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Raven Episode 4.02 "The Girl Who Saved it All"

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  • Raven Episode 4.02 "The Girl Who Saved it All"

    Episode 4.2 "The Girl Who Saved it All"

    *This episode is rated R*


    Black screen. Text: ALYSON DEMARIS, 1:24pm, Al Fallujah, Iraq.

    Cut to: A group of American soldiers in a vast desert holding guns and wearing full army garb. There are five men and one woman among them. They walk up to a hill.

    Soldier One: Move ahead group, we need to see what's over this bend.

    Soldier Two: Commander said there was a group of angry Iraqis in the area.

    Alyson (Female Soldier): Well no shit! This is one of the most devastated areas.

    Soldier one stops, as do the other troops behind him.

    Soldier One: Demaris, you just volunteered yourself to scout ahead.

    Alyson (Sarcastically): Sir yes sir!

    She holds up her gun and walks up the sandy hill. When she reaches the top she looks around. Out on the plain was little ways away are a group of Iraqi's, walking the plain with their cow. They have guns around their arms. Alyson signals the other soldiers to come up as the Iraqi's move closers.

    Soldier One: Demaris, what is it?

    Alyson: Look over there.

    Soldier Two: Are they a threat?

    Soldier One: All of them are goddamn threats!

    Cut to: The Iraqi soldiers. *Their speech is shown in subtitles*.

    Iraqi One: Oh no, more of those goddamn Americans.

    Iraqi Two: Will they ever give us and our cows peace?

    Iraqi One: It looks like they are signaling to us.

    In the distance Alyson is waving at them. The hold their guns up in the air.

    Cut to: The soldiers.

    Soldier Two: What does that mean, sir?

    Soldier One: It means shoot the goddamn bitches! For America!

    The soldiers yell and aim their guns.

    Cut to: The Iraqi's.

    Iraqi Three: Oh for the love of?

    Bullets fly passed them and the Iraqi's try to take cover on the ground. One bullet hits the cow. With a last "moo" it falls onto one of the Iraqi's. He yells.

    Iraqi One: Get it off me! Get it off me!

    Iraqi Two: Damn Americans!

    The Iraqi's currently not pinned under a cow pull up their machine guns and fire at the American soldiers. The American's duck, except for Alyson.

    Solider One: Demaris, what are you doing!

    Alyson: Protecting my country sir!

    Soldier Two: Shit, she's nuts!

    Alyson charges the Iraqi's, who keep firing. She shoots in vain as nothing hits her opponents. The Iraqi's all aim and fire at her. She screams as bullets rip into her. She falls, and dies. The Iraqi's help their comrade up as the other Americans get up and fire with no success either. The Iraqi's run. The soldiers gather round Alyson.

    Solider Two: What a stupid bitch.

    Move away a few yards from the soldiers: Leora and Death are standing beside Alyson, still in army garb. Death brushes some sand from her shoulder.

    Death: There we are.

    Alyson: Who are you guys? Why am I here when I'm really?

    She motions back to her body.

    Death: We're here to take you to your next place.

    Alyson: You mean I'm?

    Leora: I'm afraid so.

    She looks at Death and Leora really carefully.

    Alyson: I know that you must be Death? but who are you?

    Leora: Mine name's Leora.

    She holds out her hand and gives a smile. Alyson ignores her and continues to interrogate Death.

    Alyson: Why is she here?

    Death smiles at Leora.

    Death: She saved the world.

    Alyson: So you were part of the army too?

    Leora: Oh hell no!

    Death: There's a lot of things you need to learn.

    Death walks ahead. Leora and Alyson follow.

    Alyson: I didn't like the tone of that "hell no"!

    Leora: Stand down soldier. I just don't care for the Republicans.

    Alyson: Heh, nor am I.


    Leora: So why did you enter the army then, Alyson?

    Alyson: In hopes of a better world.

    Leora: Oh?

    Death: Come on. I know where you should go!

    Cut to: A large castle surrounded by a vast field. Death, Alyson, and Leora appear at the front gate. A gargoyle stands guard and moves to greet the visitors. Alyson jumps back.

    Alyson: Did you see that?

    Gargoyle: Good morrow, Lady Death.

    Death: Morning Gargoyle.

    Alyson: It can talk?

    Gargoyle: Why yes I can, miss. Better than most.

    Death: Is my brother here?

    Gargoyle: Why yes, he is coming.

    Leora: Your brother? are we in-

    Death: The Dreaming, yes.

    Alyson: The Dreaming?

    Gargoyle: Oh for sure you've been here before, Madam.

    The door opens, Dream immerges. The Gargoyle leaves.

    Death: Brother, I have brought you one.

    Dream: Yes I see.

    Alyson: Umm, excuse me, Lord. But why am I here?

    Dream: Are you a hero?

    Alyson: Well? I guess.

    Dream: Then you've answered it yourself. You dreamed of a better world and tried to act upon it. Your reward is to live here from now on. Are you ready?

    Alyson: I guess?

    She turns and waves to Leora and Death, and follows Dream inside the castle.

    Alyson: Thanks.

    The door closes. Death and Leora walk down the path.

    Leora: Why don't I stay here?

    Death: Because, you don't want to. And it is not the place for you.

    Leora: Where is?

    Death: By the end of our journey together, however long that may be, you will tell.

    Leora: For now I get to be an Endless groupie?

    Death smiles at her.

    Death: Please.

    Leora: Alright.

    The walk onward.

    Leora: So who's there?

    Death: Well Terry Fox is in the back running on two legs right now.

    Leora: Really?

    Death: Among others.

    Leora: Do tell.

    End Teaser.

    Theme Song: Animal I Have Become ? Three Days Grace

    AJ Cook - Carmen White-Rayne
    Tygh Runyan - Michael Duran
    Laura Harris - Lily White
    Drake Bell - Josh O'Malley
    With Kyle Gallner as Hiero
    And Michael Vartan as Arthur Rayne

    Also Starring:
    Teresa Cruz - Death of the Endless
    Tilda Swinton - Scarlet
    And Kate Beckinsale as Leora Byrne

    Special Guest Star:
    Amber Benson - Tara Maclay
    James C. Leary - Terry Wilson
    With Milla Jovovich as Feora Byrne
    And Alyson Hannigan as Willow Rosenberg

    Guest Starring:
    Derek Baldwick - Dream of the Endless
    And Maria Alejandra Delfino as Grace

    Created by:
    Alexander Brown
    And Travis Truant-Simpson

    Executive Producers:
    Alexander Brown
    Joseph Sessumes
    And Travis Truant-Simpson

    Written by:
    Alexander Brown

    Additional Writing by:
    Travis Truant-Simpson

    Based on: Buffy the Vampire Slayer ? Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy and 20th Century Fox, and The Sandman graphic novels ? Neil Gaiman and DC Comics. No profit is made from this fanfiction.

    In Association With: SORCERESS OF CRIMSON FALLS created by Travis Truant-Simpson, BROKEN DESTINY created by Joseph Sessumes, HIKARI created by Travis Truant-Simpson, Joseph Sessumes, and Alexander Brown, CHOSEN created by Heather, ASTA created by Irene Isaac, ROGUE REDEMPTION created by Amber Rose, SHADOW STALKER created by Lex, and SEASONS 8/9/6 by Alex Hart.

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    Act One:

    Carmen lays asleep in her bed, sweat on her forehead. She breathes heavily and fast and moves restlessly in her sleep.

    Cut to: The Dimension of the Red Moon, Carmen stands on the top of the mountain, flaming Leora standing across from her.

    Leora: Carmen!

    Leora holds out her flaming hand. Carmen reaches for it, but pulls her hand back as she hits the flames.

    Leora: Carmen, help me!

    Carmen: I- I can't!

    Leora: Carmen!

    Leora burns up, falls over, and disappears in front of Carmen. Carmen screams and falls to the ground, crying. Feora appears in front of her, fully vamped out. Rayne is at her feet, unconscious. Feora laughs.

    Carmen: You bitch!

    Feora: You couldn't save her, and you can't save him either!

    Feora takes out a sword and stabs it into Rayne's chest. Blood leaks out at the back. She twists the sword in him. Carmen cries.

    Feora: You're a failure. You can't do anything right! You can't save them.

    Carmen looks down in shame.

    Carmen: You're right!

    Feora: You couldn't save any of them. And you won't ever be able to.

    Carmen: Please, stop!

    Feora: You won't even be able to save yourself!

    Feora lunges forward with her sword. Carmen screams.

    Cut to: Carmen lunging out of bed. Silas is crying in his crib beside her. She gets up and walks to her babe. She picks him up and cuddles him in her arms.

    Carmen: It's ok. Everything will be ok.

    Cut to: Carmen walking downstairs, baby in hands. Michael and Lily are already operating the store. They sit across from each other in a discussion.

    Lily: You know, Michael, you could really do some good with a manicure.

    Michael: Really?

    Lily: Oh yeah! In fact a whole day to the spa would be good.

    Michael: I don't know if it's my kind of thing?

    Lily: Oh nonsense! All the testosterone leaking to your head!

    Michael: I'm still not sure?

    Lily: Grant it you look a lot better then when I arrived here. I'm glad you got over that whole look like a druggie thing!

    Michael swallows.

    Michael: Yes, look like?

    Lily: Oh Michael, I'm going to take you to the spa!

    Michael: You really don't have to do that-

    Lily: I'm taking you to the spa!

    She glares at him. Michael backs away out of his seat. Carmen comes with a cup of coffee in her hand and the baby being held up to her on the other.

    Michael: What is it with you White women that makes you so?

    Lily: Power hungry?

    Carmen: Stubborn?

    Lily: Bitchy?

    Michael: Yeah?

    Lily: That's our secret.


    Lily: So? when are you free.

    Carmen: Lily, I'm sorry, but I need Beauty Queen Michael to manage the store for me a lot lately. If you didn't notice, there is a taxing baby attached to me.

    Lily: Well? I'm sure we'll figure something out.

    Carmen: I'm sure you will?

    Lily grabs Silas from him, and gathers her bags.

    Lily: Well, I'll be off then.

    Carmen: Thank you for watching him today.

    Lily: That's what family is for, isn't it?

    Carmen: Oh yes.

    Lily stands there, expecting more.

    Carmen: Lily, you can leave now.

    Lily: Right?

    Lily leaves. Carmen slumps down into a chair at the table.

    Michael: Thank you for getting me out of that!

    Carmen: Oh she'll be back.

    Michael: I'm thrilled?

    Cut to: Rayne turning around, facing Grace.

    Rayne: What do you mean you want answers from me?

    Grace: I've been following you for quite some time here. And I have come to the conclusion that things are happening around you, and that I'm pulled in. Or maybe some spell is drawing only me to you, or-

    Rayne: What are you?

    Grace pauses.

    Grace: A seer.

    Rayne: So for all I know this is all an illusion put on me by you!

    Grace: No, please! Arthur, believe me! I-

    Rayne: You've done nothing for me so far!

    Rayne storms off. Grace is left literally in the dark. The only light is following Rayne. She waits a while and then follows behind him.

    Cut to: Hiero sitting down on a bench within the graveyard. The sun is glaring down. Carmen walks up to him, looking around the graveyard. She sits down beside him.

    Hiero: It's different in the day, isn't it. A lot friendlier.

    Carmen: I don't come here often. Night time only.

    Hiero: I'm here all the time. It's beautiful really. So peaceful.

    Carmen: Except the construction around the corner.

    Hiero: Even graveyards need servicing. The dead won't mind.

    Carmen: I don't know about that; I've had to deal with a lot of really angry dead things before.

    Hiero: As have I.

    Pause. Hiero lays back and lights a cigarette. Carmen moves uncomfortably.

    Carmen: So I came.

    Hiero: That you did. It shows you are as worthy as I thought.

    Carmen: Worthy? For what? How?

    Hiero: If you haven't figured yet, I'm not your average person. I get shown things? visions kind of if you will. Through dreams. I saw you. I was told in my dream that I could help you. When I saw you the other night I told you to meet me here now. You did and that shows that you have the ambition to achieve something.

    Carmen: I have no idea what you're talking about.

    Hiero: I'm sure you're lying. I know what you want.

    Carmen: Excuse me, but I have to go.

    Carmen gets up and grabs her bag.

    Hiero: This was not intended to be a short meeting.

    Carmen: Well you disappeared during the last one.

    Hiero: Please, Carmen, sit down.

    Carmen: I have to go.

    Hiero: I know what you want. And we need to discuss it.

    Carmen: I have a business to run. I have to go.

    Hiero: Leora Byrne.

    Carmen freezes.

    Hiero: She all but disappeared from the world six months ago. The same time your husband, Arthur Rayne, was put in a coma.

    Carmen: What, so you read the news? Good for you.

    Hiero: I imagine that you'll find it very interesting on my proposal.

    Carmen: I can't imagine what it is you want to help with.

    Hiero: Sure you do. Just ask for it.

    Carmen turns and looks him in the eye.

    Carmen: I need you, whoever you really are, to help me bring my life back. I need Leora to come home.

    End Act One: Commercial Break.


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      Act Two:

      An overly bright field, very clear and open, just fresh green grass. Hypnotic music plays in the background. Pan onto a picnic blanket, red and white checkered. A picnic basket open, food out and eaten, Two people sit, one is a woman and another is a man, they're faces are unseen?

      Woman: (OS) It's so beautiful here.

      Man: (OS) Isn't it?

      The camera pans up to reveal Rayne and Tara. They seem to be very comfortable. Tara sits with Rayne behind her. Rayne is playing with her hair, braiding it.

      Rayne: Do we have to leave?

      Tara: No.

      Rayne: I like it here, a lot better then out there.

      Tara: I suppose it is peaceful. No monsters or demons? Or girlfriends to worry about.

      Rayne: A wife knocked up with a gun and an axe.

      Tara smiles.

      Tara: She is no longer pregnant. She is a full-blown mother and you are a father? Funny.

      Rayne: I don't understand why you are here.

      Rayne lets go of Tara's hair and moves to sit side by side with her. Tara rests her heads on Rayne's shoulder. Rayne seems a bit confused.

      Rayne: Why are you in here. Where is Willow?

      Tara: Somewhere? I don't remember. It seems kind of hazy? Where are Carmen and child? I'm surprised you've been able to keep her hands off you.

      Rayne: I haven't seen her in awhile.

      Tara: Is she dead?

      Rayne: Probably.

      Tara leans up, and kisses Rayne passionately on the lips. Rayne runs his hands along Tara's check and chin. Tara breaks away. But stays very close to Rayne's face.

      Tara: This is better then reality.

      Rayne: We are in reality.

      Tara: No.

      Rayne: Then where are we?

      Tara: I think we're in someone's head.

      Tara runs her hands along Rayne's chest. Quickly fade, close up on Rayne's face to Tara sitting on his lap. Rayne's hands around her waist.

      Rayne: I'm married. And you are? Gay.

      Tara: Not here. Everything is different in this world Arthur?

      Terry, a man with brown hair, and Michael appear beside Rayne, they each have a hand on his shoulder.

      Rayne: What are they doing here?

      Michael: You called us.

      Michael whispers into Rayne's ear, sensually.

      Michael: Isn't this what you wanted? Ever since you laid those blue eyes on my drugged up self?

      Rayne: No?

      Michael and Terry start running their hands along Rayne's black leather jacket. Tara seems to not notice; she just places with Terry's loose hand. She closes her eyes.

      Tara: Terry, I'm glad you came.

      Terry: I'm here for you Tara.

      Rayne: I don't know you? Who are you?

      Tara: Just let him in. He can be quite? Pleasing.

      Terry: Thank you.

      Rayne tries to break away, but the hands seem to be clasped onto him.

      Michael: Don't fight us.

      Michael and Terry remove Rayne's jacket, and push him down so he is lying on his back. Rayne looks up, a bit scared.

      Rayne: Don't?

      Michael: Just let us do what we do Rayne? Don't fight us, just embrace the pain.

      Michael looks over to Terry. Terry grins and lowers down out of screen, Michael looks back to Rayne.

      Michael: Don't scream.

      Michael lowers out of screen, a zipper can be heard getting unzipped, Rayne starts to fight it, but the fighting quickly becomes soothing.

      Rayne: No? No?

      Rayne screams in pleasure.

      Rayne: No!

      Terry and Michael freeze and then disappear. Tara smiles at Rayne and then turns and walks away. Rayne pulls up his pants and falls back with a sigh of relief. A figure appears to his side. He hears it and turns quickly. Its Scarlet, really out of breathe and beaten up.

      Rayne: You!

      Cut to: Carmen sitting back down on the bench. Tears in her eyes. Hiero lays back and smokes.

      Hiero: I'm sorry to build you up like that.

      Carmen: Yeah, well, it isn't a subject I approve of.

      Hiero: Well we're having this discussion no matter the feelings it brings up.

      Carmen: Yeah, I guess?

      Hiero: You want her back, don't you?

      Carmen: I need her back.

      Hiero: Well I can help you with that then.

      Carmen: How? And what do you need in exchange?

      Hiero: I will help you find a way no matter the cost.

      Carmen: And the cost for me? What will I have to pay for it?

      Hiero: Would you believe me if I said I needed a friend.

      Carmen: Most friendships are created and maintained to get something out of. No selflessness to it at all.

      Hiero: Very cynical of you.

      Carmen: Very experienced of me.

      Hiero: Well, you're right.

      Carmen: So what do you want?

      Hiero: You to trust me when the time comes.

      Carmen: And that will be when? And what reason do I have not to trust you. Asking for someone's trust generally means distrust.

      Hiero: Just trust me, please.

      Carmen gets up after a long pause.

      Carmen: I'll think about it. I have errands to run. Excuse me.

      She walks away.

      Cut to: Scarlet falls to her knees.

      Rayne: What's? what's wrong?

      Scarlet: I couldn't get to her? I couldn't get to my daughter!

      Rayne: She's gone you know.

      Scarlet smiles at him.

      Scarlet: So am I.

      She laughs continuously, growing in intensity. Suddenly the laughter turns to tears. The demon is crying. Rayne goes to comfort her. He puts her arm around her.

      Rayne: It's going to be ok. I'm without anyone too? kind of?

      Grace walks into the field. She looks down at Rayne comforting Scarlet.

      Grace: Oh this is funny.

      Rayne acknowledges her with a stare of confusion.

      Grace: You trust the demon that tried to kill you over me. Someone that wanted to help work with you!

      Rayne: Well does it look like I'm dead yet?

      Grace: You may be. We all may be! I mean she's dead already as it is!

      Scarlet stops and stares at her.

      Scarlet: I remember my death. I can't tell much about it anymore.

      Rayne: How do you know this isn't the world now, Grace? If that is your name. Maybe this is reality now.

      Grace: I won't except that!

      Rayne: Well you have to! Now get out of here!

      Grace slumps down.

      Grace: I? I can't. For some reason this is yours, Rayne. This whole place.

      Rayne: If its my world, then I am telling you to leave!

      Scarlet intervenes.

      Scarlet: She's right. There is nothing to do that doesn't involve you. It's why I lost her.

      Rayne: I didn't chose for this to happen!

      Grace: Well I'm sure neither one of us did.

      Scarlet stands up.

      Rayne: I'm sorry, but I have no idea what is going on.

      Grace: Maybe it's time we stop sitting around like this and find some answers? And not split up this time.

      Rayne: I guess it can't do any harm? as you pointed out, I'm trusting a murderer... no offense.

      Scarlet: None taken.

      Grace: I'll make sure she doesn't stab you in the back.

      Cut to: The Sacred Circle. Michael and Lily are playing cards. Baby Silas in a crib beside them.

      Michael: I wonder where she went.

      Lily: She said she had a meeting.

      Michael: She's been acting really weird since the other night. I don't know what I did to her.

      Lily: Oh Michael, it wasn't you. Trust me!

      Michael: I hope so.

      Lily puts down her hand.

      Lily: Royal flush! I win! You know what you have to do now!

      Michael: Damnit! I am tired of loosing and having to deal with the diapers!

      He goes to the crib and picks up a bag beside it. He looks in it and gets up.

      Michael: I guess there aren't anymore.

      Lily: I left them in the car. Go get them, ok?

      She tosses her keys at him.

      Michael: Back in a minute.

      He opens the door and goes out.

      Cut to: Michael walking to Lily's car parked at the sidewalk. It's dark out. He goes to the trunk to be intervened by a person.

      Man: Excuse me sir, do you have a light?

      Michael: Sure.

      He reaches in his pocket. The Man punches him in the head, he falls to the ground unconscious.

      Cut to: Lily holding the baby, looking outside.

      Lily: Where is he?

      There's a knock at the door. She goes to the door and opens it. Michael's unconscious body is a few meters away from the door. Lily runs to him and leaves over him, crying baby in arms.

      Lily: Michael? Michael! Oh God? what happened?

      The Man, now a Vampire stands behind her. She turns around and screams. He grabs the baby from her arms knocks her to the ground. He stands and smiles and then sniffs at the baby.

      Vampire: Not even the courtesy to clean after it? What good victims do you make?

      End Act Two: Commercial Break.


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        Act Three:

        Rayne, Grace, and Scarlet walk along a wide desert. They walk up a hill, quietly. At the top is a swarm of large black, noisy birds. Rayne, Grace and Scarlet duck down as the birds swarm above them. They shout at each other.

        Grace: What are they?

        Scarlet: Ravens!

        Song: Imagine by A Perfect Circle, ? John Lennon begins.

        Lyrics: Imagine theres no heaven. It's easy if you try, no hell below us, above us only sky-

        Rayne looks up at the sky. Ravens dive bomb at them, Grace and Scarlet duck and avoid them. Grace spots a large hole in the ground a few meters away from them.

        Lyrics: Imagine all the people living for today?

        She taps Scarlet on the shoulder. Rayne continues to look at the sky. In the center of the swarm of black is a larger golden raven. Flames coming from it.

        Flash of: Leora smiling.

        Lyrics: You may say I'm a dreamer-

        Rayne keeps staring. Grace grabs him and they run for the hole, Rayne struggling.

        Flash of: Leora running to the top of the mountain.

        Lyrics: - but I'm not the only one.

        Rayne falls down away from the hole. Scarlet has reached it and is covering inside, and Grace nearly there. Birds swoop down at an intense amount. The bump into Rayne and he falls down. Still staring up.

        Grace: Arthur!

        Lyrics: I hope some day you'll join us,

        She tries to help him, but birds swarm her just as bad. Scarlet pokes her head from the hole in the ground and spots it: the golden bird.

        Flash of: Feora turning to dust.

        Lyrics: And the world will live as one.

        Rayne closes his eyes.

        Flash of: Leora reaching out her hand.

        Lyrics: Imagine no possessions. I wonder if you can,

        Scarlet leaps up into the air, sais in hand. She rises and rises at an impossible speed and to an impossible height.

        No need for greed or hunger. A brotherhood of man.

        As she begins to slow, she reaches the golden bird. She takes her sais and stab into it. She falls to the ground, bird on her sais.

        Flash of: Leora disappearing.

        Lyrics: Imagine all the people sharing all the world?

        The music stops. Rayne weeps as Scarlet lands feet first on the ground. The ravens disappear. The golden bird on her sais liquefies and spirals up the blades and side tongs. Her sais turn golden before her eyes. Rayne stays on the ground. Grace comes over to him as Scarlet admires her reward.

        Cut to: Carmen walking into the Sacred Circle. She looks around, no one there.

        Carmen: Michael? Lily? Anyone?

        With no response she shrugs her shoulder and goes to the counter. She puts her bags and things down and picks up the phone. She dials a number. The dial tone is heard. And then-

        Willow (Over Phone): Hey-

        Carmen: Willow, hi-

        Willow (Over Phone): You've reached Willow Rosenberg and Tara Maclay's. Please leave a message after the beep.

        Carmen: Willow? hi it's Carmen. There's something? something you may want to know. Call me when you get in? bye.

        She clicks the phone and puts it down. It is at this moment when she notices a note posted on the inside of the door. She walks over to is, grabbing her gun on they way out. She reads it aloud.

        Carmen: She was murdered, and now something dear of yours will be murdered too. As you took one of ours, yours will pay for this. You know where to come.

        She tosses down the piece of paper and looks up: rage in her face.

        Cut to: A teenagers party. Booze and chaos. A group of kids are playing spin the bottle. Josh is in between them all.

        Song: "There's a Reason These Tables are Numbered Honey, You Just Haven't Thought of it Yet" ? Panic! At the Disco.

        Lyrics: Please leave all overcoats, canes, and top hats with the doorman. From this moment you'll be out of place and underdressed.

        He spins the bottle, and it lands on this girl across from him. He freezes.

        Lyrics: I'm wrecking this evening already and loving every minute of it. Running this banquet for the mildly inspiring and?

        She moves across the circle and pulls him in the centre. She kisses him passionately. He resists.

        Lyrics: When you're in your black slacks with accenting, off-white, pinstripes, whoa, everything goes according to plan.

        People around the circle begin to cheer. One boy pulls the two up and leads them away from the circle.

        Cut to: A bedroom in the house. The girl smiles at Josh as she goes to the bed, taking her top off. Josh stays near the door.

        Lyrics: I'm the new cancer, never looked better, you can't stand it. Because you say so under your breath.

        She pouts at him. He comes to the edge of the bed and sits down.

        Lyrics: You're reading lips "When did he get so confident?"

        She kisses him and pulls him down. He pulls away.

        Lyrics: Haven't you heard that I'm the new cancer.

        Girl: What's wrong?

        Josh: I'm sorry? I just-

        Girl: What, like boys?

        Josh: No!

        Girl: Then give me a reason why we can't?

        She raises her eyebrows suggestively at him. He pauses, trying to make words.

        Lyrics: Never looked better, and you can't stand it!

        She pulls him down.

        The music stops.

        Cut to: Carmen smashing down the door to Feora's club. The walls are scorched, and the place has been trashed. Chairs broken, couches ripped to shreds. There is even graffiti on the walls. The vampire steps into the light, she holds up her gun at him. Two more join him. He has the baby.

        Vampire: So you can remember where this place is.

        Carmen: I haven't killed nearly enough of you lately. Just give me my baby and I will make it easy!

        Vampire: And these two?

        The vampires at his side step out of the shadows, each with an unconscious body in their arms. Michael and Lily are in the arms of the enemy. Carmen's eyes widen.

        Vampire: Who will you save? Your baby? Your sister? Or your last friend?

        Carmen: Do any of you vampires ever come up with something original.

        She shoots at the vampire holding Lily. The vampire falls back, smoking from her bullet. Lily falls to the ground.

        Vampire: Sister? Really?

        The second vampire drops Michael and runs at Carmen.

        Vampire: Stop it you idiot!

        She fires at him square between the eyes. He dusts as he falls. The Vampire shakes his head. Carmen smiles at him.

        Vampire: I told the idiot to eat first!

        Carmen: I've had more experience than you think.

        Vampire: I still have your baby.

        Carmen: Is that so?

        Hiero sneaks up from behind the shadows. Carmen smiles.

        Vampire: What, you don't care about your child?

        Carmen: Why should I? I have to raise the bugger by myself!

        Vampire: Ooh I like the evil in you.

        Carmen: I'm sure you do.

        Vampire: Well then. You won't be needing this!

        He raises up the baby to his mouth, only to be stabbed in the heart from behind. He looks at the stake through his heart and looks at Carmen.

        Vampire: This is not fair!

        He dusts. Hiero catches the baby. Carmen rushes to him and grabs Silas from him. The baby is crying.

        Hiero: We made a deal.

        Carmen: I will give you a chance.

        Hiero: Thank you.

        She goes down to Michael's body.

        Carmen: You know they don't make them-

        She looks up and Hiero is gone.

        Carmen: Oh?

        Michael begins to stir. He looks up at Carmen.

        Michael: Carmen? What happened?

        She puts the baby on top of him and goes to her sister.

        Carmen: More than you need to know, Michael.

        Michael: Carmen-

        Carmen: When will you ever learn about quiet time, you dumbass?

        Michael sighs. Carmen pulls Lily, just waking, up to her feet, arm slung over her shoulder.

        Cut to: Rayne's hospital bed. The moon shines in through the window. Carmen sits at his bedside, hand on his hand. She strokes his arm with her other. Her phone rings. She picks it up.

        Carmen: Hello?

        Split screen: Willow on the other side in her kitchen.

        Willow: Carmen, hi!

        Carmen: Oh, Willow?

        Willow: I just got your message.

        Carmen: Yeah? it was-

        Willow: Something sounded off. Is everything ok there?

        Carmen sighs. And begins to tear.

        Carmen: Willow, Leora's dead.

        Willow stares off and then falls over. End split screen.

        Carmen: Willow? Willow?

        She hangs up and then goes back to her husband. She begins to cry.

        Carmen: Why can't you be here to deal with this? Why do I have to do this?

        She breaks down at her husbands bedside. Imagine begins to play again.

        Lyrics: You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one, I hope some day you'll join us, And the world will live as one.

        Fade to black.

        End Episode.


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