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Raven Episode 3.09 "The Real Thing" Part 1

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  • Raven Episode 3.09 "The Real Thing" Part 1

    Episode 3.9
    "The Real Thing" (part 1 of 2)

    Open to a bathroom. It is dark, very little can be seen. The door slowly creaks open and somebody steps in, turning the lights on. The person is revealed to be Carmen. She lets out a deep sigh and lifts a packet up to her face.

    Carmen: Pregnancy test.

    She giggles madly.

    Carmen: As if I would ever be pregnant.

    Cut to Rayne and Leora, walking in the graveyard at night.

    Leora: How have you and Carmen been going, Rayne?

    Rayne: I think we've been going well? We haven't really, er, done very much in the past little while.

    Leora (ironically): Worried that married life has made Carmen too tame?

    Rayne laughs.

    Rayne: I doubt Carmen will ever be too tame.

    Cut to Carmen in the bathroom. She's still staring at the pregnancy test packet.

    Carmen: Well, we HAVE been at it like bunnies for the last? while.

    She sighs.

    Carmen (quietly): And I've been throwing up?

    Cut to Leora and Rayne in the graveyard. They're still walking together.

    Leora (sympathetically): So what's wrong?

    Rayne: Well, she looks a little sick? I really don't know.

    Leora: Talk to her, silly. How do you think marriage is meant to function? It's not just sex sex sex.

    Rayne: I'll talk to her.

    Cut to Carmen in the bathroom.

    Carmen: But me? I never wanted a child. I still don't want a child. I'd BETTER not have a child.

    She puts the packet down and removes the pregnancy test from it.

    Carmen: Well, here goes.

    Cut back to Leora and Rayne in the graveyard.

    Leora: No, you won't.

    Rayne sighs.

    Rayne: No, I probably won't, knowing us.

    Leora: Steady there, tiger. Thoughts on the vamps, not the prize after.

    Rayne (teasing): Why? Jealous of her?

    Leora (teasing): Don't you know it, champ.

    Cut back to Carmen in the bathroom. She's staring at the pregnancy test, waiting.

    Carmen: Hurry up, I could be out shooting things with Rayne and Leora.

    She sighs and then seems to realise something.

    Carmen (bitterly): I might not be able to for long though.

    Cut to Rayne and Leora in the graveyard.

    Leora: Do you know why she's not here with us?

    Rayne: Not really? Like I said, I think she's been sick.

    Leora: I haven't really talked to her enough lately. You know, Feora.

    Rayne: I don't think it's just that. Carmen's been a bit cut off in the past few days.

    Leora: Like you said, probably sick.

    Cut to Carmen in the bathroom. She looks at the pregnancy test and laughs bitterly.

    Carmen (crying and bitter): Oh, great. This is just great.

    Yelling, she grabs a vase and throws it against the wall.

    End Teaser.

    Theme Song: Butterflies and Hurricanes ? Muse

    Kate Beckinsale - Leora Byrne
    AJ Cook - Carmen White-Rayne
    Milla Jovovich - Feora Byrne
    Peter Krause - Galen Byrne
    Tygh Runyan - Michael Duran
    And Michael Vartan as Arthur Rayne

    Guest Starring:
    Jasmine Guy - Catherine Orten
    Roxann Dawson - Liselle Ranis
    Hugh Keays-Byrne - Mr Azolla

    Created by:
    Alexander Brown
    And Travis Truant

    Executive Producers:
    Alexander Brown
    Andrew Sutherland
    Joe Sessumes
    And Travis Truant-Simpson

    Written by:
    Andrew Sutherland

    In Association with: SORCERESS OF CRIMSON FALLS created by Travis Truant-Simpson, BROKEN DESTINY created by Joe Sessumes and Alexander Brown, LIGHT OF BEACONSFIELD created by Andrew Sutherland and Alexander Brown, and CHOSEN created by Heather.

    Based on: Buffy the Vampire ? Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy and 20th Century Fox. We do not own some of the characters or lore.
    We make no money off this fanfiction, the only things we gain are the souls of our readers.

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    ACT I

    The Act opens to the outside of the Sacred Circle. Leora walks on screen and opens the door, entering the shop and closing the door behind her. A red flash passes across the screen, and Leora turns around, but shakes her head and turns back.
    Cut to the inside of the Sacred Circle. Leora walks to the stairs and looks up them.

    Leora (calling up the stairs): Rayne, Carmen, I'm here!

    She stares up the stairs for a second before Carmen thumps down, looking tired, and grabs her coat.

    Carmen: Mind the shop please?

    Without looking at Leora, Carmen opens the door and leaves, closing it hard behind her. Leora stares after the door, when Rayne walks down the stairs.

    Rayne: Morning, Leora.

    Leora: What's Carmen's problem?

    Rayne glances at the door.

    Rayne: I don't know.

    Leora (hesitant): Did you? Um, I don't really think I wanna know, but did you two have sex last night after we patrolled?

    Rayne (concerned): No? She was asleep? Looked like she'd been crying.

    Leora, looking worried, stares out at the door for a few seconds, then looks at Rayne.

    Cut to Leora and Rayne in Rayne and Carmen's room.

    Leora: OK, the purpose of this is to rifle through her things to see what the problem is.

    Rayne (sarcastic): You are really her most trustworthy friend.

    Leora: Maybe not, but at least I'm trying to find out what's wrong.

    Rayne: You know, technically I'm her husband and you're just the woman about to search through her personal belongings.

    Leora: Yes, I am, and are you gonna help or what?

    Cut to the bathroom. Leora and Rayne open to door and walk in.

    Leora: Well, there was nothing in her lingerie drawer. (she pauses) Except this.

    Leora holds up a black bra.

    Rayne: And why was it that you decided to steal one of my wife's bras?

    Leora: Oh please, this is mine and she stole it, and for good reason too! You would go back on ALL your vows to see me wear this, Rayne.

    Rayne snorts and pushes further into the bathroom, stopping dead when he sees the broken china on the bench and floor. Leora walks next to him and looks where he's looking, suddenly gasping angrily.

    Leora (shocked): I GAVE her that vase!

    Cut to Carmen walking through a street. There are few people around and it's windy, blowing her hair around. She bundles her jacket up around her and starts to walk faster, and a red blur flashes in front of the screen. Carmen doesn't notice and continues to walk.

    Cut to the Sacred Circle. Leora, Rayne, Galen and Michael are all seated around a table. Leora and Rayne both look concerned, Galen is listening and Michael is leaning back, bored.

    Leora: And THEN she must have broken the vase I gave her in the bathroom!

    Galen: Maybe she knocked it by accident?

    Michael: Maybe it was an ugly vase?

    Leora gives him a withering look.

    Michael: I'll be quiet.

    Leora: Do.

    Rayne: We're worried about her.

    Leora: Very much so.

    Galen shrugs.

    Galen: So spy on her.

    Rayne looks shocked.

    Rayne: Never!

    Galen: Rayne, is it any worse then going through her things? Or if you can't do that, did you ever think of asking your wife what the big deal was?

    Leora: When something's wrong with Carmen, she tries to solve her problem alone.

    Cut to Carmen, walking on the windy street. She opens the door of a nondescript building and steps in. The camera cuts to the inside of the building, which is dark but clean and neat. Carmen steps through to another room. There's a woman sitting behind a small desk, with a book in front of her, who looks up at Carmen.

    Carmen: I'm good to go in?

    The woman nods.

    Leora VO: She won't ask us for help, even if she has to make the wrong decision for a fix.

    Carmen opens another door.

    Cut to the Sacred Circle.

    Michael: I'll sometimes do anything for a fix?

    Leora (annoyed): Not that kind of fix, you idiot!

    Cut to Carmen stepping into another room. A grey demon wearing a long blue robe looks at her and smiles.

    Leora VO: Maybe we SHOULD spy on Carmen to find out what the problem is.

    Demon: Welcome, welcome. What's such an issue that required such fast booking of my wide-ranging services?

    Carmen: I need your help, Mr Azolla.

    Mr Azolla, the demon, grins wickedly.

    Mr Azolla: That's a given, dear. Mr Azolla needs his specifics if he wants to work. Don't listen to what the drug men on the street say, I in fact can not read minds.

    Carmen: Uh huh. I'm pregnant.

    Mr Azolla: Congratulations!

    He bustled over to Carmen and puts his hand on her stomach. She flinches back for a second before allowing him to do so.

    Mr Azolla: Oh, you'll have an absolutely lovely baby boy. Name him Grenplick?

    Carmen (confused): Green what? Boy? You can tell so soo- Never mind? Listen, I don't want it, I can't take it, I WON'T keep it.

    Mr Azolla: Well that's a sad tale then. I hear that orphan homes can be displeasing for young boys.

    Carmen: No, no? I want you to make it like I was never pregnant? I want you to kill the baby.

    Mr Azolla: Oh. Well then.

    He chuckles darkly.

    Mr Azolla: Only after it's born.

    Cut to the Sacred Circle.

    Galen: So, do you actually know where she is right now?

    Rayne: No?

    The door of the Sacred Circle can be heard opening, but only Michael notices and looks.

    Rayne: Maybe we should try and find out where Carmen is?

    Woman OS: Carmen White, former Watcher, current owner of the Sacred Circle magic shop and, well, recently married to the handsome former Watcher in front of me.

    Two women step into view as Leora, Rayne, Galen and Michael all stand up, Michael backing away slightly. One woman is well-tanned with dark hair, wearing a business-like suit with a skirt. The second woman is paler, with shorter dark hair, wearing flower girl purple and green clothing.

    Second Woman: If you wanna be a walking textbook about it, Catherine.

    Catherine (first woman): That's Ms Orten to you, Liselle.

    Liselle (bitching): Well then that's Ms Ranis to-

    Catherine (interrupting): Ms Byrne. My name is Catherine Orten, of the Watchers Council in England and one of Rupert Giles' top people.

    She holds out her hand. After a pauses, Leora reaches out and shakes it.

    Catherine: I've heard a lot about you. (moving on, shortly) Arthur.

    She and Rayne shake hands and Rayne nods slightly.

    Catherine: Galen Byrne, I take it. We know a lot about you too.

    Galen raises his eyebrows and shakes Catherine's hand.

    Catherine: And? well, I don't presume to know your name.

    Michael (nervously): Michael.

    Catherine: Wonderful.

    She briskly shakes hands with Michael, and Liselle, standing behind Catherine, gives Michael a long look.

    Catherine: This is Liselle Ranis, of the Devon coven.

    Leora: Cool. (pause) What are you doing here?

    Catherine: To inspect the shop and your operation, of course.

    Leora (coolly): Our operation has been very well inspected over the last few years.

    Catherine raises her eyebrow.

    Catherine (equally as frosty): And improved at each turn. Now, could I please get an inventory?

    Rayne nods and he and Catherine walk away behind the counter, and Galen and Michael both sit down again, bored. Liselle walks over to stand by Leora.

    Liselle: I know you by reputation.

    Leora: I? don't know you.

    Liselle: I'm not a high profile Wicca. Not as powerful as you in any circumstance, Leora. (pause) May I call you Leora?

    Leora: You just did.

    Liselle: Great. Now, I need to go help the (quietly) bitch (normally) so we'll have to talk later.

    Leora nods as Liselle walks over to Catherine and Rayne, and Leora beckons Rayne towards her, before leaning into his ear.

    Leora (quietly): Rayne, I need to go out. For the Carmen problem, I suggest? seduction.

    Rayne raises his eyebrow as Leora walks out.

    Cut to Carmen and Mr Azolla.

    Carmen (aggressively): What do you mean only after it's born?

    Mr Azolla: Well I'm not gonna take it out of ya now, am I? Unless of course-

    He picks up a huge butchers knife and starts to absently play with it.

    Carmen (desperately): Unless what?

    Mr Azolla: I could just kill you if ya wanted? that'd kill it now.

    Carmen: WHAT?

    Mr Azolla throws the knife at Carmen.



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      ACT II

      Carmen yells and covers her face with her hands, but the knife misses her by a small margin. Mr Azolla chuckles. Carmen, looking pissed, grabs a handgun out of her coat and points it at Mr Azolla.

      Carmen: Son of a bitch!

      Mr Azolla: Joking, joking! Honestly girl, you think my aim's that bad?

      Carmen: Let's find out about mine.

      Mr Azolla laughs and the gun melts in Carmen's hand and starts to drip on the floor.

      Mr Azolla: Don't be a silly girl. If you want me to kill the baby, you're gonna have to wait until it's out.

      Carmen: I can't wait that long.

      Mr Azolla (blowing her off): Well then seeya.

      Carmen, looking annoyed, walks out, and Mr Azolla sits down, chuckling. A short time later, the door opens again, and Leora walks in. Mr Azolla grins when he sees her.

      Mr Azolla: Morning.

      Leora (no-nonsense): Can you help me?

      Mr Azolla: Can a- (he stops himself) Yes.

      Leora smiles and holds out her hand, and Mr Azolla takes it and stands up.

      Mr Azolla: Lovely.

      Cut to Feora's club. Feora sits in there, alone but for another vampire, a 20-something male. Feora is looking away from him, annoyed.

      Vampire: Isn't it funny how-

      Feora (exasperated and cruel): No.

      Vampire: You didn't even-

      Feora: It's not funny.

      The two of them sit in silence for a few seconds before the vampire starts snorting loudly. Feora stares at him and he smiles nervously.

      Vampire: Sorry. (he snorts) I've got a blood nose. (he snorts again)

      A small trickle of blood runs down his nose and Feora stares at it moodily.

      Feora: Why did I sire you again?

      Vampire: Um, you cut yourself leaving the alley and I accidentally licked up some blood? (dorkishly) Then I followed you home the next day.

      Feora sighs angrily as more blood trickles down the vampire's nose. He snorts again.

      Vampire: So, you? wanna do something?

      Feora: Sure.

      She plunges a stake into the vampire's chest and he dusts with a pathetic scream.

      Feora (screaming): You were a F***ING WASTE OF SPACE!

      Leora O.S.: Am I interrupting anything?

      Feora spins around and sees Leora standing at the door, looking wicked cool with a sword in hand.

      Feora (laughing): Le. (warningly) My minions will be here any minute.

      Leora: It's daytime.

      Feora: They're not far.

      Leora: Well, I'm glad that you've at least got minions.

      Feora laughs slightly and Leora smiles.

      Feora: So?

      Leora: What's new?

      Feora: Oh, I've got new minions, new powers, new plans.

      Leora (sarcastically): That's so impressive.

      Feora: They're all aimed at you, dear sis.

      Leora: Right. Do you know how unnecessary that is right now?

      Feora: Well maybe you could explain that to me.

      Leora smiles.

      Leora: Well, for now. Maybe I'll just let you in on my little secret, my dear.

      Feora raises her eyebrow expectantly.

      Cut to Carmen walking through a windy street. She looks torn and upset.

      Carmen (to herself): Fine? Maybe it isn't so bad. People have had to deal with this? forever. I can still fire a shotgun with a giant stomach and raging hormones?

      A man walking past her gives her a weird look and walks faster.

      Carmen (yelling after him): You'd be thinking it too if you were pregnant!

      She continues walking and steps into a bookshop.

      Carmen (to herself): I wonder if they have motherhood guides that cover fighting demons pregnant.

      A female shop attendant, just coming up to Carmen, gives her a weird look at walks back to the counter. Carmen rolls her eyes and walks out of the bookshop.

      Carmen (to herself): Guess it should be a silent pregnancy.

      Cut to Rayne, Michael, Catherine and Liselle, all in the Sacred Circle. Michael is sitting down at the table while the others are moving boxes and rifling through shelves.

      Michael: You know who I miss sometimes?

      Catherine: I really wouldn't know.

      Michael (nostalgically): Caitlin.

      Rayne: Yeah? I wonder how she's doing at college.

      Catherine smiles.

      Catherine: Caitlin Smith, of course. I could tell you in a few days.

      Rayne looks at her alertly.

      Rayne: Don't tell me-

      Catherine: We have people going to guide her.

      Rayne (drily): The wonderful Watcher's council. Take something supernatural and try to control it.

      Catherine: You didn't always disagree with that, Arthur. We're going to help her stay alive and destroy evil.

      Rayne: So tell me Catherine, how long have you been having sex with Giles?

      Liselle looks shocked and starts to laugh, and Catherine, even more shocked, looks angry.

      Catherine: I would NEVER do such a thing, and neither would he, Arthur.

      Rayne: Let's just continue with our work and you can be leaving.

      He and Catherine both pick up boxes and move to the far side of the Sacred Circle. Liselle goes to sit down next to Michael. He looks at her expectantly.

      Michael: Hi.

      Liselle: Hi there. (pause) I can feel your power, you know.

      Michael: You can?

      Liselle: Yeah. I'm not really that powerful, but I can feel these things.

      Michael: I don't see how? I don't have that much.

      Liselle: You have a lot. You just don't use it that well.

      Michael: I?

      Liselle: You need to stop using what you're using.

      Michael: What?

      Liselle: Come on, I know what you're on.

      Michael sniffs.

      Michael: I might listen if you could name them all.

      Liselle: So are you going to stop? Listen, Michael, I get how good it can be. It's not like I haven't smoked anything in my life. And I'm sure if you look far enough up Catherine's ass you'd find some weed, but it's not good for you. You've already learned that, I'm sure.

      Michael: So what? I don't want this power. But I know what I do want.

      Liselle: OK, Michael. But at least let me help you get better either way.

      Michael stares at her, but before he answers, the door opens and Carmen walks in. Rayne moves over and greets her with a hug, which she returns un-enthusiastically.

      Carmen: Who are these?

      Catherine: I am Catherine Orten from the Watchers Council, this is Liselle Ranis from the Devon coven.

      Carmen (lethargically): Great. Nice to meet you.

      Rayne looks at Catherine and then at Michael.

      Rayne: Can you two please leave for a while? We'll pick this up tomorrow.

      Liselle stands up, leaving Michael sitting.

      Catherine: I'll see you tomorrow.

      Cut to Rayne and Carmen's bedroom. Rayne pushes Carmen into the dresser, leaning in for a passionate kiss. He starts to take off his shirt, but Carmen pushes him away and stops him.

      Rayne (confused): What is it? Is something wrong?

      Carmen: I just can't? I don't feel like doing this right now.

      Rayne puts his shirt back fully on and sits on the bed.

      Rayne: We haven't? Well, we haven't-

      Carmen (cutting in lightly): Done it like bunnies?

      Rayne: For days. Is something up?

      Carmen (hesitantly): I don't feel like I can. Because of things.

      Rayne: Maybe you need a doctor?

      Carmen (bitterly): Oh, I've gone way past that now. Know what's wrong with me, but I can't do anything about it for a while.

      Rayne stands up and moves over to Carmen.

      Rayne: What are you talking about?

      Carmen: Sit down.

      Rayne: Just tell me what's wrong, Carmen!

      Rayne agitatedly moves over to the window and looks at Carmen.

      Rayne: Just tell me.

      Carmen moves over to Rayne and grabs his hand.

      Carmen (bitterly): This is what we get for getting too close, Arthur. I'm?

      She trails off, looking at something behind Rayne.

      Rayne (confused): You're what?

      Carmen: Leora?

      Rayne (confused): You're Leora?

      The window smashes and Carmen pulls Rayne down with her away from the glass as Leora swoops in, wings out and holding a sword in hand. Rayne and Carmen stand up and face her, Rayne still in front of Carmen.

      Leora: Wouldn't it have been a twist if she were?

      Rayne: Leora, what the hell-

      He is silenced as Leora's sword pierces through the top of his stomach. He and Carmen gasp simultaneously as blood splatters through him onto Carmen. Leora pulls the sword out and gives Carmen a coy smirk.

      Leora: Whoops. Killed your man.

      She smiles humourlessly and flies away quickly as Carmen, eyes wide and splattered in blood, grabs a shotgun. As she sees that Leora is gone, Carmen throws it down and drops to the floor, crying as she grabs Rayne's bleeding body.



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        ACT III

        The Act opens to the Sacred Circle shop. Carmen rushes down the steps into the Sacred Circle shop, shotgun in hand. Michael and Galen stare at her as she grabs two handguns and puts them in her leather jacket pockets.

        Galen: Carmen, what's going on?

        Carmen rushes over to Galen, swiftly pushing him over the table he was leaning against and pointing her shotgun at his head.

        Carmen (no-nonsense voice): Where's your cousin?

        Galen (stammering): I wouldn't know where Feo-

        Carmen (cutting in): Not that cousin. Where the hell is Leora?

        Galen (stammering): U-um, at her home??

        Carmen swings her shotgun away from him and turns away. Galen gets up, sweating, and Michael walks after Carmen.

        Michael: Carmen, what IS going on?

        Carmen turns around to him, eyes blazing.

        Carmen: Up there, in our room, is my husband, bleeding and dying because Leora drove a sword through his chest. Get him to a hospital.

        Michael (shocked): Leora??

        Carmen: Sure as hell looked like her.

        Looking sick, Michael grabs a brown paper back he had set behind him as Carmen grabs a couple of potions and knives from the shelves and shoves them in her coat pockets, then turns back to Michael.

        Carmen: What the hell are you waiting for, idiot? Go get my husband to a hospital! And don't you dare smoke any of that on the way!

        Galen starts to rush up the stairs and Carmen exits the Sacred Circle. Michael starts to run up after Galen.

        Michael (calling after him): Maybe we should call Catherine?

        Cut to an apartment block. Carmen walks through a corridor and kicks down a door, showing Leora, looking shocked. Carmen aims her shotgun at Leora and fires.

        Cut to Feora's club. Vampires are milling about, all facing Feora, who is standing up on the stage.

        Feora: We're going out today!

        Male Vampire: In the daytime?

        Feora lashes her hand out, spurting fire which dusts the vampire who'd spoken.

        Feora: It doesn't matter! When we go out, we go out. I can fix that!

        Female Vampire: You can?

        Feora: Only if necessary.

        Male Vampire: You truly are magnificent, our liege Feora!

        Feora smiles, and flicks her hand, muttering something softly. The image of Leora appears next to her.

        Feora: This is the target. Her, and the dark blonde with her. We're going to kill them, dears.

        Cut to Michael, Catherine and Liselle running into the Sacred Circle. Galen is hovering over Rayne's body, which he has laid out on the table, and is applying pressure to the wound.

        Catherine (snapping): That isn't going to do anything at this stage. Have you called an ambulance?

        Galen: It's coming.

        Liselle: Escelto.

        Rayne's face gains a bit more colour, and the sound of his breathing can faintly be heard.

        Catherine: Is that all you can do?

        Liselle: It's all. Not enough, but it'll make it a lot easier for the doctors.

        Catherine: Fine. Liselle, Mr Byrne, we need to work out what's going on here. Michael, stay with Arthur.

        Michael nods nervously and Catherine strides out, followed by Galen and Liselle.

        Cut to Leora's apartment. Leora yells out in shock and puts her hand up, which glows purple quickly, causing the bullet to melt onto the ground. Carmen giggles somewhat insanely.

        Carmen: Everyone does that today.

        She fires twice more, but Leora melts both the bullets and then jerks her hand to the side to rip the shotgun from Carmen's hands telekinetically.

        Leora: Carmen, what the hell are you doing?!

        Carmen (madly, angrily): Don't pretend you don't know, you bitch! I was right behind him! I was right (sobbing) with him when you stabbed him!

        Carmen pulls out a knife and a green vial from her belt. Pouring the contents of the vial onto the knife, it expands in front of her into a glowing green sword. Leora motions again to try and remove the sword from Carmen's grasp, but it doesn't budge.

        Leora: Okay?

        She picks up her katana and holds it in front of her, not looking willing to use it.

        Leora: See Carmen? It's clean.

        Carmen yells and charges Leora, bringing her sword down, which Leora blocks steadily. Leora parries and forces Carmen to step backwards. Carmen thrusts forward, but Leora deflects the strike and kicks Carmen, pushing her out of the window with a loud smash.

        Cut to Catherine, Galen and Liselle, all power-walking into a large warehouse.

        Catherine (to Galen): It's the Watchers' warehouse. It's much more comfortable then it looks.

        Opening the door, she reveals that the interior is walled off, only letting us see a large central hall with many tables and racks for weapons and books.

        Galen (impressed): Very nice.

        Liselle: So do we have any idea of what's going on?

        Galen: I went over to the shop and only Michael was there. He said that you two had left and Carmen and Rayne were upstairs and wouldn't be happy for any interruptions, as he put it. We heard a smash and we didn't make too much of it, it happens, but a minute or so later Carmen came charging down the stairs saying that Leora had killed Rayne.

        Liselle: So?

        Galen (finishing it off): We'll either be farewelling my dear cousin or the blushing bride as well as her husband soon.

        Catherine, who had moved over to one of the tables in this time, picks up a book.

        Catherine: I don't think so.

        The other two look at her.

        Catherine: Both Arthur and I have seen much worse wounds than that.

        Galen: Well if it's a game of trading old war stories?

        Catherine (ignoring him): Liselle's done all she can and the doctor's will finish her start. Now WE are going to make sure that we figure out what's really happening and stop it.

        Galen: So how are we going to do that?

        Liselle motions to the book.

        Liselle: With that.

        Galen: We're going to get them so enthralled in a good book that they forget their personal vendettas?

        Liselle (sarcastically): Or we could start a TV series.

        Catherine: This book is the key to accessing each and every magical weapon and device in the warehouse. Use your claws another time, Mr Byrne. Liselle, I need your help here.

        Cut to Leora's apartment, where Leora is watching wide-eyed as Carmen falls through her window.

        Leora: Holy shit! (chanting) Float and land, hray mk tarjaht!

        Carmen's fall slows down and Carmen lands on her feet. Leora jumps out of the window, she too floating down slowly and landing. As she lands, Carmen tries to stab her, which Leora barely manages to avoid.

        Leora: Carmen this is crazy!

        Carmen (screaming): You're the crazy one, Leora! The Byrne genes finally got to you, did they?!

        Carmen leaps closer to Leora and tries to stab her again, but Leora manages to block the strike with her katana.

        Carmen: You killed my HUSBAND, you BITCH!

        Leora looks shocked and only just brings her sword up in time to block Carmen's attack.

        Leora: Carmen, I didn't kill Rayne! I love him just as much as I love you!

        Carmen's broadsword glows deeper against Leora's katana and a green jolt and passes up to Leora, making her yell out in pain.

        Carmen (screaming): JEALOUS! Breaking up our family because of your jealousy!

        Leora: You have gone mad, Car- (shocked realisation) family?

        Leora lowers her katana in shock and Carmen, still whirling in the fight, stabs her in the shoulder. Leora lets out a yell of pain and shoves her hand at Carmen, eyes blazing.

        Leora (chanting): Blood spilt, mehra tokash asta-tejuun!

        A burst of purple light comes from Leora's hand and red ropes bind Carmen on the ground. Letting out a scream of rage, Carmen tries to struggle against the ropes.

        Carmen (crying): You killed him, and now he's gone when I? WE needed him most, and our child will never have a father!

        Leora moves over to Carmen.

        Leora (gently): Carmen, I didn't kill Rayne? I'm SO sorry that this happened, and I can't do anything to make it better, but I didn't kill him.

        A burst of red light between them throws Leora away and sprawling on the ground. When the light fades, another Leora, wings fully out, stands near them. She laughs in a high pitched tone.

        Other Leora: No, no she didn't.

        She changes form, figure looking nearly the same but much shorter. Her hair, eyes, ragged clothing, lips, fingernails and wings are all painfully bright red now, and her face has changed, also with several dark scars on it. Her flaming hair flows down her back and she gives Leora a withering glare.

        Winged Woman (petulantly): And things are just NOT going the way they should be!

        End Episode: To Be Continued


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