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Rogue Redemption 1.02 "And So It Begins"

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  • Rogue Redemption 1.02 "And So It Begins"

    Rogue Redemption
    1.02 "And So It Begins"

    *Rogue Redemption is officially affliated with Shadow Stalker, an awesome spin-off created by Lex.*



    A YOUNG WOMAN is walking on the sidewalk. She is blond and thin. She looks around, obviously looking for something in particular. She seems a bit shy and secluded. She crosses her arms over her chest and continues looking for?something.

    The YOUNG WOMAN then seems to notice something that she is looking for. She starts to walk faster, and enters the apartment building. She knocks on the first door on the left when she first goes in. Someone then opens the door.

    MAN: Can I help you miss?

    YOUNG WOMAN: Oh, I'm sorry?I've got the wrong apartment.

    She looks slightly embarrassed, and the MAN nods, smiles and closes the door. She then heads to the next door on the left.

    YOUNG WOMAN: Someone gave me the wrong door number?could have been an accident?

    She takes a breath and then knocks on the door. She waits for about 10 seconds, and hears a response.

    BRIAN: (O.S.) Just a minute!

    The YOUNG WOMAN sighs.

    YOUNG WOMAN: Is she even in this apartment building?

    Just then, the door opens.

    BRIAN: Can I help you?

    YOUNG WOMAN: Um, I think I have the wrong apartment again?I'm looking for Faith. Faith Lehane?

    BRIAN: Yeah, she lives here. She's out right now.

    YOUNG WOMAN: Oh, okay.

    BRIAN: But you can wait for her inside.

    He opens the door more, to allow her to enter.

    YOUNG WOMAN: Thanks.

    She then enters, and BRIAN closes the door.


    The door opens, and the YOUNG WOMAN turns to see who is there. FAITH and ROBIN enter the room.

    FAITH: Who's the girl?

    The YOUNG WOMAN stands up.

    YOUNG WOMAN/MARIE KALOFF: I-I'm Marie Kaloff?a Slayer.






    "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."

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    ACT I

    FAITH stares at MARIE in confusion.

    FAITH: Shouldn't you be comin' to New York with Xander?

    MARIE: Who's Xander?

    FAITH: I guess not then?

    FAITH pauses, and another question comes to her head.

    FAITH: How did you find me?

    MARIE: Internet. I'm good with computers.

    FAITH: I'm on the Int-

    MARIE: Okay, I lied. I called Willow.

    ALAN enters the room.

    ALAN: Who's the newbie?

    ROBIN: She's a Slayer.

    ALAN nods and heads to the kitchen.

    FAITH: What do you mean you called Willow? How do you even know about her?

    MARIE: Well, when I got my powers, I was confused. So I was out one night, and a demon attacked me. He thought I was just some r-random girl. When he started fighting me, he mentioned "Willow Rosenberg" and I decided to look her up and call her. She told me everything and said I should c-come to you.

    FAITH: Why me?

    MARIE: Because I live in New York.

    FAITH: Oh, well?that makes more sense.

    ROBIN: And you need to stay here?

    MARIE nods.

    FAITH: What is our house now? The Fairfield?

    MARIE looks down at her feet.

    MARIE: If it's too much trouble?

    FAITH: It's not. But if any more people need to come and stay here, we're going to have to move.

    ROBIN: Which we can't because we don't have that kind of money.

    FAITH looks at him.

    FAITH: We'll find a way.

    ROBIN looks at her and sighs. He then sits down on the couch.

    ROBIN: If you say so.

    There is a long pause. ALAN then comes back into the living room.

    ALAN: What's the silence for?

    BRIAN: They were saying that we would have to move if any more people showed we would have to move, and then silence ensued.

    ALAN: Ah, I see?

    FAITH: Can someone explain to me exactly why you guys are talking about us like we're not here?

    ROBIN: I second that.

    BRIAN: You might as well not be. We might get something accomplished by talking about, I don't know?The apocalypse?!

    MARIE: The apocalypse? T-there's an a-apocalypse?

    BRIAN nods. MARIE looks really worried and scared.

    MARIE: As in?end of the world?

    BRIAN: Yeah.

    ROBIN: Pretty much.

    FAITH: Just another day in the life of the Slayer.

    MARIE: You mean?there's an apocalypse every d-day?

    FAITH: Well?no?I meant that this kind of stuff is normal. We'll get through it. Don't worry ?bout it.

    ALAN looks shocked.

    ALAN: I'm sorry, did you just tell someone not to worry about an apocalypse?

    FAITH: Yeah. Same as you just said an. As in, not the only. Trust me, B and I have both been through a lot of them. And the world's still here, right?

    ROBIN: For the time being.

    BRIAN: Exactly. Which is why we should be working on this now.


    FAITH: Buffy.

    MARIE nods in recognition. ALAN remains confused, but doesn't ask more about it.

    BRIAN: And no one listens to what I sa-

    MARIE: I'm still stuck on the end of the world thing.

    ROBIN: You'll get used to it.

    MARIE: Used to it?


    FAITH, ROBIN, MARIE, and ALAN stop their constant yammering.

    BRIAN: Thank you.

    He pauses, and takes a breath.

    BRIAN: Can we please focus on the issue at hand? And not just act surprised at the idea of it happening? Because it is happening, whether you like it or not. We can't just act like it isn't.

    FAITH: And we aren't. Listen, buddy. This girl just figured out that she was the Slayer, and she's pretty new to this whole thing. So just chill.

    BRIAN: (sarcastically) Right, chill. Because nothing bad is happening, at all.

    FAITH: Listen, I'm not saying we do. I'm just saying tone it down a bit. We'll get through it, we always do.

    BRIAN: This is what I'm talking about. Aren't we getting too self-confident here?

    ROBIN: I say that we listen to Faith because she's been through more of these.

    BRIAN: Oh, really? You're not just saying that because you're her new boyfriend?

    He says it tauntingly, and he raises an eyebrow. ROBIN is silent, but decides to say something again.

    ROBIN: No. I'm saying that because she's a Slayer, and she knows how to deal with these things.

    FAITH smiles, looking confident in herself.

    MARIE: I-I'm a Slayer?and I don't know h-how to deal with these things.

    ROBIN: What I mean is that she's been a Slayer longer. And I think that we should all respect that.

    MARIE and ALAN nods, but BRIAN just shakes his head.

    FAITH: I don't wanna get into this?it happened in Sunnydale before it collapsed too. Issues with me being in charge. It's not like I chose.

    Everyone is silent. FAITH turns to MARIE.

    FAITH: Ready to go train?

    MARIE nods, nervously.

    FAITH: Alright, let's go.


    Camera pans up to MARIE's shy but determined face. Then the camera moves down to her hand, which is holding a stake. We see her grip tighten, and she raises the stake defensively. She then ducks, as we see a punch going at her.

    The camera moves to the opposite side of her, where we see a FEMALE VAMPIRE. She looks angry that she missed her target, and decides to try again, but this time MARIE is ready. MARIE grabs the FEMALE VAMPIRE'S hand in mid-punch, and twists it. We hear a crack, and the VAMPIRE screams in pain. Her back is towards MARIE, and MARIE puts the stake down in the VAMPIRE'S heart, dead on it.

    As the VAMPIRE fades to dust, we see MARIE breathing hard and FAITH looking surprised.

    FAITH: And that's what it's all about.

    MARIE looks at her, only to look down again, puts her hands on her knees, and starts breathing hard again.

    FAITH: You sure you haven't done this before?

    MARIE nods.

    MARIE: I mean, I took fighting classes in 9th grade?but that's it?

    FAITH: Seemed like more than high school training?

    MARIE: That's all it was!

    She says this in a more aggressive way than FAITH had heard her say anything.

    FAITH: Ok, jeez?

    FAITH throws her hands up in the air, sighs, and walks off.

    MARIE: Hey!

    FAITH turns around.

    FAITH: What?

    MARIE: W-where are you going?

    FAITH: Home.

    MARIE: I'm coming with you?right?

    FAITH nods.

    FAITH: C'mon.

    FAITH gestures for MARIE to follow her.


    FAITH walks in the door, slowly followed by MARIE.

    FAITH: We're home!

    ROBIN walks up to FAITH.

    ROBIN: Hey.

    FAITH smiles.

    FAITH: Hey.

    BRIAN: Not to ruin the Kodak moment, but don't we have more important things going on?

    FAITH'S smile fades away as she looks at BRIAN.

    FAITH: We get it, already! There's an apocalypse coming! You've only said it, I don't know, a million freakin' times!

    ALAN: Actually-

    BRIAN: (interrupting) How can you say that so casually? ?Oh, yeah, there's an apocalypse coming?NEXT!'

    FAITH: Listen, that's not what I'm saying. Like I said before, chill! We'll get through it, alright?

    BRIAN looks angry, and slumps in his seat. The room is silent for a little while.

    ALAN: That wasn't actually the issue?

    FAITH looks at ALAN, and she crosses her arms over her chest.

    FAITH: Then what was it?

    ALAN starts walking towards FAITH, pausing to pick up the newspaper from the coffee table. He then walks over to FAITH. He takes a deep breath.

    ALAN: It was this.

    He holds up the newspaper, and FAITH reads the heading allowed.

    FAITH: "12 Missing Girls At NYC Campus".

    FAITH pauses, and widens her eyes, reading the sub-heading. It read ?9 found in the woods, markings all over bodies, 3 are yet to be found.'



    "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."


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      ACT II


      Everyone was sitting down in the living room, sitting on the couches. FAITH had the newspaper in her hand, and read through it carefully.

      ALAN: It's my campus.

      FAITH looked up from her reading.

      ROBIN: You mean, you knew these girls?

      ALAN nodded.

      ALAN: Some of them?one I knew really well.

      ALAN took a deep breath.

      ALAN: Her name was Lindsey-

      MARIE: -Collins.

      ALAN looked at MARIE with curiousity.

      ALAN: How did you know?

      MARIE: I kn-knew her too.

      ALAN: Oh.

      FAITH: Do you know if she's still alive?

      BRIAN: Her name wasn't in the obituaries?

      FAITH: So we can assume she's alive.

      ALAN: And hope she is.

      MARIE nodded.

      ALAN: So are we going to figure out who killed them?

      BRIAN: What about the apoca-

      FAITH: Get off of it already!

      BRIAN looked at her angrily, but decided not to press the matter further.

      FAITH: We'll deal with it when it comes. It's the only way we know how.

      BRIAN: It's the only way you know how! What about research?and training!

      FAITH: The only training needed is Marie's and I've got that covered.

      FAITH paused.

      FAITH: Unless you need to be trained.

      She glared at him.

      MARIE: I don't m-mean to interrupt?but what about the campus murders?

      ROBIN looked at MARIE.

      ROBIN: We'll get to the bottom of it.

      ROBIN then looked at FAITH.

      ROBIN: Right?

      FAITH: Right. But to do that, we need to know where the bodies were found.

      ALAN: The woods.

      FAITH: Yeah, but what woods?

      ALAN picked up the newspaper again, and looked.

      ALAN: It doesn't say.

      The camera pans up to MARIE's face, and we see her eyes flash silver, and then back again. No one else sees this.

      MARIE: It's near Calvary Cemetery. A wooded area.

      Everyone looked at her.

      BRIAN: How did you know that?

      MARIE: I, um, remember reading it somewhere.

      BRIAN: Oh.

      FAITH: So we should go check it out.

      ALAN: Okay, let's-

      FAITH: Kid, by we? I meant me and Robin.

      ALAN: But-

      FAITH: No buts.

      ROBIN: She's right. It's better if you guys stay here.

      ALAN: She was my best friend!

      At this point, tears were coming to ALAN's eyes.

      ALAN: (shakily) I've known her since I was in-

      MARIE said something in the smallest voice.

      ALAN: What'd you say?

      MARIE: I-I said?first grade.

      ALAN looked at her curiously.

      ALAN: How'd you?

      MARIE: That's when I met her.


      We see a young girl sitting at a table, drawing. This girl is LINDSEY COLLINS at age 6. A young version of MARIE CALOFF walks up to her.

      MARIE: What are ya drawing?

      LINDSEY looked up and smiled.

      LINDSEY: You'll see!!

      She went back to her drawing. MARIE looked over her shoulder, but couldn't see anything.

      LINDSEY: I'm done!

      LINDSEY picked the paper off the table, and showed it to MARIE. MARIE smiled as she saw what was on the piece of paper. It was a picture of two girls, outside playing, one was labeled LINDSEY and one was labeled MARIE. The top of the paper said "Best Friends 4Ever".

      MARIE: It's so cool!

      LINDSEY: We'll be best friends forever, right?

      MARIE hugged her friend.

      MARIE: Yep!


      The camera is still on MARIE. There was a tear falling from her eye.

      MARIE: She w-was my best f-friend.

      Everyone looked sympathetic, especially ALAN.

      MARIE: And I don't know what happened to her.

      She frowned as more tears fell from her eyes.

      FAITH: We'll find her.

      MARIE nodded.

      MARIE: I-I'm sure you will.

      She looked around the room.

      MARIE: I'm going to go sleep now?

      BRIAN: You can have my room. I'm going to be out in the living room.

      MARIE: Ok.

      And then she headed back to the bedroom.

      FAITH turned to ROBIN. She then picked up two swords, and tossed one to ROBIN. He caught it easily.

      FAITH: Ready?

      ROBIN: Ready.

      They headed out the door.


      FAITH: See anything yet?

      ROBIN looked up from where he was looking.

      ROBIN: Not yet!

      FAITH let out a sigh of frustration.

      FAITH: Me either! There's nothi-

      ROBIN: There is something.

      FAITH peeked over to where ROBIN was looking, and saw that something to.

      ROBIN: (cont'd) They're drag marks.

      The camera moves to the leaves in the woods, and we see the drag marks that ROBIN mentioned.

      FAITH: Maybe we should follow ?em.

      ROBIN nodded, and started following the markings. FAITH followed after him.

      ROBIN: It looks like they lead to the campus.

      FAITH nodded.

      FAITH: Let's go.


      The camera moves up to see someone's hand, holding a knife. The person was running. The camera then moves to a YOUNG GIRL, who is also running. She has tears streaming down her face.

      YOUNG GIRL: (yelling) Someone, help me!! Please!!

      PERSON: (hoarse, faked voice) No one can help you.

      The YOUNG GIRL turns around, and looks even more panicked than before. The PERSON chasing her finally caught up with her, and grabbed her around the waist. The PERSON whispered an incantation in her ear, and then slit her throat. HE or SHE shoved her body down on the ground. We then only see the PERSON lunging the knife down repeatedly.


      FAITH and ROBIN's heads turned as they heard someone crying for help. FAITH automatically started running, with ROBIN following very close behind. When FAITH got there, she saw the YOUNG WOMAN laying on the ground, marks all over her body. ROBIN crouched down to feel a pulse. Before he could, the PERSON who killed her spoke.

      PERSON: (voice still fake and hoarse) Too late.

      The camera moves down to his hand, where he's holding a knife. Close up on the knife, as a drop of blood drops to the floor.

      PERSON: Always too late, aren't you, Slayer?

      FAITH widened her eyes.

      FAITH: How did you know I was a Sl-?

      PERSON: I've always known who you are, Firecracker. Bye now.

      Before FAITH could stop HIM/HER, HIM/HER vanished before her very eyes.

      ROBIN: No pulse.

      FAITH looked down at ROBIN.

      FAITH: You're sure?

      ROBIN nodded.

      ROBIN: Yeah?

      FAITH sighed in frustration and anger.

      FAITH: Damn it!


      FAITH walked down the hallway with ROBIN.

      FAITH: I can't believe we lost that girl.

      ROBIN: We couldn't have known.

      FAITH: I know that, but it's just so nerve wracking.

      ROBIN grabbed her shoulders.

      ROBIN: Hey, is this because the murderer knew you?

      FAITH shrugged.

      FAITH: Kinda. I don't remember a person that murdered girls like that?not even when I was evil.

      ROBIN: It'll be okay.

      He kissed her on the forehead.

      ROBIN: Okay?

      FAITH smiled and nodded.

      FAITH opened the door and went in her and ROBIN's apartment.

      MARIE got up from the table.

      MARIE: Find anything?

      FAITH stayed silent.

      ROBIN: We did?

      MARIE: A-and?

      FAITH: We found drag marks, and we started following them, and we heard a scream. We ran over there, and the girl was already dead.

      ALAN: Was the murderer there?

      FAITH nodded.

      FAITH: H-he?

      She trailed off.

      ROBIN: He or she faked their voice, so we couldn't tell the gender?they said it was too late, and the girl was dead. Then they vanished.

      MARIE: W-was it Lindsey?

      ROBIN: I'm not sure.

      BRIAN: Alan could see if she's at school tomorrow.

      ALAN nodded.

      ALAN: I'll check. I have physics with her.

      MARIE: Okay.

      The camera moved to FAITH's face, which was still reeling from the fact that the murderer knew her.

      BRIAN: What happened?

      ROBIN: I told you-

      BRIAN: No, what happened to Faith?

      FAITH turned her head.

      FAITH: Fine. I'm fine.

      BRIAN: No you're not, and that's not what I asked.

      FAITH: What'd you ask?

      BRIAN: I asked what happened to you.

      FAITH saw an image of the mysterious figure in her head, but shook it off.

      FAITH: Nothing.

      BRIAN: B-

      FAITH: I said nothing, okay?

      BRIAN backed off, because FAITH was almost yelling.

      FAITH: I'm gonna head to bed.

      Everyone nodded and said goodnight. FAITH headed to the back bedroom, down the hall and the first door on the right. She then layed down on the bed, and crossed her arms over her chest, thinking.

      FAITH: Who was that?



      "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."


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        ACT III


        MARIE shifted uncomfortably in her bed. Close up on her face. Her eyes automatically open and turn a bright red color, and back to normal again. She jolted up in bed, and ran out in the hallway, and to FAITH and ROBIN's room. She knocked repeatedly on the door.

        FAITH: It's open.

        MARIE walked in the door to see FAITH standing in the middle of the room, pacing.

        MARIE: You have to find him.

        FAITH: Him?

        MARIE: The murderer.

        FAITH: How do you know it's a he?

        MARIE shook her head.

        MARIE: There's no time to explain. You have to hurry.

        FAITH: Hurry to do what?

        MARIE: Stop him! He's going to murder Lindsey tonight!

        Tears were springing to MARIE's eyes.

        FAITH: How the hell do you know that?

        MARIE: I just. Do.

        FAITH heard her tone, and backed off a bit.

        FAITH: Where?

        MARIE: I don't know. Right now, you should j-just try to find out who the murderer is.

        FAITH nodded assuringly, and smiled with sympathy.

        FAITH: I'll do what I can, okay?

        MARIE nodded, as FAITH headed out of the room.


        ALAN walked through the hallway, carrying his notebook. All of a sudden, SOMEONE bumped into him, and his notebook fell to the floor. He was going to pick it up, but SOMEONE else did before he could.

        SOMEONE/LINDSEY COLLINS: Here ya go.

        LINDSEY handed the notebook to ALAN.

        ALAN: Linds! How've you been?

        LINDSEY: Okay, yourself?

        ALAN: Pretty good.

        Just then, FAITH showed up.

        FAITH: Alan, have you se-

        She paused when she saw LINDSEY.

        FAITH: Is this her?

        ALAN nodded.

        LINDSEY: Nice to meet you?

        FAITH looked at her, a nice and sincere look on her face.

        FAITH: Very.

        She then looked at ALAN.

        FAITH: I have to tell you something.

        ALAN looked at LINDSEY.

        ALAN: I'll be right back.

        LINDSEY nodded.

        ALAN followed FAITH over to the wall.

        FAITH: Marie said Lindsey's going to be killed tonight.

        ALAN: How does she know?

        FAITH: I'm not sure myself. But she knows. So we have to find the killer.

        There was a beat, then ALAN nodded.

        FAITH: Any suspects?

        ALAN shook his head. Then he saw a MAN that was dressed in all black, looking at LINDSEY. ALAN pointed at him.

        ALAN: Him?

        FAITH looked where ALAN pointed.

        FAITH: Could be?but murderer's aren't usually so obvious. I should know.

        ALAN looked confused.

        ALAN: What's that supposed to mean?

        FAITH: Nothin'.

        ALAN still looked confused, but shook it off.

        ALAN: I'll keep an eye out for anyone suspicious, and I'll keep an eye on Lind-

        He turned to see if LINDSEY was there, but no one was. The bell had rung.

        FAITH: Maybe she went to class?

        Close up on ALAN's face.

        ALAN: Maybe.


        MARIE is sitting at the kitchen table, when she suddenly jolts. BRIAN, who is sitting at the table too, looks at her.

        BRIAN: What is it?

        MARIE: We have to go.

        BRIAN looked completely confused.

        MARIE: NOW!

        BRIAN: Okay, I can feel your emotions. Fear, anger. I get it. But what's happening?

        MARIE: Can't explain it right now.

        MARIE got up from the table, and got her coat from the coat rack. She headed out the door. BRIAN continued to sit at the table. MARIE popped her head back in the door, with an angry look on her face.

        MARIE: Come on!!!

        She then headed back out.

        BRIAN: Okay then.

        BRIAN grabbed his coat and headed out the door.


        LINDSEY crouched in the corner, eyes full of fear. She was breathing is low, and hiding from something. The door to the room opened. LINDSEY's eyes widened, and she hid more. She was in complete darkness, and there wasn't any light in the apartment building.

        MAN: I know you're in here.

        LINDSEY whimpered.

        MAN: Come out, come out, wherever you are.

        LINDSEY caught a glimpse of the MAN's leg right in front of her. She kicked it, and ran out of the room, and into the next.

        The MAN got up almost instantly.

        MAN: It's no use, really. I will find you.

        And with that, he exited the room and went into the next one.


        FAITH and ALAN walked to ALAN's car.

        FAITH: Anything?

        ALAN: No. I didn't find anyone suspicious. That guy was there the whole day, didn't even know who Linds was.

        FAITH shook her head.

        FAITH: I don't know how we're supposed to find her now.

        ALAN: Me either.

        Suddenly, ALAN heard something.

        MARIE: (V.O.) Alan, can you hear me?

        ALAN: Yeah?

        FAITH turned to him.

        FAITH: Who are you talking to?

        ALAN put up his index finger, signaling FAITH to be quiet.

        MARIE: (V.O.) I know where she is.

        ALAN: You do?

        FAITH: Who does what?

        MARIE: (V.O.) Yes. Listen carefully.

        ALAN listened. After a few minutes, he nodded.

        ALAN: Okay, we'll be there in a little bit.

        And just like hanging up a phone, MARIE's voice vanished.

        ALAN: (to FAITH) Let's go.

        FAITH looked even more confused, if possible.

        FAITH: Go where?


        BRIAN: Where are we going?

        MARIE: To save L-Lindsey.

        BRIAN: I don't get you.

        MARIE: Why?

        BRIAN: Well, in one minute, you're stuttering, and acting really shy. The next? Commanding.

        MARIE stared at the road. BRIAN looked at her, but then turned his eyes back on the road as well.

        BRIAN: (V.O.) Why can't I read her?


        ALAN turned to FAITH.

        ALAN: Where's Robin?

        FAITH: At home. He could barely stay awake before.

        ALAN nodded and continued driving.

        FAITH: Where are we going?

        ALAN: To save Lindsey.

        FAITH: That doesn't answer the-

        ALAN: Yes it does.

        He continued to look determined and drive down the road.


        LINDSEY sat in the left corner of the room, eyes going wild. This room was lit, and he could see her if he looked in her direction. He entered the room, and went to the right. She snuck, and he almost saw her way before she got to the door. Just as she exited, he turned to see her foot leave the room. He followed her.


        MARIE and ALAN's cars pull into two parking spots. MARIE and ALAN quickly get out and slam there doors, slowly followed by FAITH and BRIAN. MARIE and ALAN run to the door of an abandoned building. ALAN opens the door.

        The camera shows our characters from the inside of the building. The door opens, and we see ALAN and MARIE standing outside. The slowly and prudently walk in, not wanting to be caught by the murderer.

        Something in the corner creaks, and ALAN and MARIE turn their heads to see what it is. Just then, FAITH and BRIAN entered the room. We see FAITH look around. She then sighs. ALAN turns to her.

        ALAN: What is it?

        FAITH: There's nothing here.

        MARIE: But?

        ALAN: (to FAITH) How do you know that?

        FAITH: Slayer senses.

        MARIE: Like a c-cat?

        FAITH glared at her, and then shrugged.

        BRIAN: So where is this place then? It's obviously not here.

        ALAN looked at him and rolled his eyes.

        ALAN: (sarcastically) Wow! Really?

        BRIAN glared coldly at him.

        FAITH: We should head back. Regroup.

        MARIE: We don't have time for that!!

        Everyone looked at her.

        FAITH: We'll have to make time.

        MARIE: Lindsey could be getting murdered this second.

        There was a long silence.

        MARIE: And you don't even care.

        She turned and left the building.


        FAITH, MARIE, ALAN, and BRIAN all slowly walked up the stairs silently. When they got to the top, they saw ROBIN standing outside of their NEIGHBOR's door.

        FAITH: (looking surprised) What are you doing up?

        ROBIN turned to her.

        ROBIN: I thought I heard-

        Just then, a scream ran through the apartment building.

        EVERYONE's eyes widened, and turned to FAITH's neighbor's door. FAITH looked at the door.

        FAITH: It's him!

        FADE TO BLACK.

        END OF ACT III

        "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."


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          ACT IV

          ROBIN automatically reached for the doorknob and tried to open the door, frantically. But it was locked.

          FAITH: Move.

          ROBIN moved out of the way as FAITH kicked the door down. They could all hear muffled screams.

          MARIE: (yelling) LINDSEY!!

          BRIAN held MARIE's shoulders, holding her back from rushing to the back rooms.

          BRIAN: That's not the smartest move.

          MARIE looked at his hands on her shoulders. She scowled.

          MARIE: And neither is that.

          BRIAN looked at her and then quickly removed his hands from her shoulders. Another scream went throughout the apartment. FAITH and ROBIN picked up the pace. ALAN lunged forward, but MARIE stopped him.

          MARIE: Don't do something s-stupid.

          ALAN nodded and continued to walk fast, only about 6 inches behind FAITH and ROBIN. BRIAN followed about a foot behind ALAN, and MARIE was standing right next to FAITH.

          The camera cuts to a close-up of MARIE, looking down at her feet with her arms over her chest.

          NEIGHBOR: (O.S., whispering) I know you're there.

          MARIE picked up her head, and turned to the left, where the voice was coming from. She saw the NEIGHBOR going across the hallway, oblivious to the intruders. MARIE turned to the others of her group. No one noticed him except for her. She turned back towards the hallway, and headed in the direction that he did.

          NEIGHBOR: (O.S.) There's no use in hiding, Lindsey. I'll find you. I always do.

          MARIE could hear LINDSEY whimper. She widened her eyes.

          The camera cuts to MARIE's POV. We slowly turn the corner into the room, seeing the NEIGHBOR's back. He was holding a knife. He turned to his right.

          NEIGHBOR: Stop following me.

          MARIE froze in place. The NEIGHBOR turned to face her. She wanted to run, but her feet just wouldn't move.

          NEIGHBOR: I'm not an idiot.

          MARIE: Really? Because, ya know, killing people really isn't idiotic.

          She rolled her eyes. He looked at her strangely.

          MARIE: Sarcasm.

          The NEIGHBOR smirked.

          NEIGHBOR: It isn't idiotic. It is for my lord.

          MARIE: (very quietly) Lord of morons?

          NEIGHBOR: What was that?

          MARIE looked up, and acted innocent.

          MARIE: Nothing.

          The NEIGHBOR smirked again.

          MARIE: God, what is so damn funny?

          The NEIGHBOR turned towards LINDSEY and started walking towards her.

          MARIE: No!!

          She heard LINDSEY scream, and she heard the others running back here. She couldn't move her feet. When the others came, neither could they.

          FAITH: What's going on? Why can't I move.

          The NEIGHBOR looked at them.

          NEIGHBOR: Now you all have to watch.

          FAITH, ROBIN, and BRIAN looked shocked and turned away. But MARIE and ALAN looked at him, their faces screaming ?Be ready for a slow, painful death if you do!!' Both of their eyes filled with tears as the NEIGHBOR lunged down and stabbed LINDSEY in the stomach. LINDSEY screamed for about 7 seconds, and then went silent. She was dead. When the NEIGHBOR started making symbols on LINDSEY's body, a huge force knocked FAITH, ROBIN, BRIAN, and ALAN out of the room and shut the door.

          The camera cut to FAITH's face.

          FAITH: What the hell?

          The camera cut back to inside the room. Pan up to LINDSEY's face. She remains still. Pan up to MARIE's face, with tears running down her cheeks.

          The NEIGHBOR gets up off of the ground and wipes his blade off.

          NEIGHBOR: It is done. Sealed.

          MARIE put on a brave face.

          MARIE: (shakily) Something else is sealed too.

          The NEIGHBOR looked at her confused.

          MARIE: (cont'd) Your death, you son of a bitch.

          MARIE raised her hands and the camera pans back to the NEIGHBOR's face. At first it's still confused, but then his face turns into pain. He screams, and then his outside flesh starts burning. He is burning from the inside out. MARIE stands defiantly, now that his spell is over.

          MARIE: (cont'd) It's what you deserve.

          MARIE looked at her best friend's body one last time.

          MARIE: Best friends forever, Linds.

          She smiled tearily, and exited the room.When she came out, everyone looked at her.

          ALAN: What'd you do?

          She stared at him, with tears still running down her cheeks.

          MARIE: What would you have done?

          She then went to FAITH and ROBIN's apartment.


          FAITH, ROBIN, BRIAN, and ALAN sat on the couch, silently. BRIAN finally broke the silence.

          BRIAN: What do you think she did?

          ALAN looked at him.

          ALAN: The same thing I would have done.

          BRIAN: And what's that?

          ALAN looked at the ground, then looked up.

          ALAN: Make him die. Slowly?and painfully.

          There was another long silence.

          FAITH: That doesn't seem like something Marie would do?

          ALAN: What if it was your best friend, or your sibling, or your?

          ROBIN: Mother.

          ALAN nodded. BRIAN looked at ROBIN, and could clearly feel his pain. He felt pain coming from ALAN as well. FAITH was completely blank.

          FAITH: I know what I would do, because I've killed before.

          Everyone looked at her, except ROBIN, who already knew this. No one commented.

          FAITH: But Marie still doesn't seem like the type. I should know.

          ALAN: Speaking of that-

          FAITH looked at him.

          FAITH: I don't wanna talk about it right now.

          ALAN: Oh.

          BRIAN got up.

          BRIAN: This is too much. I'm going to bed.

          Everyone said goodnight, and then continued their conversation.

          ROBIN: Maybe she's not telling us everything.

          ALAN: It's possible.

          FAITH: Completely.


          MARIE is lying on the bed and on her side, crying. She puts her face into her pillow and sobs into it. She then puts it to the side again.

          ???: (whispering, gently) Marie?

          MARIE picked her head up and slowly sat up on the bed.

          MARIE: Who is that?

          ???: I'm alright.

          MARIE turned around to see a floating, glowing figure. It was LINDSEY's ghost.

          LINDSEY'S GHOST: I'm alright, and it's going to be okay.

          MARIE: It is?

          LINDSEY'S GHOST nodded.

          LINDSEY'S GHOST: The apocalypse is coming, but you'll pull through. I'm sure.

          MARIE smiled tearily and nodded.

          LINDSEY'S GHOST: Best friends forever?

          MARIE nodded.

          MARIE: Best friend forever.

          The ghost slowly faded away, and MARIE layed back down on the bed and closed her eyes.


          The living room had been silent for ten minutes. Then there was a knock at the door.

          FAITH: Coming.

          FAITH got up off the couch and wearily made her way to the door and opened it. A brunette man stood there with four girls behind him.

          XANDER: Hi Faith.

          FADE TO BLACK.

          END OF ACT IV


          "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."