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Raven Episode 4.06 Michael Duran's Day as a Working Mother

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  • Raven Episode 4.06 Michael Duran's Day as a Working Mother


    Blank screen. Text: Jeff Cutier; 2:43am, San Diego, California, USA.

    The front gates of Sea World, San Diego. It's dark outside and there appears to be no one inside. The lights are all out, and the park appears calm.

    Cut to:

    A young man, Jeff Cutier, wearing tight jeans, converse shoes, and a red workers vest. He takes the vest off to show a "My Chemical Romance" shirt underneath. He takes out a small video camera and places it next to him. The glow of the tank next to him shimmers on him.

    Jeff: Hello viewers of my podcast. I feel that my world has been spiraling downward into a black hole of despair.

    He pauses and looks at the camera funny.

    Jeff: Is this thing on?

    He picks it up and looks at the camera. He presses a button and a red light on the front goes on. He places the camera down.

    Jeff: Hello viewers of my podcast. I feel that my world has been spiraling downward into a black hole of despair.

    He pauses and starts to cry.

    Jeff: I'm hurting, you know? I'm hurting inside and I don't know how to stop it. It's just so hard to work with the dolphins all day! They are so cheerful in their tanks with their fish and hoops to jump through, but they are so trapped!

    The camera falls over. Jeff stops for a second and places it back in the right position. Then he resumes crying.

    Jeff: They have restraints! They can't ever leave! They can't just walk out the park like the rest of us. But they still remain so happy - So happy and ignorant!

    Jeff takes out a knife.

    Jeff: It makes me want to just die sometimes, you know? It hurts so much; the dolphins. How carefree they are when they are really just here for a show! It makes me wonder if we're just here for show! Are we just behind some big glass wall being watched?

    Jeff takes the knife to his wrist.

    Jeff: If so, then here's a message to our viewers! Your entertainment is in pain!

    He pulls it along his wrist, causing a rapture in the skin. He bleeds a little until he gets close to his hand. At that point the blood begins to gush out. Jeff doesn't notice and keeps talking.

    Jeff: My life is slowly being released from my body now.

    He looks down and sees his wrist gushing blood. He stands up in shock, dropping his knife. Despair appears from the shadows as Jeff falls backwards.

    Jeff: Shit!

    Despair walks next to him and puts her hook ring through her bottom lip. He tries to wrap his wrist up, but is shaking too much to do so. He looks up and sees Despair. He freezes with fear.

    Despair: I have been watching you, Jeff.

    Jeff: The podcast?

    Despair: Much more often then that.

    Jeff: So you're a stalker?

    Despair smiles at him. He squeezes on his wrist now, trying to stop the bleeding. Despair kneels next to him.

    Despair: You hit an artery, my sweet. My sister will come to collect you soon.

    Jeff: Is your sister a paramedic or something?

    Despair: Of the soul.

    She grabs Jeff's hand and puts it up to her naked breast. Jeff pulls away, edging to the end of the tank.

    Jeff: Where are your clothes?

    Despair grabs at him again and he edges back more, rolling into the tank. Despair stands up and watches him. Jeff is off screen.

    Despair: I'm sorry, Jeffery.

    Jeff's screams can be heard as some blood and a hand fly from the side. Suddenly all noise stops. Despair bends down and picks up Jeff's hand. Leora and Death appear beside her. Death greets her sister as Leora goes to the tank.

    Death: What are you doing here, sister?

    Despair: Your next appointment is one of mine.

    Death: A suicide?

    Despair: Oddly not.

    Leora: That man was mauled by sharks!

    Despair holds up his hand and gives it to her sister. Death takes it, holding it cautiously and a little disgusted.

    Death: Lovely. We get our first shark related death of the year, and it's not even in the open water.

    Leora: There is a death mans body in the tank!

    Death and Despair continue to ignore her.

    Despair: I guess my work is done here.

    Death: Will you be alright?

    Despair: Am I ever?

    Despair disappears. Death walks next to Leora and looks into the tank. Leora has her mouth wide open in shock.

    Death: This is why I didn't want to bring you here until after the attack.

    Leora just pauses for a second.

    Leora: I'm ok.

    Death: This is by far one of the more interesting scenarios of shark suicide I've seen.

    Leora: That man intended on getting eaten by sharks?

    Death: That's what the coroners will say.

    Leora: Who would do that.

    Death turns and points to Jeff, staring down at the sharks. Death walks over to him. Leora in trail.

    Leora (mumbling): Of course it would be an emo.

    Death: How are you?

    Jeff: Was it the great white that did it? That would be so cliché. I hate cliché things.

    Death looks into the tank between the different sharks. She points.

    Death: I think it was the oceanic white tip over there. But it may have been the overweight lemon shark next to it.

    Leora: You know their types?

    Death: A lot more shark attacks result in death than you think, Leora.

    Jeff looks at Leora.

    Jeff: I like the hair.

    Leora: You would, wouldn't you.

    Death: Don't be hostel, Leora.

    Leora: Well it's people like him that made my job really annoying! The emo poetry causing me to argue with their parents that they need counseling!

    Jeff: Poetry is what makes life so meaningful. The words change-

    Leora: Oh please! All emo poems are the same! Slit my wrists and bleed the emotions out and undying love and all that crap!

    Death: Leora-

    Leora: I mean look at what being emo got you ? dead!

    Jeff: I didn't mean to-

    Leora: Don't even try it! If every emo has to whine about death all day long, then they deserve to just go and die!

    Jeff: I didn't want to die! I never said I did!

    Leora snatches the hand from Death.

    Leora: See this? It's a piece of you! You can't tell me you went into a tank full of mistreated sharks with the intention to have a seafood picnic!

    Jeff: I didn't mean to come here! It was just the easiest place to spend time alone at three in the morning!

    Leora: Sure.

    Jeff: I work with the dolphins. The janitors don't come in here because the sharks creep them out. I film my podcast.

    Leora: You're filming a podcast?

    Jeff: About my life.

    Leora: That's worse than a blogger that begs for comments and attention!

    Death: Leora! Enough! His death was an accident.

    Leora stops and looks over to Jeff; her face red with embarrassment.

    Leora: Oh? sorry.

    Jeff: That's alright, I guess?

    Leora: Let's go, shall we?

    Leora walks away Death leans in to whisper to Jeff.

    Death: I didn't tell her about the knife.

    Jeff: Thank you.

    The three of them disappear. Despair reappears and grabs the camera.

    End Teaser:

    Theme Song: Animal I Have Become ? Three Days Grace

    AJ Cook - Carmen White-Rayne
    Tygh Runyan - Michael Duran
    Laura Harris - Lily White
    Drake Bell - Josh O'Malley
    With Kyle Gallner as Hiero
    And Michael Vartan as Arthur Rayne

    Also Starring:
    Teresa Cruz - Death of the Endless
    Tilda Swinton - Scarlet
    And Kate Beckinsale as Leora Byrne

    Guest Starring:
    Melissa McCarthy ? Despair of the Endless
    Alexis Bledel as Cynthia

    Created by:
    Alexander Brown
    And Travis Truant-Simpson

    Executive Producers:
    Alexander Brown
    Joseph Sessumes
    And Travis Truant-Simpson

    Written by:
    Alexander Brown
    And Joseph Sessumes

    Original Concept by:
    Joseph Sessumes

    Based on: Buffy the Vampire Slayer ? Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy and 20th Century Fox, and The Sandman graphic novels ? Neil Gaiman and DC Comics. No profit is made from this fanfiction.

    In Association With: SORCERESS OF CRIMSON FALLS created by Travis Truant-Simpson, BROKEN DESTINY created by Joseph Sessumes, CHOSEN created by Heather, ASTA created by Irene Isaac, ROGUE REDEMPTION created by Amber Rose, SEASONS 8/9/6 created by Alex Hart, SHADOW STALKER created by Lex, and BIRDS OF PARADISE created by Skitty.

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    Act One:

    Leora is on top of Michael sitting on a lazy boy chair. She kisses him passionately repeatedly and then pulls away.

    Leora: Oh Michael! You're the man!

    Leora rips open Michael's shirt and begins to lick his muscular body.

    Michael: Oh yes, this is it. This is it!

    The room begins to spin.

    Michael: This is it!

    Carmen (Distant, Off Screen): Michael?

    The room spins more, the room goes white.

    Carmen (Louder, Off Screen): Michael!

    Cut to: Carmen standing over Michael sleeping on her sofa.

    Carmen: Michael get your ass up!

    Michael: I'm the man. I'm the-

    Carmen: Michael get the hell up now!

    Carmen pulls the covers off of Michael, who is wearing nothing but boxers. Michael opens his eyes to see Carmen.

    Michael: Uhaa! You!

    Carmen: Do you remember why you're here, Michael?

    Michael: Oh Carmen, my druggie days are over!

    Carmen: Well you can still be an idiot! Now get up!

    Michael: You'll wake the baby.

    Carmen: And you'll have to take care of it! I'm leaving for the airport now!

    Carmen grabs her bags as Michael stands up and wipes his eyes from sleep.

    Carmen: You know where everything is.

    Michael: Food in cub board, toys in chest?

    Carmen: And the rules?

    Michael: Baby not to play with magical objects in fear of being turned green. Yes, I know.

    Carmen: Or profit loss!

    Michael: Yes, or profit loss.

    Carmen: If I come back and that baby is just a little beaten up, I will have your neck!

    Michael: I know, you've told me? more than once.

    Carmen: Just want to make sure you know.

    Michael: Have a good trip.

    Carmen: You have the house, and the store.

    Michael: Yes, yes.

    Carmen: Goodbye! Remember!

    Michael: Neck!

    Carmen nods and leaves. Michael sits back on the sofa with a yawn. Carmen comes barging back in.

    Carmen: And put a shirt on! What would people think with a muscled young man doing in my house while my husband is ill?

    Michael: Shoo!

    Carmen whips around and leaves.

    Michael: Nazi?

    Michael slouches back down once more. The baby starts to cry as the door downstairs slams. Michael puts his hand on his head.

    Cut to:

    Josh is helping a customer at the register while Michael is fixing items on a shelf nearby while watching Silas who is in a bouncer. Josh bags the customers purchases and takes the money from them. He gives them their change.

    Josh: Thank you and come again.

    Michael walks over to the register and opens it up.

    Josh: Um, what are you doing?

    Michael: You put the money in the till wrong.

    Josh: What?

    Michael: See, the money's not facing the same way, it's all disorganized.

    Josh: It's not disorganized.

    Michael: Uh clearly it is or I wouldn't be over here fixing it.

    Josh: Listen, just because Carmen is gone doesn't mean that her role of Nazi has to be filled.

    Michael: Hey, I'm just trying to make things run smoothly.

    Josh: By having crazed OCD attacks?

    Michael: It's the way Carmen likes it, and I'm not taking any chances.

    Josh: I don't think Carmen really cares which way the money is facing as long as it's in the till.

    Michael: Shows how much you know.

    Josh: And what? You're some all knowing ex druggie?

    Michael: Well I know how to make things easier.

    Josh: Whatever. You can handle the register, I'll go and organize the shelves.

    Josh walks over to where Michael was before and begins to fix the items, Michael is watching him intently. Josh notices this and turns around to face Michael.

    Josh: What now?

    Michael: Nothing, nothing.

    Josh: Good.

    He goes back to doing what he was doing.

    Michael: It's just that -

    Josh: You know what, if you think you're so much better than you can do it yourself. I'm not coming back till Carmen does. Seeing as she's the sane one around here. And God did I never think that I would say that.

    Josh exit's the store.

    Michael: What a freak.

    Silas begins to cry and Michael walks over to him.

    Michael: What's the matter big guy? Tired? Hungry?

    Michael takes Silas out of his bouncer and carries him upstairs.

    Michael: Lets see what's in the fridge.

    Michael opens up the refrigerator and sees that there is nothing in there but a bunch of near empty Chinese food cartons.

    Michael: Maybe there's something in the cupboards.

    He opens up the cupboards but there is nothing in them except some baby formula.

    Michael: Foods in the cupboard my ass.

    He looks down at Silas who is frowning.

    Michael: I think we may have to go out to get some food.

    Cut to:

    Michael is back downstairs getting Silas set up in his car seat.

    Michael: Don't tell mommy that we're taking her car, I don't think she would be too happy about me driving you around. Though maybe if she occasionally stocked up on food I wouldn't have to.

    He grabs the car seat and goes out the door and flips the ?Open' sign to ?Closed'.

    Michael: And for the love of every God out there, never ever tell your mother that I closed down the store while she was away.

    Silas lets out a giggle.

    Michael: There's a good boy.

    Michael unlocks the car and puts Silas in the backseat, then gets in the drivers seat.

    Michael: Let the fun begin.

    Cut to:

    Michael is pushing Silas in a shopping cart at the Grocery store. He is holding two boxes of cereal in front of him.

    Michael: What do you say Silas, Captain Crunch or Cinnamon Toast Crunch?

    He looks at Silas in his car seat who doesn't really do anything.

    Michael: Cinnamon Toast Crunch it is.

    Michael tosses the Captain Crunch back onto the shelf.

    Michael: Crunchify that.

    He puts the Cinnamon Toast Crunch into the shopping cart.

    Michael: Most annoying slogan ever. God.

    Michael continues down the Isle continuing the mocking of the cereal when a pretty attractive brunette stops him to look at Silas.

    Brunette: Ooh, look at the little darling, is she yours?

    Michael: She?

    Brunette: Oh I just thought, because it was wearing green.

    Michael: So?

    Brunette: Green is the new pink.

    Michael: Since when?

    Brunette: Dear, everyone knows that.

    Michael: Right. Well I gotta go finish shopping.

    As Michael tries to go on the woman stops him.

    Brunette: You never answered my question. Is he yours?

    Michael: No, I'm kinda like his uncle.

    Brunette: Is there a sort of aunt?

    Michael: Yeah, his mom's sister. She's his aunt.

    She rolls her eyes.

    Brunette: Never mind, it's not worth it.

    She walks away from him. Michael turns to Silas.

    Michael: I swear some people just need to be drugged.

    He catches himself.

    Michael: Drugged as in medicated, not meth type drugs.

    Silas coos.

    Michael: But hey, good job on the chick. She wasn't bad looking. There may be hope for you yet. Your mother's crazed anti-woman aura hasn't rubbed off on you.

    Silas giggles at him and Michael laughs back at him. They continue down a different isle, and Michael picks up two more boxes.

    Michael: Now for the big.

    The boxes turn out to be popcorn boxes.

    Michael: ?Butter Lovers?, or ?Theatre Style??

    Cut to:

    Michael is pushing the shopping cart out to the car. He finished putting the groceries into the car when a demon in a orange like vest comes up to them.

    Michael: Crap, a demon!

    He shoves the cart at the demon and quickly puts Silas into the back seat and rounds around to the front of the car.

    Michael: I won't let you take him!

    He jumps into the drivers seat and speeds out of the parking lot. He looks to the backseat.

    Michael: Jesus kid, why does everyone seem to want you?

    He turns back to looking at the front.

    Michael: Can't we go a day without a demon trying to kidnap you?

    End Act One: Commercial Break.


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      Act Two:

      The Sacred Circle is now packed with customers. Michael, holding Silas, is wandering about making sure that the customers do not cause any problems. He stands on a chair to oversee what's going on, causing customers to stare at him. He continues to talk to Silas, who is now asleep.

      Michael: Just look at them; Bending to your mothers ways! She puts on merchandise, they buy. How much mind control is involved in that?

      People begin to leave, staring at Michael.

      Michael: Where are they going? I mean just where are they going?

      He calls to one woman.

      Michael: Excuse me, where are you going?

      The woman walks passed him.

      Michael: It seems nobody buys anything from this store. Will your mother get angry? Oh God, I hate angry Carmen!

      The store is now empty, but for Michael on the chair. He looks about and steps off.

      Michael: And now we don't even have the window shoppers! It must be your mothers aura.

      He walks to the window and notices it's dark outside.

      Michael: Oh? it's closing time.

      He flips the side around. And then turns to the store. Silas wakes up and begins to cry.

      Michael: Oh no! Please don't cry!

      He rocks the baby back and forth, trying to "shh" him.

      Michael: Please, Silas? You're my little buddy!

      He thinks back.

      Michael: Maybe you don't like my company because I couldn't protect you like Carmen or Lily could. Is that it?

      Michael begins to pace, putting the baby back to sleep.

      Michael: That would be it, wouldn't it. That demon that came earlier looked pretty mean. What if he knocked me down and got to you? I mean you're kidnapped like every week, so why would this be any different?

      He stops and looks at sleeping Silas.

      Michael: Oh? you're asleep, hmm?

      He puts the baby down in his mini rocker.

      Michael: Carmen would kill me if something happened to Silas?

      Fast Cut to:

      Carmen telling Michael the rules before she leaves.

      Carmen: If I come back and that baby is just a little beaten up, I will have your neck!

      She holds her hands out to mimic clenching his neck,

      Cut Back to:

      Michael: I'll have your neck!

      He puts his hands to his neck and mimics shaking himself. He stops shaking and looks around. He takes his hands off.

      Michael: I have to get stronger for Silas.

      He goes to the cashiers front desk and pulls out a gym brochure from the desk.

      Silas opens his eyes up once more and looks over at Michael. He smiles and makes noises of excitement towards Michael. Michael comes over to him again.

      Michael: Is that what you want, little buddy?

      He picks up Silas and holds him high above himself. He begins to race Silas around the room while making noises like an airplane. Silas laughs. When Michael stops, Silas pukes on him. Michael holds the laughing Silas lower and wipes some of the puke off him.

      Michael: Bedtime now. We have a big day tomorrow.

      He puts Silas back in his rocker.

      Michael: If only my trainer was still alive?

      Cut to:

      Michael carrying Silas into the entrance of the gym. He's wearing a sweat suit and a sports band on his head. He takes a right from the entrance and goes into a daycare centre. As he walks in, an extremely disagreeable woman looks up at him. The noise of screaming kids can be heard in the back room. She gives him her one response and puts her head back down on the table.

      Daycare Worker: We're full.

      Michael: Umm, can you please just take one more?

      She looks back up at him, a little angry.

      Daycare Worker: We're full, sir.

      She puts her head down once more.

      Michael: I'm really sorry, but I need to get in here. It's for his protection.

      She pulls her head off the table again.

      Daycare Worker: I don't care what reason you have, I said no! Just no no no no!

      A young blonde in sweats comes in holding a little girls hand.

      Daycare Worker: Oh hello, Barbara. Just put her in back.

      Barbara: Thank you!

      Barbara disappears to the back room. Daycare Worker puts her head back down. Michael just stands there for a second.

      Michael: Excuse me, what was that?

      The Daycare Worker looks up.

      Daycare Worker: You're still here? Just get lost!

      Michael: I couldn't help but notice you just let that lady take her kid in.

      Daycare Worker: And? You got a problem with that?

      Michael: Well yes, I do.

      Daycare Worker: What would you like me to do about it?

      Michael: Let little Silas be allowed in there!

      Daycare Worker: No!

      Michael: Ok.

      Michael walks away.

      Cut to:

      Michael putting the baby down in his carrying rocker beside a treadmill. He begins to run as Silas sleeps.

      Michael: Tired, aren't you? You were up crying all last night, after all.

      Some girls begin to gather around Michael's treadmill. He just looks at them as he runs. They smile. Michael ignores them and keeps on going.

      Michael: So what will we do later, little guy? Want to watch some movie? Finding Nemo again? I can never get enough of Ellen DeGeneres. I don't know if your mother approves of lesbians though? I've never asked.

      The women keep watching, some giggling as they smile and wave to little Silas. Michael stops and picks the babies carrier up. He walks away quickly and goes to the bench press. He puts weights on after he puts the baby down. He begins to do reps. The women come back around him and smile. Michael slowly puts the weight down. As he does, a plate falls down and nearly misses Silas' head! Michael leaps up and picks up Silas.

      Michael: That's it! I can't do this!

      He walks away with the baby in hand.

      Cut to:

      Michael walking outside in the hall of the gym. He talks to Silas as he goes.

      Michael: Can you believe that? Those women were just swarming around me!

      Silas is asleep? still.

      Michael: Sometimes I wonder if you're even alive?

      Something dawns on Michael as he walks. He suddenly stops and looks behind him.

      Michael: Women? swarming me? Women? swarming me. Oh, we will be here tomorrow.

      Cut to:

      Michael walking into the gym, Silas once more in his hand. This time he is wearing tight shorts and a tight sleeveless shirt. He passes a woman as he walks down the hall and winks at her. She begins to walk faster. He makes a right to the day care. The Daycare Worker is there, this time with her head up looking through paper work.

      Michael: Look, I know that you don't much like me, and I know that you might be full, but I really just need-

      Daycare Worker: Take him in. It's evening so not many mothers are here. I've got lots of room.

      Michael almost screams with glee as he goes to the back door.

      Cut to:

      Michael on the treadmill next to one girl. He stares at her, catching her attention. She looks over as he is smiling at her. She gets off and walks away. Michael just smiles and looks away.

      Cut to:

      A redhead at the free weights. Michael comes over to her and starts to struggle lifting a heavy weight. He smiles at her after doing a rep. She drops the weight on his foot and walks away, he drops his own on his other foot and yells in pain.

      Cut to:

      Michael going over to the vending machines where some women are standing and gossiping. Michael puts his arm against the machine next to him and smiles at the women. One of them takes her cup of water and tosses it at him. They walk away, Michael still smiling.

      Cut to:

      Michael watching some women at the boxing ring. They take jabs at each other until they notice him. One of them hits Michael in the face, sending him back. He still smiles as he's on the ground.

      Cut to:

      Michael sitting at a machine, pouting. Josh walks by him. Michael looks up.

      Michael: Oh my God! Human contact!

      He gets up and follow Josh. Josh sees him and begins to talk faster.

      Josh: No no? no no no!

      Michael: Come on, Joshy.

      Josh: Stop following me, you freak!

      Michael: Please? I haven't had a chat with someone over the age of one in a few days now!

      Josh: Leave me alone!

      Michael: Joshy, please!

      Josh: Stop calling me that!

      Josh keeps walking, but gets trapped in a corner.

      Michael: How are you Josh? Ready to come back to work?

      Josh: You told me to leave!

      Michael: Yes, well? you know how your boss is. She can never make her mind up!

      Josh: She never told you to tell me to leave.

      Michael: That's beside the point! She is mad! And in turn it's driving me mad! Please come back!

      Josh tries to go past him, Michael blocks him.

      Michael: Joshy, please.

      Josh: I have tomorrow off anyways. Now let me go by!

      He pushes past Michael and walks away.

      Josh: And that black eye looks good on you.

      Michael: Damnit!

      Cut to:

      Michael walking Silas home through the graveyard. Silas is ignoring Michael as he rants, and is playing with a toy.

      Michael: And I can't believe how stupid Josh was being, you know? Not wanting to talk to me when the whole time Carmen has been PMSing at him I was there to stick up for him. But no, he has to let one small thing get between us. One little minuscule event. I mean I think I had a good reason to be crazy that day, right? Your mother scared the living daylights out of me! Sorry to say this, buddy, but she isn't the prettiest flower in all the garden. Sometimes quite the opposite, frankly. I don't know how you can stand being breast fed by her sometimes.

      A vampire jumps out at him. Michael just walks by.

      Michael: I mean look at how she treats aunt Lily! Have you ever noticed it? Or is it just me? Lily just lets her do it too, which makes no sense! I remember last Christmas when she was visiting and Rayne was still awake; Lily was much more dominant to Carmen. I can tell inside she can't take it. I don't think any of us can take it much longer! It's getting to be a burden and there's a vampire behind me.

      He pauses and looks around. The vampire is standing there, ready to attack.

      Michael: There's a vampire behind me!

      Michael begins to run, but the vampire catches up too fast. He tackles Michael to the ground on top of a grave, Michael holds onto the now screaming Silas.

      Michael: Please let me go!

      The vampire gets off and gets ready to go in for the kill. Suddenly, a hand pops out of the grave Michael is on top and grabs the vampires foot.

      Vampire: What the-

      Michael: Zombie? Oh crap! Not my powers!

      Zombies begin to climb out of the graves around Michael. He picks up Silas and begins to carry him away quickly as the zombies pile on the vampire, eating away at him. The vampire tries to get away, but there are too many.

      Vampire: Help me, please!

      Michael: Sorry, not the time for it. Diaper changing time!

      Cut to:

      Michael coming into the Sacred Circle, crying Silas in his hands. He puts him down on the table for a change.

      Michael: Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap.

      He looks at Silas' "present".

      Michael: Oh? crap.

      Michael changes Silas and tosses the diaper out. He picks Silas up and begins to rock him back to sleep. He hears a scratching noise and freezes.

      Michael: Not good either?

      The noise gets louder.

      Michael: Umm? Silas. Did mother ever tell you what she had to do when she conceived you?

      Banging begins to start. Michael looks over to a trunk near the back of the store.

      Michael: Mother had a run in with some mean demons in Mexico.

      There is one last bang, and then nothing. Michael sighs.

      Michael: Never mind. It's passed.

      The trunk opens, and Cynthia, looking almost as she never died, comes out slowly. Michael hangs on to the baby. Cynthia stares at him.

      Cynthia: Where's Carmen White?

      Michael smiles and jumps once for joy.

      Michael: I made a talking zombie without the use of drugs!

      End Act Two: Commercial Break.


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        Act Three:

        Cynthia is in the same spot and Michael is still holding onto Silas.

        Cynthia: Where is Carmen White?

        Michael: Uh?

        Cynthia: Answer me.

        Michael: Carmen's not here.

        Cynthia: Then where is she?

        Michael: She's uh?.She's?Hey, why don't you get back into the box?

        Cynthia: I must find Carmen White.

        Michael: Well technically it's Carmen White-Rayne now?So?

        Cynthia lets out a scream and tosses over a desk. Silas starts to cry and Cynthia exit's the store.

        Michael: Ah crap.

        He runs out of the store and yells after her.

        Michael: She's not that way!

        Cynthia turns around to look at Michael.

        Cynthia: Then where is she?

        Michael: She's um, she's at the, uh.

        Michael lets out a fake laugh.

        Michael: You know she actually just ran down to the store.

        Cynthia: You are lying to me, tell me where she is at once or else.

        Michael: I'm sure she'll be back soon if you just wanted to wait patiently inside the store.

        Cynthia lets out a howling scream.

        Michael: That's what I thought.

        Cynthia picks up a car next to her and throws it towards Michael.

        Michael: I'm thinking that's probably due to my powers.

        Michael raise his free arm and points it towards Cynthia.

        Michael: I command you to stop what you're doing and to get back into the box!

        Nothing happens.

        Michael: Damn it!

        Cut to:

        Michael still has Silas in his arms and they are chasing Cynthia down the street who is just outside a tall building, a Hospital. She walks through the automatic doors and Michael follows not far behind. She gets inside and goes through another set of automatic doors, Michael is now almost out of breath from trying to keep up.

        Michael: For an undead woman, she has some serious lungs.

        Michael looks around at where he is at and notices that its the morgue inside of the hospital.

        Michael: Oh no?oh no. No, no, no, no.

        Banging against the metal of the body containers.

        Michael: Silas, you may want to cover your eyes.

        Michael puts his hand over Silas' eyes.

        Michael: I don't see how any of this can be construed into good.

        The slabs of the containers slide open and the now Zombies begin to walk towards Michael.

        Michael: This is so not cool.

        Michael begins to back up, away from the Zombies.

        Michael: I really need to get to that woman right now.

        Upon hearing this, the Zombies turn around and start going after Cynthia.

        Michael: But that's cool. And handy.

        Michael follows the Zombies towards the hallway where many people are running away from them and screaming. He gets ahead of the Zombies and see's that Cynthia has stopped outside of a room, Michael can barely see who is inside, it's Rayne.

        Michael: Crap!

        Cynthia starts to go inside the room when the Zombies push past Michael and tackle her to the ground.

        Michael: That's great!

        Michael's powers kick in once more and all the Zombies fall to the ground, once again lifeless.

        Michael: I don't think the Janitor is gonna like this.

        He walks into Rayne's room.

        Michael: I don't know who this woman is, but that doesn't matter, what matters is that your wife is absolutely psychotic!

        Rayne remains still.

        Michael: And yeah, thanks for being all in a coma and stuff, I really could of used you today Rayne.

        Still no response.

        Michael: For what? Well to start with, taking care of your son, not mine, yours.

        He holds up Silas.

        And then with your wife. She has more mood changes than a ring! Plus she really needs you. Leora's gone and all she has is Lily and me. I'm not saying that we're bad people, just that we really don't understand how Leora stood being around Carmen twenty four-seven.

        Michael turns around.

        Michael: You know what? Forget it. It's useless.

        He grabs onto Cynthia by the mid drift and begins dragging her out of the room.

        Michael: I'm going home to take care of your kid.

        He gets a better grip on Cynthia as she starts to fall.

        Michael: And whoever the hell this is.

        Cut to:

        Michael is dragging Cynthia's body to the exit of the Hospital with Silas in his other arm.

        Michael: Thank God I worked out before this.

        He is getting many shocked looks from everyone around. He snaps at them.

        Michael: You people act like you've never seen a dead body before. God! This is a hospital people.

        Cut to:

        Michael is trying to get Cynthia's body back into the box but it won't fit right. He runs upstairs to the bathroom and returns with a plunger in hand. He begins pushing down on Cynthia with it to try and make her fit.

        Michael: Get. In. There. DAMN IT!

        He gets her all the way into the trunk and closes the lid, but it does not shut all the way.

        Michael: I really don't think she'll notice, I mean it's been forever since she's brought it up.

        He gets up and goes over to Silas who is in a play pen.

        Michael: Remember, if your mother ever asks, Uncle Michael has never allowed Zombies to come near you.

        Silas giggles.

        Michael: Alright little guy, it's been a really long day, how about we get you a bottle and then I get the rest of this place in tact before your mother comes come and flays me.

        He goes over and begins tidying up where Cynthia came through and wrecked things.

        Michael: I swear that no one will be happy until this place is destroyed.

        He grabs the broom from nearby and starts to sweep.

        Michael: I mean it's not like this place is all that great. What is it about this shop that draws all this mayhem to it? It's annoying. And cleaning it up becomes tedious really quick.

        Michael gets the dustpan and kneels down to sweep everything onto it.

        Michael: It probably has to do with something about your mother.

        Silas makes a gurgling sound.

        Michael: I mean, do you know how many demons she's made angry in the past? It's unheard of. You'd think she was a slayer or something.

        He throws the garbage on the dustpan into the trash bin.

        Michael: I mean when I told that crazy Zombie lady your mom has hoarded in the trunk to stop she didn't, but when I didn't really ask the other Zombies to get her, they obeyed. She has to of made a serious grudge with that woman to have her act like that.

        Michael sees that the sign on the window is showing ?Closed' to the outside.

        Michael: Oh crap.

        He runs over to it and flips it around and then turns around, leaning against the door and notices the clock showing that it is 9:35. Michael groans and turns the sign back around.

        Michael: She's even got me going insane.

        Cut to:

        Michael slouched out over the table. Silas is in his crib, sleeping. Michael looks like hell because of his experience the last few days. The door opens. A cheery Carmen comes in.

        Carmen: I'm back! And the store is still here.

        Michael groans.

        Carmen: Oh! So is my baby!

        She picks Silas up and begins to inspect him.

        Carmen: And in tact!

        Michael: You have no idea the hell I had to put up with.

        Carmen: Yes, darling, I do. It's called "Working Motherhood".

        Michael: Well it sucks.

        Carmen: Sure does.

        Carmen puts Silas down and goes to the cash register.

        Carmen: Where's Josh? He's supposed to be on shift.

        Michael gets up.

        Michael: That little lying twerp!

        Carmen: What?

        Michael: Oh? I let him take the day off.

        Carmen: That's fine. It isn't like this store needed him. I'm very surprised, Michael.

        Michael slouches back down.

        Michael: Thank you.

        The door opens once more. Lily comes in holding shopping bags.

        Lily: I'm back!

        Carmen and Michael just stare at her.

        Lily:? from New York.

        They continue to stare.

        Lily: If anybody cares.

        Carmen: Not really.

        Carmen looks around the store.

        Lily: I did lots of shopping and I went and saw "Phantom of the Opera" and all there was to see! I love New York. That Phantom was a creep though? I never want to be stalked like that.

        She puts down a bag next to Michael.

        Lily: Those are for you, Michael.

        Michael: Is there Aspirin in there?

        Lily: Not that I know of?

        Michael: Damn it.

        Carmen reaches Cynthia's trunk. She knocks on it and then looks over, furious.

        Carmen: You tell me what the hell you did to my corpse right now, Michael Duran!

        Michael just bangs his head in the table.

        End Episode.


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          In Association With:
          Sorceress of Crimson Falls created by Travis Truant-Simpson
          Broken Destiny created by Joseph Sessumes and Alexander Brown
          The Realm Below created by Alexander Brown, Amber Rose, and Lyn Elwhyen
          Road Less Traveled created by Thomas Wright and Alexander Brown
          Chosen created by Heather
          Rogue Redemption created by Amber Rose
          Continuations created by Alex Hart
          Shadow Stalkers created by Lex
          Wishful Thinking created by Ben Keefe
          Witch created by Yosso

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          - This episode is Joseph Sessumes first half episode of Raven.
          - The episode was split 50/50 between Alexander Brown and Joseph Sessumes: Alex took the teaser and act two, where Joe took acts one and three.
          - The first scene of act 1 was written four months ago by Alex when the idea was first conceived. it was to be the teaser of the episode until the way the teasers were put about changed.
          - Joe made references to Scrubs and Gilmore Girls. See if you can find them