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Raven Episode 4.01 "Corollary"

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  • Raven Episode 4.01 "Corollary"

    Episode 4.1: Corollary

    First Teaser: Solace

    Black screen. Text: LEORA BYRNE, 1:55am, Dimension of the Red Moon.

    Cut to: The top of the mountain. Leora's spell in full effect, burning her and her sister. Carmen reaches the top steps. Death appears behind her, un noticed - on purpose. Death looks, shocked as Feora burns and Leora reaches her hand out to Carmen before disappearing herself. Carmen topples to the ground. Michael comes up the stairs as the spell comes to an end, no sign of it before.

    Michael: Carmen? What happened? I saw a bright light and?

    Carmen begins to cry hysterically.

    Michael: Where is Leora?

    Leora appears beside Death and looks at Carmen. She tries to put her hand on Carmen's shoulder, but the hand phased through. Death takes Leora's hand.

    Leora: Is it really time?

    Death: Yes.

    Carmen (Struggling with the words through tears): Leora saved us all, Michael. She? she?

    Michael looks shocked.

    Death: Are you ready?

    Leora: I guess?

    Death: Take my hand.

    Leora takes Death's hand.

    Cut to: A floating palace in the stars. It appears to be uninhabited by life. It looks down on the planet it. A giant fountain is in the center, producing beautiful water with a glow of neon colours. Leora and Death come to the edge of the piece of rock and look down to the earth. Behind them are the palace doors. Leora looks about in awe.

    Leora: Where are we?

    Death: The place I have decided to take you. Above the clouds.

    Leora: Its beautiful.

    Death: We will wait here.

    Leora: For what?

    Death: Carmen's next move.

    Leora: I hope she's ok?

    Death: She won't be.

    Leora: She has Arthur, Galen, and Michael, doesn't she?

    Death looks away.

    Leora: What?

    Death: Galen tried to kill her husband. Michael saved him.

    Leora: Oh?

    Death: And he's in a coma?

    Leora: What? So she's alone down there?

    Death: She has Michael?

    Leora: Oh come on! She needs some real company!

    Death: There isn't anything I can do?

    Leora: Like hell there isn't!

    Death: Leora, please! I have another task for you!

    Leora walks over to the edge of the palace rock and sit, dangling her feet off of the edge. She crosses her arms and sheds a tear. Death comes to her, kneels down, and uses her index finger to wipe away the tear. Leora looks up to her.

    Leora: Why can't I help?

    Death: Everyone needs to expect life, Leora. No matter how full of sorrow it is.

    Leora and Death sit next to each other silently for a minute.

    Leora: What do you want me to do?

    Death smiles and stands up. She pulls up Leora by her arm.

    Death: Come with me!

    End Teaser.

    New Theme Song: Animal I Have Become ? Three Days Grace

    AJ Cook - Carmen White-Rayne
    Tygh Runyan - Michael Duran
    Laura Harris - Lily White
    Drake Bell - Josh O'Malley
    With Kyle Gallner as Hiero
    And Michael Vartan as Arthur Rayne

    Also Starring:
    Teresa Cruz - Death of the Endless
    Tilda Swinton - Scarlet
    And Kate Beckinsale as Leora Byrne

    Special Guest Star:
    Amber Benson - Tara Maclay
    And Kelly Giddish as Katana

    Guest Starring:
    Patrick Dempsey - Henry
    And Maria Alejandra Delfino as Grace

    Created by:
    Alexander Brown
    And Travis Truant-Simpson

    Executive Producers:
    Alexander Brown
    Joseph Sessumes
    And Travis Truant-Simpson

    Written by:
    Alexander Brown

    Based on: Buffy the Vampire Slayer ? Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy and 20th Century Fox, and The Sandman graphic novels ? Neil Gaiman and DC Comics. No profit is made from this fanfiction.

    In Association With: SORCERESS OF CRIMSON FALLS created by Travis Truant-Simpson, BROKEN DESTINY created by Joseph Sessumes, HIKARI created by Travis Truant-Simpson, Joseph Sessumes, and Alexander Brown, CHOSEN created by Heather, ASTA created by Irene Isaac, ROGUE REDEMPTION created by Amber Rose, SHADOW STALKER created by Lex, and SEASONS 8/9/6 by Alex Hart.

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    Act One:

    Black screen. Text: Six Months Later.

    Cut to: A graveyard, dark and quiet. A woman walks down to the center of a collection of mausoleums; her face unseen. With each step you can hear her heels. A bald biker vampire steps out in front of her. She stops walking and stands still. He growls and she does nothing.

    Vampire: What, no scream?

    Woman: Not from me.

    The woman raises her head and its revealed to be Carmen. She pulls out her shotgun from her trench coat and fires at the vampire. He falls back and yells; smoke sizzling from the wounds. She loads it once more.

    Vampire (Angered): Slayer!

    Carmen puts her shotgun down to her side and makes a noise of disgust.

    Carmen: Please! I'm going to kill you twice for that!

    She fires at him once more, he falls on his back. He laughs and slowly starts to stand up.

    Vampire: That won't kill me!

    Carmen looks worried, knowing that for some reason, her bullets didn't take the proper effect.

    Carmen: No they won't?

    Carmen digs in her pocket at he stands up.

    Carmen: Shit, where's my stake!

    The vampire walks right to her.

    Vampire: Scream for me now?

    The vampire picks up Carmen by the neck; she struggles to get free, dropping her gun. She kicks at him.

    Vampire: Goodbye, little girl.

    A stake goes through the Vampire's heart. Carmen falls to the ground as the Vampire turns to dust. A hand reaches down to help her up.

    Carmen: I didn't need help like that, Michael.

    The hand helps Carmen up, but Michael looks different. He no longer looks as young, skinny or ratty. He looks more like an adult and has filled out a lot.

    Michael: It sure looked like you did from my view.

    Carmen: Yeah, well I had a move coming for that.

    Michael: Oh what, not breathe?

    Carmen: Something a little more advanced?

    Michael: Going to tell me, hmm, Carmen?

    Carmen: Umm? but then you'd know the inner workings of Carmen White-Rayne.

    Michael: Heaven forbid.

    Carmen grabs her gun and begins to walk away. Michael follows.

    Michael: You gave birth a month ago, Carmen! Do you have to get out to do this?

    Carmen: I'm fine.

    Michael: You are not! You used to be able to handle a vampire easily! Now you needed my help! Oh how the tables have turned.

    Carmen: Look, Michael!

    She stops him and brings her finger up threateningly.

    Carmen: My best friend is dead, and my husband is in a coma. I have to do something to keep death in this city to a minimum!
    Michael: You? you don't have to do it yourself.

    Carmen: Well who will do it?

    Michael stands there and clears his throat. Carmen bursts out laughing.

    Carmen: (Recovering) Oh, you are too funny!

    Michael: I've been training? you know? working out and stuff.

    Carmen: Oh please! My baby could take you on!

    Michael: Yes, but I'd still wound it pretty bad!

    Carmen: And then be smitten with Carmen smite!

    Michael: Where is little Silas anyways.

    Carmen: My sister has decided to drop in town.

    Michael: Again? Wasn't she just here?

    Carmen: Do not question the free sitter!

    Michael: Sorry! Sorry!

    Carmen: I hope she hasn't exploded anything yet?

    Cut to: The Sacred Circle.

    Carmen: You did what?

    Carmen, holding the crying baby, Michael and Lily stand around a broken vase.

    Lily: It was just a vase, Carmen.

    Carmen: This was not just a vase, Lily? it was Hera's Fertility Vase!

    Lily: Oh I'll just buy you another!

    Carmen: This was the last one, you idiot!

    Michael: Um, ladies?

    Lily: What did you call me?

    Carmen: That's right, you're an idiot!

    Lily: Don't assume just because you're older gives you the right to be going around accusing people of idiocy and retardation!

    Carmen: Ohh, fancy words? for stupid!

    Lily: Oh I don't believe you!

    Michael: Ladies?

    Michael grabs the baby from Carmen and cowers behind the cash register.

    Lily: I come here and I spend my time with you and your kid because you're life is spiraling down the gutter, and all I can get is "Lily, you're an idiot!"

    Carmen: I could blow your ****ing hand off and then call you idiot! Would you prefer that?

    Michael: Eh hem!

    Carmen: Sorry? I can blow your? freakin hand off!

    Lily: Fine then, I'll leave in the morning!

    Carmen: Good!

    Lily: Good!

    Carmen: I'll be glad to see you go!

    Lily storms to the door.

    Lily: No wonder your husband went comatose? I'd do the same if I had to sleep with you.

    She slams the door shut behind her. Carmen goes behind the cash register, pushing Michael out of the way, and gets a bottle of vodka from inside a drawer.

    Michael: Uh, Carmen?

    Carmen: I'm not getting drunk!

    Michael: No? its not that?

    Carmen: What?

    Michael looks at her, and without saying anything she puts it away.

    Carmen: Sorry, I forgot that you gave that up.

    Michael: It's ok.

    Carmen takes Silas from him.

    Carmen: So, baby, what did Auntie Klutzy do while I was away?

    Cut to: A dark cave, water dripped. A single candle lights the cave as best it can, but it is running down slowly. In the corner of the cage is a man, wearing nothing, sleeping. He groans as he gets up. It's Rayne. He gets up and looks down to notice his lack of clothing.

    Rayne: Where, where am I?

    The hum a motor can be heard at the opposite end of the cave. Rayne gets up and stumbles there, feeling his way to it. He reaches the light, and it is an open window looking down to a jungle. The roar of a lion fills the air, as do sounds of other animals. Rayne looks back, the cave is now a padded white room, and the window has turned into a small hole. He is now clothed as a patient at the hospital.

    Rayne: What? what's this?

    Rush footsteps are heard outside the room. Rayne looks over to the door as it is banged on, making a big noise.

    Man: Open this door up now!

    Rayne: Hello? Who's there?

    Man: I said, open up! Or we'll be forced to break down this door and hurt you!

    Rayne: Who are you?

    Man: Don't play stupid!

    Rayne: What will you do if I open the door.

    Man: Hurt you!

    Rayne: That option doesn't sound very appealing?

    Man: Open up now! We have an ion cannon set at the door, and phasers set to stun!

    Rayne looks from the hole. Large vines climb the wall.

    Rayne: I'm coming! Give me a minute!

    Rayne climbs down onto the vines and begins to descend. More knocking on the door is heard as he starts to pass treetops; the building seemingly endless. He begins to tire, but keeps going. Finally, the forest ground can be seen. An explosion above him startles him. He falls.

    Cut to: Rayne's vision: looking up at the treetops. Leora, wings open, is perched on a branch of a great tree smiling down at him. She waves. The vision is blurred, but then focuses to show three doctors: Tara, the Michael that Rayne is familiar with, and his friend, Henry. Rayne's vision cuts out as he goes unconscious.

    End Act One: Commercial Break.


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      Act Two:

      The Sacred Circle, Carmen and Michael are over at the cash register. The store is extremely busy today as items seem to be very popular. Carmen keeps her hawk eyes watching. Carmen has the baby in her hands.

      Carmen: Where is he?

      Michael: I don't know?

      Carmen: The one day we're packed and he's late. The one day!

      Michael: Oh just a no show.

      Carmen: I need him here to work in my store!

      Michael: Maybe that's why he isn't here?

      Carmen: Excuse me? I pay him very well!

      Michael: Last week you had him cleaning up after your kid.

      Carmen: Oh it isn't like he didn't want to.

      Michael: He really didn't?

      Carmen: He loves kids!

      Michael: He was puking because Silas was puking?

      A woman comes up to them, a big cross around her neck. She sees the baby.

      Woman: Excuse me, Miss?

      Carmen: Can I help you buy something?

      Woman: Your baby?

      Carmen: You want to buy my baby?

      Michael: She'll do it too?

      Carmen elbows Michael in the stomach. He coughs once and bends down.

      Carmen: What about my baby?

      Woman: I am warning you I will be telling someone about you keeping it in a place like here.

      She looks around, disgusted.

      Carmen: What isn't safe about this, hmm? It's my business!

      Woman: Precisely! I believe that the baby should be saved from this Satanism!

      Carmen: Oh you're a funny little woman, aren't you.

      Woman: I cannot find comedy in my words.

      Carmen: Oh but I can.

      The door opens, Josh comes running in. Carmen ignores the Woman and runs to him.

      Carmen: Where the hell have you been?

      Josh: I'm sorry! I'm really sorry! I came as soon as I could!

      Woman: Excuse me? Ma'am?

      Carmen: You were due her an hour ago! You can't just waltz in here late like this!

      Josh: I had to say goodbye to me boy-

      He stops himself.

      Josh: To my friend. He's going to-

      Carmen: I don't care if he's off getting shot in Afghanistan! Get to work!

      Woman: Excuse me, how do you expect me to stand by when-

      Carmen: Just get out of my store!

      Carmen walks away, handing the baby to Josh. He takes it and gets to work.

      Cut to: A hospital bed. Rayne is lying unconscious, a heart monitor keeping track of his precious life. Close up onto his face, his eyes obviously moving indicating dreaming and brain activity.

      Cut to: A morgue room. Rayne is lying on the table, naked. Michael, Tara and Henry gather around him, scalpels and other surgical tools in hand. Carmen is in the corner, watching in her wedding dress.

      Henry: It appears he died from fear of magpie. Pesky birds they are. They'll rob you blind if you let them!

      Carmen: He's? dead?

      Tara: As dead as they come. Trust me? I know?

      Michael: As do I!

      The three of them smile at Carmen. Rayne remains on the table, eyes open looking at them. He tries to move, but can't at all.

      Rayne: Hello, I'm right here? ok? paralyzed? but ok.

      Carmen: What was that?

      Rayne: Carmen? Thank God you're here!

      Carmen pauses.

      Carmen: Magpie? why, I never knew they lived in this area!

      Henry: They do?

      Michael: Beats me!

      Tara: Oh well, let us open him up then!

      Rayne: What? No! I'm right here!

      Carmen: Should I be escorted out?

      Michael: What's the use, Quickshot?

      Carmen: My husband just died. Shouldn't I be comforted?

      Tara: You don't look very sad to me.

      Carmen: Well, I never have any real emotion. Its all just a costume.

      She stands up and twirls. She is suddenly in a long 1700's style dress with a veil over her face. She holds up a fan and walks out.

      Carmen: Ta ta!

      Rayne: Carmen? Please! No! Don't go!

      The sound of a saw can be heard. Move to Carmen, moving out. She looks back as Rayne screams. She turns around as the sound stops.

      The doctors move away from Rayne, satisfied.

      Tara: Excellent. Now that we have removed his shiny bits, let us go and do some experiments? for science!

      Michael: Back to the lactating spoon?

      Henry: Yes, lets!

      The three merrily move, leaving Rayne, a big cut on his chest alone. He blacks out once more.

      Cut to: Carmen sitting in the Sacred Circle, Michael with her holding the baby behind the till. Carmen has a novel in her hands.

      Michael: So busy day, huh?

      Carmen: Quiet time, Michael.

      Michael: Sorry?


      Michael: So Lily hasn't come-

      Carmen: Michael, its my quiet time?


      Michael: I think that-

      Carmen slams her book down.

      Carmen: I will pull out that ****ing tongue!

      Michael clears his through.

      Carmen: Freakin!

      Carmen puts the book away.

      Carmen: Ok, talk time.

      Michael: What, just like that it's time to talk?

      Carmen: You want to or not?

      Michael: I was just going to comment on your sister?

      Carmen: What about her?

      Michael looks to the door as it opens.

      Michael: She's right here.

      Carmen looks around, Lily is standing at the door, a huge bouquet of flowers in her arms.

      Carmen: Oh? hi?

      Lily: Carmen, I'm sorry!

      She runs and hugs her sister.

      Carmen: I'm? erm?

      Lily: Let's never fight again!

      Carmen: Yeah? sure?

      Lily: I just really didn't mean what I said and-

      Carmen: That's great Lily, but I'm tired.

      She gives a fake yawn.

      Carmen: So can you go?

      Lily: Oh, of course!

      Michael: Carmen?

      Lily: I'll take little Silas from you too!

      She grabs the baby from Michael.

      Carmen: Oh you don't have to?

      Lily: You want him to stay-

      Carmen: No! Go right ahead!

      Lily smiles and places the flowers in her hand on the table.

      Lily: Look! Lilies? from Lily!

      Carmen (Sarcastic): That's just great, Lily.

      Lily: Well, I'll just leave you two, and the flowers!

      She leaves.

      Carmen: Too bad your broke my vase, you bitch.

      Michael sits down.

      Michael: That's what, the third time this week?

      Carmen: How do you think I look so good? What me with a kid? Eww!

      Michael: That's not what you really feel.

      Pause. Carmen picks up her book and reads again.

      Michael: Oh you're hopeless.

      Cut to: A desert of sand surrounding a mountain. The sun beats down on it. Rayne is walking in the center, footprints behind. He is wearing long sleeves and long pants; all black. But he is not sweating or out of breath. He keeps walking.

      Rayne: Where am I?

      Ahead of him is a black figure. He keeps walking. He looks behind and there is water behind him. Each step he takes made the water move up as well.

      Rayne: What is this place?

      The figure gets closer, it appears to be Carmen in her black dress. Rayne begins to run, the figure stays still, wind blowing her veil. The water moves quickly behind Rayne as her walks. Suddenly the sun is gone and there is the glow a moon: a red moon: It is the Dimension of the Red Moon. Stars flood the sky. He reaches the bottom of the mountain and runs upward, water still following.

      Cut to: The center of the coliseum at the base of the peak. Rayne stops running, out of breath. He walks over and sees an unconscious man lying in the middle of the ruins. It's himself. He kneels down and touches his other selves neck. The Woman appears behind him, He turns and gasps.

      Rayne: Am I dead?

      Woman: You should hope so.

      Rayne: You're not Carmen?

      The Woman runs up the stairwell. Rayne leaves himself and runs up after her, panting.

      Rayne: Wait! Who are you?

      Cut to: The top of the mountain. Rayne makes his way up the final steps slowly, out of breath. Awaiting him is a blaze of fire. He covers his eyes. The woman walks out in front of it.

      Rayne: Who are you? What's happening to me?

      The Woman removes her veil. It is revealed to be Scarlet. She pulls out her sais.

      End Act Two: Commercial Break.


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        Act Three:


        Rayne: But you? you're dead?

        Scarlet lunges at Rayne, sais out. He falls to the ground and she jumps on top of him, holding the weapons to his throat.

        Scarlet: Where the hell did you take me?

        Rayne: I don't know!

        He struggles to get away.

        Scarlet: Lies!

        Rayne: I honestly do not know! The last time I recall seeing you was-

        He freezes.

        Cut to: A flash of Scarlet dressed as a maid in the season 3 finale.

        Cut to: A flash of Rayne looking at himself.

        Cut to: A flash of the ocean following him.

        Cut to: The asylum room: Rayne climbing down the vine.

        Cut to: The cave, Rayne looking out.

        Cut back to: Rayne and Scarlet.

        Rayne: Wait? I think I know where we are?

        Scarlet: Talk fast, you shit!

        Rayne: Get off me first!

        Scarlet thinks for a second and then flips her sais back to a less offensive position. She gets up and pulls Rayne up with her.

        Rayne: We're not in the real world.

        Scarlet: Where do you purpose we are, then?

        Rayne: I don't know? but it can't be real? can it?

        Scarlet laughs.

        Scarlet: I was just in a hell!

        Rayne raises his brow at her.

        Rayne: And you preferred it there?

        Scarlet: At least I knew what I was doing there! This place is just messed up!

        Rayne: Shall we work together to figure this out?

        Scarlet puts her sais away and crosses her arms. She considers.

        Scarlet: Don't get in my way.

        Rayne: Alright? well first off I think we should-

        Woman(Off Screen): Mama!

        Scarlet darts around. The flames on the ledge have turned into a field of grass and wild flower. Katana, in a white dress, is in the center. She smiles at her mother and then giggles.

        Scarlet: Daughter?

        Katana darts away, Scarlet runs after her.

        Rayne: Wait!

        Scarlet: Katana, I'm coming!

        Scarlet runs after her, Katana laughing as she runs away. She reaches the edge of the cliff and stops. She turns and smiles. Scarlet stops a few steps from her. Rayne behind her.

        Scarlet: Katana, what are you doing here?

        Katana: Waiting for daddy!

        Rayne: Saffire! We killed him? twice?

        Scarlet: Why would he be here?

        Katana just smiles. She holds her arms to the side and falls backwards, off the cliff. Scarlet runs to the edge.

        Scarlet: Katana!

        She jumps after her. Rayne runs to the edge of the cliff. Below is water. Scarlet and Katana are nowhere to be seen.

        Rayne: Oh no? what now?

        A figure steps behind him.

        Cut to: Carmen walking through the graveyard once more. Michael trails behind.

        Michael: Carmen, will you please listen to me! If something happened to you then-

        Carmen: I really don't need to hear this every single night, Michael! It gets tiresome! You're tiresome!

        Michael: Well I'm sorry that I care!

        Carmen: If you care, when why are you being so loud as to tell the vampires right where we are!

        Michael: Because it's like you're abandoning your baby!

        She stops and faces him.

        Carmen: You want to say that one more time?

        Michael: Carmen, please!

        Carmen: The only thing I am abandoning is this conversation!

        Michael: Carmen-

        Carmen: You go right, Michael. I'll get the field.

        Michael: Carmen?

        Carmen: Just do it, ok?

        She turns around and marches to the side. He goes the opposite way.

        Cut to: Michael walking along the rows of mausoleums. He hears a woman scream and runs forward. He reaches the front of a mausoleum and finds her: a blonde being harassed by a large, dark, vampire.

        Vampire: Oh, do that again, Karen!

        He darts closer to Karen and she screams. Michael runs at the vampire and slams into him. The Vampire falls over onto the ground. The Vampire gets up.

        Vampire: Get out of here, kid!

        Michael: Never!

        He talks to Karen.

        Michael: You need to get out of here! Go! I've got him.

        He pulls out a stake. Karen doesn't move.

        Michael: Please! Go!

        Karen hits him on the top of the head.

        Cut to: Carmen looking out on a dark field of tombstones. She holds her gun, ready to shoot whatever comes from the shadows. She hears a woman screaming.

        Carmen: Michael?

        Cut to: Karen holding Michael, Carmen runs to find the Vampire pulling his fangs closer.

        Karen: Don't take it all!

        The Vampire bites into Michael. Carmen fires her gun, missing the Vampire.

        Carmen: Put him down!

        The Vampire and Karen laugh.

        Karen: You can't hurt us!

        Carmen: Oh yeah?

        Carmen pulls the trigger and theres a click, but nothing is fired. She clicks it again.

        Carmen: Oh please!

        Michael yells as Karen sinks her fangs into his neck. The other Vampire darts at Carmen who shrieks. As he reaches her, a man steps in the way and puts a stake into the vampire. He then takes a crossbow and hits Karen in the heart. Both vampires dust. He turns to face Carmen.

        Cut to: Rayne, the figure behind him. The figure puts a hand on his shoulder. Rayne notices the presence and turns around. It's a tall brunette woman in a long blue dress. She smiles, bright read lipstick on her face. Rayne looks her with recognition.

        Rayne: Who are you? Where am I?

        Cut to: The figure in the graveyard walks out of the shadows. Michael is on the ground unconscious. He holds his hand out to Carmen. He is a short, slim, young man with short brown hair. He is wearing orange pants and a green t-shirt. Carmen looks unimpressed by his figure.

        Carmen: And you would be? Why are you here?

        Split screen of Carmen and Rayne meeting their new acquaintances.

        Woman: I'm Grace.

        Man: I'm Hiero.

        Hiero and Grace: And I was hoping you could tell me.

        Fade to black.

        End Episode.


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          In Association With:
          Sorceress of Crimson Falls created by Travis Truant-Simpson
          Broken Destiny created by Joseph Sessumes and Alexander Brown
          The Realm Below created by Alexander Brown, Amber Rose, and Lyn Elwhyen
          Road Less Traveled created by Thomas Wright and Alexander Brown
          Chosen created by Heather
          Rogue Redemption created by Amber Rose
          Continuations created by Alex Hart
          Shadow Stalkers created by Lex
          Wishful Thinking created by Ben Keefe
          Witch created by Yosso

          Feedback here please.

          -This episode begins the seperation of the cast into groups: Leora and Death travelling everywhere; Carmen, Michael, Hiero, and Josh; and Rayne, Grace, and Scarlet in the Dreaming.
          -All teasers from here and on will feature only Leora and Death as they find a death to deal with.
          -The Dreaming comes from Neil Gaiman's "The Sandman Library". Dream's appearances depend on the episode plans.
          -This episode was originally to be the series premire, but an prologue to introduce more of Death was added before it.