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Raven Episode 4.04 "The Curse of the White Sisters"

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  • Raven Episode 4.04 "The Curse of the White Sisters"

    RAVEN Episode 4.4: Culinary Catastrophe, Teaching Tragedy..."
    The Curse of the White Sisters

    Black Screen. Text: Mickey Reynolds, Selena Harley; 4:36pm, Aaron Koop 4:37pm, New York, New York, USA.

    A young couple walks down a busy New York street on an overcast day. They two are hand in hand, a wedding ring on the girl, Selena's, hand. The stop in front of a bridal store and look in the window. The man, Mickey, smiles and points at a blue dress he thinks would look good on his fianc?.

    Selena: Oh honey, you know how my parents are. We have to stick with a traditional black and white wedding.

    Mickey: But I think you'd look gorgeous in that?

    Selena: I know sweetie, but you know how Daddy is.

    Mickey kisses Selena and smiles.

    Mickey: Always daddies little girl.

    Selena: Everything in this store is wonderful. I don't know how I'll pick.

    Mickey: Anything you want is what I want.

    Selena: How sweet.

    She sees a man in a long trench coat out of the corner of her eye and grabs Mickey's arm. She begins to drag him away. Mickey looks around.

    Mickey: What's wrong?

    Selena: What? Noting?

    She pulls him further. Smiling desperately at him.

    Mickey: Selena?

    Selena: Hun, please.

    He turns and sees the man, Aaron, coming. She tries to pull him, but he stands his ground. The man meets them, Selena covering her face with her hands.

    Mickey: Is that-

    Aaron: What, you thought you'd just forget about me, bitch?

    Selena: Mickey, I'm so sorry!

    Mickey: What's going-

    Aaron: Oh what, you crawled back to him? After how he treats you?

    Mickey: How I treat her is our business.

    Selena: Aaron, please, don't.

    Aaron: It's my business when she's in my bed.

    Mickey: What?

    He turns to face Selena.

    Aaron: He doesn't know, does he?

    Selena: Aaron, please. Just leave us alone.

    Mickey: Selena, what is he talking about?

    Selena: Please, Aaron.

    Aaron considers it and turns around. Selena sighs. Aaron turns around suddenly, a gun in hand. He shoots Mickey in the chest, he falls to the ground. He then shoots Selena a she rushes to him.

    Aaron: Now he'll never know, bitch.

    Sirens fill the air. Aaron looks around, a crowd has gathered in fear.

    Aaron: It's too late now.

    He takes the gun and shoots himself in the head. People scream and he falls to the ground. Death and Leora walk out of the crowd.

    Leora: A murder suicide special? Wow.

    Death: They are more common than you think.

    Selena stands out of her body first. Death takes her hand. Selena looks around aimlessly.

    Selena: Where am I?

    Leora: You're dead.

    Selena: Oh?

    Death walks away with her and disappears. Leora helps pull Mickey out of his body. He rushes to Selena's side and tries to touch her corpse. His hand goes through. Leora clears her throat, her turns around, tears in his eyes. He sees his own dead body.

    Mickey: Me too then?

    Leora: Afraid so.

    Mickey: I hope I see her again.

    Leora: After she cheated on you?

    Mickey: Oh, is that what was going on?

    Leora shakes her head in shame. Death reappears and takes Mickey away. Leora stands next to Aaron, waiting.

    Leora: Come on, you bastard.

    Aaron (Off Screen): That wasn't very nice.

    Leora turns around. Aaron is behind her.

    Aaron: Where's Death? Or are you her replacement?

    Leora: How do you-

    Aaron: I've died before.

    Leora: Oh?

    Aaron: A few times actually. I believe in reincarnation.

    Leora: Wait, you can do that?

    Death appears beside her.

    Death: Hello? Aaron is it this time?

    Aaron: It's been a while.

    Death: It sure has.

    She puts her arm around him and walks off, leaving Leora confused.

    Death: So how did the stamp collection go this time?

    End Teaser

    AJ Cook - Carmen White-Rayne
    Tygh Runyan - Michael Duran
    Laura Harris - Lily White
    Drake Bell - Josh O'Malley
    With Kyle Gallner as Hiero
    And Michael Vartan as Arthur Rayne

    Also Starring:
    Teresa Cruz - Death of the Endless
    Tilda Swinton - Scarlet
    And Kate Beckinsale as Leora Byrne
    Special Guest Star:
    Ken Jenkins - Chef
    Robin Sachs as Ethan Rayne

    Guest Starring:
    Jared Hiers - Orlando
    Justin Chambers - Dr. Alexander Kerry
    And Maria Alejandra Delfino as Grace

    Created by:
    Alexander Brown
    And Travis Truant-Simpson

    Executive Producers:
    Alexander Brown
    Joseph Sessumes
    And Travis Truant-Simpson

    Written by:
    Alexander Brown

    Based on: Buffy the Vampire Slayer ? Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy and 20th Century Fox, and The Sandman graphic novels ? Neil Gaiman and DC Comics. No profit is made from this fanfiction.

    In Association With: SORCERESS OF CRIMSON FALLS created by Travis Truant-Simpson, BROKEN DESTINY created by Joseph Sessumes, CHOSEN created by Heather, ASTA created by Irene Isaac, ROGUE REDEMPTION created by Amber Rose, SEASONS 8/9/6 created by Alex Hart, SHADOW STALKER created by Lex, and BIRDS OF PARADISE created by Skitty.

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    Act One:

    Open to Leora's apartment. Boxes are places around the room with things inside them. Things that Leora once used when she was alive. Carmen and Michael close up a cardboard box and put take on it. Carmen labels it "Lingerie" with a black permanent marker. The two of them slouch down on the love seat.

    Carmen: Thank God that's done.

    Michael: That was the most interesting box I've ever had to load?

    Carmen smacks Michael on the shoulder.

    Michael: Ow! It was!

    Carmen: I knew I should have blind folded you!

    Michael: But then I wouldn't have helped with the rest of the moving very well, would I.

    Carmen: I could have used you just to move boxes. Don't want to make a formerly pregnant woman do it, now do you.

    Michael: Don't you think that excuse is getting a little old?

    Carmen: Keeps Lily here, doesn't it?

    Michael: I guess so.

    Pause. Michael looks at Carmen, who is eyeing a framed photo of her and Leora on an end table next to her. The two of them look a few years younger; Carmen's hair is shorter, and the two of them are pink in the face and dressed in summer clothes. They are at a picnic.

    Michael: You going to be ok?

    Cut to:

    The time suggested by the photo. A camera beeps and Carmen and Leora both giggle and sit down. Leora grabs the camera from a bench where she set it up. Carmen opens up a basket and brings out wine glasses and a bottle of champagne. She pops the bottle open and pours her and Leora a glass. She hands one to Leora and holds hers up.

    Carmen: To the opening of the Sacred Circle!

    They cling glasses and drink back the whole glass.

    Leora: I can't believe you actually opened up a magic store.

    Carmen burps. The two giggle.

    Carmen: Yeah, well it was my specialty in the Watchers Training Camp down south; magical objects.

    Leora: And I'm a witch! It's perfect!

    Carmen: You're not getting everything for free?

    Leora: I know?

    Carmen: If you pay for Friday nights take whatever you want!

    Leora: Two bachelorettes cruising the town in search of true love!

    Carmen: Or just cocks!

    The two giggle more.

    Leora: Oh there will be adventures before us.

    Carmen: Screw adventure! Conquest time!

    Leora: Halt Napoleon! You can't take Russia that way!

    Carmen: I will form a long line to transport goods! That way we won't starve in the middle of-

    Leora: Ok! Stop now!

    Cut to:

    Carmen and Michael sitting on the love seat. She looks Michael in the eyes.

    Carmen: Yeah, I'll be fine.

    Michael looks skeptical. He gives her a concerned stare.

    Michael: You should do something she'd like. You haven't had any fun for a long time.

    Carmen: I had Bubble Tea?

    Michael: But then the bubbles retaliated.

    Carmen sighs.

    Carmen: You're right. Maybe after we sell the apartment everything will be better. A burden off our shoulders.

    Michael: Most definitely!

    He looks at his watch.

    Michael: Lily will be going to her new chef school in a little while. We should get back.

    Carmen: I'll just be a minute.

    Michael gets up and walks out.

    Michael: See you down there.

    Carmen gets up and goes to a tray with papers in it. On top is a bill for the rent. She puts it in her purse. The phone rings. Carmen picks it up.

    Carmen: Hello?

    Woman: This is an automated voice message from School District 41: Burnaby. We have a substitute teaching job available for-

    Man's voice: September 18th, 2006.

    Woman: To accept the job press one. To review this message press two. For more options press star.

    Carmen stands there for a second.

    Carmen: Leora would have fun.

    She presses one.

    Woman: You have pressed one. The message from the teacher is-

    Teacher (Woman): I need an English teacher for tomorrow to take care of my Grade 10 and 12 classes. I'll have instructions in my letter tray when you go to the office. It's for Ms. J. Tapia.

    Woman: Please teach safe and please avoid legal lawsuit! Thank you.

    The phone hangs up.

    Carmen: Excellent? income!

    Cut to: Lily in a kitchen, a bunch of adults are around her in aprons. She walks in wearing regular clothes. She messes with her hair as she comes in. Everyone looks at her. The instructor, a older man that looks pleasant. He stares at her while she comes in.

    Lily: Sorry I'm late!

    Chef: That's ok. I'm sure you had a reason to waste our time!

    Lily: I did! I was-

    Chef: None of us want to hear it, Ms. White! Now get your damn apron on before I shove a spatula in your eye socket!

    Lily: Excuse me?

    Chef: You heard me! We don't have all day!

    She just look at him funny.

    Chef: Get going! We don't have all day!

    He throws his clipboard at her.

    Lily: Ow!

    Chef glares at her.

    Lily: Going! Going!

    Cut to:

    The Vancouver airport. Josh is sitting a chair at the gate, waiting for someone to come. People begin to come out. Josh stands up and a running Orlando jumps him with a hug.

    Orlando: I missed you so much!

    Josh: It's been two months, I hope you would.

    Orlando kisses him.

    Orlando: So what did I miss?

    Josh: Oh not much. My boss got crazier, that druggie decided to quit.

    Orlando: Oh! Good for him! How's he doing?

    Josh: I found a packet of white powder while cleaning.

    Orlando: Oh?

    Josh: But I think it was my bosses!

    Orlando: She seems like the type.

    Josh: Oh yeah!


    Orlando: Any parties I miss?

    Josh swallows loudly.

    Orlando: Hmm? I was really hoping to get to know some people this summer.

    Josh: Just a few lame ones.

    Orlando: Of course. Just like home.

    Josh: Yeah? I'm sure.

    The two walk away. Josh carrying Orlando's things.

    Cut to:

    The Sacred Circle. Lily walks in the front door with messed up hair looking exhausted. She flops into a chair at the table. Michael sits across from her, head in his arms on the table. He doesn't move when Lily sits down.

    Lily: What a crappy day.

    Michael talks with his head down.

    Michael: What a crappy day.

    Lily: The Chef is a Nazi!

    Michael: My trainer is a Nazi!

    Lily: He threw a clipboard at me, and then some butter icing at me and then a knife and-

    Michael: I'm too sore to life my head.

    Lily: God! Why can't today end?

    Michael: Why am I in so much pain?

    Carmen pops up from behind the counter, perky as ever.

    Carmen: Has anyone seen the snakeskin powder? It was white and in a little baggie in a little baggie.

    Lily and Michael look at her and both yell out.

    Lily and Michael: No!

    Carmen: Alright? maybe the baby ate it.

    She disappear from behind the counter. Michael slops back down. Lily eyes Michael.

    Lily: I wish I just had someone to comfort me.

    Michael: You had a date with the doctor?

    Lily: Yeah? yeah I did, didn't I.

    Carmen pops up again.

    Carmen: I have? somewhere to go tomorrow. Can someone watch Silas?

    Michael and Lily both point at each other.

    Lily: I can't! I have school!

    Michael: Ow! Pain!

    Carmen: Lily, you can do it. Michael is too weak to deal with a child.

    Michael: I'd resent that if I wasn't about to die.

    Lily: But Carmen, I-

    Carmen: I let you stay here don't I?

    Lily: Yeah, I guess? but it's-

    Carmen: Come on. They probably have daycare there, don't they?

    Lily: I never really-

    Carmen: Perfect! It's settled.

    Carmen walks off.

    End Act 1: Commercial Break.


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      Act Two:

      Rayne's dream city. The hooded figure pulls back his hood to reveal Ethan Rayne.

      Ethan: Son.

      Rayne struggles up. Ethan puts his arms to his sides and stands down. Rayne gets up and tries to take a fighting stance.

      Rayne: What are you doing here?

      Ethan: The same thing you are. I'm-

      The next sentence he says is muffled out by a screeching sound. Rayne covers his ears and yells in discomfort.

      Ethan: - that's all.

      Rayne gets back up.

      Rayne: I told you to leave here and never come back! You did this to this place, didn't you! You did this to me!

      Ethan: Did what, exactly?

      Rayne: Killed all the people here!

      Ethan: Would I do it in such a clean way? Most of the city is still standing, isn't it?

      Rayne: I don't care!

      He picks up his sword and charges. Ethan stands still as Rayne yells, swinging the blade. Ethan puts his palm forward and Rayne is frozen in place. He tries to move, but can't.

      Rayne: What did you do to me?

      Ethan: Well all I did was come here for a little chat, and you come raging at me with this!

      The sword melts on Rayne's hand.

      Ethan: I guess I'll just have to each you some manors. I am, after all, your father.

      He moves his hand and Rayne flies back into a ruined pillar of a demolished building. Ethan steps forward and holds out a flickering crystal.

      Ethan: This has your answer, boy. If you can get it from me!

      Suddenly a loud yell can be heard. The wall of plans that is holding Scarlet and Grace falls, Scarlet flies forward, sais in front of her. She lands at his feet and stabs him in the stomach. He gasps and then just disappears. The crystal roles away.

      Rayne: Wait! Save the crystal.

      Grace, running toward them, dives for it. But the crystal drops rolls down into a sewer cover. The cover closes. Rayne falls to the ground in disappointment. Scarlet cleans her weapons. Grace stands up and turns to them.

      Grace: Well, now what?

      Cut to:

      A high school classroom. The bell rings and students file in. Two of them are Josh and Orlando.

      Josh: Sorry I couldn't come over last night. I had to work.

      Orlando: That's fine. I've already vaguely met your boss before.

      Josh: And I'm sorry for every second you had to be there.

      Orlando: I think I'll live.

      The two smile and take a seat at the back of the room. The girl from the party sits at the front of the classroom. She smiles and waves to Josh. Orlando looks at the two of them.

      Orlando: Who's that?

      Josh shakes his head and looks away.

      Josh: I'm not sure. Just a fan I guess.

      Orlando: Well, you're already taken, thank you very much. I'll go tell her that!

      Orlando stands up. Josh grabs his arm.

      Orlando: What?

      Josh: Just sit down!

      Orlando: That's not fun!

      Josh: Please?

      Orlando: Will I see you tonight?

      Josh: She has me working again.

      Orlando: What?

      Josh: I'm sorry! I'm sorry my boss is a bitch!

      Carmen walks in with a briefcase. Josh jumps out of his seat.

      Carmen: Good morning class. I'm Ms. Byrne? but you can call me Mrs. White-Rayne!

      Josh: I think she finally lost it completely?

      Carmen: I will be your substitute teacher for the class. Can anyone tell me what a substitute teacher is?

      An Acne ridden Girl raises her hand.

      Carmen: Yes? Acne chick?

      Acne Girl: What did you just-

      Carmen: Answer please!

      Acne Girl: Umm? a teacher that has no permanent job and fills in for teacher that are sick or away for various reasons?

      Carmen: You're a smartie, ain't ya?

      Acne Girl just stares at her.

      Carmen: Get out! You're here to learn! If you're already learned then theres no reason for you to be here!

      Acne Girls gets up, tears in her eyes, and leaves. The class just sits silent. Carmen pulls out a red attendance roster folder.

      Carmen: Who wants to take attendance.

      No one raises their hands. Carmen looks around and notices Josh, trying to hide from her.

      Carmen: Hey! Worker boy!

      She tosses the folder at Josh, it lands perfectly on his desk.

      Carmen: Take attendance and I'll see if I can cut you some slack tonight.

      Orlando (To Josh quietly): Well, things are looking up.

      Carmen: If you're lucky!

      She walks to the back. The class terrified to talk. She puts her arm around Josh.

      Carmen: This is going to be fun!

      Cut to:

      Lily decorating a beautiful white cake, clearly better than all the others. Silas is beside her, eating some icing that landed on his stroller. Lily has icing all over herself and the table. Chef walks by.

      Chef: What is this creature doing next to the food?

      Lily: It's my nephew. I kind of had to take him last minute. It was an-

      Chef: I don't care what it's doing here! It's disturbing the other students.

      Lily looks around. There are only three people there; all working hard on their own cakes.

      Lily: Wasn't the class larger?

      Chef: Some people dropped out. Apparently Chef Training is too good for them. Woosies!

      Lily: Well, you could be a little nicer.

      Chef glares at her.

      Lily: Just saying, sir?

      Chef: That's Chef to you!

      He storms off. Silas begins to cry.

      Lily: Oh please no!

      Lily picks him up and tries to shush him. He calms down. As she is putting him down, he pukes right on the cake.

      Lily: Oh shit!

      She puts Silas down, who is now giggling. She looks at the ruined cake with green baby barf on it. She then looks at the rubber spatula next to her. She picks it up, an idea in her head.

      Cut to:

      Carmen's classroom. She holds a sheet of paper.

      Carmen: So apparently your teacher wants me to teach you? about verbs? In Grade 10? What is this, the retard class? This is stupid!

      She tosses the paper in the garbage.

      Carmen: Let's do my favorite high school activity! Gossip! Any questions?

      A punk raises his hand.

      Carmen: Yes?

      Punk: Why is your name White-Rayne?

      Carmen: It's called marriage.

      He looks at her blankly.

      Carmen: Oh! You mean why I'm not Ms. Byrne?

      She nods for a second, thinking.

      Carmen: Two marriages.

      The class just sits in silence.

      Carmen: Alright! Come on! Gossip! Loudly!

      The girl from the party puts her hand up.

      Carmen: Yes?

      Party Girl: I want to ask Josh why he never called me after the bad sex we had!

      Josh goes red. The class laughs.

      Carmen: You had sex with my employee? My sixteen year old employee? Eww!

      Orlando stands up.

      Orlando: You had sex with her?

      Josh: What? Of course I-

      Orlando: So that's what it was! Too scared to be gay, huh? Even after all we went through last year?

      Josh: Orlando, quiet!

      Orlando: Well, go ahead! Be straight! I'm don't desire to be involved with you anymore!

      Orlando storms out. The girls laughs.

      Party Girl: That explains a lot.

      The class is focused on Josh.

      Carmen: Oh! Come on now! Many of my friends are gay! It's only logical my employee would be, too!

      End Act Two: Commercial Break.


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        Act Three:

        Lily and the three remaining students stand around a table. On the table are three beautiful cakes, and Lily's baby barfed cake. The other three students hold their noses. Lily holds the baby and smiles. Chef comes by. With a mark book. He inspects the first cake.

        Chef: Oh Margaret, you make cake like my retarded three year old grandson could!

        He pulls off the first layer on her cake and tosses it at her.

        Chef: Get out!

        Lily (Under her breath): I really wonder why everyone left.

        Chef looks at the remaining three cakes as Margaret cries and leaves. He notices the two white ones look exactly the same.

        Chef: Who cheated off who?

        The two remaining students are twins. They point at each other.

        Chef: Fail!

        He writes down something on the paper in front of him and moves to Lily. He sees the green baby puke.

        Chef: Interesting smell! What kind of dye did you use?

        Lily: Umm?

        Chef takes a bit of it with his finger and puts it in his mouth. He swallows it.

        Chef: Not bad, White. Not bad.

        He walks away. Lily looks disgusted.

        Cut to:

        Lily filling a pot with water. She puts it on the element to boil it. The twin chefs look across from each other, glaring as they both cut carrots. Lily smiles and hums as she slides in some vegetables in her pot. The doors open and Michael limps in. Lily smiles and drops her knife.

        Lily: Michael! You've come to save me!

        She runs and hugs Michael. Michael lets out a painful gasp.

        Lily: Sorry! I forgot? trainer is a Nazi?

        Michael: Trainer was just fired for molesting pretty ladies.

        Lily: Not cool.

        Michael: So since I have no reason to go to the gym, I'm here for Silas.

        The two look over. Silas has disappeared.

        Lily: Oh shit! Where is he?

        They here a thud next to them. The two twins have just fallen to the ground. Knives in their chests. Chef stands, holding the baby close to him. His face is vamped out. He throws a pan at Lily. Michael pushes her over.

        Michael: Lily!

        Michael gets hit in the head and falls down. Lily gets up and goes to him.

        Lily: Michael? Oh shit!

        She gets out her cell phone.

        Lily: Come on Carmen, pick up.

        Split Screen. Carmen is standing with a pentagram drawn on the chalk bored.

        Carmen: So despite popular belief, pentagrams were not evil at all. They are actually a good symbol the Christian population disliked. Closed minds, I tell you!

        Her phone rings. She picks it up.

        Carmen: Hello?

        Lily: Carmen! Demon thing!

        Carmen: Not now, Lily. I'm busy.

        Lily: Carmen, they have-

        Carmen: Lily, they always have my baby. Just deal with it! I put a gun in your purse before you left.

        Lily: You what? That's illegal!

        Carmen: A lot of things are illegal, sis. Just deal with it.

        Lily: But Carmen! Demons is your thing! Dad sent you to the Watcher's School, not me!

        Carmen: Look, I have a class to teach.

        Lily: What?

        Carmen: I'm subbing.

        Lily: That's not legal either!

        Carmen: Get over it and get to work!

        She hangs up and looks to her class. Now containing just a red in the face Josh.

        Carmen: Pop quiz time!

        Josh: Please kill me?

        Cut to:

        Lily, going through her purse. A knife comes flying at her. She ducks.

        Chef: Come on, little bitch. I want a fight!

        Baby Silas is still asleep in the Vampires arms. Lily picks up a handgun.

        Lily: Coming! (To herself) How does this work?

        Chef: I'm about to eat this baby! Come on!

        Lily just stands up and fires. Hitting him in the eye. He yells and covers his eye.

        Lily: Wow! This works!

        Chef: You bitch!

        He grabs the baby, now crying, and starts to squeeze it's neck.

        Chef: Watch him die!

        A stake appears through his shirt. He looks down and dusts. Hiero appears catches the baby.

        Hiero: You and her need to be more careful.

        He puts the baby down on the counter and walks away.

        Lily: Who are you?

        He doesn't answer. She goes to the baby.

        Lily: Thank God you're ok!

        Hiero: The baby needs a change.

        Lily: Great?

        Cut to:

        Lily and Michael, both at the table, heads down. The baby is sleeping in its stroller beside them. Carmen comes in, jumping up and down with a piece of paper in her hands. She goes to the baby and shows him the piece of paper.

        Carmen: What's up, kids?

        Lily: The Chef was really evil?

        Michael: Her Chef was really really evil.

        Carmen: I made money!

        The two glare at her. She goes to the cash register, puts the check inside and then becomes sullen.

        Carmen: Just like she'd want.

        Cut to:

        Josh on his bed, clicking buttons on the phone. It rings.

        Cut to:

        Orlando crying on his bed, lights off. His cell phone rings next to him. He tosses it to the ground.

        Cut to:

        Josh, waiting. The phone stops and the machine comes in.

        Orlando (Machine): This is Orlando! You've just missed me! I'll call back soon!

        The phone beeps.

        Josh: Hi? it's me? can we talk?

        Cut to:

        Carmen in Leora's apartment. Tears in her eyes. She holds up an envelope with a bill for the apartment in it and places the check in it. She puts it in her bag and gives it to a big man, the landlord. He walks away and closes the door. Carmen sits down in the love seat and picks up the photo from earlier.

        Cut to:

        The picnic.

        Carmen: Screw adventure! Conquest time!

        Leora: Halt Napoleon! You can't take Russia that way!

        Carmen: I will form a long line to transport goods! That way we won't starve in the middle of-

        Leora: Ok! Stop now!

        Carmen stops and looks at her. She holds up her glass once more.

        Carmen: To best friends for life.

        Leora: Best friends!

        Zoom in on the glasses as they clink together.

        End Episode.


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          In Association With:
          Sorceress of Crimson Falls created by Travis Truant-Simpson
          Broken Destiny created by Joseph Sessumes and Alexander Brown
          The Realm Below created by Alexander Brown, Amber Rose, and Lyn Elwhyen
          Road Less Traveled created by Thomas Wright and Alexander Brown
          Chosen created by Heather
          Rogue Redemption created by Amber Rose
          Continuations created by Alex Hart
          Shadow Stalkers created by Lex
          Wishful Thinking created by Ben Keefe
          Witch created by Yosso

          Feedback here please.

          - This episode started when the creators had an assignment in Baking class to ice a cake.
          - This is Ethan's third appearance in the series.