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  • RAIN: 2.01 Father of Mine

    Episode: 2.01 Father of Mine
    Written by: Beth (Obsessed)



    We see the storage unit scene from episode 1.18 (And) One of Us Always Tells the Truth when WARNER catches BELLA going through his things. It’s a recap with additional dialogue that we didn’t hear before. BELLA is holding onto a file looking at an old newspaper clipping.

    WARNER: (OS) What are you doing, Isabella?

    BELLA: (looks up) Daddy... (Darkly) or should I call you Mr. Fairbourne?

    Holding onto an access card, WARNER brings down the door and inches closer.

    WARNER: Isabella...

    BELLA: (eyes water) How-how could you do this daddy? (Beat) All this time... (Gestures around the storage unit) you knew about the vampires and demons? How did you know about all of this?

    WARNER says nothing.

    BELLA: And Rain? You knew she was a witch and slayer?

    WARNER nods.

    BELLA: (A tear falls down her cheek) I always thought it was odd, the way you looked at her, as if she’s your-

    WARNER: -You don’t understand-

    BELLA: (bitterly) -You’re right, I don’t understand. I don’t understand how my father- (stops herself) how you could do this to her? To me! She’s my best friend, my-

    WARNER: -Tinker...

    BELLA: (points at him) Don’t call me that!

    WARNER: (softly) Isabella... please.

    BELLA: (nods to herself) That’s why you allowed us to be friends... you wanted her close, so you could keep an eye on her... from a distance. (Angrily) Were you that ashamed? (Disgusted) You cheated on mom ... did- did you kill her? Natalya?

    WARNER: (firmly) Of course not. (Beat; softly) Have you had the memories yet?

    BELLA: (stunned) Wh-what?

    WARNER: You’ve had them, right? One or two? Maybe even a vision?

    BELLA doesn’t know how to respond to this.

    WARNER: They’re her memories. And the visions-

    BELLA: (angrily looks away) -She implanted them in me... didn’t she? (Doesn’t want to say it; turns back to WARNER) And you let her! I saw it daddy! I saw you in the doorway!

    WARNER: There is a reason why I did all of this. Rain’s mother... (Softly) Natalya... she asked me to hide her, to protect Rain... to protect the both of you.

    BELLA: (wipes her tears) She’s... (Voices breaks; still holding onto the file) she’s my sister, isn’t she?

    The camera pans back. He moves closer to BELLA, gesturing for her to read the rest of the newspaper clippings in the file. As she scans through them, WARNER points at the articles. From this point on we now hear the new dialogue.

    WARNER: (points to the file) Look at the other articles, there’s more to read... you’ll see they mention Natalya’s husband by name... Michael Corbis, Rain’s boss.

    BELLA wears a stunned expression.

    WARNER: (continues) Michael, Natalya, your mother and I grew up together. At one time we were all good friends, best friends really. Evie and I looked after them, treated them as family, as if they were our own siblings. (Sighs) He’s Rain’s father, Isabella. (Softly) It’s the truth.

    WARNER puts his arm on hers but BELLA flinches, pushing it away from her, throwing the articles at him.

    WARNER: (presses on) There is someone out there who wants Rain’s powers, Bella. I can’t tell you all of the details because everything I’ve done has been calculated to this point and I can’t risk any of that. I’m not finished with what I’m supposed to do. I can’t have Michael or anyone getting in the way of the mission.

    She shakes her head, refusing to believe him.

    WARNER: I know you’re wondering how you’re able to have the memories and the visions. You have to trust me, Isabella. Trust what I’ve done thus far is to protect Rain and you. I’m just doing what any father would have done.

    WARNER pleads with her. Breaking away from him, BELLA opens the door. She doesn’t give him a chance to stop her and runs to her car. WARNER sighs.



    There is a soft light coming from a lantern in the middle of a rundown room. Ancient crosses hang on every other wall. We hear a scuffle and a howling sound.

    MICHAEL: (OS) Now, Madeline!

    MADELINE starts chanting in Latin. With a sword, MICHAEL swings it at a DEMON. He looks over to one of the walls where we see there is a hole, a portal to another dimension. Another DEMON emerges from the portal.

    MICHAEL: (hollers) Nick, more are coming!

    NICK: (grips his axe) Yeah... (backs up) great... just frickin’ great. (Beat; glances around) Where’s Bella?!

    BELLA: (appears holding onto something) I’m here!

    MICHAEL: Do you have it?!

    BELLA: Yes!

    MADELINE: (finishes her chant) Toss it now!

    BELLA tosses a mystical ornate object into the portal but one more DEMON jump out. The portal closes. Quickly she picks up a sword and stabs it killing it instantly. MICHAEL beheads the DEMON he was fighting.

    MICHAEL: (sighs) Nice work, Bella.

    BELLA: (breathlessly) Thanks.

    NICK: (scoffs) Excuse me? I believe I threw in some decent moves?

    BELLA: (brushes off the dirt) What moves?

    NICK: (gestures) Well there was that awesome twirly-sway thing I did with the axe. I mean that one moment of grace and power took out two whole demons, thank you so very much!

    MADELINE: Really? Power and grace huh? And here’s me thinking you almost fell over the broken pew, tried to balance yourself and then knocked over the demon who took the other one out.

    BELLA smirks.

    NICK: (grips his axe; annoyed) All right people, that’s it-

    MICHAEL takes it from him.

    NICK: Hey!

    MICHAEL: I think it would be best if you not hold onto the axe anymore.

    BELLA: (hand her sword to MICHAEL) I thought you’ve been sparring with Madeline over the summer, Nick. Shouldn’t you have you know... improved?

    NICK: (scoffs) Working out to Jane Fonda videos is not sparring.

    MICHAEL puts all of the weapons away in a nearby duffle bag.

    MADELINE: (ignores him; gestures to where the portal was) Michael, do you think it worked?

    MICHAEL: (nods; puts the bag over his shoulder) Yeah...

    BELLA: (uncertain) It won’t open again?

    MICHAEL: No. The plug sealed it in tight. We’re safe.

    At the same time they turn for the stairs.

    NICK: (mumbles; kicks a pebble) I wonder what Rain is doing.

    MICHAEL stiffens hearing her name.

    NICK: Sorry boss. It’s just... all summer we’ve been doing her job. Don’t you think it’s time she came home?

    BELLA: She’s with her brother Nick. Give her time.

    NICK: (mutters) I bet she’s partying, going to all sorts of clubs, having all sorts of fun while we’re picking up the slack.

    CUT TO:

    We hear screaming.

    VOICE: (OS) Please don’t kill me!

    RAIN: (OS) You’re a vampire, I have to kill you!

    The camera pans over to RAIN who is on her knees in front of four kids, ages ranging from six to eight years old in the living room of TANNER’S apartment. One of the kids, a GIRL has fake vampire teeth.

    GIRL: (makes growling noises) Who are you?!

    RAIN holds onto a toy microphone as if it’s a stake.

    RAIN: (tilts her head) I’m Rain, the Vampire Slayer and... you are?

    All of the kids laugh as she tosses the toy and tickles them.


    ~ ~ ~

    THEME PLAYS – Beautiful Freak by Eels

    :: STARRING ::

    Rain Mason (Mila Kunis)
    Isabella ‘Bella’ Talmadge (Emily Van Camp)
    Michael Corbis (Michael Vartan)
    Madeline Blake (Bonnie Somerville)
    Nick Caro (Jason Behr)

    Edited by: Tanget

    Disclaimer: The characters of AtS/BtVS belong to Joss Whedon,
    Mutant Enemy, Sandollar Television, Kuzui Entertainment, 20th Century Fox Television, the WB and UPN. Original characters that weren’t on these shows belong to Odelia & me. Please do not take them without permission.
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    ACT I


    This is the same memory sequence that RAIN had in 1.15 Stranger in a Strange Land when she swapped bodies with BELLA. Yet it's in the form of a flashback with additional dialogue that we didn't hear before. Two children both about ten years old run through the forest. They're laughing. One is a BOY dressed in a white, collared shirt and white slacks. The other is a GIRL with black hair with Russian features wearing a white dress.

    BOY: You can't catch me, Natalya!

    NATALYA: Oh yes I can!

    NATALYA catches up with the BOY. She pushes him to the ground. He rolls around laughing in the leaves. NATALYA falls down to her knees and quickly kisses him on the cheek.

    WOMAN: (OS) Warner, get over here this instant!

    Together, they both look up in response to the WOMAN'S voice.

    WARNER: (OS) I'm going to find the kids, Evie. They're just through these woods.

    NATALYA: It's Evie and Warner! They're back! (Stands up; brushes off the leaves) Come on!

    BOY: You're not going to help me up, Tal?

    NATALYA: Michael you're ten, get up yourself.

    MICHAEL gives her a look. NATALYA sticks out her tongue. Soon a twenty year old WARNER appears.

    WARNER: What are you brats up to?

    MICHAEL helps himself to his feet.

    NATALYA: We're just playing.

    MICHAEL: When did you get back from school?

    WARNER: (tussles MICHAEL'S hair) Just now geek. (Thumbs in the other direction) So are you going to help me unload my stuff?

    MICHAEL: (mutters; plays with a branch) Why would I want to do that?

    WARNER: (shrugs) Oh, I don't know... because they're might be some gifts in the car.

    Instantly, NATALYA smiles.

    NATALYA: Race ya, Mikey.

    Together MICHAEL and NATALYA run through the woods. WARNER laughs.



    MICHAEL is on the couch just waking up. He sighs. Slowly he gets up, pulling off an afghan. He just sits there, looking at the sliding doors that lead to a small porch. The screen fades. Soon The Calling's Wherever You Will Go plays. We hear:

    So lately, I've been wonderin'
    Who will be there to take my place
    When I'm gone, you'll need love
    To light the shadows on your face

    We see RAIN is fixing a metallic blue Duster. TANNER is nearby watching her. She looks up, gives a small smile. In return, he smiles back. We hear:

    If a great wave should fall
    It's would fall upon us all
    And between the sand and stone
    Could you make it on your own

    We're now in an attic. Wearing a polo shirt and jeans, WARNER sits against the wall. He's looking at some photos. The camera pans to some of them. We see they're the same Halloween photos that BELLA saw in 1.14 Family Portrait. However, we're seeing additional images we haven't seen before. WARNER is looking at one of NATAYLA, MICHAEL, EVANGELINE and WARNER himself, all dressed up in their costumes. NATATLYA is Cat-Woman while MICHAEL is dressed as James Dean. EVANGELINE and WARNER are wearing a couples costumes as Cher and Sonny Bono. WARNER stops going through the images, sits there quietly as the camera pans back. The screen fades again. We hear:

    If I could, then I would
    I'll go wherever you will go
    Way up high or down low
    I'll go wherever you will go

    We see BELLA is on the couch at the antique store. She's flipping through a Haven University catalogue listing the class schedules. She looks up, watching CJ fixing a beaten up radio. With a sigh, BELLA puts it down lost in her thoughts. We hear:

    And maybe, I'll find out
    The way to make it back someday
    To watch you, to guide you

    In her classroom, MADELINE is going through her files. She stops short when she sees a paper. The camera pans to it. It's an old book report written by RAIN. Unable to finish cleaning, she just stares at the paper and then looks away. The screen fades. We hear:

    Through the darkest of your days
    If a great wave should fall
    It would fall upon us all
    Well I hope there' someone out there
    Who can bring me back to you

    At the Red Vein, NICK sits before the bar writing a song. The camera pans to the music sheets, he's filling in the notes. He glances over to a couple flirting. He turns back to the lyrics but can't find the motivation to continue. We hear:

    If I could turn back time
    I'll go wherever you will go
    If I could make you mine
    I'll go wherever you will go

    The song fades.


    This is the repeated memory sequence that BELLA has been having but with additional scenes and dialogue. WARNER in his thirties and a pregnant NATALYA are in the hallway. Just before they make their way to one of the rooms, WARNER stops her.

    WARNER: (softly) Are you sure about this?

    NATALYA: Isabella is strong.

    WARNER: (runs his hand through his hair) We're talking about giving her your powers. How will your baby defend herself?

    NATALYA: I know it's a lot to take in but trust what you saw.

    WARNER: I'm not even sure-

    NATALYA: -Do you want to see again? There is still time.

    WARNER: (rub his head) No... I'm still reeling from the migraine.

    NATALYA: It won't hurt Isabella. She won't feel a thing.

    WARNER: (Sighs) I trust you, Natalya.

    NATALYA opens the door to ISABELLA'S nursery. She approaches the crib and starts to sings a Russian lullaby.

    NATALYA: (leans over; whispers) Hello Tinker... that's what your daddy will call you.

    Now in the doorway, WARNER listens in.

    NATALYA: You look so much like your mother.

    Feeling a mixture of emotions WARNER looks down, then back up at NATALYA. ISABELLA starts to cry.

    NATALYA: (picks her up) Shhh... don't cry.

    NATALYA soothes BELLA, calming her down. She puts her back in the crib. For a moment, she just stares at BELLA. Then she puts her hand over BELLA'S heart. In Russian, NATALYA whispers an incantation. Her eyes glows white and the lights from her eyes travel to BELLA'S. The white light fades and BELLA drifts into a deep sleep. The camera pans back and we see WARNER still in the doorframe. Startled by what he saw, he walks away.



    On the couch, BELLA wakes up. We see her knitted purple bunny on the nightstand. She rubs her head realizing she's had another memory. There is a soft knock on the door. BELLA looks up seeing WARNER now in the door way.

    WARNER: (firmly) We need to talk, Isabella.

    BELLA: (walks over to the door) No... we don't.

    She closes it. WARNER stiffens.

    CUT TO:

    OLIVER is mixing a potion while MICHAEL leans against a wall, reading a text.

    OLIVER: Do think Rain is all right?

    MICHAEL: (puts the book down) Bella says she is... as far as she can tell over the phone but she doesn't hear from her as often as she'd like. (Pauses) I'm sure Tanner is taking good care of Rain.

    OLIVER: (sighs) I really do think you ought to talk to Warner, Michael.

    MICHAEL: (shakes his head) No...

    OLIVER: (can't believe what he's hearing) Now is the time. What if he knows more than us?

    MICHAEL: (waves a hand) There's no way he knows about the prophecy. Warner was never into this sort of thing. Natalya was very discreet. I don't think she even told Evangeline.

    OLIVER: (protests) Bella has been vague about what happened but he knew about Rain. He knows something. Then there is the first passage-

    MICHAEL: (looks away, then back at him) -I can't Oliver... I just... I can't.

    OLIVER sighs with an understanding nod.

    CUT TO:

    We hear Blue Oyster Cult's Don't Fear the Reaper playing. RAIN is laughing drinking a root beer sitting on a lawn chair before a small bonfire next to TANNER. They're surrounded by a group of people, all about TANNER'S age. Some of them are dancing. Behind them, there is a large oak tree and a swing. One of them swings on it. At the bonfire, one of TANNER'S friends turns to him.

    MAN: When is Jennifer coming back from her vacation?

    TANNER: (looks at his watch) She should be back now.

    RAIN: (leans over to TANNER) Who is Jennifer?

    TANNER: A good friend of mine. She helped me out a lot when I first moved here especially with Angie. Then she went to Ireland for a few months with her family.

    RAIN: Did you invite her to the bonfire?

    TANNER: I did. She said she'd bring some Irish ale she from her trip.

    MAN: Nice. (Smirks) Wouldn't mind having some of that brew right about now.

    RAIN smiles. A BRUNETTE approaches them.

    WOMAN: Hey... have you seen Marty? I can't find him.

    RAIN: I'll look for him. He's probably in the woods. I saw him sniffing there earlier.

    WOMAN: Thanks.

    TANNER: I'll go with you.

    RAIN: No, I got it.

    TANNER sits back down. RAIN heads for the woods, passing a few more people who wave at her.

    CUT TO:

    RAIN continues down a beaten path.

    RAIN: Martyyy! Come here boy!

    There is no response. She continues walking on the path made by dirt bikes.

    RAIN: Marty!

    Soon she hears whimpering. RAIN cuts around a corner and sees a GERMAN SHEPPARD lying down.

    RAIN: Marty... I've been looking for you. Come here.

    MARTY doesn't move. He continues to whimper.

    RAIN: What are you doing? (Inches closer) Oh my god...

    RAIN realizes MARTY is next to a dead body but she can't see the victim's face. Soon the song starts up again. We hear:

    Come on baby... don't fear the reaper
    Baby take my hand... don't fear the reaper
    We'll be able to fly... don't fear the reaper
    Baby I'm your man...

    RAIN: (firm voice) Marty come here... now!

    MARTY gets up and runs toward her. Soon TANNER appears.

    RAIN: Tanner, take the dog.

    TANNER: (holds onto the collar) What is it? (Sees the body; disturbed) Oh man...

    RAIN walks toward the body.

    TANNER: (concerned) Rain, what are you doing?

    RAIN: Checking something.

    TANNER: (anxious) It could be a crime scene.

    Not answering RAIN leans down, moving the victim's hair. There are two hole punctures in the neck.

    TANNER: (Eyes widen) Are-are those bite marks?

    RAIN nods.

    TANNER: I can't believe I'm asking this but... (Swallows) Vampire?

    RAIN: I'm afraid so.

    The dog breaks free from TANNER and runs to the body.

    TANNER: (runs after the dog) Marty no!

    TANNER inches closer. He recognizes the body. We hear:

    The candles blew then disappeared
    The curtains flew then he appeared... saying don't be afraid
    Come on baby.... and she had no fear
    And she rain to him... they started to fly

    TANNER: (stunned; pulls the dog away) Rain... that's my friend, Jennifer.

    We hear:

    Come on baby... don't fear the reaper.

    The song fades.

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      ACT II


      This is another memory sequence that RAIN had in 1.15 Stranger in a Strange Land. Again this scene has additional dialogue. A Russian MAN argues with NATALYA who is in her late teens.

      MAN: (with an accent) I do not want you dating him, Natalya!

      NATALYA: I love him, father. Please, why can't you just be happy for us?

      MAN: I do not trust him.

      We hear a car honking. NATALYA looks out the window and sees a MAN in the car. It's WARNER.

      NATALYA: (turns to her father) He's here. I have to go. I'll be late for school.

      NATALYA picks up her bag and leaves the house.

      MAN: (OS) Natalya, do not go with him! Come back!

      NATALYA trails down the steps. The closer we get to the car; we can see EVANGELINE is on the passenger side. Someone climbs out from the back. Its MICHAEL, also in his late teens. He approaches NATALYA stopping her to take her things.

      NATALYA: (kisses him on the cheek) Thank you. (Glances over to the front of the house) Let's go.

      MICHAEL: (concerned) Everything okay? We could hear your father.

      NATALYA: (brushes him off) It's nothing.

      MICHAEL: Your father... (softly) you were arguing about us.

      NATALYA: (nods slightly) It's just? he sees you as an outsider.

      She turns over to the house. Her father is looking out the window.

      NATALYA: (shifts back to MICHAEL) He's protective of me.

      MICHAEL lowers his voice even more to make sure WARNER and EVANGELINE can't hear. Soft rock music emerges from the car.

      MICHAEL: Your father doesn't know, does he?

      NATALYA: That you know I can do spells?

      MICHAEL nods.

      NATALYA: No he doesn't. And it's not a lot of spells... just a little. (Bites her lips) I'm not all that powerful, not... not really .

      MICHAEL: Then I don't understand what the big deal is is? I mean you said you're not a witch, not really. And we've been together since we were kids. I'd like to think he'd trust me by now.

      NATALYA: (anxiously) We're older. It's different. Give him time. (Links arms) Now let's not keep Warner and Evie waiting. We don't want to be late for school. You have your presentation today, don't you?

      MICHAEL nods and glances over to the house but her father is nowhere to be seen. Together they walk to the car.

      NATALYA: Tell me about it. It's a five year business plan, right?

      MICHAEL: (opens the car door) Yeah, I created a portfolio for a restaurant and bar... (voice trails off)



      With a laptop in hand BELLA strolls into the restaurant. There are a few customers eating and drinking. MICHAEL appears carrying a box of pretzels. He sets it down when he sees BELLA.

      MICHAEL: Hey Bella... everything okay?

      BELLA: (sits at the bar) Yeah...

      MICHAEL: (hopeful) Have you heard from Rain?

      BELLA shakes her head.

      MICHAEL: (disappointed) I see... (eyes the laptop) planning to do more research?

      BELLA: I thought since we've been? (lowers voice) exterminating a lot of pests this summer, there might be another one around the corner.

      Sitting at the bar VINCE and FRANK give each other a questioning look.

      MICHAEL: No there's nothing to... (softly) exterminate.

      BELLA: Oh... okay.

      MICHAEL: (opens a bag; pours some pretzels in a bowl) I'm sure something will come up.

      BELLA: It's been kinda slow lately.

      MICHAEL: That might be a good thing.

      BELLA: I guess... (looks over to the window)

      MICHAEL: Is there something else on your mind?

      BELLA: (abruptly) What was my mother like?

      VINCE and FRANK give each other a look but continue with their drinks.

      MICHAEL: (taken aback) Oh... umm...

      BELLA: Sorry I didn't mean to ambush you like that. I know I've been kinda distant about everything.

      Appreciating BELLA needs to talk MICHAEL waves a waitress over to take the pretzels to the other tables.

      MICHAEL: (to BELLA; softens up) We can talk about it in my apartment, if you'd like.

      BELLA: Now? I mean I don't want to impose.

      MICHAEL: (smiles softly) There's no imposing.

      BELLA: Then yeah, I'd like that. Thank you.

      CUT TO:

      There are several police cars parked on the grass near the woods. We see the traditional yellow tape tied around some of the trees preventing people from entering. The bonfire is still lit as a few of TANNER'S friends huddle together crying. Some of the OFFICERS are interviewing them.

      RAIN and TANNER are leaning against the monkey bars watching the police.

      RAIN: (whispers) I'm so sorry, Tanner.

      TANNER: (a little distraught) She must have been on her way from her apartment and was attacked here.

      RAIN: (softly) I-I need to go back to the woods.

      TANNER: Why?

      RAIN: I need to find the vamp, the one that killed her.

      TANNER: I don't think that's a good idea. The police are swarming all over the place.

      RAIN: Tanner, I have to do this. It's my job, my calling.

      TANNER: I know, but you haven't hunted all summer.

      RAIN: No but that was before I knew there was something to hunt. Now that we know there is a vampire out there, I need to find it and kill it before it hurts someone else.

      TANNER: (looks over to a couple of squad cars) Then let me go with you.

      RAIN: (puts a hand up) No. It's dangerous. You don't have the training.

      TANNER: Rain...

      RAIN: You have Angie to think of. I can do this on my own. I've done it for a long time now; I was slaying a couple of years before I even met Michael and Madeline.

      TANNER: Argue all you want but I'm coming with you.

      RAIN: (sighs) Okay. We need to slip in without the police noticing.

      TANNER: (gestures) Right well let's move away, enter the woods further down.

      RAIN agrees. Together, without drawing attention they slip into the far end of the woods.

      CUT TO:

      BELLA is on the couch. Holding nervously onto a tray with tea and cookies, MICHAEL sets it down on the coffee table.

      MICHAEL: (hands her a cup) Tea? All I have is Red Rose. I'm afraid Oliver is more of a tea connoisseur than I am.

      BELLA: (smiles) No it's fine. (Happily takes it) Thank you.

      MICHAEL: You're welcome.

      There is a bit of silence between them.

      BELLA: (attempts to break the silence) I'm sorry.

      MICHAEL: For what?

      BELLA: (looks down, then back at MICHAEL) The night of the prom? I assume that Rain told you that I've been having memories of your wife.

      MICHAEL: It slipped.

      BELLA: (stumbles a bit) I-I didn't mean to keep it from you. To be honest I wasn't even sure what-

      MICHAEL: (not wanting to rush her) -Bella... it's fine, really. Rain's leaving kind of put things on hold. (Looks down) I guess we all have put things on hold.

      BELLA: But I'm sure you must be curious about the details, how I found out and what I've been remembering. (Confused with her wording) I'm not sure what to call it because they're not my memories to remember.

      MICHAEL: I am curious but... I'm not going to push you to tell me.

      BELLA: Did Oliver tell you anything?

      MICHAEL: No... Oliver's pretty good about that kind of thing, respecting the boundaries of others.

      BELLA: (rather quickly) I've been getting the memories since the body vessel spell.

      MICHAEL: (surprised) The one with Keely? That far back?

      BELLA: Yes... her nightmares and your wife's memories clashed... I guess? Or maybe the spell was a catalyst, brought them to the surface?

      Knowing it was a rhetorical question, MICHAEL continues to listen.

      BELLA: (Pauses) I don't know why or how I've been dreaming about... Natalya... but I do know the memories are fragmented. They don't make sense. And to be honest I haven't had a lot of them.

      MICHAEL: How do you know they're memories?

      BELLA: (explains) They feel like memories. It's as if I'm walking through someone's past. (Looks down then back up) Oliver was trying to help me recover from the vessel spell. He sensed they were memories too. (Softly) Yet he doesn't know all of the details, just bits and pieces. When Rain and I swapped bodies, she had three specific memories of Natalya. At that time I only had just one, which seems to be a broken record.

      MICHAEL is taken aback not realizing RAIN had memories too.

      BELLA: (Fidgets) Mr. Corbis... I don't know how daddy got himself involved in all of this but... (softly) I do believe he's been sincere about Rain... that's she's your daughter.

      MICHAEL: (awkwardly) Perhaps... but I... honestly I don't know what to think. I haven't spoken to Warner in years. (shakes his head; runs his fingers through his hair) The whole thing is just confusing.

      BELLA: I didn't give him a chance to explain everything that night, why I'm having these memories, how I'm connected to your wife. (Sighs) I'm too upset with him right now. He may be able to fill in the blanks for you. You have question marks all over your face. I can see it.

      MICHAEL: (smirks at her; puts his bitter feelings aside) No... no um... that's okay... (softens up) actually... I thought maybe you'd like to talk about your mother. I mean that's the main reason why I invited you over for tea.

      BELLA: (a little emotional) Oh... mom...

      MICHAEL retrieves a stack of photos albums from underneath the coffee table.

      MICHAEL: I thought you'd like to see some photos of your mom. I've been holding onto them since I found out you're Warner's daughter.

      Appreciatively BELLA smiles. MICHAEL opens one of the albums. We see a photo of EVANGELINE roller-skating with head phones.

      MICHAEL: My wife took these... (softly) your mother really loved music.

      BELLA: Yeah?

      MICHAEL: (nods) She always had the radio on, blasting, no matter what. Whether it was in the car or in the kitchen, whenever you saw her, music was always playing in the background. (Softly) She really enjoyed life.

      BELLA: What kind of music did she listen to?

      MICHAEL: Mostly soft rock, from the seventies. She liked eighties music as well.

      BELLA: (looks at the picture again) She was really pretty.

      MICHAEL: (swallows) Your father was crazy about her. Losing her... (whispers) it nearly killed him.

      BELLA: Did-did you go to her funeral?

      MICHAEL: (nods) Yes... I did but we barely spoke. We haven't since then.

      BELLA glances over to a photo of EVANGELINE and WARNER in their teens.

      BELLA: Wow... I never seen pictures of daddy this young.

      MICHAEL: Why don't you take ?em, the albums? Pick whatever photos you want.

      BELLA: Oh, I couldn't.

      MICHAEL: (softly) I don't mind, Bella.

      BELLA: I can scan them.

      MICHAEL: That's fine.

      BELLA: Thank you. (Flips through more photos; sees a few from the Halloween party) I've seen some of these... my aunt Jaime had some with her when she came to visit-

      MICHAEL: -Jaime? Jaime Fairbourne?

      BELLA: You knew her?

      MICHAEL: I met her once (gestures) at that party and your father spoke of her occasionally. So I didn't really know her.

      BELLA: (quickly) Natalya and my mom were best friends, weren't they? I mean daddy said so... he said you all used to be good friends.

      MICHAEL stiffens when he hears this.

      BELLA: I-I'm sorry I didn't mean-

      MICHAEL: -No... it's okay. It's just... kind of surreal talking about... (voice trails off)

      BELLA: I wish... (eyes water) I knew her, my mom.
      MICHAEL: She was a lovely woman. Your mom looked after Natalya ever since she was a child. In a way, she was like a mother. They really were the best of friends... (Softly) like you and Rain.

      BELLA: (a tear falls down her cheek) I miss Rain.

      MICHAEL: (softly) I miss her too.

      Soon BELLA starts crying. Without thought, MICHAEL puts his arms around her.

      CUT TO:

      The Provocative Theory band members are spread out as if they're waiting for someone. They all have a bleak look on their faces. NICK is nowhere to be seen. Sitting, FULLER lightly hit his drumsticks on the arms of the chair. At the bar JAE-SUN sips a bottle of water. Walking back and forth ELEANOR constantly looks at her watch. Holding onto his guitar case, NICK strolls in oblivious of their anxious behavior.

      NICK: Sorry I'm late.

      ELEANOR: (stands) Nick... we need to talk.

      FULLER fidgets in his seat.

      NICK: (arches a brow) Okay...

      ELEANOR: We're concerned about you.

      NICK: (sets guitar down) What are you talking about? I'm fine.

      FULLER: (leans forward) Dude, you're not fine. (Bluntly) You're still hung up on that Rain chick.

      NICK: (scoffs) What? (Realizes something) Is this an intervention or something?

      ELEANOR: No Nick it's not but look, regardless of your personal issues, Fuller is right. You're not okay. (Softly) And... you haven't been putting a lot of effort into your music.

      NICK: You're kidding me, right?

      FULLER: You're distracted Nick, big time. (Stands up) It's affecting the band. We do not want another Yoko Factor, man.

      NICK: Care to wager your thoughts, Jae-Sun?

      JAE-SUN: (glances over; shrugs) Not really.

      NICK: (sighs; grabs his guitar case) Well, I think you're all making far too big a deal out of this. (Not convincingly) I'm fine.

      NICK turns to leave.

      ELEANOR: Where are you going? We still have practice.

      NICK: None of your business. (Leaves)

      FULLER sighs, slouches back into his seat and continues to strum the arm of his chair with the drumsticks.

      JAE-SUN: (sips his water) See? Waste of time.

      CUT TO:

      At her desk, MADELINE goes over a syllabus for one of her classes. Soon the phone rings.

      MADELINE: Hello. (Listens to the other line) Mr. Giles... (Softly) no... she hasn't returned. Yes I understand but- (pauses) she's eighteen. She has a right to live her life. Even if she doesn't come back, that's her decision. We have to respect that. (Listens again) All right, I'll keep you posted. Yes... thank you, good-bye. (Hangs up)

      MADELINE resumes going over her syllabus. She then pulls out RAIN'S file going over it, and a photo of RAIN and MADELINE smiling falls out. It was taken at Thanksgiving dinner at Michael's Haven. She sighs putting the photo and file away.

      CUT TO:

      RAIN and TANNER are cautiously walking down the beaten path.

      RAIN: (holding onto a handmade stake) You didn't have to come.

      TANNER: You really think I'm going to let my kid sister wander around in the dark, waiting for a vampire to attack her? (Softly) Besides... I have to do this... for Jennifer.

      RAIN: (small smile) It's called patrolling...

      TANNER: Ah... well I'm going to patrol with you. Don't I need a weapon of some sort?

      RAIN: Leave the fighting to me. (Beat) We're really looking for a nest.

      TANNER: (arches a brow) A nest?

      RAIN: A vampire's lair.

      TANNER: (small laugh) I can't believe you said vampire's lair.

      RAIN: There might be one nearby. We'll see signs of it.

      TANNER: What kind of signs? A trail of dead bodies?

      RAIN: Well, it's usually cigarette butts, beer cans... black nail polish... it'll lead us to their camp.

      TANNER: It's so weird hearing you talk like this.

      RAIN: Perks of a slayer's job.

      TANNER: So once you find their... lair, then what?

      RAIN: Figure out how to fight them. If it's a large group of vamps, usually my friends step in, try to help. Nick tends to be a frozen fish stick, just stands there but-

      TANNER laughs.

      RAIN: Something funny?

      TANNER: (gestures) It's just surreal. That you do this. You're like Wonder Woman without the lasso of truth and bullet proof bracelets. (Makes a face) Though I can't imagine demons or vamps using guns in a fight.

      RAIN: I haven't come across any carrying state of the art weapons as of yet. They usually stick to the traditional sharp stabby, slicey stuff or whatever's handy like a chair or pool stick. (Concerned) You know Tanner, maybe you should head back, I don't want you to get ?

      We hear some noises.

      TANNER: What was that?

      RAIN: (points) It's coming from there. (Grips her stake) Stay behind me.

      CUT TO:

      MICHAEL is standing before a headstone. It reads: ?Here lies Lily Corbis. Beloved daughter, mother and grandmother. May she rest in peace'.


      This scene is from 1.15 Stranger in a Strange Land when NATALYA sings in Russian at the Halloween party. There is additional dialogue that we didn't hear before. In the crowd, JAIME stands next to boyfriend CHUCK fiddling with her camera. Near her is WARNER has his arms around EVANGELINE.

      EVANGELINE: (re: NATALYA) Isn't she beautiful... her voice...

      WARNER: (drops his arms) She is... (softly) she's very beautiful... but not as beautiful as you.

      EVANGELINE: (nudges him) Nice save...

      MICHAEL appears holding onto bottles of beer handing them out to WARNER and EVANGELINE.

      MICHAEL: (turns over to NATALYA) I love it when she sings in her native language.

      WARNER: What is she's saying?

      MICHAEL: She's singing about love... how it's been in her face all this time.

      EVANGELINE: (small smile) Very sweet. (Remembers something) Oh before I forget... did your grandmother get my thank you card?

      MICHAEL: Yes she did.

      EVANGELINE: The tablecloth she made is just beautiful. I just love it.

      WARNER: (leans in) It's still in the box. She's afraid to use it.

      EVANGELINE: All of that hamburger you eat, it's likely it'll get grease stains.

      WARNER: (shrugs) Just use those plastic covers then.

      EVANGELINE: (aghast) Warner, really! Those are so tacky.

      MICHAEL: (gives a small grin) My grandmother invited you over for dinner tomorrow night. I hope you'll come.

      EVANGELINE: We'll be there.

      WARNER: We will?

      EVANGELINE hits him.

      MICHAEL: He's just worried about getting into those heated political discussions my father loves much.

      WARNER: They're more like apocalypses... assuming that apocalypses are real. (Drinks his beer) He's pretty intense, your father.

      MICHAEL: (nods in agreement) He's a drill sergeant, that's for sure.

      Soon NATALYA appears joining the group. We hear an 80's ballad playing. She cups his hands, whispers in his ear. MICHAEL sets his bottle on a nearby table.

      MICHAEL: Looks like we're going to dance.

      MICHAEL swings her around to the dance floor while WARNER puts his arms around EVANGELINE as she places her head on his shoulder watching their friends.



      Still standing before the grave, MICHAEL looks up as if he senses someone is behind him. The camera pans over her shoulder. We see SOLEDAD has been observing him for some time.

      MICHAEL: (turns around) Who are you?

      SOLEDAD inches closer. She hands him a business card.

      SOLEDAD: When you're ready, give him a call.

      MICHAEL: (doesn't look at the card) And if I don't?

      SOLEDAD: You will. (leaves)

      With the card in his hand, MICHAEL faces the headstone. He reads the card. It has WARNER'S name on it, the name of the law firm and a phone number. On the back is the number to WARNER'S cell. MICHAEL recognizes the handwriting. He lets out a sigh.

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        ACT III


        Still with the stake in her hand, RAIN continues down the woods with TANNER behind her. Suddenly, a possum scurries away from them.

        RAIN: (sighs) It's just a possum.

        RAIN puts the stake away. TANNER snickers.

        RAIN: Glad you find this amusing.

        TANNER: Possums can be pretty scary in a fight.

        RAIN rolls her eyes. She then stops short when she sees a nearby cabin through some trees.

        RAIN: Over there... (points) let's check it out.

        As they inch closer, they see cigarette butts and beer bottles leading to the cabin. RAIN looks through the windows.

        RAIN: This looks like their camp.

        TANNER: (picks up a bottle) This is Irish ale. (Bitter) It's gotta be Jennifer's. (Tosses it) Any vampires inside?

        RAIN: (shakes her head) It's empty. I'm gonna go in.

        CUT TO:

        The cabin is worn down but still sturdy enough to provide shelter. RAIN and TANNER are standing at the door scanning the place. Carefully she makes her way inside while TANNER stays behind her following her lead. She examines the empty bottles of alcohol throughout the room.

        RAIN: They sure like to drink.

        TANNER: I would think so... considering they drink blood, right?

        RAIN: (picks up an empty bottle of vodka) They're mixing their drinks... (points to a cup) booze and blood. It looks like they've been partying for weeks.

        He approaches her picking up a stack of teen magazines.

        TANNER: Interesting reading material.

        RAIN: (Walks over to the TV) Huh... check out the stereo equipment and video games. These are all expensive.

        TANNER: (picks up a couple of games) Guitar Hero? Call of Duty? (Tosses it) How can vampires afford this stuff?

        RAIN: It was stolen.

        TANNER: They killed Jennifer for her money?

        RAIN: (nods; picks up a notepad) Yeah... and from the look at all of this, I'd say they're teenagers. (Mutters) I hate fighting teen vamps. (Whines a bit) They think they know it all.

        TANNER: (smirks) You're a teenager.

        RAIN gives him a look.

        TANNER: (sighs) Well they're no vampires here. What's next?

        FEMALE VOICE: (OS) I think we ought to kick your asses. That's what's next.

        Three teenage VAMPIRES two female and one male stand in the doorway all dressed in school uniforms. The FIRST FEMALE is chewing bubble gum. She blows a bubble and pops it with her fangs while the others smirk back. TANNER'S eyes widen but RAIN is rather calm.

        CUT TO:

        MADELINE is at a table going through stacks of books, cataloguing them. She picks up a couple of them and puts them on the shelf, then returns to the table. Soon someone enters the office, MADELINE walks over to the railing and see its NICK.

        MADELINE: Michael isn't here.

        NICK: (trails up the steps) Oh... not here to see the boss. (Sits down) I came to see you.

        MADELINE: (surprised) Oh?

        NICK picks up one of the books and flips through it.

        NICK: (Reads) For religious purposes Sra' olik demons use human blood to dye their garments as a way of being closer to their gods. (Disgusted; continues) They often accessories themselves with their victims' skin and hair as well as other body parts- (puts the book down) How can you read this stuff?

        MADELINE: (small smile; joins him) Was there something you need, Nick?

        NICK: (mumbles) My band thinks I'm off my game.

        MADELINE: (nods) It's okay to miss her. Well all do.

        NICK: (sighs) Why do you assume I'm like this because of Rain? (Rambles) Maybe it's something else? Maybe I'm stressed cause of school? (Points at her) It could very well be that bratty little girl who lives next door to me always asking me ?why questions'? Or... maybe it's the old man who gets the morning paper in the nude? In fact-

        MADELINE: -Nick... you can't fool me.

        NICK: (sighs) My band thinks I'm Lennon and Rain is Yoko.

        MADELINE: Ah... the Beatles.

        NICK: You like their music?

        MADELINE: Love them... but you're changing the subject. (Beat) What you need is a distraction, something to help you not think about Rain so much.

        NICK: Actually... I was thinking there was something we could do.

        MADELINE: What do you have in mind?

        NICK: (sits up a bit) I want to spar... like for real. No more Jane Fonda or Richard Simmons. I've reached my quota on permed hair and spandex.

        MADELINE: (smiles) I'm sorry about that. I'm not really into the whole fighting thing.

        NICK: (arches a brow) But you're Rain's Watcher... and from what I've seen you're pretty good in a fight.

        MADELINE: Thank you. (Beat; leans back) All right... stop by tomorrow and we'll spar... (Smirks) like for real.

        NICK: Thanks Blake.

        MADELINE: Now help me put these books away.

        NICK grabs a stack of books, making his way to the shelf.

        NICK: So what's your favorite Beatle song?

        MADELINE: Oh I like... (voice trails off)

        CUT TO:

        Sitting at the counter JACKIE reads another one of her romance novels. She arches a brow sensing someone about to enter. It's BELLA.

        BELLA: (opens door; smiles) Hello Jackie.

        JACKIE: (puts the book down) Isabella.... how nice to see you.

        BELLA: Likewise... is Oliver here?

        JACKIE: He's doing an errand. Can I help you?

        BELLA: I was in the area and thought I'd make appointment for a meditation. It's been awhile.

        JACKIE: Of course. (Brings out an appointment book) When would you like to come in?

        BELLA: Tomorrow? Is that too soon?

        JACKIE: (picks up a pen) Not at all. What time?

        BELLA: Bright and early if you have it.

        JACKIE: Seven?

        BELLA nods.

        JACKIE: (fills in her appointment book) Seven it is.

        BELLA: Great. (Spies a stack of flyers nearby) Oh this is for the state fair. (Reads) You're hosting a booth?

        JACKIE: (fidgets a bit) Yes... we sometimes do that.

        BELLA: (arches a brow) You do? Rain and I have gone to the state fair since we were kids. How is it we've never seen you?

        JACKIE: Well, we don't do it all the time. Plus it's a pretty big place. (Smiles) I'm sure you don't see everything, right?

        BELLA: (uncertain) I guess... Rain and I mostly go on the rides and play games.

        JACKIE: There you go. Besides Oliver and I only host on certain days so it's quite possible we've missed each other all these years.

        BELLA: I suppose... so what do you sell at the booth? (Jokingly) Tarot card readings?

        JACKIE realizes that BELLA may have some residual memory of their tarot card session.

        JACKIE: (laughs along) Actually... we sell jewellery, soaps, lotions, things of that nature. Whatever I'm in the mood to make.

        BELLA: Wait... do you make the lip glosses here? I bought some for the senior prom.

        JACKIE nods.

        BELLA: I didn't realize you made them. Oliver didn't tell me.

        JACKIE: Oh... he knows I'm modest about my products. (Sees BELLA is intrigued) I will be making herbal and fragrance oils sometime next week would you like to help me?

        BELLA: I'd love that.

        JACKIE: Lovely. (Taps her appointment book) Oliver will see you tomorrow at seven.

        BELLA: (takes a flyer with her) Thank you. (waves goodbye; leaves)

        Not picking up her book, JACKIE keeps her eyes on BELLA who is now driving way in her car.

        CUT TO:

        In the back of the store, BELLA is helping CJ sort through various pieces of jewerly. They're in the middle of a conversation.

        BELLA: We should go sometime.

        CJ: What's a state building?

        BELLA: The fair has these buildings that represent various states in New England. They have booths that offer food, crafts, products and all sorts of things.

        CJ: Sounds cool.

        BELLA: (Holding a brooch) This is pretty.

        CJ: Not as pretty as you.

        BELLA: (gives him a look) Lame.

        CJ: (shrugs) I thought I'd give it a shot. (Pulls her close) But you are... pretty.

        BELLA pushes him away a bit looking over to the front of the store.

        BELLA: Your grandparents might see us.

        CJ: They're not here. Besides they're totally cool with young kids making out in the back of their antique store.

        BELLA: (smirks) So you've brought girls here before?

        CJ: All the time. You're the... (Counts) forty-fifth and that's just in a month.

        BELLA: (hits him lightly) Where are they? Your grandparents?

        CJ: (looks at his watch) Having a pizza at Nervetti's.

        BELLA: (smirks) You told them about the place?

        CJ: (nods) They loved the meatballs.

        BELLA: (grin) See? I told ya.

        CJ: They're going to attempt everything on the menu, of course at a much slower pace considering they're more prone to heart burn. (Beat; observes her) You look like you're feeling better.

        BELLA: (picks up a bracelet) What do you mean? (Puts it on)

        CJ: Well... all summer, you've been kinda distracted and depressed. This is the first time I've seen you even a little bit relaxed. (Pauses; inches closer) You never told me the details about what happened that night. I didn't want to press so I just backed off figured you'd tell me when you're ready.

        BELLA moves away.

        CJ: (cont') At the night of the prom you said you were having these weird memories because of that body swapping spell. And somehow you found her birth parents. I just... I am curious how you knew. Did your father tell you?

        BELLA: (arches a brow) My father?

        CJ: Things are pretty intense between the two of you right now. I figured it had something to do with Rain.

        BELLA: CJ, I just, I really can't get into it.

        CJ: No It's fine. I shouldn't have asked... I'm just worried about you, that's all. I care about you. (Softly) I know you miss her.

        BELLA: (takes off her bracelet) I wish she'd come home.

        CJ: She will, just give her time.

        CUT TO:

        We're left right at the scene where the VAMPIRES were standing at the doorway. The FIRST FEMALE still chewing her bubble gum has her hair in pigtails. She's wearing a navy jacket like the other two but with a white blouse, plaid skirt, knee high socks and penny lovers. RAIN still holding onto the notepad is observing them a bit before making her move.

        TANNER: (inches back) Shouldn't you be pulling out that stake of yours by now?

        RAIN: (gestures) Look at the uniforms. (Complains) They're trust fund baby vamps. That's even worse.

        TANNER: (confused; anxious) Worse?

        The VAMPIRES are so full of themselves that they don't feel the need to attack them just yet. They continue to listen to RAIN and TANNER.

        RAIN: They think they're better than us. They'll remind you of that at every second, trust me. I got one back at home minus the polyester uniform. Kids like these are full of attempted witty comebacks and constantly throw their not-so-hard-earned money around. It kinda drags the cat fight especially when they're vamps. (With certainty) Watch? you'll see.

        FIRST FEMALE: (glares) Are you done? We'd like to get back to doing what we do best.

        RAIN: (causally flips through the notepad) Stand in a doorway for all eternity? (Tears a piece of paper; puts it in her pocket) I mean you are vampires. (Nods to herself) I bet you could do it.

        TANNER smirks.

        SECOND FEMALE: (scoffs) No? shopping. (Grins) That's what we do best.

        RAIN: You mean steal. (Glances over to the flat screen TV) Pretty bitchin' TV. Who did you kill for it, Winona?

        MALE VAMPIRE: The dude was already dead. He croaked at the sight of us the minute he opened the door. (Chuckles) It was pretty funny.

        RAIN picks up a black handbag.

        SECOND VAMPIRE: Step away from the purse. (Points) That was a pretty good kill. Please put it-

        RAIN: -Relax I'm just looking. (Flings it on the couch; opens a wooden box) So? (pulls out a antique cigarette case; bluntly) I got this slayer gut feeling that you guys are responsible for the string of thefts near Milton Prep Academy.

        TANNER gives her a surprise glance.

        RAIN: (to TANNER) What? I read the newspaper. (Now holds a pair of earrings with an unique stone) What do you think? Does it go with my outfit?

        TANNER grins again amused by RAIN'S humor in a situation like this.

        RAIN: Yeah I didn't think so. (Places the earrings back inside the box) I don't have the taste for expensive jewellery, now designer purses on the other hand-

        SECONED FEMALE: -You're not taking our stuff.

        RAIN: (ignores her; closes the box and puts it down) I'm right, aren't I? About the thefts?

        MALE VAMPIRE: (anxiously fiddles with a jade ring on his finger) How did you know?

        The FIRST FEMALE shoots him a look.

        RAIN: (pulls out the paper she ripped earlier; reads) Old guy, big screen flat TV; blonde cheerleader, black designer purse; Asian woman, jade ring; African American dude, cigarette case; bratty twins, Wii console... (gestures to all of the stuff in the room) need I go on?

        FIRST FEMALE: (sighs) Seriously... how long does this usually last? The foreplay?

        RAIN: As long as I can stand it... at least until... (glances at her watch) that box explodes.

        In confusion the VAMPIRES look at the box along with TANNER. We see the box starts to smoke. RAIN pushes TANNER away from the coffee table and together they fall to the floor just as the box detonates creating a blast that knocks the VAMPIRES. All three VAMPIRES get up. The camera pans to RAIN and TANNER who are unconscious.


        The thunder rolls across the sky. A very pregnant NATALYA is running down the hallway just before the stairs. There is blood all over her clothes and hands. A FIGURE emerges from one of the rooms gripping onto a knife. She holds onto her injured arm as she trails down the stairs looking over her shoulder. At the top of the stairs, we see black shoes slowly coming down the steps.

        FIGURE: I don't understand, Nattie. If you knew this was going to happen, why did you come back?

        Now at the end of the stairs NATALYA suddenly grabs onto her stomach experiencing a contraction. From the windows we can see the trees are violently hitting the glass. The FIGURE moves closer to her. We only see his hand.

        FIGURE: (glances at his watch) Your contractions are getting closer.

        She winces in pain unintentionally grabbing the FIGURE'S arm for support. He tosses the knife and slowly brings her down to the floor. His back faces the camera still not showing his face.

        FIGURE: Looks like you're going to have your baby right now.

        NATALYA: (breathlessly) Anton? you will have to? (cries in pain)

        The camera now pans to his face revealing it to be MR. ALICE looking back at her eerily.

        ANTON: Aww now remember... (eerily) it's Uncle Anton. Now breathe... I hear that's important.

        NATALYA starts chanting in her native Russian language while tolerating the intense contractions.

        ANTON: (arches a brow) What are you doing?

        Anxiously she continues speaking in her native language.

        ANTON: (Recognizes what she's saying) No... no don't do that!

        Finished with her spell NATALYA now focuses on pushing the baby out.

        ANOTN: What have you done?!

        NATALYA: (through breaths) You will have to deliver the baby.

        ANTON realizes she's right as she continues to breathe through the contractions. He gets ready to deliver the baby. After a few additional pushes, we hear cries along with thunders from the pouring rain. He picks up the baby covered in blood. NATALYA struggles to finds the strength to push herself up.

        NATALYA: (breathlessly) I know you will kill me, Anton. And once you do, you will have someone else raise my daughter. Yet one thing is certain, you will never get her powers. Never.

        ANTON doesn't respond to this as of yet. He smugly looks back at her. Then he sets the BABY down, leans over bringing his hand over NATALYA'S mouth and smothers her. She grabs his arms, fighting for her life while we hear the BABY crying in the background. Slowly the life out of NATALYA'S eyes fades. He looks over to the baby who is still crying for her mother. He grabs a basket filled with cigar magazines and empties it. He then takes a table cloth from a nearby end table placing it in the basket. Carefully he puts the baby inside.

        ANTON: (to the BABY) I may not be able to get them now but I'm patient.

        The BABY is now sleeping as ANTON gives it an evil smile.

        ANTON: (softly) In fact I'm very patient.

        The thunder rolls across the sky.


        PRESENT DAY ? AUGUST 2005

        The desk phone rings. It startles WARNER from his deep sleep. Still in his suit, WARNER answers it.

        WARNER: (monotone) Hello?

        MALE VOICE: I never thought I'd hear your voice again.

        WARNER: (surprised; sits himself up) Michael...

        MICHAEL: Your assistant gave me your number. (Beat) I guess we need to talk.

        WARNER: It'll have to be discreet.

        MICHAEL: Name the place.

        WARNER: Do you know that abandoned warehouse, the one that you wanted to convert into a loft?

        MICHAEL: (whispers) On Birchwood Lane?

        WARNER: Yes... that's the one.

        MICHAEL: In an hour?

        WARNER: Yes.

        MICHAEL hangs up. WARNER sighs.

        CUT TO:

        Wearing a brown suede jacket, collar shirt and jeans MICHAEL pulls up in his SUV. He sees a luxury car already parked near the warehouse. Slowly he climbs out. MICHAEL opens the door and enters the building. He finds WARNER already standing in the middle of the room in his suit and trench coat. Slowly he approaches him. Instantly, MICHAEL pulls out a gun, aiming it WARNER. Dramatic music plays in the back ground.

        MICHAEL: Give me a reason why I shouldn't kill you.

        Without much thought, WARNER throws a small glass marble to the floor. It creates a red ripple effect covering the entire warehouse.

        WARNER: (eyes on MICHAEL) Because you'll need me when they come for Rain.

        END OF ACT III
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          ACT IV


          MICAHEL is stunned at what WARNER had just done.

          MICHAEL: What did you just do?

          WARNER: It’s just precaution. I can’t risk anyone hearing us.

          MICHAEL: (bewildered) Wa-was that a spell?

          WARNER: A modified dragon’s crystal.

          MICHAEL: From the Kalick dimension?

          WARNER: Yes. The demons there used it-

          MICHAEL: (brings his gun down) -I know what’s it’s used for. (Beat) What did you mean when you said “they’ll come after Rain”?

          WARNER: I can’t answer all of your questions.

          MICHAEL: Not answering my questions isn’t going to help your case. (Makes a point) I still have the gun.

          WARNER: (bluntly) I had nothing to do with Rain’s kidnapping.

          MICHAEL: (stunned at what he’s hearing) Y-you know what happened to her? Who kidnapped her?

          WARNER: Yes.

          MICHAEL: (anxious to know) Well then who was it?

          WARNER: I can’t tell you... at least not right now.

          MICHAEL: (scoffs) Warner, you’re sitting on information that could-

          WARNER: -Do you trust me?

          MICHAEL: (angrily) It’s been at least twenty years since I’ve seen you, Warner. (Gestures to him) I don’t know you anymore. You stopped talking to me after your wife died. You didn’t even come to me when Natalya disappeared. Hell, you changed your last name! It pretty much tells me you didn’t want to be found. And it makes me wonder what you’ve been up to all this time!

          WARNER: (inches closer) I can promise you that everything I’ve done-

          MICHAEL: (pissed) -I don’t even know what you’ve done!

          WARNER: I know Rain is a witch and slayer.

          MICHAEL: (scoffs) Unbelievable. (Beat) You clearly know about demons and alternate dimensions. What else do you know about?

          WARNER: I’ve looked after Rain for years, ever since she was a baby.

          MICHAEL: (stunned) Wait a second... what? What do you mean you looked after her?

          WARNER: From a distance, I’ve kept an eye on her, making sure she was safe.

          MICHAEL: (concerned) Safe from what? Who will come after Rain?

          MICHAEL sees WARNER won’t give him a direct answer.

          MICHAEL: (confused) You’re not making sense, Warner.

          WARNER: I assure you, you’ll understand over time.

          MICHAEL: (annoyed; softens up a bit) Is it true? (Low voice) Is Rain really my daughter?

          WARNER nods.

          MICHAEL: (confused) Natalya has been missing for years... she wasn’t pregnant when she- (quickly looks up at WARNER searching for an answer) she was pregnant, wasn’t she? When she disappeared?

          WARNER doesn’t reply.

          MICHAEL: (baffled) But how could you know this? I mean- (stops himself) did you see her after she vanished? Is that how you know?

          MICHAEL sees WARNER knows more than he’s letting on.

          MICHAEL: (losing his patience) I’m trying very hard not to pull the trigger, Warner. (Afraid to ask) Did you have anything to do with Natalya’s disappearance?

          WARNER: No but I assure you... (softly) Rain is your daughter.

          MICHAEL: (sees WARNER is sincere; rush of emotions) All these years... (eyes water) how could you have not told me?!

          WARNER: Michael, there is a reason why I can’t give you straight answers. Everything has a time and place. I have to be careful, cautious.

          MICHAEL: (swings around, then turns back to him) I don’t get it, Warner.

          WARNER: (softly) When Evangeline and I got the news we were expecting, we asked you to be our baby’s godparents. Do you remember?

          MICHAEL: (sighs) I remember.

          WARNER: You are Isabella’s godfather, Michael. Even now... she needs you Michael. They both do.

          MICHAEL looks away again.

          WARNER: The four of us... we were at one time, close friends... and while I can’t elaborate on my actions, I’m asking you... to trust me. Trust that everything I’ve done and everything I’m about to do... is to protect our daughters.

          MICHAEL: You’re talking as if they’re in danger. (Studies him a bit) You know about the prophecy, don’t you?

          WARNER nods.

          MICHAEL: (points to WARNER) It’s you... you have the missing pages. (Scoffs again) I don’t believe it. (Annoyed) And there is a connection to the memories Bella’s been having, the ones of Natalya. I’m right, aren’t I?

          WARNER: (firmly) Over time, you will understand my motives.

          MICHAEL: (hopeful) Can you at least tell me if Natalya’s alive?

          MICHAEL realizes WARNER isn’t going to tell him. He sighs and decides to let it go.

          MICHAEL: (puts some additional pieces together) Rain and Bella are best friends. You made sure they were in each other’s lives.

          WARNER: (keeps his composure) Please do not tell anyone about this outside of your circle.

          MICHAEL: Circle?

          WARNER: Rain, Isabella, Ms. Blake, Nick, Oliver and Jackie. Only they can know.

          MICHAEL: (surprised) You know about Oliver and Jackie?

          WARNER: (doesn’t answer him) I believe Isabella’s boyfriend knows a little but... (Softly) he won’t be a problem.

          MICHAEL: Problem? What does that mean?

          WARNER: (brushes it off) It means nothing.

          MICHAEL: What am I suppose to tell Rain in the meantime?

          WARNER: She will come to me when she’s ready.

          WARNER pulls out another crystal and throws it. Like the previous one, it creates a similar ripple effect. He then walks away leaving MICHAEL dumbfounded at what he learned thus far.

          CUT TO:

          Unconsciously RAIN and TANNER are still on the floor. The FIRST VAMPIRE makes her way over to them while the other two act as if they want to leave as quickly as possible.

          SECOND VAMPIRE: (frantic) What are you doing? We should just grab our stuff and get out of here!

          The FIRST VAMPIRE ignores her drags RAIN across the room by pulling her hair. Immediately RAIN wakes up trying to break free. She creates a small force field with her hand. It creates a blast throwing each other in the opposite direction. The VAMPIRE hits the stone wall while RAIN crashes into a dining room table.

          Coughing from the left over smoke, TANNER glances over to RAIN. Before he is able to help her, the MALE VAMPIRE grabs him and tries to bite his neck. To RAIN’S surprise TANNER is able to fight him off. TANNER looks over to a signed baseball bat smashes it against the fireplace breaking it into sections.

          SECOND VAMPIRE: (eyes widen) That was signed by Roger Clemens!

          TANNER grabs a piece of the bat. Before the MALE VAMPIRE attempts to make a move TANNER stakes it.

          RAIN: (gets up; impressed) Perhaps you should be my Watcher, eh?

          TANNER: (smirks) Its years of fighting mom’s boyfriends.

          The FIRST VAMPIRE lunges at RAIN before she has chance to respond. They both fall to the floor. In a matter of seconds, RAIN grabs a large Couch handbag and puts is over the VAMPIRE’S head. She kicks the VAMPIRE in the stomach. Unable to see the VAMPIRE steps back a bit almost losing her balance.

          TANNER: (tosses his stake to RAIN) Here!

          RAIN: (catches it) Shame to stake you with a collectable. (Stakes the VAMPIRE) But duty calls.

          RAIN smirks at TANNER as she brushes off the dust.

          TANNER: (small grin) Is that a part of slaying?

          RAIN: Puns and witty comebacks? (nods) Yep.

          TANNER: Is this a typical night for you?

          RAIN: Another day at the office... (shrugs) if I had an office. (Beat) Shall we go? I’m hungry. I’m craving for a bacon cheeseburger.

          TANNER grins again. They make their way to the door.

          TANNER: What did you do with the box? How did you make it explode?

          RAIN: Oh, the earrings had a rare stone. Before I came up, I was studying stones and crystals per Madeline’s request. I remember there was one that reacted to fire. So I figured I’d create a distraction by making... (creates a small fireball) a fireball. (Smokes it out)

          TANNER: Impressive.

          RAIN: I thought so. (Grins) After the burger I was thinking I’d work on the car.

          TANNER: You just staked a couple of vamps. (Beat) Let me do it. You look like you could use the sleep.

          RAIN: Are you sure?

          TANNER nods.

          RAIN: Thanks, big brother.

          CUT TO:

          A distracted NICK is on the couch watching ‘The Professor’s Journal’ in the dark. A ZOMBIE with this hands lifted sauntering toward the PROFESSOR.

          PROFESSOR: I didn’t know what to do. It kept on rising, limping towards me. Then I remembered among my supplies, I packed the sword. I figured I had nothing to lose. Once I lured it to the cemetery, I shoved him into an empty grave. The sword sliced through and I nailed him to the coffin. I must say... it was the most challenging melee I’ve ever faced.

          NICK sighs. He gets up and turns off the TV and makes his way to the bedroom. He lies down on the bed looking at the ceiling and closes his eyes.

          CUT TO:

          The living room is dark. The only source of light is the flickering TV.
          We hear the lock click. It’s TANNER entering the apartment. He looks over to the TV. ‘The Professor’s Journal’ is playing. RAIN is asleep on the couch. There is a baby monitor and an opened DVD case on the coffee table. He puts down his bag, walks over to her. Then he covers RAIN with an afghan. On the TV we see the ZOMBIE in the coffin reaching out toward the PROFESSOR and then its body turns limp. It’s the same episode NICK was watching earlier. With concern, TANNER glances over to RAIN and then turns off the TV before making his way to his bedroom.

          CUT TO:

          On the floor BELLA is sitting before some burning incense. Nearby, OLIVER chants in another language. It appears they’ve been doing this for quite some time.

          BELLA: (opens her eyes) Oliver?

          OLIVER continues to chant.

          BELLA: Oliver?

          OLIVER: Hmm?

          BELLA: (sighs) It’s not working.

          OLIVER: (opens eyes) I know... (small smile; blows out incense) to be fair it’s your first session since... (pauses) well a long time.

          BELLA: True. I guess I’m just anxious.

          OLIVER: (picks up incense holder) I don’t want to push you Isabella... but I feel there is something bothering you. Magics are rooted with our emotions and it can interfere with the outcome of spells or... (softly) in this case meditations.

          BELLA: (a little awkward) Oh... you’re talking about Rain and Michael... how I found out.

          OLIVER: (stands up) Whatever it is... whatever you think is bothering you, you need to get to the heart of it, clear your mind. If you want to keep having these sessions-

          BELLA: (quickly stands up) -I do, I’ll meet you once a week. More if I have to.... I’ll do whatever it takes.

          OLIVER: (smiles again) Once a week will be fine. (Beat) Isabella... when we do these sessions I’m tapping into your spirit and your mind. Do you understand?

          BELLA: You know what I feel, what I see... (swallows; wonders how much he knows about her) everything about me.

          OLIVER: Not everything, just your emotions and what we focus on... which is the memories you’ve been having. (Pauses; sets down incense holder) It’s no secret that I have... (turns to her) powers. And I know that you and your friends have wondered that about me.

          BELLA: Well it’s not like you’re a demon. (Small grin) And we trust you.

          OLIVER: (gentle laugh) I can assure you I’m not a demon, nor is Jackie.

          BELLA: (arches a brow) Jackie has powers too?

          OLIVER: (nods) Our powers are rooted in healing.

          BELLA: That’s why you were able to heal Rain... when Rowe Edwards attacked her?

          OLIVER: Yes... and it’s why I’ve been able to assist you when we do our sessions. They’re not your typical sit-on-a-yoga-mat meditations. Surely you’ve sense that?

          BELLA: I admit... they can be pretty intense.

          OLIVER: When we connect, my powers taps into your emotions and memories. So we need to be on the same wavelength so to speak. It’s important that you’re dedicated to this. If you’re feeling emotional, distracted or simply tired, tell me and we’ll do it another time.

          BELLA: (stammers) I’m-I’m dedicated. I’m a dedicator.

          OLIVER: Good. (Beat) I know you’re disappointed about today’s meditation, but give it time. (Small grin) And you know there are good demons out there.

          BELLA: Right... your friends Harper and Dridge... (Picks up bag; pauses) Oliver?

          OLIVER: Yes?

          BELLA: The memories... they’re not mine. They’re memories of Natalya... Rain’s birthmother. (Realizes OLIVER already knew) You knew?

          OLIVER: When Rain confronted Michael, she let it slip that you were having Natalya’s memories.

          BELLA: Oh... right.

          OLIVER: It might explain why the memories distorted. The memories are not meant for you to experience.

          BELLA: Will I be able to sort this out? I mean... the memories and the vis- (stops herself as she hasn’t told anyone about the visions) they kind of drain me.

          OLIVER: That’s understandable.

          BELLA: (softly) Oliver, I appreciate everything you’ve done for me.

          OLIVER: Of course. I’m always happy to help.

          BELLA smiles back.

          CUT TO:

          Carrying her backpack, BELLA emerges from the back room. She says a quick good-bye to JACKIE who is doing a crossword puzzle. JACKIE simply nods with a smile. OLIVER appears watching BELLA leave the store.

          JACKIE: Well? How did it go?

          OLIVER: Not too well... she’s angry about something (arches a brow) whether it’s in regards to Rain and Michael, I don’t know but I told her she needs to get in touch with her emotions, clear the cobwebs before we do another meditation.

          JACKIE: Good advice.

          OLIVER: (sighs) She confirmed she’s been having Natalya’s memories.

          JACKIE: (puts down her crossword puzzle) Did she say why or how she got them?

          OLIVER: No... even if she knows I don’t think she’s ready to share that with us.

          JACKIE: It makes you wonder... Rain’s kidnapping, the prophecy and now these memories... how they’re connected.

          OLIVER: (nods) I agree. We need to find out what it is before it’s too late.

          JACKIE: B-but how?

          OLIVER: I’m not sure yet... but I’ll figure something out.

          CUT TO:

          Sitting before the round table, MADELINE sorts out some stones into separate jars. She has a book in front of her. The binder reads: Mystical Rocks, Stones and Crystals. MICHAEL appears carrying a box. Now holding onto a red stone with black flecks, MADELINE looks up.

          MADELINE: This isn’t Devil’s Eye, is it?

          MICHAEL nods.

          MADELINE: (impressed) Very rare stone... from the Nochcoar Dimension. The Noch demons grind these and put them in their tea with ash leaves to heighten their twelve senses. (Pauses) Some of them even put a little honey in it. (Smirks) They do have a sweet tooth.

          MICHAEL: (amused) I got a good deal for them... (sets the box down) and it’s not listed in that book if I’m not mistaken. (Beat) How did you know?

          MADELINE picks up a few more Devil’s Eye and places them all in a jar.

          MADELINE: (tightens the lid) Mr. Giles... he taught me everything he could in the sort amount of time I had before I was shipped off to Haven. (Pauses again; softly) Rain was studying with me... before she left.

          MICHAEL just looks back at her somberly. Awkwardly MADELINE returns to her book. She plays with a small brown rock.

          MADELINE: (makes a face) This is a gallstone from a Farnish demon? (Continues to read) Ughh... they make jewellery with them?

          MICHAEL: To ward off human spirits.

          MADELINE: (Quickly puts it in a jar) Now that’s just gross. (Pulls up her notebook) Does the same principal apply in this dimension?

          MICHAEL: Yes... though it’s the opposite.

          MADELINE: (not looking up) Demon spirits?

          MICHAEL: (seeing how focused she is) You know, you might have as well stayed in the apartment here since you’ve been here every day obsessing over every little detail.

          MADELINE: (jots down in her notebook; looks up) I appreciate you letting me stay but it’s been months. I’m safe at my place.

          MICHAEL: Rowe is still out there, Madeline.

          MADELINE: (softly) I know but... (now plays with a lavender crystal) I don’t think he’ll come after me.

          MICHAEL: You can’t be sure about that.

          MADELINE: Well, he hasn’t tried to contact me.

          MICHAEL: Regardless, I’d feel better if you had an alarm system. In fact, I can have my guy do it for you. He can put in a discount.

          MADELINE: Seriously, Michael I’ll be fine. (Moves onto another topic) Now enough about me. How are you?

          MICHAEL: (smirks) I’m fine.

          MADELINE: (small smile; softly) Michael...

          MICHAEL: (opens a box) Yeah?

          MADELINE: Do-do you think Rain is really your daughter?

          MICHAEL: (not wanting to share what WARNER told him) I-I don’t know.

          MADELINE: I wonder how Bella-

          NICK appears trailing up the steps.

          NICK: (approaches them) Hey boss. Helen said you guys wanted to see me?

          MICHAEL: Nick.... yes. (Pulls out some boxing gloves from the box) Madeline and I got you these. (Hands it to him)

          NICK: (pleasantly surprised) No way! Thank you guys. (Quickly puts them on) You know what’s missing? (Makes some boxing moves; to MICHAEL) You, me in the ring and Eye of the Tiger.

          MICHAEL: (small grin; pulls out another pair of gloves) I figured you might say that. (Puts them on) Shall we start your first sparring lesson?

          Instantly Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger plays in the back ground. We hear:

          Risin' up, back on the street
          Did my time, took my chances
          Went the distance
          Now I'm back on my feet
          Just a man and his will to survive

          NICK smirks. The screen fades. We hear:

          So many times, it happens too fast
          You trade your passion for glory
          Don't lose your grip on the dreams of the past
          You must fight just to keep them alive

          We now see MADELINE is leaning against the wall observing MICHAEL give NICK boxing pointers. We hear:

          It's the eye of the tiger
          It's the thrill of the fight
          Risin' up to the challenge of our rival
          And the last known survivor
          Stalks his prey in the night

          Soon they back up, NICK bows before his opponent. MICHAEL shakes his head at him while MADELINE laughs. NICK and MICHAEL start boxing. We hear:

          And he's watching us all with the
          Eye of the tiger

          The song fades into the next scene.

          CUT TO:

          There is a knock on the door. WARNER slowly opens it. BELLA is not there. He sees her knitted bunny and a stack of photo albums on the bed.

          BELLA: (OS) They’re pictures of you and mom...

          WARNER swings around and finds her in the hallway. She walks around him.

          BELLA: (sits on her bed) Michael let me take them.

          WARNER: (stiffens) Did he?

          BELLA: (rather coldly) Well, you never talk about mom, so I asked him what she was like.

          WARNER: (inches closer) I see. What did he say?

          BELLA: (softly) She loved music. She always had the radio on.

          WARNER: (nods) She did...

          BELLA: (softly) Daddy...

          WARNER: Yes, Tinker?

          BELLA: I-I’m not ready to talk. Okay? I’m too angry. I have questions, a yacht load but I’m not ready to ask them right now.

          WARNER: (nods) That’s fine... but you need to understand something. I’ve worked too hard to make a mistake. You need to be careful who you talk to and what you say.

          BELLA: But my friends... they already know. (Swallows) Michael knows. He already questioned me.

          WARNER: He doesn’t know all of the details and I’d like to keep it that way. (Beat) Do you understand?

          BELLA: (anxious and scared at the same time) Not-not really but... I won’t say anything.

          WARNER: Good.

          He turns to leave. BELLA just stays in her seat uncertain about her father’s behaviour.

          FADE TO FLASHBACK – MAY 2005

          This is the scene when BELLA tells RAIN about her birth parents at the night of their prom. It includes dialogue that we didn’t hear before. BELLA briskly walks into the gym as RAIN and NICK continue to dance. Soon MADELINE appears from another entrance to the gym.

          NICK: (to RAIN) -I know you think I’m a player. I’ve been with... (Swallows) a lot of girls. That’s true but... you’re different, Rain. I’ve never felt this way before. It’s the truth. I really think-

          BELLA: (breathlessly) -Rain, I need to talk to you.

          NICK and RAIN move further away from each other. The song fades.
          Rod Stewart’s Some Guys Have All the Luck
          plays. Instantly the students start dancing to the beat.

          RAIN: (to BELLA) Where have you been? (Sees BELLA is upset) Wh-what’s wrong, Bella?

          From a distance, CJ observes BELLA talking to RAIN. NICK is still standing awkwardly near them. MADELINE strolls over to them.

          BELLA: (frantically; eyes water) I’m sorry. I needed to know... for the both of us.

          RAIN: What are you talking about?

          MADELINE: (now near them; concerned) Bella? Are you okay?

          CJ is about to approach BELLA but NICK puts his hand on him signalling him to wait.

          BELLA: (wipes her eyes) I found your birth parents.

          RAIN: (nervous) Wh-what? My birth parents?

          BELLA: I know, Rain. You can’t deny you’ve been wondering ever since we swapped bodies.

          MADELINE and NICK are stunned as they hear this. They sense that this is something that needs to be discussed between RAIN and BELLA without interference. CJ remains quiet as well.

          RAIN: (aghast and disturbed at the same time) Is that what you’ve been doing this whole time? Research on my birth parents?

          BELLA: You need to know who they are, Rain.

          RAIN: (inches back) No... I don’t want to know.

          BELLA: Trust me. You need to know the truth. (Beat) The spell was the reason I started looking into your birthparents. We’ve both had memories of Natalya. She’s your birth mother, Rain. There was a time I thought we were sisters, blood sisters. I know you thought this too. You’ve been acting differently around daddy ever since we did that spell. He’s not your father... (softly) Michael is.

          RAIN is stunned.

          BELLA: (continues) It seems that Michael, Natalya and my parents were all good friends. They grew up together. Michael knew daddy as Warner Fairbourne. I don’t know how daddy knows but I don’t think he’d lie about this. (Softly) I really believe Michael is your father, Rain.

          Soon MADELINE touches the back of RAIN’S shoulder for support but RAIN moves away from her. She bolts out of the gym. NICK, BELLA and MADELINE go after her while CJ stays behind.


          PRESENT TIME – AUGUST 2005

          RAIN is by herself sitting on a lawn chair at the same park near the woods where JENNIFER’S body was found. There is a small bonfire. She’s watching some of the kids she babysat on some swings laughing. TANNER appears and sits down next to her. Soon Chris Daughtry’s Home plays softly in the background. We hear:

          I’m staring out in the night,
          Trying to hide the pain.
          I’m going to the place where love
          And feeling good don’t ever cost a thing.
          And the pain you feel’s a different kind of pain.

          TANNER: (looks over to the kids) They’re going to miss you.

          RAIN: Miss me? I’m not leaving.

          TANNER: Rain... it’s time.

          RAIN looks away.

          TANNER: I know we’re not blood but-

          RAIN: (looks back at him) -Don’t even say it, Tanner. (Eyes waters) You’re more than blood. You’re my brother, my family.

          TANNER: (touched) I love you too... but Rain... you have a chance to get to know your father.

          RAIN: I’m not even sure if he is...

          TANNER: Then you need to find out. (Beat) The Duster is ready.

          RAIN: But you friend’s funeral... I should be here for that.

          TANNER: No... (Softly; stands up) you should go home. It’s where you belong. (Walks toward the kids away from RAIN)

          RAIN sighs.

          CUT TO:

          Holding onto ANGIE, TANNER stands near the steps leading to his apartment. He tells her to wave good-bye. The camera swings over to RAIN already in the Duster. We see packed bags in the back seat. She waves back. The car backs out onto the street. We hear:

          Well I’m going home,
          Back to the place where I belong,
          And where your love has always been enough for me

          CUT TO:

          BELLA is tossing a trash bag in the dumpster. As she walks over to the steps leading to the restaurant, she hears a car pull in. She looks over her shoulder, not recognizing the Duster. RAIN climbs out.

          RAIN: (smirks) Don’t tell me you work here now.

          BELLA: (stunned) Rain? (Runs towards her and hugs her) I don’t believe it. You’re really here. I missed you so much...

          RAIN: Missed you more....

          BELLA: Does this mean you’re staying?

          RAIN: It’s home, isn’t it?

          BELLA: (gestures to the Duster) What happened to KITT II?

          RAIN: We broke up. Tanner got me this baby.

          BELLA: It looks like a giant smurf.

          RAIN laughs.

          BELLA: (softly) Nick and Madeline are inside.

          RAIN: (puts her arms around BELLA) Then let’s go see them.

          CUT TO:

          The restaurant is closed. NICK and MADELINE are playing a game.

          NICK: Look Blake, those are the rules.

          MADELINE: I think you’re making up the rules as you go along.

          NICK: (affronted) Now why would I do that?

          MADELINE: Because that is something you would do.

          NICK: I’m not listening to you-

          RAIN: (OS) –What are you kids bickering about?

          NICK and MADELINE look up. Both are surprised to see RAIN. BELLA is behind her. NICK and MADELINE try to contain their emotions.

          MADELINE: Rain... (briskly walks up to her; hugs) what a pleasant surprise.

          RAIN: (gasps) Madeline, I... thanks but I, I need a little breathing room.

          MADELINE: (lets go) Oh, I’m sorry. I just I’m so happy to see you.

          Slowly NICK stands up. RAIN awkwardly nods at him.

          RAIN: Nick...

          NICK: (big grin) Come give Papa Bear a hug.

          RAIN rolls her eyes. BELLA smirks.

          NICK: (arms still open) Come on now... I’m waiting.

          RAIN sighs and walks over to him. He warmly embraces her.

          RAIN: Still a dork I see.

          NICK: (scoffs) We don’t see each other for three months and you’re already calling me a dork? (Sighs affectionately; pulls her close again) It’s good to have you back, Mason.

          NICK and RAIN let go.

          RAIN: (glances around; softly) Where’s Michael?

          CUT TO:

          MICHAEL is in the back of the SUV, grabbing some bags from Whole Foods. He arches a brow when he sees the Duster. He then makes his way to the back of the restaurant. We hear:

          I’m not running from.
          No, I think you got me all wrong.
          I don’t regret this life I chose for me.
          But these places and these faces are getting old,
          So I’m going home.
          Well I’m going home.

          The song fades. Just as MICHAEL walks down the hallway to the dining area, he’s astounded when he sees RAIN at the bar laughing, talking to NICK, BELLA and MADELINE. RAIN is the first to look over to him. Instantly MICHAEL smiles. The screen fades into the next scene.

          CUT TO:

          OLIVER is holding onto a stack of books. We hear someone enter the store.

          OLIVER: Jackie dear, is that you?

          OLIVER appears in the doorframe. He sees young MAN standing near the front entrance carrying an olive green duffel bag.

          OLIVER: (stunned) Graden..

          GRADEN: (puts down the bag) Hey pops... thought it was time for me to come home.

          OLIVER doesn’t smile. We hear:

          So I’m going home.
          Well I’m going home.

          END OF EPISODE
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