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Rogue Redemption 1.05 "Wreckage"

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  • Rogue Redemption 1.05 "Wreckage"

    Rogue Redemption
    1.05 "Wreckage"

    *Rogue Redemption is officially affliated with Shadow Stalker, an awesome spin-off created by Lex.*

    "Even during torture the characters are funny!" - Lex 2006

    No Previously On.



    We hear people coughing throughout the restaurant. The camera zooms into under a table, where SAM landed when she was knocked by the explosion. She is lying down and coughing.

    The camera cuts over to ALAN, making his way over to SAM. When he gets over to her, and touches her cheek.

    ALAN: Hey.

    SAM: (choking) Hey.

    ALAN: You okay?

    SAM: I'll be-

    She coughs.

    SAM: (cont'd) fine.

    She looks around the room.

    SAM: (cont'd) What's the status for the room?

    She tries to sit up. ALAN looks around the room.

    ALAN: Everyone's pretty hurt?

    SAM: Anyone?dead?

    ALAN looks down.

    ALAN: I'm not sure yet.

    SAM puts her head down as well. She then picks it up after a few minutes.

    SAM: We'll have to look around. And this only leads us to one question.

    ALAN: And that would be??

    SAM: Who the hell blew up the restaurant?




    Theme song "Time is Running Out" by Muse.

    Main Characters:
    Eliza Dushku as Faith
    D.B. Woodside as Robin
    Michelle Williams as Marie Kaloff
    Tina Majorino as Samantha Derevco
    Jason Momoa as Bishop
    Callum Blue as Alan Ross
    James Callis as Brian Edwards

    Guest Starring:
    ???? ???? as Desk Clerk
    Ashlyn Yates as Young Sam
    ???? ???? as Sam's dad
    James Scott as Kevin

    "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."

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    ACT I


    SAM and ALAN stumble around through the rubble of the restaurant. We see SAM cough. She sees a man on the ground and squats down to his eye level.

    SAM: Hey, are you okay?

    The MAN doesn't answer. He merely shrugs and then wipes some blood from his mouth.

    SAM: (cont'd) Sir??

    He nods. SAM walks back over to ALAN.

    ALAN: So, he's alright?

    SAM nods.

    SAM: Yeah?so we've only seen two people dead so far?that means it wasn't that bad of an explosion?right?

    ALAN shrugs.

    ALAN: If you can classify explosions as good or bad?I'd say we could have had worse.

    They continue to walk. They notice a WOMAN lying on her stomach, not moving or breathing. ALAN runs over to check her pulse. He looks down.

    ALAN: (cont'd) Dead.

    SAM looks down too. She then looks around the restaurant. She looks emotionally worn out as well as physically worn out.

    SAM: Who would do something like this?

    Some tears spring to her eyes. ALAN gets up from the floor and holds her shoulders to support her.

    ALAN: I don't know. But we will find out who did.

    SAM nods. She then almost falls, but ALAN catches her before she does.

    ALAN: (cont'd) You should go to the hospital.

    SAM shakes her head.

    SAM: No, I can deal. I am a Slayer, after all.

    ALAN: That doesn't mean you're not hurt.

    SAM: I appreciate that you care, it's just all of these peop-

    She almost falls over again because she is so weak, and he catches her once again.

    ALAN: No. You're going to the hospital. I'll call the cops and the ambulances. You sit down.

    SAM nods, and he directs her towards a half-blown up chair.


    ALAN picks up the phone and dials 911.

    ALAN: Hello? We have an emergency. Yes, 8th avenue, building number 57. Yes. And please hurry! It's urgent!

    OPERATOR: Sir, could you tell me what happened?

    ALAN: There was an explosion. What more do you need to know?

    He hangs up. He then heads back over to SAM.

    ALAN: (cont'd) They're on their way. We need to go to the hospital.

    SAM nods. He helps her up off the chair.


    ALAN and SAM walk up to the door, and enter. When they enter, we see people in the waiting room, and also people being pushed in wheelchairs. ALAN and SAM walk up to the front desk, and SAM is limping.

    ALAN: Hi, we were just down at the Number 5 restaurant?it?well, there was an explosion. My friend here-

    He points to SAM.

    ALAN: (cont'd) Was hurt.

    DESK CLERK: Alright, are the injuries really serious?

    SAM shakes her head.

    SAM: No, I can wait.

    The DESK CLERK nods.

    DESK CLERK: Okay, deary. Go sit down, and we'll have a doctor down for you as soon as possible.

    SAM nods, and ALAN and SAM go to sit down. After a little while, ALAN stands.

    ALAN: I think that I should call Faith. Tell her what's going on.

    SAM: Yeah, I guess.

    ALAN: I'll be back in a few minutes.

    SAM: M'kay.

    He walks away. SAM holds her hand to her forehead, as if she has a headache. She groans.


    ALAN walks up to the phone booth, and picks up the phone. He dials FAITH'S number. It rings 4 times, and then someone picks up.

    ROBIN: Hello.

    ALAN: Oh, Wood. Hey. Can I talk to Faith?

    ROBIN: She's out on patrol.

    ALAN: And you're not because??

    ROBIN: I had things to do.

    ALAN: Oh.

    ROBIN: So what's going on?

    ALAN: The restaurant that Sam and I were at?it blew up.

    ROBIN: I see?you and Sam were on a date?

    ALAN: Yeah, but that's not really the point. The point is that three people are dead, and it might have been intentional.

    ROBIN: Okay. When she gets back, we'll head down there and check it out.

    ALAN: Alright, thanks.

    ROBIN: It would help if you told me what restaurant we're checking out.

    ALAN: Oh! Number 5. On 8th avenue.

    ROBIN: Gotcha. See you later.

    ALAN: Uh huh.

    They both hang up.


    FAITH walks in the door. She sees that ROBIN and MARIE are dressed to go outside. She lets out a huge sigh.

    FAITH: Lemme guess?something's wrong?

    MARIE: Yeah?the restaurant that Alan and Sam were at kind of, well?

    ROBIN: It blew up.

    FAITH: Oh, great.

    She looks at the window, and then back at them.

    FAITH: Well, I guess we should go.

    MARIE: Shouldn't we let Brian come with us?

    FAITH: I'll go ask him.

    She walks back to his bedroom, and opens the door a crack. She sees him lying down on the bed.

    FAITH: (cont'd) Hey, we're heading out to check out a supposed crime scene. Wanna join?

    BRIAN turns to her.

    BRIAN: No?I've?I've got too much to do.

    FAITH nods.

    FAITH: Okay then.

    She shuts the door and walks back to the living room. The camera stays in BRIAN'S bedroom. We see him holding his head and groaning in pain.


    FAITH walks among the rubble. She passes a yellow tape, which shows that the police have already been there. There is no other people rather than the gang there, which shows that ambulances were also there. ROBIN and MARIE look around the restaurant as well.

    FAITH: (yelling) Anything?

    ROBIN and MARIE both shake their heads.

    MARIE: N-nothing over here.

    FAITH sighs.

    ROBIN: We could just accept the possibility that this wasn't intentional. I mean, who would attack someone that was here? I don't think Alan mentioned any famous people?

    FAITH shrugs. MARIE looks up.

    MARIE: I-it was probably an accident. We should go.

    FAITH and ROBIN nod in agreement. They head out.

    The camera pans back to the kitchen of the restaurant. It goes around a corner, revealing rubble. We seem to go through the floor and into the basement, which is also rubble. We see a metal piece on the floor, and it looks like the shell of a bomb.



    "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."


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      ACT II


      ALAN is sitting at his desk, and looking at a piece of paper. We see the title of it- ?Reservations for Friday.'

      ALAN: Hm?

      We see him crossing off names as he goes down through the list. They are just names of regular people- no one famous is listed. ALAN scratches his chin and wonders out loud.

      ALAN: (cont'd) Why would someone intentionally bomb the restaurant then? What's the point?

      He leans forward and continues to write on a piece of paper.

      ALAN: (cont'd) Huh.


      ALAN walks down the hall, with a paper in his hand. He looks around, and finally spots the room that he's looking for. He enters the room, and sees SAM on a bed, resting.

      ALAN: Hey.

      SAM looks up.

      SAM: Oh, yeah. Hey.

      ALAN: So, is all a go?

      She sits up more.

      SAM: Pretty much.

      ALAN: Nothing too serious, right?

      SAM shakes her head.

      SAM: Nope.

      ALAN smiles slightly.

      ALAN: That's good.

      There is silence for a little bit, and then ALAN gets the papers out.

      ALAN: (cont'd) So, I was looking at the guest list for last night?

      SAM: Uh huh??

      ALAN: And there wasn't anyone on the list that looked suspicious.

      SAM looks surprised at this.

      ALAN: (cont'd) I mean, sure, no one's record was perfect. But there was nothing serious on any of them.

      SAM: Okay. So, what does this have to do with me?

      ALAN: Well, firstly, I thought I should let you know what's going on. And secondly, I have a question for you.

      SAM: And that question would be?

      ALAN: Do you know anyone that would do something like that?

      SAM'S breath catches in her throat. She pauses for quite some time. She finally speaks.

      SAM: No?why would I know someone like that?

      ALAN shrugs.

      ALAN: Just a question that might help me figure out who did this.

      SAM nods slowly.

      ALAN: (cont'd) Okay, since you don't know anyone that could've done that, I'm gonna go and see if I can find out who did.

      SAM: Okay. See ya!

      ALAN pauses. He leans down to her and kisses her cheek, and smiles. She smiles back.

      ALAN: See you soon.

      He walks out of the room, and SAM watches him leave. After he's gone, she sighs, deep in thought.

      SAM: I don't know what to do.

      She puts her face in her hands.


      We see several pieces of the building on the floor. They are charred, and deteriorated.

      The camera cuts over to the shadows of the corner. We see something moving from within them. Then the figure steps out further into the light, but not enough to see their face.

      FIGURE 1: Is it done? Is she dead?

      There is another figure that steps out from the darkness of the room.

      FIGURE 2: Not quite?but she will be. Very soon.

      FIGURE 1 nods and walks out the door, closely followed by FIGURE 2.


      SAM is lying on her bed, half-asleep. The TV is on, and it's on the news channel.

      NEWS REPORTER: A well-known restaurant, the Number 5, had a minor explosion today. Many people are in the hospital, and three people were found dead. There is no inclination as to who may have caused this explosion, but we have workers on the case. We will keep you updated.

      SAM looks up, eyes now fully open, and sighs. She has tears in her eyes.

      SAM: It's all my fault.

      She again puts her head in her hands.

      The camera cuts to a little outside the room. We see someone's legs, walking down the hallway towards SAM'S room. We then see them looking in at SAM, but we only see them from behind. Then we cut to their face, but only on their lips. They smirk.

      FIGURE 1: Of course it is, child.

      They swivel on their heel and walk away. We pan up to see?


      We see BISHOP tied to a pole from behind. His shoulders are sagging, and he has his head down. Then the camera makes a turn, and we see the front of him. His face is battered, and there are several burns on his chest.

      The camera cuts over to a MAN. He is holding a long, hot, poker in his hand. He, of course, has very thick gloves on. He starts to circle around BISHOP.

      MAN: You disappointed our master.

      BISHOP looks up, and then puts his head down again.

      MAN: (cont'd) So you know why you're being punished.

      BISHOP: (very, very quietly) I didn't do anything wrong.

      The MAN looks curiously at him.

      MAN: What?

      BISHOP picks his head up, and speaks again, more firmly this time.

      BISHOP: I didn't do anything. Wrong.

      The MAN gets an infuriated expression on his face.

      MAN: You must be joking!! Of course you did something wrong!!!

      BISHOP smirks.

      BISHOP: No, really not.

      The MAN gets even madder. He walks over to a table, where a sheet is over. He pulls the sheet back, to reveal many torture tools- skewers, apple peelers, screwdrivers, matches, daggers, etc. BISHOP'S face remains blank.

      BISHOP: (cont'd) Oh, come on. You know as well as I do that-

      MAN: Shut your mouth!

      The MAN walks over to BISHOP with a needle and yarn.

      MAN: (cont'd) Or I swear that I'll shut it for you.

      He glares at BISHOP. BISHOP just glares back, and then smirks yet again.

      MAN: You insignificant halfbreed.

      BISHOP raises an eyebrow.

      BISHOP: You act as if you don't feel the same way-

      MAN: (yelling) Because I DON'T!

      BISHOP winces, but still keeps his head up.

      MAN: (cont'd) You are one ungrateful little bastard, you know that?

      BISHOP looks up, as if thinking about it. He then looks back to the MAN.

      BISHOP: Pretty much.

      The MAN lets out a yell of frustration.

      MAN: You don't appreciate a thing The Great One does for you, do you

      At this, BISHOP rolls his eyes. He scoffs.

      BISHOP: The Great One? Oh, please. Give me a break.

      MAN: He is the greatest of them all! He will triumph over that silly Slayer and her friends.

      BISHOP: Okay. Whatever you say.

      The MAN grins.

      MAN: Yes, of course. Whatever I say.

      He walks over and gets a ragged dagger.

      MAN: (cont'd) Because I'm the one in charge here.

      BISHOP widens his eyes.

      The camera cuts to the exterior of the WAREHOUSE. We hear BISHOP scream.

      MAN: (cont'd) Now, that's better.


      We see ALAN walk into the room. BRIAN is sitting at the kitchen table, and FAITH is sitting on the couch, her feet up on the table in front of her. BRIAN is holding his head, and groaning because of his migraine.

      ALAN: Hey.

      BRIAN looks up.

      BRIAN: Oh, hey.

      ALAN: What's wrong?

      He steps closer and sits down. BRIAN waves a hand at him.

      BRIAN: Just a headache. And you're making it worse.

      ALAN looks confused at this.

      BRIAN: (cont'd) I can hear people's thoughts, remember?

      ALAN nods his head.

      ALAN: Ah, right. That.

      BRIAN: Yeah.

      ALAN: I would think that it would be fun-

      BRIAN: It's not.

      There is a pause.

      BRIAN: (cont'd) Go away.

      ALAN raises his hands up in surrender.

      ALAN: Okay.

      ALAN walks over to where FAITH is sitting. FAITH turns around to see him.

      FAITH: Hey kid.

      ALAN gives her a look of annoyance.

      ALAN: You know, that's not amusing. I'm almost as old as you.

      FAITH shrugs and grins.

      FAITH: Yeah, but it's fun.

      ALAN rolls his eyes.

      ALAN: Look, I came here to give you information about the explosion?do you want to hear it or not?

      FAITH sits up more.

      FAITH: Shoot.

      ALAN: Okay. Last night, I went over the guest list. There wasn't anyone that looked suspicious.

      FAITH: And this is important because?

      ALAN: That part isn't, really.

      FAITH: (prodding) And what part is?

      ALAN sighs.

      ALAN: Will you let me finish.

      FAITH gives a gesture.

      FAITH: Go right ahead.

      ALAN: As I was saying, that part isn't important. What is, is that I was watching the news a little while ago, and they said that they found the shell of a bomb, so we know for sure that it was intentional now.

      FAITH sits back.

      FAITH: Oh, joy.


      We see the door open and ALAN walks in. He sees a classmate, and waves.

      ALAN: (loudly) Hey Ricky!

      RICKY picks up his head. He nods in acknowledgement, and then looks back down at his work. The LIBRARIAN walks up to ALAN.

      LIBRARIAN: Excuse me, sir.

      ALAN turns around to see her.

      ALAN: Hey Mrs. R!

      The LIBRARIAN sighs.

      LIBRARIAN: Ah, Mr. Ross. It's you. Would you please be so kind as to shut your mouth?

      She smiles sweetly. ALAN looks slightly embarrassed.

      ALAN: Sorry ma'am.

      The LIBRARIAN continues to smile, and then walks back to her desk. ALAN rolls his eyes. He walks over to a computer. He sits down, and then logs on and opens Microsoft Word. He starts to type ?Ptolemy: A Great Mathematician", but then stops. He gets a curious look on his face.

      ALAN: I wonder, I wonder?

      He clicks on the Internet Explorer icon, and goes to Google. He types in ?Derevco, Samantha' and then hits enter on the keyboard. On the first page, there is nothing of interest. He scrolls down, and clicks the link for page two.

      The camera cuts to his face. He leans forward, as if seeing something interesting. He clicks on the mouse. His eyes go back and forth, so we can tell that he is reading something. His eyes widen.

      ALAN: Oh my god.



      "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."


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        ACT III


        ALAN runs up the stairway of FAITH and ROBIN'S apartment building, and he looks like he's been running for quite a while. He knocks on the door. He waits a while, and then knocks again.

        ALAN: Come on!!

        He waits impatiently. He is about to knock again, when someone taps him on the shoulder. He turns around, to see FAITH and ROBIN.

        FAITH: Kid, what's the problem?

        ALAN: I found out something?it's about Sam.

        ROBIN: Okay, let's go inside.

        ROBIN puts his hand in his pocket and pulls out a key. He puts it in the doorknob, and turns it to the right. He opens the door, letting ALAN and FAITH in. FAITH, ALAN, and ROBIN put their coats up on the coat rack, and then go over to the kitchen table to talk.

        FAITH: Alright, now what is it?

        ALAN: Well, I was on the computer a little while ago?

        ALAN continues to speak, but we are slowly zooming out of the apartment. When we get outside of the apartment, at the window, we see FAITH and ROBIN look shocked. We zoom back in, and we now hear audio, as well as seeing the scenes.

        FAITH: You're?sure?

        ALAN: Yeah, I'm sure. There was even a picture of Sam, and I would recognize her anywhere.

        FAITH nods.

        ROBIN: So, what are we going to do about it? I mean, don't we have more pressing matters?

        ALAN: Yes, but?

        ROBIN: What about the restaurant, and all of those people?

        ALAN: That's what I'm talking about though.

        FAITH: Oh?wait, what?

        ALAN puts the papers in front of here.

        ALAN: Sam was there, right?

        They both nod.

        ALAN: (cont'd) So, I'm thinking that whatever happened?he did it.

        FAITH: Yeah, but we can't be sure.

        ALAN: No, we can't?unless we ask Samantha.


        SAMANTHA is at the from desk. She's talking with the DESK CLERK.

        SAM: Hello?I would like to check out.

        DESK CLERK: Okay.

        She looks down at her computer, and types something in.

        DESK CLERK: (cont'd) And your name is?

        SAM: Oh! Samantha. Samantha Derevco.

        DESK CLERK: Alright, dear.

        She types in something else. She then prints out a sheet of paper. She stands and hands it to SAM.

        DESK CLERK: (cont'd) Just sign this please.

        She points to the bottom of the paper. SAM gets a pen out of her purse and signs the bottom. The DESK CLERK smiles.

        DESK CLERK: (cont'd) Thank you! Have a nice day.

        SAM smiles as well.

        SAM: You too.

        She walks out the door.


        BISHOP is still tied to a pole, even more battered than before. Someone enters the room.

        HECTOR: Have you learned your lesson?

        BISHOP keeps his head down, remaining silent.

        HECTOR: (cont'd) Well?

        BISHOP looks up a bit.

        BISHOP: Yes?

        HECTOR: Good.

        BISHOP: (very quietly) A**hole.

        HECTOR turns to him.

        HECTOR: What?

        BISHOP: I said nothing, master.

        HECTOR nods.

        HECTOR: I must be hearing things?

        There is a pause. HECTOR leans against the wall.

        HECTOR: (cont'd) So, as you have learned your lesson, are you ready to get a job done for me?

        BISHOP looks puzzled.

        BISHOP: In this condition, sir?

        HECTOR: Ah, yes. Right. I'll give you a week. But then, I have a job for you.

        BISHOP nods.

        BISHOP: Of course, sir.

        HECTOR walks out of the room. BISHOP looks at his ropes, and attempts to get them off. After a few minutes, he gives up.

        BISHOP: Damn it!

        He picks up his leg and kicks the pole in frustration.


        SAM enters the room, to find FAITH, ROBIN, ALAN, and MARIE sitting at the kitchen table.

        SAM: Hey guys.

        She takes off her coat, and hangs it up. She sets down her purse. They are all silent.

        SAM: (cont'd) What's going on?

        They all have very serious expressions on their faces.

        SAM: (cont'd) Okay, you guys are scaring me.

        Then the screen fades out, and fades back in with the caption "5 Minutes Later" on the bottom.

        SAM: Oh?

        ALAN: Yeah. That's what's wrong.

        SAM: How did you find out?

        ALAN: I Googled you.

        SAM looks confused.

        SAM: You what?

        ALAN: You know?Google. The search engine.

        SAM: Oh, right.

        ALAN chuckles, but then looks serious again.

        ALAN: Why didn't you tell us about this? Why didn't you tell me?

        SAM: It didn't seem important?

        ALAN: Sam, it's your life. Of course it's important.

        SAM: It didn't seem relevant at the time.

        ALAN: Not relevant? I asked you who you thought could have blown up the restaurant!

        SAM: I-

        ALAN: And you just said you didn't know anyone!

        He looks very angry.

        SAM: Like I said?

        ALAN: Why wouldn't it be relevant? He could be after you!

        SAM: You're not letting me talk!

        ALAN calms down a bit.

        ALAN: So talk.

        SAM: Okay, I'm sorry I didn't tell you before. I-

        But suddenly the door is smashed open, and a FIGURE steps out into the light.

        FIGURE 1: Hello, Samantha.


        END OF ACT III

        "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."


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          ACT IV

          FADE BACK IN

          SAM: Kevin?

          Her eyes widen.


          We see YOUNG SAM sitting on the floor, and playing with a doll.

          YOUNG SAM: (pretending to talk as doll) I'm going to the ball!

          She picks up another doll, and makes the first one turn towards the second one.

          YOUNG SAM: (cont'd) Are you?

          We zoom out a bit to see that she is in the LIVING ROOM of a house. We then see the front door open. YOUNG SAM looks up. Her eyes light up.

          YOUNG SAM: (cont'd) Daddy!!

          She gets up from the floor, and runs over to the man at the doorway. She hugs his legs. Her DAD looks down at her, and smiles.

          SAM'S DAD: Hey, sweetie.

          He kneels down to her eye level.

          SAM'S DAD: (cont'd) How was your day?

          YOUNG SAM: I played with Barbies!

          SAM'S DAD: Is that all?

          YOUNG SAM: No?I colored too.

          She happily skips over to a desk, and shows him a drawing.

          SAM'S DAD: Wow, that's great honey!

          He smiles and lifts here up. YOUNG SAM squeals. Suddenly, there is a knock on the door. SAM'S DAD sets SAM down. He looks through the peek hole in the door, and then looks frightened. He turns back to YOUNG SAM, and kneels to her eye level again.

          SAM'S DAD: I need you to go hide in that closet over there, okay? Don't come out until I say it's okay.

          YOUNG SAM nods and runs over to the closet and then into it. Her DAD walks over to the door and opens it. A MAN is standing there.

          MAN: Hello David.

          DAVID: Hey Kevin.

          KEVIN: You didn't finish the job.

          DAVID hangs his head in shame.

          DAVID: I couldn't.

          KEVIN: And now, you must pay.

          DAVID widens his eyes a bit.

          DAVID: No, please. Have mercy! I have a daughter, and a wif-

          KEVIN shakes his head.

          KEVIN: Sorry, can't.

          He pulls out a dagger. DAVID heads toward the door, and then is stopped by KEVIN'S foot. DAVID falls to the floor, on his face. He gasps for air. KEVIN stands over him, and sighs.

          KEVIN: (cont'd) I'm sorry, Dave.

          With that, he plunges the dagger in to DAVID'S chest. We hear SAM gasp. KEVIN turns his head toward the closet, but then shrugs it off. He heads upstairs. SAM lets out a cry, and runs out of the closet, and toward the phone. She dials 911.

          YOUNG SAM: H-hello? My?something's wrong with my daddy!

          The camera cuts to upstairs. KEVIN is rummaging through drawers, when he hears the voice of a little girl. He walks out into the hallway, and then down the stairs. He spots SAM lying next to her dad.

          YOUNG SAM: Please wake up?

          KEVIN: You brat!

          SAM picks her head up, and looks frightened. Just then, there are flashing lights and sirens outside.



          KEVIN smirks.

          KEVIN: Yup. Me.

          He starts to advance toward her. ALAN steps in front of her.

          ALAN: Don't you dare lay a hand on her.

          KEVIN raises a brow.

          KEVIN: Aw, how cute.

          He hits ALAN in the stomach, and sends him onto the ground. He continues to advance toward SAM. FAITH then steps in front of her.

          FAITH: I don't think so, buddy.

          KEVIN: Yeah, ?cause I'm really intimidated by a girl.

          FAITH is the one that smirks this time .

          FAITH: You should be.

          KEVIN rolls his eyes.

          KEVIN: Yeah, right.

          He tries to punch her, but misses.

          FAITH: Okay, two problems with your plan buddy?

          She ducks a punch.

          FAITH: (cont'd) One: You hit like a sissy. And two?

          She punches him, sending him flying across the room.

          FAITH: (cont'd) I'm stronger than you.

          KEVIN coughs.

          SAM walks in front of FAITH, and looks angry.

          SAM: It was you? It was you that blew up that restaurant, and hurt all of those people?

          KEVIN grins.

          KEVIN: You bet.

          SAM: I wouldn't be smiling if I were you.

          KEVIN laughs.

          KEVIN: Why? Are you gonna have your friend here beat me up?

          SAM: No, actually.

          FAITH looks confused. SAM holds up her hands, and mutters something under her breath. She finally says something aloud.

          SAM: Abracadabra.

          KEVIN looks puzzled, and then disappears.

          FAITH: What the hell? You're a witch and a Slayer?

          SAM: Not so much?

          FAITH: What do you mean?

          SAM: I'm not really a Slayer?I just did a spell to make it look like I was, so I could escape my hometown?and escape Kevin.

          FAITH: Oh, I get it.

          SAM: But that doesn't mean you should just forgive me. I lied.

          FAITH: And for a good reason?but true, I shouldn't just forgive you. And I'm not going to.

          SAM: I understand.

          FAITH walks away from her and SAM is left standing there...alone.

          FADE TO BLACK

          END OF ACT IV

          ROLL CREDITS

          "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."