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Shadow Stalker - 3.04 - In Her Wake

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  • Shadow Stalker - 3.04 - In Her Wake

    Series: Shadow Stalker
    Episode: 3.04 ? In Her Wake
    Writer: Lex
    Editor: Lex
    Proof Reader: Lex

    I do not claim credit for any of Joss Whedon's creation and the featuring of his characters and episodes in this series is simply for my pleasure and not at all for financial gain as I do all this for free! All characters not affiliated with Jossverse belong to me, as do the plot lines. Season Three starts alongside Season 5 of Angel and is in association with Rogue Redemption, (Amber); Chosen, (Heather); BtVS Seasons 8 + 9 and AtS Season 6, (Alex Hart); Broken Destiny (Joe); Wishful Thinking (Ben); and Raven (Alexander Brown).



    Heeled black shoes, a black pant suit, a shoulder bag and an immaculate white shirt. This is what MACIE COOMBS wore on the night her life changed.

    We can see MACIE walking down an empty sidewalk on her cell phone. She seems to be deep in conversation about something.

    MACIE: ?Embarrassing.

    WOMAN: (on the other end of the phone) I'm sure it wasn't that bad Mace?

    MACIE: You weren't there Fran. I blew all my cue cards, one of my bosses fell asleep and my little pointer thing hit him and woke him up!

    She looks mortified at the notion, and the WOMAN/FRAN can be heard laughing down the other end. At this point MACIE looks up to the empty sidewalk ahead of her, and continues walking. Her hair is straightened, and chestnut brown and she's wearing expensive, and sophisticated make up. She's a vision, and illuminating in the darkness.

    She is played by Jewel Staite.

    MACIE: (sighing) Well, I'm pleased you find it funny. Maybe after a few glasses of wine with Tanner I'll feel more relaxed.

    FRAN: (on the other end of the phone) Ooh another date with the gorgeous Tanner huh? Maybe tonight you'll break your abstinence?

    MACIE: (interrupting) Out of my own choice I may add! Anyway it doesn't matter because?

    A grunting sound interrupts MACIE'S train of thought. She stops and looks around but can't see anyone. Nothing but empty sidewalk. She breathes heavily, slightly scared.

    FRAN: (on the other end of the phone, worried) Macie? Macie?are you still there?

    MACIE: (quietly) Uh yeah. Sorry I thought I heard?

    A struggle resonates in her ears. Her eyes immediately dart to the source of the sound. An alleyway, a few feet in front of her.

    FRAN: (on the other end of the phone, worried) Macie? Ok you're starting to freak me out. What's going on?

    MACIE: (whispering) I don't know?I can hear something. A struggle or something?

    The sound of a woman breathing heavily, gasping, in the struggle can be heard. MACIE'S eyes widen.

    FRAN: (on the other end of the phone, desperately) For the love of American stereotypes everywhere, do not go and look!

    MACIE clearly looks indifferent.

    MACIE: But there's a woman in there Fran, I can hear her?she might be in trouble.

    FRAN: (on the other end of the phone) Macie! Don't even think about it?

    MACIE: (cutting her off) Look I'll call you back Fran, I promise?

    FRAN'S pleas fall on deaf ears with MACIE as she hangs up the phone. She grips it tightly and reaches into her bag, pulling out some mace. She breathes deeply and makes her way slowly towards the alleyway, the breaths of the woman within the shadows beckoning her closer.


    MACIE'S shadow fills the alley before she does. As she comes into view she looks around the corner, breathing almost as heavily as the woman inside.

    MACIE: (nervously) Hello??

    Her voice trails off as she immediately sees what is inside the alleyway. The camera turns slowly to show inside the alley?

    The corpses of five men, all soaked in theirs, and one another's, blood; eyes wide and their faces contorted in terror. They lie in a heap with their murderess victorious above them. Brandishing a bloody axe and sword stands SIN. Her blue dress and brunette locks dripping in the blood of her victims as she gasps for breath deeply. MACIE drops her protection in shock, which clatters to the wet floor and rolls towards SIN.

    SIN looks at the can of mace and follows its path to MACIE. She smiles at the civilian; twisted.

    SIN: (sweetly) Hey there?

    MACIE puts a hand up to her mouth and as SIN approaches she screams bloody murder?


    MACIE'S scream of terror floods into the next scene and distorts into the sound of an alarm clock ringing loudly.

    The scene opens on XAK'S face. The camera is showing a close up horizontal shot of him in bed. His eyes burst open and he looks ahead, straight into the camera. The start of the day that would change everything.


    The lounge has been refurbished and tidied. While the furniture looks inexpensive, the room doesn't look as run down and as dirty as it did before; the windows now fully revealed allowing the morning sun to peer through. XAK, who looks troubled, enters from the bedroom into the lounge area. His walk still imperfect from the explosion.

    DANTE (O/S): Morning?

    XAK looks up, shocked. DANTE is sat on the couch, the morning news on the television in the background and some morning papers surrounding him. He looks to be healing up well from the explosion but there are a few scars on his face and his arm still looks to be bandaged. He looks up at XAK with a weak smile. XAK looks at him blankly, clearly still not quite used to DANTE'S alliance being friendly and amiable.

    XAK: Hi?

    DANTE: Don't worry, that's your last awkward "morning" you'll get from me. As of today, I won't be the only person you'll wake up to?

    XAK looks at him blankly still.

    DANTE: (smirking) I know I know?it sucks. But we'll still have our moments.

    XAK, infuriated, but oddly expecting this genre of retort from him walks away towards the kitchen.

    DANTE: When can we get them?

    XAK looks awkward. Today was the day that CHARLIE could come home, and DANTE had it in his mind that LANCE would also be returning to the group, as if nothing had happened?

    XAK: Charlie's doctor said we can pick her up midday.

    DANTE notices that XAK avoids mentioning LANCE.

    DANTE: (quietly) Ok?

    There's a pause.

    XAK: (gravely) Cate out again?

    He looks down as he approaches the kitchen. He pours himself a glass of juice. DANTE knows this is a soft subject.

    DANTE: Haven't seen her, I don't think she came home.

    There's another pause. It had been a week since the explosion on the Hotel and clearly CATE has not changed her nocturnal lifestyle or her method of postponing grief.

    XAK turns now and looks at the papers around DANTE.

    XAK: Anything?

    DANTE shakes his head.

    DANTE: No.

    He sighs.

    DANTE: I don't get it. There's nothing about a possible deranged psychotic woman terrorising, murdering or causing any sort of disturbance, it's like Sin's just disappeared.

    XAK: (bleakly) Well all the high profile stuff was down to Christian, Leigh and Wolfram and Hart?so I think it's fair to say we won't be expecting any more explosions for a while.

    DANTE: (confused) But Wolfram and Hart want us gone. They blew up a hotel to kill us.

    XAK: Maybe it wasn't us they wanted dead, maybe they got their job done.

    DANTE looks perplexed, but after a moment his brow relaxes.

    DANTE: Christian and Leigh.

    XAK: We've had a week of nothing. They weren't targeting us, they wanted them gone. And now, with him dead, they probably think she is too. She could be anywhere by now.

    DANTE looks sad at the outcome of CHRISTIAN and LEIGH. He looks down.

    DANTE: (quietly) I don't think she'll be coming back in a hurry.

    With this, something catches his eye on the television set.

    XAK: Which leaves Sin. And something tells me she's gonna be lying low for now?

    The camera shifts to look at DANTE. He's staring at the television set.

    DANTE: Uh?you sure about that last part?

    He grabs the remote and turns up the volume on the television set.

    NEWS REPORTER (O/S): ?is a truly horrific and crime.

    The camera rotates to show the television screen. We can see a NEWS REPORTER standing at the mouth of the alley MACIE and SIN were in. Police tape and officers are guarding the way.

    NEWS REPORTER: Initial reports indicate that the bodies of five men, who are as of this moment unidentified, were found at approximately 11pm last night.

    DANTE looks intrigued but XAK doesn't seem to be altogether convinced.

    NEWS REPORTER: The bodies were discovered by a woman who, for her own safety, is in the safety of the NYPD, but it is rumoured that on discovering the men, she was also faced with the murderer, who allegedly spared the witnesses life so that they could serve as some sort of messenger.

    XAK looks at the television set now, more eager.

    NEWS REPORTER: The murderer, or to be more precise: murderess, was described as a young brunette in her early twenties brandishing large and dangerous weaponry. This is an artists impression of the woman based on the description given by the witness.

    An image flashes on the screen but as it does the camera cuts away to XAK. A shiver runs down his spine.

    NEWS REPORTER (O/S): This woman should be avoided at all costs, but if you have seen her or have come into contact with her, please talk the police immediately?

    The camera rotates once again to the television set, the picture of the woman comes into view. The caption "WANTED ? EXTREMELY DANGEROUS" scrolls in a bold font below the picture.

    NEWS REPORTER (O/S): ?This is a horrific and tragic crime and one that will not be ignored. The police would like to implore for the help of the New York public in stopping and bringing this felon to justice?

    The picture is not perfect but there is no denying it's resemblance of XAK'S daughter. SIN had waged war not just on the gang now, but on the public and the world. This would not be how XAK'S world would change today, but it would be the catalyst for his downfall.



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    The camera shows TERAMELLI at the window of his office. His arms are folded and he's looking down at the street below angry; order under his reign had been lost. Civilians and news reporters all crowded outside. There is a knock at the door.

    TERAMELLI: Come in.

    The door opens and the cowardly OFFICER who was at the hotel stands in its frame.

    OFFICER: Uh sorry to disturb you sir, it's just the press are getting more anxious. They've yet to receive a statement from the department, and the public are scared, they're paranoid.

    TERAMELLI turns around, his face angry.

    TERAMELLI: (resolute) Get someone with good PR skills to sort it out then! The only person I'll speak to is Macie Coombs. Get her out of protection, we need a statement. If the killer has a message for us then I wanna hear it.


    The bar is empty, except for one obvious and distinguishable occupant. CATE is sat at the bar in a casual zip through top, dark jeans and her hair tied back in a ponytail. She had not dressed up, and she had not suffered at all from her encounter with the exploding hotel or her run in with the emergency services. She doesn't even seem to have listened to XAK'S pleas and offer of guidance, even though she needs it more than ever.

    There is an empty glass in front of her, any moisture inside it dried hours ago but she stares at it regardless ignoring the news report in the background, the same one XAK and DANTE had just seen. As SIN'S picture flashes on screen, CATE instinctively looks up to the screen.


    XAK and DANTE are walking down one of the hospitals corridors, they clearly look shaken up by the news they've literally just seen and heard. Without XAK realising, DANTE stops.

    DANTE: Uh?

    He gains XAK'S attention, and he turns around.

    DANTE: (awkwardly) Lance's room is here.

    XAK: Oh.

    He doesn't quite know what to say or what to do. But he knows he can't ignore him any longer. He looks at DANTE. DANTE turns to the door, and reaches for the handle.

    DANTE: It's fine?

    XAK: No?it's not.

    DANTE stops, and looks at XAK.

    XAK: (sighing) Go and see if Charlie's ready to go?I won't be a moment. Just don't tell her about the news report straight away, I want to tell her.

    DANTE takes his hand off the door handle, and nods. He walks past XAK, leaving XAK looking at the door to LANCE'S room.


    LANCE is sat up in bed. He's in casual clothes, and he looks to be in some discomfort, he clutches his legs in pain. While he looks in better shape, the cuts on his face are still fresh and barely healed. His legs still are damaged but again look to be in fairly good shape, except it hurts to walk.

    XAK (O/S): Hi?

    LANCE, startled turns to the door. XAK is stood there. He didn't even hear the door open through his pain.

    LANCE: Oh. Hi.

    XAK: Are you ready to go?

    LANCE smiles slightly.

    LANCE: Uh?yeah I guess so.

    He stands.

    LANCE: Thanks.

    XAK: Please don't thank me.

    LANCE stops and looks down. XAK frowns slightly and looks at LANCE.

    XAK: I was never too sure of what I was going to say if I ever saw you or Melody again. I've been through the motions. Anger, revenge, hate; and it's torn me apart. It's torn all of us apart.

    LANCE looks up slightly now, not quite sure whether to make eye contact or not.

    XAK: And now, I'm at forgiveness. I don't think I'll ever truly understand what you two went through with Christian and Leigh, and I don't think I want to. But I do believe this, you only did it because your hand was forced.

    LANCE looks up now and makes eye contact with XAK.

    XAK: I don't believe you ever wanted to hurt us, not like this.

    LANCE: (interrupted) Not ever.

    XAK stops now.

    LANCE: Every second we spent with them we regretted it and everything we did. So for that and more, I'm sorry.

    He knows MELODY will never be able to say it to XAK?

    LANCE: And I know she would be too.

    XAK: (grateful) Thank you.

    There is a pause.

    XAK: These past few years have been tough on all of us to say the least. Everyone playing one another to stay ahead, to stay alive. But we can't do that anymore, we need to remain united if we're going to stay on top. If we're going to stand as an army against my daughter then I need every good man fighting by my side, not scheming behind my back to stay alive. If you want to stay alive, then fight for the right people, not the easiest option. You can do that, can't you?

    LANCE looks moved by this, his eyes welling up slightly. He nods. XAK smiles weakly and turns to move out of the room. LANCE goes to follow but then XAK stops, he'd almost forgotten. He doesn't look back.

    XAK: Your brother loved you. He was proud of you. He could see the good in you, the good in all of us. For that reason I know, we can get past this and we'll learn to trust each other, one day. For him.

    He turns around now. There's another pause where they stand looking at one another in total agreement.

    XAK: Come on?we have work to do.

    LANCE nods, smiling.

    LANCE: Let's do this.

    And with this, forgiveness accepted and the honour of the elder brother honoured, they leave the room together as warriors.


    The room is empty but there is a bag packed on the bed. The door opens and DANTE enters. He looks around, noticing the room is empty.

    DANTE: Hello??

    The sound of someone in the bathroom can be heard.

    CHARLIE (O/S): Xak?

    She hurries out of the bathroom clutching a travel cosmetics bag. She looks pleased to see XAK, but her face drops when she sees it's DANTE.

    CHARLIE: Oh, hi.

    DANTE: You know I never tire of awkward greetings.

    CHARLIE walks over to her bed and the bag.

    CHARLIE: Can you blame us?

    DANTE: No. Not really. I'm surprised you guys haven't killed me yet.

    CHARLIE: We're not killers.

    DANTE: I think we both know that when push comes to shove that rule doesn't apply.

    CHARLIE looks down. She knows that he is referring to her killing HERMES.

    CHARLIE: Where's Xak?

    DANTE: He's with Lance.

    She looks slightly shocked.

    CHARLIE: Don't tell me he's back in the gang?

    DANTE: You know what. You maybe high in the ranks because your all sweet with Xak between the sheets but look where that got you.

    CHARLIE looks appauled.

    CHARLIE: How dare you even?

    DANTE: (interrupting) How dare I what? Speak the truth. You guys need Lance, and me. I may have done some bad stuff in the past but I've been busting my ass to make that up to you.

    Her face remains resilient, she looks away.

    DANTE: And if you just give Lance a chance he'll do the same. Because we hate what we've done and we can help. You just need to let us, like Xak's doing?

    CHARLIE: Yeah, well he has to, he's the leader. But I'm not. I'm a mother scorned who's best friend has to find solace in seedy bars because her fianc?e was murdered. So no I won't so readily give you two a chance. It's gonna take more than the last month to change how I feel because right now I can't forgive the fact that if it weren't for you two, none of this would have happened?

    DANTE looks away angrily knowing he'll say something he regrets if he continues. CHARLIE picks up her bag and begins to walk out of the room, passing DANTE. As she does she stops. She takes a step back.

    CHARLIE: ?But you did save our lives last week, and I won't forget it.

    She looks up to him momentarily, but she doesn't smile. He looks at her too, appreciatively, knowing it's going to take some more time but it's a start.

    CHARLIE: (quietly) We should probably go?

    DANTE: Yeah?

    With this they walk out together, not one behind the other or apart. For the first time.


    The camera shows a dictaphone on the table of an interrogation room. A man's finger reaches over and presses record. The camera pans up to show it is TERAMELLI.

    TERAMELLI: Interview started at 12.30pm, those present are Detective Cain Teramelli and Miss Macie Coombs?

    The camera cuts to the other side of the table to show MACIE sat, in the same clothes from last night. She'd been with the police ever since.

    MACIE: It's "Ms" actually, and I thought you just wanted my statement.

    TERAMELLI: We do. But if this ever goes to court we'll need a record of an interview too.

    MACIE rolls her eyes slightly.

    TERAMELLI: (seriously) Murder is a strong and very serious felon "Ms" Coombs. And this is a very serious incident to the multiple of five.

    MACIE: Well I'm not dumb. I do pay taxes and watch the news, I am aware of the process, just didn't realise I was being interrogated like a criminal.

    TERAMELLI: (smiling) Well you'll have comfort in knowing you're assisting us in other ways that paying for my 401k.

    MACIE is silent now.

    TERAMELLI: Why don't you start by telling me everything about last night.

    MACIE pauses for a moment, remembering. She didn't need long, the image was etched into her mind like a tattoo?


    The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static. The camera does various blurred cuts to MACIE walking down the sidewalk on the previous night, on the phone to FRAN.

    MACIE (V/O): I was on my way back from work, I had a big presentation. I was on the phone to my friend Fran when?

    The camera shows MACIE realising something is going on in the alleyway. She looks scared.

    TERAMELLI (V/O): And you didn't think to call the police?

    MACIE (V/O): And tell them what? I could hear noises down an alleyway? You know as well as I do that I'd be laughed all the way to the dial tone?

    She takes the mace out of her bag, pockets the phone and continues to the alleyway.


    TERAMELLI (V/O): (annoyed) Ok. So what happened when you arrived in the vicinity of the crime?

    MACIE fills the alleyway as before. The camera cuts to the images as she mentions them.

    MACIE (V/O): I saw their bodies. There was blood everywhere?it looked?quick.

    The camera cuts to SIN.

    MACIE (V/O): And then I saw her. I remember every detail. She looked out of breath, tired, and the blood was all over her too.

    TERAMELLI (V/O): It's ok. We needn't go into details over the actual crime itself. This is all in our preliminary report you gave to the officer. What happened next?

    The camera

    MACIE (V/O): I dropped my mace and it rolled towards her. When it did, she looked up at me?she smiled and she said?"[/I]hey[/I]?

    Then MACIE'S voice begins to merge to that of SIN'S from the night before?

    SIN: ?there".

    MACIE looks at her horrified. She screams. SIN, in a blur rushes forward and puts a hand over MACIE'S mouth. She shoves her against the wall.

    SIN: Now now pretty lady. Let's not be having a fuss now.

    MACIE gasps for breath shocked and scared for her own life. Never the less she quietens. SIN relaxes and smiles.

    SIN: That's it. Good girl. Now, I want you to give a message to the authorities?

    And with these words, SIN'S eyes widen.


    The colours return to normal and focuses on MACIE sat behind the table in the interrogation room. Her attitude has dissipated on remembering her encounter with SIN. She had paused in her tale. TERAMELLI looks at her expectantly. The prospect of a murderer leaving a message was like Christmas, Easter, his Birthday and Thanksgiving combined for him, and he'd been taunted with this present all morning. The whole town had.

    TERAMELLI: Ms Coombs? What was the message?

    MACIE: She said. (she pauses) She said five names?and that they were responsible for everything that had happened. That hotel explosion last week?

    TERAMELLI'S eyes widen intrigued.

    TERAMELLI: What about it?

    MACIE: She said they did it. And they're to blame and that they drove her to doing what she did?

    TERAMELLI looks intrigued, nervous almost.

    TERAMELLI: What were these names, can you remember?

    MACIE: Of course I remember. How often is it that you witness a mass murder and then are asked by the murderer to do this?

    She knows the question was rhetorical and she didn't expect a reply but she looked at him almost as expectant as he was looking at her.

    TERAMELLI: Ms Coombs?what were the names?

    MACIE: Lance Emory. Dante Turnpike. Cathryn Rittle. Charlie Adrastos. And?Xakiel Thorn.

    TERAMELLI'S face drops and the camera slowly moves into a close up shot.

    MACIE (O/S): Weird names huh? She was kinda psychotic though?I mean maybe she was just babbling?

    TERAMELLI knew the names weren't just incoherent babbling. Those names weren't common. But he did recognise them.

    And he knew that they were being discharged today. They were his.


    XAK is holding on to CHARLIE'S bag as they walk side by side down the corridor towards XAK'S apartment. She looks troubled.

    CHARLIE: You sure about this?

    XAK: Dante and Lance?

    She nods.

    XAK: (sighing) I dunno. They've done their fair share of right and wrong, and so have we. I of all people will be the last to condemn a sinner?

    CHARLIE: I suppose.

    XAK: Are you pleased to be home?

    CHARLIE: Is it? Home I mean?

    XAK looks to her.

    XAK: Well I'm there, if that counts.

    She looks at him warmly, feeling the kind of protection that no one can give her but him. Despite everything, losing TOOLE, MELODY, SIN and CATE. She had him, and she would always have him.

    Wouldn't she?

    CHARLIE: Yeah. It does. More than you know?

    He puts and arm around her and smiles, both of them walking off screen. The camera pulls back to show DANTE and LANCE walking behind them.

    DANTE: I told you it would be fine.

    LANCE: (quietly) Yeah?

    He looks awkward.

    DANTE: (noticing, but choosing to ignore) I mean it'll take some time, on both sides, to get used to everything. But it's for the best you know?

    LANCE: (quietly, again) Yeah?

    And with this he walks faster, leaving DANTE behind. He's in pain but he'd rather go through that than enduring that experience?

    DANTE looks hurt, but follows none the less.


    The door opens and XAK and CHARLIE enter first, arms around one another. They stop when they see who's inside. The camera rotates to show CATE stood by the window staring out. She turns upon hearing the door open and looks at them both. XAK smiles and so does CHARLIE.

    CHARLIE: Sweetie?

    She moves away from XAK and CATE moves away from the window. They meet in the middle of the lounge and hug tightly. CHARLIE smiles but CATE looks slightly emotionless.

    CHARLIE: (whispering) I'm so pleased you're here. Welcome home?

    CATE: (quietly) Yeah. You too?

    They break away and CHARLIE holds her friend's hands defiantly.

    CHARLIE: We will get through this you know. Together, all of us?

    Behind CHARLIE, LANCE and DANTE enter. CATE notices, distracting her from CHARLIE'S comforting words.

    CATE: All of us huh?

    CHARLIE looks around to see them there. XAK notices her discomfort too, and so does CHARLIE. DANTE and LANCE skulk into the side of the room, looking down. XAK moves towards CHARLIE and CATE.

    XAK: (to CATE) It's for the best. Trust me.

    She is silent.

    XAK: (breaking the silence) So, you're back?

    CATE: (awkwardly) I dunno?I uh, I saw the news. I just thought I should come.

    XAK looks shaken, he hadn't had time to break the news to CHARLIE yet. She, along with LANCE, looks understandably confused.

    CHARLIE: (to XAK) What news?

    XAK doesn't reply. He looks at CATE and sees that she is looking at the front door.

    CATE: (to whatever is in the doorway) You?

    XAK turns to the doorway, followed by CHARLIE, DANTE and LANCE.

    TERAMELLI is stood in the doorway with six armed policemen behind him. He looks smug.

    TERAMELLI: So this is gang HQ huh? Gotta say it's a little run down for convicted criminals, even by stereotypical standards?

    LANCE: (confused) Criminals?

    TERAMELLI: That's right boy. I wish I could say this was a social call to check in on your sprains and scratches but alas not.

    XAK: (angrily) Then why are you here?

    TERAMELLI looks at him as his equal. He knew XAK was the leader by his demeanour and the way the others looked at him for guidance in the room.

    TERAMELLI: (smirking, happily) You're all under arrest for arson and conspiracy to murder.

    Their faces drop except for XAK'S. CATE looks defiant too, but CHARLIE looks noticeably worried, as do DANTE and LANCE.

    TERAMELLI: I'd like you all to come quietly, but trust me I don't care either way, do I boys?

    He looks at his men. They nod, smug.

    TERAMELLI: (to the officers) Get them?

    The officers move into the apartment and each one of them moves towards a member of the gang. Two head to DANTE and LANCE. The other four towards XAK, CHARLIE and CATE; now knowing of XAK'S leadership and CATE'S strength, TERAMELLI was taking no chances.

    TERAMELLI (O/S): You do not have to say anything, but it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something which you later rely on in court?

    His voice dies down as one of the officers places XAK'S hands behind his back and entraps his wrists in cuffs.




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      ACT TWO


      TERAMELLI: So, where should we begin?

      He's sat behind the same table that he was talking to MACIE over earlier. The tape is set up again. The interrogation of the suspects have begun. We can't see who he's talking to.

      He means business, and despite his smirks and quirks. He's an officer of the law.

      TERAMELLI: Did you blow up the hotel?

      CUT TO ?

      CHARLIE is sat opposite, and as the cut is made obvious, it doesn't necessarily mean it was she who he was talking to. She looks nervous and looks down.

      CHARLIE: We didn't do anything. I swear?

      TERAMELLI: I didn't ask about your friends, I asked about you. Did you blow up the hotel?

      CHARLIE: (infuriated) No.

      CUT TO ?

      Now LANCE is sat opposite TERAMELLI. He looks just as nervous as CHARLIE does.

      LANCE: You can't keep us here.

      TERAMELLI: I think, being an officer of the law, I can.

      LANCE: Just because we were there doesn't mean we did it. And that's not grounds for arrest?

      TERAMELLI: You seem to know a lot about the law? You been inside?

      LANCE knows the answer is yes, but what good would his time in L'Azura do him in this world.

      LANCE: No.

      TERAMELLI: I ask because there isn't a single note or file on any of you?it's like you came out of the mist?Don't you think that's strange?

      CUT TO ?

      It's DANTE'S turn. He looks more confident than the other two; being an ex-lawyer he was used to defending and representing powerful clients. TERAMELLI was nothing.

      DANTE: It must be frustrating.

      TERAMELLI: Must it? Would you care to give a subject to that statement, or do you know I'll ask and like thinking you're in control of this interview?

      DANTE: (half ignoring him) An explosion. Not a scrap of evidence, and if there is the fire tends to burn it out.

      TERAMELLI looks more angrily at DANTE than the others.

      TERAMELLI: We may not know much about the cause of how you blew up that hotel, but trust me when I say that we will find out.

      There is a brief pause, and DANTE looks at him, reading his expression, his gait and his posture; he was on edge on the subject of Hotel Devarro.

      DANTE: What is it about that hotel that gets everyone so scared?

      He'd got TERAMELLI now. He was right. What was it that happened there?

      CUT TO ?

      CATE is now sat opposite TERAMELLI. She simply sits in her seat and stares forward at him dead on. He doesn't say anything either and reciprocates in the staring war with CATE.

      CUT TO ?

      XAK is next in the firing line. He looks the most confident out of all of the gang. TERAMELLI respects and notices his authority in the group.

      TERAMELLI: I think we both know how this is gonna go.

      XAK: Enlighten me.

      TERAMELLI: I can keep you here for 72 hours if needs be. If you want, we can wait it out for that whole time or we can just cut to the chase and you can confess.

      XAK: What have I got to confess to?

      TERAMELLI looks at him quizzically. Confused as to whether XAK is being sincere or not.

      TERAMELLI: Well let's work our way up. Why were you in the building?

      XAK: Heard the rumours about the place being haunted. Thought it would be cool to go and check it out.

      TERAMELLI: Oh really? So you know what happened there then do you?

      XAK looks at him blankly.

      XAK: I don't see how that has any relevance to this interview.

      TERAMELLI: It doesn't. Just being friendly or whatever.

      XAK: I think any amiable relationship we could have had ended when you arrested me and my friends.

      TERAMELLI notes his alibi.

      Maybe they didn't do it? It wouldn't be the first time something strange had happened in that hotel. He had no real grounds to suspect them of arson; except the word of a murderer accusing them. Was it all a diversion? Regardless. He had to ask?

      TERAMELLI: Do you know a Macie Coombs?

      XAK looks perplexed.

      XAK: Macie Coombs? Who?

      TERAMELLI notes his authenticity.

      TERAMELLI: She was the witness to the murders yesterday.

      A shiver runs up XAK'S spine at the thought of his daughter's crimes.

      TERAMELLI: She was given a message from the murderer. In this message you and your four friends were blamed and accused for the explosion and that it was in fact you five who drove her to murder those five men. One for every one of you?

      XAK almost laughs.

      XAK: Let me get this straight? You've arrested my friends and I who have all recently just been released from hospital on the message this "murderer" gave to some woman who is probably fairly traumatised. Not a speck of evidence, just presumptions.

      TERAMELLI: You need to understand Mr Thorn that a hotel exploded and five men were murdered and you and your little gang have been linked to both of them. Now we don't have anything to keep you on other than trespassing right now but trust me, where presumptions and accusations are?evidence will follow eventually. The clock is ticking and the forensics team will find something soon enough from both incidents.

      XAK looks slightly nervous, unsure of what exactly they left behind in the Hotel. TERAMELLI smiles.

      TERAMELLI: So, how about we run through those events one more time?see how good your memory is when you realise the state aren't the enemy here.

      They agreed there. This was all SIN'S doing.

      CUT TO ?

      We're back with CHARLIE'S interview now who looks slightly more nervous and infuriated with every inimitable question. TERAMELLI flicks through her file, even though there is not much inside.

      TERAMELLI: (confused) So when did you all move here again?

      CHARLIE: About a month or so ago.

      TERAMELLI: Why?

      CHARLIE: We travel a lot.

      TERAMELLI: Ghost hunters huh?

      CHARLIE: Something like that.

      TERAMELLI: You know for someone who's innocent, you're very defensive.

      CHARLIE: No. I'm not. I have nothing to be defensive about, this?(she gestures to her face) right here, my annoyed face. We've done nothing wrong, you've just made a mistake and in a few hours time we'll be out of here.

      TERAMELLI leans back in his chair.

      TERAMELLI: Maybe, but when that time comes, I wouldn't go too far?

      And they he and CHARLIE are silent. Without evidence and proof, she knows he can't keep her there; he'd made an error in arresting them all, putting all his hopes on their confessions which they could not give.

      CUT TO ?

      LANCE. TERAMELLI has continued, hoping to find a weak spot in LANCE. He may be succeeding.

      TERAMELLI: What can you remember about that night?

      LANCE: Everything, which is pretty uneventful apart from the explosion. Three of us went into the basement to see if we could find anything?

      TERAMELLI: Find anything?

      LANCE: A ghost.

      He was lying, but they all were sticking to this story.

      TERAMELLI: (nodding) Right.

      LANCE: And then?boom.

      TERAMELLI: Very well. And what of the blonde woman, and the man who died.

      LANCE: Leigh and Christian. I guess she freaked and left?we haven't heard from her. Her and Christian were pretty close so maybe she couldn't deal with it.

      TERAMELLI: We tried contacting his family but, like the rest of you, he had no past, no profile, no record. Nothing.

      LANCE: What can I say?we don't put a foot wrong.

      TERAMELLI: Well you're in my town now?so we'll see about that.

      He leans in.

      TERAMELLI: If I were you. I would watch yourself, because I am not going to rest until I find how you're linked to these incidents. I know you know something. You and your friends are in this deep and I just don't know how many fathoms yet?but I will. And when I do I'll persecute you and your friends into the darkest prison I can find?

      LANCE: Can I get that in writing?

      CUT TO ?

      DANTE and TERAMELLI are continuing their discussion. TERAMELLI was calmer around DANTE now.

      TERAMELLI: Fifty years ago?there was a fire. It was in all the papers. "Hotel Devarro in flames!" It was a big story of the time. The hotel was a retreat for the finer people in society; a haven for the upper class. But one night the fire happened. It destroyed everything. Chief O'Neill was just a boy at the time, his father and mother were staying there for their anniversary and they were killed.

      DANTE: It must have been awful.

      He says this without sympathy, but enough meaning to urge the detective to continue.

      TERAMELLI: Only for a few hours. When sun rose the building was back. Good as new, not a singe, not a body. It was like magic. No one knew why but they thought it was a miracle. They re-opened the hotel but no one stayed longer than a few hours. They complained of hauntings, demonic possessions?some say the mouth to hell was underneath that hotel. So it closed.

      He looks up to DANTE now.

      TERAMELLI: But you'd have known all of that wouldn't you? Being a ghost hunter and all?

      DANTE eyes him cautiously. In attempting to find out more about the building he could have created a chasm in the gangs alibi.

      CUT TO ?

      CATE is sat opposite TERAMELLI once again. Like before, she simply sits in her seat and stares forward at him dead on. He doesn't say anything either and reciprocates in the staring war with CATE.

      CUT TO ?

      XAK is last.

      XAK: I've told you. I don't know any Macie Coombs!

      He was getting angry now at the constant accusations, various insinuations and scenarios being thrown at him from TERAMELLI.

      TERAMELLI: Then why would the killer of those five men name you and your friends personally, the same five people who are here to this day the only known people left alive in that explosion last week.

      XAK: Isn't it obvious? To waste your time. Anyone could have done their research into that explosion and found out who were the survivors, if the person was powerful enough. All they've done is place the blame on us, knowing we were already under suspicion, thus postponing their capture, by proving the incompetence of the police force.

      TERAMELLI looks seething.

      XAK: You're wasting your time on the word of a killer. You must feel real good about yourself.

      XAK smiles to himself.

      XAK: Wow, I could be a cop. I mean if you can do it.

      TERAMELLI smiles; clearly fake.

      TERAMELLI: Think you're pretty smart don't you?

      XAK: I do, but also, I think I'm pretty right. I think you know too that arresting me and my friends without evidence, proof and only your assumption?was pretty lame.

      TERAMELLI grits his teeth, angrily. He goes to open his mouth?


      The afternoon is almost over and the evening is almost upon the streets of New York. XAK, CHARLIE, CATE, DANTE and LANCE are all walking down the sidewalk away from the police station. All, apart from XAK and CATE, look nervous and slightly agitated from being cooped up in the police interrogation room.

      CHARLIE: I can't believe he just let us walk, for a minute I thought he had us sussed.

      DANTE: There's no way he could have known about Sin, about everything.

      LANCE: Why would she blame us?

      CATE: Isn't it obvious? She just wanted us out of the way?

      LANCE: Well, it didn't work very well.

      XAK stops and turns to face them.

      XAK: It could have.

      They all stop now too and look at him.

      XAK: This has just got a lot more serious. Dealing with Sin will be hard enough but now we have the law on our backs. We've got to be more careful.

      DANTE: Ok, no more getting in hotel explosions.

      XAK: (stern) I mean it!

      DANTE looks away now; CHARLIE, CATE and LANCE look annoyed.

      XAK: We've got to lay low. That Teramelli could find any scrap of evidence soon that could link us to that explosion and if anyone saw Sin leaving the hotel other than Cate then we're screwed. He will get us for something if we don't stick together and don't get our stories straight.

      He sighs, worried.

      XAK: Did everyone say they were "ghost hunters"?

      They all nod. XAK turns to CATE.

      XAK: Thanks.

      CATE: Don't thank me?it was Teramelli that suggested it.

      He had. In the office in the hospital, he'd proposed to CATE that that was what they were doing in the hotel. Bingo. Gang ? One. Law ? Zero.

      Regardless, XAK looks at CATE thankfully. They could be in jail now if it weren't for her mentioning this.

      CHARLIE: So, what do we do now?

      XAK: We find Macie Coombs.

      CHARLIE: Who?

      XAK: In my interview, Teramelli said that this Macie Coombs was the witness to those murders.

      DANTE: God he is the worst detective in the world. Getting arrested could have been the best thing to happen to us.

      XAK: Well let's not jump the gun yet. We don't know what this woman saw.

      LANCE: Ok, so we go find her.

      XAK: I'll find her.

      CHARLIE: What? Xak, you just said we need to stick together.

      XAK: We do, and we are. I'm not abandoning you all. I just need everyone to do something else?

      CHARLIE sighs, she pauses then looks to him.

      CHARLIE: (quietly) What do you need?

      XAK: I need you and Cate to go home, do as much research as possible on Teramelli. We need to know how he's worked past cases, we might not have much time before he nails us for something.

      He turns to DANTE.

      XAK: We need to know more about Sin, why she did what she did, what she's like, what she's planning. Hit the demon bars, take Lance with you.

      DANTE: Sure, I know a guy. We'll meet you back at the apartment later.

      LANCE looks reluctant but knows he has a long way to go to prove himself to the gang. DANTE moves away off screen and LANCE follows.

      CHARLIE turns to XAK. She puts a hand on his arm.

      CHARLIE: Be careful?

      XAK nods, and with this CHARLIE and CATE begin walking in the direction of the apartment. He waits a moment before turning after her.

      XAK: Charlie?

      She stops and turns.

      XAK: ?Later, ok? I promise.

      She smiles slightly and nods, and then with CATE she disappears into the approaching evening. XAK moves towards a nearby phone booth with a telephone directory underneath it. He sifles through the pages until he comes to COOMBS. There was only one match. He picks up the telephone?


      With the darkness once more upon the town, SIN emerges from an alleyway opposite the police station. She is clean from the blood now but still maniacal. She eyes DANTE and LANCE walking away. CHARLIE and CATE also leaving. Then her father picking up the telephone?

      She had failed once again to incapacitate her parents?she would need assistance of a new kind.


      TERAMELLI is stood with his arms folded once again. He does not watch the media from his window this time, they left a long time ago. Now he watches XAK with a seething suspicion. The OFFICER appears in his doorway again.

      OFFICER: Sir? You called?

      TERAMELLI: (quietly) I want hourly reports from the coroner, the hospital, surveillance, and forensics. By the end of the night I want Mr Thorn and his friends looking at a life sentence?

      The OFFICER notes his odd calm nature. He leaves, he knows the storm is just beginning.


      DANTE and LANCE are walking through the sewers. DANTE is strolling fairly confidently but LANCE looks to be struggling. LANCE stumbles over a grate and falls to the floor, recoiling in pain. DANTE turns around and hurries over.

      DANTE: Are you ok?

      He puts a hand out to help up LANCE but the gesture is disregarded.

      LANCE: (bluntly) I'm fine?

      Despite the pain he stands and continues walking down the sewers. The sound of music can be heard.

      LANCE: ?Let's just get this over and done with.

      DANTE looks confused, slightly hurt, but nods none the less.

      DANTE: It's just up ahead to your left.



      The deep bass sounds of The Prodigy burst into sound as the camera sweeps the bar showing various strange looking demons encircling various circular booths. At the centre of the bar there is a large circular bar and in the centre sits a large blue octopus looking demon, serving all the demons at once with its many tentacles.

      The camera eventually cuts back to the entrance and shows DANTE and LANCE entering. They both look relatively unfazed by the presence of demons; L'Azura and Wolfram and Hart was about as shocking as it could get. These demons, though drunk weren't much to worry about. DANTE looks at LANCE.

      DANTE: I'll be back in a minute, just try and stay out the way. They don't like humans much.

      LANCE: (sarcastically) Really?

      DANTE: (rolling his eyes) Just stay out of trouble.

      He smiles at LANCE which causes him to recoil slightly. With this DANTE moves away from LANCE and makes his way towards the octopus demon in the centre of the bar. LANCE moves over to a post and leans against it. He was keeping out of the way, but he had already attracted the attention of a nearby group of biker demons. They look to be remnants of the biker crew that raided Sunnydale a few years back. They look at LANCE with disgust. He glances in their direction momentarily and then looks to the floor.

      The camera moves over to DANTE. He is at the bar. The OCTOPUS DEMON turns to him. He is created with CGI but oddly looks to be human-esque on closer inspection.

      OCTOPUS DEMON: (loudly and deeply) What'll it be dude?

      (He is voiced by Bobby Cannavale)

      DANTE smirks.

      DANTE: Long time Indie.

      The OCTOPUS DEMON/INDIE inspects him closer, then laughs and smiles.

      INDIE: Dante Turnpike, good to see ya. But human?

      DANTE: I know. It's oddly working out for me though.

      INDIE: What you doing in this neck of the woods? Business trip?

      DANTE: Not this time?just need some information.

      INDIE: For you man, anything. What do ya need to know?

      DANTE: There's a new evil. You hear about those men who were killed?

      INDIE: Yeah?

      DANTE: I'm looking for the dame behind it. Her name is Sin?

      With this, INDIE grimaces, a shiver runs through his slimy scales. DANTE looks confused. What was it that he knew?


      CATE is sat in front of the laptop in XAK'S apartment and CHARLIE is stood behind her. CATE, in auto-pilot stares at the screen.

      CATE: Wait?is Teramelli with two l's or two r's?

      CHARLIE sighs.

      CHARLIE: Sweetie, we don't need to do this you know. We can talk about?

      CATE: (resolute) No, we do need to do this. In case you haven't noticed there's a psychotic mad woman with unknown powers murdering people and framing us for everything she does.

      She looks to CHARLIE. Then back to the screen.

      CATE: (quietly) That's much more important than?

      She doesn't finish, and she stops typing. CHARLIE looks at her sympathetically and puts her hand on CATE'S shoulder.

      CHARLIE: Two l's?

      CATE nods slowly and finishes typing in a query into the search engine.

      CHARLIE: Wait a minute?is that??

      CATE: Yeah?the 9/11 tribute site?

      CHARLIE: (reading from the screen) "Amongst the victims was Elizabeth Teramelli, beloved wife and daughter. She will be sorely missed and forever loved as long as those who knew her continue to know her." Oh my god?he lost his wife.

      CATE looks down. They had all despised CAIN TERAMELLI throughout the day, but not one of them had begun to think about his motives behind these suspicions, behind his anger and passion for justice. And now they knew why.

      The camera closes in on the laptop screen and the smiling face of ELIZABETH TERAMELLI; the dead wife of the detective that wasn't just seething, he was seeking a twisted form of redemption. He couldn't save his wife from one burning building and he could not get justice against those who made those towers fall; and a war was started. But now, a very different war was upon the world - more people were dying, and more buildings were burning?he had to blame someone.

      And it would be them.


      LANCE continues to mind his own business and leans against the post. He glances once again at the biker demons nearby. One BIKER DEMON snarls at him angrily; chains pulling his skin from his face to the back of his head and the smell of burnt leather reeking off him in waves.

      BIKER DEMON: What you looking at human?

      LANCE: (under his breath) God knows?

      While the BIKER DEMON glares at LANCE deeply, the camera moves away to the bar area once again. INDIE continues to look scared at the mention of SIN. DANTE looks at him curious, knowing INDIE was not a demon who scared easy.

      INDIE: (whispering, his voice still booming) Listen Dan, I dunno how you got mixed up with that one but from what people are saying, she's bad news. She's got the world and the underworld shook up. But she's got a flaw?

      DANTE: What is it?

      INDIE: Don't get me wrong that chicks got fists, but she's new?she needs some guidance. She's the type that won't admit it but she's all brawn and no brains at the moment, and she'll need them fast ?cause mistakes can cost ya big in the business.

      DANTE nods, trying to figure out how this could help them, but he doesn't have long to contemplate as a fight breaks out behind him. He turns to see the BIKER DEMON punching LANCE, while another holds him back and the others laugh. INDIE turns to look at the brawl too.

      INDIE: (to DANTE) A friend of yours I presume?

      The camera cuts away to LANCE and the BIKER DEMON who continues to beat him. Other demons around the area look nervous and shifty.

      BIKER DEMON: (to LANCE) No more retorts now huh?

      He back hands LANCE across the face one way and then he raises his hand to do it once again on the other side, but as he does he feels someone gripping his arm. The BIKER DEMON turns to see DANTE holding his arm effortlessly.

      DANTE: He might not have some, but I have a few.

      DANTE pulls the BIKER DEMON'S arm back so far that he rips it off. INDIE laughs and the BIKER DEMON screams in agony. The other demons look scared and the one holding LANCE releases him and they retreat towards the exit of the bar. DANTE looks at the BIKER DEMON'S arm in his hand with disgust.

      DANTE: Oh yeah, take this with you and get the hell out of town?

      He throws the arm at the BIKER DEMON, who in turn runs out of the bar screaming and wailing in pain.

      DANTE: (smirking) ?Good arm.

      He turns to LANCE, worried, noting the blood on his face. LANCE looks down breathing heavily.

      DANTE: You ok??

      He reaches out and touches LANCE'S face to inspect the wounds. LANCE shakes his head to shake off DANTE. He looks up angrily.

      LANCE: (shouting) Just leave me the hell alone ok!?

      With this he hobbles out of the demon bar. DANTE looks ahead blankly, and then he looks behind him to see the empty entrance. LANCE had gone.


      There is a knock at the door and MACIE walks to her front door. Before she answers she hesitates.

      MACIE: Who is it?

      XAK (O/S): It's Mr Smith, we spoke on the phone.

      She sighs and rolls her eyes, and unlocks the door. She opens it and XAK is standing on the other side. He smiles weakly at her but she is not convinced.

      MACIE: Right, Mr Smith. Well as I told you on the phone I am not interested in giving you my story. It's all a bit too fresh for me to deal with at the moment?

      XAK: (interrupting) I'm not actually from the paper?and my name isn't Mr Smith

      MACIE eyes him, scared of a second attack. She wouldn't usually be so on edge but as of yesterday there was nothing she could be certain about.

      MACIE: (quietly) Well, who are you then?

      XAK: My name is Xak Thorn.

      Her eyes widen, scared. She backs up slightly.

      MACIE: You're?one of them?she mentioned you?

      XAK: That's right Ms Coombs, and please don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you! Far from it.

      MACIE relaxes slightly.

      MACIE: Then why are you here?

      XAK: Today, my friends and I were arrested in connection to a message you gave Detective Teramelli from the murderer.

      She looks nervous.

      MACIE: So?

      XAK: The woman who murdered those men?she's my daughter.

      She relaxes completely now, and smiles.

      MACIE: (laughing) This has to be some kind of sick joke right? She looks only about five years younger than you. Thank you very much for the hilarious prank?

      She goes to close the door but he stops her.

      XAK: (determined) Ms Coombs, please. I am not lying?I'm just trying to save the world and your life. You really need to listen to what I have to say?please?

      She looks at him confused. If this was the punch line it was sorely lost on her.

      MACIE: Why should I believe you?

      XAK: After last night, can you afford not to? I know I can't.

      She contemplates for a moment and looks him up and down.

      MACIE: I guess, you better come in then.

      He nods thankfully and enters into the apartment ready to inform MACIE on what exactly is coming.


      SIN wanders across the dance floor. It is eerily quiet and the place is empty. No staff and no customers. She cocks her head at the room and stops walking.

      SIN: (to no one) I seek the lord. Not his lackey.

      She turns to see TUCKER and A.J emerge with about a two metre gap between them. They seem to walk out of the darkness itself and they're vamped out.

      LORD CHANCELLOR BLACK (O/S): And a lord you shall get.

      Between TUCKER and A.J emerges LORD CHANCELLOR BLACK. He is wearing the same suit from the last we saw of him. He smiles at SIN who looks him up and down.

      LORD CHANCELLOR BLACK: My dear, you really are a vision.

      She looks slightly vacant, as if she's almost forgotten where she is.

      SIN: (to herself) I sought power and I sought loneliness in gaining such means. I was incorrect. And then I queried this method, and conversed with those five humans last night. They were kind enough to humour me, and speak of a place where one can find power when they are lonely. They spoke of the call of Sirens. This is this establishment is it not? Your establishment?

      LORD CHANCELLOR BLACK nods, listening very carefully to the varying tones in SIN'S voice and how differently she acts from time to time.

      LORD CHANCELLOR BLACK: It is my dear, and I know of the people you speak. Those boys were in the grooming process, and they would have been a promising addition to my family and to my army. However, if their deaths instigated your arrival, I am glad of their demise.

      SIN: You have been preparing for my arrival. Your confidence is curious to me. What makes you think I should choose you and your family for my army?

      LORD CHANCELLOR BLACK: You need an army to protect and defend your honour in the upcoming battles. Mine my dear is the strongest. We have heard of your prophecy and understand it fully. We have worshipped you in pre-existence and now you have deemed this world worthy to accept your presence, we are ready and willing to protect you till your ascension.

      And with this, hundreds of vampires emerge from the shadows of the club; children, teenagers, young adults, adults, old people, male and female. SIN looks at them all as they kneel down in front of her.

      SIN: (vacantly) Well, this is a sight. Dimples to wrinkles. (turning to LORD CHANCELLOR BLACK) I shall engage your services on a trial period.

      LORD CHANCELLOR BLACK: A trial period?

      SIN walks slowly towards him, stroking the heads of the vampires she passes.

      SIN: I want you to honour a request I have.

      LORD CHANCELLOR BLACK: Anything my dear, name it.

      SIN: I have a small problem I need taking care of. My strength is not as it should be. Whilst I research this problematic attribute of my character, I need those who seek me to be extinguished as they are postponing my domination of this plane. I want them all six feet under by sunrise. Understood?

      He hesitates but then nods. She smiles.

      SIN: Good, I shall expect results when I return tomorrow.

      She turns and walks towards the exit. She stops, and turns back to LORD CHANCELLOR BLACK.

      SIN: Oh, and one more thing. You may be a lord to these soldiers. But to me? You're just one of them: Blacky the lackey..

      LORD CHANCELLOR BLACK/BLACK looks down as she walks away. SIN disappears smiling.

      DELILAH (O/S): So that's the big cheese huh? She's rude?

      In between BLACK and TUCKER, DELILAH emerges. She looks psychotic, FARAH'S prot?g?.

      JESSE (O/S): Looks that way.

      Then, in between BLACK and A.J, JESSE emerges. He also looks as evil as DELILAH does, and together they look as evil as LEO and FARAH ever looked. He smirks, both of them standing either side of BLACK, who looks beat after being put in his place by his new master. He had not served under the reign of a queen in a long time, but it would be something he had to get used to once again.

      BLACK: (quietly) Do as she says you fools. If we fail, our place in her new world will fall. Kill them.

      With this, JESSE and DELILAH nod at the vampires. Then TUCKER, A.J and a dozen or so of the other vampires vacate the club; vamped and pumped, ready for their first fight in the war.




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        ACT THREE

        OPEN ON ? NEW YORK

        CHARLIE and CATE are still reeling from the news of TERAMELLI being a widower of the 9/11 attacks. CHARLIE is pacing the room, indifferent and CATE continues to look into the effects the event had on TERAMELLI.

        CHARLIE: God I can't imagine what that must have been like?

        CATE looks down.

        CATE: I can.

        CHARLIE looks once again sympathetic at this, and she moves towards CATE and touches her friend's shoulder.

        CHARLIE: Sorry honey I didn't think?

        CATE: (interrupting) It says on this site that Teramelli tried out for the army once. He wanted to go to Iraq but they said he was too wild and unpredictable so he had to stay in the detective business. There was nothing he could do?

        CHARLIE recoils, hurt.

        CHARLIE: (softly) Poor guy.

        CATE: He lost everything, and he's just looking for someone to blame. How can we oppose a man like that. I know I can't?

        CHARLIE looks slightly confused, and CATE looks vacant.

        CHARLIE: Cate?please?

        CATE stands and walks away from the laptop, not looking at CHARLIE.

        CATE: I uh?I'm just gonna?

        She goes over to her purse on the sofa and pulls out a small bottle of vodka. CHARLIE eyes her cautiously.

        CHARLIE: (loudly) Ok, just stop!

        CATE turns sharply.

        CATE: No!

        CHARLIE: So is this how it's gonna be from now on? When anyone tries to tackle the subject you just grab a drink.

        CATE: In case you've not noticed, I am here. Do you have any idea how hard it is for me to even do that? With you and Xak, not to mention Lance who just reminds me of him every time I see him. And Dante? Don't even get me started on him?

        She looks desperately at CHARLIE.

        CATE: ?But I don't give a damn because you're my friend Charlie, and so is Xak. So if you two need my help, then you can have it because you've earned it. Just do not judge me for needing a drink to get me through a day like this, not after everything. (slowly) I'm doing the best I can.

        CHARLIE: And what about me Cate? Who do I have to talk to about everything? Xak and I have barely had a chance with the move, trying to find our daughter, the explosion, and then today. We haven't spoken properly since we left L.A!

        CATE looks down.

        CHARLIE: So you might not want to tackle it and you might wanna take baby steps going through the "take each day as it comes" route, and that's fine. (she pauses, emotional) But I'm here and I'm ready to take all sorts of steps and leaps and I have no one to take them with.

        CATE looks at the bottle, then to CHARLIE.

        CATE: (with an odd tone) You want some advice? Make him listen because he might not always be there, and the same goes for you.

        CHARLIE'S not quite sure how to take this advice, but assumes she means well, despite the slight hostile tone behind her voice; resentment. CATE looks at her, meaningfully.

        CATE: (more softly) Make him listen before it's too late. Believe me?

        She looks down at the bottle and then opens it. She puts it to her lips and drinks deeply. CHARLIE looks down at the floor as CATE leaves the room and heads towards the bedrooms. She had done the best she could do today. Maybe tomorrow would be different?but little did CATE know, or CHARLIE know, how this night would end?

        CUT TO ? NEW YORK

        The camera closes in on a manhole cover. It bursts open and LANCE climbs out into the alleyway. He looks awkward and in pain but he ignores it. He climbs to his feet and begins walking down the alleyway.

        DANTE (O/S): Lance, wait!

        LANCE ignores him, and behind him we can see DANTE climbing out of the sewer, following.

        DANTE: Hey! What the hell is your problem?

        LANCE turns sharply to face him as DANTE climbs to his feet.

        LANCE: You! Why are you always around? Everywhere I look you're there, protecting me. I don't even know you!

        DANTE: I was trying to help out! Make amends. Most of this is my fault so I'm trying to do right by you guys!

        LANCE: Well I don't need your help, I can do fine on my own!

        DANTE: Oh you're doing a grand job on your own, you died, you were summoned by psychotic assistants, and now you're getting into bar fights?

        LANCE clearly looks bothered about something else?

        DANTE: ?Not to mention that everyone around you seems to have a tendency to die.

        LANCE: (shouting) I'm not gay!

        DANTE looks shocked by this outburst and stops.

        DANTE: I didn't say you were?

        LANCE: I'm not stupid. I know about you and Christian, and trust me I know the signs.

        DANTE: Christian was?

        LANCE: I don't care. Just leave me alone. I'm not gay, and I'm not interested in whatever it is you are trying to make this thing between us be. Just leave me?alone.

        And with this he turns and hurries out of the alleyway leaving DANTE reeling. He'd not ever said what his feelings were, and now he was certain he could never reveal them?

        CUT TO ? NEW YORK

        MACIE looks shocked. She, like DANTE, is left reeling from what she has just heard.

        MACIE: Ok.

        XAK is sat opposite her on the chair in the lounge. He looks slightly confused.

        XAK: Ok, what?

        MACIE: Ok to everything you just told me.

        XAK: Look Miss Coombs?

        MACIE: Oh I think we're beyond formalities, call me Macie.

        XAK: ?Macie. What I told you, could put you in danger.

        MACIE: (upbeat) It won't.

        XAK: You did listen to what I said, right?

        MACIE: Uh huh. But all this demon stuff was here before I knew about it, and I was fine.

        XAK: You call last night fine?

        MACIE: Look Xak. I appreciate you warning me about this but really I'm fine. I know it's scary, and it does kinda explain a lot about what goes bump in the night?

        XAK: (interrupting) Well that bump in the night is gonna get a lot louder and a lot more dangerous if you do not help me.

        She looks doubtful, and clearly more scared than she's letting on. She'd already met this bump.

        MACIE: There's nothing I can do, I'm just?a girl.

        He leans in.

        XAK: (determined) Trust me, you can do something. You can help stop it. I promise.

        MACIE: How?

        XAK: Show me where it happened. We can find her from there.

        MACIE looks nervous.

        MACIE: I don't know?

        XAK: (desperately) Please?Macie. You could be saving the world.

        She looks unsure, how could one person make such a big difference?

        CUT TO ? NEW YORK

        The camera focuses on the phone in TERAMELLI'S office. He is sat behind his desk and he presses the button on the phone to answer it on loudspeaker.

        TERAMELLI: Cain Teramelli.

        MAN (O/S): (on the phone) Detective? This is George from forensics.

        TERAMELLI: About time, please tell me you have some news at last.

        The MAN/GEORGE hesitates.

        GEORGE (O/S): (on the phone) Some weapons were found on the site. They match the prints given by the people arrested today.

        TERAMELLI looks extremely intrigued.

        TERAMELLI: Who's prints?!

        GEORGE (O/S): (on the phone) A handgun in the lobby matches the prints of Mr Thorn, and various guns in the basement match the prints of the man who died along with Mr Turnpike and Mr Emory.

        TERAMELLI smirks.

        TERAMELLI: Really?

        GEORGE (O/S): (on the phone) That's not all Detective.

        TERAMELLI looks shocked, what else could there be?

        GEORGE (O/S): We had a call today from a company called Merrett Incorporated.

        TERAMELLI: What? That old office opposite the hotel?

        GEORGE (O/S): They had a break in 1ast week, specifically on the night of the explosion. One of their windows facing the hotel was completely smashed and there was a knife found in the wall. The big shock was the sniper rifle they found set on a stand facing the hotel. They called us to do some prints on it.

        TERAMELLI'S eyes widen.

        TERAMELLI: A sniper rifle? Why didn't they call us?!

        GEORGE (O/S): They did. The call got put through to your office last week but you ignored it.

        TERAMELLI breathes angrily.

        TERAMELLI: Just get to the point of this George before I cut you off?

        GEORGE (O/S): The prints on both the knife and the rifle match Miss Adrastos.

        TERAMELLI cuts off GEORGE'S voice. He dials a number hurriedly.

        OFFICER: Hello?

        TERAMELLI: Get me the media and another warrant for their arrest. I've got them.

        He hangs up the phone again and leans back in his chair?relaxed, a sense of peace and justice washing over him.

        CUT TO ? NEW YORK

        CHARLIE is sat on the sofa, her knees curled up by her chin, and she stares at the clear night sky. The sound of the door unlocking turns her attention. XAK enters, he looks beat, he's alone. She smiles weakly at him.

        CHARLIE: Hey, how did it go?

        He looks behind him and MACIE appears in view. She looks nervous and looks around the apartment uneasily. She smiles quickly at CHARLIE unsure.

        XAK: Charlie, this is Macie Coombs, the woman who saw Sin.

        CHARLIE looks surprised and slightly shocked to meet a woman she had never met before but had so much in common with; a violent encounter with SIN.

        CHARLIE: Uh, hey.

        MACIE waves nervously.

        XAK: Macie, this is my girlfriend Charlie.

        A shiver runs down CHARLIE'S spine. She doesn't know why, but an affectionate term such as this was something she had sorely missed and desired to hear.

        MACIE: It's nice to meet you Charlie.

        CHARLIE nods.

        CHARLIE: You too.

        Both XAK and MACIE walk in to the apartment and he closes the door. MACIE looks around the room.

        MACIE: It's a real nice place you have here. I love the?sconces.

        XAK smiles slightly and gestures to the kitchen.

        XAK: Help yourself to some food or drink, there's some beers in the fridge if you want it.

        She smiles.

        MACIE: Yeah I think alcohol is something I need right now.

        CHARLIE looks down, considering her previous conversation with CATE; maybe she was too harsh on her friend, she'd been through a lot. MACIE moves towards the kitchen and XAK moves to CHARLIE.

        XAK: (quietly) Speaking of alcohol?

        CHARLIE: (cutting him off) ?In her room curled up with a bottle of vodka. We had a fight, she just didn't want to listen.

        XAK takes a seat next to her and sighs.

        XAK: ?I really thought we were getting through to her.

        CHARLIE puts a hand on his.

        CHARLIE: She'll get there, eventually.

        XAK nods, hopefully.

        XAK: Did you find anything out about our resident detective.

        CHARLIE: (quietly) His wife was one of the victims of the 9/11 attacks?

        XAK wasn't expecting that. He looks down.

        CHARLIE: ?He's not vindictive, or evil or handling this case like his others. He's just a widower with an eye for vengeance and justice.

        He looks contemplative, as if he, like CATE, can relate to this reaction. He moves his hand on top of CHARLIE'S and squeezes it tightly.

        XAK: I just hope it doesn't consume him?he could lose too much. I know I almost did.

        She looks at him, sadly.

        XAK: But I only thought I had, I hadn't. I'd only lost a part of me, a part of our family, not all of who I am.

        CUT TO ? NEW YORK

        CATE is stood around the corner of the lounge. The bottle in her hand is almost empty and she looks down at it as she listens to XAK.

        XAK (O/S): I guess I forget sometimes that I'm just human. I can make mistakes and not have to worry about them.

        CUT TO ? NEW YORK

        XAK: Because I know, if I make them, you'll always be there. And I'll always be there for you too. If you'll have me that is.

        CHARLIE breathes softly and then lurches forwards and puts her arms around his neck holding on to him closely. He holds her tightly.

        CHARLIE: (whispering) It's not too late, we can make it through this, we can still do this?

        XAK: Of course we can. I love you so much?

        She breaks away and kisses him smiling.

        CHARLIE: I love you, and nothing will make me stop.

        She should be careful. She doesn't know.

        MACIE (O/S): Uh sorry to break up your little O.C moment but can we kinda get this over and done with, I have a meeting at 8am and I'm already freaked out as it is.

        XAK and CHARLIE break away from one another. CHARLIE looks at him quizzically.

        CHARLIE: Get on with what?

        XAK: Oh right?I uh, I had something to ask you.

        CHARLIE: What's that?

        XAK: We can find Sin and end this?tonight.

        CHARLIE looks shocked. He looks at her positively.

        XAK: You in?

        CUT TO ? NEW YORK

        The camera shows TERAMELLI stood at a podium outside the NYPD. Dozens of members of the press are there taking pictures of him and various officers are stood behind him at the front of the entrance.

        TERAMELLI: (smiling) Distinguished members of the press, I thank you for coming out here so late at night, but we have discovered some rather interesting developments in the case of the men who were brutally murdered and the hotel explosions. It would appear that both these events are linked somewhat.

        The press murmur speculation and intrigue filling their faces; begging TERAMELLI to feed them more.

        TERAMELLI: It would appear that the people who survived the explosion could have instigated the murders of the five men, and be affiliating with the murderer. The people involved have been known to be brandishing knives and powerful, illegal firearms and quite possibly some highly dangerous explosives. They are as of now considered armed, extremely dangerous and a severe threat to public safety.

        He looks serious. As if saying what he is about to say is a bit too close to home.

        TERAMELLI: This city has lost many lives, many innocent lives from disgusting, unprovoked and vicious attacks. People in this city have lived in fear for years and now this threat does not come externally. It is not foreign. It is on our doorsteps and we do not deserve to live in such fear. For all those people who have died in similar attacks and for those have died in these?The NYPD declare a manhunt. We ask everyone, the police force and the citizens of this state who are tired of living in fear, to find these people. Warrants have been issued for their arrests and should that fail their pictures will be given to you to publish in your papers tomorrow morning.

        The camera closes in on him to an extreme close up.

        TERAMELLI: Let's find these bastards, and put them where they belong.

        For the nation. For the state. For the city. For her?

        CUT TO BLACK



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          ACT FOUR

          OPEN ON ? NEW YORK

          The door bursts open and LANCE enters. CATE is rooting through the fridge in the kitchen. LANCE looks at her and she turns hearing the door open. She looks at him blankly.

          CATE: Oh, it's just you?

          She turns again, slightly disgusted. There is a pause and soon DANTE appears in the doorway too. LANCE moves into the apartment annoyed.

          DANTE: Lance, please?

          He enters, closing the door and then notices CATE. She doesn't turn. He moves closer to LANCE.

          DANTE: (quieter) ?Look I'm sorry ok?

          LANCE looks away angrily.

          DANTE: Look I'm new to this human relationships thing. Well not new, I knew it once upon a time, but that was a long time ago.

          LANCE continues to look away, but his expression seems slightly calmer.

          DANTE: I just, I look at you and I just see someone who's lost everything and is trying to rebuild, make a new start and I can't help but feel a connection.

          The camera cuts to CATE who is not rooting through the fridge anymore. While she is looking through the fridge she is listening intently to DANTE.

          DANTE (O/S): Whatever that is I don't know and I'm sorry if I offended you but I don't think it should just be ignored.

          The camera cuts back to LANCE now as looks up at DANTE.

          LANCE: Well you might feel that way, but I don't. I might want to rebuild whatever it is I had with these people?but I have nothing to rebuild with you and I'm not interested in starting anything new. Tried that, and they all either died or left. So, no.

          On the word "no" loud vicious and booming bangs can be heard against the door. CATE, DANTE and LANCE all turn towards the door.

          OFFICER (O/S): (shouting, loudly) This is the police! Open up!

          CUT TO ? NEW YORK

          A dozen armed officers are stood at the door, one large OFFICER is stood in front of them all.

          OFFICER: We have a warrant for your arrest so I suggest you open up! Now!

          There is no answer. He motions the other officers to stand back and he kicks in the door. The door bursts open, splintering the frame.

          CUT TO ? NEW YORK

          The lounge is empty. The fridge door left open and CATE, DANTE and LANCE are no where to be seen. The officers all burst into the room led by the OFFICER who kicked in the door. He scans the room with his eyes then nods at all the other officers.

          OFFICER: Skin the place?

          They follow orders and stream into the apartment and begin piling into the living room, the kitchen, the corridor, the bedroom and the bathroom. They begin tearing the apartment apart, knifing cushions and splitting them in two, rifling through drawers and any documents, flipping mattresses and tearing clothes out of the wardrobes.

          CUT TO ? NEW YORK

          In the bathroom there are two officers, looking in the cabinets of the bathroom and through the laundry basket. They hadn't even noticed the window swaying in the wind and the fire escape on the other side. The camera closes in on the window and at the bottom it is possible to make out the silhouette of three people running through the alleyway towards the street.

          CUT TO ? NEW YORK

          It is CATE, DANTE and LANCE. They all look out of breath and keep to the shadows, in case any patrolling police officers come past. They're almost approaching the mouth of the alley and their freedom.

          LANCE: Jesus?what the hell was that?

          DANTE: Looks like we're not as innocent as they think we are. Wait?no reverse that.

          CATE rolls her eyes.

          CATE: Will you two shut up. God?

          She begins walking.

          CATE: ?The last thing we want is for them to?

          She is cut off as a passing police car approaching the end of the alleyway breaks her train of thought.

          The camera cuts to the car as it approaches and passes the alleyway. As it does, an officer in the passenger seat shines a torch down the alleyway. We get a glimpse from his point of view. He can see nothing. The car passes, and eventually the sound of it disappearing into the distance can be heard. The camera moves down the alley and eventually eyes CATE crouched behind two dustbins. She's breathing heavily and keeping out of sight. The camera continues to move to a dumpster. DANTE and LANCE are hidden behind it. DANTE'S arm across LANCE to keep him out of sight. The space is small and they're close to one another. For a moment they make eye contact and don't look uncomfortable around one another. DANTE goes to say something but doesn't. LANCE does the same.

          CATE (O/S): (quietly) If you two want to stay alive then stay sharp.

          The sound of her approaching and passing them can be seen and heard in soft focus, as they slowly break away from the proximity of one another. It's almost as if the danger could bring them together but their loneliness and isolation couldn't.

          The camera pulls away to show DANTE and LANCE following CATE the other way down the alleyway. Like before they skulk in the shadows, scared and forced to survive together.

          CUT TO ? NEW YORK

          XAK, CHARLIE and MACIE are walking down a sidewalk on a street that looks similar to that of the one where MACIE met SIN. XAK is walking slightly ahead and CHARLIE is walking next to MACIE and she is carrying a shoulder bag.

          MACIE: So I understand you had a run in with the infamous Teramelli today too?

          CHARLIE raises her eyebrow.

          CHARLIE: After everything Xak told you tonight, warts, demons and all? That's what you wanna talk about.

          MACIE: Well I'm going for the ignore approach. You see if I ignore it, it's not there.

          CHARLIE looks slightly annoyed.

          CHARLIE: Nice. Score one for na?vety.

          MACIE knows she's touched a nerve.

          MACIE: (genuinely) Look I'm sorry if that offends everything you do and stand for it's just some people were made to be heroes and some weren't. I wasn't. But from what I can see, you guys are.

          CHARLIE looks indifferent but manages a slight smile.

          CHARLIE: I guess I do kind of see where you're coming from.

          MACIE: We all have our strengths, while yours is trying to fight demons and kill your daughter mine lies in business meetings and making the best baked alaska this side of the continent. Well according to my mother but hey, it's an opinion.

          She smiles and laughs, causing CHARLIE to too. They turn the corner in the road and continue down the road, but MACIE doesn't. She stops. CHARLIE notices but XAK doesn't.

          CHARLIE: Macie? Are you ok?

          XAK turns now, but MACIE is staring straight ahead blankly.

          MACIE: It's just up ahead?That's where it happened.

          XAK and CHARLIE turn to the alley. There were alleys everywhere, it looked no different. Nothing distinguishable about it, nothing special. CHARLIE looks nervously at XAK.

          CHARLIE: (to him) I'm not sure I can do this?

          XAK smiles at her reassuringly he moves towards her and touches her hand lightly.

          XAK: Of course you can. When we find her I know she won't be able to deal. She won't be able to go through with it. I don't know what they did to her and I don't care?we're still her parents?she won't kill us. We can get to her before she gets to us.

          She smiles back weakly, quivering at his touch.

          CHARLIE: I trust you.

          XAK: (smiling) Good?

          He then turns to MACIE.

          XAK: Macie, can you show me where you were when she?

          MACIE interrupts with a sharp nod.

          XAK and MACIE then hurry to the entrance of the alleyway. CHARLIE follows.

          CUT TO ? NEW YORK

          MACIE positions herself where she was stood last night.

          MACIE: Ok, I was stood here and she was stood?

          She closes her eyes, remembering.

          MACIE: About 20 feet in front of me directly?or so.

          CHARLIE moves into the alleyway. She looks around the ground, it is bare.

          CHARLIE: Well the feds did a good job clearing up, you wouldn't have thought anyone was brutally slaughtered here twenty four hours ago. Only in America.

          She looks up to MACIE.

          CHARLIE: Ok, just stay still. You might feel yourself feeling very limp, that's natural.

          MACIE looks nervous now.

          MACIE: Right, and uh, what's this thing called?

          CHARLIE: The spell? It's one of my own I learnt from my dad. Based on your contact with Sin she will have left some sort of trail. You'll point us in the direction. You'll effectively be a compass. Except without the magnetism?although I would stay away from nylon and metal for about an hour just in case.

          MACIE: Great. I'll keep that in mind.

          XAK smiles, standing near to the entrance of the alley and looking around in case anyone approaches. The camera moves back to CHARLIE who sits in the centre of the floor and places her shoulder bag down on the ground next to her. The camera opts for a birds eye view of CHARLIE sitting which is super imposed over the image of SIN slaughtering the men from last night. Eventually the murder fades and CHARLIE sits silently and quietly. She breathes softly.

          CHARLIE: (whispering) For those mortals who were bloody slain, for a mothers woe and a fathers pain?show us the cause through her who watched in vain.

          CHARLIE opens her eyes and instinctively she raises her hands and arms to where MACIE is stood. CHARLIE'S whisper begins to repeat and echo ethereally through the night air and it fills the sky. Gradually a green magical film surfaces to CHARLIE'S hands and they blast towards MACIE as raw energy. MACIE gasps as it hits her and after a few seconds MACIE points in an easterly direction. She turns her head towards XAK who is staring at them both in awe, and shock.

          MACIE: (demonic) Look?to?the?eastern?sky.

          And with this the light dies down and CHARLIE and MACIE fall to the floor. XAK looks at them both as they rouse quickly. MACIE looks at them both, hopefully.

          MACIE: Did it work?

          The sound of a man laughing and an applause can be heard. XAK turns.

          TUCKER (O/S): I'll say little miss.

          TUCKER and A.J are stood next to one another and around them are the dozen or so vampires all staring smiling with their vamped faces on brandishing a variety of home made lethal weapons. From D.I.Y battle axes to make shift swords, they were ready. But so was XAK. He was ready to defend the woman he loves and the woman who could quite possibly have saved them all, and the world a lifetime of pain?

          CUT TO ? NEW YORK

          In another alley in another part of town, CATE, DANTE and LANCE continue to walk down the various back routes of the city, attempting at all costs to keep out of the grasps of the law.

          LANCE: Where are we going?

          CATE: We need to find Xak and Charlie. They probably won't know?

          DANTE: Oh so you're back on the wagon now? All friends with them again?

          CATE stops and turns to him.

          CATE: Oh and you're friends with them at all?

          DANTE shuts up and LANCE keeps silent too.

          CATE: Yeah, that's what I thought. Now shut up the pair of you?we need to just find them?they'll know what to do.

          She's in no state to lead them or to defend. Her erratic behaviour had almost taken her life last week at Sirens and if she wasn't careful, it could happen again. Was the alcohol helping? And as she walks this is what she wonders. Should she quit, and stop prolonging her grief?


          She needed something more permanent?maybe she'd find what she was really looking for, one day.

          Maybe tomorrow.

          CUT TO ? NEW YORK

          XAK sizes up the vampires, they don't look particularly strong and a lot of them seem nervous.

          XAK: So what's this, some two bit gang out for blood?

          TUCKER: Not quite.

          A.J: Sin says you die!

          XAK looks shook slightly, as if not quite expecting that, but at the same time pleased. It meant that there was a great chance SIN doubted her own strength.

          XAK: She too coward enough to face me herself?

          A.J: She has things to take care of.

          TUCKER: A creature of such calibre would never lower herself to such a lowly street brawl.

          XAK: But you would? I like that.

          A.J: Enough. You all die.

          XAK: Yeah, like I haven't heard that before.

          Him and A.J rush towards one another, A.J without a weapon. A.J lands the first punch which knocks XAK back to the floor, but as A.J approaches XAK sweeps his foot under A.J'S legs and trips him up. XAK jumps to his feet and slams his foot into A.J'S neck.

          XAK: Where's Sin?!

          Before A.J even has time to answer, TUCKER pulls him off of his friend. The camera cuts away to show MACIE backing up against the wall scared as three vampires advance on her. CHARLIE notices, and scrambles to her feet. She grabs her bag and pulls a stake out. She holds it in the palm of her hand then eyes up each one of the vampires who are close to MACIE.

          CHARLIE: (angrily) Splinter?

          With this the stake shoots towards the vampires mystically and as it does it splits into three miniature stakes and lands like an injection deep into the backs of the vampires. They stop dead in their tracks and look at one another in shock. Simultaneously they all splinter from human form to dust, which land on MACIE'S suit. She looks at them shocked. CHARLIE arrives at her side.

          CHARLIE: Macie get with it.

          MACIE: That guy just?wow. I mean poof! There he went.

          CHARLIE pulls out another stake and shoves it into MACIE'S hand.

          CHARLIE: Come on girl, be a hero.

          MACIE looks at the fight and the five other vampires now moving towards them. The camera moves away to XAK who has now regained power in his fight against A.J and TUCKER.

          CHARLIE (O/S): Xak!

          He looks round and sees a stake thrown at him from CHARLIE'S direction. He grabs it and spins around staking TUCKER. TUCKER dusts in front of him and A.J'S eyes widen into a stare. XAK turns to CHARLIE and smiles.

          XAK: Thanks.

          She smiles at him before grabbing two of the vampires with a mystical grip and slamming them into the wall. She then dusts them both and smirks, looking at MACIE.

          CHARLIE: See, you can do it, it's easy. Just aim for the heart, that's all there is to it.

          And then CHARLIE is thrown to the floor by another vampire, who catches her off guard. He advances on her and then he crouches down and holds her down. She breathes heavily as she realises her arms are pinned down and she cannot move them; magic won't save her. The vampire opens his mouth revealing his teeth and he leans into her neck, but then?he is dust. CHARLIE looks up shocked, and MACIE is standing over him with her stake shaking in her hand.

          MACIE: Oh my god it worked.

          CHARLIE smiles.

          CHARLIE: Told ya, easy.

          MACIE: As pie?

          And then she gasps in pain. And looks down to see a sword protruding out of her stomach. She breathes heavily and widens her eyes, looking at CHARLIE desperately. She collapses to the floor, falling through the sword revealing an old vampire holding the bloody sword behind her.

          CHARLIE looks horrified at MACIE who lies on the floor.

          CUT TO ? NEW YORK

          CATE, DANTE and LANCE are walking down the alleyway still. CATE looks to be stressed and clearly needing some sort of escapism. And then just when she thought she'd had enough of reality a police car hosting TERAMELLI in the passenger seat cuts them off up ahead. He smirks.

          TERAMELLI: Gotcha?

          CATE'S eyes widen.

          CATE: (whispering) Run?

          And with this, CATE, DANTE and LANCE turn around and run, TERAMELLI vacating the car is hot on their heels. They run fast but he is close, and as they turn a corner they see a black van; the back door open. The inside is dark. They stop, confused and not knowing what to do, and the sound of TERAMELLI close behind them.

          Before they have a chance to make the decision three people dressed entirely in black, two women and a man, grab them, cover their mouths and throw them in the back of the van.

          The camera cuts back to TERAMELLI who turns the corner to where CATE, DANTE and LANCE were.

          They're gone, and so is the van?

          CUT TO ? NEW YORK

          A.J stares at XAK angrily.

          A.J: You made a grave mistake in doing that.

          He gestures to the pile of dust that was TUCKER on the floor.

          XAK: You would say that.

          They engage once again, XAK headbutts him but A.J is strong. He resists and knocks XAK to the floor. He kicks him in the stomach causing him to soar through the air and smash into the wall, collapsing to the floor.

          The camera moves back to CHARLIE. She looks from MACIE to the other two vampires who advance on her now. She glares at them deeply.

          CHARLIE: Go to hell?

          She holds her hand out and sends a fireball towards them both. It catches them and sets them aflame causing them to scream as the fire burns them to crisp black soot. CHARLIE hurries over to MACIE and pulls her up so she has her head resting in her lap. She's still alive, she's breathing deeply, blood in her mouth. She looks up to CHARLIE, in pain.

          MACIE: (to CHARLIE, weakly) Was I hero?

          CHARLIE nods and smiles.

          CHARLIE: I'll say?

          MACIE'S eyes flutter to a close and she smiles also. Her life fades away in CHARLIE'S lap happy and content with her first and final act of heroism. Tears fall from CHARLIE'S eyes on the ground. Would MACIE COOMBS even be remembered? Or would she become just another body on the heap that would slowly become a mountain of torture for XAK and CHARLIE in SIN'S domination of the world?

          The camera cuts back to XAK who backs against the wall as A.J and the final few vampires advance on him.

          WOMAN (O/S): Ea, NO!

          XAK looks confused. That voice. He knew it?and then one by one?all of the vampires dust, and lastly A.J. As he does, XAK'S saviour is revealed as A.J fades to the floor in a sheet of ashes; a curtain revealing the next act?and it was going to be big.

          XAK looks up at the person stood there. His eyes widen.

          XAK: Oh my god?I?Remember?

          CHARLIE looks over at the person and XAK, confused. She regretfully rests MACIE'S head on the floor and stands, walking over.

          CHARLIE: Xak? Remember? What do you remember?

          She looks at the person.

          CHARLIE: Xak who is he?

          The camera pans up the mans body. He is tall, slim, well built, and ruggedly handsome, dressed all in black. A long slim stake in his hand. He breathes heavily and looks down at XAK guiltily. He had not intended this to happen, it was the last thing he wanted.

          XAK (O/S): His name?is Brogan.

          It's him. The man who helped XAK in hell. He is played by Jensen Ackles. He looks down at XAK and shakes his head.

          BROGAN: (regretfully) I never wanted this to happen?it wasn't supposed to be like this.

          XAK: H-how?

          CHARLIE looks confused.

          CHARLIE: Xak I?I do not understand, who is he?

          WOMAN (O/S): Maybe?I can help?

          XAK, CHARLIE and BROGAN turn to see the woman. The same woman who had screamed for BROGAN not to intervene earlier. She is pretty, about their age and her blonde hair is tied up. She is played by Emilie De Ravin. She looks nervous and also, slightly tearful.

          BROGAN: (glaring at her) Kaia?no?.not now.

          The WOMAN/KAIA looks at him sharply.

          KAIA: (emotionally) It's over Brogan! It's over?he has to know.

          XAK is staring, transfixed at KAIA.

          XAK: (horrified) Oh god?

          CHARLIE looks at XAK?then BROGAN?and then KAIA.

          CHARLIE: (shouting) Will someone tell me what the hell is going on!?

          XAK turns to CHARLIE. He stands and he slowly walks towards her.

          XAK: Charlie?there's uh?something I have to tell you. I don't understand how they're here?but?

          CHARLIE looks at him tearfully, knowing whatever it is he is going to tell her is going to break her heart.

          CHARLIE: (cutting him off) What?

          He can't say it.

          XAK: Brogan, is my friend Charlie. He was with me before I came to this world. I'd forgotten about them until now.

          He turns to BROGAN.

          XAK: I can't believe you're here?

          He looks down, as if he's almost guilty.

          CHARLIE looks at him her eyes welling up.

          CHARLIE: "Them"? Who's she?

          She indicates KAIA with her eyes. XAK looks at her guiltily?

          XAK: Charlie I'm sorry?

          CHARLIE: Who is she?!

          KAIA (O/S): (hesitantly) I'm his wife.

          CHARLIE'S face drops and her whole world with it. XAK looks down, while BROGAN glares at KAIA annoyed, while KAIA can't help but observe her expression.

          XAK'S wife. MRS KAIA THORN had arrived. CHARLIE was not the only woman in XAK'S life. She was the other woman.

          CUT TO BLACK

          END OF EPISODE

          and SUMMER GLAU as SIN


          Special Guest Stars:
          BOBBY CANNAVALE as the voice of INDIE

          Special Mention:


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            - And Brogan's back! Him and Kaia make the final two main cast members of Season Three! Enjoy, the main cast is as follows: Xak, Charlie, Cate, Dante, Lance, Brogan, Kaia, and Sin. And Brogan and Kaia are gonna shake things up big style!

            - So who kidnapped Cate, Dante and Lance? Why? And will Cate ever just let go, and go through the motions?

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            - What exactly is the deal with Black? His past, and his purpose in this story will be revealed in an upcoming episode.

            - I know the 9/11 mention might be slightly controversial but I thought that it was kind of necessary to give a real world comparison to what is going on in Xak's world; war. And also it gives Teramelli a depth that you normally wouldn't have considered.

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