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Rogue Redemption 1.03 "Slayers, Ahoy!"

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  • Rogue Redemption 1.03 "Slayers, Ahoy!"

    Rogue Redemption
    1.03 "Slayers Ahoy!"

    *Rogue Redemption is officially affliated with Shadow Stalker, an awesome spin-off created by Lex.*

    ELIZA DUSHKU: (V.O.) Previously on Rogue Redemption?

    CUT TO-
    FAITH: Who's the girl?

    The YOUNG WOMAN stood up.

    YOUNG WOMAN/MARIE KALOFF: I'm Marie Kaloff, a Slayer.

    CUT TO-
    As the VAMPIRE faded to dust, we see MARIE breathing hard and FAITH looking surprised.

    FAITH: And that's what it's all about.

    MARIE looked at her, only to look down again, put her hands on her knees, and start breathing hard again.

    FAITH: You sure you haven't done this before?

    MARIE nodded.

    MARIE: I mean, I took fighting classes in 9th grade?but that's it?

    FAITH: Seemed like more than high school training?

    MARIE: That's all it was!!

    CUT TO-
    ALAN held up the newspaper, and FAITH read the heading allowed.

    FAITH: '12 Missing Girls At NYC Campus'

    FAITH paused, and widened her eyes, reading the sub-heading. It read ?9 found in the woods, markings all over bodies, 3 are yet to be found.'

    CUT TO-
    ROBIN: You mean, you knew these girls?

    ALAN nodded.

    ALAN: Some of them?one I knew really well.

    ALAN took a deep breath.

    ALAN: Her name was Lindsey-

    MARIE: -Collins.

    ALAN looked at MARIE with curiousity.

    ALAN: How did you know?

    MARIE: I kn-knew her too.

    CUT TO-
    The camera pans up to MARIE's face, and we see her eyes flash silver, and then back again. No one else sees this.

    MARIE: It's near Calvary Cemetery. A wooded area.

    Everyone looked at her.

    BRIAN: How did you know that?

    MARIE: I, um, remember reading it somewhere.

    CUT TO-
    MARIE: That's when I met her.


    LINDSEY picked the paper off the table, and showed it to MARIE. MARIE smiled as she saw what was on the piece of paper. It was a picture of two girls, outside playing, one was labeled LINDSEY and one was labeled MARIE. The top of the paper said "Best Friends 4Ever".

    MARIE: It's so cool!

    LINDSEY: We'll be best friends forever, right?

    MARIE hugged her friend.

    MARIE: Yep!


    CUT TO-

    MARIE shifted uncomfortably in her bed. Close up on her face. Her eyes automatically open and turn a bright red color, and back to normal again. She jolted up in bed, and ran out in the hallway, and to FAITH and ROBIN's room. She knocked repeatedly on the door.

    FAITH: It's open.

    MARIE walked in the door to see FAITH standing in the middle of the room, pacing.

    MARIE: You have to find him.

    FAITH: Him?

    MARIE: The murderer.

    FAITH: How do you know it's a he?

    MARIE shook her head.

    MARIE: There's no time to explain. You have to hurry.

    CUT TO-

    LINDSEY crouched in the corner, eyes full of fear. She was breathing is low, and hiding from something. The door to the room opened. LINDSEY's eyes widened, and she hid more. She was in complete darkness, and there wasn't any light in the apartment building.

    MAN: I know you're in here.

    LINDSEY whimpered.

    MAN: Come out, come out, wherever you are.

    LINDSEY caught a glimpse of the MAN's leg right in front of her. She kicked it, and ran out of the room, and into the next.

    The MAN got up almost instantly.

    MAN: It's no use, really. I will find you.

    And with that, he exited the room and went into the next one.

    CUT TO-
    MARIE heard LINDSEY scream, and she heard the others running back here. She couldn't move her feet. When the others came, neither could they.

    FAITH: What's going on? Why can't I move.

    The NEIGHBOR looked at them.

    NEIGHBOR: Now you all have to watch.

    FAITH, ROBIN, and BRIAN looked shocked and turned away. But MARIE and ALAN looked at him, their faces screaming ?Be ready for a slow, painful death if you do!!' Both of their eyes filled with tears as the NEIGHBOR lunged down and stabbed LINDSEY in the stomach. LINDSEY screamed for about 7 seconds, and then went silent. She was dead. When the NEIGHBOR started making symbols on LINDSEY's body, a huge force knocked FAITH, ROBIN, BRIAN, and ALAN out of the room and shut the door.

    The camera cut to FAITH's face.

    FAITH: What the hell?

    CUT TO-
    NEIGHBOR: It is done. Sealed.

    MARIE put on a brave face.

    MARIE: (shakily) Something else is sealed too.

    The NEIGHBOR looked at her confused.

    MARIE: (cont'd) Your death, you son of a bitch.

    MARIE raised her hands and the camera pans back to the NEIGHBOR's face. At first it's still confused, but then his face turns into pain. He screams, and then his outside flesh starts burning. He is burning from the inside out. MARIE stands defiantly, now that his spell is over.

    MARIE: (cont'd) It's what you deserve.

    MARIE looked at her best friend's body one last time.

    MARIE: Best friends forever, Linds.

    She smiled tearily, and exited the room.When she came out, everyone looked at her.

    CUT TO-
    BRIAN: What do you think she did?

    ALAN looked at him.

    ALAN: The same thing I would have done.

    BRIAN: And what's that?

    ALAN looked at the ground, then looked up.

    ALAN: Make him die. Slowly?and painfully.

    CUT TO-
    LINDSEY'S GHOST: I'm alright, and it's going to be okay.

    MARIE: It is?

    LINDSEY'S GHOST nodded.

    LINDSEY'S GHOST: The apocalypse is coming, but you'll pull through. I'm sure.

    MARIE smiled tearily and nodded.

    LINDSEY'S GHOST: Best friends forever?

    MARIE nodded.

    MARIE: Best friend forever.

    The ghost slowly faded away, and MARIE layed back down on the bed and closed her eyes.

    CUT TO-
    FAITH: Coming!!

    FAITH got up off the couch and wearily made her way to the door and opened it. A brunette man stood there with four girls behind him.

    XANDER: Hi Faith.


    "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."

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    FAITH stands at the doorway and looks at XANDER.

    FAITH: Harris! That was fast!

    XANDER: Yeah, well?nothing else to do, since my only entertainment is gone.

    FAITH stares in confusion.

    XANDER: Sunnydale and the never ending demon attacks.

    FAITH smiles.

    FAITH: Nothing like those good old Sunnydale days.

    XANDER smiles as well.

    XANDER: Speaking of?

    He steps aside as he lest four girls file in.

    XANDER: (cont'd.) I have some company.

    FAITH steps aside as well as the girls enter her apartment. Two of the girls stand by FAITH. We know them to be VI and RONA.

    RONA: Hey Faith.

    VI waves and smiles.

    FAITH: Is it just me or are there less-

    XANDER: I'll explain that in a minute. First?

    He acknowledges the two unfamiliar Slayers. He first points to one with bright orange hair.

    XANDER: (cont'd) This is Lily Evans.

    LILY looks up and nods her head to FAITH. XANDER then acknowledges the slayer with dark, long, brown hair.

    XANDER: (cont'd) And this is Samantha Derevco.

    SAMANTHA looks up from where she sat on the couch and smiles.

    FAITH: And I already know Vi and Rona.

    XANDER nods.

    XANDER: I should hope so.

    FAITH: So why is there such a small number of them? Did something happen?

    XANDER looks down at his feet, and then looks up again.

    XANDER: I don't know?

    FAITH: What do you mean that you don't know?

    LILY: He means they skipped out on us.

    RONA glares at LILY.

    RONA: We don't even know that.

    LILY: Well, why wouldn't they?!? This is hell and-

    RONA: I don't think that they would skip out, I think-

    FAITH: Hey!

    Everyone looks at FAITH.

    FAITH: (cont'd) Could someone please tell me what's going on?

    SAMANTHA: (quietly) They disappeared.

    FAITH looks at SAMANTHA.

    FAITH: What?

    SAMANTHA: There was 18 of us?and 14 just disappeared.




    Theme song "Time is Running Out" by Muse.

    Main Characters:
    Eliza Dushku as Faith
    D.B. Woodside as Robin
    Michelle Williams as Marie Kaloff
    Tina Majorino as Samantha Derevco
    Jason Momoa as Bishop
    Callum Blue as Alan Ross
    James Callis as Brian Edwards

    Guest Starring:

    Alexander Brown as Hector
    Lauren Ambrose as Lily Evans

    Special Guest Starring:

    Nicholas Brendon as Xander Harris
    Indigo as Rona
    Felicia Day as Vi

    "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."


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      ACT I


      FAITH: What do you mean by disappeared?

      SAMANTHA: One night they were there, one night?

      SAM shrugs.

      SAM: They weren't.

      ROBIN gets up off of the couch.

      ROBIN: I think what Faith is trying to ask is how did they disappear? I mean, there's lots of different ways-

      FAITH: Did they go poof, or run away, or get kidnapped, or something else?

      XANDER looks at her and sighs.

      XANDER: We don't know.

      FAITH raises an eyebrow and XANDER continues to explain.

      XANDER: (cont'd) We stopped at a hotel one night and when we woke up and went to check on them, they weren't there.

      FAITH: Do you think that they ran away?

      XANDER shrugs.

      XANDER: They could have?but I don't see why.

      FAITH: Maybe they wanted to get away from being a Slayer. Save themselves before they die.

      SAM: Actually, a lot of them were gung ho about being Slayers?so if that was the reason for them "running away" they must have suddenly changed their minds.

      LILY slouches down in the couch and blows a bubble with the gum she was chewing. She then gets up off of the couch.

      LILY: I don't like being a Slayer. Doesn't mean I ran away.

      FAITH nods her head in agreement.

      FAITH: Yeah, I guess you're right. Buffy didn't run away from being a Slayer, even though she wanted to at first?

      ROBIN: So what do you think happened?

      FAITH: We have to assume someone took them.

      FAITH looks around the room and saw that everyone seemed to agree.


      The camera shows a shot of the sky, full of stars and darkness. It then moves down to show the tops of trees, and finally a bench. We see BISHOP is sitting on the bench, and looking around.

      The camera then zooms in on BISHOP's face, looking from left to right. Suddenly, we hear a boom of thunder, and zoom out to find a MANsitting next to BISHOP.

      MAN: Hello, halfbreed.

      BISHOP turns to the man and acknowledges him.

      BISHOP: Hector.

      HECTOR: I have acquired the knowledge that someone else killed Adrianna. Why is that?

      BISHOP sighs.

      BISHOP: She snuck up on me while I was trying to get the job done.

      HECTOR looks at him with curiousity.

      HECTOR: She?

      BISHOP: I believe she is the Slayer.

      HECTOR: The Slayer? This may complicate things?

      HECTOR pauses.

      HECTOR: I think that you mean a Slayer. You remember your job, don't you?

      BISHOP nods.

      BISHOP: I do, master.

      HECTOR: Good.

      The camera then zooms in on HECTOR as we see him vanish, leaving BISHOP alone on the bench.


      The camera focuses on a door, and we see it open. ALAN comes out and goes down the hallway and into the kitchen. He stops, and stares at something.

      The camera then moves over to SAM sitting at the kitchen table and eating breakfast.

      ALAN: Um?

      SAM turns around.

      SAM: Hm?

      ALAN: Who are you?

      SAM swallows what she's eating.

      SAM: I'm Samantha Derevco. Or just Sam. Whichever is fine.

      She holds her hand out and ALAN shakes it.

      SAM: (cont'd) And you are??

      ALAN: I'm Alan Ross.

      SAM nods her head and turned back around to eat her breakfast.

      ALAN: (cont'd) Not to be rude?but why are you here?

      SAM: I'm a Slayer?Xander brought me and some other Slayers too.

      ALAN: Xander??

      SAM: I take it you're not from Sunnydale.

      ALAN: No, I'm not.

      SAM: Neither am I. Xander came to my house one day and explained everything?

      She stares into space for a moment, and then looks back to ALAN.

      SAM: (cont'd) It was odd.

      ALAN: I'm guessing so.

      Just then, BRIAN walks into the room.

      BRIAN: Hey?who's the girl?

      SAM waves.

      SAM: I'm Sam, a-

      BRIAN: Slayer. Gotchya.

      BRIAN then continues to the kitchen and gets out something to eat. SAM turns to ALAN.

      SAM: How'd he know?

      ALAN: He's an empath.

      SAM: Oh.

      BRIAN: (muttering) Yeah, and I sense the feeling between you two.

      ALAN: What was that?

      BRIAN turns around.

      BRIAN: What? I didn't say anything.

      ALAN: I could swear I heard-

      BRIAN: Wasn't me.

      ALAN: Okay?

      BRIAN turned back towards his breakfast and smiled. XANDER entered the room followed by VI and RONA.

      XANDER: Morning everyone.

      RONA: Wish it wasn't. Why'd you wake us up so early, Xander?

      XANDER shrugs.

      XANDER: It's good to be up early?

      VI yawns.

      VI: Define ?good.'

      XANDER rubs his chin, and looks up. Finally, he looks down and sighs.

      XANDER: I've got nothing.

      FAITH and ROBIN entered the kitchen.

      FAITH: Woah! Crowded.

      ROBIN: Just a bit.

      XANDER looks around the room.

      XANDER: Where's Lily?

      LILY: (O.S.) In here!!

      XANDER walks over to the living room, to find LILY on the couch reading a magazine.

      LILY: (cont'd) I'm reading.

      XANDER: Yes, because Teen People is really important.

      LILY rolls her eyes and flips to the next page. XANDER walks back to the kitchen.

      FAITH: I hope no one's missing, because this is enough people already.

      XANDER shakes his head.

      XANDER: No one's missing. All's a go.

      FAITH: Good.

      FAITH looks around at the big group of people.

      FAITH: (cont'd) I think I'm going to go out to eat.

      FAITH walks over to the coatrack and grabs her coat. ROBIN follows.

      XANDER: I'm actually going out to eat too. I'm guessing I'm bringing Slayers with?

      LILY, RONA, and VI walk over to XANDER.

      XANDER: (cont'd) Sam?

      SAM looks at him.

      SAM: Already ate.

      XANDER nods and heads out, and LILY, RONA, and VI follow.

      BRIAN: Well, that group dwindled down fast?

      ALAN and SAM nod in agreement.

      BRIAN: (cont'd) And is about to dwindle down faster?I have something I need to do.

      BRIAN walks over to the door and waves to ALAN and SAM. SAM waves back.

      SAM: Bye!

      ALAN: See ya.

      BRIAN exit and ALAN and SAM are left in the room.


      The camera moves into a diner where we see FAITH and ROBIN sitting. They are both looking at the menu. ROBIN puts down his menu and looks at FAITH.

      ROBIN: They're not all staying with us, right?

      FAITH looks over her menu and then puts it down.

      FAITH: God no.

      ROBIN chuckles.

      ROBIN: Good, because there's no room to put them anyway.

      FAITH shrugs.

      FAITH: They'll just have to find a hotel to stay in.

      ROBIN looks back down at his menu.

      ROBIN: So, what do you think happened to those Slayers?

      FAITH: I already told you and everyone else. I thought they ran away.

      ROBIN: But they didn't.

      FAITH sighs.

      FAITH: Maybe they did! Just because you like being a Slayer doesn't mean you don't want to escape sometimes.

      ROBIN: Right.

      FAITH picks her menu back up and continues to look at it.


      MARIE stood by the window and looked out, seeming to bein her own little world. She had heard everyone leave for breakfast, and no one had seemed to notice she was still in her room.

      She turned her head when she heard ALAN and SAM talking in the kitchen, and looked down. She turned back to the window. She saw a MAN with black hair dragging a girl into an alley. She widens her eyes.


      SAM and ALAN are sitting at the table, laughing.

      SAM: (taking a breath) And there was one time-

      She was interrupted by MARIE bursting into the room.

      MARIE: Someone's hurting a g-girl outside.

      ALAN and SAM almost immediately got up from the table. They started running to the door. MARIE stands in front of ALAN.

      ALAN: (frustrated) Move! We have to go help her!!

      MARIE: You can't go. It's dangerous for a regular h-human.

      ALAN: But-

      MARIE glared at him, changing her tone.

      MARIE: No.

      MARIE turns and leaves. The camera moves to ALAN, who looks at the floor and sighs.


      The camera shows a view from inside the alleyway, looking out into the road and the sidewalk. A car passes by. MARIE and SAM come around the corner and into the alleyway, running. Zoom in on MARIE. She shakes her head slowly.

      MARIE: (confused) I d-don't understand.

      The camera cuts to the alleyway in MARIE's perspective. No one is there, and there are no doors for anyone to escape through.

      The camera cuts to SAM. She shrugs and sighs.

      SAM: Maybe you were just seeing things.

      MARIE shakes her head again and turns to SAM.

      MARIE: No?I saw it?

      She paused.

      MARIE: (cont'd) Unless?

      SAM looks confused.

      SAM: Unless what?

      MARIE: N-nothing.

      SAM: Okay?I guess there's nothing here. Let's go back up.

      MARIE nods. SAM leaves the alleyway. Close-up on MARIE's face. She looks a tad confused again, but then turns and heads up to the apartment.


      END OF ACT I

      "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."


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        ACT II


        We focus on the door to the apartment from inside of it. The door opens and SAM walks in, followed by MARIE. The camera then cuts to ALAN, sitting on the couch. When the two girls enter, he stands.

        ALAN: What happened?

        SAM shrugs.

        SAM: Nothing.

        ALAN: What do you mean ?nothing'?

        SAM: There wasn't anyone there.

        MARIE: I don't understand. I know I saw someone.

        ALAN: Maybe you were just see-

        MARIE: I wasn't. You aren't listening. I know I saw someone!

        SAM walks closer to MARIE and touches her shoulder.

        SAM: Marie?maybe you should get some sleep.

        MARIE was about to retort but then decides not to. She looks at SAM and nods.

        MARIE: Yeah, I guess I should.

        MARIE then goes to her bedroom. She opens the door slowly and then walks in. The door shuts.


        The door to the apartment opens and we see FAITH, ROBIN, XANDER, VI, RONA, and LILY walk in. LILY walks over to the couch and plops down on it. RONA follows.

        RONA: That was one damn long breakfast.

        LILY: I'd say so.

        XANDER: Language!

        RONA looks at XANDER and rolls her eyes.

        RONA: As if you weren't thinking of saying it.

        XANDER is going to protest, but then stops himself.

        XANDER: True?

        The camera cuts to SAM walking over to the group.

        SAM: Long breakfast?

        ROBIN: Traffic jam.

        SAM nods her head.

        FAITH walks over to the chair, sits down in it, and puts her feet up on the coffee table. She sighs.

        FAITH: If we all had slayer powers then we wouldn't need cars. And not get stuck in traffic hell.

        XANDER: Hey!

        FAITH smirks.

        FAITH: Not my fault you're not a girl?

        She puts her hands behind her head.

        XANDER: And it's not my fault you're a?a?well, I can't think of a word right now, but when I do, that's what you are!!

        XANDER stomps his foot as if to confirm it. We hear chuckling from the room.

        XANDER: (muttering) You guys aren't going to have a Cheeto expiration date.

        VI hears him.

        VI: Cheetos?

        XANDER: Yes, they are cheesy and delicious! What about them?

        VI: You just said?

        XANDER: No I didn't.

        VI: Okay then.

        The camera cuts to the door to enter the apartment. BRIAN walks in. He looks at all the people in the room.

        BRIAN: Hey guys.

        There are several greetings to him.

        BRIAN: How was breakfast.

        FAITH: Great! Except for

        There's a chorus of "traffic hell" and everyone chuckles. XANDER glares at FAITH.

        XANDER: I stand by what I said.

        FAITH nods.

        FAITH: Of course you do, Harris.

        SAM: Yeah, and you can tell us what Faith is whenever it manages to come to your head.

        Everyone laughs.

        The camera zooms out so we are looking in at the apartment from the window. The camera slowly moves down the building and zooms out a little more. We see BISHOP walking on the sidewalk. He has a determined look on his face. He turns a corner. He walks to a tall, concrete building and stands at the door.

        All of a sudden, HECTOR appears next to him.

        HECTOR: Remember, just go in there and get the job done.

        BISHOP turned to him.

        BISHOP: I heard you the first time.

        HECTOR: Good. Now go.

        BISHOP enters the building.


        FAITH sits at the kitchen table with a cup in hand and looks like she's deep in thought. ROBIN enters the room.

        ROBIN: I bet that coffee mug is a suspect.

        FAITH looks up. She hadn't realized he was in the room.

        FAITH: Huh?

        ROBIN gestures toward the cup in her hand.

        ROBIN: You were staring at it.

        FAITH: Oh?just tired.

        ROBIN: That's it?

        FAITH takes a deep breath and lets it out.

        FAITH: No.

        FAITH pauses.

        FAITH: (cont'd) It's these missing Slayers?I can't figure out where they are, not even where they might be.

        She sighs and looks at ROBIN.

        ROBIN: I don't know either, Faith. I mean, someone could have taken them to use for evil?

        FAITH: But that still doesn't make sense. I mean, wouldn't they just turn against whoever took them?

        ROBIN: Maybe?but maybe not. I mean, anything's possible, right?

        FAITH: I guess.

        She puts her cup to her lips and takes a sip.

        BRIAN comes out into the kitchen.

        BRIAN: Any luck with finding out where the Slayers are?

        FAITH and ROBIN shake their heads.

        BRIAN: So mystery unsolved.

        XANDER comes out of the living room groggily.

        XANDER: Isn't that a TV show on Lifetime?

        SAM comes into the living room, dragging her feet. She overhears XANDER.

        SAM: (loudly, O.S.) That's Unsolved Mysteries!

        XANDER wipes his eyes, walking to the refrigerator.

        XANDER: Right.

        BRIAN: What are we talking about?

        VI and RONA walk out to the kitchen.

        RONA: Something that wakes sleeping Slayers.

        VI: And also annoys them.

        XANDER: Oh, boo hoo. Who talks all night and keeps sleeping?Xanders awake? Hmm?

        VI raises an eyebrow.

        VI: Xanders?

        XANDER waves a hand as if to ignore the comment.

        XANDER: It's your fault I don't make sense. You're too chatty.

        VI rolls her eyes and gets her coat.

        VI: I'm going to go and roam around town.

        RONA follows her.

        RONA: I'm with ya.

        They both wave to the group and say bye.

        XANDER watches them leave.

        XANDER: Can we buy needles and thread?

        FAITH shrugs.

        FAITH: If there's a bargain.

        ROBIN chuckles.

        ROBIN: They were being loud.

        MARIE: (O.S.) Tell me about it.

        The camera cuts to MARIE standing in the doorway, leaning against it.

        MARIE: (cont'd) All I heard was ?where are they', ?where could they be' and all those other fun noises.

        She starts walking farther into the kitchen.

        MARIE: (cont'd) It's enough to drive a girl insane.

        XANDER: Ahem!

        MARIE looks at XANDER.

        MARIE: What?

        XANDER: Not a girl here, and I've gone insane from them!

        MARIE thinks about this for a moment.

        MARIE: Still not amending that sentence.

        XANDER looks insulted.

        The camera cuts to SAM on the couch, smirking.

        SAM: That was a good one?


        The camera is showing complete darkness. It then shows a light going across the ground. It zooms out, and we see the faces of fourteen girls .Fourteen Slayers.


        END OF ACT II

        "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."


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          ACT III


          VI and RONA walk through CENTRAL PARK. RONA was making large gestures of frustration.

          RONA: This is just so aggravating!! I don't understand where all of those girls could have gone in one night!

          VI turns her head to RONA.

          VI: Maybe Faith was right?

          RONA: About what?

          VI sighs.

          VI: Maybe they ran away.

          RONA: But you heard what Sam said?they were gung-ho about slaying?

          VI: But what if they weren't?

          RONA: You think Sam was lying?

          VI: She could have been.

          RONA looks confused.

          RONA: Why would she do that?


          The camera focuses on SAM, sitting on the couch, knees held to her chest. She stares at the television. The camera cuts to the television. It's not on. Cut back to SAM's face.

          ALAN enters the living room.

          ALAN: Something wrong?

          SAM comes back to the land of the conscious.

          SAM: What? Oh?I'm just tired.

          ALAN nods.

          ALAN: Yeah, understandable.

          SAM stares into space again. ALAN laughs. SAM turns to look at him.

          SAM: It's just-

          She stops.

          ALAN: What?

          SAM shakes her head.

          SAM: Nothing.

          She looks at her hands on her lap.


          VI and RONA are still walking on the sidewalk. VI shrugs.

          VI: I don't know?why wouldn't she? We don't know her very well.

          RONA: No, but she doesn't seem like someone that would lie, ya know?

          VI: I know, but again?we can't say that for sure unless we really know her. And we don't.

          RONA: Okay, so there is that.


          SAM looks around the room, and then tries to hear anyone else in the house besides ALAN.

          SAM: Where'd everyone go?

          ALAN: Hm? Oh. Faith, Robin, Marie, Brian, and Xander went to try to find the Slayers. Vi and Rona went out to do something.

          He shrugs.

          ALAN: Don't know what it was.

          SAM: Oh, okay.

          Just then, they hear the door open. Both of them get up off of the couch and walk into the kitchen, where the door enters. BRIAN walks in first, and smiles and sighs when he sees SAM and ALAN. They give him strange looks.

          BRIAN is followed by FAITH, MARIE, XANDER, and ROBIN.

          ALAN: Any luck?

          XANDER: Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero!!

          ALAN: I take that as a no?

          ROBIN: Yeah, that's a no.

          ALAN nods.

          FAITH throws her hands up in the air.

          FAITH: Not even a damn trace of them! You would think that atleast one peson would see someone walk off with 14 girls.

          XANDER: Or see 14 girls running away.

          FAITH: Exactly! But no?

          ROBIN: I wonder if Vi or Rona have found anything out.

          SAM: Maybe?

          XANDER: Doubt it. They don't get much done.

          SAM: That's mean!

          XANDER: What? It's the truth!

          SAM: No it's not! They are probably looking for the other Slayers right now!

          XANDER rolls his eyes.

          FAITH: (O.S., very loudly) Guys, can you quit it?

          Everyone turns to her.

          FAITH: (cont'd) No, I don't have any ideas of where the Slayers are.

          We hear sighs from around the room.

          FAITH: (cont'd) But I can't think when everyone is being so?loud. So stop. And if you have the ability? Think.

          Everyone wanders around the rooms to find a place to sit and think about the situation. MARIE, SAM, and ALAN sit on the big couch. BRIAN and ROBIN sit on the small couch. XANDER sits in a chair. FAITH is still standing, and pacing.

          They stay like this until the camera does a close-up on XANDER's face. His eyes widen.

          XANDER: Where's Lily?

          SAM looks at XANDER.

          SAM: I don't know?did she go with you guys?

          BRIAN: She did?

          A thought comes to FAITH.

          FAITH: So I guess they didn't run away after all.


          We see HECTOR standing on a podium, talking. We don't see who he is talking to.

          HECTOR: Welcome, everyone!

          We hear several ?hello's and ?hi's from the group he is speaking to.

          HECTOR: Tonight is a very special event. Tonight?

          A curtain behind HECTOR slowly starts to open. We see the beginning of a big cage.

          HECTOR: We sacrifice 14?

          The curtain continues to slowly open.

          HECTOR: And leave one to lead us.

          The curtain fully opens, revealing the large cage. It contains all of the 14 kidnapped Slayers, trembling.


          VI and RONA look tired, and start heading in the direction of FAITH and ROBIN's apartment. All of a sudden, someone runs into them, with a girl trying to escape in tow.

          RONA: Hey!

          The person dragging the girl turns around. It's BISHOP. He's holding LILY.

          BISHOP: What?

          LILY: (screaming) Vi! Rona! Help!!

          VI: Lily!

          BISHOP looks angry and then starts to turn around. VI grabs his shoulder and swivels him around.

          VI: Something tells me she doesn't want to go with you.

          BISHOP punches VI in the face.

          BISHOP: Something tells me you should stay out of it.

          RONA runs down to VI, and BISHOP grabs LILY again and runs off.

          RONA: (to VI) You okay?

          VI puts her hand to her nose, and it's bleeding.

          VI: I'll live.

          RONA looks up to see if BISHOP is still there, but he's long gone by now.

          RONA: Damn.

          FADE TO BLACK

          END OF ACT III

          "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."


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            ACT IV


            The camera does a close-up on a pay phone. We then see RONA running into it, and picking it up. She dials FAITH's number. The phone rings.

            RONA: C'mon, c'mon, c'mon?

            Someone picks up the phone.

            FAITH: Yeah?

            RONA: Faith! Thank God!

            FAITH: What's going on?

            RONA: We ran into the guy who took the Slayers.

            FAITH: How do you know he-

            RONA: He had Lily.

            FAITH: Who was it?

            RONA: I don't know?He was, um?he had black hair, he was tall, built-

            FAITH: Bishop.

            RONA: Who?

            FAITH: I'll tell you later. Where'd he go?

            RONA: He headed to a warehouse right next to Central Park. It-

            But before RONA could finish her sentence, FAITH hangs up.


            FAITH runs into the living room, where everyone now is.

            FAITH: Bishop took them.

            ALAN: What!?!?

            ROBIN: How do you know that?

            FAITH: Rona called.

            Everyone sits there for a moment.

            FAITH: Fine, you guys sit around like morons. I'll go do something about it.

            She walks into the kitchen, grabbing her coat and a sword, and heads out.

            The camera cuts back to the living room. Everyone gives each other a quick glance, and gets up.


            We see FAITH running across a part of Central Park, and heading toward a warehouse.

            The camera cuts back to a little while behind her, where we see the whole group with stakes and other weapons.

            ROBIN eventually caught up to FAITH.

            ROBIN: (yelling) Faith!

            FAITH stops and turns around.

            FAITH: What?

            She sees the group.

            FAITH: I see everyone decided to join in. Good.

            She turns back around and heads toward the warehouse once again. The group follows.


            We see HECTOR standing on the podium once again.

            HECTOR: (shouting) So, who's ready to begin?

            The camera cuts to a huge group of demons and vampires, cheering HECTOR on.

            HECTOR: Here we go.

            The camera cuts to a balcony above the huge crowd.

            FAITH: Yeah. Get ready to get your ass kicked.

            There's a glare in her eye. HECTOR doesn't appear to have heard her. A few demons look up to the balcony, but when they do, FAITH is gone.

            DEMON 1: I could have swore I heard someone up there.

            DEMON 2: It was just your imagination.

            All of a sudden, DEMON 2's head is chopped of. The camera cuts to FAITH, standing with sword in hand.

            FAITH: (to DEMON 1) Yeah, this is all just a dream. See?

            She stabs him through with a sword. She then shrugs.

            FAITH: (cont'd) Okay, so a dream you won't wake up from.

            The huge group of demons and vampires now notice her, and appear very, very angry. HECTOR sees her. He smirks.

            HECTOR: Slayer.

            FAITH looks at him.

            FAITH: Nice to meet you. Sorry, don't know who you are. Don't care.

            She picks up her sword. HECTOR raises an eyebrow.

            HECTOR: You think you're going to get between me?

            He points to the crowd of about 500 demons.

            HECTOR: And them?

            FAITH starts to back away.

            FAITH: Nah, I'll just leave you alone.

            HECTOR looks amused as she runs in the other direction. He grins.

            HECTOR: Back to-

            He stops talking when he sees a great, big flame of fire rushing over the demons. He stands there in shock. When the flame disappears, there's only charred bodies in the room, besides HECTOR and the Slayers in the cage. Then someone grabs him from behind.

            RONA: Boo.

            HECTOR looks frustrated, and then elbows RONA in the stomach. She gasps and falls to the floor. He turns around to see the cage, but it's empty. He turns back around and sees FAITH, ROBIN, SAM, BRIAN, MARIE, XANDER, ALAN, VI, and the 14 Slayers.

            FAITH: Try me.

            She cocks her head to the side.

            HECTOR: Next time, Slayer. You'll pay.

            He vanishes in thin air. FAITH stares at the spot where he disappeared, and as does mostly everyone else.

            SAM: Well, that was slightly pathetic.

            Everyone nodded in agreement. XANDER went over to RONA to help her up.

            ROBIN: Let's go home.


            FAITH, ROBIN, and XANDER are standing in the kitchen.

            XANDER: We'll have to take them home?they're too traumatized to fight?

            ROBIN nods, slowly followed by FAITH.

            FAITH: I get that, but how are we supposed to fight the Hellmouth?

            XANDER: Looks like you've got yourself a pretty good crew.

            FAITH: But they might not be good enough.

            XANDER: They will be.

            There's silence. Then VI and RONA enter the kitchen.

            XANDER: (cont'd ) Ready?

            FAITH: Wait?they're not even staying?

            VI: Um?no. We have to go somewhere else, and help with something.

            FAITH: With what?

            VI: Don't worry about it.

            FAITH shakes her head.

            FAITH: Fine. Go.

            XANDER: Faith-

            FAITH: I said go.

            XANDER sighs and then exits the apartment.


            We see SAM sitting on the coach. The camera cuts to the other side of the room. We see ALAN.

            ALAN: Hey.

            SAM looks up at him.

            SAM: Hey.

            ALAN walks over to the couch and folds his hands.

            ALAN: Question for ya.

            SAM: Hm?

            ALAN: Well, I was wondering?

            SAM: Yeah??

            ALAN: Want to out with me?

            SAM: On patrol?

            ALAN laughs.

            ALAN: No, on a date.

            SAM smiles.

            FADE TO BLACK

            END OF ACT IV

            ROLL END CREDITS

            SPECIAL THANKS TO:
            Joe (EndersWrath): Even though you couldn't write the second half of this episode, I appreciate that you offered.

            "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."