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Raven Episode 3.13 "Hikari"

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  • Raven Episode 3.13 "Hikari"

    3.13 "Hikari"

    Caitlin stands alone in front of the University of San Francisco (USF). Its night and Caitlin is dressed in a jean jacket, dark top and pants. Her hair blows in the light wind of the night.

    Caitlin: I'm glad you could come?

    From the darkness Leora steps forward, dressed in all black. Her dark wings spread out.

    Leora: I won't be able to do this anymore Caitlin, I don't have the strength.

    Caitlin: I know?

    Leora: There is no need to be scared.

    Caitlin never turns to look at Leora, she just watches the University.

    Caitlin: It's a big step. No more high school hall ways, or classes with teachers like you.

    Leora: They have people like me at these things.

    Caitlin: No one is like you?

    Leora smirks.

    Leora: I know.

    Caitlin: Don't leave Leora. I don't think I can do this alone.

    Leora: Don't worry. You'll be great.

    Caitlin: Thank you.

    Leora: Goodbye Caitlin Smith.

    Leora jumps up, flying into the dark night sky, lost in the black. Caitlin closes her eyes, shedding a few tears.

    Caitlin: Goodbye Leora Byrne.

    Pan up to the roof top of the University, a girl dressed in a black body suit, her face covered and her brown hair flowing in the wind. The girl has a gold collar around her neck, and a purple gem stone on the collar.

    Kira: Found you.

    Cut to black. End Teaser.

    Theme Song: Butterflies and Hurricanes ? Muse

    Kate Beckinsale - Leora Byrne
    AJ Cook - Carmen White-Rayne
    Milla Jovovich - Feora Byrne
    Peter Krause - Galen Byrne
    Tygh Runyan - Michael Duran
    And Michael Vartan as Arthur Rayne

    Also Starring:
    Caitlin Wachs as Caitlin Smith

    Guest Starring:
    Brenda Song - Lilith Wong
    Victoria Nestorowicz - Katherine Neiman
    Aaron Ashmore - Ace Edwards
    Kat Dennings as Kira
    And J. Tapia as Professor Jennifer Rosenberg

    Created by:
    Alexander Brown
    And Travis Truant

    Executive Producers:
    Alexander Brown
    Joseph Sessumes
    And Travis Truant-Simpson

    Written by:
    Travis Truant-Simpson
    and Alexander Brown

    In Association with: SORCERESS OF CRIMSON FALLS created by Travis Truant-Simpson, BROKEN DESTINY created by Joe Sessumes and Alexander Brown, and CHOSEN created by Heather.

    Based on: Buffy the Vampire ? Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy and 20th Century Fox. We do not own some of the characters or lore.
    We make no money off this fan fiction; the only things we gain are the souls of our readers.

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    Act 1:

    Open to Caitlin's dorm room. Caitlin is asleep in her bed, the blanket tightly wrapped around her. Boxes and suit cases still clutter then room. Two other beds are in the room, one bed is a mess while the other is neatly made. The bathroom door opens and a girl with brown hair, Katherine, walks out.

    Katherine: Come on Caitlin, wake up! We have orientation in a half hour.

    Caitlin makes a few grunts and pulls the blanket tighter on her.

    Katherine: You can't be late for this Caitlin?

    Another girl, Lilith, who is Asian, walks out of the bathroom, curlers still in her hair.

    Lilith: Just let her sleep Kitty.

    Katherine glares over to Lilith, who walks over and sits on the messy bed.

    Katherine: It's Katherine?

    Lilith: What ever.

    Katherine turns her attention back to Caitlin.

    Katherine: Come on, we really have to get going.

    Lilith walks to the front door and waves.

    Lilith: Bu-Bye!

    Lilith opens the door and leaves, Katherine sighs and follows her.

    Katherine: I tried?

    Katherine closes the door. Caitlin slowly opens her eyes.

    Caitlin: I hate university?

    Cut to Caitlin, fully dressed, walking along the campus of the University with a few other students. The head of the pack, Richard, stops.

    Richard: I think this is a good place to stop. Why don't we all just sit down.

    The group of six sit down, Caitlin included.

    Richard: So, why don't we start with introducing ourselves? I'm Richard, and I have been at this University for three years now.

    The girl beside him goes next. She is dressed in what looks like a tennis outfit.

    Carrie: I'm Carrie Soar, and I came here on a tennis scholarship and really excited to be here. Oh, and I come from Huston, Texas.

    Richard: Thank you, what about you?

    The guy sitting next to Caitlin goes next. He grins a little bit.

    Ace: My name is Ace Edwards. I came here as a Law student, well, my father came here, and my grand father? So it is kind of a family tradition. I come from Seattle.

    Richard: Ah yes, the Edwards have contributed a lot to this school.

    Ace: I've been reminded many times since I've stepped foot here.

    Richard looks to Caitlin.

    Richard: How about you?

    Caitlin arches her brow.

    Caitlin: Me?

    Richard nods.

    Caitlin: Well, my name is Caitlin Smith? I came here for the science program. And I am from Vancouver, British Columbia?

    Everyone kind of pauses, un sure where that is.

    Caitlin: ? Canada.

    Everyone lets out an ?oh'.

    Ace holds out his hand.

    Ace: Nice to meet you Caitlin.

    Caitlin shakes his hand.

    Ace: I've been to Vancouver a few times my self. Very nice place you guys got up there.

    Caitlin: Why thank you.

    Caitlin smiles.

    Cut back to the dorm room. Caitlin walks into the main room and takes a seat on her bed. Katherine is sitting on her bed typing on her lab top. Katherine looks up.

    Katherine: Hey.

    Caitlin: Thanks for waking me up this morning? I am a total sleep-aholic.

    Katherine: I'm just glad I have one good roommate. Lilith is going to be the death of me.

    Caitlin: She is a bit much.

    Katherine: She's only here because this is the only school her parents could afford to bribe.

    Caitlin stands up and walks to the small fridge and opens it.

    Katherine: I mean? How is that fair to the people who actually deserved to be here?

    Caitlin: Hey, do you mind if I have one of your sodas?

    Katherine: Sure, go ahead.

    Caitlin grabs one and sits back on her bed.

    Katherine: So, you never told, but why did you come all the way down here for school?

    Caitlin: I liked the English programs they have.

    Katherine: Right?

    Caitlin: What?

    Katherine: Come on Caitlin, there is no other reason?

    Caitlin: Well, I did want to get away from Vancouver? But that is all.

    Katherine gets up and grabs a soda for herself.

    Katherine: Okay Ms. Smith. So, when is your first class?

    Caitlin: Survey of American Literature and Methods.

    Katherine: Enjoy.

    Caitlin: Oh, I will.

    Cut to a large lecture hall, Caitlin walks into it, a few books in her hand.

    Caitlin: Wow.

    Ace walks up behind her, and taps her shoulder.

    Ace: Hey, Caitlin.

    Caitlin turns around to face him.

    Caitlin: Ace?

    Ace walks forward.

    Ace: Didn't know you had this class. What luck huh?

    Caitlin: Yeah.

    The two make their way to the middle row and take a seat near the end. Ace sits closest to the aisle. Caitlin pulls a pen and a pad of paper.

    Ace: Pen and paper?

    Ace pulls out a lab top.

    Caitlin: We can't all afford fancy writing tools there Ace. Besides, there is nothing wrong with old fashion.

    Ace: Look around.

    Caitlin looks around to see every other student with a lab top.

    Caitlin: Shut up?

    Caitlin spots Lilith making her way up the stairs.

    Caitlin: Crap.

    Caitlin holds her head down, but Lilith spots her.

    Lilith: Caitlin!

    Caitlin: Hi Lilith?

    Lilith takes the seat on the other side of Caitlin.

    Lilith: Where's your lab top?

    Caitlin sighs. A woman walks in with blonde-brown hair. She is dressed casual, with a brief case. She walks up to the desk at the front of the class room and places her brief case, she turns around to face the full lecture hall.

    Professor Rosenberg: Hello everyone. Welcome to a fresh new year. I am Professor Jennifer Rosenberg and I will be teaching you all Survey of American Literature and Methods. This class is not as easy as it may sound, there will be a lot of work and time placed into it. I hope you are all up to the test.

    Professor Rosenberg opens up her brief case and pulls out a stake of papers.

    Professor Rosenberg: Now let's see what you learned in High School?

    Cut to the end of class. Students make their way down the stairs to the door. Everyone seems really tired from the class.

    Lilith: What was that?

    Caitlin: What?

    Lilith: That class! I thought collage would be fun? and meeting boys and getting drunk. I didn't know we'd be doing work! Legally Blonde lied to me!

    Ace: Yeah?

    Caitlin: I think I'm going to go get something to eat.

    Ace: I'll go with you. I'm hungry myself.

    Caitlin smiled.

    Caitlin: Cool. I'll see you later Lilith.

    Lilith: Well, I'm hungry-

    Caitlin: See you later?

    As Caitlin and Ace make their way to the bottom of the stairs, Professor Rosenberg glances over to Caitlin.

    Professor Rosenberg: (under her breath) Hikari?

    Cut to outside the University. Caitlin and Ace walk together; both have a drink in their hand.

    Ace: I thought food got better once you left High School.

    Caitlin: I guess Higher Education isn't all that great.

    Ace: This was fun.

    Caitlin: Oddly, it was.

    Ace: Maybe we should do it again. Dinner?

    Caitlin stops.

    Caitlin: A date?

    Ace: Let me guess, you got some Mounty back at home waiting for your hand?

    Caitlin: No? But I haven't really done the date thing. I wasn't really Miss Popularity in High School.

    Ace: Let me guess, you liked talking to teachers?

    Caitlin: Well?

    Ace: Hey, come on. Just one date. If you don't like it, then we never do it again.

    Caitlin struggles with what to do.

    Caitlin: Sure.

    Caitlin pulls out a piece of paper and writes down her phone number.

    Caitlin: Call me after class.

    Ace takes the paper and grins.

    Ace: Well I have to actually get to a class. Bye.

    Ace rushes off, Caitlin waves.

    Caitlin: Bye.

    Katherine walks up behind her.

    Katherine: Love is it?

    Caitlin jumps and turns around.

    Caitlin: Katherine?

    Katherine: That was cute. I was waiting for the kiss.

    Caitlin blushes.

    Cut to later that night. Caitlin walks through the campus grounds alone. She is dressed as if she is waiting for a fight.

    Caitlin: I hope Willow's story about vampires on campus isn't a universal thing?

    As Caitlin walks, she hears a scream coming from behind her. She quickly starts running through the dark night. To see better she holds up her hand and sparks a bright light. She runs into the forest, not seeing anyone.

    Caitlin: Hey! Is something in tro-

    Caitlin trips and falls flat on her face, her light goes out. She grunts, trying to get up, she uses a tree for support.

    Caitlin: What was that?

    Caitlin holds her hand out, starting another spark, as she looks down, Carrie's dead body rest, eyes wide open. Caitlin gasps taking a step back.

    Caitlin: Oh my god? Carrie.

    Voice: Got your attention?

    Caitlin looks up, the girl in black, Kira, jumps down from a tree branch and lands on the other side of Carrie's body. Caitlin takes another step back.

    Caitlin: Who are you?

    Kira: I am the bringer of the night?

    Caitlin: Yeah, you and about a million other wannabes. Take off your mask!

    Kira smirks.

    Kira: Make me.

    Kira holds up her hand, and bursts of black-purple electricity start to spark from them. Caitlin's eye widen.

    Caitlin: What the-?

    Kira send a blast at Caitlin. Quick cut to black.

    End Act One: Commercial Break.


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      Act 2:

      Open to Caitlin passed out on her bed in her dorm room. She looks beat up, her clothing are ripped and she is laying over the bed spread as if she was dropped there. Lilith and Katherine stand beside the bed, looking down at her.

      Katherine: What do you think happened to her?

      Lilith: Maybe she got to loose with that Ace guy?

      Katherine: We should just leave her; I don't think she'd be able to make it to class.

      Lilith: University just isn't for some people.

      Lilith walks over to her closet, Katherine sighs. Katherine then takes a blanket and covers Caitlin's shivering body with it.

      Katherine: I hope she wakes up by the time we get back.

      Lilith: (putting on eye liner) What ever.

      The phone, which is on a desk in the middle of the room, rings. Katherine picks it up.

      Katherine: Hello?

      Cut to Vancouver, Leora stands in her empty classroom.

      Leora: Hi, is Caitlin Smith there?

      Cut back to Katherine.

      Katherine: Sorry, she is unavailable at the moment. Can I take a message?

      Cut back to Leora.

      Leora: No, that's okay. Thank you.

      Leora places down the phone, cut back to Katherine who does the same.

      Lilith: Who was it?

      Katherine: Someone for Caitlin.

      Lilith: Well, I have to get to class; I'll talk to you two later.

      Lilith gives a kissing motion and walks out of the front door. Katherine just looks down to Caitlin.

      Katherine: What happened?

      Cut to a dark sewer. Kira walks alone through it, a smirk on her face. A shadow seems to be following her. The shadow speaks with a ghoulish voice.

      Shadow: Did you get it?

      Kira: Of course.

      Shadow: Now you can bring forth the end of the world!

      Kira: You are sure persistent?

      Shadow: What?

      Kira: I think I wanna have a little fun first.

      Kira holds out one of her hands and starts to spark, sparks of white light.

      Kira: I've been so use to the darkness of Ankoku, it'll be fun to play with the light of Hikari.

      Shadow: Fool! Do as I say you deviant witch!

      Kira turns to the shadow.

      Kira: I will not be your slave.

      Shadow: You idiot, I created you! I gave you those powers!

      Kira: You did? And before you came along I was just a normal school girl? I thank you for that, I really do.

      Shadow: Now do as I say!

      Kira: Sorry.

      Shadow: Sorry?

      Kira: I have my own plans.

      Kira holds out both hands, palms open.

      Kira: And they don't involve you!

      A bright blinding white light blasts from her hand, causing the shadow to shriek and shrink into nothing. The light fades down, and a scorch mark is left on sewer wall.

      Kira: Much better. Now to complete my plan.

      Cut to the University of San Francisco, Survey of American Literature and Methods class is about to start. Lilith sits by herself in the same seat as she did last class. Ace walks up to her.

      Ace: Hey.

      Lilith: Hello.

      Ace takes a seat.

      Ace: Is? Is Caitlin coming?

      Lilith shrugs.

      Lilith: She came home beat up? I don't know.

      Ace: What?!

      Lilith, who is not actually looking at Ace when speaking to him.

      Lilith: Yeah. So, who knows when she'll be back?

      Ace: Did you call the cops?

      Lilith: No. We don't know what happened. Maybe she just got really drunk and fell down some stairs.

      Ace: Yeah. Maybe?

      Ace gets up and walks down to the door and leaves the class. As he walks into the hallway, he bumps into Professor Rosenberg.

      Ace: Jennifer.

      Professor Rosenberg: Ace. What's wrong?

      Ace: It's the Hikari, she was attacked last night.

      Professor Rosenberg: Was it the Ankoku?

      Ace: I don't know. I am going to her dorm right now. Contact Duncan and tell him we may need to do some magics.

      Professor Rosenberg: Okay.

      Ace walks past her.

      Professor Rosenberg: Don't try to fight the Ankoku? You'll end up dead like A.J.

      Ace stops.

      Ace: I know?

      Ace continues, Professor Rosenberg turns to her class and walks in.

      Cut to Caitlin's dorm room. Caitlin slowly opens her eyes, everything is blurry for a moment as she tries to get her surroundings.

      Caitlin: W-what?

      Ace: (off screen) Caitlin.

      Caitlin slowly sits up and looks to Ace, who is standing by the front door. Her makes his way to her bed side.

      Caitlin: Ace?

      Ace: I am glad you woke up.

      Caitlin holds her head.

      Caitlin: Arg, it feels like someone pulled out my brain out?

      Ace: Not your brain. Your light.

      Caitlin looks back to Ace.

      Caitlin: What?

      Ace: I know who you are Caitlin Smith.

      Caitlin holds out her hand in defense, palm up.

      Caitlin: Who are you?

      Ace smirks.

      Ace: You can't hurt me? And I am part of something bigger then you can imagine. We've been watching you Caitlin Smith.

      Caitlin: We?

      Ace: Since you got you're powers, we have kept a close eye on you. Why do you think you got a scholar ship here?

      Caitlin: Because I'm smart? Wait, why can't I hurt you? Are you a demon?

      Ace: No, because you have no powers.

      Caitlin: What?

      Caitlin holds out her hand, and tries to zap him, but fails.

      Ace: The Ankoku stole your powers.

      Caitlin: Who?

      Ace: What happened last night Caitlin?

      Caitlin: That girl?

      Cut to last night, Caitlin is flung into the trees by Kira's blast of dark energy. Caitlin lands on her side, Kira grins.

      Kira: You can't beat me Caitlin.

      Caitlin pulls herself up, holding her side.

      Caitlin: Trust me, I'm going to do more then beat you.

      Kira lets out a laugh. The two are about 10 feet away from each other, but can clearly see.

      Caitlin: You don't want to get involved with me girl.

      Kira: It's not you I want, it's that bright power.

      Caitlin's hands start to glow, so do her eyes.

      Caitlin: They're not for you, but this is!

      Caitlin lets out a blast of white light, which burns the trees in her way, Kira jumps out of the way, as the light fades out.

      Kira: I know what you're powers can do. I have the upper hand Caitlin.

      Kira jumps up into the trees, Caitlin looks up, trying to find her.

      Caitlin: Get down here!

      Caitlin sends out a few blast of light to try and hit Kira, but they fail.

      Kira: (Off screen) You can't fight the black night Caitlin.

      Kira jumps down, landing an inch in front of Caitlin. Caitlin grins and presses her hand against Kira's black mask.

      Caitlin: Really?

      Caitlin lets out a blast of light, which shatters the mask, and throws Kira down to the ground, leaving her eyes stunned.

      Caitlin: Call that the Caitlin-Flash-Bomb.

      Kira: Bitch!

      Kira screams, and presses her hands down the dirt ground. As she does, she sends out a blast of black waves, causing the earth to shake, and throw Caitlin onto her back. Kira, her eyes back to normal, jumps onto Caitlin, and punches her in the face.

      Kira: That was an ancient mask!

      Caitlin lets out a grunt trying to get up.

      Caitlin: Get off me!

      Kira pins Caitlin's hands down, her eyes glow red.

      Kira: The time is right.

      Kira leans down and kisses Caitlin's forehead, as she lifts back, a stream of white light is sucked into her mouth, draining out of Caitlin.

      Caitlin: No! Get off!

      Caitlin begins to glow white as her energy is being drained. Kira's eyes go from red to white.

      Caitlin: No! Stop?

      Caitlin stops glowing and passes out. Kira for a second glows white, then returns normal, her eyes still white. She stands up, looking down to Caitlin.

      Kira: Thank you?

      She holds out her hand, and teleports Caitlin away, quick cut to Caitlin's bedroom, Caitlin is teleported into her bed. Cut to the present, Caitlin talking to Ace.

      Caitlin: That girl did this? She stole my powers.

      Ace: And we'll get it back.

      Caitlin: Who else is involved? Is it a school thing? Government?

      Ace: We are a selected few, chosen from our ancestors to protect the two deities.

      Caitlin: I'm not a deity.

      Ace: No, but it's in your blood. That is why you were chosen to become the barer of Hikari.

      Caitlin: Who was that girl?

      Ace: We don't know? We found out who you were, but not her. We can't track her powers because it a darkness, unlike yours which is pureness.

      Caitlin: I know someone who can help, a friend.

      Ace: Leora Byrne, Carmen White and Arthur Rayne?

      Caitlin: Maybe.

      Ace: We already have someone coming to help; we don't need to bother your friends.

      Caitlin lowers her head.

      Caitlin: This is the only reason you wanted to sit with me wasn't it? You wanted to get close to the Hikari?

      Ace: Caitlin?

      Caitlin: I thought you actually liked me, you know, I was waiting for you to call.

      Ace: This is my job? I can't date the job.

      Caitlin: No, of course not.

      Ace: But-

      Caitlin looks up, a stern look.

      Caitlin: Just get my powers back.

      Ace nods.

      Ace: Duncan and Jennifer should be coming soon.

      Caitlin: Once I get my powers back, I never wanna see you again.

      Cut to later that day, still in Caitlin's dorm. Caitlin sits on her bed, while Ace and Duncan, who is dressed in all black with a gold pentagram around his neck, sit around a black, lit, candle.

      Duncan: Now this should call forth the Ankoku and then we should be able to steal back the powers.

      Caitlin: It's not stealing if they were already mine!

      Ace: She has a point.

      Duncan: What ever. We'll just get the powers back.

      Caitlin: You better.

      Duncan: Ace? she is rather hostile.

      Caitlin: Just get the powers back!

      Ace: Better do as she says? She is the Hikari.

      Duncan: Okay.

      Duncan and Ace close their eyes.

      Duncan/Ace: In the darkest shadows we call on the one? The deity of the night. We call forth the Ankoku.

      The candle goes out and the front door blast open, Caitlin screams. At the door frame Kira stands, both eyes glowing white.

      Kira: You rang?

      Cut to black.

      End Act Two: Commercial Break.


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        Act 3

        Open to Caitlin jumping out of bed while Kira makes her way into the dorm.

        Kira: I gave you a chance to just live. Why did you call be back?

        Caitlin: Stay away from me!

        Kira: Sorry Caitlin?

        Duncan and Ace stand up, Duncan holds out a purple crystal.

        Duncan: Stay away from her, Ankoku!

        Kira glares over to Duncan.

        Kira: Are you the guardians? Do you not remember the first one I killed? Three to go.

        Ace: Shut your mouth!

        Kira tilts her head.

        Kira: You're twin?

        Ace: Do it now Duncan!

        Duncan is about to throw the crystal, but before he can Kira sends out a large black jolt which hits Duncan like a dagger, sliding right through him. Duncan stands for a second, eyes wide open.

        Caitlin: Oh my god.

        Duncan: Sorry, Hi-Hikari.

        Duncan drops the crystal and falls backwards, dead. Ace looks up to Kira.

        Ace: You will pay.

        Kira: So you volunteer to be next?

        Professor Rosenberg: (off screen) No!

        Professor Rosenberg rushes into the room and tosses a bag of dust onto Kira. Kira turns around, un pleased with that.

        Kira: Excuse me I-

        Kira vanishes. Professor Rosenberg rushes over to Duncan's body.

        Caitlin: Professor Rosenberg?

        Ace doesn't look at the dead body.

        Professor Rosenberg: I was to late?

        Ace: I should have done something?

        Caitlin: Wait! Everyone!

        The two look over to Caitlin.

        Caitlin: She just killed someone, I still have no powers, and now there is blood all over my roommate's bed. And why are you here Professor Rosenberg?

        Professor Rosenberg: We don't have time for questions Caitlin. We need to stop the Ankoku.

        Caitlin: Maybe I don't want to.

        Ace: What?

        Caitlin: She said she would leave me now that she has my powers. Maybe I'll just go back home and go to school there, or maybe just forget about school. I mean, I can just go work back at Carmen's shop.

        Ace: How can you say that?

        Caitlin: Because I didn't ask for this!

        Ace: Neither did we. We didn't ask for our friends to be killed-

        Caitlin: He wouldn't have been killed if you didn't call on her with out a plan to stop her!

        Professor Rosenberg: Both of you, stop this! We don't have time for childish fighting. If you don't want your powers back Caitlin Smith, that is fine. The next girl in line will get your powers and she'll become the target. I hope you can live with yourself when you hear that she has been killed, and then the girl after her, and then after her.

        Caitlin gets off her bed and walks to the door.

        Caitlin: Tell me? Tell me what you are, and I won't leave.

        Professor Rosenberg: We are humans.

        Caitlin: Don't play me, you just made Kira vanish, normal humans can't do that.

        Professor Rosenberg: I'm a witch, I've been practicing magic for most of my life.

        Caitlin: A witch? Oh my god, is this even a real school?

        Ace: Caitlin, you need to calm down. We don't have time, we need to stop Kira.

        Caitlin: You go stop her.

        Professor Rosenberg: Fine. Come on Ace, lets go.

        Ace and Professor Rosenberg make their way to the door. Caitlin jumps up.

        Caitlin: Wait, wait! I'll go?

        Cut to a back alley, Kira sits in a large garbage can, covered in various garbage.

        Kira: This is just completely wrong?

        Kira steps out of the garbage and wipes of remaining garbage off her and out of her hair.

        Kira: Well I guess it doesn't matter, not anymore?

        Two vampires creep out of the shadows. Kira doesn't turn around, but she doesn't have to.

        Kira: I wouldn't do that boys.

        The two vampires keep moving.

        Kira: I'm not an innocent you know.

        Vampire 1: Blood is blood lady.

        Kira: I suppose?

        Kira turns around and holds out her right hand.

        Kira: And dust is dust.

        Kira lets out a blast of bright white light, the light dusts the two vampires in a second. Kira grins, looking at her hand, which is has smoke steaming off it.

        Kira: I can get use to this.

        Cut to Professor Rosenberg, Ace and Caitlin walking along a side walk which is only lit by street lights.

        Caitlin: How are we getting my powers back?

        Ace: We have to kill the Ankoku.

        Caitlin: But how do we do that? She has two powers now.

        Ace: They we'll have to just be better then her.

        Caitlin: Are you crazy? She has TWO powers!

        Ace: You're a real downer you know that Caitlin?

        Caitlin: No, I'm just realistic.

        Professor Rosenberg: We just have to distract her so I can do the extracting spell.

        Caitlin: I still don't understand why she didn't come after me sooner? I mean? I've had my powers for awhile now.

        Ace: Its hard to track powers, it was just her luck you came here.

        Caitlin: So if I had just stayed in Canada I would have been safe? I hate when Leora's right about stuff?

        Ace: You needed to come here. She's been killing, and only you can truly stop her.

        Caitlin: Wait, how many of you are there?

        Professor Rosenberg: We are a small group, there are a few others in secret who have been watching you.

        Caitlin: Oh, that's great? Can I trust anyone here?

        Ace: It's University Caitlin?Can you really trust anyone?

        Professor Rosenberg stops, and so do Ace and Caitlin.

        Ace: What is it?

        Caitlin grabs her chest and screams in pain, she falls to her knees.

        Caitlin: Oh my god, what is that!?

        Ace kneels down beside her.

        Ace: The Ankoku must be using the power of Hikari for evil.

        Before Ace stands, his is blown down to his side and a few feet away from Caitlin. Professor Rosenberg quickly turns behind her, where KIRA stands.

        Kira: The Ankoku has a name? It's Kira.

        Professor Rosenberg: In the powers of night and day I call on-

        Kira flicks her wrist, and Professor Rosenberg lands next to Ace. Kira grins and steps towards Caitlin.

        Kira: I said I'd let you live. You just had to follow me.

        Kira picks Caitlin up by the neck, holding up off her feet.

        Kira: Sorry Caitlin.

        Professor Rosenberg quietly chants to herself, holding her hand out towards Kira.

        Professor Rosenberg: (quietly) In the powers of night and day, I call on the light to abort the night. In the powers of night and day, I call on the light to abort the night!

        Kira: And what will make it worse Caitlin, I will kill you with your own power.

        Kira holds up her other hand arched over her head, a white light starts forming.

        Caitlin: Please! I'll leave you alone!

        Kira: To late Former Hikari.

        Professor Rosenberg speaks louder.

        Professor Rosenberg: In the powers of night and day, I call on the light to abort the night!

        The white light in Kira's hand slowly fads away. She lets go of Caitlin, who lands on her butt. Professor Rosenberg stands up, her hand still in front of her.

        Kira: You can't take my power!

        Professor Rosenberg: In the powers of night and day, I call on the light to abort the night!

        The light completely vanishes. Kira screams and sends out a shock wave, which knocks Professor Rosenberg back down.

        Kira: You haven't won yet!

        Kira vanishes leaving a large creator were she stood.

        Ace: You did it?

        Ace walks to Professor Rosenberg and helps her up. The two then walk to Caitlin.

        Ace: You're welcome.

        Caitlin has her head down, looking at her hands.

        Ace: Hello?

        Professor Rosenberg: It didn't work?

        Caitlin looks up, her hands are slashed in the shapes of pentagrams.

        Caitlin: My powers, they? They're sealed.

        Ace: How?

        Professor Rosenberg: Kira had a counter spell on it? She knew we'd come after it?

        Caitlin: What did you do to me?

        Cut to: The Sacred Circle. The table has been moved and a TV is now sitting on it. Michael, Galen, Rayne and Carmen are all sitting down sharing a bowl of popcorn watching from a couch, also rearranged. The door opens and Leora comes in. No one pays attention to her, they talk to her without turning around.

        Rayne: How was Caitlin?

        Carmen: Still happy with leaving us here to run the store by ourselves?

        Leora grabs up and chair and watches TV with everyone, she grabs for the popcorn and watches with them.

        Leora: Eh, she was ok. She has butterflies.

        Galen: I remember when-

        Everyone turns to him and puts their fingers to their mouths and "shh's" him.

        Leora: So what are we watching?

        Michael, the most involved with the show, responds.

        Michael: Felicity.

        Leora: Nice! I remember this show.

        Rayne: Tv on DVD!

        Carmen: The best gift to mankind.

        Leora: College life was nothing like that.

        Leora sighs.

        The gang just stares at the TV.

        Rayne: Slow week, hmm?

        Carmen: I wonder what your sister is doing?

        Leora: Probably just killing some?

        She just stops, too captured by the show.

        Cut to: Feora and a room of vampires gathered round a TV. The vampire beside Feora is talking to the one beside her. Feora takes a stake and dusts the vampire. She turns around, angry.

        Feora: We're watching Felicity! Shut up!

        Cut to: The gang around the TV. The credits roll on the TV for the show and they snap out of their phase.

        Leora: Oh Felicity, if only things went your way! If only life was normal for you!

        Michael: Soaps are no fun then.

        Carmen and Leora angrily throw popcorn at him, he cowers.

        Carmen and Leora: It's not a soap!

        Michael: Sorry! Sorry!

        Rayne: I hope next week we'll have something more spicy to do.

        Carmen: Something other than some college drama.

        Leora: The ending wasn't even capturing!

        Fade to black.

        End Episode.

        JD Pardo - Richard
        Amanda Noret - Carrie Soar
        Robert DoBrev - Duncan Kline


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