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Rogue Redemption 1.01 "Home Sweet Hell"

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  • Rogue Redemption 1.01 "Home Sweet Hell"

    Rogue Redemption
    Episode 1x01 "Home Sweet Hell"

    *This is a spin-off of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, created by Joss Whedon. The characters from that show are not mine. Only the ones that I make up are mine, obviously.

    Eliza Dushku Voiceover- Previously on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel?

    Faith: If they keep coming one at a time, we got a shot.

    Suddenly another Eliminatus lands in front of them and thrusts at Faith
    with his short sword. She reacts instantly, catching his arm and shoving
    him into a crate, then pulling him off and swinging him backward onto a
    pile of several chords of wood. Buffy steps right in and stakes him. He
    crumbles to ash. The two Slayers continue along the alley at a brisk

    At the end of the building an arm reaches out and grabs Buffy by the
    shoulder. Instantly she grabs the man and throws him against a dumpster.
    Faith jumps right in to stake him. He slumps down to the ground, hurt by
    the impact against the heavy steel container. It's Allan, but Faith is
    too caught up in things and doesn't realize he's human.

    Buffy: FAITH, NO!

    Faith swings down with her stake and plunges it into Allan's heart, then
    pulls it out. Allan grabs his chest in pain and surprise. Blood pours
    out freely, pumped out by his now punctured, beating heart. Faith backs
    away as Buffy quickly gets down beside him to try to help him. Allan
    pulls his hands away and looks down at them covered in his own blood,
    shaking hard as he goes into shock. Buffy looks at the wound and sees
    its severity.

    Buffy: Don't move!

    Faith: (shocked) I didn't... I didn't know. I didn't know.

    Buffy: (to Faith behind her) We need to call 911, NOW!

    Faith is paralyzed with fear. Allan shakes even harder as the blood loss
    increases. He looks up at Buffy.

    Buffy: (to Allan) Don't move, i-it's okay...

    She tries to apply pressure to the wound, but the blood just keeps

    Buffy: (to Faith) I-I need, I need something to stop the...

    Allan begins to convulse. His eyes go wide with the fear of death as
    blood begins to trickle from the corner of his mouth. He tries to say
    something, but can't get the words out. Buffy can only watch in despair,
    unable to help. Allan looks down at his chest one last time, then
    reaches up to Buffy, but his arm never makes it. It falls to his side,
    and his body relaxes against the dumpster, finally dead. His eyes remain
    wide open, staring up into nothing. Buffy stares back at him in open-
    mouthed horror.

    Cut to- Buffy: (very concerned) Faith, you don't get it. You *killed* a man.

    Faith: No, *you* don't get it. (smiles daringly) I don't care!

    Cut to-

    The Mayor's office. He pulls on his overcoat, getting ready to
    leave for the night. He looks down at his desk and adjusts the angle of
    the penholder, gives a satisfied nod, picks up his briefcase and heads
    for the door. When he opens it he is surprised to see Faith standing
    there, arms crossed.

    Faith- (accusingly) You sent your boy to kill me.

    Mayor Wilkins- (unfazed) That's right, I did.

    Faith- He's dust.

    Mayor Wilkins- I thought he might be. What with you standing here and

    Faith- (steps brazenly into the doorway) I guess that means you have a
    job opening.

    Cut to-

    Buffy- I just can't do this anymore. I can't have you in my life when I'm trying to move on.

    The sound of an arrow striking. The arrow was fired above and behind Angel, and has passed through his back so the point sticks out the front of his jacket. He falls and Buffy catches him.

    Buffy- Angel!

    Behind a neon sign atop a nearby building, Faith and a vampire look down at the couple.

    Vampire- Missed the heart.

    Faith- Meant to.

    Cut to-
    Faith- Man, I'm going to miss this.

    Buffy breaks Faith's grip and plunges the knife into Faith's abdomen. Both of them looked stunned for a moment.

    Faith- (weakly, but smiling) You did it.

    Faith throws Buffy away from her.

    Faith- You killed me.

    Faith climbs onto the low wall at the edge of the terrace and looks down.

    Faith- Still won't help your boy,though. Shoulda been there, B, quite a ride.

    Faith falls backward off the wall and lands in the bed of a moving truck. Buffy scrambles to the wall and sees Faiths body, unmoving, ride away.

    Cut to-

    Faith asleep, zoom closer to her face.

    Cut to Buffy still walking after Faith, then to her asleep, then to Faith running through the graveyard and falling into an open grave. Buffy comes up to it and looks down at her. Buffy falls away and the screen fades the black. Shot of the ground near the grave, then Faith claws her way out of the hole and looks up into the stormy sky.

    Cut back to hospital bed. Faith's eyes snap open.

    Cut to-

    Buffy is on her feet. She runs over to slam a left hook into Faith's face. She quickly follows that with a right hook, snapping her head back. Before she can hit her again, Faith grabs her hand and holds it tight, the small device between their palms. A glowing light starts to emanate from their hands as the device activates. Then both young women react as if hit by a shockwave. Faith is looking at their clasped hands then lifts her eyes and seem surprised as she looks at Buffy. Buffy pulls back her fist and hits her hard in the face with a right hook, sending her to the floor unconscious.

    Joyce hurries into the living room.

    Joyce: You okay?

    Buffy is looking down at the strange device she is now holding in her hand. There's an awed expression on her face.

    Buffy: All things considered.

    Joyce: What is that?

    Buffy: Weapon of some kind.

    She throws it down on the floor and stomps her boot on it. There is a flash of light as it's crushed.

    Buffy: Didn't work whatever it was.

    There's a loud pounding on the door.

    Joyce: Ah, the police.

    Buffy looks at the front door then down at Faith, lying on the broken coffee table.

    Buffy: She's their problem now.

    Joyce: (nods) You're sure you're okay?

    Buffy considers the question as she looks down at Faith.

    Buffy: Five by five.

    Cut to-

    Buffy- You're hurt.

    Riley closes the door.

    Riley- Ahh, um, not that bad, actually. I guess the, uh, drugs the professor gave me really did make me stronger. I'm healing pretty quick.

    Buffy- Maybe we should take you for a test drive.

    Riley- I wouldn't say no.

    He walks forward.

    Buffy- do you want me?

    She crawls on the bed looking away from Riley and turns around.

    Riley- How do I?

    Buffy- Yeah. what do you wanna do with this body? What nasty little desire have you been itching to try out? Am I a bad girl? Do you wanna hurt me?

    She puts her arms on him.

    Riley- What are we playing at here?

    She takes her arms off.

    Buffy- I'm Buffy.

    Riley- Ok. then I'll be Riley.

    Buffy- Well, if you don't wanna play--

    She starts to leave and Riley holds her.

    Riley- Right. I don't wanna play.

    Riley kisses her very gently and she responds.

    Cut to-

    Buffy-You can't win this.

    Faith- (enraged, with tears in her eyes) SHUT UP! Do you think I'm
    afraid of you!?

    She grabs Buffy by the shoulders and throws her down on the floor
    hard. She quickly sits across her waist and starts slamming her fist
    into her face.

    Faith- (screaming at herself) You're nothing! Disgusting! Murderous
    bitch! (grabs her head and pounds it against the floor) You're
    nothing! (starts punching her again) You're disgusting!

    Buffy finally catches Faith's fist and their hands start to glow with
    the katra between their palms.

    Cut to-

    Slow dissolve and Faith's face appears on the left side of the screen
    and both Slayers seem to be facing each other.

    Buffy- Fun.

    Then Buffy fades completely and we're with Faith. Camera pulls back
    slowly and we see she is sitting in the corner on a hay-scattered
    floor in a wooden boxcar. Sunlight is shining inside through the
    wooden planks and the interior is jostling slightly as the train

    There is a lost look on her face.

    Cut to-

    Angel- (as he dodges a hit) "I'm not gonna make it easy for you."

    Faith- (throwing herself against Angel screaming) "I'm evil! I'm bad! I'm evil! Do you hear me? I'm bad! Angel, I'm bad! (She begins to sob, grabbing a hold of Angel's shirt and shaking him) I'm ba-ad. Do you hear me? I'm bad! I'm bad! I'm bad. Please. Angel, please, just do it."

    Wesley comes running out of the house.
    Faith ? (sobbing) "Angel please, just do it. Just do it. Just kill me. Just kill me."

    Angel wraps his arms around her shoulders and pulls her against him. She over balances them and they sink to their knees, Angel still holding her as she cries

    Cut to-

    Faith- (in police station) "I'd like to make a confession."

    Cut to-
    Wesley- We need you.

    Faith- (sarcastically) Well, uh, I hate to wet the paper for you, Wes, but I'm kinda unavailable right now. Maybe you want to check back in a few decades when my parole comes up.

    Wesley- You need to know-

    Faith- It's Armageddon again. I dig. The last thing you need's me in the mix. Besides, Angel'll come shining through in the end like he always does.

    Wesley- Angel's gone, Faith. (Faith stops) Angelus is back. (Faith stares at Wesley worriedly)

    Faith- (deadpan) Step away from the glass.

    Faith hangs up the phone. Wesley stares at her, and then hangs up his phone and steps back as Faith stands and jumps through the glass headfirst. She tumbles and stands, ready to fight off the security guard. Faith and Wes jump through the outside window.

    Cut to-

    Willow- (to Shannon) Are you OK? Can you hear me? (rolls Shannon over) Can you talk? (to her passenger) This girl's bleeding badly. We have to get her to the hospital.

    As Willow's passenger walks forward into the light, show it's Faith standing there.

    Faith- (unfazed) Yep. Guess I'm back in Sunnydale.

    Cut to-

    A blonde young woman is running at top speed through the cemetery. Someone's pursuing her. She stops running and looks for a place to hide. Someone punches her, knocking her down to the ground. Her pursuer kneels down to grab the young woman, but someone picks him up and throws him into a nearby tombstone. It was Spike who was pursuing the young woman, and Faith who pulled him off of her.

    Faith- Whatcha wanna do to her, vamp? (circles Spike) Huh? Somthin' like this? (punches Spike)

    Spike- (stands) Nice punch you got there. Lemme guess. Leather pants, nice right cross, doe eyes, holier-than-thou must be Faith.

    Faith- (shrugs and grins) Oh, goodie. I'm famous.

    Spike- Told you were coming. Bit of a misunderstanding here. I'm-

    Faith- Spike. (nods) Yeah, we've met before.

    Spike- We have? I don't think we- (Faith kicks Spike in the torso) Bloody hell! What're you doing? I'm on your side.

    Faith- Yeah? Maybe you haven't heard. I've reformed. (punches Spike)

    Spike- So have I. (punches Faith) I reformed way before you did. (Faith punches Spike) Stop... (punches Faith) hitting... (punches Faith again) me! We're on the same side.

    Faith- Please. You think I'm stupid?

    Spike- Well, yeah. (grins)

    Faith- You were attacking that girl. (punches Spike)

    Someone punches Faith in the face, knocking her down. Pan over to show it's Buffy.

    Buffy- (innocently) Sorry, Faith. I didn't realize that was you.

    Faith- It's all right, B. Luckily, you still punch like you used to.

    Buffy- (glares at Faith a moment, then turns to Spike) You OK?

    Spike- Yeah. Terrific.

    Faith- (shocked) Are you protecting vampires? Are you the bad slayer now? Am I the good slayer now?

    Buffy- He's with me. He has a soul.

    Cut to-

    Faith- Forget about tomorrow. This is tonight. (pulls his hand toward her face) It's been a while. Am I out of line?

    Robin- No. You're the leader.

    Faith and Robin kiss. He lifts her up in his arms and she pushes him back onto the bed. Robin starts pulling on her shirt as they make out.

    Cut to-

    Faith- OK. The point. Me, by myself all the time. I'm looking at you, everything you have, and, I don't know, jealous. Then there I am. Everybody's looking to me, trusting me to lead them, and I've never felt so alone in my entire life.

    Buffy- Yeah. (swallows, looks down)

    Faith- And that's you every day, isn't it?

    Buffy- I love my friends. I'm very grateful for them. But that's the price. Being a slayer.

    Faith- There's only supposed to be one. Maybe that's why you and I can never get along. We're not supposed to exist together.

    Buffy- Also, you went evil and were killing people.

    Faith- Good point. Also a factor. (nods)

    Buffy- But you're right. I mean, I... I guess everyone's alone. But being a slayer? There's a burden we can't share.

    Faith- And no one else can feel it. (beat) Thank God we're hot chicks with superpowers.

    Buffy- Takes the edge off.

    Faith- Comforting.

    Buffy- Mm-hmm.

    Cut to-

    Faith- No, hell with that. We're going again, baby. (starts unbuckling her belt) You're gonna learn a little respect here, pal.

    Robin- Faith- (chuckles) Make me a deal, all right? We live through this, you give me the chance to surprise you.

    Faith- What would be the surprise?

    Robin- (looks at her) You do know the meaning of the word, right?

    Faith- Fine. (rebuckles her belt) Deal.

    Cut to-

    Faith- Buffy! (goes to Buffy's side)

    Buffy- (leans up on her elbows, weakly) Hold the line. (hands the scythe to Faith)

    Faith takes the scythe and goes back into the battle as Buffy stays in place on the floor, grunting in pain.

    Cut to-

    Faith walks up to Robin Wood, who's slumped over in the driver's seat.

    Faith- It's not bad. You just sit here. I'll get someone to-

    Robin- Hey... did we- did we make it?

    Faith- (kneels to be on eye-level with Robin) We made it. We won.

    Robin smiles and tries to laugh, but he's very weak. Still looking at Faith, he goes silent and stops breathing. Faith gets concerned, pauses, then reaches toward his face to close his eyelids. Robin coughs and sputters a moment, then smiles weakly at her.

    Robin- (breathing heavily) Surprise.

    Fade to black.

    *Disclaimer- All of these scenes are copied from the scripts at Buffy World.


    We see- FAITH on a bus. She is looking out a window, impatiently. Waiting to get where she was going.

    We then see- ROBIN sitting next to FAITH. FAITH turns to Robin.

    FAITH: Are we almost there? (looking VERY impatient now)

    ROBIN: I think so. It is a long way from Sunnydale, you know.

    FAITH: Yeah, across the country. But there's only so many hours a girl can be trapped in a metal box with wheels, ya know?

    ROBIN chuckled and nodded.

    ROBIN: I think we're close. Maybe ten minutes away.

    FAITH looked out the window again. You could tell that they were getting closer, because the traffic was getting heavier. She then turned to the TV that was in the bus, but it was playing "Beauty and the Beast", and she didn't feel like watching a cartoon right now.

    FAITH sighed.

    ROBIN glanced out into the walkway, looking out the front window.

    ROBIN: Or maybe we're closer than I thought?

    FAITH looked at her window, and saw the NEW YORK CITY SKYLINE.

    FAITH: Finally. Home sweet home.

    We see: The bus going towards NEW YORK CITY, Faith and Robin's new home.

    Fade to black.


    Theme song: "Time is Running Out" by Muse

    Bury it
    I won't let you bury it
    I won't let you smother it
    I won't let you murder it
    Our time is running out
    And our time is running out
    You can't push it underground
    We can't stop it screaming out
    I wanted freedom
    Bound and restricted
    I tried to give you up
    But I'm addicted
    Now that you know I'm trapped
    Sense of elation
    You'd never dream of breaking this fixation
    You will squeeze the life out of me
    Bury it
    I won't let you bury it
    I won't let you smother it
    I won't let you murder it
    And our time is running out
    And our time is running out
    You can't push it underground
    We can't stop it screaming out
    How did it come to this

    Main Characters:
    Eliza Dushku as Faith
    D.B. Woodside as Robin
    Michelle Williams as Marie Kaloff
    Tina Majorino as Samantha Derevco
    Jason Momoa as Bishop
    Callum Blue as Alan Ross
    James Callis as Brian Edwards

    Guest Starring:
    Gabriella Bridges as Adrianna

    Special Guest Starring:

    Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy Summers

    Michelle Tratchenberg as Dawn Summers

    Note: Marie Kaloff won't be introduced until episode 2. Samantha Derevco won't be introduced until episode 3.

    "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."

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    ACT I


    FAITH and ROBIN walk through the door to their apartment.

    FAITH: Nice place. Needs some fixin' up though?

    She looks around the room, seeing cracks in the floor, and little mice holes in the walls.

    FAITH: (cont.) ?or a lot.

    ROBIN: Well, at least it's a place to stay.

    FAITH doesn't respond, just nods, and continues to look throughout the house. She walks down the hallway, and into the master bedroom.

    FAITH: The bedroom's not too bad, but still?we need to get someone in here to fix it up. I would say Harris, but he's kinda in a different country.

    As FAITH is looking around, she hears someone talking in the next room. Sounds like he or she is talking quietly to him or herself. She goes to the other room, walking slowly to make sure that it wasn't a villain. When she enters the room, she heard words more clearly.

    MAN: Can't stop it. I can't stop anything. Worthless, is what I am. Worthless to the world.

    FAITH: What are ya talkin' about? Worthless to the world? You don't have to protect the whole world. No one does.

    The MAN looks up at her.

    MAN: You don't know anything. You're lost in the sea, just like the rest of them. Lost little girl that doesn't know anything.

    FAITH: Little?!? I'm not little, and I know a lot of stuff. I'm a S-

    She pauses realizing she probably shouldn't let him know that she is a Slayer.

    FAITH: -strong person.

    ROBIN then walks into the bedroom, and looks over a FAITH talking to the MAN.

    ROBIN: Who's this?

    FAITH looks up at ROBIN, with an I-have-absolutely-no-idea look on her face.

    MAN: My name's Brian.

    FAITH looks at MAN/BRIAN.

    FAITH: Let's move on to the more obvious question?what the hell are you doing in our new apartment?

    BRIAN: It's the place I come to escape from the world.

    Close up of BRIAN's face, we move closer and closer until we reach his eyes.

    BRIAN(cont.): From their thoughts.

    The camera cuts to a PARK. We see people walking, talking to each other, biking, and all sorts of things that people do on an average day.

    BRIAN: (V.O.) I can hear every single thing everyone is thinking?

    The camera then moves to a girl studying for an exam at the library in her college.

    BRIAN: (V.O. cont.) Their knowledge?

    Camera cuts to- A couple in a ballroom, slow dancing, looking into each other's eyes.

    BRIAN: (V.O. cont.) Their love?

    Camera cuts to- A man chasing a woman into a dark alley, and finally she is at the end of it, stuck. She looks at him in fear. The man then stabs the woman in the stomach repeatedly.

    Cut to- A close up on BRIAN's face. He shuts his eyes.

    BRIAN: (cont.) Their pain.

    FAITH: So, what? You're an empath?

    BRIAN nods.

    BRIAN: I'm a warlock?I ran into a demon a couple years back. Tried to kill him. Turns out that he was an empath, and magically passed his abilities on to me. Whoever said that having thoughts in your head, other than your own, was fun is completely wrong. It's-

    But he is cut off by a sharp pain going through is head. He holds and moans in pain.

    BRIAN: Oh God!!!

    FAITH looks at ROBIN.

    FAITH: Can I talk with you outside the room for a sec?

    ROBIN nods.

    The camera cuts to the bedroom door, outside of the bedroom. We see the door open, FAITH coming out of it, followed closely by ROBIN.

    FAITH: What are we going to do about this? I don't know if there's another room for him to sleep in, and he can't sleep in that closet. Also, we can't afford to pay for another apartment for him.

    ROBIN: We could just let him sleep here. There's an extra room. For now, anyways.

    FAITH: Alright then?

    FAITH is about to go into the room and tell BRIAN that he would be staying with them, ROBIN puts his hand on her shoulder. FAITH turns towards him.

    ROBIN: Just?be careful. We don't know if he's telling the truth or not.

    FAITH: Careful is my middle name.

    She smirks and then heads into the main bedroom.


    We see a FIGURE chasing a WOMAN down the street. The camera goes to the WOMAN's face. We see her looking back at whoever is chasing her. We see the fear in her eyes. She turns back to look ahead of her, and the camera moves to a corner, we see no one. Then we suddenly see the WOMAN run around the corner, towards the camera, the FIGURE very close behind her.

    The WOMAN continued to run. The camera is now at a POV from the roof of a building. The WOMAN is suddenly stopped at a dead end, and turns around to face the FIGURE. Pan onto her face, filled with terror.

    WOMAN: Please, no!!

    The FIGURE/MAN smirks, and rushes up to her with a knife in his hand. Suddenly, a surprised look appears on to the MAN's face. He looks at the WOMAN. We then see the WOMAN's face. She smirks. The camera moves down to the MAN's stomach. A knife that the WOMAN had has stabbed him in the gut. Pan up to the WOMAN's face, now vamped out. She is a vampire, named ADRIANNA.

    ADRIANNA: Gotchya.

    She twisted the knife while it was in his stomach, and then pulls it out. She lets his body fall to the ground. Pan up to her face again, and then zoom out to see her walking. ADRIANNA smirks again.


    A MAN in his early twenties' is sitting at a table in a college library. He was looking at a notebook, but seemed too tired to read anything that was in it. He then closed the notebook and let out a sigh. The camera moves to the cover of the notebook. On it reads the name ALAN ROSS, which is the name of this twenty year old.

    ALAN walks out of the library. He heads over to an alleyway. We know that it's the alley where ADRIANNA killed the MAN. However, ALAN does not. ALAN walks to the end of the alley and sees the corpse. The camera goes to ALAN's face. We see a shocked, horrified look on it. ALAN is then suddenly pushed forcefully against the wall. We see ALAN, and a hand on his shoulder.

    The camera shifts to the person who has pushed ALAN against the wall. We see BISHOP, a demon bounty hunter. ALAN does not know this yet, and the look of confusion and fear in his face is obvious.

    ALAN: Dude, wha-

    BISHOP only pushes him more into the wall.

    BISHOP: Where is she?

    ALAN: I don't know who you're talking ab-

    BISHOP punches him in the face.

    BISHOP: I know you do. Don't play around with me, boy.

    ALAN: I'm not. Who are you talking about?

    BISHOP looked rather furious now.

    BISHOP: I have found you at the scene of the crime. Are you not affliated with Adrianna?

    ALAN looks at BISHOP sternly and seriously, yet confused at the same time.

    ALAN: No. I don't know an Adrianna?

    The camera cuts to BISHOP's face. He frowns, and looks very, very serious. BISHOP then lifts ALAN up off of the ground by his shirt.

    BISHOP: Fine. But if I find out you're lying to me?I'll find you and beat you to a bloody pulp with several. Sharp. Objects.

    BISHOP paused, and ALAN gulped.

    BISHOP: (cont.) Got me?

    ALAN nods furiously.

    BISHOP: Good.

    And with that, BISHOP throws ALAN to the ground, and walks down and out of the alley. The camera cuts back to ALAN.

    ALAN: What the hell?


    The camera is showing BRIAN laying down in his bed. We see him shifting uncomfortably as if having a nighmare.

    In the nightmare?

    We see a young man, walking down the alley. We know this young man to be ALAN. He's walking to a campus. He turns around, as if he has heard something. He then shrugged, disregarding it. Then he turned around again, when he heard it again. He started to walk fast towards the campus.

    The camera view goes higher, making us see ALAN and the PURSUER from 30 feet above the ground. Then we see ALAN break into the run, a few seconds before the PUSUER does as well. The camera moves back to show ALAN's face. He looks terrified, almost like he knows that he is going to die. He looks back, and sees?no one. No one is pursuing him. He slows down, and turns around to look fully. He sighs in relief he sees no one. All of a sudden, a HAND grabs him from behind and stabs him in the back. ALAN has a shocked look on his face, and before he dies he looks to his murderer. We see BISHOP. BISHOP then smiles.

    BISHOP: I warned you.

    And with that, BISHOP twists the knife in ALAN's back and pulls it out. ALAN's head dropped down, as a signal to show he was dead. BISHOP dropped him on the ground?

    The camera then cuts to BRIAN, shifting uncomfortably in his bed. His body jolts when he sees ALAN's body hit the ground. Then the camera cuts back to the nightmares.

    [i]In the nightmare?

    We see a monster coming out of the earth, much like the monster that came out of the HELLMOUTH in SUNNYDALE. It is growling and lunging forward, as if to attack something.

    The camera moves over to- FAITH and ROBIN with weapons in their hands, staring defensively at the monster and holding weapons. They have a determined look on their face.

    The demon lunges forward again, and then is inches from biting FAITH's head off when?

    Camera cuts to- BRIAN's eyes snapping open, and he is panting a sweating.

    BRIAN: Oh my God?



    "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."


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      ACT II

      CUT TO- We see FAITH and ROBIN lying down in their bed, sleeping. We hear BRIAN say "Oh my God?" really loud. FAITH then woke up suddenly, and turned over to ROBIN. She woke him up.

      FAITH: Did you say something?

      ROBIN: No?

      FAITH: Did you hear anything?

      ROBIN: Hear what?

      FAITH: I don't know?

      We then hear BRIAN repeatedly saying "Oh God" and hyperventilating.

      FAITH: That.

      ROBIN: Now I do.

      FAITH threw the covers off of herself, and got up off the bed. She then ran to BRIAN's room.

      BRIAN: (repeatedly) No, no, no, no, no?

      FAITH runs over to the side of his bed, and looks worriedly at him.

      FAITH: What happened?

      BRIAN: Nothing.

      FAITH: What do you mean nothing? What the hell happened?!?

      BRIAN: I said nothing. What I meant, is nothing?yet.

      FAITH: Wait?something's going to happen?

      BRIAN: Yes.

      FAITH: Care to share what that something might be?

      CUT TO- FAITH, ROBIN, and BRIAN are all sitting at a kitchen table, each with a cup of tea in front of them. After a long pause, BRIAN was finally telling them what happened in his nightmare.

      BRIAN: I had a nightmare?first it was about this young man?I don't know him, but he was killed. I think that the man that killed him seemed to have met him before?

      BRIAN paused. He winced.

      BRIAN: I felt his pain when he died, but he has not been killed yet.

      ROBIN: So we have time to save him. Where was he?

      BRIAN shook his head.

      BRIAN: I don't know?but there's more to the nightmare?

      FAITH: What's it?

      BRIAN looked gravely at her, and FAITH and ROBIN's faces got even more serious.

      BRIAN: A mouth of hell?

      FAITH: A mouth of hell? You mean, there's more than one?

      BRIAN nodded.

      BRIAN: There are hundreds?but most are inactive.

      FAITH: Oh, God. You mean there's going to be another big war with demons like uber vamps? Great, just great.

      ROBIN: I thought that one was enough.

      BRIAN: Enough in our opinion, yes. But not in evil's. They always have to have a major power force-

      He was cut off when FAITH interrupted him.

      FAITH: Big damn evil. It's always gettin' in the way of things.

      ROBIN: Seems like.

      FAITH: Not seems. It's a fact.

      BRIAN: We're getting off subject here?like I said, I had a nightmare about a mouth of hell, and it opened?it was attacking both of you?

      BRIAN looked like he was in a lot of pain, and couldn't go on talking about it anymore.

      BRIAN: I'm sorry, I can't.

      ROBIN: That's okay.

      ROBIN looked at BRIAN reassuringly, and smiled.

      ROBIN: Faith, can I talk to you over here for a second?

      FAITH: Sure.

      FAITH walked over to the other end of the room with ROBIN.

      ROBIN: This definitely is not good.

      FAITH: (sarcastically) Really? Because I thought everything was just peachy keen.

      ROBIN: I'm serious?a mouth of hell opening. It doesn't sound like a trip to Candyland.

      FAITH: Oh, it isn't. I've heard the story from Buffy. She, Angel, Willow, and Giles had to fight one of them in the high school library-

      ROBIN cut her off when he heard the last part.

      ROBIN: High school library?

      FAITH: It was over the Hellmouth.

      ROBIN: Ah. So my old office was over the Hellmouth and also used to be a high school library?interesting.

      FAITH: Very.

      There was a long pause, and then FAITH decided that it was time to get back on topic.

      FAITH: So, these demons, or this demon, is going to be very hard to kill. It took four of the gang from old Sunnydale, and there's only two of us now.

      ROBIN: So we need more people.

      FAITH: Well, yeah. That's the point that I was getting to?

      ROBIN: But who would want to help us with this? Who would want to risk their lives?

      There was another long pause.

      FAITH: People who want to keep the world alive? People who would rather sacrifice themselves than have the world destroyed?

      ROBIN: I get what you're saying, but where are we going to find people like that?

      FAITH: I didn't say that it was going to be easy?but how else are we supposed to defeat this thing? There's got to be some good people in this world.

      ROBIN: Do you think?we should get the old g-

      FAITH: Not right away. We'll give them a break?after all of that work in Sunnydale?

      ROBIN nodded.

      ROBIN: Right.

      FAITH: But here's the problem?we can't exactly put up fliers asking, "Hi, the world is about to be destroyed. Wanna help save it? Call this number."

      ROBIN: No?but we could set up a website?

      FAITH: (sarcastically) Oh, yeah. Great idea. And what would be the name? ?Apocalypse 101'?

      ROBIN: Well?no.

      He paused, and then sighed.

      ROBIN: To be honest, I have absolutely no idea what to do?

      BRIAN: I might.

      FAITH and ROBIN turned and saw BRIAN standing up, looking at them. Apparently, he had been listening to the entire conversation.

      FAITH: Yeah?

      BRIAN: Well, since all of those Slayers were activated-

      FAITH: How do you know about that?

      BRIAN: Empath.

      FAITH: Oh, right.

      BRIAN: Anyways, since all of those Slayers were activated, why can't we have some of them relocate here and help us? Isn't that their job?

      ROBIN: Yeah?but we don't know where to reach most of them. The ones that we do know where to reach are busy protecting that place.

      FAITH: But we could call Buffy, and ask her if she could ask some of the Slayers that were free to come up here.

      ROBIN: That could work.

      FAITH: Alright, I'm going to call Buffy right now, and ask her about that.

      Both ROBIN and BRIAN nodded in agreement. FAITH walked over to the next room, where the phone was. She then picked it up, and dialed BUFFY's new number. It rang a few times, and then someone picked up.

      DAWN: Hello, Summers residence.

      FAITH: Hey Dawnie.

      DAWN: Faith! How are you? How's the Big Apple?

      FAITH: I'm alright, and the city isn't what I expected. It's over a Hellmouth.

      DAWN: Oh.

      FAITH: Can I talk to Buffy?

      DAWN: Sure.

      Camera cuts to DAWN, in her house in ROME, and she turns her head in the direction BUFFY is.

      DAWN: (yelling) Buffy! It's for you!

      BUFFY gets up and walks over to the phone, taking it from DAWN.

      BUFFY: Hello?

      FAITH: Hey B.

      BUFFY: Faith.

      Camera cuts to FAITH, with a grave look on her face.

      FAITH: I have some bad news.

      Camera cuts to BUFFY, with a worried expression.

      BUFFY: What is it?

      FAITH: Well?

      The camera then moves to about ten minutes later, and FAITH has told BUFFY everything.

      BUFFY: Wow?is he cute?

      FAITH: B! That is so not the issue here.

      The camera cuts to BUFFY, putting a more serious expression on.

      BUFFY: Right. So, what do you need?

      FAITH: Some Slayers.

      BUFFY: They're not fully trained yet.

      FAITH: So this is a good place to finish up.

      BUFFY: Alright, I'll send some up with Xander. They'll be there in about a week.

      FAITH: Okay, thanks B.

      BUFFY: You're welcome.

      And with that FAITH hung up and sighed.

      FAITH: Yeah, this is going to be fun.


      "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."


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        ACT III

        ADRIANNA took her teeth out of the neck of her most recent victim, licked her lips, and dropped him to the ground.

        ADRIANNA: Yummy.

        She started to walk down that street, with her vamp face on. But as soon as she heard someone walking behind her, she switched into her human face. She then stopped walking.

        BISHOP: I know it's you, Adrianna.

        ADRIANNA turned around to face him.

        ADRIANNA: Um, sir?I don't know who you are.

        BISHOP: Oh, yes. Play games, child. But that's not going to stop your inevitable death.

        ADRIANNA: I think you're confused?

        She switched into vamp mode.

        ADRIANNA: I'm not the one who's going to be dying tonight.

        She smirked, and then tackled him. BISHOP fell to the ground, and ADRIANNA got up to kick him in the side. Just as she was about to kick him, she looked at the ground, and he wasn't there any more.

        All of a sudden, ADRIANNA was kicked across the alleyway, and her face slammed right against a wall. BISHOP went over to her, gripping a stake in his hand. ADRIANNA looked at BISHOP with a bloody face.

        ADRIANNA: Oh no you don't!

        She stressed the last word, and lept forward, dodging the stake and kicking it out of his hand. The camera moves up to her face.

        ADRIANNA: Killing me isn't that easy. If it were, I wouldn't be here right now.

        BISHOP tried to get up, but ADRIANNA only kicked him in the stomach, and he fell to the ground again coughing. ADRIANNA then walked down the street, leaving BISHOP in the alley.

        CUT TO- ALAN ROSS in his dorm room. He got up off of his bed, where he had been laying down on, looking at the ceiling. He opened the door to go out of his bedroom, and headed to the right. He then reached the vending machine, got a dollar out of his pocket, and put it in. He got a water, and then picked it up out of the machine.

        He turned to go back to his bedroom, when a young woman ran up to her, with a scared look on her face.

        WOMAN: Please! Help me! Someone's trying to kill me!!

        ALAN widened his eyes.

        ALAN: Okay, miss. Just come into my room with me, you'll be safer behind a locked door.

        She nodded, and followed him to his room, looking around in the hallway. When she entered, she started to speak again.

        WOMAN: Thank you.

        ALAN: It's not a problem.

        WOMAN: No, it is. You didn't have to let me in.

        ALAN: I know, but then I would think it's my fault if you were killed.

        The WOMAN nodded.

        WOMAN: True.

        ALAN: So, what's your name?

        WOMAN: My name is Adrianna.

        ALAN didn't try to look as scared as he actually was, but he somehow managed to look even more scared than he actually was.

        ADRIANNA: What's wrong?

        ALAN gulped.

        ALAN: It's, it's um?nothing. Just a test I have to study for that's tomorrow, and I-I haven't studied for it yet.

        ADRIANNA: Oh, go ahead.

        ALAN nodded and went over to his books, which were by the door. He then turned back to ADRIANNA.

        ALAN: You know what? I have to go get something from the lobby. Are you going to be okay here?

        ADRIANNA nodded and smiled. ALAN then headed out in the hallway, and turned left. He ran into BISHOP. ALAN jumped.

        ALAN: Jesus?

        BISHOP: Not really.

        There was a long pause.

        BISHOP: Where is she?

        ALAN: Who? Adrianna?

        BISHOP: Who else would I be looking for?

        ALAN: She's in my room?she said someone was trying to kill her-

        BISHOP: Me.

        ALAN: -and I didn't know who she was?speaking of, what is she? She can't be human.

        BISHOP: A demon. Vampire.

        ALAN blinked, looking surprised.

        ALAN: Vampires?exist?

        BISHOP: Of course.

        ALAN: Oh, yeah?of course?

        He said it as if he knew that they did.

        BISHOP: I must go kill her now.

        ALAN: Oh, yeah?you do that.

        BISHOP: Your room number?

        ALAN: 412.

        BISHOP then moved over to that room, and opened the door. When he looked in it, he looked furious. He turned back to ALAN.

        BISHOP: She is not in there. You lied.

        ALAN: No?I didn't. She was in there a minute ago.

        BISHOP: And she isn't now. Which is your responsibility.

        ALAN took this and responded defensively.

        ALAN: No, it's not. You are responsible for killing her, not me. I was only dragged into this because I'm the one who found the corpse.

        BISHOP only looked at him, blankly. He then pulled out a knife, looking mad again. ALAN widened his eyes, and started to run down the hallway, and down the stairs, with BISHOP following closely behind.

        Once ALAN gets to the bottom of the stairs, he doesn't hear BISHOP following him anymore. He runs outside, in the grass, but not in the open space. It was pretty secluded by trees surrounding it. He sighed in relief. He started walking slowly.

        Then he heard a sound behind him, and started walking faster. He looked around, and saw BISHOP was starting to pursue him.
        The camera view goes higher, making us see ALAN and BISHOP from 30 feet above the ground. Then we see ALAN break into the run, a few seconds before BISHOP does as well. The camera moves back to show ALAN's face. He looks terrified, almost like he knows that he is going to die. He looks back, and sees?no one. No one is pursuing him. He slows down, and turns around to look fully. BISHOP was about to grab him from behind and stab him in the back, but?

        A HAND grabbed BISHOP by the shoulder, and turned him around.

        FAITH: No, bad dog.

        She smirked, and this comment seemed to make BISHOP really, really mad. His nostrils flared, and his eyes gleamed with his anger. He was about to stab her, but she grabbed his arm, twisted it, and grabbed the knife out of his hand. FAITH smirked again.

        FAITH: How do ya think this is gonna play out, huh?

        BISHOP was still angry, and lashed his head back, hitting her in the face. He then grabbed a sword from his belt.

        BISHOP: You will die.

        FAITH put her hands on her hips.

        FAITH: Oh, really? Ever heard of a Slayer?

        BISHOP: A wha-

        FAITH cut him off by punching him in the face, and then kicking him in the stomach, and he fell to the ground.

        FAITH: Let's just say I'm stronger than you.

        BISHOP looked up at her with a bloody nose. He got up again, with his sword in his hand, his grip not faltering.

        BISHOP: We'll see about that.

        FAITH rolled her eyes, and then dodged the sword that was being swung at her. She then crouched down at the ground, and kicked at BISHOP's feet?making him fall down once again. FAITH actually laughed.

        FAITH: You really think you're gonna win this thing?

        BISHOP: I am not concerned with you. I need to find Adrianna.

        FAITH put her hand over her heart.

        FAITH: Aw! Is it true love?

        BISHOP growled.

        BISHOP: To kill her.

        FAITH: Me, let you kill an innocent? No. Speaking of, Robin?

        ROBIN appeared from the shadows.

        ROBIN: Yeah?

        FAITH: Will ya take this fella to our apartment?

        ROBIN: Yeah.

        ROBIN walked over to ALAN.

        ROBIN: C'mon. You'll be safer at our house.

        ALAN nodded, and followed ROBIN to his car.

        BISHOP: She's not an innocent.

        FAITH: I'm sorry, who?

        BISHOP: Adrianna. She's a vampire.

        FAITH: So, what? You're one of the good guys?

        BISHOP: Not exactly. And I'm not going to stand here and tell you my life story either. I have to kill Adrianna.

        FAITH: One question?why are you so set on killing this one vamp? There are tons out there needing stakings.

        BISHOP: I'm a demonic bounty hunter.

        FAITH: Oh.

        And with that, BISHOP left, in search of ADRIANNA. The camera zooms out to about 30 feet above the ground again.

        Fade to black.

        END OF ACT III

        "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."


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          ACT IV

          When FAITH got back to the apartment, ROBIN, BRIAN, and ALAN were all sitting at the kitchen table.

          FAITH: Oh, look! It's the new Scooby Gang!

          ROBIN smiled. BRIAN and ALAN didn't, as they didn't know what she was talking about. FAITH then sat at the table with them.

          FAITH: Okay, so here's the deal. This guy-

          ALAN/BRIAN: Bishop.

          FAITH: Bishop is looking for this Adrianna girl because he's a demonic bounty hunter, and Adrianna is a vamp?

          FAITH paused.

          FAITH: (cont.) But does demonic bounty hunter mean that Bishop is a demon, or he hunts demons?

          ROBIN: Could be both?

          FAITH: Could be. He was pretty damn strong, so it's very possible that he's a demon?or just a really strong human?

          BRIAN: Demon. I felt it?he's a demon.

          FAITH: So, wait?a demon that's killing other vamps and demons?

          ALAN: Seems like that?

          FAITH looked at ROBIN, and laughed.

          FAITH: Angel and Spike much?

          ROBIN: Mm hm.

          ALAN: Spike and Angel?

          FAITH: Long story. For a different time.

          ALAN: Oh, okay.

          ROBIN: Back on subject. A demonic bounty hunter?if he only hunts vamps and demons, then having him on our team would be useful.

          FAITH: That's true. It could be the perfect thing for out situation.

          ALAN: On our team? If I'm part of this team, I don't want to be with him on it. He tried to kill me!

          FAITH: I understand, but-

          ALAN: No, you don't! It was terrifying!!

          BRIAN was trying to not pay attention to the fight, but the anger and frustration was making his head feel like it was going to explode. He clutched his head in pain.

          BRIAN: (through gritted teeth) Guys?

          They didn't seem to notice him. Everyone was focused on the fight.

          FAITH: And you think that I don't know what terrifying is?

          ALAN: NO!

          FAITH: Well, you're wrong there! I'm a freaking Slayer, been one for 6 years now, and I've been in some pretty scary situations. Try telling me I don't know what terrifying is.

          ALAN: Have you ever almost died?

          FAITH: Several times. I got over it. Try!

          ALAN: GET OVER IT?

          BRIAN clutched his head even harder and started to groan in pain.

          ROBIN: Guys?

          FAITH and ALAN still didn't notice, and continued fighting.

          FAITH: Well,-

          But then she was cut off by BRIAN, who screamed in pain.

          BRIAN: SHUT. UP!!!

          FAITH looked sympathetic at BRIAN. He was still clutching his head, even though things had settled down.

          BRIAN: If you guys could stop fighting?you would know that you won't be able to use Bishop as a force of your team, you better go to central park right now?he is in great danger of being killed.

          FAITH automatically got up out of her seat.

          FAITH: We better go then, since there's no point in not atleast asking him to help us, ya know?

          ROBIN and BRIAN nodded their heads in agreement, but ALAN shook his head in rage.

          ALAN: I would help, if you weren't having Bishop help.

          FAITH: Too bad. ?Cause we are. It's up to you to help save the world or not. Completely your decision.

          ALAN gave FAITH a hard look. Then he decided to think about it.

          BRIAN: While he thinks on that, why don't we go get Bishop, hm?

          FAITH nodded.

          FAITH: But I think that only Robin and I should go. It's better if we're in pairs, that way we're somewhat safe.

          ALAN: Somewhat?

          BRIAN: You'll be safe. I can do magic if I have to.

          ALAN: Magic. Why am I not surprised?

          FAITH turned to look at ROBIN.

          FAITH: Let's go.

          Then FAITH and ROBIN opened the door and headed out, leaving BRIAN and ALAN at the kitchen table.

          CUT TO- The camera is set on BISHOP's face, then zooms out. He is looking around, obviously for ADRIANNA. He looks to the right and then to the left. The camera follows where he looks, and he sees no one.

          The camera then zooms out to show him walking again. He stopped for a second. Zoom up on the back of his head, and he turns, so we can see some of his characteristics. He then suddenly turns around, and grabs ADRIANNA's leg in mid-kick. BISHOP smirked.

          BISHOP: Nice try.

          BISHOP then twisted her leg around, but instead of falling, she used all of her power to kick with the leg he was holding, and then landed on the ground. She used the leg that he hadn't been holding to kick him in the stomach. BISHOP staggered back a bit once she did that, but didn't fall over. He grabbed his sword out the holder that he had it in.

          He swung the sword at her neck with all of his might, but she dodged it by bending down, and punched him in the stomach. This only succeeded in making him even more angry, and he tried to stab her, but then she knocked him to the ground. She got on top of him, and was about to bite him when she suddenly turned to dust.

          Standing above BISHOP was FAITH, with a stake in hand. Behind her was ROBIN. FAITH offered BISHOP a hand to help him up, but he got up by himself, and started to walk off.

          FAITH: That's all? No thank you?

          ROBIN: Does seem rude.

          BISHOP turned around to face them.

          BISHOP: I was handling it fine.

          FAITH: Handling it? Seemed to me that you were about to be turned into vampire chow.

          BISHOP: I said I was handling it. I don't need anyone's help.

          ROBIN: If you think that, you clearly need some mental help.

          FAITH: Robin, don't star-

          BISHOP: I don't care what he says. He can't insult me.

          FAITH raised her hands in surrender.

          FAITH: Fine . You know what? Just go.

          BISHOP turned to leave, and walked away.

          ROBIN: Faith! Why didn't you ask him for help?

          FAITH: Because of two reasons. One, he wasn't in the mood. Two, a whole bunch of Slayers are going to come up here with Harris. We don't need him right now.

          ROBIN: Okay, whatever you say.

          They then exited the park.


          ROBIN opened the door, and FAITH entered first. All the lights were turned off, indicating that ALAN and BRIAN had gone to sleep.

          FAITH looked around the place.

          FAITH: Home sweet hell.

          Fade to black.

          END CREDITS.

          "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."