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Raven Episode 3.14 "Possession" Part 1

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  • Raven Episode 3.14 "Possession" Part 1

    Episode 3.14 "Possession" (Part 1 of 3)

    Open to a dark alleyway. The camera swirls around erratically, going into the alley, showing us a trash bin, a gutter, the corpse of a woman. It stops at two pairs of feet, one in functional running shoes and the other in slip-on girly sandals.

    Feora O.S.: Your mother was not a wonderful meal at all.

    The camera moves slowly up to show Feora, vamped out, holding a teenage boy against the wall.

    Feora: But you look wonderful?

    The teenager whimpers slightly. Feora laughs.

    Feora: I guess I just need someone young? Someone hot? Someone to share my, well, evil with.

    She lifts him up slightly.

    Feora: Think you can do that? I really, really want you to do that.

    The teenager struggles and manages to kick out of her grip, falling hard onto the ground and grazing his elbow, drawing blood. Feora grabs him and pulls him up so that she's holding on to him behind him. She licks his arm.

    Feora (enthusiastically): Good move?

    Snarling ecstatically, Feora plunges her fangs into the teenager's neck. Sucking him dry, she doesn't let him fall and cuts her hand quickly and forces some of her blood into his throat.

    Feora: That's right. Come on.

    She takes her hand away and before the teenager drops, she grabs him and picks him up, carrying him in her arms into her bar.

    Feora: It's just time I found my mate?

    Cut to: Leora walking to her apartment, digging for her keys in her purse. She gets them out and stops as she looks up. Jean is leaning against her front door, waiting for her. He smiles at her.

    Jean: Hey love.

    End Teaser.

    Theme Song: Butterflies and Hurricanes ? Muse

    Kate Beckinsale - Leora Byrne
    AJ Cook - Carmen White-Rayne
    Milla Jovovich - Feora Byrne
    Peter Krause - Galen Byrne
    Tygh Runyan - Michael Duran
    And Michael Vartan as Arthur Rayne

    Guest Starring:
    Jason Priestly ? Jean
    Jared Hiers - Orlando
    Michael Angarano ? Matt
    And Drake Bell as Josh

    Created by:
    Alexander Brown
    And Travis Truant

    Executive Producers:
    Alexander Brown
    Joe Sessumes
    And Travis Truant-Simpson

    Written by:
    Andrew Sutherland
    Matthew Green
    And Alexander Brown

    In Association with: SORCERESS OF CRIMSON FALLS created by Travis Truant-Simpson, BROKEN DESTINY created by Joe Sessumes and Alexander Brown, and CHOSEN created by Heather.

    Based on: Buffy the Vampire ? Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy and 20th Century Fox. We do not own some of the characters or lore. We make no money off this fanfiction.

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    Act One:

    Jean leaning on the door.

    Leora: W-what are you doing here?

    Jean: Looking for you, obviously.

    Leora: Why did you come back?

    Jean: Did you still want me gone, Leora?

    Leora: I guess not? I don't really know why I?

    Jean: Don't worry. And I can't exactly stay away forever, this has been my home for a while. And I wanted to see you again?

    Leora: Oh?

    Jean: How are things going?

    Leora: I honestly can't tell? I think? I wanted to see you again too. A lot. Through all this.

    Jean: All what?

    Leora: Feora.

    Jean: Your sister?

    Leora: Yeah?

    Jean: She still??

    Leora: Evil vampire witch who wants my internal organs as a necklace? Yeah.

    Jean: Oh


    Jean: Well, uh?

    Leora shifts uncomfortably.

    Leora: I guess I'll see you around? if you want.

    Jean: Yeah.

    Leora looks around the ground.

    Leora: I guess we have a lot of serious talk to me? Explaining? I can't really make it up to you-

    Jean interrupts her by stepping towards her and kissing her passionately on the lips. At first looking shocked, Leora is swept away in the kiss and puts her hands on his arms. As the kiss ends, she grins up at him and squeezes an arm.

    Leora: Wow. You've been working out!

    Cut to: The Sacred Circle, where Carmen and Rayne are lounging at the table as Michael dusts the shelves.

    Carmen (enjoying herself): I think you might have missed a spot, Michael.

    Michael (whining): Don't you have any customers?

    Rayne: Not a one!

    Carmen: So hurry up now before they come in and you embarrass yourself in front of them.

    Michael sighs and dusts faster.

    Michael: Don't you have some kind of employee to do this?

    Carmen: Oh it's his off shift. You're the only labourer we've got right now.

    Michael: Uhh, I think that you and Rayne have perfectly healthy bodies!

    Carmen (shocked): Well I couldn't make my husband work in my store!

    Rayne: And I would certainly never let my beautiful wife do physical labour.

    He leans over to Carmen and kisses her. Michael sighs and looks away to continue dusting.

    Michael: This is the thanks I get?

    Carmen: For what?

    Michael: For helping you guys kill vampires lately!

    Carmen: Yeah, and in doing so you add to the worlds supply of dust. Get to it!

    Michael sighs again. Galen enters from the back and Carmen and Rayne turn to see him.

    Rayne: I thought I locked the back door.

    Galen: You did.

    Rayne sighs and stands to go check the back door.

    Rayne (muttering): I hope you didn't break the lock.

    Galen: I'm not that stupid.

    He goes to sit down at the table, and glances inquiringly at Michael.

    Galen: Michael fulfilling his career dreams as a cleaning maid?

    Michael: Very funny.

    Carmen: It was, actually.

    Galen smiles.

    Galen: I'm good.

    Rayne returns from the back door and sits next to Carmen again.

    Rayne (to Galen): You're lucky this time.

    Galen: Actually, as we all just found out, I'm good.

    Rayne looks like he's about to retort when the front door opens and Leora enters. Everyone looks up to see her.

    Galen (teasingly): Oh, Leora, Catherine called. You know, Catherine the Watcher lady. She's coming to visit.

    Leora: You just don't joke about that kind of thing.

    Carmen (to Galen): You ARE good.

    Galen shrugs.

    Jean O.S.: Wait a sec, Leora!

    Jean rushes in and smiles as he sees everyone. Carmen and Rayne look shocked as Leora smiles smugly.

    Leora: Guess who I found.

    Carmen: Jean! Oh my God.

    Rayne: I thought Leora ran you off.

    Jean: You can't get rid of someone like me?

    He grabs Leora and twirls her around, kissing her.

    Jean: No matter how quickly you run, I know where the Sacred Circle is.

    Leora laughs.

    Leora: Just excited about the good news.

    Jean: I bet you are.

    Galen: I'm sensing history.

    Jean: I'm Jean, Leora's ex and now current.

    Galen: I'm Galen, her cousin. The little housemaid in the corner is Michael.

    Rayne: He's a necromancer.

    Jean raises his eyebrow and goes to shake Galen's hand.

    Jean: Well nice to meet you, Galen.

    Carmen stands up and looks inquiringly at Leora, who nods.

    Leora: Well, Carmen and I have a little demon-fighting date to do, so you'll have to hang out with the guys, Jean.

    Galen: Oh, I've got a job to go out and do. I'll be back later too I guess.

    Rayne: Well, bye.

    Leora leans in and kisses Jean.

    Leora: Don't miss me too much.

    Jean: Back at you.

    Leora and Carmen leave, both grinning.

    Cut to Feora's bar, it's dark. Matt has ropes on his ankles and wrists, he's tied to the wall. He's shirtless and unconscious. Some water splashes his face, and his head moves and his eyes open, he's vamped out.

    Feora: It's about time, I was starting to get bored.

    Matt looks groggily at Feora.

    Matt: Where are we?

    Feora: My bar. How do you feel?

    Matt: Strange, changed and slightly confused.

    Feora: I guess that's understandable, what with you being dead and all.

    Matt: What?

    Feora: You're dead, well undead is more accurate.

    Matt looks down at his feet and notices he is tied to the wall.

    Matt: How? And why am I tied to the wall?

    Feora: Long story short: I'm a vampire, I killed you, you drank my blood, you're a vampire. Like me.

    Matt nods his head.

    Matt: I think that I get it?

    He looks down to his feet again.

    Matt: So why exactly am I tied to the frickin' wall?

    Feora: Well I couldn't have you running out while my back was turned now, could I?

    Matt: Why is it that you sired me?

    Feora: So many questions. It's good to see you know the terminology though! So few of my? guests know it. DND?

    Matt ignores this comment. Feora walks off screen and Matt struggles to get out of the ties that bind. He realizes he isn't getting anywhere fast and growls in frustration.

    Feora O.S.: That's my boy, you're accepting your destiny.

    Matt (growling): It's already been accepted.

    Feora: That's better.

    Feora walks back onscreen.

    Matt: So what do you want with me?

    Feora: I want you.

    Matt: For what?

    Feora: For me. I want someone. I saw you and wanted to do things to you that you've never dreamed of trying.

    Matt: You killed me for a life partner? Don't vampires have singles bars?

    Feora: Well yeah, but being the owner of said bar I have to have some kind of standard.

    Matt: You think I'm going to be your life partner?

    Feora: Forever and all eternity.

    Matt: Eternity as in the never ending kind of thing?

    Feora nods and walks toward the wall.

    Matt: If I decided to stay what would I get out of it?

    Feora puts her hand on Matt's chest and another on his cheek.

    Feora: A home? and me. Most vamps don't even get that, you're one of the lucky ones.

    Matt: Because I'm with you or because I have a home?

    Feora: Well... both.

    Matt laughs.

    Feora: I'll teach you.

    Matt: I don't think I need one.

    Feora: We'll see.

    Matt nods.

    Feora: Good boy.

    She flicks her hand and in a flash of red light, the ropes come apart and Matt drops to the floor. He stands shakily and unvamps.

    Matt: Can you teach me THAT?

    Feora smiles and runs her hand down Matt's chest.

    Feora: Maybe if you're good.

    Cut to: Leora and Carmen sitting at a coffee shop, no one else but the irritated and tired-looking waiters are there. Both girls have dirty faces from fighting. Both are also sipping coffee happily and giggling. They stop and Carmen moves onto a serious topic.

    Carmen: So he just dropped by, huh?

    Leora: Pretty much.

    Carmen: And you took him under your wing - almost literally - just like that?

    Leora: Well what was I going to do? Say "sorry Jean, I can't let you stay because I love to deprive myself from great sex for almost a year?" I couldn't take it anymore, Carmen!

    Carmen: Yeah, well at least you can have the sex still.

    She puts her hand on her stomach.

    Carmen: I'm afraid this is the last time I'll be out like this for a while. I can't risk anything.

    Leora: That's probably for the best. I guess I'll start training Michael or something.

    Carmen laughs at the idea.

    Carmen: He can droll on them while he's high. That'll really scare them! "Oh no! The unattractive druggie is here! Beware the saliva!"

    Leora: At least they won't bite him!

    Carmen: Truer words aren't spoken when regarding the bastard. I don't even want to smell him never mind have to touch him! Have you noticed that stench?

    Leora: I'll see if I can get Galen to get him to shower!

    Carmen: Then I can force more unpaid labour upon him without holding my nose!

    Leora: The socialists would eat you alive!

    Carmen: Yeah?


    Carmen: Is everything ok with you, Leora? You seem really tense.

    Leora: What do you think?

    Carmen: Jean is coming back at completely the wrong time.

    Leora: And Feora is too great a threat, and rising. I mean look at the last time we confronted her! We were slaughtered by her unconscious corpse firing fireballs!

    Carmen: Not to mention your dearly loved me was almost killed.

    Leora: I can't even grasp how much power she has. It is such a mystery now that such attempts to find out would be suicidal.

    They pause. Carmen stares into Leora's eyes.

    Carmen: Something bad is coming, Leora.

    Leora: I know.

    Carmen: I can feel it. Everything is drawing together now.

    Leora: The final swoop.

    Carmen: We have to be especially careful now. Our luck may run out very soon.

    Cut to: Feora's bar. Feora is lounging on a seat while Matt sits next to her, kissing her lightly. He now has a shirt on.

    Matt: You're bored.

    Feora looks at him before turning his light kiss passionate, vamping out as she does so. She breaks the kiss off and unvamps, staring at him.

    Feora: You're right, I'm bored.

    A sound alerts both of them and Matt vamps out and races to the door quickly as the silhouette of a man can be made out. Feora grins as she sees him.

    Feora (to Matt, warningly): Don't.

    Matt growls and backs off, still in vamp face.

    Feora (to silhouette): I was wondering when you would visit me again.

    End Act One: Commercial Break.


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      Act Two:

      Cut to Feora's bar. Feora is still seated on the chair, grinning darkly. Matt enters and looks at her.

      Matt: You're not bored.

      Feora: Not anymore.

      Matt vamps out and moves to her.

      Matt: What do you wanna do?

      Feora pulls out a dagger and plays with it in her hands.

      Feora: I have the best thing in mind.

      Feora stands and grabs Matt roughly, kissing him as she vamps out as well. She spins him round and pushes him down onto the floor. Ripping his shirt off and straddling him, she puts the point of the dagger on his chest.

      Matt: I like this game.

      Feora pushes the point in and starts to carve a shape into his chest. Matt growls. Blood starts to seep through. Feora vamps out and starts to suck the blood. Matt growls in pleasure. He stops Feora from sucking and pulls her into a kiss. He starts to kiss her neck.

      Feora: Go on, have a taste.

      Matt stops kissing her and licks his lips and bites her neck, he starts to drink the blood and Feora groans. Matt rolls off of her and looks up at the ceiling. She rolls on top of him again puts her hand on his chest.

      Feora: I don't think we're done.

      Cut to: Rayne and Michael walking along the pathway in the cemetery.

      Rayne: So, Michael. What was it Galen wanted exactly?

      Michael: For me to fetch you.

      Rayne motions that he is present with his hands.

      Rayne: Right here. Is there really a specific reason why I was called out of bed in the late hours of what could be love making with my beloved pregnant wife?

      Michael: Oh didn't I mention it?

      Rayne: Dense tonight aren't we?

      Michael: Huh?

      Rayne: Hopeless.

      Michael looks at him confused.

      Rayne: Just tell me why I'm following you!

      Michael: Galen says there is a vampire nest he wants to torch tonight, jeez!

      Rayne: Daytime would be a smarter move.

      Michael: We sleep then.

      Rayne just rolls his eyes and follows Michael down the path.

      Cut to: Galen confronting a vampire in front of a mausoleum. He swings his fist, iron knuckles on, into the vampires face, knocking a fang off. The vampire holds his mouth and checks where the fang was.

      Vampire: Hey man, that wasn't very polite.

      Galen stakes the vampire as he charges toward Galen. He then reaches down and picks up the tooth.

      Galen: Pretty!

      Rayne: Hey, Galen!

      Galen: Mister Rayne.

      Michael: I brought him here!

      Galen: What, do you want a cookie or something? How about a pat on the head and a "good boy!"

      Michael stays silent. Rayne just looks at both of them in a peculiar way.

      Rayne: So a nest.

      Galen: Yes, just right over here.

      He walks to the door of the mausoleum.

      Galen: I think there are four.

      Rayne: Two each then.

      Michael: What about me?

      Galen: Yeah, sure.

      Rayne: You cover our backs, ok?

      Rayne and Galen walk to the door, leaving Michael happily behind them. Rayne whispers.

      Rayne: Would it kill you to be nicer.

      Galen: Yes, it would.

      Cut to: The door of the mausoleum bursts open and it is empty. Rayne and Galen scramble in and look around.

      Rayne: Well that's no fun!

      Galen: But I swore?

      Rayne and Galen are suddenly knocked over by an injured vampire who appears out of no where. He runs out of the building to Michael.

      Rayne: Michael! Get him!

      Michael throws down his stake as the vampire knocks him over too. It disappears into the shadows. Rayne gets up and goes to Michael.

      Rayne: Are you ok?

      He helps Michael up.

      Michael: Just fine.

      He looks to the distance where the vampire fled.

      Michael: Just fine.

      Cut to: Leora walking into her classroom, the bell ringing as students scramble in the halls. She gets to the door, but a hand from the crowd reaches her for her shoulder. She whips around to see Jean. The halls clear as Leora kisses him.

      Leora: I missed you last night.

      Jean: I had something to take care of.

      Leora: Please meet me later.

      Leora kisses him again.

      Jean: Tonight we will meet.

      Leora: You're always invited in my apartment. Meet me there.

      Jean kisses her once more and leaves.

      Cut to: Josh ringing a doorbell to a house, the sun glaring. He has his book bag over his school; school must have just ended. He steps back and fixes his hair.

      Josh (Whispering to himself): I can't believe I am doing this.

      The door opens, Orlando smiles as he finds his unexpected guest.

      Orlando: And as my parents leave for the weekend?

      Josh: I won't be here long! I just came as, you know, a friend thing.

      Orlando: Alright.

      Josh: Nothing funny at all!

      Orlando: I never said-

      Josh: Ok, good? Good.

      Josh goes in the house.

      End Act Two: Commercial Break.


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        Act Three:

        Josh rushes into The Sacred Circle, sleep in his eyes and messed up hair. He gets in and is stopped by a cross Carmen at the counter.

        Carmen: You're late.

        Josh: Sorry! I didn't mean-

        Carmen: Do you value your job?

        Josh: Well, yeah?

        Carmen: You're capitalistic, right?

        Josh: I'm a little young to be choosing ideologies just y-

        Carmen: I'm a capitalist, Josh. And when my store isn't running, that system isn't working in my favour.

        Josh: Well I was at my friends over-

        Carmen: Don't be late ok?

        Josh: I promise!

        Carmen: You know what will happen?

        Josh: I'll get fired?

        Carmen: Oh yes. And on top of that, I have connections with a lot of major business owners in the area. You won't be working again until I'm senile!

        Josh: I'm really sorry.

        Carmen: Damn right you are.

        Pause. Carmen glares at him more.

        Carmen: Well? Get to work!

        Josh: Yes ma'am!

        Galen enters The Sacred Circle as Josh goes off screen.

        Carmen: And don't do a half ass job dusting!

        Josh (Off Screen): Yes, ma'am!

        Galen: Commanding devil, aren't you?

        Carmen: Hey Galen, what are you here to annoy me with?

        Galen: What accusations.

        Carmen: Let's be frank, my dear, I don't like you, ok?

        Galen: Well isn't that nice of you?

        Carmen: Let's be even more frank, my dear.

        They both take a seat across from each other.

        Carmen: I'm a bitch. We all know it! Leora knows it, Arthur loves it and Josh puts up with it.

        Galen: I noticed?

        Carmen: See! Even you know it now!

        Galen: Can I ask a question?

        Carmen: Let me finish first!

        Galen nods.

        Carmen: Your coming here was really mysterious. Knowing the Byrne family legend very well, I knew your intentions to not be friendly with Leora. Yet you came and while I was away honeymooning, you helped her out.

        Galen: Is it so bad for me to watch out for my cousin?

        Carmen: It's just peculiar is all. And it's why I don't trust or like you.

        She sits back in her chair, content with what she has done. She smiles at him and perks up.

        Carmen: Now that the smoke is cleared, what would you like, Galen?

        Galen: Well, this Jean figure. What is he about?

        Carmen: Ohh him? yeah, you don't want to get into it.

        Galen: Is he good for Leora? Is he going to cause her harm?

        Carmen: Oh no, no. They are tight those two. If something was wrong, Leora would know.

        Galen: Well I don't care for him, or trust him.

        Carmen: Looking out for your little cousin? Very noble.

        Galen: As always.

        Carmen smirks.

        Carmen: Don't worry about Jean, he knows how to treat her right.

        Galen: I hope he does, for his sake.

        Carmen nods and gets up to go back to work.

        Carmen (Off Screen to Josh): I don't see you putting much effort in!

        Cut to: Feora in her study. She flips through old texts as booming music from downstairs is heard. She holds a button on the phone and talks into it.

        Feora: Marti!

        Voice (Over Phone): Yes ma'am?

        Feora: Get them to quiet down a little bit!

        Voice (Over Phone): Of course ma'am.

        The door opens and Matt comes in.

        Feora: Five minutes until fluids are going to be flowing!

        Matt: My favorite activity?

        Feora: Hey Matt, I'm just researching.

        Matt: Researching what?

        Feora: A fun way to torture and or kill my sister and all her peppy little friends.

        Matt: Want to practice on me? I am yours, after all.

        Feora: Sorry Matt, I'm not in the mood right now.

        Matt: Well when do you have to be?

        Feora: Please, Matt. Don't make me stake you.

        Matt: What?

        Feora: I need to concentrate! Please go.

        Matt: But I-

        Feora: We have all eternity to **** and play games.

        Matt: Well I guess-

        Feora: So get the hell out of my room!

        She slams her fist on the table. He grumbles and leaves the room.

        Feora: Youth.

        She flips through a few more pages then stops and thinks. She picks up the phone and dials a number. She waits till there is an answer.

        Feora: It's me. You got the information I wanted? (Pause) Excellent.

        Cut to: Leora sitting at a bench in the park, watching kids play, and the ducks in the pond swim around.

        Rayne (Off Screen): Hey stranger.

        He slumps down into the seat next to Leora.

        Leora: Hey Rayne, what brings you here?

        Rayne: Carmen, she told me you'd be here.

        Leora: Anything else?

        Rayne: Just wanted to see you, you know? We haven't talked much lately. Just wanted to check in.

        Leora: Well you know, it's just the usual strange event after another.

        Rayne: Life is pretty funny lately, isn't it.

        Leora: Oh I haven't stopped laughing yet?

        Rayne: Jean being back is pretty big.

        Leora: It really is.

        Rayne: Are you ready for him to be back?

        Leora: I'm not sure yet. We're meeting tonight to talk.

        Rayne: Will that be before or after the sex?

        Leora: In between?

        Rayne smiles at her. She puts her head on his shoulder and the two watch the scenery.

        Leora: I'm glad you're here.

        Rayne: Same.

        Leora: You're my right hand man in whatever happens next, you know that.

        Rayne: To the death.

        Leora: Let's hope that doesn't happen, though. Carmen doesn't really need to be minus a husband and a best friend.

        Rayne: I got you something.

        Leora perks up.

        Leora: Present?

        Rayne: What is it with you and Carmen?

        Leora: We're materialistic together.

        Rayne shakes his head at her.

        Leora: We didn't grow out of it after being foolish adults!

        Rayne: Carmen never stopped being a foolish adult.

        Leora: Well no, and nor have I? but? present!

        Rayne: Alright, alright!

        He pulls out a box. Leora takes it and opens it. A silver ring with rune engravings is inside it. She picks it up and gasps.

        Leora: Oh Rayne, you really shouldn't have.

        Rayne: Save it.

        Leora: But-

        Rayne: Zip!

        Leora: Well?

        She puts it on and smiles.

        Leora: I do!

        Rayne: Sorry dear, already claimed.

        Leora: Damn! Should have objected at the wedding!

        Rayne: Hush you!

        Leora admires the runes.

        Rayne: They are symbols of good luck and protection. In these times it is just what you need.

        Leora hugs Rayne hard.

        Leora: You have no idea what this means to me.

        Rayne: Keep safe, Leora. Keep safe.

        Cut to: Jean walking along the street to Leora's apartment, flowers in his hands. He whistles as he makes his way to the building. He drops his back suddenly and gets down to pick it up. Footsteps are heard.

        Jean: Hello?

        Jean gets up and sees the silhouette of a woman.

        Jean: Leora? Is that you?

        The silhouette moves forward. It is Feora.

        Feora: Close, but not quite there.

        Jean: Feora!

        Jean takes a defensive stance.

        Feora: Oh you are a feisty one, aren't you.

        Vampire appear at her side. Matt heading them.

        Feora: But I'm afraid it's too late.

        Feora tosses a blue energy blast at Jean, hitting him against the wall, where he sticks, unable to move. Feora edges to him slowly.

        Jean: Please, don't do anything to me!

        Feora: You're a doctor. You have some smarts for that, I'm sure. You know what happens now.

        Jean calls out as Feora vamps out and comes closer. He tries to move, but the spell stops him.

        Jean: Leora! Leora!

        Feora: Relax, I won't kill you.

        Jean: You'll let me go?

        Feora: Oh no.

        Feora bites his neck and drinks some of his blood. Matt watches from the crowd, angrily. She pulls back and Jean goes limp. She takes a knife and slashes her wrist open, putting it to his mouth.

        Feora (Whispers): I want to make you mine for all eternity.

        Jean sucks her blood. Feora laughs loudly followed by many other vampires laughing.

        Fade to Black.

        End Episode.


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