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Raven Episode 3.08 "Mirror"

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  • Raven Episode 3.08 "Mirror"

    Episode 3.8 "Mirror"

    Open to The Sacred Circle. Carmen and Rayne are making out at the cash register as Caitlin, disgusted, counts the days profits. Carmen pulls herself away.

    Carmen: I'm so glad to be back home, and out of danger.

    Rayne: It was an interesting thing to return to; the end of the world. I don't suggest it for anyone.

    Carmen: And that's why you're so reliable for the smart decisions.

    They kiss again.

    Caitlin (muttering): It's like they never came back? or left for that matter.

    The door swings open, Leora comes in humming and holding a lot of big shopping bags. Carmen and Rayne pull themselves apart from each other. Caitlin breathes a sigh of relief.

    Carmen: Leora, you look pretty smug today!

    Leora sits down in a chair at the desk, she smiles as she hugs her bag.

    Rayne: Is it really that time again?

    Leora: I'm afraid it is.

    Rayne: Oh no, you have got to be kidding me.

    Caitlin: What? What time is it?

    Carmen gives a little squeal. She reaches into Rayne's pocket and grabs his wallet.

    Rayne: Hey! I need-

    Carmen: It's mine for the rest of the evening.

    She runs to Leora and grabs her arm.

    Caitlin: What's so bad about today? It's a Friday! I like Friday!

    Carmen squeals again.

    Leora: Two for one sale at our shoe store.

    Rayne: It's the equivalent of Christmas; they get shoes, and I lose my wallet.

    Carmen: Well it's better than the blowout sale at our clothing store.

    Rayne: Amen!

    Carmen and Leora rush to the door.

    Carmen: Love you! I'll see you later! You two keep the store not destroyed? unlike someone!

    Carmen glares down at Leora.

    Leora: It was all Saffire's doing! I deserve no blame!

    Carmen: We have lots to discuss.

    The two squealing women leave.

    Caitlin: I'm glad I'm not as girly as most women.

    Rayne: You'll make your husband really happy because of it.

    Caitlin looks at Rayne seriously.

    Caitlin: What if I told you I'm leaving? What would you say?

    Rayne blinks a few times, not registering what she said.

    Caitlin: I'm graduating soon, Rayne. Applications just came back for college and university. I've been accepted by UC Sanfransisco with a special scholarship that fits perfectly with my program.

    Rayne: You're going to sacrifice your Canadian life to learn? For shame, Caitlin!

    Caitlin: It's not like I'm turning red neck on you Rayne.

    Rayne sighs.

    Rayne: Does Leora know yet?

    Caitlin: No. I can't bring myself to tell her, even though she knew this was coming sooner or later.

    Rayne: Well I'm not going to stop you from doing this, Caitlin. If it's what you're aspiring for. How soon do we have to let you go?

    Caitlin: Friday.

    Rayne: Friday? You're cutting it really close, don't ya think?

    Caitlin: As I said, I can't bring myself to say it to Leora yet.

    Rayne: We'll have to find a replacement for you here at the shop?

    Caitlin: I have no one to reccommend.

    Rayne: I know. You've been great here.

    Caitlin: Thanks, the pay checks are putting me through school.

    Rayne hugs Caitlin and holds her close.

    Rayne: I'm glad you're going for your dream, Caitlin.

    Close up on Caitlin hugging Rayne.

    Caitlin: Yeah? my dream.

    Cut to a large house. Two girls stands outside, knocking on the door. The two girls are teenagers, both in jackets and jeans.

    Lita: Where is she?

    Rei: I don't know? Where do you think she keeps the spare key?

    Lita looks around, kneels down, and picks up the welcome mat, under it a gold key.

    Lita: Found it.

    Lita picks up the key, Rei smiles. Lita puts the key in the lock, and opens the door. The two girls walk in, all the lights out.

    Rei: Ami? Ami?

    Lita: Let's try her room.

    Rei nods and the two walk up the stairs to the second floor. The two slowly walk to the end of the all. A light can be seen from the door at the end of the hall.

    Rei: Ami?

    Lita: Are you there?

    The two make their way to the door, and slowly open the door. Peering in.

    Lita: Am-

    Lita gasps, the door swings open. A girl, Ami, hangs from the ceiling, a noose around her neck. Rei covers her mouth her hands, Lita's open wide, not sure if she is seeing is real.

    End Teaser.

    Theme Song: Butterflies and Hurricanes ? Muse

    Kate Beckinsale - Leora Byrne
    AJ Cook - Carmen White-Rayne
    Milla Jovovich - Feora Byrne
    Caitlin Wachs - Caitlin Smith
    Peter Krause - Galen Byrne
    Tygh Runyan - Michael Duran
    And Michael Vartan as Arthur Rayne

    Guest Starring:
    Teresa Cruz - Death
    Drake Bell - Josh
    And Melissa McCarthy as Despair

    Created by:
    Alexander Brown
    And Travis Truant-Simpson

    Produced by:
    Alexander Brown
    Andrew Sutherland
    Joe Sessumes
    And Travis Truant-Simpson

    Written by:
    Alexander Brown

    With Additional Scenes by:
    Travis Truant-Simpson

    A fanfiction based off of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, created by Joss Whedon. ? Mutant Enemy, and 20th Century Fox. No profit is being made off of the original characters or concepts.

    All original characters ? Alexander Brown and Sacred Circle Productions.

    In Association with: SORCERESS OF CRIMSON FALLS created by Travis Truant-Simpson, BROKEN DESTINY created by Joe Sessumes and Alexander Brown, LIGHT OF BEACONSFIELD created by Andrew Sutherland and Alexander Brown, and CHOSEN created by Heather.

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    Act One:

    Open to: Carmen entering the Sacred Circle, shopping bags in hand. She giggles and runs up to Rayne, who's writing on a large poster board.

    Rayne: Enjoy the shopping!

    Carmen: Oh so much! You know I love it when you give me your wallet!

    Carmen takes out Rayne's wallet and tosses it to him, he catches it and puts it away.

    Rayne: Yeah, well its my pleasure to spend money on you.

    Carmen: How did you get all that money anyways?

    Rayne: Never you mind.

    Carmen giggles and leans in to kiss Rayne.

    Carmen: Mystery man, I love -

    She looks down and sees the sign which reads "Now Hiring Part Time." She backs away and flips out.

    Carmen: What the hell is that? More employees? You know how we can't afford more than Caitlin! And even then-

    Rayne: Caitlin quit.

    Carmen: What?

    Rayne: She's done. No more Caitlin here.

    Carmen: That little runt! Was it because I accidentally broke her thumb? Because I said sorry and bribed her!

    Rayne: She's leaving for college.

    Carmen: Already? She's only graduating this week.

    Rayne: She's starting the semester early. She also has to brush up a bit on her American History since she's going to school in Sanfansisco.

    Carmen: Which one?

    Rayne: Smaller closer one!

    Carmen: So she'll just be a few hours away?

    Rayne: Yeah.

    Carmen: So she can drive into work each weekend, right? Right Arthur? Please don't put me through this hell? please!

    Rayne: We have to, baby? it's the only thing we can-

    Carmen: But I can't stand it! Please make her stay!

    Rayne: I have no control over her, Carmen. She has to do this.

    Carmen: But you know what this means? don't you?

    Rayne: I think I do? and its not pretty?

    Carmen: Unemployed? teenagers!

    Cut to: Carmen and Rayne sitting at the table, across them sits an Asian girl dressed in goth clothing. Carmen is flipping through some files.

    Carmen: So? what did you say your name was?

    Goth: Widow!

    Carmen: Real names here, hun.

    Cut to: A small nerdy boy with dorky glasses on.

    Glasses: James? James Bond.

    Rayne: Please, real name.

    James: That is my real name.

    Carmen: Oh my God! Your parents are cruel freaks!

    Cut to: A moody girl in a uniform crossing her arms sitting beside her mother.

    Mother: I'm Judy Austin, and this is my daughter Saline. I want her to work, and I want you to pay her, got it?

    Carmen: We're sorry, this is against our rules about parents being at interviews.

    Judy: I'm her manager!

    Saline rolls her eyes.

    Cut to: "Widow" in her interview.

    Rayne: So Mary, what do you know about magic?

    Widow: I can blow things up with my mind!

    Carmen: Can you now?

    Widow: Last time it was a squirrel! And there were blood and guts flying everywhere!

    Rayne: That's nice dear, but really, magic? what do you know?

    Widow leans in close to Rayne.

    Widow: I need this job! I'll show you my power!

    Carmen: No, hun. What you need is a councilor.

    Cut to: James.

    James: Magic? This is a magic store?

    Carmen gives a fake smile and nods.

    Cut to: Jane and her daughter.

    Rayne: I understand you want to help your daughter out, but we need to talk to her alone if she's going to work here!

    Jane: Those are unacceptable terms!

    Cut to: James.

    James: Will that effect if I get the job or not?

    Carmen: Maybe just a little, James.

    Cut to: Saline sitting alone across from Carmen, you can hear Rayne and Jane arguing in the background.

    Carmen: So? you want this job?

    Saline: Not really? but don't tell mum! She wants the money bad.

    Carmen: Oh? that's very? nice.

    Cut to: Caitlin wandering the halls of her highschool after school hours, she holds herself as she walks down the corridor looking into classrooms, staring at the lockers, looking at posters on the wall for various school activities. Her science teacher, Mrs. Wells, stops her as she walks by.

    Mrs. Wells: All ready for graduation, Caitlin?

    Caitlin: I guess so? I don't feel like high school actually happened? it's like I was never here.

    Mrs. Wells: I know the feeling. One minute you're entering the building to start your first day and the next you're a lonely Biology teacher whose husband is away on business trips and your only company is a bottle of whisky and your dogs. Not to mention the marking you have to do.

    Caitlin gives her a funny stare.

    Mrs. Wells: I'm just kidding around, Caitlin! You shouldn't be so serious! You've got your entire life ahead of you!

    Caitlin: Yeah? all those years to come.

    Mrs. Wells: Any idea what you want to do?

    Caitlin: Well I've already decided -

    Leora turns the corner around the hall. She smiles when she sees Caitlin. Leora goes unnoticed.

    Caitlin: - I leave this weekend for Sanfransisco.

    Leora stops.

    Mrs. Wells: Big english program there. It's a shame, you've been good at science ever since you stepped in my doors in our eighth year. Biology 12 was no problem for you.

    Caitlin: I got a major scholarship to get me through my first two years in Sanfransisco, it would be really be blasphemous not to take it.

    Leora: And you didn't tell us?

    Caitlin turns around to see a hurt Leora. Leora storms off.

    Mrs. Wells: She's always been moody like that.

    Caitlin: I should go talk to her.

    Mrs. Wells nods and offers Caitlin her hand. Caitlin shakes it.

    Mrs. Wells: It's been a pleasure, Ms. Smith. Visit sometime.

    Caitlin: Thank you, I most definitely will!

    Mrs. Wells retreats into her room. Caitlin runs down the hall to get Leora.

    Cut to: Leora's classroom. Leora is tapping her pencil on her desk when Caitlin opens the door.

    Caitlin: Hey.

    Leora grunts at her.

    Caitlin: I'm sorry you had to learn that way, Leora.

    Leora stops rapping her pencil.

    Caitlin: I was going to tell you, I just didn't know how.

    Leora opens a binder on her desk and begins to write in it.

    Caitlin: I'm sorry Leora.

    Leora: Whatever.

    Caitlin: Are you four again, Leora? Because it sure feels like it! I'm going to university! I'm going to be a teacher, just like you! I have to do this! I can't just live on a mediocre retail job living with my mum! I need this Leora!

    Leora points to the door.

    Caitlin: I thought I could rely on you.

    Leora: Caitlin, wait.

    Caitlin turns back around.

    Leora: You know how hard it's been for me recently?

    Caitlin: We talk about it every week.

    Leora: Losing Katana, Tate, Jean. Having my murderous sister around. Being constantly reminded of my past, which I have been trying to run away from. All of this? I just don't want it anymore.

    Caitlin: Well, you're in the wrong place then.

    Leora ignores her and continues.

    Leora: But I have to do it. I'm a champion. A special Champion to the most powerful entities in the universe and beyond. So I must continue.

    Caitlin: I'm still sorry, Leora.

    Leora: I just hoped I would have your help.

    Caitlin: I know, I'm still here when you need me. I'll be two hours away.

    Leora: I won't forget it.

    Caitlin and Leora hug each other. The phone rings. Leora picks it up, split screen Carmen and Leora on the phone. Rayne and Jane can be heard arguing in the background still.

    Carmen: Leora, you have got to get her to stay!

    Leora: I can't Carmen.

    Carmen: A spell! Do a spell! Please make the pain end!

    Leora: Hiring a replacement?

    Carmen: What else would make me this insane?

    Leora: Do you need me to get the list out?

    Caitlin knocks on Leora's desk and waves, Leora waves back as Caitlin leaves.

    Carmen: You know what's pathetic?

    Leora: Asking Caitlin to drop out for your store?

    Carmen: The best of them is a dork named James Bond.

    Leora: Serious?

    Carmen: Do I kid about that?

    Leora: Cruel parents!

    Carmen: He didn't even know this was a magic shop!

    Leora: Isn't that kind of implied in the shop title?

    Carmen: That's what Arthur and I thought!

    A crash is heard in the background of the Sacred Circle, the yelling stops. Carmen covers the phone with her hand.

    Carmen: That better not be the mogsweed!

    Leora's eyes widen.

    Carmen: I hate this!

    Leora: I'm beginning to dislike it too?

    Carmen: Poor Arthur is dealing with one of them right now! And this possessed one thinks she can explode things with her mind!

    Leora: She could probably eliminate the competition to work there then. And then make her way up the ladder too!

    Carmen: Like she actually could! Creepy goth kids!

    Leora: Hey! They're just artistic!

    Carmen: Well her artistic views are creeping me out!

    Leora: Don't hire any of them!

    Carmen: Rayne and I work here enough as it is! And even the shifts you pull sometimes don't help! Caitlin really helped.

    Leora: Yeah, well tough.

    Carmen: Oh how I regret taking you shopping now.

    Leora: I came in to tell you about the sale!

    Another crash.

    Carmen: I got to go! Bye!

    Carmen hangs up.

    Cut to: Caitlin wandering into the school bathroom, she messes with her hair as she's entering in. She goes right to the sink and turns the tap onto full. She takes a brush out from her bag and brushes her hair. In the corner of the mirror she sees a foot sticking out under the stall, not moving. She slows her brushing and moves to the stall entrance. She knocks on the stall door.

    Caitlin: Hello? Are you ok?

    There's no reply. Caitlin knocks a few more times.

    Caitlin: If this is a dead corpse, I will not be amused.

    She slams the door a few times with her palm, just to make sure, then she holds her hand to the lock. Searing light emits from her hand and slowly melts the lock. The door opens to show a girl, dead, wrists slashed by a piece of glass that has fallen beside her hand. Blood is everywhere. Caitlin stands, mouth gapped open. She rushes out.

    Cut to: Caitlin walking quickly out of the building, she grabs her cellphone and quickly dials a number, it begins to ring.

    Caitlin: That is the last time I ever make fun of death.

    Operator (Off Screen): Hello, 911 emergency. Please state your emergency and we will get you the appropriate help.

    Caitlin: Hello, I would like to report a death.

    Cut to the bathroom once more. In the mirror beside the one Caitlin was using, a dark shadow of a short figure wanders around, moaning.

    End Act 1: Commercial Break.


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      Act 2:

      Cut to: Caitlin rushing through the front doors of the Sacred Circle. Carmen greets her at the front door with a hug. Leora and Rayne are sitting at the back of the main room, watching.

      Carmen: Full scholarship for two years? That's amazing! Free education is great!

      Caitlin: Not now Carmen, I need to talk to Leora.

      Carmen stumbles back a bit.

      Carmen: Would you rather have had "hurt that you're leaving" Carmen? I could rearrange that and kick you out of the store.

      Caitlin signs.

      Caitlin: I'm sorry Carmen, why thank you, I am thrilled to be going to school, now can I please get to Leora?

      Carmen: Go right ahead, honey.

      Caitlin: Leora, there's been another suicide.

      Leora: What?

      Caitlin: In the bathroom, today. I stumbled on the body.

      Leora: Oh my God! Are you ok?

      Caitlin: Well other than the depressing fact that it happened due to some karma caused by me, no, I'm just wonderful!

      Rayne: You caused a girl to commit suicide? How does karma work that way?

      Caitlin scoffs at him.

      Caitlin: It was a joke.

      Rayne: Well theres more bad karma coming your way then!

      Leora: Ok, we need to focus. That make three suicides this week from the school! All girls.

      Caitlin: There isn't really a trend either. None of them were in the same grade, or social group.

      Leora: There may be some kind of strange cult around?

      Caitlin: No? there was something else. I felt something? something mystical.

      Leora gets up.

      Leora: I'll get the books.

      Cut to: Feora in her office, ancient books everywhere, she's flipping through one with old symbols on it, and pictures on each page. It appears to be a mythological book. An old vampire stands beside her.

      Vampire: What do you exactly wish me to do?

      Feora: I need your help.

      Vampire: I can see that, you're looking at the old God's.

      Feora: No, I was looking at them last week.

      Vampire: I am sorry the situation had to turn in a direction you did not approve of, mistress.

      Feora: There was nothing we could do anyway. But I couldn't help but wonder: what would it be like if I had the power of a God?

      Vampire: You could squish your sister, and control this dirt hole!

      Feora: Yes, I could.

      Feora flips to a particular page with no pictures. She moves aside for the elderly Vampire to take a look.

      Vampire: This is certainly what you're looking for.

      Feora: Excellent.

      Vampire: The only problem is, you need a God to steal it's powers away.

      Feora: Well can't we summon one?

      Vampire: One as impure as yourself? Not likely.

      Feora: Well? I'm sure an opportunity will arise sometime in this town.

      Cut to: Caitlin sitting in Mrs. Well's classroom, lots of chairs are vacant. Students are sitting far apart from each other and are pensive. The bell rings, no other students enter. Mrs. Well's begins to fill out her attendance sheet.

      Mrs. Wells: Alright? I can see not many people showed up. And I understand why! Three suicides in one week? It's only Wednesday and already we've doubled our mortality rate on school grounds! I'm surprised we haven't been shut down.

      Cut to: A young, small girl going into the washroom, she looks in the mirror in front of her and the translucent appearance of Despair, a short, fat naked woman appears before her, cutting her own skin with a fish hook attached to her ring.

      Mrs. Wells (O.S.): There is no suicide cult evident, it just seems to be a recurring nightmare; a plague upon this school.

      Despair: Nobody needs you, my child. You're worthless.

      The girl looks mesmerized, staring into the eyes of Despair.

      Despair: You're useless.

      Girl: Useless.

      Despair: You've no family or friends that love you.

      The Girl begins to cry.

      Despair: You're all alone.

      Despair claws the hook down her cheek harder, leaving a long cut.

      Despair: You know how to end it.

      The Girl shakes her head, crying.

      Despair: It isn't that hard. You've already entered my realm, and all you need to do is pass through it to my sisters.

      The Girl shakes her head harder.

      Despair: Come now, its not hard. You've seen it all over school, haven't you? Just come to me.

      Mrs. Wells (Off Screen): This is a hard time for us all.

      The Girl finally nods along, and takes out pocket knife from her purse.

      Mrs. Wells(Off Screen): This close to graduation, none of you need to see this.

      The Girl slashes the knife across her face.

      Cut to: Mrs. Well's room.

      Mrs. Wells: I expect you all to go home after this class ends.

      A scream is heard down the hall, some of the students look around, a few go to the door.

      Mrs. Wells: Another one I imagine.

      Mrs. Wells grabs her suitcase and walks out.

      Mrs. Wells: Class dismissed. Go home!

      End Act 2: Commercial break


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        Act 3:

        Cut to: Caitlin and Leora in The Sacred Circle, flipping through books.

        Leora: Four suicides this close to graduation?

        Caitlin: This one was in Grade 8? no connection at all to any of the other three.

        Leora: How did she die?

        Caitlin: She slashed her face, and then stabbed her eyes.

        Leora: Yeesh! Not a way I'd choose to go.

        Caitlin glares at her.

        Leora: Except I'm not going anywhere? for a very long time.

        Caitlin: I can't understand what this obsession is with death and these girls? we need to stop this!

        Leora: Death?

        Caitlin: What?

        Leora: I had an idea. The Endless!

        Caitlin: Death's family?

        Leora: Despair? of the Endless? This sounds like something she'd cause!

        Death appears beside Leora.

        Death: And you will stay out of her affairs.

        Leora jumps.

        Caitlin: What?

        Death: This is Despair's job, she is doing as she feels is right.

        Leora: By killing four innocent girls?

        Death: By letting them kill themselves. Despair only strikes those with sorrow within already.

        Caitlin: Well, we have to stop her!

        Death shakes her head.

        Death: I will not stop my sister from doing what she does. And your reputation with me and Desire will not fix any of this.

        Death turns around.

        Caitlin: Well at least tell us where to talk to her.

        Death: You already know.

        Leora: The bathroom?

        Death: The mirror? Despair's mirror. She's claimed it for herself.

        Death fades away.

        Death: I can't help you from here.

        Cut to: A strip club, smoke filling the air, music booming, dancers stripping. Michael and Galen sit at a table across from each other. Michael peers around, eyeing the dancers. A women stops at their table and grabs Galen's arm.

        Galen: Well, it seems my ride is here.

        Michael: A whore?

        Galen: That's why we're here, isn't it?

        Michael: I guess.

        Galen and the whore leave the building. Michael looks around for a while, he spots a young blond that catches his stare. She gestures for him to come closer, Michael gets up and starts to walk towards her. He accidentally trips into a biker.

        Biker: Hey!

        The Biker vamps out.

        Biker: A meal.

        Michael: Oh shit?

        Cut to: Rayne and Carmen, sitting at the table, looking at a mass of messed up papers.

        Carmen: James it is.

        Rayne: Bond? I really don't want to have him working here?

        Carmen: Because of his name?

        Rayne: Well more that he didn't know where he was when he got here. But the name tag would look funny too.

        Carmen: Well I'm afraid of that goth girl?

        Rayne: She seems nice underneath the little freak on the outside.

        Carmen: As long as she doesn't blow up anything.

        Rayne laughs. Carmen stares at him, and then drops her head onto the table with a sigh. Rayne puts his arm around her.

        Rayne: Think Michael wants a job?

        Carmen: Eww no! I don't want him near anything I own!

        Rayne smiles and pauses.

        Rayne: We could always get more people in for interviews.

        Carmen: Its hard? working in a store with magical ingredients. No one will take it seriously. Not unless someone comes through that door desperate right now!

        The bell at the front door opens. A young teen comes in wearing jeans and a green jacket, he's an average height and very thin. He has a little acne about his face. He smiles at Rayne and Carmen as he comes over.

        Boy: Hi, I'm Josh. I'm wondering about those interviews? I'm interested in a job here.

        Carmen smiles at Rayne.

        Cut to: Michael getting tossed to the floor, the Biker vampire above him, ready to strike.

        Michael: St- stop! I'm a necromancer and could crumple you in an instant!

        The Biker hits him down again and jumps on him.

        Michael: Somebody help!

        The Biker dusts, behind him is an Asian Whore, dressed in almost nothing, holding a stake. She grabs Michael and pulls him up. Michael looks up and down the whore.

        Michael: Wow.

        Asian Whore: I'm Sashiko.

        Michael: Are you a vampire slayer?

        Sashiko: Something like that.

        Michael: Do you get a lot of his kind here?

        Sashiko: More than any other kind.

        Michael looks around and notices many other vampires all staring at him. Sashiko grabs him by the arm and begins to lead him away.

        Sashiko: On the house.

        Michael: O-ok.

        Sashiko leads Michael upstairs.

        Cut to: Leora and Caitlin entering a room of all mirrors, supposedly at a carnival. No one else is around.

        Leora: It's best to keep what Death said into consideration, yet we'll search here for a way to Despair.

        Caitlin: You worried about this?

        Leora: Trying to bargain against an entity that could crush us with a glance if she wanted to? No, you?

        Caitlin: Ehh?

        Caitlin gives a fake smile to Leora.

        Leora: Death wouldn't really let us die.

        Caitlin: Right? she's Death, she has a say in this.

        Despair (Off Screen): I don't know about that.

        One by one the wall of mirrors begin to shatter, glass flying everywhere. Leora grabs Caitlin and they duck and cover as glass flies above them. One mirror, the largest in the room, remains; Despair enters it.

        Despair: My realm will not be disturbed by the likes of either of you.

        Cut to: Rayne and Carmen sitting across form Josh.

        Rayne: First question, where are you and why.

        Josh: Sacred Circle, thirty-eight east block. And I'm here to apply for a job.

        Carmen: Do you know what this is?

        Josh: Well it seems to be a store that sells magical goods.

        Rayne: And do you believe in magic?

        Josh: Nothings ever proved magic wrong.

        Rayne smiles and throws a few of the files off of the table.

        Carmen: Excellent. Do you have any experience in retail?

        Josh: Not yet, I was kind of hoping that this would be a starting point for me.

        Rayne: Ah well, experience isn't anything.

        Carmen coughs beside him as he stands up.

        Rayne: Is there something you'd like to say, sweetie?

        Carmen: Huh? Oh? not. Everything is fine here!

        Rayne: When can you come in?

        Josh: What, so fast? Don't you want to see my resume.

        Carmen: Leave it on the desk when you go.

        Josh: You're giving me a job without actually learning about me?

        Rayne: We've had a bad day.

        Carmen: A really bad day!

        Rayne: With James Bond and Spider and head explosions!

        Josh: Your heads look fine to me.

        Carmen and Rayne smile at each other.

        Carmen: He's smart too! Let's keep him!

        Josh: Are you sure?

        Rayne and Carmen begin to inch him towards to door.

        Carmen: Positive.

        Josh walks into the door and turns the handle.

        Rayne: Tomorrow then?

        Josh: Tomorrow?

        Carmen: First day on the job!

        Josh: Sure? I guess.

        Rayne: Right afterschool!

        Josh: I'll? be there!

        Josh leaves the store. Rayne immediately throws down the blinds and grabs Carmen and kisses her.

        Carmen: We did it!

        Cut to: Sashiko's bedroom, Sashiko is moving up and down Michael on her bed. Michael is groaning as the two give into lust. Sashiko moves to Michael's neck and bits down.

        Michael: A hickie? I've never? ahhh!

        Sashiko bites down harder. Blood begins to poor out of Michael's neck, he opens his eyes and knows what's wrong; Sashiko is a vampire too. He grabs with his arm quietly to the stake at his side. He takes it and stabs it into Sashiko, she dusts instantly. Michael puts his hand to his neck and throws the stake away. He gets out of the bed, holding the blanket around him. He looks around, a little confused, and he begins to cry.

        Cut to: Despair's mirror. She observes the two of them.

        Caitlin: Why did you do it?

        Despair: Silence! I am not under interrogation. These children belonged to me all along. They had despair in their hearts, and how I have them.

        Leora: By killing them!

        Despair: By bringing out what was inside.

        Caitlin: Which is hardly fair!

        Despair: If this life were fair, Caitlin, I believe that you'd not be one of mine too.

        Leora turns to Caitlin.

        Despair: I am in you.

        Despair fades away.

        Despair (O.S.): Stay away from my mirror.

        Leora: I did not like the sound of that threat.

        Caitlin: What can we do?

        Leora: Exactly what she doesn't want us to do, I spose. Would she really hunt us down?

        Caitlin: Is it worth the risk.

        Leora: Well, Caitlin. I'm leaving this one up to you.

        Leora turns away from Caitlin and walks away.

        Leora: Do what you think is best.

        Cut to: Caitlin in the bathroom, she's holding her hand over her face. In her other hand she has a large mallet. She lifts her arm.

        Despair(O.S.): Wait!

        Caitlin stops swinging in fear.

        Despair(O.S.): It's not worth it, Caitlin.

        Caitlin: I? I?

        Despair(O.S.): Come to me child. I know you want to.

        Caitlin lowers her hand, Despair is in the mirror. Caitlin gives her a smile.

        Caitlin: No, I don't.

        Caitlin takes the mallet and smashes the mirror. Despair screams.

        Despair (O.S.): You may have caused your demise!

        Caitlin: I don't care. I'm through with this! I'm done!

        End Episode.


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