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Raven Episode 3.12 "Aphrodite"

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  • Raven Episode 3.12 "Aphrodite"

    Episode 3.11

    Teaser: Carmen is sweeping in the Sacred Circle, humming a dark melody. She has a solemn expression on her face; still not adjusting to her pregnancy. Rayne walks down th stairs flipping through mail.

    Rayne: Electricity bills overdue.

    He flips through more letters.

    Rayne: And hydro? and income tax? and your magazine subscription to Glamour.

    Carmen just keeps on sweeping.

    Rayne: I guess I'll do the mail work then.

    Rayne goes to the counter and begins to open the letters. He brings out his check book and begins to write down numbers and sign them away. Carmen puts the broom away and grabs a can of air deodorant. She sprays it at the trunk near the back of the room.

    Rayne: What are you doing?

    Carmen: Making sure there won't be a smell from the deceased Cynthia. Don't want people to find her.

    Rayne: You haven't gotten rid of her yet?

    Carmen: I need something to curse at when I'm pissed off!

    Rayne: A corpse isn't really alive? in fact its quite the opposite.

    Carmen: That way I can't get bitched to back!

    Carmen continues to spray the can until it empties and she tosses it in a basket beside the trunk. A bunch of other air deodorant cans are already inside.

    Rayne: Carmen, we need to talk.

    Carmen sits down at the table.

    Carmen: We generally do that communication thing well, no? We're doing it now.

    Rayne: Lately we haven't been talking. And I understand why.

    Carmen just stares forward.

    Rayne: The baby will come no matter what. There isn't anything you can do without crossing your moral boundaries.

    Carmen: Boundaries are sometimes good ideas at the time, but can be bad later.

    Rayne: Damnit, Carmen! There will be no abortion!

    Carmen: I know? we're going to have to keep it.

    Rayne: Yes, and raise it and smother it with love, and

    Carmen: I'm not sure I can love it.

    Rayne: Why not? What's wrong, Carmen? You haven't really told me yet! I'm thrilled you're pregnant!

    Carmen: Well you don't have to carry the bitch, now do you.

    Rayne: I suppose not, but plenty of women are fine and happy with a child!

    Carmen: I'm not any other woman, Arthur. You knew that when you married me.

    Rayne: Perhaps, but isn't my happiness enough? Shouldn't we be able to avert this remorse you have through out love?

    Carmen: Honey, it'll take a damn marriage councilor to ever make that happen!

    And suddenly as the words leave her mouth, a flash of golden hearts emits in the middle of the shop room. A beautiful woman wearing gold and pink appears. She is elegant, soft, and womanly. Rayne and Carmen are shocked.

    Woman: Hey! You called for me?

    Rayne: Who? who are you exactly?

    The woman laughs.

    Woman: Cute mortal! I could just shrink you down and put you in my pocket! I'm certain you know who I am!

    Carmen: Really, Miss, we don't.

    The Woman looks hurt.

    Woman: What has this world come to? Mortals used to bow down to me and leave gold and hearts in my temples as worship.

    The two stare at them.

    Woman: I've my own adjective named after myself?

    Again, blank stares.

    Woman: Oh you are hopeless! But no matter, I shall do my work. For I am Aphrodite! The Goddess of love!

    Golden fireworks go off as she announces herself. Rayne and Carmen just glance at each other.

    Cut to: Feora's dark office. The lights are dimmed. A hooded figure sits over a boiling cauldron. Deep male chanting can be heard from the shadows, appearing to be in an ancient and dead language. The pot begins to boil faster and the figure springs to life. She stands up quickly and removes her hood. It's Feora.

    Feora: The opportunity has arrived.

    End Teaser.

    Theme Song: Butterflies and Hurricanes ? Muse

    Kate Beckinsale - Leora Byrne
    AJ Cook - Carmen White-Rayne
    Milla Jovovich - Feora Byrne
    Peter Krause - Galen Byrne
    Tygh Runyan - Michael Duran
    And Michael Vartan as Arthur Rayne

    Special Guest Star:
    Alexandra Tydings as Aphrodite

    Guest Starring:
    Drake Bell as Josh
    And Jared Heirs as Orlando

    Created by:
    Alexander Brown
    And Travis Truant-Simpson

    Executive Producers:
    Alexander Brown
    Joseph Sessumes
    And Travis Truant-Simpson

    Written by:
    Alexander Brown

    In Association With:
    SORCERESS OF CRIMSON FALLS created by Travis Truant-Simpson, BROKEN DESTINY created by Joseph Sessumes and Alexander Brown, and CHOSEN created by Heather.

    Based on: Buffy the Vampire ? Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy and 20th Century Fox. We do not own some of the characters or lore.
    We make no money off this fanfiction, only the candy our readers own that they cannot guard as they read this.

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    Act 1: A match is lit in darkness. A small story book comes into view with the light. The match falls down below the screen, still lighting everything. The book is very old and tattered, and is in ancient Greek. Subtitles: The Death and Rebirth of the Greek Gods.

    Aphrodite(Off Screen): The bane of the Gods happened many ages ago; much before technology was this advanced for you mortals. It began with a warrior.

    The book flips open to the first page. A beautiful warrior with long dark hair stands tall over the bodies of the Gods. There are two being left in the background, one appearing to be Aphrodite in a beautiful gold and pink dress, the other a darker figure in leather studded armor with a large sword.

    Aphrodite(Off Screen): The warrior left two of us alive; Ares, God of War, and myself.

    The page flips one more, showing a deserted Olympus. Aphrodite and Ares stand over the comically drawn corpses of the other Gods.

    Aphrodite(Off Screen): And the world was left without its Gods. This is where Christianity began to take its initial first steps.

    The page flips once more, showing the cross. Another comical drawing of dead Jesus is on it. Angels fly above looking on the dead lord.

    Aphrodite(Off Screen): But as long as love and war continued, we weren't fully dear.

    The page flips to a drawing of warriors in a battlefield. It flips once more to show two lovers making passionate love.

    Aphrodite(Off Screen): And time went by for a while. We were almost forgotten; named myths by many. Until one day a dark figure of a woman decided that the world needed once more to have its Gods reinstated came to Olympus.

    The pages flip in the book to bring the story to an end. Death stands at the tombs of the dead Gods.

    Aphrodite(Off Screen): Death, of the Endless, had breathed life into the Gods of Olympus once more.

    Cut to Carmen and Rayne sitting on a couch across from Death.

    Carmen: She seems to like meddling with things a lot, don't you think, Arthur?

    Rayne: Always a meddler, she is. She's up to her own games it seems.

    Aphrodite: Hello! The end of the story was happy! All the Gods on Olympus were happily restored and the world could continue as it was!

    Carmen: Yeah, we got that.

    Aphrodite: Well then be happy!

    Rayne and Carmen are confused.

    Aphrodite: Come on! Cheer!

    Carmen and Rayne clap awkwardly as the God smiles widely.

    Aphrodite: That's the spirit! Now to fix your marriage!

    Rayne: What?

    Aphrodite: That's what you called me here for!

    Carmen: We never specifically-

    Aphrodite: Hold on honey, before we continue I'm going for a bath! Its upstairs right?

    Rayne nods at her and looks at Carmen. Aphrodite snaps her fingers and disappears.

    Rayne: That was?

    Aphrodite reappears.

    Aphrodite: I hope you don't mind, but I did some redecoration. The pink will help me to relax more.

    She disappears again.

    Rayne: Pink?

    Carmen begins to laugh beside him.

    Rayne: She said pink? I can't shower everyday with pink!

    Carmen: Well you don't want to upset her! She could turn us into shrimp? or something.

    Rayne: I don't like pink.

    He sulks back into the couch. Michael enters the Sacred Circle from the back entrance. Rayne wanders over to the staircase and heads up. Carmen lets out a heavy sigh and goes back to sulking. Michael takes out a brown bottle from his jacket. He goes for the lid of the trunk beside the door quietly, going unnoticed.

    Carmen: You don't want to do that, Michael.

    Michael jumps as she talks.

    Carmen: Come on, Michael. I know everything in this store. You should know that by now.

    Michael: Eyes everywhere.

    Carmen: And ears to match.

    Carmen remains on the couch, shouting to Michael.

    Carmen: I moved the rest of your stash behind the cash register. It's mine now.

    Michael: You're pregnant! What do you need it for?

    Carmen: Well I'm pretty sure your mommy taught you babies are only kept in their mommy's tummy for nine months. After that they can go straight back to hard booze!

    Michael: Hoe patronizing you are.

    Carmen: And how sneaky you are for keeping those under my nose all this time.

    Michael: Yeah, I know.

    Michael lifts up the lid to the trunk and slams it fast when he looks in. He backs away, shocked.

    Michael: Carmen, theres a dead girl in the trunk!

    Carmen: So?

    Michael:? in the trunk!

    Carmen: Would you rather she move around, Michael?

    Michael: Why is there a dead girl in the trunk?

    Carmen: Because I shot her and put her there?

    Michael: How long ago?

    Carmen: About a weak.

    Michael: Where's the smell?

    Carmen: Leora fixed that for me.

    Michael shakes his head.

    Carmen: It's better her in there than me!

    Michael: That's just wrong!

    Carmen: Come on, everyone has a body somewhere!

    Michael: No, they don't!

    Carmen: of course they do! Do you not know what the average human being is like?

    Michael: Not evil like that!

    Carmen: Well that would be an answer you'd give, wouldn't it? You're idea of reality isn't what most people think.


    Michael: What's that supposed to mean?

    Cut to: Josh sitting at a table in a library, reading through a book and taking down notes. Orlando slips out of no where and plops himself down across from Josh, who ignores him. Orlando watches him for a minute, seeing if Josh will respond.

    Orlando: Hey? did you notice I was there?

    Josh doesn't move or change what he's doing. He just keep working.

    Josh: Yes, but I chose to ignore you.

    Orlando: That isn't very nice to do to the new kid, now is it?

    Josh: Well I'm sorry, but the new kid wasn't very nice to me.

    Orlando: What, that kiss? I'm sorry, I didn't know.

    Josh: Yeah, well now you do.

    Josh still doesn't look up. Pause.

    Josh: You can leave now.

    Orlando looks around a bit.

    Orlando: Public library. I don't want to.

    Josh: How'd you know I was here, anyways?

    Orlando: I'm magic, of course.

    Josh shakes his head and picks his things up, moving to another table. Orlando gets up and follows him.

    Josh: I moved.

    Orlando: And I followed you.

    Josh: Why?

    Orlando: To talk some more.

    Josh: But you see, I'm done talking.

    Orlando: It was only a kiss, Josh! God, why do you have to make such a big deal about it?

    Josh: Cause I ain't queer!

    Orlando: And I respect that!

    Josh: Yeah, well I don't.

    Josh sighs.

    Josh: Look, I'm sorry about insulting you with such trivial slurs, but I don't know what to do about this.

    Orlando: About what, Josh?

    Josh shakes his head and smiles out of embarrassment.

    Josh: The sexual tension between the two of us.

    Orlando smiles as he says this.

    Josh: I told you? I'm not into guys!

    Orlando: You're into me though.

    Josh: And that confuses the hell out of me.

    Orlando: I understand that.

    Josh: So can I just get a little time?

    Orlando: Sure. Whatever you need.

    Josh: Thank you.

    Orlando gets up and begins to walk away. He doesn't turn around, but says:

    Orlando: Happy Valentine's Day, Josh.

    Suddenly the screen freezes on them. As we move back it is revealed to have been on a small t.v. in The Sacred Circle. Aphrodite claps at the end from the couch and stands up, dressed up as a professor with glasses, a suit, and a thick pipe she is sucking on.

    Aphrodite: And that, my sweets, is young love.

    Carmen and Rayne are sitting on the couch, utterly bored.

    Aphrodite: Questions? Comments?

    Rayne puts up his hand. Aphrodite acknowledges him.

    Aphrodite: Yes, Mister Rayne?

    Rayne: Well that wasn't very satisfactory, now was it?

    Aphrodite: What do you mean? He admitted he had feeling of a sexual variety towards are young protagonist.

    Carmen: Yeah, but sexual doesn't mean love. It just means they'll do the Brokeback Mountain.

    Aphrodite claps and a bell goes off. Confetti comes from the ceiling and rains on Carmen.

    Aphrodite: That's right, Carmen! I'm so proud of you! You caught the flaws in my teaching!

    Aphrodite snaps and the t.v., confetti, and teachers outfit disappears. Aphrodite is once again wearing her dress.

    Aphrodite: The difference between love and lust is very hard to figure out sometimes. Even when you're an adult.

    Carmen: Well we certainly had both, didn't we Arthur?

    Rayne doesn't respond.

    Carmen: Arthur?

    Aphrodite: You did for a while.

    Carmen: What?

    Aphrodite: I was reviewing your relationship. For a long time it was just lust. And then love sparked and combined with this sexual tension neither of you could control.

    Fast flash of Rayne and Carmen having sex.

    Aphrodite: And then the lust died, and you're stuck with only love.

    Carmen: Well that's ideal, isn't it?

    Aphrodite laughs.

    Aphrodite: Oh heavens no! Where's the fun in that?

    Carmen: Aren't you the Goddess of love?

    Aphrodite: And lust? it's a common misconception.

    Rayne: Who would have known the Greek would have it wrong for so long?

    Aphrodite: That's not the point. The point is lust is ok to have in a relationship. Hell, it's ok to have for a relationship if that's what you personally need at the time. With that spark of lust gone, you have been completely different, Carmen.

    Carmen: Well I can't help it? I'm pregnant!

    Aphrodite: That's no excuse to stop the feeling.

    Carmen: Well what can I do?

    Aphrodite smiles at her.

    Aphrodite: I'm glad you ask that, Carmen. We're going to-

    The door swings wide open. A green web of magic flies at Aphrodite, trapping her. She tries to struggle free, but can't. Vampires are suddenly all over the room. Feora comes in behind them slowly and smiles at Rayne and Carmen, now struggling with vampires. Feora goes over to Aphrodite and holds up Aphrodite's chin with her hand. She looks the Goddess in the eyes and smiles an evil smile.

    Feora: Your Godship, please.

    End Act 1: Commercial Break.


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      Act 2: Water drips in a dark room. Rayne and an unconscious Carmen are chained to the wall. The room has more chains on the walls for other prisoners, but Rayne and Carmen appear to be the only living ones at the moment. Carmen lunges awake.

      Rayne: Carmen? Carmen, are you ok?

      Carmen coughs a bit. She manages to talk.

      Carmen: I'll be alright.

      Rayne: We've been down here God knows how long.

      Carmen looks around.

      Carmen: Where exactly is here?

      Rayne: Under the club, I imagine. I was out when we came in too.

      The door opens, Feora steps in alone. She walks with pride up to the two.

      Feora: Well if it isn't my favorite newly weds!

      Rayne: And look! It's the biggest bitch on the block!

      Feora smiles at him as he makes this remark.

      Feora: Nick and Jessica never did have anything on you two! Especially since they never managed to get pregnant!

      Feora walks to Carmen and puts her head on Carmen's pregnant stomach.

      Feora: I can feel the life inside of you.

      She walks away looking away from Carmen. She then lashes around really fast and punches Carmen's stomach. Carmen yells out for pain and coils up as much as she can in chains.

      Feora: It makes me sick!

      Rayne reacts to his wife being attacked with much worry.

      Rayne: Don't hurt her! Please don't hurt her!

      Feora: Oh isn't that cute? The love between you!

      Carmen (Weakly): Don't you forget it.

      Feora smiles and circles around a bit.

      Feora: I have such plans for the two of you! It's really quite amazing how much I got in one trip! I came for the God, and I get my nemesis most trusted companions!

      Rayne: Leora will be here sooner or later! Don't gloat too hard!

      Feora: Oh, I count on it! Probably with some backup, too.

      Cut to: Leora walking into The Sacred Circle. Josh is at the cash register. He seems Leora and comes over to her.

      Cut to: Feora.

      Feora: By then your little God will be inside this here head of mine! And her power sill serge through my veins!

      Cut to: The Sacred Circle. Leora drops her bags as she enters, feeling some force from the room. Josh notices.

      Josh: What's going on?

      Leora: Josh, where's Carmen?

      Josh: I don't know, she wasn't here when I came.

      He hands a note to her as she begins to get distressed.

      Josh: This was on the register, though. Says they're at your sisters for a visit.

      Leora snatches it from his hand and reads it quickly, distressed and flustered.

      Josh: I'm taking it that isn't exactly a good thing?

      Leora crumples the paper up in her hands and drops it to the ground.

      Leora: Lock up after I leave, Josh. And don't stop anywhere either. Just go straight home this evening. There are psycho bitches on the lose?

      Josh laughs. Leora gives him a serious look.

      Josh: Oh? you're not kidding.

      Leora: Thank you, Josh.

      Leora runs to the door just as Galen walks in. The two almost crash into each other.

      Galen: Jeez, Leora! What was that about?

      He notices Leora's worried look.

      Galen: Leora? What's wrong Leora? Where's the married couple?

      Leora: Feora.

      Cut to: Feora's vacant night club. Aphrodite is unconscious in the middle of a giant red pentagram on the floor. The desks are pushed to the side of the room. Rayne and Carmen are tied on chairs beside the pentagram. Feora has one vampire helper, she throws a brown small bag at him.

      Feora: This is for the God. If she awakes, throw more of that in her eyes.

      The vampire nods as Feora walks to Rayne and Carmen, tied away from each other.

      Feora: Well, my sweets! You're going to die tonight! Or one of you will, anyways.

      She walks around to Carmen.

      Feora: Your child will die with you if you're the lucky one.

      Carmen: Bite me!

      She spits at Feora. Her saliva misses Feora's foot. Feora grabs Carmen's mouth and pulls her up by it, Carmen struggles to breathe.

      Feora: Listen to me, shop store girl. Listen to me!

      Rayne: Let her go!

      Feora: Oh can it, Romeo!

      She kicks Rayne onto the ground. The vampire walks towards him threateningly. Feora whispers to Carmen.

      Feora: You're going to watch your lover die tonight. Now we can this with or without your baby alive. If I get anymore lip from you or him, I'm not going to be happy. Is that clear?

      Carmen doesn't respond at all. Feora shakes her up a bit more.

      Feora: Is that clear, shop girl?

      Carmen nods and Feora lets her down once more. Feora walks over to Aphrodite.

      Feora: I'm sorry you're asleep for this. To be honest, you're too loud anyways.

      Feora kicks Aphrodite in the face and laughs. Rayne moves closer to Carmen.

      Carmen: Rayne, I'm sorry! This is all my fault.

      Rayne tries to shush her up.

      Rayne: Don't worry, Carmen. We'll get a way out of her.

      Carmen: Arthur, I don't want to die! I really don't want to lose this baby! I know I said I didn't want it, but everything now makes me want it! And I sure as hell don't want to lose you!

      Cut to: Leora and Galen approaching the front of the club. A gang of vampires turn around as they round the corner. Leora and Galen back up quickly to the wall.

      Galen: Not so good? not so good at all!

      Leora: Galen, I need you to back me up here!

      Galen: Well it looks like we can't get away exactly.

      The vampires edge closer.

      Galen: I'll cover you.

      Leora: Thank you.

      Leora swings her sword suddenly at an approaching vampire.

      Cut to: Rayne and Carmen.

      Rayne: Carmen, whatever happens tonight. I love you.

      Carmen: I love you, Arthur! I love you!

      Carmen begins to cry as Feora walks to Rayne and grabs him up by the collar.

      Feora: How touching, but the time is now, my darlings!

      Carmen: No! Please no!

      Feora throws Rayne to the ground beside Aphrodite.

      Feora: I'm sorry, but I want this more than you'd know!

      Carmen: Stop it! Please! You bitch! Stop it now!

      Feora kicks Carmen down.

      Feora: We had an arrangement, remember!

      Carmen stays down and gasps between tears.

      The vampire assistant beside Feora suddenly dusts. Leora runs into the room, Galen following her with a large cloud of dust following.

      Leora: Get the hell away from my friends!

      End Act 2: Commercial Break.


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        Act 3: Feora smiles at her sister and grabs Rayne and Aphrodite both by the back of the neck.

        Feora: I can do it through my hands! Don't think I can't! I can spill blood in many ways, sister!

        Leora stops in her tracks.

        Rayne: Leora, don't let her do it! Kill me now! She'll become a Goddess!

        Galen: Well he sure is noble to everyone.

        Leora stands still judging what to do.

        Feora: Back out of the building now, and no one will get hurt.

        Cut to Carmen, struggling in the ropes binding her.

        Cut back to Feora holding Aphrodite and Rayne.

        Feora: It's going to happen, Leora. I don't suggest you watch me snap his neck.

        Rayne: Leora! Please!

        Carmen struggles with her ropes more, making them loser.

        Leora: Feora!

        Leora stops, eyes closed.

        Galen: Leora, don't listen to him! You and I can take her!

        Feora: Silence from you, cousin!

        As she says that, Galen suddenly falls down. Leora is shocked at the magic her sister has adopted.

        Feora: I'm not kidding when I said I can spill blood in many ways, and you know it.

        Leora turns her back, shamefully, and begins to walk towards the exit. Feora eases her hold on Rayne and Aphrodite, letting the both drop to her feet.

        Rayne: Leora! No!

        Feora: I'm sorry little one, she made her choice.

        Leora reaches the door. Close up on Feora as she bends over Aphrodite.

        Feora: I am going to finally have what I deserve! And there ain't nothing my sister can do to stop me!

        A gunshot is suddenly heard. Feora screams and holds her stomach. Quickly Carmen comes in view, but the shot wasn't hers. She has no gun in her now unbound hands.

        Cut to: The smoking gun in Leora's hands, showing Leora in the background.

        Leora: In the name of Carmen and her baby, you will cease!

        Feora talks, unable to concentrate properly.

        Feora: What? was in?

        Feora falls down, face flat. Leora stands, gun pointed at her sister. Galen stands up, holding his head. Carmen rushes to Rayne and unties him.

        Carmen: Arthur!

        She kisses him passionately in front of her friends. Leora smiles.

        Leora: I put her to sleep with one of yours.

        Leora tosses the fun at Carmen.

        Leora: She'll awaken soon, which leaves me us one minute.

        Rayne and Carmen stand up and make their way to the exit beside Galen, carrying Aphrodite in Rayne's arms with them. Leora grabs a stake from her coat pocket and begins to walk towards Feora.

        Leora: And now, sister. I shall make the closing move!

        Leora holds her stake up high about her sister as suddenly a fireball hits her square in the chest. Leora flies back into the wall as Feora's unconscious body floats up. Fireballs begin to fly everywhere. Carmen runs to her friend.

        Carmen: Leora? Are you ok?

        A firefly flies above them, exploding and sending Carmen to the ground.

        Galen: A genius idea? she's protected herself.

        Fireballs continue to fly around and form a wall of flames in front of Feora. Leora and Carmen stand up and make their way to Rayne, Galen and unconscious Aphrodite. A fireball suddenly hits the door leaving the room inescapable. Everyone begins to cough as smoke fills the building.

        Leora: We're trapped!

        Leora holds her sleeve over her mouth as she deflects a fireball that flies at her. The group drops to the floor, trying to get as much air as they can. Aphrodite springs to life as a floating Feora wakes up. She looks at them and screams.

        Feora: Bitches!

        Feora throws a fireball straight at the group. As it's about to hit they disappear with golden sparks.

        Cut to: The Sacred Circle. The group appears in the middle of the room with a thud. Aphrodite stands above the group, on the floor from the fall of their entrance.

        Aphrodite: Well that was fun!

        She smells the group, who are all looking up at her confused.

        Aphrodite: You all smell like smoke!

        Leora and Galen look at each other. Rayne and Carmen smile at their Goddess.

        Cut to: Carmen, Rayne and Aphrodite standing at the door of the store. Aphrodite has bags in her hands and sunglasses on.

        Aphrodite: Well, little mortals. My time is done. You have been fixed!

        Carmen: Wait, what. You weren't really asleep that whole time?

        Aphrodite: Not really, no. I knew that love would best the battle, and you'd be ok! And you said some words, Carmen, that really needed to come out.

        Carmen hugs Aphrodite. When she releases her, she goes back to her husband.

        Carmen: Thank you, Aphrodite.

        Rayne: We owe you a lot.

        Aphrodite: Don't worry, my bill will come eventually. My airfare won't make you pleased on bit.

        Rayne and Carmen's smile change. Aphrodite laughs at them.

        Aphrodite: Don't worry sweeties, this was a free session from me. You don't have to worry about the money. Although this shows me that's exactly what you do!

        Rayne: Well sorry, but we're shop owners!

        Aphrodite: Yeah, I'd fix that too!

        Carmen glares at her.

        Aphrodite: This little shack could sure some work.

        Carmen points at the door. Aphrodite smiles at her, and then turns around and disappears.

        Aphrodite (Off Screen): Kick that bitches ass for me, Leora.

        The camera shows a pensive Leora on the couch, lying down and looking at the ceiling tiles.

        Leora: I will, you mark my words! Feora will meet her end soon.

        Carmen and Rayne close the door and walk to their friend.

        Carmen: That was an interesting day.

        Leora gets up and meets them. She frowns and has her arms folded.

        Leora: I was just so close to her, Carmen! She could be dead? er!

        Rayne: We know, but we'll have more chances.

        Leora: I don't know if we will.

        Carmen smiles at the two.

        Carmen: You guys, we'll make it through.

        Leora and Rayne look at Carmen, confused by the smile on her face.

        Leora: Are you feeling ok?

        Rayne: Pay up, Leora! I told you she'd come round sooner than the actual birth!

        Carmen: What?

        Leora reaches in her purse.

        Leora: Damn you, Rayne.

        Carmen: You guys made bets on my depression? That's just wrong!

        Rayne: At least you're happy now though, right?

        Carmen storms off from the two, laughing at her as she goes to the cash register.

        Carmen: Bastards!

        End Episode.


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          In Association With:
          Sorceress of Crimson Falls created by Travis Truant-Simpson
          Broken Destiny created by Joseph Sessumes and Alexander Brown
          The Realm Below created by Alexander Brown, Amber Rose, and Lyn Elwhyen
          Road Less Traveled created by Thomas Wright and Alexander Brown
          Chosen created by Heather
          Rogue Redemption created by Amber Rose
          Continuations created by Alex Hart
          Shadow Stalkers created by Lex
          Wishful Thinking created by Ben Keefe
          Witch created by Yosso

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