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Raven Episode 4.09 "Josh O'Malley's Very Own Episode"

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  • Raven Episode 4.09 "Josh O'Malley's Very Own Episode"

    Episode 4.9 "Josh O'Malley's Very Own Episode"


    Blank Screen. Text: Alma Sell, 5:00 am; Anderson Sell, 5:20 am, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

    Leora (Off Screen): This is a love story.

    Open to:

    A small, old fashion house. There's a family portrait above a fire place of a mother and her son.

    Leora (Off Screen): Once upon a time there was a man who loves his mother.

    Cut to:

    The young man sitting with his mother at a dinner with lots of people. He puts food on her plate and she looks up to him happily. She appears to be too old to be able to do much for herself.

    Leora (Off Screen): He fell in love with a girl.

    The mother kisses the son on the cheek. He turns around to see a beautiful girl with pale skin and dark brown hair, wearing a dark dress staring at him from a corner of the room.

    Cut to:

    The son and the girl in a room together having rough sex against the wall.

    Cut to:

    The two on a date with each other, walking in the snow outside, his arm around her.

    Cut to:

    Leora (Off Screen): And asked her to marry him.

    The two eating dinner together. He gets on his knees and purposes. She holds her hands over her mouth.

    Leora (Off Screen): She said she would marry him? If he would bring her the heart of his mother.

    The girl then takes his hands and begins to tell him something. He looks shocked. He looks away after, thinking.

    Cut to:

    The son sitting in the shadows of the living room of the house. The mother walks into the living room. He walks to her.

    Leora (Off Screen): So he killed his mother.

    He smiles at his mother and hugs her. She smiles at him too. He then pulls away, tears in his eyes. She looks down; he has stabbed her.

    Leora (Off Screen): And cut out her heart.

    He bends over her body with the knife. The screen goes a dark crimson as he goes to work.

    Cut to:

    The son stumbling on a snowy path through the woods, crying. The heart in a paper bag in his hands.

    Leora (Off Screen): He carried it to the girl. But on the way he stumbled and fell.

    He slips and falls down, hitting his head on a rock which smashes his skull open, killing him. Leora and Death appear over him. He exits his body and looks down at the paper bag, crying.

    Leora (Off Screen): And the heart of his mother cried.

    The mother appears next to him, putting her hand on his shoulder.

    Mother: "Are you hurt my son?"

    He stands up and hugs her as he cries. Leora turns also sad, Death taps the son on the shoulder.

    Leora (Off Screen): That is a story about love.

    End Teaser

    Theme Song: Animal I Have Become ? Three Days Grace

    AJ Cook - Carmen White-Rayne
    Tygh Runyan - Michael Duran
    Laura Harris - Lily White
    Drake Bell - Josh O'Malley
    With Kyle Gallner as Hiero
    And Michael Vartan as Arthur Rayne

    Also Starring:
    Teresa Cruz - Death of the Endless
    Tilda Swinton - Scarlet
    And Kate Beckinsale as Leora Byrne

    Guest Starring:
    Julia Kovloz - Anita Rachev
    Kristin Chenoweth - Kristin
    Jared Hiers - Orlando
    Rose McGowan as Ms. James

    Created by:
    Alexander Brown
    And Travis Truant-Simpson

    Executive Producers:
    Alexander Brown
    Joseph Sessumes
    And Travis Truant-Simpson

    Written by:
    Travis Truant-Simpson
    And Alexander Brown

    Based on: Buffy the Vampire Slayer ? Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy and 20th Century Fox, and The Sandman graphic novels ? Neil Gaiman and DC Comics. No profit is made from this fanfiction.

    In Association With: SORCERESS OF CRIMSON FALLS created by Travis Truant-Simpson, BROKEN DESTINY created by Joseph Sessumes with Alexander Brown, THE REALM BELOW created by Alexander Brown, Amber Rose, and Lyn Elwhyen, CHOSEN created by Heather, ASTA created by Irene Isaac, ROGUE REDEMPTION created by Amber Rose, SEASONS 8/9/6 created by Alex Hart, and SHADOW STALKER created by Lex.

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    Act One:

    Open to Josh's bedroom. The room itself is a mess. Clothing and crap is piled up on the ground, the walls are covered in scattered posters and other random stuff. Centered in the room is Josh's bed, where Josh himself lies asleep. Beside him his a small desk with an alarm clock on it that reads ?7:29'. The alarm clock moves forward to ?7:30' and the song "Sexy Back" by Justin Timberlake begins to play as Josh's eyes open wide. Josh sits up, he is wearing a white t-shirt with some random text on it. A small grin comes on his face as the music begins, Josh stands and begins to sing along.

    Josh: I'm bringing sexy back
    Them other boys don't know how to act
    I think you're special, what's behind your back?
    So turn around and I'll pick up the slack.

    Josh begins to dance in front of a mirror on his wall. He picks up an empty pop bottle and begins to sing into it like a microphone.

    Josh: Dirty babe
    You see the shackles
    Baby I'm your slave
    I'll let you whip me if I misbehave
    It's just that no one makes me feel this way.

    Josh walks into the hall and down the hall to the bathroom, continuing his dancing and singing. He enters the bathroom and looks at himself again in the mirror, really getting into the song.

    Josh: Come here girl
    Go ahead, be gone with it
    Come to the back
    Go ahead, be gone with it.

    Cut to:

    Downstairs, Josh is humming, the song still playing in the background. No one is in the kitchen but him as he walks to the fridge and pulls out a jug of milk. He spins around to Carmen sitting at his kitchen table, the music quickly cuts out. Josh drops the jug of milk onto the floor and pauses a bit shocked.

    Josh: What the hell?

    Carmen: Nice moves.

    Josh: What are you doing here Carmen?

    Carmen: I came to see if you could baby sit.

    Josh sighs.

    Josh: No I cannot baby sit; I have school to get too. Besides, if I didn't have to go to school, I still wouldn't baby sit. I thought that's why Lily was here anyways.

    Carmen: Yeah she is, but she is going through that time of the month and I don't trust my child with her during that time.

    Josh: Yet you trust Michael watching your kid? The former druggie?

    Carmen: Trust me, Lily gets worse.

    Josh: I can only imagine? Hey, where is the baby?

    Carmen: At the Sacred Circle.

    Josh: Alone?

    Carmen: No! I would never leave him alone! He is with Kristin.

    Josh: Kristin?

    Carmen: I just hired her to help out at the store.

    Josh: You left your one and only child with a complete stranger.

    Carmen pauses, thinking about it.

    Carmen: I guess that does sound a bit Britney Spears?

    Josh pauses, there's an awkward silence between him and his boss.

    Josh: Okay, this was fun, but I do have class to get too.

    Carmen: You sure you can't take the baby with you?

    Josh: I'm not bringing a baby to school; I have enough troubles as it is with out everyone thinking I am an unwed father.

    Carmen: Fine?

    Carmen sits back down. Josh just looks at her.

    Josh: What are you doing?

    Carmen: What?

    Josh: This is my house?

    Carmen: Yeah?

    Josh sighs and grabs a few books on the counter and walks out of the kitchen.

    Josh: Please lock up.

    Carmen smiles as a piece of toast flings out of the toaster. She quickly stands to get it.

    Carmen: Will do!

    Carmen picks up the toast and takes a bite out of it. Cut to Burnaby Mountain Secondary School, Josh walks through the halls with a couple of books in his hands and a book bag slung over his shoulder. Josh walks over to a locker and quickly spins the lock knob and opens it up. Inside his locker has random stickers stuck onto the door and a few pictures of him and friends. His locker is just as messy as his room. He tosses the books in and grabs a small novel. Anita, a cute girl with medium length brown hair and a Russian accent walks up to Josh with a smile on her face.

    Anita: Josh! Hey.

    Josh closes the locker.

    Josh: Hey Anita.

    Anita: How are you today?

    The two start walking down the hall.

    Josh: Good, a bit tired, but that is to be expected. Monday morning and all.

    Anita: I know what you mean. I could barley get out of bed this morning. Though a nice hot shower always does the trick, don't you think?

    Josh slightly blushes.

    Josh: Yeah, I know what you mean.

    Anita: Just the warm beads of waters rolling on your skin, down your back? over your shoulders.

    Josh: I?I?

    Anita smiles.

    Anita: So what class do you have? English right?

    Josh: Yeah, but Mr. Wilson has gone beyond senile! I bet he is abusing the last of his sick days before he retires. We probably have that bitchy eighty year old sub again.

    Anita: That really sucks. I guess I'm lucky to have Mrs. Jones.

    Josh: Yeah.

    Anita: Maybe it won't be too bad, you could always get one of those subs who doesn't care.

    Josh: I never get a sub like that.

    Anita: Well this is my class.

    The two stop in front of a classroom.

    Anita: Comparative Civilizations.

    Josh: Oh, right. Well I'll see you in marketing then.

    Anita: Okay, bye.

    Anita waves and walks into the class. Josh just smiles. As he begins to walk a few guys come up from behind him, all wearing letterman jackets with a B on it.

    Chris: Nice O'Malley.

    Scott: Very nice.

    Josh: Excuse me?

    Chris: You and Anita. A little bit of foreign ass, not bad.

    Josh: Yeah?

    Josh tries to just ignore them, but the three of them become very pestering.

    Chris: So how far have you got?

    Glenn: Hit home yet?

    Scott laughs and high fives Glenn.

    Josh: Nothing has happened.

    Chris places his hands on Josh's shoulders, Josh cringes.

    Chris: Right, nothing has happened. That would have worked about a week ago, but we've seen the way you and Anita are around each other.

    Scott: So is she into anything freaky?

    Glenn: I hear those Russians have the best sex.

    Scott: Yeah, trying to warm each other up.

    Chris: Keep us updated?

    Chris stops as Orlando walks up to them.

    Orlando: Hey Josh.

    Chris: Oh? I see your one of those guys.

    Chris removes his hands, almost disgusted.

    Josh: What?

    Chris: I guess you never did touch Anita.

    Scott: Gross.

    Chris: Let's go guys.

    As the three walks away, Glenn purposely shoulders Orlando, causing him to drops his books. Orlando sighs as he kneels down to pick up his books, Josh helps.

    Josh: You would think after 12 years of knowing them they would have grown up.

    Orlando: Some people take an extra decade or two.

    They two stand back up.

    Josh: Great?

    Orlando: Hopefully they overdose on testosterone injections before graduation. Though the irony following that would be a bit too much.

    Josh: We can only wish, right?

    Josh smiles as he reaches his classroom.

    Josh: Well I have to get to class, but? I'll see you at lunch.

    Orlando smiles.

    Orlando: See ya.

    Josh walks into the classroom where he is greeted by a young brunette standing welcoming the class.

    Ms. James: Hello, I'm Ms. James.

    Her voice is very seductive. Josh pauses for a moment, as if something came over him, a small smile comes onto his face.

    Josh: H-Hi.

    Ms. James: I will be teaching your class for the next few weeks.

    Josh: H-Hi.

    Ms. James smiles and Josh takes his seat. The rest of class, well the males anyways, seem to be mesmerized by Ms. Jones, who looks like a normal woman. She is wearing a purple shirt and jeans, nothing overly sexy yet the boys all just can't take their eyes off her, including Josh. The girls on the other hand seem to not notice. The bell rings and Ms. James closes the door.

    Ms. James: Hi. I've already met some of you, but for those who don't know I am Ms. James. I will be taking over for Mr. Wilson for the few weeks he is out. I will be following his lesson plan closely, including a field trip he has planned for Bard on the Beach. I know the forms are already in and the trip is tomorrow, so I will be accompanying all of you.

    The boys all seem to say "yeah" at the same time in a mono-toned moan.

    Ms. James: But first, I would like to go over Romeo and Juliet by reading a few of the important scenes. I will be Juliet, who would like to be Romeo?

    All the boy's arms shoot up. Ms. James smiles as though she knows what is going on.

    Ms. James: Good.

    Cut to:

    Later that day, at lunch. Josh stands in the cafeteria line with a hamburger and a pop bottle on his tray. Anita walks up to him with a smile and a wrap in her hands.

    Anita: Mind if I cut in?

    Josh: Oh, no. Please.

    Anita steps in front of Josh.

    Anita: Thanks.

    Josh: Hey, what's the point of having friends if they won't let you cut in line?

    Anita: So how was your English sub?

    Josh: You know, not as bad as I had thought.

    Anita: Told you, you were over reacting.

    Josh: I had the right to over react, as a student and as a human being.

    The line moves up to the cashier and Anita pays, Josh follows and the two exit the cafeteria to find a seat.

    Anita: What was the teacher like?

    Josh: Her name is Ms. James, and she is pretty young. She must be a new teacher or something.

    Anita: Younger teachers are usually better. They relate to students more.

    The two find a table and sit across from each other.

    Josh: We still have to go to that stupid play tomorrow.

    Anita: It won't be that bad. Besides I will be going with my drama class.

    Josh: Oh good. I won't be alone!

    Anita: Don't worry, I am here for you.

    Orlando takes a seat next to Anita.

    Orlando: Hey.

    Anita: Hey.

    Josh: Hi.

    Orlando: So I hear your new English teacher is pretty hot.

    Josh: She's pretty.

    Anita: What else did you hear Orlando?

    Orlando: I heard she got this job on more then just her credentials.

    Anita: This school has such great dirt. It's like we are in West Beverly with Shannon and Jason.

    Orlando: If only.

    Josh: Personally I would not want to live in 90210. I mean who needs a 30 year old body and a balding head of hair.

    Orlando: You watched that?

    Josh blushes.

    Anita: Good point. I like looking seventeen.

    Orlando: Agreed.

    Josh: Are you going to the Bard on the Beach too Orlando?

    Orlando: Yeah, through drama. I don't normally like Shakespeare, but Romeo and Juliet is a classic.

    Josh: Good, definitely not alone now.

    Anita: Josh stop worrying. Orlando, tell him to stop worrying.

    Orlando: Stop worrying? So you working today?

    Josh: Yeah.

    Anita: You work at that creepy magic shop don't you?

    Josh: It's not that creepy. More like a trip to Auschwitz lately.

    Anita: Nazi boss?

    Josh: From the seed of Hitler himself.

    Anita: Lovely?

    Josh looks at his watch.

    Josh: I need to go to my locker and get my stuff before the bell rings again.

    Anita: See you in Marketing.

    Josh stands and walks away, tossing his hamburger wrapper in the garbage.

    Cut to:

    Sacred Circle, Josh walks inside a bit surprised by the woman.

    Josh: Who are you?

    Kristin: My name is Kristin Gleen.

    Josh: Oh, the new girl.

    Kristin: Yeah.

    Josh: I'm Josh.

    Kristin: Oh, the high school kid.

    Josh: Yeah. Um, is Carmen around?

    Kristin: No, she actually took the day off. She couldn't find a sitter so she decided to actually take care of her own child.

    Josh: I never thought I'd see the day?

    Kristin: She seemed to dread it.

    Josh: So do you need help?

    Kristin: Actually it's been pretty quite. If you want to head out then go for it.

    Josh: I guess I should get this homework done.

    Kristin: I'll tell Carmen you stopped in and actually worked. Might as well make a little money while the boss is off.

    Josh: Thanks.

    Josh walks out, leaving Kristin to herself. She waits a moment, and then turns to her side.

    Kristin: He's gone.

    A man shimmers in. He is dressed in all black with a golden scar across his right eye. His other eye is normal brown.

    Kristin: That was close.

    Kelk: You need to be more careful Kristin. We can't let anyone catch us.

    Kristin: They won't. Carmen trusts me already; it'll be easy to get closer to her.

    Kelk: We can't risk you failing, we have come too far.

    Kristin: Kelk, trust me. I will not fail.

    Kelk: Carmen White is on a path that will cause our mission to be destroyed. We cannot let her and her child bare the path of discovery. With Arthur Rayne in a coma it is now time to strike.

    Kristin: I know Kelk, I know. I will not fail you.

    Kelk: Good.

    Kelk shimmers out, leaving Kristin alone. She turns back to looking at the door.

    Kristin: Carmen White's life will be mine.

    End Act One: Commercial Break.


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      Act Two

      Open to Josh running through a playground at night. He stops at a set of swings as a male vampire jumps up behind him.

      Josh: Hey, take a seat!

      Josh pushes a swing seat at the vampire, the vampire flips over it, getting tangled up in the chains. Josh walks back looking to the ground.

      Josh: Stake, stake, stake?

      Josh picks up a piece of wood, holding it firmly.

      Josh: Hey!

      The vampire looks up, Josh plunges the wood into the back of the vampire, causing it to burst into dust.

      Josh: Now I remember why I love that sun so much.

      Vampire: And we remember why we don't.

      Josh quickly turns around and is tackled by another vampire. The two flip over the swing causing the dust from the first vampire to lift and fall into the air. Josh and the vampire land hard.

      Josh: Get off me!

      Josh pushes the vampire off and quickly jumps to his feet as the other vampires slowly approach him.

      Josh: Okay, you wanna play? To bad you picked the wrong playmate.

      Josh quickly charges and jumps double kicking two of the vampires, sending them flying through the air. The two simultaneously hit tree braches that pierce into their hearts. The two burst into dust. Josh lands holding his fists out.

      Josh: Who's next?

      A female vampire charges and Josh ducks, tripping her. She falls face first leaving Josh a chance to jump up, picking up a stake, and stabbing her in the back. She bursts into dust.

      Vampire: Get him!

      Josh does a back flip as he does he pulls out a small hand gun and starts firing. The wooden bullets pierce the air and another couple of vampires causing them to burst into flames. Josh lands back down, a few vampires remain, and he grins. Josh holds up both his hands, palms facing out.

      Josh: They don't call me Josh the Demon Slayer for nothing.

      Vampire: Oh crap.

      A burst of warm bright orange/white light fires from Josh's hands hitting the vampires and bursting them into piles of dust. Josh closes his palms and the attack ends leaving nothing but a large scorch mark on the ground.

      Josh: Maybe you'll think twice next time.

      Carmen stands behind Josh.

      Carmen: Josh you did it! You saved the world!

      She starts to clap and cheer. Anita and Orlando appear behind her cheering.

      Anita: Go Josh!

      Orlando: You saved us all!

      Josh smirks placing his hands on his hips. Ms. James appears from the sudden crowd. She is wearing a tight black dress.

      Ms. James: Oh Josh.

      She comes closer, a bright pink light seems to be glowing behind her.

      Ms. James: You are the one that I want.

      She smiles, placing a hand on Josh's chest.

      Josh: Just call me-

      Cut to:

      Josh's bedroom, a phone is ringing, Josh's eyes burst open. He gasps as he quickly looks around, forgetting he was dreaming.

      Josh: Damn?

      Josh looks around and picks up his phone.

      Josh: Hello?

      The scene cuts back and forth between Josh and Orlando, who is on the other side of the phone.

      Orlando: Hey Josh.

      Josh: Orlando?

      Orlando: Yeah.

      Josh: Is something wrong?

      Orlando: I was doing some research on Ms. James.

      Josh: What? Why?

      Orlando: I found some pretty interesting dirt.

      Josh: You're paranoia is getting just a little bit creepy.

      Orlando: Just listen.

      Josh: Fine.

      Orlando: Ms. Donna James was a teacher-

      Josh: Was? She is still alive Orlando.

      Orlando: Yeah, over seventy years ago.

      Josh: What?

      Orlando: Donna James was born in 1910 and died twenty-five years later.

      Josh: You must have the wrong girl Orlando. Ms. James is fully alive and not ninety.

      Orlando: Just listen to this, okay? She was a school teacher, a well respected school teacher who died at the hands of one of her male students. Who, get this, had fallen in love with her.

      Josh: I'm hanging up the phone now.

      Orlando: Josh, there is a picture, it's her!

      Josh: See you on the bus Orlando.

      Orlando: Josh!

      Josh: Bye.

      Josh hangs up and sighs.

      Josh: Some of the things he comes up with?

      Josh pauses and looks to his phone.

      Josh: I can't believe what I'm about to do?

      Cut to:

      The Sacred Circle. Josh walks in, calling out Carmen's name.

      Josh: Carmen!

      Josh pauses as she sees Kristin at the counter.

      Josh: Kristin.

      Kristin: Oh, Josh, hi.

      Josh: Working again?

      Kristin: Well I am here to help Carmen out.

      Josh: Yeah? Have you seen her? I tried to phone her cell and home but got no answer.

      Kristin: She said something about her sister.

      Josh: Yeah I phoned Lily too, but got no answer. I'm kind of worried.

      Kristin: Oh I am sure she is just fine.

      Josh: I think I may just stay here and wait.

      Kristin: Don't you have school?

      Josh: Yeah, but it is kind of important.

      Kristin: Carmen will be here later today, so what ever it is can wait, can't it?

      Josh: Just tell her to phone my cell when she gets in.

      Kristin: No problem.

      Josh hurries on out.

      Cut to:

      Burnaby Mountain Secondary School. Outside two buses wait. Orlando and Anita stand outside looking for Josh as Ms. James walks up to one of the buses.

      Ms. James: Okay, we need to separate the buses. Who ever wants to ride with me come onto this bus, and those left ride on the other bus.

      Chris: I wanna ride with you!

      Scott: No me!

      The boys start pushing to get on the bus.

      Ms. James: Come boys, there is plenty of room.

      Anita and Orlando just watch as the boys try to kill each other to get on the bus.

      Anita: Why aren't you driven crazy to get on the bus?

      Orlando: Let's just say Ms. James isn't my type.

      Anita: Do you think Josh forgot?

      Orlando: He's probably already on the bus. You saw how head over heels he was yesterday at lunch when we were talking about Ms. James.

      Anita: I was hoping to share my lunch with him. I made him tuna.

      Orlando: He's allergic to fish.

      Anita: Oh?

      Anita seems a bit heart broken.

      Anita: You sure know a lot about Josh.

      Orlando pauses for a moment.

      Orlando: I guess?

      Orlando quickly changes the subject.

      Orlando: We should start getting on the bus.

      Anita: Okay.

      The two walk towards the other bus. As they do they are stopped by Ms. James.

      Ms. James: Are you sure you wouldn't want to ride this bus?

      Orlando: Not really.

      Ms. James: Come on. There is room for you? and your girl.

      Orlando shrugged.

      Orlando: This way we can sit with Josh and keep an eye on him.

      Anita: Okay.

      Cut to:

      A little later. Josh runs up to where the buses were.

      Josh: Crap.

      Josh pulls out his cell phone and dials. Orlando picks up, the scene cuts between the two. Orlando and Anita are sitting on the bus.

      Orlando: Hello?

      Josh: How far are you guys?

      Orlando: About twenty minutes from the school.

      Josh: Damn it!

      Orlando: What happened?

      Josh: I fell back to sleep after you called.

      Orlando: That's weird?

      Josh: That I fell back asleep?

      Orlando: No.

      Orlando looks out the window.

      Orlando: We just started driving onto the forest trail.

      Josh: What?

      Orlando: Yeah.

      The bus stops.

      Orlando: I think you should try to get out of here? Something weird is-

      Ms. James snatches the phone from Orlando's hands.

      Orlando: Hey!

      Ms. James closes the phone and grins.

      Josh: Orlando? Hello? Hello!?

      Josh hangs up his phone.

      Josh: Oh crap.

      Cut to:

      Orlando and the rest of the male class, and Anita and Ms. James in the forest. Everyone is outside of the bus, including the bus driver.

      Orlando: What are we doing here?

      Ms. James: Just a little detour.

      Orlando: I'm getting out of here.

      Ms. James: Really?

      Ms. James snaps her fingers.

      Ms. James: Chris. Scott.

      The two walk from the crown and grab Orlando's arms.

      Orlando: Hey!

      Ms. James: Trust me? this won't hurt.

      Anita: Orlando!

      Anita tries to run forward and help but Ms. James smacks the air causing Anita to be sent a few feet back, smacking into a tree and passing out.

      Orlando: Anita!

      Ms. James holds out a hand and places it on Orlando's chest.

      Orlando: Don't touch me!

      Orlando tries to squirm out of it but Chris and Scott are too strong for him to break free. Ms. James' hand begins to glow pink.

      Ms. James: Your heart is?

      Ms. James pauses and the pink fades away.

      Ms. James: What is this? Your heart doesn't pump like the others.

      Orlando: Sorry bitch?

      Orlando lifts his legs kicking Ms. James in the chest, spinning up and back flipping in the air. Chris and Scott let go and Orlando lands on his hands and knees.

      Orlando: I knew that year of gymnastics would pay off.

      Ms. James: Idiot!

      Ms. James smacks the air causing Orlando and Anita and fall a few feet back hitting a tree and passing out. Blood runs from his lip as he falls knocked out. The other boys just seem to accept this and all turn back to Ms. James.

      Ms. James: Now? where was I?

      Cut to:

      Carmen's apartment. The door swings open and Josh walks in.

      Josh: Carmen?

      Josh pauses, Carmen is not here, and all the lights are out.

      Josh: If only I had baby sat her damn kid? I would know where she is.

      Josh looks around a bit trying to find a weapon of some sort, or any kind of magic book to help him out. He walks around the living room looking at various books on the table. The apartment seems really dark and lifeless, like nothing should or could live here. Josh picks up one of the books from the table.

      Josh: Resurrection.

      He places the book down and picks up another, amazed at the old texts.

      Josh: The Life after Death. (pause) What is Carmen up too?

      Josh flips through the pages and stops at a passage.

      Josh: Here these words
      Hear our cries
      Spirits from the other side
      Come to us
      We summon these
      Cross now the great divine.

      Josh waits for something to happen, but nothing does.

      Josh: This magic stuff. I guess it's more then just the spell.

      Josh closes the book and puts it down and explores the apartment more. On one wall is a bunch of frame pictures of Carmen and her friends. Leora, Rayne, Willow, Tara, Lily and other various people she has met. Josh picks one picture off the wall of Carmen, Rayne and Leora at the Sacred Circle. A voice suddenly appears.

      Voice: Not that one?

      Josh gasps dropping the picture, smashing it.

      Josh: Crap.

      Josh kneels down and tries to pick up the glass. He pauses for a moment as he sights a key under a small desk. Josh reaches out and grabs it.

      Josh: A key?

      Josh stands and looks around the apartment. There are three bedrooms, both with locks on their doors. Josh walks over to one and opens it, with out the key. Inside it looks like the master bedroom. He closes the door and moves to the next one. Josh tries to open it, but it is locked.

      Josh: Bingo.

      Josh inserts the key and unlocks the room. He opens the door to find a room of weapons. Wall to wall swords, daggers and other various weapons used by Rayne. Sitting in the center on a pedestal are Carmen's wooden bullet guns. Josh slowly walks in.

      Josh: This place has everything.

      Josh picks up one of the hand guns.

      Josh: I need something a little less illegal.

      Josh turns to the wall, placing the gun down. A large sword draws him. The sword has a dark handle with red leather; the sword itself has a dragon carved into the blade.

      Josh: Oh, nice.

      Josh picks up the sword.

      Josh: This maybe a bit hard to explain to the taxi driver? I need something small. Like?

      He looks around and sights a small dagger resting on the wall.

      Josh: That.

      He places the sword down and picks up the dagger. The dagger is not too small and has a sharp blade. The handle is black with silver imprints.

      Josh: This is so not a baby safe living space? I will be amazingly shocked if that kid grows up to have all his appendages?

      Cut to:

      Josh stepping out of a cab, handing a few bucks to the driver.

      Josh: Thanks.

      The cab drives off leaving Josh alone.

      Josh: Okay? No need to be scared. For all I know they are just having a group orgy.

      Josh breaths in and out and begins to walk into the forest. Cut back to Ms. James and the students. Ms. James stands over Chris and Scott a bright pink light admitting from both of them and into her hands. The two guys look happy as Ms. James sucks the life out of them.

      Ms. James: So fresh? Your hearts?

      The two boys begin to full glow pink and all of sudden fade into nothing. The other guys don't seem bothered by this and just continue to admire Ms. James.

      Josh: Oh my god!

      Josh stands beside a tree looking onto Ms. James, who turns and smiles at him.

      Ms. James: Josh. Glad to see you.

      Josh gasps, taking a step back.

      Ms. James: You get to be next.

      End Act Two: Commercial Break.


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        Act Three

        Open to Josh taking a few steps back as Ms. James approaches him.

        Josh: Stay back.

        Josh pulls out the dagger.

        Josh: I know what you are.

        Ms. James: Josh, put that down.

        Josh hesitates for a moment, but her words seem to sink in and he lets go of the dagger. The dagger lands beside him.

        Josh: No? I?

        Ms. James: Don't you see Josh. I have come for you. In your dreams.

        She places a hand on his cheek. He begins to blush.

        Josh: I?

        Ms. James: Kiss me.

        Josh pauses. His eye sight drifts from Ms. James for a moment, as Orlando and Anita are seen from the corner of his eye.

        Josh: I?

        Josh gasps, his eyes glow pink for a moment then fade away.

        Josh: I said: Stay Back!

        Josh pushes Ms. James down. Ms. James land hard on her side. Josh quickly steps back picking up the dropped dagger. The other guys just pause.

        Josh: You're rein as the school slut is over.

        Ms. James: Is it?

        Ms. James looks to the boys still under her control.

        Ms. James: Kill Josh O'Malley.

        Josh: Shit.

        The boys start to charge, they no longer sound human but more like animals. Some are growling as the run towards Josh, making sure to run around Ms. James, who has a large grin on her face.

        Ms. James: Goodbye Josh.

        Josh starts to run into the forest, as "Around The World" by ATC beings to play. The boys follow in their large pack. Josh avoids trees and makes sure not to hit roots trying to get as much space between him and the pack as he can.

        Josh: This would be the perfect time for Carmen to show up and save my ass.

        Josh quickly ducks down behind a few fallen trees. Josh begins to pant as he tries to regain his breathe from the run. The boys run past him, Josh stays unseen.

        Josh: Goddamn it.

        The sun is still out, but is hidden by the trees, keeping the forest dark. Josh pulls out his cell phone and starts to dial.

        Josh: Carmen, pick up, pick up?

        Carmen: (OS) Hey?

        Josh: Carmen!

        Carmen: (OS) This is Carmen and I can't come to the phone, probably busy with something better than talking to you on the phone.

        Josh: Carmen!

        Josh closes his phone and pauses. He hears footsteps and slowly stands, hiding behind a tree. He starts to dash off in a different direction, trying to keep the boys off his trail.

        Boy #1: Over there!

        Josh gasps as he keeps running, not wanting to drop the dagger or his phone he just runs. Avoiding trees and fallen logs. The music pumps louder as Josh's panting increases. Josh passes a few more trees and pauses, in front of him are a few of the boys. He quickly turns around, but only finds a few more of the guys.

        Boy #2: Times up Josh.

        Boy #3: We will kill you for Ms. James.

        Josh: Come on guys, you don't want to kill me. We all went to elementary school together remember. Swings, seesaws? spilling orange juice on each others overalls?

        Boy #2: For Ms. James!

        Boy #3: Yeah!

        Josh reaches into his pocket slowly as the moves move in.

        Josh: Please work?

        Josh pulls out a few small beads from his pocket and smashes them onto the ground. As they hit the music stops and a large puff of smoke surrounds Josh.

        Josh: Anita!

        Josh vanishes in the smoke.

        Boy #3: Where did he go?

        The boys seem confused as the smoke clears.

        Cut to:

        The yellow school bus. The bus driver is dead, a hole in his chest and blood pouring out.

        Cut to:

        Josh appears gasping. He falls to his hands and knees dropping the dagger. Ms. James stands a few feet away, unaware he has appeared. She stands over Anita's body.

        Ms. James: With my meal out looking for Josh, I guess I will have to feed on you and Orlando for awhile.

        Ms. James kneels down, Josh screams out jumping to his feet.

        Josh: No!

        Josh pulls the dagger from the ground and runs towards Ms. James.

        Josh: Don't touch her!

        Ms. James stands back up turning, as she does Josh plunges the dagger into her chests.

        Ms. James: No!

        Ms. James gasps and pushes Josh back. Josh falls onto the ground. Ms. James pulls the dagger out, but before she can do anything the wound bursts into flames.

        Ms. James: No! Fool!

        Ms. James bursts into flames and explodes; Josh quickly turns covering his eyes. The bright light fades and Josh slowly picks himself up.

        Josh: Carmen would have just loved to see me do that. God has this job influenced me too much.

        Josh slowly stands trying to get balance, he notices Anita on the ground.

        Josh: Anita.

        Josh quickly runs to her side and kneels down beside her.

        Josh: Anita? Anita.

        Josh lifts her up a bit, Anita slowly comes too.

        Anita: Josh?

        Josh: Thank god.

        Anita: You? You saved me.

        Josh: No I?

        Anita smiles.

        Anita: My hero.

        Anita slowly kisses Josh, Josh eyes widen for a moment, but slowly embraces the kiss. Pan over a couple of feet, Orlando lying on his side, blood running from his lip looks up to Josh and Anita.

        Orlando: (to himself) Josh?

        Orlando slowly stands, using a tree for support. Josh and Anita break their kiss and turn to see Orlando.

        Josh: Orlando?

        Orlando: Thank God you two are okay.

        Anita: Josh saved us?

        Orlando speaks, a bit heart broken.

        Orlando: I saw.

        Josh turns back to Anita, not wanting to face Orlando.

        Cut to:

        Josh's house, a few days later. Josh is lying in his bed, eyes wide open. The alarm clock beside him reads ?7:29' and turns to ?7:30'. Some random song comes on and Josh sits up, no energy, nothing.

        Cut to:

        His kitchen, he walks into it and stops.

        Josh: What are you doing here?

        Carmen is sitting at the kitchen table, again. This time a plate of eggs and bacon is in front of her.

        Carmen: I heard you were looking for me.

        Josh: A few days late.

        Carmen: I've been busy.

        Josh: I figured.

        Josh walks over to the fridge and pulls out a bottle of waters.

        Josh: Is that the only reason you came over, or was it the free food?

        Carmen: Actually I was hoping to get that dagger back.

        Josh: Dagger?

        Carmen: Yeah, the one you took? After smashing a picture and breaking into my apartment.

        Josh: Right.

        Josh takes a seat at the table across from Carmen, with his water.

        Josh: If you were around I wouldn't have had to break in. Besides you are breaking and entering right now.

        Carmen: I was invited.

        Josh: You're not a vampire Carmen, you don't need to be invited. A chick who carries a hand gun in her purse isn't welcome everywhere.

        Carmen: True? Now the dagger?

        Josh: It kind of burned up with my teacher.

        Carmen: Excuse me?

        Josh: That is what you guess for vanishing for a day.

        Carmen sighs and returns to her food.

        Cut to:

        A beach, it is a grey and windy day and no one is at the beach, except for Josh who is walking along the sand. He walks a little as "Turn Back Time" by Aqua plays. Josh stops and stands over Orlando, who is sitting on a beach towel looking at the sea.

        Josh: I thought I'd find you here.

        Orlando doesn't say anything.

        Josh: You have to talk to me.

        Josh takes a seat next to Orlando, who doesn't say anything.

        Josh: At least let me thank you. You were right about Ms. James? She wasn't what I thought and if I had listen to you in the first place I could have prevented you and Anita from getting hurt.

        Orlando: No you wouldn't have.

        Josh: Why is that?

        Orlando: Cause just like every other guy in our class you only think with your penis.

        Josh: No I don't!

        Orlando: Why else do you think Ms. James' spell worked on you.

        Josh: I?

        Orlando makes a small smile, then quickly looks away not wanting Josh to see.

        Josh: I know you are mad?

        Orlando: I'm not mad.

        Josh: You saw-

        Orlando: I saw you kiss Anita. So? It's not like we are an exclusive couple, okay? You obviously have something to work out and if being with Anita for a little while helps you branch out then go for it. I'm not going to stop you.

        Josh: You know how I feel?

        Orlando: I know that I don't want you to be sad Josh.

        Josh looks out to the sea.

        Josh: I'll find my way.

        Orlando: So? How did you do that teleport thing?

        Josh: I found them at Carmen's apartment.

        Orlando: Are you going to tell Anita about the supernatural world?

        Josh: I don't know.

        Orlando: You have to tell her something.

        Josh: Do I?

        Orlando: Its up to you.

        Josh lies down on the towel, looking into the sky, Orlando follows.

        Josh: Everything seems different now.

        Orlando: It's not.

        Josh: It's going to be weird to go back to school. I'm going to miss Chris and Scott.

        Orlando: I won't.

        Josh: You know school won't be the same with out them.

        Orlando: Maybe.

        Josh: I should have got there sooner?

        Orlando: It's not your fault.

        Josh: I don't want to face anyone tomorrow. They will all see what I've become.

        Orlando: You can't hide forever Josh. No one can.

        Josh takes Orlando's hand, the scene slowly fades to the Sacred Circle, the music fades out with it. Carmen walks into the store area from the back. Kristin is at the cash register, Josh is restocking some items, Lily is with the baby and Michael is just hanging around.

        Carmen: So how are you enjoying working here Kristin?

        Kristin: It's oddly quite. I expected more from a magic shop.

        Carmen: What'd you expect?

        Kristin: Something like?

        A fireball appears in Kristin's hand.

        Kristin: This?

        Kristin throws the fireball and hits Carmen. Carmen flies back into the bookshelf, falling limp onto the ground. Josh quickly turns around.

        Josh: Carmen?

        Kristin shoots electricity at Josh, Josh quickly ducks down. The jolt hits Michael causing him to be pushed into another book shelf, causing it to fall over. Lily jumps up holding the baby tight.

        Lily: Michael! No!

        Lily looks to Kristin.

        Lily: What are you?

        Kristin smirks and shots a fireball at Lily. Lily and Silas get hit and are shot into the room. Lily gasps falling onto her side. Josh quickly looks up.

        Josh: What are you doing?

        Kristin: Finishing this.

        Kristin shoots a fireball at Josh.

        Cut to:

        The Sacred Circle, Josh is at the counter asleep. He quickly jumps up, gasping.

        Josh: No!

        Josh pants as he looks around the store room, a few customers look at him. Kristin walks up to the counter.

        Kristin: Are you okay?

        Josh takes a step back, hitting the shelf behind him. Kristin seems a bit weirded out.

        Kristin: Josh?

        Josh: Yeah? Yeah. I'm? Fine.

        Josh quickly walks into the backroom. Before he can reach the bathroom he throws up on the floor, falling to his knees. He coughs as he throws up again, though it is not seen. Tears run down his face as he sits against a wall closing his eyes.

        Josh: Oh my god?

        Josh opens his eyes and slowly lifts his shirt. On his bare chest is a scorch mark, he slowly touches it.

        Josh: What's going on here?

        Josh pants?

        Fade to black.

        End Episode.


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          In Association With:
          Sorceress of Crimson Falls created by Travis Truant-Simpson
          Broken Destiny created by Joseph Sessumes and Alexander Brown
          The Realm Below created by Alexander Brown, Amber Rose, and Lyn Elwhyen
          Road Less Traveled created by Thomas Wright and Alexander Brown
          Chosen created by Heather
          Rogue Redemption created by Amber Rose
          Continuations created by Alex Hart
          Shadow Stalkers created by Lex
          Wishful Thinking created by Ben Keefe
          Witch created by Yosso

          Feedback here please.
          - This episode was originally a b-plot to 4.10 "White Shadow"
          - The teaser was the only thing written by Alexander Brown.
          - The teaser story was originally a story that the writers worked with in their drama class.
          - The episode was delayed do to Buffyworld's downtime on Saturday.
          - This is co-creator Travis Truant-Simpson's first written episode this season. Travis writes at least one a season.
          - The original episode only had Josh in it, but due to rewrites the rest of the cast was added to flesh it out.