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Shadow Stalker - 3.06 - The Kalipso Syndicate

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  • Shadow Stalker - 3.06 - The Kalipso Syndicate

    Series: Shadow Stalker
    Episode: 3.06 ? The Kalipso Syndicate
    Writer: Lex
    Editor and Proof Reader: Alex Hart

    I do not claim credit for any of Joss Whedon's creation and the featuring of his characters and episodes in this series is simply for my pleasure and not at all for financial gain as I do all this for free! All characters not affiliated with Jossverse belong to me, as do the plot lines. Season Three starts alongside Season 5 of Angel and is in association with Rogue Redemption, (Amber); Chosen, (Heather); BtVS Seasons 8 + 9 and AtS Season 6, (Alex Hart); Broken Destiny (Joe) and Raven (Alexander Brown).



    There is a high angled shot of where XAK, CHARLIE, BROGAN and KAIA are standing. Still on the streets where the battle has just ended...and another was about to begin.

    CHARLIE'S mouth is gaping. She can barely breathe. XAK looks at her, his eyes welling up.

    XAK: Charlie...

    He moves towards her, she holds a hand up to stop him.

    CHARLIE: Don't...

    He stops.

    CHARLIE: ...Just don't...

    KAIA looks at her sympathetically.

    KAIA: Look, Charlie...

    CHARLIE glares at KAIA, contorted in rage, and suddenly her breath comes back in a heavy continuous flow. BROGAN shoots a glare at KAIA too.

    BROGAN: Charlie...I know this is all kinds of insane for you right now. I get that, trust me. But we have to do this later...

    She looks to BROGAN and so does XAK.

    BROGAN: ...It's just, right now you two are in danger. Xakiel...

    XAK looks down; he doesn't know what to think. BROGAN moves to his friend and looks at him, pleading.

    BROGAN: ...Detective Teramelli has announced a man hunt on you guys. There are cops all over the place. You need to come with us now. Both of you...

    He looks up to BROGAN confused.

    XAK: What? How do you know this? How is any of this happening? It doesn't make sense!

    BROGAN: I know! And I promise I'll explain, but you need to come now.

    XAK: But Cate and...

    BROGAN: They're all safe, don't worry. I promise.

    XAK looks at him; he knows he's telling the truth. There was a time he'd put his life in EA BROGAN'S hands...

    He turns to KAIA who can't help but look at him lovingly, but she doesn't show it.

    He then turns to CHARLIE who has her back to him now. He moves towards her, cautiously.

    XAK: Charlie...

    She's silent.

    XAK: ...We have to go.

    She pauses, and then turns.

    CHARLIE: I'll go. But only because these people have Cate...

    She looks him up and down.

    CHARLIE: (quietly) ...And uh...she's been through enough.

    She inhales softly and then begins walking down the street. XAK goes to go after her but BROGAN holds him back.

    BROGAN: I'll go man. I've got a charm with the ladies.

    He smiles reassuringly and hurries after CHARLIE. XAK is left watching them and then KAIA approaches him.

    KAIA: It will be ok...all of this. It'll be ok.

    XAK looks to her for one of the first time since they were married.

    XAK: Yeah...well I don't share your optimism.

    He moves away after CHARLIE and BROGAN.

    KAIA: I'm your wife, Xakiel. You can't just write that off...

    XAK stops, and turns to her.

    XAK: Don't. Just don't ok. Not now...

    He looks at her again and then turns again to follow CHARLIE.

    BROGAN (O/S): You know he loves you...

    The camera cuts back to CHARLIE walking slightly ahead of BROGAN. She is looking down, deep in thought.

    BROGAN: ...I know this kind of throws your world upside down, I get that.

    CHARLIE: No, you don't.

    BROGAN: Yes I do. He was taken from us...and not by choice. They tortured him and groomed him into a killer. He was a hero and they turned him into a monster.

    She doesn't really understand what BROGAN is talking about, or why he's trying to reassure her. He doesn't even know her.

    CHARLIE: Well he may be your Xakiel...but he's my Xak.

    BROGAN: I know...Charlie...

    CHARLIE: Stop ok. Stop calling me "Charlie" as if we're friends.

    BROGAN: Ok I'm all for that...It's just that there's a police car heading for us...

    She looks up and sees the police car. It's TERAMELLI. He speeds up. XAK rushes to CHARLIE'S side and grabs her hand. He pulls her out of harm's way and stands in front of her defensively.

    KAIA hurries on screen and hurls an energy bolt at the car causing it to swerve out of control and crash. TERAMELLI is knocked out.

    BROGAN: Kaia!

    She looks at him. XAK and CHARLIE watch her also.

    BROGAN: You know you can't do that here! We're not at home anymore.

    KAIA glares at him, and then looks to XAK and CHARLIE. CHARLIE, unaware of KAIA'S powers, is naturally daunted by them.

    KAIA: Yeah, well I don't see the rules playing fair to us. So why the hell should I go round preaching them...

    She walks to a car, and elbows the window, smashing it.

    KAIA: We should go before he wakes up.

    She indicates TERAMELLI who seems to be stirring on the wheel of his car.

    BROGAN: I'll drive...

    XAK: You drive?

    BROGAN: Been here as long as you have, don't forget that.

    BROGAN and KAIA enter the car, while XAK turns to CHARLIE.

    XAK: Charlie, these people are good. Trust me.

    CHARLIE: Your wife you mean? I'm pleased to know she's fantastic.

    XAK: That was a different time, in a different world. I didn't even know you then, and when I did meet you, I knew nothing about this. Look...

    He shows her his hands. Not one ring on any of his fingers. She looks at them and considers for a moment, then looks up at him.

    CHARLIE: Still doesn't make any of this easier to process.

    She moves towards the car and for a second looks up to MACIE'S body in the background regretfully. She gets into the back of the car, XAK follows.

    The camera observes the car for a moment or two.

    BROGAN (O/S): Hang on...Constance said she saw two thieves doing this a few years back. I think this is how to do it...

    XAK (O/S): (surprised) Constance is here?

    BROGAN (O/S): The whole gang is...

    He laughs happily as the sound of the engine hotwiring is completed by a successful rev. The car speeds off past TERAMELLI'S patrol car. He'd failed.


    The car stops at the docks, they all get out. The place is deserted.

    XAK: Where are we?

    BROGAN: What we've come to know as home...for the last month or so anyway. Had to move around so much over the past few years to keep up with you all, and lately, this is where we are.

    CHARLIE looks around.

    CHARLIE: Where's Cate.

    KAIA looks at her and smiles.

    KAIA: She's fine don't worry. They're inside.

    CHARLIE moves away from KAIA, and walks ahead.

    CHARLIE: Inside where?

    KAIA'S smile fades into a scowl.

    BROGAN: Follow me...

    The camera shows BROGAN and KAIA leading XAK and CHARLIE in between various containers. Numbered and labelled accordingly. They come across a dark green dirty crate. It bears the symbol of The Kalipso Syndicate. XAK'S eyes are immediately drawn to it. He nods knowingly.

    XAK: The syndicate...of course.

    CHARLIE: (confused) The what?

    BROGAN: I want to explain but as you've seen I'm not so good with words...but I know someone who is.

    He unlocks the doors to the container along with KAIA'S help ? they both carry two electronic card keys that work simultaneously. The container is empty and all there is inside is a staircase going deep into the earth. BROGAN and KAIA move inside, and soon disappear into the darkness. XAK and CHARLIE do not move so suddenly.

    XAK eventually does, and turns back to CHARLIE.

    XAK: Have I ever not kept you safe?

    CHARLIE: Never.

    XAK holds out a hand to her. She takes it and together they walk down into the darkness.

    The doors to the container close automatically behind them.



    As the screen remains black for a moment a moon begins to fade into view and then the words in bright white?SHADOW STALKER. They fade as quickly as they appeared.
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    The four continue to walk down the stairs, in the darkness. They can barely be seen in the shadows.

    BROGAN: Sorry about the fathomless security. It's just important.

    They reach the bottom. There is a dim light shining on a large metallic door, two key card receptacles like the entrance. BROGAN and KAIA move to the key cards and simultaneously open the doors to the HQ. XAK looks amazed.

    XAK: is any of this possible? I mean this is an upgrade from the caves under the village for sure.

    CHARLIE looks at him confused. Caves? Village? She knew nothing about his past, and it was the first time she'd ever thought about it...

    KAIA: Well, we've had some help since you've been gone.

    Both she and BROGAN walk through the doorway. XAK looks back at CHARLIE he smiles and squeezes her hand tightly to reassure her. He then leads her through the door which closes behind them.


    They're inside the vast lobby of the new headquarters. The ceiling is forty feet high with metal wiring and casing masking the stone and dirt. It is extremely high-tech and a huge observation deck is in the centre of the room with corridors branching off of the room. A woman walks towards them, smiling happily with her arms outstretched. While BROGAN and KAIA walk towards her, XAK stares at her in astonishment and CHARLIE looks at her unsure, standing slightly behind XAK. It's URSULA.

    URSULA: (beaming) Xakiel! My dear, dear boy.

    She hugs him tightly and breathes deeply. He hugs her too.

    XAK: Ursula. It's been so long.

    URSULA: It really has my boy.

    She smiles, and then turns to CHARLIE, who eyes her with uncertainty still.

    URSULA: And you are the legendary Charlie. Well my dear I've been following your path with an admiring eye I must admit.

    KAIA looks away annoyed, and CHARLIE smiles slightly.

    CHARLIE: Well I wish I could say the same...

    URSULA'S smile fades slightly.

    URSULA: Yes quite...but don't worry, all will be explained in...

    CHARLIE: (interrupting) ...Where are my friends?

    URSULA pauses her narrative flow.

    URSULA: Yes I had anticipated you would query their whereabouts. They are through here...

    She motions to one of the corridors.

    URSULA: ...If you and Xakiel would like to follow me.

    XAK: Actually Ursula...

    She looks to him and so does BROGAN and KAIA. XAK looks quickly to CHARLIE, then back to URSULA.

    XAK: ...It's Xak now. Not Xakiel.

    Everyone is silent for a moment. URSULA eventually smiles slightly.

    URSULA: Of course. This way...

    She begins walking towards the corridor, and XAK and CHARLIE follow her.

    URSULA: Ea, Kaia.

    They look to her.

    URSULA: Perhaps you could ready everyone's living quarters, it's going to be a squeeze, but I'm sure we'll manage.

    KAIA scoffs as the three disappear into one of the corridors. BROGAN turns to her.

    BROGAN: Don't start Kaia...not tonight.

    KAIA: What?

    He walks off screen, and KAIA looks at him incredulous.

    KAIA: What?!

    He doesn't answer, and she moves in a different direction to BROGAN'S.


    The dance floor of Sirens is no longer a dance floor. In the space of hours the vampires have transformed the room into a throne room. SIN is sitting on her throne tapping her fingers angrily on the elaborate arm; the whole chair is made out of human bones. BLACK is kneeling in front of her.

    BLACK: I do hope you find your throne adequate my mistress.

    SIN runs a fingernail along a spine and a rib.

    SIN: It will do...but it's slightly morbid. Honestly, you vampires are all about the death. Which is kind of ironic seeing as a lot of them are dead now aren't they?! You failed me...again!

    She puts up her thumb sarcastically.

    SIN: Well done!

    BLACK: Apologies.

    He stands.

    BLACK: But I assure you that A.J and Tucker are no loss to my army.

    SIN: (extremely agitated) They still failed in wiping out my parents. They are only humans for crying out loud!

    She leans forward and clutches her head as if in pain. BLACK eyes her curiously. She snaps her head upwards and rushes towards him in a blur and grabs him by his throat lifting him into the air.

    SIN: (sadistically) I do not like failure.

    She tightens her grip on him and he looks to be choking.

    SIN: Don't think I won't kill you Black. I had Charlie in this very position a week ago...

    BLACK: (choking) The police are after them...

    She looks interested now.

    SIN: (curiously) The law? They have intervened?

    Her grip loosens.

    BLACK: They declared a city manhunt on them...

    She relaxes slightly.

    SIN: (smiling) Well why didn't you say!

    She drops him to the floor.

    SIN: I can't say this is a divine intervention though. It does put a supreme kink into my plans.

    She walks back to her throne a frown forming on her face.

    SIN: I'm tired of small men in hats thinking they rule this world. I think it's time I make myself known to them.

    BLACK: What do you propose?

    She looks back at him.

    SIN: Don't worry your pretty grey beard. I will take action...they will find my methods quite persuasive.

    She smiles sadistically and moves off screen.


    URSULA, XAK and CHARLIE are continuing their walk towards CATE, DANTE and LANCE.

    URSULA: I suppose you're both wondering where we are. We're not under New York City.

    XAK looks confused.

    XAK: We're not?

    URSULA: No. That method proved problematic when funding this excavation. We're under the ocean...

    CHARLIE: (surprised) We did not walk that far did we?

    URSULA: The entrance stairway is a portal. You wouldn't know it when you're inside but it's quite effective in deluding any unwanted visitors who try to access this facility by other ways.

    CHARLIE looks to XAK, oddly impressed by the security; he looks as surprised as she does.

    URSULA: Now I would like to run by the basic security details of the facility along with the full tour, but...

    She stops at a doorway.

    URSULA: ...I'm sure you'd like to see your friends first.

    She opens the door, and XAK and CHARLIE look inside. It's a comfortable room with a sofa, chairs and a table of food and drinks. Inside are a bewildered CATE, DANTE and LANCE. They all turn to see XAK, CHARLIE and URSULA. They all look slightly worried and nervous but each one of them, in their own subtle unique way, express pleasure at seeing XAK and CHARLIE. URSULA smiles at them all.

    URSULA: I'll leave you to get re-acquainted.

    She looks at XAK.

    URSULA: (to him) I'm sure you have much to tell them...

    She then turns to them all.

    URSULA: When you're ready, if you could meet me in the Intelligence Unit down the hallway. It's the first door on the left.

    She smiles once again and continues walking in the direction she was moving. XAK and CHARLIE move into the room.


    XAK closes the door behind him so it is just the five of them. CHARLIE smiles reassuringly at CATE but she just reciprocates with a confused look. So do DANTE and LANCE.

    CATE: They kidnapped you guys too, huh?

    CHARLIE: Not quite...

    DANTE: Ok what the hell is going on...first that Teramelli dude goes all John McClane on our asses then those guys bundle us into a van and we've been here for god knows how long.

    CATE scoffs looking at DANTE.

    CATE: It's been an hour and they gave us food...we're hardly in danger.

    She turns back to CHARLIE and XAK now.

    CATE: But seriously, what is going on?

    XAK: Looks like some of my old friends are in town...or to be more precise, always have been.

    DANTE: So that old chick and those other guys are your friends?

    XAK: Kinda yeah. It's weird. I knew them when I was a kid and up until I turned into that monster...

    LANCE: And you don't remember anything?

    XAK: Not until I saw them, then it came flooding back.

    DANTE nods.

    DANTE: Ah visual stimuli. Happens a lot with memory loss...all it takes it to see something or someone you were attached to and a whole host of memories can come back. What do you remember?

    XAK: Everything. My parents, their murder...

    Everyone is silent on these words.

    XAK: ...growing up, being taken by the dragon, turning into one. I remember everything before I came here.

    Everyone looks astonished. CHARLIE looks down.

    LANCE: what was it you saw.

    XAK: What do you mean?

    LANCE: That made you remember, the visual stimuli?

    He looks hesitant to say it. CHARLIE looks up at him.

    CHARLIE: Just say it...

    He still can't bring himself to say it. CHARLIE turns to the others.

    CHARLIE: It was his wife. His wife is one of those guys. She turned up just in time to save our lives.

    The others are at a loss for words.

    DANTE: Wow...even I'm speechless.

    XAK: Look, I know it sounds bad, but I'm still me. We all have pasts we regret to some extent; all of us have something deep inside of us we don't want to remember.

    CATE looks down at this, tapping her hand nervously against her thigh.

    XAK: And this is mine. I may have loved Kaia at one time, but too much has happened to let that affect me now. I know it's going to be awkward around her, I know that. But her being here changes nothing for me...she's my past, and whilst I love that past as a memory, it doesn't fit into me anymore.

    CHARLIE looks to him, feeling his honesty.

    XAK: Trust me when I say these people in this place are good people. They do good work and I would put my life into their hands...

    He looks deeply into her.

    XAK: ...But that is never going to change us. I promise.

    CHARLIE sighs softly.

    CHARLIE: I believe you Xak...

    She moves towards him and hugs him tightly. He holds her closely and breathes in the scent of her hair. CATE is still tapping her hand nervously. DANTE and LANCE exchange a look but LANCE quickly looks away.

    XAK: (whispering to CHARLIE) We'll talk later. I'll explain everything about me, I promise...

    The camera moves away to a security camera watching them in the corner of the room.


    The camera shows over thirty monitors, but KAIA is only looking at one. She cries as she watches her husband hug his girlfriend.

    XAK (O/S): ...Everything will be ok.




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      ACT TWO


      XAK, DANTE and LANCE are all moving down the corridor towards the Intelligence Unit. CHARLIE and CATE are walking a distance behind them. XAK has told them everything we learnt in "3.05 ? When The Walls Bled".

      LANCE: (to XAK) I can't believe you went through that, and you couldn't remember.

      XAK: (reflectively) I know. When the demon took over it just ate away at everything I had.

      DANTE: What are you gonna do about the Mrs.?

      XAK: Honestly, I don't know. I feel bad. She had to watch me leave and move on with a new memory, but hers didn't change.

      LANCE: You can't blame yourself for that. It was out of everyone's control.

      XAK: I know, but it's the last thing I was expecting to deal with, and it's last thing I want Kaia and Charlie to have to deal with.

      DANTE: How did Charlie deal when she found out?

      XAK: I don't know. I don't even think she's dealt with it now. It's not something that's gonna go away, and I know I have to talk to her about it?I just don't know how.

      They move off screen and the camera now follows CHARLIE and CATE behind them. CATE looks to be in some sort of pain. She needs a fix. CHARLIE, as of yet, has not noticed.

      CHARLIE: She's not going to make any of this easy, I can tell.

      CATE: (confused) Who?

      CHARLIE: Kaia of course. Haven't you been listening?

      CATE: Oh right, yeah. Kaia.

      CHARLIE: I mean none of this is her fault, but it's not Xak's or mine either?she can't punish us for falling in love when neither of us had no knowledge of her?

      CATE: Yeah?right.

      CHARLIE looks at her, slightly annoyed.

      CHARLIE: Thanks for your concern.

      CATE is silent.

      CHARLIE: Look I know you have your problems but this is kind of huge for me and?

      CATE: I know, and I'm sorry. It's just?

      XAK (O/S): I think this is it.

      CATE stops and looks up. So does CHARLIE. The boys have stopped at the door to the Intelligence Unit. The girls soon catch up to them, and XAK turns the handle on the door.


      The door opens and XAK and the others enter into the room. They look around. The room is large, with television monitors broadcasting every news channel around the world. Filing cabinets and large computers also dominate the room.

      DANTE: Wow?

      URSULA (O/S): Quite, Mr. Turnpike.

      The gang turns to see URSULA entering into the room via another door.

      URSULA: Sorry, I was in the archives with our newest member. She'll be up shortly?

      XAK walks further in.

      XAK: So what is this place?

      URSULA: The Intelligence Unit is The Kalipso Syndicate's news resource. It is where everything we have learned about you, the world and Sin is held. We're discovering some very interesting developments, some stolen from Wolfram and Hart?

      DANTE looks interested in this aspect.

      URSULA: ?and some of them taken from the possession of leading demonologists around the world, and not to mention the information from Mr. McArthur and Miss Sinclair which we found in the debris of the hotel.

      DANTE: Looks like you guys keep one step ahead of the game, how do you manage to do that then?

      CONSTANCE (O/S): With me?

      DANTE turns around to see that CONSTANCE has materialized behind him. Startled, he jumps back slightly.

      DANTE: Whoa lady! Where did you come from?!

      CONSTANCE smirks, and URSULA laughs slightly.

      XAK: Constance?

      She turns and looks at XAK.

      CONSTANCE: Hello stranger.

      She moves towards him and hugs him. He smiles warmly.

      CATE: (to CHARLIE) Another wife perhaps?

      CONSTANCE breaks off from the hug and looks at CATE.

      CONSTANCE: Not quite. Just an old friend.

      XAK turns to CHARLIE.

      XAK: (to reassure her) Constance is Ea's cousin. She's an amazing fighter.

      URSULA: Indeed. Since a young age, Constance has learnt to harness the formidable skill of natural camouflage. She's one of the most powerful women I know and although you didn't know it, she's been your guardian angel for the past three years.

      DANTE scoffs.

      DANTE: So your big power is to hide? Wow, I'm jealous.

      XAK rolls his eyes, and CONSTANCE purses her lips in anger.

      CONSTANCE: I wouldn't mock me if I were you. I've seen all your nasty little bedroom habits for the past year or so?trust me, I can reveal all.

      DANTE coughs embarrassedly, and LANCE looks away.

      URSULA: Now now, play nice please. While Constance is in charge of this unit, her position in this organization was compromised recently and outside on the field she must be referred to as Ms Kyll. There are many rules such as these in The Kalipso Syndicate, and while they may seem small they are of the utmost importance in protecting us all from the dangers outside. Everyone understand?

      Everyone nods.

      XAK: (to CONSTANCE) So you run this whole department by yourself?

      CONSTANCE: I know it's a bit of a step up from the caves underneath the village?but I do have one other worker here. She's proved most resourceful?

      DANTE: She?

      The sound of the door opening to the archive room can be heard behind them all. A woman enters in the background. Everyone turns to see her. DANTE'S face drops.

      It's SOFIA ROSE.


      The NYPD lobby is oddly quiet. One COP is behind the desk going through some paperwork. The sound of the door opening can be heard. He looks up to the person.

      COP: How can I help you miss?

      It's a WOMAN. She moves towards the desk. She has brown hair and looks young but we cannot see her face.

      WOMAN: I?

      The COP looks at her expectantly.

      WOMAN: ?I'm not sure how to say this.

      COP: We're the police force miss, you can tell us anything.

      WOMAN: Well?

      The camera begins to rotate to show who it is.

      WOMAN: I'd like?to report a crime.

      The WOMAN?is SIN. She smiles at the COP.


      SOFIA walks into the room, a nervous look on her face. She looks as beautiful as she ever did in Wolfram and Hart. XAK, CHARLIE and DANTE look at her in astonishment; the only ones out of the gang who met SOFIA. CATE and LANCE look confused.

      DANTE moves towards her closer.

      DANTE: (quietly) Sofia?how?

      SOFIA smiles slightly.

      SOFIA: Dante. Hi.

      CATE and LANCE now figure who she is. DANTE is close to her now, standing in front of her.

      DANTE: (repeating) How?

      SOFIA: I should explain?

      FLASH TO ? L.A

      The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static. SOFIA is standing with HEATHER in the dungeons of Wolfram and Hart, standing next to the vending machine. SOFIA looks happy.

      HEATHER: True, wanna come upstairs and see the crazed outside world with me?

      SOFIA smiles warmly, touched almost.

      SOFIA: No thanks, I thought I'd use the extra time to train the new girl.

      HEATHER: New girl?

      SOFIA: Yeah, I guess they're finally replacing A.I.D.A. About time.

      HEATHER looks interested all of a sudden.

      HEATHER: (eager) So what is she like?

      SOFIA: Um, she's about my age I guess which means she's young enough to learn but old enough to bring some experience to the job. She's nice...

      SOFIA (V/O): Remember the new girl that was supposed to replace A.I.D.A?

      DANTE (V/O): Yeah?

      FLASH TO -

      The screen is still blurred and still almost static ? flashback.

      A woman who looks strikingly similar to SOFIA enters SOFIA'S office with headphones in her ears. She is SOFIA'S ASSISTANT, the new girl replacing A.I.D.A. She is wearing a lab coat with no name tag. SOFIA isn't in the room and no one else is either. The sound of screaming in the background can be heard as THE BEAST terrorises the building killing off the Wolfram and Hart employees one by one.

      She cannot hear.

      She moves to the side and notices SOFIA'S nametag on the side. She smirks, and picks it up, pinning it to her lab coat.

      SOFIA'S ASSISTANT: (mocking) Look at me, I'm in charge!

      She laughs and sits down at the computer. She begins typing away at her computer.

      For a while, nothing happens. Then, HEATHER, in zombie form, enters the room. She looks ahead at SOFIA'S ASSISTANT, and for a second we see from HEATHER'S perspective. From behind, SOFIA'S ASSISTANT looks just like SOFIA. HEATHER advances into the room...the camera moves out of the the corridor of the dungeon.

      SOFIA walks up the corridor, scared at the screams from around the building. She is holding a gun, wary. She hears a scream from her office. She moves to the door to see HEATHER killing her assistant. She gasps in shock, and backs up in the corridor, running as fast as she can?

      SOFIA (V/O): It was she who Heather killed. I wasn't there. I got out as soon as I could?I had to disappear?

      She keeps on running.


      The colors return to normal. Everyone looks bleak on hearing SOFIA'S news. DANTE looks confused.

      DANTE: But I ID'd you. You were dead?

      SOFIA: She must have taken my badge; it explains why no one came after me. I was dead, and the new girl wasn't on the system yet?she was me.

      DANTE: So all this time you've been alive, and I didn't know. You could have told me.

      SOFIA: No Dante I couldn't! I had to leave that company it was destroying me! You of all people know how that feels?look at what working there did to Christian and Leigh.

      DANTE looks down, and sighs. He runs a hand through his hair.

      SOFIA: You know as well as I do, the only other way to leave that company is in a body bag?I had to lay low.

      URSULA moves to her side and puts an arm around her, protectively.

      URSULA: And that's when we found her?

      FLASH TO ? L.A

      The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static. A cold, hungry SOFIA is sat shivering in an alleyway in old dirty clothes. She looks up as someone approaches her. It's CONSTANCE, materializing into view. She looks down at SOFIA sympathetically and holds out a hand.

      URSULA: ?She was a mess, and Constance had been following her progress. We knew her loyalties did not lie with Wolfram and Hart, and only with herself. We knew she knew more about Sin than any of us did?so we brought her in.


      The colours return to normal and SOFIA looks down reflectively.

      SOFIA: They saved me Dante. Without them, I'd have died.

      She is silent now, but looks back up to DANTE who has to bite his lip to hold back his emotions. In the background LANCE watches in soft focus; his eyes glued to DANTE'S expression.

      DANTE reaches out and touches her face.

      DANTE: I'm so sorry?

      URSULA moves towards XAK.

      URSULA: (quietly) Perhaps we should give them a moment. I can fill Mr. Turnpike in on the details of the other facilities we have to offer later?

      XAK nods and everyone moves towards the door, including CONSTANCE. LANCE lingers for a moment and then follows everyone outside.


      URSULA closes the door to the Intelligence Unit. CONSTANCE looks to her.

      CONSTANCE: They are expected in the Medical Ward.

      URSULA: Very well Constance.

      CONSTANCE: I will find Ea and Kaia.

      URSULA nods, and CONSTANCE turns to XAK.

      CONSTANCE: I'll see you soon.

      She turns to the others now.

      CONSTANCE: It was pleasant to meet you all at last.

      She nods at them and CHARLIE gives her a slight smile. In an instant, CONSTANCE fades into the shadows and disappears. URSULA turns to the others.

      URSULA: Constance is a woman of few words.

      She smiles and gestures to the corridor.

      URSULA: Shall we? The medical ward is next door?

      URSULA moves to the next door, and everyone follows.

      CATE: (to CHARLIE) First Xak's wife then Dante's ex? I wonder what's behind this door?

      URSULA opens the door to the Medical Ward and everyone moves inside. CATE stops instantly?


      She stares ahead in shock. The Medical Ward is almost as large as the Intelligence Unit. A dozen comfortable beds encircle the room including various high tech medical appliances. Inside the room are TRAFFORD and ELISE. They stand, expectantly. TRAFFORD looks at CATE, and she looks back.

      CATE: (quietly) You've gotta be kidding me?

      CHARLIE looks to her.

      CHARLIE: You know him?

      CATE: He's the doctor from the hospital. He treated me after the explosion?

      XAK moves forward towards TRAFFORD and ELISE. He shakes TRAFFORD'S hand.

      TRAFFORD: Hey Xak?that is what they're calling you nowadays right?

      XAK: (smiling) Right.

      He turns to ELISE now and smiles, waving. She nervously waves back to him.

      URSULA: Trafford, you know the ward better than anyone, perhaps you'd like to explain to everyone.

      The camera closes in on CATE who is looking at him.

      CATE: Yes, explain?

      TRAFFORD looks at her.


      The door bursts open and TERAMELLI enters. His head is bleeding from the concussion.

      TERAMELLI: Freaks?Terry, I need?

      He looks up. The COP/TERRY from earlier is dead. His neck snapped and his eyes bleeding. TERAMMELI stops dead. He pulls his handgun out and walks cautiously forward. The doors are all open and he moves forward into the complex of the NYPD.


      A dozen cops are lying dead on the floor, their blood tainting the walls and their faces contorted in pain from their final moments in life. Sweat begins to pour from TERAMELLI'S forehead as he moves further down the corridor. Then he notices the blood on the walls?it's spelling out a message.


      He gulps and instinctively moves towards the destination indicated by the blood?

      CUT TO ?

      He is further down the corridor now. As he approaches Interview Room 1B he slows his pace. The door is open slightly. Slowly he edges towards the door and reaches for the handle. He listens; deadly silence.

      Pulling his hand back he kicks the door open. There is a woman sat at the interview desk; her perfectly innocent eyes staring through the shadows at him. Only the light from the waning moon through the window elucidates any part of her.

      TERAMELLI looks at her.

      TERAMELLI: Who the hell are you?!

      The woman looks at him, and then leans forwards. It's SIN. She smiles.

      SIN: Take a seat?

      Without waiting for him to answer she magically pulls him into the room and the door slams behind him.

      There is silence in the department once again.


      TRAFFORD: Welcome.

      Everyone looks at him.

      TRAFFORD: For those who don't know me, my name is Trafford Artair.

      He gestures to ELISE.

      TRAFFORD: And this is Elise, my sister. Unfortunately she was deafened as a child, and we've yet to find a means of curing her.

      XAK: Still no luck?

      TRAFFORD shakes his head.

      TRAFFORD: I've tried everything I know, but with the facilities in this place, I'm finding new medical discoveries every day.

      XAK looks momentarily at ELISE regretfully.

      XAK: Yeah, here's hoping.

      TRAFFORD nods, appreciatively.

      URSULA: Trafford and his sister are Healers. An ancient hereditary gift passed down via parenting. They are in charge of any medical worries you may have?

      Then it catches CATE'S attention. The drugs cabinet?alcohol?

      URSULA: Right, well thank you Trafford, we should be moving on, there is a lot more to go through.

      CATE turns to URSULA.

      CATE: Uh, I'm gonna hang on here for a sec if that's ok?

      URSULA nods.

      URSULA: I had a feeling you might say that. Of course.

      CHARLIE looks to CATE, but XAK moves in her way. He smiles at her.

      XAK: She'll be fine, Trafford's a good guy.

      CHARLIE nods.

      CHARLIE: Xak?

      XAK: Yeah?

      CHARLIE: This is too much?I have so many questions I want to ask you.

      XAK pauses. He nods.

      XAK: We'll talk, I promise. I want to tell you everything.

      He moves out of the door following URSULA and LANCE. CHARLIE looks back at CATE momentarily who is moving towards TRAFFORD. She turns and exits out of the door.


      DANTE is sitting on the floor and SOFIA is sat next to him. They both are silent, unsure of what to say to one another.

      DANTE: I grieved for you.

      SOFIA looks at him and sighs.

      SOFIA: I know.

      DANTE: The things I did?

      SOFIA: Dante don't. I've been here for almost six months now, and throughout that time all I've done is watch you. I know a good man when I see one, and what you've done for Xak and his family?that's the sign of a good man.

      DANTE shakes his head.

      DANTE: Still doesn't change what I did before that?I have so much to make up for.

      SOFIA: You've been given a chance Dante. A second chance to live, and you can either spend it regretting what you did in a life you had no control over?or you can do good with what time you have left as a human.

      DANTE looks to her now.

      DANTE: I don't know how to do that.

      SOFIA: Neither do I?

      She smiles softly and reaches out and places one of her hands in his.

      SOFIA: ?But we can try together.

      He smiles slightly. He does want to start a fresh?but with SOFIA? It's something he'd never properly conceived...

      ROBOTIC VOICE (O/S): Warning! Warning! Code Blue.

      SOFIA'S eyes dart to one of the terminals on the other side of the room.

      DANTE: What's that? What's "Code Blue"?

      SOFIA: (panicked) It means the law has been compromised or broken. Sin's struck again?

      They look at one another and then jump up and hurry to the terminal.


      URSULA and XAK, followed by LANCE and CHARLIE begin walking down the corridor. The noise from the warning in the Intelligence Unit is isolated and so as of yet?they do not know about the breach.

      URSULA: My, our group has somewhat depleted.

      CHARLIE: (under her breath, infuriated at humouring URSULA'S tour) Yeah, regular Willy Wonka you are?

      LANCE laughs, but it is not heard by XAK and URSULA.

      URSULA: Now, I'd like to show you something Charlie?

      CHARLIE looks confused, and so does XAK.

      CHARLIE: What do you mean?

      URSULA: Well since we've been in this dimension we've been lucky enough obtain some help from your ancestors.

      CHARLIE: (confused) The gods?

      URSULA: Correct.

      As they've been walking down the corridor, they can see that the corridor has ended and at the end there is a huge open archway into a gigantic training room, equipped with gym equipment and much more. Two women are sparring with magic, interspersed with physical fighting; ECHIDNA and SHELTER.

      URSULA: Ladies! Perhaps I could have a moment of your time.

      ECHIDNA and SHELTER look over. XAK and SHELTER smile at one another, but CHARLIE is too busy looking at ECHIDNA.

      URSULA gestures towards SHELTER.

      URSULA: (to CHARLIE and LANCE) This is Shelter. She was a casualty of war and we took her in as one of our own. She doesn't say?well, anything, but she's proved an admirable fighter in this war already.

      Shelter smiles at both CHARLIE and LANCE and they reciprocate.

      XAK: (quietly to URSULA) You still don't know why she's here?

      URSULA looks at him, evasively?

      URSULA: No.

      She now gestures to ECHIDNA.

      URSULA: And this is?

      ECHIDNA: (interrupting) ?I require no introduction. I wish to speak to my niece?

      CHARLIE looks at her confused.

      CHARLIE: I'm sorry, but I don't know who you are.

      ECHIDNA: It is alright child. You are young, but my brothers and sisters have grown fond of your progress?well most of them. I am Echidna, goddess of monsters, and here as your protection my young one, in your mother's absence.

      CHARLIE nods her head at ECHIDNA.

      CHARLIE: It's an honor to meet a relation of my mother's.

      ECHIDNA nods her head in respect to CHARLIE.

      ECHIDNA: Just as it is an honour to meet her daughter.

      CHARLIE smiles, feeling a sense of pleasure at last from within the headquarters. XAK notes this too.

      CHARLIE: Do you know where my mother is?

      URSULA and ECHIDNA exchange a look that is not ignored by anyone.

      URSULA: Well?you see my dear?

      SOFIA (O/S): (on the tannoy, panicked) Everyone to the Intelligence Unit! We have a situation!

      URSULA, ECHIDNA and SHELTER hurry to the Observation Deck in the lobby. CHARLIE looks at them confused?where was SEPHY?


      TERAMELLI is forced on to the chair in front of SIN. Her maniacal eyes staring at him through the shadows of the room, he can't help but naturally fear her, and she knows it.

      SIN: You should be scared. You saw what I did to your friends outside.

      TERAMELLI: (through gritted teeth) Who the hell are you?

      SIN: Temper officer temper. I just wanted to have a little one on one?and this is how you like it right?

      She raises an eyebrow suggestively.

      TERAMELLI: Listen lady, I'm the law so tell me who the hell you are?

      SIN: (demonically) Wrong!

      Her anger rumbles the room, and TERAMELLI shudders with it.

      SIN: You may dominate the low life humans that have somehow managed to crawl their way to the top of the mortal food chain, but I got news for you Wiggum, there's a new girl in town and you're staring right at her.

      TERAMELLI breathes heavily, and gulps down dry air.

      TERAMELLI: (repeating, quieter) Who are you??

      SIN: Just think of me as the second coming.

      She leans forwards.

      SIN: And consider me dangerous?the most dangerous threat that human kind has yet to meet. Do I make myself clear Detective Cain Teramelli?

      He doesn't nod.

      SIN: I am tired of people running around this world trying to steal my throne, claiming that power is theirs and only theirs to hold!

      She jumps on to the table and grabs him by his hair and throws him into the ceiling effortlessly.

      SIN: (roaring) You hold nothing! I hold everything?including your life in my hands?

      He falls to the floor, his head bleeding. His eyes flicker to life, and for a moment, his wife smiles at him on the other side.




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        ACT THREE


        BROGAN, KAIA and CONSTANCE all arrive together in the Intelligence Unit, bursting through the door in a sense of urgency. They look up to see SOFIA sat at a computer with DANTE stood behind her.

        CONSTANCE: (urgently) Sofia, what is it?

        SOFIA: Security footage picked up Sin's movements entering the NYPD facility nearly an hour ago.

        BROGAN: An hour ago? Why are we only hearing about this now?

        SOFIA: The police footage takes a while to hack into?there's an hour delay on it. Once we caught up, this is what we saw?

        She presses a button on the computer and a security video begins to play. DANTE looks away, sickened. It is of the police station and shows SIN brutally slaughtering the police workers with her bare hands as they approach her to intervene. SOFIA narrows her eyes as she watches.

        CONSTANCE: Oh my god?

        BROGAN: Delete it.

        SOFIA: But Ea?

        BROGAN: Delete it Sofia. We've seen what's on it. We know Sin's taken the fight to the law. This is the last thing Xak and Charlie need to see after everything they've been through tonight.

        KAIA looks away, annoyed, knowing that was a jibe at her. SOFIA looks to CONSTANCE; her superior. CONSTANCE sighs and nods. SOFIA presses delete on the computer and the video disappears.

        DANTE: What do we do now?

        BROGAN: Come on?

        They all move to the door as XAK, CHARLIE, LANCE, URSULA, ECHIDNA and SHELTER enter the room as urgently as they did.

        URSULA: What's happened?

        BROGAN: We need to deploy a team Ursula, now.

        URSULA: Why, Ea, what has happened?

        BROGAN looks at XAK and CHARLIE, then back to URSULA.

        BROGAN: She's attacked the NYPD?

        XAK looks to CHARLIE; they don't know what to say to one another, or how to climb a higher summit than the one they're already hiking.


        CATE walks further into the ward and looks around at the various appliances nearby, stroking some as she passes them.

        CATE: Well, "Doc", you kept your cards pretty close to your chest.

        TRAFFORD: I don't remember you telling me you were a Slayer.

        CATE: Touch?.

        She is silent now.

        TRAFFORD: Look, I'm sorry I lied, but I had to. I had to make sure you weren't in danger.

        CATE: My guardian angel. How sweet?

        He sighs infuriated.

        TRAFFORD: Whatever. I have to go, in case you didn't notice?there's an emergency?

        He turns to ELISE and nods; she follows him as he leaves the room. As she passes CATE she gives her an uneasy look and then leaves. CATE looks at them go, and remains still for a few moments; a state of physical stoicism.

        And then it catches her eye, as if it is calling her from within the cabinet.

        She walks towards the cabinet on the other side of the room, occasionally checking over her shoulder to see if she is alone; every time, she is. As she approaches the cabinet, it unlocks and opens for her. She looks down at the object that called to her.

        A wooden box.

        She reaches towards it and begins to pries the lid open with her manicured nails.


        XAK, CHARLIE, DANTE and LANCE, along with BROGAN, KAIA, URSULA, CONSTANCE, SOFIA, ECHIDNA and SHELTER are all stood around the lobby with URSULA addressing them, KAIA and BROGAN either side of her. TRAFFORD and ELISE are also with them.

        URSULA: Sofia has managed to intercept some evidence indicating that Sin has attacked the NYPD, we're not sure why?

        XAK: Isn't it obvious?they took her spotlight. Announcing a manhunt on us was their death sentence, she doesn't seem to like people stepping on her toes?

        URSULA: ...Be that as it may, we need to deploy a team. I've been thinking long and hard about this one, and who should be on this mission.

        She glances around the room, everyone looking eager.

        URSULA: And I've chosen Xak and Ea?

        XAK and BROGAN exchange a look, they both look happy at being able to kick ass together once again.

        URSULA: Everyone else?

        She moves towards CONSTANCE, SOFIA TRAFFORD and ELISE.

        URSULA: ?I need everyone on standby, who knows what state they'll come back in?

        CHARLIE listens to this and turns to XAK as the group begins to disperse.

        CHARLIE: Xak, are you sure about this?

        XAK: Of course, why?

        CHARLIE: Just because you remember how to take orders?.doesn't mean you should.

        XAK: I'm not; if Ursula hadn't chosen me I'd have gone anyway.

        CHARLIE looks at him earnestly.

        XAK: I can't let her kill any more people?too much blood is on our hands as it is.

        CHARLIE: (sighing) Could this night get any more insane?

        XAK smiles at her.

        XAK: It'll be over soon?I promise.

        CHARLIE: Then we'll talk? About everything?

        XAK: Of course we will.

        He pulls her towards him and holds her close to reassure her. Behind them, LANCE and KAIA are watching. KAIA turns to BROGAN but he's expecting her to.

        BROGAN: Don't you dare say a word Kaia?

        KAIA eyes him cautiously.

        KAIA: I would never.

        BROGAN: I mean it. Mess this up for them before they even get a chance to talk?and I will make you pay.

        KAIA pauses for a moment.

        KAIA: Haven't you got somewhere to be Ea?

        BROGAN moves past her, almost knocking her shoulder as he does. She watches him leave.

        CUT TO ? NEW YORK

        TERAMELLI is tied to a chair now, bound tightly by rope. His shirt is torn and he has shallow lacerations covering his body and face.

        SIN (O/S): Oh Cain?

        She walks behind him, one of her hands caressing his shoulders and his hair.

        SIN: ?You know I can't stop, not until you admit what you're doing is wrong.

        TERAMELLI: (slowly) I'm?helping people.

        SIN laughs.

        SIN: Well isn't that ironic, or is it? I dunno, not so good with the whole human humour thing. But hear me out?

        She then moves round to his front and sits on his lap.

        SIN: ?The one time you need help, you big helper you, there's no one here?no one will save you.

        TERAMELLI, weakly, lifts up his head defiantly.

        TERAMELLI: As long as there is blood in my body, I will not stop in bringing down scum like you.

        SIN looks at him for a moment and then sighs.

        SIN: Well I'd really hoped we could reach some sort of agreement but if that's what it takes?

        She stands now and moves behind him, tapping her chin, thinking.

        SIN: ?Let's see?

        Her eyes widen in a sudden revelation.

        SIN: ?Ah, yes.

        She puts her hand around his throat and then runs her finger nails along the light layer of skin covering it, as she does she presses down causing blood to pour from the tracks her nails leave?he grits his teeth in pain, and squeezes his hand tightly feeling his wedding ring about to burst.


        CHARLIE is sat on one of the large chairs at the deck. Her legs are on the chair too and up by her chest. She looks lost in thought. TRAFFORD is in the background taking some medical details from DANTE.

        LANCE (O/S): You ok?

        She turns.

        CHARLIE: Hm?

        LANCE is stood nearby and he looks at her with a weak smile, weak, but genuine.

        LANCE: I know it's been a long day, arrested, manhunt, wife and all that?I just wanted to see how you were?

        CHARLIE looks at him, then looks away.

        CHARLIE: I'm ok.

        LANCE: Look, I'm hardly expecting you to open up to me, I just want to make sure that?

        CHARLIE: (interrupting) I know.

        She smiles weakly, but like him, is genuine.

        CHARLIE: Thank you Lance.

        He nods and begins walking away, CHARLIE hesitates for a moment.

        CHARLIE: Do you think I should be worried?

        LANCE stops and turns around. He hesitates for a moment and then moves back towards her.

        LANCE: If it was anyone else, I'd probably say yes. But this is you and Xak, if I've learnt anything from you two since I've been here?it's that he knows a good thing when he's got it.

        CHARLIE: Yeah I guess?

        LANCE: He may have married Kaia once upon a time, but he sold his soul to get you back and has risked everything since then to make sure it stays that way.

        CHARLIE smiles.

        LANCE: What?

        CHARLIE: (slightly awkwardly) You're just like your brother sometimes?it's scary.

        LANCE smiles nervously.

        CHARLIE: I mean don't get me wrong, I'm not completely over what happened?but it's nice to hear the comforting words of an Emory brother.

        LANCE: Thanks Charlie, I appreciate it. Shame it can't work on some other people, huh?

        CHARLIE begins to think.

        CHARLIE: Cate?

        CHARLIE looks on the monitors; CATE is nowhere to be seen. CHARLIE looks to LANCE, DANTE and TRAFFORD.

        CHARLIE: Has anyone seen Cate?

        TRAFFORD: She was in the medical ward last I saw.

        CHARLIE nods and stands. She hurries away from the deck and down the corridor towards the Medical Ward. LANCE watches her leave.

        TRAFFORD (O/S): Lance? Could I just ask some questions, medical stuff, just in case you need anything while you're here?

        LANCE turns and DANTE is about to pass him.

        DANTE: (quietly) Don't worry, he's got warm hands.

        He raises his eyebrows suggestively, causing LANCE to blush, and look away. DANTE walks away, laughing.

        LANCE moves towards TRAFFORD as the camera moves away to one of the monitors. It shows CHARLIE moving towards the Medical Ward, and someone following her?

        CUT TO ? NEW YORK

        BROGAN is driving fast and XAK is in the passenger seat. While BROGAN looks focused on the road, XAK'S eyes have travelled to the rising sun in the distance.

        XAK: Thank god this day's over?thought it never would.

        BROGAN: Let's hope it ends with your girl dying. No offence.

        XAK: I'm beyond sympathy for her. I haven't even met her properly?and I want her dead. Is that wrong?I can't believe I want my daughter dead.

        BROGAN: Look, don't think right now ok? You're head is filled with too much. You can't think straight. I mean us, Sin, Charlie and Kaia?everything you've been through. I'm surprised you're not catatonic right now.

        XAK: I have to think though. I can't block out everything, I've done that for long enough. I need to face up to the fact I had two lives, and people from both of them have merged?

        BROGAN: Well, I'll help you anyway I can, ok?

        XAK smiles at him weakly.

        XAK: Thanks Ea, I appreciate it?it's just gonna take?

        BROGAN: ?time. I know.

        He smiles at XAK and for a moment there is no talking, as in the distance the early rays of the sun begin to shine on the desolate entrance of the NYPD. They both notice it.

        BROGAN: If you're looking for something to take your frustration out on, we can go beat up your daughter?

        XAK: Yes please.

        BROGAN: Aggressive therapy it is then.

        He swerves the car to a stop on the doorstep of the NYPD.


        TRAFFORD is talking to LANCE when ELISE enters the deck, she looks nervous and hangs in the background.

        TRAFFORD: Thanks Lance, here's a pack of information about how to use the facilities. Might be worthwhile looking over it.

        He hands LANCE a folder, and LANCE nods.

        LANCE: (appreciatively) Thanks.

        He then moves away and seeing her window?ELISE moves towards her brother. He looks at her, noting her anxiety.

        TRAFFORD: (signing) Elise? Are you ok?

        ELISE: (signing) These people worry me.

        TRAFFORD: (signing) What's wrong, they all seem nice people. It's going to take some time I know that.

        She shakes her head.

        ELISE: (signing) I don't think they're good. That blonde woman?

        TRAFFORD: (signing) Cate?

        ELISE: (signing) I feel evil around her?.and him?

        She indicates LANCE who is stood reading the information pack in the lobby.

        TRAFFORD: (signing) Elise, you're just nervous ok?I know ok, but you need to just?

        He notices that ELISE'S eyes are wandering?She's looking at the monitor. The Medical Ward. He turns too, and his eyes widen.

        He looks over to the lobby, and URSULA, CONSTANCE and ECHIDNA are talking. SHELTER is also stood nearby, listening intently?as always.

        TRAFFORD: Guys!

        They turn in his direction.


        The door is open already as CHARLIE enters. She looks confused as she looks around the empty room.

        CHARLIE: Cate?

        She moves further into the room. She walks past the open cabinet that CATE was peering into earlier. The wooden box is gone.

        CHARLIE: Cate?

        KAIA (O/S): She's not here?

        CHARLIE turns to see KAIA standing in the doorway now. They eye one another cautiously.

        KAIA: ?Just me and you Chuck.

        CUT TO ? NEW YORK

        SIN is peering on TERAMELLI as he struggles to breathe, the cuts on his throat deep enough to be fatal.

        SIN: You're not gonna conk out on me before you fess are ya?

        TERAMELLI continues to splutter his last breaths.

        SIN: Shame?mind you, I do have some mercy. I'll finish you off if you like?and not in the good way.

        She smirks and advances towards TERAMELLI as the door bursts open. XAK fills the frame. SIN'S head darts towards him, and she smiles.

        SIN: Well well well. Look who it is?long time pops.

        XAK looks at the scene with disgust, TERAMELLI'S blood splattered everywhere.

        XAK: What is this?

        SIN: Let's just say?I'm working out my daddy issues. That, and sorting out the righteous from the unworthy.

        XAK: You really are messed aren't you? I mean I heard a lot?but this?

        He gestures to her canvas.

        XAK: ?Is something else.

        SIN: What can I say?I'm wicked through and through.

        XAK: So where would I fit into your master plan, sweetheart?

        SIN: Depends on your way of thinking. Could you see yourself at my side, and against your friends?

        XAK: Never.

        SIN: Then to hell with you it is.

        She holds out her hand and grabs him mystically, and throws him over her head so he crashes into the far wall of the room. He crashes to the floor and attempts to recover quickly but recoils in pain. SIN laughs and advances on him.

        SIN: You didn't honestly think that someone with your status could take me on solo did you? Tut tut. Thought you knew better than?

        The sound of a crossbow firing can be heard and an arrow hits SIN in her back, the tip now protruding through her chest?her heart the bullseye. She gasps, shocked, but not in pain. She turns. BROGAN is stood in the door frame holding a high powered crossbow. He smirks.

        BROGAN: (to SIN) Someone with your "status" didn't think he'd take you on solo, did you? Tut?tut?

        She laughs.

        SIN: What's this? Toole's replacement?

        She turns to XAK and yanks out the arrow from her chest without flinching.

        SIN: Want me to kill this one too?

        The arrow implodes in her hand. XAK glares at her angrily and jumps up, darting towards her. He grabs her and throws her into the wall and head butts her hard so her head smashes into the plaster and concrete. She barely flinches.

        SIN: That almost tickled.

        XAK throws her again into BROGAN'S direction and he punches her hard so she soars into the window near to XAK. She smashes through it and falls through the air silently, the only sound is the sound of the glass shattering. XAK looks to BROGAN and then hurries to the window. He looks out. She's gone, not a drop of blood or a sign of her being there. TERAMELLI coughs, causing XAK and BROGAN to turn to him. XAK rushes to his side and looks to BROGAN.

        XAK: Check on the other officers?they look in a bad way.

        BROGAN nods and hurries out of the room. XAK kneels in front of TERAMELLI and looks at him concerned.

        XAK: Detective, are you alright?

        TERAMELLI smirks weakly.

        TERAMELLI: Thorn, what a day huh?

        He coughs violently, blood filling his mouth, and blood seeping out of the corners of his mouth and his throat.

        XAK: Save your energy ok? We're gonna get you some help.

        TERAMELLI: I'm tired of fighting Thorn?this isn't a mortal world anymore.

        XAK looks tearful, knowing he's right.

        XAK: I'll do all I can to stop her, I promise.

        TERAMELLI: (weakly) You do that.

        He looks up, but not to XAK.

        TERAMELLI: Elizabeth?

        And with that, DETECTIVE CAIN TERAMELLI'S pain leaves him, and his head hangs loosely in front of the father of his murderess.

        CUT TO BLACK



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          ACT FOUR


          CHARLIE looks at KAIA with contempt.

          CHARLIE: It's Charlie, actually.

          KAIA: Charlie, Charlotte, Charis?whatever. All ends in the same name - Adrastos. Not Thorn.

          CHARLIE scoffs, and rolls her eyes.

          CHARLIE: You need to get over this Kaia?you've had long enough.

          KAIA walks into the room now.

          KAIA: Long enough? You're right?try twenty years of commitment. Try having him hold you while your parents are murdered. He was my first Charlie, something like that doesn't just disappear because he was turned into a demon.

          CHARLIE walks towards her and stands in front of her.

          CHARLIE: And yet, you're the only one with a ring on your finger.

          She looks at it and then looks up to KAIA.

          CHARLIE: If you see Cate, tell her I'm looking for her.

          She smiles and then walks past KAIA and removes herself from the room. KAIA stares straight ahead breathing heavily.


          CONSTANCE, URSULA, TRAFFORD, ELISE, ECHIDNA and SHELTER are all stood around the observation deck looking at the monitor of the Medical Ward.

          CONSTANCE: Well that went better than I thought.

          TRAFFORD: Yeah, well they still have all their hair and my ward is in one piece, so I'd say all things considered?

          ECHIDNA shakes her head.

          ECHIDNA: It is not good enough. I warned Kaia of her jealously.

          URSULA: Kaia is not one to heed words, even from someone like you my dear.

          ECHIDNA sighs.

          ECHIDNA: Regardless, her childish taunts and jibes will not stand in this faction. I am here on Perspehone's part to ensure order. Kaia is chaos, and I will fix this.

          She storms off and breezes out of the deck with anger. TRAFFORD breathes deeply.

          TRAFFORD: She's a breath of fresh air isn't she?

          The phone rings on the deck.

          URSULA: Oh, excuse me?

          She rushes to pick up the phone.

          URSULA (O/S): Hello Ea? Hello?

          CONSTANCE turns to look at TRAFFORD.

          CONSTANCE: As much as I love Kaia, I think Echidna is right. It's not just Xak's friends who have to get used to this, we do too, and if Kaia is going to make this more difficult for everyone because of her own personal difficulties, we have to stop that.

          TRAFFORD nods.

          TRAFFORD: Good luck with that.

          CONSTANCE: What? Me?

          She looks surprised. ELISE and SHELTER look at one another confused.

          TRAFFORD: You're her best friend Constance. I don't think she's going to listen to me. And Elise and Shelter can hardly intervene.

          CONSTANCE sighs.

          CONSTANCE: Very well?

          URSULA (O/S): (on the phone) By Suspiria's grief! How awful. Ea, come home now?we must inform the others!

          The others on the deck turn to URSULA now?

          URSULA: (on the phone) But?Ea. I couldn't. They are innocent people. Well?

          She sighs, reluctantly.

          URSULA: (on the phone, sadly) If it is for the best, then?.ok. See you soon. Safe journey to you both.

          She hangs up the phone at looks at the others bleakly.


          DANTE and SOFIA are stood nearby while LANCE is looking at a pack of information TRAFFORD had given him.

          DANTE: How do you think it's going?

          SOFIA: I've seen Ea fighting, he's formidable, and if I remember rightly, Xak packs a punch too.

          DANTE doesn't smile at this.

          DANTE: I meant with being here.

          SOFIA sighs.

          SOFIA: Honestly, I've never felt more at home as I have done here. These people are doing so much good for this world, and I'm a part of that. Plus, unlike Wolfram and Hart, I'm actually appreciated here, so that's something.

          She smiles.

          CONSTANCE (O/S): (loudly) Sofia!

          She laughs, noting the irony.

          SOFIA: (joking) ?See what I mean?

          She smiles and so does DANTE.

          SOFIA: I better go, but I'm so pleased you're here at last. I've been waiting a long time to see you again.

          DANTE: I'm pleased you're here too.

          She smiles again and moves towards the Observation Deck. He watches her leave.

          LANCE (O/S): She seems nice.

          DANTE turns to LANCE who is still looking at his information.

          DANTE: Sofia?

          LANCE looks up now.

          DANTE: Yeah, she's?solid.

          LANCE: She an ex?

          DANTE smirks and moves towards him.

          DANTE: In a sense.

          He's closer to LANCE now.

          DANTE: Why?you jealous?

          LANCE smiles nervously, and laughs.

          LANCE: No.

          DANTE nods, smiling.

          DANTE: Oh right, sure you're not.

          LANCE: What? I'm not?

          DANTE: Then how come every time I look at you, you turn beet red?

          LANCE is indeed blushing.

          URSULA (O/S): Mr Turnpike! Mr Emory! If I could have a moment of your time please!

          They turn to the Observation Deck where URSULA has beckoned them to. DANTE turns to LANCE.

          DANTE: Saved by the bell.

          LANCE: Shut up?

          He puts the information down and moves away towards the deck. DANTE considers for a second how much of what was being said between him and LANCE was a joke or not, especially with SOFIA back.

          CUT TO ? NEW YORK

          With the new day fully upon the city, the people begin to wake, and it wouldn't be long until the bodies of the NYPD officers, DETECTIVE CAIN TERAMELLI and MACIE COOMBS would be discovered. BROGAN is driving once again, XAK staring stoically ahead.

          XAK: What did Ursula say?

          BROGAN: (sighing) She wasn't happy about it but she's going to cover up the officer's deaths, and give them a blessing.

          XAK: It's not fair.

          BROGAN: I know Xak, but if the press or more officers get wind of this and find out Sin did this, then more will die. It's better this way?

          XAK has to bite his tongue. He didn't want to take his frustration out on BROGAN. He'd done nothing wrong.

          XAK: Teramelli was right about one thing, this isn't their world anymore.

          BROGAN looks sad at this, breathing softly.

          XAK: But I'm gonna do everything I can to make sure they get it back?

          BROGAN: You will, and you'll have the full force of the syndicate at your disposal too..

          XAK: As hard as this merge is going to be, I know we can do more good together than we can apart.

          BROGAN nods.

          BROGAN: Agreed.


          CHARLIE is moving through the corridors of the syndicate aimlessly, thinking. Suddenly a door opens behind her, causing her to turn. CATE stumbles out the room smiling. CHARLIE looks confused.

          CHARLIE: Cate?

          CATE turns startled to CHARLIE.

          CATE: (upbeat) Oh my god, Charlie! I didn't see you there!

          CHARLIE looks more confused than before, and moves towards her. It was like high school again, as if nothing had changed.

          CHARLIE: Are you feeling ok?

          CATE: Totally!

          CHARLIE: Where have you been?

          CATE: Oh pfft, this place is like a maze, each room is as big and fancy as the next. I was trying to find you guys.

          CHARLIE nods.

          CHARLIE: (unconvinced) Ok?but you're ok right?

          CATE: Oh enough about me, grief this grief that, I'm fine. Now, how are you?I really want to talk about you and this whole Kaia situation.

          URSULA (O/S): (on the tannoy) Could everyone please return to the lobby, we have to talk. Thank you?

          CHARLIE and CATE look at one another. CHARLIE sighs at their conversation being interrupted once again.

          CATE: Damn, ok look, we'll talk soon ok?

          CHARLIE nods.

          CHARLIE: Sure. That seems to be the general idea?

          CATE beams with a large smile, not noting CHARLIE'S frustration and sadness.

          CATE: Awesome! Come on then let's see what the sea witch wants now.

          CATE grabs CHARLIE'S hand and laughs as she pulls her towards the lobby once again.


          XAK and BROGAN enter through the front door and everyone is there to greet them with deep somber filled looks. CHARLIE and CATE enter the room, confused. CHARLIE breaks away from CATE and moves towards XAK.

          KAIA and ECHIDNA are not there.

          CHARLIE: (worried) What happened?

          XAK: She killed them. About a dozen officers, and Teramelli. They're dead.

          CHARLIE puts a hand to her mouth, and XAK pulls her close to him.

          URSULA: Now I know this is terrible. I know this is truly awful for us all to deal with, but I feel I must say something?

          As she says this, KAIA and ECHIDNA sidle into the background from one of the corridors. ECHIDNA keeping a sharp eye on KAIA. It's evident ECHIDNA has made her feelings to KAIA very clear.

          URSULA: We have all faced many evils in our lives, much more than I wish we had to deal with, and now we face our biggest threat yet. In many ways it is a blessing as it has brought our groups together but it is a curse we must bear also. Sin is a killer. Her humanity has been pulled from her so much that mortal weapons will not kill her. She is not mortal.

          XAK, CHARLIE, CATE, DANTE and LANCE look shocked. It's evident The Kalipso Syndicate have done extensive research into SIN, and it is them who URSULA is addressing.

          URSULA: You will be pleased to know that each day we find something new about Sin and after we have all had some rest I will be happy to tell you everything; about how we got here, about "The Sponsor" who wishes to remain anonymous and has funded this whole mission, and of course Persephone.

          CHARLIE looks up, clearly interested.

          CHARLIE: My mother?

          URSULA nods.

          URSULA: Persephone has been a true blessing to our cause, and has helped us on many occasions.

          CHARLIE looks to ECHIDNA who smiles at her and nods reassuringly.

          URSULA: (to CHARLIE, truthfully) And I want to tell you all about it?

          She now turns to everyone.

          URSULA: ?But it's been a long day and night for us all, and I think the best thing for us all right now is to get some sleep. I have organized rooms for you all. Xak and Charlie your room is through to the left corridor?

          KAIA looks at them both, but they don't seem to acknowledge or seem to worry about her opinion on this. BROGAN, KAIA, CONSTANCE and ECHIDNA watch her carefully.

          URSULA: Cate your room is down there also, and Dante and Lance I'm afraid we're a bit low on bedroom space so you'll have to share.

          LANCE is filled with a sinking feeling, but DANTE doesn't look at him. He doesn't dare.

          URSULA: I've supplied you all with towels, clean and fresh clothes, so please get some sleep if you can. We'll talk in the morning?we have a long way to go, but I think together, we can do this. We can win.

          URSULA smiles and then moves over to one of the corridors, TRAFFORD, ELISE and SHELTER follow her to their rooms. ECHIDNA also then moves towards her quarters.

          DANTE moves towards LANCE and then pats on the back.

          DANTE: Come on then?roomie.

          He laughs and moves towards the room. LANCE breathes deeply and begins dispersing towards his room. SOFIA rolls her eyes and along with CATE, BROGAN and CONSTANCE she moves towards her rooms.

          It is just XAK, CHARLIE and KAIA left, and they know it. XAK looks to CHARLIE.

          XAK: I'll be there soon, I just need a second.

          CHARLIE looks at him and then to KAIA. CHARLIE says nothing and moves away to her room. KAIA watches her leave as XAK moves closer to her.

          KAIA: Packs a punch that one.

          XAK: Can you blame her?

          KAIA: No I guess not, I'd do the same in her shoes.

          XAK: You are in her shoes Kaia.

          KAIA: True.

          They are silent for a moment, and XAK observes her carefully.

          XAK: Do you love me Kaia?

          KAIA: Always.

          XAK: Then you'll let this go for now. She has too much to deal with. Please?

          He begins to walk away after CHARLIE.


          The song begins to plays as KAIA stops him, but not physically; with what she is about to say.

          KAIA: Do you still love me?

          He stops. (The music below play throughout)

          "Not talkin' 'bout a year
          No not three or four

          XAK: I can't Kaia...

          KAIA: Can't or won't say?

          XAK: You can't put me on the spot like this.

          KAIA: I shouldn't have to! We're married.

          He turns now and looks at her sympathetically. (The music below plays throughout)

          "I don't want that kind of forever
          In my life anymore
          Forever always seems
          To be around when it begins

          XAK: I told you Kaia. I can't?

          He doesn't allow her to talk anymore. He turns and begins walking towards his room. KAIA is the only one left in the lobby and a high angled shot exposes her as the lonely woman she is. She looks longingly at him and then turns and begins walking away... (The music below plays throughout)

          "But forever never seems
          To be around when it ends


          DANTE and LANCE are in two single beds on the opposite sides of the room. DANTE is fast asleep in bed, but LANCE is lying on his back fully awake. He stares at the ceiling and then looks over to DANTE. (The music below plays throughout)

          "So give me your forever
          Please your forever
          Not a day less will do
          From you


          SOFIA is cuddling her duvet, smiling and thinking of DANTE. She didn't want to sleep. She just wanted him to wake up. (The music below plays throughout)

          "People spend so much time
          Every single day
          Runnin' 'round all over town
          Givin' their forever away


          CATE is also fast asleep and smiling peacefully; tranquil for the first time in months. The wooden box is under her bed. (The music below plays throughout)

          "But no not me
          I won't let my forever roam
          And now I hope I can find
          My forever a home


          CONSTANCE is not asleep, she is sat on her bed and she is stroking KAIA'S hair as KAIA lies her head in her lap, crying. The door is open and BROGAN passes the door. He looks in and him and CONSTANCE exchange a look.

          The camera closes in on KAIA'S ailing face.

          (The music below plays throughout)

          "So give me your forever
          Please your forever
          Not a day less will do
          From you...


          The song begins to fade as the camera opens the scene with CHARLIE sat on the edge of the double bed. She is looking at the floor, thinking.

          XAK (O/S): Hey...

          She turns to see him standing there. She breathes slowly and deeply.

          CHARLIE: Hey.

          He walks into the room and closes the door behind him.

          XAK: I'm so sorry about today. The things you've experienced...the things you felt...I can't even begin...

          CHARLIE: It's ok. It's not your fault. I was just being naive thinking you were always a dragon before I met you.

          XAK: Is it odd that that would make everything easier?

          CHARLIE: Kind of.

          They smile weakly at one another, and pause, not really sure of where to start.

          XAK: I guess we have a lot to talk about.

          CHARLIE nods slowly.

          CHARLIE: Yeah...I guess we do.

          They pause again.

          XAK: So...

          The camera shows a high angled shot of them in the room together; paused.

          CHARLIE: (quietly) So...

          "...So give me your forever
          Please your forever
          Not a day less will do...

          CUT TO BLACK

          "...From you..."

          END OF EPISODE

          and SUMMER GLAU as SIN

          Special Guest Stars:

          Special Mention:


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            - So there we go! The beginning of what could be a new era for everyone! How's everyone going to adjust?!

            - Sofia Rose is back! This wasn't a random decision, I had planned it from the beginning of Season 2 and was very careful in writing her death scene?anyone see it coming? And now she's back what will happen with her and Dante? There's kind of a weird love triangle going on with them and Lance so stay tuned for more little updates on that one!

            - Sin's stepped up her game it seems. She's going more public?and each attack of hers gets bigger and bigger, now's she met Xak and almost won?what will she do next?

            - Teramelli is dead! Just when people I think were beginning to warm to him. I had always planned for him to die but not in this episode in a later Season 3 episode?however someone else will be dying in his place in that episode?

            - The love triangle between Xak, Charlie and Kaia has begun?everything's up in the air at the moment and when the ball drops it's not going to be pretty!

            - As a small note, I have taken Ben (Wishful Thinking) off of the associations to this series. Mainly as we don't talk and he doesn't write anymore so I didn't see the point in keeping him up there!

            - More questions?Who is "The Sponsor"? What is in Cate's wooden box that makes her so "cliquey"? When will Sephy return? What did Elise mean when she felt evil surrounding Cate and Lance? How does she know? And does she know anything? Why was Ursula evasive about Shelter's past? All these and more questions I'm sure you want answered!

            - So keep reading! This episode was written really quickly as I was so excited to write it! "3.07 ? Black" is going to be as fun to write as this as it involves a lot about Lord Chancellor Black and it's got some VERY interesting stuff about his past! So if you're curious about him, then keep reading, and thank you reading this episode!

            - Ok, it was suggested to me that perhaps a little list of who The Kalipso Syndicate are may assist you as you get used to who they are so below is a list to help you remember!


            Jensen Ackles as Ea Brogan - First name pronounced "Eeee-a" (It means Fire). He is Xak's best friend from their home dimension and he has always had feelings for Kaia. He's a fighter with no real supernatural powers. His parents were murdered by Glory and his cousin is Constance Kyll.

            Emilie De Ravin as Kaia Thorn - Xak's love interest as a child. Their relationship progressed throughout the decades and they got married mid-battle. She is a powerful witch and is still married to Xak when she arrived in the series. She is unaware of Ea's feelings, supposedly.

            Blythe Danner as Ursula Lake - She is one of the village Elders in Xak's home dimension. She was married to Walter Lake who was murdered by Glory and she is an incredibly powerful witch but seldom uses her powers unless needs be. Since the massacre she has acted like a mother figure and mentor for the Syndicate. It is indicated that she has personal feelings for Smith Artair, father of Trafford and Elise.

            Selma Blair as Constance Kyll - She is Brogan's cousin and skilled in the art of mystical camouflage. She has no real love interest but her best friend is Kaia. Her parents were also murdered by Glory.

            Paul Walker as Trafford Artair - He is a healer, a skill inherited by his father. He is unsure of the extent of his abilities and since being in this reality he has masqueraded as a Doctor. He has no real love interest... yet. His sister is Elise Artair and along with her, their mother, Aria Artair was murdered and their father Smith Artair was last seen left in the hell dimension.

            Becki Newton as Elise Artair - After witnessing the murder of her friend's parents she screamed so loud she deafened herself. Like her brother she is a healer but they are at a loss on how to cure her deafness. She has no love interest and her best friend is Shelter.

            Gabrielle Union as Shelter
            - She is a casualty of war and a mystery. Adopted into the Syndicate when discovered by Smith Artair on the battlefield, she is a mute. She has never spoken a word except for the word "Shelter", which they presumed to be her name. As of yet, the Syndicate do not know who her parents are and her skills are unknown despite her showing abilities in both magic and fighting. She has no love interest and her best friend is Elise Artair.

            Ali Larter as Echidna - She is a Greek goddess, the goddess of monsters. Although she has yet to exhibit her true powers, she has the ability to call into battle any mythological beast from the Greek World. She was asked by "The Sponsor" to oversee the Syndicate's operation in this reality and maintain order.


            Elizabeth Reaser as Flora Winlow
            - She is Xak's adoptive mother after finding him, a baby, on her doorstep. She had always loved him as her own as she has never been able to have children. She was murdered by Glory.

            Matthew John Armstrong as Gabe Winlow - He is Flora's husband and always been suspcious of his adoptive son's powers and origin. He too was murdered by Glory.

            Kyle Maclachlan as Smith Artair - He is father to Trafford and Elise and husband to the deceased Aria. He assumed chief Elder position in the village, and leader of The Kalipso Syndicate, but when the children grew they rivalled his authority - Kaia in particular. He has a secret with Ursula, and is also known to have feelings for her. His status is unknown, but was last seen in their home dimension.

            Richard Jenkins as Walter Lake - He was Ursula's husband and was murdered by Glory. He, along with Aria was included in Ursula and Smith's secret.

            Judith Light as Aria Artair - She was Smith's wife and was also murdered by Glory. She was implied to be cold and her children are Trafford and Elise.

            ??? as Mr Elm - Mentioned briefly as a casualty of war. He was murdered and once the chief Elder in the village. It is implied that in his death, Smith presumed the primary role of authority. His importance as a character is yet to be discovered.

            Kate Walsh as Suspiria - She is one of the three Hell Gods to rule alongside Glory and Kalipso. She is said to be the maker of emotions and at times, Ursula uses her name to accentuate her emotions. I.e. "By Suspiria's mercy!" "By Suspiria's frustration!"

            ???? as Kalipso - She is the third Hell God to rule alongside Glory and Suspiria. She is said to be a beacon of justice to their home dimension and as such is the patron saint for their group. The Kalipso Syndicate.
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