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Raven Episode 4.10 "This Must be Love"

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  • Raven Episode 4.10 "This Must be Love"

    Episode 4.10: "This Must Be Love"


    Blank Screen. Text: Janice Brown, 5:05pm. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

    Cut to:

    Josh is standing at the cash register of the Sacred Circle, flipping through a magazine. He yawns as he flips through the magazine, not entertained at all by it's content. His cell begins to ring. He scrambles to pick it up.

    Josh: Hello?

    Orlando (Off screen): Hey.

    Josh: Oh? hi.

    Orlando (Off screen): What're you up to?

    Josh: Nothing much? just flipping through magazines. I have to close up tonight and my boss is out with her child. I think it's the first time she's had an outing with him at all; her babysitting slaves must be so relieved.

    Orlando (Off screen): I noticed how? inattentive of her motherhood she was when I was there.

    Josh: It gets even worse! You wouldn't guess what magazine I'm reading.

    Orlando (Off screen): Playboy?

    Josh: A gun magazine! She keeps the on the table for customers to read.

    Orlando (Off screen): Gun magazines? In a Canadian store?

    Josh: I know! That's what I thought!

    Orlando (Off screen): How do you keep working there?

    Josh: She pays surprisingly well. And at least the baby puked on the July edition; she wouldn't shut up about having her picture on the cover!

    Orlando (Off screen): If you're reading a gun magazine you must be-

    Josh: At the level of boredom that ripping my own eyeballs would supply some amusement, yes.

    Orlando (Off screen): Well, could you please refrain from that? We have a-

    Josh: Date on Saturday, yes I know. You tell me that every chance you get!

    Orlando (Off screen): I just want to make sure you don't make other plans?

    Josh: Other plans?

    Orlando (Off screen): With other.. people?

    Josh: Other people being Anita, huh?

    Orlando (Off screen): Well? yeah.

    Josh: Look, I need to work through that.

    Orlando (Off screen): I know, I know. You have to sort out who and what you are and I get that. I'm not mad that you date her too.

    Josh: Then will you maybe back off a little bit?


    Orlando (Off screen): Can you please try to understand that you're all I have here? I haven't really made any friends you know?

    Josh: You aren't using that to get me to choose you.

    Orlando (Off screen): I know, I wasn't trying to. Just? you mean a lot to me.

    Pause. Josh doesn't really know how to respond.

    Josh: I know.

    Orlando (Off screen): I just hope you can make a choice soon. Either way, waiting is a lot worse.

    Josh looks up to the stairwell leading to Carmen's living area.

    Orlando (Off screen): Whatever you decide I will support you.

    Josh: Yeah? can I call you back?

    Orlando (Off screen): Sure?

    Josh clicks the phone and heads for the stairs.

    Cut to:

    The table with Carmen's pictures on it. He looks at pictures of Leora, Carmen and Rayne on by one.

    Josh: I heard one of you last time.

    He lifts up his shirt to show a scorch mark on it.

    Josh: I need you to tell me about this. I had a nightmare and then this appeared.

    There isn't a response. Josh puts his shirt down again and sighs.

    Josh: Well? I guess I was just hearing things.

    He turns to go.

    Voice: Please stop, Josh.

    Josh turns around.

    Josh: I? I didn't imagine you?

    Voice: No, not at all. I'm as real as you are.

    Josh steps back for a moment.

    Josh: I was kind of hoping you were.

    Voice: Entrances into the world of magic are never easy.

    Josh walks over to the pictures.

    Josh: Which one are you? Or is what are you a better question to begin with?

    Voice: I'm someone from beyond this plane.

    Josh: From beyond this plane? right.

    Voice: There is more than just this reality you live in. Have you never pondered your existence? Kids these days?

    Josh: I prefer not to make myself feel small and insignificant.

    Voice: Very well.


    Josh: So who are you?

    Voice: I think you know who?

    Josh looks at the pictures carefully.

    Josh: ? Leora?

    Cut to:

    The shop downstairs. The door opens and a middle aged woman in rags comes in; obviously homeless. She looks around and situates herself in front of the cash register.

    Woman: Hello? Is anyone here?

    There's no reply. She goes to the register.

    Woman: Lazy ass shop owners with no security.

    She begins to grab money and put it in a garbage bag.

    Woman: Well it sure keeps me fed through winter when they do this.

    Cut to:

    Josh standing in front of the pictures.

    Josh: So you mean to tell me that you're the spirit of Carmen's friend?

    Voice: I'm afraid so. I'm stuck here.

    Josh: Why haven't you contacted anyone before?

    Voice: I've tried, but nobody listens?

    Josh: Not even Carmen?

    The voice takes a few moments to respond.

    Voice: Carmen can't know I'm here.

    Josh: What? Why not?

    Voice: She's going down a bad path.

    Josh: You mean?

    Voice: Very dangerous magic.

    Josh: The books on resurrection in her private collection?

    Voice: She's going to cause more harm than good.

    Josh: And if she knows you're right here you're afraid she'll actually go through with it?

    Voice: I would place money on it.

    Cut to:

    Downstairs. The woman has a bag full of money and goods. She begins to make for the exit.

    Woman: In and out in ten minutes; easiest days work of my life.

    Suddenly she drops the back and winces in pain. She holds her chest.

    Cut to:

    Josh and the pictures.

    Voice: I'm sorry, but I must leave now. I can only stay for so long.

    Josh: What do you want me to do about Carmen?

    Voice: Nothing? for now?

    Josh: But?

    Voice: There's something downstairs.

    There's a crash that can be heard from downstairs. Josh runs down there.

    Cut to:

    The woman on the floor, dead of a heart attack. The garbage bag beside her opened and objects roll out of it. Death and Leora appear in the center of the store. Leora looks around.

    Leora: Oh no, please tell me-

    Death: It isn't one of them, Leora.

    Leora looks at Death who is standing over the dead woman.

    Death: Janice, it's time to go now.

    Janice appears beside her.

    Janice: Oh Goddamn!

    Leora: Were you just trying to rob from my best friend?

    Janice: What are you, the police?

    Leora: No, but right now I wish I were.

    Josh comes down the stairs.

    Josh: Oh my God!

    He runs to the woman, and then notices the garbage bag and stands back. He picks up the phone and dials 911.

    Josh: Hello, I need an ambulance here right away.

    Leora: Don't even bother trying to save her!

    Janice: Excuse me?

    Leora: You don't just get away with robbing from my friends?

    Death: Leora?

    Leora: Hell will suit you well! You won't have to deal with the cold outside anymore!

    Death: Leora?

    Janice: Well excuse me for trying to survive!

    Leora: Get a job!

    Leora storms away to the other side of the store.

    Death: Just a moment, Janice.

    Janice disappears. Death walks to Leora.

    Death: Leora, that was uncalled for.

    Leora: Sorry, but I know how much Carmen depends on this business.

    Death: And everything turned out ok?

    Leora: For now?

    Death: It isn't up to you right now to judge people.

    Leora: Someone has to.

    Death: And they well. But now we have to go.

    Leora pauses, cross.

    Leora: Fine.

    Death begins to walk away. Leora looks up the stairs.

    Leora: Something's wrong?

    The door opens and Carmen comes in. Death and Leora disappear as she comes in. Carmen sees Josh hyperventilating at the cash register. She looks down at the woman, and then at the money in the bag. She looks back to Josh.

    Carmen: What the hell did you do to my store?

    End Teaser.

    New Theme Song:
    Weight of the World ? Evanescence

    AJ Cook - Carmen White-Rayne
    Michael Vartan - Arthur Rayne
    Tygh Runyan - Michael Duran
    Caitlin Wachs - Caitlin Smith
    Laura Harris - Lily White
    Drake Bell - Josh O'Malley
    Ayumi Hamasaki ? Sashiko Rukia
    Kyle Gallner - Hiero
    With Tilda Swinton as Scarlet
    Teresa Cruz - Death of the Endless
    And Kate Beckinsale as Leora Byrne

    Special Guest Starring:
    Peter Krause - Galen Byrne
    And Betty White as Herself

    Guest Starring:
    Jared Hiers - Orlando

    Created By:
    Alexander Brown
    And Travis Truant-Simpson

    Executive Producers:
    Alexander Brown
    Joseph Sessumes
    And Travis Truant-Simpson

    Written By:
    Alexander Brown

    Additional Scenes By:
    Travis Truant-Simpson
    And Ben Keefe

    Based On:
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer ? Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy and 20th Century Fox, and The Sandman graphic novels ? Neil Gaiman and DC Comics. No profit is made from this fanfiction.

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    Act One:

    A stage lights up showing a Japanese girl dressed as a geisha. There's a microphone in her hands. She opens her eyes and begins to sing. Pulling back, we can see a crowd of Asian men at the front of the bar at the foot of her stage; a sea of black hair except for one dark blonde ? Carmen. She sits with a drink in her hand, looking sullen.

    Lyrics (Note the Romanized version of what she sings comes first, then the translation underneath. The song is sung in Japanese).
    Whoa whoa yeah, yeah
    Yeah yeah yeah
    Lalalala la-i
    Lalalala la-i
    Yeah yeah yeah
    Anata ga yasashiku mitsumeru shisen no
    Saki de wa hosoi kata o shite'ru
    Kanojo ga yasashiku shiawasesou na kao de
    Warainagara unazuite'ta

    Your gaze is so very tender as you stare at me
    Over there, on that little flimsy chair.
    With a gentle, happy face,
    She agreed, smiling

    Carmen takes a sip from her glass as the girl dances takes a seat on a stool on stage. The crowd is chanting Sashiko; her name.

    nanika ga ooki na oto o tatenagara
    kuzurete itta you na ki ga shita n' dakedo
    miugoki dekizu tada tachitsukushite'ta dake

    While some kind of loud noise was building,
    In my mind, it was as though it was collapsing
    Unable to move, I just kept standing there

    Carmen leaves her seat and leaves some money on the table.

    Cut to:

    Carmen walking down a misty peer going out into a lake. She looks to the cold winter sky. A tear swells in her eyes.


    "doushite watashi jya nai no?" tte kokkei de kudaranai
    toikake nante shinai kedo
    watashi ga mita koto nai you na anata ga soko ni wa ite
    tada tada tooku ni kanjita no
    konna kimochi ittai nante ittara ii?

    Translation: "Why isn't it me?" I asked, but
    It's not some kind of foolish example.
    You were there as I had never seen you before.
    As I can only, only feel from far away,
    How on earth can I express this emotion?

    Carmen looks to the other side of the lake now. There is another peer some yards away. A man is standing on it, back faced to Carmen. She tries to make him out in the mist.

    Cut to:

    Sashiko leaving the club. She goes to the street and makes a walk down the road. She paces back and forth a bit until a black sports car stops. There's an expensively dressed man in the vehicle. She smiles at him and steps into the car.

    anata ga tokidoki miseru kanashii me no
    wake o shitte shimatta kara

    nanika shite ageru koto ga dekiru no wa
    watashi demo nakute dareka demo nakute
    tada hitori dake nante koto mo wakatta no?


    From time to time, the sorrow in your eyes
    Would show me the reason, so...
    That which can be given to you --
    I can't give it; no one can.
    Is it only that one person who is so understanding that can?

    Cut to:

    Sashiko and the man in a bad hotel room. Sashiko is taking off her kimono for him, the man watching, naked on the bed. She comes down onto the bed with the man.

    itsu kara anata ni konna ni hikarete ita no nante
    imagoro kidzuita furi shite
    miesuita uso toka tsuite gomakashite mita'n dakedo
    tada tada yokei munashikute
    konna kimochi o hito wa koi da to yobu no kana?

    When do you first miss her?
    About that time, I realized the truth.
    I saw through the lies, and even if I pretend they are truth
    It's just, just so excessively empty.
    This feeling.... Is this known as "love"?

    Cut to:

    Carmen looking out through the mist.

    "doushite watashi jya nai no?" tte kokkei de kudaranai
    toikake nante shinai kedo
    watashi ga mita koto nai you na anata ga soko ni wa ite
    tooku ni kanjite shimatta no?

    "Why isn't it me?" I asked, but
    It's not some kind of foolish example.
    You were there as I had never seen you before.
    Did you feel it from far away?

    Zoom on:

    Carmen's lips.

    Carmen: Rayne?

    Cut to:

    Michael is asleep on the couch in the reading area of The Sacred Circle. Josh is sweeping around him; again left alone with the shop. He looks at the table; a picture of Leora on it. She pauses and then proceeds to poke Michael with the end of the broom handle. Michael groans for a moment, and then turns over and snores. Josh takes the broom end to his face and begins to rub it. Michael groans and turns so much that he falls off the couch and wakes up.

    Josh: Finally! You'd sleep through a nuclear attack.

    Michael (Slowly): What do you want?

    Josh: Well for one you're supposed to be watching me.

    Michael thinks for a moment and then perks up.

    Michael: Oh right! No more thieving customers for you! You know Carmen's rule!

    Josh: Codex Hammurabi applies, I know.

    Michael: A lot of hands will be taken if they need to be.

    Josh: She's going to make a person out of hands, isn't she.

    Michael: Do I look like I pretend to know her motives?

    Josh: Does anyone really know?

    Michael: Well? I think Leora did.

    Josh: They were close, weren't they.

    Michael: Sometimes it seemed like she married Leora instead of Rayne.

    Michael pauses for a second and begins to daydream. Josh pokes him once more with the broom handle. Michael snaps out.

    Michael: Ow!

    Josh: Sorry, but you were day dreaming.

    Michael: Is it a crime for a man to have thoughts of a woman with another woman?

    Josh: With my employer being one of them, yes.

    Michael: Fair enough.

    Michael takes a seat again. Josh sits next to him.

    Josh: Were you close to Leora?

    Michael: No. She never really gave me a second thought.

    Josh: Did you do something to her?

    Michael: Well? you remember how I used to be.

    Josh: Yeah?

    Michael: I always watched and admired her, even though she ignored me. We were bound because of her cousin.

    Josh: What was she like?

    Michael freezes at this.

    Michael: She was beautiful? and strong! A real warrior.

    Cut to:

    The back alleyway of The Sacred Circle. Leora is slammed against a wall by a zombie. The zombie bites into her neck. Leora screams. Michael, scrawnier and dirty, is on the ground in the background. He tries to stand, but falls down.

    Text: January 2006.

    Leora manages to pull the zombie off her.

    Leora: Michael!

    The zombie grabs at her again.

    Leora: Michael! Get up!

    The zombie begins to choke her. Michael finally gets up, but struggles to stay that way. He holds his head.

    Michael: My head? too cloudy.

    Leora chokes. She reaches out for Michael; he faces her.

    Michael: Leora? How did you get there? And why is Mr. Finch on you?

    He slips again and falls to the ground. Leora gives up struggling against the zombie and slowly lowers. Suddenly a blade slashes the zombies head off; causing it to fall to the ground. A hand pulls Leora up. She coughs and holds herself against the wall. The figure puts the sword away.

    Leora: Thanks? Galen.

    Galen Byrne walks over to Michael and grabs him up.

    Galen: Save it till you can breathe properly.

    Leora raises her hand as recognition to him. Galen picks Michael up and pushes him against the wall behind them.

    Galen: And just what the **** do you think you just did to our customers? All of them ended up slaughtered because of you! How do you think we can make a living if you get the customers dead?

    Michael: It wasn't my fault? I? the medicine-

    Galen: Medicine is used to help people! You're nothing more than a lowly drug addict!

    He pushes Michael to the ground and kicks him once. Michael begins to cough and take the fetal position on the ground.

    Galen: All you do is **** up, and I'm getting tired of it! What good is a necromancer with a needle stuck in his arm all the time, huh? What the **** is it with you?

    Michael: Please? I'm sorry?

    Galen grabs his sword and holds it down to Michael's neck.

    Galen: I should just do what I should have done a long time ago.

    Leora's hand grabs Galen's arm. He looks at her.

    Leora: Please, enough blood has been shed for one night.

    Galen: But Leora, he cost us! I think he knows what's coming to him, and deserves it fully!

    Leora: And I think the idea of raising the dead for people is wrong; no matter what the reason is.

    Galen: It's a living!

    Leora: It's not an honest one.

    Galen: I don't care!

    Leora: But I do.

    She pulls his arm away from Michael. Michael crawls back a bit.

    Leora: Don't get me pulled into a stunt like that ever again.

    Galen stares his cousin in the eyes. She stares him down. He looks to Michael and then back to Leora. He turns and goes.

    Galen: Whatever.

    Leora turns to Michael, who's breathing heavily. She grabs him and helps him to his feet. She then turns away from him.

    Michael: Leora? thank you.

    Leora: Don't even try it.

    Michael: But I'm sorry!

    Leora: What did you do wrong, Michael?

    Michael: I? I guess I killed those people.

    Leora: You guess? Do you know how dangerous it is to mess around with necromancy? Do you know how much the danger is amplified when you're under the influence?

    Michael: I'm sorry! I didn't think abo-

    Leora: That's right, you didn't think!

    She turns and walks away.

    Leora: If you did, you wouldn't let my cousin bully you around like that.

    She goes into the darkness, leaving Michael alone.

    Cut to:

    Michael and Josh on the couch.

    Michael: She would say that to me now and then; "don't let my cousin push you around; he'll never stop once he starts", or "he's dangerous; don't get on the other side of his sword." It's like she knew what was going to happen, and tried to warn me.

    Josh: What was going to happen?

    Michael: Galen betrayed Leora. He's part of the reason Carmen's husband is in a coma right now.

    Josh: Mr. Rayne?

    Michael: Yeah. Galen really messed things up.

    Josh: What happened to him?

    Michael pauses.

    Michael: I? killed him.

    Josh: You what?

    Michael: I stabbed him in the back ? literally.

    Josh: You killed a man?

    Michael: I've killed a few men, actually.

    Josh: And Carmen lets you near her baby?

    Michael ignores him.

    Josh: You also raise the dead?

    Michael: Not anymore. I stopped that when I got better.

    Josh: Well why? I mean that's not exactly a common power.

    Michael: Because I know that Leora would have told me to. She would have wanted me to have a clean slate. I can't do magic until I'm sure it'll be ok.

    Josh: So really, you don't because?

    Michael: I respect her, yes. The way I didn't when I she was alive. The way she should have been treated.

    Cut to:

    Carmen reaching the foot of the peer on the other side of the lake. She looks through the mist carefully for the man she saw from the other side. She walks to the point, but no one is to be seen anywhere.

    Carmen: Arthur? I was certain?

    Hiero (Off Screen): What are you doing out at this hour?

    Carmen turns to see Hiero behind her. She looks back out to the peer.

    Carmen: I was at a club.

    Hiero: Pretty strange place to bring a party to.

    Carmen: I just on my way home. I decided to walk by the lake; the mist makes it beautiful on a clear night like this.

    Hiero moves beside her as she looks at the water.

    Hiero: You saw something here, didn't you.

    Carmen stays silent.

    Hiero: I had a vision of your arrival at this lake. You think that you saw him, don't you.

    Carmen: I'm positive about it?

    Hiero: There is an eerie feeling at this lake; powerful magic residue is nearby.

    Carmen: Do you think that?

    Hiero: He escaped? It's possible.

    Carmen: Would Dream just give him up like that?

    Hiero: Morpheus knew as much as we did; and it was his realm.

    Carmen: But I know he's there? I just know it.

    Hiero goes silent for a moment to think. He waits for a few moments before talking again.

    Hiero: Did you see anything interesting at the club you went to?

    Carmen: Nothing in particular? just some Asian's.

    Hiero: Placing yourself into that culture further?

    Carmen: I need express my multi-cultural support somehow, don't I?... and I really needed some bubbletea?

    Hiero: Are you holding up better than before?

    Carmen: I guess?

    Hiero: Left Silas with your sister, I suppose.

    Carmen: He's spending the night with her. I have to pick him up before Lily goes for a job tomorrow.

    Hiero: You and your sister on good terms as well lately?

    Carmen freezes for a moment and then turns to him.

    Carmen: Since when did we share our personal lives so much?

    Hiero: Since I began asking questions.

    Carmen: Well I don't feel like giving anymore answers!

    She begins to walk away.

    Carmen: We have a deal, Hiero. We'll get that out of the way first before there's any sharing!

    Cut to:

    Carmen continuing her way home. She comes out of the forest trail that led her to the lake. Hiero walks after her.

    Hiero: I'm sorry, but I don't have a current lead on the situation at hand.

    Carmen: You mean?

    Hiero: Resources on resurrection spells are hard to come by.

    Carmen: Have you found another way, then? Is there any other way?

    Hiero: Not without delving into strong magic.

    Carmen: Well what are you waiting for?

    Hiero: Is that what you want?

    Carmen: I will do any-

    Carmen stops. Ahead she sees Rayne walking into the city from the forest borders. She begins to run, but Hiero stops her.

    Hiero: I don't think it's him.

    Carmen: Didn't you see what I saw?

    Hiero: You don't feel things like I do? trust me; that is not him!

    Carmen shakes free of Hiero's grasp and runs after Rayne.

    Carmen: I don't believe you!

    Cut to:

    Josh and Michael on the couch of the Sacred Circle.

    Michael: Is there a particular reason you're asking about this?

    Josh: I just want to know about her; she's had an impact on everyone around here it seems.

    Michael: That's for sure.

    Cut to:

    The realm of the red moon at the top of the stairwell. Thunder cracks and lightning fills the sky; a storm has started. Carmen is on her knees crying over the death of Leora. Michael is holding her as she weeps.

    Michael: Carmen!

    Carmen ignores him and cries harder.

    Michael: Carmen! I? I think we need to go!

    Carmen pushes him off her. She yells through her sobs.

    Carmen: Then go!

    Michael: But? I think that

    Carmen: Leave me alone, Michael!

    Michael tries to grab her arm, she struggles away and slaps him. He moves back and falls down. He begins to cry. Carmen turns to him.

    Carmen: What the hell do you have to cry about, Michael? Did you drop a join and can't find it? I lost my best friend! And my husband!

    Michael: I? I killed a man?

    Carmen pauses.

    Michael: I took a knife and stabbed him in the back.

    Carmen waits for a moment, and the wipes her eyes. She stands up, and helps Michael up too. The two of them make their way slowly to the steps.

    Cut to:

    A hospital room. Rayne is in a bed. Carmen is standing at the foot of the bed, Michael next to her. The doctor is trying to talk to Carmen.

    Doctor: Ma'am, I need to know what happened to Mr. Rayne in order to help him. You're going to need to give me the information.

    Carmen tries to speak, but chokes on her words. She is staring at her husband, tears swelling in her eyes.

    Doctor: Ma'am.

    Michael clears his throat and speaks for her.

    Michael: He? he fell down the stairs and hit his head.

    Doctor: Well by the looks of the bruises he was beaten into this state.

    Michael: And?

    Doctor: It's suspicious. If there's something suspicious, we have to bring in the cops.

    Michael: Bring them in; we told you what we know.

    Doctor: And who are you exactly?

    Michael looks at Carmen.

    Michael: I'm? I'm a friend. A close family friend.

    Doctor: If you say so.

    The Doctor leaves Michael and Carmen alone. Michael turns to go as well. Carmen grabs his hand and looks him in the eyes.

    Carmen: Thank you.

    Michael: It's? it's the least I can do.

    Carmen: Where are you going?

    Michael: I don't know? I'm free now I guess.

    Carmen: You can stay with me in the shop.

    Michael: But? I-

    Carmen: You said you're a friend, so be a friend.

    Michael gives a small grin to her. He hugs her.

    Cut to:

    Josh and Michael.

    Michael: She got me to be where I was today. I owe her everything I have.

    Josh: Anything to get an addict of the streets is a good thing.

    Michael: Pretty much.

    Josh waits for a moment, then stands. Michael takes out a pen and a small slip of paper and writes a number down.

    Michael: If you want to know more, you should call that number.

    Josh looks down at the paper. Caitlin Smith's name is written on it.

    Cut to:

    The mall. Above a store, we can see a sign "Fairly's Boutique". Cut to inside the store, where we see an out of breath Lily running into the store, dressed more formally than usual, carrying her purse, and a large shopping bag. She runs into the store, and stops, only to see a woman; looking in her late 30's standing with her arms crossed, pointing at her watch. Lily gulps, still out of breath, realizing the woman is her boss, and is not pleased with her.

    Boss: You're late.

    Lily: I know, but -

    Boss: No buts. It's your first day, and you've already pissed me off.

    Lily: I'm sorry, but...there was this sweater, and -

    Boss: Sweater? You're ten minutes late because you stopped to buy a sweater at another store?

    Lily looks as if she's about to defend herself, but her boss puts a finger up, cutting her off.

    Boss: I don't care. Does it look like I care? Because I don't. So let's get you to work before I'm forced to down more Advil.

    Lily looks intimidated, her eyes wide, and gives a small, clueless nod.

    Cut to:

    Lily and her boss behind the counter, as Lily's boss pushes a button on the cash register, causing it to close. Lily's boss then looks at her.

    Boss: Got it?

    Lily stands there, not paying attention, but looking at a small pink sweater. She holds it away from herself, taking a long glance at it.

    Boss: Lily!

    At the mention of her name, Lily's head shoots up from her glance at the sweater.

    Lily: Huh? Oh...yeah...I got it.

    Boss: You know Lily, layoffs are happening in a few months. Which means I'm going to have to fire at least four employees. Now, unless you want to be jobless, and a moron yet again, I suggest you start to stop sucking. Which means no more tardiness, and beginning to pay attention to what it is you have to around here.

    Cut to:

    Lily holding the same sweater again, eyeing it.

    Boss: Lily!

    Cut to

    Lily walking hopelessly around the store by herself. She looks around, trying to find something easy she can do. She continues to walk about, when she sees a woman, about her age, picking through a rack of jeans. Lily looks excited then bounces over to the woman.

    Lily: Anything I can help you with?

    The woman turns to look at Lily.

    Woman: Hmm? Oh, no...just deciding which pair would make this guy at work want me more.

    Lily: Oh, well maybe I can help with that. What size is your...

    The view fades out, then back in again, still showing Lily talking to this woman, showing time has passed.

    Woman: So then I moved here for the job!

    Cut to

    Lily listening, looking doe-eyed, and interested in the story.

    Lily: I feel like I'm hearing my own li -

    Boss: Lily!

    Lily turns to again see her boss, looking furious with her.

    Boss: Back to work.

    Lily: Sorry!

    Cut to:

    Lily holding the same sweater she was eyeing before, as she stands in front of the fitting room door, looking around for her boss to see if she's watching her. Lily then stealthily slides into the fitting room. We get a view of the top of the changing room, where only Lily's arms can be seen, flailing about, trying to try on the sweater quickly.

    Cut to

    Lily walking back to the cash register with her head down, as her boss follows her, walking quickly behind.

    Boss: What were you thinking!? Trying on clothes!

    They both walk behind the counter, and Lily's boss points to a pile of unfolded clothes resting on a table by the counter.

    Boss: Fold those, and put them back up. Maybe your tiny brain can at least do that.

    Lily rolls her eyes at her boss, then walks over to the pile of messed up clothes.

    Lily: Don't we have...people for that kind of thing?

    Boss: Yeah. You.

    Lily exhales in a pouting manner, and picks up a shirt then begins to fold it.

    Cut to

    Lily again, with a pile of about ten folded shirts resting beside her as she folds another. She looks up, and sees the same woman from before browsing through another rack of clothes. Lily quickly runs out from behind the counter over to the woman, knocking her pile of folded clothes in the process. She looks down at the clothes angrily.

    Lily: Crap!

    She shrugs.

    Lily: Oh well...the janitor people can get it.

    She then runs over to the woman at the rack of clothes. She looks over and sees Lily there.

    Lily: So where were we?

    Cut to

    Lily's boss walking through the entrance to the store again, as she sees Lily chatting with the woman.

    Boss: Lily!

    Lily jumps at the sound of her name, and looks over to see her boss, as the woman continues to talk, ignoring the fact Lily's attention is elsewhere.

    Boss: How many times do I have to warn you before I physically implant this into your head? You can't just do these things! You have a job! Responsibilities...things you are paid to do!

    Lily: I know, but...I got bored.

    Boss: You don't get paid to get bored! You get paid to work!

    The woman Lily was talking to continues to ramble on, receiving no attention as Lily's boss looks down at her watch, then back at Lily.

    Boss: Take a break.

    Lily: (Excited) A break!?

    Boss: Yes. Take thirty minutes to realize how incompetent you're being, and come back when you have a more serious attitude about your job here.

    Lily's boss marches off angrily, as Lily exhales softly, looking worried about what her boss has said to her. We get Lily caught in a deep thought, as she shrugs, then turns to go for her break.

    Cut to

    The woman at the rack still rambling, and laughing to herself, as she looks over, expecting to see Lily.

    Woman: Hey...where'd she go?

    Cut to:

    Carmen sitting on a bench outside in the town centre. Very little is happening at the late hours. She looks exhausted and down. Hiero comes and sits beside her.

    Hiero: Did you find-

    Carmen: Does it look like I found him?

    Hiero: I'm sorry?

    Carmen: It was him, I swear?

    Hiero: The majority of all spells made are to create illusions, Carmen. You know that.

    Carmen: Bending realities laws?

    Hiero: Didn't you feel it? Didn't you feel the magic? The prickling on the back of your neck?

    Carmen doesn't respond.

    Hiero: I'm sorry, but I believe that someone is trying to get to you, Carmen. You aren't popular in this city.

    Carmen looks away from him; facing down the street.

    Hiero: You should check the hospital tomorrow, see what's happening.

    Carmen: The hospital? I haven't been there since?

    Hiero: It's ok, Carmen. You just needed-

    Carmen: When I ask for your opinion, you can give it.

    Carmen gets up and storms off. Leaving Hiero to grin at her as she leaves.

    Cut to:

    Sashiko opening the side door into the nightclub she works at. She goes beyond the entrance and back to a kitchen area. She goes to a cupboard and picks up a bag of coffee mix. She goes to the coffee machine beside the sink and begins to make coffee. An older Asian man comes into the kitchen. She looks at him and then away.

    Note: When a language is stated in parenthesis behind the characters name, it means that subtitles are translating what they are speaking in that language.

    Man (Japanese): Are you going to make me a cup as well?

    Sashiko (Japanese): Are you going to get me back home one day, Mamoru?

    Mamoru (Japanese): If you didn't spend all your money on drugs then you wouldn't be stuck here. You were irresponsible, Sashiko.

    Sashiko (Japanese): And I'm tired of working as a whore!

    Mamoru (Japanese): You could stay here and dance all night if you wanted.

    Sashiko (Japanese): Will you increase my wages?

    Mamoru (Japanese): A person so irresponsible does not deserve pity from their boss.

    Sashiko (Japanese): Back in Japan I would have had a man like you crushed.

    Mamoru (Japanese): then I am grateful that I am not in Japan.

    Sashiko pours herself a cup of coffee.

    Mamoru (Japanese): The crowd loved you tonight. They come to hear your music.

    Sashiko (Japanese): I'm glad that I have some fans left in the world.

    Mamoru (Japanese): They're good for business.

    Sashiko goes into her purse and grabs out a pack of Pokey. She sits down and begins to eat some. Mamoru takes a stick from the box. Sashiko glares at him as he moves his hand onto her shoulder.

    Mamoru (Japanese): Someone as elegant as you shouldn't have to work the streets.

    Sashiko (Japanese): So I am getting a raise?

    Mamoru's hand begins to slip down to her chest. Sashiko doesn't move.

    Mamoru (Japanese): I'm sure we can come to some form of arrangement.

    Sashiko looks him in the eyes. He pulls her up and puts his lips to hers; embracing her at the same time. Her coffee mug drops and shatters on the ground.

    End Act One: Commercial Break.


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      Act Two:

      Cut to:

      Rayne's hospital bed. Leora stands to the side of the bed looking over him. Death stands next to her.

      Death: Every hospital visit we've had you've taken me here.

      Leora: I know?

      Death: We can't do this all the time, Leora.

      Leora: But I need to.

      Death sighs.

      Death: Letting go of what was behind you will help you with this job, you know.

      Leora doesn't reply. Death goes to the door.

      Death: I'll be collecting; as usual. I'll come for you when it's time.

      Leora: Thank you.

      Death: Just? try to listen to me Leora?

      Leora: We'll see?

      Death leaves. Leora puts her hand on Rayne's and grins.

      Leora: Hey? I'm back.

      Rayne smiles I his sleep. He opens his mouth and begins to speak softly.

      Rayne: Hey Leora. I'm glad you came over.

      Leora: Is it a special day for you?

      Rayne: Well of course today is special. I'm getting married, remember?

      Leora: Oh yeah? I am the maid of honour.

      Rayne: Is Carmen's dress beautiful? I bet it's beautiful.

      Leora: I don't think I'm supposed to tell? but I'm green with envy that I have to wear such a hideous dress while she gets to be the bride. Although that always seems to be the way Carmen and I are; she gets to be the beauty.

      Rayne: You're beautiful too, Leora.

      Leora smiles.

      Leora: Yeah? I suppose I am.

      Rayne: Both my girls are beautiful. Always so beautiful.

      Leora: She needs you Arthur.

      Rayne looks confused.

      Rayne: Carmen? Is she ok?

      Leora: No, she isn't. You need to come back to her, ok?

      Rayne: What's happened?

      Leora: Don't you remember anything? Anything at all?

      Rayne: What are you trying to pull? Is this some kind of joke.

      Leora: Arthur, you have to listen to me! Wake up!

      A finger taps Leora on the shoulder. Death comes beside her.

      Leora: Death?

      Death: So you've been talking to him in his sleep?

      Leora: I didn't know I could, I swear. Just one day I tried and? he spoke back.

      Death: It's an ability the dead have. The Sixth Sense hit that one right spot on.

      Leora smiles.

      Leora: I guess they did.

      Death puts her hand on Leora's shoulder and looks down to Rayne, who is muttering on.

      Death: Are you ready to go yet?

      Leora stares at her best friend, unsure.

      Leora: I guess I have to be.

      Death and Leora turn and disappear.

      Rayne: Scarlet? Where did I do? Where's Grace?

      Rayne stops talking after this. Carmen enters the room, Hiero following. The two stand just where Leora and Death with.

      Carmen: Well, I guess he is still here?

      Hiero: Even if he were to wake up he would have to go through physiotherapy to get used to walking again.

      Carmen: Yeah?

      Carmen grabs Rayne's hand as tears swell in her eyes. Hiero waits for a moment, but then leaves the room.

      Carmen: I'm working on getting you back, Arthur. No matter what it takes.

      Cut to:

      Josh walks into "Fairly's Boutique". Lily is at the till, sending a customer on his way.

      Lily: Thanks for your purchase! I hope that your bladder infection gets better! Please come again!

      Josh approaches her.

      Josh: That's a way to get the customers to get back.

      Lily: Oh, Mr. Monde? He comes in here every week! We're close.

      Josh: And that's why he ran away embarrassed when you commented on his bladder?

      Lily: If he doesn't want people to know then he shouldn't tell me.

      She takes a pile of clothes and begins to fold them.

      Lily: What can I do for you exactly?

      Josh: Just answer a few questions for me?

      Lily: Couldn't it wait?

      Josh: Well I can't really let Carmen know I'm asking things?

      Lily: Oh you want to know about her time serving for the governments secret task force?

      Josh: What? No!

      Lily looks around and makes a shushing noise.

      Lily: It's ok, no one here will tell anyone.

      Josh: I don't want to know abou-

      Lily: Did you know that's the reason she can get guns onto airplanes with no trouble.

      Josh: I didn't, and I really don't want to-

      Lily: It's a conspiracy I tell you? a conspiracy! It's like giving terrorists a permit to blow up-

      Josh: Lily, I just wanted to ask about Leora.

      Lily: Leora? Leora wasn't part of a secret government agency? I think?

      Josh: What was she like when she was alive?

      Lily: Oh? well... bitch comes to mind.

      Cut to:

      Lily walking up to the door of the Sacred Circle. She looks at a paper in her hands with Carmen's name at the top. She opens the door. She looks around at the merchandise inside; a disgusted look on her face. Leora is at the counter filing. She has no purple in her hair; indicating it's the past.

      Text: Six years ago.

      Leora: Can I help you?

      Lily: Yes? is Carmen White here? I've been searching all over for her.

      Leora: I'm sorry, she's out shopping right now. Can I take a message?

      Lily: Tell her that her sister is looking for her.

      Leora: Oh? you're Lily White then.

      Lily: That's right. And who might you be?

      Leora: Someone that actually cares about Carmen.

      Lily: Oh harsh words!

      Leora: She doesn't want to see you right now.

      Lily: I didn't just spend a thousand dollars to find her in this hell hole to be turned away!

      Leora: Then you shouldn't have stolen her fianc?!

      Lily pauses and looks around.

      Lily: He's my husband now. That's why I'm here; to try and get Carmen to answer a damn phone call.

      Leora: Well I'll be sure to pass the message on.

      Lily: I'm sure you will.

      She looks Leora up and down.

      Lily: At least get decent clothes when you tell her the news. Breaking someone's heart requires a certain amount of? class.

      Leora: You'd know, wouldn't you.

      Lily: I didn't do anything; he wooed me!

      Leora: And you betrayed your sister just like that!

      Lily: She would have done the same!

      Leora: Don't you dare excuse yourself with that! Don't you dare!

      Lily turns away and leaves in a huff.

      Leora: Bitch?

      Cut to:

      Leora sitting in Carmen's apartment living room area. She has a magazine open and flips through some of the pages. The phone begins to ring beside her. Leora looks at her watch. It's one in the morning. She picks the phone up after a few more rings.

      Leora: Hello, White residence. Can I help you?

      Voice: Carmen, hi!

      Leora: This is her friend, Leora. Carmen is sick and I'm taking care of her. Can I take a message for you?

      The screen splits to show Lily lying down on her bed, wine glass in hand and tissues all over. She's been crying. She looks drunk.

      Lily: Carmen, you sound so funny right now! Like a man sounds, you know?

      Leora: Is this Lily?

      Lily: Duh big sister! You're so funny!

      She blows her noise loudly. Leora cringes as Lily does it straight into the phone.

      Leora: This isn't Carmen, this is Leora. Remember me from when you were visiting?

      Lily: Oh the funny dressed one?

      Leora:? I guess?

      Lily: Oh hi!

      She waves with her wine glass, spilling wine over the bed. She doesn't seem to notice.

      Leora: Is something wrong?

      Lily: He left me! He leffffffft meeeee!

      Leora: Mark?

      Lily: Yeah Mark! Of course Mark! Who else?

      Leora: Well? I'm sorry?

      Lily: You know what he said to me?

      Leora: No?

      Lily: He told me that I was too shallow? way too shallow. Like a puddle.

      Leora: Well, he has a point?

      Lily: Me? A puddle? Nuh-uh, mister! I'm as deep as a lake!

      Leora: A dried up one?

      Lily: And he just took everything and left.

      Leora: That's too bad?

      Lily: And then I tried to chase after him right? But he got in the car and just drove away. And now I'm stuck here all alone!

      She takes a bunch of her wine down and then begins to cry.

      Leora: Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I don't care.

      Leora clicks the phone, leaving Lily the only one on screen.

      Lily: I can't believe he wanted to go back to Carmen!

      There's a pause.

      Lily: Leora? Leora are you there?

      No reply.

      Lily: I haven't been given the proper attention yet?

      Cut to:

      A small run down bedroom in an apartment. Sunlight glares through the glass and birds chirp outside. An alarm clock goes off. To stop the loud beeping, a hand hits the top. Sashiko begins to get up. Beside her in bed was Mamoru. She looks at him and shakes her head. She gets up.

      Sashiko (Japanese): What have I done??

      She goes to the window and looks out down at the busy street. Mamoru moves in the bed. Sashiko goes to her dressed and grabs an extra large t-shirt. She puts it over her naked body and turns to face Mamoru. He gets a cigarette from the night stand and lights it.

      Sashiko (Japanese): That cannot happen again.

      Mamoru doesn't respond.

      Sashiko (Japanese): Our work relationship will be put in jeopardy if I allow it again.

      Mamoru (Japanese): As a whore this is your work relationship.

      Sashiko (Japanese): Excuse me?

      Mamoru (Japanese): The high class pop singer Sashiko Rukia has fallen to the lowest level possible; a strip club owner.

      Sashiko (Japanese): I fell because of my mission.

      Mamoru (Japanese): And what you were pumping into yourself at the time.

      Sashiko (Japanese): That was two years ago.

      Mamoru (Japanese): And that's two years ago you left the limelight.

      Sashiko (Japanese): My mission has called me here.

      Mamoru (Japanese): It's also two years without finding that.

      Sashiko (Japanese): She was here; Hikari!

      Mamoru gets up at this point and gets dressed.

      Mamoru (Japanese): You know, when I met you I liked to play along with your stories.

      Sashiko (Japanese): Games?

      Mamoru (Japanese): About the legend of light and darkness; of Hikari and Ankoku.

      Mamoru moves to Sashiko, takes a drag from his cigarette, and blows smoke onto her.

      Mamoru (Japanese): I always knew it was some tale woven in your high mind. I always knew-

      Sashiko (Japanese): But it was not; I swear!

      Mamoru (Japanese): Tales from whores like you are never true.

      Sashiko stops for a moment. Then collects herself.

      Sashiko (Japanese): Will I get a raise?

      Mamoru laughs at her and walks away from her.

      Mamoru (Japanese): Will I be seeing you later?

      Sashiko (Japanese): What?

      Mamoru (Japanese): For the same thing as last night.

      Sashiko (Japanese): I told you that was it-

      Mamoru (Japanese): And you are my worker. You will do as I say.

      Sashiko (Japanese): That is against the law?

      Mamoru (Japanese): Whores aren't accounted for in the law.

      Sashiko looks flustered.

      Sashiko (Japanese): Do not call me that anymore.

      Mamoru (Japanese): Why? You've taken it up till now.

      Sashiko glares at him and quickly moves her hand forward; a fireball flies and hits Mamoru in the arm. He flies back to the door. He looks up at Sashiko, who has a glowing red aura around her. Mamoru gets up and looks at his arm; there's a burn there now.

      Mamoru (Japanese): What the??

      Sashiko (Japanese): I will tell you why I won't take it anymore!

      He turns and opens the door quickly, slamming it as he runs out. Sashiko yells after him.

      Sashiko (Japanese): Because it is no longer acceptable for my own business!

      Cut to:

      Leora and Carmen sitting down with T.V. dinner trays at the table in the Sacred Circle. Decorations around indicate that it's Thanksgiving. Again Leora doesn't have purple in her hair. Leora and Carmen raises their beers to each other.

      Text: Five years ago.

      Leora: T.V. turkey dinners like this are best at Thanksgiving.

      Carmen: Sure as hell beats cooking!

      Leora: It does. And what have we got to be thankful for anyways?

      Carmen: Not being dead?

      Leora: Other than that.

      Leora and Carmen ponder at this for at moment.

      Carmen: Doesn't seem to be much.

      Leora: Really doesn't. All I can think of is that it's great that it's just us two.

      Carmen: Yes! Thank God! I'd die if I had to see my family for Thanksgiving.

      Leora: So you have something to be thankful for.

      There's a knock at the door. Carmen looks over.

      Carmen: They'll go away.

      Leora: They better? I'm getting to the dessert!

      There's another knock.

      Carmen: Oh just go away!

      Lily (Off Screen): Carmen! It's your sister! Happy Thanksgiving!

      Carmen gives Leora a frightened look.

      Carmen: She heard me say I was thankful she was away? she heard!

      Leora: I know! What do we do?

      Lily (Off Screen): Carmen! I brought our aunt! She has money!

      Carmen springs up and opens the door. Lily pushes past her and comes in.

      Lily: Thank God! It's seventy-two degrees out there! Does it look like I'm used to such freezing temperatures?

      Betty White follows in after Lily. She looks around the shop.

      Betty: What a vile little establishment this is.

      Lily: Oh Auntie, hush! Carmen spends a lot of time on this place.

      Carmen stands in front of Betty.

      Carmen: Yes, yes. And I need to keep it sustained somehow.

      Betty: Are you sure about that?

      Carmen: Uh-huh.

      Betty: What do you really plan on doing with this money?

      Carmen: Wasting every penny.

      Betty: Good. Here you go.

      Betty takes a check out of her purse and hands it to Carmen. Carmen looks at it and smiles. She hugs her Aunt till her Aunt can't breathe. Lily takes a seat across from Leora.

      Lily: What is this shriveled up crap you're eating?

      Leora: T.V. turkey.

      Lily: Disgusting?

      Leora: That's the point?

      Lily: Still as sour at me as ever.

      Leora: You bet.

      Carmen turns around.

      Carmen: Leora look! Money!

      Carmen runs over and flashes the check in front of Leora.

      Carmen: We have some shopping to do.

      Betty comes over and takes a seat at the table as well. Carmen seems to be bouncing around. Betty looks over to Leora.

      Betty: Is this your girlfriend, Carmen?

      Carmen: If it brings more of these, then yeah.

      Leora: I'm her best friend.

      Betty: Didn't have anyone more respectable to be with on Thanksgiving, dear?

      Leora: Excuse me?

      Betty: Someone that doesn't act like a child?

      Lily: Oh Betty, you shouldn't have given her the check till later. You know that.

      Betty: In my age I must forget these things.

      There's a pause here. Leora goes back to her dinner. Betty clears her throat and Leora looks back up.

      Leora: Can I help you?

      Betty: Do you know who I am?

      Leora: I am very aware of who you are.

      Betty: And what does that mean?

      Leora: Well, ask Carmen.

      Leora stands up and walks away. Betty looks at Carmen and snatches the check out of her hand.

      Carmen: Hey!

      Betty: What are you telling people about me?

      Leora smiles as she goes upstairs.

      Cut to:

      Lily: I was much different then.

      Josh: Really?

      Lily: Oh totally! I would never have a job back then!

      She gives a laugh.

      Lily: But really? when Leora died I had to come help my sister.

      Josh: Be her slave you mean?

      Lily: Well? I did have it coming. I figured that out when Carmen didn't invite me to her wedding. The two of us have? things to work out.

      Josh: Has she forgiven you yet?

      Lily: I don't know if she ever will?

      Cut to:

      Carmen walking down a back ally way at night. She hums a song to herself as she turns a corner. A dark figure walks behind her. She stops whistling as she hears a noise behind her. Nothing seems to be there, so she turns back around and walks. She begins to walk faster. The dark figure appears again; a black apparition with yellow eyes. The apparition begins to rumble, Carmen turns to see it and gets knocked over without the apparition appearing. Carmen stumbles back up and pulls a gun out of it's holster. She fires at the apparition with no success. She turns the other way to run, but the apparition teleports in front of her. The apparition knocks her down once more and floats on top of her.

      Carmen: Help! Hiero!

      The apparition goes on top of Carmen and begins to strangle her, lifting her up.

      Carmen: Help?

      A red rose flies through the apparition; causing it to phase for a second; Carmen is dropped to the ground. Carmen looks up to where the rose came from, and so does the apparition.

      Carmen: It? it's true?

      From a fire exit at the building next to Carmen at the top of a ladder is Rayne; a slim blade out and ready. He stares Carmen in the eyes and smiles. The apparition turns to him. He jumps from the ladder, sword out.

      Carmen: Arthur?

      Rayne swings at the apparition, but it gets out of the way. The apparition sends Rayne back with a blast of energy. Rayne keeps on his feet, but is sent back a bit. He looks up at the apparition with a smile on his face.

      Apparition (in whispers): You dare challenge me?

      Rayne nods.

      Apparition (in whispers): Very well.

      Before the apparition can perform an attack, Rayne flies forward with his sword, slashing the apparition in half. It screams and disappears. Rayne gets out of his battle stance and faces Carmen. She runs up to him and kisses him.

      End Act Two: Commercial Break.


      • #4
        Act Three:

        Carmen and Rayne are kissing in the ally. Rayne suddenly pulls away.

        Carmen: Arthur? I? you're back!

        Rayne nods to her. Carmen hears a crash behind her and turns. When she turns back, Rayne is gone.

        Carmen: Arthur?

        Cut to:

        Sashiko's club. She walks through the front doors with elegance and pride as Mamoru and a few other workers are doing various tasks. Mamoru looks over to her and looks away quickly after.

        Sashiko (Japanese): Good morning, everyone.

        One male worker responds.

        Worker (Japanese): Good morning, Miss Rukia. Did you have a good night?

        Sashiko (Japanese): I made enough money to keep this place running for another month.

        The Worker laughs as he wipes the counter down.

        Worker (Japanese): Sounds like a very eventful night. I'm glad you had fun.

        Sashiko (Japanese): Oh it wasn't all fun.

        She looks at Mamoru at this point. He looks her in the eyes, and then darts back to paper work.

        Sashiko (Japanese): I had to deal with? a rat.

        Worker (Japanese): Oh, Miss Rukia that sounds unfortunate. Are you alright?

        Sashiko (Japanese): He ended up with his scars as well.

        Worker (Japanese): If he comes after you again I will gladly castrate him for you.

        Sashiko (Japanese): Thank you Kei, that is very kind of you.

        She walks next to Mamoru at this point.

        Sashiko (Japanese): I don't think he will be bothering me anymore.

        Kei (Japanese): I'm glad for you.

        Sashiko looks down at Mamoru.

        Sashiko (Japanese): So you're working through wages?

        Mamoru (Japanese): I am.

        Sashiko (Japanese): And??

        Mamoru (Japanese): There is one wage increase.

        Sashiko (Japanese): Thank you, Mamoru. I knew you'd come to your-

        Mamoru (Japanese): Your good friend Keitaro has been given a fifteen percent raise!

        Kei hears this and cheers for joy. Some of the other workers begin to clap. Sashiko doesn't look amused at Mamoru. Kei comes over to shake Mamoru's hand. He turns to Sashiko and she smiles at him.

        Kei (Japanese): Miss Rukia, care to come to lunch today? My treat.

        Sashiko (Japanese): Sushi is it?

        Kei (Japanese): You want to eat the sushi here? I thought you said it tasted like burnt cat when you came here.

        Sashiko (Japanese): But going to the restaurants and finding half the workers are actually Korean makes up for the bad cat taste.

        Kei takes Sashiko by the arm.

        Kei (Japanese): Sir Mamoru, I must take a break.

        Mamoru (Japanese): You treat Miss Sashiko like a gentleman.

        Sashiko glares at Mamoru over her shoulder as they leave.

        Sashiko (Japanese): I'm sure he will.

        Cut to:

        Carmen exiting the ally. She walks swiftly down the street; looking for Rayne.

        Cut to:

        Carmen passing the city centre once more. Hiero is on the bench she was at before. She stops for a moment.

        Carmen: I saw him again.

        Hiero stands up.

        Hiero: Again? Where was he?

        Carmen: A few minutes ago he was kissing me in a back ally.

        Hiero: He was? what?

        Carmen: I told you he was real!

        Hiero: Then where'd he go?

        Carmen: He? left?

        Carmen stops and looks down for a moment as she says this.

        Hiero: Then how do we know it was really him.

        Carmen: Trust me; I know what my husband tastes like!

        Hiero: Then how do you suppose he disappeared like that.

        Carmen: I? I don't know.

        Hiero: How did you come across him?

        Carmen: He saved me from an apparition.

        Hiero: An apparition? That means that he-

        Carmen: No, he was alive. I know it!

        Hiero: Carmen, are you sure you aren't just a little lonely?

        Carmen: You saw him earlier, didn't you?

        Hiero: I saw you see him.

        Carmen: Isn't that good enough? Isn't my word good enough for you?

        Hiero: His body is still at the hospital! We were just there an hour ago!

        Carmen: But? I know what I saw!

        Hiero: Are you certain? One hundred percent?

        Carmen stops for a moment. She licks her lips once.

        Hiero: Carmen?

        Carmen turns and storms off the other way.

        Carmen: I know where to find him. I have to make a stop first.

        Cut to:

        Sashiko outside in front of the club. She looks pissed off this time and is smoking a cigarette. Kei comes out to talk to her.

        Kei (Japanese): That was a beautiful song, Miss Rukia.

        Sashiko (Japanese): Thanks Kei. I used to sing it as the finale during my last tour.

        Kei (Japanese): I wish I were in Japan to see that tour.

        Sashiko (Japanese): It wasn't that great, really.

        Kei (Japanese): I bet you're lying, Miss Sashiko. You're music is the most beautiful of all Japanese pop.

        Sashiko (Japanese): Japan does not remember me.

        Kei (Japanese): Not anymore I'm afraid. A lot happens in the Japanese media leaving no room for remembrance of the older idols.

        Sashiko (Japanese): I knew that coming into the business. I'm not disappointed it happened.

        Kei (Japanese): What a selfless thing for an idol to say!

        Sashiko (Japanese): Are you sure this isn't just my publicity attitude?

        Kei (Japanese): Would you publicly smoke?

        Sashiko stops for a moments and takes a drag.

        Sashiko (Japanese): I suppose I wouldn't.

        Kei (Japanese): Either way I am still a fan of Idol Sashiko!

        Sashiko smiles.

        Sashiko (Japanese): You're too kind.

        The same car as from last night pulls up. The man shouts out the woman.

        Man: Yo, Jap lady! Get in the car! We can't be seen doing this in public; it's against the law.

        Sashiko turns to Keitaro for one last word.

        Sashiko (Japanese): Looks like my ride has come, Keitaro.

        Kei (Japanese): I wish you didn't have to do this job?

        Sashiko (Japanese): I wish so too?

        The man in the car honks.

        Man: Yo! Jap lady! You better not be charging this time to my bill.

        Sashiko (Japanese): I got to run?

        Kei (Japanese): I guess so.

        Sashiko: You're a good person, Keitaro.

        She turns after speaking this in English to him. She gets in the car.

        Cut to:

        Josh at the Sacred Circle phone. He looks at Caitlin's number, thinking about it. He picks up the phone and then calls. The screen splits in two once more. Caitlin picks up the phone in her college dorm room.

        Caitlin: Hello?

        Josh: Hi, is this Caitlin Smith?

        Caitlin: Can I help you?

        Josh: Hi, I'm Josh O'Malley. I kind of? took your job at the Sacred Circle.

        Caitlin: Oh, hey. Is everything there alright.

        Josh: Things are as normal as ever.

        Caitlin: So not really?

        Josh: Pretty much?

        Caitlin: Lovely?

        Josh: I have some questions I want to ask.

        Caitlin: Make it quick; I have classes in a few minutes.

        Josh: Can you tell me things about Leora.

        Caitlin: Oh sure. Doing something special.

        Josh: You could say that.

        Caitlin: Well, we used to fight along side each other all the time?

        Cut to:

        A graveyard; mist covering the area. From the mist comes two caped shadows.

        Song: Cartoon Heroes ? Aqua comes on.

        We are what we're supposed to be
        Illusions of your fantasy
        All dots and lines that speak and say
        What we do is what you wish to do

        Caitlin and Leora emerge from the mist, dressed up as Super Heroes. Caitlin points forward. The view shows what she is pointing to; a girl being terrorized by three vampires.

        Lyrics: We are the color symphony
        We do the things you wanna see
        Frame by frame, to the extreme

        Caitlin looks at Leora, Leora looks at Caitlin. The put their hands on their hips and nod. They both do flips forward to the vampires.

        Lyrics: Our friends are so unreasonable
        They do the unpredictable
        All dots lines that speak and say
        What we do is what you wish to do

        It's all an orchestra of strings
        Doin' unbelievable things
        Frame by frame, to the extreme
        One by one, we're makin' it fun

        Leora slams her foot into one vampire, making it fly back. Caitlin lights her fists up with her power and twirls; light encircling her. They get away from the girl. Caitlin helps the girl up.

        Lyrics: We are the Cartoon Heroes - oh-oh-oh
        We are the ones who're gonna last forever
        We came out of a crazy mind - oh-oh-oh
        And walked out on a piece of paper

        Leora sends a fireball at a vampire; it dodges as the fireball explodes a tombstone. Caitlin sends a beam of light from her index finger at a vampire, putting a hole in its chest. He falls back and dusts.

        Lyrics: Here comes Spiderman, arachnophobian
        Welcome to the toon town party
        Here comes Superman, from never-neverland
        Welcome to the toon town party

        Leora and Caitlin stand side by side. Flames begin to encircle around Leora, and Caitlin creates a big ball of light in her hands. The look at each other once more and nod. The fire their attacks at the vampires.

        Lyrics: We are the Cartoon Heroes - oh-oh-oh
        We are the ones who're gonna last forever
        We came out of a crazy-

        The music stops.

        Cut to:

        Caitlin and Josh on the phone.

        Caitlin: She was such a great sidekick?

        There's a pause.

        Caitlin: So how is Leora? She hasn't called me for a long time!

        Carmen (Off Screen): Put down the phone, Josh.

        Josh looks around. Carmen is behind him

        Josh: What?

        Carmen: Just do as I say, ok?

        Josh turns back to the phone.

        Josh: I have to go, Caitlin.

        Caitlin: Alright? but get Leora to call me, ok?

        Josh: Sure?

        He hangs up.

        Josh: She doesn't know, does she.

        Carmen: No?

        Josh: And those books on resurrection ? what are you trying to do?

        Carmen: It's none of your business, Josh.

        She turns and walks away and walks out.

        Cut to:

        Rayne's hospital bed. Carmen walks into the room. She looks down at her comatose husband.

        Carmen: So you're still here?

        He doesn't respond to her voice at all.

        Carmen: I saw someone that looked like you. I actually thought he was you, ya know?

        She gives a small laugh.

        Carmen: He gave me a kiss, actually.

        She pauses for a moment.

        Carmen: Well? actually I gave him the kiss.

        She pauses again and looks sternly at Rayne.

        Carmen: Don't give me that look! You of all people should know I haven't been getting anything for a long time!

        She pauses again.

        Carmen: Oh of course! I had a baby! That just makes me fixed forever then? Wow, I didn't know it worked that way! Thanks for shedding light on the female condition, Arthur!

        Another pause.

        Carmen: Oh what a mans view for you to take!

        Yet again she pauses. It's as if he is really responding to her. She smiles and gives a little laugh.

        Carmen: You know I'm just playing with you.

        Carmen stops.

        Carmen: I know you're there.

        Sure enough at the doorway walks in The Imposter Rayne. He nods to Carmen who turns around.

        Carmen: I don't know what you're doing here, but it's screwed me up beyond all hell!

        The Imposter looks away from her.

        Carmen: And I know you saved my life back there, but flaunting around my husbands body like that just isn't exactly attractive on your part.

        He looks sad when Carmen says this.

        Carmen: Don't be sad about this though, ok? Look.

        She pulls out the rose that he had thrown down to distract her.

        Carmen: I appreciate what you did. I really do.

        The Imposter smiles at her.

        Carmen: There's just one more thing I need to do.

        Cut to:

        Sashiko being thrown against a wall. The man from before is right by her she she falls down. She is badly bruised as it is.

        Man: You know what I think about you, don't you?

        Sashiko looks away, sacred. She's shaking.

        Man: I'm Pickton! You've heard of me haven't you?

        She doesn't reply. He grabs her face and makes her look at him.

        Pickton: Haven't you?

        Sashiko: You're? you're the killer?

        Pickton: That's right. And you know what I'm going to do to you? First I'm going to **** you. Then I'm going to slash you up a bit. Then I'm going to hack pieces off you while you're still alive so you can watch me disfigure that perfect body! Then I'm going to feed you to my pigs! What do you say to that?

        Sashiko pauses for a moment. She's shaking in fear.

        Pickton: I told you earlier that I haven't got all day. My wife will be back in an hour.

        Sashiko: Well then I've just one last thing to say.

        The music from earlier begins to play. Sashiko's voice in the background comes on.

        Lyrics: "doushite watashi jya nai no?" tte kokkei de kudaranai
        toikake nante shinai kedo
        watashi ga mita koto nai you na anata ga soko ni wa ite
        tooku ni kanjite shimatta no?

        Translation: "Why isn't it me?" I asked, but
        It's not some kind of foolish example.
        You were there as I had never seen you before.
        Did you feel it from far away?

        She slowly rises, the red aura encircling her. She lights on fire and jets forward without moving her body. Pickton and the room catch on fire.

        Cut to:

        Carmen grabbing The Imposter and pulling him in for another kiss. Rayne seems to twitch in his sleep.

        Lyrics: itsukara anata ni konna ni hikarete ita no nante
        imagoro kidzuita furi shite
        miesuita uso toka tsuite gomakashite mita'n dakedo
        tada tada yokei munashikute
        konna kimochi o kitto koi datte iu no ne

        Translation: When do you first miss her?
        About that time, I realized the truth.
        I saw through the lies, and even if I pretend they are truth
        It's just, just so excessively empty.
        This feeling is certainly known as "love", isn't it?

        Carmen pulls back from the kiss. The Imposter looks her in the eyes.

        The Imposter: I love you.

        Carmen smiles as tears form in her eyes.

        Carmen: I know.

        Carmen pulls the trigger of a handgun at The Imposter's chest.

        Split Screen:

        Carmen on one side, The Imposter disappearing in front of her as she cries. The other side is Sashiko, curled up on the floor of the burning house with Pickton's dead body right next to her. Both women begin to cry. One last

        Lyrics: tada tada yokei munashikute
        konna kimochi o kitto koi datte iu no ne

        Translation: It's just, just so excessively empty.
        This feeling is certainly known as "love", isn't it?

        End song.


        End Episode.

        In Association With:
        Sorceress of Crimson Falls created by Travis Truant-Simpson
        Broken Destiny created by Joseph Sessumes and Alexander Brown
        The Realm Below created by Alexander Brown, Amber Rose, and Lyn Elwhyen
        Road Less Traveled created by Thomas Wright and Alexander Brown
        Chosen created by Heather
        Rogue Redemption created by Amber Rose
        Continuations created by Alex Hart
        Wishful Thinking created by Ben Keefe
        Witch created by Yosso


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          In Association With:
          Sorceress of Crimson Falls created by Travis Truant-Simpson
          Broken Destiny created by Joseph Sessumes and Alexander Brown
          The Realm Below created by Alexander Brown, Amber Rose, and Lyn Elwhyen
          Road Less Traveled created by Thomas Wright and Alexander Brown
          Chosen created by Heather
          Rogue Redemption created by Amber Rose
          Continuations created by Alex Hart
          Shadow Stalkers created by Lex
          Wishful Thinking created by Ben Keefe
          Witch created by Yosso

          Feedback here please.

          - This episode was originally titled "White Shadow"
          - The episode originally had a different twist to the A-line that tied in a story with 4.9. However, this was changed so the other story could be spread out more.
          - Ayumi Hamasaki is actually one of Japan's most popular pop artists. She was chosen for Sashiko due to Sashiko's bar singing talents. All music is written by Ayumi Hamasaki. The song featured in this episode was "This Is Love"; which also became the title.
          - The episode marks the second part of season 4. To commemorate the change, new credits were made with a new themesong.