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Raven Season 3 Finale "Sans Sol" Part 3

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  • Raven Season 3 Finale "Sans Sol" Part 3

    Episode 3.16
    "Sans Sol" (Part 3 of 3)

    Rated R

    Carmen: Previously on Raven


    Rayne stakes a vampire. Galen and Michael fighting the swarm of zombies as well as a few vampires. The zombies move slowly. They are all inside of Feora's club. Rayne swings his sword at the head of another vampire, she ducks and he takes the head off one behind her. The vampires and zombies overwhelm the three and send them closer to the door.

    Galen: We have get out of there! There are too many!

    Michael grabs the door handle and opens the door. Hands come at him. He closes It quickly.

    Michael: Bad idea.

    Rayne: Well? just shit!

    He takes another swing in front of him. A vampire grabs his arm and sends the sword out of his hand, impaling a zombie. Rayne gets thrown into Galen, the two topple. The vampires get to the head of the crowd of the zombies. The door flies open and Leora comes into the fight with a trail of smoke and flames behind her. She looks to Rayne, who gets up and then helps up Galen.

    Leora: Leave me.

    Rayne and the other two don't question her; they just dash into the next room.

    The vampires begin to close in on her. She smiles. Suddenly flames erupt around her. The vampires in front of her dust instantly, leaving the zombies to foolishly walk towards her. She walks to meet them in combat as well, but they all burn up upon getting to her. The flames around her disappear and she looks around on the now scorched room. Rayne and the others walk into the room at that moment. Michael coughs as he enters and turns around right after. Galen follows him out.

    Rayne: That was a? creative way to do that.

    Leora: I've got power: its better to use them.

    Rayne: You have been using them for two years.

    Leora: Now I know what they are.

    Leora and Rayne go to the stairwell.

    Cut to: Feora's office. Feora, Jean and Matt are gathered round a book.

    Feora: The bitch is destroying all the vampires we have!

    Matt: You awoke the phoenix within.

    Feora: Yes, and now we are tasked with accelerating the plan.

    Jean: Are you sure?

    Yells from down the hall can be heard. Feora takes out a small sun shaped pendant from her desk and holds it to the books page.

    Matt: What are you doing?

    Feora: Fulfilling the wish of all vampires around the world.

    Matt: Free blood and sex for all?

    Jean: She's going to remove the sun.

    Feora tosses the book down with the pendant on top. The three disappear in a flash of light. Leora, Rayne, Galen, and Michael come into the room suddenly, knocking the door down. Rayne holds his blade out and looks around the room in front of the others. Leora walks slowly behind and notices the book. She bends down and picks up the pendant.

    Rayne: What is it?

    Leora doesn't respond.

    Rayne: Is something wrong?

    Leora: Very wrong.

    End Teaser

    Theme Song: Butterflies and Hurricanes ? Muse

    Kate Beckinsale - Leora Byrne
    AJ Cook - Carmen White-Rayne
    Milla Jovovich - Feora Byrne
    Peter Krause - Galen Byrne
    Tygh Runyan - Michael Duran
    And Michael Vartan as Arthur Rayne

    Guest Starring:
    Drake Bell - Josh
    Jared Heirs - Orlando
    Patrick Dempsey - Henry
    Michael Angarano - Matt
    And Jason Priestly as Jean

    Special Appearance by:
    Teresa Cruz - Death of the Endless
    Alyson Hannigan - Willow Rosenberg
    And Tilda Swinton as Scarlet

    Created by:
    Alexander Brown
    And Travis Truant-Simpson

    Executive Producers:
    Alexander Brown
    Joseph Sessumes
    And Travis Truant-Simpson

    Written by:
    Alexander Brown
    And Joseph Sessumes

    Special Guest Writers:
    Amber Rose
    And Travis Truant-Simpson

    Based on: Buffy the Vampire Slayer ? Joss Whedon, 20th Century Fox, and Mutant Enemy. No money is made in this fanfiction.

    Death ? Neil Gaiman. No profit is made from this character.

    In Association With: SORCERESS OF CRIMSON FALLS created by Travis Truant-Simpson, BROKEN DESTINY created by Joseph Sessumes, HIKARI created by Travis Truant-Simpson, Joseph Sessumes, and Alexander Brown, CHOSEN created by Heather, ASTA created by Irene Isaac, ROGUE REDEMPTION created by Amber Rose, SHADOW STALKER created by Lex, and SEASONS 8/9/6 by Alex Hart.

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    Act 1: Leora, Rayne, and Carmen are gathered in the Sacred Circle around the old book Feora used to escape. Leora flips through pages vigorously.

    Rayne: She wants to get rid of the sun?

    Leora: Looks like it.

    Carmen: What vampire wouldn't?

    Rayne: Ones that like living? or kind of? whatever. Vampires would want sun immunity, not to destroy the sun.

    Leora: What Feora doesn't understand is that vampires rely on living things to survive, and without the sun it is fairly difficult to do so.

    Carmen: Either she means to end to the world, or she really didn't pass Science in highschool.

    Rayne: Or she's mad?

    Carmen: Well, yeah. We knew that one already.

    Leora flips through some more pages and swiftly reads the text.

    Leora: The dimension she is going to survives without a sun.

    Carmen and Rayne give her their undivided attention.

    Leora: Grant it the dimension contains only a mountain surrounded by a vast ocean.

    Carmen: Wouldn't there be no light?

    Leora: It has a moon. That's how it is able to sustain life. It says here that a warlock ages ago imbued the moon with the ability to sustain life.

    Rayne: The moon is a heat source in that dimension? Weird?

    Leora: Well a weak one. The lone mountain in the dimension is frozen.

    Carmen: So he failed?

    Leora: Seems that it is serving his purpose just well.

    Carmen: What's that?

    Leora: Hold the key to any sun.

    The three of them all slouch down in their seats. Silence ensues for a while till broken.

    Rayne: Again we're at this point, hmm?

    Carmen: Every year.

    Leora: Or twice a year.

    Carmen: That was unusual and not well enjoyed.

    Rayne: Especially when I got my ass beaten. That was the worst part.

    Carmen: And right when we returned from Mexico, too.

    Leora: Some former God's have no respect!

    Carmen: Not just God's? we've been disrespected by-

    Cut to the three laughing hysterically.

    Cut to the three crying in each others arms.

    Cut to the three looking at each other in silence? crickets in the background.

    Cut to Carmen and Rayne arguing. Leora stands holding her head with her hand, disappointed looking.

    Carmen: So you see I just had to shove her dead corpse in the trunk! What else was I going to do?

    Rayne: I don't know? not have killed her?

    Carmen: She tried to rape you of your soul!

    Rayne: Wouldn't be the first time!

    Carmen: Oh? well-

    Cut to: The three of them sitting on the couch pressed against the bookshelves; beers in hand.

    Rayne: We've really been through a lot.

    The three clink glasses.

    Leora: Amen to that.

    Cut to: A dark, snowy mountain. Light from an unseen moon shines, showing at the bottom to be a large stone arena-shaped area. A bright light suddenly transports Feora, Matt, and Jean to the center of it. They all look about them. Matt moving to the edge of the arena, Feora looking to the mountain, and Jean up to the sky. He makes a short whistle sound of being impressed.

    Jean: Would you look at the moon.

    Feora: No time to marvel, dear.

    Matt looks over the side of the arena and sees a long dark sea as far as the eye can see just below them.

    Matt: Would you look at that?

    Jean: This place is quite interesting.

    Feora (Stern): No? marveling? please! Let's go!

    Jean and Matt gather closer to Feora. They begin to walk to a large stairwell that goes up the mountain.

    Jean: This place is really open.

    Feora: Well who the hell would want to live here?

    Voice(Off Screen): Me.

    The three turn around to see a large dark figure wielding a giant mace. He swings it immediately at Matt, sending him into a pillar of the arena.

    Feora: Does that answer your question?

    Jean and Feora go to either side of the Guardian. The Guardian swings his mace around wildly, trying to hit either one of them. Feora and Jean flip around with their vampire agility avoiding getting hit. All he achieves is keeping them away from getting to him up close and personal. The Guardian moves a few steps back and hits Feora square in the jaw. Feora flies to the ground right on top of an engraving of a sun in some of the stones. Jean uses this as his chance to strike. He flings himself to the Guardian and bites into it's neck. The Guardian groans and tries to shake Jean off. Feora springs up as the Guardian shakes free. Swirls of flames begin to rotate around the vampire as she begins to yell. She simply points at him and her finger becomes almost as a flamethrower. Swirls of fire ignite the Guardian and he falls, burning. Matt and Jean get up and go to their mistress. The flames follow her around. She begins to walk up the stares.

    Feora: My sister will be here soon, I imagine. Greet her and her friends for me.

    Cut to: Rayne and Carmen lying in bed, neither sleeping. Carmen is wrapped around Rayne the best she can be, Rayne with his arms above his shoulders.

    Carmen: I wish I could take sleeping pills?

    Rayne: I wish you could too. We both need to sleep. And I can't with you up like this.

    Carmen: I doubt you'd be able to anyways.

    Rayne: An apocalypse is hard to sleep on.

    Carmen: I've slept through three with you before.

    Rayne: Yes, you have.

    Carmen: I know what you're thinking, though.


    Carmen: That somehow, this is the end.

    Rayne: End of something. Who knows what.

    Carmen: We haven't really seen the full potential of Leora's powers yet!

    Rayne: Nor have we seen Feora's.


    Carmen: Who do you think will die?

    Rayne: Well I've got my money on Michael.

    Carmen: You're letting him go?

    Rayne: Well it's either the pathetic druggie with a low quality or view on life, or my pregnant wife; who do you think I'd let go?

    Carmen sighs.

    Carmen: Yeah, I guess your right. Whoever can help.

    Rayne: Pretty much.


    Carmen: Arthur? please don't die on me.

    Rayne holds her closer.

    Carmen: Never let go of me or this child, Arthur. Never.

    She begins to tear as he holds her.

    Rayne: I would never leave you, Carmen White.

    Carmen: Carmen White-Rayne.

    She smiles.

    Cut to Leora's apartment, night. Leora walks in the door and sets a bag that is hung over her shoulder down. She then goes to the couch, and sits down. She looks over to the phone on the side table, picks it up, and dials Willow's number. The screen splits

    Willow: Hello?

    Leora: Hey Willow. It's Leora.

    Willow: Oh, hi! What's going on at your front?

    Leora avoids the question.

    Leora: How have you been?

    Willow: Alright?I'm just going over some things right now. How about you?

    Leora: Pretty good.

    There is a pause.

    Leora: Oh! I got new wings the other day!

    Willow: Neat?what happened to the old ones?

    Leora: I'd rather not talk about that.

    Willow: Okay. What are these new ones like?

    Leora: They are awesome! They're made of fire, and they awoke more powers that let me shoot fire at people, namely evil people? I really like them, though I have no idea where they came from, and-

    Willow: You're babbling.

    Leora: Oh, right. Sorry. Anyways, how's everything going in Crimson Falls.

    Willow: Now, there's another question worth avoiding?

    Leora: I take that as not good.

    Willow: Yeah.

    Leora: Anything else going on?

    Willow: Not so much.

    Leora: So?talk to you later?

    Willow: Sure thing.

    They both hang up, and the screen goes back to single, showing Leora sitting on the couch.

    Michael: Galen?are you here?

    Michael walks forward, and sees the Galen's back. He seems to be talking to someone, but Michael can't make out who. He goes a bit closer, and sees that Galen is talking into a type of portal.

    Michael: Galen?

    Galen whips around real quickly, at the other end of the portal is Feora's face. Michael sees her and his face has a look of shock on it.

    Michael: What's going on? Why are you talking to her?

    Galen: Michael. What are you doing here?

    Michael slowly starts to back away.

    Michael: No. No. You said you were over it. You said you were good.

    Galen: Michael, stop. Listen to me.

    Michael: (now panicking) You can't be doing this. It's not you.

    Galen: Michael, you're so na?ve. (steps closer to Michael) Why do you think I picked you?

    Michael: You were using me?

    Galen: I had to avert my cousins attention from me somehow. So what could be better than bringing with me a necromancer? A lowly druggie necromancer at that.

    Michael is speechless, he just keeps on backing away. He stumbles back against the door he came through.

    Galen: You should know better than that Michael, I thought you above anyone else, above dear Leora, knew my thirst for power was above anything. Because I really came to this sickening town to see my cousin, please Michael! Feora offered me great power, and all I had to do was be her spy.

    Michael: You're sick.

    Galen: (deep sigh) But of course you know you can't tell anyone Michael.

    Michael: I'm not gonna let you get away with this Galen. I'm not going to just sit idly by while you kill my friends.

    Galen: Is that what you're calling them now? Friends?

    Michael's and Galen's eyes lock. Michael's quickly dart to the side, looking at the door. He runs out the door and into the hall way. He gets to a door about halfway down the hall and darts into it. He scopes out what it has in terms of hiding. All there is, is a couple of cabinets and some desks stacked on top of each other. He quickly runs to a cabinet and gets inside.

    Galen (O.S.): Seriously though Michael, are they really your friends? They mock you, they treat you like scum and don't even like it when you are around them. Hell, the only person that could hardly stand you now lives in San Francisco.

    Michael is breathing heavily and cracks the cabinet a bit to see if he can see Galen, he doesn't see anything, he quickly closes the cabinet door again.

    Galen (O.S.): Michael?Come out, come out wherever you are. You know you can't hide forever. I know this office building like the back of my hand, well, I would have to if it was going to be our Headquarters.

    Silence. Galen's voice grows louder and seemingly closer.

    Galen (O.S.): You on the other hand, were always too busy getting high to notice anything.

    Michael again opens up the cabinet door?nothing.

    We can hear footsteps like they are going passed the door in which Michael went into. He sighs a bit of relief. He peeks open the door again -

    Galen: PEEK-A-BOO!

    Michael jumps back and hits his head in the cabinet. Galen yanks him out of it and pins him against the wall.

    Michael: You Can't stop me from telling them. Not this time.

    Galen: Awe, how cute, Saint Michael to the rescue.

    Galen pulls out a dagger.

    Galen: Too bad you won't get the chance to tell them.

    Galen takes the dagger and stabs Michael in the side. Michael lets out a howl of pain. Blood starts to drip down onto the ground.

    Galen: Now? are you going to be a good little boy, or am I going to have to make this wound symmetrical?

    Michael looks at him with an intense anger no one has ever seen in him. He nods and Galen smiles. Michael suddenly knees Galen in the stomach and Galen doubles over, all traces of a smile gone. Michael tries for the door but cannot run too fast due to his injury. He gets to the door frame and is stricken in the back by a chair. He falls to the ground with a loud thud. Galen walks over to him.

    Galen: Damnit, Michael! If you want me not to decorate this place with your blood then you are going to have to learn some control.

    Galen hunches over Michaels heavy breathing body. He holds the dagger in front of him and then places it on Michaels throat.

    Galen: Are we clear on that?

    Michael nods in defeat. Galen smiles once again.

    Galen: Good. Now come on, let's get you cleaned up.

    Galen reaches out his hand and Michael takes it, he winces as he stands up.

    Galen: Now if someone happens to ask what happened, just tell them you fell or something. (he lets out a laugh) No, that sounds a bit too battered housewife. Just tell them you got into a fight and the vamp got the best of you.

    Michael: Whatever.

    Galen: (pats Michael on the shoulder) There's a good boy.

    End Act One: Commercial Break.


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      Act 2:

      Leora and Carmen sit in Leora's apartment. The sun rising in the windows. Carmen had her feet up, one has had it's toenails painted pink. Leora is working on the other. The two smile. Leora over paints the nail she's working on.

      Carmen: Slow down! I don't want paint on my toe, now! Just the nail, thank you.

      Leora: Oh come on. A pink toe would be cute!

      Carmen: It's pink enough already!

      Leora: Ha! And you claim you went to Mexico!

      Carmen: I have a dead girl in my trunk to prove it.

      Leora: Best kind of souvenir.

      Leora finishes Carmen's foot.

      Leora: Ok, done.

      Carmen shakes her toes a bit and leaves her feet up to air. Leora sinks down into the sofa and lets out a sigh. Carmen puts her arm around her to comfort her best friend.

      Leora: Could you sleep last night at all? I couldn't.

      Carmen: I have the bags signifying two hours of sleep under my eyes.

      Leora: Arthur either?

      Carmen: He went out cold after a while. He seems to deal with the thought of impending doom better than us.

      Leora: At least one of us will be fit to fight then.


      Carmen: I wish I weren't pregnant.

      Leora gives her a stern look.

      Carmen: No, not like before. This time because I want to help. I feel so useless just staying on the sidelines like this.

      Leora puts her hand on Carmen's. They look each other in the eyes.

      Leora: You've been my best friend for a long time.

      Carmen: BFF!

      Leora: You're always with me in battle, Carmen. To the end.

      Carmen: Thank you.

      Leora: And besides, one of us needs to survive to tell the tales.

      Carmen: Get my husband killed and I'll kill you.

      Leora turns to Carmen and gives her puppy dog eyes. Carmen crosses her arms, shakes her head, and then smiles.

      Carmen: Alright, I'll kill Michael again.

      Leora stares down at her.

      Carmen: Well I'd need some form of retribution!

      Leora leans her head on Carmen's shoulder. They turn on the television for some mindless vegetation.

      Cut to: The room of a teenager. Posters of various bands on the walls, clothes hanging off of whatever they can. Junk scattered around. The door opens and Josh, followed by Orlando close behind. Josh closes the door and kisses Orlando.

      Josh: And this-

      He gestures around the room.

      Josh: Is my room.

      Orlando: It's a little? messy.

      Josh: What did you expect?

      Orlando: I don't know? messy suits you I think.

      Josh: Oh, thanks!

      Orlando smiles at him and then jumps onto the bed.

      Josh: I'm glad my mum went out this weekend.

      Orlando pulls a dirty sock from underneath him. He tosses it aside onto the floor.

      Orlando: Me too.

      Josh: Is my room really all that grotesque?

      Orlando: No, not at all.

      Josh: Sarcasm doesn't look good on you.

      Orlando: And clothes don't look good on you.

      Josh just stares at him blankly.

      Orlando: I try too much, don't I?

      Josh: You just need more tact.

      Orlando: Tact is for the scared, hun.

      Josh lies down next to Orlando on his bed. He puts his head on Orlando's shoulder.

      Josh: I'm really sorry on how I treated you before.
      Orlando: I've lived my life through these kind of things. It's the real reason I moved here.

      Josh: It must be hard.

      Orlando: You become immune, over time.

      Josh: I'm already immune.

      Orlando: You haven't been attacked yet. You haven't even come out.

      Josh: Well how do I know I'm gay?

      Orlando moves his hand up and down Josh's chest.

      Josh: Other than what's going on right now?

      Orlando: There's hate everywhere, Josh. No matter where you go, or what you are: hate will always find you.

      Josh stays silent for a moment, not smiling. Orlando slowly moves him off and sits up. He smiles at Josh.

      Orlando: Well? because I jested?

      Orlando takes his shirt off. Josh blushes. Orlando whips the shirt around and does a small dance. He tosses it off to the side. Josh gets up and takes his off and also tosses it aside. The two begin to kiss.

      Cut to: Rayne and Leora sitting down at a caf?. The two sip drinks. No one else is in the caf?. Rayne is holding a stapled stack of papers.

      Rayne: Eighth century long dagger from Rome?

      Leora: Skip it, not worth it.

      Rayne: Bastard sword of unknown origin. Scratches all over the hand guard. Symbols of some kind engraved.

      Leora: Skip it. Not pretty.

      Rayne: Maybe the symbols are good luck?

      Leora: Maybe the symbols are a curse.

      Rayne: Cynical, much?

      Leora: Are we done yet?

      Rayne puts away the stack of papers and sighs.

      Rayne: All afternoon, and we still can't decide on a weapon worthy enough for me to carry to battle.

      Leora: I've got mine.

      Rayne: You are your own weapon. Some of us aren't that lucky!

      Leora: Your wife carries around handguns in her purse to go to the corner store in the middle of the day.

      Rayne: It frightens me too.

      Leora: Can't you borrow one of her weapons?

      Rayne: Are you insane?

      Leora: Its debatable.

      Rayne: Have you ever seen her clean those guns? She gets a little mud on one and that's the end of a savings account! Clean until the end of the world.

      Leora: Cleaning products for guns expensive?

      Rayne: Only in mass quantities?

      Leora: She should get a discount.

      Rayne: She's the stores best customer.

      Leora: Where does she go for that anyway?

      Rayne: Carmen knows? and I leave it at that.

      Leora: Carmen knows a lot of things.

      Rayne: A few too many, sometimes.

      Leora: No weapon from Carmen then?

      Rayne: No weapon.

      The door opens, Carmen walks in and puts a shotgun right down on the table.

      Carmen: I want you to use this shotgun!

      Rayne: Carmen? I can't?

      Carmen: Oh don't pretend you can't shoot! I know you take them out and play with them when I'm away!

      Rayne gives Leora a scared look.

      Rayne: She really does know.

      Leora: Well at least you have a weapon.

      The caf? worker behind the counter widens his eyes.

      Caf? Worker: You can't bring that in here!

      Carmen: I've got a warrant!

      Caf? Worker: You'll scare away the customers!

      Leora, Rayne and Carmen look around the empty caf?.

      Leora: I think you did that yourself.

      Rayne: I wonder where everyone is today. It's so packed usually.

      Carmen: Well, you know, lives to live.

      Rayne: I guess so.

      The three look outside into the street pensively.

      Cut to: Everyone in the Sacred Circle, weapons in hand and ready to go.

      Carmen: So, you guy's have everything good to go?

      Leora: Yep, from pointy to boomy.

      Carmen looks at here intently.

      Carmen: Good.

      She turns to Rayne.

      Carmen: Now, I want you to be safe and if you break my shotgun , so help me Arthur Rayne, you will wish you hadn't come back.

      Rayne: Stop worrying, we'll be fine. And so will Mr. Bang.

      Carmen: What?! I did not give permission to name my weaponry!

      Everyone around them snickers.

      Carmen: Oh yeah, everyone laugh at the pregnant woman. Real classy!

      Rayne pulls her close to him.

      Rayne: We'll be careful. I promise.

      He kisses her forehead.

      Carmen: I just wish I could go with you all. Instead I'm stuck here as an incubator.

      Leora: I know. (breathes in deeply) Ok, so this is it people. We ready?

      Michael goes to say something but Galen nudges him in the ribs and Michael just hangs his head down.

      Leora: (to Rayne) So just toss the book on the ground and plop the gems onto it and what?

      Rayne: Poof.

      Leora: Poof?

      Rayne: We'll be instantly transported to the other dimension.

      Leora: Cool. Okay Carmen, you should probably stand behind the counter.

      Carmen: Okay.

      Carmen goes behind the counter and eagerly watched the group.

      Leora: 3

      Leora holds up the book in front of here.

      Leora: 2

      She drops the book on the ground.

      Leora: 1

      She drops the gem down onto the book. Everyone vanishes in a flash of light. Carmen is left alone in the room.

      Carmen: Good luck.

      End Act Two: Commercial Break.


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        Act 3:

        Henry runs into the Sacred Circle. Carmen is sitting down at the cash register, tissue in hand, waiting for people to return. Carmen sees him and stands up immediately.

        Carmen: Henry! Arthur told me you saw him, and-

        Henry: Carmen, you may be in grave danger!

        Cut to: Henry and Carmen sitting down at the table, drinking tea.

        Carmen: So that's why you were in town.

        Henry: Yes, to get my eye fixed.

        Carmen: And they gave you a seer's eye.

        Henry: I saw a vision, if that's what you mean.

        Flash of Henry's vision: A woman on a mountain with flames around her.

        Henry: I think it was you.

        Carmen: Why me?

        Henry: If there's something supernatural about, it must be a Rayne.

        Carmen: I resent that!


        Carmen: But also completely agree.

        Henry: Where is Arthur, Carmen?

        Carmen: Oh off saving the world again.

        Henry: Where, precisely.

        Carmen looks to the book on the counter.

        Henry: I see?

        Carmen: Henry, if I was seen in the dimension he's in right now, then something must bring me there, right?

        Henry: Precisely.

        Carmen: So logically I should stay here?

        Henry: I will protect you here.

        Carmen: My husband is there, Henry. Arthur.

        Henry: You must think of yourself, please! With a baby on the way-

        Carmen: I know?

        Henry: Look-

        Carmen: But if he were in my spot, he'd come for me.

        Henry: He probably would.

        Carmen: I guess that's where we differ.

        Henry: He's too rash, Carmen.

        Carmen: He's doing more good than me right now.

        Henry: No, he's doing just what he needs to be doing.

        Carmen looks up to him.

        Henry: He's protecting his family.

        The two pause and spit at their tea.

        Henry: So I hear that the wedding-

        Carmen beings to cry. Henry stops and goes to her.

        Henry: Carmen? Carmen? What's wrong?

        Carmen: He may be dead, Henry. He may be dead!

        Henry: You mustn't give in! You have to have strength. And faith.

        Carmen: How can we do this? Idly sit by when he is in danger.

        Henry: We don't know for sure-

        Carmen: Yes we do. I just said: if there's something to put me in danger, he'll be in danger there too. And even worse since he's alone.

        Henry comforts the crying woman.

        Henry: Shh, Carmen.

        Carmen: I'm scared, Henry. I'm scared! He said he wouldn't leave me. Leave us?

        Henry: I know?

        Cut to: The arena of the dimension. Light flashes in the centre once more, and Leora, Rayne, Galen and Michael appear. The Guardian is nowhere to be seen. The group scatters.

        Leora: Here we are.

        Michael: This place is cold?

        Rayne: Well look at it's source of heat.

        Turn around to finally see the moon revealed. The moon is in an upside down crescent shape and is a blood red colour.

        Rayne: If that isn't an ominous sign, I don't know what is.

        Leora goes to Galen, who is looking off the side of the arena into the water below. Wind blowing through her hair.

        Leora: Interesting place, isn't it?

        Michael looks over at the two of them, questioning what he may do. Pause as Galen stands there, arms crossed. Tension builds, and Michael begins to step forward. He is stopped.

        Galen: This isn't something you see everyday. That's for sure.

        Leora: It's kind of nice.

        Rayne: Perfect for a vampire.

        Leora, realizing her purpose there, turns to look at the mountain. She sees the long stairwell facing them ahead.

        Leora: It's like a spread out stair master.

        Michael comes to the sun engraved in the stone. He looks down to it and begins to hold himself.

        Michael: I feel death.

        Leora and Rayne look to him. Galen intervenes.

        Galen: Quiet! This is exactly why you shouldn't have come along!

        Leora: Well we better not dally much longer. We've got some ways to go yet.

        The group begins to walk forward. Matt comes behind Leora from the pillar beside her with a knife. He swings.

        Cut to: Josh's room, sun blares inside through the curtains. Josh and Orlando are under the covers together. The phone beside Josh rings. The boys stir awake. Josh grabs it.

        Josh(Tired): Hello?

        Woman(On the line): Joshua, are you just waking up?

        Josh: Mom?

        Orlando's eyes widen and he springs up at the mention of Josh's mother. Josh shakes his head at Orlando.

        Mother(On the line): What was that?

        Josh: Just that cat, mom.

        Mother(On the line): It's noon! Why are you just waking up now?

        Josh: I had to work late.

        Mother(On the line): Well you're up now!

        Josh: Apparently.

        Mother(On the line): Have you eaten the last day?

        Josh: Yes, mom.

        Mother(On the line): Cleaned up a bit?

        Josh: Yes.

        Mother(On the line): Fed the-

        Josh: Yes!

        Mother(On the line): Showered?

        Josh: Mother!

        Mother(On the line): Sorry?

        Josh: I'm going for breakfast now.

        Mother(On the line): Be careful with the grill! Don't burn-

        Josh: Bye!

        He clicks the phone off and lies right back down. Orlando has gotten up and put his clothes on.

        Orlando: I should go then?

        Josh: What? No. She's not coming home.

        Orlando: Oh thank God!

        Josh sighs.

        Orlando: Want me to make you an omelet?

        Josh: I can't believe we're discuss breakfast?

        Orlando: It's just food?

        Josh: Yes? but? with you..

        Orlando: Again? food?

        Josh: This feels kind of weird.

        Orlando: Sorry for offering food?

        Josh: So does this mean we are for sure a couple?

        Orlando gives him a snicker.

        Orlando: After last night, I sure hope so.

        Josh blushes. Orlando laughs. Josh tosses a pillow at him to shut him up. Orlando tosses it back. The two grab pillows and begin to hit each other with them laughing. The eventually stop, breathing heavily. Orlando lies back down on the bed, head on Josh's chest.

        Josh: I guess it's time to start the day.

        End Act Three: Commercial Break


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          Final Act:

          Cut to: Matt getting hit away from Leora as she backhands him. He flinches back and the group turns around to face him together. Rayne lowers Carmen's shotgun when he sees Matt's innocent teenaged face.

          Rayne: It's just a kid! He didn't mean any harm!

          Leora: How did you get here?

          Michael looks at him, knowing what he is. Galen puts his arm on Michael's shoulder, making sure he knows his place. Matt does not speak. He holds his knife close to him.

          Michael: He's?

          Galen squeezes his shoulder. Michael freezes and calms down a bit.

          Michael: About my age?

          Matt opens his mouth and vamps out. Rayne raises his weapon once more.

          Rayne: Jeez! She takes kids too?

          Matt: I'm not a kid!

          Leora: Of course not. You're-

          Matt: Mistress Feora's mate! Eternal! Vampire to be envied.

          Rayne laughs.

          Rayne: It's funny how she sent you down here to die, then.

          Matt: I stayed here willingly! I am in her service.

          Leora: That is warped!

          Matt: So are you, you bitch! You messed her life up! And now I will mess up yours!

          Leora shakes her head. Her flame wings come out, not ripping or burning her clothes at all. Everyone watches this happen with no pain at all. Leora flaps her wings up and goes to one of the surrounding pillars, using the top of it as a perch.

          Leora: Feora! Where is she?

          Matt is awestruck at Leora flying. As is Rayne.

          Matt: She'll have reached the summit by now!

          Leora flies up quickly, leaving Rayne.

          Leora: Kick his ass, Arthur! Kick his ass!

          Leora flies off. Immediately Rayne goes for Matt, Galen holds Michael back from fighting, letting Rayne to the job alone. Rayne shoots the shotgun, hitting a pillar, causing it to crumble; the pillars appear to be extremely weak.

          Matt: Bastard!

          Matt charges at Rayne, knife in front of him. Rayne tosses the gun aside and dodges Matt's movements. He punches at Matt, stalling him from stabbing him. Matt hits Rayne across the chest, he flies back in front of Galen and Michael. He looks up at them. Galen shakes his head. Rayne gets up slowly.

          Rayne: Why don't you help me?

          Galen: Sorry, this is your fight.

          Before Rayne can react, Matt is already on him. Rolling on top of each other on the ground for control, the two of them roll on the ground, fighting the knife to either side of them. They bump into another weak pillar, already half-fallen. It crumbles, and stone falls on top of Rayne and Matt. Rayne gets up from the rubble, coughing and dusty. Matt is trapped underneath. Rayne looks to Michael and Galen.

          Rayne: What are you doing? Just standing there?

          Rayne picks up Carmen's shotgun.

          Rayne: I could have died!

          Michael: Rayne!

          The sound of rocks grinding against each other is heard. Rayne turns around, gun in hand. Matt gets up, almost untouched except for the dust on him; he's furious.

          Cut to: The top of the mountain. It is identical to the arena below, except with no pillars. Instead there is a small pedestal with a small jewel on top of it. A moon is engraved on the stone around it, just as there was a sun at the bottom of the mountain. Feora is standing with her back to the stairs, staring at the jewel as Leora flies up behind her. Without turning around she smiles. She knows what is going on.

          Feora: Hello, sister.

          Leora glares to her sister.

          Feora: I was expecting you. I waited. I waited just for you! Don't say I never had any patience!

          Leora: Sorry, Feora, but I must underestimate you some more.

          Feora: Well of course. That's what you have been doing all our lives!

          She turns around, smiling evilly with her hand on the pedestal.

          Feora: Remember the first fight, dear sister?

          Leora: How could I forget?

          Feora: Mother and Father's screams followed me, you know. They followed me for the rest of my mortal life!

          Leora freezes, unable to open up to her sister, but still, some sisterly love remains in her soul.

          Feora: You killed them, you bitch! You killed them!

          Feora looks as though she is on the brink of tears.

          Leora: So this is what this is all about.

          Feora: I lived in agony! In longing! I coveted father and mother, and all I ever got were the leftovers of love they gave to you! But of course I lived on. I was a good girl, Leora.

          Leora: Good girls don't mess with dark magic as tykes.

          Feora: It was in our bloodline! Everything is in our bloodline, Leora! We were destined to fight; I can guarantee it; by whatever it is that writes that bloodline. It courses through my veins, and yours!

          Leora: It's all we share, sister. For you are a monster!

          Feora: And you are a saint.

          Leora holds out her hand, flame comes from it into a large fireball. Feora grabs the sun jewel next to her and holds it in front of her. It becomes a flaming double sided blade. Feora twirls it around, Leora takes to the sky once more and fires the first hit.

          Cut to: Carmen pacing around the Sacred Circle. Henry is at the table, looking at the book and gem. Carmen silently grabs a handgun from under the counter.

          Henry (In the book): What a peculiar world they are in.

          Carmen: Oh yeah.

          She inches forward.

          Henry: I had no idea it was possibly to turn the moon into a source of energy. That's magic for you. Even the blackest of magics can be beautiful.

          Carmen continues to creep up.

          Henry: Of course that is only if you prefer the night to day.

          Carmen clicks the guns safety off. Henry hears it and stands up, book in one hand, gem in the other.

          Carmen: I'm more of a day person myself.

          Henry: Carmen?

          Carmen: Toss the book to the ground, gem on top.

          Henry: Carmen, we can't!

          Carmen: Henry, do it!

          Henry: But you said-

          Carmen shoots beside Henry's foot, he jumps and drops the book.

          Carmen: It's my life! I will do as I please.

          Henry: And the baby?

          Carmen: If it's inside of me, it's my life for now!

          Henry: Is there anyway I can get you to put down that gun?

          Carmen: No!

          Henry sighs and tosses the gem down on top of the books page. The light takes him away. Before Carmen disappears, she picks up the book and gem in her hands.

          Cut to: Rayne and Matt, standing across from each other. Rayne has cuts on his face, Matt has his shirt ripped almost off. Rayne has a stake in his hand; going at it old style.

          Rayne: I give you one more change because you're so young.

          Matt: Have you learned nothing, old man? I am not that boy!

          Rayne: That's a shame.

          Rayne takes the shotgun and shoots Matt in the stomach, sending him back. Matt, on the ground, weakened, looks up as Rayne walks to him, stake in hand. He plunges down, going for Matt's heart.

          Matt: Stop!

          Matt unvamps his face and looks at Rayne's face, innocent look once again present. Rayne stops for a second, and then fights the challenge. He shoves the stake into his heart. Matt dusts. Rayne rises and throws his stake aside. He wipes off his forehead. Galen pulls out a knife behind him and starts to quickly run up to him. Michael falls back, not able to watch what may happen. Suddenly, out of the shadows between Galen and Rayne, The Guardian returns, mace in hand. No marks from the fight before present. He swings his mace and breaks a pillar in his way. Rayne grabs his wife's shotgun and immediately aims it at the demon's chest. He fires and hits the demon sending him back, killing him twice in one day. Galen moves back, stunned.

          Rayne: So that was that. To the top of the mountain we go!

          Light floods the arena, Carmen and Henry appear. Galen hides the knife, Michael gets up. Carmen smiles at the sight of Rayne, and then shock shows on her face.

          Carmen: Arthur! Out of the way!

          Rayne looks to the side. It's Jean, holding the Guardian's mace. He whacks Rayne in the side of the head, sending him flying to Carmen and Henry. Carmen gets to the ground and holds her husbands her. She looks up at Jean with hate in her eyes.

          Carmen: You killed him!

          Cut to: Leora dive bombing Feora, fireballs flying around her as she flies. Feora deflects each hit with the blade in her hands. As Leora flies over, Feora slices upward. Leora falls to the ground, a sever cut on her stomach. She begins to cough up blood. Feora laughs and walks to her. She kicks her sister in the face, sending her near the stairwell.

          Feora: Gotcha!

          Leora springs up, new flaming daggers in her hands. She slashes Feora's arms with them, causing them to bleed severely. Feora jumps back.

          Leora: You awoke my power, you idiot!

          Leora's wings disappear, she concentrates and the daggers grow into swords. Feora lunges at her with her double sided blade. Leora hits the blade with her swords to keep it from hitting her. They go back and forth, each lunge at each other a new deep breath in the attack. Both are evenly powerful, evenly trained, evenly injured, and evenly matched.

          Cut to: Jean walking slowly to Carmen, club in his hands.

          Jean: Well, bitch, that's what you get!

          Henry: Who is he?

          Carmen, in tears, stands up, grabbing her shotgun.

          Jean: You're next!

          Jean lunges to Carmen, she wipes up the gun and fires it at his neck. Jean falls to the ground, missing half of his neck. She walks to him. Tears running down her face. She puts her hand on his chest as he tries to rise up. She shoots down with her handgun multiple times in the face, blood, other liquids and pieces flying everywhere. The face is no longer there. She shoots the shotgun at the remainder of his neck, and he dusts. She falls to the ground, crying. Henry checks for a pulse on Rayne.

          Henry: He's alive!

          Carmen springs up, smile on her face.

          Carmen: What?

          Henry: He's alive! He needs serious medical attention.

          Galen: Then we should leave now!

          Michael still remains scarce. Carmen grabs her guns and walks to the stairwell.

          Carmen: Do what you want. I have a world to save.

          Cut to: Leora and Feora fighting. Leora swings her blades and hits Feora's shoulder, causing her arm to lose its mobility. Feora holds the blade in one arm and kicks Leora back.

          Feora: Bitch!

          She grabs hold the blade and charges at Leora. Leora lunges her swords forward.

          Cut to: Carmen, halfway up the stairwell already. She looks up the mountain and sees fire. She catches her breath and begins to run; she knows where she needs to be.

          Cut to: Galen walking to Henry, caring for Rayne.

          Galen: Are you a friend of theirs?

          Henry: I was supposed to be at their wedding. And you?

          Galen kicks Henry in the face. He falls back, not responsive. Galen pulls his knife and goes for Rayne's throat. Michael springs up to action.

          Michael: No!

          The sound of a blade being unsheathed. Galen stands over Rayne, knife dropped. He looks down at his chest. A blade is through it: Michael's blade. Galen falls to the ground and looks into his betrayers eyes.

          Galen: You? you? bastard!

          Galen's breathing becomes heavy, he closes his eyes as he breathes. Michael watches him, tears streaming down his face.

          Cut to: Carmen, making her way up the mountain, almost there. She looks down once more. She can no longer make out her husband, but she can feel something has happened. She continues along as fast as she can.

          Cut to: Michael pulling the blade from Galen's chest. He checks on Henry, and then on Rayne. He holds the blade and runs up to the stairwell.

          Cut to: Leora's swords, imbedding themselves into Feora's stomach, sending the blade from her hands. It changes back into the sun jewel, and Leora catches it in midair. She smiles at Feora as she coughs blood and topples over.

          Song: Mercy ? Sarah McLachlan.

          Lyrics: Mercy - pure and simple. Longing - cold and hollow.

          Feora: You don't have what it takes.

          Feora and Leora both weakly fall to their knees. Leora bent over, blood all over her face. Feora looking furious, but tired from the battle.

          Lyrics: With sweat breath, you'd come to warn me.

          Leora: This jewel has the power of the sun, right?

          Feora looks at her with a shocked look.

          Leora: Goodbye, sister.

          Lyrics: But I held on too hard to only a memory.

          Feora: You'll kill us both!

          Leora closes her eyes, contemplating her next action.

          Lyrics: You lie there on the swollen ground, deserted in your heart. Still longing for what yesterdays lost.

          Leora opens her eyes, in her pupils blazing fires are visible; with great contrast to the blue.

          Lyrics: And for all that tomorrow might bring.

          Leora (Struggling, swallowing down blood): Have you ever seen a sun up close Feora?

          Leora holds up the jewel. The blood of the red moon drains down into the jewel, making it a powerful red as it sets ablaze. Feora closes her eyes.

          Feora: I still will never forgive you.

          Leora: That doesn't matter to me. Not anymore.

          Cut to: Carmen making her way up to the last stretch of stairs. Shotgun in her hands. Suddenly the vibrant glow from Leora's spell takes full effect. Carmen runs quickly to the top of the stairs and is shocked at what she sees.

          Lyrics: The passion lost - taken, stolen.

          Leora is on fire; as bright as a sun. Feora is before her, actually melting. Feora screams as the flames consume her before she finally turns to dust. Leora looks to Carmen through the flames, and holds out a hand and smiles at her friend.

          Leora: It's finished.

          Lyrics: The dreams we had and we shared - shattered, broken.

          The light reaches an excruciating level for Carmen to see. She puts her hand over her eyes. The light subsides with a roar. Carmen lowers her hand, and Leora is nowhere to be seen. Carmen topples to the ground and holds herself from barfing. Tears run down onto the ground immediately.

          Lyrics: With kind words, you come to soothe me.

          Michael reaches the top of the stairs, limping. He sees Carmen, crying.

          Lyrics: But I go blind and filled with fear would send you away from me.

          Michael: Carmen? What happened? I saw a bright light! And?

          Carmen begins to cry hysterically.

          Michael: Where's Leora?

          Carmen fully breaks down. Michael reaches the realization of her fate. Carmen tries to hold herself to tell him.

          Carmen (Struggling with the words through tears): Leora saved us all, Michael. She? she?

          Lyrics: There is no hope we in regretting now; all the pain we could not see.

          She breaks down again. Michael stares down the mountain, not sure how to absorb the information. Death walks up the stairs behind them. Everything fades so that things can hardly be seen.

          Lyrics: We both knew what we wanted?

          Leora(Off Screen): You've been my best friend for a long time.

          Pause music and talking.

          Leora(Off Screen): Someone has to live to tell the tales.

          Resume music.

          Lyrics:? And we took it believing It free.

          The screen fades to black.

          Lyrics: We took it believing it free.

          A large flaming bird flies in the darkness. Then, darkness continues.

          End Act Four.


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            Open to Leora's apartment. Set up in the living room is a large table, sitting a bunch of people. On the table is a grand feast and flowers. At the head of the table sits Leora, to her left Carmen, Rayne and Henry. At the end of the table is Feora, to her left sits Galen, Michael and Jean, who is holding Leora's hand. Everyone seems really happy and chattering.

            Leora: Okay, okay, everyone.

            Leora taps her glass with her spoon and stands up. Everyone, still smiling, looks up to Leora. Rayne takes Carmen's hand.

            Leora: I want to thank you all for coming today. I think we have all been through so much and we need to just relax and enjoy ourselves.

            Carmen: Hell yeah!

            Everyone laughs.

            Leora: I also want to make an announcement.

            Leora looks to Jean, making a head motion for him to stand. Feora whistles in enjoyment. Jean stands, slightly blushing. He takes Leora's hand.

            Leora: We're getting married.

            Everyone starts cheering and clapping.

            Feora: Yeah! About time!

            Josh: Congratulations guys!

            They all keep laughing. Leora and Jean sit back down. Carmen takes Leora's hand and pulls her in for a hug.

            Carmen: Oh Leora, we can be housewives and bitch about our husbands.

            Leora: Oh, I can't wait.

            The two smile. Rayne stands up, smiling. Everyone looks up to him.

            Henry: Shush everyone, my boy is about to speak.

            Carmen: You're boy?

            Rayne: Now, now. I want to congratulate my dear friend Leora Byrne, and her new chain and ball Jean. Let you're lives be as happy as mine and Carmen's.

            Michael: Yeah, filled with sex and demons.

            Galen hits him in the shoulder.

            Galen: Shut up.

            Rayne: Ha, yeah. Good luck Jean, you have her for now, but be careful, she my try to fly away.

            Jean holds onto Leora's hand.

            Jean: No chance of that.

            Leora: Don't worry, my wings aren't going anywhere.

            Jean: Good.

            A woman dressed in a white uniform walks into the living room. Her face emerges, it is Scarlet.

            Scarlet: Mr. Rayne?

            Only Rayne turns. Everyone else continues with their talking and laughing. Though they are making noise, no noise is heard.

            Rayne: What are you doing here?

            Scarlet: You think this is what you see? You will never get your happy ever ending.

            Rayne: Leave now.

            Scarlet: Goodbye.

            Scarlet fades away. Rayne turns back to the table. The table is totally trashed, blood splattered. Leora and Feora are no where to be seen, Jean is a pile of dust, Galen lays forward, a hole in his back. Michael lays on the ground, Josh also on the ground. Carmen passed out and Henry laying forward on the table. Rayne gasps in pain stepping back from the table, knocking his chair over.

            Rayne: No?

            Rayne kneels down to Carmen, but as he tries to touch her, his hand goes through her.

            Rayne: Carmen? Carmen?

            Rayne stands up, his nose starts to bleed. He gently wipes it, not understanding. A beeping, like a heart monitor can be heard in the background.

            Carmen(Off Screen): Arthur? Arthur?

            Rayne takes another step back, knocking into the couch. Quick cut to a hospital room. Overly white, Rayne lies in a bed, eyes closed. Carmen leans over him, clutching onto his right hand, crying.

            Carmen: Wake up?

            Cut to black.

            End Season: Bloodline.


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