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The Final Chapters - Chapter 6 - The Eulogy (Saga Finale)

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  • The Final Chapters - Chapter 6 - The Eulogy (Saga Finale)

    Chapter 6: The Eulogy (Saga Finale)
    Replacing: Season 6 of Shadow Stalker (6.01 ? 6.20)
    Writer and Creator: Alex Goddard (Lex)
    Editor and Proof Reader: Alex Goddard (Lex)

    I do not claim credit for any of Joss Whedon's creation and the featuring of his characters and episodes in this series is simply for my pleasure and not at all for financial gain as I do all this for free! All characters not affiliated with Jossverse belong to me, as do the plot lines and all original concepts. Chapter 6 replaces Season 6 of Shadow Stalker and concludes the end of the saga.



    The camera passes across an old deserted street, a street that once thrived with life and promise. This street was once the legendary Times Square in Manhattan. Now, in New York 4.0, it was just a hunting ground washed in red light from the dying sun. Passing along the floor, the camera picks up clips of various pieces of electronic propaganda ? each portion exalting the 600th successful year of THE PRESIDENT ruling the world's one government.

    Among the rubbish and the wasteland is an old television set. A small GIRL, clad only in rags, bruises and tears approaches it. She is played by Hannah Sharp. She looks over her shoulder, carefully and then approaches the television. She presses a button on it and the screen begins to brighten, showing nothing but static. Then, the footage begins to play. A man appears on the screen, looking directly out. The man is XAKIEL THORN.

    XAK: (to the person filming him) Is it working?

    He nods, acknowledging that it is recording him. He clears his throat and looks nervous. The GIRL steadies herself, completely enthralled by the visage of the dark hero. The footage is clearly old.

    XAK: I'm not too sure where to start, or what to say when I do. If you're watching this, then you will know what I have done. I don't know if I'll succeed but please, you must realise that I only did it because I had no choice.

    He pauses and sighs and then looks back at the camera.

    XAK: This world is a dark place and I'm trying to make it a little brighter for you and for the ones I love. I believe that this world can do great things and I want to help it get there. Please don't hate me. If you do, then just remember what is undeniably true for all of us...

    He pauses once again and looks down. He looks up at the screen.

    XAK: Everything happens for a...

    The screen is cut off now and the GIRL looks at it, confused. She looks up to see what has caused the interference. A metal creature, a robot of sorts, is approaching her. It menaces on four legs, eyeing the girl. She stands and begins to back away, crying.

    GIRL: (petrified) Please don't... I haven't done anything wrong...

    The robot begins emitting a red flashing light and a shrill siren begins sounding from it. She covers her ears, scared. She screams. The robot advances on her tilting a weapon in her direction. It arms its weapon and fires a bolt of energy.

    In a blur, the GIRL is whisked away from the scene. The energy hits the television set, evaporating it in seconds. The robot then turns its attention on the thing that has taken the GIRL. Whatever it is, it moves fast and with haste. It turns its head to the blood red sky and then runs after the girl's saviour seething with anger. It turns a corner, closing in on them as they head near to the old site of Rockefeller Center. It fires its weapon again and the GIRL'S saviour turns around, hearing the emission. The saviour is KALIPSO. She looks old now, exhausted from the wilting ether. She panics and waves a hand at the robot. A wave of energy hits it, sending it flying into the old Atlas statue, where it lies defeated. The camera focuses on the statue, which shows that it is no longer holding the world above it. It had been missing for many years. Holding tightly on to the GIRL, KALIPSO looks down at the robot and then to the GIRL who is crying.


    KALIPSO: (blunt) Don't cry - the others will hear you.

    The sounds of distant sirens wailing can be heard and KALIPSO tilts her head.

    KALIPSO: We must hurry. I've been looking for you for a long time.

    Then in a flurry of urgency, KALIPSO runs away once again, the GIRL now in her protection.


    KALIPSO and the GIRL enter an old alleyway, back near Times Square. KALIPSO ushers the girl under a caved building for protection. She looks around to check if they are safe and then turns back to the GIRL.

    KALIPSO: We should be fine here for a moment, let us recover and then we shall move on.

    The GIRL backs away from her scared.

    GIRL: You're not a Vampire?

    KALIPSO: No, I am certainly no Vampire.

    GIRL: And you're not one of their machines?

    KALIPSO: I am not.

    GIRL: Then what are you?

    KALIPSO pauses and then sighs. She looks at the girl's scared eyes.

    KALIPSO: Something much older.

    She looks down at her withering hands.

    KALIPSO: (to herself) Too old for all of this...

    She kneels down now so she is eye level with the GIRL, giving her a reassuring smile.

    KALIPSO: But I will keep you safe, that I can promise you. Are you alone?

    The GIRL nods.

    GIRL: My parents died yesterday, the machines got them and took them to the Vampires - we were the last ones in the city.

    KALIPSO looks away, saddened and almost choked by this news. She turns back to the orphan.

    KALIPSO: I am very sorry ? but I'm afraid that means you are more precious now than I had originally thought.

    GIRL: Why?

    KALIPSO pauses.

    KALIPSO: Because you're the last human on earth.

    The GIRL takes a moment to consider the magnitude of this news and then she looks at KALIPSO.

    GIRL: (quietly) Who was that man?

    KALIPSO furrows her brow, confused.

    KALIPSO: What man?

    GIRL: The one on that old visual machine. He was young... he was apologising...

    KALIPSO looks up to the darkened skies and then back to the girl.

    KALIPSO: What is your name?

    GIRL: K'arthia-Ma.

    KALIPSO smiles at the GIRL/K'ARTHIA-MA and she strokes a rogue hair behind her ear.

    KALIPSO: It's a beautiful name. Let me tell you a story K'arthia-Ma. A story that I hope will ease the pain and confusion.

    K'ARTHIA-MA: I don't understand anything anymore. What is happening to this world?

    KALIPSO: The end my dear. What we are witnessing is extinction and genocide. It has many names but it all comes down to the raw fact that you are the last of your race and the last mortal support of the realm. I have seen events such as this pass before, for you see it was my son who enforced them. He, like you, was cursed with similar isolating circumstances.

    She pauses and lowers her voice.

    KALIPSO: My son is the man in that footage you saw. His name is Xakiel Thorn.

    K'ARTHIA-MA'S eyes widen now and she backs away from KALIPSO.

    K'ARTHIA-MA: But that would make him...

    KALIPSO nods.

    K'ARTHIA-MA: And that would make you Kalipso?

    KALIPSO: Yes.

    K'ARTHIA-MA: The Vampires of this world are very cross with you.

    She nods.

    KALIPSO: They killed my sister and they want me dead too ? they see the supporters as heretics.

    K'ARTHIA-MA: They say he is bad.

    KALIPSO: (cutting him off) Yes. But he wasn't always, none of them were.

    KALIPSO moves closer to her now, embracing her with both hands.

    KALIPSO: K'arthia-Ma, I have to keep you safe because this world needs you to live. You are its final hope.

    K'ARTHIA-MA: Why should I believe you? Maybe I'd have more luck with those machines.

    KALIPSO sighs, infuriated.

    KALIPSO: I need to make you see how important you are.

    K'ARTHIA-MA: I'm nothing. Why does it have to be me?

    KALIPSO: Such is the way of destiny.

    K'ARTHIA-MA: It's not fair.

    KALIPSO smiles softly, reminiscing.

    KALIPSO: (calmly) He was once inclined to feel the same. Now I fear, after everything, he may have transgressed into your line of thought for a second time.

    K'ARTHIA-MA relaxes slightly at KALIPSO'S soothing tone.

    KALIPSO: You see the creatures that rule this realm want him dead too and for all the wrong reasons. He is the one remaining pillar holding this world together and if he falls, so too will the realm in which we are situated. His fate, not even he can choose for it now lies in the hands of a small girl and his exhausted mother.

    K'ARTHIA-MA'S eyes widen at the sense of adventure brimming ? still very much a child at heart.

    K'ARTHIA-MA: (curious) Will you tell me about him?

    KALIPSO nods and smiles, bleakly.

    KALIPSO: I will.

    K'ARTHIA-MA sits on the floor and crosses her legs. She looks at KALIPSO, expectantly. The goddess thinks for a moment and then looks around her surroundings with pessimism. The roar of a distant war - already finished - rages on in the horizon and the sirens of their hunters close in rapidly. She looks back to K'ARTHI-MA and a dreading relentless fear consumes her.

    KALIPSO: (quietly) I suppose there is no other word for this story other than what it truly is.

    The camera closes in on KALIPSO'S face as a tear she is trying to save from falling, begins to seep from her eye and slither down her cheek.

    KALIPSO: (whispering) The Eulogy.



    Out of the darkness soft piano music lights the words, written in calligraphy...


    As the words begin to fade, they are replaced by the title...


    The words are taken by the black.
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    The camera shows the base of one of the chasms where three people are lying in a triangular formation. They look very still, but not injured. They are sleeping. The three people are XAK THORN, CHARLIE ADRASTOS and their daughter, SIN. They look peaceful, still wearing the clothes they were wearing to the funeral of their friends.

    KALIPSO (V/O): Every end occurs because there is a beginning ? and though he had seen many - this would be his last...

    Suddenly, XAK'S eyes burst open and he gasps for breath. His eyes take a while to adjust to the lack of light but he soon focuses on the two women lying near him. Dazed and confused, he rushes to them both.

    XAK: (hoarse) Charlie... Sin...

    He shakes them both and they slowly open their eyes. They too struggle to adjust to the light and they cough - the haze of dust in the air fogging their lungs. CHARLIE looks at him.

    CHARLIE: Where are we? What happened?

    XAK shakes his head.

    XAK: I don't know.

    The camera moves in on SIN'S face as she tries to remember.

    SIN: We were at the funeral and then... that hole.

    XAK nods, remembering now.

    XAK: We fell into it.

    CHARLIE looks around her now, confused.

    CHARLIE: (calling out) Mom?! Dante?! Leigh?!

    There is no reply.

    SIN: Calen was there too, and Declan.

    CHARLIE looks at XAK.

    CHARLIE: Do you think they're down here?

    XAK: How can they not be?

    SIN looks at him.

    SIN: If we fell, why are we not hurt?

    XAK looks at his body, realising she is right. He looks at CHARLIE who is clearly disturbed by their situation. He looks up above him, seeing no way of scaling the chasm in order to escape ? no light above them guides a clear way out. He looks around and sees a small pathway leading off from the base. He turns back to CHARLIE and SIN.

    XAK: Come on, there's no way out that way. We should move forward, maybe we'll find the others.

    CHARLIE grabs his hand.

    CHARLIE: (whispering) I don't like this, why is this happening?

    He looks at her and SIN also does. He touches her face.

    XAK: It's ok, it's gonna be ok. We'll figure this out and we'll go on from there. I promise.

    He looks to SIN.

    XAK: You ok?

    She nods. He smiles at her.

    XAK: Ok let's move, stay close ? we don't know what's down here.

    With this, he stands and helps his love and his daughter to their feet. They move together slowly away from the base of the chasm through the sole pathway available. They disappear into the darkness.


    As XAK, CHARLIE and SIN move further down the pathway, the darkness grows thicker.

    SIN: I can't see anything.

    CHARLIE: Here...

    She clicks her fingers and a magical spark generates between her finger and thumb. The sparks grow and grow into small star-like lights that circulate around her, XAK and SIN. SIN smiles at her.

    SIN: That should help.

    Then her smile fades as she looks behind her mother to something on the wall. CHARLIE looks at her, confused.

    CHARLIE: Sin, what is it?

    SIN: What are those words?

    XAK and CHARLIE turn and look to where their daughter is looking to see three words etched across the walls alongside various equations, maps, spells and historical dates. The three words are Xakelios, Charista and Sinillise. XAK looks at them all, confused.

    XAK: What the hell is going on?

    VOICE (O/S): We have found you, at last.

    The voice is deep, archaic and pertains to that of a man. XAK, CHARLIE and SIN all look around, trying to find the source of the voice. The star lights summoned by CHARLIE all spark and glow erratically. XAK moves protectively in front of CHARLIE and SIN.

    XAK: (shouting) Who's there?

    The VOICE laughs.

    VOICE (O/S): Xakiel Thorn, always protecting the women of his life. You feel strength in protecting them, but they are your weakness. Your women and your friends will always be your weakness.

    XAK: (shouting) What have you done with my friends?

    VOICE (O/S): I have not taken them, though once I remove you finally from this world, they shall buckle under the power of the Titans!

    CHARLIE'S mouth drops.

    CHARLIE: (gasping) The Titans...

    Then, the lights around her glow and swell with power. She looks at them fearful, knowing that she isn't controlling them.

    VOICE (O/S): You should be scared, girl. You stand in the presence of the creator of the sky's light, which you dared summon to illuminate your path.

    She thinks about this for a moment.

    CHARLIE: (whispering) Coeus? The Titan of constellations...

    The VOICE/COEUS laughs.

    COEUS (O/S): Your mother has taught you well of your heritage.

    XAK looks at CHARLIE, confused.

    XAK: (whispering) What's going on, Charlie?

    She looks at him.

    COEUS (O/S): Then you should be aware that the very power you draw on is only possible because I am in existence. The ether you so persistently rely on, is the reason I was drawn to you, demi-god.

    CHARLIE tightens her jaw and looks up.

    CHARLIE: Then why don't you come and claim it!

    XAK: Charlie! What the hell is going on?!

    Suddenly the lights that surround XAK, CHARLIE and SIN are all pulled to the roof of the pathway, illuminating the outline of an old dark man. His skin is adorned with flecks of light sparks that glow and wane like the stars themselves. He is COEUS.

    He drops to the floor and CHARLIE pushes XAK and SIN out of the way, desperate to separate them from him. She sends a burst of magical energy his way but he dodges it with ease. She sends another but he moves around it as if it were nothing. As he gets closer, COEUS reaches out to grab her. She punches him but it holds no effect. He laughs and holds on to her. He turns and slams her into the wall. SIN jumps up now and tackles COEUS as he moves to deliver another blow to CHARLIE. Though falling to the ground, COEUS fluidly returns to his feet and then moves to attack SIN. She dodges his attack and back hands him across the face. As she hits him, some of the sparks of light that his body consists of, explode.

    COEUS turns back to SIN and roars, forcing a beam of energy to blast her into the wall. She collapses to the floor, hurt. XAK rushes forward now and punches him, then spins around kicking him into the wall. CHARLIE notices the sparks of light exploding on each impact. She looks to SIN and sees the small faded mark that branded her as a child of The Second Legend ? the mark of the sun and the crescent moon. She looks back up to COEUS with narrowed eyes as he continues to fight against XAK.

    COEUS punches XAK twice with extreme force ? one hit to the face, the other to his chest. Slightly wounded, XAK retaliates by blocking the next oncoming attack. COEUS grunts in anger and moves his body to summon energy. XAK notices and spins, kicking COEUS backwards again. He jumps to the Titan and slams him into the wall of the pathway. Unfazed by the move, COEUS kicks XAK away sending him stumbling backwards. COEUS sniggers and uses this opportunity to summon the energy he had tried to draw on before. With the power of the sky's lights in his hands, he blasts XAK backwards with a wave of starlit energy, pinning XAK to the wall of the pathway. Searing pain spreads across XAK'S body as he feels the purest energy of the cosmos surging through him.

    The camera moves to SIN who looks up from the floor to her father. She moves to jump up when CHARLIE holds a hand out to stop her. SIN looks at her.

    SIN: (whispering) He needs us.

    CHARLIE: I know, hold my hand...

    SIN trusts her mother reluctantly and grabs her hand. CHARLIE closes her eyes now.

    CHARLIE: (to herself) I call upon the steeds of the sun, the feral rogues with no master....

    The camera cuts back to XAK and COEUS now as the Titan moves towards his prey, curious. He eyes XAK with his head tilted to one side, not letting his grasp of the energy waver slightly.

    COEUS: Xakiel, do you honestly want this life? You continue to fight all that there is with little thought of where it will lead you.

    XAK looks up to him, breathless and then looks to CHARLIE and SIN. He turns back to COEUS.

    XAK: As long as they're not safe, I will never stop fighting.

    The camera cuts back to CHARLIE now as light energy begins to swirl around her.

    CHARLIE: (louder) Pyrois, Aeos, Aethon, Phlegon... noble stallions, help a daughter of your own making. Give me the sun.

    The sound of distant wild horses galloping can be heard and then CHARLIE'S eyes burn brightly and she screams. SIN holds on to her tightly, supporting her mother whilst energy crackles around her skin. XAK and COEUS turn to CHARLIE as pure sunlight emits from her and focuses into a singular beam. COEUS'S eyes widen as the beams hits him. Instantly, the Titan's power over XAK stops and XAK falls to the floor. COEUS cries out in pain as all his stars begin to explode, leaving him a singular old man. In an instant he explodes but the sunlight controls the explosion, rendering the subsequent implosion barely noticeable. COEUS was dead, the first Titan to be felled.

    The camera moves back to CHARLIE and SIN now who fall back to the floor, exhausted as the sun's energy begins to dissipate from them both. The three of them lie in the wake of the attack, expelled of energy. As the light begins to fade from the pathway again, the camera shows a turn in the road up ahead and someone watching them from it with an intriguing smile. The person is CALEN, The Old One.

    CALEN: (quietly to himself) The first of the monstrous Titans falls eternally and it shall begin...


    The camera focuses on a scene in Blue Acres. IDINA MORGAN has just exited her car and removed a bag of ingredients from the trunk. She makes her way to the door of her house when suddenly her eyes are drawn to the skies.

    CALEN (V/O): ...and as he fades, he takes with him the lights in the skies...

    With COEUS'S death, the stars and the constellations all fade from the sky, leaving a clear blanket of moon washed darkness above the world. ECHIDNA looks at it with an element of clarity and fear.


    The camera now pans across a cheap motel room. It is filled with a flock of Sirens and in their safety, the resurrected LEIGH SINCLAIR.

    CALEN (V/O): ...leaving only the clarity of the future that must now come to pass.

    LEIGH looks up and behind her to the Sirens.

    LEIGH: It's time to go.


    Back in the pathway, XAK, CHARLIE and SIN move towards one another ? all of them breathless and confused in the wake of their fight ? as CALEN slowly moves towards them with a serious expression.

    CALEN: The rousing of The Golden Acolytes has begun, you have done well.

    XAK looks up to see CALEN now in their presence.

    XAK: Calen? What are you doing here?

    CHARLIE: Have you seen my mother? Dante and Leigh?

    CALEN: Do not be concerned with their safety. They each have their part to play in the forging of the future.

    XAK: I don't understand.

    CALEN: It is permissible that your clarity is still fogged with uncertainty.

    SIN glares at him.

    SIN: Maybe it's because you killed one of our most loved friends and then threw us down a hole and now our other friends are missing.

    CALEN looks at her and tilts his head to the side, pausing to contemplate SIN'S words.

    CALEN: Perhaps. If you still harbour feelings of distrust towards me then allow me to persuade you that Lance Emory's death was the catalyst for your imminent glory.

    XAK furrows his brow.

    XAK: What are you talking about?

    CALEN stretches his arms to either side of the pathway and the walls begin to lighten. Crumbling sounds can be heard as two pathways are created, each lined with freshly lit torches. XAK, CHARLIE and SIN look at them, surprised. CALEN looks back at them.

    CALEN: You must come with me, the corridors of the depths of this world are not safe ? your enemies lurk closely and I cannot allow risk.

    He alludes to one of the pathways he has created with a gesture of his hand.

    CALEN: I was born unto this realm that you find yourselves lurking. I know the ways of the passages among us.

    CHARLIE looks at XAK, unsure. She looks at the other passageway.

    CHARLIE: (to CALEN) What's down there?

    CALEN: That route is not your test. Your enemies know you are here and they have taken Dante Turnpike and Persephone. To save them you must follow me.

    CHARLIE looks scared.

    CHARLIE: My mom? They have her?

    CALEN nods.

    CALEN: She will be safe, I assure you.

    XAK stands now and looks at him, breathing heavily.

    XAK: If we come with you, you promise me that my friends will be ok?

    CALEN: You have my word.

    He looks at SIN and nods. Though she looks uncertain, she stands with the aid of XAK and so does CHARLIE.

    XAK: We'll come.

    CALEN: We must move with haste, the time for your telling is now.

    He moves down the passageway that he has created and XAK, CHARLIE and SIN follow. As they pass through the entrance, the wall reseals as if it was never there.

    The camera lingers for a moment as in the distance, the light from URSULA LAKE'S mystical orbs light the way for the approaching Syndicate. They make their way curiously towards the other passageway, confused about its purpose and unaware of the tests they wound encounter when they enter.


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      ACT TWO


      The scene opens on the great hallway that The Kalipso Syndicate entered at the end of Chapter 5. Now though, in this earlier scene, the area is empty.

      CALEN enters from the stone stairway unfazed by his surroundings. He is followed by XAK, CHARLIE and SIN who do not share his casual attitude. They look around their surroundings and their eyes closely hone in on the various paintings and scriptures on the walls and pillars. They note ancient languages pertaining to the various mythologies and beliefs. XAK looks to CALEN.

      XAK: What is this place?

      CALEN continues walking towards the grand room, not turning.

      CALEN: This is the hallway of time and agelessness ? it is the heart of The Deeper Well where our bodies lie. Here one can remain while the worlds beyond remain living and moving without knowledge. In your tongue, the ancients referred to it as The Stillness.

      CHARLIE looks at him as they approach the grand room at the end of the hallway.

      CHARLIE: Where's my mom? I want to know.

      CALEN: Persephone's safety is irrelevant to this moment, you must comprehend that.

      He turns now, standing in the middle of the grand room to look at them.

      CALEN: I cannot persist enough the importance of this situation. It is the first time these hallways have welcomed anyone since the end of the age of The Old Ones.

      CHARLIE calms now and looks at him, sighing.

      CHARLIE: That thing back there, Coeus, he's a Titan isn't he? One of the Elder Gods?

      CALEN nods.

      CALEN: Along with his brothers and sisters, he has been cursing the world with a sheen of darkness, a smog of doubt has plagued your kingdom.

      SIN: I don't understand. How is any of this possible? We stopped the threat.

      CALEN: You killed only the Olympians, who were nothing more than guardians for the Titans and their prison. With them gone, the last threat of the Greeks was unleashed and thus, your final test begins.

      XAK pauses a moment to contemplate this as a devastating feeling of dread fills him.

      XAK: Calen, what is going to happen?

      CALEN looks at him and then he turns and waves his hand. Out of the earth of the grand hall, The Stillness calls upon three scripted columns of stone. The three columns stand as pillars in the room, each of them lined with etching and carvings.

      CALEN: Behold, the Legends of Old that surround the conclusion of your fate.

      SIN: I remember them. I was one.

      CHARLIE: Cate, Melody and the Slayers were another.

      CALEN: Indeed but to comprehend these you must first hear the truth behind all of the events that have suffered your lives for the last decade.

      XAK, CHARLIE and SIN all look at one another and they then turn to CALEN ? wishing for all of what has happened to them to have a purpose and meaning at long last.

      XAK: Tell us.

      The camera closes in on CALEN slowly now as he looks at them all with his head held high.

      CALEN: As the dimensions began to form, an order came to being and from this came the creatures that first walked the worlds. They were known to be The Old Ones. They realised powers from the half places and gave life to great deities they named gods ? trusting these beings with their gifts from the ether: immortal life and leadership.

      CALEN moves now and looks above him. Depictions of all manners of gods adorn the walls and ceilings around him. Amongst them can be seen GLORIFICUS, SUSPIRIA, KALIPSO, ECHIDNA, SEPHY, ZEUS and HADES.

      CALEN: As they grew, the gods formed their own alliances - some formed factions with one another while some lived solitary existences. They were spread across the worlds to govern with their own beliefs, religions and myths. Their rule was peaceful and triumphant and my race was at peace. So we prepared to lay ourselves to rest.

      The camera shows a carving of The Old Ones carving out The Deeper Well. ILLYRIA in true form is among them. CALEN is depicted in his original monstrous form, standing afar from the others.

      CALEN: I did not share their absolution; I did not trust the safety of the worlds in the hands of the gods. They were careless and abused their powers to idolise themselves. These elements of doubt plagued me and haunted every waking moment of my existence. My brothers and sisters did not share my doubts and as they began to prepare for their eternal rest, I created a new entity ? an eternal brotherhood of being that could lurk in the darkness and watch the gods. I called them The Wolf, The Ram and The Hart.

      CHARLIE gasps.

      CHARLIE: Wolfram and Hart?

      CALEN: I believe that is what the world has come to know them as. One of my sisters looked at them with disgust and she turned my once loyal siblings against me, exiling me from the well where they then slept. Alone, I taught my new creation to hone its powers in the same way I could and I taught them how to make decisions of law and order. They called me The High Judge, worshipping me as their father. Once I had taught them everything they need learn, I then gave them my body and they encased me in stone, resting in their protection ? ready to rise again should they ever need me.

      The camera moves back to XAK who listens in awe of the tale.

      CALEN: Then the worlds changed.

      SIN: What happened?

      CALEN: With the gods in power and their creators gone, they created their own minions with which they could control. They called them mortals and shared darkness and light amongst them. They now are known as humans and demons. This small action was the gods' ultimate undoing. The mortals came to contest the gods' powers, wanting them for their own. They sought to own them and the gods trembled when they cast their eyes on what they had created. The mortals began forming their own beliefs; some even enslaved their gods and replaced them with scientific equalities, idols and monarchs. The gods became meaningless.

      The camera closes back in on CALEN as he sighs heavily.

      CALEN: It was as I had feared all along - the gods could not rule, only destroy. While they were current at conception, the ancient worlds and beliefs that they had formed could not stand the test of an ever evolving existence. While some of the gods allowed the humans to gain power of the worlds, some deemed it inappropriate.

      He looks back up to the carvings of his brothers and sisters once again, saddened.

      CALEN: The news of this power shift deeply sorrowed the now decayed souls of The Old Ones who in their rest were only ghosts to the ether. The sister who had banished me even swore to return one day to the world and unleash her army of bred monsters upon the world for its mistreatment of our race. But her solution was tangible. The remainder of my siblings all haunted my resting place and begged of me to use my powers to find a resolution between god and mortal being. So I did. I dreamt an answer, a solution to the encroaching doom.

      He looks at XAK and CHARLIE.

      CALEN: You were my solution.

      CHARLIE looks to XAK.

      CHARLIE: Us?

      CALEN: Two factions ? one forgiving, one unrelenting ? would merge as has never happened before and create two half gods. Together they would make a unique child and these three idols would overcome the beliefs from which they originated and become the new dominant rule for the world they reside in. They would replace the thrones of those fallen and once there, the world would find itself ruled by contemporary overseers ? capable of channelling great unprecedented powers never before seen. Just a few decades before the one this world currently finds itself experiencing, it happened.

      He looks at CHARLIE.

      CALEN: The half-daughter of Persephone from the barbaric and ancient pride.

      He looks then at XAK.

      CALEN: And the half-son of Kalipso from the forgiving laws of the triumvant.

      He gestures to them both.

      CALEN: Motions were set but it would have to take something great to bring about this change in the world. It would have to be me.

      XAK: (figuring) So Wolfram and Hart made Lance, a vessel.

      CALEN: Yes. They created a child encasement from one of their own spawn and removed him from their own powers so he could be raised as a human.

      SIN shakes her head, disgusted.

      SIN: Why would they do that?

      CALEN: So he could live among you, through him I could see you all live and all the while he would never learn that one day he would ultimately die for the very demi-gods he had entrusted his life to.

      CHARLIE shakes her head, choked.

      CHARLIE: It's not fair, he was a good man! He didn't deserve this!

      CALEN: It is irrelevant what he would have wanted. You don't understand - none of this was avoidable. When the time was right, The Wolf, The Ram and The Hart would activate me and I would be granted access to the world once again to guide the future...

      XAK breathes heavily, enraged at CALEN.

      XAK: Good for you.

      He looks to CHARLIE and SIN.

      XAK: Let's go, there's nothing this "thing" can teach us...

      They nod and they turn to leave. CALEN looks at them with a furious expression.

      CALEN: Should you leave, all those who remain will be wiped out by the Titans.

      XAK turns and looks at him, angry.

      XAK: Are you threatening us?

      CALEN: I am doing all I have ever attempted to do ? I am trying to save you and this world. I adore this realm more than any other. It has witnessed greatness unlike any kingdom and I wish it to prosper once again. I understand your dislike to me but know that Lance Emory will be talked about for millennia as the martyr who changed life.

      SIN looks to XAK who looks down sighing in great doubt.

      SIN: I don't want anyone else to die.

      He looks at her.

      XAK: What?

      SIN: We just buried Ree and Petrina and we won't get a chance to bury Lance. I don't want to be in that situation anymore and if we can make peace in this world then I know that they'd want us to carry on. They wouldn't have wanted it all to mean nothing

      CHARLIE shakes her head.

      CHARLIE: We don't know what's going to happen if we do.

      She gestures at CALEN.

      CHARLIE: You heard him, it's been written that we are about to bring about this great peace and change but then what? What's going to happen then?

      CALEN: If you allow me, I will explain.

      XAK shakes his head and then turns to CALEN.

      XAK: Talk. Fast.

      CALEN nods.

      CALEN: As you wish.

      He pauses and the three of them linger, listening with dreadful curiosity.

      CALEN: The Elder Gods of the Greek mythology must be erased or everything will fall into darkness and chaos as they attempt to recreate the world from which they were born. They are a barbaric race I wish we had never created and now their freedom has been unlocked by their guardians' demise and there is only one method to halt their plan: complete destruction of their symbiotic life.

      CHARLIE: (quietly) How do we stop them?

      CALEN: Each Titan was entrusted with a section of the belief that they stand for ? destroying each one will cause a part of that mythology to become void and meaningless. Destroying all the Titans will force the erasure of the Greek world in its entirety. You will take the place of them once they have ceased.

      XAK'S eyes widen, hearing this.

      XAK: What?

      CHARLIE: What the hell are you talking about?

      CALEN: If a mythology is destroyed then another must take its place. You will become that mythology ? it is what I have returned to create. Peace.

      SIN gasps, breathless. XAK continues to shake his head, scared.

      XAK: (protesting) No! We don't want any of this!

      CALEN: It is unavoidable, Shadow Stalker. This is The Third Prophecy.

      He gestures to the third column which depicts XAK, CHARLIE and SIN triumphing over the Titan race in a desert. They look at it, horrified.

      CALEN: This final act of genocide will save all existence: it will be your eulogy as humans and your birth song as gods.

      Silence spreads throughout The Stillness.

      XAK, CHARLIE and SIN move away from one another now, each of them looking unwittingly at the columns in front of them. Their eyes scan the carvings depicting important moments from their lives and from their life to come that they now desperately want to avoid. CALEN moves towards XAK.

      CALEN: You have been quiet now for some time. I would think you would wish to discuss what it is that I have told you.

      XAK looks up at him.

      XAK: I don't want to be a god.

      CALEN: No one chooses, they are chosen.

      XAK: Then pick someone else.

      CALEN: No one comes close to qualifying for The Third Prophecy.

      XAK stands and points at CALEN.

      XAK: (shouting) You find someone else! We are not your toys to play with just because you screwed up!

      CALEN looks to CHARLIE and SIN and then looks back to XAK.

      CALEN: Everything you have done has led you to this moment.

      He looks now to the first column, depicting five teenage girls growing into great powerful women, one of them on top. The First Slayer stood above them looking down in fear.

      CALEN: The First Prophecy, the dream from Sineya. The Slayer plot was set to mature you from your youth and ensure a sense of realisation that fate is unavoidable.

      He then looks upon the second column, which depicts a girl rising to power under an eclipse amongst the ruins of a broken town.

      CALEN: The Second Prophecy, the fear of the hybrid child. This legend was trepidation amongst the gods - it was their test as much as it was yours. But you learned from it what no one else could. You learned how to distort what was written and change the course of the future in order to save the world and each other.

      He moves now to the third column, where three people are shown to be fighting against a great monster in a desert, surrounding by people in gold.

      CALEN: The Third Prophecy, is this. The event that will define you has yet to pass but it is almost here. You must use all you have learnt from your great teachers and create a new belief for the new age.

      CALEN turns back to XAK now.

      CALEN: You can save this world, Xakiel and give it new meaning. You can give the people who live in it hope and protect them.

      XAK: All I ever wanted was to keep those I've loved safe and to live a normal life. I didn't want this!

      CALEN: Did you ever really feel that you would be rewarded with a normal life?

      XAK is silent now, looking down.

      XAK: Knowing what you know, doing what you have done. Did you think the reward would be that simple?

      CHARLIE looks up to CALEN now.

      CHARLIE: Are you saying we deserve this? That we had this coming?

      CALEN: You don't see the wonder of your reward? You will have peace and so will this world. You will live as gods immortal ? the souls of those lost to you will be yours to treasure in the heavens forever.

      XAK looks at CHARLIE, hearing this. Her face drops.

      SIN: What if we refuse?

      CALEN smiles, certain.

      CALEN: You won't, your world will die otherwise and that is something you would never allow.

      SIN considers this, her eyes drawn to the pillar depicting The Second Prophecy.

      CHARLIE: What about the people we love? Dante? My mom?

      CALEN pauses on this one.

      CALEN: The souls of the people you care about will be safe. Should you succeed their souls will be yours to nurture. You can make their afterlives heaven, but that would require accepting your fate which you currently do not.

      CHARLIE looks down now, thinking hard.

      XAK: What makes you think this world will accept us? They've not accepted anything else like this.

      CALEN: They have never been faced with such a change and should your fears be confirmed, you will have help.

      XAK: From who?

      CALEN: You may not know it but there are great mortals that still dwell in this world who want to see the new changes occur more than fate itself. They will fight for you and they will finally be permitted peace, just as you will.

      XAK closes his eyes and breathes deeply. He looks at CHARLIE and SIN who are stood nearby now, quietly contemplating the inevitable. He turns back to CALEN now who is looking him in the eye with a blank expression.

      XAK: We really can't avoid this, can we?

      CHARLIE and SIN look at him, unable to protest. CALEN smiles now and looks at them all.

      CALEN: There... you have accepted.

      He raises his hands.

      CALEN: Kneel.

      With this single world, XAK, CHARLIE and SIN all fall to their knees in front of CALEN. They look at one another, breathless and scared.

      CALEN: It is time.

      XAK, CHARLIE and SIN all look up to him. XAK has a concerned expression.

      XAK: So this isn't over?

      CALEN shakes his head.

      CALEN: No it is not, but you shall not do it alone.

      He looks up to the people who have now entered the room through the hallway and gestures at them all.

      CALEN: You shall have your followers ? The Golden Acolytes.

      XAK, CHARLIE and SIN turn now to look at the people he is gesturing to. Their faces fill with hope.

      The camera rotates to show who is stood there.


      CALEN (O/S): They are the wisest, bravest and most loyal of all the people on this earth. They have unravelled their own lives and darkness, and sacrificed even flesh and blood in order to reach you. They will be the ones who tell the world of the new age and the people who will protect them eternally.

      The camera moves in on The Kalipso Syndicate, now branded The Golden Acolytes, as they walk slowly towards CALEN, XAK, CHARLIE and SIN.

      CALEN: (echoing) Are you all ready to discard the old and embrace the new world?

      The camera focuses on XAK'S face as his eyes fall upon his old friends once again and a feeling of warmth and security surges through him.




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        ACT THREE


        In the year 3055, the intrigued last human, K'ARTHIA-MA is sat cross legged in front of KALIPSO, the goddess, hanging on her every word. KALIPSO sits down opposite her now and looks at her as a silence cuts through their exchange.

        KALIPSO: Are you ok?

        K'ARTHIA-MA: I don't really know what to say. The things that you're saying, I've never heard them before.

        KALIPSO: It's a lot to take.

        K'ARTHIA-MA: I don't think I'm like him though. I don't think I'm like any of them.

        KALIPSO: It was a different time then, a very different time.

        K'ARTHIA-MA considers this for a moment, nodding her head. She then looks at KALIPSO.

        K'ARTHIA-MA: You say I'm the last person on earth and that you want to protect me?

        KALIPSO: That's right, dear.

        K'ARTHIA-MA: Then why are you telling me this? If you want to protect me then why not take me to where the other humans have gone ? to your world?

        KALIPSO looks down, smiling. She sighs.

        KALIPSO: You're a very smart girl, oddly shrewd to undo a goddess at such a young age.

        K'ARTHIA-MA continues to look at her, confused.

        KALIPSO: I'm trapped here.

        K'ARTHIA-MA: But you're a goddess.

        KALIPSO: I am, but those robots that The President has under his control - they cause interference to the ether. It disallows me to channel the true extent of my powers, along with the other gods of this realm. I cannot go home. He has all the power.

        K'ARTHIA-MA: So I can help you go home? That's why you want me safe?

        KALIPSO shakes her head.

        KALIPSO: Not even a soul as pure as yours has that power, dear child. I wish to keep you safe because you are the one thing that The President fears.

        The camera pulls away to a rooftop of a building nearby where something is watching them. In the distance, a great flying warship can be seen approaching Manhattan 4.0. The being watching them is another robot.

        KALIPSO (O/S): You can save everything.

        FLASH TO ? WHITE


        Back in 2011 now, the scene opens on CHARLIE and MELODY hugging tightly. They are stood near the prophecy columns in the grand room. MELODY smiles at her.

        MELODY: It's so good to see you.

        CHARLIE nods and smiles back, meekly.

        CHARLIE: You too Mel.

        CHARLIE turns now and looks at her mother who approaches. CHARLIE lunges forward and hugs her tightly. SEPHY holds her daughter with every ounce of strength she has left.

        CHARLIE: I was so worried.

        SEPHY: Me too, my darling.

        She breaks the hug and SEPHY looks at her with a sad smile. CHARLIE notices her mother's dishevelled appearance.

        CHARLIE: (whispering) How long has it been?

        SEPHY: On earth it has been three years, 2011.

        CHARLIE looks at MELODY, astonished.

        MELODY: Yeah, guess we owe you three big Christmas presents or something.

        CHARLIE: It feels like only yesterday we were at the funeral.

        SEPHY looks around at The Stillness.

        SEPHY: It is this place.

        CHARLIE shakes her head and looks at MELODY.

        CHARLIE: I don't understand how you're here. I thought you guys were gone...

        MELODY: With all due respect sweetie, we thought you were too.

        CHARLIE nods.

        CHARLIE: Yeah we have a lot to catch up on.

        MELODY: Not before you tell us what the hell RoboLance is talking about. Why were you on your knees and why was he calling us "The Golden Acolytes"?

        CHARLIE sighs and runs a hand through her hair. She looks around at the group who are now stood awkwardly looking at the room they are in ? exhausted by the endeavours they have just endured. CHARLIE bites her bottom lip and looks at MELODY.

        CHARLIE: I don't know how to say this...

        Then she gasps and looks at SEPHY.

        CHARLIE: Where's Echidna and Pandion? Ursula?

        SEPHY sighs and looks down. MELODY reaches out and touches her arm.

        MELODY: They didn't make it, honey.

        CHARLIE closes her eyes, saddened.

        CHARLIE: (breathless) Oh.

        She looks up and finds her eyes unwittingly drawn to TRAFFORD and ELISE who are sat now with GABE and HELEN nearby.

        CHARLIE: Too many good people are dying - too many that I love...

        She turns now to SEPHY, a glint of determination in her eye.

        CHARLIE: I can stop it.

        SEPHY looks at her, curiously as CHARLIE turns to MELODY.

        CUT TO ?

        LEIGH is stood with SIN behind the second column, away from sight. LEIGH looks at her supportively.

        LEIGH: So how are we doing there, Phase Two?

        SIN scowls at her.

        SIN: Not funny.

        LEIGH smiles apologetically.

        LEIGH: Sorry.

        SIN: I can't believe this is happening. Three years?

        LEIGH nods.

        LEIGH: Insane, right?

        SIN looks around now and sees DECLAN stood with CHERRY nearby ? both of them with nervous expressions on their faces. She looks back to LEIGH.

        SIN: Declan hasn't even looked at me, do you think he was worried I was dead or something? I mean it is quite a lot to take in ? even though it's something we all seem to do quite frequently.

        LEIGH looks over to DECLAN'S direction and sees him grabbing CHERRY'S hand and tightly squeezing it. LEIGH looks back at SIN with a frown on her face.

        LEIGH: I don't think it's just that he thought you were gone.

        SIN looks at her, confused.

        SIN: What do you mean?

        LEIGH rolls her eyes.

        LEIGH: (to herself) Jeepers, it's like talking to a puritan.

        She gestures at CHERRY and SIN looks at her. SIN'S expression falls when she sees CHERRY'S fingers entwined with DECLAN'S.

        LEIGH: I think when the sun set in the west, it rose in the east...

        SIN looks down, devastated.

        SIN: Oh...

        LEIGH looks at her and sighs.

        LEIGH: I'm sorry.

        SIN looks at her and shakes her head.

        SIN: It's fine.

        LEIGH: It's not really though, is it?

        SIN: It is, because I could never keep him anyway.

        She looks away to the third pillar near to her.

        SIN: There's no way he could ever be mine now.

        LEIGH looks at her confused.

        LEIGH: Ok, you're gonna have to fill me in here because I thought you were gonna rip Cherry apart and spread her body parts across the globe, but you're cool with it?

        SIN looks at her.

        LEIGH: How can you be ok with that?

        SIN goes to speak but hesitates, unsure of what it is she should say and how she should say it.

        CUT TO ?

        XAK and BROGAN are stood slightly apart from everyone, leaning against one of the walls.

        XAK: Thanks for taking in Declan. I know he's a hand full, but he's a good kid.

        BROGAN: He keeps us on our toes but he's sound, turned into quite a fighter for us.

        XAK: Looks like even the dumbest civilians are getting caught up in this war.

        XAK sighs.

        XAK: It's times like these I wonder why I gave up smoking.

        BROGAN laughs.

        BROGAN: It's times like these I wonder why I didn't start.

        He smiles at XAK and then looks down.

        BROGAN: I thought you were gone, dude.

        XAK looks at him and sighs, nodding.

        XAK: Right back atcha.

        He looks at BROGAN whose expression falters. He is looking at his other friends who remain glum at the losses they have suffered.

        XAK: I'm sorry...

        BROGAN pauses, uncertain of how to reply.

        BROGAN: Thank you.

        XAK: No, thank you - for coming here. I'm not worth dying for. I can't tell you how much it means that you came.

        BROGAN: We're family, it's what we do.

        XAK: But they were good people, they didn't deserve to die.

        BROGAN nods, choked.

        BROGAN: They did what they had to.

        He looks at XAK, with a small firm smile.

        BROGAN: They went down fighting, it's the way they would have wanted it.

        XAK: It's not the way I want my family to meet their end.

        He looks at him with a strengthened expression.

        XAK: I'm gonna change it. I couldn't save them but I can change what happens and the way their legacy is remembered.

        He pauses.

        XAK: But what comes next is gonna test and change us all.

        BROGAN: What do you mean?

        XAK pauses and finds his eyes drawn to BROGAN'S hand and the ring on his finger. He smiles.

        XAK: (digressing) Are you married?

        BROGAN laughs and nods.

        BROGAN: Yeah, two years nearly.

        XAK: The man who made an honest woman out of Melody Harp ? you'll be talked about for generations.

        BROGAN: Why do I get the feeling that that's actually gonna be you?

        XAK pauses.

        XAK: It's difficult Brogan.

        BROGAN: You don't have to tell me everything just yet if you don't want to.

        XAK: I want to tell you, you deserve to know ? I'm just worried that if I do it'll change the way you think about me.

        BROGAN: I trust you with my life, Xak. I always have. You'll always have me by your side.

        XAK: It's not fair though - you deserve your own life, away from me and all of this.

        BROGAN: We're in this together. The second my parents were killed it went beyond being about you and it became personal. This is a war that I want to fight in.

        XAK: But you have a wife now, this shouldn't be the way you live.

        BROGAN: You said it yourself - you'll do everything you can to make sure this thing works out. I wouldn't have married Melody if I didn't have hope that we can get through this.

        XAK looks down, with his eyes closed.

        XAK: I will. I'll do everything to give you the happy ending you deserve.

        XAK looks up to his oldest friend, ready to tell him about what is fated to happen to their friendship.

        XAK: It's time you knew...

        BROGAN looks at him, ready to learn.

        CUT TO ?

        The camera cuts to CALEN now who is stood looking at XAK and BROGAN, while XAK tells him everything that he has just learned about The Third Prophecy. His eyes turn to SIN as she tells LEIGH what she knows and then finally to CHARLIE who is revealing the truth to MELODY and SEPHY.

        DANTE (O/S): Did Toole know?

        CALEN blinks, confused and then turns to see DANTE approaching him.

        CALEN: You are referring to Lance's sibling, but I am unsure why and to what context you are hoping to establish.

        DANTE: Did Lance's family know about what was planned for him?

        CALEN tilts his head, confused.

        CALEN: This is what you wish to discuss, now of all times?

        DANTE: It is.

        CALEN: No, they were not aware ? his brother was always seemed the relevant one, not Lance. They wanted to make him pure, void of any link to the ether. It was to be as if Lance was not important at all.

        Tears well behind DANTE'S eyes and he tightens his jaw trying to compose himself.

        DANTE: The Senior Partners knew the whole time? They destroyed Christian, Sofia and me for all this? For you?

        CALEN: They are true heroes, Dante.

        DANTE breathes heavily, enraged by this claim.

        DANTE: They're scum ? they cling to power and that's all they want. They may have aimed to be true and good in the beginning but this world has done nothing but turn them into selfish power hungry demons.

        CALEN looks at him, indifferent.

        DANTE: I bet they didn't tell you that they tried experimenting on Sin and killing Xak and Charlie, huh? They've told you what they want you to hear and whispered behind your back their indiscretions. They don't give a rat's ass about saving the world.

        CALEN smiles at him.

        CALEN: Their orders have always been under my rule, Dante. I am not naive to their more than questionable techniques; sometimes I feel you must disturb the peace in order to secure its future.

        DANTE: You actually believe that all they want is for this world to be saved? They only want it so they can thrive off its darkness.

        CALEN: Because of their actions, this world will now be safe.

        DANTE moves closer to him and stares at the body of the man he once loved, not recognising him at all.

        DANTE: (seething) Because of them, my life has been destroyed and the man I love is dead.

        CALEN looks at him with a deep glaring expression.

        CALEN: Your happiness is not a priority. You should not deem yourself more important than all the worlds, Dante.

        DANTE: I don't, but the body you're in belonged to a man that to me, was more important than anything. He saved me from everything I ever did and you took him. They took him.

        CALEN: As I have previously stated, Lance's death was not a pointless occurrence meant to damage and bruise your now mortal emotions.

        CALEN moves closer to him now and looks at him, empowered by DANTE'S sadness.

        CALEN: You should remember that well. You can continue hating your enemies for the way they've treated you or you can move forward, accept what they've done and strive to protect the world with your friends.

        DANTE goes to answer but CALEN holds up a hand to silence him.

        CALEN: There will be no more discussion regarding this subject.

        He moves to walk away but DANTE looks at him, enraged.

        DANTE: (shouting) No!

        Everyone in the room looks to him and CALEN stops as SUSPIRIA approaches him. CALEN turns to look at DANTE.

        DANTE: (loudly) You tell me what's going on now! I want to know why this happened!

        SEPHY approaches him, leaving CHARLIE and MELODY. MELODY looks at the ground, shaken by what she has learnt from CHARLIE.

        SEPHY: Dante, please.

        DANTE looks at her.

        DANTE: Why should I? Why should I keep quiet, I deserve to know!

        LEIGH looks over now, her mouth aghast ? SIN had told her everything. BROGAN clearly also empathises with DANTE, having learned the truth from XAK.

        SEPHY: Of course but it's not that easy to explain.

        DANTE: Well make it easy.

        CALEN looks at BROGAN, MELODY, LEIGH and SEPHY now.

        CALEN: It would seem that some of The Golden Acolytes are already aware of their task.

        GABE looks at them, shaking his head. The remaining oblivious members of the group look around confused ? HELEN looks at CHERRY, while the Artairs also lock eyes. The camera moves back to CALEN who stands with SUSPIRIA. She is equally as curious as the others.

        CALEN: But I would like to formally extend a greeting to the others, for I now presume everyone has become re-acquainted in the customary human manner.

        CHERRY looks at him, confused.

        CHERRY: Yeah well if we knew who The Golden Acolytes were, we'd welcome them too.

        BROGAN looks at her.

        BROGAN: They're us, Cherry - we're The Golden Acolytes.

        TRAFFORD furrows his brow.

        TRAFFORD: Ea, what the hell man? What's going on?

        HELEN: We are The Golden Acolytes? I thought we were the Syndicate?

        DECLAN: What's up with the re-brand?

        CALEN: They are the disciples of the new gods, they are you.

        ELISE: What do you mean, "new gods"?

        CALEN: I am referring to the three people that will ascend to new thrones in the heavens once the old mythology of the Greeks has finally expired.

        XAK, CHARLIE and SIN move forward now and they look at the people who still do not know.

        XAK: Us.

        DANTE looks at him, devastated.

        DANTE: You're the reason this happened?

        XAK looks at him and nods, glum. SUSPIRIA moves into frame now and looks at them both. She sighs and closes her eyes ? thinking for a moment about all that will come. Reluctantly, she opens her eyes again and she then turns to CALEN.

        SUSPIRIA: It is time I was leaving. I have done all I can.

        CALEN looks at her now and gestures to her with a motion of gratitude.

        CALEN: You have done well in bringing them here safely.

        SUSPIRIA: (quietly) Not everyone arrived as I had hope, I do not see it as a success.

        CALEN: The ones that matter to the new age are present in this room ? that is all that was required of you.

        SUSPIRIA nods, looking down.

        CALEN: Ready your sister for the haven, should it be required.

        SUSPIRIA looks at him with a serious expression.

        SUSPIRIA: Of course.

        She turns and looks at ELISE who is sat with her brother, wholly confused ? she smiles softly at her.

        SUSPIRIA: Be safe my darling ? I'll always be watching over you.

        ELISE looks at her now almost desperate for maternal security. She sighs and slowly nods. SUSPIRIA turns and looks at CHARLIE, SIN and The Golden Acolytes. She smiles at them all.

        SUSPIRIA: Your test is here, be sure to stand together and stay true to the ones you love. It is the only way you shall survive this definition of future.

        She looks finally to XAK and smiles. He looks at her, fully in understanding. Then, in a flash, SUSPIRIA disappears ? only to return when the time would require her.

        The group look at the spot where she once stood as a moment of solitary peace and reflection spreads across The Stillness. CALEN looks at DANTE who continues to stare at XAK, incredulous.

        CALEN: Do you find solace now?

        CUT TO BLACK

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          ACT FOUR


          XAK, CHARLIE and SIN are stood together facing the group in front of them ? The Golden Acolytes. The camera pans across them all:


          DANTE is stood slightly off screen with SEPHY by his side, supportively. She has a bleak expression which she hides behind a weak smile. CALEN is stood with his arms behind his back next to XAK, authoritatively. The Golden Acolytes all look at one another, uncertain. TRAFFORD looks at XAK.

          TRAFFORD: Dude, this is insane ? you can't be serious?

          ELISE: Gods? How on earth would that work?

          SEPHY: It makes perfect sense ? the world I came from is rapidly dying. Something must take its place, to stabilise the elements of the world the Greeks once represented. Who better to do that than them?

          HELEN: Well can't we trap The Titans? I mean the Olympians did it once, can't we do it again?

          MELODY shakes her head.

          MELODY: It took twelve gods to do that last time, we have one left.

          She looks at SEPHY, bleak.

          CHARLIE: Besides, the Titans have begun to die ? we killed one. It's already begun.

          DECLAN: Not that this is a competition, but we got four.

          CHERRY: Technically three, one was a suicide.

          CALEN: Regardless of the details, what has been spoken holds clarity of truth. The execution of the Titans has begun and the world has grown unstable for it. You must continue.

          HELEN shakes her head, looking at the pillars of prophecy before her.

          HELEN: I can't believe this has been written for eons ? it's crazy. I never thought this day would come.

          XAK: None of us did, but it's here now so we have no choice but to move forward and whatever happens after as a consequence, we will deal with it together.

          Everyone looks at him.

          XAK: This life was not what I wanted for my friends or my family, but it doesn't matter what I want or what we want right now. There are billions of people up above us who are walking around confused, doubting their own existence. We're the only ones who can help them and we owe the world that because we made it that way.

          The camera cuts to CHARLIE.

          CHARLIE: We don't want them feeling that way anymore. If I can save them and stop the Titans without killing them then I would be fighting with every last fibre of my being for that option, but it just isn't an avenue we can go down. The world I come from has grown dark and evil and the only good thing that is left from it is stood in this room.

          She looks at her mother.

          CHARLIE: That's what I want to fight for. I want this world to see the good in where I came from ? not remember the bad.

          SEPHY wipes a tear from her eye, touched. CHARLIE looks to SIN now.

          CHARLIE: And I want the world to see my daughter because she's going to do some amazing things when she gets the chance and I wanna help her get there.

          SIN smiles at her, pleased. She finds herself turning to DECLAN now who is looking intently at her. She tears her eyes from him and looks to the group.

          SIN: (to them all) And it's not just about what me or my parents want, it's about you all too. Think about everything you've ever wanted, everything you've fought for. It has to be worth making this final hurdle because regardless of what's on the other side, we can't let the Titans win.

          She looks again to DECLAN and smiles weakly. He smiles back. CHERRY looks away, finding the exchange awkward. MELODY notices her expression ? she turns back to the group and clears her throat loudly.

          MELODY: Ok, so I think we've covered that we have no choice ? save the world or these suckers take it down.

          She looks at CALEN who eyes her, curiously ? almost with anger. She looks at him nervously and then turns to BROGAN.

          MELODY: Um, did I get it right babe?

          He smiles.

          BROGAN: Only you could sum it up in a nutshell but yeah...

          He looks at his old Syndicate and then back to XAK, CHARLIE and SIN.

          BROGAN: ...we're in.

          LEIGH nods and looks to XAK, CHARLIE and SIN.

          LEIGH: How's this going to work?

          XAK looks at CHARLIE who is just as oblivious. She nods at him and looks to LEIGH and the others.

          CHARLIE: Ok well um, I guess we start by ruling out the ones we took down?

          BROGAN: Ok, well which one did you get?

          CHARLIE: Coeus, he was the father of the celestial constellations.

          CALEN nods.

          CALEN: He originally rose through the chasm in London, trying to find you there but when the stars were summoned to light your way through the catacombs beyond here, he found you.

          ELISE: And killing him eliminated the grasp the Greek world had on the stars and constellations?

          CALEN: Correct ? their grasp dissipated as did any star pertaining to the belief. It was this act that first began to elucidate the world, giving you the window of opportunity to act as your hearts saw fit.

          SIN looks at BROGAN and the others.

          SIN: Which did you take out?

          BROGAN: Hyperion was first, he attacked the school.

          CALEN: Hyperion would have risen out of the chasm in the town of Blue Acres.

          SEPHY: He is the father of the ether beasts ? destroying him would have eliminated any of the monsters left in the world.

          HELEN nods.

          HELEN: Yeah, we lost the Sirens.

          SEPHY looks down.

          SEPHY: (to herself) Poor Echidna...

          GABE: Then we faced against Phoebe, but she didn't quite seek to kick our asses as her brother.

          CHARLIE thinks carefully.

          CHARLIE: Phoebe is the mother of the possessions, so when she died she took with her all the objects from the Greek world.

          CALEN: It was from the temple of your grandmother Demeter that she arose originally. She found comfort amongst the grandeur of the building before being banished for her sympathy to the corridors under the earth.

          DANTE scoffs.

          DANTE: Nice.

          XAK frowns at DANTE'S attitude and then looks to the others.

          XAK: Which was next?

          SEPHY: Theia. She was the Titan who had me.

          CALEN: And before you, she rose in the depths of the Sunnydale ruins attempting to heal the broken grounds there. But she found solace in another cause ? torturing you, Persephone.

          SIN: Sounds like quite a sort.

          SEPHY: She was once marvellous. Theia was the mother of the roots and earth. I can only presume in her death she took with her the Greek world's grasp on the grounds. When we took her down, our path led us to Dante.

          TRAFFORD: Who was being held captive by Oceanus.

          SEPHY: The father of the waters.

          HELEN: He must have risen from the chasm in the Atlantic Ocean, searching the old Syndicate base there. There was salt water feeding into his underground lake.

          CALEN: By failing in his quest he was given the task of scouring Dante's mind for answers. Fortunately, he was rescued...

          DANTE looks at TRAFFORD and ELISE.

          DANTE: (whispering) Not at a cost...

          CHERRY nods at CALEN'S words, not hearing DANTE.

          CHERRY: And killing him took out the Greeks' hold on the world's waters. That makes sense.

          XAK: And that's all, right? Five for five?

          CALEN: So far, that is correct.

          ELISE: So where do we go from here?

          CALEN: The remaining seven Titans are spread throughout the globe. They have decided against finding you all.

          CHARLIE: Why? I thought that was what they wanted?

          CALEN: Their will to destroy you still prevails, but they are growing wise and cunning. Due to the deaths of their five siblings, they have concluded that you have all been reunited. They know you are here, but my powers do not allow them to enter. As such, they have changed their plans.

          LEIGH: So what are they doing?

          CALEN: When you venture into the world once again, it will not be as you knew it.

          XAK: What do you mean?

          CALEN: The Titan's grasp on the world's energy is stronger now, they have learnt to hone their powers and the world is in turmoil now more than ever. The humans are turning on each other, the demons against their own and they will continue to do so until all that is left are the Titans and a vague recollection of what their world once was.

          CHARLIE: Oh my god...

          XAK looks at them all.

          XAK: We have to move quickly, where should we go?

          SEPHY: We should split into groups - it's the only way of ensuring their eradication in a swift manner.

          CALEN: That would be wise.

          TRAFFORD: Ok, but who's left?

          CALEN looks at them all.

          CUT TO ? LOS ANGELES

          The camera shows a fire spreading throughout the usually bustling streets of Los Angeles. People and demons roam the streets as a darkness looms in the air. The demons and humans attack one another in an all out war against peace, law and order. The camera moves through the chaos to the chasm which lies at the foot of the area where Wolfram and Hart's office used to stand.

          CALEN (V/O): Themis, the mother of the laws rose in Los Angeles. She sensed my resurrection there and wished to explore your whereabouts. She will be the one you must destroy in order to eradicate any of the ancient laws that still prevail in the globe.

          CUT TO ? MANHATTAN

          The camera pans around the square outside Rockefeller Center where a swarm of Vampires are sweeping through the square, feasting on civilians who do not seem to be fighting back. The Vampires resort to throwing the bodies of their victims into the chasm, almost sacrificially.

          CALEN (V/O): Iapetus, the father of the mortals rose in the chasm located in Manhattan. He sought to trace the legendary battle between yourselves and The United but to no avail did he succeed. Should you succeed in destroying him, he will take with him any of the surviving Ancient Greek mortals that pertain in this world.

          CUT TO - NEW YORK

          The camera shows a graveyard in New York where the group buried two of their friends. The camera closes in on the graves of PETRINA RAE and LA-REE MACDONALD as dark souls swirl aimlessly around them and the chasm that looms close by.

          CALEN (V/O): Tethys, the mother of the dead souls first rose in the chasm that took you in the graveyard when you were burying your friends. Her presence has disturbed the deceased spirits that linger there. If you can kill her, then the spirits that she has enslaved will be freed.

          CUT TO ? DEVON

          The camera pans around the misty surroundings of a cottage in Devon, England. The cottage is the location where SEPHY gave birth to CHARLIE along with the help of her lover and her old friend. In the garden is a large chasm and surrounding it are a coven of old witches who all worship the hole before them.

          CALEN (V/O): Mnemosyne, the mother of the memory rose from the cottage where Persephone bore her daughter. She has amassed a group of powerful wiccans whom she hopes will be able to reverse the event. To stop her, you must first halt their power and then finally eradicate the Titan who will take with her any memories of the ancient world.

          CUT TO ? VANCOUVER

          The camera shows a snowy clearing in a wood in Vancouver. The snow covers the ground that once thrived with flowers where SEPHY would walk and secretly meet her lover. Amongst the snow, an old err of archaic dread fills the air. The area is surrounded by dead trees and dying life. A chasm lies in the centre of the clearing.

          CALEN (V/O): Crius, the father of the prayer rose in Vancouver, where Persephone first met her love, Ras. Time will be an immediate factor when facing this Titan: his presence has caused the eradication of life in the area, and as such he must be dealt with swiftly. Destroying him, will end all means of worship to the Ancient Greek belief.

          CUT TO ? ATHENS

          The camera pans across the deserted streets of Athens. The site of Olympus Inc.'s old headquarters lies in the background ? only now it has fallen into a large chasm leaving nothing but rubble. Unusually for Athens, torrential rain beats down in the area and a reddened sky curses the morning. A shrill screaming can be heard.

          CALEN (V/O): The second in command, Rhea ? the mother of the gods ? rose in Athens, the home of the Greeks. She will be difficult to defeat for she has amassed great powers by anchoring herself to the capital.

          CUT TO ? NEVADA

          All the camera shows is a large chasm lurking in the Nevada Desert as a clear star-less night shines above it. A vague red tinge begins to take to the hue.

          CALEN (V/O): Which brings us to the final Titan, the father of the mythology himself. Cronos. He is the most formidable and most feared of all the Titans, for it was he who facilitated the creation of the mythology that you must destroy. Cronos must be the final one you face, for while the others remain, he is untouchable. His death will mark the end and the beginning of the new age...


          The camera now pans around the room as XAK, CHARLIE, SIN and The Golden Acolytes look around at CALEN and one another astounded by what they have just heard. The camera closes in on GABE who looks at CALEN angry.

          GABE: And how do you expect us to do that? Look at us ? how are we supposed to take down these Titans? We almost killed ourselves taking out three, there's no way we can survive seven more.

          ELISE holds his arm, supportively ? trying to soothe him.

          MELODY: I hate to say it but he is right. The only way I can see this working is if we split up. Then we may not run the risk of falling flat out at the first hurdle.

          XAK: Melody's right, we need an all out collaborative bang to bring them down.

          The camera closes in on ELISE now who gasps, thinking.

          HELEN (O/S): But how would that work? We're just not strong enough.

          ELISE: You can be.

          Everyone looks at her.

          GABE: What?

          ELISE: My powers, I have goddess powers...

          CHARLIE looks at MELODY confused.

          CHARLIE: She does?

          MELODY: It's a long story.

          XAK: Elise, what do you mean?

          ELISE: I have Suspiria's powers in me - she's taught me how to use them.

          CALEN listens, curious as to where ELISE is going with this thought. She looks at BROGAN.

          ELISE: You guys saw how Hyperion acted when faced with mine and Suspiria's powers back at the fortress ? it angered him.

          TRAFFORD nods, understanding.

          TRAFFORD: The power of the foreign goddess.

          ELISE: Exactly. I can give you all an element of my power. It should draw them back to their chasm and give you all enough power to destroy them once and for all.

          LEIGH smiles at her.

          LEIGH: Wow, you're bad ass Elise.

          ELISE smiles, meekly.

          ELISE: Obviously.

          CALEN nods at her.

          CALEN: Impressive notion, young Acolyte. You will prove most useful in the years to come.

          He turns and looks at them all.

          CALEN: Elise Artair should be an example for you all to follow.

          He looks back to ELISE now.

          CALEN: But you should be aware that while this method is possible, it would render you mortal and powerless. Your loss of hearing would return.

          TRAFFORD and GABE exchange a concerned look. ELISE nods, sighing.

          ELISE: I know.

          TRAFFORD: Sis, are you sure? You know what this means?

          ELISE smiles at him.

          ELISE: What good is this power if it means I can't protect the ones I love?

          She turns to GABE.

          ELISE: Besides, it's what I want. I want to be Elise again.

          GABE smiles at her, understanding. CALEN gestures at the group.

          CALEN: Then your solution and your plan shall proceed. Does anyone oppose?

          He looks at DANTE who breathes softly and shakes his head.

          DANTE: Hell no - let's take these bastards down.

          He smiles weakly at XAK who reciprocates the gesture. XAK turns to everyone.

          XAK: Ok everyone, this is it. Everything we've done has led us here but it's what we do now that defines us. Everything that's happened has happened for a reason ? this reason. Whatever happens because of it...

          He squeezes CHARLIE'S hand lovingly.

          XAK: ...I know we can make it work.

          The group smiles, almost relieved. ELISE looks at them all.

          ELISE: Ok everyone, create a link... here we go.

          One by one the group all encircle ELISE, linking to her with their hands, creating a web of unity. CALEN stands back and observes the scene. ELISE closes her eyes and then begins to tilt her head backwards. She concentrates with all her strength and her eyes gradually begin to open, revealing beams of white incandescent light emitting from them. Gradually, the light begins to spread through her body and to the bodies of her friends. They shiver and intake breath sharply as the ether changes them - the goddess powers of SUSPIRIA spreading through them all. Eventually, as the power distributes throughout the group evenly, the light from ELISE'S eyes begins to die down, leaving a small glimmer of radiance in her sight and an echoing silence in her ears.

          CUT TO BLACK

          END OF ACT FOUR


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            ACT FIVE


            The scene opens on K'ARTHIA-MA now pacing the caved alleyway that KALIPSO is protecting her in. She looks confused and scared and she shakes her head.

            K'ARTHIA-MA: I don't want to be like them. They had everything to save, I have nothing.

            KALIPSO: Do you not think this world is saving?

            K'ARTHIA-MA: Maybe it was, once.

            KALIPSO: I hope I can make you see differently. The strength in you is enough to cleanse this realm, K'arthia-Ma.

            K'ARTHIA-MA: I'm not strong!

            KALIPSO: You are the last, you are the strongest.

            K'ARTHIA-MA: Hiding underneath the floorboards while your parents are murdered doesn't make you a hero.

            KALIPSO: True, but what you do as result, can indeed make you one.

            K'ARTHIA-MA shakes her head, doubting.

            K'ARTHIA-MA: I'm just a girl...

            Then, out of nowhere, a sound resonates from up above ? the sound of a siren. KALIPSO and K'ARTHIA-MA look up to see a robot stood above them on the roof of the building. It jumps down at an alarming speed and fires its weapon at K'ARTHIA-MA. She screams as the weapon hits her in the chest, sending her flying into the wall of the alleyway. KALIPSO gasps.

            KALIPSO: (shouting) No!

            The enraged goddess rushes at the robot as it turns its metallic animalistic body towards her. It shines a red light on her, analysing her and then sounds an even louder siren. She spins at an alarming speed and kicks the robot, sending it flying backwards through a window of the building where the siren ceases to sound and the robot shows little signs of being active. KALIPSO stands, breathing heavily for a moment and then hurries to K'ARTHIA-MA'S side.

            KALIPSO: K'arthia-Ma?

            She kneels by the girl who is heavily wounded in her stomach. She looks to be in excruciating pain and she looks up at the goddess with tired eyes.

            K'ARTHIA-MA: I can see the darkness.

            KALIPSO shakes her head, upset.

            KALIPSO: No my darling. You must stay awake.

            K'ARTHIA-MA blinks slowly and shakes her head.

            K'ARTHIA-MA: But it's so dark now.

            KALIPSO shakes her, fervently.

            KALIPSO: No no... you must not close your eyes.

            K'ARTHIA-MA nods, trying to keep her eyes open. Then, a shadow darkens the alley and KALIPSO looks up. The great warship that was in the distance approaches the alleyway and passes it. Underneath it, a large familiar looking weapon is anchored. KALIPSO gasps and a tear falls from her eye.

            KALIPSO: Time is extinguishing.

            She looks back to K'ARTHIA-MA.

            KALIPSO: Come on my darling, I refuse to let this be the end.

            She picks up the girl and holds her in her arms, protectively. As the warship passes over the alleyway, oblivious of their presence, KALIPSO hurries after it.

            FLASH TO ? WHITE


            Back in 2011, amidst The Stillness, ELISE is sat on the floor leaning against the middle pillar, breathing calmly but irregularly. GABE approaches her, looking at her concerned. She does not hear him approach. He kneels down in front of her and she sees him now. She looks at him as he smiles.

            GABE: (signing) Are you ok?

            She nods slowly, focusing on his expression.

            ELISE: It's strange...

            She stops, after saying these words.

            ELISE: (quietly) I had everything and it made me miserable. I couldn't do what should have happened. I couldn't save people that should be saved. And now, all I'm left with is not being able to hear my own voice. You can't imagine.

            GABE: (signing) You're right, there's no possible way I can imagine what it's like ? but you have to realise you have never let your senses define you and they won't now. You're so much more than that ? you always have been. You're an amazing, unstoppable, selfless and beautiful woman. But most importantly, you're a one of a kind, Elise Artair and I'm going to make sure you always know that.

            He pauses and reaches out with the new power he has been given by her. A small spark passes between them.

            GABE: Because I'm completely in love with you.

            ELISE smiles as she momentarily hears his thoughts in her mind through this small spark. She slowly leans forward and kisses him lightly, eternally grateful.

            CUT TO ? THE STILLNESS

            The camera pans around the enormous corridor in The Stillness showing everyone, bar ELISE and GABE, stood together, discussing their new powers. They all look excited and nervous.

            SIN and CHARLIE show some useful techniques to TRAFFORD and DANTE while BROGAN, HELEN, DECLAN and CHERRY all listen carefully to advice given to them by SEPHY. LEIGH stands nearby with her arms folded, remaining composed. She simply observes them all; unaware that it is in fact she who is being watched curiously by CALEN.

            Moving away from CALEN, the camera focuses on XAK who approaches MELODY. She is stood slightly apart from the group, looking at her skin, infatuated. Sparks of energy crackle between her fingers and she smiles.

            MELODY: (smirking) Cool.

            XAK smiles at her.

            XAK: It's really something isn't it?

            MELODY looks at him.

            MELODY: Being a Slayer sucks ? you can't do this.

            XAK: It has its downsides.

            MELODY shrugs.

            MELODY: Yeah I guess.

            XAK pauses in his response.

            XAK: Can I ask you a favour?

            MELODY: What? More than the one where we destroy a mythology?

            XAK laughs.

            XAK: Yeah, is that ok?

            MELODY sighs.

            MELODY: What is it, champ?

            XAK: Do you have your cell phone on you?

            MELODY furrows her brow, confused.

            MELODY: Yeah, why?

            XAK: Does it have video?

            MELODY nods.

            MELODY: Sure.

            She smiles, a sultry smirk.

            MELODY: Oh do you and Charlie wanna have some kinky fun in the caves? It's got good resolution in the dark and a torch, once Brogan and I...

            XAK: (cutting her off) Whoa!

            MELODY smiles, embarrassed.

            MELODY: Sorry.

            XAK: I just have a few things I need to say, just in case this doesn't go down how we want it. I think people have a right to know.

            MELODY nods ? a more serious expression on her.

            MELODY: Of course, Xak.

            She pulls out her cell phone now.

            MELODY: Where do you wanna do this?

            CUT TO ?

            We now see through the lens of MELODY'S camcorder on her cell phone. It focuses on a wall on The Stillness and then XAK comes into shot.

            XAK: (to MELODY) Is it working?

            He nods, acknowledging that it is recording him. He clears his throat and looks nervous.

            XAK: I'm not too sure where to start, or what to say when I do. If you're watching this, then you will know what I have done. I don't know if I'll succeed but please, you must realise that I only did it because I had no choice.

            He pauses and sighs and then looks back at the camera.

            XAK: This world is a dark place and I'm trying to make it a little brighter for you and for the ones I love. I believe that this world can do great things and I want to help it get there. Please don't hate me. If you do, then just remember what is undeniably true for all of us now...

            He pauses once again and looks down. He looks up at the screen.

            XAK: Everything happens for a...

            MELODY scoffs off screen.

            MELODY (O/S): (cutting him off) Do you ever get bored of saying that?

            XAK sighs and looks up at the camera again. He looks at it and then up to MELODY.

            XAK: Shut it off...

            The camera cuts back to XAK and MELODY stood together as she stops the video recording and looks at him with a soft smile.

            MELODY: I was just joking.

            XAK: No you're right, it sucks.

            MELODY: Maybe, but it is true.

            She pockets her cell phone now and smiles at him.

            MELODY: I'll take good care of this and make sure it gets out.

            He nods, thankful and she moves to return to the others. She passes CHARLIE who looks at her confused. CHARLIE moves towards XAK.

            CHARLIE: (to XAK) What was that about?

            XAK: Just giving me a reality check.

            CHARLIE: Who'd have guessed Melody was the Slayer who made it to the end, let alone be the one to kick you up the ass?

            XAK nods.

            XAK: Or Dante would be the friend at my side. I always thought it would be Toole.

            CHARLIE nods at this, thinking back to the barman and his doomed fianc?e. XAK notices her pensive nature and he smiles at her touching her face, lovingly.

            XAK: You know this isn't the end, Charlie ? we shouldn't talk as if it is.

            CHARLIE: Isn't it? Whatever happens now ? if we win, if we lose ? we're not going to be the same people we once were, ever again...

            She looks down.

            CHARLIE: The woman I've become is going to die, isn't that sad?

            XAK: I'll never let any part of her die, whatever happens. I've fought for you for too long to let that happen.

            He puts his arms around her now and holds her closely, soothing her with the beat of his heart.

            CHARLIE: Promise?

            XAK: You've known me long enough now to know that I always mean what I say.

            She breathes, relieved.

            CHARLIE: We've never done this before. I mean sure, we killed a few Fates, brought down the dark side of Wolfram and Hart, buried Sunnydale and killed a few gods but what's that compared to this?

            XAK breaks away from the hug and looks at her, caressing her cheek.

            XAK: Hey, I've had a lot of doubts in my life, a lot of regrets. There are things I wish I could have done differently and had I, then a lot more people would be alive today but you Charlie are not a regret. You're the furthest thing from regret that could possibly be.

            She smiles, touched and looks at him.

            XAK: You made me human, you made me a man. I was nothing and you gave me life, family friends. You even gave me a child. You fought for me and I will do whatever it takes to fight for you and the people who are in my life, the one that you gave me. This is all possible because of you, Charlie.

            CHARLIE pauses, trying to be coy.

            CHARLIE: Trying to share the blame there?

            XAK shakes his head.

            XAK: There is no blame, not anymore. I'm tired of feeling bad about something that we have never had control over.

            CHARLIE sighs, thinking this through. She looks at her friends who are all gearing up ready to fight for the final time as one.

            CHARLIE: (quietly) Yeah, you're right...

            She turns back to XAK with a glint of determination in her eyes.

            CHARLIE: If they want this fight, then they got it.

            CALEN looks over to them and nods, almost hearing the will in their voices from afar.

            CALEN: (to himself) Then let it begin...

            He claps his hands loudly and suddenly a bright light fills the room and XAK, CHARLIE, SIN and The Golden Acolytes all disappear.

            CUT TO ? LOS ANGELES

            The camera shows the chasm in Los Angeles, surrounded by an all out war between humans and demons. As the sun beats down, blood flies across the sidewalks, the buildings and the vehicles ? everything is a weapon and anything can die.

            Amidst the chaos, walks SEPHY, looking around at the destruction and confusion with a horrified expression. She is taken aback by the anarchy, distressed. She stops and eyes the chasm nearby. She moves towards it. As she does, one of the demons approaches her but she punches it and it soars backwards into an upturned car. Another demon approaches her seeing this and she blasts it away with a soft wave of energy. Three man charge at her with home-made weapons. She blocks one of the blows from one and then breaks one of his legs. She reaches out to the other two and bashes their heads together, knocking them out cold. Considering the attacks only a minor inconvenience, she steps over the unconscious men and continues to move forward to the chasm edge unrivalled.

            As she arrives, she ignores the war ensuing behind her between demon and man and focuses on the dark below her. She extends a hand towards it and the essence given to her by ELISE begins to emit from it and spreads down throughout the cavern, swarming it in a foreign light. As the light begins to fade, SEPHY watches worried ? uncertain that it was not enough. Then, the fighting stops. The humans walk one way, the demons another. SEPHY turns and looks at the sudden peace, confused. With her back turned, she doesn't see the being rising out of the chasm, the frail body of the old small Titan, THEMIS. The Titan's hair is held high above her head and she is dressed in an elaborate ball gown made entirely of ether energy. She casts her eyes down and looks at SEPHY with anger and hate. SEPHY'S body stiffens and tenses, feeling the presence. She continues to ignore her.

            THEMIS: You would dare use your foreign powers to summon me?

            SEPHY turns to face her now and THEMIS looks at her with a taut expression, surprised.

            THEMIS: Persephone?

            SEPHY: Hello Themis.

            THEMIS: You have truly transgressed. You feel the need to steal foreign ether to draw me here?

            SEPHY: You should know by now, as should you all, that I will do whatever it takes in order to stop those who oppose me.

            THEMIS giggles at this and floats towards her. SEPHY backs away cautiously.

            THEMIS: But this world is so beautiful now. The humans fight for power and the demons fight for the light as well as the dark. Chaos is how this world was formed and I the Titan of the laws will ensure that it is that which creates it once again.

            SEPHY: Do you not see that the world has changed? It cannot be made into something that came natural to it in the beginning.

            THEMIS: You would fight for nature - it is after all your source. But I too am your root and you shall heed to me, Persephone.

            SEPHY: No, I shan't.

            THEMIS looks angry at this and then soars through the air towards SEPHY. She ploughs into the goddess and they both fly through the air on the Titan's power. The camera pulls back to show both SEPHY and THEMIS travelling through the air of the now desolate Los Angeles streets. The air fills with the high pitched laughter of THEMIS.

            The camera now cuts to a close up of SEPHY as she looks around her trying to find a way to stop THEMIS but all there are only buildings, concrete and man-made objects around them both. Then, they travel out of the city and they find themselves amongst a small woodland area in the middle of a park.

            CUT TO ? LOS ANGELES

            SEPHY smiles to herself, looking at the endless source of nature around her. She turns back to THEMIS now and a dark smirk spreads across her face. SEPHY extends her hands and suddenly a vine soars out of the earth and grabs on to THEMIS'S foot. Her grip on SEPHY loosens and SEPHY flies out of her hands and rolls across the ground. The vine pulls THEMIS to the ground with a thud and a shriek from the Titan. She looks up at SEPHY, enraged.

            THEMIS: What is this?

            SEPHY breathes heavily and stands in the small woodland she finds herself in. She laughs and looks down at THEMIS.

            SEPHY: You may be the Titan of law, Themis ? but this nature's law is mine to hold. Flowers may not grow where I walk as they once did, but the flora still bends to my beckon.

            SEPHY tightens a fist now and the vine pulls THEMIS into the air and slams her into a tree, which breaks. THEMIS groans under the pain but then extends her hands and the vine snaps in half. She jumps to her feet.

            THEMIS: Impressive, but it is only a loophole.

            THEMIS charges forward now and so does SEPHY. THEMIS punches her and the hit lands but SEPHY retaliates with another punch, blocking the Titan's second. THEMIS head butts her and knocks her back with a high kick to her chest. SEPHY falls to the floor and THEMIS hurries to move towards her. SEPHY quickly recovers and looks around her. She extends her hand to the fallen tree nearby and pulls her hand to her chest. The dead tree trunk is pulled towards SEPHY and it hits THEMIS, knocking her to the ground. SEPHY discards it and then rolls on top of THEMIS and punches her repeatedly in the face. THEMIS looks at her, angry and then holds her hands up to SEPHY. Using the power of the ether, SEPHY is thrown off of THEMIS and sent soaring out of the woodland. THEMIS stands now and walks towards her, calmly.

            CUT TO ? LOS ANGELES

            SEPHY lies on the ground of the streets, injured and looks up as THEMIS exits the park and walks towards her.

            THEMIS: I should applaud you for showing such ingenious methods in attempting to fell me, Persephone.

            She turns back to the park now and stares it with pure wrath. Out of nowhere, a devastating fire rages through it, destroying all nature in the vicinity. SEPHY stares at the death surrounding her, distraught. THEMIS giggles again and turns back to SEPHY with a smile on her face.

            THEMIS: But your power source can be so easily burnt to nothing.

            SEPHY looks at her, angry.

            THEMIS: You have no power now, Persephone. You summoned me for nothing more than to die alongside your precious plantations.

            SEPHY: You are wrong.

            THEMIS: I am not, consider that my final judgement.

            SEPHY: And consider this mine.

            SEPHY extends her hands and the remaining energy given to her by ELISE blasts from her hands and hits THEMIS. THEMIS gasps, breathless as she feels every part of her link to the ether fading before finally dying. THEMIS coughs and splutters, breathing in the air around her for the first time and feeling the heat from the fire behind her scorch her skin. She turns back to SEPHY.

            THEMIS: (weakly) How is this possible?

            SEPHY: When you create anarchy, you dissolve law.

            SEPHY, blasts THEMIS back now with a wave of her own energy. Screaming, THEMIS soars back into the flames of the fire. SEPHY watches as the trees crackle and burn around THEMIS, the embers reflecting in the goddess's eyes. THEMIS then disappears from view and her screams stop. A huge explosion erupts from within the park and the flames flume into the air high into the sky. SEPHY shields her eyes as she realises she has won ? THEMIS had been defeated. She looks up at the inferno and a small breathless smile spreads across her face. She tilts her head to one side and her neck clicks. She sighs, straightens up and begins walking away from the burning park and the cindered remains of law and reason.

            CUT TO ? MANHATTAN

            The camera pans around the chasm in Rockefeller Center now where the vampires are sacrificing humans to the chasm. The sounds of the dying humans plummeting into the hole echo around the rapidly vanishing city.

            The camera pulls back to show three people skulking near the side of the square. Behind a row of bushes they stay and watch the scene. The three people are SIN, DECLAN and CHERRY. CHERRY watches the slaughter, remembering the deaths of her parents.

            CHERRY: It's disgusting...

            SIN looks at her frowning.

            SIN: How shall we do this?

            DECLAN looks down, nervous.

            DECLAN: Calen sure knows how to pick teams.

            CHERRY: He picked us three for that exact reason ? because we have to get over our personal problems.

            She turns to SIN now.

            CHERRY: For what it's worth, I'm sorry.

            SIN listens to her, taken aback. CHERRY'S expression falters and DECLAN looks away, awkwardly.

            CHERRY: I didn't want to hurt you, neither of us did.

            SIN smiles a fake smile and nods.

            SIN: I appreciate that, thank you.

            CHERRY: Then maybe now we can save some lives rather than obsessing over our own?

            The scream of a woman falling to her death sharpens the focus of SIN and DECLAN. They look at one another for a moment in understanding of one another's apprehension. They then turn and stand, CHERRY following their lead, and they walk towards the sacrificial scene. The camera shows them walking towards the vampires as they extend their hands and use their borrowed powers to pull three mystical looking stakes out of the ether. The use of the ether attracts the attention of the vampires nearby and they snarl, turning towards them. They roar and ignore the human sacrifices now, as if they were nothing, and charge at the love triangle.

            DECLAN is the first to move. He swipes upwards with a punch at one of them, knocking the vampire through the air. DECLAN then ducks and spins, driving the stake in his hand up into the back of the soaring vampire. The vampire dusts and DECLAN moves on.

            CHERRY lunges forward as two vampires approach her. She kicks one to the side and pins it against a wall with her foot to its neck. As it snarls, she focuses her attention on the other and ducks as it tries to punch her. She then swipes her hand, in a chopping motion to the base of the vampire's neck. It is paralysed. She jabs her stake sharply into its chest and it dusts. She turns back now to the other she has pinned and she releases it. She spins around and then drives her stake into its heart. The vampire dusts and CHERRY moves on.

            SIN is less meticulous about her method of killing. She tears a vampire off of a human man and she dusts it sharply with her stake. As a swarm of six vampire head her way she waves her hand at them and, through a mixture of her own power and the power given to her by ELISE, the vampires run towards her in slow motion. She smirks, laughing and moves towards them slowly as they seem to be unaware of the effect cursed upon them. She grabs her stake and rapidly kills them in quick succession until all that can be seen is dust falling slowly to the ground.

            The humans in the area begin to run away now, finally freed by SIN, DECLAN and CHERRY. The remaining vampires now turn all their attention to the intrusive trio. While the vampires slowly wilt to the power of the three heroes, the camera moves away to chasm where the use of foreign ether has been detected by something deep within. A tall spindly male entity, dressed in material armour and tanned leathers hovers slowly out of the chasm and looks down upon them. As SIN dusts another vampire, she feels a shadow looming over her and she turns to look at the shadow's source ? the entity. SIN looks at DECLAN and CHERRY.

            SIN: Looks like we got his attention.

            DECLAN and CHERRY listens to her and turn to look, as do the vampires. Scared, the vampires run away, abandoning any previous thoughts of violence for their own safety. CHERRY and DECLAN move to behind SIN as the entity moves towards them.

            CHERRY: So this is Iapetus?

            DECLAN: Looks kind of dirty.

            He looks angry and as he moves closer to them they can see his clothes are stained with blood and tears from humans. He looks at them, his eyes a deep red. He is IAPETUS, the father of the mortals and the formidable Titan deity.

            IAPETUS: You mock me, mortal man?

            DECLAN is silent now as he listens to the hoarse pained voice of the Titan.

            IAPETUS: You dare to halt the sacrifices of your own by using ether pertaining to a vile native not of this world? And then you stand there and mock my appearance as if it would make a difference ? it truly sickens me that it is you who oppose us.

            CHERRY shrugs.

            CHERRY: Xenophobia must be a bitch, but we don't care.

            SIN turns to her, angry.

            SIN: Don't rile him...

            CHERRY looks at her surprised and so does IAPETUS.

            IAPETUS: The voice of sense from the hybrid ? that is surprising.

            He moves towards SIN now, landing on the ground and walking towards her. Each step is a devastating thud.

            IAPETUS: You are interesting being, Sin. You stand here with mortals who have broken your strange heart and face your source without awareness of your true enemy.

            She looks down, hurt and DECLAN and CHERRY look awkward. IAPETUS smiles as the camera closes in on SIN.

            IAPETUS: It is not me you should face, child. It is them.

            SIN shakes her head.

            SIN: No, you're wrong. I would never...

            Then, someone punches SIN and she falls to the floor. She looks up, confused and looks to see DECLAN stood over her ? it was he who punched her. His eyes are tainted blood red.

            SIN: Declan?

            CHERRY moves on screen and stands alongside DECLAN, caressing his neck lovingly and looking at SIN with a dark smirk. Her eyes too are dark red. SIN looks at them, incredulous and then looks to IAPETUS, angry.

            SIN: What have you done to them?

            IAPETUS: My hold over the mortal race is still prevalent. This is your chance to enact your feelings of hatred towards them.

            SIN: I won't hurt them.

            IAPETUS: They will not treat you with the same courtesy. Kill or be killed, Sin. It is the way this world works.

            The camera closes on DECLAN and CHERRY who eye SIN with pure hatred, completely under the control of IAPETUS.

            SIN: (protesting) No...

            IAPETUS laughs and turns to DECLAN and CHERRY with a dark glint in his eye.

            IAPETUS: Destroy her.

            DECLAN reaches down now and pulls SIN to her feet. He holds her arms behind her back while CHERRY punches her around the face, repeatedly. Both of them are silent, intent on hurting her while IAPETUS steps backwards and lets the overdue war unfold. SIN spits blood out of her mouth and looks up to CHERRY, entreatingly.

            SIN: Don't do this, fight it.

            CHERRY snarls and punches her again. SIN turns back to her, at a loss.

            SIN: Fine...

            CHERRY moves to swing another punch but SIN pushes back on DECLAN and knocks him to the ground. She reaches out and grabs CHERRY'S fist. She twists her arm until she has her back to SIN and SIN then pushes her away. DECLAN jumps to his feet and SIN finds herself in between the two of them. IAPETUS laughs.

            IAPETUS: I do love the human psyche. It is so easily persuaded.

            SIN tries to ignore his voice and looks at both DECLAN and CHERRY.

            IAPETUS: Given the right motivation, they can be forced to do the most wondrous things.

            SIN looks at him, disgusted.

            SIN: And you just gave me mine.

            She turns now and punches CHERRY in the face, knocking her back. She spins and back hands her again and CHERRY falls to the floor. DECLAN flinches at the hit and SIN notices. He draws on the power of ELISE'S gift and he sources a ball of energy. He blasts it at SIN but she deflects it with a small barrier spell. She stumbles backwards and the ball of energy soars upwards, hitting the statue of Atlas, knocking the world from his hands. The metal globe clangs and rolls to the floor. SIN looks at it and then turns back to DECLAN. She lunges forward and he punches her quickly and sharply around the face. SIN falls backwards again and CHERRY, who has now jumped to her feet, holds her with a stake in her hand. She tries driving it down on to SIN'S chest but as she does, SIN'S skin begins to crackle with the energy brimming beneath. IAPETUS watches, intrigued.

            Time stops for a moment and SIN takes in the scene. She looks at the man she loved who eyes her with fury and hatred, red burning in his eyes. She feels the strength of the woman he chose, the woman who beat her. She senses the darkness of the Titan who had orchestrated the entire event and she feels the death of the humans surrounding her. Then she feels from deep within, the urging desire to walk into the lake once again... the further she walks in, the darker it gets. Her breaths turn deep and heavy and her eyes suddenly turn void of light. She was blackened once again.

            As time returns, IAPETUS laughs at the sight of SIN'S true colours showing once again. In a flurry, she fluidly removes herself from CHERRY'S grasp and snaps the stake from her hand, discarding it and combusting the wood into flames with a quick burst of energy. She extends her hand towards CHERRY and she is sent flying across the area, smashing into a set of table and chairs outside a nearby restaurant.

            SIN turns now to DECLAN who seeks to attack her with a range of melee hits. She blocks each one without effort and they stare intently at one another as red and black clash in this inevitable interaction. SIN punches him in the face, stunning him and then she jumps in the air and kicks him sharply in the stomach. DECLAN falls backwards, rolling down a set of steps.

            SIN stops now and turns to IAPETUS and stares at him with a narrow glare. He applauds her.

            IAPETUS: You are a true daughter of darkness, Sin. I almost wish you had embraced this side sooner. You could be a worthy Queen for this realm.

            SIN: (demonic) I will be no one's Queen. I am above it.

            IAPETUS sniggers.

            IAPETUS: Your delusions shall not allure me, child. You cannot stop us now. It would be wise to concede.

            He walks towards her once again, most seduced by the darkness and energy emanating from SIN.

            IAPETUS: I am the most trusted sibling to Cronos. I could persuade him that when the new world is formed that your darkness is something that could be embraced.

            SIN tilts her head, unnaturally and listens to this as IAPETUS moves closer to her. They are only a few feet apart. The camera briefly cuts to DECLAN and CHERRY who recover now, their eyes still tainted red. They stand and begin walking towards SIN and IAPETUS.

            IAPETUS: Be my Queen.

            SIN suddenly snaps her head to him now and instantly the darkness falls from her eyes and the natural colour of her iris restores itself. She smirks.

            SIN: No.

            She reaches out to the side ? one hand to DECLAN, one hand to CHERRY ? and pulls on to the borrowed ether given to them They both gasp, breathless and choking. The light from ELISE leaves their bodies and is pulled towards SIN'S grasp. Stunned, IAPETUS steps backwards, wilting in the presence of the power SIN is sourcing.

            IAPETUS: (roaring) What is the meaning of this? How can you be so impervious to darkness?!

            SIN looks at him as she now embodies all the light of the ether, her hair almost appears to be blonde and her eyes white. The light from DECLAN and CHERRY infuses with her own and it hovers around her, obsessed. DECLAN and CHERRY collapse to the floor. SIN looks at the power surrounding her and she turns to IAPETUS, smiling.

            SIN: There is more to me than you will ever understand, ancient one.

            Her voice is almost heavenly and angelic. IAPETUS'S eyes widen as she turns her hands towards him. From her fingers, a pure beam of ether light blasts towards him and instantly on impact, he disintegrates. He implodes rapidly, almost shocked by the pure force of the blast. As with his brothers and sisters, he explodes. The explosion is controlled by the power from SIN ether and as it ceases to sound and light, the power emitted from her subsides, satisfied with the death of the Titan, IAPETUS.

            As the light dies from her eyes, SIN breathes softly, composing herself. She looks down at the burnt remains of the tanned leather and armour intrigued. She looks around her surroundings, to the bodies and to the dark night. She wonders how many Ancient Greek mortals were dying somewhere now, due to the death of their Titan father.

            She is distracted suddenly by the groans of CHERRY nearby. She looks to her and hurries to her side.

            SIN: Cherry?

            CHERRY looks up at her ? her eyes were no longer red or tainted. She looks at SIN, confused.

            CHERRY: What the hell happened?

            SIN: I got him don't worry.

            CHERRY: By yourself?

            SIN laughs.

            SIN: Yeah.

            DECLAN suddenly groans in pain now and CHERRY looks up at him.

            CHERRY: Declan?!

            She jumps up and hurries to his side. SIN watches, frowning as CHERRY helps DECLAN to his feet. He holds his head, which is bleeding.

            DECLAN: Whoa...

            CHERRY looks at him, lovingly.

            CHERRY: Are you ok?

            DECLAN: I'm fine, just a few bumps ? no big.

            SIN stands and walks towards them both now.

            SIN: We should probably head back; see how the others got on.

            She turns and walks away now. CHERRY looks at her, feeling guilty. She looks at DECLAN.

            CHERRY: Talk to her.

            DECLAN looks at CHERRY silently and then turns to SIN who is slowly walking away down the promenade.

            CHERRY: You need to.

            She smiles at him and then urges him forward. DECLAN leaves CHERRY'S side now and moves towards SIN down the promenade.

            CUT TO ? MANHATTAN

            SIN continues walking away, silently reflecting.

            DECLAN (O/S): I'm sorry.

            SIN stops now and turns to look at him.

            DECLAN: I'm sorry I didn't wait. I'm sorry that I thought you were gone...

            He looks clearly upset at having to confess this.

            DECLAN: I didn't want to, for a very long time. I had lost La-Ree and I was devastated. I loved her so much, she meant everything to me. Then you went too, the only girl I thought I would ever love and suddenly I had nothing. Cherry was just there and she was so caring and sweet and she made me forget. It just turned into...

            SIN holds up a hand to stop him.

            SIN: (cutting him short) I get it.

            DECLAN stops short now.

            DECLAN: I'm sorry.

            SIN smiles at him.

            SIN: Please don't apologise to me. It's been three years for you and I can't tell you that it doesn't hurt that you love someone else but I understand now what my life is for.

            She thinks back to what she just did: the embracing of both darkness and light.

            SIN: It's not to be yours. I thought once it was, but that's her purpose, not mine.

            He listens to her, intently as she moves back towards him.

            SIN: She's good for you, she is. I wish in many ways I could be her, but my future's been fated to go beyond you.

            She is stood in front of him now. She breathes deeply, still intoxicated by him.

            SIN: (softly) I could never have gotten even remotely close to who I am today without you.

            She smiles thinking about her dearly departed friend.

            SIN: Or La-Ree Macdonald.

            She looks at him now, her smile broadening.

            SIN: My heart will always beat for that.

            She pauses.

            SIN: So don't apologise. I want to thank you...

            She leans forward now and hugs him tightly. He is taken aback by the gesture and hugs her back, holding her closely. He breathes in deeply and then exhales calmly. CHERRY looks on in the background with her arms folded. We see SIN'S expression which is one of a deeply satisfied and relieved smile.

            The camera rotates to show DECLAN'S expression. He looks numb and in complete shock.

            DECLAN: (whispering) You're welcome...

            A tear falls from his eye and falls to the ground, never to be seen by anyone, least of all the woman he loves.

            CUT TO BLACK

            END OF ACT FIVE


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              ACT SIX

              OPEN ON ? NEW YORK

              BROGAN and MELODY are walking tentatively through the graveyard in upper New York, unaware that only a few miles away, another Titan had been felled by SIN. MELODY looks nervous as she moves through the cold still air, towards the chasm in the distance.

              MELODY: This isn't the sort of thing married couples should do is it?

              BROGAN: Xak and Kaia used to.

              MELODY: Oh great, bring up that car crash why don't you when comparing marriages?

              BROGAN: Yeah probably not a great idea.

              MELODY: We are nothing like them. They may not be married but Xak and Charlie are "the couple".

              BROGAN looks at her confused.

              BROGAN: You wanna be like them?

              MELODY: No it's just... when I was haunting the guys back in Sunnydale they were the two that world wanted to tear apart and no matter what everyone tried to do, they couldn't. It's like they're magnetic.

              BROGAN smiles. MELODY'S expression softens now, thinking back to a good man.

              MELODY: When I met Ashby I thought I could be that way with him but I was wrong, you can't force magnetism... even though I tried. All I did was kill him. He died because I tried to love him.

              She looks at her husband now.

              MELODY: And then there was you.

              A warm feeling surges through BROGAN.

              MELODY: The second I came back and I saw you in that airport. I don't know what it was but I could feel it. I think it's what Xak and Charlie felt when they bumped into each other that night in the alleyway in Sunnydale. I was pulled to you.

              BROGAN looks at her, irrevocably in love.

              BROGAN: Melody... I...

              Then someone pushes past them both, cutting him of. The person scoffs, almost sickened. The person is LEIGH.

              LEIGH: Jesus, why did I get lumped with the cast of "P.S. I Love You"?

              She turns and smirks at them both. MELODY smiles, slightly embarrassed and looks at LEIGH.

              MELODY: (sarcastically) Oh don't worry, we're just as glad.

              LEIGH nods.

              LEIGH: I can see why, I was pretty much the key to the undoing of the Olympians ? makes sense Calen wants me here looking over you two kids.

              BROGAN: (smug) Or maybe he sent you here to learn something from us?

              LEIGH laughs.

              LEIGH: What about ? magnets?

              She laughs again and stops by the edge of the chasm nearby.

              LEIGH: Sorry Dawson, I'm not meant to fall in love. I don't have anything against the emotion; it's just not what I was built to do.

              She holds out her hands. MELODY shrugs.

              MELODY: (loudly) You never know! Someone might hit their head hard enough to fall for you.

              LEIGH sniggers under her breath.

              LEIGH: Even if they did, Melody ? can you really see me domesticated?

              She smiles to herself.

              LEIGH: I'm more a woman of ambition and professional development. Being on top has always been my drive. Allow me to demonstrate.

              She then turns to the chasm and throws some of the ether energy given to her from ELISE into the hole. The burst of light radiates and fades deep into the depths of the hole. LEIGH smiles while BROGAN and MELODY look concerned.

              BROGAN: Why did you do that?

              LEIGH: Duh, to bring the Titan?

              BROGAN: Did you forget what Calen said?

              LEIGH suddenly furrows her brow, confused.

              LEIGH: Um... maybe?

              MELODY: What did he say was here in the graveyard?

              LEIGH: Uh, the Titan?

              BROGAN: And maybe something about restless souls?

              LEIGH widens her eyes and looks around as from each of the graves; the restless souls begin to rise from the graves.

              LEIGH: Oh crap...

              As BROGAN, MELODY and LEIGH move to defend themselves, each soul whispers of their formless anguish and move closer to the source of the foreign ether ? the three members of The Golden Acolytes. As they eye the spirits, they do not notice the shaking pale Titan, TETHYS, who crawls out of the chasm. Her bones snap with every move and quivering gesture. She croaks with every breath and her balding head looks up at the souls through almost blinded eyes. She notices the presence of BROGAN, MELODY and LEIGH and pulls herself across the ground towards them with a shading look in her white eyes.

              TETHYS: Look my spirits, the murderers of my Oceanus have arrived.

              LEIGH looks down at TETHYS and grabs the attention of BROGAN and MELODY as the spirits move to more of an order under the presence of the Titan.

              LEIGH: Guys... she's here... and she's super gross.

              BROGAN and MELODY look at TETHYS as she creeps across the ground of the graveyard, slowly towards them.

              TETHYS: You insignificant humans destroyed my eternity, my Oceanus. You killed the oceans, the waters of this world and left me clinging to the souls on the fringe of the ether. And now you pull me to my chasm as if it were I belonged...

              LEIGH raises an eyebrow.

              LEIGH: Not looking as sharp as you were when you first came back, lady.

              TETHYS grunts.

              TETHYS: If you had ever experienced love then you would comprehend my rage.

              LEIGH: Well if you're an example of what love does to a gal, I'll stick to Mills and Boon.

              MELODY snaps her head to LEIGH, annoyed.

              MELODY: Leigh, shut up!

              BROGAN: Last thing we need is to have summoned an even more pissed off Titan.

              TETHYS laughs at them.

              TETHYS: You dense mortals have no idea what will happen to this world if you continue to meddle with the ether you channel. You believe you have used the powers of a foreign deity to draw me here, but I only was brought here on the shoulders of the souls you have unearthed.

              BROGAN, MELODY and LEIGH begin to notice that although the spirits are seemingly still, they're clearly willing to move towards them all, ravenous.

              TETHYS: The ether you have used is an addictive tonic to the souls of the deceased. They believe it shall vitalise them and give them their life once again. Myself? I believe that your deaths shall only strengthen us and give us back the ones you have taken.

              She laughs.

              TETHYS: You shall quiver at the world that Cronos has developed. For you see, when the next day dawns, the new world will take form and the sky will redden with the blood of your supposed saviours.

              BROGAN and MELODY share a look, while LEIGH continues to look at the spirits, concerned. TETHYS'S neck breaks as she looks to the souls nearby.

              TETHYS: You are released, feast upon the breadth of their powers.

              With her permission, the souls now all hurry towards BROGAN, MELODY and LEIGH. MELODY rushes forward and punches one, though her hand passes straight through it. The spirit passes through her, draining some of her ether and she gasps. Quickly recovering she punches two more souls that float her away. As with the other spirit, they absorb her ether leaving her considerably weaker. She collapses to the floor and looks back to BROGAN and LEIGH as more souls begin moving towards her.

              MELODY: Nothing works on them.

              BROGAN rushes to her side, as does LEIGH.

              LEIGH: They're spirits, we can't use melee...

              MELODY: We don't have anything else.

              BROGAN nods and then looks up to see a group of ten spirits heading their way.

              BROGAN: Yes we do.

              He spins and jumps up now with MELODY in his arms and LEIGH by his side. He extends his hand and concentrates on the ether from within him. He blasts out of his grasp an impressive burst of fire energy. The spirits' whispers sizzle into nothing as they burn and fall to the ground as a fade. MELODY smirks.

              MELODY: God, we're good.

              She jumps out of BROGAN'S arms and spins around extending her hands like a ballerina. The static electricity that she channelled earlier in The Stillness suddenly erupts from her like a thunderous storm. LEIGH looks at her, concerned.

              LEIGH: (shouting) Melody no!

              MELODY meanwhile, using all of the ether inside her destroys all of the souls and spirits in the area. TETHYS is even pushed back by the force of the attack. The Titan then cricks her neck and her fingers and laughs. Out of the chasm, rise a new swarm of souls.

              TETHYS: Did you think that was all? The dead are relentless and you have foolishly used one third of your collective force.

              The camera passes to MELODY now who looks down at her hands and feels none of the energy crackling under her skin. She was powerless. LEIGH shakes her head.

              LEIGH: Great.

              MELODY looks at her, apologetically.

              MELODY: I didn't know...

              BROGAN rushes in front of her now and touches her face, protectively.

              BROGAN: Don't worry - nothing's going to happen to us. We'll get through this.

              LEIGH backs towards them now and looks around in fear as thousands of souls fill the air, feasting on the faint element of electricity still sparking throughout the voids given to them by MELODY.

              LEIGH: Sure about that, big guy?

              The three of them stand together as the spirits and souls surge towards them all with immense speed. TETHYS eyes the scene with great aged pleasure. BROGAN grabs LEIGH and pulls her close to MELODY'S side. He holds out his hand and he closes his eyes concentrating. The girls look on in horror as the souls descend upon them but as they near them ? they are stopped. Through his power, BROGAN summons a great barrier which shields them from the onslaught of the attack. The souls all ravage the barrier, trying to break it but BROGAN, with his eyes closed keeps his strength as best he can. MELODY and LEIGH look around at the souls through the barrier with an indifferent fear. LEIGH looks at BROGAN.

              LEIGH: Ea, can you hold it?

              His hand begins to shake and sweat begins pouring from his brow.

              BROGAN: I'm losing it...

              MELODY holds on to him, trying to give him strength.

              MELODY: I believe in you, Brogan... don't give up.

              He pushes with all he can and the barrier shines brighter but LEIGH looks at the souls and their hunger. Her eyes turn to BROGAN and MELODY who continue to fight with all their might. She then turns her attention to TETHYS who looks at the triumphing souls with immense pride and satisfaction. LEIGH'S eyes narrow and then she looks down at her own hands. She tightens her grip and finds herself drawing on a deep strength. She looks to BROGAN and touches his shoulder.

              LEIGH: Keep the barrier up, the ether you use will distract them.

              Then she moves away from them both. MELODY looks at her, panicking.

              MELODY: Leigh?! Distract them from what?

              LEIGH doesn't respond ? she walks through the barrier and into the sea of souls. The souls do not touch her, more so distracted by the overwhelming use of the ether coming from BROGAN. TETHYS looks at her, enraged as she moves towards the brittle old Titan.

              TETHYS: What is the meaning of this?

              LEIGH: You Titans are so disgustingly cowardly. You have to pin us down to get even remotely close to defeating us.

              TETHYS barks and croaks at LEIGH.

              LEIGH: No wonder it was so easy for me to bring down the Olympians, if they only learnt to rule from creatures as weak as you.

              TETHYS: We are the strongest! We are the oldest legends!

              LEIGH shakes her head.

              LEIGH: That's the reality about legend though - they don't really live up to the hype, and they certainly do not survive the test of time. You just want to rule because it's all you know.

              TETHYS sniggers and her jaw breaks.

              TETHYS: I will save you for Cronos.

              LEIGH smirks.

              LEIGH: I'll be sure to pass on your final wishes.

              LEIGH holds out her hands to TETHYS now and begins channelling all of the power given to her by ELISE. The purest light emits from LEIGH'S hands and the light begins to surround TETHYS. The Titan looks at the power confused and it completely consumes her. LEIGH eyes her carefully as she listens, hearing no cries of pain from the Titan. The light is then all absorbed into the body of the Titan, finally revealing its effects to LEIGH.

              TETHYS now had the visage of a young beautiful woman ? the ether light had completely revitalised the Titan, giving her the wondrous body she had always longed for. LEIGH folds her arms, looking at her with a smile on her face. TETHYS studies her body with intrigue and she laughs. She flexes her fingers, feeling no strain, pain or breaking bones. She looks to LEIGH with a great alluring gaze.

              TETHYS: You're a very stupid girl.

              The camera cuts back to BROGAN and MELODY now. BROGAN'S grip on the barrier is faltering fast. MELODY looks through the souls to see the milky image of LEIGH stood with the now youthful TETHYS. She shakes her head.

              MELODY: What the hell is she doing?!

              Then, MELODY'S attention turns to the spirits who have suddenly lost interest in the fading barrier, in her and in her husband. They begin to turn to LEIGH and TETHYS as LEIGH backs away from the advancing Titan.

              TETHYS giggles.

              TETHYS: Did you think I would find this gesture favourable? All you have done is equip me with a body capable of destroying you personally.

              She smiles broadly.

              TETHYS: Was my inability to do so not your original criticism of my race?

              LEIGH: I'm done being critical. Now I'm just wondering how delicious you must look to them.

              She gestures to the souls as they begin turning to TETHYS, ignoring the now powerless BROGAN, MELODY and LEIGH.

              LEIGH: I think they've got the munchies.

              TETHYS looks at the souls, gasping for breath as they begin hitting her body, draining her of her powers. She begins screaming in pain as she feels every part of her link to the ether being taken and consumed by the very souls she had enslaved for so long. Soon, the health of the Titan begins to fade and the screams turn into an archaic echo in the wind.

              The ravenous souls leave nothing - all that is left of the great TETHYS is dust.

              A great implosion occurs, swiftly followed by an explosion, which sends LEIGH flying back into BROGAN and MELODY. Dazed, they quickly recuperate and look around as the souls linger in the air for a moment in the wake of the Titan's demise. Then, they begin to fade into nothing. LEIGH breathes heavily and smiles, looking at their win.

              LEIGH: I owned that fight.

              BROGAN looks at LEIGH shaking his head.

              BROGAN: How did you know?

              LEIGH: What - her weakness? I didn't.

              MELODY: You just thought that up there and then?

              LEIGH: You guys come from a great resource of people who all perfectly complement one another with their skills. I don't have that luxury. I've always had to survive on my wits and instinct. It's what sees me through - it's what keeps me alive.

              BROGAN stands now, with MELODY.

              BROGAN: It's what kept us alive, thank you.

              LEIGH shrugs.

              LEIGH: It was nothing, like I said ? I like to be on top.

              MELODY smiles weakly. BROGAN grabs LEIGH'S arm as she moves to leave the area.

              BROGAN: (to LEIGH) Hey... it wasn't nothing.

              She looks back to him now with a serious expression.

              BROGAN: I couldn't keep her safe back there. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have my wife. I know you think you're just meant to be on top but I think there's a part of you that cares for us more than you think.

              LEIGH considers this for a moment, thinking back to her past actions. She smiles weakly at BROGAN.

              LEIGH: Maybe... just maybe you're right.

              She begins walking away now, secretly touched by his words. MELODY watches her walk away and then puts an arm around BROGAN.

              MELODY: That was sweet of you.

              BROGAN: I only spoke the truth.

              MELODY: Either way, I think she needed to hear it.

              She smiles and then sighs.

              MELODY: Hear what Tethys said? About the morning?

              BROGAN nods.

              BROGAN: I'm not crazy about seeing this blood red sky thing or this Cronos dude.

              MELODY: We should get back to Calen, tell him what we know.

              They then move after LEIGH while the camera lingers on the air, as the faint flecks of morning light begin illuminating the dust that hovers above the ground. The dust of the old and dead soon disappears in the light of the blood red sky that was about to dawn on the earth.

              CUT TO ? DEVON

              The camera pans around a small deserted field in Devon, England. The peaceful nature of the scene would ordinarily be accompanied by an abundance of nature, but now it had been tainted by the looming light of the blood red sky above. The morning TETHYS had forecast was now here.

              Next to the field, lies the long garden of the cottage where SEPHY had given birth to CHARLIE, all those years ago. In the garden looms the great darkness of a fathomless chasm. An evil coven of witches encircle it. Cloaked in dark robes of grey, the wiccans all hum and chant, seeking to summon the powers of memory and alter them completely.

              Moving to the bottom of the garden the camera picks out four individuals, watching from the safety of a large dying hedgerow and picket fence. The four people are TRAFFORD, ELISE, GABE and HELEN. Each one of them eyes the coven, curiously studying every move they make.

              GABE: What are they doing?

              HELEN: You heard Calen ? they're trying to reverse what happened here.

              TRAFFORD nods and ELISE looks at him.

              TRAFFORD: You stop Charlie being born then you stop this whole sorry mess ? the Greeks win.

              ELISE: (signing to him) I'll see about that.

              TRAFFORD shakes his head.

              TRAFFORD: (signing) No, you're not strong enough.

              GABE and HELEN share a look.

              ELISE: (signing) I have to! You need me!

              TRAFFORD: (signing) Stay here ? there's enough power between the three of us to take them out.

              He smiles at her.

              TRAFFORD: (signing) Please don't argue with me. I'm doing what needs to be done to keep alive the only woman I still love.

              HELEN looks away now, tightening her jaw. GABE eyes her, curiously. She sighs softly and nods, conceding.

              ELISE: (signing) Be careful.

              GABE nods, kisses her and then along with TRAFFORD and HELEN, moves through the hedgerow and cautiously towards the coven.

              The camera cuts to the hooded witches as their chants suddenly are interrupted by someone clearing their throat loudly. Each of the witches turns and looks at the source: TRAFFORD, with GABE and HELEN stood slightly behind him. He smiles at them.

              TRAFFORD: Sorry ladies, did we disturb?

              The witches scream a shrill and high pitched shriek, which causes the red in the sky to thicken and throb. They instantly leave the perimeter of the chasm and rush towards the three of them. GABE and HELEN dart to the side, drawing away some of the coven. TRAFFORD reaches into his back pocket and pulls out two long katana blades. Two witches hurry towards him and blast him with powerful old energy waves. He jumps, spinning through the air, dodging the blasts of energy, which shiver through the air and explode into nothing. ELISE watches, fearful. TRAFFORD lands on his ground with perfect balance and then plunges his knife into the chest of one of the witches and then slashes the neck of another. Both fall to the floor with a cry of pain and then they die.

              TRAFFORD then throws the knives in the direction of GABE who catches them with swift accuracy. Three witches advance on GABE now and ELISE looks on in horror. He head butts one back and then punches another. He drives one of the katana knives into the third witch's eyes in quick succession ? blinding and killing her. Turning back to the other two, GABE takes a hit from an energy blast and he flips to the floor. TRAFFORD rushes to help him but he is held back by another witch. He kicks her away from him and the witch falls backwards to the edge of the chasm. TRAFFORD turns back to help GABE but he has recovered on his own. He jumps to his feet and he punches both the witches quickly and simultaneously. Angry, both the witches take their energies and summon all their strength ? but they are not quick enough. GABE quickly jumps backwards and, taking the katana blades, he spins and slashes their throats at the same time. As they fall to the ground, GABE looks up at TRAFFORD, breathless. TRAFFORD nods at him, impressed.

              The camera moves to HELEN now who battles alongside one of the old witches. The wiccan is fast, but HELEN is quicker. She deflects every attack from the witch and kicks her back. She spins around again and kicks her harder for the second time. She then instinctively lowers her body as the witch retaliates with a powerful blast of energy. HELEN waves her hand and using ELISE'S ether gift, she deflects the blast to its creator. The witch falls back into the chasm, screaming as she plunges to her death in the dark abyss.

              The remaining witch, which TRAFFORD pushed away looks up now at the use of ether. She gasps and turns. She contorts her hand towards the chasm.

              WITCH: (whispering) Mnemosyne...

              Using all of the power from within her, she drains herself of her own life and gives herself to the chasm in order to summon the great Titan of the Greek Memory. Combined with the power of her whisper, the witch's sacrifice causes the garden's ground to shake. ELISE cowers at the bottom of the garden while TRAFFORD re-groups with HELEN and GABE

              The shaking ground accidentally pushes ELISE towards the fence and she slashes her hand on a sharpened piece of wood. She winces as she notices her lacerated palm begins to bleed. Instinctively she moves to heal it and her original powers are channelled. As she watches her wound heal, she realises the extent of her powers and the inverse effects they could actually incur. Concentrating carefully, she thinks of inflicting pain rather than healing. Slowly, the wound expands. She gasps and then switches to a nurturing train of thought ? healing the wound now completely. She looks up in shock, realising that she isn't powerless. Her original power could still give her use in battle. A small smile forms on her face but she is forced back by an eruption from the chasm as the great Titan, MNEMOSYNE rises from the deep.

              She is beautiful, seemingly middle-aged with immensely long flowing brown hair, and eyes with hue to match. Around her long green pagan looking dress, she holds nine different items of jewellery representing her nine daughters. She looks around at the scene with anger and then stares down at TRAFFORD, GABE and HELEN with pure wrath.

              MNEMOSYNE: You have killed my wiccans.

              TRAFFORD: They did try deleting our friend's birth - they kind of had it coming.

              MNEMOSYNE: You are so brave to fight us, even now. I am aware that you have quelled all but four but you should not be so bold as to presume that we will wilt on command. You will not just die when you face us.

              HELEN: We've heard it all before, Mnemosyne so save the death threatening speeches.

              MNEMOSYNE looks at her surprised.

              MNEMOSYNE: As you wish, Hemera's ghost - your erasure shall commence.

              With this, she surges through the air, cutting through the fabric of the void and knocks HELEN to the floor with immense power. MNEMOSYNE lands and back hands GABE across the face sending him flying to the edge of the chasm. Almost falling into the deep, he clings to the edge desperately. MNEMOSYNE turns to TRAFFORD now who runs to reach for the katana knives but the Titan is too quick. She knocks one of them to the side and causes the other to disappear with a click of her magical link to the ether. TRAFFORD seeks to summon his grip on the ether but MNEMOSYNE blocks it with a simple alteration of the air in front of her. It dissipates his grip on the foreign gift, rendering him powerless. MNEMOSYNE laughs and pushes the Healer backwards with such force, she breaks his arm and he lands a heap amongst the dead witches.

              MNEMOSYNE moves forward to him again and he grunts with pain as he holds his hands over his broken arm. His arm heals and the sound of the bones re-grouping can be heard. He looks up at the Titan and he jumps to his feet.

              MNEMOSYNE: Healers are an interesting sub-race of the human species.

              Nearing him, she throws a punch at him but he quickly dodges it. She spins again and moves to kick him but he dodges that one too. He jumps backwards and strafes the area, trying to gain the upper hand.

              MNEMOSYNE: But your powers lie in the strength of your will and the concentration of your mild link to the ether.

              TRAFFORD: You're the Titan of memory and all you can do is give me a wiki-entry on my powers?

              MNEMOSYNE sniggers under her breath and smirks.

              MNEMOSYNE: If you wish to see my powers, then you shall observe what happens to a Healer when he forgets his skills.

              TRAFFORD'S eyes widen and he continues to move, eyeing the discarded katana blade nearby.

              MNEMOSYNE: I wonder how slowly I can break your bones, while you sit there fumbling in your own dementia...

              She grumbles and dives at him. He drops to the floor and grabs the katana. MNEMOSYNE soars over him and he throws the knife at her. Turning with elegance, MNEMOSYNE holds out her hand and the katana stops mid-air. She smirks and sends the katana back at the sender. The katana flies towards TRAFFORD and pierces his hand. The knife pins him to a tree in the garden and he cries out in pain. MNEMOSYNE laughs and walks towards him.

              MNEMOSYNE: You're fast, but you're not fast enough, Healer.

              She approaches him now and kneels down in front of him. She holds out her hands towards him and though his pain he feels a wave of confusion. A power fires on her hands which begins to burn away his memories slowly. She smirks as she feels her grasp on his memories heightening.

              Then, MNEMOSYNE is thrown to one side with an immense burst of energy. TRAFFORD gasps in shock and confusion as she is sent flying across the garden. MNEMOSYNE rolls across the ground. She rapidly steadies herself and then looks up to her attacker. HELEN stands, in front of the man she loves, protectively as her hands and forearms crackle and burst with energy from the ether. MNEMOSYNE snarls and stands, looking at her.

              HELEN: I guess this is one ghost who won't fade.

              MNEMOSYNE: You can kill my witches, you can burn with the energy you have thieved, but when it comes down to your capabilities against me, Helen Prime... you are nothing.

              She holds her hands and she blasts HELEN with all her powers. HELEN holds her own, deflecting with her own energy from ELISE. MNEMOSYNE barely flinches and pushes her power further towards HELEN who looks to be weakening. Then, her power runs out and the Titan's power sends HELEN flying back towards the patio area near the old cottage. She lies on the floor, unconscious. MNEMOSYNE smiles and then looks back to TRAFFORD who is lying still on the floor, his hand still pinned to the tree. Then, she hears a noise coming from the chasm. GABE is struggling to hold on to the edge still. She eyes him and tilts her head, suggestively. She walks towards him, slowly.

              MNEMOSYNE: You are not a part of this, mortal. You are relative, not necessary.

              GABE looks up at her, struggling as the great Titan stands in front of him. He knows he can do nothing but hold on.

              MNEMOSYNE: You could be. My link to the ether may be great through the memories I channel, but I cannot use my powers to re-write what I want altered. You though, you have powers that can be used to do what I need.

              GABE looks at her, horrified.

              MNEMOSYNE: Take away the girl's birth and when this blood red sky burns its brightest, you shall be a King. Does that not sound...

              MNEMOSYNE stops and she suddenly recoils in great pain and clutches her head. She collapses to the floor revealing ELISE stood behind her, holding her hands out to the Titan. GABE smiles as MNEMOSYNE cries out.

              ELISE: It hurts doesn't it? You think all my brother and I can do is heal but we can inflict very well too. Do you feel your mind breaking? Every memory you've ever collected, stolen or manipulated is bursting inside your head. You want to be the Titan of memories, Mnemosyne, then you can deal with the consequences of losing them all at once.

              MNEMOSYNE'S muscles spasm in the searing pain surging through her mind and body.

              ELISE: I doubt you'll be much of a Titan once they're gone.

              ELISE looks at her, enraged.

              ELISE: (whispering) And all from a girl who can't even hear your screams.

              Then MNEMOSYNE'S screams stop and ELISE stops breaking her mind. The Titan stares around the area, confused and looks with milky vacant eyes. She turns to ELISE and stands. ELISE looks at her, surprised.

              MNEMOSYNE: (softly) I don't remember who I am.

              ELISE looks at her lips, reading them. She then looks down to the floor behind MNEMOSYNE ? she is stood on the edge of the chasm.

              ELISE: All you have to do is step backwards, and you'll remember everything.

              MNEMOSYNE smiles happily and then does as ELISE wishes. Feeling no ground below her feet, MNEMOSYNE'S face drops and she screams as she plummets to her death, staring up at the blood red sky and the face of her killer.

              ELISE hurries to grab GABE and pull him up to safe ground as a large explosion erupts out of the chasm. They lie on the ground for a moment, breathless. They take in the fight, the bodies around them and the death that now hovered in the air like a fog they could not forget. They look at one another, silent for a moment, thankful that they survived. They eventually sit up and look at one another.

              GABE: (signing) That was amazing, you saved my life ? again.

              She smiles.

              ELISE: (signing) It just came to me, what we can do when we're together, just as we are. You asked me if I was sure about my decision to give up my powers. What I am is what I always was. I will never forget that again. It will never be re-written.

              GABE nods, smiling deeply in love.

              Their moment of momentary bliss is quickly fractured as the sky begins to roar with a searing thunder storm and the cries of ailing humans across the world vibrates the earth below them. ELISE looks around feeling the vibrations and looks to her brother, still pinned to the tree. She gasps and hurries to him. GABE looks to HELEN and sees her still lying motionless on the floor near the house. As he moves to help her, the camera pulls up and away from them, the chasm, the deceased witches and the expired memory of an old Titan.

              CUT TO ? VANCOUVER

              A very different scene is shown in a clearing in the woods of Vancouver, Canada. A dense snowstorm has blocked the red sky, leaving nothing but a white and grey haze in the area. The corpses of dead stags and bears line the area, watched over by the towering spires of old dying trees. The sight of the chasm in the centre of the clearing is almost masked as DANTE struggles to approach it, on his own. He clutches his body for warmth and shivers, frozen. He collapses to his knees and struggles to find breath in his lungs as he aims his hands at the chasm in front of him.

              DANTE: Come on, you son of freakin' bitch...

              A great fire burns from DANTE'S hands and it clears a path to the chasm edge where the fire begins to burn and singe the sodden grass surrounding the perimeter.

              DANTE: (roaring) I summon you Crius, I have a confession to make.

              An old echoing whisper now fills the woods and DANTE looks around him as the snow begins to stop falling suddenly. The whisper filling the area stops as the figure of a black cloaked man stands behind DANTE a few feet away. It is CRIUS, the Titan of prayer and worship.

              CRIUS: You have called upon me at a most inconvenient time.

              DANTE turns and looks at the old man before him. CRIUS looks deathly pale and his eyes lie as hollow holes in head. They lure at DANTE, curiously and inhumanely.

              DANTE: What can I say; I have a lot to atone for.

              CRIUS: You may have the ability to draw me here, to the location of my re-birth, but you do not hold in your hands enough ether to destroy me, mortal.

              CRIUS moves forward slowly now. Each step he takes towards DANTE, the more DANTE loses his breath and strength. He coughs.

              CRIUS: It confuses me that they would bring you here as my adversary, when it would mean certain death for you.

              DANTE grits his teeth and looks at him, breathing erratically.

              DANTE: I've got nothing to lose.

              CRIUS: Yes, that would make this situation plausible. Only someone without anything to gain would attempt to fall me of all Titans.

              CRIUS grows larger and stronger as DANTE falls to his knees, weakened.

              CRIUS: Cronos has already done what he needs to gain world control. Rhea will be at his side and once I dispense of you, I will rid this world of the ones deemed unworthy of worshipping such a great race as I become his grand advisor.

              DANTE smirks, feebly.

              DANTE: Only three of you left, huh? Not much of a race.

              CRIUS: As long there is a speck of a Titan's soul on this world, Dante Turnpike, then you shall never win. Whether there are twelve, or whether there is only one.

              DANTE lips begin turning blue from the cold and from the lack of oxygen. CRIUS is in front of him now ? a large looming black shadow facing the mortal. A dark twisted smile gives a shade of colour to his face.

              CRIUS: Tell me what it feels like, Dante. To feel all hells, all unimaginable deaths and deceits - to strive through all that turmoil - only to now kneel before your final threat, without hope of triumph.

              DANTE'S eyes search the ground. He looks up at CRIUS.

              CRIUS: I am curious as to how that must feel to a man of the old world. Indulge me?

              DANTE: I didn't come here for a happy ever after. I told you I came here for confession.

              CRIUS listens, idly intrigued as to what DANTE could possibly confess to him.

              DANTE: (quietly) I confess to you not my guilt or my sins, nor my infidelities or the many untruths and evils that exist because I conceived them. I confess to you only one thing: I confess that I am ready. I am ready to die. I'm ready to die for him, his memory, and for my friends' future.

              DANTE laughs now, spluttering weak.

              DANTE: And you know the best thing?

              He looks up at CRIUS now who has pursed his lips, unimpressed.

              DANTE: I'm going to take your sorry haggard ass with me.

              Then, summoning all of his deeply suppressed strength, DANTE lunges at CRIUS and knocks him to the ground. The mortal and the Titan roll across the ground, DANTE struggling to continue as his heart begins to strain. He punches CRIUS around the face but his punches grow weaker and do little to hurt the Titan. CRIUS sniggers and holds his hands out to DANTE. A wave of dark deadly energy splutters from CRIUS'S hands and DANTE is sent flying across the clearing. The darkness of the deathly powers, surge through DANTE'S body and CRIUS stands. He teleports quickly towards DANTE and as his movements slow, his black cloak billows around him, setting as a shadow to the illustrious whiteness.

              On the fringe of death, DANTE jumps up and grabs a hold of CRIUS'S face and a burning light energy emits from his hands. CRIUS cries out in pain, the light burning his old worn skin. DANTE concentrates all his strength on the Titan, but as he does, he grows weaker. Blood seeps from DANTE'S ear.

              The light energy then burns through the fog, revealing the red sky above, looming down on the snow. The snow looks crimson. With one final push, DANTE forces CRIUS backwards away from him a few feet. The Titan falls to the floor and so does DANTE. The camera closes in on him as he lies, staring up at the redness. He coughs, life leaving him. The sound of CRIUS laughing can be heard as the Titan moves to stand.

              CRIUS: I can feel your life extinguishing, Dante.

              Then, CRIUS is forced to the floor by an almighty blow. DANTE looks over from the floor to see who has saved him. It is CALEN, drenched in outrage. CRIUS looks up at CALEN, incredulous at his actions.

              CRIUS: Calen, is that you?

              CALEN looks at CRIUS, his eye twitches to DANTE, almost longingly.

              CRIUS: You will suffer greatly for interfering with this war. It is bad enough that you have instigated the end of something you created, but now you fight for this mortal? It is not how this should work.

              CALEN tilts his head at CRIUS.

              CALEN: I care not for formalities and politeness. When it comes to your race, I find myself acting most unlike my own.

              CALEN rushes forward now and exchanges blows with CRIUS. Both Titan and Old One are fast, swift and immediate to defend as much as they offend. Then, one of CALEN'S hits lands and he chops his hand into CRIUS'S arm, breaking it off. The Titan roars in pain as ether begins to seep from his wound and he falls to his knees in front of CALEN. He looks up at his creator and he laughs, insanely. His cloak begins to sag and show little signs of having power underneath.

              CRIUS: (weak) Our deaths only strengthen Cronos, Old One. You will find no way of ending him, not now the red sky looms. You should learn to pray.

              CALEN discards CRIUS'S arm into the chasm and then looks as the ether stops flowing. The cloak now covers nothing but an old man.

              CALEN: You forget - there will be no Titan to hear them.

              CALEN then reaches down to CRIUS and in one swift disgusting move, he decapitates him with his own hands. He lets the head fall to the ground and then he turns and moves towards DANTE. As he walks towards him, there is a small implosion and explosion behind him as the father of all prayers and worship finally leaves this world. CALEN looks down to DANTE as he lies on the brink of death. DANTE looks at him, barely noticing his crimson outline against the evening red light of the sky above.

              DANTE: (quietly) Why are you here?

              CALEN studies DANTE'S imminent death and then shakes his head.

              CALEN: This is not what should have occurred. You were supposed to realise the benefits of life beyond Lance through this fight ? not succumb to the death of it.

              DANTE smirks.

              DANTE: Always gone against the grain, red... thought you would know that by now.

              CALEN kneels down beside him and is silent.

              CALEN: There is nothing I can do to stop your death.

              DANTE groans in pain slightly as the life in his eyes begins to fade.

              CALEN: The Golden Acolytes will need you when the new age comes. There is much more you have to do with your life.

              DANTE shakes his head and swallows, in pain.

              DANTE: (whispering) There is nothing in my life worth doing now... not with him gone...

              CALEN listens; his expression is one of confusion and doubt.

              DANTE: You know the weird thing? When I was made into a Child of Wolfram and Hart, it was because of Lance, because he was born to this world.

              DANTE'S eyes lock with those of CALEN. For a moment, a brief moment it looks as if he looking at LANCE directly.

              DANTE: He brought me into existence and now I'm looking at the creature who he was fated to die for.

              He cries out in pain again and a tear begins to fall from his eye. With the dying man's sight now bleary, CALEN frowns.

              DANTE: Tell Xak congratulations... I think that crazy bastard might actually win this.

              His eyes begin to flicker now and his voice becomes shallow, almost non-existent. His breaths soften. He looks again at CALEN, seeing not the Old One anymore, but the man he took.

              DANTE: I love you...

              His eyes slowly become vacant and he takes one final breath, which extends to CALEN'S skin, making him shiver. CALEN looks at him, almost expectant. Then he realises, DANTE TURNPIKE was dead.

              He reaches out to wipe the tear from DANTE'S face and then he reaches to his own, feeling a lone rogue tear fall from his eye. He feels the tear on his finger and then he looks back to DANTE, confused.

              CALEN: I love you too.

              His voice this time is not robotic, stoic or without emotion. His voice was not his.

              It was LANCE speaking.

              CUT TO BLACK

              END OF ACT SIX


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                ACT SEVEN

                OPEN ON ? OLD MANHATTAN

                We are back in the year 3055 as the final evening begins to spread across the globe.

                KALIPSO approaches the old site of Battery Park where the ground was now a wasteland. Just offshore, the rubble of the Statue of Liberty lies and the buildings all around have been reduced to nothing more than cindering ash. In KALIPSO'S arms is the dying, incredibly weakened, K'ARTHIA-MA. She clutches the girl tightly, with longing.

                KALIPSO: K'arthia-Ma?! Are you listening to me? You must listen to what I am telling you.

                K'ARTHIA-MA: The ground is wet with death here...

                KALIPSO looks up at the skies now where one heavy thunderous cloud looms loud and heavy among the generally clear red sky. She looks at it, desperately.

                KALIPSO: (shouting to the cloud) I have brought her to you! I know the other mythologies have lost their followers and have since relinquished their rule but she is the last of the humans! She is your hope! She can believe in you! Please fight back for her!

                She pauses and gasps.

                KALIPSO: (whispering) Please help this world...

                She looks down at K'ARTHIA-MA now. The girl was almost dead. She cries and kneels down on the floor now, resting K'ARTHIA-MA on the ground but cradling her in her arms.

                KALIPSO: Child, please hang on.

                K'ARTHIA-MA cries now too.

                K'ARTHIA-MA: Why won't you let me go?

                KALIPSO: Because this story will give you and this world life again. I promise you.

                The sky rumbles again but not from the thundering cloud ? the warship was fast approaching the south of the city. KALIPSO looks up at the shadow, devastated.

                FLASH TO ? WHITE

                OPEN ON ? THE STILLNESS

                Back in the year 2011, as the world now hinges on the life of only two final Titans, the victors of the battles are now walking around the room, silently awaiting the arrival of the final few. BROGAN and MELODY talk nearby to DECLAN and CHERRY about their battle. LEIGH is silent off to one side, while SIN is stood with her grandmother ? shaking her head in doubt.

                SIN: Something's wrong, my parents aren't back ? we're still waiting on the guys in Devon and Dante.

                SEPHY: Calen should be here too.

                SIN: We need to do something. What if we were just lucky?

                SEPHY looks around and frowns, then her eyes are drawn to the staircase in the distance as ELISE and GABE hurry back into the room now. In their arms they are holding the bruised and battered TRAFFORD and HELEN. GABE looks ahead to SEPHY and SIN who they see first.

                GABE: Help us! They're hurt!

                SEPHY'S face drops.

                SEPHY: Goodness...

                She moves forward now with SIN. CHERRY gasps seeing HELEN hurt badly. Along with BROGAN, MELODY and DECLAN, she rushes to help. LEIGH watches with a saddened expression and moves slowly towards them.

                CHERRY: (to GABE) What happened?

                GABE: Those damn Titans pack a punch.

                ELISE grabs a hold of her brother and instantly begins healing his superficial wounds. SIN takes a hold of HELEN and uses light magic to heal her. She looks up to CHERRY.

                SIN: Will you help me?

                CHERRY smiles and nods - she moves to assist SIN.

                GABE stands, looking helpless and looks to BROGAN and MELODY.

                BROGAN: (supportively) Hey man, you did good ? well done.

                MELODY: They may be a bit ragged but they're alive, that's the main thing.

                GABE looks around, his eyes turn to SEPHY, LEIGH and DECLAN.

                GABE: Where are the others?

                Everyone pauses, unsure of what to say.

                CALEN (O/S): Dante is dead.

                Everyone turns and looks to him as CALEN re-enters The Stillness now too, alone. He looks cold, hardened and more like a robot than ever before. LEIGH looks away and closes her eyes for a moment, trying not to cry. BROGAN and MELODY sigh and look at one another. ELISE continues healing TRAFFORD who now slowly is regaining consciousness. SEPHY looks visibly upset and she nods, trying to remain strong. She breathes deeply.

                SEPHY: (suggestively) Did he...?

                CALEN: Crius has been eliminated.

                CALEN surveys the room now and looks at everyone.

                CALEN: It would appear that now only two remain. Where are they?

                BROGAN: They're still in Athens, we haven't heard anything.

                MELODY: Tethys said that the new day is coming.

                GABE: Judging by what we saw in Devon, I'd say that it was already here.

                HELEN suddenly re-awakens and SIN smiles. CHERRY hugs her and smiles at SIN, thankful.

                CALEN: Cronos is finalising the planetary shift. I can feel the plates of this realm turning back into their old formations. The other Titans facilitated this shift but it is Rhea who will be assisting him by channelling their capital's power.

                SEPHY moves forward now towards CALEN and the group turn to watch her.

                SEPHY: You have to let me go to them.

                CALEN shakes his head.

                CALEN: Your interference will not be wise, Persephone.

                SEPHY: I don't care - I will not let Rhea kill my daughter.

                LEIGH moves forward now and puts a hand on SEPHY'S arm.

                LEIGH: Sephy, you have to let them fight this one.

                SEPHY looks at her, confused.

                SEPHY: Why should I? Calen clearly helped Dante and look at Trafford and Helen. You cannot expect me to just allow this to happen to them?

                LEIGH: This is their fight, it always has been. You know what Rhea stands for ? your involvement would be catastrophic.

                SIN listens to this now and stands. She moves towards SEPHY.

                SEPHY: The outcome is already set, I am aware of the consequences.

                SEPHY looks at her grand-daughter who now stands beside her, lovingly and doting.

                SIN: (softly) I want to come too.

                DECLAN and CHERRY watch her as the others look on, doubtful. SEPHY turns back to CALEN now with an angry look in her eye.

                SEPHY: Let us go to them.

                The camera closes in on CALEN'S face again as a moment of doubt spasms through his supposed impervious shell.

                CUT TO ? ATHENS

                Torrential rain continues to beat down around the deserted capital city of Greece. The camera focuses on a large thirty foot high ray of light that hovers above the chasm in the centre of the city. Beneath the ray of light lies the wreck of Olympus Inc.'s headquarters. As the camera closes in on the ray of light, it can be seen that the light is in fact a woman, a Titan. She is RHEA, the queen of the Titans, wife to CRONOS and mother of the gods and goddesses of the Ancient Greek world. She is incredibly beautiful, clothed only in light. The rain that falls around her is burnt away instantly by the light. In the far off distance, she hears a deafening moan of a male voice carried by the wind. She smiles.

                RHEA: I hear you, my love.

                She is talking to CRONOS.

                RHEA: Your grasp on the world is at hand. All that you need now do is channel me here at our capital and turn this world into the wondrous ancient plane that it once was.

                XAK (O/S): That won't be happening.

                RHEA'S eyes narrow now as she turns to see a sodden XAK and CHARLIE standing about twenty feet from her on the rain beaten tarmac of the road. She laughs.

                RHEA: Xakiel Thorn, here at my side. Have you come to destroy me?

                CHARLIE: We both have.

                RHEA: My dear, you really think that your actions will keep this world as it is?

                CHARLIE shrugs.

                CHARLIE: Right about now I'm thinking that my friends have all but destroyed your brothers and sisters. That leaves just you and your beau and you don't look so bright.

                RHEA lowers her eyes and moves to land on the ground gracefully. Her light shines brightly, causing the air to heat. XAK and CHARLIE move backwards.

                RHEA: I find it odd that you and your friends have made it this far, for that much you have my admiration. My siblings have not succeeded in ending your lives but they still contributed greatly to the creation of the old world.

                XAK: It's not here yet.

                RHEA: Oh but it is. The other mythologies all cower at our power and soon you shall too. Nothing will stop us now.

                XAK looks at her with an immense sense of determination.

                XAK: Once again, you're wrong.

                RHEA smiles at him.

                RHEA: Then let us see how you both fair when you are faced with a true Queen.

                She rushes forward now towards them and XAK and CHARLIE dive to different sides of the road to avoid the grandeur of her large presence. Instinctively, RHEA moves after CHARLIE. She throws a graceful punch which CHARLIE blocks with a barrier of magic. RHEA retaliates quickly and backhands her across the face sending CHARLIE soaring back into a building, breaking the bricks which hold the wall together. She hurries towards her again but CHARLIE quickly recovers and dodges a blast from RHEA'S pure light energy, which destroys the building. Infuriated, RHEA stamps her foot, denting the ground and she turns to face CHARLIE again. She finds herself with XAK in front of her. Un-intimidated by her size, XAK pulls a knife from his belt and throws it at RHEA'S ankle. The knife barely dents her skin and she moves to blast XAK with a bolt of her energy. XAK holds up his hands and using ELISE'S ether, combined with his power as a demi-god, he creates a powerful barrier. RHEA relents, grunting in anger.

                RHEA: Borrowed ether from your realm, it will not last.

                XAK notices that the more power RHEA uses, the less bright she shines. He looks up at her and smiles.

                XAK: Looks like yours won't either.

                Then, from behind XAK, CHARLIE hovers into the air, her arms outstretched. Her body dazzles with energy and she move up until she is eye level with the giant Titan.

                CHARLIE: And there's two of us.

                She smirks at RHEA and then she turns her grasp on her magic towards RHEA and extreme bursts of energy emit from her. RHEA is hit by the full force of CHARLIE'S power and it is enough to topple the Titan momentarily. RHEA'S ether stops flowing. CHARLIE lowers herself to the ground and moves to XAK who stops the barrier. She looks at him, concerned.

                CHARLIE: You ok?

                He nods.

                XAK: You?

                CHARLIE: Brick wall got nothing on me, babe.

                She notices RHEA standing again.

                CHARLIE: Look sharp.

                Both of them stand ready as RHEA glares at them, her energy burning brighter.

                RHEA: Interesting tricks, but they will not sustain.

                She hurries forward again as the rain continues to fall. With a swift wave of her hand, a bolt of fire surges towards CHARLIE, but she manages to deflect it ? hiding behind a trash can for safety against the fringing embers. RHEA then lunges at XAK, diving forward. XAK rolls away but turns, back handing a wave of frozen energy towards her. The rain around her freezes instantly and it falls like bullets through her ether, piercing her heavenly skin. She winces at the pain and then turns to him. She kicks him hard and he flies backwards across the road. He coughs, winded and lies in pain, struggling to regain his breath.

                CHARLIE hurries at her now and jumps forward. RHEA notices and grunts in distaste. She reaches out and grabs CHARLIE with a single grasp. CHARLIE screams in pain as the burning energy surrounding RHEA begins to burn her. XAK feels her scream and moves to stand, though he clearly is still injured ? blood seeping from his mouth.

                XAK: (weak) Charlie...

                RHEA laughs, reaches down and picks up XAK in the same manner. He cries out at the searing pain and she holds them high above the ground so they are side by side in her hands. They both look to be in immense pain. She gazes upon them with her brightened eyes.

                RHEA: And there we have it, the great heroes of the new world come to their end.

                They look at her now, unable to defend themselves ? completely helpless.

                RHEA: Tell me great demi-gods - what is it that will save you now?

                RHEA then tightens her grip on XAK and CHARLIE and they both look at one another in acceptance that they have failed. RHEA'S brightness burns with darkness as an evil smile spreads across her face. Then, oddly, RHEA cries out in pain revealing a great deafening shrill shriek. XAK and CHARLIE look at her, confused as the ether around the Titan bulges and fades erratically. Slowly, RHEA'S size begins to deteriorate and her grip on XAK and CHARLIE releases. XAK and CHARLIE land on the ground and splutter to catch their breath. They look behind RHEA, something catching their attention.

                SIN and SEPHY are stood behind RHEA, blasting her with powerful energy ? they both look strong and look down at XAK and CHARLIE, smiling. They smile back, thankful. XAK pulls CHARLIE to her feet and rushes to them as quickly as possible.

                With RHEA cut off from the ether, SIN now blasts her with an extra bolt which sends RHEA backwards and rolling across the road. She lies on the floor, her body covered from neck to calves in burning embers of her ether. SIN and SEPHY stop the energy flowing and move to XAK and CHARLIE, hugging them both.

                SIN: Are you ok?

                CHARLIE: Minor wounds, we're fine.

                XAK: Why are you both here?

                SEPHY: I knew something was wrong. Dante's dead and I feared the worst.

                CHARLIE gasps.

                CHARLIE: Dante...

                XAK looks to CHARLIE but their small moment of peace is interrupted by the more natural laughter from RHEA. She stands with ease now and looks at them. Though she is human sized, she still retains a strong intimidating presence to them as they now turn to face her, prepared for battle. RHEA eyes SEPHY, brushing some of the more intense embers which are attached to her body to the ground. The rain dampens her long enflamed hair and her white hot eyes burn through the wet air.

                RHEA: Persephone, my grand-daughter ? the last goddess of my race. You have done so much to destroy us all and yet you still prevail?

                SEPHY: I would have thought my eternal persistence would have been obvious to you, Rhea.

                She moves in front of XAK, CHARLIE and SIN, protectively.

                RHEA: But what do you fight for now? Do you not feel the hold that Cronos has on the world as he once did? Do you not feel in the ether, the millions of lives falling to him now? What left is there to fight for?

                SEPHY: If only you could comprehend.

                Then, from around her, XAK, CHARLIE and SIN hurry forward and charge at RHEA. The Titan moves forward and she throws a punch at SIN, who blocks it. RHEA turns to XAK who lands a flurry of five blows to her face. Barely bruised she retaliates and kicks him back. CHARLIE summons a ball of concentrated ether and blasts RHEA with it. RHEA deflects the energy with her palm and sends it soaring back to CHARLIE who dodges it. SEPHY watches on the sidelines, surveying the entire scene with worry.

                SIN then moves in again and flips over the Titan. She back hands RHEA across the face with all her strength and energy begins crackling over her skin. The energy singes RHEA'S skin, which she seemingly delights in. She laughs and punches SIN sharply in the face and then again in the abdomen. She kicks her back into her mother and turns to XAK. She extends her arm and blasts a bolt of fire towards him. He jumps into the air, spinning sideways and dodges the flames. He rolls to the ground and sweeps his legs, knocking her to the ground. RHEA grunts as CHARLIE and SIN hurry forward. SIN kicks her in the stomach, sending RHEA flying through the air.

                The Titan lands but collapses to her knees, weakened. She looks up to see XAK, CHARLIE and SIN surrounding her. She looks at them all, breathing heavily - trapped inside their formation. A small droplet of blood begins seeping from RHEA'S cut lip. She touches the blood and laughs. She turns to SEPHY who watches in the background.

                RHEA: You know what this means, don't you Persephone?

                SEPHY nods slowly so that only the Titan can see her. RHEA smiles.

                RHEA: Very well.

                XAK looks down at her.

                XAK: It's over Rhea.

                She looks at him.

                RHEA: You will not find me begging to retain my existence, boy.

                CHARLIE: We wouldn't listen either way.

                SIN: And when we're done with you, we will treat Cronos to the same.

                RHEA sniggers softly.

                RHEA: You shall fail, this world has changed forever.

                She sighs and breathes softly, thinking of her brothers and sisters. She looks up to the rain and feels every droplet.

                RHEA: (softly) Forgive me, my love. I have failed you...

                Then, the camera pulls back and in quick succession, XAK, CHARLIE and SIN all blast RHEA with the remaining ether in their bodies.

                RHEA closes her eyes and so does SEPHY. RHEA lets the energy consume her and tear her apart. Slowly, the Queen is destroyed in the massive eruption of energy. A large implosion occurs, breaking the road in two. Then, an even larger explosion transpires, sending XAK, CHARLIE and SIN flying backwards. The faint embers that remain of RHEA float to the ground slowly, extinguished finally by the never ending torrents of rain that pound the ground.

                For a moment, all that can be heard is the rain and the faint moan of mourning from the last remaining Titan in a far away continent.

                The camera pans around the ground as XAK and SIN recover from the blow, slightly hurt. The camera then passes to CHARLIE who slowly stands and looks around, struggling to see through the rain. Her eyes pass to XAK and SIN who are helping one another. She then looks to the spot where RHEA stood. Then she looks to where he mother is, but she isn't stood. SEPHY is lying on the floor in great pain. CHARLIE'S face drops.

                CHARLIE: (screaming) Mom!

                She runs forward, skidding on her knees to her mother's side. She picks her head up and cradles SEPHY in her arms. XAK and SIN see and run towards them both.

                CHARLIE: (panicking) Mom?! Mom? What is it? What's wrong?

                SEPHY struggles to capture her breath.

                SEPHY: I haven't got long left, my dear...

                CHARLIE: Why?! Why?

                SEPHY: Rhea was the mother of the gods and goddesses. With her dead, she takes with her the remaining that survive... I am the only one left.

                CHARLIE begins to sob, shaking her head slowly.

                CHARLIE: (breathless) No... there has to be a way...

                XAK and SIN arrive and watch the scene, devastated. He holds on to his daughter. CHARLIE clings to SEPHY'S deteriorating body as a soft glow begins to surround the goddess and small flowers grow for one last time beneath her. SEPHY looks at her, desperately.

                SEPHY: I regret not one moment of my life, Charlie. Not bringing you into it, or fighting to keep you here. These last thirty years have been the most tumultuous of all eternity, but having your father, you, Xak, Sin and your friends around me...

                The camera closes in on SEPHY'S face now as she struggles to find the words. She breathes quickly, saddened.

                SEPHY: (quietly) I've never felt more alive. And I have you to thank for showing me what life really is.

                CHARLIE: (crying) No, mom... please just hold on! We'll get you back to Calen, he can help!

                SEPHY shakes her head slowly.

                SEPHY: You know there can be no transferences, darling. For you to succeed, I must fade.

                CHARLIE: Then I don't want to succeed.

                SEPHY grips on to her daughter's arm with everything she has.

                SEPHY: You must. It is imperative that you stop Cronos ? whether I am at your side or not. There is nothing you can do for me now. Find Cronos before this world turns feral once more. He is no longer defended by the other eleven Titans, you can reach him and stop him for good.

                CHARLIE: (entreatingly) But I want you with me!

                SEPHY ignores her fruitless pleas. She smiles softly at her ? the glow begins to consume SEPHY, making her look truly heavenly. XAK and SIN watch with tears in her eyes.

                SEPHY: My only sadness is that I will not see the illustrious goddess that you are going to be - because she is going to be an unstoppable force in the heavens.

                CHARLIE holds on to her mother's dying weak body tightly, desperate to keep her.

                CHARLIE: I don't want to say goodbye to you, I can't do this without you.

                SEPHY smiles softly, feeling her life quickly fade now.

                SEPHY: (whispering) You'd be surprised what you can do when you lose that which you deem most precious, Charis...

                Then, SEPHY'S breaths begin to stop.

                SEPHY: (almost silent) My darling Charis...

                CHARLIE holds on to SEPHY now as her body dies, rocking her backwards and forwards. CHARLIE gasps for breath, devastated. The camera pulls back to show CHARLIE rocking her mother's fading body. XAK and SIN stand behind her, numb - the rain beating around them.

                CHARLIE: (singing, quietly) Hush little baby, don't say a word...

                SONG: OLAFUR ARNALDS - 3704 3837

                As she sings, another song begins to sound over in the softest and saddest tone.

                CHARLIE: (continuing) ... Daddy's gonna buy you a mockingbird...

                Unable to continue singing the song that SEPHY once sung to her, CHARLIE realises that she is now holding on to nothing but air, as SEPHY'S body fades completely away from the world. CHARLIE looks down at the flowers her mother's body left and she clutches on to them, tearing them from the ground. She breathes heavily and angrily as XAK kneels down beside her and the music begins to take a strange twist in its tone.

                XAK: (softly) Charlie... I'm so sorry...

                She turns to him, her sodden hair hanging over her grieving eyes.

                CHARLIE: (slowly, deep) I'm going to tear him apart...

                She crushes the flowers in her hands and then stands. She moves in between XAK and SIN and begins walking down the broken road away from the chasm, through the storm. XAK looks at SIN and then they follow after her.

                The camera pulls back and watches them walking away as the music turns loud and dark. As the melody breaks momentarily in quick succession, scenes of SEPHY smiling can be seen before she fades forever with the end of the song.

                FADE TO ? THE STILLNESS

                As the music ends, news of the goddess's death has spread throughout The Stillness and XAK, CHARLIE and SIN stand in front of the remainder of The Golden Acolytes:


                CALEN stands, looking at the ground with indifference, to the side of the group.

                Everyone looks at XAK, CHARLIE and SIN with a sense of strength infused into their souls ? given to them by the recent tragic deaths of DANTE and SEPHY. The camera closes in on XAK.

                XAK: We are all that's left.

                He pauses.

                XAK: We are the final defence that stands between peace and chaos. When we leave this place the world will be different but we can save it, one final time.

                He nods.

                XAK: Many great heroes have given their lives for us to get this far, so we do this for them. We do this for them and for the thousands who are dying around the world now as this planet shifts back to how it was millennia ago. There is just one thing that stands in our way and he is somewhere in the desert in Nevada, guarding a place he feels is going to be the birth of the new world.

                XAK breathes deeply.

                XAK: So I say we go and tear him from that place and claim what is rightfully this world's natural evolution.

                He looks at his friends, each of them individually.

                XAK: I can't say how this world will change, but I know that if you're all at the helm, we can do some amazing things. Look at the good we've done and all of that as humans and mortals. Imagine what we can do with more power.

                The camera passes over TRAFFORD and ELISE.

                XAK: The people we can heal.

                Now the camera moves passed BROGAN, MELODY and CHERRY.

                XAK: The evil we can stop.

                The camera moves past LEIGH now.

                XAK: The lost that we can guide.

                The camera looks upon GABE, HELEN and DECLAN.

                XAK: And the youth we can teach.

                The camera moves back to XAK, CHARLIE and SIN now.

                XAK: We've learnt so much over these past ten years and it's time now to show what we have truly become.

                XAK looks at CHARLIE and SIN.

                XAK: I love you all deeply for the ways you've fought for us, for each other and for the way you believe in the future, even though it may not hold the people in it that we each want.

                XAK turns back to them again.

                XAK: All you need do to get that future is come with me into the shadows, one final time.

                Then, the room fills with a blinding white light.

                FLASH TO ? NEVADA
                DUNE ? EXT.DESERT ? NIGHT

                The light dies down as a strong whistling wind echoes through the desolate desert in Nevada. Though the star-less night reigns above the sands, there is a dark red hue to the sky. The area is full of despair and sorrow as en entire mythology hangs in the air, uncertain of where it will settle. XAK, CHARLIE and SIN move on through the desert, staring around them at the desert wind which is unbearably thick with the stagnant remains of the Greek mythology.

                XAK looks to CHARLIE and smiles and then he looks behind them. The Golden Acolytes are stood behind them, all of them armed with an array of weaponry and powerful magic. CALEN is amongst them, though he does not seem to wish to act in their favour or fight for them. He nods at them all and then turns back to the chasm nearby. He glares it with deep anger.

                XAK: (shouting) I killed your lover...

                The ground then rumbles with a deep angry cry of hate nearby. The Golden Acolytes look around, trying to find a source of the sound. There is nothing but darkness.

                XAK: (shouting) And all your brothers and sisters are gone!

                The voice roars again through the night.

                XAK: (shouting) So come and face me, because this ends tonight!

                The voice roars pure wrath and the night sky throbs in fear.

                VOICE (O/S): Xakiel Thorn...

                The camera closes in on XAK, CHARLIE and SIN but as it nears them, it rotates to show a great shape slumping out of the darkness, heading their way. A deafening vibration sounds through the desert with every step it takes. The Golden Acolytes look up at the creature that arrives, backing up in its overwhelming presence. It is the final Titan, CRONOS.

                He is not like the others. Surpassing them in size by nearly fifty feet, the great behemoth King of the Ancient Greek world looms above them in what seems to be a sluggish, androgynous body. His entire body is made out of the spirit of the mythology itself. His constitution ripples with the ghosts of the defeated adversaries. His bones are constructed of the residue of the monsters and his muscles consist of the lower gods. His arms and hands boast the Fates themselves and in his toes lurk the Protogenoi. His brain is infused with the souls of the Olympians and his heart is made of his siblings. His terrifying face looms his own dark expression as he looks down on high at the mortals beneath him that have sought the death of his world for so long.

                CRONOS: You have come to me.

                His old hybrid voice is made up of all the ghosts they once fought. XAK stands his ground, despite being intimidated by the Titan's size.

                XAK: I thought it was time to end this.

                CRONOS leers closer to him.

                CRONOS: This fight will be the last either of us shall endure.

                XAK looks at CALEN, confused and then turns back to CRONOS.

                XAK: What do you mean?

                CRONOS laughs a deep archaic sound.

                CRONOS: Did your Old One not tell you? The Third Prophecy is not just your test, it is mine.

                XAK'S expression loses its confidence slightly. LEIGH looks at CALEN, angry.

                CRONOS: If I fall against you and your Acolytes, then you shall claim this world. But if I take just your soul, Xakiel Thorn, then this world returns to the Golden Age forever.

                XAK shakes his head.

                XAK: It changes nothing. If you think I will cower from you because the truth demands one of us dead then so be it. Let's finish this, Cronos, once and for all. Man versus Titan.

                CRONOS smirks and leers closer, impressed with XAK'S bold demeanour and bravery.

                CRONOS: As you wish, Shadow Stalker. Let us finally see how the loves and gifts of a foreign demi-god truly compare when faced with the King of Mythology.

                SIN waves her hand now and out of nowhere, she summons in her father's hands the great sword he used to battle against her in the ruins of Sunnydale, all those years ago. He grips it, feeling the power of hope surging through this sword. CHARLIE then waves her hand and imbues the blade with her magic. XAK'S eyes burn brightly, feeling her gift.

                CRONOS now suddenly lunges forward and XAK holds the sword in front of him, prepared and ready for his final fight.

                XAK: (with the power of CHARLIE and SIN) Lets...

                CUT TO BLACK

                END OF ACT SEVEN


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                  ACT EIGHT

                  OPEN ON ? NEVADA
                  DUNE ? EXT.DESERT ? NIGHT

                  Across the desert in Nevada, man and monster clash for the last time.

                  XAK rushes forward with his magically charged sword and even though the almighty CRONOS looms fifty feet overhead, he does not relent. CRONOS lifts his right foot and swiftly bring it down upon XAK but he dives forward and misses the constricting move. He swings around and slices at CRONOS'S ankle, causing the Titan to cry out in pain. He turns and roars at XAK. He brings his fists down but XAK cartwheels to the side and then jumps on top of the hand. He drives the sword hard down into CRONOS'S hand and chops off one of his fingers. The Titan grunts in pain and XAK quickly runs up his arm as he momentarily takes a breath to recover from his wound. XAK brings the blade down on CRONOS'S arm and the magic given to it by CHARLIE singes his skin, igniting a clear energy burn from wrist to elbow. Enraged, he turns his arm and shakes XAK off of him. Momentarily losing his balance, XAK falls off of the Titan, falling down into the sand.

                  BROGAN and LEIGH rush forward now and together they catch him. LEIGH pushes them away from the scene as CRONOS brings another hand around to bat them. The three of them move away now and while CRONOS moves after him, two more contestants move forward ? SIN and CHERRY.

                  CHERRY pulls out a large battle axe and when CRONOS makes a grab for SIN, she embeds the axe in his palm causing him to recoil. He pulls back and with his other hand he withdraws the axe from his skin and flicks it back at her. SIN steps in front of her and stops the axe with a burst of energy. She smirks at CRONOS and clutches a fist causing the energy that is holding the axe to burst and the axe darts forward back at CRONOS with immense speed. The Titan is too big and dumb to notice as the axe pierces his eye, blinding him. He reaches up and clutches his face, crying out with great grievous roar. SIN nods, smiling at CHERRY and the two of them hurry forward towards him as he staggers backwards across the desert.

                  Then, he removes his hands from his eyes revealing pure darkness looking down at them all. He grunts and begins whispering to himself. He extends his now four fingered hand towards them and an immense burst of energy flows from his core. SIN looks at it, concerned. She moves to knock CHERRY to the side and then she dives and they both narrowly miss the blast. The energy however slices through the sand and creates a large rift in the ground. The sand around the women falls down into the rift and it takes SIN with it. CHERRY digs her feet deep into the stable ground around her. She reaches for SIN, pulling her back.

                  CHERRY: Not letting you go that easy...

                  SIN looks up at her thankful as CHERRY pulls her to safety. Suddenly, CHERRY keels over in pain and collapses on to the sand. She reveals a deep burn on her stomach, where CRONOS'S energy has wounded her. TRAFFORD and ELISE hurry forward to help her as SIN moves her away from the now stabilised ravine. As TRAFFORD and ELISE immediately begin healing her, SIN stands, ready to protect them from another attack. However, he has become distracted by three more people. While on the floor, XAK can be seen re-grouping with CHARLIE, BROGAN and LEIGH ? MELODY, DECLAN and HELEN move forward. DECLAN looks at them both.

                  DECLAN: Go!

                  MELODY: Hope you're quick, kid...

                  SIN watches concerned as both MELODY and HELEN pull out two large whips and move to either side of the Titan. DECLAN pulls out a large handgun and aims at CRONOS who is busy looking at MELODY and HELEN.

                  DECLAN: (shouting at him) Hey dude!

                  CRONOS looks down at him now.

                  DECLAN: Ever faced a grad-student?

                  He smirks and points the gun at CRONOS'S shoulder and shoots. The bullet bounces off of the Titan but it is enough to anger him. He lunges forward for DECLAN with his hand, which lowers his right arm. As DECLAN back flips to avoid him, MELODY snaps her whip to his arm and it loops around his wrist. Missing DECLAN, CRONOS brings his arm back up, bringing with him the Slayer as she holds on to the other end of the whip. She swings up on to his arm and lands gracefully on his bicep. CRONOS notices and moves to swipe her away again but he is quickly distracted as DECLAN shoots him twice in his shins. Although it is not enough to wound him, CRONOS is clearly angered by the gesture and slams his fist down on to the ground. DECLAN dives to the side, missing the crushing blow and HELEN mirrors MELODY'S skills in gaining access to CRONOS'S upper arm. The Titan groans in displeasure as the woman scale his body and moves to swipe them off like ants crawling on his skin. MELODY makes her way to the nape of his neck and she is soon joined by HELEN while the others watch from below.

                  MELODY pulls out what looks to be a large metal stake and she smirks to HELEN. Both of them drive it down into his neck and with their combined strength they pierce his skin. A deafening roar of pain drowns the sky, causing the redness of it to swell in anguish. He reaches around to knock them off but HELEN jumps on MELODY'S back and the Slayer holds on to the stake with all her weight while it is still embedded deep into the back of the Titan's neck. The combined weight of the women causes the stake to unzip his back as if it were leathered silk, revealing a gaping wound down his spine. He buckles forward in pain slightly but as quickly as the wound opens, it closes and he spins, knocking the women from his back. CHARLIE widens her eyes as she sees them both falling through the air. She holds out a hand and steadies them both with a net of magic. She settles them to the ground and the group move together as one unit ? even CHERRY who has now been healed by the Artair siblings. They look up at CRONOS as he looms down on them, raging with resentment.

                  CRONOS: This insolence will not be tolerated ? you will accomplish nothing but superficial wounds. Your assault on my mythology has been for nothing.

                  XAK looks at his friends who all ready their weapons. He swings the sword in his hands and it burns brightly with hope.

                  XAK: Then how come we're still standing?

                  XAK roars a battle cry now and the others join him. Together, XAK, CHARLIE, SIN and The Golden Acolytes all burst forward as an unstoppable unitary force.

                  LEIGH reaches for a bow and arrow hanging off her back and she pulls back, arming it. In a quick succession, she fires three arrows at the Titan. As the arrows fly, SIN imbues them with power ether and they slice straight through the Titan's abdomen and out the other side. He recoils slightly and then blasts a bolt of energy designed for LEIGH. She looks at it concerned but jumps forward and rolls across the sand, narrowly missing the blast.

                  BROGAN dives over the energy and rushes forward, running with immense speed. He grabs on to his weapon - a large mace attached to the end of a strong chain. He wipes it into the blood that has dripped on to the sand from CRONOS'S various wounds and then swings it over his head. He hurls it towards the Titan's knees and, coaxed in his blood, the mace hits both of his knees, rebounding off one to the other. Deep wounds open in his legs, instigated by the force of the weapon as well as the barrier breaking blood soaked spikes. CRONOS grumbles and falls to his knees with an almighty thud, narrowly missing the movements of CHERRY and DECLAN.

                  TRAFFORD and ELISE move forward now and she turns to him and nods smiling. They hold their hands out to CRONOS'S head. They concentrate with all their might and their usual healing powers twist and distort into powers of hatred and infliction. CRONOS blinks his one remaining good eye and shakes his head, feeling their powers take effect. He then collapses to the ground, clutching his head trying to tear their hold on him free. He bashes his fist repeatedly on the ground but DECLAN and CHERRY hurry to them, trying to anchor them to the ground. HELEN almost topples and holds on to MELODY as they try to stabilise their movements.

                  XAK, smirks, and rushes forward with the sword still in his hands. He runs to the Titan as he hits on the ground, protesting the infliction from the Artair siblings. Roaring with determination, XAK drives the sword through the hand of CRONOS, causing him to cry further in pain. He looks down at XAK and barks in distaste.

                  CRONOS: No more...

                  He reaches with his spare hand and snaps the magical sword in half as if it were paper. Ignoring the pain from the unrelenting Healers he turns his attention to them and roars. He discards the two pieces of metal their way and CHARLIE gasps. She forces them to the ground with a powerful wave of energy to dodge the deathly attack but in doing so, she stops their hold on the Titan's mind. MELODY and HELEN hurry forward and pull both of them to safety as CRONOS laughs, regaining power over them. CHARLIE looks to XAK and shakes her head.

                  CHARLIE: It's not enough, we can't keep this up.

                  XAK: No we can do this.

                  CHARLIE: We can't, there's not enough power. Melee is too weak and Sin and I don't have enough magic.

                  SIN approaches them now and shakes her head.

                  SIN: We can't expect Trafford and Elise to keep up their powers either - it's too much for them.

                  She gestures to them as they look to be wounded slightly from the saving energy blow that CHARLIE dealt them. The others look exhausted too. XAK breathes heavily, searching the ground for an answer. Then, as he looks down the red light from the sky shows his shadow stretching dark and long behind him. His eyes widen and he looks to CHARLIE realising.

                  XAK: Xakiel...

                  CHARLIE looks at him, incredulous.

                  CHARLIE: What?

                  XAK: We need Xakiel, he can stop him.

                  CHARLIE: He won't be enough.

                  SIN nods.

                  SIN: Not alone he won't be. How about if had us too, mom?

                  CHARLIE looks at her daughter, touched by the maternal sentiment. She looks at XAK.

                  CHARLIE: Could we, is it even possible?

                  SIN: You've done it before.

                  CHARLIE: But that was just him.

                  SIN: I'm the link between you both - that beast is in me too. Focus your magic on me and I'll do the rest.

                  CHARLIE: How?

                  SIN: I'll bring you into the lake.

                  XAK: Can you handle that?

                  SIN looks at him and smiles.

                  SIN: I was born to.

                  She looks briefly at DECLAN who is protecting CHERRY from the approaching Titan. XAK looks at CHARLIE and smiles. He then turns to BROGAN.

                  XAK: Ea!

                  BROGAN looks over to him, desperately.

                  XAK: Hold him off for a few seconds.

                  BROGAN: A few seconds? Dude, done.

                  MELODY hits him, annoyed.

                  MELODY: Don't speak too soon, husband.

                  BROGAN and the others move forward now as XAK, CHARLIE and SIN move to hold one another. XAK closes his eyes, in the middle of three. SIN begins to think deeply about the lake of her consciousness and the depths of her powers. CHARLIE, under her breath, mutters the spell she once chanted in a subway in Manhattan. Slowly, the sands around the three begin to rise and cover them in a whirlwind.

                  The Golden Acolytes look between them and CRONOS, unsure of what it is they are supposed to be doing. CRONOS too stops and eyes them, confused.

                  CRONOS: What trickery have you brought?

                  LEIGH smirks.

                  LEIGH: You may be the pillar of your mythology's origins, Cronos. But now it's time for you meet theirs.

                  CRONOS looks down at her angry but he finds himself fascinated by the movements of XAK, CHARLIE and SIN.

                  Together they hold one another tightly, drawing on the power of one another to create a composite being from deep within each of them. CHARLIE'S head reaches to the sky and she screams, an illustrious light emitting from her eyes. SIN follows but static energy forces its way out of hers. XAK is the last and pure darkness erupts from his eye sockets. Their screams soon distort into a great deafening roar as the light, the dark and the energy merge together and consume them. A flurry of sand surrounds them and as it settles, The Golden Acolytes step back, clearly shaken by what is before them. MELODY'S face drops but not in fear, in amazement.

                  MELODY: (in awe) Holy crap... he doesn't stand a chance.

                  She laughs as the camera cuts to CRONOS'S face; an element of fear spreads across his expression. The camera then turns and shows the being that has formed through the composite of the demi-gods and their daughter.

                  The being is of almost equal size to CRONOS. Its grey scaled body ripples with great thunderous energy, which complements the wondrous grandeur of its heavenly muscles underneath. Its large three pronged tail whips through the air as its large powerful legs anchor it to the desert. Passing up its body, two large powerful wings fork from its back and its head somehow comprises the expression of not only XAKIEL, but of its three souls ? XAK THORN, CHARLIE ADRASTOS and their daughter SIN. The dragon looks down at The Golden Acolytes, some of whom look at it with indifference but it does nothing but stamp its foot at them and breathe protectively a burst of small steam from its nostrils. It then turns to CRONOS and growls deeply. The Titan looks at the dragon almost with a sense of pride.

                  CRONOS: Now, this will be a fight that legends shall be based on. Come, let us unfold this prophecy, beast.

                  The dragon roars deafeningly at CRONOS and takes to the skies. The Golden Acolytes look on helplessly. BROGAN moves to join the fight but he feels LEIGH'S grasp on his arm. He looks back at her.

                  LEIGH: We've done enough, this is their fight now.

                  She smiles.

                  LEIGH: Let them do this.

                  He looks from her to the sky as the silhouette of the grey dragon hovers against the red sky. The dragon moves for the Titan. CRONOS, with exuberant speed dives at the dragon and tackles it to the ground, out of the sky. The Golden Acolytes group together, hiding far away as the two skyscraper warriors roll away from their imminent danger. The dragon roars with its composite voice and bites CRONOS in his neck, digging its razor teeth deep into his skin. The Titan roars back and punches the dragon repeatedly. It grumbles in anger and then spins, whipping CRONOS away with its three different tails. CRONOS falls through the air but as he does he pulls all the energy from deep within his heart and blasts it at the dragon, laughing maniacally.

                  The monstrous reptile recoils from the blast and covers its body majestically in its two large wings. The energy rebounds off of the wings' skin, discarding the energy into the atmosphere. The dragon then jumps into the sky once again and unfurls its wings, hovering in the sky. It looks down at CRONOS and roars once again. Deep from within its lungs, a fire brews. Steam begins to pour from its nostrils and then with unimaginable force, it blasts an energy fuelled beam of fire from its mouth. CRONOS holds up his hands to stop the blast with his own ether powers. He grunts in pain and tries anchoring his feet into the ground with all his might, but the power he has is not enough and the fire burns his body and his skin. He cries out in pain as the dragon moves closer and the fire begins to lose its charge.

                  CRONOS staggers on the spot for a moment, unrecognisably scarred and burnt, with an almighty groan, the Titan falls back and collapses to the sand. The dragon lands and moves closer to him, snarling and growling. The dragon clambers on to CRONOS'S still body and looks down at the steaming flesh. Suddenly, CRONOS'S one eye opens and looks at the dragon. He grabs it by the neck and squeezes tightly. The Titan moves to stand while the dragon struggles and shrieks to be released. The Golden Acolytes look on, astonished.

                  CRONOS: Your exile to the stars shall expiate the race of humans from this planet and be the chrysalis for my world's rebirth.

                  CRONOS spins now, with all remaining strength, the dragon still in his grasp. As he spins on the fifth rotation, he releases his grip and the dragon soars through the air silently and disappears into the dark red sky above.

                  MELODY watches and gasps.

                  MELODY: (devastated) No...

                  TRAFFORD shakes his head and grabs his sister protectively. The triumphant laugh of CRONOS echoes throughout the globe and he turns his smouldering body towards The Golden Acolytes. He looks down on them with a gleaming demonic smile.

                  CRONOS: Bow down to your new king, for the triumph of the Grecians is the denouement of this tale.

                  BROGAN looks at the Titan and then out of the corner of his eye, he spots something dart across the sky ? silhouetted perfectly against the light of the moon. He smiles and looks at CRONOS.

                  BROGAN: Might wanna re-think that ending, big guy.

                  CRONOS snarls and leers down at BROGAN but then the almighty composite roar of a heavenly creature fills the sky. The Titan's face drops and he turns to see the movement of a weapon flying through the air. The weapon was the bestial embodiment of XAK, CHARLIE and SIN. The dragon was alive. It flies with immense speed, its milky eyes transfixed on its target. Its wings are held behind its back as it cuts through the air. The camera looks down on the creature from up above as it moves with such speed that its own shadow gets left behind. Cutting to the side, the camera shows the moment when the weapon hits its target. The dragon sharpens its body into a point and slices through CRONOS'S chest and straight out the other side. CRONOS gasps and intakes a gigantic amount of breath before collapsing to his knees. The Golden Acolytes watch, their hearts pounding against their chests. The camera shows a gaping hole in CRONOS'S body. Slowly, the Titan turns and looks to the dragon which has now landed on the dunes at the edge of the chasm, where he originally crawled back to the world.

                  CRONOS: (weak) How is this to pass?

                  The dragon looks at him now and holds up one of its claws, revealing a large, bulging, still beating heart. It looks to the heart and then opens its mouth to speak

                  XAK, CHARLIE AND SIN: You are a potentate to this world, Cronos.

                  Their voices sound as one from within the beast

                  XAK, CHARLIE AND SIN: It is time the ordure of your mythology was extirpated once and for all.

                  With one callous grip, the dragon then crushes the Titan's heart and the ether begins to seep from CRONOS'S wounds. He cries out in pain, tearing the skies and the earth apart. The dragon discards the heart into the chasm and CRONOS'S body begins to fall apart as he and the rest of the mythology inside of him begins to dissipate in a grand final symphonic implosion. As the implosion draws to a close, a blinding explosion erupts in the desert, sending the dragon flying back into the chasm and The Golden Acolytes soaring across the sands. A shockwave spreads throughout the world and the heavens above until all that is left is silence. The camera pans around the sand dunes of the desert as The Golden Acolytes crawl to their feet, coughing and spluttering. They look to one another for support and then look up to the skies in shock. BROGAN looks to the chasm, desperately.

                  BROGAN: No...

                  He clambers to his feet and rushes to the chasm edge as three people begin to climb out of the hole, their skin buzzing and brimming with a white glow. The three people are XAK, CHARLIE and SIN ? back in their human skin. They look full of energy, about to burst. BROGAN takes a step back as the chasm closes. His wife and the others join him and they look at XAK, CHARLIE and SIN breathing heavily.

                  BROGAN: I think you did it...

                  XAK looks at his oldest friend and nods.

                  XAK: I feel strange.

                  CALEN (O/S): Look around you.

                  Everyone turns now to the observer of the scene, CALEN. He walks towards them, gesturing to the ground and the sky above it. The sky and the ground blur together. SIN looks at it with remembrance of a similar scene when she tapped into her darkness in Los Angeles all those years ago. She looks back to CALEN.

                  SIN: But we won, we stopped them.

                  CALEN: The time to act is now.

                  He gestures to The Golden Acolytes.

                  CALEN: They will be the only ones who retain memory of what has happened this past decade. It is up to them to spread the word. You must now coronate their leader.

                  XAK looks to BROGAN.

                  XAK: You deserve it. It should be you.

                  BROGAN shakes his head.

                  BROGAN: No I don't... she does.

                  He looks to LEIGH. She looks at him with a furrowed brow.

                  LEIGH: What?!

                  BROGAN looks to CALEN.

                  BROGAN: If it wasn't for Leigh, we would never have gotten this far. She's the only one with the brains and the brute force to drive this world forward. If anyone can convince this world that what is about to happen is for its benefit, it's her.

                  LEIGH clutches her chest, her eyes welling with tears. CALEN turns to the others.

                  CALEN: Do you concur?

                  Everyone looks at each other and they all smile, nodding.

                  MELODY: Hell yeah, only someone as crazy as her could do it.

                  BROGAN grabs his wife lovingly, putting an arm around her. He looks at XAK.

                  BROGAN: Besides, it's gonna take all I have to take care of this one.

                  LEIGH laughs and wipes a tear from her eye.

                  LEIGH: (breathless, touched) Thank you...

                  MELODY winks at her and CALEN nods.

                  CALEN: Very well. Leigh Sinclair will become Queen of The Golden Acolytes.

                  He waves his hand and a majestic golden crown appears out of the chaos and settles on LEIGH'S perfect head. She looks up at it and smiles. For a moment everyone looks at their new Queen, but then CALEN turns to XAK, CHARLIE and SIN.

                  CALEN: Now the turn to rule belongs to you three. You have stopped a great threat lurking in this world. The mythology of the Greeks is no more and it has left a void in its place that you must now fill.

                  XAK looks at CHARLIE, uncertain. He swallows and looks at his friends. They all smile, supportively.

                  XAK: (softly) What do we do?

                  CALEN: Chaos will reign, until you accept the gift of The Old Ones.

                  With another wave of his hand, three large chalices appear in front of XAK, CHARLIE and SIN and an ancient knife in CALEN'S hand. He swiftly slices both of his wrists, showing no sign of pain. The wounds on his wrists allow blood to flow from them, but the blood does not fall to the desert. It twists and winds through the air into three definitive streams and fills the chalices in front of XAK, CHARLIE and SIN.

                  CALEN: You will have to work hard. You must save this world from the doubt and confusion it now suffers, due to its loss of the Grecian mythology. There is no telling how much you shall need to convince, but it is imperative that you gain the trust of not only the other gods but also the humans.

                  CALEN now struggles to finish his sentence, clearly weakened.

                  CALEN: (quietly) For without the humans... you will fade...

                  Then, the blood stops flowing ? the chalices finally full. XAK, CHARLIE and SIN look at the blood longing. The energy buzzes on their skin, wanting the contents of the chalice. The Golden Acolytes watch the scene, entirely fascinated. CALEN collapses to his knees now and looks up at them, a dying expression on his face.

                  CALEN: Drink...

                  XAK, CHARLIE and SIN barely hesitate. In harmony, they move to take the chalices. They each hold their own and they bring the cups to their mouths. The blood flows out into the mouths and down their throats. The energy surging around their body begins to burst with power as the blood of the Old Ones flows through their systems. LEIGH pulls back her Acolytes as the glow grows brighter. They shield their eyes but then the light begins to die down revealing three new gods.

                  XAK, CHARLIE and SIN are no more. Clothed only in light - their hair illustrious white and their eyes pure - the three new gods look at their old mortal friends and then they study their heavenly forms. CALEN looks up at them, firstly to the new embodiment of SIN who smiles with peace.

                  CALEN: Sinillise.

                  SIN, now the Goddess SINILLISE turns to the Acolytes and her eyes pass across that of her mortal love, DECLAN who looks at her incandescently obsessed. CALEN passes his eyes to her mother.

                  CALEN: Charista.

                  CHARLIE, now the Goddess CHARISTA, looks up to skies longing for her mother to see what she has become. CALEN now turns to her soulmate.

                  CALEN: And Xakelios.

                  XAK, now the God XAKELIOS looks down at the Old One with a serious expression.

                  CALEN: It is time for you to ascend and take to your thrones. You have become...

                  He stops and collapses to the ground. Everyone looks down to CALEN now as without life-force his body gives in to death once and for all. The Old One smiles softly as his last memory is not that of his own, but that of his host. He thinks of lying in his lover's arms and then CALEN'S body fades, as if it were never there.

                  A silence spreads as The Golden Acolytes stand opposite XAKELIOS, CHARISTA and SINILLISE, indifferent and unsure of what to say. Then, they realise whatever they wish to say must be said quickly as the firmament between the skies and the earth begins to stabilise once again, leaving nothing but a faint ether stairway from the ground to the heavens above. MELODY looks at it and then back to the gods.

                  MELODY: Do you have to go now? Do we not get to say goodbye?

                  CHARISTA looks at her and smiles.

                  CHARISTA: There is nothing that a goodbye could summarise to express my gratitude to you all.

                  Her voice echoes and sounds superfluous.

                  DECLAN: Will we see you again?

                  SINILLISE nods.

                  SINILLISE: We will always be a part of you. Everywhere you go, we will be by your side.

                  TRAFFORD nods.

                  TRAFFORD: And us by yours.

                  ELISE smiles at her brother and GABE places an arm around her. CHERRY looks to her friend, HELEN and they clutch one another's hands. BROGAN shakes his head, slightly worried.

                  BROGAN: How do you know things will be ok now?

                  XAKELIOS looks to BROGAN.

                  XAKELIOS: You should not concern yourself with doubt. Do you not see what we have created is peace? This is our reward. We can finally have the perfect future we always wanted. You all deserve what we will bring you and this world.

                  LEIGH looks at him now.

                  LEIGH: What about you though? What about your reward?

                  XAKELIOS looks to his daughter and his lover.

                  XAKELIOS: I have everything I will ever need.

                  MELODY rests her head on BROGAN'S shoulder now, and smiles at them. XAKELIOS turns and walks with CHARISTA and SINILLISE towards the bottom of the ether stairway. Just as the three are about to take their first steps to the heavens, XAKELIOS looks down at his feet, surprised by what he sees there. He then looks up to CHARISTA. She looks at him.

                  XAKELIOS: I have no shadow.

                  She smiles at him and his daughter touches his arm, supportively.

                  SONG: OLAFUR ARNALDS ? 3055.

                  The final song plays as XAKELIOS, CHARISTA and SINILLISE ascend the ether stairway and The Golden Acolytes move to watch them. A mixture of sadness and happiness washes through the group as they realise that the world they now stand on is void of three great mortals but full of peace. XAKELIOS passes the camera and the screen brightens.

                  FLASH TO - OLD MANHATTAN

                  As the light dies down and the music continues, the camera shows a scene from the year 3055 where KALIPSO, still holding K'ARTHIA-MA, watches as the great warship passes overhead. Its weapon begins to arm, pointing at the thunderous cloud in the sky. The goddess cries and looks down at the girl in her arms. K'ARTHIA-MA'S body is now void of life. The girl, the last human and the last hope, was dead. KALIPSO'S final tale had failed. The goddess sobs as the screen flashes to white again.

                  FLASH TO ?

                  The song continues as a series of quick scenes show:

                  We see the beginnings of all.

                  Twelve Olympian gods and goddesses are about to take to their thrones, proud at having trapped the twelve Titans.

                  The Senior Partners of Wolfram and Hart, take their seats in a business meeting room for the first time.

                  The goddesses, KALIPSO, SUSPIRIA and GLORIFICUS take to their thrones as goddesses of a great brave new world.

                  Two local villagers, FLORA and GABE WINLOW rush out into a raging storm from the safety of their own home to find the crying baby XAK THORN lying on their doorstep.

                  In a small cottage, the goddess SEPHY clutches the hands of her lover RAS ADRASTOS and her friend HECATE as they assist in the painful birth of her daughter, CHARLIE ADRASTOS. As SEPHY screams in pain, the scene fills with a blinding white light.

                  FLASH TO ? THE ETHER STAIRWAY

                  Back in the ether stairway, the newly formed gods seem to be struggling in their ascension. Then, XAKELIOS feels the hand of a familiar friend on against his body, supporting him upwards. He looks to the side and sees the smiling bright soul of ASHBY TORRENT, guiding him.

                  As SINILLISE struggles, she turns and finds the soul of her friend LA-REE MACDONALD at her side, willing her on with her gratitude and love.

                  The gods ascend.

                  FLASH TO ?

                  The music swells slightly as scenes flash on to the screen from the years 2001 and 2002.

                  XAK THORN is walking through an alleyway in Sunnydale when he runs into a scantily dressed CHARLIE ADRASTOS. They turn and look at one another annoyed, casting their eyes on each other for the first time.

                  CATE RITTLE walks into The Bronze and moves towards the bar, TOOLE EMORY on the other side looking at her with a smile.

                  SEPHY delicately moves through the graveyard of Sunnydale, flowers growing at her feet.

                  The Three Fates of the Greek World sit in DANTE TURNPIKE'S office, conspiring.

                  XAK and CHARLIE writhe on his bed, naked, unwittingly about to conceive their daughter.

                  RACK'S body hangs from the ceiling of his sanctum, dead. His whitened eyes flash, filling the screen with light.

                  FLASH TO ? THE ETHER STAIRWAY

                  XAKELIOS, CHARISTA and SINILLISE continue to climb to the heavens but as they gain altitude they sense a struggle to move through the firmament. They look up and see the souls of two great warriors fighting through, to show them a clear unbroken path. The warriors are CONSTANCE KYLL and SHELTER ELM. The two beautiful women smile at them, with immense pride and the gods pass them blessing them with their love.

                  FLASH TO ?

                  Again the music continues and scenes from 2002 and 2003 burst on to the screen.

                  The first is that of LANCE EMORY and MELODY HARP falling out of the dimensional portal in the Sunnydale Mall, resurrected.

                  CHARLIE ADRASTOS is lying in the cabin in the Sunnydale Woods, giving birth to her daughter, SIN.

                  DANTE TURNPIKE arrives in Sunnydale with his two new assistants, CHRISTIAN MCARTHUR and LEIGH SINCLAIR.

                  The great fight in Sunnydale rages, where LEIGH accidentally shoots and kills ASHBY TORRENT.

                  CATE RITTLE runs towards TOOLE EMORY in Wolfram and Hart's HQ in Los Angeles as he grabs SIN and she kill him in one swift burst of uncontrollable energy. The Slayer screams as her fianc? dies and the screen fills with light again.

                  FLASH TO ? THE ETHER STAIRWAY

                  The gods continue to climb the ether stairway, fast approaching the heavens. CHARISTA looks ahead of her as out of the clouds, two embracing souls fly towards them. The souls fly around her and she looks at them longing. The souls are that of IDINA and PARKER MORGAN. IDINA nods to CHARISTA happy. She laughs and then she soars into the heavens again with her husband, awaiting their arrival.

                  The music bounds forward, as do the gods.

                  FLASH TO ?

                  Scenes from events in late 2003 to early 2004 then begin to flow on to the screen.

                  SIN rises to power as a fully grown dark entity, under the rule of her four masters CHRISTIAN MCARTHUR, LEIGH SINCLAIR, MELODY HARP and LANCE EMORY.

                  The Kalipso Syndicate arrive in New York. They arrive with XAK THORN'S wife, KAIA THORN.

                  MILES ANDERSON, the first Acolyte, summons and kills the goddess DEMETER.

                  CONSTANCE KYLL is murdered by SIN, the death covered up by her dark comrade, KAIA.

                  Sunnydale rises out of the ground once again, held together by SIN'S dark magic. A great mythology battle burns across the landscape and screams of battle and death cut through the music which continues to play.

                  FLASH TO ? THE ETHER STAIRWAY

                  XAKELIOS, CHARISTA and SINILLISE move up on the ether stairway now and through the clouds to the upper firmament. There, they are greeted by two old wise souls - the souls of the fallen Elders, URSULA LAKE and SMITH ARTAIR. Both of them look at the new gods, astonished and then they gesture at the stairway as it continues to ascend even past them. The gods nod in gratitude and then continue to climb.

                  FLASH TO ?

                  Scenes from six years ago, 2005 begin to show now.

                  SIN begins attending college, saved by her father. She meets DECLAN HIX and LA-REE MACDONALD.

                  MEDUSA arrives in town with her Handmaids.

                  The Kalipso Syndicate open their controversial school in Cropley Shores.

                  The students of the school attend a gathering at the beach. CARMEN LEWIS and PAULETTE ROBERTS are murdered and their survived friends, CHERRY LI, GABE PETERS and NEVAN BARNES look on in horror.

                  The Prime Family, NICOLA, EDWARD, HELEN and ARRON PRIME reveal their true identity as Protogenoi.

                  The United sits in front of a mirror applying some lipstick, revealing it to be the composite form of CATE RITTLE and HECATE.

                  ELISE ARTAIR clutches the body of her dead best friend, SHELTER ELM and sobs uncontrollably. Just before her death, she etches the number 3055 in her own blood on the carpet.

                  FLASH TO ? THE ETHER STAIRWAY

                  As the gods continue to rise, so does the music. XAKELIOS stops in his ascension, exhausted by the powers of the upper firmament working against him. CHARISTA and SINILLISE look back at him to will him forward but it is the hands of two souls on his shoulder that give him strength. He looks around to see the relaxed and proud spirits of FLORA and GABE WINLOW either side of him. GABE clutches his adoptive son's shoulder with a tight grip and FLORA kisses his cheek. He closes his eyes and smiles. He moves forward.

                  FLASH TO ?

                  The moments from the tumultuous year of 2006 begin to show.

                  The statue of CALEN is laid to rest in the sewers of New York by SEBASTIAN CALLAGHAN and his Wolfram and Hart agents.

                  ARRON PRIME is murdered by CHERRY LI and his sister watches, horrified.

                  The United battle against XAK THORN and CHARLIE ADRASTOS in its castle in the Underworld.

                  A dimensional portal opens in Cropley Shores and SMITH ARTAIR returns to The Kalipso Syndicate.

                  The Battle of the Protogenoi takes place on the beaches of Cropley Shore and a devastating tidal wave takes away a heroic faction.

                  The Requiem of Duality reaches its dramatic climax as CATE RITTLE sacrifices herself to quell the dark goddess HECATE forever.

                  FLASH TO ? THE ETHER STAIRWAY

                  Feeling themselves break far away from the world and into the heavens, the newly formed gods continue to rise up the ether stairway. SINILLISE looks up to see the souls of her two grandfathers beaming at her with pride. ELIAS THORN and RAS ADRASTOS nod at one another and she passes them. SINILLISE clearly finds it difficult to move past them now she has seen them for the first and last time. The music swells as she moves off screen.

                  FLASH TO ?

                  The following moments from the years 2007 and 2008 begin to show.

                  The Kalipso Syndicate return to Cropley Shores from the beach. Unfortunately they are too late to save NEVAN BARNES as he is murdered by the Acolyte, CELESTE WOODS.

                  LEIGH SINCLAIR returns to the fold, giving to the Syndicate a card with the symbol of THANATOS embossed on to it and to XAK THORN her Acolyte necklace to destroy ZEUS.

                  Then, the battle with the top five Acolytes in Los Angeles occurs.

                  PETRINA RAE is killed by an arrow bolt. LA-REE MACDONALD is murdered by a gunshot wound.

                  LANCE EMORY is murdered from within, in DANTE TURNPIKE'S arms, as CALEN the High Judge rises into his new shell.

                  The great leader gods, ZEUS and HADES are destroyed at last.

                  A great chasm consumes XAK THORN, CHARLIE ADRASTOS, SIN, DANTE TURNPIKE, SEPHY, LEIGH SINCLAIR and CALEN. They unwittingly leave behind DECLAN HIX in the safety of The Kalipso Syndicate.

                  FLASH TO ? THE ETHER STAIRWAY

                  As the gods near the summit of the ether stairway, they stop. They are faced with a great monstrous soul ? the spirit of CALEN in his true form greets them, standing in their way. The monster contorts its body into that of an arch way, showing them the top of the stairway and the summit of the ether. They pass through him, bathing in his light.

                  FLASH TO ?

                  The scenes from the current year, 2011, now begin to show.

                  SUSPIRIA returns with ELISE ARTAIR to The Kalipso Syndicate.

                  Along with the help of LEIGH SINCLAIR, the Syndicate storm through the chasm in Blue Acres. They battle as a unit, killing the Titans of the Greek world.

                  IDINA MORGAN is pinned under a rock and her husband, PARKER MORGAN stays with her as they are both buried alive.

                  URSULA sacrifices herself by trapping herself with OCEANUS in order to destroy him.

                  XAK THORN, CHARLIE ADRASTOS and SIN kneel down in front of CALEN, learning the truth. The three prophecy pillars erupt from the ground in the back.

                  The soon to be gods and The Golden Acolytes now battle against the remaining Titans.

                  DANTE TURNPIKE dies at the hands of CRIUS but in the arms of CALEN.

                  SEPHY loses her long eternal life.

                  A great dragon destroys a mythology's creator and three people drink from the blood of an Old One.

                  As the new gods begin to ascend the ether stairway, The Golden Acolytes watch on and then slowly they leave the scene to move on with their lives.

                  FLASH TO ? THE ETHER SUMMIT

                  At the top of the ether stairway, at the ether summit, CHARISTA is taken aback as she is greeted by the embodiment of her memory of her graceful mother, SEPHY. SEPHY strokes her daughter's beautifully perfect face and then kisses her hand. She fades now and the god's move forward towards a large doorway.

                  FLASH TO ?

                  The scenes that show now belong to the future.

                  Later in 2011, The Golden Acolytes move throughout the world's cities, each of them separated by the others - armed only with a group of students from their old school. Throughout London they spread propaganda. Rome is met with a video from MELODY HARP'S cell phone ? a video from and about XAK THORN. Washington is blessed with a press conference. Paris hears the great tales of the three new gods. In Tokyo great actors claim to have been blessed by the new gods.

                  LEIGH SINCLAIR sits on her throne as SCRIBE ? a new follower of the regime ? takes a photo of her sat with The Golden Acolytes surrounding her.

                  In 2012, as the world turns cold, a great conference is held with representatives from throughout the world's governments present. A judgement is passed. The world would now unite against the dangerous uncertainty of the ether beings and the three new gods that had been so publicly ordained.

                  In the year 2021, a dying VINCENT RAE lies in a hospital bed and watches in horror as his son approaches him with a gun. As a shot is fired, the music builds even more and the screen fills with white.


                  XAKELIOS, CHARISTA and SINILLISE approach the doorway now where they are greeted by two old friendly souls, still very deep in love despite being separated by life. DANTE TURNPIKE stands on one side, smirking. LANCE EMORY stands on the other and winks at them.

                  The two heavenly lovers push the doors open for the gods and they pass through it to their final destination.

                  FLASH TO ?

                  Scenes from further into the future now begin to show.

                  In 2024 a great battle occurs in a temple built on the site of the old closed chasm in the Nevada Desert. The goddess SUSPIRIA gives sanctuary to EA BROGAN, his wife MELODY HARP, ELISE ARTAIR and GABE PETERS as The Golden Acolytes persistently fight against the world's one government. Though they do not make it through the safety of the dimensional portal, CHERRY LI departs from the scene with her love DECLAN HIX. They leave behind their friend HELEN PRIME who mourns the loss of her unrequited love, TRAFFORD ARTAIR.

                  In 2025, HELEN buries TRAFFORD during a small moment of peace in the year 2025 in the graveyards of Cropley Shores.

                  In 2042, the old Queen, LEIGH SINCLAIR is assassinated along with her trusted advisor SCRIBE and her body guard HELEN. LEIGH'S vacant stare then fills the screen with a daunting light.

                  FLASH TO ? HEAVEN'S THRONE ROOM

                  As XAKELIOS, CHARISTA and SINILLISE move through the doorway, they find themselves in a great throne room in the heavens. Three grand thrones have been constructed for them but blocking their way are two final souls who wish to give the gods their blessing and love.

                  The heavenly spirits of CATE RITTLE and TOOLE EMORY stand before them now and the gods stop in front of them. The gods bow their heads in respect to the souls. CATE looks to TOOLE and takes his hand. They smile at them, immensely proud and happy at how far their old friends have come without them. Satisfied by the gods' presences, CATE and TOOLE float upwards into the air and the gods watch as the souls of everyone they have ever loved group overhead. Then, the gods move forward to their thrones.

                  FLASH TO ?

                  Again, scenes from the future now flash on to the screen.

                  In a hotel in Sydney in the year 2045, the bride CHERRY LI walks down the aisle to her fianc?, DECLAN HIX, choosing to move forward with her life. Her maid of honour, MARY HATHAWAY is at her side, boasting an indifferent lying smile.

                  The following four hundred years see the world turn dark with no warriors to defend it, while in SUSPIRIA'S home dimension, EA BROGAN, MELODY HARP, ELISE ARTAIR and GABE PETERS ? along with other survivors ? live happily ever after.

                  The world's one government comes to be ruled by a terrifying Vampire known as THE PRESIDENT and his long love, THE FIRST LADY.

                  In the year 2489, the goddess SUSPIRIA is captured by THE PRESIDENT'S control and he murders her with a prototype of a weapon he calls The Eulogy.

                  The scene that follows shows an enlarged, more perfected version of The Eulogy attached to a large warship in Pentagon 4.0 ? at the helm is THE PRESIDENT and THE FIRST LADY. In the year 3055, they release their robots on the earth to hunt the remaining humans. They take their warship to the skies and move towards Old Manhattan to attack the heavens...

                  FLASH TO - HEAVEN'S THRONE ROOM

                  Back though, in the year 2011, we are blessed with heaven's throne room. The gods XAKELIOS, CHARISTA and SINILLISE are about to take to their place amongst the immortal ether beings. All three of them are completely unaware of what will eventually happen to their rule. Oblivious to the fact that the world they have promised to nurture will only turn on them as they once turned on their own sources.

                  The gods sit and a blinding light fills the room.

                  FLASH TO - OLD MANHATTAN

                  The light dies down and the music begins to come to a slow end on a much darker scene.

                  In the year 3055, KALIPSO carries the body of K'ARTHIA-MA to the very edge of the wastelands and looks up to the great warship that looms above. She looks, tears soaking her face, at The Eulogy on the bottom of the warship. The weapon is armed. It aims at the thunderous cloud in the sky and then fires.

                  A devastating bolt of energy bursts into the sky and hits the cloud.

                  The cries of a XAKELIOS, CHARISTA and SINILLISE can be heard from the heavens and KALIPSO closes her eyes, knowing that the weapon has found its target. She clutches K'ARTHIA-MA'S head to her own and looks almost terrified over the girl's shoulder. She sees three extraordinarily bright lights fall from the cloud, through the sky towards the lost earth.

                  KALIPSO: (whispering to K'ARTHIA-MA) He used to believe that everything happened for a reason...

                  The three lights hit the earth and a tremendous explosion occurs, tearing the world apart forever. KALIPSO looks up to the approaching explosion with a face of defeat.

                  KALIPSO: I wonder how he feels about that now.

                  The music ends as the explosion destroys the warship and the two vampires inside.

                  It then approaches the goddess and it takes her completely before consuming the world in its final eulogy and leaving nothing but white.

                  FADE TO WHITE

                  END OF ACT EIGHT

                  END OF CHAPTER

                  END OF THE SAGA

                  ROLL FINAL CREDITS



                  Main Cast
                  THE GODS
                  MILO VENTIMIGLIA as XAKELIOS
                  ALEXIS BLEDEL as CHARISTA
                  SUMMER GLAU as SINILLISE

                  THE GOLDEN ACOLYTES
                  JENSEN ACKLES as EA BROGAN
                  ROSE MCGOWAN as MELODY HARP
                  PAUL WALKER as TRAFFORD ARTAIR
                  BECKI NEWTON as ELISE ARTAIR
                  BRYAN GREENBERG as GABE PETERS
                  HUNTER PARRISH as DECLAN HIX
                  DEVON AOKI as CHERRY LI

                  PATRICIA ARQUETTE as SEPHY
                  CHRIS EVANS as DANTE TURNPIKE

                  Supporting Cast
                  (in order of appearance)
                  HANNAH SHARP as K'ARTHIA-MA
                  KATE WALSH as SUSPIRIA
                  JAMIE BELL as ASHBY TORRENT
                  SELMA BLAIR as CONSTANCE KYLL
                  GABRIELLE UNION as SHELTER ELM
                  ALI LARTER as IDINA MORGAN
                  BLYTHE DANNER as URSULA LAKE
                  PATRICK DEMPSEY as ELIAS THORN
                  JEFF KOBER as RACK "RAS" ADRASTOS
                  TOM ALDREDGE as SCRIBE
                  SARAH DREW as MARY HATHAWAY
                  BRENDA STRONG as THE FIRST LADY
                  ALAN TUDYK as TAYLOR "TOOLE" EMORY

                  Special Mention
                  OLAFUR ARNALDS ? 3704 3837
                  OLAFUR ARNALDS ? 3055


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                    COMPLETE TIMELINE

                    2001 - 2002
                    Season 1 of Shadow Stalker.

                    2002 ? 2003
                    Season 2 of Shadow Stalker.

                    2003 ? 2004
                    Season 3 of Shadow Stalker.

                    2005 - 2006
                    Season 4 of Shadow Stalker and Season 1 of Sirens. Vincent Rae's story (Chapter 1) and Helen Prime's story (Chapter 2) also takes place during this time as Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 replace the end of the seasons.

                    Xak and his group hunt and kill the Acolytes of the gods, Zeus and Hades. Also, with The Kalipso Syndicate missing and presumed dead, their students continue to practice the school's teachings underground. New Year's Eve sees the beginning stages of Leigh Sinclair's story (Chapter 3) and Cherry Li's story (Chapter 4) unfold.

                    The remainder of the events from Leigh Sinclair's story (Chapter 3) and Cherry Li's story (Chapter 4) occur during the first few days of this year.

                    2008 ? 2011
                    During this time, The Titans rise and draw on the world's power to give themselves strength, sending the planet into a confused state. Brogan and Melody marry and distribute the students of the Syndicate's school throughout the world to help fight evil on a global basis. They also turn the school into a fortress. Additionally, Suspiria and Elise ready Suspiria and Kalipso's home dimension as a safe haven should they need it. This is covered in Suspiria's story (Chapter 5). At some point during this time, Xak, Charlie and Sin murder the first Titan.

                    The events of Suspiria's story (Chapter 5) take place during the early months of this year. Kalipso's story (Chapter 6) also takes place during this year, following directly on from her sister's. In Kalipso's story, Xak, Charlie and Sin learn from Calen that they are destined to replace the Greek mythology and become gods themselves, leading a modern world. All they must do, along with The Golden Acolytes, is destroy the Titans and end each part of the mythology that is attached to each Titan. They are successful.

                    2011 ? 2021
                    The world's various governments merge and form an alliance. This is due to the world's varied reactions to a new mythology and god race, which is publicised by The Golden Acolytes.

                    Vincent Rae narrates his story: Chapter 1 ? The Requiem of Duality.

                    The world's now one government sets a team of agents to attack The Golden Acolytes in a temple in the Nevada Desert. In this battle, Suspiria gives safety to Brogan, Melody, Elise and Gabe. Unfortunately she is too late to save anyone else. Trafford is killed and Helen stays with his body while telling Cherry and Declan (the only other survivors) to escape and live a new life together in peace.

                    Helen buries Trafford and narrates her story: Chapter 2 ? The Battle of the Protogenoi.

                    Leigh Sinclair narrates her story: Chapter 3 ? The Collapse of the Legend King. She is killed along with the rest of the surviving members of The Golden Acolytes.

                    Cherry and Declan, living under different names in Australia, marry. Cherry narrates her story: Chapter 4 ? The Age of the Death God.

                    2045 ? 2489
                    Throughout this time, the world's government comes to be ruled by a Vampire known as The President. He seeks out and destroys all humans, fearing them to be followers of The Golden Acolytes. Any surviving humans are ferried to Suspiria and Kalipso's home dimension, by the goddesses themselves, where the world has been prepared for their eternal safety. There, the survivors live in bliss along with four other survivors, Brogan, Melody, Elise and Gabe.

                    Suspiria is captured by The President at last and forced to narrate her story: Chapter 5 ? The Golden Acolytes. She is killed by a prototype weapon known as The Eulogy.

                    Over half a century later, as the world ends, Kalipso narrates the events of the final story: Chapter 6 ? The Eulogy where she tries to protect a small girl called K'arthia-Ma from the destruction. She assures the girl that her life is precious and she can give the gods hope enough to fight back against The President. She is too late however and the girl is killed. The President and The First Lady, now with their mastered weapon ? The Eulogy ? kill and destroy the gods, and in doing so end the world.


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                      SERIES STATISTICS AND FACTS


                      Total number of episodes: 70
                      Total number of cast members: 143

                      Milo Ventimiglia as Xakiel "Xak" Thorn/Xakelios for 61 episodes
                      Alexis Bledel as Charis "Charlie" Adrastos/Charista for 60 episodes
                      Amanda Seyfriend as Cathryn "Cate" Rittle for 58 episodes
                      Chris Evans as Dante Turnpike for 47 episodes
                      Chad Michael Murray as Lance Emory/Calen for 44 episodes
                      Rose McGowan as Melody Harp for 35 episodes
                      Patricia Arquette as Sephy for 33 episodes
                      Alan Tudyk as Taylor "Toole" Emory for 31 episodes
                      Jensen Ackles as Ea Brogan for 29 episodes
                      Summer Glau as Sin for 28 episodes
                      Paul Walker as Trafford Artair for 28 episodes
                      Becki Newton as Elise Artair for 25 episodes
                      Ali Larter as Idina "Echidna" Morgan for 23 episodes
                      Blythe Danner as Ursula Lake for 22 episodes
                      Morena Baccarin as Sofia Rose for 21 episodes
                      Gabrielle Union as Shelter Elm for 20 episodes
                      Jeff Kober as Ras "Rack" Adrastos for 19 episodes
                      Rachel McAdams as Leigh Sinclair for 19 episodes
                      Julian Rhind-Tutt as Christian McArthur for 15 episodes
                      Emilie De Ravin as Kaia Thorn for 14 episodes
                      Melissa George as Petrina Rae for 12 episodes
                      Ian Somerhalder as Parker "Pan" Morgan for 12 episodes
                      Leighton Meester as Helen Prime for 12 episodes
                      Selma Blair as Constance Kyll for 11 episodes
                      Ron Rifkin as Hermes for 10 episodes
                      Clare Kramer as Glory for 10 episodes
                      Malcolm McDowell as Lord Chancellor Black for 9 episodes
                      Jamie Bell as Ashby Torrent for 9 episodes
                      Devon Aoki as Cherry Li for 9 episodes
                      Hunter Parrish as Declan Hix for 9 episodes
                      Nicholas D'Agosto as Arron Prime for 8 episodes
                      Bryan Greenberg as Gabe Peters for 8 episodes
                      John Slattery as Sebastian Callaghan for 7 episodes
                      Kristin Davis as Nicola Prime for 7 episodes
                      David Conrad as Edward Prime for 7 episodes
                      Evan Peters as Nevan Barnes for 7 episodes
                      Bevin Prince as La-Ree Catherwood for 7 episodes
                      Ryan Hansen as Jessie Reed for 6 episodes
                      Amanda Noret as Delilah Moore for 5 episodes
                      John Schneider as Carl Reed for 5 episodes
                      Idina Menzel as Medusa for 5 episodes
                      Lena Olin as Hecate for 5 episodes
                      Alyson Hannigan as Willow Rosenberg for 4 episodes
                      Sarah Thompson as Eve for 4 episodes
                      Joel Gray as Doc for 4 episodes
                      Gale Harold as Cain Teramelli for 4 episodes
                      Harriet Sansom Harris as A.I.D.A for 4 episodes
                      Kenneth Branagh as Vincent Rae for 4 episodes
                      Carlee Avers as Carmen Lewis for 4 episodes
                      Whitney Vance as Paulette Roberts for 4 episodes
                      Jeff Fahey as Zeus for 4 episodes
                      Kyle MacLachlan as Smith Artair for 4 episodes
                      Kate Walsh as Suspiria for 4 episodes
                      Heather Alexandria as Heather Alexandria for 3 episodes
                      Courtney Cox Arquette as Kalipso for 3 episodes
                      Jennifer Garner as Misty Meadows for 3 episodes
                      Jewel Staite as Macie Coombs/Corinne La Fame for 3 episodes
                      Joanne King as Amelia Isherwood for 3 episodes
                      Elizabeth Reaser as Flora Winlow for 3 episodes
                      Matthew John Armstrong as Gabe Winlow for 3 episodes
                      Amber Benson as Tara Maclay for 2 episodes
                      Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy Summers for 2 episodes
                      Kelly Rowan as Caitlin Emory for 2 episodes
                      Kyle Secor as Charles Emory for 2 episodes
                      David Boreanaz as Angel for 2 episodes
                      Eileen Brannan as Dementia for 2 episodes
                      Sophie Pierce as Sophie Price for 2 episodes
                      Jackson Rathbone as Leonardo Espossitti for 2 episodes
                      Nikki Reed as Farah Flux for 2 episodes
                      John Turk as Tucker Wanes for 2 episodes
                      Jordan Marder as A.J. Nelson for 2 episodes
                      David Stuart as Miles Anderson for 2 episodes
                      Alan Ritchson as Adam/James for 2 episodes
                      Sharon Ferguson as Sineya for 2 episodes
                      Chelan Simmons as Tina Reed for 2 episodes
                      Jay Mohr as Alex Jameson for 2 episodes
                      Alice Lo as Cherry's Grandmother for 2 episodes
                      Michelle Williams as Marie Kaloff for 2 episodes
                      Harris Yulin as Quentin Travers for 2 episodes
                      Rena Sofer as Dr. Mayer for 2 episodes
                      Glenn Close as Silvana Rae for 2 episodes
                      Henry Cavill as Linos for 2 episodes
                      Campbell Scott as Hades for 2 episodes
                      Patrick Dempsey as Elias Thorn for 2 episodes
                      Tom Aldridge as Scribe for 2 episodes
                      Sarah Drew as Mary Hathaway for 2 episodes
                      Robert Sean Leonard as The President for 2 episodes
                      Brenda Strong as The First Lady for 2 episodes
                      James Marsters as Spike for 1 episode
                      Michelle Trachtenberg as Dawn Summers for 1 episode
                      Camden Toy as Gnarl for 1 episode
                      Raymond O'Connor as Teeth for 1 episode
                      Ethan Erickson as Percy for 1 episode
                      Robin Riker as Catherine Madison 1 episode
                      David Wells as Cheeseman for 1 episode
                      Dean Butler as Hank Summers for 1 episode
                      Kristine Sutherland as Joyce Summers for 1 episode
                      Robia Lamorte as Jenny Calendar for 1 episode
                      Amber Jacobson as Amber Jacobson for 1 episode
                      Adam Busch as Warren Mears for 1 episode
                      Anthony Stewart Head as Rupert Giles for 1 episode
                      Judi Dench as Althanea for 1 episode
                      Jeremy Roberts as Kakistos for 1 episode
                      Alex Hart as Store Assistant for 1 episode
                      Jonathan Woodward as Knox for 1 episode
                      Tom Skerritt as Chief O'Neill for 1 episode
                      Patricia Belcher as Dora for 1 episode
                      Bobby Cannavale as Indie for 1 episode
                      Richard Jenkins as Walter Lake for 1 episode
                      Judith Light as Aria Artair for 1 episode
                      Kelsey-Beth Crossley as Princess "Drina" Victoria for 1 episode
                      Dominic Purcell as Garrett of the Fold for 1 episode
                      Jill Clayburgh as Katerina XIX for 1 episode
                      Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Jethro Elm for 1 episode
                      Sharon Gless as Aunt Becky for 1 episode
                      Senta Moses as Fran Rosenbaum for 1 episode
                      Logan Bartholomew as Tanner Abbott for 1 episode
                      Gina Holden as Jessica Dane for 1 episode
                      Neil Hopkins as General Gaston for 1 episode
                      Lauri Johnson as Meredith Beaumont for 1 episode
                      Jim Beaver as Frank Marling for 1 episode
                      Lauren Velez as Belia Rios for 1 episode
                      Diana Scarwid as Sister Arabella for 1 episode
                      Marlo Thomas as Mary-Anne Hamilton for 1 episode
                      Elliot Gould as Duke Hamilton for 1 episode
                      Loretta Devine as Gilda Jackson for 1 episode
                      Nancy Leguareas Neya Elm for 1 episode
                      Bailey Madison as Young Corinne for 1 episode
                      Dominique Swain as Young Silvana for 1 episode
                      Max Brown as Young Vincent for 1 episode
                      Justin Chambers as Nathan Rittle for 1 episode
                      Cristina Rose as Juliette Bonnaire for 1 episode
                      Kostja Ullmann as Alric Gottschalk for 1 episode
                      Alastair Duncan as Collins for 1 episode
                      Jeff Ricketts as Weatherby for 1 episode
                      Kevin Owers as Smith for 1 episode
                      Parminder Nagra as Jazz Bhat for 1 episode
                      George Takei as General Zi for 1 episode
                      Tom Riley as Francis Isherwood for 1 episode
                      Kayla Ewell as Celeste Woods for 1 episode
                      Hannah Sharp as K'arthia-Ma for 1 episode

                      ALL SONGS AND ARTISTS

                      Total songs used: 143
                      (* indicates song was sung live in an episode)

                      Muse - Hysteria
                      Michelle Branch - Goodbye To You *
                      Milo Ventimiglia - Come Clean *
                      Ladytron - Beauty #2
                      Billy Gilman - Jingle Bell Rock
                      Eels - I Need Some Sleep
                      K's Choice - Virgin State of Mind *
                      Soul Vector - Perfect High *
                      Zero 7 - In the Waiting Line
                      Touch and Go - Straight to Number One
                      The Cranberries - No Need To Argue
                      Vertical Horizon - Best I Ever Had (Grey Sky Morning) *
                      The Cranberries - Never Grow Old
                      Ashlee Simpson - Undiscovered
                      Sheryl Crow - I Shall Believe
                      Natalie Merchant - Frozen Charlotte
                      Rogue Traders - White Lightning
                      Pink - Runaway
                      Pink - I'm Not Dead
                      The Hush Sound - Lighthouse
                      Curve - Falling Free (Aphex Twin Mix)
                      Bloc Party - Pioneers
                      Nelly Furtado - Maneater
                      Joe Budden feat. Busta Rhymes - Fire
                      Schuyler Fisk and Joshua Radin - Paperweight
                      Audioslave - Be Yourself
                      Rob Thomas - When the Heartache Ends
                      Jet - Look What You've Done
                      Snow Patrol feat. Martha Wainwright - Set the Fire to the Third Bar
                      Hard Fi - Move On Now
                      Skye - Love Show
                      Petula Clark - Downtown
                      The Shangri Las - I Can Never Go Home Anymore
                      Snow Patrol - Runaway
                      Morcheeba - Blindfold
                      Bethany Joy Lenz - Leaving Town Alive
                      Oasis - Half the World Away
                      Eisley - I Wasn't Prepared
                      James Blunt - No Bravery
                      Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars
                      Urban Species feat. Imogen Heap - Blanket
                      Maroon 5 - She Will Be Loved
                      Olivia Newton John - Let's Get Physical
                      Damien Rice - Coconut Skins
                      Fountains of Wayne - All Kinds of Time
                      The Cranberries - Ode to my Family
                      Within Temptation - Forgiven
                      The Ronettes - Be My Baby
                      Peaches - Operate
                      The Runaways - Cherry Bomb
                      Nelly Furtado feat. Attitude - Afraid
                      Mika - Any Other World
                      Cherry Ghost - People Help the People
                      Kelly Clarkson - Sober
                      The Prodigy - Girls
                      Ben Harper - Forever
                      Moby - Bodyrock
                      Eva Cassidy - True Colours
                      The Klaxons - Atlantis to Interzone
                      N.E.R.D. - Lapdance
                      Biffy Clyro - Machine
                      The Hush Sound - Out Through the Curtain
                      Mika - Over My Shoulder
                      Jack Penate - My Yvonne
                      Queen - No One But You (Only The Good Die Young)
                      Bat For Lashes - Sad Eyes
                      Adele - Hometown Glory
                      The Hush Sound - You Are The Moon
                      The Hoosiers - Everything Goes Dark
                      The Ting Tings - Great DJ
                      Bloc Party - Hunting For Withces
                      Athlete - I Love
                      Duffy - I'm Scared
                      Basement Jaxx - U Don't Know Me
                      Madonna - Devil Wouldn't Recognize You
                      Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly - Moving Forward
                      OneRepublic - All We Are
                      She Wants Revenge - Tear You Apart
                      Olafur Arnalds - 0952
                      Santogold - Say Aha
                      Natalie Merchant - Golden Boy
                      Kings of Leon - Cold Desert
                      Laura Marling - Ghosts
                      Susie Suh - Give Me Heart
                      Emiliana Torrini - Serenade
                      Citizen Cope - Sideways
                      The Avalanches - Frontier Psychiatrist
                      Little Boots ? Ghost *
                      Little Boots ? Remedy *
                      Editors - Spiders
                      Florence and the Machine - Kiss With A Fist
                      La Roux - Tigerlily
                      Lily Allen - 22
                      A Static Lullaby - Toxic
                      Dido - Look No Further
                      Olafur Arnalds - 0048 0729
                      Ingrid Michaelson - Mountain and the Sea
                      Florence and the Machine - Girl With One Eye
                      Olafur Arnalds - 3326
                      Vampire Weekend - A Punk
                      Kings of Leon - Use Somebody
                      James Morrison - Love Is Hard
                      Vanessa Carlton - Where The Streets Have No Name
                      MGMT - Kids
                      She Wants Revenge - Sister
                      Tilly and the Wall - Let It Rain
                      Corinne Bailey Rae - Put Your Records On
                      Lenka - Trouble Is A Friend
                      Basement Jaxx - Do Your Thing
                      Kristin David ? Fever *
                      Ali Larter - I Touch Myself *
                      Marina and the Diamonds - I Am Not A Robot
                      Igly & Hartly - In This City
                      Greg Laswell - Girls Just Want To Have Fun
                      The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition
                      Bon Iver - Blood Bank
                      Paramore - Ignorance
                      Noisettes - Don't Give Up
                      Mumford and Sons - After The Storm
                      Greg Laswell - The Killing Moon
                      The Beatles - Here Comes The Sun
                      Delphic - This Momentary
                      Greg Laswell - This Woman's Work
                      Mercury Rev - Goddess On A Hiway
                      Marina and the Diamonds - Girls
                      Bon Iver - Flume
                      Olafur Arnalds - 1440
                      Deadmau5 - FML
                      Olafur Arnalds - 0040
                      Olafur Arnalds - 1953
                      Olafur Arnalds - 0048 0729
                      Olafur Arnalds - 3704 3837
                      Olafur Arnalds - 3055

                      RANDOM FACTS

                      SHORTEST TIME BETWEEN EPISODES: 4 days (between SS 1.01 and SS 1.02)
                      LONGEST TIME BETWEEN EPISODES: 3 months 11 days (between Chapter 1 and Chapter 2)
                      SHORTEST SEASON: Sirens Season 1 (98,250 words)
                      LONGEST SEASON: Shadow Stalker Season 3 (252,263 words)
                      SHORTEST EPISODE: Shadow Stalker ? 1.08 ? To Have and to Hold ? 6083 words
                      LONGEST EPISODE: The Final Chapters ? Chapter 6 ? The Eulogy ? 43,138 words
                      TOTAL SAGA WORD COUNT: 905,454 words

                      - Xak and Cate love story.
                      - More behind Petrina and Cate's brother as a third spin off.
                      - Cate carrying Toole's baby.
                      - Garrett's return to reclaim Lance as his soulmate, breaking up Dante and Lance.
                      - Xak and Charlie's wedding.
                      - Silvana's disappearance after 2011.
                      - Elise being the demi-god who could bring about the change in the world, allowing Xak, Charlie and Sin to live on earth as mortals.
                      - Bree and Skye coming back as an enemy.
                      - Constance's ghost protecting the Syndicate in Cropley Shores.
                      - Buffy taking down Xak, hearing that he is fated to destroy a mythology.
                      - The truth behind who Adam and James were in Season 3 and why they were both played by Alan Ritchson.
                      - Ursula surviving her sacrifice.
                      - Cate's surving her sacrifice due to the fact that Poseidon was killed at the same time. The effects of the waters that took her simply rejuvenated her rather than killing her.
                      - A third instalment in the "So, Metaphysical!" and "Totally, Metaphysical!" series.
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                        A FINAL GOODBYE FROM LEX

                        You've trawled through hundreds of thousands of words to get here, but I'm hoping you'll indulge me by reading a few more.

                        Before I get slightly personal, I would like to say thank you to a few people. Firstly, I'd like to say thank you to Wolfie. When I first released the pilot for the saga on the forum it was not popular at all but she gave me some great writing advice and I came back with a bigger, better, more involved series. None of this would have been possible if it wasn't for her. To Jo and Nikki, you've both been great supporters of my work so thank you so much for hosting it on the forum. Heather, you were a huge inspiration to me - your series was such a great pleasure to read and you wrote it so beautifully. I will you to continue writing; it's too good to give up! Amber, as sad as I am that Rogue Redemption does not exist anymore, thank you for creating such a lovely sister-series to my own and for all our late night MSN/writing sessions! I'd also like to thank all the people who have continued to provide feedback to my series ? Beth, Jared, Kevin and anyone else I've missed ? your kind words and input kept me going when I had no muse.

                        Most of all I'd like to thank Alex. As well as being a big supporter of my writing, he also edited and proof-read my episodes for a number of years. While we only met on the forum, we ended up attending the same university together and becoming very close friends. It was not only a complete pleasure to have his talented input in my series but to have him in my life as a friend was even better. I could never have gotten this far without his support. I love you mate, never ever change.

                        I'd also like to thank the many shows I have watched and the series I have read who gave me such inspiration to think more creatively. I owe the whole premise of this saga to Joss Whedon and the universe he created with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. Thank you Joss, you really are an idol to so many.

                        I'd like to pay homage to the people in my life ? my family and friends ? I couldn't have done it without you. Least of all my amazing sister who inspired my most treasured character, Elise Artair. I would also like to thank the composer Olafur Arnalds, who wrote such beautiful music ? music I felt was almost written to accompany my episodes. It was a joy to use such marvellous symphonies.

                        Now, if you can hold back the nausea, I'd like to get a bit personal. Though I always dreamed I would, I never completely comprehended that I would have the ability to imagine a saga with over 100 people in 70 episodes spanning over thousands of years. My writing allowed me to tell you all a story that while it may seem completely ridiculous actually is completely relate-able. As grand as the threats the characters faced were, the very personal details of their lives, the things that motivated them, their quirks and their idiosyncrasies can all be related to by everyone reading them. Writing their lives allowed me to learn a lot about the human life and how to move past certain things and to always believe in yourself, the ones you love and the future.

                        It should be noted that although I only released the first episode five years ago, Xakiel Thorn was a character I imagined as a young boy. He was the protagonist in my childish novels and my username in chat rooms. He was my way of escaping as a teenager, but now those days are over. I am now 23 years old and it's time for me to say goodbye to someone who saw me through some tough years in my life and it's actually rather sad. No matter how bad my life was, I could always get away and write his. The further I got though, I realised that in writing Xak, I unwittingly was writing my own and it's time to live that life and see what I've begun to make.

                        If you're wondering where I will go from here and whether I shall continue writing, I cannot honestly tell you.

                        All I can say is I can't wait to find out.

                        You all have my love, my admiration and my eternal gratitude.

                        Everything happens for a reason.