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Raven Episode 4.12 "Wake Up and Smell the Coffee" Part 2

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  • Raven Episode 4.12 "Wake Up and Smell the Coffee" Part 2

    Episode 4.12 "Wake Up and Smell the Coffee" (Part 2)


    Blank screen. Text: Calvin Carlen; 10:52am, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

    The outside of a coffee shop. A girl, Sadie is thrown out the window of the store and lands in the street. A Mysterious Man climbs out through the window after her. A young man, Cal sees this and runs over to help her.

    Cal: Leave her alone!

    The Mysterious Man continues to walks towards Sadie. Cal punches the Mysterious Man, who stumbles back a bit.

    Cal: Run

    She does, leaving Cal and Mysterious Man to fight. Two other men, Sullivan and Taylor run out of a motel and see Cal fighting the Mysterious Man. They both run to help Cal. The Mysterious Man throws Cal into a wall. The Mysterious Man then pulls out a knife and walks toward Cal but Sullivan punches him in the head. He swings his knife and almost hits Sullivan but Cal knocks Sullivan out of the way, and gets stabbed instead.

    Mysterious Man: Oops.

    A smile creeps on his face as he walks away. Sullivan and Taylor rush to Cal's side.
    Taylor goes to run after the man.

    Sullivan: Taylor, don't. Just Call an ambulance.

    Taylor nods and pulls out her cellphone. Sullivan begins to apply pressure to Cal's wound. He's having trouble breathing.

    Sullivan: It's going to be alright, Cal. You'll get through this.

    Taylor: If the ambulance doesn't get here soon, I don't think he'll make it. The wounds is the area his lung is, it might of hit his lung.

    Cal tries to murmur something.

    Sullivan: Everything is going to be okay.

    Cal breathing begin to become even slower and weaker. He begins to take his last breathes. Taylor watches in shock from a distance, her eyes begin to water. Sullivan stands up, a pained expression on his face.

    Sullivan: He's gone.

    Death and Leora walk into view.

    Leora: Ruby's? Carmen and I used to come here. Who are we here for?

    Death: Cal Carlen. Stab wound to the stomach.

    The look over to find Cal standing next to Taylor and Sullivan, who are both crying.

    Cal: No, I'm not gone. I'm right here.

    Death: Hello Calvin.

    Cal looks at Death and Leora.

    Cal: You can see me? Why can't they?

    Death: Because you're dead.

    Cal: No, I have to go back. I've got so much left to do. You know, "miles to go before I sleep."

    Death: I'm sorry, but you can't go back.

    Cal: That's such bullshit! I can go back, just send me back!

    Death: I'm sorry.

    Cal: I've got to tell them about Sadie. That guy, the one who killed me, he's after her! Just for a second to tell them, then let me die. At least let me go through the radio or fog on a window. Anything, I don't? care how!

    Death: She'll be protected. So, will Taylor and Sullivan. They've got each other.

    Cal: I don't understand it. I'm the one who dies, but that guy can kill whoever he wants and he?s still walking around? I'm the hero here, not him!

    Leora: I agree with you there.

    Cal: Who are you?

    Leora: The understudy. I was killed in action too. Taken away from the people I love.

    Cal: So, what's going to happen to them? Will they be okay?

    Death: You really care about them, don't you?

    Cal: Well shit yeah. They're family.

    Death: Like I said before, they'll be fine. They have each other. Now come with me.

    Cal nods, looking back at Taylor and Sullivan one last time.

    Cal: Where are we going anyway?

    Death: You'll see?

    The three of them disappear. Taylor and Sullivan are still in view. Taylor leans down and closes Cal's eyes.

    End Teaser:

    Theme Song: Weight of the World ? Evanescence

    AJ Cook - Carmen White-Rayne
    Michael Vartan - Arthur Rayne
    Tygh Runyan - Michael Duran
    Caitlin Wachs - Caitlin Smith
    Laura Harris - Lily White
    Drake Bell - Josh O'Malley
    Ayumi Hamasaki - Sashiko Rukia
    Kyle Gallner - Hiero
    With Tilda Swinton as Scarlet
    Teresa Cruz - Death of the Endless
    And Kate Beckinsale as Leora Byrne

    Special Guest Star:
    Kelly Giddish - Katana

    Guest Starring:
    Patrick Dempsey - Dream of the Endless
    Maria Alejandra Delfino - Grace
    Brenda Song - Lilith Wong
    Aaron Ashmore - Ace Edwards
    Paul Rudd - Voice of Matthew the Raven
    And J. Tapia as Professor Jennifer Rosenberg

    Special Guest Appearances by the Cast of Roads Less Traveled:
    Hilarie Burton - Taylor Peyton
    Cam Gigandet - Calvin ?Cal' Carlen
    Justin Hartly - Sullivan Cable
    Missy Peregrym - Sadie Paulsen

    Created by:
    Alexander Brown
    And Travis Truant-Simpson

    Executive Producers:
    Alexander Brown
    Joseph Sessumes
    And Travis Truant-Simpson

    Consulting Producers:
    Ryley Smith
    Benedict Keefe
    And Thomas Wright

    Written by:
    Alexander Brown
    And Thomas Wright

    Based on: Buffy the Vampire Slayer ? Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy and 20th Century Fox, and The Sandman graphic novels ? Neil Gaiman and DC Comics. No profit is made from this fanfiction.

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    Act I:

    Open to:

    A stern customs office standing with his arms crossed staring down Carmen. Captions at the bottom read "San Francisco, USA." The man has her luggage bag open showing a few hand guns. There are a few armed guards standing behind him. Carmen is blushing.

    Customs Officer: How do you explain this?

    Carmen gives a little laugh.

    Customs Officer: We always knew that Canada had terrorists. Goddamn canucks!

    Carmen: I'm from the US.

    She holds up an American passport.

    Customs Officer: Haha? sure. I bet you're really from Afghanistan. Come to avenge your little Taliban friends!

    Carmen: Umm? no. I'm from New Mexico. Can't you tell by the hick accent

    Customs Officer: Only fakes pretend to have such ridiculously thick accents!

    Carmen: Well. You may want to look at this.

    She holds out a piece of paper with the seal of the Government of Canada on it. The Customs Officer takes a look at it, then back at her. He closes her suitcase up and hands it to her.

    Customer: Sorry ma'am. I had no idea.

    Carmen: That's alright. It happens all the time.

    Carmen walks away. The security guards leave. Carmen comes back a minute after and grabs one of her guns from on top of his desk.

    Carmen: Seems like you forgot one.

    The Customs Officer gives her a fake smile as she leaves. Carmen mutters:

    Carmen: Damn cloaking spell. Always crapping out a the wrong moments.

    Cut to:

    Caitlin sitting and waiting at the arrival waiting area. Not many other people are around. The clock behind her suggests its two in the morning. Carmen finally comes out of the doors. Caitlin stands up, looking cross. A guard stops Carmen as she wheels her luggage. She shakes her head and holds the paper, now crumpled up, to his face. The guard nods and walks away. Another one with a dog stops her a few feet after.

    Carmen: My God can't you people leave me alone? All I'm trying to do is visit a ****ing university student for two days!

    The dog cowers away. Carmen tosses the paper at the guard who walks away in fear. It doesn't appear she will be stopped anymore. She gets to the seating area where Caitlin is.

    Caitlin: Why did you lie to me?

    Carmen: Welcome to America to you too Caitlin.

    Caitlin: Oh you've already overstayed your welcome until I get a few answers.

    Carmen looks around a little nervously.

    Carmen: Right here? They've already harassed me enough. That's why it took two hours to get out! You'd think that America's airport staff would communicate with each other.

    Caitlin doesn't move. She is very irritated.

    Caitlin: You lied to me for a year!

    Carmen: I didn't lie? I just? didn't tell-

    Caitlin: You lied to me! For a year!

    Carmen: Well what was I supposed to do? Ring you up and say "Oh hi Caitlin. How are you today? Oh I'm fine. My magnolias are growing just beautifully. Oh by the way your mentor lady is now collected in a flowery vase on my coffee table. I hope the weathers nice down there."

    Caitlin: The truth! I wanted to know the truth! She died and I wasn't there for her funeral.

    Caitlin begins to tear up a bit. Carmen freezes.

    Carmen:? there wasn't one.

    Caitlin: What?! How dare you! How dare you not give any respect to the dead! Especially after what you two went through! What did Mr. Rayne-

    Carmen: Caitlin there's been an accident.

    Caitlin: Oh, another secret.

    Carmen: Yes god damnit! Another ****ing secret I'm using to conspire against you! Cause I really hate you that much Caitlin!

    Caitlin stops.

    Carmen: You know it hasn't been easy for me this last year you know! I've lost everything and everyone I've ever held close to me! So yeah I didn't feel like parading around their tragedies, but can you blame me? Can you really blame me for trying to fix the problem?

    Caitlin: Fix?

    Carmen: I'm trying my best Caitlin. I really am.

    Carmen takes a few breaths and relaxes. There's a pause.

    Caitlin: Welcome to America.

    Cut to:

    Caitlin's university. Ace is standing outside of the parking lot near Caitlin's dorm building. A taxi rolls up and Caitlin and Carmen pop out. Ace meets Caitlin with a hug.

    Carmen: Aww how cute! You do have some fans.

    Ace kisses Caitlin. They keep going for a minute, leaving Carmen standing there.

    Carmen: Uhh? really close fans.

    Caitlin pulls away and turns back to Carmen.

    Caitlin: Carmen, this is my boyfriend Ace.

    Ace extends a hand.

    Ace: Pleased to meet you, miss.

    Carmen: Sure?

    She take his hand. Awkward silence.

    Carmen: So? there was someone you said you wanted me to meet?

    Caitlin: Yeah. Ms. Rosenberg.

    Carmen: Rosenberg? Well isn't that a creepy co-incidence.

    Caitlin: Ace'll take you to her. I've got an astronomy class to get to.

    Carmen: Astronomy?

    Caitlin: It was the only thing that fit into my schedule. It was either that or calculus.

    Carmen: Well enjoy your stars.

    Caitlin gives Ace a hug and walks away. Ace turns to Carmen.

    Ace: So you're the previous Nazi boss I was told about.

    Carmen: That would be me.

    The two begin to walk down the hallway.

    Ace: Caitlin doesn't seem too fond of you.

    Carmen: I know that.

    Ace: I'm surprised she asked you here.

    Carmen: It's better I come here than she come up. Don't want her to cause any more troubles there than there already is.

    Ace gives a fake smile. There's another pause.

    Ace: Caitlin tells me you were a watcher.

    Carmen: I was going to be, yeah.

    Ace: Didn't turn out?

    Carmen: Had some? trouble at home. I decided to leave.

    Ace: But you were trained as one?

    Carmen: A long time ago, yeah.

    Ace: What was your specialty?

    Carmen: Back then there were no specialties. We needed to know everything.

    Ace: That's different than now.

    Carmen: I'm sure it is?

    Carmen doesn't look amused by Ace's presence at all. There's a pause.

    Ace: I work for the council.

    Carmen: I'm sure you do.

    Ace: I know my ancient weaponry well.

    Carmen: Isn't that nice.

    Ace catches on. He speeds up and Carmen follows. He points into a classroom.

    Ace: Ms. Rosenberg is within.

    Cut to:

    Ms. Rosenberg's office. Carmen goes to the desk where she is sitting. Ms. Rosenberg removes her glasses and stands up. She extends her hand. Carmen takes it. Carmen looks her up and down.

    Carmen: Another Rosenberg.

    Ms. Rosenberg: So you know Willow?

    Carmen: Doesn't everybody?

    Ms. Rosenberg: My name's Jennifer.

    Carmen: I'm Carmen White-

    Ms. Rosenberg: Rayne, yes. We know all about you.

    Carmen: We?

    Ms. Rosenberg: The Organization.

    Carmen: Right?

    Ms. Rosenberg: We were set up by the council to watch Caitlin.

    Carmen: Hikari?

    Ms. Rosenberg: Precisely.

    Carmen: So Rupert decided to believe Arthur after all.

    Ms. Rosenberg: Ahh yes your husband. How is he?

    Carmen: Comatose.

    Ms. Rosenberg: I'm sorry to hear that.

    Carmen: I'm sure you are.

    There's a pause.

    Ms. Rosenberg: I called you here today to ask for your help.

    Carmen: That's all the Council ever asks for.

    Ms. Rosenberg: Not the council this time.

    Carmen: Oh?

    Ms. Rosenberg: The Organization is no longer open. The council closed us. Something about the high costs of feeding a bunch of slayers.

    Carmen: Well housing so many acne-filled hormone racing brats isn't cheap.

    Ms. Rosenberg smiles.

    Ms. Rosenberg: You're not kidding on that.

    Carmen: They tried to talk Arthur and I into keeping a few with us a few years back. God what a nightmare that would have been! We could hardly stand Caitlin when she was working for us.

    Ms. Rosenberg: But Caitlin is the best behaved student I've ever had.

    Carmen: Exactly.

    Ms. Rosenberg grins.

    Ms. Rosenberg: As I was saying, the Organization is no longer open.

    Carmen: With a name like "The Organization" I'm not surprised?

    Ms. Rosenberg ignores her.

    Ms. Rosenberg: I was wondering if you could take Caitlin back with you.

    Carmen: Take Caitlin?

    Ms. Rosenberg: Back to Vancouver. After this semester.

    Carmen: You're kidding, right? After she went to all the trouble to leave.

    Ms. Rosenberg: Please, you know how to handle her powers just as well as I do.

    Carmen doesn't respond.

    Ms. Rosenberg: I would have asked Leora Byrne, but seeing as-

    Carmen: I'll think about it.

    Ms. Rosenberg: I'll be with you one hundred percent of the time.

    Carmen: You'll move?

    Ms. Rosenberg: My job is Caitlin. Teaching is just a secondary thing.

    Carmen: So where she goes-

    Ms. Rosenberg: I follow.

    Carmen shifts in her place.

    Cut to:

    The dead forest. Scarlet runs quickly, blood splattered all over her. Her face drained with fatigue. She runs on and on, her weapons ready for attack. The rotting corpses of horrendous monsters lay around. A long battle has been fought here over the span of a few days. A yell is heard ahead. It's Rayne. Scarlet jumps through the trees to an open field. Rayne is being carried by a rhinoceros-looking beast with hands on it's back.

    Rayne: Scarlet! Quick!

    Scarlet grabs her sais and dashes with great agility. Rayne struggles to free one of his hands from the rhino. This slows the rhino, allowing Scarlet, running at superhuman speed, to get closer. Scarlet leaps into the air, sais pointed down. She, almost ceremonially, lands on the rhinos head; just missing the horn. It collapses as she hits its head. Rayne and Scarlet are thrown off. Scarlet lands on her feet, Rayne lands on the ground with a smack. Scarlet helps him up slowly.

    Scarlet: Grace was over here somewhere.

    Rayne: I caught a glimpse of her before I got captured.

    Scarlet: Where did she go?

    Rayne points to a cliff.

    Rayne: She was shooting her bow off that cliff at things below.

    Scarlet looks closely. Out of the corner of her eye she sees a bow lying on the ground. She runs to the cliff, Rayne behind. Scarlet beats Rayne to the cliff and looks down, a worried look on her face. When Rayne reaches her he looks off the edge. Scarlet walks away from him and picks up Grace's bow. Rayne looks horrified.

    Cut to:

    At the bottom of the cliff Grace's body lays on top of a pile of monsters, all slain with arrows. She has a row of spikes lining her chest from the attacker that probably made her fall. Blood is in abundance at the bottom.

    Cut to:

    Rayne and Scarlet. She has Grace's bow in hand. She hands it to Rayne.

    Scarlet: This should be yours now.

    Scarlet looks out to the distance. The castle not far away. They pause for a moment.

    Scarlet: She cleared the path ahead for us. An honorable death.

    Rayne crouches on the ground, still in shock.

    Scarlet: We owe it to her to make that castle and finish this.

    Rayne looks to the castle with hate in his eyes.

    Scarlet: Dream king or not, we will shed no mercy!

    Rayne: No.

    Scarlet looks at Rayne.

    Scarlet: No?

    Rayne: Enough blood has been lost already. We just need to get out of here.

    Scarlet: For the past two weeks we've been fighting to get out of here! Day and night we did not hardly sleep!

    Rayne: All the more reason to reach an agreement and get home.

    Scarlet: Who says he won't kill us next?

    Rayne: You know as well as I do that we'd be dead already. He wants something from us.

    Scarlet: He's gotten enough.

    Rayne: There isn't much we can do against someone more powerful than any God.

    Rayne gets up and walks passed Scarlet.

    Rayne: I'd expect even you to know that, Scarlet.

    Cut to:

    Anita and Josh sitting down at a table at lunch time. Students go about doing as they do at lunch around them.

    Anita: So that was a fun chem class, huh?

    Josh: Watching Mr. Dhanani blow up test tubes by accident is a laugh each time.

    Anita: Why do they hire idiots? Why oh why?

    Josh: You can't really complain. He's too stupid to notice that you've got him wrapped around your little fingers.

    Anita smiles.

    Anita: The Russians are very seductive with science.

    Josh raises his eyebrows.

    Anita: Or more? they're good at science? which is seductive?

    Josh: Sure?

    Anita: Oh shut up!

    She tosses a fry at him.

    Anita: Hey, Orlando hasn't been around lately, has he?

    Josh: Mono.

    Anita: Didn't you have that just before he did??

    Josh: Point being??

    Anita: Oh, nothing.

    A short goth girl, Corey, takes a seat beside Anita.

    Anita: Hey Corey!

    Corey: You guys up for a party?

    Anita: Where this time?

    Josh: Your four-twenty party last year didn't really turn out well.

    Corey: Yeah well, who knew the cops would be all over the beach?

    Anita: At three in the afternoon?

    Corey: So a little marijuana never hurt anybody!

    Anita: Tell that to the cop you slugged.

    Josh: You're lucky you didn't get juvey.

    Corey: Well this year is different.

    Josh: Got a better, less public place?

    Corey: Think of this. Four-twenty? in a haunted house!

    Josh looks Corey up and down.

    Josh: Don't you think you're playing the stereotype a bit much?

    Corey: So where did Orlando get to? Here you gave him mono.

    Anita gives a little laugh.

    Josh: Alright. So where is this house?

    Corey: Know the one on Manson drive?

    Anita: Manson? Orlando lives around there, doesn't he?

    Corey: That's right.

    Anita: What about it?

    Corey: Well, that's where we bake this year.

    Anita: Bake?

    Corey looks to Josh.

    Corey: You really need to educate this girl.

    Cut to:

    Lily changing Silas's diaper in Carmen's apartment, pulling the strap up and finishing. Michael is sitting on the sofa.

    Lily: There we go mister smelly! Good as new!

    Michael: So Carmen just took off to San Francisco like that?

    Lily: Pretty much.

    Michael: And she just expected us to take care of Silas?

    Lily: As always.

    Michael: Aren't you getting a little tired of this?

    Lily: Kinda. But I'm far more afraid of Carmen right now.

    Michael: She's really gone off the top lately.

    Lily: You have no idea. She badmouthed Aunt Betty on the phone.

    Michael: That bad?

    Lily: Oh yeah.

    Michael: It's good she isn't around Silas then.

    Lily holds the baby up and smiles.

    Lily: You won't turn out like her will you? No you won't! You'll be an angel like auntie Lily!

    Michael: He'd be lucky to turn out that way.

    Lily smiles at Michael. There's a long pause.

    Michael: So? uh. I have to go.

    Lily: Katie?

    Michael: Clubbing tonight.

    Lily: Oh I envy you. I wish I were that young again.

    Michael: You're not ancient you know?

    Lily: Leave now before the discussion of age brings me to bite your head off.

    Michael: I'll see ya!

    Michael goes down the stairs. After a few moments the phone rings. Lily looks around upstairs, but its downstairs. She take the baby and hurries down.

    Cut to:

    The main room of the Sacred Circle. The phone stops ringing as Lily picks it up.

    Lily: Great.

    She looks at the number displayed on the phone.

    Lily: Restricted too. Must be Carmen.

    Hiero comes in quietly. He sees Lily from behind. He takes a book out and slips it on the table.

    Hiero: Carmen I found something.

    Lily turns around, frightened. She gasps in fear. Silas is so fast asleep in her arms she doesn't notices.

    Lily: Goodness you almost woke the baby!

    Hiero: You're not Carmen.

    Lily: Well no duh.

    Hiero: My mistake then.

    Lily: That's right.

    Hiero puts his hand over the book. He covers all the words except for "Death".

    Lily: Would you say I look older or younger than her?

    Hiero: Huh?

    Lily: People sometimes think I'm the older sister, but I can't understand why! It must be my maturity over her.

    Hiero: Sure.

    He almost grabs the book but is stopped.

    Lily: You can leave that for her. She'll be back in a few days.

    Hiero: I'd rather give it to her myself, thank you.

    Hiero grabs the book and turns straight around. Lily stairs after him. She talks to the sleeping Silas.

    Lily: I have a bad feeling about that one, kiddo.

    End Act I: Commercial Break.


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      Act II:

      Caitlin lays a new blanket on Katherine's bed. Carmen is at the door, still with her stuff. Caitlin looks to her and gestures for her to come.

      Caitlin: You can use Katherine's bed. She's out in the field anyways.

      Carmen: The field?

      Caitlin: She's a science major.

      Carmen: Oh? sounded like some drug term Michael would use as his marijuana shack.

      Caitlin laughs.

      Caitlin: Yeah. I wouldn't be surprised. When isn't he high?

      Carmen: Well lately he hasn't been at all. He seems to think I need protecting or something. It's quite cute! He takes care of Silas whenever I ask!

      Caitlin: Michael? Sober? I never thought I'd see the day.

      Carmen: No one did.

      Caitlin: Anything else that's happened?

      Carmen: Well we replaced you.

      Caitlin: Replaced me?

      Carmen: We got a new worker at the Sacred Circle after you left.

      Caitlin: That's right. Josh was it? I talked to him on the phone.

      Carmen: Yeah, Josh.

      Caitlin: How is he handling you?

      Carmen: Well he hasn't quit? yet.

      Caitlin: That's a plus.

      Carmen: I find him quite entertaining to have a right frankly. He has some messed up love triangle with the worlds largest flamer and a sexy Russian girl. He's dating both of them.

      Caitlin: Both of them?

      Carmen: Apparently he has to decide who he loves first.

      Caitlin: Jeez high school got more dramatic after I left.

      Carmen: Oh you have no idea.

      Caitlin: And your son-

      Carmen: Silas.

      Caitlin: How is raising him?

      Carmen pauses for a bit. She ignores the question.

      Carmen: Ms. Rosenberg had a good idea Caitlin.

      Caitlin: Oh?

      Carmen: She thinks it would be best for you to return to Vancouver.

      Caitlin: What? Why?

      Carmen: She wants me to help you out.

      Caitlin raises to her feet.

      Caitlin: You? Help? You can hardly hold yourself together! How are you going to help me?

      Carmen: Caitlin, I didn't mean to pick a fight. I was a watcher once you know.

      Caitlin: Watchers train slayers, don't they?

      Carmen: Not all the time. Caitlin we never connected the dots before, but you're Hikari.

      Caitlin gives his a blank stare.

      Caitlin: You just figured this out?

      Carmen: Didn't Arthur ever tell you? He lived in Japan for years researching - for the Watchers may I add - the old legend of Hikari and Ankoku.

      Caitlin: He didn't mention it, no.

      Carmen: Well your powers awoke when we were in Mexico, and by the time we came back you were just leaving. With all that happened after that we didn't really have time to consider that you would be Hikari. That you'd be the one Arthur was searching for years on end.

      Caitlin: And now you want to continue his work?

      Carmen: Yeah? I think I do.

      Caitlin: Ms. Rosenberg convinced you to, didn't she.

      Carmen: She's looking out for you Caitlin.

      Caitlin: I don't need looking out for anymore!

      She pauses and looks Carmen in the eyes.

      Caitlin: I'm not a kid.

      Carmen: You also will become the target for God knows what!

      Caitlin: A zit ridden crack whore so far.

      Carmen: Ankoku?

      Caitlin: I've taken care of her before.

      Carmen pauses and sighs.

      Carmen: Just consider it? Come after the semester even.

      Caitlin: And Ms. Rosenberg? I'll just leave her?

      Carmen: She says she'll come too.

      Caitlin: She did?

      Carmen: Yeah? you didn't let me say that.

      Caitlin goes red.

      Caitlin: Sorry about that?

      Carmen: I was a verging on adulthood once too. Believe it or not. I know what's its like.

      Caitlin turns over to go to bed. Carmen is left to unpack her stuff.

      Caitlin: Yeah?

      Cut to:

      Rayne and Scarlet walking arms across the barren field. There is no sign of life to be seem. In fact it appears that they are safe at the time. However, knowing how fast the land changes, they keep prepared. They edge towards the castle. Rayne suddenly gives a laugh. Something has just struck him. Scarlet turns to him.

      Scarlet: Quiet! You'll draw attention to us.

      Rayne stops.

      Rayne: Sorry, I just realized the irony of the two of us working together.

      Scarlet: I'm sorry?

      Rayne: This time three years ago we were at each others throats, and now we're trying to get out of this hell together.

      Scarlet: The reality struck me too.

      Rayne: And I mean even before that we had the run ins in Seattle. And not to mention that stint you pulled in Respect Shores.

      Scarlet ignores this.

      Rayne: Considering the history, I find this alliance of ours to be extraordinary.

      Cut to:

      Rayne lunging at Scarlet with a saber. Scarlet jumps back and holds her sais in front of her. Her costume and the scenery indicate the age of this fight. They are at a closed train station.

      Text: Seattle, Washington, 2003.

      Rayne lunges again and cuts her arm. Scarlet kicks him back.

      Scarlet: Bastard, you'll pay for that!

      Rayne jumps to his feet and rushes at Scarlet, swinging diagonally as he approaches her. She dodges to the side and hits him with the hilt of her sais. He recoils and hits her in the chest. She falls back. He holds his sword to her throat.

      Rayne: Where's Kate?

      Scarlet laughs. He presses the sword closer to her. She frowns at him.

      Scarlet: That was quite a fight you put up.

      Rayne: Kate!

      Scarlet: I've never sparred with a mortal for two hours before! Your ability with this blade is admirable.

      Rayne: Goddamnit, where's Kate?

      The battle cry of a woman is heard, and suddenly Katana swings down to the scene. She swings her sword to Rayne, who removes the saber from Scarlet's throat and uses it to parry the attack. Katana helps her mother up.

      Katana: I came as soon as I could. That electrical one zapped Meela.

      Scarlet: No loss either way it goes.

      Rayne: Scarlet! Where did you put her?

      He lunges forward at Katana, who, fresh to fighting, lunges back. The length of her blade is much longer than Rayne's. It hits him in the chest and he falls back.

      Scarlet smiles and walks to Rayne, on the floor.

      Scarlet: Seems as our positions have changed.

      She takes the blade from his side and holds it to his throat.

      Scarlet: Katana, inform him.

      Katana: Yes mistress.

      Katana places her sword back in her scabbard.

      Katana: This morning we slew the demon slayer Kate. She put a terrific fight, but was no match for mistress.

      Scarlet: That's right, did you get that? She's dead.

      Rayne begins to tear up.

      Katana: D'Hoffryn requests that you give up your pursuit of my mistress and never cross paths with him again.

      Scarlet looks to Katana.

      Scarlet: An order of mercy? We're to spare this one?

      Katana: Yes, mistress.

      Scarlet: And he expects us to just follow that order?

      Katana: Yes.

      Scarlet: Oh you're kidding me!

      She takes the sword and stabs him in the chest. He yells in pain. She takes her leave.

      Cut to:

      Rayne and Scarlet on the steps of the Castle.

      Scarlet: Is it ready?

      Rayne holds out the jewel he acquired earlier when Dream requested an audience. It glistens in the light.

      Rayne: It is. Are you?

      Scarlet: There is nothing else I need to prepare for this.

      Rayne: Excellent.

      Rayne goes to the door and notices a place for the jewel where the door handle should be.

      Rayne: This time make sure your stabbings are fatal.

      Scarlet grins.

      Rayne: I believe this should get us in.

      He presses the jewel in and moves back. The doors slowly open. Rayne and Scarlet hold their weapons as they enter darkness.

      Cut to:

      The inside. Everything it pitch black.

      Rayne: Scarlet?

      Scarlet: I am here.

      Rayne: Can you see anything? Movements in the dark?

      Scarlet: Nothing.

      The booming voice of Dream echo's in the hall.

      Dream: We have a deal to make, Master Rayne.

      Cut to:

      The hospital. Leora is sitting at Carmen's bedside as the doctor comes in.

      Leora: Doctor?

      Doctor: The bolt has a foreign poison on it Ms. Byrne.

      Leora: Is she going to be ok?

      Doctor: So far it hasn't done anything but put her to sleep and given her a high fever.

      Leora: And the leg-

      Doctor: Suffered some damage, but we got all the splinters out. She should be ok.

      Leora: Can I have the bolt please?

      Doctor: Excuse me?

      Leora: The bolt that was shot into her.

      Doctor: May I ask why?

      Leora: Uhh? souvenir? You know. To show her when she wakes up.

      The Doctor gives her a strange look.

      Doctor: Normally the police would need it as evidence, but since you have conveniently convinced me no charges will be pressed, I suppose?

      Leora: Great, where is it?

      Doctor: I'll fetch it for you.

      He leaves. Leora looks to Carmen.

      Leora: Sometimes I hate magic.

      Cut to:

      Sashiko pole dancing as she sings. She sings 1 LOVE by Ayumi Hamasaki. The room is very crowded as she does her dance, including Michael.

      Sashiko (Singing): Itsu datte nazeka retsu kara hamidashichau no ga atashi no shoubun. Sasu nara togatta kotoba de gojiyuu ni osuki ni douzo
      Mae ni nante naratte irarenai

      Translation: It's my nature to always get out of a line somehow
      If you want to sting me, feel free as you like with sharp words
      I can't follow a person ahead of me

      She goes from the pole to a cage and begins to dance seductively with the bars. Cheers from the audience almost outdo her singing, coupled with lots of bills flying onto the stage.

      Sashiko (Singing): Soko ni ikeba itsumo kirei na hana ga kazatte aru n deshou" tte
      Nan no yousha mo naku utagai mo nai mama ni mukerareta hitomi ni
      Joudan desho to iu no o koraete atashi o sukuu
      Just one love!

      Translation: If you go there, the place is always decorated with beautiful flowers, isn't it?"
      They look at me with their eyes with no mercy nor doubt
      I refrain myself from saying, "Is it a joke?" -- What saves me is
      Just one love!

      Michael moves from the crowd when he sees a man in a trench coat at the back.

      Michael: Mr. Matumo?

      Mr. Matumo: Mr. Duran. Good to see you again.

      Michael: I got your call.

      Mr. Matumo: Good. I'm glad you decided to help.

      Michael: You're the general manager of how many clubs down here? Of course I'd help!

      Mr. Matumo: Thank you very much.

      Michael: So what-

      Mr. Matumo: She's almost done.

      Sashiko (Singing): Ikiru tte no wa tsune ni jibun no te de sentaku o shitsuzukeru koto
      Hasamu nara kuchi demo nan demo gojiyuu ni oki no sumu made
      Sonna mono ni yuraidari wa shinai.

      Translation: To live is to keep on choosing always with our hands
      If you want to interrupt me, feel free to your heart's content with words or whatever
      I don't waver with such things.

      Michael cheers for his friend on stage. She smiles and winks at him.

      Cut to:

      The club, now almost emptied. Michael and Mr. Matumo sit at their table as Sashiko comes to them.

      Michael: Hey!

      Sashiko: You wanted to see me sir?

      She smiles at Michael, but looks to Mr. Matumo.

      Mr. Matumo: Yes Sashiko. As you know recently from our chain of clubs, a few girls have not turned for work the next morning.

      Sashiko: Yes.

      Mr. Matumo: I'd like you to take Mr. Duran here around to show him our area. See if everything is ok.

      Michael: You want me to work with her?

      Mr. Matumo: Sashiko tells me what kind of work you do.

      Michael: She's your best customer. I don't want to see her in harms way.

      Sashiko: Michael, I can take care of myself.

      Michael: I know? but?

      Mr. Matumo: Please, take Sashiko and find out what's happening to the girls.

      Michael: Yes sir.

      Sashiko bows at him.

      End Act II: Commercial Break.
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        Act III:

        Orlando lays in his bed coughing up a storm. Tissues are everywhere. There's a knock at his door. He struggles to stop coughing and manages to get out a few words.

        Orlando: Come? in?

        Josh opens the door. As he enters Orlando perks up.

        Josh: Hey you.

        Orlando: Come to get sick? I'm contagious.

        Josh: No, work.

        He drops a bag of books down at the side of Orlando's bed.

        Orlando (Sarcastically): Well now aren't you just great.

        Josh: Have to make sure you pass. You've been gone all week.

        Orlando: I doubt anything important happened.

        Josh: Actually, there's a party this weekend.

        Orlando: Four-twenty?

        Josh: Now how did you guess that?

        Orlando: My mother's celebrating.

        Josh: Your mom celebrates official "Get high!" day?

        Orlando: You've never met her?

        Josh: Boy do I want to!

        Orlando smiles at him.

        Orlando: So? how's Anita?

        Josh: Just fine? why?

        Orlando: Oh you know? just wondering how her Russian self is?

        Josh: She'll be at the party too.

        Orlando: Oh? great. The two of you will be high together while I sit here sick as hell coughing up mucus.

        Josh: Seems that way.

        Orlando: Well I don't smoke that crap anyways.

        Josh: Neither do I really.

        Orlando: Why are you going then?

        Josh: Well? you'd never guess where it is!

        Orlando: Disneyland?

        Josh: The old run down house down the street.

        Orlando: Mrs. Ryles old house?

        Josh: Yeah! I've always wanted to go in.

        Orlando: Don't.

        Josh: What

        Orlando: Just trust me Josh, don't go in there.

        Josh: What's wrong? It's just a party.

        Orlando: Josh, I don't want you getting hurt.

        Josh: Wow? mom.

        Orlando: Josh?

        Josh: I can't believe you're jealous of me spending time with Anita. I thought we had an agreement.

        Orlando: We do?

        Josh: Give me one real reason not to go then?

        Orlando: I get a weird feeling from that place.

        Josh: Oh bull.

        Orlando: Josh?

        Josh leaves.

        Josh: Get better. School misses you.

        Orlando: Josh! Wait!

        Cut to:

        The Sacred Circle. Leora has the bolt out and is looking through various books. A tall, lanky young man enters. Leora pays him no intention. He's limping as he holds his arm. The man goes to a shelf and grabs an object. He goes to the register. Leora looks up.

        Leora: Twenty please.

        Man: Just flat out twenty?

        Leora: I don't know the prices, but I think she'd charge that.

        Man: The price tag says $11.99.

        Leora: God no wonder this place almost goes under.

        She grabs the plant from his hand to look at it. As his hand stretches out she notices on his arm is the same circular pattern, etched into his skin. Leora jumps up.

        Leora: What are you using this herb for sir?

        The man holds his arm out and shows the mark. Leora then holds the bolt up. He stares at it.

        Leora: Caught ya!

        Man: He got another!

        Leora: Excuse me?

        Man: Where is your friend?

        Leora: I don't even know-

        Man: Please, where is she?

        Cut to:

        Sashiko and Michael along the shore of a beach.

        Sashiko: This is the last place to check.

        Michael: I don't know what to expect. A body? A person maybe? Or something else?

        Sashiko: Knowing this area, all are likely.

        Michael: Mr. Matumo is very concerned about his workers, isn't he.

        Sashiko: Mamoru is the one that mistreats us. Mr. Matumo is on our side.

        Michael: It's strange to think the king of the pimps is a good person.

        Sashiko: Why?

        Sashiko stops them.

        Sashiko: You know that I do questionable things. You yourself went down that road.

        Michael: And I didn't like myself.

        Sashiko: What about me? Do you like me, Michael?

        Michael: Of course-

        Sashiko: I'm a whore! Michael, you like a whore!

        Michael: But you didn't chose it.

        Sashiko: And isn't it better people like Mr. Matumo are there to look out for me.

        Michael: I guess?

        Sashiko: I expected you of all to be acquainted to grey.

        Sashiko and Michael continue. On.

        Cut to:

        Michael and Sashiko standing over a dead body. She is also a scantily clad Japanese girl. They're underneath a wharf.

        Michael: Well? I guess we figured it out.

        Sashiko: She's not from my club, but I've seen her around.

        Michael: Yeah?

        Sashiko: But? how?

        Michael turns the girl over to show that two big claws took out her back.

        Sashiko: Can you-

        Michael: Yeah? I guess.

        Michael makes a circle around the girl and shapes it the best he can into a pentacle. He stands up and takes a knife out. He looks to Sashiko.

        Michael: I haven't done this for more than a year.

        Sashiko: You can do it.

        Michael holds his knife to his wrist and cuts it. As he sprinkles the blood on the victim Sashiko grabs his other hand.

        Sashiko: My magic will help.

        Michael nods. He begins to chant.

        Cut to:

        Carmen and Caitlin standing across from Jennifer Rosenberg. Ace is at the side of the class room listening.

        Caitlin: So I've thought about my options. I've decided it was time to return home.

        Ace looks bitterly to Caitlin.

        Ms. Rosenberg: Excellent. I shall get my things together right away.

        Carmen: There's a condition.

        Ms. Rosenberg: Yes Mrs. White-Rayne?

        Carmen: I want Caitlin to finish one semester. Right Caitlin?

        Caitlin: Yeah.

        Ms. Rosenberg: Sure.

        Carmen: I'll be staying for another week now. We can discuss how things work later.

        Carmen nods to Caitlin and takes her leave.

        Cut to:

        Ace taking Caitlin into the hall.

        Ace: Why wasn't I told about this?

        Caitlin: Ace?

        Ace: Seriously Caitlin. I just spent the last year with you and you go tell that Canadian bitch that-

        Caitlin: Actually she's from American.

        Ace: Don't side track Caitlin, you always side track!

        Caitlin: Sorry?.

        Ace: You damn well better be.

        Caitlin: Ace you know what my life is like. You know what needs I have.

        Ace: I also thought you were above being treated like a child.

        Caitlin: I'm not. I want to go.

        Ace: Is that what they told you to say?

        Caitlin: Ace!

        Ace looks her in the eyes.

        Ace: You're more of a sheep than I ever would have thought.

        Ace begins to leave.

        Caitlin: Ace! Wait!

        Ace: We're done Caitlin.

        Caitlin: Ace!

        Cut to:

        Michael and Sashiko standing over what is now a talking body. Purple energy rushes around the area.

        Michael: What is your name?

        Corpse: Samantha.

        Michael: Why are you here?

        Samantha doesn't hesitate to answer things.

        Samantha: I was meeting a client.

        Sashiko: This place is dangerous. You shouldn't have come.

        Samantha: He offered me three thousand. I needed the money.

        Michael: Are there more dead around.

        Sashiko: Michael, how would she know that?

        Michael: The dead communicate. They know.

        Samantha: Yes.

        Michael: How many?

        Samantha: Seven.

        Sashiko: And what? who did this to you?

        Samantha: He did.

        Michael and Sashiko look around.

        Michael: Who?

        Samantha: He.

        She points. Michael and Sashiko look, as a dark flying figure grabs Michael's back.

        Cut to:

        Rayne's bed. He's stuck in a deep sleep. The heart monitor that has been going a steady pace starts to slowly speed up. Rayne begins to move in his sleep slowly.

        Cut to:

        Carmen and Caitlin enjoying a drink back at the apartment. As they chat away, something hits Carmen. There's a strong ringing noise. She freezes and drops her glass. Caitlin looks up at her.

        Caitlin: Carmen? Carmen?

        Carmen: Arthur?

        Cut to:

        Rayne in his bed convulsing. The monitor gets faster and faster until its hard to tell when the noise stops. There's a flash of light. When the light clears, Rayne is on his feet beside the bed. He looks around confused. Dream's voice echo's.

        Dream: We have a deal Mr. Rayne.

        Rayne looks in his hand. The jewel is glowing with heat.

        End Episode.


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