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Shadow Stalker - 3.05 - When The Walls Bled

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  • Shadow Stalker - 3.05 - When The Walls Bled

    Series: Shadow Stalker
    Episode: 3.05 ? When The Walls Bled
    Writer: Lex
    Editor: Alex Hart

    I do not claim credit for any of Joss Whedon's creation and the featuring of his characters and episodes in this series is simply for my pleasure and not at all for financial gain as I do all this for free! All characters not affiliated with Jossverse belong to me, as do the plot lines. Season Three starts alongside Season 5 of Angel and is in association with Rogue Redemption, (Amber); Chosen, (Heather); BtVS Seasons 8 + 9 and AtS Season 6, (Alex Hart); Broken Destiny (Joe); Wishful Thinking (Ben); and Raven (Alexander Brown).



    The whole scene moves in slow motion.

    The camera passes over XAK'S devastated and guilty expression; then CHARLIE, in disbelief.

    The camera then cuts distortedly, as if the screen is being torn, to BROGAN, who stares angrily at KAIA and she in turn looks at him with just as much contempt.

    The screen distorts to a high angled view of them all, and soon the scene begins to reverse?

    A.J, TUCKER and MACIE dying. The spell in the alleyway.

    Then the screen distorts further, as if time is being reversed?

    CATE, DANTE and LANCE being kidnapped. TERAMELLI announcing the manhunt. The gang's arrest. MACIE and SIN. The hospital. CONSTANCE and TRAFFORD. The bomb explosion. CHARLIE vs. SIN. MELODY dying. CATE, FARAH and LEO. BLACK.

    LEIGH and CHRISTIAN escaping with SIN, MELODY and LANCE. Wolfram and Hart. TOOLE dying. CHARLIE killing HERMES. ASHBY dying. CHARLIE in labour. XAK breaking CHARLIE out of Wolfram and Hart.

    XAK killing CHARLIE. The Fates. RACK dying. SEPHY. XAK meeting TOOLE?CATE?CHARLIE. XAK training with DOC. BUFFY'S sacrifice. XAKIEL entering through the portal; the walls bleeding. DAWN being cut by DOC?


    Her hell dimension. The other hell god. The Fates. XAKIEL in chains. BROGAN trying to help him?and then, the images blur together so much nothing can be made distinguishable?

    CUT TO -

    And then the blurring stops. We've travelled back in time as far as we can?as far as is relevant. The camera pans over a small hamlet on a desolate land. A dozen small wooden cottages standing firm and strong under a haunting red sky and the storm that had erupted within it. Although it's not clear where we are the camera moves in to the village to show many of the windows being locked by the inhabitants and all the curtains being shut. As the camera meanders the cottages a fierce wind paves the way for a violent thunder and lightning storm to plague the area.

    As the camera closes in on the door of one of the cottages - the one with a number 9 engraved in its door - forked lightening strikes the doorstep. The camera stops, and a murmur of voices between a man and a woman inside can be heard.

    MAN (O/S): That was too close, this storm is dangerous.

    WOMAN (O/S): It's getting worse, we've got to find the elders, they'll know what to do!

    MAN (O/S): No! We can't, we'll be killed, just like Mr Elm. It's all The Beast's work?

    Then they are interrupted; not by the storm?but by the cry of a baby.

    WOMAN (O/S): Shh! Do you hear that?

    The MAN is silent now, and the sound of approaching footsteps can be heard, as well as the angry, frantic cry of the baby once more.

    MAN (O/S): Flora! No! You don't know what that is?!

    The WOMAN/FLORA scoffs.

    FLORA (O/S): It's a baby Gabe listen!

    Both FLORA and the MAN/GABE listen once again. There is no cry this time.

    FLORA (O/S): The poor thing?

    GABE (O/S): Please Flora no!

    The door opens to the cottage. A young woman fills the frame; FLORA. Her husband, GABE stood behind her. She looks down at the doorstep in wonder and awe, and GABE looks at his wife worried. They are played by Elizabeth Reaser and Matthew John Armstrong, and they were about to become a small but significant part of the story?

    FLORA: (breathless) By Suspiria's mercy?

    The camera pans down to show a baby wrapped in a pristine white blanket. The baby has thick black hair and piercing blue eyes, which cannot be appreciated as it angrily cries. FLORA kneels down and picks it up.

    GABE: (worried) Flora?no! It's a secretary from The Beast.

    FLORA stands and looks at GABE angrily.

    FLORA: It's a baby boy Gabe! How can this child be evil?

    He won't look at the boy.

    FLORA: (desperately) Look!

    She holds the baby forwards in front of her husband to allow him to see closer, and as she does a scrap of paper falls from the folds of the blanket. It falls to the floor, and instantly attracts the attention of the couple. FLORA holds the baby closer to her chest and looks at the paper.

    FLORA: W-what is it?

    GABE: A curse no doubt?one you've brought into this house.

    FLORA: Just read it Gabe!

    He sighs and crouches to pick up the piece of paper. He stands and unfolds it and scans it with his eyes. They widen as he reads causing FLORA'S curiosity to go into overdrive.

    FLORA: Gabe? What does it say?

    He looks up to his wife and then to the baby. He glances his eyes to the paper once more?

    GABE: (reading) "I'm sorry for what you are holding. He is the love of our lives but we cannot guarantee his safety; you, young earthlings will be able to house him safely. Beings will attempt to destroy him but you and the elders will prevail against the shadows that exist inside and outside of him. Again, my apologies and my prayers are with you both. His name is Xakiel Thorn. His father, in life, was a good man."

    GABE looks up again at what we now know to be the baby XAK THORN/XAKIEL THORN. He then looks to his wife who looks just as horrified as he does.


    The camera shifts to a high angled view point and to outside the cottage.

    GABE: (echoing) Flora?What have you done?

    The camera then flies backwards into the air, above the cottages, above the hamlet, through the clouds, through the storm to show an angle that towers into the skies, the atmosphere, the god's castle, hidden deep inside a monstrous mountain. We are in the hell dimension where XAK, BROGAN, KAIA, GLORY and DOC came from?and now?it was time to find out what exactly happened there.



    As the screen remains black for a moment a moon begins to fade into view and then the words in bright white?SHADOW STALKER. They fade as quickly as they appeared.

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    The camera shows the downstairs of the Winlow's, GABE and FLORA'S, house. It is empty to furniture apart from a few wooden benches and a wooden table with a large rug underneath it. There is no one in the room when there is a knock on the door. FLORA appears from the first floor and peers down the stairs which are situated at the far end of the room. She hurries down them to answer the door.

    FLORA: (cautiously) Who is it?

    MAN (O/S): (firmly) It is us Flora. Myself and Ursula.

    FLORA: (to herself) Smith, thank god.

    She opens the door and two people breeze in. The first is a tall man in his thirties. He's good looking and is wearing robes, we take this to be SMITH and he is played by Kyle MacLachlan. The next person to enter is a small middle aged woman, who looks to be older than SMITH but still beautiful and youthful in her dominating manner - URSULA, and she is played by Blythe Danner. They both look at FLORA urgently.

    SMITH: (to FLORA) Where is the child?

    GABE (O/S): Right here.

    SMITH, URSULA and FLORA all turn to the stairs to see GABE and a warm sleeping baby XAKIEL resting in his arms. SMITH eyes the child carefully, then turns to FLORA once again.

    SMITH: And the scroll you spoke of.

    FLORA already has it in her hands. She sighs softly and hands it to SMITH, URSULA looks at it curiously. SMITH takes it and immediately opens it and holds it so URSULA can see too. They scan it quickly.

    FLORA: I think it's from the mother?

    SMITH: We'll be the judge of that thank you Flora.

    GABE: (interjecting) Hey?this is my house Smith. Speak to my wife with respect!

    SMITH: (angrily) I will regard you both with the respect you deserve for bringing this thing into our lives! It arrived on the wings of the thunder clap and is clearly going to strike this village and our hopes into a void.

    URSULA: (shouting) Smith! That is enough!

    He turns to her annoyed.

    URSULA: Now the Winlow's have done what every person with a heart should have done! They took in a suffering child clearly passed from a troubled woman.

    SMITH: I will not ignore this Ursula! This is a threat from The Beast!

    URSULA: Or a blessing in disguise! We are fighting a losing war Smith and I for one will not write off this child for something he is clearly not in control of!

    SMITH, GABE and FLORA are quiet?XAKIEL is still sleeping.

    SMITH: I still don't trust him.

    URSULA: You will grow to. He will attend my care with the other children.

    SMITH: Fine?I want daily reports on his progress, and I want more patrols on the village at night. No conclusions will be drawn on his fate yet.

    FLORA turns to him angrily.

    FLORA: His fate is not yours to conclude.

    SMITH sighs and looks at her.

    SMITH: You've turned so bitter in your desperation for a child Flora. Do not let it consume you, or we will lose you too.

    FLORA is silent now and looks down, hurt by these words. Without knowing it, GABE holds XAKIEL closer to him than he had done before. URSULA looks away too.

    SMITH: Come Ursula, we must inform the other Elders of this tangent. Everyone needs to be prepared for the possible outcomes.

    He moves towards the door with the scroll in his hand.

    SMITH: We will be in touch?

    And with this he leaves the cottage. URSULA looks at FLORA earnestly. She smiles at the new parents.

    URSULA: (quietly) Keep faith in yourselves, grow faith in him and the others will follow. You know what I always say; nurture over nature.

    FLORA smiles weakly at her, and GABE nods to her thankfully. With this URSULA follows leaving GABE and FLORA WINLOW reeling from SMITH ARTAIR'S harsh words - words they had been expecting all night, but harsh words nonetheless. The camera closes in on GABE and then closes in further on to the sleeping XAKIEL'S soft, innocent face?


    ?The camera pulls back to show XAKIEL'S face once again, in a new location, and years later. He now looks to be almost eight years old, and he is sat with four other children. Two girls and two boys. One of the girls has a pale face and dark brown hair, the other is warm-faced and blonde. The two boys look similar but are not brothers, they both have brown hair. All five are the same age and they are all sat on the floor in front of URSULA who is sat in front of them on a chair.

    URSULA: And who can tell me the fifth rule of the village?

    The BLONDE GIRL puts up her hand. URSULA looks at her smiling.

    URSULA: Yes, Kaia?

    The BLONDE GIRL who we now know to be KAIA puts her hand.

    KAIA: (reciting) "Do not speak The Beast's name."

    URSULA smiles at her.

    URSULA: Well done Kaia!

    KAIA smiles at XAKIEL who looks embarrassed; one of the other boys looks at her closely. XAKIEL raises his hand, bringing URSULA'S attention to him.

    URSULA: Yes Xakiel?

    XAKIEL: Why?

    URSULA: Why what my dear?

    XAKIEL: Why can't we talk about her? Who is she?

    URSULA looks nervous now.

    URSULA: Not now Xakiel?

    XAKIEL: But?

    URSULA opens her mouth to interject before the front door to her cottage bursts open. SMITH enters, he looks from URSULA to XAKIEL. URSULA looks at SMITH worried. He motions to her to come over. She nods, but looks back to the children.

    URSULA: Ok my dears, it's break time. There's food at the back of the room.

    She smiles at them and they all stand and hurry to the back of the room. URSULA watches them for a moment then moves over to SMITH. For a brief moment they look at one another's eyes, reading the past they've experienced for a few moments. The past which will be unspoken and secret for years to come.

    SMITH: How's he doing?

    URSULA: You're right, he is becoming too inquisitive. It won't be long till he begins asking of his heritage, answers I cannot give him readily without knowing more. It's such a shame?he's such a sweet boy?

    SMITH sighs.

    SMITH: What was it today?

    URSULA: He was asking about the gods. He doesn't understand why The Beast in particular is such a taboo.

    SMITH: We should talk to Flora and Gabe as soon as possible, they need to stop this before it gets out of hand and he brings what we all feared he would.

    URSULA: Oh yes, speaking of?did the Brogans and the Blazes get back from?you know where? Do we finally have more answers?

    SMITH: The consult?

    He looks at the children to see if they're listening. They're not. He nods at URSULA. She looks at him eagerly.

    URSULA: And? Is it what you feared?is he??

    SMITH shakes his head.

    SMITH: No?he's not. It's not what we feared?far from it.

    He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a scroll.

    SMITH: They were given this?you need to see it.

    She eyes it inquisitively; eager to see what is inside.

    SMITH: There's more to him than meets the eye Ursula and the consult revealed more than the scroll?

    URSULA looks confused, and at this the camera moves back towards XAKIEL and the other children. KAIA turns to him.

    KAIA: Do you want the last piece of cake?

    XAKIEL: Oh?thanks.

    He takes it from her and she smiles sweetly at him. The camera shows the one of the brown haired boys behind, watching intently. XAKIEL looks at him and smiles but he doesn't reciprocate the gesture. XAKIEL'S attention once again shifts due to a gasp from URSULA at the other end of the room. He looks to see her hand to her mouth in shock at reading and understanding what is in this scroll. Both URSULA and SMITH turn to him causing him to feel uneasy.


    XAKIEL is tucked into his small bed in his box room at the top of his parent's cottage. Sat at the foot of his bed is FLORA. She smiles at him and leans forward, kissing him on the cheek.

    FLORA: You get to sleep. Big day tomorrow?

    XAKIEL is silent, but he nods. She stands now and walks towards the door.

    XAKIEL: Mom?

    FLORA turns.

    FLORA: What is it?

    XAKIEL: Why does Mrs Lake act weird around me?

    FLORA: She doesn't.

    XAKIEL: Yes she does, and so does Mr Smith.

    She sighs.

    FLORA: They're just cautious Xakiel; they have to be.

    XAKIEL: Cautious about what? I don't get it.

    FLORA: By Suspiria's frustration. Xakiel just drop it. Go to sleep?

    She goes to the door frame, and XAKIEL sits up in bed.

    XAKIEL: (angrily) No!

    FLORA turns, shocked.

    XAKIEL: For eight years I've heard you swear on a woman called Suspiria, and been forbidden to mention the real name of The Beast. But I don't know who these people are! I don't know why my questions are any more dangerous than any of the other children's. So please, just tell me what is going on!

    FLORA looks at him, while he pleads earnestly with his eyes to his foster mother. He looked just as innocent as he did when she held him in her arms on that infamous night, eight years ago?eight years ago tomorrow.

    She breathes deeply and moves towards the bed, sitting down on the edge of it. She looks at him.

    FLORA: Centuries ago, many centuries ago, this village, this world did not exist. There was only energy in this plane. One single piece of energy that was growing in power each second. That energy began to grow too large, and it began to push against the walls of the dimension itself. When it touched the very walls of the dimension; it split. The one single piece of energy which reigned the empty dimension gave birth to three separate entities.

    XAKIEL eyes his step-mother with a childish enthusiasm.

    FLORA: These entities are now known as The Triumvant.

    XAKIEL: The gods? Who are they?

    FLORA: Well one of them, as you may have noticed by my mentioning of her name, is called Suspiria. She is a beautiful entity, one granted the gift of beauty and the gift of emotions. She learned to grasp their wrath and their freeness and whittle them down to mere references of human nature.

    XAKIEL looks in awe.

    XAKIEL: Wow?what about the other two.

    FLORA sighs, unsure.

    FLORA: I don't know Xakiel, it's late, I shouldn't.

    XAKIEL: Mom, please?

    She looks at him hesitantly. How could he do any harm to her?or the village? He was her boy.

    FLORA: The second is Kalipso. She is the eldest of the three and considered the mother of the dimension. She stands as a beacon of justice for us in the village, she understands and negotiates only with the rights of humans and their rights to live equally. She is not only a god, she is an icon, a martyr.

    XAKIEL smiles at the mention of the second of The Triumvant.

    XAKIEL: She sounds pretty cool.

    FLORA smiles at his happiness, but it soon fades?

    FLORA: And then there is the third?

    XAKIEL: Who's she?

    FLORA looks scared and looks out the window, as if worried anyone or anything may be listening.

    FLORA: She's the most fearful, the most scariest of them all Xakiel. She's evil. Her sisters have always been content with their powers, but she thirsts for more. She has no mercy, feels no pain and will not stop until she has everything she desires?

    XAKIEL looks horrified at this concept.

    XAKIEL: What is it that she wants?

    FLORA: To rule alone. To this day she's looking for ways to overthrow Suspiria and Kalipso; her army is growing and her power is beginning to prove a threat to our way of life and the laws of our dimension. No one dare whisper her name, in the instance that she hears and kills you for dare speaking of her behind her back. We call her The Beast.

    XAKIEL: But what's her name?

    FLORA: Xakiel! I've just told you! I can't!

    XAKIEL: Then write it?on the wall with your finger.

    FLORA looks hesitant but knows that there is no way that it could threaten them. She leans forwards and with her fingers, begins to trace the letters.


    XAKIEL looks at the letters, registering her name in his mind, repeating in his head over and over. FLORA takes her finger from the wall and looks down, sadly.

    FLORA: That's enough for tonight?

    XAKIEL nods and lies back into his bed, his mind running with thoughts of The Triumvant. FLORA walks towards the door once again, and as before, she hovers at the door frame.

    FLORA: And Xakiel?

    He looks at her.

    XAKIEL: Yes mommy?

    FLORA: No one can know what I just told you. I would be exiled?

    XAKIEL: It's ok?I'd never do anything to harm you.

    FLORA smiles warmly at him.

    FLORA: I love you Xakiel. I always have and I always will.

    XAKIEL looks at her.

    XAKIEL: I love you too mommy.

    FLORA: Now get some sleep?it's your birthday tomorrow remember.

    She smiles at him and then closes the door. XAKIEL turns and looks at the wall, as if fixated on where FLORA'S fingers were tracing. Gradually his eyes close, and the camera looks out the window.

    The camera shows the night moving on, more rapidly. The stars twinkling and the large two moons begin to pass through the sky.

    It pulls back to show XAKIEL fast asleep in bed. It had been a few hours since his mother had told him of Suspiria, Kalipso and Glorificus. He looks to be having a troubled sleep. He's shaking and sweating.

    FEMALE WHISPER (O/S): Xakiel Thorn?

    He whimpers in his sleep.

    FEMALE WHISPER (O/S): ?I see you Xakiel Thorn, and I know you see me. You know me Xakiel?you know me?

    XAKIEL: (in his sleep) No! Glorificus no!

    The FEMALE WHISPER laughs callously causing XAKIEL to sit up suddenly awake. And then the laughter fades?leaving XAKIEL alone in his room after breaking one of the fundamental rules of the village?


    The sound of a wood wind instrument fills the scene and it opens on GABE sat on the floor with an obscure musical instrument attached to his mouth playing some beautiful upbeat music. The room is filled with people for XAKIEL'S birthday. Amongst them are FLORA, SMITH, URSULA and the children from the school. XAKIEL hangs close to his mother.

    FLORA: Xakiel go and play.

    XAKIEL: No, I don't know anyone?

    FLORA: Yes you do!

    She kneels down next to him. She points to URSULA and a man stood next to her.

    FLORA: You know Mrs Lake, and that's her husband Walter.

    XAKIEL: Mom, that's my teacher, I'm not talking to her.

    FLORA: Well why don't you talk to Mr Smith, he's brought his wife Aria with him, you like her?

    XAKIEL: Yeah, but he hates me.

    FLORA: He doesn't hate you sweetie, and look all your friends are here. Ea and his cousin Constance.

    At this, the camera shows one of the brown haired boys who we now know to be the infamous EA BROGAN, XAKIEL'S best friend. Next to him is the pale faced brunette from his school, who we now know to be the mysterious CONSTANCE KYLL; cousin of EA BROGAN. Both EA'S and CONSTANCE'S parents are stood near them as they both play with a toy dragon.

    FLORA (O/S): (continuing) Even Mr Smith brought his children. You know Trafford, and that's his younger sister Elise.

    We now see the other brown haired boy from the school, who we now know to be the DOCTOR TRAFFORD ARTAIR from the hospital in New York. Next to him is his small sister ELISE ARTAIR; a small mousy blonde timid girl who looks to be about three years younger than the other children.

    FLORA: And I know you know Kaia Blaze. Her parents tell me you two get on really well!

    The camera passes over to KAIA who is stood with her parents. She looks over at every available chance she gets. XAKIEL looks embarrassed.

    XAKIEL: I don't want to?they don't like me.

    FLORA turns to him now.

    FLORA: Honestly Xakiel what has got into you today! All these people have shown up to see you, of course they like you.

    He remains resilient.

    FLORA: (noticing) Fine.

    She stands now and claps her hands.

    FLORA: (loudly) Everybody!

    Everyone in the room turns to FLORA, causing XAKIEL'S face to blush.

    FLORA: Now we're all here to celebrate my son's birthday, and I'm not seeing enough celebration.

    With this URSULA and SMITH exchange a look.

    FLORA: We don't get many opportunities to celebrate in this village so I say for one night we party.

    GABE smiles at his wife, and the BROGAN'S, KYLL'S, and BLAZE'S reciprocate. FLORA looks at the children.

    FLORA: Now all of you hide, and whoever is found last gets the biggest slice of the cake I baked earlier today!

    The children shout excitedly and CONSTANCE and BROGAN, TRAFFORD and ELISE, all run off. KAIA runs towards XAKIEL.

    KAIA: Come on Xakiel, I know the best hiding place!

    She holds out a hand, and XAKIEL looks at FLORA. She nods at him. He takes KAIA'S hand and runs off. FLORA and GABE smile. He moves over to her and they both, along with the BROGAN'S, KYLL'S and BLAZE'S cover their eyes with their hands to allow the children to hide.

    In the commotion of the children's hiding - some running upstairs, some to different areas of the house - SMITH has moved over to URSULA.

    SMITH: (whispering) I need a word.

    He pulls her out of the front door so that no one, not her husband or his wife, notices.


    As the suns begin to descend on the village, and on XAKIEL'S birthday party, SMITH has ushered URSULA on to the porch of the WINLOW cottage.

    URSULA: (flustered) By Suspiria's shock, what is this? Walter or Aria could see, or one of the children!

    SMITH: I needed to talk to you.

    URSULA: What on earth about? Xakiel?

    SMITH: No?

    URSULA: Then what is it you're thinking about, for goodness sake!?

    SMITH looks at her for a moment.

    SMITH: You.


    FLORA and GABE are talking to the BROGAN'S and the BLAZE'S. WALTER is watching them, their hands faithfully covering their eyes as their children hide; something is on his mind. ARIA however has not covered her eyes and looks at him. He does not make eye contact, but she moves over to him.

    ARIA: Walter.

    WALTER looks at her, officiously, then goes back to watching the other adults.

    WALTER: Aria.

    She stands next to him.

    ARIA: I can't do this anymore.

    WALTER: Do what?

    ARIA: Watch your wife and my husband together.

    He grits his teeth angrily, but remains silent.

    ARIA: I've watched it for nearly a decade?and I can't for much longer?

    WALTER: Well I can. So you'll just have to.

    She looks at him in shock.

    ARIA: How can you say that? How can you watch as our secret runs at our feet each day?

    WALTER looks at her scornfully.


    URSULA looks tearful.

    URSULA: Smith this has to stop. If not for us, Walter's and Aria's sake?then for Trafford's and Elise's. I can't go on like this, pretending.

    SMITH: Pretending what?

    URSULA: That I'm not something I am?

    There is a loud vibration. The earth shakes violently causing SMITH and URSULA to suddenly be on alert. They hold both their hands out, magical energy surrounding their hands. Their eyes dart around the area; what was out there?


    The sound of excited children giggling has stopped now, but the sound of feet running can be heard; the vibration reverberates throughout the house; as it did outside. FLORA laughs, and takes her hands away from her eyes.

    The children's footsteps stop.

    FLORA: My goodness, what are the children doing upstairs?

    GABE, The BROGAN'S, the KYLL'S and the BLAZE'S open their eyes now too.

    GABE: It's not coming from upstairs?

    As he says this, FLORA'S face drops. The other parents, along with WALTER and ARIA look towards the front door, as the sound of footsteps and approaching vibrations, resonates louder until a crescendo occurs?

    The front door bursts off its hinges and SMITH and URSULA are no-where to be seen. Into the house fills a monstrously manicured creature?The Beast?GLORIFICUS?GLORY. FLORA runs to GABE and he holds her close. The other parents recede, but WALTER and ARIA move forwards.

    GLORY looks around the room and scoffs, her full regal robes flowing around her large demonique body, her tinted red skin burning with anger.

    GLORY: You know it's rude to have a party without inviting the hostess?I mean I do own this frickin' dimension!

    WALTER looks at her confidently.

    WALTER: You are a blot on this dimension Beast.

    She glares at him with pure fury and pulls her arm back and punches his chest with such force and ferocity that her fist punches all the way through him. He groans in pain, FLORA begins sobbing as does MRS BROGAN and MRS KYLL. As GLORY pulls her fist out, he falls to the floor.

    ELDER WALTER LAKE, dead ? casualty number two.

    ARIA immediately spins around with a majestic flow and energy builds up instantaneously, she throws all her powers at GLORY who deflects it instantly with a glance, sending the raw power back at ARIA, engulfing her in all consuming energy. She screams, but as the energy corrupts her body and her whole being, she eventually dissipates.

    ELDER ARIA ARTAIR, dead ? casualty number three.

    FLORA and the other wives scream in fear at the fact that two of their friends, two of the strongest village Elders had died right in front of them; wilted within a second of contact with GLORY. She now points her finger viciously at the other eight remaining parents.

    GLORY: (roaring with anger) Now tell me where the boy is!

    GABE: (with a weak unconvincing confidence) I don't know what you mean.

    GLORY: (roaring with anger) Do not play me for the fool you think I am, Gabe Winlow. My name was called! I know all about you and your family. I know his dirty little secret and I know the resistance you have held against me in this village!

    She calms now.

    GLORY: So don't be a dope. Where's the kid?

    GABE swallows dryly.

    GABE: I don't know what you mean.

    GLORY breathes heavily.

    GLORY: Very well.

    The camera moves over to the table, and the rug underneath it.


    XAKIEL and KAIA are hiding underneath the floorboards. KAIA'S eyes are filled with tears. They can hear and see everything between the cracks of the floor boards and the through the threads of the rug?however, nothing could prepare them for what they were about to see.

    The camera focuses on them as the sound of the WINLOW'S, the BROGAN'S, the KYLL'S, and the BLAZE'S screaming in agony and pain fills the house with a deadly sound. XAKIEL grabs KAIA and they both close their eyes and hold each other as they listen to their parents being murdered a few inches above their heads.

    After a few moments, the screaming stops, and the sound of GLORY'S footsteps stalk the room.

    GLORY (O/S): (shouting, echoing) Let this be a lesson to you boy!

    XAKIEL'S eyes widen.

    GLORY (O/S): (shouting, echoing) Rise up against me and next time I'll make sure no one survives. I'll get you?and your little friends too!

    With this the sound of a deadly wind and a bright light fills the room, and then silence.


    The camera doesn't show the floor of the cottage, but focuses on the front door. The sound of two people struggling to breathe can be heard, and after a while the injured and bruised figures of SMITH and URSULA stagger into view. On seeing the sight before them, URSULA screams and clutches her chest, running to WALTER'S corpse. SMITH looks around, only seeing a pile of dust where his wife was, and the bodies of the BROGAN'S, the KYLL'S, the BLAZE'S, and the WINLOW'S lying beaten and practically destroyed nearby.

    MR and MRS BLAZE, MR and MRS BROGAN, MR and MRS KYLL, GABE WINLOW, dead ? casualty numbers four, five, six, seven, eight, nine and ten.

    URSULA: (screaming) Oh no! No?no no?.S-smith?the children, the children?

    SMITH looks around in shock then at the stairs.

    SMITH: (shouting, panicked, with what breath he has left) Trafford! Elise!

    In an instant, four confused children; EA, CONSTANCE, TRAFFORD and ELISE walk down the stairs. CONSTANCE immediately runs to her parents and cries torrents of tears at seeing them dead.

    EA is frozen and stares through the banister in shock, his eyes wide but not crying. TRAFFORD and ELISE run down the stairs, but only TRAFFORD runs to his father's side. ELISE stands on the bottom step. She looks at GABE and the other bodies. Without thinking, she screams. She screams bloody murder; she doesn't stop.

    The camera closes in on her ears and even travels inside her ear. We view her young ear drum as it bursts?her own screams deafen her.

    The camera pulls back and looks over to the rug and the carpet. Near to the edge of the rug a trap door bursts open and KAIA climbs out. She screams also, but her screams are inferior to the torment of the young ELISE ARTAIR'S cries. She runs off screen to her parent's side.

    Eventually XAKIEL moves out of the trap door. The whole scene goes silent, and moves in slow motion.

    He walks on to the floor. He glances at URSULA and WALTER. He looks at EA on the stairs, who looks back at him blankly. He then turns to ELISE, then to SMITH and TRAFFORD who look at her and the scene with fear. He then glances to the dead parents; CONSTANCE and KAIA now holding each other, crying.

    His eyes then pass on to his father's corpse, who lies there peacefully; his eyes closed. He blinks, and then turns to his mother. She looks dead but as he approaches and kneels beside her, her eyes open. Now XAKIEL and FLORA seem to move in real time, while everything else surrounding them is slow, and without sound.

    XAKIEL: Mom?what happened?

    FLORA: (weakly) My dear sweet Xakiel.

    XAKIEL: Mom?please, get up!

    She shakes her head weakly, gulping for breath.

    FLORA: You will see one day darling why everything tonight has happened. You'll see why we've lied to you all your life.

    XAKIEL looks confused and tearful

    XAKIEL: Lied? Mom, I don't understand!

    FLORA: Just don't hate me. I only did what I did because I loved you?and I always have, ever since I found you?

    He couldn't process what she was telling him. It had all happened so fast?

    XAKIEL: I could never hate you?I love you?

    She smiles, but she is in pain. Her eyes slowly close?

    As her eyes close the screen does not move in slow motion anymore. XAKIEL scrunches his eyes and lays his head on his mother's corpse; our young dark hero crying without dignity or any semblance of meaning.

    The silence now lifts also and once again ELISE'S immortal screams fills the cottage, the skies, and the dimension.

    The camera pulls back to show a high angled view point of the room ? the corpses and the survivors.

    What had happened there that night was a massacre - a bloody massacre that would spark a war between the men and GLORIFICUS. Only two adults and six children remained.

    That was all that was needed to create history.

    FLORA WINLOW, dead ? casualty number eleven.




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      ACT TWO


      The camera focuses on a bed, the figure of a teenager lying on it can be seen; a male teenager. He looks troubled. He tosses and turns in bed.

      VOICE (O/S): (echoing) ?boy! GLORIFICUS!

      The boy now jumps up in bed, clearly after having a nightmare. We can now see who it is and where he is.

      It's XAKIEL, not a boy anymore, but a teenager. His hair is messy and he looks to be developing good looks. His room seems to be a small cave.

      VOICE (O/S): Nightmare again huh?

      XAKIEL looks to the mouth of his small cave, a pretty blonde girl is stood there. It's KAIA. She smiles at him sympathetically. He looks at her awkwardly.

      XAKIEL: Uh?yeah.

      KAIA: You shouldn't blame yourself for what's happened Xakiel; none of us do.

      She moves to his bedside.

      XAKIEL: I know but I keep having these dreams about my mom, The Beast, and that night?why did it happen?

      KAIA: Bad things just happen sometimes Xakiel, bad things we can't control.

      XAKIEL: Like a hell god coming to your birthday party? I find that hard to believe.

      KAIA looks lost for words.

      KAIA: Well?

      XAKIEL: There's nothing you can say Kaia. I'm going to find out what it is that I've been hiding from, and what's been hidden from me.

      KAIA nods.

      KAIA: Ok. Well if it counts for anything?I'll do all I can to help.

      XAKIEL places a hand on hers.

      XAKIEL: Thank you Kaia.

      KAIA: What for?

      XAKIEL: For not ignoring this like Mr Artair and Ms Lake do. You really listen to me.

      She smiles embarrassed.

      KAIA: Of course I do, that's what I'm here for?

      For a moment they look at one another, their faces not far from one another's. They look into one another's eyes. KAIA leans forwards and lightly kisses his lips.

      They are interrupted by the sound of someone clearing their throat. They turn to see a teenage boy standing there. It's EA, and like XAKIEL he's grown into a handsome young man. He looks slightly awkward, XAKIEL looks embarrassed and KAIA doesn't turn her head.

      XAKIEL: Ea?uh, is everything ok?

      EA looks at XAKIEL blankly for a second then?

      EA: Can I talk to you for a minute?

      XAKIEL looks at KAIA.


      The camera shows a young girl of about twelve years of age. She is sat on a table wearing an orange dress. It's ELISE ARTAIR. In front of her is her older brother TRAFFORD; who is maturing greatly, and maintaining good looks like the other boys. He looks at his sister and begins moving his hands in an irregular pattern, causing her to look at them. It's sign language.

      TRAFFORD: (signing) Ok Elise. I think I have it this time. Would you like me to try again?

      She nods happily, and he smiles at her. He then takes her hands and holds them over her ears. He begins muttering something under his breath which causes a mysterious mist to cover his hands. After a few moments he pulls his hands away and they look at one another expectantly.

      ELISE: (signing) Am I healed brother?

      TRAFFORD: (speaking) Elise?can you hear me?

      She looks at him blankly. He shakes his head. She looks tearful.

      ELISE: (signing) My ears will always be cursed.

      TRAFFORD: (signing) I won't give up?I've been honing my Healing powers Elise, one day I will restore them.

      ELISE: (signing) Why isn't father helping? Does he not want me to get better?

      TRAFFORD sighs; he doesn't know how to answer that.

      SMITH had been distant from them both since ARIA'S death; focused on revenge against GLORIFICUS and not on healing his deaf daughter.

      The camera moves away from the ailing ARTAIR siblings to the other side of the room. URSULA is stood in the middle of the room. She is looking around her and attempting to see something, and then she smiles. She throws a harmless ball of energy in one of the shadows.

      URSULA: I see you Constance.

      The light hits a shimmering figure, which then transforms into the young figure of CONSTANCE KYLL who is now a young woman like KAIA. She scoffs.

      CONSTANCE: How did you see me?

      URSULA: The art of your camouflage is advanced my dear, the most advanced I have seen for a young woman your age?but I'm older.

      She laughs slightly, and moves over to CONSTANCE, kneeling in front of her. She smiles at her but looks sad.

      URSULA: I just wish all your parents could see how strong you're all becoming?they'd be so proud.

      CONSTANCE nods, and looks at her mentor.

      In the background XAKIEL and EA appear out of one of the entrances to the Inner Sanctum. They move to one of the corners so URSULA, CONSTANCE and TRAFFORD cannot hear them. XAKIEL looks at BROGAN confused.

      XAKIEL: What's wrong?

      EA: Do you like her?

      XAKIEL: Who, Kaia?

      EA doesn't clarify this, he just looks at XAKIEL awaiting more of a response.

      XAKIEL: We're close. We would be after what we went through.

      EA: We all went through the same thing!

      XAKIEL: No, we didn't. You didn't see what we did Ea, and I'm glad of it. What you saw was bad enough?

      EA: Ok just watch yourself with her. I've heard her in her room. She uses magic without Mr Artair or Ms Lake knowing.

      XAKIEL: We all have to train for what's coming Ea. Constance is learning camouflage, Trafford is learning to heal, we're training each and every day. We have to.

      EA: I get that but I just want you to be careful. I couldn't stand to see anyone else get hurt, in any sense. We've all been through enough and I just want us to remain united.

      XAKIEL: Look, we'll get through this, and whatever kind of relationship develops between Kaia and I will not change the fact that we will be victorious. I promise you, Kaia's intentions are all honourable; she's trying to help me.

      EA: If you say so man?I just don't want anything to destroy this, not again.

      XAKIEL: It won't?I promise.

      They look at one another hopeful, as if trying to convince each other that they'll get through this. Even warriors show their weaknesses. They cannot muse on it for long though as?

      SMITH (O/S): Ursula!

      Both EA and XAKIEL, along with URSULA, CONSTANCE and TRAFFORD, turn to the main entrance of the cave. ELISE eventually turns too after noticing everyone else. From the shadows of the dim corridor comes SMITH and in his arms is a teenage girl covered in rags. She is black and looks badly beaten. URSULA looks in shock and ushers him in to the room.

      URSULA: Quick, place her down on the floor. Someone please, get some water!

      TRAFFORD rushes out of the room and the others move closer to take a look at the girl.

      XAKIEL: (to SMITH, concerned) Where did you find her?

      SMITH: I was doing my patrol and I found her wandering in the village when those mongrels attacked her. I fought them off but she was badly beaten. She said she had a message for one of us, and then she passed out and she hasn't said a word since?

      URSULA nods and then looks down at the girl. She begins to stroke her face softly.

      URSULA: My dear, can you hear me?

      At this, the girl's eyes flutter open briefly. She looks at URSULA and then instinctively her eyes turn to XAKIEL.

      GIRL: (faintly) S..Shelter?

      And as her eyes flicker to a close the scene fades into the next.


      XAKIEL, still the same age, is punching a punch bag rapidly. KAIA appears behind him.

      KAIA: Hey you.

      He turns now, shocked, but smiles on seeing her.

      XAKIEL: Hey. Is she ok?

      KAIA: She's resting. Smith is healing her, so she's doing ok.

      XAKIEL: Has she said anything else?

      KAIA: Nope, I think Elise has taken a shine to her though, what with having another silent person around. Trafford said she wanted to call the girl "Shelter" as it's the only thing she's said.

      XAKIEL smiles.

      XAKIEL: That's sweet. I hope she gets better, no one should have to face what she faced?

      He turns back to the punch bag now and begins pummelling it once again. KAIA observes it.

      KAIA: Tense?

      XAKIEL: Just training, I have to. We all have to do our bit, don't we?

      KAIA pauses for a second, then sighs.

      KAIA: Ea's been talking to you, hasn't he? About my magic.

      XAKIEL: He mentioned something.

      KAIA: I'm just trying to help you Xakiel. I'm looking into ways to find out about what it is Smith and Ursula are keeping from you.

      XAKIEL: You shouldn't, it could get you in trouble.

      KAIA: It's nothing much, just making Constance that bit more secretive in shadows is all.

      XAKIEL: Constance is in on this too?

      KAIA: She wants to help!

      XAKIEL: She shouldn't. If they're keeping something from me about my past then they're doing it for a reason?and I don't know if I want to find out or not.

      KAIA: Well I do?I believe in you Xakiel. I always have.

      XAKIEL sighs and looks at her.

      XAKIEL: I wish I could.


      The girl, now known as SHELTER is lying down on a bed, a warm aura flowing over her which is being controlled by SMITH who is sat nearby. TRAFFORD is stood eagerly behind him, and ELISE is next to him.

      TRAFFORD: Can I try dad?

      SMITH: (annoyed) Shut up. You know not to interrupt me when I'm healing.

      TRAFFORD looks hurt and ELISE doesn't need to hear to know her father was putting TRAFFORD down, once again.

      Behind TRAFFORD, URSULA enters.

      URSULA: How is she doing?

      SMITH: (more warmly) She's doing well. Trafford take your sister and leave. Now?

      TRAFFORD, hurt, takes ELISE'S hand and leads her out of the room. URSULA smiles at them both warmly.

      She waits until they're both out of earshot before she moves closer to SMITH and SHELTER who is still unconscious.

      URSULA: (sighing) It's begun hasn't it.

      SMITH: I think so.

      URSULA: Nothing has happened for years and now this. She looked right at him.

      SMITH: It could be nothing.

      URSULA: Or it could be everything! He's too precious Smith, despite what he's destined to create. First the note, then the consult and now this poor girl ? it's all leading to disaster?unless we do something to stop it.

      SMITH: I know. It's bad enough that both of us know who he is and what he could cause without possibly risking the children's lives as well in trying to stop fate?especially when we're preparing them for a war they should never have to face. I mean look at us?what we've become?

      URSULA looks at him seriously now.

      SMITH: We have to do something Ursula to keep this group united; we need something we can all believe in because too many people have paid their lives for protecting Xakiel "Thorn" already without contemplating further sacrifices. I just couldn't bear to see any more of us die?

      URSULA: Like Aria and Walter you mean.

      She says this with a slight resentment. SMITH completes the session of healing on SHELTER and he turns to URSULA.

      SMITH: Drop it Ursula. We can't erase the past?

      URSULA: (sadly, with anger) No, you're right. But looking at where we are now, and what we've lost, I wish I could change it.

      She glares at him and hurries out of the room.

      SMITH: (after her) Ursula!

      He stands and hurries out of the room after her, but the camera remains on the room. SHELTER isn't alone. The camera closes in on one of the darkest shadiest corners of the room. A figure begins to shimmer into view. CONSTANCE. She looks around the room in shock at what she had just heard.


      XAKIEL is sat on his bed, KAIA and EA either side of him. They all look shocked - CONSTANCE is stood in front of them. She has just told them what she's heard?

      EA turns to KAIA.

      EA: I'm sorry I doubted you.

      She smiles at him.

      KAIA: It's ok. What's important now is what we do with what we know?

      EA: Right.

      He looks at his cousin.

      EA: So there's a letter somewhere, and someone went on a consult about him, and they think this Shelter girl is here for him too?

      CONSTANCE nods.

      CONSTANCE: Sounds that way.

      She looks to XAKIEL.

      CONSTANCE: This letter has something to do with your past, and people only go on consults to the gods should they require desperate divine information?

      XAKIEL nod.

      XAKIEL: I guess it's all true then. Our parents died because of me.

      KAIA turns to him.

      KAIA: I don't believe that's true, but I do believe they died protecting us?so we could find out what's really happening.

      XAKIEL: Well I know how to do that.

      EA looks at him quizzically. XAKIEL looks at CONSTANCE.

      XAKIEL: You said they mentioned a war coming, and we'd be the warriors?

      CONSTANCE: (nodding) Correct.

      XAKIEL: Then let's bring this hell bitch down, because I want to know where the hell Xakiel "Thorn" comes from?

      KAIA smiles and nods. EA and CONSTANCE follow.


      The camera shows a close up of SMITH ARTAIR. He looks like he has aged some years since we saw him last. He looks stronger, as if a warrior has emerged from the ashes of his Elder responsibilities. He looks to the person next to him; URSULA, who has also aged but, like SMITH, she looks stronger.

      SMITH: For years we have prayed. For years we have hidden, and hoped for reconciliation of this feud between The Triumvant. Our prayers have not been answered?

      The camera begins to pull back.

      SMITH: As we speak the heavenly Kalipso and the saintly Suspiria are fighting for their right to remain victorious over their evil sister. Glorificus has cast a shadow on The Triumvant; worlds and beliefs close to this ours are beginning to know of them as three hell gods who are obsessed in chaos, discord and vengeance. We cannot allow our dimension and Suspiria and Kalipso to be known in such a manner, and we cannot allow them to fall at the thousands of demons The Beast has amassed to usurp them.

      The camera pulls back further?we can see people are listening to him.

      SMITH: So it's time to stop hiding, to abandon all our rules and everything you believed in as children; this isn't our world anymore. For Mr Elm, our founding father, for Aria Artair, for Walter Lake, and for all your brave and noble parents?this war must stop, and we must fight for it.

      We can't see the identities of the people but we can see there are about seven adults listening to SMITH.

      SMITH: We must fight for reason, for truth, and for our right to live. We fight in the name of Kalipso, our heavenly judge. For it is because of she we are given the hope that justice will be cast upon The Beast.

      There is a banner above SMITH'S head with an elaborate symbol ? in the centre is the letter "K".

      SMITH: For we have trained, we have fought, and we have grown strong. We are a worthy army of our gods, and from this day forth?we shall be known The Kalipso Syndicate. Go forth my children, and enjoy your last night. For tomorrow, The Beast will die at our hands?

      With this the people stand and they turn. We now see who they are.

      First to leave is a beautiful young black woman with elegance. She finally woke up. She is SHELTER, and in remaining silent throughout the past few years, she along with URSULA'S help has honed her magical abilities to the point of formidable power. She is played by Gabrielle Union.

      The next two to leave are a brother and sister who have relied on no-one else but one another as the years have passed. The handsome TRAFFORD ARTAIR, once again played by Paul Walker, has grown into his good looks and into a protective role as his sister's guardian and practicing healer. Next to him, his baby sister ELISE ARTAIR was now grown up. Her childish ways had matured her into a beautiful young deaf woman who had begun to learn the ways of healing from her brother as their father had exiled them socially since childhood. She is played by Becki Newton.

      The next two are EA BROGAN and CONSTANCE KYLL. Played by Jensen Ackles and Selma Blair. The two cousins look pumped for battle, as if everything they have practiced over the years was boiling down to leaving this room, awaiting the war.

      The final two are the couple. XAKIEL and KAIA who have now grown into a mature couple ? honing and mastering their skills together over the years as well as their relationship. Our hero once again is played by Milo Ventimiglia and KAIA by Emilie De Ravin. They look at one another happily, but not deluded to the fact that what they were about to face was dangerous and it could ultimately tear them apart?but not tonight?not tonight.


      XAKIEL and KAIA are in bed. Naked, but covered by the sheets. His protective arms surround her and her head rests softly on his chest, listening to his deep and peaceful breathing.

      KAIA: Do you think we'll be ok? Not just us I mean?everyone?

      XAKIEL: Of course. We've never been stronger, and not just us. I mean everyone.

      KAIA sighs, doubtfully.

      KAIA: I hope so. I just get this feeling?

      XAKIEL: Like what?

      KAIA: That it's all gonna end sooner than we think.

      XAKIEL: It will, but not for us?for her. She's going to pay for what she's done to this world, and to our families Kaia?I promise.

      KAIA still looks to be worried.

      KAIA: Xakiel?

      XAKIEL: Yeah?

      KAIA: I love you?you know that right?

      XAKIEL smiles.

      XAKIEL: I love you too?

      And with this he drifts off to sleep, content with the love of his life in his arms, and optimistic about the death of GLORY.

      KAIA however does not sleep. She continues to listen to her lover's breaths, but she does not sleep. She cannot find solace; not without a guarantee that she will spend eternity with XAKIEL.



      XAKIEL is in bed alone, and still asleep. Battle clothes are thrown at him from someone in the room causing him to wake up startled. He looks around the room and sees EA in front of him.

      EA: (smirking) Wake up lover boy?

      XAKIEL looks confused and dazed.

      XAKIEL: Where's Kaia?

      EA: Relax, she's out with the others girls getting suited up. Did you know Shelter's one amazing witch?

      XAKIEL: (nodding) Kaia told me.

      EA nods, and breathes heavily.

      EA: Looks like nothing's gonna stop us man.

      XAKIEL: It's time?

      EA nods.

      EA: You ready?

      XAKIEL looks at him blankly. He didn't have to answer. Everyone in The Kalipso Syndicate knew how badly XAKIEL wanted to destroy GLORY. SMITH and URSULA however were deluded into thinking it was for revenge?it wasn't?

      It was for answers.

      CUT TO ? HELL

      Mystical explosions and war cries fill the base of the mountain to The Triumvant mountain. High above the summit the faint outline of three goddesses fighting can be seen as the dreadful and infamous war begins and will soon end. The Kalipso Syndicate is fighting at the front line. XAKIEL and EA are tag teaming against a group of demons; a group of the monk demons.

      TRAFFORD and ELISE stay close by, throwing healing spells at their friends.

      CONSTANCE, KAIA and SHELTER use their camouflage and dark magic abilities to decimate groups of demons.

      SMITH and URSULA head the force, using advanced powerful Elder magic to wipe out the more powerful demons. SMITH looks to his right, men on horses are nearby. He smiles.

      SMITH: We are blessed Syndicate! The Knights of Byzantium join our plight! The Beast will wilt!

      EA snaps the neck of a demon and looks to XAKIEL.

      EA: Weren't they the ones who started this rumour of Suspiria and Kalipso being as destructive as Glorificus?

      XAKIEL breaks the back of a demon over his knee, and looks to EA.

      XAKIEL: I don't know, but right now, I'm glad of the help!

      EA: Too right brother.

      They smirk at one another, but they are forced to duck as CONSTANCE flies over them, blasted back by a shaman's powerful force. EA looks worried.

      EA: Constance!

      URSULA (O/S): Ea! Hurry, we must take the mountain...

      He is torn from looking at his cousin and SHELTER to URSULA who has forced a way through the demons and spotted a hole in the mountain to the god's stronghold. He looks doubtful but TRAFFORD and ELISE hurry over to the injured women as they lie unconscious on the floor.

      TRAFFORD: (to EA) Go! They'll be fine, I promise!

      EA looks at XAKIEL and KAIA, who has now joined them.

      EA: Will you be ok?

      KAIA and XAK look at one another.

      XAKIEL: We'll be fine! Go! End this...

      He nods.

      EA: Be safe.

      XAKIEL smiles

      XAKIEL: Have fun.

      EA smirks and hurries off with URSULA in tow through the gap in the mountain. The demons begin to advance on XAKIEL and KAIA but they fight them off effortlessly.

      KAIA: We will be ok won't we?

      XAKIEL looks at her.

      XAKIEL: I told you we would!

      He decapitates a demon and KAIA frazzles a demon to a crisp with lightening. Without flinching.

      KAIA: You sure?

      XAKIEL: Kaia! Kinda busy here!

      KAIA: I don't care!

      A demon grabs her but XAKIEL throws a punch, knocking it to the floor. She grabs him, and looks at him in the eyes.

      KAIA: Marry me.

      XAKIEL looks at her in disbelief.

      XAKIEL: What?!

      KAIA: I know it's not the greatest time but I don't care! I love you and I don't want to die without knowing that what we have can expand beyond the mortal coil.

      XAKIEL looks at her, contemplating.

      KAIA: So please?marry me.

      XAKIEL looks at her and then turns to SMITH who has just killed four monk demons, keeping the path clear for URSULA and EA to fight without worry.

      XAKIEL: Smith!

      He looks over.

      XAKIEL: You're an Elder aren't you?

      He nods.

      XAKIEL: Then marry Kaia and me?now.

      SMITH looks at him in shock. TRAFFORD looks up while ELISE uses her amateur powers on CONSTANCE and SHELTER. They begin to regain consciousness.

      SMITH looks from XAKIEL to KAIA. They both look at him desperately, and he looks at them. Maybe this could stop what he knew?.what they had found at the consult. This is what he and URSULA had dreamed of doing. Stopping destiny?and no one had to die.

      Demons begin to approach them all once again.

      SMITH: Behind you!

      XAKIEL begins to fight them off, and KAIA too. SMITH rips one of the necklaces from around his neck off; a cross with an emblem on it ? the Elder's emblem. As he holds it close he mutters under his breath in an ancient demonic language. He then turns towards XAKIEL and KAIA and he floats into the air encased in a ball of energy. Various demons attempt to attack him inside the ball but as soon as they make contact with the ball, they are knocked back; impenetrable.

      The necklace floats in front of SMITH and he looks down on XAKIEL and KAIA fighting below him, focused intently on the two of them. A few demons approach TRAFFORD with CONSTANCE and SHELTER, who are already feeling stronger, try to defend them.

      SMITH: Spirits of the Elder's emblem I call upon you. I call upon you to bind and bless this couple before me.

      The camera closes in on XAKIEL who twists a demon's neck fully around, bloody war fuels his rage and passion to learn the truth about his past and destiny when this war is over. That, and the urge to hold his wife for the first time.

      SMITH (O/S): Bless this man before you spirits, his devotion to this woman will outlast any war and battle they may face.

      The camera then closes in on KAIA. She looks determined in her magic, as if she's put more force behind it than ever before. Love is driving her, not just rage.

      SMITH (O/S): And bless this woman before you spirits. Her love and her loyalty to him will never wilt or fall, no matter how wide the river may be that could separate them.

      The camera shows SMITH once again.

      SMITH: Bless your light and powers upon them spirits. Grant them marriage?

      For a moment, there is nothing. Nothing happens. The couple stops, after killing the demons around them, to see if anything has changed.

      KAIA: Did it work? Are we?

      Her words are caught off as two beams of light from the necklace glow ethereally and hit XAKIEL and KAIA. They glow brightly, and the camera pans down to their hands and it can be seen that two rings appear on their fingers. As soon as the eternal circle is complete the light fades, and the couple, along with SMITH, fall to the floor.

      TRAFFORD, CONSTANCE, ELISE and SHELTER look on in awe.

      KAIA raises her head.

      KAIA: ?married?

      XAKIEL lifts his head and smiles.

      XAKIEL: I'd say so?

      He is cut short as an explosion from the mountain blasts URSULA and EA from the mountain. They land nearby, weak and on the brink of death. Hordes of demons and dragons fly from the hole. The cackle of GLORIFICUS at the summit can be heard; the battle was over?she had won.

      XAKIEL and KAIA stand, looking horrified at the scene. A dragon swoops down and heads towards KAIA. Her eyes widen.

      XAKIEL: Kaia, no!

      He pushes her out of the way as the dragon swoops down to grab her?grabbing him instead. The dragon's claws cut him deep and it flies into the air. He cries out in pain and holds out his hand for his wife.

      Her eyes well up as she watches him disappear into the sky.

      KAIA: XAKIEL!!!

      He calls to her but his calls fall on deaf ears as the dragon flies him far away across the land, leaving The Kalipso Syndicate to watch as he disappears forever?




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        ACT THREE


        The Syndicate has retreated back into the caves. ELISE is treating the minor wounds, such as SHELTER and CONSTANCE'S cuts.

        URSULA (O/S): (tearful) Oh dear?oh heavens?it was just dreadful. They only managed to banish her from the mountain?she's still here. We saw?we saw her true army?dragons of monstrous sizes?

        SMITH (O/S): Like the one that took Xakiel?

        We now see TRAFFORD helping EA who has a deep wound on his leg.

        URSULA (O/S): That one was but a child in comparison?

        We can now see URSULA. She has a cut on her forehead and she's bleeding deeply over her face. SMITH is doing all he can to stop the bleeding. EA sits up, looking around the room, noticing someone's missing.

        URSULA (O/S): ?We have much work to do? too much is at stake now?now he's gone, everything could be lost?everything?

        EA looks at URSULA and SMITH angrily.

        EA: Yeah, well?you carry on planning another devastating battle and I'll go check on his "wife". Good timing by the way Smith?

        EA looks at him angrily, but TRAFFORD smirks, finally pleased that someone other than URSULA is standing up against his father. He finishes healing EA'S leg and EA jumps off and walks out of the room. SMITH watches him leave and then turns to URSULA.

        SMITH: You know why I did it don't you?

        URSULA: Of course I do.

        SMITH: Good, and I think It's best for everyone if we keep it to ourselves for now?

        URSULA: (sighing) Fine?but I refuse to do it for much longer. These are our children now Smith?they deserve to know?


        She is sat on her bed, staring at the ring on her finger, her face fringed with dry tears.

        EA (O/S): I hear congratulations are in order?

        She looks at the door to see EA standing there.

        KAIA: (quietly) Should be?

        EA: (walking into the room) Well I'm not here to catch the bouquet or anything?

        He sits on her bed and looks at her sympathetically.

        EA: ?I just wanted to see how you are.

        KAIA stares blankly ahead for a moment or two?

        KAIA: It happened so quickly?there was nothing I could do?

        EA: I know?we'll get him back, I promise.

        KAIA: Glorificus has him Ea?she's merciless. She won't kill him, I know that. It's what she'll turn him into that I'm afraid of?he won't be my Xakiel anymore.

        EA: He always will Kaia, not matter what.

        KAIA: I want to believe you?

        EA: Then do it. I promise you we'll find a way, because I tell you one good thing that did come out of this defeat.

        KAIA: What?

        EA: I don't trust Smith?not one bit, not anymore?

        CUT TO ? UNKNOWN

        XAKIEL is hanging from chains. His shirt has been ripped off to allow the blood from the wound to seep on to the floor. He looks weak; the dragon cut him deep with his claws. He pants for breath and looks to be in excruciating pain.

        MAN (O/S): My my?look at you?

        This voice is familiar. A man approaches him from the shadows smiling maniacally. DOC.

        DOC: Of all the catches the Shadow Stalkers could have caught, it captured you.

        XAKIEL winces from his wound once again.

        DOC: Ouch?that looks painful. Don't worry, it's just the venom setting in. Once it does all the pain you're feeling?all the memories of those little friends of yours, will just seem like a distant spasm of thought. You'll become a beautiful instrument of darkness against Glorificus' sisters, I mean who better to destroy them than you?

        XAKIEL looks at him worried; weakly, as DOC moves closer. What did DOC mean?

        DOC: You have no idea who you are do you?

        XAKIEL'S confusion is obvious?he has no clue. DOC laughs loudly, his deathly bellow echoes the stony walls of XAKIEL'S prison, as the demon venom of the Shadow Stalker's claws begins to pump through his body, altering his DNA and his genetic makeup completely?one by one his memories depleting from his brain?slowly evaporating and dissipating into nothing.


        Years pass.

        Months and days have blurred together. The Kalipso Syndicate have been lying in wait as the battle is now with the three sisters.

        Everyone is older but none the wiser of the fate of XAKIEL who had forgotten about them long ago ? too busy waging wars and tremendous battles against SUSPIRIA and KALIPSO.

        KAIA slams her fist down on the table, the other members of The Kalipso Syndicate standing around her, the younger generation on one side, and URSULA and SMITH on the other.

        KAIA: (angrily) This isn't for discussion! He's been in the exiled lands for years now?they could be doing god knows what to him and worse!

        An image flashes on screen of XAKIEL turning into the demon?the dragon. His wedding ring snaps.

        URSULA: We understand your frustration dear we really do.

        An image flashes on screen of the dragon breaking its restraints; it flies out of the cave and into the exiled lands, soaring into the sky roaring with its fellow demons. GLORIFICUS is standing on the ground marvelling at the demons, laughing...

        KAIA: You understand nothing Ursula. For years we have sat and waited and for what? Nothing. What advances have been made?!

        An image flashes on screen of GLORIFICUS riding on XAKIEL'S back towards the god's mountain; DOC and her other followers each riding on the back of a dragon. They approach the mountain.

        URSULA: The goddess's powers have grown. Those meddlesome knights have finally fled this dimension and soon all followers of The Beast and the god herself will be obliterated from this plane?

        An image flashes on screen. It shows the silhouettes of the two gods sensing their sister's arrival, sensing her imminent end. She had made a fateful error.

        KAIA: And that means Xakiel too. I know what that thing was that took him?my mother used to tell me about them before I went to bed. It was a Shadow Stalker?

        SMITH sighs.

        An image flashes on screen of all the dragons and all the followers attack the armies of SUSPIRIA and KALIPSO who stand guard at the bottom of the mountain. XAKIEL and GLORIFICUS storm the mountain.

        SMITH: Yes it was. A creature formed from the shadows and tainted with the demon poison. One scratch from a claw or tooth will turn any creature into one of it. A formidable race of demon?

        XAKIEL and GLORIFICUS attack the gods but they knock them back in a single blow. XAKIEL is thrown to the side by one, and the other takes GLORIFICUS by her hair.

        KAIA: So if you two are quite happy with letting my husband die along with that hell witch, then go ahead but I'm not going to let her drag him down with her?

        EA: Neither am I?

        CONSTANCE: Me too?

        SHELTER, TRAFFORD and ELISE remain quiet as usual?but you can tell in their facial expression they clearly doubt leadership. SMITH and URSULA look shocked.

        An image flashes on screen of the two gods rounding on GLORIFICUS who looks powerless underneath them. They begin chanting and she screams?her form begins to dissipate from this dimension?

        SMITH: And what exactly do you three plan on doing? Only a fool would dare venture into the exiled lands with her and her followers taking up fort.

        An image flashes on screen of GLORIFICUS disappearing, and then the two gods rounding on XAKIEL in the corner?GLORIFICUS' followers each wilting in the background. Many seers approach DOC and he begins to evaporate like GLORIFICUS. The others die.

        SMITH: You do not know what is happening in this war no more than I do?so you cannot make any decisions until a proper plan is formed and we can make an informed?

        A horn. A sound. A victory cheer.

        The Kalipso Syndicate all turn and look in every direction. Even ELISE senses victory in the air. Some smile?KAIA does not.

        URSULA: The call of Suspiria?we have won.

        EA looks at KAIA.

        EA: He'll be ok?

        She looks at him and then turns, running out of the room, everyone follows.

        CUT TO ? VILLAGE

        We can see The Kalipso Syndicate emerging from the tunnels of their underground stronghold on to their old desolate village. They look around feeling the pure air. Cheers from all over the dimension resonate from every direction, allowing everyone to smile. KAIA still refusing. She reaches the edge of the village and looks out.

        SUSPIRIA (O/S): (echoing loudly) My dear world?

        The loud ethereal and godly voice of SUSPIRIA fills the air.

        SUSPIRIA (O/S): (echoing loudly) ?I welcome you, to your new world! After decades of suffering, countless and pointless murders, it has come to an end. My sister, Glorificus, has been banished from this dimension permanently. We used the magicks of the ancients to exile her from this world into one far from this one, where she will live out her life in the body of a human male and die mortally?feeling all the suffering you all have had to feel, and worse.

        KAIA listens intently to her words.

        SUSPIRIA (O/S): (echoing loudly) Those usurpers who rallied against us, against our right to be free, will be punished rightly, and there is no more danger to be feared on this plane. My sister and I will weep for you my people?we will build the new world together, in hope of a better life, and a better future for us all?

        KAIA begins to cry as she hears these words. Her husband was one of those they deemed a usurper?and he was going to die?


        Deep heavy, almost abnormal breathing can be heard. We are seeing from someone or something's point of view.

        We have seen this before.

        The person/thing scans the walls of a dank cave, there are torches lining the walls of the cavern, and it notices a large entrance at the front. A jail. There is a SMALL DEMON standing in front of the camera looking at it with disgust. It snarls at the screen, and hurls a whip at it.

        SMALL DEMON: Disgusting you is. I be hating you!

        He whips again and there is a roar of pain. The camera shows a different perspective now. From the side of the cavern. We can now see that the SMALL DEMON is whipping XAKIEL. He's chained to the ground and he looks weak. His mouth is muzzled and he has weeping cuts all over his scaly body. The SMALL DEMON spits at him.

        SMALL DEMON: Did you be in thinking you'd win?

        He whips him hard again.

        SMALL DEMON: (furious) Against them!

        WOMAN (O/S): Enough!

        The SMALL DEMON turns to see a woman standing there. She is a SUSPIRA. She is dressed elegantly and looks beautifully strong in a long flowing green dress, her red hair flowing around her shoulders. She is played by Kate Walsh. She looks at the SMALL DEMON.

        SUSPIRIA: Leave us.

        SMALL DEMON: Of course godly like person.

        He glares at XAKIEL and then runs rapidly down the cavern entrance and leaves. She watches him leave, then turns back to XAKIEL.

        SUSPIRA: I'm sorry for the grammatically challenged shrimp, but hey, committing treason? You got off lightly.

        He growls at her presence.

        SUSPIRIA: (ignores his feeble threats) Well, after years of fighting, who'd have thought things would end up like this?

        He snarls at her.

        SUSPIRIA: I wouldn't become bold now Xakiel. We are giving you a chance to redeem yourself for your sins.

        He roars angrily in retaliation.

        SUSPIRIA: Or perhaps you would rather become exiled, with your mistress?

        He looks slightly fearful, his yellow eyes imbued with a sense of regret.

        SUSPIRIA: I didn't think so.

        She begins to circle him.

        SUSPIRIA: Doc made that mistake, we exiled him to a mortal existence. You though Xakiel, you have much promise.

        She moves closer so she is not far from his muzzled face. She wasn't going to punish him...she just wanted him to think he was...

        SUSPIRIA: Such power, and beauty?

        She gazes into his eyes for a second. She shakes her head slightly, not becoming side tracked.

        SUSPIRIA: You have a greater purpose, one that is not recognised here, not yet.

        She smiles at him, then turns to leave. As she walks away down the cavern entrance, he hears footsteps approaching him. There is a muffled discussion between SUSPIRIA and three other women...three eternal women of death.

        CUT TO ? PLANES

        KAIA is storming towards the mountain base where they lost XAKIEL, all those years ago. Either side of her is CONSTANCE and EA.

        CONSTANCE: So what exactly is the plan?

        KAIA: We storm the jail, take him back if he's there?find a way to reverse the poison. This war's over now so there's no danger.

        EA sighs.

        EA: Danger?! By Suspiria's frustration?Kaia, think about this?it's not that easy. You can't just steal a prisoner of the gods. They won't allow it!

        KAIA: They obviously haven't met the wife of one then?

        EA: Look. Just stop!

        Both KAIA and CONSTANCE stop.

        EA: Let me go?let me scope the place out. I know the mountain from when Ursula and I went in. The jail isn't far in. Just let me see if I can find him?then I promise we'll do what we can to get him back!

        KAIA sighs?

        KAIA: Fine?but hurry?I won't be waiting for long.

        EA looks at CONSTANCE.

        CONSTANCE: Don't worry, I'll do my best to hold her back?

        He smiles weakly and then runs off towards the mountain and deep into the mountain. CONSTANCE looks at KAIA and for a moment there is silence.

        SMITH (O/S): (shouting) Kaia Thorn!

        KAIA and CONSTANCE turn immediately to see SMITH, URSULA, TRAFFORD, ELISE and SHELTER stood in front of them. They had followed them?

        KAIA eyes SMITH angrily. He had called her Kaia "Thorn"?


        The camera shows a battered and beaten up XAKIEL. His scales are bleeding at various areas of his body.

        MAN (O/S): Hey, Xakiel?

        XAK'S vision is hazy but he looks up. His eyes consume every ray of light emitting from the small torches dotted around the cave to make out the figure of a man. Recognising the voice he makes a fiery snort. The voice laughs and the figure walks into the light. It's EA...BROGAN.

        BROGAN: That's right man, it's me, Brogan. Jeez look at you?what did they do?

        He moves closer, pulling the carcass of a demon behind him.

        BROGAN: ?I heard about the break out. That was stupid.

        XAKIEL growls.

        BROGAN: Why did ya do it? You thought you could get away from them?

        XAKIEL'S voice box rumbles slightly.

        BROGAN: You should know, there is word of your punishment. They're gonna make an example of you. I dunno what it is, but I thought I should tell ya?

        He picks up a carcass of an unknown creature, which he was pulling behind him. He lifts it with ease and then moves it in front of XAKIEL'S jaw. It's the SMALL DEMON from before. BROGAN had killed him on his way into the jail.

        BROGAN: (sighing) Come on Xakiel, ya gotta eat?who knows when...

        He stops. He cocks his head to the side as voices are heard. He jumps and hides behind XAKIEL who begins to open his eyes wider after seeing BROGAN'S sudden movement. His eyes widen further, revealing his yellow and black eyes to the cave, as he hears footsteps approaching him quickly.

        The first person XAKIEL notices is SUSPIRIA. She looks upon him, sighing.

        SUSPIRIA: Oh Xakiel, you're out of my hands now?you're theirs. I cannot be responsible for you any longer.

        She looks down and leaves the cave revealing three figures. They step into the light. The Fates.

        ATROPOS: Hello. You know who we are?

        The camera shows BROGAN hiding behind XAKIEL, his eyes widen. He needed the others...and fast...

        CUT TO ? PLANES

        KAIA and CONSTANCE stand defiantly, facing the others.

        KAIA: (seething) Why...

        SMITH looks confused.

        KAIA: ...Why Kaia "Thorn"? His name is Winlow.

        URSULA looks down, she shakes her head.

        URSULA: No's not. He's not Flora and Gabe's child...he never was.

        Her eyes widen. The ground begins to rumble...

        CONSTANCE looks up as the distant sound of SUSPIRIA and KALIPSO arguing can be heard...For a moment she detaches herself from the argument and looks up, wondering what two goddesses could possibly be arguing about after just winning a war...

        KAIA: Who is he?

        SMITH: Ursula don't...

        URSULA moves towards KAIA and stands away from him.

        URSULA: No Smith. Enough is enough. I will not ignore these children and their pleas for the truth. It's time they knew who he really is.


        XAKIEL growls at The Fates...

        ATROPOS: Now it isn't ordinary that we would align ourselves with creatures in hell, but unfortunately, this is not an ordinary situation. Lachesis?

        The camera moves away to show BROGAN still behind XAKIEL.

        BROGAN: (under his breath) Come on Kaia...come on...

        CUT TO - PLANES

        KAIA and the others are left reeling after hearing the truth about XAKIEL.

        They know who he is.

        SHELTER moves away from SMITH and stands with KAIA. SMITH looks at her earnestly. TRAFFORD is reeling from hearing the truth of his father's secret. They knew the truth about XAKIEL THORN.

        KAIA: This is over Smith. You've lost my respect, and you've lost your followers.

        TRAFFORD begins to move towards the group, SMITH tries to hold him back.

        TRAFFORD pushes him away, and scowls at him.

        TRAFFORD: Stay away from me you bastard. I hate you.

        SMITH looks at him in shock; speechless.

        TRAFFORD: How could you do this to us?

        ELISE reels at seeing her brother angry, leaving her the only one standing with TRAFFORD. SMITH breathes heavily at everyone beginning to leave him...

        ELISE moves towards them.

        SMITH: (desperately)

        ELISE turns.

        ELISE: (signing) You may be my father...but you don't even know what I am saying right now. Goodbye...

        She joins KAIA and the others and TRAFFORD puts an arm around her.


        KAIA: (to the others) Come on...Ea may need our help...

        They all turn and walk into the cave.

        SMITH: (shouting after them) You're nothing without me. I am The Kalipso Syndicate!

        URSULA turns, while the others move into the cave.

        URSULA: No're nothing without us.

        He looks tearful.

        SMITH: Ursula's me.

        URSULA: I know...that's why I'm leaving. dear sweet Smith.

        She turns and enters the cave after the others. Tears fall down SMITH'S face. It may have been a victory for the dimension...but he'd lost everything because of his leadership skills.

        Secrets have a way of coming out...and when they do, after nearly thirty years they would not let their captor off lightly.


        The Key was being was time. XAKIEL'S exit from this world as a Hitch Hiker of The Fates.

        ATROPOS: (shouting) It is time Xakiel. The test of your existence has begun!

        The power of the energy draws him closer?his chains break, he's free from his shackles. He roars angrily as the light of the energy consumes him. The Fates watch him disappear, happily and begin to fade from view as their plan has been set into motion.

        As they fade completely, KAIA and the others enter the room in shock, staring at the portal.

        KAIA: Oh my god...what is this?!

        URSULA: A portal. I've never seen one like this before...none as ancient as this!

        BROGAN (O/S): Kaia!

        KAIA searches the room and sees BROGAN holding on to a rock as the energy draws him closer.

        KAIA: Ea! Where's Xakiel?! What's happening!

        BROGAN: He went through there...these women sent him...three women. They said he has to fulfil a plan, it's his destiny.

        KAIA looks to URSULA.

        KAIA: We have to go!

        URSULA: Kaia! We don't know where that portal leads.

        KAIA: It leads to Xakiel...and I can't let anything bad happen to him, not after what you just told me.

        CONSTANCE: Ursula we must!

        TRAFFORD grabs ELISE'S hand. She nods, understanding the situation. She had grown acute to understanding situations by body language, lip reading and facial expressions. They run and jump into the portal.

        URSULA: (worried) Trafford...Elise!

        KAIA: See?

        She smiles, a new found respect for the Artair siblings filling her.

        KAIA: ?Ea! Let go?

        He does, and he, KAIA and CONSTANCE pass through the portal.

        URSULA: (faint) Oh my?what a situation.

        SHELTER rolls her eyes and picks up URSULA. URSULA cries out in shock and screams as she and SHELTER pass through the portal?


        TRAFFORD and ELISE.


        SHELTER and URSULA.

        In the order they jumped crash land from the portal on to the foreign streets of Sunnydale. The year ? 2001. The time ? time for Buffy Summers to die. One by one they look around at where they have landed. Their lungs take a moment to adjust to the air causing them all to breathe deeply and irregularly.

        They attract some attention, but not much, everyone is too busy looking at the dragon roaring in the sky, heading towards Sunnydale woods. KAIA looks up at the sky, following the eye line of the humans nearby. She can't help but smile widely.

        KAIA: (smiling) I found you baby?

        CUT TO BLACK

        "I have no shadow."
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          ACT FOUR


          KAIA and BROGAN open the door to a warehouse, and TRAFFORD rushes in with SHELTER, ELISE and CONSTANCE, who is helping URSULA, who is in shock.

          URSULA: Oh my?what a strange world. Metal objects on wheels moving apparently by magic?

          CONSTANCE settles URSULA down on a nearby seat, and begins to look around the room, noticing some big differences in this world to theirs.

          CONSTANCE: Yeah...this is definitely going to take some getting used to.

          TRAFFORD: I don't like this place?it reeks of The Beast?

          CONSTANCE: You don't think she was banished here do you?

          TRAFFORD: I don't know?but didn't you sense it when we arrived? It wasn't as strong but it was there?

          KAIA sighs, frustrated.

          KAIA: Why are we here? We should be helping him?he could be lost or confused?

          BROGAN: We can't. We don't know the rules of this world?mystical or otherwise. Our powers might not be the same as they once were?and his might not either. He could be?

          KAIA: (hopeful) ?Human?

          BROGAN: Maybe?but Kaia, there's something else?something I overheard those women saying. Why he's here?

          KAIA: Why?why did they bring him here?

          BROGAN: Because of a girl?

          Her eyes widen?

          FLASH TO ?

          XAKIEL turning human. XAKIEL running. XAKIEL finding DOC. XAKIEL training. XAKIEL in DOC'S apartment. XAKIEL beginning to stalk DAWN SUMMERS. XAKIEL meeting CHARLIE. She smiles at him.


          KAIA runs into the area, angrily. She sees everyone nearby practicing their abilities. CONSTANCE'S camouflage works perfectly as ever. TRAFFORD and ELISE'S healing is stronger and more powerful. SHELTER'S magic isn't as strong, and neither is URSULA'S.

          BROGAN turns and sees KAIA.

          BROGAN: You followed him again, didn't you?

          KAIA: Have you seen her? That?Charlie.

          BROGAN: Kaia, he doesn't remember you?it's not his fault?

          KAIA: He's met friends too you know. Some blonde haired woman and this man who distributes drinks. They're calling him "Xak"?it's so human?

          BROGAN: Really? Like friends like me?

          KAIA nods, and sinks to the floor.

          KAIA: Uh huh.

          She sighs.

          KAIA: See?we're all being replaced?and it's happening so quickly.

          BROGAN moves towards her and crouches down in front of her.

          BROGAN: We're not being replaced?displaced maybe, but not replaced.

          KAIA: (tearful) I just?I need him Ea. I miss him so much. He's everything to me?

          BROGAN turns and looks at the others who seem to be making the most of the new world and its new promises.

          KAIA: ?Maybe this was a mistake coming here?

          BROGAN: ?It's not. He'll need us. When the time comes?but we can't intervene with his destiny. We just have to wait till ours cross with his?

          KAIA: You think they will?

          BROGAN nods, and smiles.

          BROGAN: So keep hoping?I'm not giving up on him?not yet anyway. We'll just be his guardian angels till the time comes when he needs us?

          He stands and moves over to see the others. KAIA remains on the floor; she looks at her wedding ring. The image fades slightly and she is super imposed over an image of XAK and CHARLIE walking through the graveyard together.

          KAIA (O/S): (sighing) "Her love and her loyalty to him will never wilt or fall, no matter how wide the river may be that could separate them?"

          FLASH TO ?

          CATE and RACK. SEPHY revealing herself to them. The Fates. XAK'S transgression. XAKIEL killing CHARLIE. XAK leaving town?


          TRAFFORD is in front of ELISE, they are signing to one another.

          ELISE: (confused, signing) What is a "hospital"?

          TRAFFORD: (signing) It's where the sick people of this world go to be healed by mortal healers. They call themselves doctors. I'll be a doctor. Ursula has bewitched the staff into believing I'm one of them. I'm studying to be one of them.

          ELISE: (signing) Is it dangerous?

          TRAFFORD: (signing) No, I'll be helping people.

          ELISE: (smiling, signing) Like you help me?

          He smiles back at his sister.

          TRAFFORD: (signing) Exactly my darling.

          The camera moves away from them to show the others; KAIA, BROGAN, URSULA, CONSTANCE and SHELTER standing together talking. KAIA is biting her nails nervously.

          KAIA: (shocked) He really killed her.

          BROGAN: I know?

          CONSTANCE: Shouldn't we be happy? Now we can get him back right? We need to protect him.

          URSULA finds CONSTANCE'S bluntness slightly disconcerting.

          URSULA: I find it hard to rejoice in the death of such a pure woman?

          KAIA: But Constance is right. He did what The Fates wanted?he killed Charlie. He's free?

          URSULA sighs.

          URSULA: Not quite.

          BROGAN: What do you mean?

          URSULA: Please don't think that I was keeping it from you. I was hoping that what was found would never actuate into being?

          KAIA: Ursula, please. Just tell us.

          URSULA hesitates and then reveals a scroll from within her robes. This scroll looks familiar. It's the one SMITH showed her in the school house all those years ago?

          URSULA: There is a prophecy. One I'd hoped would not come to pass but I fear it has?

          Everyone looks at the scroll.

          BROGAN: What prophecy?

          URSULA: One that yours and Kaia's parents received on the consult. When they found out who Xakiel truly was, they were also given this, and told to stop this from coming to being.

          CONSTANCE: What does it say?

          URSULA: It states that both Xakiel and Charlie will spawn a creature of darkness that will obliterate this earth and destroy everything in it?

          BROGAN: But Charlie's dead?

          URSULA: She is not.

          KAIA'S eyes widen ? her heartbeat quickens. The rivalry for XAK'S heart was still strong, and unspoken.

          URSULA: I have been observing her grave nightly, confused about what was written and how it would come to being now she is dead. And then, last night she was dug up by a company known as Wolfram and Hart, who seem to be interested in fulfilling the prophecy and using the child as a weapon. She was alive?

          BROGAN and CONSTANCE look down. SHELTER, though as silent as ever, looks grave too.

          There work is far from over. KAIA however looks confused.

          KAIA: But wait a minute?if this is all true, how would she be pregnant, I mean?

          URSULA looks at KAIA and puts an arm on her shoulder to comfort her. She would have to get used to the fact that she was no longer the love of his life.

          URSULA: I'm so sorry Kaia. I really am. I know how difficult this must be for you. But I have a plan, one that could nip this in the bud sooner rather than later.

          KAIA: (quietly) How?

          URSULA looks at the prophecy in her hand.

          URSULA: I have been keeping the prophecy on me until now, until it was necessary to use it. We cannot stop this alone. Though we are powerful, stopping the company and the daughter of an apocalypse is beyond us in this relatively new world. So it's time we recruited help. It's time to reveal the prophecy to Persephone?

          FLASH TO ?

          XAK shaking hands with DANTE. XAK escaping with CHARLIE, CATE, TOOLE and SEPHY. CHARLIE and A.I.D.A. MELODY and LANCE'S resurrection. CHARLIE in labour. SIN being born. SEPHY trying to shoot her. The gang moving to L.A.

          FLASH TO ? L.A

          URSULA is stood in front of the group. They're all wearing expensive looking clothes and the apartment they are all in looks expensive too and well furnished.

          URSULA: Kalipso Syndicate. I speak to you today as your new leader. With the help of our new sponsor, who might I add wishes to remain anonymous until further notice, we have been able to afford some luxuries.

          ELISE smiles happily at the apartment and TRAFFORD puts an arm around her. Even BROGAN forces a smile, and KAIA looks more content. Nearly two years had passed since they arrived in this world. They were getting used to it?even more now, thanks to The Sponsor.

          URSULA: Now we have done well, despite the assassination being a failure, we have amassed a wide number of resources?as well as two new additions to the syndicate. One would like to remain hidden for now, but she will prove most useful.

          Who was it? BROGAN and KAIA share a look.

          URSULA: The other, is an ally of The Sponsor. The ally will be overseeing our progress and maintaining order and a new sense of power. I'd like to present?Echidna.

          The camera shows the group looking to a doorway. A beautiful woman fills the frame, a goddess of the Ancient Greek world. Her long flowing blonde hair fringed with green light and her snake like eyes and tongue observes the group. She is ECHIDNA, goddess of creatures great and small. She is played by Ali Larter.

          ECHIDNA moves into the room and the syndicate look at her, feeling slightly daunted by her presence. She stands next to URSULA who smiles warmly at her.

          URSULA: Along with our new members, and Trafford now in the hospital, Constance's surveillance on Xakiel still remaining secretive?The Kalipso Syndicate will stand the strongest it has ever been. We are a formidable force my friends, and the darkness will shiver when it faces us?

          FADE TO ?

          It is later that night. KAIA is standing by the window staring out. ECHIDNA approaches her.

          ECHIDNA: You are the one known as Kaia. The wife?

          KAIA: What's it to you?

          ECHIDNA: Your hostility towards me should be culled. I am not your enemy, I am your ally.

          KAIA turns to her now.

          KAIA: You know nothing about me. You may be a goddess, but you're not mine?

          ECHIDNA: Fine. But I should warn you, if you jeopardize the plans of The Sponsor and the plans of Ursula Lake, your leader. I will intervene.

          KAIA glares at her.

          KAIA: Bite me.

          She storms off towards one of the room, slamming the doors behind her.

          The camera pans over to BROGAN. He goes to move after her, but CONSTANCE holds him back.

          CONSTANCE: Cousin, no.

          BROGAN: But she's upset.

          CONSTANCE: I know. I also know how you feel about her.

          BROGAN: What?

          CONSTANCE: You like her?I can sense it in your body language. You yearn for her and it will not be reciprocated. She loves Xakiel. She always will?

          He sighs and relaxes more.

          BROGAN: Is it that obvious?

          CONSTANCE: Slightly. But I'm just more acute to these things.

          BROGAN looks down. XAK had moved on?why couldn't she?

          FLASH TO ?

          CHRISTIAN and LEIGH stealing SIN. ASHBY dying. CHARLIE'S revenge. CATE and TOOLE'S engagement. RACK appearing to CHARLIE. The assault on Wolfram and Hart. TOOLE dying. CHRISTIAN, LEIGH, MELODY and LANCE escaping with SIN.

          New York City.

          FLASH TO ? UNKNOWN

          We do not know where we are, and it is clear that as the gang have moved to New York City?The Kalipso Syndicate are nearby. CONSTANCE looks to be breathing heavily and BROGAN and URSULA are either side of her.

          URSULA: Just begin from the beginning?what happened?

          CONSTANCE: I was attacked on a routine surveillance. I called in to say I had found them, they heard my name over the phone. Vampires. They attacked me. I barely got away.

          BROGAN: God cous?you ok?

          She nods, shaken.

          URSULA: We'll have to be more careful. From now on when you're out you must be referred to as Ms Kyll?they can't know anymore about us. I'll inform Trafford when he returns from the hospital. Not with this meddlesome detective getting in the way?

          The phone rings, and URSULA hurries to pick it up.

          URSULA: Hello? Trafford good. I must tell you that on the field Constance is to be referred to as Ms Kyll now?what? Wait, slow down my dear boy?

          Her eyes widen.

          URSULA: What? A bomb?where?

          CONSTANCE and BROGAN perk their ears up. The camera shows KAIA listening nearby. URSULA puts the phone down and looks immediately to CONSTANCE.

          URSULA: Where did you say you lost Xakiel last?

          CONSTANCE: Near a hotel establishment. I think the name was Hotel Devarro?

          URSULA'S eyes widen.

          URSULA: Our time could be close?he's going to need us more than ever sooner than he thinks.

          KAIA'S eyes widen. She knew his relationship with CHARLIE was weaker than it had been?she knew she was close. She wasn't going to let him get away. Not again. No river wide enough.

          FLASH TO ?

          MELODY dead. The bomb. TERAMELLI. O'NEILL. TRAFFORD. Everyone being saved. CATE in hospital with TRAFFORD. CHRISTIAN dead. LEIGH leaving. CHARLIE in her bed. XAK looking at her?

          FLASH TO ? NEW YORK

          "DOCTOR" TRAFFORD ARTAIR walks out of the hospital. He's changed. He's in casual civilian clothes now and he has a rucksack on his back. He passes two doctors who bid him goodnight. He walks slowly through the shadowy parking lot; the glimmer and faint outline of someone following him can be seen.

          The camera now follows him from behind, and something swiftly moves behind him; again the faint outline and a glimmer of some form. He stops. He sighs.

          TRAFFORD: I know you're there Constance?

          With this, the glimmer and the faint outline of a human figure swims in front of him. It hovers in front of him, then roots itself to the earth. Eventually the glimmer takes the shape of what looks to be a human woman. The woman, CONSTANCE, is wearing black trousers and a black top that seem to blend into one another effortlessly. Her black hair hangs around her shoulders with bounce, and her dark eyes dart around the empty parking lot nervously. She is played by Selma Blair.

          CONSTANCE: I should not have to remind you Trafford that I answer only to Ms Kyll on this plane. My given name must remain hidden to those who are not in our faction.

          TRAFFORD looks annoyed at this.

          TRAFFORD: And might I remind you "Ms Kyll", that every night you show up here, you jeopardise my position in this hospital. We already talked earlier just after the bomb hit? What more could we need to talk about?

          CONSTANCE: You made contact tonight.

          He was hoping to be more prepared for answering this question.

          TRAFFORD: Oh, yes. I did.

          CONSTANCE: Was any information disclosed unto you?

          He shakes his head, relaxing slightly in her presence. They clearly have a past.

          TRAFFORD: Most of my interaction with their group was with Cate. She was mostly upset about Toole, and her encounter with the vampires at Sirens I think, she's got a long way to go. I just wish I could have helped her more.

          CONSTANCE raises an eyebrow at this.

          TRAFFORD: (awkwardly) Did you manage to find anything additional about Sirens yet?

          CONSTANCE: No, don't worry though; we're currently working on how they fit into this war. We'll find out sooner or later. Everyone in this war has a side, and it won't be long until they reveal which side it is they belong to.

          TRAFFORD nods at this, agreeing.

          TRAFFORD: Oh, and I have these, I need them to be given to "The Sponsor" straight away. I think it's obvious why.

          He takes his rucksack off, and reaches inside. He pulls out an object and hands it to CONSTANCE. It's CATE'S x-rays. CONSTANCE takes them. She opens them and looks at them, holding them up to some artificial light in the parking lot. We can see what is on them, but CONSTANCE'S eyes widen.

          CONSTANCE: All right, consider it a confirmed request.

          She notices that he looks worried.

          CONSTANCE: What is it?

          TRAFFORD: I almost blew my cover?

          CONSTANCE: (worried) How?

          TRAFFORD: I let it slip I knew Cate's name before she'd told me?

          CONSTANCE: You did what?! Trafford, we have been working this for over three years now and not once has our cover been blown.

          TRAFFORD: That's not the worst part.

          CONSTANCE eyes him, judging.

          TRAFFORD: I ran into Xakiel too.

          CONSTANCE: (shaking her head, disappointed) By Suspiria's wrath? (slightly calmer) Honestly, you're a bigger fool than your father was.

          He looks hurt at this.

          TRAFFORD: I was treating Charlie?he was stood outside with Cate. There was nothing I could do! I don't think he recognised me though.

          CONSTANCE: (sighing) You were lucky. Honestly Trafford, your sister would have been better suited for this job.

          He clearly is offended at CONSTANCE talking about his sister in such a way, much more than he was when his father was mentioned.

          TRAFFORD: That's not fair, I'm doing the best I can.

          CONSTANCE: Just don't forget why we placed you in the hospital. Your best may not be good enough anymore Trafford, not if it means jeopardising our patron and her cause. I know you're on edge. Everyone is. But Sin has escaped and we may be too late to help them this time. We need to remain united. We may have failed on our missions before, but at least we were strong then. We need to be as strong as we once were, because more mistakes like tonight and everything we stand for shall crumble.

          TRAFFORD: (boldly) Well maybe we should tell him.

          CONSTANCE looks in shock.

          CONSTANCE: What?

          TRAFFORD: We should tell Xakiel everything. He has a right to know that we're here, and a right to know what we're doing. What our patron and the "The Sponsor" don't realise is that Sin is making our lives impossible to live separately anymore. Sooner or later we're going to meet him again; we can't live apart from them anymore, it's too hard. We do need to remain united, you're right. But with them?

          CONSTANCE considers this.

          CONSTANCE: Maybe you're right. But that Trafford, is not a choice that you and I can make?

          And with this, she, and CATE'S x-rays dissipate into the shadows and thin air, leaving TRAFFORD standing on his own in the parking lot. He sighs, and looks around; no one is there, not anymore. He walks slowly away, until he disappears off screen.

          CUT TO ? UNKNOWN

          This is a different room, but still is inside the new HQ of The Kalipso Syndicate.

          KAIA is packing up some things. She is in black battle gear. The others are too. They seem to be protesting with her.

          KAIA: I don't care Ursula, I need to see him.

          ECHIDNA: This is madness, and a clear violation of the wants of your leader.

          KAIA: Shut up.

          URSULA: Please Kaia. Exposing yourself to him could ruin everything.

          KAIA sighs infuriated.

          KAIA: God! I just want to help him! You saw what's happened. He's almost died in two explosions over his daughter. It's not just him...they all need our help?

          URSULA: I just don't think this is the best solution. Not yet?

          CONSTANCE (O/S): Huh?

          Everyone turns. KAIA is stood in front of a large television screen. We can't see what's on it, but we can hear the voice.

          TERAMELLI (O/S): (on the television) "?The NYPD declare a manhunt. We ask everyone, the police force and the citizens of this state who are tired of living in fear, to find these people. Warrants have been issued for their arrests and should that fail their pictures will be given to you to publish in your papers tomorrow morning."

          The others listen intently. KAIA especially looks worried. She looks to URSULA.

          KAIA: (quietly) Please...Ursula. Can't you see they need us? He needs us.

          URSULA looks at the screen and hesitates for a moment. She nods.

          URSULA: Ea, you go with Kaia to find Xakiel. Echidna, Shelter and Trafford...go find their friends. Bring them here.

          Within seconds everyone disappears. CONSTANCE moves to ELISE and begins trying to explain through lip reading what has happened. ECHIDNA hovers for a moment and looks at URSULA.

          ECHIDNA: I hope you are correct in this decision.

          She moves away now, and follows SHELTER and TRAFFORD.

          URSULA sighs.

          URSULA: So do I my do I.

          For a moment, her mind slips into a day dream of SMITH ARTAIR.

          FLASH TO ?

          CATE, DANTE and LANCE all running down alleyways away from TERAMELLI. Three people near a black van stop them. We know now who they are. ECHIDNA, SHELTER and TRAFFORD. They disappear, along with the van. TERAMELLI fails.

          FLASH TO ? NEW YORK

          KAIA and BROGAN, each with a stake in their hands, eagerly and worriedly watch the fight between XAK and the vampires A.J and TUCKER. CHARLIE is attending to the dying MACIE COOMBS. TUCKER is dead and A.J advances on XAK?

          KAIA: Ea?I can't watch this. We have to do something.

          EA: Kaia?I don't know.

          KAIA looks to him exasperated.

          KAIA: You know what. I'm sick of you. I'm sick of you always opposing me. Why is everyone so dead set on stopping us seeing him? On him seeing us?

          BROGAN: (seething) No one is Kaia, they're just dead set on stopping you ruining his relationship with Charlie, which is all you care about!

          She jumps out of the alleyway. EA follows. They silently begin to skilfully and silently stake the remaining vampires in the street without XAK, CHARLIE or A.J noticing. Then EA begins to move towards XAK, he raises his arm to stake A.J.

          KAIA turns around and from her angle EA blocks out A.J and it looks like he is about to stake XAK. Her eyes widen?

          KAIA: (shouting) Ea, NO!

          A.J dusts and KAIA'S expression relaxes. She breathes a sigh of relief seeing her husband safe. She looks at him, and then realises that him and BROGAN are face to face once again.

          XAK looks up at the person stood in front of him. His eyes widen. Everything he remembers from before the walls back.

          XAK: Oh my god?I?Remember?

          CHARLIE looks over at the person and XAK, confused. She regretfully rests MACIE'S head on the floor and stands, walking over.

          CHARLIE: Xak? Remember? What do you remember?

          She looks at the person.

          CHARLIE: Xak who is he?

          XAK: His name?is Brogan.

          BROGAN: (regretfully) I never wanted this to happen?it wasn't supposed to be like this.

          XAK: H-how?

          CHARLIE looks confused.

          CHARLIE: Xak I?I do not understand, who is he?

          KAIA (O/S): Maybe?I can help?

          BROGAN looks at her angrily. He knew why she shouted his name...he knew how it looked. How could she think that...about him? His feelings for her were fading fast...she'd become so selfish in her desperation to see XAK that she didn't care who got in her way.

          BROGAN: (glaring at her) Kaia?no?.not now.

          EA looks at him sharply.

          KAIA: (emotionally) It's over Brogan! It's over?he has to know.

          XAK is staring, transfixed at KAIA.

          XAK: (horrified) Oh god?

          CHARLIE looks at XAK?then BROGAN?and then KAIA.

          CHARLIE: (shouting) Will someone tell me what the hell is going on!?

          XAK turns to CHARLIE. He stands and he slowly walks towards her.

          XAK: Charlie?there's uh?something I have to tell you. I don't understand how they're here?but?

          CHARLIE looks at him tearfully, knowing whatever it is he is going to tell her is going to break her heart.

          CHARLIE: (cutting him off) What?

          He can't say it.

          XAK: Brogan, is my friend Charlie. He was with me before I came to this world. I'd forgotten about them until now.

          He turns to BROGAN.

          XAK: I can't believe you're here?

          He looks down, as if he's almost guilty.

          CHARLIE looks at him her eyes welling up.

          CHARLIE: "Them"? Who's she?

          She indicates KAIA with her eyes. XAK looks at her guiltily?

          XAK: Charlie I'm sorry?

          CHARLIE: Who is she?!

          KAIA (O/S): (hesitantly) I'm his wife.

          CHARLIE'S face drops and her whole world with it. XAK looks down, while BROGAN glares at KAIA annoyed, while KAIA can't help but observe her expression.

          And so it was.

          Everything they knew. Everything you knew...has changed.

          CUT TO BLACK

          END OF EPISODE

          and SUMMER GLAU as SIN

          Special Guest Stars:
          JOEL GREY as DOC


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            - So there you go! That's Xak's past, and Kaia/Brogan and everyone explained. Sorry if there are any inconsistencies and plot errors?I've really tried to comb through this episode for months to see if there is anything wrong with it. I think it's fine, but sorry to you keen readers who notice things I may not have! There is one thing that is not mentioned in the episode and it is that in case you didn't notice, time on earth passes faster than that of Xakiel's home dimension. Glory had just been banished and when they had arrived via the portal, she was already planning her escape back. Imagine if she'd succeeded! Honestly?they only just got rid of her!

            - It's the BIGGEST episode yet. The episode is 49/50 pages in length, (size 10 font Arial), spans nearly thirty years, and hosts 22 characters ? most of whom are ALL new! It also took two months to write because it is so ambitiously hard to write! Not to mention I managed to crash my laptop, deleting what I had written, and had to start all again! Well done me!

            - The Knights of Byzantium ? a little extra addition I thought would be interesting! Especially as I wanted to drive home that it was only Glory who was the bad god!

            - So we know about Glory...but what of Suspiria and Kalipso? Why were they arguing? Episodes dedicated to these two will emerge in later episodes and later seasons!

            - The scenes from "1.10 ? So, Metaphysical!" were not included in this episode. They were metaphorical of Xakiel's existence in hell so that's why they were not included. Sort of a manifestation of the latent reality.

            - Finally, you know why the series is called what it is. Not only is it metaphorical in many ways, but it is the name of the creature Xak was turned into! You didn't think Kaia had married a dragon did you? Wait?you didn't? Right? Ew?

            - Welcome Echidna! The newest addition from the Ancient Greek world. Once I read about her, I had to have her in there. A sort of forgotten goddess with much potential I think. Plus I think Ali Larter plays her beautifully!

            - The Artairs are a weird bunch?and are kind of autobiographical of my own sister and father. Basically ? my dad's a bastard. My sister's deaf?and I don't think enough credit goes to the deaf community in these sorts of series, and there should be some included, because they're an A-MEZ-ING bunch!

            - So you thought you were getting answers?well you did?but more QUESTIONS?! What is Xakiel's past? What is the secret Aria and Walter were talking of? What was said at the consult? And will we ever see what Charlie and Kaia make of one another?and who will Xak pick? Well some of these will be answered in upcoming episodes of Shadow Stalker?so stay tuned.