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Raven Episode 3.15 "Retribution" Part 2

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  • Raven Episode 3.15 "Retribution" Part 2

    Episode 3.15

    Carmen (O.S.): Previously on RAVEN: See Episode 3.14.

    Teaser: Jean's corpse lies in a dark underground parking lot. The puncture wounds still fresh. Feora stands a few feet away from him, Matt beside her.

    Matt: Is this usually how long it takes?

    Feora: Patience, Matthew, is a virtue I am not fond of.

    Jean's eyes suddenly shoot open.

    Feora: And fortunately we don't have to deal with it.

    Feora walks to Jean and leans over his side. Jean notices her, but does not move.

    Jean: So that wasn't just a dream, huh?

    Feora: Oh no, it was much too enjoyable for me to be your dream.

    Matt glares at the two.

    Jean: Who's this?

    Matt: I'm hers!

    Jean: Don't allow independence with your vampires?

    Feora: Did Stalin allow his government much freedom or independence?

    Jean: So you're the Stalin of the vampire world?

    Feora: They'd be lucky for me to be that tame.

    Jean gets up and then holds his hand out to help Feora up.

    Feora: So my sister likes the gentlemen?

    Jean laughs a bit.

    Jean: She likes her men anything but gentle.

    Feora: I never would have guessed.

    Matt, feeling hurt, interrupts.

    Matt: Shouldn't we be killing her right now? Come on! Get on with the plan!

    Jean: He really is a brat!

    Feora: But he's a toy. Can't be that selective. Whatever daddy brings, you take.

    Jean looks between the two of them, noting age difference.

    Jean: Well if that interests you.

    Feora turns to Matt.

    Feora: Leave us.

    Matt just glares at his mistress and walks away. Feora smiles and looks at Jean.

    Feora: Not at all. What interests me is you.

    Jean: Me?

    Feora: Yes. I am interested to see this gentleman without a soul in work.

    Jean: What do you have in mind?

    Feora: I think you know.

    Jean: You expect me to kill my lover?

    Feora: Oh heaven know! I expect you to get her to me!

    Jean: Will you kill her?

    Feora: Only slowly.

    Jean: Can I help?

    Feora: That was pretty fast!

    Jean: Bitch drove me out of town. It's time to make her pay for that.

    Feora smiles at him.

    Feora: You can get to her.

    She leans in and kisses him softly. She then takes his hand and puts it over his puncture wounds. The wounds heal as a soft glow emits from his hand.

    Feora: Don't forget to use such an intriguing power.

    Jean smiles and walks into the shadows.

    Cut to: Leora getting her keys out of her purse as she reaches her apartment door. She stops in front of the door to fix her hair; expecting her lover to be inside. Jean walks out of the shadows and smiles. She jumps when she sees him.

    Leora: Jean! I thought you'd be inside!

    Jean: I just got here.

    He walks over to her and kisses her. She looks at him when she pulls away.

    Leora: You look pale. Are you ok?

    Jean: Peachy. Just some bad take out.

    Leora: Damn to take out! I'll cook you a real meal!

    Jean: What about our? plans?

    Leora smiles evily at him.

    Leora: I am a multi-tasker.

    Jean: And I do love that.

    Leora smiles and opens the door. She walks in and Jean stops. She looks back and holds out her hand.

    Leora: Always the gentleman. You may come in.

    Jean steps across the threshold, taking her hand. Jean is smiling.

    Jean: Of course, milady.

    Leora turns around and puts her stuff on the couch. As she does Jean takes the lamp beside him and creeps behind her.

    Leora: You would not believe my day! The little runts in my last block decided to feed the class hamster eraser! Thing would have chocked if I didn't get there!

    She turns around and screams at the sight of Jean's face vamped out. He smashes the lamp on her head. She falls to the ground. He picks her up and drags her to the door. Feora stands, smiling with her arms crossed. Leora looks at her as her eyelids begin to close.

    Feora: Gotcha, sis!

    End Teaser.

    Theme Song: Butterflies and Hurricanes ? Muse

    Kate Beckinsale - Leora Byrne
    AJ Cook - Carmen White-Rayne
    Milla Jovovich - Feora Byrne
    Peter Krause - Galen Byrne
    Tygh Runyan - Michael Duran
    And Michael Vartan as Arthur Rayne

    Guest Starring:
    Jason Priestly - Jean
    Jared Hiers - Orlando
    Michael Angarano - Matt
    Alex House - Brendon
    Danielle Miller - Stephanie
    And Drake Bell as Josh

    Created by:
    Alexander Brown
    And Travis Truant-Simpson

    Executive Producers:
    Alexander Brown
    Joseph Sessumes
    And Travis Truant-Simpson

    Written by:
    Alexander Brown

    In Association with: SORCERESS OF CRIMSON FALLS created by Travis Truant-Simpson, BROKEN DESTINY created by Joe Sessumes and Alexander Brown, and CHOSEN created by Heather.

    Based on: Buffy the Vampire ? Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy and 20th Century Fox. We do not own some of the characters or lore. We make no money off this fanfiction.

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    Act One:

    Rayne walks into a caf?. He removes his jacket as he steps in and goes to the counter. He orders his drink. A man at a window table stands up. When Rayne gets his drink, the man flags him down. Rayne goes to the table and sticks out his hand.

    Rayne: Henry, you old dog! Finally in town! The wedding was months ago.

    Henry takes his hand.

    Henry: At least I got her at all, Ray. Thanks for meeting me here.

    The men sit down.

    Henry: You don't mind if I call you Ray still, do you?

    Rayne: Not at all. I have many names it seems.

    Henry: You always did. Arthur never sounded right to me.

    Rayne: Only my wife can call me that? and Leora?

    Henry: Leora?

    Rayne: Never mind. How are things with you, Henry? Still working at the council?

    Henry: I am beyond that, Ray. You know that I was not my calling when you and your wife came in the year after me.

    Rayne: Well things could have turned ?round. Things change after all.

    Henry: They change much too often unfortunately.

    Rayne: Well that's all a matter of opinion.

    Henry: I'm getting my eye out today, Ray. They're going to take my right eye out.

    Rayne just blinks at him.

    Henry: Just before your wedding I was told I had cancer on the optic nerve. If I don't get it removed soon I will first go blind, and then die.

    Rayne: Well why are you here then? Shouldn't you be getting the procedure at a more suitable facility than the hospitals here?

    Henry: A donor has come in here. Instead my eye will be replaced.

    Rayne: Well that's much better than it just getting removed.

    Henry: It is the reason I missed your wedding, Ray.

    Rayne: It's alright. Carmen and I took off right after the ceremony. The reception was headed by my friend in our absence.

    Henry: I heard. Mexico, right?

    Rayne: Yup, Mexico. I spoiled her too much.

    Henry: How is she? Married life keeping her happy?

    Rayne: Pregnant.

    Henry: Oh I hope the old dear is alright!

    Rayne: She'll cope.

    Henry: She never did like children.

    Rayne: Well, she's going to learn to.

    Henry: I must come back after the child is born.

    Rayne: You always have a home here.

    Henry: Thank you, Ray.

    Rayne: No problems at all.

    Cut to: Feora's office, now fitted with a table which Leora is now bloodied, naked, and tied onto. She is being forced to look up at Feora, Jean in the background. Jean is holding a fire poker in the fireplace. Leora awakens.

    Feora: Well, well, good morning, sis. I'm surprised it took you so long to wake! I'm surprised that you're a teacher if you can't wake up for school! The kiddies are waiting.

    Feora removes the gag from Leora's mouth.

    Feora: Want to have a chat?

    Leora looks to Jean.

    Leora: What did you do to him?

    Feora smiles and snaps. Jean comes forward with the hot poker in hand.

    Feora: Or sweetheart. I think you know. I mean you saw how pale he was. And his face! His grotesque demonic face!

    Jean vamps out. Feora grabs his chin and pulls him in for a kiss. Leora begins to tear.

    Feora: Oh sweetie, he is happy this way! Just look at him!

    Leora avoids looking at Jean. Feora springs forward, enraged.

    Feora: I said to look at him!

    Leora: Why did you do it to him? Feora! Why?

    Feora: Why did you let Mum and Dad die! You bitch! Don't you remember what happened then?

    Leora: Feora, we can't keep going on like this. Please.

    Leora coughs up blood. Feora shakes her head at her.

    Feora: I was going to have a fun time tonight, Leora. But you brought up the wrong conversation.

    She grabs the poker from Jean and holds it up.

    Feora: Pity, I was hoping to get some sister to sister discussion before I started the torture.

    Leora: Please, Feora! I beg you once more. We can stop this. We don't have to do this!

    Feora: Don't be so righteous, sis. I am a vampire, remember? I have no soul to give a rats ass anyways!

    She snaps. Jean puts the gag back over Leora's mouth.

    Feora: And now, sis, I will get back at the years of discomfort and annoyance you caused me!

    She takes the hot poker and holds it to Leora's face. Leora begins to struggle and make sounds of fear.

    Feora: And this, sweetie, is why it has come to this!

    Feora takes the hot poker and shoves it right through Jean. Jean yells in pain, Leora starts to cry.

    Feora: Oh sweetie, you didn't think I'd torture you right away, did you? It's easier to simply hurt those you love. Right Jean?

    Jean: Mi-mistress, you are wise beyond wise.

    Feora pulls the poker out.

    Feora: I know, hun. That's why I sired you!

    Feora kicks Jean to the ground and takes the poker and shoves it through him and pins him to the ground with it.

    Feora: Now get up!

    Jean pushes himself up the best he can up the poker. Leora cries hard, her eyes very red.

    Feora: Get up!

    Jean pulls himself up the pokers handle. Feora pulls him up finally and takes the poker back up. She licks blood off of it and then stabs him in the neck with it. He tries to yell once more, but it comes out a gargle.

    Feora: Your boy takes a lot of damage you see.

    She takes out the poker and throws it to the ground. She then snaps her fingers.

    Feora: But you know how he can remedy this, right?

    Jean slowly takes his shaking hands and heals his wounds.

    Feora: We can do this all night! Can't we!

    She claps and does a giddy laugh and jumps up and down. She then changes her expression back to normal.

    Feora: Instead, I have a story for you first.

    She leans next to her crying sister. She lifts her hand and wipes a tear from her face.

    Feora(Whispering): Want to know a secret? I thought you'd like to know something before you died.

    Feora grabs a book from the ground beside the table.

    Feora: Well, sister, it turns out that we're frauds, you and I.

    She flips the book open to a page with a painting of their mother, holding her hands up with flames coming from them.

    Feora: We're a sort of flame seer it seems. No official name for it as we are the only two living ones at the time. We are of a dying race that our mother apparently pioneered. The last living one was an Asian in Californian that had quite a nasty end.

    She paces around the room.

    Feora: When I was unconscious and spat fireballs? that power is in you too, Leora. I haven't been a witch for a long time. This is something much deeper than that? something much, much darker.

    She tosses the book aside.

    Feora: So now we start with phase two.

    She holds her hands out and they ignite in fire.

    Feora: Oh Jean!

    Cut to: The Sacred Circle. Galen rushes through the front door, Carmen, Rayne and Michael all look at him immediately, Carmen and Rayne at the cash register and Michael snooping around.

    Galen: Leora's been taken by her sister.

    He pants and almost falls over. Rayne's eyes widen. Carmen begins to shake with fear. Michael is actually serious.

    Rayne: When and how?

    Galen: I just saw then take her into Feora's nightclub. Jean was following after. I'm afraid he may be in league with them!

    Rayne: We need to get in there.

    Michael: We need a plan first.

    Rayne and Carmen look at him. Pause.

    Michael: That's right, I'm not high for once! This is an emergency!

    Rayne: Yes, we do need a plan.

    Galen: Should we risk waiting till sunrise?

    Carmen: Knowing Feora she will probably want to kill her pretty quick.

    Galen: Not in this case. She will want to take her time. She could be there as long as a week if they conserve her blood enough. It's happened before.

    Michael: So we either go to save her with minimal trauma with an almost certainty to death, or we wait till tomorrow when she may be insane and in pieces. Great.

    Rayne: Leora is like The Berlin Wall, she takes a very long time to crumble.

    Galen: So we wait.

    Carmen: That gives us time to prepare.

    Carmen runs off to get supplies.

    Rayne: I will head the charge.

    Galen: I know more of the area. And of Feora.

    Rayne: I am her right hand man. It seems only proper!

    Michael: Do we give a damn about proper? Shouldn't we just be saving her humble ass?

    Rayne and Galen stare at him.

    Rayne: Proper you is getting frightening.

    Michael stands up and gets a bag of weed out of his pocket.

    Michael: I'll be out back if you need me.

    Michael leaves from the back exit. Rayne and Galen look each other eye to eye.

    Galen: I'm sure we can work together just fine.

    Rayne: I want her out as soon as I can get her out, is that clear? No family vengeance.

    Galen: There will be time for that later.

    Carmen comes back into the room with an assortment of guns in her arms.

    Carmen: And so we were right? the end was coming? coming fast.

    Cut to: Feora's office. The phone rings. She picks up the phone. We see a burnt to crisp Jean in the background on the ground with the poker once more through them. Feora picks up the phone, perky.

    Feora: Hello. How may I help you? (pause) alright.

    She hangs up the phone and walks to Leora.

    Feora: You'd never guess who that was!

    End Act One: Commercial Break.


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      Act Two:

      Henry walks into an office. From the various diagrams and books on eyes, it is assumed to be an optometrist. Henry sits down and looks around the room. The Doctor opens the door a few seconds later and Henry stands, greeting him with a handshake.

      Doctor: Sorry for being so late, Mr. Gregory.

      Henry: It is no problem, Dr. O'Reilly.

      Dr. O'Reilly: I just called the OR, they will see you at the scheduled time.

      Henry: Excellent.

      Dr. O'Reilly: And you know of the risks? You may be blinded for the rest of your life if it goes wrong.

      Henry: I am well aware. Blind is much better than dead.

      Dr. O'Reilly: Depending on your outlook on life.

      Henry: Cancer can cause a lot of revelations for someone, Doctor.

      Dr. O'Reilly: Of course.

      Dr. O'Reilly gives Henry the clipboard he was holding and a pen. Henry looks at it and signs at the bottom.

      Dr. O'Reilly: One last thing before the procedure. It seems that the last owner of the eye was... well different, we'll put it.

      Henry: Oh?

      Dr. O'Reilly: He was a schizophrenic. He claimed to see things. Demons from the future.

      Henry: Well imperfections to the human race are to be expected.

      Dr. O'Reilly: He was into witchcraft prior to being submitted. Not uncommon in cases. If any of this bothers you then we can delay the surgery.

      Henry thinks for a moment.

      Henry: It will be fine. Superstition and witchcraft are not a part of my life.

      Dr. O'Reilly: It is time, then.

      Cut to: Feora kissing Jean, Leora watching. Leora tries to look away. Feora pulls away from Jean and addresses her sister.

      Feora: Oh sister, this will be his favorite part! You best watch.

      Feora and Jean begin to strip. View moves away from Feora and Jean to just Leora, watching tears run down her face. The sounds of Feora and Jean having sex can be heard as Leora is forced to watch. She is now, finally, crushed.

      Cut to: The highschool cafeteria, lunchtime. Students are eating or playing with their food and doing general highschool student things. Josh, Brendon and Stephanie sit at a table near the library window. A short blonde boy sits down beside them.

      Brendon: Hey Jack, my man!

      They do a stereotypical highschool student handshake/punch. Stephanie rolls her eyes. Josh is fixated on something else.

      Jack: So what's hanging?

      Brendon: Well Stephanie and I were discussing the party last weekend.

      Jack: Rad! I wish I had been there.

      Brendon: You missed a lot.

      Brendon glares at Josh.

      Brendon: But you weren't the only one that was absent.

      Josh: I told you, I had work.

      Stephanie: You always have work!

      Jack: When was the last time you got out and enjoyed life, man?

      Josh: Well seeing as I'm living right now, there isn't much to complain about.

      Jack: Oh come on smartass!

      Brendon: I hope you're coming this week.

      Josh: I'll have to check with my schedule.

      Stephanie: Do you have a girlfriend, Josh?

      Josh: What? No!

      Stephanie: Well I'm starting to doubt this job you claim to have!

      Jack: No employer can be Nazi enough to keep you in a Friday night!

      Josh: Well I don't have a girlfriend!

      Stephanie: Do you have a boyfriend then?

      Josh: No!

      Brendon spots Orlando through the library window, reading a book.

      Brendon: Well the fudge packer right there is look for one.

      Stephanie: The new kid?

      Jack: He is the biggest fag I've ever seen!

      Stephanie: What a freak!

      Josh stands up.

      Josh: It's a lifestyle choice! It's like someone saying "Oh Brendon, you have brown hair! Hahaha! You shithead!"

      Brendon: You're a brunette too.

      Josh: Would you stop being a smartass for once and let people be?

      Josh storms off to the stairwell.

      Cut to: Feora stepping out of the office. She puts on her top as she heads down the hallway into a small kitchen. She goes to the fridge and grabs a blood packet. She begins to drink it from the packet. Matt comes into the kitchen.

      Feora: Yes?

      Matt: What were you two doing in there?

      Feora: Oh? it was just a little sex.

      Matt: In front of that woman?

      Feora: Is there any better torture than watching your nemesis - and sister - **** your dead boyfriend?

      Matt: She's your sister?

      He looks a little disgusted at the thought.

      Feora: She had it coming, don't worry.

      Matt: You killed my family, so I guess I don't know how to approach the idea of family as a vampire.

      Feora: Nothing changes? except the urges to rip out their throats becomes an action.

      Matt: Oh.


      Matt: What happened to me?

      Feora: Well you look fine to me? a little skinny maybe.

      Matt: Why am I all of a sudden unappealing to you?

      Feora: Oh Matthew, we have eternity to ****.

      Matt: But I thought we'd be doing it a lot more often?

      Feora: Matthew, I do have a group of the undead to run.

      Matt: Yeah, and someone new to play with.

      Feora spring into action, pinning Matt to the wall.

      Feora: Do you so easily forget what I've given you? Eternal youth! Power beyond what you'd ever be capable of as a human!

      Matt tries to kiss Feora, she lets him go and goes back to her blood packet. She then kicks Matt in the stomach. He falls to the floor immediately. He looks at her, angry.

      Matt: You know I may have wanted to become a man first.

      Cut to: Jean in Feora's torture room as she's leaving to get her blood packet. Jean immediately goes to untie Leora. He un-gags her.

      Jean: Quick, we have to get out now.

      Leora: Jean?

      Jean helps her stand up, she falls down.

      Jean: Leora, we have to move!

      Leora: Jean! I thought you were gone!

      Jean: I'm right here.

      He gets on the floor with her and holds her as she cries into him.

      Leora: Is this a nightmare?

      Jean: You tell me.

      Leora: This is? all of this? the last three years has all been a nightmare!

      Jean: I never happened then?

      Leora looks up at him, now not happy with what she said. He shoves her to the ground.

      Jean: That wasn't very nice! What the **** did I do to deserve that?

      Feora opens the door all perky.

      Feora: Time for round three!

      End Act Two: Commercial Break.


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        Act Three:
        Rayne and Carmen cleaning weapons in the closed down Sacred Circle. Carmen finishes cleaning her shotgun, and then sighs.

        Rayne: What is it?

        Carmen hands the shotgun to him.

        Carmen: I can't go in there, Arthur.

        Rayne: We waiting till daylight for this. No need to be nervous; we'll be ok.

        Carmen: No, Arthur.

        She grabs his hand and puts it to her stomach.

        Carmen: I can't do this. I can't risk it.

        Rayne: Oh? I didn't think of that.

        Carmen: A lot of things are going to change, Arthur. A lot of things. And I need her here for it.

        Rayne: We all do.

        He leans in and kisses her. The door opens and Michael and Galen walk it. Rayne turns to them and holds up Carmen's shotgun.

        Rayne: Ready?

        Cut to: The highschool. Orlando walks down the halls as it appears class is long over. Suddenly as he passes on class, a hand comes out and grabs him in. It's Josh, he starts to kiss Orlando, who closes the classroom door behind him. Orlando pulls away.

        Orlando: What made you change your mind?

        Josh: You.

        They kiss more.

        Cut to: Jean and Feora stand over the retied Leora. Feora smiles evily at her sister. She grabs her sisters hand.

        Feora: Well sis?

        She snaps it back, Leora gives out a muffled yell and begins to breath fast.

        Feora: We get to have a really good time now!

        Feora takes out a knife.

        Feora: Don't we, Jean?

        Jean: Of course, mistress.

        Feora: We were earlier contemplating on what would hurt the most. And we've decided.

        She stands knife through Leora's broken backward hand, through the arm, and into the table. Leora screams loud enough through the gag that is can be heard extremely loudly. Her wings rip out of her back quickly. Feora removes the knife from Leora's hand and moves to the bottom of the wing. Jean goes to Leora's hand and heals it with his powers. She holds the knife up and it gets engulfed in flames. She starts to saw off the left wing slowly with the burning knife. Leora cries in pain even more. Blood gushes out very quickly from Leora's side.

        Cut to: The door of the club bursting open, Galen rushes in with a broad sword and starts to slash at vampires heads in a furious rage. Rayne, with Carmen's shotgun, fires at vampires that come near him. Michael stays behind Rayne, in case he is needed.

        Galen: She's upstairs. Go to her!

        Rayne and Michael run past Galen, taking on vampires to the stairwell.

        Cut to: The office/torture room. A gunshot is head down the hall. Feora snaps at Jean.

        Feora: It appears you're company of morons has arrived.

        Feora cuts the other wing. Leora can't scream anymore; she is too tired out.

        Cut to: Carmen looking out the window, worried. Josh comes in the front door, looking concerned.

        Josh: The shop is shut down, is everything ok?

        Carmen: Everything is fine, I just thought we could do inventory.

        Josh puts his bag down, unsure.

        Josh: Alright. You don't mind if my friend is here with us, do you? He'll help.

        Carmen: I guess that'd be ok. I'll be upstairs.

        Carmen goes upstairs to worry about her husband. Orlando comes in the front door. He is amazed by the shop.

        Orlando: Why didn't you tell me you worked in a magic store?

        Josh: You actually buy all this crap?

        Orlando: This, is not crap. It's part of a hidden culture!

        Josh: Which pays poorly and has bad hours.

        Orlando kisses him once more.

        Orlando: You have the job I want, be happy? for me?

        He smiles innocently. Josh smiles back.

        Cut to: Feora once more.

        Feora: Now I'm going to go check on the trouble we have in the hallway. Hold on dear!

        Feora gets up and goes to the door, which is suddenly blasted open. Rayne flies, hitting Feora to the ground, and causing Rayne to be knocked next to Leora. She looks at him. He looks up at her and smiles, then falls back down unconscious. Jean walks into the room and looks at Leora angrily. Michael unconscious at his feet. Leora begins to tear. Suddenly she begins to glow and the gag disappears. She floats up into the air.

        Leora: Rayne.

        Fire engulfs Leora suddenly. And new wings form on her back, made of fire. When the fire dies down, her eyes are read and her wings remain flames. She is recharged and ready to fight. Feora gets up and sees her now more powerful sister.

        Leora: I have a favour to return, Feora!

        Leora fires fireballs rapidly one after each other at Feora and Jean, they duck out of the way and rubble from the ceiling falls on them. Galen reaches the room and helps Michael up. He looks at his cousin. She gets to the ground and picks up Rayne in her arms. She looks to Galen.

        Leora: We must leave before reinforcements show.

        Cut to: Leora, Carmen and Rayne, with an icepack on his head, sit around a table. Leora has clothes on and is showered.

        Carmen: So you're not a witch.

        Leora: Apparently not.

        Rayne: I did wonder why you favored fire so much.

        Leora: Natural instinct always.

        Carmen: Well now we know you've a new power, what are we going to do now?

        Leora: The thing we have to do. Take her on now!

        Rayne: Are you sure? I mean, are you strong enough for that?

        Leora: After what she did, I don't give a damn!

        Carmen and Rayne look at each other cautiously.

        Cut to: Henry sitting up in a hospital bed. A Doctor comes in.

        Henry: Do I get this bandage off now?

        Doctor: You read my mind. It should all be ready.

        The Doctor removes the bandage. Henry looks at him with both eyes, his new being a peculiar green colour. The Doctor takes a small flashlight and examines the eye with it.

        Doctor: Excellent, all is good!

        Henry: That's good to here.

        Doctor: I'll get the papers for your release.

        The Doctor leaves. Henry freezes suddenly and starts to shake. Zoom into his eye.

        Cut to: A rocky mountain. Fire engulfs the are as the figure of a shadow falls down to it's death.

        Cut back to Henry, looking shocked.

        Henry: Arthur Rayne.

        End Episode.


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