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Raven Episode 3.11 "Honeymoon"

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  • Raven Episode 3.11 "Honeymoon"

    Episode 3.11

    Open to the end of last episode: Carmen is in Rayne's arms in his hospital room, talking.

    Carmen: Some redhead shape-shifting bitch that allied with Feora happened.

    Rayne: I can't believe I missed that?

    Carmen: Yeah? But those Watcher people sure helped.

    She snuggles in closer to Rayne, who smiles and strokes her hair.

    Carmen: Arthur?

    Rayne: Yes, Carmen?

    Carmen: I'm pregnant.

    Rayne stops stroking her hair. He pushes her off her, she rolls onto the ground. Rayne overthrows the chair in a rage.

    Rayne: You're what?

    Carmen: I'm pregnant! We're pregnant!

    Rayne: Oh God? no? this is bad? no!

    Rayne turns away from Carmen and begins to cry. Carmen gets up and goes over to comfort him.

    Carmen: Baby, its ok. I reacted similarly to it as well, but it'll all be -

    Rayne begins to laugh evily. He turns around and has a pistil aimed at Carmen. She backs away, suddenly in her wedding dress, looking eight months pregnant.

    Rayne: You thought you could do this to me, didn't you bitch.

    Carmen: Arthur, no!

    Rayne fires the gun at Carmen's stomach, she flies back and lands on the floor, no longer able to move. Rayne then puts the fun to his head and pulls the trigger.

    Carmen(Off Screen): No!

    As the trigger gets pulled, cut to Carmen lunging forward in her bed, screaming. Rayne lays next to her, still bandaged up from his wounds. Carmen looks around as she calms down. Her breathing slows. She gets up and goes to the curtain. It's a dark day, rainy and gray. The sun is about to rise. She opens the window and the wind blows through her hair.

    Carmen(Voice Over): A week he's known. Just one. Yet it feels like the pregnancy is not new to him.

    Rayne wakes with a grunt and sits up in bed, looking at Carmen. She continues to stare out the window.

    Carmen(Voice Over): He comforts me, but it isn't enough. When is it ever enough? Why isn't it enough? Our wedding vows? they should have assured me more? but instead they gave me nothing but cold, cold comfort.

    The sound of wedding bells is heard as the screen fades to a church on a sunny day. Rayne and Carmen burst through the doors, some wedding guests behind them. Slowly back away to have the light in the background, but up close it is grey and rainy. The view of the wedding is beyond the window now; Carmen looking through at herself. She begins to cry as she watches her own happy self get into a white limo and drive off.

    Carmen(Voice Over): Reminiscing about it is the worst. So happy? we were so happy.

    The image of the wedding goes back to just a gloomy early morning. Rayne stands up and hugs Carmen from behind, kissing her hair.

    Carmen(Voice Over): Well? one of us still is, anyway.

    Cut to: Rayne and Carmen kissing in the back of the limo. Champagne glasses in their hands. They pull themselves away, smiling, almost crying for joy.

    Rayne: So we're married?

    Carmen: We are!

    She snuggles next to her husband.

    Carmen: We're finally settling down together? officially.

    Rayne: No more worries about the big day. No troubling the guests to come, and how to seat them or where they will stay.

    Carmen smiles and kisses Rayne softly once more.

    Carmen: No more of that. For I am now legally Mrs. Carmen Elizabeth White-Rayne!

    Rayne: Yes you are. And for taking on such a name, you get a present!

    Carmen springs up, giddy. She claps her hands.

    Carmen: Ohh a present! I love presents!

    Rayne: You're very materialistic, you know that?

    Carmen: Well it's a tad late to be bringing that up, Arthur!

    Rayne: I could just take them back!

    Carmen: What back! Take what back?

    Rayne pulls out two plane tickets from his tux pocket. Carmen takes them from him, mesmerized by them.

    Carmen: How did you afford these?

    Rayne: Never you mine. It's for our honeymoon. Your honeymoon!

    Carmen: Oh Arthur! I've always wanted to go to Puerto Vallarta!

    Carmen grabs him and kisses him again? and then it clicks.

    Carmen: What will happen to my store?

    End Teaser.

    Special Theme Song: I Love You ? Sarah McLachlan

    AJ Cook as Carmen White-Rayne
    And Michael Vartan as Arthur Rayne

    Also Starring:
    Kate Beckinsale - Leora Byrne
    Milla Jovovich - Feora Byrne
    Peter Krause - Galen Byrne
    And Tygh Runyan as Michael Duran

    Guest Starring:
    Drake Bell as Josh
    Jared Hiers as Orlando
    Alex House as Brendon
    Danielle Miller as Stephanie
    And Alexis Bledel as Cynthia

    Created by:
    Alexander Brown
    And Travis Truant-Simpson

    Executive Producers:
    Alexander Brown
    Andrew Sutherland
    Joseph Sessumes
    And Travis Truant-Simpson

    Written by:
    Alexander Brown

    In Association With:
    SORCERESS OF CRIMSON FALLS created by Travis Truant-Simpson, BROKEN DESTINY created by Joe Sessumes and Alexander Brown, and CHOSEN created by Heather.

    Based on: Buffy the Vampire ? Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy and 20th Century Fox. We do not own some of the characters or lore.
    We make no money off this fanfiction, only the candy our readers own that they cannot guard as they read this.

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    Act One: Carmen leans at the cash register looking bored as Josh follows customer around, helping her. The store seems to have an abundance of customers, much more than usual. Carmen scans the store. Josh comes over to her, putting his hands through his hair.

    Josh: Busy day, huh?

    Carmen doesn't really pay any attention.

    Carmen: Yeah.

    Josh: Is it usually like this? I mean, I've worked here a few weeks only, and it's never been like this so far!

    Carmen: Not really like this, no.

    Josh: I had no idea how many people bought this stuff.

    Carmen: Most of them buy the showy fake stuff.

    Josh gives her an odd look.

    Carmen: Crystal balls, enchanted looking broomsticks, cauldrons. Halloween is especially busy for that. My God, we could just have the store open that one day and we'd be fine financially for the year.

    Josh: Right? I'll just go help?

    Josh walks away.

    Carmen(To herself): Right, he doesn't do the magic scene.

    A girl catches Carmen's stare. She has a black veil over her face to block out what she looks like. She's sitting at the table, watching Carmen. When she notices she's being watched, she turns around. Carmen shakes it off, thinking its nothing. The figure stands up and throws a silver ball to the floor. The silver ball begins to smoke. A customer screams, and the people within the store exit. Carmen covers her mouth as she grabs the shotgun at her feet behind the counter.

    Carmen: Who the hell are you, and what are you doing to my store?

    The smoke subsides, Josh is cowering in the back, confused. The figure pulls back her veil to show a pale young woman, looking of high status, with very noticeable blue eyes.

    Carmen: Cynthia? you followed us?

    Cynthia: Yes, Carmen White. Or is it White-Rayne?

    Carmen: What the **** are you doing here?

    Cynthia: I came to claim what is mine. (Beat) Your husband!

    Cut to: Carmen and Rayne in the air plane, looking out the window.

    Carmen: Look! It's the grand canyon!

    Rayne: This plane is really going over the grand canyon? Heh! It was worth all that money after all!

    Carmen: Oh Arthur, its beautiful, isn't it!

    Rayne: One of the many things on this trip.

    He smiles at Carmen, they kiss again. Cynthia comes up to them pushing a cart, dressed up as a stewardess. She bumps the cart against Carmen's elbow, Carmen jumps.

    Cynthia: Oh sorry miss! I didn't mean to.

    Cynthia looks Carmen up and down, observing the wedding dress she is still wearing.

    Cynthia: What a lovely dress! Did you just get married?

    Rayne: A few hours ago!

    Cynthia: My my, that was fast for a honeymoon!

    Carmen: Well it was a surprise. Quite a special one at that!

    Rayne: I wanted the best for my Carmen.

    Carmen: And I certainly got it.

    Cynthia: You know, I could maybe move you up to first class. Would you like that?

    Carmen squeals.

    Carmen: Free drinks and everything?

    Cynthia: The works!

    Rayne: Well I'm sure if it isn't a hastle we could accept your offer.

    Cynthia: Excellent! I shall make the arrangements now!

    Cynthia pusher her cart onward.

    Carmen: I like her.

    Carmen goes back to kissing Rayne.

    Cut to the cargo deck below. A stewardess is tied up and gagged, knocked unconscious.

    Cut to Cynthia, smiling as she heads back to Rayne and Carmen to make the arrangement.

    Rayne (Voice Over): She's totally out of it, Leora. I don't know what to do.

    Cut to: Leora, and Rayne walking down a vacant street.

    Leora: There isn't much you can do, Arthur.

    Rayne: Last night she had a nightmare that woke her up. She didn't get back to sleep at all. She's been awake since two.

    Leora: She's adjusting, is all. I'm sure Carmen will be fine given time.

    Rayne: But you don't know what it's like to see her this way, Leora. To watch her sit and rot as she doesn't eat, as she doesn't sleep, as she doesn't live! All she does is work - work and sulk!

    Leora: Well she's pregnant, Rayne, what do you expect? Happiness? Carmen isn't like that! She isn't ready for it!

    Rayne: I guess it is what I expected. Birth is generally conceived as a happy thing though.

    Leora: Well in the happy Hollywood showings of it yeah. But everything is happy there in the end.

    Rayne: So this is the other side, huh?

    Leora: And you'll probably be here for the rest of your life.

    Rayne: That isn't very comforting, you know?

    Leora: It isn't meant to be.

    Galen comes around the corner in front of them, bloodied up. Leora and Rayne spot him and ignore that he's breathing poorly and limping.

    Galen: ****ing vampires!

    Leora: Yeah, well they have to have some other activity than killing.

    Rayne laughs and Galen just shakes his head.

    Galen: So smug about your humor, aren't you.

    Leora(Innocently): Who, me?

    Galen rolls his eyes, and then falls over. Leora and Rayne walk over to his body and look down at it, and then at each other.

    Rayne: You think he's dead?

    Michael runs around the corner, blood on his shirt too. He panics as he reaches Leora and Rayne.

    Michael: He's alive, don't worry!

    Leora: We were worried?

    Michael kneels down and looks at Galen.

    Michael: The vampires really ****ed him up bad.

    Leora: Again, they need to do something!

    Michael gives her a strange look. Rayne observes Michael and Galen, not being too educated of what they are about he spots a bad in Michael's hand filled with white powder. Galen wakes up slowly and Michael helps him to his feet, being leaned on.

    Michael: It's ok, you're alright.

    Leora: Take him home, will you Michael?

    Michael: Yes ma'am.

    Galen(Dazed): Where am I?

    Michael: It's ok, we'll be home soon.

    Michael hobbles along with Galen. Leora turns back to Rayne.

    Leora: So I'm going to take a stab and say that the vampire activity is all taken care of?

    Rayne: Did Michael just have drugs in his hand?

    Leora looks off to where Michael and Galen limped away. She nods her head.

    Leora: Looks like it.

    Rayne: I thought that you might have fixed that issue by now?

    Leora: I can't redeem everyone, Arthur. Especially when it's a lost cause.

    Rayne: Alright? I just thought you would have had more sense of responsibility, or something, for your family members.

    Leora: Bah! Family! Who needs them?

    Cynthia runs down the street passed Leora and Rayne. Rayne spots her and his mouth gapes open. Yelling is heard further down the street, followed by a gunshot. Carmen Runs passed Leora and Rayne too.

    Carmen(Distant as she passes by): Get back here you stupid whore!

    She fires off her gun a few more times. Cynthia lets out a sound of pain.

    Cynthia(Distant and off screen): ****, my shoulder!

    Carmen fires two more times as she slows down in front of Rayne and Leora, both still just watching the event, absorbing it. A loud thud is heard off screen as Carmen walks over to them, cleaning off her face a bit with her sleeve.

    Carmen: Hey guys. What's up?

    Leora and Rayne just stare at her.

    Cut to: Cynthia's dead body in a trunk as the lid is being closed. Carmen puts a lock on the trunk and sets on a cloth on top of it. Rayne and Leora are standing behind her, still not talking. Carmen turns around, clapping dust off her hands with a smile of extreme content on her face.

    Carmen: That's that.

    Leora: And now you've commited a harsh crime that under this strict conservative government will get you many, many years in jail.

    Carmen: Well it isn't like it wasn't self defense.

    Zoom out to reveal the rest of the store in shambles. Glass broken, chairs tossed everywhere.

    Leora: And now this blowout sale has? well blown out your store.

    Rayne: Honey, are you sure you want to keep that corpse there?

    Carmen: Sure I do! Who will ever know?

    Rayne: Well? me? and you know more than anyone what happened in Mexico.

    Carmen's expression changes to intense anger, her eyebrow begins to twitch. Leora looks at her fiery friend. There's silence for a good few minutes.

    Leora: So is Josh around to clean this up?

    End Act One: Commercial Break.


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      Act Two: Josh walks down the halls of the highschool, bag on his shoulder. Class seems to just have ended. A brunette boy - Brendon, and a blonde girl - Stephanie, come up to Josh from behind. Brendon jumps him from behind and Josh falls down with a thud. Stephanie begins to giggle as she sees her two friends on the floor.

      Josh: Yeah, hi Brendon.

      Brendon pulls Josh up.

      Brendon: Hey, how ya doing? Seem rather bored just walking along with that pessimistic look on your face.

      Stephanie: Yeah, what happened? Someone die?

      Josh: Nothing like that. It's just work.

      Brendon: Oh right, Joshie is a working man now. Aww, poor bastard. I would have sapped out what you could from your parents while you still could.

      Stephanie: Sap till you can't sap anymore!

      Josh: I like having a job, thank you very much.

      They move down the hall and Josh gets to his locker. He leans down and opens it and places his books in it.

      Brendon: Whatever. All I know is that I hate that place cause you're no fun anymore!

      Stephanie: After a month you've become as boring as modern art. We need to get out and party!

      Brendon: Come around town with us tonight.

      Josh: Can't, work.

      As he slams his locker closed, a tall skinny bright haired blonde boy walks passed him and smiles. Josh stares at him and waves.

      Brendon: You know the new kid?

      Stephanie: His name's Orlando. I think he's dreamy!

      Brendon: From what I hear he's pretty weird. Morbid thinker upset Mrs. Minimore today!

      Josh: Not a hard task to do.

      Brendon: I guess not, but still!


      Stephanie: So you coming tonight?

      Josh: Sorry guys, I'm going to turn you down this time.

      Brendon: Oh come on! Ditch work!

      Josh: And get fired?

      Stephanie: Or don't and have a really good time!

      Brendon: Yeah, you never know what that crazy woman employer of yours is going to do. Didn't she hire you out of desperation?

      Josh: Look, theres lots of other nights we can have fun.

      Stephanie: But you work every Friday! Other nights aren't Friday nights, Joshua.

      Josh: I'm sorry I can't be there to goof off with every second of your life.

      Stephanie: Man, I thought you were cool.

      Brendon: Snooze and lose, jackass.

      Stephanie and Brendon walks off. Josh rolls his eyes as they leave. He stands up and closes his locker. Orlando is on the other side of it.

      Orlando: Hey.

      Josh jumps back, surprised.

      Josh: Jeez! Scared me there!

      Orlando: Sorry, I'm new.

      Josh: Do I heard. I'm Josh.

      Josh reaches out his hand. Orlando takes it, and then hugs Josh. When they pull away Josh seems to be surprised and not too happy.

      Josh: You hugged me?

      Orlando: I was saying hello.

      Josh: But you hugged me.

      Orlando: People from Florida sometimes use a hello as a warrant to hug.

      Josh gives him a weird look.

      Orlando: What! We do!

      Cut to: A large and busy resort. Palm trees surrounding it. The sun is beating down and the workers of the resort are wondering around to make the guests happy. A large tour bus pulls up to the lobby and stops. Slowly people get off and admire the scenery. Among them is Rayne and Carmen, coming off arm and arm. Carmen squeals with delight and kisses Rayne.

      Carmen: Oh my God? this is a dream. A really expensive dream that feeds my materialistic needs!

      Rayne: I thought you'd like it.

      Carmen: Duh! You did marry me, right?

      Rayne smiles. A Mexican Man - Manuel - approaches Rayne, Carmen and the other guests. He talks to them in a heavy Mexican accent.

      Manuel: Welcome to Puerto Vallarta! I am your go to man in the resort! Come to me with any problems you may have. If you misplace a toothbrush; come to Manuel and I will fix you up good. If you need a refill of your personal bar in your room; come to Manuel and I will fix you up good! And if you see a baby on the beach front that you want, you-

      Carmen: Come to Manuel! You will fix us up good!

      Manuel: No, then I take you to the authorities! Now, you can find me at the lobby. Any questions, that is where I will be!

      Carmen: Party pooper.

      She crosses her arms and frowns. He sees her in her wedding dress. The other members lose attention and begin to disperse. Rayne puts his arm around her.

      Manuel: Married, huh?

      Rayne: Left right from the chapel.

      Manuel: I could tell.

      Carmen: I thought it looked pretty on me?

      Rayne: We all think that dear.

      Manuel: Well I warn you.

      Carmen: Warn us? About what? The water? Don't worry, I've already decided to only drink hard liquor this trip.

      She smiles widely at him.

      Manuel: Seriously. Men have been disappearing here on their honeymoons.

      Rayne: Disappearing?

      Manuel: From the resort. And they are rarely ever found? and when they are, it isn't pretty.

      Carmen: What happens to them?

      Manuel: It is if they are possessed? they become like killers. They lose all sense of humanity.

      Rayne: Like their soul is sucked out of them.

      Manuel: Yes, like that.

      Pause. The bus pulls away and Cynthia walks passed Rayne and Carmen, smiling. Manuel bows his head and leaves.

      Manuel: Listen to my warning, friends.

      Carmen gets closer to Rayne.

      Carmen: I think we'll be ok.

      Cut to: Carmen and Rayne entering their room. They look around at a small bedroom with a large bed and a huge TV. On the counter is a fishbowl with some tropical fish swimming about.

      Carmen: And the dream gets better and better!

      Rayne: I know! And wasn't dinner just great?

      Carmen: True Mexican is so much better than Taco Bell.

      Rayne: They laugh at Taco Bell here. Its funny that we passed a few on the bus ride here.

      Carmen: Some American's just can't be wild.

      Rayne: Amen to that.

      Pause, Rayne gets serious.

      Rayne: You think Manuel was right? Should we be worried?

      Carmen pulls out two handguns from her dress. Rayne smiles.

      Rayne: Oh if they had checked you at the airport?

      Carmen: Canada, remember?

      Rayne: Touch?.

      Rayne goes to the porch door and opens it up, showing us its now night. Carmen removes her dress and smiles. Rayne turns around and is surprised by his now naked wife.

      Rayne: Honey, I just opened the porch door.

      Carmen: So? Let the world see we're married. It's what we wanted, right?

      Rayne: Well yes, but not really in that context.

      Carmen: You're no fun!

      Rayne: How about it. We do have a shower, right?

      Carmen opens the bathroom door and smiles.

      Carmen: Of course.

      Rayne: I'll be there in five minutes. Freshen up a bit.

      Carmen pulls up her dress again.

      Rayne: And keep that on.

      Carmen giggles as Rayne kisses her softly. Then she pulls away and closes the door. She goes over the shower in the large luxurious bathroom and runs the water. She sits there and waits. A crash is heard outside the room. Carmen springs into action and opens the door, handgun out. The door is wide open and Rayne is gone.

      Carmen: ****!

      Cut to: Carmen running out of the room in her heels. She runs passed the pools and stops. She sees Cynthia ahead pulling and unconscious Rayne to the sea. Three figures come out of the shadows to try to stop her. Neither seem to have actual bodies, they are just shadows. She fires her handguns at them. When they get hit they turn into a small ball of light and disappear. One slashes at Carmen, putting a rip in her dress and drawing blood. She winces and pistil whips the shadow. She then shoots it and runs off after Cynthia.

      Cut to: Carmen standing at the shore. She wades into the shallow water and spots Rayne's white shirt going out to sea.

      Carmen: I hate salt water.

      Carmen puts her guns away and starts to make her way out to sea.

      Cut to: Carmen swimming far out in the sea. Lights from the town shine on the water lighting her way. She stops, breathing heavy, looking around. From her point of view we see the land. She begins to breath harder. She tears up a little. A fin is seen in the water behind her. Carmen gasps and looks down to her leg.

      Carmen: A shark? just great, a ****ing shark!

      Carmen puts her arm down and brings out a knife from her leg. She holds it up in case she needs to defend herself. She is suddenly pulled down.

      Cut to underwater. A small shark has her leg in its mouth. Carmen looks shocked and scared. She takes the knife and slashes it in the eye. The shark legs go of her leg and swims off, showing that she has hardly been hurt by it.

      Cut to: Above water once more. She breathes very heavily. The fin surfaces again and comes towards her.

      Carmen: Oh just lovely!

      Carmen closes her eyes, and just as the shark gets really close, it goes the other way. Carmen floats there, waiting for the impact. She notices she isn't being attacked and opens her eyes. She sees the shark swimming away. The water around her begins to spin.

      Carmen: That generally isn't a good sign?

      Water around Carmen begins to part, showing ground many feet below Carmen. Water on either side of her has made two walls. She falls to the wet earth with a thud. She gets up, sand all over her dress. She looks ahead of her. A dark building is a few meters away; probably the reason why the sea parted. Carmen begins to limp toward the building. Guns pulled out. The bride is on her way.

      End Act Two: Commercial Break.


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        Act Three: Feora is sitting in her office, twiddling her thumbs back and forth. She hums along as if bored. She looks at her watch, waiting for something. She then presses a button on the phone in front of her and talks.

        Feora: Lloyd, what's going on? I've been waiting for hours!

        Cut to: The graveyard. A walkie talkie is sitting amongst at pile of dust.

        Feora(Over the walkie talkie): Lloyd! Where the hell are you?

        A figure picks up the walkie talkie. It's a vampire.

        Feora(Over the walkie talkie): Lloyd, I warn you! You do not want to feel my wrath! I am not joking Lloyd! Talk to me, God damn!

        Vampire: Mistress?

        Feora(Over the walking talkie): Finally! Where were you?

        Vampire: It isn't Lloyd, it's Colin.

        Split screen of Feora and Colin.

        Feora: Colin? What the hell happened to Lloyd?

        Colin looks down.

        Colin: It appears I'm stepping on him, ma'am.

        Feora: ****! Again?

        Colin: The whole troop is dust.

        Feora: All of them?

        Colin: Except for Ian and myself. We escaped.

        Feora: And you didn't think to call me earlier?

        Colin: We were at the bar, mistress. I'm sorry? there were girls?

        Feora shakes her head and sighs.

        Feora: Look, Colin. I know that you're still young and all, but alive chicks don't go for dead dudes.

        Colin: Well Tina did. She was delicious.

        Feora: And you ate her? What about the conversion rule?

        Colin: But Mistress, she talked to much.

        Feora: Look, I don't give a ****! You work for me! Follow my orders or it'll be chopped off! Is that clear?

        Colin: Yes ma'am!

        Feora: Now, what bastard did this?

        Colin: You're relative. The tall dark one.

        Feora: That doesn't help, you mook.

        Colin: Male.

        Feora screams and throws the phone against the wall.

        Feora: Galen.

        The screen goes to just Colin.

        Colin: Hello? Ma'am? Hello?


        Colin: Does this mean you're going to cut it off?

        Cut to: Josh and Orlando sitting in a caf?, sitting across from each other.

        Orlando: Canada is interesting. It's not what I thought it was.

        Josh: Oh some of the stereotypes are true. It does snow? just not here.

        Orlando: I noticed? it's winter and theres nothing.

        Josh: Disappointed?

        Orlando: I'll live.

        Josh: Personally I can't stand snow. Sure it's nice when its falling. But after that, it's just a death trap! And the snowballing can be lethal! The little kids now make bombs basically, I swear!

        Orlando laughs.

        Josh: I'm not kidding! It's terrible!

        Orlando: Well I'm sure you endure just fine.

        Josh smiles at him.

        Josh: Yeah, I do.

        Orlando leans over the table and gives Josh a kiss. Josh pulls back quickly and looks at his watch.

        Josh: Breaks over, sorry.

        Orlando: But you've only just got here!

        Josh: I'm sorry, I'm not queer!

        Josh gets up and storms off, sad look on his face. Orlando mopes.

        Cut to: Carmen limping towards the black building. She gets to it and door automatically opens. She gets in and the water rushes down once more.

        Cut to: Inside the building. It's a large, dark, factory-like structure. Carmen hears some women giggling in a room on the far side of the factory. She grabs her guns and begins to limp over, not happy at all. As she hobbles along, a shadow hand grabs her ankle. Carmen looks at it and glares down. It recoils in fear; it knows what she will do.

        Cut to: Inside the room. Rayne is handcuffed naked to a bed. There are many woman surrounding him, all playing with his chest. Cynthia is standing behind them with a glass jar. Rayne is laughing as the women tickle him.

        Rayne(Gasping for air): Please, please stop.

        Cynthia: I'm sorry dear, we have to extract your soul somehow.

        The women begin to tickle him faster.

        Carmen(Off stage): Tickling his soul out? That is just cruel!

        Three shots are fired. Three of the women drop down dead, leaving three more staring at her. Cynthia smiles.

        Cynthia: The wife. I am surprised you made it.

        Rayne: Thank God!

        Carmen: Damn right you're thankful! I almost lost my ****ing leg and drowned! And there were shadows that came out and attacked me! And one of my guns is now ruined because of you!

        Rayne: I'm? sorry?

        Carmen: Not you, that bitch!

        Cynthia: Well? get her!

        The three women leap up, now bearing fangs. Carmen fires three shots, hitting each of them square in the head. Cynthia's mouth drops. Carmen smiles and fires her gun at the jar in her hand. The two glare at each other. Close ups on Carmen's eyes, then Cynthia's.

        Cynthia: Well, I'd best be going!

        Carmen fires at Cynthia, but she sinks into the floor as a shadow.

        Carmen: That's right, bitch! Run!

        Rayne: Uhh Carmen.

        Carmen fires madly at the floor.

        Carmen: Scram and leave us be!

        Rayne: Carmen!

        Carmen: What!

        Carmen turns around to see her shivering husband.

        Rayne: Untie me please? I'm cold and I have to pee.

        Carmen: That's how it starts, isn't it?

        Rayne: Huh?

        Carmen: In a room of whores, and I have to untie you after being almost killed by a shark!

        Rayne: Carmen? I

        Carmen: What's next? I juggle flaming beer bottles for you while Angelina Jolie gives you a show? Can I wear the wedding dress then too? I mean its pretty messed up now anyways, but I'm sure it can survive! Thank God I made it with my caring hands! Caring, Rayne, caring! And all you can care about is Angelina! That whore!

        Rayne: In all fairness, the flames would have my attention.

        Carmen takes the gun and fires it up.

        Carmen: Shut up! I want to make love to you!

        Carmen jumps on the bed with Rayne. Using the handcuffs to her use.

        Screen fades to black.

        Cut to: The trunk opening, Cynthia inside of it. Carmen looks at her curled up dead corpse. She moves her hand from her stomach downward over a slightly visible bump that is her baby.

        Carmen: Well, bitch. I hope you're happy! You and your bondage bed have ****ed me up bad!

        She looks at Cynthia as if she's supposed to reply. She just stays dead.

        Carmen: That's right, be quiet! Whore!

        Cynthia still stays dead. Carmen grumbles at her and closes the trunk lid with a crash.

        Carmen: When you talk, I'll let you out!


        Carmen: Slut.

        Fade to Black. End Episode.


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