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Raven Episode 4.08 "Rationcinative"

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  • Raven Episode 4.08 "Rationcinative"

    Episode 4.8 "Ratiocinative"


    Black Screen. Text: Eileen Walton, 3:24pm, London, England.

    Cut to: A woman - Eileen Walton, glamorous looking, lipstick, make-up, the lot, strolling into an apartment room, her head high - confident. She looks behind her as a waiter walks by pushing a trolley, she's staying in a hotel. She calls to the waiter.

    Eileen: Hey! Where's that caviar I ordered?

    Waiter: Caviar?

    Eileen: Hello? Don't you people listen around here? I ordered some - where is it?

    Waiter: Uh...uh...

    Eileen: Don't you "uh...uh..." me, I have a schedule here! I'm a busy woman. Now - caviar, chop chop. Before I chop chop you.

    Waiter rolls his eyes, pissed off, he sighs and walks off.

    Eileen walks further into her apartment until she reaches her bathroom. She puts on the light, sighing.

    Eileen: Sheesh, you'd expect people to do this for you.

    Eileen walks over to the mirror, she looks at reflection, admiring herself.

    Eileen: (to herself) Eileen you are one sexy woman...

    She touches her breasts pushing them up a tad, pouting her lips. She grins. Slowly she takes her dress off, puts the plug in her bath and runs some hot water.

    Cut to: Eileen in the bath, bubbles covering the surface, relaxing her eyes closed. Suddenly the phone rings. She sighs in annoyance.

    Eileen: People have no respect for an upper class woman.

    She groans reaching for the portable house phone on the table next to her.

    Eileen: Ciao.

    Split Screen: A man, also very glamorous, relaxing in an office chair, feet up against his stylish table. He has a very camp voice and feel to him.

    Man: Hey kitten.

    Eileen: Morgan, what do you want?

    Morgan: And a hello to you too.

    Eileen: Look Morgan, I've had a really rough day; could you just call back, let me relax?

    Morgan: Rough day? Doing what exactly?

    Eileen: Pedicures take a lot of emotional strength to deal with.

    Morgan: I'm sure, baby.

    Eileen lets out a sigh.

    Eileen: Make it quick.

    Morgan: I got the verdict on that audition you went for.

    Eileen suddenly sits up, interested, bubble foam still sticking to her hiding her nakedness.

    Eileen: And?

    Morgan: You didn't get it.

    Eileen sits back down in the bath.

    Eileen: I didn't?

    Morgan: You didn't.

    Eileen: Well you can tell Barney to stick that tail up his ass, we don't need him anyway. When's the next audition?

    There is no answer from Morgan as he turns in his seat, pondering what to say next; a hint of fear of how to say it.

    Eileen: Hello?! I'm talking to you.

    Morgan: Next audition?

    Eileen: What's wrong?

    Morgan: There is no next audition.

    Eileen: Well you better get your act together and do your job properly! I'm an actress - a highly respected, well known actress, cos if you don't-

    Morgan: You're fired.

    Eileen: Exactly.

    Morgan: No, you're fired.

    Eileen: Ok, baby that's- what?!

    Morgan: You're fired.

    Eileen: Fired? You can't fire me! I own you! I own you!

    Morgan: I can't do this anymore.

    Eileen: You can't do this anymore? Imagine what I've been through? Can't you think of me just for one second, it's never me, it's always you you you.

    Morgan: Leenie, this just isn't working.

    Eileen: You can't do this! You can't do this to me!

    Morgan: I can.

    Eileen, filled with shock, tries to comprehend.

    Eileen: Why?...

    Morgan: You suck.

    Eileen: I...I....

    Morgan: Leenie, I've always looked out for you, cos you're my sister, but I need someone I can count on, someone who can act.

    Eileen: I...I...

    Morgan: It's nothing personal.

    Eileen: I can act, I can act!

    Morgan: Oh come on, when you went for that Mary Poppins audition you cried!

    Eileen: There's a hidden emotion behind that nanny, looking after annoying singing kids puts a strain on anyone! I can do this Morgy, I can. Just... just give me a chance.

    Morgan: Give you a chance? I've given you enough chances, so many chances it's affecting my career.

    Eileen: To hell with your career!

    Morgan: And to hell with yours, too.

    Eileen: Morgan, please....

    Morgan: No Leenie, you're useless. You can't act. You can't sing. You can't do anything that's related to acting. You wouldn't make the big screen if the will of god was with you. You're crap. Get over it and move on, cos I certainly have.

    Eileen: I don't need you. I never needed you!

    Morgan: Let's see how far you can get without me, I'm sure you'll be happy waiting tables, because that's how far you're gonna get. I can't put up with your crap anymore. You're useless.

    Eileen: You bitch! You stupid bitch!

    Morgan: No, that would be you.

    Eileen: Well... you can' whatever managers do.

    Morgan: Goodbye Leenie.

    Eileen: This won't be the last of this! I'll show you! I'll show you what I can really be! The will of this actress will never die! Never! Ne-

    Her phone suddenly slips from her hands in her rage into the bath, at contact we see electric sparks spread out immediately straight into Eileen. She stops. Still. Her eyes wide. Her mouth still open in mid-action. We cut away from Morgan.

    Morgan (OS): Leenie, hello? Hello? Hello?....

    Leora and Death fade into the bathroom as they walk in. Leora immediately covers her eyes in shock.

    Leora: R rating here! R rating! I didn't sign on for this kind of action.

    Death: Oh Leora, deal with it. The body is a natural form, why cover your eyes from that?

    Leora gives a peak, and then looks to Death. Beat.

    Leora: No comment.

    Eileen appears beside Leora. She looks at herself with shock.

    Eileen: What the ****?

    Leora: R rating!

    Eileen looks at Leora for a second, and then ignores her. She Turns back to look at herself. Leora responds appropriately.

    Leora:? hi?

    Eileen: This is a bathroom. My bathroom. And I'm naked. Get out before I-

    Leora: You're dead.

    Eileen: What?

    Leora: Sorry, no easier way to break it to you.

    Eileen turns round looking at her body. She gasps.

    Leora: I'm sorry.

    Eileen: So you thought I was shocked?

    Death: It's a little late to improve your skills.

    Eileen: I'll show that bastard....

    Leora: How? You're dead.

    Eileen: Ok, no need to rub it in.

    Death takes Eileen's hand.

    Death: I think I know the perfect place for you?

    Eileen: Alright. As long as it won't cramp my fame.

    Death: Oh I'm sure it won't?

    Leora and Death walk away, Death holding the arm of a reluctant Eileen.

    Eileen: Hey, one thing. Will I be able to haunt?

    End Teaser
    Theme Song: Animal I Have Become ? Three Days Grace

    AJ Cook - Carmen White-Rayne
    Tygh Runyan - Michael Duran
    Laura Harris - Lily White
    Drake Bell - Josh O'Malley
    With Kyle Gallner as Hiero
    And Michael Vartan as Arthur Rayne

    Also Starring:
    Teresa Cruz - Death of the Endless
    Tilda Swinton - Scarlet
    And Kate Beckinsale as Leora Byrne

    Special Guest Star:
    Hayley West - Vendra
    Kelly Giddish ? Katana
    Sophie Okonedo - Meela
    Betty White as herself

    Guest Starring:
    Maria Alejandra Delfino - Grace
    Harry Hamil - Corinthian
    John Hurt - Lucien
    Paul Rudd - Voice of Matthew the Raven
    Adam Hendershott - Mervyn the Pumpkinhead
    Conchita Campbell - Cuckoo
    With Nicki Clyne as Katie Ingham
    And Patrick Dempsey as Dream of the Endless

    Created by:
    Alexander Brown
    And Travis Truant-Simpson

    Executive Producers:
    Alexander Brown
    Joseph Sessumes
    And Travis Truant-Simpson

    Written by:
    Alexander Brown
    And Yosso

    Based on: Buffy the Vampire Slayer ? Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy and 20th Century Fox, and The Sandman graphic novels ? Neil Gaiman and DC Comics. No profit is made from this fanfiction.

    In Association With: SORCERESS OF CRIMSON FALLS created by Travis Truant-Simpson, BROKEN DESTINY created by Joseph Sessumes, CHOSEN created by Heather, ASTA created by Irene Isaac, ROGUE REDEMPTION created by Amber Rose, SEASONS 8/9/6 created by Alex Hart, WISHFUL THINKING created by Ben Keefe SHADOW STALKER created by Lex, and BIRDS OF PARADISE created by Skitty.

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    Act One:

    Open to a dark river. Moving swiftly through a forest. The river seems dead until a giant serpent jumps from the water and flies through the air. It goes into the sky and spins around.

    Girl (V.O): The Dreaming; the land where dreams live.

    The serpent flies around an open field in front of a castle.

    Girl (V.O): When night falls and you lay to bed, you will come here. And the King of Dreams is waiting for you.

    Dream stands on top of the castle and looks down across the field. He holds up a bag and empties some of its contents, sand, into his hands. Dream blows it across the kingdom and the field suddenly becomes a large desert. Clouds roll in and snowflakes begin to fall. The flakes are all different colours as they shimmer downwards. A group of children dressed in summer clothing run outside and begin to play in the snow. The desert scene quickly fills with snow as the blizzard sweeps through.

    Girl (V.O): You can find your personal dreams here; what you want to be; what you want to do; what you want to eat for supper later that day. In the dreaming, you see what the Kind of Dreams allows you to see.

    Cut to:
    A giant library with books literally flying about, flapping their pages like wings. A tall, slim man with little grey hair and a bushy grey mustache is sitting at a desk looking through books. A pen moves on paper beside him without anyone holding it. A raven flies onto his shoulder.

    Girl (V.O): There are inhabitants to the Dreaming; just as there are to the world. People with various tasks to make things work. Residents that earn their stay.

    Raven: Good morning Lucien.

    Lucien: Now isn't the time, Matthew. I have a lot of sorting to do today. The Master has moved the castle once again and it made the books wander.

    A large encyclopedia flies by Lucien.

    Lucien: Shoo! Go back to your place!

    Matthew the Raven: I don't think he'll really mind if it's a little messy down here, then.

    Lucien: But I do! The fiction novels are bleeding into the encyclopedias, the biographies are hovering around the history collections, and the non-fiction books are just not listening to me at all.

    Dream(Off screen): That is alright, Lucien.

    Lucien: Master.

    He stands and bows. Matthew the Raven flies from Lucein's shoulder to Dream, who comes to the front desk.

    Dream: There is no need for that either, Lucien.

    Lucien: Yes master.

    Dream: I need help.

    A group of books fly past Lucien. He leaps up and grabs at them.

    Lucien: Go back to your assigned places please.

    Dream: Lucien, some help please.

    Lucien leaves the books and turns to his master.

    Lucien: yes?

    Dream: I wish to reconstruct one of my old nightmares again.

    Girl (V.O): But the Dreaming isn't always as pleasant.

    Cut to: A lush oasis with a waterfall falling down into a lake. Dream stands in the flowerbed with a paintbrush in his hand. He waves a few strokes and in front of him a middle-aged man appears. His hair is white, but his skin tanned. He has a pair of sunglasses on and is wearing a beater and jeans.

    Dream: Corinthian, do you remember who I am?

    Corinthian, the man now in front of him, comes to life.

    Corinthian: Dream of the Endless. Master of the nightmares.

    Dream: Last time you ran from your duties and caused chaos on the earth. I will not have you do that again, do you understand me?

    Corinthian: Yes, master.

    Dream: If you do, you forfit your well being. Do you understand this?

    Corinthian: Of course.

    Dream turns around to walk away.

    Corinthian: Master.

    Dream: Yes, Corinthian?

    Corinthian: Where are the little boys that used to visit me all the time.

    Corinthian removes his sun glasses to reveal not eyes, but large sets of death in each socket. He smiles at Dream with his mouths.

    Dream: You know where to go.

    Corinthian disappears into the ground. Matthew the Raven lands on Dream's shoulder.

    Matthew the Raven: Why did you have to bring him back?

    Dream: Because, Matthew. Sometimes a good dream is not what a person needs or deserves to see.

    They disappear.

    Cut to: The waterfall. Behind it lies a cave. A woman can be heard gasping and crying in fear. On the ground of the waterfalls cave is Carmen. She is naked as an unseen large creature is tearing at her skin bit by bit. Carmen begs for mercy.

    Carmen: Please, please!

    Girl: Do you have somewhere better to be?

    Carmen: Don't do this to me!

    Girl: Do you have something you have to do? Perhapes finding a little birdie. A birdie with a song?

    Carmen: Let me go, please!

    Carmen screams.

    Girl: I can show you a little birdie, would you like that?

    Carmen sobs uncontrollably.

    Girl: The little birdie will sing a little song for you.

    Carmen controls herself.

    Carmen: Leora?

    Girl: Not really.

    A big black beak digs into Carmen's chest. She yells.

    Girl (V.O): To survive the Dreaming you just have to remember that soon you will wake up and everything will be forgotten.

    An alarm begins to beep.

    Cut to:

    Carmen's bedroom. She leaps out of bed as the alarm beeps at her. There's a knock at the door. Lily comes in, hand over her eyes.

    Lily: Carmen, I hope your decent.

    Carmen: I am.

    Lily: Good, because she'll be here in twenty minutes.

    Carmen: Twenty minutes?

    Lily: Yes, twenty minutes! Remember? I told you last night to get up earlier.

    Carmen: The alarm just went off! I set it up early!

    Lily: Eleven isn't early.

    Carmen: Are you sure it's today?

    Lily: She just called from the airport.

    Carmen: From the airport? Shit!

    Lily: I have Josh downstairs working on cleaning, don't worry.

    Carmen: Oh I hate family.

    Cut to:

    Lily coming down the stairs. She now has a cute pink dress on and her hair is done up in curls. She has a fan in her hand. Josh is sweeping the floors vigourously.

    Lily: Come on! Put your back into it! This place is a dirt hole just waiting for disinfectant!

    Lily goes to a group of customers looking around the shop. She opes her fan and gestures for them to leave.

    Lily: Out out out! This isn't a store today, it's a courtroom!

    She moves the customers along and pushes them out of the store. As she closes the door and flips the sign Michael comes in. Lily walks away quickly, leaving Michael at the landing confused.

    Michael: Is something wrong? Is the world ending again?

    Josh: She makes it seem that way.

    Lily: That's because it just may end!

    Michael: What's wrong?

    Josh: Betty White is coming here.

    Michael drops his things.

    Michael: Betty White? The Betty White? From Golden Girls and The Mary Tyler Moore Show?

    Carmen comes down the stairs, also in a dress and holding a fan.

    Carmen: Yes, the Betty White.

    Michael: Oh my God, it's like a dream come true! I finally get to meet my Rose!

    Everyone just looks at him.

    Michael: I like Golden Girls, ok?

    Lily: This isn't a happy occasion, Michael.

    Michael: But she's just a nice old lady!

    Carmen: And Germany just wanted a few presents for their birthday before they invaded Poland, I supose?

    Michael: Why are you so mean to her? Or better yet, why do you know Betty White.

    Carmen smacks him over the head with her fan.

    Carmen: What is my last name?

    Michael: White-Rayne?

    Carmen: What was it a year ago?

    Michael: White? What does that have to-

    Carmen smacks him on the head with her fan repeatedly.

    Josh: She's their aunt.

    Lily: Clean the counters now, ok? Aunt Betty doesn't like dust anywhere.

    Josh sighs and grabs a cloth. Michael backs away from Carmen.

    Michael: You're related to Betty White? You, the Nazi, are fortunate enough to be related to a hollywood star?

    Michael ducks down as Carmen holds her fan up threateningly.

    Lily: She is hardly a star anymore, Michael. She's too old now. Up on the shelves to, Joshua.

    Josh: Please don't call me that.

    Lily: It's your name, isn't it?

    Josh gets up on a small step later and angrily dusts. Carmen picks up Silas from the crib next to the table. She talks to her son.

    Carmen: Auntie Betty hasn't seen you yet, no. I think you know what that means.

    Michael: Oh God, you're going to take advantage of her, aren't you. Get more babysitting done for free?

    Carmen: God no! I don't want my child that evil! Besides I have him in daycare now. He always ends up kidnapped under the care of one of us.

    Josh: I wonder why.

    Carmen: Do the shelves, boy!

    Carmen turns her attention back to Silas.

    Carmen: Presents! We get lots of pretty little presents, don't we? Yay!

    Silas begins to cry.

    Carmen: Michael! I don't have time do deal with this right now! We have to prepare! Quick quick quick! Take baby!

    Michael taks Silas from frantic Carmen. A car pulls up to the front of the store.

    Carmen: Crap! She's hear early!

    Betty White walks out of the car, dressed in a cute floral dress. She very much resembles a humble and loving granny.

    Michael: Oh my God! She's here!

    Michael rocks Silas quickly and then gives up and puts him down. He stops crying upon hitting the crib.

    Michael: So that's the trick!

    The door opens. Lily rushes beside Carmen, fixing her hair. Michael stands behind them. Josh rolls his eyes and puts the cloth away. Betty looks around and then walks right past them. She throws her purse at Michael, who giggles for glea.

    Betty: This damn city has too many traffic lights. And the drivers still don't know how to drive! I hit a garbage can on the way in.

    Carmen leans to Lily.

    Carmen: You let her get her license again you left New York?

    Lily: I didn't have a choice, she would have strangelled me.

    Michael: Betty White gave me her purse to hold!

    Carmen smacks Michael once more and addresses her aunt.

    Carmen: Aunt Betty! It's nice to-

    Betty: I know your game, Carmen. The contents of the purse I gave your slave are for you. Get lost.

    Carmen: The-

    Betty: In the purse.

    Carmen grabs the purse and looks inside. She pulls out a piece of paper.

    Carmen: This is a check for-

    Her eyes widen and she drops the purse itself.

    Michael: Carmen, what it is?

    He looks over her shoulder.

    Michael: Holy shit! Is this how you keep the store open?

    Carmen: Well now I can? for another five years!

    Betty: I'm glad you're appeased. Now leave.

    Carmen turns around.

    Betty: No no!

    Carmen stops.

    Betty: Take this little filth demon with you!

    She motions to Silas. Carmen happily picks up her child and runs out.

    Betty: And I want these two gone as well!

    Josh tosses down his mop.

    Josh: Thank God!

    He leaves the store. Michael doesn't move.

    Betty: And you, slave.

    Michael: There hasn't been slavery in a-

    Lily: Michael, don't.

    Michael: What? I just want to see Betty White!

    Betty: Oh, a fan is he?

    Michael: Yes, ma'am. I was wondering if I could get your signature please. And maybe if you'd help me out, Bea Arthur's as well?

    Betty gets enraged at the mention of the name of her co-star.

    Betty: Bea Arthur sounds like a man! What do you think this is; a reunion show? I wouldn't talk to filth like Bea Arthur in any other circumsatnce! I came to visit Lily, now get the hell out of my store!

    Michael stares, mouth gapping, at his idol. He spins around quickly and runs. Lily shifts unconfortably as she is left alone.

    Betty: The fanboys are the worst. Always asking for reuinion shows. I'm not made of much more time!

    She looks around the store.

    Betty: This place is filthy! And it smells terrible! What, does your sister keep a body locked up here?

    Lily just freezes. Too afraid to talk around her aunt.

    Cut to:

    Carmen sitting in Leora's living room. She has a lot of shopping bags surrounding her on the couch and a mickey of vodka in her hand. She takes a swing as she looks sullenly around the room. The door opens with a click and Carmen looks. Hiero walks in and silently closes the door. Carmen wipes a few tears from her eyes.

    Carmen: How do you always know I'm here?

    Hiero: You only travel to three places in this town. If I guess right, I get you in the first shot.

    Carmen smiles at him as he sits down beside her. She offers her mickey and he shakes his hand. She forces a smile.

    Hiero: Is something wrong? Something? else?

    Carmen: Oh this? It's? it's nothing.

    Hiero: It doesn't take someone with foresight to see that you're lying, Mrs. White.

    Carmen: -Rayne.

    Hiero smiles.

    Carmen: The other week we were haunted by something. All of us. Leora came to me. She told me I had failed her and my husband. And she told me I had to spill blood to get my husband back. Innocent blood. My babies blood.

    Hiero shifts, uncomfortable.

    Carmen: And then her sister came to me and trashed my emotions beyond that. I saw the woman that caused the death of my best friend after she was supposed to be long gone. I see her in my dreams sometimes, and that's hard enough.

    She stops for a moment and takes a long swing back. She gasps for air after.

    Carmen: And if I had to deal with seeing my brother I would have just been gone. Or if it was? if it was my husband.

    Hiero: It sounds like a visit from The First Evil.

    Carmen: Well no shit! We figured that out pretty quick after. But knowing his past, he lies with the truth.

    A long awkward silence.

    Carmen: Tell me, Hiero. We've been bumping into each other or stalking each other for a few months now and I still don't know anything about you.

    Hiero: I have visions.

    Carmen: That I know. Although I've never seen it put to use.

    Hiero: I can't control them? they just? come.

    Carmen: Sounds like someone I once knew?

    Hiero: The great Oracles have a strange way of selection.

    Carmen: Indeed.

    Another pause. Carmen puts her drink in her purse.

    Carmen: I was serious. Where do you live?

    Hiero: In time you'll know. For now I have news.

    Carmen perks up.

    Carmen: News? Of?

    Hiero: I don't know if I should tell you right now. You seem rather low? and a little intoxicated.

    Carmen: Oh this? Naw, I'll be fine in ten minutes.

    Hiero: Are you certain?

    Carmen: Yeah, I am.

    Hiero: Alright. I've got news about your husband. I had a vision.

    Carmen: Arthur? Is he ok?

    Hiero: He's in The Dreaming. Ruled over by-

    Carmen: Dream of the Endless.

    Hiero: We need to get him out now! He's in danger.

    Cut to:

    The mall. Lily walks into the front of a store called "Fairly's Boutique". She has a business suit on and has a folder in her hand. She smiles to the woman at the till.

    Lily: Hi, I'm Lily White and I'm here to get a job.

    The woman nods.

    Woman: I'll just get the manager, Debbie. She'll see you to it.

    Lily: Thank you.

    The woman goes to fetch Debbie as Lily brushes her suit with her hands. She opens her little mirror and checks her makeup. Betty walks into the store, looking at a dress on one of the displays. Lily sees here and almost jumps out of her skin.

    Lily: Aunt Betty? what are you-

    Debbie comes behind the till.

    Debbie: Hi, Lily?

    Lily jumps as she was looking at her aunt. She holds her hand out after a small laugh. Debbie takes it and shakes it, raising an eyebrow as she does.

    Lily: Sorry, I was just watching the customers. Didn't want one of them to steal!

    Debbie looks over Lily's resume. As she does, Lily watches her aunt.

    Debbie: Well it seems like you have close to no experience here.

    Lily snaps out of her position and turns back to Debbie.

    Lily: What's that?

    Debbie: I said it doesn't look like you've got any retail experience. Are you sure this is the line of work for you?

    Lily: Oh yeah, I love fashion.

    Debbie looks Lily up and down as Lily smiles.

    Debbie: I can see?

    Lily smiles.

    Lily: I have good people skills as well!

    Debbie: I'll take your word for it.

    Lily: Great!

    Debbie: Listen, Lily. I'm going to be honest here with you. We need people really badly for the next few months. And it seems our store has gotten unpopular for new job searchers. I think that I'm going to ask you to-

    Betty: You can't give her a job!

    Lily: Aunt Betty!

    Betty is now at the till, not looking happy.

    Debbie: Betty White? Your Aunt is Betty White?

    Lily: Unfortunately yes.

    Debbie holds her hand out.

    Debbie: Pleased to meet you.

    Betty just looks at it. Debbie smiles and takes it away.

    Betty: This girl hasn't worked a day in her life! Just look at these hands!

    Betty grabs Lily's hands. Lily pulls them back.

    Betty: As soft as my nieces' devil spawns' ass.

    Lily: Aunt Betty, please. I've been living in a hotel the last few months. I need this job!

    Betty: She has no care for other people as well. It was always her her her when she was a little girl. She was always the biggest snob of the family. And if you knew the White's you'd know that that's a highly terrible thing.

    Lily: Aunt Betty!

    Betty: And she has no real regard for fashion! Just look at those pumps!

    Lily shakes her head and almost convulses.

    Betty: I'm just being honest.

    Lily: Well it isn't helping!

    Debbie just looks at the two of them.

    Debbie: Ok then? I'll get back to you.

    She walks away. Lily turns to her aunt.

    Lily: Why did you do that? All I asked you to do was wait in the store for five minutes!

    Betty: Wal-Mart? You expected me to wait in Wal-Mart?

    Lily: Yes!

    Betty: You'll never be employed, you ungrateful wench.

    Lily storms off. Betty calls after her.

    Betty: I think it's time for lunch!

    Cut to:

    Hiero mixing a bowl of some strange beige cream. Carmen is lying on the couch, gun in hand.

    Carmen: Could you stir-

    Hiero: Agitate.

    Carmen: Agitate any slower?

    Hiero: Calm down. You can't fight the King of Dreams while you're so rash.

    Carmen: This is my husband you're talking about! I'd go into a shark tank with fresh animal blood all over me. Something I have kind of done already!

    Hiero stops stirring.

    Carmen: Are you sure this is the right way?

    Hiero: Only one I can think up this quickly.

    Carmen: And how do we get out?

    Hiero: I don't know.

    Carmen: Great.

    Hiero: At least you'll see him.

    Carmen settles back and closes her eyes. Hiero takes his finger and puts it into the cream. He smears so on Carmen's forehead and it seeps into her skin. She instantly falls asleep. Hiero sits in the chair beside the sofa. He puts some cream on his own. He drops the bowl and goes to bed as well.

    End Act One: Commercial Break.


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      Act Two:

      Cut to:

      Rayne, Scarlet and Grace, all armed, walking along a gravel path in a dead forest. The trees are great in number, but have no pines or leaves. Everything is gray around them. There's not a sound made; even by their feet. The group is very unnerved. Scarlet walks faster ahead and looks around, sais out in case of need. She stops for a moment.

      Scarlet: There's a fork in the road ahead. And I can hear running water in the distance. What do we do?

      She looks at Rayne.

      Rayne: Me? I have no clue.

      Scarlet: Do we go along the river or not? It isn't a hard question.

      Rayne: I? don't know.

      Scarlet: Well you better make a choice soon.

      Scarlet huffs along. Grace whispers to Rayne.

      Grace: Something's been wrong with her ever since we got out of the sewers.

      Rayne: I'll see what's up.

      Rayne picks up his pace and reaches Scarlet.

      Rayne: So Scarlet. There in the tunnels. Who was that?

      Scarlet: You've met her before. I'm surprised you don't recall.

      Rayne: Met her before? When? She was never back home.

      Scarlet: She was in a place that you used to call home.

      Rayne stops. Scarlet does as well.

      Rayne: Seattle.

      Scarlet: That's right. Where I first had my run ins with the likes of you.

      Rayne: Meela?

      Scarlet: She hasn't changed a bit. I thought she would be dead by now. Nobody ever liked her.

      Rayne: I can remember. You went ballistic.

      Scarlet: She was D'Hoffryn's biggest bitch. Right under me that is. She would set people against me all the time. If I didn't have Katana I would have been long dead.

      Rayne: And she was here?

      Grace: What's going on?

      Rayne: So does that mean D'Hoffryn is as well?

      Scarlet: That's why we need to move on quickly.

      She pushes forward. Rayne and Grace stay behind.

      Rayne: Scarlet and I met in Seattle when I was trying to protect one of her targets. Her and her daughter Katana found us hiding in a museum. They almost had us? until Meela came.

      Grace: Who's Meela?

      Rayne: Not somebody you want to cross. She was back their fighting Scarlet.

      Grace: That would explain it.

      Rayne: And it could mean bad news for us. It could mean D'Hoffryn is on our trail.

      Grace: And that's a bad thing, why? Couldn't he get us out?

      Rayne: He wants both Scarlet and myself dead.

      Grace: Oh?

      Cut to:

      A dark museum, emergency power lights blaring on, but only giving a dim light. Scarlet shrills as she leaps forward with her sais at Rayne.

      Text: Five Years Ago.

      Rayne holds his sword up, blocking the attack. She kicks him down.

      Scarlet: Come on little watcher boy. You can do better than that!

      Rayne: You have no idea.

      Rayne leaps up. Katana now jumps down beside her mother. Scarlet motions to Vendra, huddles in the corner. Rayne slices at the two of them.

      Rayne: Leave her alone!

      Scarlet: It isn't our fault your girlfriend pissed off our lord!

      Katana: Master must have really been angry if she sent you after him.

      Scarlet: The best bitch for the best job!

      Katana slices Rayne's shoulder. She jumps over to Vendra. Vendra raises up and pulls out a taser, hitting Katana. Katana drops her sword and falls back. Scarlet kicks Rayne and gets to Vendra, now holding the sword. Vendra swings and Scarlet grabs her hand, causing the sword to be lost. Rayne gets up.

      Vendra: Arthur!

      Scarlet: What's the matter? You never showed this fear when you were a vengeance demon.

      Vendra: Please, I don't have anything he needs!

      Scarlet: That's where you're wrong! That's where you-

      Rayne tackles Scarlet down. Katana springs up and tries to pull him off. Rayne wrestles with the two.

      Voice: Well isn't that just funny.

      Everyone stops. Meela walks in with her brandistock ready.

      Meela: I already have you two doing my work.

      Scarlet pushes Rayne off.

      Scarlet: This is my job, bitch!

      Meela: Not anymore it isn't. D'Hoffryn has chosen me over you now!

      Katana and Scarlet grab their weapons.

      Katana: Mother, do you want me to-

      Scarlet: Shh.

      Rayne helps Vendra up quietly.

      Meela: You two will now follow me!

      Scarlet: Over my dead body!

      Meela: That will be arranged!

      Meela thrusts forward her weapon, Scarlet narrowly dodges. Katana brings her sword down as Meela whips her brandistock into Scarlet, sending her to the ground. Katana pushes Meela back, getting past the spikes on her weapon.

      Rayne and Venda just look in awe.

      Rayne: Shouldn't they be?

      Vendra: The competition for D'Hoffryn's number one gets a little violent. Usually someone ends up dead.

      Rayne: So? should we? go?

      Vendra watches the three fight for a moment.

      Vendra: My money goes on Scarlet.

      Rayne: Well next time we're chased around town by either one of them we'll know. Let's get going.

      Rayne grabs her arm and leads her away.

      Vendra: I'm coming! I'm coming!

      Cut to:

      Michael casually strolling along an empty harbour, bored.

      Michael: Sigh.

      Michael continues along and hears a yell - he smiles, he turns to see a girl struggling in the water about 10 metres out to sea, screaming desperately to him for help.

      Michael: (sighing) Where's Baywatch when you need it?

      Michael dives into the sea without hesitation, swimming to the desperate girl quickly and with surprising ease, he quickly reaches her, but she suddenly drops under the water, too exhausted to go on. Michael takes a quick breath and dives down into the depth as fast as he can, quickly catching the girl and bringing her up to the surface. The girl coughs up water, spluttering and gasping

      Girl: Oh my God! Oh my God....

      Michael: It's ok, you're ok...

      The girl continue to gasp, Michael holds her up in the water, fade to the sandy beach shore. He places her down on the beach and gets out, both dripping wet.

      Michael: (cheerfully) Hi.

      Girl: Hi?

      Michael: You're either a wannabe mermaid or got made to walk the plank.

      Girl: Got washed away by the current, I couldn't fight it.

      Michael: So you're ok?

      Girl: I'll survive. Thanks to you.

      The Girl leans over and hugs Michael - she's hot. Michael suddenly blushes grinning.

      Michael: With great power comes great responsibility. Or lack of power that is.

      Girl: No, really, thank you. You saved my life. I just don't know how to repay you.

      Michael: Oh, I could think of plenty of ways...

      Girl: I owe you my life.

      Michael (grinning) Yeah...

      Girl: (holds out her hand) Katie Ingham.

      Michael: Michael.

      Katie shivers slightly. Michael hands her his jacket.

      Michael: Here you must be thawed from the inside.

      Katie: Thanks. Though not anymore.

      Michael blushes.

      Michael: Just a desperate attempt to make me seem more manly.

      Katie: I think the life-saving pretty much covers that.

      Michael: You should dry off, I'll take drop you off somewhere, at a restaurant

      Katie: No, stay with me.

      Michael: Stay with you? Like in your company? In your presence?

      Katie: That's what I was implying.

      Michael: Usually when I talk to a girl, it's all "Ew get away from me," and big with the rejection.

      Katie: (smiles) Not all girls are the same.

      Michael: (awkwardly) This isn't something I'm used to....

      Katie: I could teach you...maybe at a restaurant some time?

      Michael: A restaurant? With the food and

      Katie: I was hoping for a little more than food, if you don't mind. Maybe Bodeans by the river side, let's say 8?

      Michael: (stunned) Uh...uh... th-th-this is uh-uh-uh...

      Katie lightly holds Michael's hand. Looking into his eyes.

      Katie: Yes or a no.

      Michael: Yes! Of course...yes.

      Katie: (lights up) Yes?

      Michael: That's what I was implying.

      Katie grins. The two of them walk off, Michael is beaming.

      Cut to:

      Lily and Betty sitting in an extravagant restaurant eating soup. The restaurant is closed and waiters circle about like sharks.

      Betty: So, Lily. I see that Carmen has you doing all the work here for nothing.

      Lily: She's my sister.

      Betty: It used to be the other way around. You always used to be the bitch. What happened?

      Lily: I didn't lose my best friend and husband.

      Betty: A coma is hardly losing someone! If your uncle would have gone into one during the 80's I could have had a more ambiguous career!

      Lily: He might not wake up, Aunt Betty. Carmen's devastated.

      Betty: I never much cared for the boy anyways. The first time I met him when she was marrying that other guy, what was his name? Mark?

      Lily: Carl, Aunt Betty. His name was Carl.

      Betty: Yes, didn't like him either. Anyways about this Arthur; I never really liked how much of a gentleman he was. It was like Carmen had him whipped even when she wasn't marrying him!

      Lily: Arthur Rayne is a good man. He and Carmen had a beautiful wedding.

      Betty: I didn't get an invitation.

      Lily: Maybe if you were a little nicer Carmen would have-

      Betty: Don't kid yourself, Lily. Carmen only wants me for money.

      Lily: And you let her take it and go!

      Betty: Well you two are the only family I have left now. And I'm getting old! I don't want it all going to you at once!

      Lily: Auntie, you're not dying soon?

      Betty: Well with Carmen's lifestyle she'll go first.

      Lily: Don't say that!

      Betty: It's true! Fighting demons and drinking hard liquor till the wee hours of he morning.

      Lily stops. She gets sullen.

      Lily: How do you know that?

      Betty: The bags under her eyes, the alcohol on her breath. I'm here because she called me once, you know. Five in the morning for me I get this drunkard on my line telling me what a shitty aunt I am.

      Lily: Is that why you gave her money?

      Betty: That, and I decided to come and be a part of your lives.

      Lily: A part of our?

      Betty: Yes, I want to come and make visits every little while. Just to check up. As horrible as it may be for me.

      Lily: Oh Aunt Betty, you don't have to!

      Betty: Don't try to flatter yourself from this! I will return!

      Lily laughs a little and then sighs. She looks down at her soup.

      Lily: Did you really need to close the whole restaurant down for us?

      Betty: I'm a star, Lily. I can do what I please.

      Lily: But did you really need to?

      Betty: For my security, yes. And to enjoy our lunch.

      Lily: Well? alright.

      A couple waiters come and clear their soup away. They put down their meals in front of them. They both ignore them and look at each other.

      Lily: What are you thinking?

      Betty: Oh just how much of a shame it is to see you here like this.

      Lily: I told you, it's for Carmen.

      Betty: I understand that. But did you ever thing what's it's done to you? You used to be a person of taste! I used to respect you.

      Lily: Well some things had to be sacrificed.

      Betty: Evidently.

      Lily bites into her salmon.

      Betty: So what happened to the husband you stole from your sister?

      Lily stops.

      Betty: I thought he'd be here.

      Lily: We aren't together anymore.

      Betty: Oh? What a shame. After all that effort to take him away. And right a the alter to. You drove her here, remember?

      Lily: That was back then.

      Betty: So you've take the family name back, right?

      Lily: Yes, yes I have,

      Betty: Then I won't be the one to die with it.

      Lily: Carmen still has it.

      Betty: The Rayne makes it seem tainted and lower class.

      Lily: Carmen isn't upper class.

      Betty: But she should be.

      Betty bites on her steak bitterly.

      Cut to:

      Carmen and Hiero wake up on the ground of a lush tropical forest. Carmen looks around as Hiero gets to his feet. He helps her stand.

      Hiero: Here we are.

      Carmen: What do we do here?

      Hiero: Go unnoticed into the Dreaming Castle and find your husband.

      Carmen: Did they capture him?

      Hiero: I don't know. He was in some stone building with The Dream King, so I assume that is the case.

      Carmen: Which way is-

      Corinthian comes out of nowhere in front of the two. He points behind them

      Corinthian: That way, love.

      Carmen smiles at him. Hiero stands, uncertain. Carmen turns around and walks. Hiero doesn't follow.

      Hiero: May I ask who you are, good sir.

      Carmen turns around.

      Carmen: Now isn't the time for this, Hiero. We have to go!

      Corinthian: He is right to ask, lady. How else would he know the name of Corinthian, his killer?!

      Corinthian removes his glasses to reveal his razor sharp sets of teeth. He lunges at Hiero, picking him up and throwing him all the way down the path. He smiles at Carmen as Hiero hits the ground. Carmen screams.

      Carmen: Ok, now I think we need an explanation.

      Corinthian: Nightmares really don't like it when their prey talks!

      Carmen: I know, but-

      Carmen quickly dashes away. Corinthian chases after her and quickly catches her by the hair. Carmen yelps. Corinthian laughs.

      Corinthian: You can't escape from me!

      He takes a bite into Carmen's shoulder. She screams. Hiero springs up. Corinthian shoves Carmen into Hiero. The two get to the ground. He lingers over the two, blood dripping from his mouth.

      Corinthian: I am doing just as my master made me to do!

      He picks Carmen up. What he doesn't expect is Hiero to have a large branch in his hand. He launches it forward into Corinthian's right eye/teeth. Corinthian screams as Hiero puts it further in, sending Corinthian to the ground. He helps Carmen up and the two walk away quickly, leaving the dead nightmare where he is, after only a day of creation.

      Cut to:

      Scarlet leading the three up a long winding path up a steep hill. Rayne and Grace pant as they climb up.

      Grace: Remind me why we didn't go by the river please.

      Scarlet: Things may live by the river. Things we don't want to see.

      Rayne: At least it wasn't up this steep hill.

      Grace slips and almost impales herself on her own arrow.

      Scarlet: The top is close.

      Rayne helps Grace up. She grabs onto his hand. Rayne looks back at her. He looks down at his hand. She smiles at him. He smiles back, reluctantly.

      Cut to:

      The three reach the top of the hill to be shown a large grey tower. It blends in with the trees and the grey sky. Scarlet walks to it.

      Rayne: Wait, Scarlet. Should we really go in there?

      Grace: Is there any other place we can go?

      Scarlet walks in the entrance, ignoring them.

      Cut to:

      The three reach the top of the tower. A wide open area shows that beyond the woods lies a field. And on a hill on the field lies a castle. Grace looks at it with awe.

      Grace: It's beautiful! Just like a fairy tale.

      Scarlet: And that would make you our damsel?

      Grace looks at her, shocked that Scarlet attempted a joke. She turns to Rayne.

      Grace: Did she really just?

      Scarlet walks to the edge.

      Grace: Did I just here what I thought I heard?

      Rayne: I'm still confused about it myself.

      The two look at the castle admiring it.

      Rayne: It's amazing. Like being back in Ireland at some of the old ruined castles. Long since warn down.

      Grace: Ireland? You? Where's the accent?

      Rayne: It's been too many years since I was there. Watcher's duties saw me to North America mostly.

      Grace: Watchers?

      Rayne: Well, they're a group of-

      Suddenly the clouds disappear and light blares into the tower, causing the three to cover their eyes. The trees in the forest turn to shadows in front of them. Rayne falls backwards, the orb rolling out of his pocket. It levitates in front of them. When the light dies down a little, the three get up.

      Rayne: This is new.

      He stands under the orb and touches it with his hand. He quickly pulls back, a sizzling sound coming from it. The orb immediately appears to be on fire.

      Grace: Well at least it did something, right?

      End Act Two: Commercial Break.


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        Act Three:

        Cut to:

        The Sacred Circle, Josh is doing some dusting a bookcase. He talks to his duster.

        Josh: It's just you and me little buddy...

        The door opens, Josh turns

        Josh: Finally people! Hi, what can I do for-

        It's Orlando.

        Josh: You.

        Orlando: Hey.

        Josh: I'll reply with another awkward hey.

        Orlando: Yeah...

        Josh: What are you doing here? I thought you were still in punch-Josh-in-the-face-mode.

        Orlando: I will be if you don't let me talk.

        Josh: You're cute when you're angry.

        Orlando: You're just generally cute.

        Josh: Somehow I doubt you're here to buy something.

        Orlando: We should talk.

        Josh: We should.

        Orlando: I've missed you.

        Josh: Well I've only had Mr. Duster here for company, so...

        Orlando: I was a little harsh on you.

        Josh: You had reason.

        Orlando: Just tell me what's wrong.

        Josh: I don't know.

        Orlando: You don't know?

        Josh: No, it's not that I don't know. It's that I don't know.


        Orlando: You lost me there.

        Josh: I don't know about this. I was drawn to you, I like you - a lot. I'm not sure if this is a one off thing or if I actually do like boys, I was scared about it - letting people know, letting people in. I don't want people to know.

        Orlando: I guess I was a little pushy with the coming out thing.

        Josh: I'm sorry Orlando. I'm just not ready to yet.

        Orlando: It's ok. This kind of thing takes time, it's not something to rush into. I guess I don't really get it - I've always been out, it must be hard doing it now.

        Josh: I'd say hard is an understatement

        Orlando: I'm sorry.

        Josh smiles

        Josh: I guess all is forgiven then.

        Orlando smiles

        Josh: So we can kiss? Cos you're looking really hot right now.

        Orlando smiles, the two walk to one another and share a gentle kiss - they part.

        Orlando: Anyway, relationships in secret are always sexier.

        Josh: You're not wrong about that.

        Orlando looks around.

        Orlando: You work in a magic shop?

        Josh: Is the magic part of the shop not a big giveaway?

        Orlando: And you've never told me.

        Josh: Never thought it was important.

        Orlando: I've always been interested in magic.

        Josh: Oh no, not you too? How long?

        Orlando: Oh for a while now.

        Josh: And you've never told me.

        Orlando: Ha ha.

        Josh: It was a valid comment.

        Orlando walks to a shelf

        Orlando: Wow. Spanriad Balls.

        Josh: I know you find testicles attracted but - what?! Spaniards Ba-

        Orlando: They're really rare, a conjuring device. I've only ever read about them.

        Josh: So you're a magic nerd?

        Orlando: Well and truly.

        Josh: Yeah...

        Orlando: What's wrong?

        Josh: This magic thing - it's just pretty weird.

        Orlando: Don't worry. That's the usual reaction.

        Josh: It's not just that. It's like I've been flung into this whole new world. First it was just a job, but now it's starting to become more than that. All the people around me here are into magic, and now I know you are to...

        Orlando: So...

        Josh: So I'm kind of - intimidated. It's quite overwhelming.

        Orlando: It gets takes time to get used to. You'll get through it though.

        Josh: How do you know?

        Orlando: You always do.

        Josh smiles to Orlando.

        Cut to:

        Carmen jumping down in the middle of a giant pumpkin patch. A shot follows and the pumpkin beside her explodes all over her. There is heavy rain causing Carmen to have mud all over her. There's a laugh from behind her. She gets up and turns around. A small man with a Pumpkin head has a shotgun pointed at her. Carmen holds herself up, Hiero in the mud behind her. Mervyn the Pumpkinhead aims his gun.

        Mervyn the Pumpkinhead: Come on, little girl, you can't go anywhere. You're going to die sooner anyways.

        Carmen backs up, afraid. She goes over Hiero's limp body and backs into the side wall of a barn. Mervyn the Pumpkinhead loads the gun and aims at Carmen.

        Mervyn the Pumpkinhead: Any last wishes you bitch?

        Carmen: Please, please don't.

        She begins to cry. She backs into the wall, her hand behind her back. She grabs the handle of a wood chopping axe and holds on tightly.

        Mervyn the Pumpkinhead: Even the little girls I rape a kill have more dignity to you! Tears won't do a damn well thing, lady!

        Carmen begins to slump down against the wall. Mervyn the Pumpkinhead laughs loudly.

        Mervyn the Pumpkinhead: Any last words, lady?

        Carmen: Hiero!

        Heiro springs up and grabs Mervyn the Pumpkinhead's gun, pulling it down. The gun goes off, narrowly missing Carmen. Carmen leaps forward with the axe and hits Mervyn the Pumpkinhead's torso. Mervyn the Pumpkinhead looks at her and Hiero, and then down at the axe.

        Mervyn the Pumpkinhead: I'm made of straw, you stupid bitch!

        Carmen pulls the axe out and swings again, hitting his head. She lets go and Mervyn the Pumpkinhead backs up. He pulls the axes from his head and feels the damage.

        Mervyn the Pumpkinhead: Oh bitch is going to pay now!

        He tosses the axe aside. From a pile of hay next to him jumps a mummy. The mummy makes a strange noise resembling a dying pig.

        Carmen: Why are dreams so goddamn messed up?!

        Song: Tired ? K's Choice.

        Lyrics: Show me where you found your faith and does it help you sleep at night?

        Hiero holds one hand in the other and chants. His eyes go black with silver triangles taking shape in them. On the ground around him a golden seal appears. Darkness encircles him. Carmen lungs forward at the axe and picks it up as Mervyn the Pumpkinhead grabs for her arm. Hiero finishes chanting and steps aside. From the seal emmerges a large purple hand, cuts all over it and large red nails on the end of the fingers. It grabs Mervyn the Pumpkinhead and pulls him down the black hole. He screams as this happens, and Carmen just stares in awe. The Mummy's squeal next to her causes her to move. She takes the axe up and takes off its head as she springs up. The Mummy continues to move as a claw comes from its neck and then extends. The long arm grows thick and rips apart.

        Lyrics: I am not that complicated, I just need some time. Because it doesn't feel right, and I'm mostly very tired.

        The arm rips apart and forms a whole other Mummy. The original Mummy falls over, not moving. Carmen instead ignores it and goes to Hiero who has fallen to his knees, eyes still black and breathing heavy.

        Carmen: Why didn't you tell me you could do that? You really might have used whatever little consideration you have in that head of yours to do that earlier instead of waited till now!

        Hiero: Carmen!

        He breathes heavily.

        Carmen: I mean really! I just saved your ass when I didn't even need to!

        Hiero: Carmen! Listen to me!

        Carmen: No! You listen to me, mister-

        Hiero: Mummy!

        Lyrics: Life is easy when you fake it, right until you realize-

        The Mummy grabs Carmen from behind. She drops the axe and struggles with it. She flips him over, only to turn around and realize that behind her a whole army of Mummies are crawling from the ground, all squealing like pigs. She takes the axe up and helps Hiero to his feet.

        Lyrics: Your happiness is unrelated To anything you have inside and it doesn't feel right and I'm mostly very tired.

        Carmen and Hiero back into the barn.

        Carmen: Is there any fancy trick you can do with the lovely earth now?

        Hiero: I didn't know I could even do that?

        Carmen: Well then? isn't this lovely.

        Lyrics: Every chance I get to distract myself I won't try to convince myself that there's anything for real or that we're sure of what we feel.

        Carmen takes a stance in front of Hiero, axe out as the squealing Mummies in front of her advance.

        Carmen: I'll do what I can. Just? do something!

        Lyrics: Quiet time is underrated I still can't stand to be alone. That might be why I'm so unstable.

        The Mummies get to Carmen, she swings the axe, but looses it almost immediately. She falls back to the ground. One of the Mummies crouches next to her. She closes her eyes.

        Black out.

        Lyrics: Barely able to hold on and I just don't feel right and I'm mostly very tired.

        End Song.

        Carmen breathes heavily. She opens her eyes and looks around her. The scenery has changed to be the front of the Dreaming Castle at the large red doors. Dream holds his hand to her. She grabs it and he pulls her up. Hiero sits looking out to the landscape. Carmen looks to Dream, and then at Hiero. Matthew the Raven flies down to his shoulder. Carmen continues to stare at the silent figure. After a long silence, she looks away.

        Dream: No one slips through my gates unknown.

        Carmen turns to him. He looks angry.

        Dream: The magic you tempted today was extremely dangerous and irresponsible.

        Carmen looks to Hiero.

        Carmen: Isn't all magic?

        He doesn't look at her.

        Dream: This is between us.

        Carmen looks at him, a little guilty.

        Dream: I could take the two of you prisoner here right now. Not let you escape. I have that power!

        Carmen: You can't do that!

        Dream: Why not?

        Carmen: What I did to get to this place!

        Dream: I brought you here from the grave farm, did I not?

        Carmen: Not after we almost died!

        Dream: And, again, you brought your own selves here to almost cause that. Against the natural balance of things.

        Carmen: Well screw the natural balance! The reason I'm here in the first place is because you're holding my ****ing husband against his will! You're causing him pain.

        Dream doesn't reply.

        Carmen: How can you be a creator if you destroy those you feed?

        Matthew the Raven flies up at this.

        Matthew: Many have entered like you for this reason.

        Carmen: And now you're too indecent to talk to me! Getting your familiar to do that for you!

        Dream holds a hand up as Matthew the Raven encircles him. He snatches Matthew from the sky and holds the squirming bird in his hand. He releases the bird who returns to his shoulder in a timid fashion.

        Dream: How would you know if he was in pain?

        Carmen points to Hiero.

        Carmen: He told me! He told me my Arthur was suffering here! That he was in danger!

        Dream: Arthur?

        Dream ponders for a few moments.

        Dream: Arthur?Rayne?

        Carmen: That's right!

        Dream: He hasn't visited my realm for a year at least.

        Carmen pauses. Expressionless.

        Dream: His last dream was one of great intensity. And a little bit of unnerve.

        Cut to:

        Rayne walking into the door of the Sacred Circle. As he enters he cheerfully shouts out.

        Rayne: Honey! I'm home!

        Carmen comes down the stairs, wearing a fifties dress. She has an apron on. She runs to her love and jumps into his arms.

        Carmen: Oh Arthur!

        She kisses him.

        Rayne: How is my babe?

        The room changes to be an old sixties furnished house. A picket white fence can be seen outside the window. Carmen is standing in front of him with an apron on and a whisk in her hand. She blocks the kitchen door. She looks angry and over worked.

        Carmen: Junior got into shit at school today. Apparently he shot another kid.

        Rayne stares at her, confused.

        Carmen: That's what you get for bringing him to military school. Raising our good son up to contribute to America's freedom. Cannon fodder, is what he's damn well going to turn out like, if you ask me!

        Rayne: What are you-

        Carmen: Stop looking at me so stupidly all the time. Do you need it that bad right now? Right here in the middle of making dinner? Alright, what will we do with Junior this time? I don't think we have enough little sleepy pills left this time. We'll have to cut it short.

        Rayne gapes at his wife as she starts to undo her clothes.

        The scene shifts once more to Carmen, now elderly, sitting in a chair across from Rayne. The television is on in front of them displaying advertisements.

        Carmen: Well, you certainly ****ed my life up, didn't you? And now look what happened! Juniors dead.

        Rayne just looks at her, confused once more.

        Carmen: Oh don't you go doing that again! Alzheimer's or not I know that you know what I'm supposed to do here.

        Rayne: Carmen, what's going on?

        Carmen: Another lapse in complete sense again? I'm going to screw your brains out.

        She stands up and starts to undress.

        Rayne: Carmen! Stop!

        Carmen: Now you don't want it? Men!

        She continues. Rayne stands up but falls down. Carmen bends down over, reverting back to her fifties look.

        Carmen: Oh sweetie, I hope we never lose interest in each other!

        Rayne: What?

        Carmen: I hope we love each other forever.

        She shifts into the sixties housewife. A knife in her hand.

        Carmen: Forever and ever!

        She stabs Rayne in the chest continually. The screen goes red as Rayne screams and Carmen continues to stab him, enraged. A shot of smiling Feora goes across the screen. It fades away, but burning Leora flashes after it. The two of them caught in battle is the last image before everything goes blank; and Death's pale face comes out of the darkness.

        Cut to: Dream.

        Dream: What is the fate of Arthur Rayne?

        Carmen reacts emotionless.

        Carmen: Comatose.

        Carmen stands still for a few moments. Hiero gets up.

        Hiero: Let's go.

        Carmen takes a moment to process this.

        Carmen: Ok.

        Dream: Wait.

        Carmen looks to him, tear in her eye.

        Dream: I will get you there safer.

        He snaps his fingers, and just like how they arrived, they disappear. Dream and Matthew stay where they are.

        Matthew the Raven: You lied to them.

        Dream: It's best they don't know.

        Matthew the Raven: What are you going to do now.

        Dream: What I should have done a long time ago.

        The doors to the castle open and Dream slowly glides in.

        Cut to:

        Carmen entering the Sacred Circle, looking crushed. Lily and Betty are at the table.

        Lily: - I got the job anyways.

        Betty: Well there's obviously some kind of mistake there.

        They ignore Carmen. She goes behind the till and gets out a bottle of vodka. She drinks it from the bottle.

        Betty: I'll call them right now to see if we can't fix this little mess.

        Lily: I'm old enough to make my own plans!

        Betty: That's exactly what Carmen said, and look at her now.

        Carmen ignores them.

        Betty: Really, Lily. Do you see yourself cut out for this line of work?

        Lily: I don't see much of an alternative seeing how you're giving all your money to Carmen.

        Betty: And because of it this shop is mine.

        Lily: You keep saying that, but that doesn't make it true.

        Betty: Why it's more mine than yours! And why do you care? You came here out of pity just like I have!

        Lily: Auntie!

        Betty: Don't auntie me! That isn't going to get the result changed.

        Carmen begins to cry.

        Lily: Auntie stop it!

        Betty: I am sick of this family! Nobody here ever takes my views into consideration!

        Carmen tosses the bottle down.

        Carmen: Me me me me me me! That's all it's about, isn't it? Bitchy Betty coming to pay the relatives off so they won't leak what her true colours are like to the world, huh? Well I have had it! I am sick of your gross perversion of family values! We are holding on the best we can and you come in and screw around with all of it! Even in a coma, my husband is being more productive than you are!

        At this, she falls to the high seat, crying. Betty just stares for a moment. And then she grabs her purse and walks out.

        Betty: I'm not done here yet. Not by a long shot.

        She opens the door. She smiles cheerfully.

        Betty: Enjoy the money. Don't spend it all in one place.

        She leaves. Lily watchers her collapsed sister with a look of disbelief upon her face.

        Lily: Carmen? you? defeated the bitch!

        Cut to:

        The flaming orb. The three companions shield their eyes from it. The room is vibrating from the immensity of the orbs power. The vibrations stop and the orb grows in size. Dream appears in the orb.

        Dream: Arthur Rayne, you have reached the end of this journey. Surely you know by now you're in your own dream.

        Grace: His?

        Dream: Yes, his. And I have more to tell you. Everything will be explained if you come quickly.

        Rayne: Come where?

        Dream: To my fortress.

        Rayne: Where is that? Where do we go?

        Dream smiles and disappears.

        Rayne: What do I do to get out of here?

        The orb falls, inactive.

        Dream (Off Screen): Straight ahead.

        Scarlet get up and looks out into the woods in front of them. She focuses closely.

        Scarlet: The trail ahead is hard.

        She leads the way to the stairs.

        Grace: Wait, hard? What did you see?

        Scarlet pauses. She thinks of how to word it. Rayne has the orb in his hands, seeing if he can find an answer.

        Scarlet: I saw our deaths.

        Rayne looks out to the woods. Grace stays in shock.

        Scarlet: And that's the way we must take. I hope you really want the goal you are fighting for.

        She descends down the stairs. Grace is frozen still. Rayne doesn't know what to do.

        Cut to:

        The top of the wood looking down.

        Girl (Voice Over): Coming to the dreaming is coming into your own mind.

        Descending into the wood everything goes black. The noise of an unseen creature growling can be heard.

        Girl (Voice Over): There are sometimes things that prevent you from your next path.

        One last roar.

        Cut to Black.

        End Episode.


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          In Association With:
          Sorceress of Crimson Falls created by Travis Truant-Simpson
          Broken Destiny created by Joseph Sessumes and Alexander Brown
          The Realm Below created by Alexander Brown, Amber Rose, and Lyn Elwhyen
          Road Less Traveled created by Thomas Wright and Alexander Brown
          Chosen created by Heather
          Rogue Redemption created by Amber Rose
          Continuations created by Alex Hart
          Shadow Stalkers created by Lex
          Wishful Thinking created by Ben Keefe
          Witch created by Yosso

          Feedback here please.

          - This episode featured the first writing by Yosso for the series.
          - This episode came to be 45 pages; again beating the old record.
          - The break between episode 4.7 and 4.8 was attributed to a severe case of writers block. See if you can spot where it was picked up last night.
          - This episode was originally to be 4.9, however due to the long wait between episodes, the original 4.8 was pushed back to 4.9 and this one brought forward. Expect the other episode in two weeks.