walks out of the apartment building, and into the streets. After a few blocks, ALAN bumps into him.

        BRIAN: Hey, watch i-

        He turns to see who it is.

        BRIAN: (cont'd) Oh, it's you.

        ALAN: Yeah, it's me.

        BRIAN: Didn't school let out hou-ow.

        ALAN: School did let out hours ago...wait?you didn't finish that sentence. Are you okay?

        BRIAN smiles.

        BRIAN: (sarcastically) Yeah, I'm just great.

        ALAN: M'kay then. I'll just head to the apartment then?I have to tell Sam something.

        BRIAN: You do that.

        BRIAN continues to walk in the same direction, and ALAN goes the other way. BRIAN comes up to an alley, and someone pulls him to the side.

        EMPATH DEMON: You have something of mine.


        SAM walks through the door to her room, still holding the ingredients and the knife. She sits down on the floor.

        Lyrics from "Fade Into You" by Mazzy Star

        LYRICS: I want to hold the hand inside you.



        SAM and ALAN are ordering, and then looking at each other and bursting out laughing. We hear nothing that they are saying. We only know that they're having a good time.

        SAM'S eyes fill with tears. She covers her mouth. She then throws the book, powder, and the knife down on the floor.

        LYRICS: I want to take a breath that's true.


        SAM: It was you? It was you that blew up that restaurant, and hurt all of those people?

        KEVIN grins.

        KEVIN: You bet.

        SAM looks down at the floor. She then leans against the wall and slides down it until she's sitting.

        SAM: It's all my fault.

        LYRICS: I look to you and I see nothing.


        The camera cuts to casket that is lying behind the PRIEST. A picture of a young woman lies on it.

        The camera then cuts to a close-up of SAM'S face. A tear rolls down her cheek.

        SAM: (muttering) It was all my fault.

        Everyone around her starts to get up to make a circle around the casket, and say their good-byes. SAM remains seated. A few more tears roll down her cheeks. She soon gets up, takes one look at the casket, and leaves the cemetery.

        More tears roll down SAM'S cheeks as she begins to sob again.

        LYRICS: I look to you to see the truth.


        ALAN: You lied to m- us. You lied to all of us. Not just about Kevin. About everything.

        SAM: Alan-

        ALAN: No. I don't want to hear it. I don't even no who you are anymore.

        SAM: And now, he doesn't even trust me.

        LYRICS: You live your life. You go in shadows.

        SAM sees the knife on the ground, and her hand slowly starts to reach toward it.

        LYRICS: You'll come apart and you'll go black. Some kind of night into your darkness.

        She slowly picks up the knife, and her hand is now shaking.

        LYRICS: Colors your eyes with what's not there. Fade into you.

        She puts the knife to her wrist and slowly cuts it. She puts her head up against the wall and shuts her eyes.

        LYRICS: Strange you never knew. Fade into you.

        Cut to the door to the apartment. It opens, and ALAN enters. He looks around.

        ALAN: Sam?

        Cut back to SAM'S room, where she's still crying and slowly cutting her wrist.

        LYRICS: And then smiles cover your heart. Fade into you.

        ALAN walks toward her bedroom, and opens the door. He sees her, and his eyes widen in shock.

        ALAN: Oh God?


        END OF ACT III

        "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."


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          ACT IV


          BRIAN looks at the EMPATH DEMON.

          BRIAN: I-I don't know who you are-

          EMPATH DEMON: Oh, please, Brian. Don't play games with me.

          BRIAN: But I-

          The EMPATH DEMON gets a grave look on his face.

          EMPATH DEMON: I want my powers back.

          BRIAN: I didn't get them from yo-

          EMPATH DEMON: No. Someone took them and passed them onto you. And I want them back. Now.

          BRIAN thinks about this, and how much the powers are affecting him.

          BRIAN: No?I need them to help people. With their problems.

          EMPATH DEMON: How can knowing people's feelings let you help them?

          BRIAN: Because it's easier to connect with them.

          EMPATH DEMON: Aw, how touching.

          There is a pause.

          EMPATH DEMON: (cont'd) Too bad I don't care.

          He pulls out a paper that looks ancient, and chants from it. A red, shimmering light comes from BRIAN, and heads into the EMPATH DEMON. Several moments pass, and then the incantation is suddenly stopped.

          MARIE: I think he refused.

          The camera pans up to her. She's holding a hand up, and she slowly puts it down.

          EMPATH DEMON: Well, well. If it isn't a girl coming to the rescue.

          MARIE tilts her head.

          MARIE: You act as if I'm not a threat.

          The EMPATH DEMON laughs.

          EMPATH DEMON: Maybe it's because you're not.

          MARIE: Guess again.

          She hits him in the face, and he staggers a few steps back, and grins.

          EMPATH DEMON: That all you've got?

          MARIE: I doubt it.

          She kicks him in the stomach, and he is sent on the ground. BRIAN walks over to MARIE.

          BRIAN: Thanks?but he still took a lot of my powers away?

          MARIE: It's probably for the best. They were hurting you.

          BRIAN: How did you-?

          MARIE: I'm not as dumb as I look.

          The EMPATH DEMON attempts to get up. MARIE takes out a sword and stabs him through the chest.

          BRIAN: I see that.


          ALAN and SAM are sitting on the couch. SAM'S wrist is bandaged. They sit in silence. ALAN is looking at his hand, and SAM is staring into space.

          ALAN: I came here to tell you that I shouldn't have been so harsh earlier?and I'm sorry.

          SAM remains silent.

          ALAN: (cont'd) I guess I was too late?

          SAM: It wasn't just you that drove me to it?

          ALAN: What?

          SAM shakes her head.

          SAM: I don't's just? everything that's been going on lately. The restaurant, Kevin?it all seems like too much.

          ALAN nods.

          SAM: (cont'd) And I can't help but feel that the restaurant was my fault?

          ALAN touches her hand.

          ALAN: It wasn't. It was an issue that Kevin had.

          SAM: Because of me.

          ALAN: You aren't the one that killed them.

          SAM: That doesn't make me feel less guilty.

          ALAN: I know, and I guess nothing I can say will?

          ALAN looks at the clock.

          ALAN: (cont'd) I really should go?I have classes tomorrow.

          SAM nods.

          ALAN: (cont'd) Are you gonna be okay?

          SAM shrugs. Just then, MARIE and BRIAN enter the door.

          BRIAN: Hey, guys.

          MARIE: W-what are you doing here, Alan?

          ALAN: I'm just leaving.

          MARIE: Oh, okay.

          ALAN gets up from the couch, and looks to SAM.

          ALAN: Take care.

          SAM nods. ALAN looks at MARIE.

          ALAN: (cont'd) Make sure she stays safe.

          MARIE nods. SAM gets up, and heads to her bedroom.

          SAM: (O.S.) I'm going to bed.

          BRIAN walks off to his bedroom as well. MARIE starts to walk down the hall, and enters her room. She lays down on her bed, and shuts the light off that's next to her bed on a side table. She gets under the blankets. We see a figure in the corner. The FIGURE smirks.

          FIGURE/MELODY: This will be fun.

          FADE TO BLACK

          END OF ACT IV

          ROLL CREDITS

          Rose McGowan as Melody

          "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."