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Raven Episode 4.05 "Blindly Maternal"

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  • Raven Episode 4.05 "Blindly Maternal"


    Blank Screen. Text: Julia Nicole Richards; 12:15am, Hull, England.

    A nurse sleeps behind her desk in an office looking out to a infant room. The babies all seem to be calm. The lights turn on the dark room as Death and Leora appear at the foot of the bed closest the door.

    Leora: Oh no, we can't be here to pick up a baby!

    Death: Leora, Death holds no discrimination. I take all who meet their time.

    Leora gives the baby before her a concerned look.

    Death: I also have another job. The baby in front of us will not die today.

    Leora: But I thought you didn't discriminate.

    Death: How would I know every child if I did not come and mark them individually when they were born? She was just brought in a while ago, and I am here to greet her.

    The baby opens her eyes and silently looks at Death. Not sure what to think of her.

    Death: Hello, Sasha. There's no need to be afraid

    She touches the babies forehead with her index finger. An white ankh appears and sinks into her skull. Death smiles.

    Death: I've finished with her.

    She moves along to another bed a few rows down. Leora follows.

    Leora: And you get to every birth in the world as well as to every death in the world?

    Death: Unless you are somehow in my very small circle of friends, that is how it works.

    Leora: Have I not been paying attention or something?

    Death: To how I can accomplish such an ambitious task?

    Leora: Yeah, that'd be the question.

    Death: Well, Leora. It took you long enough. How many deaths do we get to in a day?

    Leora: I don't know? my conception of time has been lost since I, well, died. I mean it could only have been five seconds since I have died!

    Death: It's been nine months since you joined me here.

    Leora: Nine months?

    She sits down in a chair next to the babies bed; a little distraught.

    Leora: Nine months?

    Death: There is no way that I would be able to just go everywhere to every birth or death just by one body.

    Leora: Nine?

    She stands up once more, this in mind.

    Death: I can project myself all over the world while still keeping a central version of myself. That way when I'm at a family meeting or out doing my job I am able to do other jobs as well.

    Leora: A central you?

    Death: Not even I know where my centre is; it's been so long. As soon as things started being born, I began my job.

    Leora: Can I project as well? Could I go and watch someone right now?

    Death: As you know, you are just on a journey with me. You cannot go anywhere or do anything without me being or doing whatever it may be.

    Leora goes to the window to look outside at the landscape.

    Death: Where is it you want to go?

    Leora: Carmen? she'd have had her baby now. I? I wanted to see what the baby looked like. I was going to be its God Mother.

    Death closes her eyes for a second. When she opens them she look at Leora.

    Death: Silas Arthur White-Rayne. Born March 6th, 2006. He has his fathers eyes.

    Leora: I wonder how the two of them are raising him.

    Cut to:

    Carmen holding a crying Silas and a bottle of milk. She tries to feed him, but he's too busy crying. She looks tired, dirty, and grumpy. She rocks the baby, but it just continues crying. She gets it to take some milk, but it spits it out at her and cries louder.

    Carmen: Michael! Come help the baby!

    Cut to:

    A doctor beside Rayne's hospital bed. A nurse comes in with a metal pan in her hands.

    Doctor: Nurse Keefe, it's about time you changed this poor mans bedpan! It's been three days! He is still alive? for now?

    Cut to:

    Death: From what I remember of them, they will make fine parents.

    Leora: I still wish I could be there for her. I never really thought of how lonely they all must be right now without me. Rayne, Carmen, Caitlin, Michael; even Galen probably misses me.

    Death: Galen? He's dead.

    Leora: What?

    Death: Michael killed him.

    Leora: And you're just letting me stay here while a murdering drug addict is with my friends and their new baby?

    Death: Michael killed him to save them.

    Leora looks at her.

    Death: Galen was talking to Feora the whole time. She knew everything ahead of when they happened for a reason.

    Leora: He? betrayed me? My own blood betrayed me?

    She sits down again, stunned. There's silence for a minute. Death moves to the child next to her.

    Death: She stopped breathing, just now. Julie that is.

    Leora stands up and looks down at the sickly child. It's gone blue.

    Death: The Doctors took her off the incubator today in hopes that she'd be able to breathe well enough on her own.

    Leora: That's a terrible way to go. It's a shame at this age.

    Death: It never is that easy to take a child.

    Leora: She can't even have her life pass before her; she's so new.

    Death: Did you life pass before you?

    Leora: I? I can't remember. My death feels so distant and surreal.

    Death: As will hers.

    Leora: What do we do with the child? Where will she go?

    Death: Somewhere where she will be taken care of well. A place where she will be allowed to grow up and live forever.

    Leora: It sounds nice.

    Death: It is.

    Leora stands silent. Death smiles down at the baby as it sits up out of her own body.

    Death: It's time to go, Julia. They're waiting for you.

    End Teaser.

    Theme Song: Animal I Have Become ? Three Days Grace

    AJ Cook - Carmen White-Rayne
    Tygh Runyan - Michael Duran
    Laura Harris - Lily White
    Drake Bell - Josh O'Malley
    With Kyle Gallner as Hiero
    And Michael Vartan as Arthur Rayne

    Also Starring:
    Teresa Cruz - Death of the Endless
    Tilda Swinton - Scarlet
    And Kate Beckinsale as Leora Byrne

    Special Guest Star:
    Andy Umberger ? D'Hoffryn
    And Jake Gyllenhall as Daiman Ax

    Guest Starring:
    Jared Hiers ? Orlando
    Sophie Okonedo - Meela
    And Maria Alejandra Delfino as Grace

    Created by:
    Alexander Brown
    And Travis Truant-Simpson

    Executive Producers:
    Alexander Brown
    Joseph Sessumes
    And Travis Truant-Simpson

    Written by:
    Alexander Brown
    And Joseph Sessumes

    Special Guest Writer:
    Alexander Hart

    Art by:
    Joseph Sessumes

    Based on: Buffy the Vampire Slayer ? Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy and 20th Century Fox, and The Sandman graphic novels ? Neil Gaiman and DC Comics. No profit is made from this fanfiction.

    In Association With: SORCERESS OF CRIMSON FALLS created by Travis Truant-Simpson, BROKEN DESTINY created by Joseph Sessumes, CHOSEN created by Heather, ASTA created by Irene Isaac, ROGUE REDEMPTION created by Amber Rose, SEASONS 8/9/6 created by Alex Hart, SHADOW STALKER created by Lex, RAIN created by Beth and Odelia, and BIRDS OF PARADISE created by Skitty.

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    Act One:

    Open with Carmen walking down a hospital corridor with Silas in her arms, she looks very sad. Lily is walking close behind her with a carefree look on her face. Carmen gets to a room and opens the door to it and walks into it followed by Lily. When they get in, someone is lying on a hospital bed with machines and wires hooked onto them, it's Rayne. A nurse is checking the machines when Carmen and Lily walk in. Carmen has a nasty grumpy look on her face, she doesn't have to say anything and the nurse scurries out of the room. Carmen scoffs.

    Carmen: They call themselves professionals.

    Lily: It's not like you let them be professional Carmen. They don't do what you tell them and you?well, you hit them.

    Carmen ignores Lily's comment and walks over to Rayne's bed side and holds Silas to look at him.

    Carmen: Are you going to say ?hi' to daddy?

    Silas' hand forms and un-curls his fist as if he is attempting a wave.

    Carmen: There we go.

    Carmen bends down and kisses Rayne on the forehead.

    Carmen: I'm so sorry Arthur, I haven't found anything yet, these comas are bitches.

    Lily: Sorry? For what?

    Carmen: Mind your own business Lily.

    Lily: Well if you're blaming yourself for Arthur's condition, I think I should step in and tell you that there was nothing you could of done to prevent it.

    Carmen: I could of made him stay behind; with me?with his child.

    Carmen looks from Rayne to Silas and then to Lily.

    Lily: You actually think that that would've stopped him? He wanted to go out and save the world to make it better for you and Silas. Arthur is just as stubborn as you are, that's why you two were able to stand each other.

    Carmen: He didn't need to go; Leora damn well made sure of that. Anyways, I'm not sorry that I couldn't save him; I'm sorry that I haven't been able to wake him.

    Carmen looks back down at Rayne.

    Carmen: Sometimes when I come in here, his facial expressions look like he's struggling, like there's something big going on in his head and all I can do is stand here and watch him, helpless, unable to do anything.

    Carmen begins to sob gently.

    Carmen: I've saved the world countless times, but I can't help my husband out of some stupid coma? How fair is that? I should be able to do something damnit! I shouldn't be so useless.

    Lily: Hey, you're far from useless, I mean look, you've taken care of Silas just fine, that's got to count for something, right? Plus; you bought that cute orange top the other day, anyone who is able to buy that is far from useless.

    Carmen looks at her with a ?what the hell' face and then rolls her eyes.

    Carmen: Can you just, stand outside or something?

    Lily: Whatever! I was trying to help! Ms. Bipolar.

    Lily leaves the room and Carmen holds Silas in one arm while gently stroking Rayne's arm with the other.

    Carmen: I promise I'll fix everything Arthur, I promise.

    Cut to:

    The vacant city in Rayne's coma. Grace and Scarlet are standing around an open manhole. Grace goes down, and Scarlet looks down after. It's a long dark way down. Rayne is below Grave, going first. Scarlet begins to descend after Grace makes some distance.

    Cut to:

    Part way down the ladder. The three of them are in almost complete darkness. At the bottom a light appears.

    Grace: What's down there?

    Rayne stops and looks.

    Rayne: Someone? or something.

    Grace: Well, maybe we should turn around?

    Something flies by Rayne's ear.

    Rayne: What was that?

    Scarlet catches it as it passes her. It's an arrow. She drops it and pulls out a golden sai.

    Scarlet: Hold on and hug the wall.

    Rayne: Scarlet? What are you going to do?

    Scarlet: End this quickly.

    She lets go of the railing and dives down, sais in her hands. She passes Grace and Rayne and keeps going, arrows flying past her as she does. She moves and dodges them all. She hits one with her sais too. She can hear yelling at the bottom as the light gets brighter and brighter, and she gets closer and closer to the bottom. The man at the bottom is dressed as a medieval archer. She slams into him with her sais, pinning him to the ground. He yells as he dies. Two other medieval archers there spring up and aim at Scarlet. She pulls the sais out of the one and slams the right one into the man in front of her. The one behind loads his bow and pulls back. Scarlet grabs the arm of the man in front of her that she just stabbed. As the archer that's aiming at her begins to release, she flips over the man, walking part up the wall, and drops down. She swings both her sais in the air and then slashes them across each other, taking the head off the living archer. She lands on the ground really low, posing as if ready for more action.

    Grace: Umm, what's going on?

    Scarlet looks up. Grace and Rayne are a far ways away.

    Cut to:

    Scarlet helping Grace and Rayne down the ladder. They look around at the three dead archers. Rayne turns to her.

    Rayne: How are you still alive?

    Scarlet: I killed them first.

    Grace: And gravity?

    Scarlet: It bent to my will.

    She walks along the dark path ahead them.

    Grace: How do we know where we're going?

    Rayne: Do you see any other path?

    Scarlet stops and kneels. Rayne and Grace stop behind her. She puts her fingers to the ground and feels around.

    Scarlet: There are more people down here.

    Rayne: More?

    Grace: How can you tell?

    Scarlet: I am an assassin.

    She gets out her sais once more and leaps up.

    Scarlet: Come. We must get the crystal and get out of here.

    Rayne and Grace follow a ways behind.

    Grace: She seems feistier than usual.

    Rayne: I think it's because we're doing something she wants for once.

    The three walk down the path. Not noticing that there is no electric lights above them, or no any other viable sources either.

    Cut to:

    The misty center of Arashmahaar. Men in robes walk around with incense around a throne in which D'Hoffryn is seated. A man appears from the shadows. He appears to be young, but he is dressed in an ancient light armor; a short sword in a sheath attached to his belt.

    D'Hoffryn: Ah. I was wondering when you would show up again. I was planning on sending a search party in a century or so.

    Daiman: I'm sorry. I got a little caught up.

    D'Hoffryn: Third world dimensions never are good for trips. All the poverty, and chaos, and the smells?did you acquire it?

    Daiman Ax takes the head of a burnt demon and holds it by the helmet in front of him. He tosses it at his feet.

    D'Hoffryn: And her husband?

    Daiman Ax holds out a small clear vial. Ash is inside.

    Daiman: I couldn't pull him from the fire fast enough.

    D'Hoffryn: Pity. At least we know Karakaroff is ready for taking.

    Daiman: And I can get my reward, like we agreed.

    D'Hoffryn stands and paces in front of his throne.

    D'Hoffryn: You have shown you are capable as an assassin, thief, delegate: whatever job I have seen fit for you, you have completed impressively. We hold parties to commemorate your victories. It was Larry's turn to bring the cake last time. It was quite an interesting taste. He had garnished it with thorn of ?

    Daiman Ax throws aside the ash filled vile, breaking it. He stares at D'Hoffryn looking angry.

    Daiman: I don't care about the festivities of this business you pretend to merrily rule. I just want my freedom!

    D'Hoffryn ponders for a second.

    D'Hoffryn: I have one more task for you, Daiman Ax. Then you will have filled you quota.

    Daiman exhales impatiently.

    Daiman: One more.

    D'Hoffryn: Yes, just the one.

    Daiman: Then tell me what I have to do.

    D'Hoffryn: It's nothing too big or time-consuming. It's just a case of revenge I need.

    Daiman looks unimpressed.

    Daiman: Get a vengeance demon. My skills shouldn't be wasted on petty retribution.

    D'Hoffryn: Oh no. This is far more than retribution.

    He holds up his hand and a smokey screen appears in front of it. Carmen and baby Silas are on it.

    D'Hoffryn: This job?requires a personal touch.

    Daiman looks at D'Hoffryn curiously.

    Cut to:

    The Sacred Circle. Lily and Michael gather baby gear together in a bag as Carmen comes down the stairs, Silas in her hands.

    Carmen: Alright Silas, ready for a nice trip with Auntie Lily and Uncle Michael?

    Lily takes Silas from her, handing Michael more bags.

    Lily: Hello little guy. We have to go shopping for you! Mommy has given us her credit card to buy you lots of pretty things.

    Michael looks up at her, an concerned look on his face.

    Michael: Are all White women this materialistic?

    Carmen: Do not question our gene pool!

    Lily: Come on, we're going to be late!

    Michael: It's one? the mall is open for another eight hours!

    Lily: We've got a lot to get!

    Michael: Eight hours worth?

    Lily: Yup!

    She dashes out. Michael stares at Carmen with a "is she for real" look.

    Carmen: White genes.

    Michael follows Lily, struggling with the many bags he has to carry.

    Carmen: If you think that's a lot of bags to start with, just wait till the end!

    Michael: Oh dear God!

    He leaves. Josh comes from behind the counter and dusts the table. An angered look on his face. Carmen turns around.

    Carmen: So, Josh. How's the school drama?

    Josh: I don't think you should be talking to me, Ms. Byrne!

    Carmen: Ah, but you can call me Mrs. White-

    Josh: I'm not in the mood to talk to you right now.

    Carmen: I'm your employer! Don't give me that attitude!

    Josh: What will you do? Get a demon to attack me like the other week?

    Carmen: I didn't sick the bubble on you?

    Josh: Well then. Will you use your poor parenting skills then?

    Carmen glares at him for this.

    Josh: Or maybe you'll just tell everyone my deepest darkest secrets! That'll get me!

    Carmen: It isn't my fault you're a coward! Or that you slept with this girl behind your boyfriends back! Or that you're a coward for having a boyfriend! I didn't cause any of these things to happen!

    Josh: It doesn't stop these things from being private!

    Carmen: What do you want, an apology?

    Josh: Yes, damnit!

    Carmen: Well you aren't getting one!

    Josh: Then I quit!

    He slams his fist down on the table. Carmen stops for a moment to calm down.

    Carmen: Look, Josh. It isn't the end of the world.

    Josh: Well, the embarrassment I could have lived with. It's how he found out that's killing me.

    Carmen: Go to him then. Tell him that you didn't mean to hurt him like you did. Tell him about your feeling about the relationship in general. Your discomfort and everything.

    Josh: I can't?

    Carmen: Well get out of here anyway. You have the day off. I suggest you spend it well.

    Josh looks at her.

    Josh: Are you?

    Carmen: Go! Get out!

    Josh takes off his apron and darts out of the Sacred Circle.

    Carmen: Be back tomorrow morning! Please?

    Cut to:

    Michael and Lily walking though the mall, Michael has a baby hold strapped around his front while carrying Lily's abundance of bags from before shopping plus the ones filled with stuff that she has just purchased. While Lily herself is only carrying a medium bag in each hand.

    Michael: Hey Lily, do you think you can maybe take a bag or two, I don't think Silas is too happy about all these bags.

    Lily doesn't even glance at Michael, she just continues on looking through the windows of the stores they pass.

    Lily: Oh Michael, he's fine, stop fussing; it gets kind of annoying after a while. Besides, I need my hands free so that I can find the best for the little one.

    Michael: Um, over half of these bags are your things. I don't think Carmen is going to be too happy about you charging all of this to her card.

    Lily: Well it's not like she pays for me to baby-sit, I mean it's not my fault her husbands in a coma. I deserve some pay for what I do.

    Michael: Yeah, you.

    Lily spots a purse in a window that makes her eyes go the size of saucers and hurries into the store, Michael slowly follows it.

    Lily: I just love this purse.

    Michael: Didn't you already buy a purse?

    Lily: Yeah, but that one is for my blue dress outfit, this one would be for my red and black skirt outfit.

    Michael smiles at the thought. He looks more closely at the purse and notices the price tag.

    Michael: Two hundred and sixty dollars?! Are you nuts? Carmen would kill you.

    Lily: Not if she thought that it was for her little angel.

    Michael: And when the bill comes with this stores name on it with that price next to it, you don't think she will figure it out?

    Lily: Michael, you worry to much, all will be fine; plus a girl like me needs the finest of things.

    Michael: I'm starting to sense that you are a high maintenance kind of girl.

    Lily: (clearly not seeing his point) Okay?

    Michael checks his watch.

    Michael: Hey it's almost eight, and Carmen wanted us back around now, I think we should go

    Lily sighs.

    Lily: Fine, I'll just get this later, the skirt will jus have to wait.

    Michael: Well, I mean we do have some time till she wants us home, I really don't see the harm in 5 more minutes.

    Lily smiles cutely at him.

    Lily: Yay!

    Lily jumps up with the ?Yay' and grabs the purse and rushes to the counter. Silas lets out a gurgled noise and gives a frown to Michael.

    Michael: What? She liked it.

    Silas' face turns to a smile. Michael frowns.

    Michael: And I'm guessing that's not you happy, that's you with gas.

    Lily runs over to Michael with yet another bag in hand.

    Lily: Ready?

    Lily sniffs.

    Lily: Ew, what is that smell?

    Michael: It's Silas ready to go home.

    Lily: Babies are so fowl sometimes.

    Silas smiles and Michael gives a weak smile.

    Cut to:

    Michael and Lily walking into the Sacred Circle. Carmen is fixing things on a shelf and turns to see them all. She goes over to Michael and takes Silas from him. She gives Silas a kiss.

    Carmen: (to Silas) How was shopping. Did you get lots of things or ?

    Carmen looks over at the bags Michael has set down on the ground and sees that most of them are not form baby stores.

    Carmen: Or did Aunt Lily just rack up my Credit Card? Lily?

    She glances to Michael. Her tone changes to business Carmen.

    Carmen: Michael?

    Michael looks away.

    Lily: What? Silas needed lots of things, honestly you're neglecting the poor child of all the great stuff you can get him.

    Carmen: I'm sure there is nothing in that Prada bag that would be of use to Silas!

    Carmen looks over at Michael.

    Carmen: Is all this stuff for Silas or did she go on a patented Lily-Shopping-Rampage?

    Michael: Hey I don't have the White Gene; you two can work this out yourselves.

    Michael goes off to the other end of the store. Carmen picks up the diaper bag.

    Carmen: I don't really care to deal with this right now, I'm going to go for a walk with Silas. Can you watch the shop while I'm gone, since you decided to spend half of it's mortgage on yourself, you might as well help look after it.

    Lily: Whatever.

    Carmen exits the Sacred Circle with Silas in her arms.

    Lily turns towards Michael.

    Lily: Yeah, thanks a bunch for sticking up for me back there.

    Michael doesn't know what to say, so he just starts cleaning up.

    Cut to:

    Carmen walking up to Leora's apartment. Silas is in her hands. She has a jacket on, suggesting it is night. She puts the key in he keyhole and a creak is heard behind her. She turns around, and nothing is there. Silas wakes up and yanks on his mothers hair to let her know.

    Carmen: Ow! Silas!

    She struggles with the babies hand and opens the door. She gets free and puts Silas down to crawl around.

    Carmen: Go on. If your anxious to be up at 10.

    Carmen walks around the corner. Daiman Ax is there waiting for her. She freezes when she sees him.

    Daiman: Hello.

    He punches at her face. Carmen blocks with her hand and stumbles back, tripping over Silas. She falls to the floor, banging her head. The baby begins to cry. Her vision becomes blurred as she looks up. Daiman scoops up Silas in his hands and rocks him back and forth. Carmen goes in and out of consciousness, black covering the screen every few seconds.

    End Act One: Commercial Break.


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      Act Two:

      Carmen is tied to a chair in Leora's apartment. Daiman Ax tying her down. Silas is now asleep in his carrier. Carmen comes to slowly. She's calm at first, but then sees Daiman Ax and then begins to panic.

      Carmen: Silas? What did you do to Silas?

      Daiman Ax finishes tying her to the chair and pulls the rope tight.

      Carmen: Silas?

      Daiman: He is still alive.

      Carmen: Let me go!

      She starts to struggle. Daiman Ax ignores her and picks up Silas.

      Carmen: Let go of my baby!

      Daiman: I would if I could.

      Carmen: Then do so!

      Daiman: My mission is to retrieve him from you.

      Carmen: Your mission? Who sent you?

      Daiman: An enemy of yours.

      Carmen stares at him blankly.

      Carmen: Would that be from last year? The one before? Or before that? Or all three?

      Daiman: D'Hoffryn has demanded this task of me.

      Carmen: D'Hoffryn?

      Daiman: So I will deliver him the child.

      Carmen looks into his eyes.

      Carmen: You don't look like the one to do something like this. Who are you? And why are you doing this?

      Daiman: My name is Daiman Ax. That is all you need to know.

      Carmen sees her purse a little ways in front of her. She edges the chair forward and Daiman Ax is tending to Silas.

      Daiman: What I want to know is what you did to D'Hoffryn to get him to send me.

      Carmen: It was more of a disagreement.

      She reaches into her purse with her hand. Struggling with her position to get it.

      Daiman: I have seen many people piss off D'Hoffryn, but I am only sent for his serious cases.

      Carmen: That's all and interesting. But why-

      Daiman: Don't bother with the knife in your purse. It's on the kitchen table. Along with a prominent collection of guns. Quite armed for a common woman.

      Carmen glares at him.

      Daiman: The only way you're getting out of here with this child is with a miracle.

      The door falls down with a slam. Hiero, dressed in all black, charges in, bashing into Daiman Ax, taking him to the ground. Silas is dropped to the love seat cushion. He wakes up to see the two men punching each other, and his mother tied up in awe. He reaches to his mother, but is strapped in his carrier. He begins to cry. Carmen notices Silas and tries to edge the chair to him, falling over in the process. She begins to struggle with the ropes, starting to weasel out of them.

      Carmen: Mommy's coming, Silas.

      Daiman Ax leaps up, sword now out, swinging at Hiero. Hiero leans back and the blade strikes Carmen's chair, just missing her hands. Daiman Ax slashes at Hiero's arm, ripping the sleeve and cutting him. Hiero recoils from the pain. Carmen pulls the ropes away.

      Carmen: Thanks.

      She gets up, but Daiman Ax pushes Hiero into her. Both fall over. Daiman Ax grabs Silas, who grabs once more for his mother. He pulls out a red gauntlet and punches the air, causing a round purple vortex to appear. He jumps in it with the baby. Hiero stands up and helps Carmen up. Carmen runs to the vortex as Hiero looks at his wound.

      Carmen: Come on!

      She jumps in. Hiero dives in after her. The portal closes.

      Cut to:

      Scarlet, Rayne, and Grace wandering around the dark path of the underground. Rayne and Grace look around, fear in their eyes. Scarlet has her sais ahead of her and is bent over; ready for attack.

      Grace: Is this place leading anywhere?

      Rayne: Those men had to come from somewhere.

      Grace: How can you be certain? How do you really know?

      Rayne: I've been in this business for a long time.

      Grace: I don't like being underground. I feel so? trapped.

      Scarlet: There isn't much more ahead.

      They turn a corner in front of them. An arrow flies by Scarlet, she pulls back and hugs the wall they just turned around. Rayne and Grace follow her. Scarlet grabs her sais up.

      Scarlet: There are two archers. Same as the others. I also saw a dozen warriors. Can you help me?

      Rayne looks to her.

      Grace: Help? We won't get past the archers!

      Rayne: We have no choice.

      Grace: But how will we pass the archers.

      Scarlet: Hope I don't miss.

      She holds up a sai in each hand and turns the corner, letting out a battle cry as she does. She runs, arrows coming at her one after the other. She gets the view of the archers; a few yards from her. She throws her sais with a yell and the hit each archer in the head. The warriors, dressed up as dark knights in medieval armor, come toward her. Rayne turns the corner and runs after her. Scarlet grabs the first knight's arm as she swings his sword and twists his arm around to get another behind him. The other four are a little ways behind. She pulls the sword out of the killed knight and stabs the other one. She pulls the blade out and tosses it to Rayne.

      Scarlet: Cover me.

      Rayne watches her for a second. Grace creeps around the side.

      Rayne: How did we lose to her?

      He charges after her.

      Scarlet takes a running start to another knight who raises his blade on her sight. She passes by the archers, picking both sais up from each side as she passes them. She lets out another battle cry and lunches forward. She hits the knights chest plate and falls back, back flipping to recover. He charges her with a vertical slice from his blade. The blade leaves a green trail as it swings. Rayne stops his run and watches this. Each slash of his blade at Scarlet; horizontal, vertical, at the throat, down low; emits a green wave. One hits Scarlet in the shoulder, causing blood to fly from her. She yells. Rayne snaps out of it.

      Grace: What was that?

      Rayne charges with his sword. The other three knights approaching Scarlet. Scarlet stabs the one in front of her when Rayne reaches her. She falls to the ground and holds her shoulder. Rayne stops and goes to her side, parrying as a knight swings at him. He holds his hand out to Scarlet to help her up. She looks at it, then at him, and then leaps forward, sais going through the neck of the knight that slashed at Rayne. Scarlet and Rayne get back to back. A knight on each side. Rayne swings his sword at his side and lunges the blade forward with a yell; his knight swinging down. Scarlet twirls her sais and lets out a yell as she lunges them forward; her knight swinging down at her. They all freeze for a second. Blood splatters onto Rayne and Scarlet, but the knights falls. Rayne and Scarlet let out a sigh of relief. Suddenly another knight appears from the corner Rayne and Scarlet are faced with. The two look, neither reacting. He swings with a grin on his face. An arrow flies past Rayne and Scarlet, hitting the knight in the forehead. He drops his sword and looks up. He tumbles to the ground. Grace walks forward: bow in her hands, and a quiver of arrows on her back.

      Grace: I was in archery when I was young.

      Rayne and Scarlet look at her.

      Grace: Can we please get going? I hate being here?

      Scarlet puts her sais away and leads the way. Rayne calls to her.

      Rayne: Are you sure that was all?

      Scarlet: Are you sure you know your friend?

      She disappears around the corner. Rayne looks at Grace, who smiles at him. He seems to take Scarlet's advice as his stare towards her is of wonder, and just a little bit of fear. She joins his side.

      Grace: That's the first time I've killed a man.

      Rayne: Well, it never really changes once you do it once.

      Grace: I can't believe I actually did that though.

      Rayne: Nor do I.

      He looks behind them as they turn the corner behind Scarlet. The dead bodies are gone.

      Rayne: Nor do I?

      Scarlet looks back at them. A smile showing her satisfaction on her face.

      Cut to:

      The same smile; Scarlet stands before D'Hoffryn, her foot on a large dead man in front of her. She is wearing her old red uniform. She puts the veil back over her both to hide her fangs. The crowd in the stands of the arena cheer. The crowd is made up demons. D'Hoffryn is seated on a throne on steps in the middle of the area. Scarlet walks up them to him.

      Scarlet: I have proven myself to be an adequate fighter to you, Master! I have defeated all of your other powerful warriors!

      D'Hoffryn: And in turn destroyed my assassin squad.

      Scarlet: I will serve as your most deadly assassin, then.

      She bows down, putting her sais in front of her.

      Scarlet: Give me the authority of your forces.

      D'Hoffryn scratches his chin.

      Scarlet: Master please, I will not let you down!

      D'Hoffryn: You just killed the one that promised me that last time.

      Scarlet: Is it not clear to you that I am your most prized fighter.

      D'Hoffryn: Perhaps. But there is one more.

      Scarlet: One more?

      D'Hoffryn: Turn around.

      Scarlet gets up and looks behind her. Daiman Ax, dressed in the same armor, holds his sword out to Scarlet. She holds her sais out.

      Scarlet: Daiman Ax! The mortal peasant!

      D'Hoffryn: Not anymore. He seems to have come down with a case of immortality.

      Scarlet: Oh? this shall be interesting then.

      D'Hoffryn: Well? a limited case of.

      Scarlet: I am insulted you think he is of my level, Master.

      D'Hoffryn: That does not bother me, child.

      Daiman: Scarlet. I have not seen you in a while. Slept with any other fat aristocrats lately?

      The crowd laughs at Scarlet. She looks at Daiman angrily.

      Scarlet: You forget about the trophies I collect from them after.

      Daiman: A collection of genitals. How? mature?

      Scarlet: Are you going to taunt me, or are you going to fight me?

      D'Hoffryn: May I remind you two that the loser will face certain death.

      Scarlet: You can count on it!

      Scarlet leaps forwards, spinning around and around with her sais, changing to different level as she does. Daiman Ax parries each attack, moving back because of it. Scarlet stops spinning and kicks him in the head. He leaps back up and slices at her leg, cutting her. She falls over to the steps. He leaps up air, sword out in front of him, ready to strike it through her. She holds completely still as his sword comes down; taking her time. When the blade is inches away she rolls over, his sword going far into the ground. She kicks up and rolls over his back, slashing him with her sais multiple times. He falls to the ground and she puts her sais through him into the ground and steps with her heels on his neck. Daiman Ax looks up at D'Hoffryn, and then coughs blood. D'Hoffryn gets up and claps. The crowd cheers.

      D'Hoffryn: Very nice! Acrobatics followed by destroying both lungs!

      Scarlet: The position is mine then?

      D'Hoffryn: Was there any doubt of the matter?

      Scarlet: Thank you master, I will not let you down.

      Scarlet takes the sais from Daiman Ax, he moans. She walks to the cheering crowd. D'Hoffryn looks at Daiman Ax.

      Daiman: Please, sir-

      D'Hoffryn: You'll be dead soon enough. No one can survive pierced lungs like that.

      Daiman: I want to? I want to..

      He coughs up more blood and begins to go blue.

      D'Hoffryn: I will assume you mean live. I will admit it is a shame to loose my assassins to her. No matter how good she is.

      He looks over at her. She is throwing her arms up at the cheering audience. He looks back down to Daiman Ax.

      D'Hoffryn: I have a deal then.

      Daiman looks at him hopefully.

      Cut to:

      Lily is walking up to the Sacred Circle door with two cups of coffee in a holder and finds the door locked, she tries opening the door again but it won't budge. She becomes irritated and pulls out her keys, she unlocks the door and walks in and turns on the lights. She sees Michael sleeping at the table and lets out a gasp.

      Lily: Jesus Michael, you scared me half to death!

      Michael quickly sits up and his eyes are almost shut from the bright light.

      Michael: What?

      Lily: Did you sleep here all night?

      Michael: Yeah, I was waiting for Carmen, but she never came home.

      Lily: Are you sure? Cause you can usually sleep through anything Michael.

      Michael: You can check her room, but I'm telling you, she's not up there.

      Lily: Fine.

      Michael stands up and stretches, he spots the two cups of coffee that Lily has.

      Michael: Ooh! Coffee.

      Michael tries to grab a cup of coffee from Lily, but she swats his hand away.

      Lily: Hands off, I brought the coffee for Carmen.

      Michael gives Lily a ?look around' look.

      Michael: Carmen isn't here, now come on, I need caffeine.

      Lily hands Michael the coffee.

      Lily: Fine, but if Carmen comes back needing her coffee; I'll tell her that you have it. You get to incur the wrath of Un Caffeinated Carmen.

      Michael: Sounds fine.

      Michael takes the coffee and begins to quickly drink it until it is gone. Lily just rolls her eyes at him.

      Lily: Just what this store needs, a spazzed out you.

      Lily walks over behind the register and begins to count the money.

      Lily: You should go up and shower or something, cause that smell? Not helping with the recovering druggie look you have going on.

      Michael: Yeah, a shower would probably be good.

      Michael walks up the stairs and into Carmen's room. Lily is left alone in the store. A red haired woman at about medium height walks into the store.

      Lily: Oh crap I left the door unlocked.

      Woman: What?

      Lily: Nothing, Welcome to The Sacred Circle, is there anything you were looking for in particular?

      Woman: Well I was wondering whether or not you had any texts on the Essences of the Ether.

      Lily: Uhm?Uh?

      Lily is unsure and nervous, she yells upstairs for Michael.

      Lily: Michael! Get down here! Quick!

      Frantic rushing down the stairs is heard, Michael comes down only with a towel wrapped around his waist.

      Michael: What?! What is it?!

      Lily: So we have any texts on the Essences of the Ether?

      Michael: What?

      Lily points to the lady wanting the book, and Michael sees her for the first time, he begins to blush.

      Michael: Lily! I'm- I'm half naked!

      Michael runs back upstairs. Lily turns back to the Woman and lets out a false laugh.

      Lily: So, uhm, what was that book?

      Cut to:

      Scarlet, Rayne, and Grace getting to the end of the long path to a large, dark room. The three get their weapons prepared.

      Rayne: At least we've made some progress.

      The three stand at the edge of the dark room. The notice one beam of light in the centre of the large room. It appears to be coming down a long ways. At the bottom of the light, the crystal flickers.

      Grace: And now for our reward.

      The three venture into the dark. As they take their first step, the room lights up a little bit instantly. They look around, confused. Scarlet pulls her sais out in front of her in attacking position once more.

      Rayne: This is creepy.

      The three go to the centre of the dim room. Above them far away is a sewage drain. Grace goes to the ground and picks up the crystal.

      Grace: Here we are.

      It turns red and she drops it, holding her hand.

      Grace: Ouch! That's hot!

      Scarlet grabs it, and it stays red as well. She doesn't flinch, but it begins to burn her hand. She tosses it at Rayne, who grabs it. Scarlet's hand is blistered now. She shakes it off, unharmed. When the crystal touches him, it stays normal. He looks into it.

      Grace: I guess it's yours then?

      Rayne: Must me a blood thing.

      He looks into the crystal closer, trying to make sense of it.

      Grace: I wonder what it is?

      Rayne: Maybe it's a key of some sort. Or a puzzle piece. Or maybe its-

      The crystal begins to screech. Rayne falls to the ground, holding his ears. He takes the crystal and puts it in his pocket, and it goes away. He looks at Grace and Scarlet; both confused.

      Rayne: Didn't you hear that?

      Grace: What?

      Rayne: That noise? Just then? it was an "eeee!" sound.

      The two just stare at him.

      Rayne: Well, whatever it is, I have no clue what it does.

      Grace: I guess we'll just find someone who does.

      Scarlet: Everyone we've seen so far has died first, talked after.

      Rayne: Where do we go from-

      The room lights up more. A huge stairwell stretching a far way is shown before them.

      Rayne: Again, another answer.

      Scarlet sniffs the air. She holds her weapons high.

      Scarlet: Hurry.

      Rayne: What? But we just got here?

      Scarlet: Go!

      A laugh is hear at the entrance. A dark figure holding a brandistock stands in the dark.

      Scarlet: Meela?

      End Act Two: Commercial Break.


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        Act Three:

        Cut to:

        The empty streets of dream Vancouver. The portal opens and Carmen and Hiero fall through, hitting the cement. Hiero gets up and looks around, trying to see Daiman Ax. He is nowhere to be seen.

        Carmen: Where the hell is my child?

        Hiero: Carmen, calm down.

        Carmen: We have to kill that son of a bitch!

        Hiero: Calm down, I said!

        Carmen: I don't want to be calm!

        Hiero: We have to look around for your son!

        Carmen looks around.

        Carmen: Where is this place?

        Hiero helps Carmen get up. The two walk down the street.

        Hiero: A different dimension. Maybe an alternate one?

        Carmen: Where one of the busiest cities in the country is a ghost town?

        Hiero: Apparently so.

        Carmen: I hope we don't run into whatever killed them.

        Hiero: Could have been a plague.

        Carmen: You're not helping, Hiero.

        They hear a crash in a shop beside them. Carmen reaches down to her boot and pulls up a small pistil that was strapped to her ankle. She holds it in front of her, aiming at the shop. She signals to move forward. Hiero and her get to the shop in front of them; a caf?. They look in the window; there's nothing there but a family of rats the counter. A rat passes Carmen's foot. She jumps. The rat walks through the front door.

        Carmen: That's just too weird.

        They walk down the street a little more. A few shops down and they reach the Sacred Circle. Carmen gets out her key from her pocket.

        Hiero: Do you think that'll work?

        Carmen: It better. I want some answer.

        She twists the key and the lock clicks. She pulls the key out, but it has turned to mush on the end of the head.

        Carmen: Well that's not good?

        She twists the door handle and lets the door open. Hiero and Carmen just look in. There are no products on the shelf. No books on the book shelf. No Signs of magic. Carmen goes in slowly.

        Carmen: This is a change of pace.

        She goes to the cash register and feels around under the counter. She picks up a key from under the counter and fits it in the register. Hiero moves to a mirror and looks in it. Carmen twists the key and the register opens. Bundles of cash are inside.

        Carmen: Excellent!

        She grabs them and puts them in her jacket pocket.

        Carmen: It's not thieving if its from my own store, is it?

        Hiero doesn't move, he just looks in the mirror.

        Carmen: Hiero?

        Carmen looks into the mirror with him. In it they can see the Sacred Circle. Michael and Lily and playing cards at the table. Lily puts her cards down in rage and stands up, appearing to yell at him.

        Carmen: Oh now this is just too weird.

        Carmen and Hiero keep watching.

        Carmen: Lily! You look like a cow in that skirt!

        They don't notice her.

        Carmen: Nope, guess not.

        She begins to talk out the store.

        Carmen: You coming?

        Hiero: You're done here?

        Carmen: Well I got the money, saw my friends through a mirror, and got old gum on my hand. I think I'm good to go.

        She exits. Hiero gives her a look and then follows.

        Cut to:

        Hiero and Carmen making their way down the street.

        Carmen: So how did you know I was in danger?

        Hiero doesn't answer her.

        Carmen: I mean are you stalking me or something? You're always there at the right time.

        Hiero: I keep my eye out for you.

        Carmen: Why?

        Hiero: Our deal.

        Carmen: I'm glad you were there. I would be dead right now otherwise.

        Hiero: You would have thought of something. You appear to be a resourceful gunslinger.

        She laughs and looks at her gun.

        Carmen: This thing? I almost forgot it was there.

        Hiero: You better hope you never find a demon impervious to bullets?

        Michael (Off Screen): You have any three's?

        Cut to:

        The Sacred Circle, Lily and Michael are sitting at the counter and have a deck of cards in front of them, each with some cards in their hands.

        Lily: Go Fish.

        Michael takes a card form the top of the deck.

        Lily: Got any Jack's?

        Michael: Nope, Go Fish.

        Lily doesn't pick up a card, but instead lets out a sigh.

        Lily: God Michael, could you pick a more lame game to play?

        Michael: Well, I don't know any other card games, and the only other game Carmen has is Monopoly?and I never win at that game. Galen always used to ?

        Michael falls silent, there is a slight pause.

        Lily: Well whatever, I'm bored, let's go do something.

        Michael: We have to watch the shop for Carmen, remember?

        Lily: Oh yeah. What a drag. Hey, how bout you come down in that towel again; that was fun!

        Michael smiles weakly and gets up and goes over to a mystical items section and begins to look around, he picks up an object that looks like a compass.

        Lily: Hey! Put that down, if you break it Carmen will have a cow. She's almost as possessive of this store as she is Silas.

        Michael frowns a bit and puts the compass back down.

        Michael: You know she has been gone for a while; do you think something's happened to her?

        Lily: Like I ever know with her. For all I know she is being manic depressive girl with Silas, poor little kid.

        Michael: Have you tried calling?

        Lily: Yesterday, but she never answers anyway.

        Michael: I don't think that sounds too good.

        Lily: Honestly Michael, if you worried anymore you'd die from it.

        Michael: Are you telling me that it doesn't unnerve you at all that your sister and nephew may be in trouble somewhere?

        Lily: Well, now that you put it that way?No, not really.

        Michael's eyes open a bit wider from what he has just heard.

        Lily: Oh come on Michael, Carmen is a big girl, I'm sure she can take care of herself.

        Michael: I suppose.

        Lily: This is the woman who carries an arsenal in her purse.

        Michael: True. The Big Bad Carmen and all.

        Michael and Lily share a laugh.

        Michael: But don't you think she would have come in? I mean when was the last time she just never showed up for work?

        Lily: Well ?

        Michael: And Silas, she hasn't been by here once to pick up any stuff for him.

        Lily: Er?

        Michael: I don't think we should be laughing Lily, something's going on here.

        Lily now actually looks worried.

        Lily: What are we going to do?

        Michael: I think we should go out and maybe look for her.

        Lily: What do you expect to find Michael? We're not detectives.

        Michael: Yeah, but we can still check out her usual hang outs.

        Lily: News Flash Michael, this is her hang out place!

        Michael: Oh?yeah.

        The two of them slouch down on their seats and look at each other with very worried faces.

        Cut to:

        The high school. Orlando is sitting alone at a table far away from the crowds; sucking at his juice box. Josh comes out of the crowd and sits at the end of the bench seat. Orlando doesn't even look at him.

        Josh: Hey!


        Josh: I spent a day thinking about this? and another worrying.

        Silence. Josh waits a moment, then makes his move.

        Josh: Look, Orlando. I'm sorry for what I did.

        Orlando ignores him still. Sucking his straw angrily.

        Josh: I didn't mean for you to find out that way!


        Josh: And I want to make it up to you! Please?


        Josh: You have to understand, Orlando. You have to understand what I'm going through! Don't you go through it the same way? The prejudice? The evil glances from people? And I mean how do you really know you like men? Have you ever been with a women? How do we know it just isn't hormones or something messing with our heads? How can we know?


        Josh: Orlando? please? I didn't do this with the intent to hurt you.

        Silence. Then Orlando finishes his juice box. He takes the straw out of his mouth. However he remains calm.

        Orlando: Well you evidently didn't take me into consideration.

        Josh: I'm sorry! I didn't mean for you to find out-

        Orlando: Well that's just great, hmm? A relationship created on lies? How could you? How could you do that to me, Josh? I was always nice to you. Even though you were scared to be yourself. Scared to be with me!

        Josh: I'm not scared?

        Orlando: Kiss me in front of all these people then.

        Josh pauses.

        Orlando: I'm going.

        Josh: Orlando, wait!

        He grabs Orlando's arm as Orlando leaves.

        Josh: Don't you feel any of the things I discussed? Any at all?

        Orlando: I'm not scared to be myself!

        Josh: Why not? People hate you!

        Orlando: And I don't care! Now let me go!

        Josh: I'll do it!

        Orlando: What?

        Josh: Kiss you. Right here and now!

        Orlando: You're lying!

        Josh: No, I'm not!

        Orlando: What about what you just said?

        Josh: I told you I did some thinking! And I think I have come to terms with it?

        Orlando: And you don't protest to kissing me right here?

        Josh: I don't. I mean I don't really want to. But? I'll do it.

        Orlando: Alright then. To prove yourself.

        Josh looks at him. He leans in for a kiss. At that moment Orlando punches him in the nose. Josh falls back a bit, holding it. Blood coming from it. Orlando gets up and walks away. A few spectators stare at the lone Josh, humiliated.

        Josh: How could you?

        Orlando: No? how could you?

        Cut to:

        Scarlet, weapons out. Meela steps out of the shadows. She is brown and is wearing a uniform very similar to Scarlet's old one, except pink. She smiles and then laughs.

        Meela: It's interesting, Scarlet. That I find you here.

        Scarlet: Meela. I could say the same.

        Meela: The Dreaming does not quite feel like the place I'd put you.

        Scarlet looks behind her. Rayne and Grace and out of earshot.

        Scarlet: They are my only way out of this place!

        Meela: How did you get here in the first place?

        Scarlet: There's something you need to know when you die.

        Scarlet paces closer to Meela. Meela doesn't move.

        Scarlet: And you will learn it soon!

        Cut to:

        Hiero and Carmen reach a dead end in the city at a large cathedral.

        Carmen: Well this isn't the park?

        Hiero: Shall we go in?

        The echoing sound of a crying baby is heard. Carmen pulls out her gun and pulls open the door.

        Carmen: Most definitely.

        Cut to:

        Inside the cathedral. D'Hoffryn sits on a throne where the priest would usually give sermons. The main room is huge with many rows of pews. Behind the alter where D'Hoffryn is seated is a stairway. Daiman Ax walks to the alter, crying Silas in his hands.

        Daiman: Lord, I have brought you the child. Shall I kill it here?

        D'Hoffryn: Oh no! To get vengeance I have much greater plans for it.

        Daiman: What?

        D'Hoffryn: Well it appears that the Vengeance Demon fold is getting a little scarce. What better way to hurt it's mother if I make the child a demon? That way either we have a new member to the fold, or she is forced to kill her own son!

        Carmen (Off Screen): It won't happen, D'Hoffryn.

        Carmen and Hiero come down the pews. Daiman Ax stands out in front of him.

        D'Hoffryn: Oh wow. You look good for popping this thing out.

        Carmen: It's been what, two years since you last tried to kill me?

        D'Hoffryn: And counting.

        Carmen: Well, here we are again. A nice reunion for us both. I'm sorry, but I forgot the wine!

        She holds her gun in front of her and aims at D'Hoffryn. Daiman Ax puts Silas down at a pew and picks the gun from Carmen's hand. Carmen punches at him, but he kicks her back. She falls down. Hiero leaps forward.

        Song: Devil in a Midnight Mass ? Billy Talent.

        Lyrics: A devil in a midnight mass,
        He prayed behind stained glass
        A memory of Sunday class
        Resurrected from the past

        D'Hoffryn sits in his throne. Carmen gets up and hits Daiman Ax's armor, having no effect.

        Cut to:

        Scarlet charges at Meela. Meela leans forward and stretches out her brandistock, the blades extending. Scarlet hits the brandistock with her sais and kicks forward at Meela. Meela maneuvers her weapon and the third blade on the end whips back, hitting Scarlet. Scarlet falls back, not expecting the weapon to have been flexible enough to hurt her.

        Lyrics: Hold your breath and count to four
        Pinky swears don't work no more
        Footsteps down the hallway floor
        Getting closer to my door
        I was alive but now I'm singing

        Meela: You better hurry after them, Scarlet. D'Hoffryn is above those steps. You tell me who's a bigger threat.

        Cut to:

        Daiman Ax swings his sword at Hiero. Hiero ducks. Carmen runs to Silas, but Daiman Ax leaps back and sweeps her legs with a kick. Hiero goes back at him and grabs him by the neck. Daiman Ax drops his sword and struggles free. D'Hoffryn sits, smug look on his face.

        D'Hoffryn: I do love violence.

        Cut to:

        Scarlet running after Rayne and Grace, Meela thrusts at her feet, causing her to jump.

        Meela: Hurry up!

        Lyrics: Silent night for the rest of my life
        Silent night for the rest of my life
        Violent knight at the edge of your knife
        (Forgive me father!)
        Won't make it right
        Silent night for the rest of my life
        Silent night at the edge of your knife
        (You're guilty!)

        Scarlet turns around as the brandistock is coming to her, she catches it in her sais and twists, causing it to flip and splinter. Meela kicks her off. She take the half with the blades on it and jabs at Scarlet. Scarlet rolls to dodge it and leaps up in a run again.

        Scarlet: Rayne!

        Rayne and Grace stop and see her, Meela behind.

        Lyrics: A devil in a midnight mass
        Killed the boy inside the man
        The holy water in his hands
        Can never wash away his sins

        Grace aims her bow at Meela and fires, hitting Meela in the shoulder.

        Cut to:

        Hiero picks up the sword Daiman Ax dropped, and jabs it at him. Daiman Ax dodges, causing the blade to nick Carmen. Carmen falls back right beside her gun.

        Lyrics: Hold your breath and count to four
        Pinky Swears don't work no more
        Put my trust in God that day
        Not the man that taught his way
        I was alive, but now I'm singin'

        Hiero jabs Daiman Ax again. Carmen knocks him toward Hiero. Daiman Ax gets impaled on his own sword. Hiero stops. Daiman Ax looks down and steps back.

        Daiman: This is not good! I haven't had this happen for a long time!

        Carmen and Hiero look at him.

        Daiman: I mean, how many times have you been impaled with a sword?

        He looks to D'Hoffryn.

        Daiman: I did my job. The curse is lifted.

        D'Hoffryn: Yes, but ?

        Daiman: Goodbye!

        He teleports away. The portal in front of Hiero and Carmen. Carmen aims her gun and quickly fires at D'Hoffryn, hitting him in the chest. He falls down. Finally, the lord of vengeance is dead.

        Cut to:

        Meela pulls the arrow out of her shoulder. She looks at it and tosses it aside.

        Meela: That was rude!

        Lyrics: Silent night for the rest of my life
        Silent night for the rest of my life
        Violent knight at the edge of your knife
        (Forgive me father!)
        Won't make it right
        Silent night for the rest of my life
        Silent night at the edge of your knife
        (You're guilty!)
        Whisper, whisper, don't make a sound.
        Your bed is made and it's in the ground!

        Scarlet is already at her when she turns around. She digs the sais into Meela's stomach, causing her to fall back. Scarlet pulls her sais from Meela and leans down. She kisses Meela on the lips and then puts her sais away. She takes the top of the brandistock and carries it away with her. She passes Rayne and Grace.

        Scarlet: There is another evil ahead of us. Wherever this leads. Get ready.

        She passes them. They look at each other.

        Cut to:

        Carmen holds her child, and onto Hiero, who touches the purple portal in front of them. She looks back at D'Hoffryn's dead corpse. And behind it, the stairwell. As they enter the portal, Carmen sees Rayne. She calls out, but everything has gone white.

        Lyrics: Whisper, whisper, don't make a sound!
        Your bed is made and it's in the ground!

        End Song.

        Cut to:

        Carmen and Hiero fall out of the portal. When Carmen gets up she looks around and is at Rayne's bedside.

        Carmen: We were? we were?

        Hiero: In his mind.

        Carmen: Oh God. It's so dangerous there! He can't survive!

        She picks up Silas and crawls to the top Rayne's bed.

        Carmen: Why can't you come out?

        Silas begins to cry. As does Carmen. Hiero stands up and walks out, leaving Carmen to herself.

        Cut to:

        The cathedral. Rayne, Grace, and Scarlet leave. Scarlet eyes D'Hoffryn's body as they go.

        Rayne: I wonder what got him.

        Grace: Maybe it's better we don't know?

        Rayne: Maybe?

        They leave the front doors.

        Cut to:

        D'Hoffryn's eyes opening. He gets up and looks down at the blooded robe.

        D'Hoffryn: What I love about this realm is I can't die.

        He laughs as the bullet that went in him falls out and the wound in his chest falls out.

        D'Hoffryn: I will have my revenge.

        Cut to:

        Lily and Michael are sitting in the Sacred Circle, Lily is on the phone, obviously aggravated.

        Lily: Damnit! She's not answering!

        Michael: Well, try again.

        Lily: This is the fifteenth time I've tried reaching her Michael!

        Michael: Hey! Don't yell at me, I'm not the missing one.

        Lily: No, you're the annoying one.

        Michael: I don't need to be insulted Lily, just keep trying to reach Carmen.

        Carmen, carrying Silas, walks in the Sacred Circle. Michael gets up. Lily sits down and changes her look to being uncaring.

        Michael: You've been gone two days.

        Carmen: Two days? Really?

        Michael: Where were you? We were worried.

        Lily: Oh? he was worried.

        Carmen: Oh? I was just? out.

        Michael looks at her bruises.

        Michael: What happened? Is Silas ok?

        Carmen: Silas is fine.

        She hands Silas to him.

        Carmen: We had some nice bonding time. Thought I'd give you two a break. I fell down the stairs.

        Michael: Where are your bags?

        She stops at the cash register.

        Carmen: I left them in the car.

        She opens the

        Michael: Since when did you have a car?

        Carmen: Never, dumb ass.

        Michael: Carmen, please tell us where you've been!

        Lily: Michael, obviously she doesn't want her share her secrets with us.

        Carmen: Thank you, I really don't.

        She opens the register.

        Carmen: And Lily? I hate that skirt!

        She drops the bills and closes the register.

        Fade out.

        End Episode


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          In Association With:
          Sorceress of Crimson Falls created by Travis Truant-Simpson
          Broken Destiny created by Joseph Sessumes and Alexander Brown
          The Realm Below created by Alexander Brown, Amber Rose, and Lyn Elwhyen
          Road Less Traveled created by Thomas Wright and Alexander Brown
          Chosen created by Heather
          Rogue Redemption created by Amber Rose
          Continuations created by Alex Hart
          Shadow Stalkers created by Lex
          Wishful Thinking created by Ben Keefe
          Witch created by Yosso

          Feedback here please.

          - This episode involved writing from 3 writers: Alexander Brown, Joseph Sessumes, and, for the first time, Alex Hart: the writer of the Season 8, 9, and 6 continuations.
          - Daiman Ax has talks of recieving his own show. Nothing is finalized yet.
          - This episode ended at 40 pages: About twice the size of a regular episode.
          - This is the new standard episode size.