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Raven Episode 4.11 "Converging" Part 1

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  • Raven Episode 4.11 "Converging" Part 1

    Episode 4.11 "Converging"

    Rated R


    Blank Screen. Text: Keith Arnez, 12:50am, San Francisco, California, USA.

    Cut to:

    Caitlin Smith running through a forest trail; listening to an iPod as she goes. She breathes heavily on her run.

    Cut to:

    The front of one of the buildings to the university. A young student steps out, books in his hands. He looks at his watch and begins to walk down the steps.

    Cut to:

    Caitlin coming to a bend in the trail in front of her. She trips and stumbles as she turns, obviously not accustomed to jogging often. She slows for a second and checks if anyone is looking.

    Cut to:

    The young student making his way out to a parking lot. He sees a young girl and nods at her.

    Girl: Another night studying, Keith?

    Keith: Modern History midterm tomorrow.

    Girl: I'm glad I decided to drop that course; looked pretty ambitious to me.

    Keith: You don't know the half of it.

    Cut to:

    Caitlin slowing down on her jog. She stops for a moment and pulls her earphones out. She looks ready for action. She readjusts the earphones and places them back in her ears. She continues her run.

    Cut to:

    Girl: Your teacher taught you what?

    Keith: That apparently communism isn't a bad thing.

    Girl: But that defeats what our schools have been telling us all along!

    Keith: Other than making five million people disappear, Stalin wasn't all that bad.

    Girl: Now I'm really glad I didn't take this course.

    Keith: Please? like you don't have a list of at least one hundred people you'd like to kill.

    Girl: Five million?

    Keith: So he had a big list?

    Cut to:

    Caitlin coming towards the end of the forest. She stops to stretch for another moment; cursing as she finds her flexibility limited.

    Cut to:

    Girl: Well I think I need to tune out of the Commintern here and get to bed.

    Keith: Well, I'll see-

    A vampire leaps out from behind the car Keith was just moving by.

    Vampire: I don't think so.

    The girl screams. The Vampire pulls Keith into his arms and bits his neck.

    Cut to:

    Caitlin running out of the forest and into the parking lot. She runs right past the girl screaming and Keith, who is getting his blood sucked form his neck. She holds her hand up and emits a beam of light, piercing the vampire through the heart; dusting him immediately. She keeps running till she gets to the end of the parking lot where there is a water fountain. She begins to take a drink. The Girl rushes to Keith, who's struggling to get up.

    Girl: Keith! What was that thing?

    Keith: I? I?

    Keith falls into the Girls arms. Death and Leora appear over her shoulder.

    Leora: A vampire attack?

    Death: Just that.

    Leora: Great?

    Death: But where is he?

    Death looks around.

    Leora: Who are we looking for?

    Death: Keith Arnez.

    Girl: Keith??

    Leora: Well I think that's him.

    Death: No, that's Keith Stevens.

    Leora looks at her.

    Leora: You know everyone's name?

    Death: I greet them after birth for a reason.

    Leora: And you can remember all the names?

    Death: Just another quirk that comes with this job I guess.

    She looks around.

    Death: Now where is he?

    Behind the car is the vampire; curled up in the fetal position crying. Death and Leora notice him.

    Death: Here you are!

    Vampire: I? I killed them all?

    Leora: He's the vampire? But aren't vampires already dead?

    Death: It's complicated?

    Death puts her arm around Keith.

    Death: Alright, Keith. I have to take you somewhere now where you'll get better, ok?

    Keith the Vampire talks through his sobs; fighting the best through them as he can.

    Keith the Vampire: Alright.

    Death and Keith the Vampire get up. Leora looks back at Keith and the girl.

    Death: Don't worry Leora, Nancy will help him.

    Leora: You sure we won't just have to come right back here in another three minutes?

    Death: I told you Nancy would get it? Or maybe your friend there.

    Leora: Friend?

    Leora sees Caitlin still at the water fountain, drinking up all the water she can as if she'll die if she doesn't.

    Leora: Caitlin Smith?

    Death: Come on Leora. We have places to go.

    Leora: I haven't seen her for almost a year? she looks?

    Death: Leora, we have to go.

    Leora looks to Death and follows her.

    Leora: Right. I guess Caitlin will be ok.

    Leora, Death and Keith the Vampire disappear. Caitlin looks over as they vanish; something makes her look.

    Caitlin: Who was that?

    End Teaser:

    Theme Song: Weight of the World ? Evanescence

    AJ Cook - Carmen White-Rayne
    Michael Vartan - Arthur Rayne
    Tygh Runyan - Michael Duran
    Caitlin Wachs - Caitlin Smith
    Laura Harris - Lily White
    Drake Bell - Josh O'Malley
    Ayumi Hamasaki ? Sashiko Rukia
    Kyle Gallner - Hiero
    With Tilda Swinton as Scarlet
    Teresa Cruz - Death of the Endless
    And Kate Beckinsale as Leora Byrne

    Special Guest Star:
    Alexa Davalos as Gwen Raiden

    Guest Starring:
    Maria Alejandra Delfino - Grace
    Brenda Song - Lilith Wong
    Victoria Nestorowicz - Katherine Neiman
    Aaron Ashmore - Ace Edwards
    With Nicki Clyne as Katie Ingham
    And J. Tapia as Professor Jennifer Rosenberg

    Created by:
    Alexander Brown
    And Travis Truant-Simpson

    Executive Producers:
    Alexander Brown
    Joseph Sessumes
    And Travis Truant-Simpson

    Consulting Producers:
    Ryley Smith
    Benedict Keefe
    And Thomas Wright

    Written by:
    Alexander Brown
    And Yosso

    Additional Scene by:
    Joseph Sessumes

    Based on: Buffy the Vampire Slayer ? Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy and 20th Century Fox, and The Sandman graphic novels ? Neil Gaiman and DC Comics. No profit is made from this fanfiction.

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    Act 1:

    A prestigious restaurant. Michael walks in the front doors and then holds the door open for Katie Ingham. She giggles as he takes her hand and walks to the front desk. Michael is dressed up in a suit; something that doesn't seem to fit at all. He smiles at the hostess.

    Michael: Reservation for Duran, please.

    Hostess: Certainly.

    She grabs two menus and leads them to a seat.

    Cut to:

    Michael and Katie just finishing up dinner.

    Katie: So tell me Mike, how could you afford to bring me to such a high class place?

    Michael: I have my secrets; don't you?

    Katie: Not really. I'm more of an open book kind of gal.

    Michael: Well there isn't much fun in that, is there?

    Katie laughs as Michael makes an over the top sexy look at her.

    Katie: I guess not.

    Michael: I haven't even told you what I did for a living. This is our forth date even.

    Katie: Well you can't really call the second time a date? we ran into each other per se?

    Michael: But what happened after?

    He gives her the sexy face again. She giggles.

    Katie: I guess that can count as a date then.

    Michael: I'm just glad we didn't spend the first two with our exposition, you know?

    Katie: Exposition?

    Michael: Well like the question game. This just feels a lot more natural.

    Katie: But doesn't it make you wonder things about me?

    Michael: And that's why I waited till date the forth before I initiated the questions game. You know how to play?

    Katie: I don't think it's a very hard game to play?

    Michael: You never know?

    Katie: Alright, I'll start. What can you tell me about your mother and father.

    Michael: Overdosed and assassinated.

    Katie: Oh my God! That's horrible!

    Michael: I grew up with it. There isn't much I can really change now.

    Katie: But you're only eighteen? that means they must have?

    She struggles with this topic.

    Michael: Died when I was young.

    Katie: Yeah.

    Michael: Everything's fine, don't worry.

    Katie: Still? couldn't have been easy.

    There's an awkward silence in the air. Michael breaks it.

    Michael: All right, your-

    A woman who's passing by interrupts them.

    Woman: Oh well if it isn't Miss Katie Ingham!

    Katie looks up.

    Katie: Oh Mrs. Reynolds? how nice to see you here.

    Mrs. Reynolds: Is your father around, dear? I've been meaning to ask him a question about the bill he just presented in the House of Commons. He really knows how to play to big business. Of course with his position I'm sure he'd make sure to play for that? if you get what I mean.

    Michael just looks at Katie. Katie just gives a small laugh. Mrs. Reynolds notices Michael at this point.

    Mrs. Reynolds: And who is this young gentleman here?

    Katie: Oh this is my fight Michael Duran.

    Michael holds out his hand. Mrs. Reynolds takes it. Michael shakes it instead of kissing it, like she is expecting him to do. She's a little taken back.

    Mrs. Reynolds: You know that Mr. Ingham owns this restaurant, young man? I'd be more careful of where I'd take his daughter for dates.

    Michael again stares at Katie.

    Michael: Yeah?

    Cut to:

    Sashiko walking into the club's bar area. She looks beaten up and exhausted. Keitaro comes over to her from preparing the bar for later.

    Keitaro (Japanese): Miss Rukia? what happened to you?

    Sashiko (Japanese): What do you mean?

    Keitaro (Japanese): Your face?

    Sashiko (Japanese): What about it?

    She touches her cheek and flinches as her finger goes over a cut.

    Keitaro (Japanese): You're very beaten up. And you're wearing the same clothes you had on yesterday.

    Sashiko (Japanese): I am?

    She looks very disorientated at this point. She looks like at any moment she will fall over.

    Keitaro (Japanese): Miss Rukia, will you please sit down?

    Cut to:

    Keitaro pouring tea into a small cup for Sashiko in the kitchen. Sashiko is weakly sitting in a chair.. He hands it to her; her fingers shaking as she takes it from him. She struggles to drink for it.

    Keitaro (Japanese): Last night I saw you get into the car with that man.

    Cut to:

    The night before. Sashiko is outside the club with Keitaro. There's a car waiting for her in front of the club. Pickton is in it. He honks impatiently.

    Pickton: Jap girl, lets go! I don't have all day!

    Cut to:

    The kitchen.

    Keitaro (Japanese): What happened there? Did he do this to you?

    Cut to:

    Pickton slamming Sashiko against the wall. She falls to her knees as he takes a swing at her.

    Cut to:

    Sashiko on her feet turning to flame. She moves forward with lightning speed to Pickton; catching him on fire.

    Cut to:

    Sashiko in the fetal position of the house burning around her; Pickton's body a few feet away.

    Cut to:

    The kitchen. Sashiko pauses for a moment.

    Sashiko (Japanese): I? I can't remember.

    Keitaro gets up and goes to the door.

    Keitaro (Japanese): I'll talk to Mamoru. You must have been drugged.

    Cut to:

    The Sacred Circle, day.

    Carmen is fixing up a vase ? clearly annoyed

    Carmen: Stupid lack of vase-repairing spell?

    There is a tinkling as the door opens. Carmen stays focused on the broken vase.

    Carmen: The sign says closed.

    Voice: Just thought I'd pop in.

    Carmen: Well you can pop right out again, we're closed for business.

    A bolt of electricity is fired into the table just next to Carmen. It quickly bounces off and vanishes ? Gwen.

    Gwen: I'm not here for business.

    Carmen: What the hell are you doing woman?!

    Gwen: And hello to you too.

    Carmen: You could have burned my table!

    Gwen: Could have, but I can handle myself and these powers.

    Carmen: I suppose I should give you a hi.

    Gwen: Hey.

    Carmen: You gave me quite a shock, and that's not an exaggeration.

    Gwen: I was always one for the grand entrance.

    Carmen: How've you been?

    Gwen: Good, I guess.

    Carmen: I haven't heard from you since?

    There is a silence.

    Gwen: It's ok you can say her name.

    Carmen: How are you coping?

    Gwen: It's been two years, it was hard at first. I'd never?I'd never felt that way about anyone before. I'd never thought that I could ever feel that?empty. Ever.

    Carmen: Yeah?

    Gwen: It took me a while before it hit me that- she's really gone.

    Carmen: She is?

    Gwen: But it's better now. It gets better with each day.

    Carmen: Maybe?

    Gwen: So I hear you're all tied up.

    Carmen: Huh?

    Gwen: Married.

    Carmen: Oh?

    Carmen looks down.

    Carmen: Yeah?

    Gwen: So who's the honey?

    Carmen: Arthur.

    Gwen: Wow, I've missed a lot. I always knew you two couldn't get enough of each other. So how's the happy couple doing these days?

    Carmen: Coma.

    Gwen: Is that some new Canadian term?

    Carmen: Rayne. He's in a coma.

    Gwen: I'm sorry. Is he ever?

    Carmen: I don't know.

    Gwen: Here's me going on about my problems. Where's Leora she out?

    Carmen: Gwen ? a lot has happened, while you were gone. A lot.

    Gwen: Like what?

    Carmen: Leora?

    Gwen: What do you mean?

    Carmen: Leora? is no longer with us.

    Gwen: Leora's-

    Carmen: Don't. Don't say it. I can't even admit it to myself after all this time.

    Gwen: Carmen you can't stay like this forever. You have to-

    Carmen: No I don't.

    Gwen: Carmen, this isn't good for you, you need accept what's-

    Carmen: No I don't.

    Gwen: Carmen?

    Carmen: Gwen. Stop.

    Gwen sighs.

    Gwen: Ok, just wanted to swing by say hi that's all.

    Carmen: Gwen look, I didn't mean anything by that.

    Gwen: Carmen, I know how it feels to lose somebody you care about. But you do have to face up to it sooner or later. You will. It's inevitable.

    Carmen: Yeah?

    There is a cry from the back of the shop.

    Carmen: Silas.

    Carmen quickly rushes to Silas' crib in a back room of the shop, she picks him up and rocks him in her arms. Gwen comes into the back room.

    Gwen: And why didn't knocked up Carmen get a mention in our little reunion?

    Carmen: I was getting to it.

    Carmen continues to rock Silas.

    Gwen: When I said I missed a lot there was quite a bit of understatement involved. Look at momma's boy over there.

    Carmen: You've noticed?

    Carmen continues to rock Silas, she keeps on feeding the bottle to him. She stops feeding him. His eyes slowly close again ? back to sleep.

    Gwen: Wow. You've really got the parenting thing down.

    Carmen just gives a laugh. There's a pause. Gwen quickly glances at her watch.

    Gwen: Gotta dash.

    Carmen: So soon?

    Gwen: There's some business I've got to get to.

    Carmen: So is this why you're in town?

    Gwen: You could say that.

    Carmen turns to put down Silas.

    Carmen: But-

    Nothing. Gwen has gone. Carmen's eyes narrow ? suspicious.

    Cut to:

    The University parking lot. The only car there is a red convertible. The seats are far back as they can go. The inhabitants are Caitlin in the arms of her boyfriend Ace. The two are passionately kissing each other. They continue to for a few moments before Caitlin breaks away for a moment looks up to the sky.

    Ace: I something bothering you?

    Caitlin: Umm? nothing really.

    Ace: Well ever since that phone call last week-

    Caitlin: She hasn't contacted me in a year.

    Ace: I knew something was wrong?

    Caitlin: A whole year and not even an email or a phone call. Hell she didn't even say happy birthday.

    Ace: Maybe she's been busy? You've been.

    Caitlin: Not busy enough to avoid calling her.

    Ace: You have?

    Caitlin: I did try. Each time I got Carmen who told me Leora would have to get back to me later.

    Ace: That doesn't sound right?

    Caitlin: Even at Leora's apartment?

    Ace: Do you think something's wrong?

    Caitlin: With Leora? Never.

    Ace: She isn't Wonder Woman, Caitlin.

    Caitlin: She's just a step from it. Complete with a costume and all.

    Ace: Well what do you think it could be? Honestly.

    Caitlin stops for a moment.

    Caitlin: Maybe I angered her when I left.

    Ace: If she was as great a friend as you say she was she wouldn't want you to stay.

    Caitlin: One of her friends had just died and her sister was on the rampage; there wasn't much for Leora there at the time.

    Ace: And you think that'd be enough to stop you now? You really think that?

    Caitlin: I don't know? I just? don't?

    Ace stops touching this subject. He places his arm around Caitlin and looks to the stars.

    Ace: So our little organization is facing cuts next week.

    Caitlin: Cuts? Again?

    Ace: I know.

    Caitlin: We just pulled funds back last fiscal year?

    Ace: It's the Watcher's Council in England. They think that it'd be better if they just sent over Watchers.

    Caitlin: But Watcher's are so? dusty? Trust me, I used to work for a former one.

    Ace: They may just close us down altogether.

    Caitlin: Close us down? They can't do that? can they?

    Ace: Well it isn't like we get funds from another location.

    Caitlin: What about Professor Rosenberg?

    Ace: She's still a teacher here, remember.

    Caitlin: But she has such a big part in things here. Can't she intervene?

    Ace: She can't help it anymore than we can.

    Caitlin: This blows.

    She looks to the sky.

    Ace: Yeah?

    The two move closer.

    Caitlin: Ace, I've got something to say.

    Ace: Yeah?

    Caitlin grabs him and kisses him. He kisses her back. When they pull apart she looks into his eyes.

    Caitlin: I love you.

    Ace freezes for a moment.

    Caitlin: I waited a year to say it, and here it is. I love you.

    Ace smiles at her.

    Ace: I love you too.

    The two kiss once more.

    Cut to:

    Burnaby Mountain Secondary School. The school is almost completely empty inside the commons, showing that school has ended a little while ago. Inside Josh, Orlando and Anita are working on a poster project together. Anita is gluing pictures to the poster board as Orlando is writing something. Josh lies down on the bench beside Orlando, not participating.

    Anita: I can't believe Budai wants us to hand this in tomorrow.

    Orlando: With an essay too. He just assigned it yesterday!. Does he expect us to not have lives?

    Josh: You know he's just going to extend it for us, right?

    Orlando stops writing and throws the paper at Josh.

    Orlando: That doesn't mean you stop working!

    Josh protests as he gets up.

    Josh (Muttering): Why didn't you get seduced to death like the other male members of our grade.

    Orlando: What was that?

    Josh: Nothing!

    Anita: He was wondering why you didn't get killed.

    Orlando smiles.

    Orlando: I'm magic of course.

    Josh: Well all the other boys fell for her.

    Anita: Yeah? I was wondering about that too?

    Orlando begins to blush. He looks over to Josh who just grins at him. Anita looks between the two of them, confused. She moves the topic along as they have their staring contest.

    Anita: So Josh? what're you doing Saturday?

    Orlando snaps an answer immediately.

    Orlando: We've got plans already, Anita.

    Anita: Oh? Doing what?

    Orlando: Watching a guys movie.

    Anita: Oh? a guys movie?

    Josh and Orlando stop staring.

    Anita: A guy movie like? Brokeback Mountain?

    Josh and Orlando: No!

    Josh: He didn't say a gay movie, did he?

    Anita: No, I suppose not.

    Orlando stares at Josh through the corner of his eye. Anita looks up and notices Josh kind looking back.

    Anita: Well would you look at that? I need more glue.

    She tosses her glue stick in the garbage and gets up.

    Anita: I'll just run to my locker really quick. Don't you two? mess around with anything.

    She runs off. Orlando moves a bit closer to Josh.

    Orlando: You think she knows anything?

    Josh: I'm almost convinced she does with the way you're going?

    Orlando: You snapped back at her too.

    Josh: I didn't tell her we were going to a movie together.

    Orlando: So what's wrong with two guys going to a movie together? I mean friends do it?

    Josh: But we're not just friends, Orlando.

    Orlando smiles at this.

    Josh: Just? we have to keep things down a bit.

    Orlando: I know you have a choice to make-

    Josh: There isn't much of a choice.

    Orlando: There isn't?

    Josh: Just? experimentation. Make sure I'm right?

    Orlando: But? why?

    Josh: Because I don't want to hurt you.

    Josh goes back to his paper. Anita runs back to the table.

    Anita: Alright, back.

    No one says anything. She sighs and goes back to gluing.

    Anita: Something you two aren't telling me.

    No response.

    Anita: That's half the fun.

    Cut to:

    Gwen walking along an alleyway, night, in sneak mode. She is at the back of a large building, she hears a few guards chatting. She hides behind the wall. The guards continue to walk around ? they see her.

    Gwen: Damn you can see me?

    Guard 1: Ok lady, I'm going to have to escort you off the premises.

    Gwen: Look, you really don't want to piss me off.

    Guard 2: You're not supposed to be here now.

    Gwen punches Guard 1, instantly knocking him out, Guard 2 swings a messy punch at her, she ducks it and sweeps him, he hits his head on the ground ? out cold. Gwen struts off casually.

    Gwen: Aren't rules made to be broken?

    Gwen continues walking on care free. Carmen rushes up round the corner watching Gwen. Carmen follows Gwen slyly, she follows her as she electrocutes an electronic security code lock. The door swings open easily. Carmen follows. Gwen arrives at a balcony facing down to a glass box below. Gwen does a handstand on the balcony bar and drops down gracefully.

    Carmen: Show off?

    Gwen arrives on the level of the box, she sends two electric bolts to fry the sources of a laser beam, continuing on to the glass box.

    Carmen: Gwen!

    Gwen sighs, annoyed she turns round.

    Gwen: Carmen?

    Carmen: Gwen you have to stop this!

    Gwen: What are you doing here?

    Carmen: This isn't right.

    Gwen: Were you following me?

    Carmen: Gwen please-

    Gwen: No. What gives you the right to spy on me?

    Carmen: I was worried.

    Gwen: Worried? Worried? Oh I bet! More like suspicious.

    Carmen: Gwen, can we do this somewhere else? We should get out of here before-

    Gwen: We get caught? Please! The security in this place is like Fort Knox but reverse.

    Carmen: Gwen, I thought you'd stopped all this.

    Gwen: Well you thought wrong, let me get on with my job.

    Gwen walks up to the glass box and punches it, she takes out a rod ? it disintegrates in her hand.

    Gwen: It's a fake.

    Carmen: Gwen, come on.

    Gwen: No, you may be boss in baby world but not to me.

    Carmen: Can't you see this is wrong? You can't go on living like this any more.

    Gwen: Who are you to say what's right and what's wrong about me? This is my job. My life. My world. I'm never gonna get out of it. I'm never gonna leave it. This is what I was made for, what I was built for-

    Carmen: No, it's not. You can do much better things than-

    Gwen: Fight bad guys? Do the good versus evil thing? Look, I tried that and look where it's got me. To pain, to torment, to death.

    Carmen: It's not all like that.

    Gwen: Yes it is, I've lived it and you have too. How can you be saying this?

    Carmen: Because there is hope. There always is. At the end of the day after all the agony, the grief, there is hope. I have Silas, that's something to be grateful for.

    Gwen: Well I don't. I don't have anybody. This is all I have.

    Carmen: You have me, you have us.

    Gwen: I did, but being here? I'm only here because I have to be. But it's too painful, the memories?

    Carmen: Running from your problems doesn't help.

    Gwen: You'd know a lot about that wouldn't you.

    Carmen: Gwen?

    Gwen: Look Carmen, just leave me alone. I should never have come to you.

    Carmen: Gwen I can't let you do this.

    Gwen: You gonna stop me?

    Carmen: I'm gonna try.

    Gwen: Then try.

    Gwen sends a bolt of electricity back into Carmen, she stumbles back into the floor, slightly stunned, her vision blurred. Carmen slowly gets up, her vision clearing. Gwen is gone.

    End Act One: Commercial Break.


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      Act 2:

      Michael and Lily are at the Diner seated at a booth, sitting across from each other. The waitress comes up and hands them their drinks, an Iced Tea for Michael and a coffee for Lily. As the waitress sets down Lily's coffee she gives her a semi glare of a look and then walks away.

      Michael: What was that all about?

      Lily: Oh you know people; it's just the way they are.

      Michael: Funny, she didn't give me the death glare while serving my drink.

      Lily: Well, don't we think high of ourselves today.

      Michael grins.

      Michael: Yeah, I actually do.

      Lily: Oh yeah I forgot, you and your new toy had another date.

      Michael: Toy?

      Lily: Or girlfriend, whichever.

      Michael: The date went really well, I learned some interesting stuff about her.

      Lily: Like?

      Michael: That is any of your business how?

      Lily: I thought we were friends Michael! I'm hurt! I'm really hurt right now!

      Michael: Oh come off it, you just crave gossip like an addict, and trust me I know what that's like.

      Lily: I'm not that bad.

      Michael: Please, is your new job at JC Penny's not fulfilling enough? Is that why you now have to suckle on my life?

      Lily: You? Life? Ha! And I do not work at JC Penny's. My store is much more tasteful than them.

      Michael: Aw look, your even calling it your store now.

      Lily: Why don't you bring your harlot, woops, I mean girlfriend on over and I can perhaps find her something attractive to wear.

      Michael: Are you that jealous of her that you have to make up things about her?

      Lily is taken aback.

      Lily: Jealous?! You would accuseme of being jealous of her?

      Michael: Well, if the bitch tiara fits.

      Lily: I just want what's right for you Michael, and she is not right for you.

      Michael: What? A girl who treats me equally, who doesn't look down on me, who doesn't know every bad thing I have done in my past and who likes me for me? Then tell me Lily, who should I be with?

      Lily's lips tighten.

      Michael: Look, it's not my fault that you have to spend all days folding clothes rather than actually purchasing them, but you need to learn when it's time to back off.

      Lily: Will you quit criticizing me like that? Like I am that shallow that I can't do actual work? You don't think I don't hear it enough already by my crazed boss, and by Carmen? If I was that shallow then I'd just leech off of family funds.

      Michael: Oh I'm sorry, I forgot, we're allowed to criticize me, but when it comes to you its hands off?

      Lily: Not when all I was doing was worrying about you.

      Michael: You are something else Lily.

      Lily starts to open her mouth to say something but Michael stands up to leave.

      Michael: Just?don't. Whatever; I'm done.

      Michael takes his leave of the Diner.

      Cut to:

      A beach in summer. People are tanning, playing games, relaxing, swimming, and un general enjoying their time. Leora and Carmen are laying down on large blankets far from the shore under a group of umbrellas and trees to shade them. Both of them have thick sunglasses and are as pale as can possibly be. The purple missing in Leora's hair suggests this is in the past.

      Leora: So this is how you're going to spend your first Canadian summer?

      Carmen: Under as much shade as I'd have in New Mexico. I never was one for the sun.

      Leora: Well there's no complaints here.

      Carmen: It's just cancer waiting to happen?

      Leora: All those poor good looking women?

      Carmen: They'll be wrinkled at thirty-two!

      Leora: Oh, so that's what happened to you?

      Carmen smacks Leora with the book in her hand. Leora laughs.

      Leora: I couldn't resist; I'm sorry!

      Carmen: At least I'm not as white as snow?

      Leora: I don't tan; I burn!

      Carmen: Sure? and I'm just big boned.

      Leora looks down at Carmen's slim figure.

      Leora: You are never ever allowed to use that one, you got that? Unless you get knocked up?

      Two tanned men walk by Carmen and Leora's fortress of beach darkness and look over. Carmen smiles at them and they hurry on their way. Carmen looks forward with a disappointed look.

      Carmen: And that doesn't look like its happening for a while?

      Leora: Well we could venture out into? there!

      She dramatically points to the sunny beach in front of them. Carmen backs up a bit.

      Carmen: I've never been there before! What's it like?

      Leora: Hot and rough!

      Carmen: Sounds like my kind of man!

      Carmen gets up and walks to the edge of the umbrellas. She cautiously steps out and looks back to Leora.

      Carmen: It doesn't seem so bad.

      She takes off her sunglasses and dramatically falls over.

      Carmen: Oh no! What will I do? The happiness blinded me! I must retreat to the darkness of my heart personified in this little anti-social cave we've built!

      Leora is laughing hard here. Carmen creeps up and puts her sunglasses on, also laughing a little. Suddenly there's a scream from the water. People begin flooding away. Leora and Carmen are almost knocked over by people running away until they seem to be alone on the beach. Carmen quickly jumps up from being knocked over and grabs a handgun her purse. Leora holds her arm out and from the tree above flies down Astro. Carmen charges to the water.

      Cut to:

      A dark green and slimy demon with webbed feet, hands, and a crown is hobbling after a little boy along the beach. The little boy mother is dead; sprawled along the sand in pieces. Carmen and Leora valiantly run in the sand; stumbling as they go. Carmen fires a few shots around the demon, missing, but getting it to leave its target. Leora stands in front of the boy and he cowers behind her. The demon extends his hand and seaweed comes from it, catching Carmen's legs.

      Leora: Carmen!

      Carmen struggles to get free, but the demon pulls her in. Carmen fires at it a few more times; bullets not doing the trick. The little boy screams. Leora turns to him.

      Leora: Run as far as you can and don't stop until you get to the road, ok?

      The boy nods and runs away. Leora turns to attention to Carmen and the demon. She extends her arm and Astro flies onto it. The air around Leora begins to crackle and she aims her fist at the demon.

      Carmen: Leora? what are you-

      Astro ignites and gets launched off Leora's arm like a cannonball; ripping up Leora's arm as he goes. He flies through the seaweed and causes the demon to catch on fire. The demon hobbles as fast as it can to the sea, but Astro turns around for another round; this time going straight through the demon's chest. The demon explodes all over Carmen and Leora. Leora goes to Carmen and helps her up. Carmen looks at her arm.

      Carmen: Your arm!

      Leora: It'll be fine. Are you ok?

      Carmen: I guess so.

      Astro flies back to Leora and perches on her shoulder. The bird is smoking a bit.

      Carmen: How did he-

      Leora: I would never put this birds life down? ever!

      Carmen: Have you ever done anything like that before?

      Leora: No. I just went with my instinct.

      Carmen: And your instinct was to create a cannon out of your pet?

      Leora: He's not a pet.

      Carmen: Familiar? sorry?

      Leora: Does it bother you?

      Carmen: I'm just a little taken back that you could do such a thing!

      Leora: I didn't know I could.

      Carmen begins to walk away. Leora suddenly grows a bit weak and holds her head.

      Carmen: Well you better not try that again. I don't think that your body can-

      Astro flies away as Leora falls to the ground.

      Carmen: - handle the stress.

      She turns and sees Leora on the ground.

      Carmen: Just what I get for going to the beach?
      Cut to:

      A nearly university classroom with students slowly filing in. Caitlin is seated in one of the desks looking down to the professors area; ready for work while her peers are scattered. A tired looking Katherine plops herself in the seat beside Caitlin.

      Katherine: Why oh why did I ever take economics?

      Caitlin: At least you made it to this class on time!

      Katherine: Having Sociology immediately after really isn't helping me. Especially since economics is for some reason in the science building?

      Caitlin: Hey, don't look at me! I never made you take this class!

      Katherine: I wouldn't want to leave my little roommate that came so far from home get lost, would I?

      Caitlin: Ah yes, again with the condescending remarks.

      Katherine: Itty bitty Caitlin learned a big word!

      Caitlin: You're two days older than me, Kat?

      Katherine: Damn right I am!

      Caitlin: You're going to fly that flag well after its shriveled in the wind, aren't you.

      Katherine: Don't you know it.

      The classroom is now nearly filled up. Lilith is looking around the aisles for a seat near the front. Caitlin sees here and ducks behind her desk. Katherine looks down at her.

      Katherine: Is everything ok?

      Caitlin: Ditzy rich bitch alert!?

      Katherine: Where?!?

      Caitlin pulls Katherine down too until they can't see around them.

      Caitlin: How the hell did she make it to this semester?

      Katherine: Daddy owns half the building apparently. There's no way she's not going to this school! She can get a degree in cardio surgery without stepping foot into a single health class!

      Caitlin: You don't get surgical degrees like that here?

      Katherine: Exactly!

      Caitlin: Do you think she noticed us?

      Katherine: God I hope not!

      Caitlin: I've had enough idiot for the year and its just starting up!

      Voice (Off Screen): Ladies, could you sit up please?

      Caitlin and Katherine look to each other.

      Caitlin: Was that?

      Katherine: Ms. Rosenberg?

      Caitlin and Katherine spring up; Caitlin hitting her head on the way up. There's a few laughs from the students around her. Ms. Rosenberg is at the front looking unimpressed.

      Caitlin: Sorry?

      Ms. Rosenberg: While you two have been playing Bridge to Terabithia under the desks, my lesson started.

      Caitlin: Sorry Ms. Rosenberg.

      Ms. Rosenberg: You don't need to be. It's your money, not mine.

      Cut to:

      Caitlin and Katherine sitting at the end of class as the crowds clear out. Caitlin and Katherine slowly get up and make their way to the doors. Lilith stops them.

      Lilith: So hey Caitlin, Katherine.

      Caitlin and Katherine freeze and turn around.

      Caitlin: Oh? hi Lilith?

      Katherine: Have a nice winter break?

      Lilith: Oh yeah. Did the usual you know.

      Caitlin nods slowly.

      Katherine: The usual?

      Lilith: Yeah, that's what I said I did?

      Katherine: And the usual would be??

      Lilith: Well I was in Mexico of course! In Daddy's resort! What else would the usual mean?

      Caitlin: Usual cocktail, usual breakfast order, usual bra sizes? usual stupidity.

      Lilith looks at Caitlin blankly for a moment because giving out a snort.

      Lilith: Oh Caitlin! You always were such a comedian!

      Caitlin: Yeah? sure?

      Lilith: See! Your tone is just like that funny man on t.v.!

      Caitlin leans over to Katherine.

      Caitlin: John Daily or Margaret Cho?

      Katherine: I'm betting you Ashton Kutcher.

      Caitlin shudders. Lilith remains oblivious.

      Lilith: Well if you want you can come to my party this weekend! It'll be like totally uber fun! Yeah girl!

      Lilith just scurries away.

      Katherine: What was that?

      Caitlin: Ditzy rich bitch invited us to a party?

      Katherine: I think I'm going to drill holes into my head to alleviate the pressure that the aura of stupidity placed on me.

      Caitlin: God, there is no more Grey's Anatomy for you!

      Katherine: I can't help it? they're all so? McLovely!

      Caitlin smacks Katherine and walks away.

      Cut to:

      The door to Josh's room getting slammed open. Josh has his hands on Orlando's waist and the two are kissing each other passionately. The move to the bed and fall on it; Orlando on top. Josh talks a it as he goes for air.

      Josh: Movie. Really. Got. Me-

      Orlando: Horny.

      Orlando slows down for a moment and eventually stop. He rolls off Josh and rests his head on Josh's chest.

      Josh: Yeah?

      Orlando: I didn't know you could hold it in that long! I'm impressed.

      Josh: School teaches patience above all else.

      Orlando: Oh yeah?

      Josh: And my hand may have been wandering a bit?

      Orlando: Well I think some of the audience noticed. They kept staring.

      Josh: You looking at me every two minutes didn't help that either.

      Orlando: But you're just so pretty.

      Josh gives a small smile. Orlando takes his hand and begins to move his hand up Josh's shirt. He kisses Josh once more and smiles.

      Josh: What you doing?

      Orlando: Nothing much?

      Orlando feels something and suddenly stops. He gets up and moves Josh's shirt up to reveal the burn that the photograph gave him.

      Orlando: Where did you get this?

      Josh: Oh that? It's no big deal. Keep going?

      Orlando: Was this from work?

      Josh: Maybe. I don't know.

      Orlando: Did you touch anything you weren't supposed to? A book or a jar of powder or something?

      Josh: I'm not sure. It just kind of appeared one night.

      Orlando: And you're not worried?

      Josh: I don't think it's anything serious?

      Orlando: Nothing serious? This could be the mark of some powerful warlock waiting to make his return to this world through an un-expecting innocent!

      Josh tries to pull attention from the burn.

      Josh: Oh I'm innocent now?

      He grabs Orlando's arm. Orlando let's go.

      Orlando: Look, I know I said I'd lay off with your workplace, but this is just not right.

      Josh: Well what are you going to do? Talk to my boss? You know what she'd do?

      Quick Cut to:

      Orlando storming to the Sacred Circle's front till.

      Orlando: Mrs. White-Rayne we need to talk about Josh!

      Carmen holds a shotgun in front of her and shoots Orlando.

      Cut to:

      Josh's room.

      Orlando: Well I'm not safe with you working there!

      Josh: It's not your life now is it?

      Orlando: Josh? please?

      Josh: There's more than one reason why I'm undecided you know.

      Josh gets up and storms out of his own room.

      Cut to:

      Caitlin making her way to the building which The Organization sets its base at. No students are around the stairs outside and it looks dead inside. Doors appear as Caitlin goes to the wall of the building. She pushes through.

      Cut to:

      The lobby of The Organization. As Caitlin enters the door behind her disappears; explaining why no one ever enters. Ms. Rosenberg is waiting for her. Caitlin looks around.

      Caitlin: Where did everybody go?

      Ms. Rosenberg: There's something we need to discuss Caitlin.

      Caitlin: Is it serious?

      Ms. Rosenberg: Very.

      Caitlin: What's going on?

      Ms. Rosenberg: We received orders to close down today. Apparently the Watcher's Council no longer has the funds in order to operate this facility as well.

      Caitlin: The Watcher's Council doesn't-

      Ms. Rosenberg: Those damn slayers are pretty expensive to feed I imagine.

      Caitlin: So what, I'm second rate to these Watchers across seas?

      Ms. Rosenberg: Caitlin?

      Caitlin: And where did everyone go? Watts? Halliwell? Ryant?

      Ms. Rosenberg: They've all gone back to England.

      Caitlin: And you? Are you going?

      Ms. Rosenberg: I'm here to watch over you, Caitlin. It's up to you where we go now. We have an invitation to Respect Shores. They'll even pay for air-

      Caitlin: You think I'm going to pack what I've been spending a whole year on just to start over again and probably receive even less attention than I need?

      Ms. Rosenberg: Caitlin?

      Caitlin: I'm sorry Professor, but I can't do that.

      Ms. Rosenberg: It'll still be more help than just myself here. I don't know how to accommodate your powers that well either.

      Caitlin: How could they give up so easily on us?

      Ms. Rosenberg: They hadn't found any answers.

      Caitlin: Who needs an answer to why I have powers? All that matters is that I do have them!

      Ms. Rosenberg: That isn't good enough for them.

      Caitlin: Well that isn't good enough for me then!

      Caitlin storms to the wall; infuriated.

      Ms. Rosenberg: Caitlin?

      Caitlin: I need to contact Leora.

      Ms. Rosenberg: Ms. Byrne?

      Caitlin: That's right.

      Ms. Rosenberg: Isn't she? I thought I read that?

      Caitlin turns to her, hopeful.

      Caitlin: What?

      Ms. Rosenberg gazes into her eager eyes and freezes for a moment.

      Ms. Rosenberg: Never mind. Make your call.

      Caitlin turns around and leaves.

      End Act Two: Commercial Break.


      • #4
        Act 3:

        Cut to: Carmen walking up to a motel. She takes out a piece of paper - Gwen Raiden, Room 3879, Sunridge Motel. She climbs up the stairs and walks along to the room on the balcony. She starts to knock but the door opens.

        Gwen: I told you'd be fried if-

        Gwen stops, Carmen looks a little surprised.

        Carmen: If I what?

        Gwen: You here to go all mom on me again now?

        Carmen: I'm here to go all "I'm-your-friend-so-let-me-help-you-stupid-bitch" on you.

        Gwen: Ooh convincing. I'll definitely be falling in line with that inspirational speech.

        Gwen starts to walk past Carmen.

        Carmen: Where are you going?

        Gwen: Out.

        Carmen: A little general don't you think?

        Gwen: What you gonna ground me?

        Carmen: I'm gonna kick your ass if you don't listen to me.

        Gwen: This is more than just a job Carmen, I need to get this. I have to.

        Carmen: Why?

        Gwen: I didn't know I had to tell you my life story. So Mrs. Witch what are you gonna do?


        Carmen: I'm gonna help you.

        Gwen: You're not gonna stop- Wait, what?

        Carmen: Gwen, as much as kicking you down would give me so much satisfaction, I don't wanna hurt you. I've tried convincing you without violence but I suck at that, so I guess helping is the only other option.

        Gwen: Whoa, whoever said the married were predictable?...

        Carmen: Eh, some guy, but I dealt with him.

        Cut to:

        The back alley of a gallery, night. Carmen and Gwen are standing outside a tall metal barbed wire fence.

        Gwen: Gallery number four.

        Carmen: Emphasizing the four bit. Are you sure this is the right gallery? Cos if we set off the alarms in the other three...

        Gwen: No worries, this has to be the right one.

        Carmen: A little proof would be nice, before I go off risking my life for you - again.

        Gwen: It's the last one in town anyway.

        Carmen: And how are you a master thief when you suck this much?

        Gwen: When I keep stealthy instead of shouting my mouth off, now shut up before we get caught.

        Carmen: That's if we get caught right?

        Gwen: It's better to be prepared.

        Gwen fries the metal fence creating a Gwen size hole. She walks through it with ease. Carmen sighs, ducking down as she follows.

        Carmen: So you know your way?

        Gwen: The security system in all these galleries are almost identical. Anyone with half a brain would be able to get through.

        Carmen: That so, then how did you?

        Gwen: Stop with the bitch attack ok, I'm trying to work.

        Carmen: Yeah, a good honest day's work I see.

        Gwen: Stop the sarcasm too, it's annoying.

        Carmen: I'm annoying? Look who's talking.

        Gwen: You, now shut up.

        The pair reach an electronic code lock. Gwen touches it, it fries and the door swings open.

        Gwen: Open sesame.

        Carmen and Gwen walk through. Pitch black.

        Carmen: It's dark.

        Gwen: Well noticed.

        Gwen turns on a torch, and leads the way on.

        Carmen: The exhibit's on this floor.

        Gwen: Just don't go charging off ahead of me, we don't want to get-

        The lights in the museum suddenly turn on. Carmen and Gwen freeze.

        Carmen: Caught?

        A band of four security guards come out of a door on the left.

        Guard 1: Stop.

        Song: "Hey, It's Your Funeral Mama" ? Alexisonfire

        Gwen: Already got that down.

        Lyrics: The sky is blue, the grass is brown
        My head is buried inside this helmet
        The ever present threat of parasites
        So take my hand, let's get these motors running!

        The guards quickly walk up to Carmen and Gwen. One guard holds Carmen, one holds Gwen.

        Guard 1: In the name of the law, we are putting you under arrest for the breaking and entering of-

        Lyrics: So you drive red (you drive red)
        And I'll drive black (I'll drive black)
        (We'll see who's machine was most recently serviced)
        We'll slit these rows of Goodyear like a knife

        Gwen: Oh spare me the lecture.

        Gwen electrocutes Guard 2 holding her, kicking Guard 1 in the face, he staggers back.

        Carmen: What are you doing?

        Lyrics: We don't fear [5x]
        These machines

        Gwen: Getting what I came for.

        Gwen ducks as Guard 3 hurls a punch at her.

        I got the scoop, I got the scoop
        And it doesn't look so good, so good for you

        Carmen: Release.

        There is a swirl of light as Guard 4 suddenly lets go of Carmen. He stands there is shock. Carmen smiles, punching him to the ground with ease. Suddenly she winces, shaking her fist in pain.

        So you drive red (you drive red)
        And I'll drive black (I'll drive black)
        (We'll see who's machine was most recently serviced)
        We'll cut this row of Goodyear like a knife
        Like a knife, like a knife, yeah
        We'll cut this row of Goodyear like a knife

        Guard 2 comes up to Gwen again, she elbows him in the nose, he collapses to the ground.

        Guard 3 sneaks up behind Gwen his baton out, ready to strike her from behind but Carmen sends Guard 3 flying into a glass exhibit with a blast of white energy, unconscious.

        Lyrics: So you drive red (you drive red)
        And I'll drive black (I'll drive black)
        (We'll see who's machine was most recently serviced)
        We'll cut this row of Goodyear like a knife.

        Guard 1: You can't do this.

        Gwen: What, this?

        Gwen sends an electricity blast into him, he slams into the wall, also unconscious.

        End Song

        Carmen: Is he ok?

        Gwen: He'll be fine, I didn't give him too much juice.

        Beat. Gwen slowly walks forward to an untouched exhibit. She touches a pad and shocks it, a glass window slides above.

        Carmen: If this is a fake you have no idea how much I'm gonna kick your ass.

        Gwen slowly reaches in for it, she touches it - a kingly looking rod.

        Gwen: It's real.

        Cut to:

        Sashiko walking down a very calm street, holding herself as she goes. As she passes a liquor store, Michael comes out with a big brown bag in his hands; the door and almost knocks her over. Sashiko and Michael meet each others eyes. Sashiko looks him up and down.

        Sashiko: Michael?

        Michael: Sashiko! Hi!

        Sashiko: You? showered!

        Michael smiles at her.

        Michael: A lot has changed since I saw you!

        Sashiko: It has been a year.

        Michael: And I can tell by your English that you've changed to.

        Sashiko smiles. The two begin to walk down the street.

        Michael: Has the club been getting a lot of business?

        Sashiko: It has been up and down. I cannot really complain.

        Michael: That ******* boss give you a raise yet?

        Sashiko: I was given a sort of promotion you could say.

        Michael: From working the poles?

        Sashiko: I sing my songs again. And I escort.

        Michael: I guess that is a little more prestigious in your profession.

        Sashiko: I still have not gotten enough to get out here.

        Michael: Well I might have to go have a little word with him?

        Sashiko: What has happened to you Michael Duran?

        Michael: I guess I grew up a little bit.

        Sashiko: I guess so too. Galen has left you?

        Michael: Galen is no longer around?

        Sashiko: Ah.

        Michael: It's for the best really. Leaves me to be my own self.

        Sashiko: Perhaps it is best his soul is at rest.

        Michael: Not to mention he was an ******* and had it coming.

        Sashiko: I was going to remain tactful.

        Michael: And I'm sure he'd thank you for that.

        Sashiko and Michael wait to cross the street. No cars are going by.

        Sashiko: Where were you out so late?

        Michael: Actually I was at my girlfriends.

        Sashiko: Oh? You finally get somebody?

        Michael: Someone Galen doesn't have to pay to make me lose my virginity.

        Sashiko: I apologize for that.

        Michael: I can't complain. Not really. I had to lose it sometime!

        Sashiko: Well then Michael Duran, I am honored to have? what do you say here? Burst your cherry?

        Michael: Usually that applies for girls? but thank you.

        The two cross the street.

        Michael: I'll stop by sometime.

        Sashiko: You are always welcome to.

        Michael (Japanese): Thank you for a good discussion.

        Michael bows to her.

        Sashiko (Japanese): I hope you and your girlfriend have lots of rough animal intercourse producing a great number of offspring to be named after me and your other friends.

        Michael: I didn't understand a word you just said.

        Sashiko (Japanese): Sorry.

        Michael walks further on and Sashiko begins to make her way down the other road.

        Cut to:

        A big bright meadow. Life is at its peak on this warm summer day. Rayne is in the middle of the meadow on a giant red and gold throne. He is asleep on it as the birds chirp away.

        Voice (Off Screen): Wake up.

        Rayne snaps awake at this. Carmen is sitting on his lap now.

        Rayne: Carmen? How did you-

        Carmen puts her finger to his mouth and shushes him.

        Carmen: Shh. Don't talk right now. We have some catch up to do.

        Carmen moves below his legs and unzips his pants.

        Rayne: Carmen, what are you doing?

        Carmen: Arthur, please. You can't tell me you've been satisfied. You've been sleeping forever! There's no pleasure in your head!

        Rayne: I'm? out?

        Carmen: Well of course you're out! Why would I be here?

        Rayne: I don't-

        Carmen: Now please hush so I can treat you like a wife should treat her master.

        Rayne: Master?

        Metal straps appear around his arms and legs so he can't move his legs. Carmen pulls his pants down and begins to play with his genitals with her mouth. Rayne closes his eyes and quietly moans in pleasure. Carmen begins to move harder and more violent. Rayne moans loudly and opens his eyes. He looks down at his wife at her work. She looks up to him as she goes and smiles out of the corner of her busy mouth. Rayne goes to move his arm, but it is bound.

        Rayne: Why am I?

        He stops and closes his eyes again.

        Voice (Off Screen): Leave some for me.

        Rayne opens his eyes again to see Leora; completely nude and glowing. She walks up to him. Carmen slows down so Rayne can talk.

        Rayne: Leora?

        Leora: Hey there.

        Rayne: Where have you been all this time? I thought you were-

        Leora puts her finger on his mouth.

        Leora: Shh. I'm going to have to make up for lost time.

        Leora sits across Rayne's lap and begins to passionately make out with him. Carmen is struggling below them to do her self-appointed "slavery" task. Leora eventually moves away.

        Leora: Lost time for both of you.

        She pushes herself off of Rayne and grabs Carmen; leaving Rayne all to himself. The two roll around giggling in the meadow, kissing passionately.

        Rayne: This? this can't be real.

        Carmen and Leora look up to him and then kiss each other again.

        Rayne: Help?

        A hand reaches Rayne's shoulder.

        Cut to:

        The middle of the dense forest in The Dreaming. Scarlet is pulling Rayne out of a pitch black lake. Grace is standing behind her firing arrow after arrow at off screen enemies. A soaked Rayne begins to cough up water.

        Scarlet: Are you alive?

        Rayne: Where's Grace?

        Cut to:

        Carmen and Gwen with the rod. Gwen holds it up triumphantly. Carmen grabs her gun. Gwen heads to the door.

        Gwen: Well it's been a nice visit.

        Carmen: Just like that and you're gone?

        Gwen: Look, I'd like to get all cuddly and happy about our little adventure tonight, but I have a sum to be collecting.

        Carmen: This can't go on Gwen?

        Gwen: I've been living comfortably on it so far, haven't I?

        Carmen: Almost didn't tonight.

        Gwen: It's not the first time it's been a close call.

        Carmen: But it should be the last time.

        Gwen: You aren't my mother. You've got a baby of your own, remember? Maybe I should be scolding you for risking your future with him!

        Carmen: I wouldn't have to if it weren't for you, now would I?

        Gwen turns away.

        Gwen: This has nothing to do with you.

        Carmen: By association with my husband yeah, I think it does. When he wakes up he won't want to know all his friends are dead, will he?

        Gwen pauses.

        Cut to:

        A bar in Vancouver. Gwen is seated having a drink and beside her is Rayne. The two seem to be happy. Text: November 2005.

        Gwen: Well I'm sorry I can't make your wedding.

        Rayne: Oh it isn't that important.

        Gwen: I've been your friend for five years now; I think it's a little important Art.

        Rayne: Well you and Carmen don't really get along anyways.

        Gwen: She doesn't care for my line of work. Then again most respectable people don't.

        Rayne: I'm on their side too. But I understand you do what you have to do.

        Gwen: That's what I'm about.

        Rayne: Just as long as it doesn't get you killed.

        Gwen: Well there's always that risk.

        Rayne: There doesn't need to be.

        Gwen: I like the risk.

        Rayne: I know you do. And I respect that.

        Gwen: Then don't have this discussion.

        Rayne: I just don't want you dead.

        Gwen stops.

        Rayne: You and I are the only ones left out of our group Gwen. Don't die, ok?

        Cut to:

        Gwen and Carmen again.

        Carmen: Gwen? Gwen? Damnit Gwen, answer me!

        Gwen looks to Carmen.

        Gwen: Alright. I'll lay off it a bit.

        Carmen it taken back a bit.

        Carmen: You will?

        Gwen: For Arthur. I want to be there when he wakes up.

        Carmen smiles.

        Carmen: I'm glad.

        She gives Gwen a small salute and walks out the other doors. Gwen looks around the gallery. There's a big painting of the Queen of England with a gold frame around it. She looks around it and smiles.

        Gwen: Sorry Arthur. Seems I won't be stopping anytime soon.

        As she grabs for the painting she hears footsteps behind her. She freezes and doesn't look around.

        Gwen: Sorry Carmen, I just have this one more thing to do.

        There's not response. Just the sound of a gun being loaded. Gwen looks around and there's a shot.

        Cut to:

        A college dorm room in San Francisco. The room is full of dark magic objects and is poorly lit. At a desk with a mirror on top of it sits Kira.

        Kira: I finally found you once again.

        Mirror: And now you know what you must do.

        Kira: It's been a long time since I paid her a visit. It's funny she never thought to look for me on campus.

        Mirror: Ankoku must prevail over Hikari.

        Kira: it will.

        Mirror: In order to do that, you must first understand about your powers. About the cycle. And about Leora Byrne's role in this all.

        Kira: Leora Byrne?

        Mirror: There is much for you to learn.

        Kira: As you wish.

        Cut to:

        Carmen walking into the back door of the Sacred Circle as the phone is going. She has Silas in her hands and is rocking him in her arms while she picks the phone up and puts it on her shoulders.

        Split Screen:

        Carmen on one side. Caitlin in her dorm on the other.

        Caitlin: Carmen, I need to talk to Leora. Now!

        Carmen places Silas down in his crib and holds the phone properly. She moves away from Silas to give him silence as he sleeps.

        Carmen: Leora is out right now. I need-

        Caitlin: Why are you keeping her from me? What are you trying to hide?

        Carmen: Excuse me?

        Caitlin: I know you're hiding something from me. There's no way she wouldn't talk to me for months in a row!

        Carmen: She sent you a Christmas card, didn't she?

        Caitlin: Well I'm beginning to wonder about that even.

        Carmen: Why would I lie to you?

        Caitlin: Because you're a cold hearted bitch. You have been forever!

        Carmen: I gave you a job didn't I?

        Caitlin: Because Leora got you to. You weren't ever respectful of my schedule even! Pulled me out of school once, remember?

        Carmen: Well sorry about that.

        Caitlin: So where is Leora?

        Carmen freezes.

        Caitlin: Give me a goddamn answer!

        Cut to:


        End Episode.


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          Feedback here please.

          - This episode was originally going to be about Kira and Caitlin. But due to The Realm Below this episode was changed.
          - This episode crossovers with Gwen's story of The Realm Below. The perspective in this episode is through Carmen's view and was written by Yosso. In The Realm Below the perspective was done by Alexander Brown through Gwen's view.
          - Two scenes were cut from this episode. One of Michael and Lily making up for fighting and one of Caitlin and Kira fighting. Both can be expected in future episodes.
          - Benedict Keefe, Thomas Wright and Ryley Smith were made Consulting Producers for the series.
          - Ryley Smith requested the scene with Leora, Carmen and Rayne. It's the first time the three characters have interacted this whole season.