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Raven Episode 4.00 "A Day With Death"

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  • Raven Episode 4.00 "A Day With Death"

    Open Season: Solace

    Outer space, stars and galaxies and planets flying about. A large bright star is in the center of the view.

    Death(Voice Over): Existence ceases: a star dies out.

    The stars suddenly blows out.

    Death(Voice Over): Just like every one in the Universe. All beautiful stars will die.

    More stars around the view go out.

    Death(Voice Over): But life goes on.

    A new star is formed to place the old one with an explosion.

    Death(Voice Over): In the blink of the eye I have witnessed the Universe as it is, and now, before I look away, some things are going to happen to catalyst my job for many. Complications will be made. But still, life will continue.

    Zoom onto a blue planet: earth.

    Death(Voice Over): I am Death, and that is my job.

    Enter the atmosphere, continents and large structures can be seen.

    Death(Voice Over): All will die. But I will always remain.

    End Teaser.

    Theme Song: Death on Two Legs ? Queen

    AJ Cook - Carmen White
    Tygh Runyan - Michael
    And Alexander Brown as Arthur Rayne

    Also Starring:
    Kate Backinsale - Leora Byrne
    And Teresa Cruz as Death of the Endless

    Special Guest Starring:
    Peter Krause - Galen
    And Milla Jovovich as Feora

    Guest Starring:
    Christopher Lee - Destiny of the Endless
    Derek Baldwick - Dream of the Endless
    Catherine Zeta-Jones - Desire of the Endless
    Melissa McCarthy - Despair of the Endless
    Anna Popplewell- Delerium of the Endless

    Created by:
    Alexander Brown
    And Travis Truant-Simpson

    Executive Producers:
    Alexander Brown
    Joseph Sessumes
    And Travis Truant-Simpson

    Written by:
    Alexander Brown

    Based on: The Sandman graphic novels ? Neil Gaiman and DC Comics, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer ? Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy and 20th Century Fox. No profit is made from this fanfiction.

    In Association With: SORCERESS OF CRIMSON FALLS created by Travis Truant-Simpson, BROKEN DESTINY created by Joseph Sessumes, HIKARI created by Travis Truant-Simpson, Joseph Sessumes, and Alexander Brown, CHOSEN created by Heather, ASTA created by Irene Isaac, ROGUE REDEMPTION created by Amber Rose, SHADOW STALKER created by Lex, and SEASONS 8/9/6 by Alex Hart.

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    Act One:

    A man is seated in a restaurant. He appears to be waiting for something as people go about their business. As one woman passes, Death appears from behind her. She takes the seat at the mans table.

    Death: Hob Gadling.

    Hob looks over to Death.

    Death: Do you remember me, Hob?

    Hob: Where is he? This is our meeting.

    Death: My brother has an important situation to deal with, Hob. I'm afraid I am here to take his place this Century.

    Hob: It's the first he's missed.

    Death: He didn't mean to.

    Death signals down a Waiter.

    Death: Raspberry lemonade please.

    Waiter: Certainly.

    The Waiter leaves, Death smiles at Hob who sits calmly. The Waiter returns quickly. Death sips the drink through her straw.

    Death: I was here that night, remember?

    Hob: I didn't know.

    Death: Brother and I sat over there.

    She points to a table near the two of them

    Death: We overheard your most boastful claim.

    Cut to: The restaurant, then a tavern. Hob is with some drinking bodies, laughing and having a good time. Death and Dream are at the table Death pointed out earlier, keeping to themselves.

    Man 1: Did you hear that John went down? The plague got him too.

    Man 2: It's a shame. So many down.

    Man 3: God must be punishing us.

    Man 2: No, of course the plague isn't God's punishment, don't be a fool!

    Man 1: Death meets us all anyway.

    Death and Dream perk up and listen in on the conversation.

    Hob: Death is merely a habit of the mind! Something people do because everyone does it!

    Man 1: Do you hear that boys? Gadling here reckons he'll escape death!

    Hob: Of course I will! No force in the world can stop me!

    Death and Dream face each other once more.

    Dream: I give him another twenty years.

    Death: The ambition he has? it's admirable.

    Dream: Admirable? but foolish.

    Death thinks about it.

    Death: Brother, I have a proposition to make you.

    Dream: Oh?

    Death: I will extend that mortals life, so long as he sees fit to live. If he has the ambition to go on, he shall live.

    Dream: A game with mortals? Isn't that more for our younger siblings, sister?

    Death: We need our amusement too, brother. Something to do in all these ages that isn't just work. Come on!

    Dream: This could be fun.

    Dream eyes the man, who's friends have left.

    Dream: I will deal with this.

    Death smiles and disappears.

    Cut to: the caf?.

    Death: Six hundred years ago I was here, and I watched you engage in your ambition. You met my brother every century, he was to ask you if you would rather die. Through slums and riches you have chosen to go on. And now I am being forced to make you a proposition.

    Hob: Yes, my lady?

    Death looks despairingly to the side.

    Death: My brother will not be able to make another meeting. There is great danger in his realm right now and it is unlikely he will be able to sort it out.

    Hob: Oh?

    Hob stops and thinks.

    Death: In his honor, I am here to ask you his question. Do you, Hob Gadling, wish to pursue life?

    Hob holds himself pensively.

    Hob: I have lived six hundred and thirty two years. I have seen everything there is to see in this world and more. I have watched my children die, and their children and theirs. Yet life I still cherish.

    Death: If that is your decision, then I shall see you in a hundred years.

    Hob: However, without him? he was here every century and gave me a reason to stay here. To reflect on everything that has happened. To go back into those memories. Without him? I cannot.

    Death: Is this your ultimate decision?

    Hob: Yes.

    Death stands up and offers her hand to Hob.

    Death: It is time then.

    In the background people can be heard talking.

    Man: Don't be a pillock, Darren, of course Aids isn't a punishment from God.

    Death: Six hundred years, Hob Gadling. And now you get to find what is next.

    Hob: I have an idea.

    Death: Then we will go to find if your assumptions are so.

    And just like that, they are gone.

    Cut to: A field of daisies in a bright sun. The field is so thick and wide that nothing else can be seen. Death, dressed in her usual black, walks along the field.

    Death(Voice Over): My job is not that of a judge.

    There is a lone tree in the middle of the field. It's small and most likely dead. Death turns to it and changes direction to meet it.

    Death(Voice Over): That is the misconception many make of me. I do not chose how and when people die. Unless I kill them myself?

    There is a bee hive in the tree, bees swarm around it and Death smiles at them.

    Death: Hello, bees. Busy at work as usual?

    Death(Voice Over): I am not a murderer, a rapist, a thief, or anything negative like that. I am Death. I collect the dead and take them to their next destination.

    Death: I'm looking for someone?

    She turns and walks some more in the field.

    Death(Voice Over): Everyone comes to me, to Death. Their time is determined in Destiny's book; although he doesn't decide for people either. Like me, he does as he is to do.

    The leg of a young girl is seen in amongst the flowers. Death smiles as she finds the body. The girl appears beside her, looking down at her own body.

    Death: Hey Cindy, how are you?

    Cindy: I know you, lady!

    Death: We have met before. You were much smaller then.

    Death looks down at the corpse of Cindy.

    Death: Allergies?

    Cindy: Yes ma'am, bees don't like me. I was sniffing a daisy and I got stung! It hurt!

    Death: They meant you no harm. It's just how nature works, Cindy.

    Cindy: Are there daisies where I am going?

    Death smiles and holds out her hand.

    Death: Take my hand and we'll find out.

    Death and Cindy disappear.

    Cut to: A large amusement park. Children are playing there and eating candy. Cindy and Death appear beside a food stand. A man is giving out free cotton candy to the children. Cindy looks around in utter amazement.

    Cindy: Oh wow!

    Death: You get to be here for eternity, to play with the kids all day!

    Cindy: Thank you!

    Death: It was my pleasure! Here, take this.

    A red balloon appears in Death's hands. She hands it to Cindy.

    Death: A present from me to you!

    Cindy runs off to play with the other kids.

    Cindy: Thank you, lady!

    Death waves at her goodbye and then disappears.

    Death(Voice Over): If people knew of me, they would probably wonder how I can keep this up for all time. I will admit that it has had its toll on me in the passed. Millions of ages ago, I was not so cheerful in my job in the least.

    Cut to: A wasted battlefield, dead corpses everywhere. Bodies missing parts, blood everywhere. No one is alive. Death appears in the center of it all.

    Death(Voice Over): But, as everyone adjusts to the situation they are given, I conformed as well.

    People suddenly crowd Death and begin to shout at her. Some confused, some angry, some sad. All at Death. She puts up her hands for silence.

    Death: Quiet! Please! Order!

    They go silent.

    Death: I have a long job ahead of me. Fighting a war is not a pretty thing for people or for me! Please help me get along this as best I can.

    Death(Voice Over): Genocide, massacre, and war is a problem for me. Gives me less one on one time with the dead. Still, they always make it to their destination.

    Cut to: A cold dark mountainous barren land. Screams can be heard all over, as can monstrous noises. Death appears, a few men behind her.

    Man 1: Where are we?

    Death: Your destination, Harry.

    Harry: It's cold here.

    An angel flies down from the mountain slowly. Descending to Death and her accomplices. He reaches the bottom and smiles at her.

    Death: Michael, I have brought you more.

    Michael the Angel: Thank you. I shall do my duty now. Welcome, kind sirs, to hell. Here you will tortured to your hearts content. Any last words to the Lady Death before she goes on her way?

    Harry: Isn't Lucifer the leader of hell?

    Death: Previously?

    Harry: What happened?

    Michael the Angel: A story for later. Come, my men.

    Harry: I don't know if torture is quite for me yet?

    Death(Voice Over): Some go to hell? if they please. It isn't up to me to decide, just to transport them there.

    Cut to: Fluffy white clouds in a beautiful bright kingdom in the sky. Silver gates serve as protection to any intruders. Death and a few soldiers appear at the gates. An angel comes and greats them as well.

    Death: Gabriel, they are here.

    Gabriel: A little slow on the taking, Lady.

    Death: It's been a busy day.

    Gabriel: Well, they are here now. Farewell.

    He guides the troops to the gates.

    Death(Voice Over): Where you go is completely a choice you make. No one can stop you from your choice. If you are accepted there or not is not anyone's business, so it is best you chose well. Heaven, Hell, Limbo, Dreaming; these are all my realms.

    Death disappears.

    Cut to: A run down apartment with mess everywhere. Death appears in an old sofa and slouches down. An old grey cat jumps onto her lap and she pets him, smiling.

    Death(Voice Over): I am everywhere. I am not like Desire and her citadel, or Destiny in his garden: I am Death of everything and everywhere. No furnishings matter to me.

    Death: Hello Stardust, how was your day?

    The cat perks up and talks to Death.

    Stardust: Quite interesting, Lady. The rats seem to have come and made a display of dropping and garbage in the bathroom.

    Death: And?

    Stardust: I am not as fast as I once was, Lady. I cannot move after mice as I once did.

    Death sighs.

    Death: That's alright, Stardust.

    Stardust: Perhaps it is time to change the look of this dwelling, Lady?

    Death: Maybe you are right.

    She stands up and holds the cat. She snaps her fingers and white light spreads across the view. When it fades, the apartment is of a modern, newly furnished setting. She sits back down in her chair.

    Death: Is this better?

    The cat jumps down from her mistress and jumps up onto a dresser. A fishbowl of beautiful angel fish are inside. She watches the fish as they swim around.

    Stardust: Much, Lady.

    Death lays back and breaths a heavy sigh; satisfied after a day's work.

    Stardust: Oh, Lady. I had almost forgotten.

    Death: Hmm?

    Stardust: Your brother sent a message. There is to be a meeting.

    Death shakes her head and groans.

    Death: Not again!

    End Act One: Commercial Break


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      Act Two:

      Destiny's Garden. Death appears dressed up in black robes, holding a scythe. Destiny awaits her. He walks to great her.

      Destiny: Sister, you have come. You know where the main hall is. The rest of the family is assembled. This night will prove most intriguing for you of all.

      Death: Hello brother. I hope you are well.

      Destiny: As the book says, you know what to do.

      Death walks along the path into the large dwelling of Destiny.

      Cut to: A large wooden table with chairs around it. Death opens the large doors and steps in. Her family is seated around. Desire stands to greet her.

      Desire: Sister, I'm glad you could make it. Brother was cryptic as usual.

      A white figure stands, he looks as Dream did, but he is white.

      Desire: This will be your first meeting, Daniel.

      Despair: Sister-brother, he is Dream.

      Desire smirks and returns to her seat.

      Desire: If you insist.

      Dream: Sit sister, I shall be leading this meeting.

      Death takes her place. Around her are Desire, Despair, Delirium, and Dream.

      Delirium: Umm, before we start can I just say butterflies visited the bed of Coleridge and played with his hair.

      Desire: Coleridge is dead, little one.

      Delirium: The butterflies want to play.

      Butterflies of many colours fly from Delirium's hands.

      Dream: This does not pertain any importance to our meeting here to day.

      Desire smiles.

      Desire: Sure it does. Just as butterflies crave firelight, we crave idol discussion.

      Despair: Moths. You mean moths.

      Desire: Butterflies.

      Desire smiles and a smoke heart spreads from a candles flame over the butterflies. They fly into it and die.

      Desire: And now they are yours, sister.

      Delirium: You didn't have to do that!

      Desire: Didn't I?

      Dream: Sister-brother, please. We are all busy. We do not have time for this.

      Death takes the butterflies and lights transports them away.

      Death: I am curious to know as to what this pertains to, exactly.

      Dream: As you know, many disturbances have been happening in our realms due to Lady Byrne and her accomplices.

      Death: We have had many dealings with them, yes.

      Desire: I toyed with two of the successfully. Look how it has turned out.

      Dream: He is trapped in my realm for now.

      Death: What? What happened?

      Despair: Not what happened, what is happening.

      Delirium: I saw a squirrel today. It was missing its tail and I felt bad. And then I gave it a long new tail and it ran up the trees squeaking in joy and then a falcon swooped down and grabbed it. Then I-

      Despair: They have crossed all our realms much too closely. Even yours, sister.

      Death: It wasn't their time!

      Desire: As you dictated!

      Death: I am Death!

      Despair: That does not mean you have the right to chose for them to live or die!

      Death: Do you not think I know that? It was Destiny that made me do it.

      Despair: We took a vote, remember?

      Desire: If we were to take that vote once more today, they wouldn't be in the peril they are in. The world would even possibly be a better place.

      Death: What peril do you speak of?

      Dream: Lady Byrne has entered the realm of Despair, as well as my own. She has ambitions to kill her sister for vengeance over her lover. She has a plan she cannot return from.

      Death: What? But that isn't part of the grand scheme!

      Despair: Sister, you have a job to do now.

      Death: I won't!

      Destiny comes in the room.

      Destiny: You will. For the next step will decide your fate, and ours.

      Death: My fate? I'm Death!

      Destiny: The meeting, sister, is through.

      Desire: You shouldn't have gotten fond of that seer.

      Death: Shut up.

      The Endless all go silent, Destiny exits once more. Death collects herself together more.

      Death: I have a job to do?

      Cut to: The realm of the red moon from the Season 3 finale. Death appears as Michael stabs Galen. He falls over and looks into Michael's eyes.

      Galen: You? you? bastard!

      Galen's eyes close. Michael rushes to the stairwell. Death goes to Galen, Galen appears beside her and looks at the corpse.

      Galen: Oh shit! It didn't work!

      Death: What did you do?

      She looks down at Rayne.

      Galen: I didn't need to do anything. Is he dead?

      Death: No, he isn't. He's trapped inside himself.

      Galen: Oh? pity.

      Death looks to him.

      Death: What were you doing?

      Galen: I shouldn't tell you.

      Death stares at him.

      Galen: But I guess I can. We're killing my cousin.

      Death: Then why did the druggie stab you?

      Galen: Oh no, I'm killing the other cousin.

      Death: Oh?

      Galen: It looks like things didn't go to plan as according to schedule.

      Death: No, they didn't.

      The two disappear.

      Cut to: Hell. Michael the Angel greets them.

      Galen: Well I guess I knew this one was coming.

      Death: You chose your path here, Galen.

      Galen: Pity. I guess I'll have to adjust.

      Michael the Angel: A betrayer?

      Death (Angrily): Yes.

      Michael the Angel: Do I even need to tell you where you will be going?

      Galen: I have been waiting for this place for my whole life!

      Michael the Angel: Mortals? I hope you enjoy the torture we have planned for you, young one.

      Death: Michael.

      Michael the Angel: Yes milady?

      Death: Make him suffer.

      Death disappears.

      Cut to: The top of the mountain. Leora's spell in full effect, burning her and her sister. Carmen reaches the top steps. Death appears behind her, un noticed - on purpose. Death looks, shocked as Feora burns and Leora reaches her hand out to Carmen before disappearing herself. Carmen topples to the ground. Michael comes up the stairs as the spell comes to an end, no sign of it before.

      Michael: Carmen? What happened? I saw a bright light and?

      Carmen begins to cry hysterically.

      Michael: Where is Leora?

      Leora appears beside Death and looks at Carmen. She tries to put her hand on Carmen's shoulder, but the hand phased through. Death takes Leora's hand.

      Leora: Is it really time?

      Death: Yes.

      Carmen (Struggling with the words through tears): Leora saved us all, Michael. She? she?

      Michael looks shocked.

      Death: Are you ready?

      Leora: I guess?

      Death: Take my hand.

      Leora takes Death's hand.

      Cut to: A floating palace in the stars. It appears to be uninhabited by life. It looks down on the planet it. A giant fountain is in the center, producing beautiful water with a glow of neon colours. Leora and Death come to the edge of the piece of rock and look down to the earth. Behind them are the palace doors. Leora looks about in awe.

      Leora: Where are we?

      Death: The place I have decided to take you. Above the clouds.

      Leora: Its beautiful.

      Death: We will wait here.

      Leora: For what?

      Death: Carmen's next move.

      Fade to black.

      End episode.


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        In Association With:
        Sorceress of Crimson Falls created by Travis Truant-Simpson
        Broken Destiny created by Joseph Sessumes and Alexander Brown
        The Realm Below created by Alexander Brown, Amber Rose, and Lyn Elwhyen
        Road Less Traveled created by Thomas Wright and Alexander Brown
        Chosen created by Heather
        Rogue Redemption created by Amber Rose
        Continuations created by Alex Hart
        Shadow Stalkers created by Lex
        Wishful Thinking created by Ben Keefe
        Witch created by Yosso

        Feedback here please.

        -This episode was thought up while the season 4 premire was being written.
        -This episode works as a prologue to the upcoming season, but still counts as the season opener.
        -The Endless have mostly been recasted each and every appearance that they have made with the exception of Death.
        -This episode is the last of the two act episodes that are canon to the series of Raven.