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Rogue Redemption 1.04 "Into the Darkness"

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  • Rogue Redemption 1.04 "Into the Darkness"

    Rogue Redemption
    1.04 "Into The Darkness"

    *Rogue Redemption is officially affliated with Shadow Stalker, an awesome spin-off created by Lex.*

    No Previously On. Read previous episodes if you want to know what's happened so far.



    A woman walks on the sidewalk with a cigarette in her mouth and a cell phone pressed to her ear. She looks annoyed.

    WOMAN: No, Mark. I'm not going to pick you up. You have to find your own way out of this one.

    MARK: (quiet, on the phone) But-

    WOMAN: No. No buts this time.

    MARK: Tracy-

    The woman, TRACY, hangs up the phone. She breaths in the cigarette and then blows out smoke. She turns her head to the right and bends over a bit to see if anything is there.

    TRACY: Hello?

    We hear nothing. She turns left and starts walking down the sidewalk, toward her home. We then hear whispers.

    TRACY: I know someone's there!!

    The whispers continue.

    TRACY: I'm not a-afraid.

    WHISPERS: Yes you are. They always are.

    TRACY widens her eyes and begins to back away slowly.

    TRACY: I can defend myself?

    WHISPERS: In the end, none of them can.

    TRACY: I-I?

    She continues to back away and then something grabs her feet and drags her off the sidewalk. She screams, and we only see darkness where whoever is dragging her could be.

    Her scream continues, and then stops, suddenly.




    Theme song "Time is Running Out" by Muse.

    Main Characters:
    Eliza Dushku as Faith
    D.B. Woodside as Robin
    Michelle Williams as Marie Kaloff
    Tina Majorino as Samantha Derevco
    Jason Momoa as Bishop
    Callum Blue as Alan Ross
    James Callis as Brian Edwards

    Guest Starring:
    Cameron Diaz as Tracy
    Alexander Brown as Hector
    Joseph Sessumes as Joseph
    Bruce Willis as Moore

    "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."

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    ACT I


    FAITH is on top of ROBIN and kissing him. She rolls over onto the other side of the bed. She sighs.

    ROBIN: It's been quiet, with the supernatural world, lately?

    FAITH smirks.

    FAITH: Yeah, taking full advantage of that.

    She kisses him again.

    ROBIN: Well, don't you think that the quietness is a little?weird?

    FAITH shrugs.

    FAITH: I guess.


    SAM sits on the couch and watches the television. The camera cuts to the television, where a news reporter is talking.

    NEWS REPORTER: Tonight there was a break-in at the Kay jewelry store, 2 suspects were seen leaving the scene of the crime-

    SAM interrupts her.

    SAM: Oh, big deal!

    She picks up the remote, and points it towards the television.

    NEWS REPORTER: Also, a young woman named Tracy Higgins disapp-

    SAM turns the channel.

    ANNOUNCER: And now, just for you kids, we have a special-

    SAM turns the television off.

    SAM: Why can't there be anything good on?

    She gets up from the couch and walks over to the kitchen, opening the fridge. She grabs a jug of milk, and then goes to the cupboard and gets a glass. She pours milk into the glass until it's half full. She then puts the milk back, and goes back to the couch. She turns the television back on.

    The camera cuts to the TV. There are large, fluffy animals doing a strange dance.

    The camera then cuts to SAM's face, with a strange look on it.

    SAM: Okay then.

    She picks up the remote again and turns the TV off.

    SAM: (cont'd) I give up.

    She gets up from the couch and heads to her bedroom.

    The camera cuts back to the remote on the couch. It falls to the ground and the power button is pushed.

    The camera cuts to the television.

    NEWS REPORTER: There has been no sighting of Tracy since the night she disappeared. If you have seen her, please contact us immediately.


    We see the outside of a police station that reads "Manhattan Police Station 37". We see people going in and out of the doors.

    The camera then cuts to the inside of the building. We see a telephone ringing, and then move past it to an office, and then into it and onto a desk. There is a nameplate that reads "Sheriff Moore". We then see the sheriff looking at a paper, and he sighs.

    The camera cuts to the door, and it opens, and we see an officer walk in.

    OFFICER: Sheriff.

    MOORE nods his head.

    MOORE: Jones.

    JONES: I have information on the disappearances of the young women recently.

    MOORE: Go on.

    JONES puts a few papers on the desk and spread them out. He points to the first one.

    JONES: The first victim, Laurie Sears. She came from a rich family, and it was her 21st birthday that night.

    He points to the next picture.

    JONES: (cont'd) Second victim- Feona Smith. She also came from a rich family, and it was her 21st birthday that night.

    He points to the final picture.

    JONES: (cont'd) Last victim- Tracy Higgins. She-

    MOORE: Let me guess. Came from a rich family, it was her 21st birthday the night she disappeared.

    JONES nods.

    MOORE: So we have a pattern.

    JONES nods again.

    JONES: Yes, sir. I think that it may be a serial killer.

    MOORE nods.

    MOORE: That makes a lot of sense.

    He looks at the papers again.

    MOORE: (cont'd) I'll look into it. You're dismissed.

    JONES leaves the room.


    FAITH is sitting at the kitchen table, drinking a glass of orange juice. She's staring into space.

    BRIAN: (O.S.) What's wrong?

    FAITH comes out of the dazed moment she was having. She shakes her head.

    FAITH: Nothing.

    BRIAN chuckles.

    BRIAN: Yeah, right. Empath here, remember?

    FAITH: Oh, yeah?

    BRIAN sits next to her.

    BRIAN: So what's up?

    FAITH: Nothing.

    BRIAN looks at her, confused.

    BRIAN: Didn't we just go over this?

    FAITH: But nothing's going on! That's the problem.

    BRIAN: Oh?what do you mean by that.

    FAITH: I mean, normally weird stuff is always going on. Nothing's really been happening recently.

    BRIAN: And that's a bad thing?

    FAITH: Well, no. But maybe yes?

    She sighs.

    FAITH: (cont'd) I don't know.

    ROBIN enters the room.

    ROBIN: What are we talking about?

    FAITH: Supernatural stuff. Or the lack of.

    She shrugs.

    ROBIN nods slowly.

    ROBIN: Ah, yes. That.

    BRIAN: It has been 3 weeks?

    FAITH: Which is weird.

    ROBIN and BRIAN nod.

    SAM enters.

    SAM: Hey all.

    She heads over to the fridge.

    BRIAN: Well, I'm going to head out. Things to do.

    There is an echo of "byes" throughout the room. BRIAN heads out the door.


    We see BISHOP pacing. He's muttering as he paces.

    We then cut to a darkened corner of the room. HECTOR comes out from the darkness.

    HECTOR: You failed me.

    BISHOP looks confused.

    HECTOR: You may not think that it was your fault, but it was.

    BISHOP nods.

    BISHOP: Yes master.

    HECTOR: Therefore, you must be punished.

    BISHOP puts his head down in shame.

    HECTOR looks behind him self, and nods his head toward BISHOP.

    We cut to the darkened corner again. Two big, burly men come from it. They walk over to BISHOP and take him by the shoulders. He struggles at first, but then allows himself to be taken by them.

    The camera cuts to HECTOR's face. He smirks.

    HECTOR: Foolish halfbreed.


    BRIAN walks into the library. He looks around, and then spots what he needs. A computer. He walks over to it and sits on a chair in it.

    The camera cuts to the computer screen. He clicks on the internet browser window, and then goes to Google. He types in "supernatural occurrences". There is nothing new on the list of windows.

    BRIAN scratches his chin. He types in the address to a news channel website. There is an article entitled "Missing Woman". He clicks on that. He reads the information about TRACY HIGGINS and her disappearance.

    BRIAN: That's probably just your everyday kidnapping?

    He went back to the main page of the website, and he doesn't see any other unusual articles. He logs off.

    BRIAN: (cont'd) Huh.

    We see him walk off. Someone else comes up to the computer and logs on. They also go to Google and types in "kidnappings". He clicks on a link entitled, "3 Women Missing: Serial Killer On the Loose?".



    "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."


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      ACT II


      We see JONES standing with a fellow cop. He's showing the cop next to him the pictures that he showed MOORE earlier that day.

      JONES: You see what I mean?

      COP: Yeah, that's definitely a mystery. We should go investigate it.

      He starts heading for the door. JONES grabs his shoulder and stops him.

      JONES: We should probably wait for the Sheriff's approval.

      COP: I think-

      MOORE: (O.S.) I don't care what you think. No approval, no action. Got it?

      The COP turns to MOORE.

      COP: Y-yes sir.

      The camera cuts over to the door. A man with raggedy hair and a tired look on his face walks in.

      MOORE: (cont'd, to COP) Next time you try to go somewhere without my orders, you're fired.

      The COP nods, puts his head down, and walks away. MOORE walks back to his office. The MAN walks over to JONES.

      MAN: It's not a serial killer.

      JONES looks to the man, confused.

      JONES: Huh?

      MAN: The women's disappearances. It's not a serial killer.

      JONES: How do you know that?

      MAN: Because it's The Darkness.

      JONES: The what-ness?

      MAN: The Darkness. It takes it's victims at night.

      JONES: Look, buddy. I don't know what this "darkness" is, but you're clearly not right in the head. Maybe I should get security.

      He began to reach for the phone. The MAN grabs his hand sternly.

      MAN: No. You have to believe me.

      JONES gives him a serious look.

      JONES: No, I don't. And I think you should take your arm off of me. Now. Or be arrested for assault.

      The MAN glares at him, but then pulls him arm away.

      MAN: You'll be sorry.

      He turns and walks out the door. Pan up to JONES' face, still confused, and slightly scared.


      The camera does a close-up on SAM. She looks to her left and then to her right. The camera pulls out, to reveal that MARIE is walking with her. SAM looks like she notices something interesting. She walks over, slowly followed by MARIE.

      SAM: Oh look, little plastic ducks! How cute!

      MARIE raises an eyebrow.

      SAM: (cont'd) Okay, yeah. I'm officially the lamest person ever.

      MARIE laughs.

      MARIE: You're not so lame?just?

      She looks at the plastic ducks.

      MARIE: (cont'd) Strange.

      SAM: Just strange?

      SAM looks at the plastic ducks again as well.

      SAM: (cont'd) I'd pretty much call me psycho.

      MARIE shakes her head.

      MARIE: Nah, you're?okay, yes. Psycho.

      SAM puts a hand over her heart.

      SAM: That hurts!

      MARIE laughs again and shakes her head.

      MARIE: I used to know someone like you.

      SAM: Who?

      MARIE: Just an old friend?

      SAM: Well, now you know me too.

      They soon came up on the food court. They went through a line, bought some food, and then sat down at a table.

      SAM: So, what's your deal?

      MARIE looks confused.

      MARIE: Deal?

      SAM: Yeah, your story.

      MARIE: Oh, I'm just a girl.

      SAM gives her a look.

      MARIE: (cont'd) That's a Slayer.

      SAM: And that's?it?

      MARIE looks down.

      MARIE: Pretty much.

      SAM: Oh.

      MARIE: What about you?

      SAM: Same, basically.

      MARIE: We're pretty boring, aren't we?

      SAM: Uh huh.

      They continue to eat.

      MARIE: I've gotta go to the bathroom.

      SAM nods. MARIE gets up and heads to the restroom. Before entering, she hears a deep voice behind her.

      PERSON: Marie.

      Close-up on MARIE'S face. Her eyes widen.

      MARIE: Leave me alone.

      The camera cuts over to the person, and we see that they are a man.

      MAN: Now, why would I want to do that?

      MARIE: Leave me the hell alone, Joseph.

      JOSEPH: No. You see, I have a bone to pick with you.

      MARIE: No. You see?I don't care.

      She grins and then glares at him. The camera cuts over to him, and we see his skin begin to sizzle.

      JOSEPH: You bitch!!

      He slowly catches on fire and turns to ash. She looks down at the pile, and frowns. She smiles again.

      MARIE: Buh-bye now, sweetie.

      She walks back to the table where SAM'S sitting. She is still smiling, and being very cheery.

      MARIE: (cont'd) Ready to go?


      ALAN paces in the living room. He sees FAITH walk in.

      ALAN: Have you seen Sam?

      FAITH: Nope, sorry buddy.

      ALAN nods, and continues pacing.

      FAITH: Do I want to ask?

      ALAN: Probably not.

      FAITH: Okay.

      She continues onto the kitchen. ALAN looks up and then heads back to BRIAN'S room. He opens the door. BRIAN, who is sitting on a chair and clutching his head, looks up.

      BRIAN: What. Do. You. Want?

      ALAN: I was just uh?wondering if you knew where- Are you okay?

      BRIAN: It's nothing.

      He pauses.

      BRIAN: Wondering if I knew where??

      ALAN: Sam was.

      BRIAN: With Marie, at the mall.

      ALAN: Oh, okay. Thanks.

      BRIAN: Yeah?

      He lets out a groan of pain and clutches his head again. ALAN closes the door.


      JONES walks into MOORE'S office.

      JONES: Sir?

      MOORE: Yes?

      JONES: Permission to investigate the disappearances of the the young women?

      MOORE: When?

      JONES: Tonight. At 11.

      MOORE nods.

      MOORE: Granted.

      JONES: Thank you sir.


      FAITH is sitting on a chair.

      FAITH: This is boring as hell.

      She gets a wondering look on her face, and turns to ROBIN.

      FAITH: (cont'd) Is hell boring?

      ROBIN shrugs.

      ROBIN: Sorry, I wouldn't know.

      FAITH: Oh?maybe I should call B and ask her?God, don't I come off as needing entertainment.

      ROBIN: It's been really quiet lately.

      FAITH: Yeah, and not a good quiet.

      She sits more upright in her chair, and then leans forward.

      FAITH: (cont'd) I mean, quiet can't be good right? Means the nasties are just getting riled up?

      ROBIN shrugs again.

      ROBIN: Maybe. Or maybe it's just?quiet. And that's all it is. You're just letting it get to you.

      FAITH: But this is a Hellmouth. I highly doubt that.

      BRIAN enters the room, holding his head in pain. He looks at FAITH.

      BRIAN: Oh, great. Worry. Just what I need. Maybe I should go back-

      FAITH: You've been in that room all day?

      BRIAN: Well, yeah. I'm not going to come out here with all of the emotions you people give off. I mean jeesh. You would think that'd you be able to relax for one measly day.

      He sits down on the couch.

      BRIAN: (cont'd) But no.

      SAM and MARIE walk in the door, laughing.

      SAM: Isn't that just so weird?

      She laughs again.

      MARIE: Definitely?are you sure she did that?

      SAM nods, trying to hold a laugh again. MARIE chuckles.

      MARIE: (cont'd) Wow.

      SAM: Yeah.

      They turn to see the faces of the other people in the room.

      SAM: (cont'd) Oh, hey. What are we talking about?

      FAITH: I don't know. What are you talking about?

      ROBIN: I think she meant us.

      FAITH: Oh.

      BRIAN lets out a sigh.

      BRIAN: They're talking about the lack of supernatural?again. I'm glad someone is laughing rather than worrying about what's not going on.

      FAITH: Hypocrite.

      BRIAN: Well, I decided to act more like you about the apocalypse.

      SAM: Apocalypse? Mmm, fun.

      ALAN walks in the room.

      ALAN: Welcome back, girls.

      They wave.

      SAM: I'm heading to bed. See you guys later.

      Everyone acknowledges her leaving, and then slowly begin to head off to their bedrooms. Only FAITH is left. She gets up.

      FAITH: I guess it's time to do some patrolling.


      One patrol car sits by a sidewalk.

      COP: This is where the girls were taken.

      The camera cuts over to JONES. He nods.

      JONES: Which is another clue that it's a serial killer.

      They continue to look around their car, but see nothing but darkness. JONES leans forward and grabs a coffee.

      The camera cuts to outside the car. We see the crazy man from earlier walking, and he sees the car.

      MAN: I'll show them. I'll show them it's not a serial killer.

      He continues to walk.

      The camera cuts to inside the patrol car. JONES points out the man.

      JONES: I wonder what he's doing out this late?

      He watches as the man walks into the darkness. But as he does, something strange happens. The darkness seems to grab him, and he lurches forward.

      JONES: (cont'd) What the hell?

      He gets out of the car, and runs toward the direction of the man. When he gets there, he sees nothing. He hears a yell, like it's right near him, and then he hears nothing. He runs back to the car, and looks at the COP.

      JONES: (cont'd) We have a problem.

      They both look in the direction the man disappeared.



      "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."


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        ACT III


        JONES runs into the door and to the main office secretary.

        JONES: I need you to call the news, tell them we have 4 disappearances now. And one's not matching the pattern.

        She stares at him in confusion.

        JONES: Now!

        She grabs the phone. JONES then runs into MOORE'S office.

        JONES: It's not what we thought.


        FAITH walks in the door and hangs up her coat.

        FAITH: Well, that was a bust.

        She walks into the living room and plops down on the couch.

        FAITH: (cont'd) I wonder?

        She grabs the remote and turns the television on. We see the same NEWS REPORTER from earlier in the episode.

        NEWS REPORTER: Breaking news. The disappearances of the three women earlier these past two weeks apparently isn't a serial killer. There were two cops out on duty tonight and they saw this man-

        A picture of the crazy man from earlier appears in the top right corner of the screen.

        NEWS REPORTER: (cont'd) Disappear into thin air. If you have any information on these disappearances, please contact us immediately.

        FAITH sighs.

        FAITH: I knew it! I knew that everything was quiet for a reason.

        She gets up from the couch.

        FAITH: Nothing can stay simple for long.


        FAITH, ROBIN, SAM, and MARIE walk on the sidewalk. SAM wipes her eyes.

        SAM: You couldn't have waited until morning? You know, that time of day that people are actually lively in?

        FAITH: This couldn't wait.

        SAM: Right. Just because you couldn't wait.

        FAITH gives her a look.

        SAM: (cont'd) Well, it's true. Admit it- you've just been sitting and waiting for something supernatural to happen.

        FAITH: I think we all have.

        SAM: But those of us who like sleep? Haven't.

        FAITH: Too bad. It's your duty.

        SAM sighs.

        MARIE: I think it's nice. The f-fresh air I mean. It's nice.

        SAM looks at MARIE and rolls her eyes.

        SAM: Whatever. That's your opinion.

        There is rustling in the bushes.

        ROBIN: Ssh?

        They slowly approach the bushes. The camera keeps cutting back and forth between their faces and the bush. Finally, a squirrel runs from the bush.

        SAM: Oh, look. A rodent. How very significa-

        Suddenly, she is grabbed from behind. We see a vampire is trying to bite her. She screams.

        The camera pulls out to reveal that they are surrounded by about 11 vampires.

        FAITH smirks.

        FAITH: Looks like it's my lucky night.

        The vampires start to close in. SAM is held by a vampire, and she flips him over. Most of the vampires head straight for FAITH, knowing that she is the most powerful. SAM is seen struggling with a vampire, and now he's gotten the upper hand. He is on top of her, and about to bite into her neck. SAM looks around frantically.

        The camera cuts to FAITH, fighting off two vampires.

        FAITH: (cont'd) Oh, c'mon guys. You know you can do better than that.

        She grabs a stake from her coat pocket and stakes one. The other vampire looks angry, and charges her. She ducks, and he goes flying over her.

        FAITH: It's called coordination. Spell it, learn it.

        She then goes after the vampire.

        The camera cuts over to ROBIN, fighting over one vampire.

        VAMPIRE 1: Ooooh, and Slayer's son. This should be interesting.

        She attempts to jump on him, but then we see her turn to dust. The camera cuts over to ROBIN, accomplished.

        ROBIN: Right. Interesting.

        The camera cuts over to MARIE, fending off 3 vampires. She's surrounded by them, and they're moving in a circle.

        MARIE: Um, guys? A little h-help would be nice.

        She sees that everyone is busy with their own vampire. She looks around, as if to seem frightened.

        VAMPIRE 2: Poor, scared, little girl.

        VAMPIRE 3: Don't worry deary, it will be over soon.

        MARIE looks to see if her friends are looking at her. They aren't. She smirks.

        MARIE: Oh, yes. Yes, it will.

        They look at her confused, and then their skin begins to sizzle the way that JOSEPH'S did. They scream, and turn to dust.

        The camera cuts over to FAITH, finishing off her last vampire, and ROBIN walking over to FAITH.

        A vampire is still on top of SAM, but then she reaches for a stake that's on the ground, that fell out of her pocket. She is struggling because she's being strangled, but she manages to get it. She puts it through the vampire's heart. She breathes heavily. No one seems to notice she was struggling.

        SAM: (whispering) Whew, close one.

        She gets up from the ground and walks over to the group.

        SAM: (cont'd, louder) So, quiet, huh?

        They all give a faint smile.


        A patrol car sits in the same place it did quite a few hours ago. Two different cops are sitting there.

        COP 1: I haven't seen nothing, and we've been hear how long?

        COP 2 shrugs. He looks down and plays a video game.

        COP 1: I say we call it a night.

        COP 2: Uh huh.

        COP 1 puts the key into the engine and turns it to the right. We hear the car spurt to life, and he drives away.

        COP 1: I think this is just stupid. Supernatural.

        He scoffs.

        COP 1: (cont'd) What do they know?

        COP 2 shrugs again.

        COP 1 continues to drive. We then see an enormous cloud ahead of him. He squints, and then widens his eyes in surprise.

        COP 1: (cont'd) Oh holy God.

        The camera moves out to show that the Darkness is enveloping everything and everyone in it's path. We see the patrol car disappear within it.


        FAITH, ROBIN, SAM, and MARIE are slowly walking in the direction of their cars when FAITH hears something and stops.

        FAITH: Do you guys hear that?

        She swivels around.

        ROBIN, SAM, and MARIE all give her strange looks. They shake their heads. FAITH looks curious and starts walking back from where they just came from. She only sees darkness, and shrugs it off.

        FAITH: (cont'd) Huh. I guess it's nothing then.

        She turns back around and then continues to follow them. The camera pulls up to SAM.

        SAM: I don't see why all those vamps were there in the first place. I mean, it's been quiet until just now. Why would that many of them just?appear?

        MARIE: I don't know?un-unless it's some plan. A bigger source?

        ROBIN: That's probably not it. It could have just been a bunch of vamps that were prowling for food.

        SAM: Yeah, but where did they come from?

        ROBIN: Where all vampires come from.

        SAM rolls her eyes.

        SAM: Duh.

        There is a gust of wind.

        SAM: (cont'd) I'm just saying, I wouldn't think that they would be hanging out in the middle of Central Park for no particular reason.

        She pauses.

        SAM: (cont'd) What do you think, Faith?

        There is silence.

        SAM: (cont'd) Faith?

        Still more silence.

        SAM: (cont'd) Look, if you're not going to be mature about this, I'm-

        She turns around. There's no one there. No FAITH, no ROBIN, no MARIE. Just darkness.

        SAM: (cont'd) Hello?


        SAM: (cont'd) Guys, this isn't funny!

        Then the wind starts to pull her towards the darkness.

        SAM: (cont'd) Oh my god?I know what's happening. It's swallowing us. It's swallowing us all.

        The camera moves out to show an overview of MANHATTAN. It's being covered with a large, moving black object. The Darkness. Cut back to SAM. She gulps.

        SAM: Not good.

        Suddenly, whispers came from within the Darkness.

        DARKNESS: Do not fight me. I shall control you. I shall control the city. I shall control the Earth.

        SAM: I-I have to fight.

        DARKNESS: You are not strong enough.

        SAM: I'm strong.

        She closes her eyes very tightly.

        DARKNESS: You are not strong enough.

        SAM: I'm?I'm?I am?

        She pauses.

        SAM: I'm not strong enough.

        She begins to walk toward the Darkness.


        END OF ACT III

        "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."


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          ACT IV

          We see SAM walking into the DARKNESS.

          DARKNESS: Yes, come to me child. Come to me.

          We see the DARKNESS enveloping her.

          DARKNESS: (cont'd) Yes?

          All of a sudden, a blinding light is sent out. SAM doesn't go all the way through the DARKNESS' BODY. SAM looks dazed.

          SAM: Wha?

          She is about to fall unconscious, but then sees a body of light approaching.

          SAM: (cont'd) Who?who are you?

          LIGHT: You need not know that, mortal. You only need know that I saved you.

          SAM nods.

          LIGHT: But heed my words. A great darkness is approaching. Greater than this. You must protect them. For we can not help, next time.

          SAM: Protect who?

          LIGHT: The world, of course.

          SAM widens her eyes.

          SAM: But I can't. I'm not strong enou-

          LIGHT: Nonsense!! Now, we must hurry. If you want your friends back, I must do it before the Darkness' master takes it's body and locks it away for future use again. You do want your friends back, right?

          SAM nods once again.

          LIGHT: Good. Now, here's what you must do.


          SAM: Okay.

          LIGHT: Okay. Now go! Hurry!

          SAM gets up from the ground with something in her hand. A vile. She runs right into the mouth of the DARKNESS.

          The camera cuts into the DARKNESS, and we see SAM'S silhouette. She struggles to open the vile, but eventually does. We hear a crash, and then another blinding light flashes. The DARKNESS disappears. There are many people all over CENTRAL PARK.

          SAM turns to her friends.

          SAM: So, you still think it's quiet here?

          They look around at all the recovered people.

          FAITH: Maybe it's best if it actually was.

          They chuckle.


          FAITH, ROBIN, SAM, and MARIE all walk through the door.

          FAITH: Well, that was exhausting.

          ROBIN: Yeah.

          SAM: Tell me about it.

          They all sit in the living room.

          MARIE: At least we got all those p-people back to their families.

          They nod.

          SAM: Oh, oh and! I saved all of you! Hurrah me!

          She claps. FAITH rolls her eyes. But then she looks serious.

          FAITH: How did you know how to save us?

          SAM looks curious as well, even though she knows what happened.

          SAM: Some?person? I don't know what it was. Whatever it was, showed up, and gave me a vial, and told me what to do.

          There is silence.

          SAM: (cont'd) It was weird.

          ROBIN: Sounds like.

          SAM: I wonder who it was?I think that whoever it was, they were on our side.

          MARIE: That's always a plus.

          SAM: But they warned me that something bad is coming. Worse than the Darkness.

          FAITH: So instead of a great black thing trying to swallow the world, I have even bigger problems to deal with?

          SAM: Well?yeah.

          FAITH: Great. Just great.

          SAM: Mmmhmmm.

          FAITH: Okay, so impending apocalypse of doom. We can deal.

          They all nod.

          FAITH: (cont'd) We better be able to deal.

          BRIAN walks out of his room, and into the living room.

          BRIAN: Great. More bad.

          They stare in his direction. He sighs.

          BRIAN: Go on, go on. I'm used to it by now.

          SAM groans.

          SAM: I'm going to bed.

          She turns to FAITH.

          SAM: (cont'd) And don't wake me up this time. I mean it.

          She turns back around and heads to her room. Before entering it, she peers in the room ALAN'S sleeping in. He's sound asleep in his bed. She smiles, and then heads back to her bed.

          BRIAN: Bad night?

          FAITH/ROBIN/MARIE: Bad night.


          There is background music of romantic, Italian music. We see SAM and ALAN entering the resteraunt.


          SAM and ALAN are ordering, and then looking at each other and bursting out laughing. We hear nothing that they are saying. We only know that they're having a good time.

          The meal arrives, and SAM'S eyes widen. Everything looks delicious.

          Cut to- later, they are eating. They are still talking and laughing.


          The romantic music is still playing. There are still couples and people entering the building.

          Everything seems to be just a perfectly normal, day.

          There is a big explosion from within the restaurant.

          The music continues.

          FADE TO BLACK.

          END OF ACT IV


          Please post all of my feedback in my feedback thread, not in here.

          Some trivia about this episode:
          1. It was finished being written at a bowling alley.
          2. It's the episode that leads to our first major off-character episode.

          "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."