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Raven Episode 4.03 "Bubbled"

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  • Raven Episode 4.03 "Bubbled"

    Episode 4.3: Bubbled
    The Magical Drink from the Oriental East


    Blank screen. Text: Travis Truant-Simpson, Burnaby, Canada, 5:54 pm.

    Cut to: A busy restaurant. The sign indicates it is called "Bubble World". The place is crammed full of Asian customers, except for one, tall, caucasian teenager: Travis. He is at the front of the line waiting to order. No one is at the till. He rings the bell.

    Travis: Excuse me! Can I get some service out here?

    Voice (Off Screen): Makoto, go serve the customers!

    Makoto (Off Screen): I don't want to!

    Voice (Off Screen): Get your ass moving? now! Don't make me unplug it!

    Makoto (Off Screen): Kuso!

    A young Japanese girl, Makoto, walks to the till.

    Makoto: What will it be this time?

    Travis: Strawberry bubble tea. Don't skimp on the bubbles!

    Makoto: Pearls you mean.

    Travis: No, the bubbles.

    Makoto: Yes, pearls. They are called pearls.

    Travis: Call them crap if you'd like! I want them!

    Makoto sighs and mutters something under her breath.

    Makoto: Yes sir.

    She turns around and make him his drink. Putting extra bubble tea pearls at the bottom; as she does it, Travis grows impatient.

    Travis: I don't have all day!

    Makoto (Fake): Sorry.

    She puts the lid on the drink, pokes the straw in and hands it to him.

    Makoto: Next!

    The rush of Asians all crowd around her and start to talk her. Pan over to Death and Leora at a table across from each other. Each has a cup of coffee in front of them.

    Leora: I figured out where we are!

    Death: Oh?

    Leora: Bubble World on North Road!

    Death: Yes, you're back in your home town? kind of.

    Leora: I hate this place?

    Death: No matter, they can't see you.

    Makoto signals for the Asian's to stop talking.

    Makoto: Hold it! Hold it! I'm Japanese you idiots! The Korean bubble tea shop is down the road!

    The Asians all leave. Travis, Death, Leora, and Makoto are all that remain. Travis goes back up to the till.

    Travis: I want another.

    Makoto: This is the forth one, sir.

    Travis: Yes, and I want more! More bubbles this time!

    Death: Oh! Here we are!

    Makoto: Oh for God's sake! No more!

    She takes a straw and stabs him in the neck with it. Leora gets up. Travis yells in agony.

    Leora: We have to do something!

    Death: Sit right down, Leora! We'll do our job.

    Makoto takes a spoonful of black bubble tea pearls and puts them one by one into the straw. She then pulls it out. The wound closes up. Travis looks around, confused.

    Travis: What happened?

    Makoto: Follow me sir.

    She leads him behind the counter. She pulls out a giant bin if bubble tea pearls and puts the behind him. She them pushes him down into the bin, and he turns into pearls as he hits the rim of the bin.

    Makoto: Thank you for your service!

    She puts the big bin away. Travis appears beside Death and Leora.

    Travis: What happened to me?

    Death: You bubbled.

    Travis: What?

    Death motions to the pearls.

    Leora: Now I know why I never liked this place!

    Travis looks at the two of them.

    Travis: Are you two like cool superheroes? Are you going to stop her?

    Death: Not quite.

    Leora: I did save the world?

    Travis: That's nothing! Who hasn't saved the world on t.v.? God! It'd be cooler if you were real superheroes! Fighting crime like this!

    The door opens.

    Death: That's for her.

    Carmen walks to the register.

    Carmen: Umm, black tea bubble tea please. Extra pearls.

    Makoto: Yes ma'am.

    Leora: No!

    Death holds her back.

    Death: Leora! We have a job!

    Leora: But? I have to?

    Travis: Who is she?

    Death: Leora!

    Leora stops, knowing she can't do anything.

    Death: We're going now.

    The three disappear. Makoto scoops pearls from the bucket and puts them in Carmen's drink. She then hands it to her. Carmen takes her drink and sips on it. Pearls coming up her straw. Pearls that were once Travis.

    End Teaser.

    Theme Song: Animal I Have Become ? Three Days Grace

    AJ Cook - Carmen White-Rayne
    Tygh Runyan - Michael Duran
    Laura Harris - Lily White
    Drake Bell - Josh O'Malley
    With Kyle Gallner as Hiero
    And Michael Vartan as Arthur Rayne

    Also Starring:
    Teresa Cruz - Death of the Endless
    Tilda Swinton - Scarlet
    And Kate Beckinsale as Leora Byrne

    Special Guest Appearances:
    Travis Truant-Simpson - Himself
    And Robin Sachs as Ethan Rayne

    Guest Starring:
    Myu Azama - Makoto
    Justin Chambers - Dr. Alexander Kerry
    And Maria Alejandra Delfino as Grace

    Created by:
    Alexander Brown
    And Travis Truant-Simpson

    Executive Producers:
    Alexander Brown
    Joseph Sessumes
    And Travis Truant-Simpson

    Written by:
    Alexander Brown

    Based on: Buffy the Vampire Slayer ? Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy and 20th Century Fox, and The Sandman graphic novels ? Neil Gaiman and DC Comics. No profit is made from this fanfiction.

    In Association With: SORCERESS OF CRIMSON FALLS created by Travis Truant-Simpson, BROKEN DESTINY created by Joseph Sessumes, HIKARI created by Travis Truant-Simpson, Joseph Sessumes, and Alexander Brown, CHOSEN created by Heather, ASTA created by Irene Isaac, ROGUE REDEMPTION created by Amber Rose, SHADOW STALKER created by Lex, and SEASONS 8/9/6 by Alex Hart.

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    Act One:

    Rayne, Grace, and Scarlet slowly edge their way across a barren field. Rayne and Grace look near dead from exhaustion; Scarlet looks as ready as ever, golden sais ready for combat. They come to a small hill and Grace falls to her knees. Rayne goes to her. He puts his arm on her shoulders.

    Rayne: You ok?

    Grace: I just need a little rest.

    Rayne sits down beside her. He catches his breath.

    Rayne: Scarlet.

    She turns around, already half up the hill.

    Rayne: Where are you going?

    Scarlet: I hear something ahead. I wish to check it out.

    Rayne: Don't go to far ahead.

    She leaves the two alone. Rayne lays back and looks up to the blue sky. Grace lays beside him. He ponders her advancement.

    Grace: I like how you do that.

    Rayne: What?

    Grace: Show a strong leadership quality. I love that in a man.

    She puts her hand on his chest.

    Rayne: Uhh? what are you doing?

    Grace: Nothing.

    She gazes to the blue sky too. Instead of clouds, there are a large number of stars.

    Rayne: This world has a much different take on the sky.

    Grace: Most worlds do.

    Rayne: I've never seen so many stars!

    Grace: It makes you feel small and insignificant?

    Rayne: No, more amazed and contemplative.

    Grace: About?

    Rayne: About she's out there somewhere. My wife? is she there?

    Grace moves quickly off him. He laughs.

    Rayne: I'm sorry.

    Grace: No, it's my fault? if I knew I wouldn't have-

    A large boom can be heard from up the hill.

    Rayne: Scarlet.

    Rayne leaps up and sprints to the top of the hill, Grace follows.

    Cut to:

    The Sacred Circle. Michael, holding the baby, is attempting to eat French fries at the same time. Lily is sitting across from him, reading a copy of the Da Vinci Code.

    Lily: I really don't get it.

    Michael drops a fry as Silas grabs for it.

    Michael: Huh?

    Lily: Mary Magdalene is still a whore in my eyes.

    Michael picks up another fry. Silas grabs for it again, but Michael puts it in his mouth. He smirks at the baby and then almost drops him. He grabs him up in time.

    Michael: Almost fell their, kiddo.

    Lily: I mean I believe the rest of the book? except for that one detail.

    Michael takes a fry.

    Michael: Here, does baby want a French fry? I think baby does!

    He gives the fry to Silas.

    Lily: Damn Catholics. Creating the worlds biggest misconception.

    The baby spits out the fry.

    Michael: Excuse me!

    Lily: Well? at least they agree that Mary is a whore.

    The baby pukes on Michael. Michael puts the baby on the table and jumps up, napkin in hand.

    Michael: Eww! Gross!

    Lily snaps out of her trance?

    Lily: Huh? What? Michael? When did you get here?

    Michael: You've got to be kidding me?

    She picks up Silas, who is giggling.

    Lily: What did you do to him?

    Michael: Tried to gave him a fry?

    Lily: Oh Michael! No! Bad Michael! You do not feed that to babies!

    Michael: Oh like it'll do any harm.

    Lily: If we want him to have a heart attack at an even earlier age, then we succeeded!

    Michael: At least I'm not strung on believing a conspiracy theory meant to bring a new perspective to religion!

    Lily: It's not a theory! I'm sure Mister?

    She looks at the book cover.

    Lily: Mister Browning knows all the right facts.

    Michael: And I'm sure Langdon is waiting for you to go on some adventure at the airport right now?

    Lily leans back in her chair, once more entranced.

    Lily: That'd be nice.

    Michael: I'm going to clean this up.

    Michael takes Silas from Lily, now back to her book, to the back of the store. Carmen enters, bubble tea in her hands. Lily glances up.

    Lily: Oh my God! Carmen, what are you doing? The good lord will not you worshipping the Satanic Shintoism!

    Carmen looks down to her bubble tea, noticing the Asian lettering on her cup. She knows immediately what's wrong. She yells as loud as she can.

    Carmen: Michael! Have you let her near a bible again?

    Michael (Off Screen): I didn't do it!

    Carmen notices the book.

    Carmen: Oh Jesus?

    Lily: Carmen, you can't believe all you read in that book.

    Carmen: Give me that!

    Lily grabs it and holds it close to her.

    Carmen: Lily!

    The two struggle for the book. Carmen, being stronger, manages to yank it away from Lily. She takes out a lighter and sets the book on fire, placing it into the garbage can.

    Lily: Carmen!

    Carmen: Find a healthy hobby!

    Lily: Why do you always do this to me?

    Carmen: Because you're annoying!

    Lily: Well I'm sick of it? goodbye!

    She grabs her stuff and heads for the door. A crash is heard in the back, and then the babies cries are as well. Carmen closes her eyes, stress coming over her. She decides she must stop Lily. She grabs her stomach and goes to the ground, yelling in pain. Lily turns around.

    Lily: Carmen, what's wrong?

    Carmen: Post pregnancy pains! The worst yet!

    Lily: Oh no!

    Carmen: It's ok, Lily, its ok! You can just storm out of here and let Michael ruin my beautiful baby boy! And-

    Lily: I will have no such thing. Straight to bed with you!

    She moves passed Carmen to the back room.

    Lily: Michael! Bring that child out her now!

    Carmen smiles.

    Carmen (Under her breath): Yes!

    Lily turns around.

    Lily: To bed! Come on! Let's go!

    Carmen gets up slowly, still pretending to be in pain. She goes to the counter. Lily grabs the bubble tea before she can.

    Lily: And no more of this crap drink!

    She tosses it into the garbage can, on top of her burned book.

    Cut to:

    A huge city, mimicking the streets of Vancouver. On the outskirts of the town is the barren field. Rayne and Grace join Scarlet at the top, her weapons out.

    Rayne: What is this?

    Grace: It looks like home!

    Rayne: It can't be your home? it's mine?

    Scarlet: It's no ones. Something is wrong.

    Another bang is heard in the city.

    Rayne: What is that?

    Scarlet: I don't know, but it's coming from inside.

    Grace: Well, it's probably not the best idea to char-

    Another bang. Rayne begins to walk forward. Scarlet follows.

    Grace: Or we can just head towards possible doom. Why didn't you think of that one, Grace?

    Cut to:

    Makoto stabbing a straw into another Bubble World customer. She puts the straw in and laughs insanely as she puts the pearls in, one by one. The customer screams and falls back, bursting into pearls on the floor.

    Makoto: Wait? you missed the bin!

    Voice (Off screen, subtitled from Japanese): Makoto? do you now know that caucasian make the best pearls? That's what attract the consumers more than that crap tapioca!

    Makoto: Yes, master.

    The door opens, Carmen comes in.

    Makoto: I think I have found our next victim!

    End Act One: Commercial Break.


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      Act Two:

      Hiero sitting in front of a shrine and fireplace in a stuffy, old, wooden cabin room. He has his eyes closed and concentrates on the fire with his hands folded in front of him. The fire begins to grow and roars. A shot of Carmen in trouble flashes on the screen. Hiero opens his eyes with a gasp. He springs up and leaves the room.

      Cut to: Josh walks into the Sacred Circle. Carmen, head on the counter with three empty cups of Bubble Tea, looks up. Her hair is messed up and her eyes bloodshot. Josh puts his bag down and goes to the counter. He takes the cups away and tosses them up.

      Josh: Mrs. White-Rayne? I think you should get up.

      Carmen moans.

      Carmen: The light hurts.

      Josh grabs a half filled cup of Bubble tea and tries some. He coughs as he swallows.

      Josh: Did you put vodka in this?

      Carmen: I think so?

      Josh: Man is this strong!

      Carmen: My head agrees.

      Josh wipes away the mess on the counter around Carmen's head.

      Josh: I can take care of the store.

      Carmen slowly gets up, she points at him, looking as stern as she can with a hangover.

      Carmen: I don't think that-

      Carmen stops suddenly. She swallows. She gives Josh a worried look with her bloodshot eyes. He backs away. She swallows down again.

      Carmen: I'm going upstairs!

      Carmen dashes up the steps, hand over her mouth.

      Cut to: Rayne, Grace, and Scarlet making their way through the empty streets of the shadow Vancouver. The three look around, in case they see something - or someone.

      Rayne: What happened here?

      Grace: I don't know? There's no one around any of the shops.

      Scarlet: It's a ghost town.

      She stops and looks to their right. She holds up her sais and walks towards a flower shop that's holding overly grown plants. She puts a golden blade down to one of them, and the thorny vine quickly climbs up it. Scarlet pulls back, but the vine already has her.

      Grace: Scarlet? What's going on?

      Another big bang is head, but this time just down the street from them. A strong gust blows through the city, Rayne and Grace covers themselves. When the gust stops, Scarlet is consumed in the vine. Grace goes to help her. Three consecutive bangs, each closer and faster are heard at the end of the street. Rayne looks around, in a stance ready for combat.

      Grace: Who's there?

      Scarlet: We're about to find out.

      The vines suddenly enclose around Grace too, attaching both of them to the pillar. Grace screams. Rayne turns to help them, but a hooded figure appears in front of him with a bang. The cloaked figure pulls out a giant hammer; much too large for his size. He speaks, and his voice is made of collective whispers.

      Cloaked Figure: Fight me and your friends will be set free.

      The Cloaked Figure brings a sword from under his cloak and tosses it to Rayne. It lands in the ground beside him. Rayne picks it up by the handle and swings it around.

      Rayne: This I can do.

      The Cloaked Figure hits a building next to him with his hammer. The building slowly crumbles. Rayne looks up in awe as the building falls, sending debris in every direction, putting dust on Rayne, and the area. Rayne holds his sword up, now a little worried.

      Rayne: Just like riding a bike?

      Cut to:

      Josh mopping up the floor of the Sacred Circle. Silas is asleep in the rocker next to the table. The door opens and closes quickly.

      Josh: Hello?

      No response. Josh puts the mop down and looks around the store.

      Josh: Hello? Is anyone there?

      Josh goes to the door and looks around. He turns around and suddenly slips. As he gets up, he looks at what he landed on. A bunch of Bubble tea pearls are scattered around the doorway.

      Josh: What?

      He pauses and looks around.

      Josh: Carmen?

      He hears a crash; the baby begins to cry. Josh turns to the direction of the table. He gasps.

      Cut to: Carmen rushing down the stairs of The Sacred Circle. She sees Josh on the floor, traumatized. She rushes to his side. He looks blankly up, muttering to himself.

      Josh: Bubbles? bubbles? giant bubble? bubbled?

      Carmen: Josh! What happened?

      Josh: The bubbles!

      The door opens, Michael comes in.

      Michael: Hey Carmen. I kind of needed to ask a question about Li-

      He sees Carmen over Josh's now unconscious body. He looks to the table, the cradle beside it broken on the ground.

      Michael: Oh my God? what happened to the baby?

      Carmen: Michael! Get over here!

      Michael snaps out of awe and turns to Carmen, tripping over pearls as he runs to her. He falls in front of her.

      Michael: Ow! What was that at the door?

      Carmen looks over to the pearls.

      Carmen: I know exactly where my baby went!

      Michael stumbles up. Carmen gets up.

      Carmen: Bubble World!

      Cut to: Silas being held in the arms of Makoto. He's crying as she rocks him back and forth. A giant Bubble tea pearl floats to her shoulder and levitates next to it. As it talks, it lights up.

      Makoto: Thank you, Master. For capturing this child.

      Master Bubble: It proved much easier than I had suspected.

      Makoto: And now we will get the perfect specimen for the perfect recipe!

      Master Bubble: Do not fail, Makoto.

      The door opens. A little girl screams as she sees the giant pearl.

      Makoto: Oh shut up!

      She tosses puts Silas down and grabs a knife from her boot, tossing it at the girl. Her screams are silenced.

      Cut to: Michael holding a damp cloth on Josh's head.

      Michael: The Bubble World? Where the Bubble tea comes from?

      Carmen grabs her purse from the counter and pulls out a handgun. She clicks a lever and the chamber opens up. She checks her ammunition.

      Carmen: Yup.

      Michael: And they took your baby? why?

      Carmen: Maybe I was short fifty cents last time?

      Michael: Or maybe they want you to stop drinking that crap!

      Carmen shoots of the handgun right by Michael's head. Michael jumps.

      Michael: Jesus!

      Carmen: It's not crap!

      She tries to say something insulting, but nothing comes out.

      Carmen: Crappy!

      Carmen goes to the door. Michael stands up behind her.

      Michael: I'm coming too!

      Carmen: No you're not!

      Michael: But I need a fight!

      Carmen: This is my baby so this is my choice! Besides, I need you to baby-sit our employee!

      Michael: But?

      Carmen: Michael! Do not question me! I'm a lioness without her cub!

      Michael: Good use of simile!

      Carmen rolls her eyes and exits. Pause. She then comes back in and points at Michael.

      Carmen: And if there is lawsuit when he comes to, there will be wrath!

      She exits. Pause. She enters again and marches right to the counter. She picks up her half empty, old, Bubble tea cup and drinks it as she walks right by Michael. Michael shakes his head.

      End Act Two: Commercial Break.


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        Act Three:

        Lily White walking down the hospital hallway. She has a bouquet of flowers in her hands as she finds her room. She turns the corner and is blocked by a worker.

        Worker: Excuse me ma'am, you can't come here.

        She looks at his name tag.

        Lily: Oh, but Dr. Kerry, I just need to-

        Dr. Kerry: Ma'am, I've been in this profession for ten years. There isn't anything you can say to let me passed.

        Lily gets panicked.

        Lily: My water broke!

        Dr. Kerry: You're not pregnant, ma'am.

        Lily calms down.

        Lily: It was worth a shot.

        Dr. Kerry: I have work to do. I need to see you leave the hall.

        She puts her hand on his chest.

        Lily: Oh, Dr. Kerry! I thought we understood one another so well!

        She pretends to start crying. Dr. Kerry rolls his eyes.

        Dr. Kerry: What's the relation.

        Lily: Brother in law.

        Dr. Kerry: Oh, so you're her sister?

        Lily: So you've met Carmen?

        Dr. Kerry lifts up his bangs and points to a bruise on his forehead.

        Lily: Yup, definitely Carmen.

        Dr. Kerry: So I'm guessing that I'll fear the wrath of White once more if I don't let you through, huh?

        Lily just smiles at him. Dr. Kerry gets out of her way and rolls his eyes.

        Dr. Kerry: Five minutes. I'll be back to check on you.

        Lily bounces up and down and throws herself into Dr. Kerry's arms. He hugs her, unexpectedly, falling backwards a bit.

        Lily: Oh thank you!

        Dr. Kerry: It's? my pleasure?

        Cut to: Rayne taking up the sword. He charges, running low as the hammer swings above him. Rayne slices up with the blade as he reaches the Cloaked Figure, ripping away part of his cloak. The figure drops his hammer and picks up Rayne by the neck. He tosses Rayne to the ground.

        Cloaked Figure: You cannot defeat me like that!

        Rayne rolls as the hammer comes down to where his head was. He springs up with the blade in his hand. He stabs the Cloaked Figure, who drops the hammer and turns around. He looks Rayne in the eyes and backhands him to the ground. Rayne starts to get up, but the figure kicks him down again. He pulls the blade from himself, no blood on it, and tosses it aside. He picks up his hammer and swings.

        Cut to: Lily sitting beside comatose Rayne's bedside. She puts the flowers in a vase and begins to fiddle with them to make them look nice.

        Lily: Oh Arthur, you have no idea what you're doing right now do you.

        She seems to expect some kind of response as she pauses.

        Lily: You see, you've hurt my sister really badly by what you've done. And we White sisters never allow such acts to happen.

        Cut to: A shopping mall clothing store, a group of women are crowded around a bin. Lily springs up, a pink sweater in her hands. She cheers.

        Lily: I got it! I got it!

        The other women glare at her. Carmen, appearing from the group, snatches the sweater and smiles at Lily.

        Carmen: I got it!

        Carmen tosses it to a woman beside her.

        Carmen: And now she does!

        Lily: Carmen! I really wanted that!

        Carmen: I know!

        Something catches her eye.

        Carmen: Ooh! Leather!

        Cut to: The hospital.

        Lily: Well? mostly.


        Lily: Now, really. When will you wake up? Theres a lot waiting out here for you, you know.

        She smiles at Rayne as he sleeps peacefully, then puts her hand on his. She begins to stand up when a figure comes to the door. It's Hiero. He sees her and freezes.

        Lily: Hello? Can I help you?

        Hiero: Visiting hours are over.

        Lily: I know, I'll just be a-

        She notices his normal clothing.

        Lily: Hey! You're no doctor!

        Hiero: I know. I'm just here to visit the patient.

        Lily: Oh, did you know my brother in law?

        Hiero: Oh? so you're her sister?

        Lily: Hmm?

        Hiero: Nothing!

        He smiles at her and walks away. Dr. Kerry appears in the doorway. He looks in Hiero's direction in confusion.

        Dr. Kerry: Who was that?

        Lily: I have no idea. I think he knew Arthur.

        They pause. Lily rises.

        Lily: Well, thank you Dr.-

        Dr. Kerry: Please, call me Alexander.

        Lily: Oh, well I'll be sure to-

        Dr. Kerry: So will you have dinner with me sometime?

        Cut to: Bubble World. Makoto sits near the baby, watching the door. The Master Bubble floating near her. She sighs.

        Makoto: Why is this taking so long! Did she get dropped on her head and loose her maternal instincts?

        Master Bubble: I do admit, this is rather late.

        Makoto: We need her! Or else we'll loose business!

        Master Bubble: I know, my dear. Do not worry.

        Carmen sneaks in the background. She holds her gun, and on seeing the Bubble King her eyes widen. She aims.

        Master Bubble: Just duck!

        Makoto: What?

        Carmen fires her gun. Makoto gets shot through the head, falling to the ground.

        Carmen: Well.. I guess that was-

        The Master Bubble glows. Bubble Tea pearls fly out of the bin and begin to bounce all around the room. Carmen fires aimlessly at them: making Silas cry.

        Cut to: Lily entering the Sacred Circle, seeing the mess. She sees Michael, helping Josh up in a chair.

        Lily: Oh my God! What happened?

        Michael: He got attacked?

        Lily: And the baby?

        Michael: Carmen's working on-

        Lily: Oh you stupid child! Not looking after the baby properly!

        She slaps Josh.

        Michael: Lily? it wasn't his-

        Lily: Shut up, Michael! My nephew is in grave danger and all you can care about is this impudent little shit that lost him!

        Michael: Oh, like you're helping anything by yelling! You're just? just?

        Lily(Calmly): Going through my period?

        Michael: What?

        Josh: What was that?

        They both look at him.

        Josh: I saw a giant? bubble?

        Michael: I'm sure it was just-

        Josh: Why do weird things always happen here? And why can't anyone tell me what's really up?

        Michael and Lily look at each other. Lily advances and sits in the chair across from him. Michael still supports him as he almost falls over.

        Lily: There's something you need to know, Josh.

        Cut to: Carmen continuing to shoot her gun. There's a click: she's empty. Pearls dart around everywhere, hitting her and breaking things in the store. The Master Bubble levitates to Silas and begins to glow.

        Master Bubble: You'll have to suffice for our next shipment then! Mommy will be dead soon enough!

        Carmen hears this and immediately sharpens up. She grabs a pearl from the air and puts it in her gun. She aims as the Master Bubble and her baby glow green. Pearls hit her in the face, she doesn't flinch.

        Carmen: Not? my? baby!

        She fires the gun, putting a hole through the Master Bubble. The Master Bubble falls down, no longer glowing. The pearls in the shop also fall to the ground. Carmen walks carefully, trying not to trip, to her child. She picks him up and hushes him.

        Carmen: Mommies here, mommies here.

        Silas stops crying. Carmen looks at the mess of a store.

        Carmen: I will never get addicted to another Asian fad ever again...

        Cut to: An arcade. Michael, holding a crying Silas, and Lily stand around as Carmen dances around on a Dance Dance Revolution machine. The song finishes.

        Game (In a strong Asian accent): Congradulations! You are the master!

        Carmen: Yay! I won!

        A little girl waiting in line walks up to the coin slot. Carmen puts her hand on it and glares at the little girl.

        Carmen: Get away from my game!

        The little girl cries and runs in the other direction. Michael and Lily give each other a weird look.

        Cut to: Rayne, bloody faced, lying down on the ground. His breathing is heavy. He looks up at the figure, standing over him.

        Cloaked Figure: There's something you need to know-

        He pulls his hood away. It's Ethan Rayne.

        Ethan: Son.

        Cut to: Black

        End Episode.


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          In Association With:
          Sorceress of Crimson Falls created by Travis Truant-Simpson
          Broken Destiny created by Joseph Sessumes and Alexander Brown
          The Realm Below created by Alexander Brown, Amber Rose, and Lyn Elwhyen
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          Chosen created by Heather
          Rogue Redemption created by Amber Rose
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          Wishful Thinking created by Ben Keefe
          Witch created by Yosso

          Feedback here please.

          -The character of Travis in the teaser was roughly based on the co-creator.
          -The episode idea came when the creators were in a Bubbletea shop actually called "Bubble World". Travis said "Hey... you know what'd be cool? An evil bubble tea episode!" And Alex's mind just went from there...