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Raven Episode 3.10 "Zephyr" Part 2

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  • Raven Episode 3.10 "Zephyr" Part 2

    Episode 3.10 "Zephyr" Part 2

    Open to Leora, Carmen and the red winged woman, Carmen still in her magical bonds and Leora just getting up from the ground. Both of them stare at the winged woman as she smiles cruelly.

    Leora: Who are you?

    Winged Woman: I would be Arella. You don't know me.

    Leora: No. I don't.

    Arella: And I would be the one responsible for dear hubby's untimely death.

    Carmen's eyes get wider, but Leora, in a flash of purple light streaming around her hand, telekinetically flings Carmen's glowing green sword at Arella. Arella waves her hand and the sword crumbles into red dust.

    Arella: That was pretty cool. (mocking) Do another.

    Carmen, eyes wide and raging, struggles against the bonds. Leora sees this and releases the spell, freeing Carmen.

    Carmen: What do you want?

    She slowly gets up.

    Arella: I want you ? and your husband ? very much dead. Well, not as much about what I want, but what I need. I've already gone too far by revealing myself, but such is life my dears.

    A red-streaked purple ball of energy forms in Leora's hand.

    Leora: You say life as if you were going to have much more of it.

    Arella laughs, high-pitched and over the top, and points her hand at Leora. Leora looks wide-eyed as the energy ball in her hands explodes, sending her flying away and seemingly unconscious.

    Arella: Well, my dears.

    She moves closer to Carmen and lifts her up by the throat, belying her small and thin appearance.

    Arella: Job well done.

    Carmen looks murderously down at her and the sound of a gun firing can be heard. Arella gasps and drops Carmen, looking down to see a bullet wound above her knee. Carmen's fingers tightly clench one of her handguns.

    Arella (indignant): You BITCH!

    Carmen (panting): Who was the one trying to kill ME first?

    Arella, now fluttering just above the ground with her wings and holding her shot leg up, yells and is tackled to the ground by Leora, who had run up behind her. Leora gets on top of Arella and punches her in the face, but Arella catches her second punch and pushes Leora off her with a blast of energy from her entire body. Arella flies up into the air, not high above Leora.

    Arella: Why do you bother, Leora?

    Leora flies up closer to Arella.

    Arella: It can be pretty stressful being you, I'm sure.

    Arella swings and punches Leora in the face, Leora returns with an uppercut to the gut, which winds Arella and makes her fall slightly.

    Leora: It has it's ups and it's downs.

    Arella regains her control and shoots up a burst of red energy to Leora, who avoids it.

    Arella: No no no, you can share with me, dear. I'm almost like a second you, to be honest.

    Leora smiles and with a burst of telekinesis, brings her katana, on the ground where she had originally fell, up to her hand.

    Leora: If we're done with this feeble banter?

    She leaves it hanging and swings her katana powerfully at Arella. Arella dodges and uses her good leg to kick Leora downwards, then use a burst of red magic to throw Leora back to the ground. Arella flies down and grabs Leora's sword, preparing to stab her, when Carmen kicks her away. Carmen helps Leora up as Arella struggles to get up, and they face off again.

    Arella: Well.

    She sighs.

    Arella: Here come the cavalry.

    She fires off a bright blast of red light, knocking over and temporarily blinding Leora and Carmen, and flies off faster then can easily be followed. As the light fades, Catherine, Galen and Liselle, all armed with bright runic weapons, are helping Leora and Carmen up.

    Catherine: What happened?

    Galen: That looked a bit? head-on.

    Carmen: Later. I need to see Rayne.

    Cut to a hospital, where the camera moves through corridors until we see Michael sitting in a chair, staring at a closed door. The camera moves through the door and we see doctors rushing around, desperately treating a patient; Rayne.

    End Teaser.

    Theme Song: Butterflies and Hurricanes ? Muse

    Kate Beckinsale - Leora Byrne
    AJ Cook - Carmen White-Rayne
    Milla Jovovich - Feora Byrne
    Peter Krause - Galen Byrne
    Tygh Runyan - Michael Duran
    And Michael Vartan as Arthur Rayne

    Guest Starring:
    Jasmine Guy - Catherine Orten
    Roxann Dawson - Liselle Ranis
    Raelee Hill - Arella
    Nicole Linkletter - Ayani

    Created by:
    Alexander Brown
    And Travis Truant

    Executive Producers:
    Alexander Brown
    Andrew Sutherland
    Joe Sessumes
    And Travis Truant-Simpson

    Written by:
    Andrew Sutherland

    In Association with: SORCERESS OF CRIMSON FALLS created by Travis Truant-Simpson, BROKEN DESTINY created by Joe Sessumes and Alexander Brown, LIGHT OF BEACONSFIELD created by Andrew Sutherland and Alexander Brown, and CHOSEN created by Heather.

    Based on: Buffy the Vampire ? Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy and 20th Century Fox. We do not own some of the characters or lore.
    We make no money off this fanfiction, the only things we gain are the souls of our readers.

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    Act One

    The Act opens to Feora and the vampires in her club.

    Vampire Male: So? are we going??

    Feora (snapping): We'll go when I say we can go.

    Vampire Female: When?

    Feora (yelling): When I say it is!

    Her arm lashes out, burning and dusting the Vampire Female.

    Arella V.O.: Will you do that to ALL your army?

    Feora and the all the vampires look around wildly, and their eyes rest at the door as a strong wind blows it open. Light enters the bar and vampires skitter backwards, but none of the sunlight reaches them. Arella rolls her eyes as she flutters in.

    Arella: You vampires can be so predictable.

    Feora (savagely): Too bad you're relying on me.

    Arella (simperingly): Of course I am dear.

    Feora sniffs very slightly and smiles wickedly.

    Feora: You've hurt yourself. Did you do the plan early?

    Arella: When the opportunity arises? (she leaves it hanging)

    Feora (finishing savagely): You go in like an idiot and get yourself weakened.

    Arella: If you want to say it like that.

    Feora: Well that's a lot of blood I can smell.

    Arella shoves her hand forward, her face contorted in a snarl, and Feora and her vampires are all pushes backwards with a crackling burn.

    Arella: Don't forget where you lie in this, vampire! Where I am from we have no need for creatures such as yourself.

    Feora: And now you absolutely need me here!

    She whispers something and a burning red scar slices onto Arella's cheek.

    Feora (muttering): Some alliance this is turning out to be.

    The vampires all gather themselves in confusion, looking from Feora to Arella.

    Arella (hissing): Are you going to do that to Leora?

    Feora's hand falls.

    Arella: Don't you want to gut her like the revoltingly goody-good little pig she is? Wouldn't you like to burn her face and relish the sweet sounds of your sister's screams?

    Feora smiles and waves her hand. The scar on Arella's cheek disappears. Arella smiles and rubs where the scar was.

    Arella: Don't you forget it.

    She flutters away and sits down on one of the bar stools, placing her elbow on the table and resting her head in her hand, tiredly.

    Cut to the Rayne's hospital bed. Carmen is sitting right by the bed, gripping his limp hand tightly.

    Carmen: Jesus Arthur. Come on! It's not fair to do this to a pregnant woman? Especially not to your pregnant wife.

    Tears glisten in her eye.

    Carmen: I was about to tell you? I was going to tell you first. (catch in her voice) I need you to know? You would have made it all better.

    A tear drops down to the side of Rayne's head.

    Carmen (whispering): It's not fair.

    Cut to the Watchers warehouse. Catherine enters, followed by a worn but angry looking Leora, Liselle and Galen.

    Leora: What are we doing here?

    Catherine: This place is more advantageous to our aim then the Sacred Circle. She will find you there.

    Leora (impatiently): And?

    Catherine: And this place has greater weapons.

    Leora (un-enthusiastically): Great.

    Galen: Leora, it is actually very good. Maybe you should listen to Catherine.

    Leora (coldly): If I am so inclined to.

    Liselle looks from Leora to an equally frosty Catherine.

    Liselle (to Galen): It's almost like personality cloning.

    Catherine: I'd say that's enough, Liselle.

    Liselle: How about Ms Ra-

    Catherine (snapping): Shut up, Liselle! This is a serious matter.

    Liselle looks taken aback.

    Galen: So what's the plan of action then?

    Leora: Arm ourselves and find this bitch before she does anything else.

    Catherine: What about Carmen?

    Leora (quietly): Let her have some time alone, Catherine.

    Catherine: Leora, we may need-

    Leora (firmly): Let her have some time alone, Catherine!

    Liselle looks up.

    Liselle: Have you ever lost someone you loved absolutely, Catherine?

    Catherine ignores her and moves over to the big book.

    Catherine: Fine. I'd say that now we need a plan.

    Leora: It had better be a good one.

    Cut to Carmen sitting by Rayne's hospital bed, gripping his hand. Tears are running slowly down her face.

    Michael O.S.: Carmen.

    Carmen looks up as Michael enters the room and sits near her.

    Michael: How are you doing?

    Carmen (harshly): How do you think I'm doing, Michael?

    Michael: Well, I asked you, so I don't know.

    Carmen: Are you on something?

    Michael: N-no. Not at a time like this.

    Carmen: I thought this would be the exact time for it.

    Michael: No? I can't do it. It's just? not Rayne like this. Because he's so strong, but it's got him like this anyway? And I've been stabbed before, but not like this, it can't have been at all like this, and it must have been so bad.

    Carmen: Michael? it's much harder being the ones left behind then the person lying in the bed.

    Michael: That doesn't mean that it's any good for Rayne, you know.

    Carmen: No it doesn't?

    She trails off and grabs his hand tighter. Michael smiles slightly and gets up.

    Michael: You know, I think I might just want to be on something right now.

    Carmen: And are you going to get on it?

    Michael: No? but it'd be nice to pretend I am.

    Cut to the Watchers warehouse. The four are standing around the big book.

    Leora: This bitch is powerful. Her magic is almost unstoppable, but she's strong and fast too. And very pretty.

    Galen (sarcastically): Oh no, prettier then you? (angrily) Stay on topic, Leora!

    Leora: No, I mean she looks beautiful, and fairly innocent. Don't let her make you think twice about stabbing her through the gut like she did to Rayne.

    Catherine: Something to immobilise her magic?

    Galen: Can we really do that?

    Liselle: It's pretty doubtful. Leora?

    Leora: Unlikely with that kind of power.

    Liselle: Anything to even the odds?

    Galen: It IS a four-on-one.

    Catherine: Do you really think it's going to be?

    Leora: She'll get something for a greater advantage then she already has.

    Liselle: So?

    Leora: Her wings. We need something to take out her wings. It'll hurt, and keep her grounded.

    Galen: Weaponry, or-

    Liselle (finishing): Something magic?

    Catherine: Whatever we can find.

    Leora: We need to get close enough to let whatever it is get rid of the wings.

    Galen: Sounds like it could be hard.

    Leora: It's going to be.

    Catherine: Do we have anything else we can use?

    Liselle: What about Michael?

    Catherine: What about him?

    Galen: No, bad idea.

    Leora (continuing): Stupid idea.

    Galen: Won't work. He's totally out of control, it'll probably end up eating us over her.

    Liselle: I can help him.

    Catherine gives Liselle a long look.

    Catherine: Michael is a necromancer?

    Liselle: He is.

    Catherine: Give it your best. He may be of more use then you alone. Go now, he'll be at the hospital.

    Liselle nods and exits the warehouse.

    Leora: I still don't think it's a fantastic idea.

    Catherine: Even if it doesn't work, it's still another person to help our odds.

    Leora (grimly): Just more chance of getting more people killed.

    Cut to an alleyway. Feora is biting into a woman's neck, who screams faintly and her eyes flutter closed. Feora turns the woman around and cuts herself slightly on the thumb with a fang, letting some of her blood drop into the woman's mouth. She lets the woman drop to the floor and steps away.

    Arella O.S.: And when will she wake up?

    Feora shrugs and wipes her mouth delicately.

    Feora: Later today. Maybe tomorrow.

    Arella steps into view next to Feora.

    Arella: I've always been interested in this place's demons. Vampires are? special.

    Feora: Are we now?

    Arella: A very interesting breed of demon. A half breed.

    Feora: We're the dominant demon race on this earth.

    Arella: Yes. (distastefully) You might say that you spread like rats or cockroaches.

    Feora laughs.

    Feora: Winding me up isn't going to help very much.

    Arella: We don't really need much more help, do we?

    Feora: You might if you piss me off enough to go back on my deal.

    Arella: You're not going to.

    Feora: Won't I?

    Arella: This is a big chance to kill Leora. I'll let you kill her, as long as I get what I want.

    Feora: I thought you wanted Leora dead.

    Arella: Killing Leora too is just a bonus. I am to personally kill Carmen White. Make sure all your vampires know that.

    Feora: Right.

    A rat squeaks and runs past in the gutter. Arella looks at it and raises her eyebrow.

    Arella: Look. Rat.

    It bursts into flames and squeals in pain.

    End Act One: Commercial Break


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      Act Two:

      Open to a street of Burnaby. Liselle walks past.

      Cut to a run-down and empty looking street. A woman walks down the street, with long brunette hair and a long drab grey-green dress. She stops at a building and looks inside. It is clearly Feora's bar. Looking in gravely, the woman sees Arella and Feora sitting, tiredly looking away from one another. She moves away from the door quickly.

      Cut to the interior of Feora's bar. Arella stands and takes several steps towards the door, looking intently out.

      Cut to Rayne's room in the hospital. Carmen is sitting away from Rayne's bed now, tearstains on her cheeks but no longer crying. Michael is sitting on the opposite side of the room.

      Carmen: I caused this somehow. Or the baby. Me and the baby made it happen.

      Michael: Don't blame yourself.

      Carmen: That? woman said that she specifically had wanted me dead.

      Michael: Oh. Maybe it is kinda your fault. But, you know what! It's so much more this woman's fault then yours. If she wants to be a- a REALLY big cow and look like Leora and ki- stab! Stab your husband and then go after you, I'd say that you have to put her in the ground!

      Carmen (spaced out): So you can take her out again, huh?

      Michael: Were you listening?

      Carmen: I heard the last bit? kinda.

      Michael: You know, I rarely make speeches or even talk. You could have listened.

      Carmen: Weren't you smoking that shit?

      Michael (sullenly): No? I wasn't.

      Carmen looks like she is about to reply when the door opens and Liselle enters the room, rushing but trying to be quiet. Carmen and Michael look up.

      Carmen: Yes?

      Michael: Liselle?

      Liselle: Hi. We need you, Michael.

      Michael: What for?

      Liselle: Leora, Galen and Catherine are going for Arella. I'm going to help you with your control, like I said. Then you're going to help us out.

      Carmen: Do you need my help?

      Liselle: No? You stay with Rayne.

      Distracted, Liselle walks over to Rayne's bed and puts her hand over his chest. She looks up at Carmen.

      Liselle: It should go fine.

      She turns to Michael.

      Liselle: We need to get moving.

      Michael: Fine? But I don't think you're gonna get anywhere.

      Liselle: That's your opinion. Come on.

      She grabs Michael's hand and almost pulls him out of the room.

      Carmen: You and me now.

      She looks up and stares at his face, then looks down, shaking her head. She looks up again.

      Carmen: This is because I love you, Arthur.

      She gets up and leaves the room, shutting the door quietly behind her.

      Cut to the Watchers Warehouse. Catherine is muttering chants quietly as she reads from the big book, while Leora and Galen watch with boredom.

      Leora: How long is this going to take, Catherine?

      Catherine looks up aggressively.

      Catherine: I don't have Liselle with me.

      Leora: And I thought you were supposed to be a great Watcher.

      She moves over to Catherine and takes the book.

      Leora: Here, let me.

      She mutters several chants under her breath and a liquid appears on a table, forming into a key.

      Leora: There.

      Galen: Oh, good.

      Catherine (insincerely): Thankyou.

      Leora: Now we can get started. You've got the key again, that means we can get to the weapons, right?

      Catherine: Exactly.

      She takes the key and opens a huge glass cabinet full of weapons.

      Catherine: What do you want?

      Leora: Sword. Magic sword.

      Catherine: We've got a selection of those.

      Leora: Watchers just can't pass up a good cliché, I see.

      Catherine: Magic swords are more English then tea. We've always been nationalistic.

      Leora: You just forget about the people IN the country, I'm sure.

      Galen (shouting): Ladies!

      Catherine sighs.

      Catherine: Thankyou. What is it that you wanted?

      Galen: Give me something big.

      Leora: Guys, while you do that, I need to go check on Carmen and Rayne. Fix that magic sword up for me, Catherine.

      She walks to the door and opens it carefully, looking out before she leaves and shuts it behind her.

      Cut to the woman in the grey-green dress. Looking slightly more harassed, she walks faster, passing Leora on the street. They both look back at one other, staring, before both having to watch where they're going. The woman shakes herself and continues to walk.

      Cut to a cemetery. Liselle is sitting on top of a gravestone while Michael is standing uncomfortably beside her.

      Michael: Isn't that a little disrespectful?

      Liselle blinks at him.

      Liselle: You raise corpses as zombies for money.

      Michael: Yeah but I don't sit on their? memorials.

      Liselle: I hardly see the difference here, and I've been standing all day. Not to mention walking, and running. If I felt like wasting my power today, I would spare my legs and float around in a big flower. But since this isn't Devon, I'm sure people would stare, and I could probably put my strength to a far better use today. Like doing my part to save all our asses?

      Michael: Right?

      Liselle: So I think I'm going to sit.

      Michael (slowly): Right?

      Liselle: Right. So let's see, where do we start? Right! (firmly) Stop. Doing. Drugs.

      Michael: Do you really think I'm going to?

      Liselle: Isn't that your choice?

      Michael: I want to? But I can't.

      Liselle: We'll see. So why don't we start with some power?

      Michael: I find it really hard to raise zombies? even without drugs. And, what use is what I can raise against this woman? Or vampires, or demons, or whatever?

      Liselle smiles.

      Liselle (amusedly): You do know that raising corpses isn't all you can really do, right?

      Michael stares at her blankly.

      Cut to the inside of Feora's bar. Feora, and the vampires in general, look restless. Feora walks over to Arella, who is still sitting.

      Feora: Nearly ready?

      Arella: I suppose so.

      Feora: What do you mean by that?

      Arella: Maybe you're not coming.

      Feora: Oh, bitch, I've been waiting a long time to kill my sister, and you're not the one who's going to ruin my chance.

      Arella laughs.

      Arella: I think I'll decide, my dear little vampire.

      Cut to Carmen, walking determinedly through a street. It is now sunset. She opens the door to the Sacred Circle and walks in.

      Cut to Leora, almost running into the Watchers warehouse. Galen and Catherine turn to look at her, and she pants slightly.

      Leora: Get the weapons ready. We've gotta go.

      Cut to Carmen in the Sacred Circle. She is quickly picking up daggers when the woman in the grey-green dress steps out, making Carmen jump.

      Woman: Wait!

      Carmen holds a dagger ready.

      Carmen: Waiting.

      Woman: My name is? Ayani. I'm from where Arella comes from.

      Carmen holds her dagger higher and takes a step backwards.

      Ayani: No? I'm here to stop her. Within me is the power to undo her, but she is far greater then I ever could be. We're from a different dimension? A dimension of power struggles and smoky Oracles. Her master sent her to kill Carmen White and Arthur Rayne.

      Carmen: I am Carmen White.

      Ayani (repeating): Sent to kill Carmen White? I don't know why? a-and, neither does she. But our masters know.

      Carmen: Are you sick?

      Ayani (whispering): Yes. (slightly louder) Her master gave her protection, but I had to leave so fast, my master didn't? care. I was sent to this dimension without protection from your illnesses. I am? not as strong as her?

      Carmen: How can you help me?

      Ayani: I still have the power to? undo her. To weaken her. Maybe to halt her powers... You kill her. (pause) Do you have allies?

      Carmen: I have friends, yes.

      Ayani: I am? unfamiliar with the word, but I take the positive. You may need your? f-fr? allies.

      Carmen: Alright.

      Ayani: So? we work together?

      Carmen: Yes. And now we wait?

      Ayani: She will find us. We'll be ready before she does.

      Carmen: Alright. Go over there and get some of those vials. I might need them.

      She points off screen and Ayani walks away. Carmen looks down.

      Carmen: Are you ready, little baby?

      Ayani falls on screen to the ground with a thud, a bloody wound in her back. Arella steps onto the screen.

      Arella (falsetto high-pitched voice): Why yes I am, momma!


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        Act Three:

        Open to the Sacred Circle. Carmen whirls around to stare wide-eyed at the smirking Arella.

        Arella: Honey? You are screwed.

        Carmen steps backwards and holds her dagger up.

        Carmen: I only let my husband do that.

        Arella: And now he's dead, sweetie.

        Carmen (breathily): Uh huh?

        With a swift movement, Carmen flings one of her daggers at Arella, who deflects it with her hand and glowing red magic.

        Arella: Why are you trying?

        Arella steps towards Carmen.

        Carmen: I just can't see a bitch win.

        Arella (hissing): Don't you call me a bitch, you stupid cow.

        Carmen: I don't see why you care. Soon you'll have killed me, right?

        Arella: Soon I'll have killed you. Right.

        Arella wraps her hand lightly around Carmen's neck but doesn't squeeze, smiling first. Carmen smiles too and shrugs, pushing Arella just away from her.

        Carmen: Sorry, that's wrong!

        Cut to the cemetery. Both Michael and Liselle are now standing.

        Liselle: You got it?

        Michael: I? think so. How much use will this be against the woman?

        Liselle: Not too much alone, but the basics you've learned can easily be applied to most other corners of necromancy? Meaning that you're better off anyway.

        Michael: Great?

        Liselle: I think that's all.

        Michael: Maybe we'd better hurry. They could all be dead by now.

        Liselle: You're the necromancer!

        The two start to run.

        Cut to the Sacred Circle. Arella looks put out only for a second, before giggling.

        Arella (sarcastically): Come on. Really! You're doing well! I'm not going to be able to kill you at this rate!

        She leaps at Carmen, hissing, who scrambles backwards and just falls to the side. Arella picks her up and Carmen swings a chunk of wood at her, hitting her head and dazing her, letting Carmen get out of her grip and move away. Arella picks herself up.

        Arella: Whatever!

        She steps towards Carmen, but pauses when she hears a voice.

        Leora O.S.: Arella? Have you ever heard of a double cross? Or bait?

        Arella looks around slowly and a blast of purple energy comes flying at her, which she barely manages to block with a red shield of magical energy. Leora, Galen and Catherine step into view, Leora with an ornate sword, Catherine with a large axe and Galen with a huge mace.

        Carmen: Leora, if your cousin wrecks my store with that I'll have to kill him myself.

        Arella: None of you will have the chance to!

        Leora cracks a grin.

        Leora: Hello? What are you, stupid?

        Arella (spitting the words out): You deficient bitch. Let me introduce you to the double double cross. Or (mocking) bait.

        Leora looks around wildly at the sound of snarls and smashing as many vampires, Feora at the forefront, smash into the Sacred Circle. Carmen rushes and grabs a stake that's close to her and scrambles to her feet. Leora, her eyes wide, sees Feora, then is forced to jump into action.

        Leora: Come on!

        Galen moves away from the others and takes up a defensive spot, swinging the mace around and flinging vampires around the room. Carmen, yelling, kicks a vampire to the ground and jams her stake into the heart of another, dusting it, and runs towards Leora, who swings her sword and dusts a vampire in Carmen's way.

        Leora (yelling to Carmen and Catherine): Stick together! Galen can take care of himself right now!

        Galen swings the mace with a yell and takes a vampires head totally off. Catherine stops the punch of a vampire with her axe and jerkily manages to behead it, stumbling backwards, while Leora and Carmen simultaneously dust a vampire each. Arella, hanging to the side, hovers up.

        Arella (screaming): Don't use your hands, you idiots, you're in a magic store!

        Arella lifts up her hands and magic books from the shelves lift with her, but before she can do anything, Ayani stirs and pulls herself up behind Arella, grabbing her ankle. Arella looks down angrily and starts to kick, but Ayani's face is determined and her eyes are sickeningly wide, and Arella shrieks and falls, taking Ayani down with her. Gasping, Arella pulls a knife out of her belt and stabs Ayani again in the chest.

        Arella (panting): Stay dead.

        Leora beheads another vampire and comes face to face with Feora, who smiles and pushes her back to a less crowded part of the store. Carmen and Catherine move away from the vampires, back to back, as Carmen stakes another vampire and Catherine stumbles.

        Leora: So we meet again, sister.

        Feora: Save your lines for a no-brained action sequence. This is a horror film.

        Leora: What happened to you, Feora?

        Feora: We've been over this, Le. You're a weakling bitch!

        She snarls and a scar slices down the side of Leora's neck. Leora gasps.

        Feora: Any opportunity to finally kill you is a good one.

        Leora punches Feora in the nose and swings her sword at Feora's head, but Feora manages to block the strike with magic.

        Leora: Just because you know some tricks?

        Feora: A lot more then you.

        Leora: Well we are going to see about that.

        Feora: Let's find out.

        Feora puts a hand behind her back as a ball of red energy forms in it and punches Leora with her other hand. Leora kicks Feora, causing the energy ball to go flying away, and the two grab each other, trying to choke one another.

        Cut to Arella. She slowly gets up, kicking Ayani's body out of the way.

        Arella: You weak little fool.

        We zoom out to the rest of the battle, as Galen drops the mace and grapples with a vampire before pulling out a stake and staking it, and as Carmen is separated from Catherine, who trips to the ground, and then zoom in as Michael and Liselle rush in the entrance.

        Liselle: Oh God? Michael!

        Michael closes his eyes as vampires come for him and Liselle. Liselle pulls out a stake and fumbles with it, managing to stab a vampire just off the heart. It grabs her and Michael opens his eyes, pointing a finger at the vampire. It screams and dusts. He grins and raises his hand, causing three vampires coming for them to lift into the air, unable to move, then dust in turn. He rushes across the room and dusts a vampire on top of Catherine, then points his hand at Feora, who has gotten the better of Leora. Feora snarls and turns around, fighting back against Michael, who struggles, and is grabbed by a vampire from behind. Before the vampire can bite, Liselle jams a stake into its back and grins at Michael.

        Liselle: You got m-

        She gasps as a sword slices through her back, and a cold looking Arella lets her body drop to the floor. Snarling silently, Arella sends Michael flying across the room. Carmen dashes across the room and reaches behind the counter. Leora, pushing Feora away, leaps up at Arella with her sword and stabs forward. Arella sends out a burst of red energy, but the sword slices through the magic and stabs Arella in one of her wings. She shrieks in pain.

        Arella (screaming): You couldn't just let me kill your little friends, you stupid, stupid-

        Leora (interrupting): I don't appreciate those harsh words.

        Arella punches Leora hard in the face, causing her to stumble backwards, and comes face to face with Carmen, holding a shotgun.

        Carmen: By the way, bitch. Rayne's not dead.

        Carmen pulls the trigger and the close range shotgun blasts Arella's head completely off. Blood splatters onto the wall and the body of Arella falls to the ground. Feora and the few remaining vampires run, and Galen starts to chase after them, but Leora puts a hand out to stop him.

        Leora: Later.

        Cut to the Sacred Circle, slightly later. The shop looks cleaner but still a wreck, and Michael is sitting next to Liselle's body. He isn't crying, but staring out blankly. Catherine goes to crouch next to him.

        Catherine: I can't believe I got her killed.

        Michael: It wasn't really your fault?

        Catherine: You seem attached.

        Michael: I barely met her, but she helped me. A-and she saved my life.

        Catherine: You both saved ours.

        Catherine stands up and steps over to Leora.

        Catherine: I'll be back in England soon.

        Leora: That's good.

        Catherine smiles and starts to walk away.

        Leora (calling after her): Catherine!

        Catherine turns.

        Leora: That was some magic sword.

        Catherine laughs.

        Catherine: The English do magic swords quite well.

        Cut to Rayne's hospital room, except that there's no one in the bed. The camera pans around to show Carmen and Rayne snuggled together on the chair.

        Carmen: They're going to let you out soon?

        Rayne: Very soon. (he pauses) So what happened?

        Carmen: Some redhead shape-shifting bitch that allied with Feora happened.

        Rayne: I can't believe I missed that?

        Carmen: Yeah? But those Watcher people sure helped.

        She snuggles in closer to Rayne, who smiles and strokes her hair.

        Carmen: Arthur?

        Rayne: Yes, Carmen?

        Carmen: I'm pregnant.

        End Episode


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