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Raven Episode 3.07 "End of the World as we Know it" Part 2

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  • Raven Episode 3.07 "End of the World as we Know it" Part 2

    (part 2 of the SoCF cross over: SoCF 1.08 "Infected")

    Raven Episode 3.7
    "End of the World as We Know It"

    Leora: (V.O) Previously on Sorceress of Crimson Falls?

    Cut to Andrew's apartment. Andrew sits on the end of the couch, Dee lays, resting her head on Andrew's lap. Andrew runs his hands threw her hair as she closes her eyes.

    Andrew: I don't wanna lose you.

    Dee: You can't lose me, not even if you tried. Trust me.

    Andrew: I'm not worried about trusting you? it's the trusting me?

    Dee: I trust you.

    Cut to Andrew's apartment. Kendal is seen sitting on the couch; Dee holds her hand to her heart. Cut to Dee on the ground; a pile of blood is around her, a large cut in her stomach. Andrew gasps and runs over to her, he quickly takes her hand and tries to wake her.

    Andrew: Oh god, Dee, please wake up!

    Cut to the Crimson Falls Museum of Art and History. The lights are dim, whispers are heard. Edan looks around.

    Edan: Hello? Is somebody there?

    The whispers get stronger. Edan pulls a dagger from his sleeve, still keeping it concealed, but holding the hilt. The whispers get louder. Edan, as if not in control, touches the largest gray jewel in the centre. The stone glows and Edan smiles. A hole appears on the coffin, dust comes out. Edan inhales it and coughs. He stumbles to the ground coughing. Tara comes in.

    Tara: Edan?

    Leora: (V.O) It's mystical, I can feel it!

    Cut to the Sacred Circle, Leora, Carmen, Rayne sit around a table. Caitlin stands. Caitlin gives a loud sigh and collapses on her side. The dust pan falls to the ground, the shattered glass spills out. Leora sees her and runs to her, kneeling down.

    Leora: Caitlin!

    Cut to Crimson Falls hospital. Dee sits in a hotel room. An IV connected to her, a large machine beside the bed. On the other side of the bed, Andrew sits, holding Dee's hand, tears running down his face.

    Andrew: Please? wake up. Dee.

    Tor: (off screen) So they're using the hotel for the dieing?

    Andrew turns to see Tor, standing at the door entrance a bouquet of roses in his hands. A large grin on his face.

    Andrew: Leave.

    Tor: You have no control around here buddy. If I want to see Dee, I will.

    Cut to the Sacred Circle, the magic shop door swings open, Michael stands, shivering in the cold.

    Leora: Michael?

    Michael falls forward; trying to catch himself has he falls. He lands on his hands, and starts panting in pain. Cut to the Hospital waiting room, as Willow and Kendal sit, Irine walks into the room, shocked to see Kendal sitting there.

    Irine: Kendal. Your mother is dieing? of Cancer. Kendal? you should come see her.

    Kendal: No.

    Irine: What?

    Cut to a foggy field, dead trees scattered around, a shadowy figure walks through the fog. Through the fog, Illyria emerges, dressed in her dark red-leather king outfit. Her hair fully blue, her face stained with blue, her eyes, dark. In her hand a long silver sword, gripped tightly. Illyria makes her way to a large slanting tree. Cut to the bridge in the well, Illyria stands, blood dripping down her face and chest. Her sword covered in blood. Illyria looks up to the other side of the bridge, the man walks from the darkness, his face revealed? Wesley stands in front of her.

    Illyria: Wesley?

    Wesley: There is an alternative.

    Illyria: My life for theirs?

    Wesley: Your life will be just payment. An old one for another.

    Fade to black.

    Illyria: (V.O) ?I am ready.

    No Teaser.

    Theme Song: Butterflies and Hurricanes ? Muse

    Kate Beckinsale - Leora Byrne
    AJ Cook - Carmen White-Rayne
    Milla Jovovich - Feora Byrne
    Caitlin Wachs - Caitlin Smith
    Peter Krause - Galen Byrne
    Tygh Runyan - Michael Duran
    And Michael Vartan as Arthur Rayne

    Special Guest Starring:
    Amber Benson ? Tara Maclay
    Amy Acker ? Illyria
    Tom Lenk ? Andrew Wells
    With Alexis Denisof ? Keeper of the Well
    And Alyson Hannigan as Willow Rosenberg

    Guest Starring:
    Kate Todd ? Kendal Sheers
    Chaney Kley ? Edan Midmore
    Melissa Galinanos ? Dee Jones/Chinue
    Andrew Walker ? Tor Baxter
    Kate Wheeler ? Michelle Winn
    Brigid Brannagh ? Orrela/Marissa Brook
    Rebecca Budig ? Amaris
    Pooja Shah ? Irine
    Beth Broderick ? Mrs. Sheers
    With Derek Baldwick ? Voice of Dream
    And Amy Jo Johnson as Liz Wilson-Bloom

    Created by:
    Alexander Brown
    And Travis Truant-Simpson

    Produced by:
    Alexander Brown
    Andrew Sutherland
    Joe Sessumes
    And Travis Truant-Simpson

    Written by:
    Travis Truant-Simpson

    A fanfiction based off of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, created by Joss Whedon. ? Mutant Enemy, and 20th Century Fox. No profit is being made off of the original characters or concepts.

    All original characters ? Alexander Brown and Sacred Circle Productions.

    In Association with: SORCERESS OF CRIMSON FALLS created by Travis Truant-Simpson, BROKEN DESTINY created by Joe Sessumes and Alexander Brown, And LIGHT OF BEACONSFIELD created by Andrew Sutherland.

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    Act 1: Liz sits in the hospital room, by the bed, holding the man's hand. Liz holds her head down, resting her forehead on her fist, holding the man's hand.

    Liz: I won't be able to go on if you die.

    The camera spins around, and shows Edan in the bed. His eyes are closed, and tubes are helping him breathe. He seems lifeless, and Liz holds tightly onto his hand. A crack is heard, and blood starts to drip from his hand, dripping onto the white bed sheet. Liz starts crying.

    Liz: Edan. You can't? You can't do this to me. Not yet.

    Edan's hand flinches and Liz looks up.

    Liz: Edan?

    Edan opens his eyes. Looking up to the crying slayer. A smile comes to his face, and one comes to Liz's. Edan tries to speak, but his words are quite and scratchy.

    Edan: I won't leave? (cough) not with out a fight.

    Cut to the airport. Walking from the terminal is Willow, Tara and Rayne. The three have no luggage, and keep walking as they talk. Almost no one is at the air port.

    Rayne: Last flight to Vancouver.

    Tara: I can't believe they are closing everything down. This has really become a dooms day.

    Willow: We will stop this.

    Rayne: We can say it, but I don't have faith in us?

    Willow stops. Tara and Rayne stop shortly after her and turn to face her. The three are shaped in a triangle.

    Willow: What?

    Rayne: Willow, think about it. What can we do? By the end of the day the world will be under the control of god-kings and demons. We can't win. We have never faced anything like this before.

    Willow: Maybe you haven't. But I am not about to give up.

    Tara: Willow-

    Willow: No! I fought as hell broke through the ground and tried to eat us. I fought as giant snake started eating my classmates. I fought when the bitch of hell herself had us on the run. And I fought as the first evil brought down a fury of pain on us. And I wouldn't do any different now.

    Rayne: This is different Willow.

    Willow: Its not.

    Rayne: This is bigger then anything you've faced, and anything you will ever face. This isn't Sunnydale, this is the world!

    Willow: I will not sit by while people are killed.

    Rayne: And what happens when you get infected?

    Willow: I will fight to my last breathe Arthur!

    Rayne: Then you will.

    Tara spreads out her hand, sending both Rayne and Willow off their feet and back a few feet to the ground.

    Tara: Stop this, now!

    Willow looks up, Rayne holds his head.

    Tara: Bickering isn't helping. Now both of you get up.

    Willow and Rayne get up. As they do they hear a scream coming from one of the terminals.

    Willow: What was that?

    Rayne pulls out his sword.

    Rayne: Lets check it out.

    The three start running to the terminal. As they get their, they see a woman passed out on the ground, covered in dark red paint on her face and hair.

    Willow: What happened?

    Tara: I-is, she?

    The woman's eyes open, and she holds herself up. Her face is stained with red, her eyes yellow. She looks to the three, she shakes as she tries to move in the body. She looks down to her hands.

    God-Woman: Where am I?

    Tara: She's become one of them.

    God-Woman: I asked where I was. Now tell me? human.

    Rayne holds out his sword.

    Rayne: Step back you thing.

    The woman tilts her head.

    God-Woman: You dare speak to me with that? voice? You dare speak to I, Orrela, god king of the darkest flame?

    Willow: It's started.

    Orrela: So this is what has become?

    Orrela looks out the window in the terminal, looking at the city lights and buildings. Rayne stands in front of Willow and Tara, his sword gripped.

    Orrela: Amazing at what you have accomplished in a short time.

    Tara: Thousands of years?

    Orrela: Short for those who don't follow the rules of time. Much like strings on an instrument, time is at our control.

    Rayne: Willow, Tara. Go to the Sacred Circle.

    Willow: What?

    Rayne: I'll meet you there.

    Orrela: You wish to fight me blonde one? Foolish, as always.

    Rayne: I know how you fight. Illyria has showed me.

    Orrela: Illyria? Illyria has returned as well?

    Rayne looks back to Willow and Tara.

    Rayne: Go!

    Willow and Tara nod, and run off, leaving Rayne with Orrela. Rayne turns back to the god, a grin on his face. Orrela, a blank stair, tilts her head.

    Orrela: What has happened? Why have I been brought back in the body of this? flesh and bone. A simple shell.

    Orrela places her hand on her chest, pausing, as if she is reading her body.

    Orrela: Marissa Brook. 25. on coming lounge cancer.

    Rayne: You can tell that?

    Orrela: I know this body more after a few moments, then you know your body? which you've had for years. I know my surroundings.

    Rayne: We'll see.

    Rayne swings his sword up. Cut to Willow and Tara entering the Sacred Circle. The two look tired and rushed.

    Tara: Leora? Carmen?

    Willow: Hello?

    As the two step in, the notice Michael on the table, passed out.

    Willow: Who's there? Speak up!

    Michael looks over to the light that has entered from the open door. He sees the outline of Willow and Tara.

    Michael: Angels?

    Tara: Did he say angels?

    Michael: You've come for me. To take me to heaven, to parish my sins?

    Willow: Who are you?

    Willow and Tara walk up to the delusional Michael. He smiles.

    Michael: Heavenly light? Purest soul. Take me away from this place.

    Willow: I think? I think he's on drugs.

    Tara: I'm guessing he can't help us.

    Willow sighs and turns away from Michael.

    Willow: I bet their out fighting, or at the hospital. Guess we should make our way there.

    Tara: Can we just leave that guy there?

    Willow: He'll be fine.

    Willow and Tara walk out, as they do, Michael screams.

    Michael: Take me Jesus!

    Cut to the Deeper Well. Illyria turns around and walks off to one side of the bridge. Wesley stands on the other side.

    Wesley: Are you ready?

    Illyria stares at him and nods, knowing her fate.

    Illyria: Complete the task?

    Wesley: Very well. It was an honor, I'm sure.

    Illyria closes her eyes.

    Illyria: ?I am ready.

    Wesley's body starts to glow, changing from the form of Wesley to a pure white light. What looks like a hand holds out, placing itself onto Illyria's chest. Illyria keeps her eyes closed, but gasps at the touch.

    Guardian: Your destiny is set old one. Our deal will be completed.

    Illyria opens her eyes.

    Illyria: No.

    Illyria grabs a hold of the pure light-arm, with her own power, she starts draining the light, turning it blue, as it seeps into her hands. The light fizzles down and returns to the form of Wesley. Illyria lets go, and Wesley falls down, panting.

    Illyria: I will not fall for your witchery.

    Wesley looks up, his eyes pure black, a devious smile on his face.

    Wesley: I've always known you were smarter then that, but trust me Illyria. There is nothing you can no.

    Wesley levitates up, his arms crossed.

    Wesley: Even when we watched you, we knew you wouldn't fall for our tricks.

    Illyria: You are not a guardian, are you?

    Wesley: No. We are not.

    Illyria: What are you?

    Wesley: We are the over-seers.

    Illryia takes a few steps back, unsure.

    Illyria: What is an over-seer?

    Wesley: Child? We are the powers that have been watching. There are you, the humans, the gods? and us. We are above it all.

    Wesley takes a step closer to Illyria, his eyes still black. A grin on his face.

    Wesley: We are the power.

    Cut to a news room. A woman sits behind a desk, Michelle Winn, looking into the camera.

    Michelle: The number of people who have been infected is now unknown. Thousands is the estimate. People are being told to stay in their houses, don't leave, don't drink the water, and stay calm. The worlds top scientist are doing what they can, but-

    A scream cuts her off. Michelle stands up.

    Michelle: Oh my god!

    Michelle steps back, and a man jumps on her, she screams in pain. The camera cuts out to fuzz. The fuzz zooms out to a TV, which is turned off. The TV is inside a hotel room, where Andrew and Tor stand over Dee's bed. Dee opens her eyes slowly.

    Dee: Mommy?

    Andrew rushes over to Dee's bed side. Tor stands by the foot of the bed, his arms crossed, a grin on his face.

    Tor: Morning sweet heart.

    Dee looks up to Tor, her eyes squinting from the light.

    Dee: Where am I?

    Andrew: Dee. You've, you've been infected by an illness of some sort.

    Dee turns to Andrew.

    Dee: Andrew?

    Andrew: Yes, it's me. I'm here.

    Dee turns her head away. Andrew frowns as she does.

    Dee: Go away?

    Tor laughs.

    Tor: See that my boy, get out of here. Dee wants a real man.

    Andrew: Shut up!

    Andrew gets up and walks away from the bed and towards Tor.

    Tor: Don't be a poor sport, I w-

    Andrew punched Tor clear across the face. Tor jumps back, clutching his bleeding nose. Tor looks up to Andrew, the lower part of his face covered with his hands.

    Tor: (muffled) Bastard!

    As Tor is about to strike back, Dee gasps and sits up holding her chest. The two men look over to Dee.

    Dee: Get it out of me!

    Andrew: Dee?

    Dee starts gasping, trying to force out words. Tor steps forward.

    Dee: (deep voice) Do not touch me!

    Dee holds out her hand, sending Tor flying back into the wall. She turns her hand over to Andrew.

    Andrew: Oh crap!

    Andrew ducks down; a blast hits the table behind him, smashing it into pieces. Cut back to the Deeper Well. Illyria finds herself taking more steps back, trying to avoid Wesley, who was coming closer.

    Illyria: Stay back.

    Wesley: Or? You'll kill me? Unlikely. You've never truly killed anyone.

    Illyria: I have killed plenty of creatures in my lifetime. People bowed in the blood I sprayed.

    Wesley: You've killed their bodies, but their spirits lasted. Only we have that power. We are the only ones who may kill a true spirit. Only we have the powers to end life.

    Illyria: You are really high on your selves aren't you?

    Wesley: You have no way to defeat us Illyria.

    Illryia: I don't need to.

    Illyria holds up a glowing orb, about the size of a baseball. The orb glows bright white. Illyria grins, Wesley steps back. His form starts to change.

    Illyria: You didn't think I came in here with out a plan?

    Cut to the Vancouver Hospital. Leora and Carmen stand outside of Caitlin's room. Carmen hands Leora a bag of weapons.

    Carmen: Are you sure about this Leora?

    Leora: You've seen the power Illyria has. Now think that times 100.

    Carmen: Right.

    Leora: I need to be out there fighting. I need to protect the people who have yet to be infected, and I need to stop the hell gods from causing? well hell.

    Carmen: You can't go alone. You'll die. There is no way you can take them all.

    Leora pokes her hand in the bag and pulls out a small brown bag.

    Leora: Which is why I have this.

    Carmen: Lunch?

    Leora: No. Sleeping Powder. I don't even need to fight, I just need to knock ?em out to give us time to find a cure.

    Carmen: Smart, but how long does it last.

    Leora: See, that is where the puzzle gets harder. It lasts for about a half hour. So you need to be researching. Willow, Tara and Rayne should be here shortly. Once they get here, get Rayne to guard the door. Let no one in.

    Carmen: If we find a spell, we'll need more then Willow and Tara to do it. I mean, this is like a witches 3 thing. You know a whole, "Charmed" event.

    Leora: I'll be back. I just need to get this spell up.

    Carmen: Okay. Be safe Leora.

    Leora: Aren't I always?

    Carmen sighs. The two hug, Leora grabs a sword, and stuffs the bag in her jacket pocket, and walks through a door with the sign "Roof Entrance" on it. Carmen turns and enters Caitlin's room. Cut back to the Deeper Well. Illyria standing strong, Wesley on his knees.

    Illyria: The original guardian was killed, and no one can replace him.

    Wesley hisses his form changes back into the bright light, eyes now red.

    Illyria: Legend is told the guardian is reborn in the same form, which is not Wesley. Since his death was by the hands of a Champion in a place of magic, his soul must be trapped, and unable to rebirth itself.

    Illyria takes a step closer.

    Illyria: When you touched me.

    Quick cut to what looks like a hand holds out, placing itself onto Illyria's chest, cut back.

    Illyria: I took a piece of your energy, to form this orb. The crystal of Ehlwyen.

    Wesley: No!

    Illyria: The one thing that can stop the old ones.

    Over Seer: You will kill yourself with this. You cannot change the world with out your own death.

    Illyria turns around, her back to the Over Seer.

    Over Seer: There is no way Illyria.

    Illyria runs out, leaving the Over Seer alone. He closes his eyes, and starts to glow brighter.

    Over Seer: It will not end like this?

    Fade to Willow and Tara walking along the streets of Vancouver, people are passed out in the middle of the roads and in cars. People are running away and screaming. No sound is heard.

    Over Seer: (VO) The humans will die tonight?

    Cut to The Crimson Falls hospital, Kendal sits in the waiting room, crying, and wrapped up in her jacket.

    Over Seer: (VO) We will watch this extermination?

    Cut to Edan's hospital room, Liz sits by his side, holding his hand. Edan's eyes open, and looking up.

    Over Seer: (VO) No one will stop us. We will kill them all.

    Cut to the hospital roof, Leora stands, her wings spread out. She is dressed in a leather jacket, and black pants, her hair flows in the wind, sword in hand. She steps onto the ledge.

    Leora: I will win.

    Leora jumps off. Cut to black.


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      Act 2:

      Open to Tara and Willow running down a hospital hall way. They stop at Caitlin's door. Willow opens it up, Carmen quickly jumps up, a mace in her hand.

      Carmen: Halt!

      Willow and Tara freeze, Carmen quickly drops the mace and runs over to the two, hugging both.

      Carmen: Thank god, you two made it!

      Carmen lets go and smiles at the two. Willow and Tara walk into the room, and look to Caitlin.

      Willow: No luck?

      Carmen: No. Leora's gone to fight though. She wants us to?

      Carmen pauses, and looks to see no Rayne standing with Willow and Tara.

      Carmen: Where's Rayne?

      Tara: He's? He's at the airport fighting one of the gods?

      Carmen: What!

      Willow: We tried to stop him, but he wouldn't budge.

      Carmen: Oh my god! Oh my god! He's gunna die! He's gunna die!

      Tara: Carmen, no? He'll be fine.

      Carmen pauses and looks up to them.

      Carmen: You're right? Now let's hit the books!

      Tara and Willow take off their jackets, and take the books they had out of their bags. The sit at a small table inside the room.

      Tara: Well we have books on stealing souls, possession and exorcisms. That's about it. We couldn't really think of anything else.

      Willow: We also have some charms that may kill the god inside, or stun them. But not really away to take them out.

      Carmen: Well then. We got about an hour before these things start attacking. So we should really get cracking.

      Tara looks to Caitlin, who is asleep.

      Tara: Should we start with her?

      Carmen: Leora would kill us if we did.

      Carmen walks over to Caitlin, pulling the blanket over Caitlin's shivering body.

      Carmen: Caitlin is like a daughter to Leora. Leora would die if anything happened. Which is why we need to stop this.

      Carmen walks back over to Willow and Tara.

      Carmen: What about Mr. Giles and Faith?

      Willow: We're not asking for their help.

      Carmen: But they have books. And lots of them.

      Willow: They also have devious plans and badness. We don't need them. Not now.

      Tara: I-I think we can do this with out them.

      Carmen: Okay?

      Cut to the airport terminal. Rayne lies on the ground, his face covered in blood. His sword bent and twisted into a bow beside him. Orrela places her foot on his chest.

      Orrela: This is the best man kind has?

      She spits on him.

      Orrela: This is a joke.

      As Orrela is about to do one final strike, a blast of purple light hits her from off screen, sending her threw one of the terminal windows. She screams as she flies out. Camera spins to Leora standing.

      Leora: Not quite? Bitch.

      Rayne turns over onto his stomach, and looks up to Leora.

      Rayne: Hey there.

      Leora kneels down, and helps Rayne to his feet.

      Leora: You really had her on the run Rayne.

      Rayne: You know it.

      Leora: Why did you think you could take her on? She is a god? and you're? you're not even mystical.

      Rayne supports himself, balancing not to fall.

      Rayne: Is that right?

      Leora: Rayne? your sword was bent into a bow?

      Rayne looks at it and pouts.

      Leora: I'm guessing so was your man hood, huh?

      Rayne: Shush. We have to go fight and crap.

      Leora: No.

      Rayne tries to walk, Leora grabs him.

      Leora: Go to the hospital. Protect Carmen, Caitlin, Willow and Tara. They need you more. You can't let anything get in.

      Leora takes a pause.

      Leora: Or out.

      Rayne: What?

      Leora: If Caitlin? (pause) If Caitlin becomes one of them.

      Rayne: Leora, no.

      Leora: Kill her.

      Rayne: It wouldn't happen.

      Leora: Rayne, promise me. Don't let one of those god damn ****s take over her body and use it as a sock puppet.

      Rayne: Leora?

      Leora: Rayne! Promise me!

      Rayne nods.

      Rayne: I promise.

      Leora: I will not let them take her like that. She is to good.

      Rayne: Leora, be careful.

      Leora runs off and jumps out the window, her wings spread out. Rayne stands alone in the terminal.

      Rayne: Don't do anything stupid?

      Cut to the streets of Vancouver. The sky is dark and foggy. Through the fog a body flies by, Leora. Sword in hand, she makes her away along the streets, searching. Hissing and moaning can be heard, windows smashing and people screaming. The sounds haunt the streets. Leora stops at the steps of a large library. Landing slowly, she pulls out the brown bag.

      Leora: Spirits of the dreams? I call you.

      Leora sticks her hand in the bag, and slowly, pulling it out and sparkling the dust around her.

      Leora: Dreams of the night, I call you.

      The dust forms a circle around her, and from the dust, bright light starts to shine. In the light whispers can be heard.

      Leora: Circle of the moon, complete my task. Awaken the sandman of dreams.

      A deep voice shouts from the light, the light in front of her forms the silhouette of a man. Near his neck and shoulder is a green pendent, which glows from the light.

      Dream: You call me?

      Leora: I have opened the portal to your realm.

      Dream: I see this witch. What is your reasoning?

      Leora: You have to-

      The silhouette lashes out, slashing Leora's cheek. Leora lowers her head at the impact.

      Dream: I do not have to do anything, witch. I am not here to take commands by you. My sister may have helped you in the past, but my debt to you is paid.

      Leora: I am sorry.

      Dream: You think I can stop this. I have no hand in this, none of us do and we have no power to stop it. Man kind has fallen on us for its problems, but we cannot stop this.

      Leora: There has to be something!

      Dream: I am sorry Leora Byrne? But there is not.

      The light starts to dim, and the silhouette starts to fade.

      Leora: Wait! Can't you at least stall them? Or, or, make them go to sleep?

      Dream: It is done?

      The silhouette is gone, and the light fades away. Leora stands alone now, the fog surrounds her. She tosses the bag to the ground and jumps up, her wings spreading out. Cut to the Crimson Falls Hospital. Liz rests up against the door of Edan's room. She watches her feet, in hopes of time to go by.

      Kendal: Liz?

      Liz looks up to Kendal, who is standing about a foot away.

      Liz: Kendal? What are you doing here?

      Kendal: I've been here for awhile. I was in the waiting room.

      Liz: Where are Tara and Willow?

      Kendal: They went to Vancouver with their friend-

      Liz: -Rayne?

      Kendal: Ah, yes. Wait, how did you know?

      Liz: Long story? But that's good then. They are trying to stop this on coming doom?

      Kendal: Yep. They are pretty close those guys and we'd just get in the way I guess. I mean, we are the muscle of this tight little group of Crimson Falls.

      Liz: Yeah, the big city-folk will deal with this?

      Kendal: And we'll wait?

      Liz: Looks like it.

      Kendal tries to smile. Cut to Illyria standing in the misty field. Behind her, the Deeper Well tree is cut, and is now just a normal tree, no longer a portal to the well. In her hand she holds the orb, and in a wink of an eye, a bright light engulfs her, quick cut to the Vancouver Hospital, inside Caitlin's room. Willow, Tara and Carmen sit looking at books.

      Carmen: There is nothing here.

      Willow: I did say we were rushed. If we had some of the books from the Magic Box, we wouldn't be in this mess.

      Tara: Sadly, those books are in a giant-

      As Tara speaks, a white light appears in the center of the room. With a gust of wind, the three girls stand up. Pages in the books quickly flipping, the gust grows stronger, as a blue spiraling light wraps around the white light.

      Tara: W-what is that?

      Carmen: Get down!

      Carmen and Willow get down, grabbing onto the table. Tara presses herself against the wall. The light grows brighter, and then quickly fades, revealing Illyria standing there, the orb in her hand. The wind stops, and the girls look up.

      Carmen: Illyria?

      Illyria places the orb down on the foot of Caitlin's bed, and turns to Carmen, Willow and Tara. Carmen picks herself up, while Tara helps Willow.

      Carmen: What was that?

      Illyria: The crystal of Ehlwyen.

      Tara: I thought it was just a legend.

      Illyria: It is more then a legend. It has been around since the dawn of the sun.

      Willow: Wait, isn't the crystal meant to hold like the powers to end the world?

      Illyria: Yes.

      Willow: Then why did you bring it here?

      Illyria: Though it holds the power of destruction, it also holds the power of rebirth.

      Tara: The legend is, a soldier barring the scythe, protected the crystal inside her body. She was killed by the hands of the dark cult, known as the Witches 5. Their cruel and inhumane touchier drove the soldier to raise her scythe. In doing so, she destroyed herself and the Witches 5.

      Illyria picks back up the orb. In both hands, she holds it out to the girls.

      Illyria: All that was left was the shattered scythe, and the crystal, glowing in a bright light.

      Carmen: You think this will be able to help?

      Illyria: It is the only chance we got. The Deeper Well is empty, and it will be only a few hours before the entire world is under siege of the old ones.

      Willow takes the orb from Illyria and places it gently on the table.

      Willow: Illyria, go out and find Leora. Tell her to get back here.

      Illyria nodded and walks to the door, quickly looking back.

      Illyria: I know?

      Willow, Carmen and Tara look to her.

      Illyria: I know this will in end destroy me as well, and in turn restore Winifred Burkle to her proper place.

      Willow: Illyria? We can try to protect you.

      Illyria: No.

      Carmen: Illyria?

      Illyria: I understand now.

      Cut to the Crimson Falls Hotel where Dee is staying. Dee looks to Andrew, her eyes now purple. The skin on her face is also turning purple, her veins highlighted. Andrew kneels on the ground, while Tor is passed out.

      Andrew: Dee. You can't give in.

      Dee: Andrew?

      Dee clutches her hand back to her chest. She shivers as she realizes what is happening. Andrew quickly gets up, and gets to the side of the bed.

      Andrew: Dee?

      Andrew wraps his arms around her, resting her head on his chest.

      Dee: Andrew? Please?

      Dee closes her eyes, holding onto Andrew's hand.

      Dee: Help me.

      Cut to the streets of Vancouver. Illyria quickly runs down an alley, looking for Leora. As she runs, she is stopped by a bright light hitting her in the back. Illyria falls forward landing on her hands and knees. Her hair falls over her face. She quickly looks up, to a woman with dark red hair. Her face stained with various shades of red and orange.

      Illyria: Amaris.

      The woman grins, she is dressed in a similar suit to Illyria, but fully black, and crisper leather. Straps tie up the suit from the front. Her heels click as she walks towards the fallen Illyria.

      Amaris: So it is true. You have awoken.

      Illyria quickly pulls herself up. Pushing the hair out of her face.

      Illyria: I was afraid you would return.

      Amaris: To finish what was started?

      The two start to circle, keeping their eyes locked on each other.

      Amaris: Sadly, the first time I killed you was not enough to keep you dead. But that was a mistake on my part. I should have known better then that. You're armored skin kept you safe, and allowed the ones who followed you to place you in the coffin, and preserving your until the day we rose again.

      Illyria: And I see you were able to be saved as well.

      Amaris: Of course, but now, all that stands between me and your death is flesh and bones. Oh, so your flesh harden, it will still not be strong enough to stop the powers I have created before my demise of the throne? dear brother.

      Cut to the Crimson Falls Hospital. Liz stands at the row of pay phones, she holds the phone piece up to her hear, and hears ringing.

      Liz: Pick up, pick up.

      The ringing stops.

      Garrett: Hi, this is Garrett Bloom. I can't pick up at the moment, but leave a message on my voice mail. Bye.

      A beep sounds, and Liz pauses. A few moments pass, and she speaks.

      Liz: Hey? Garrett. I-it's me. I-I, I just want to make sure you're safe? I-

      A beep cuts her off. She takes a deep breath, and places the phone back on its handle. She pulls her hair back, and looks to the phone. In a single swoop, she punches the phone, pretty much bashing it in. A few sparks fly off, but nothing hits Liz. She pulls her hand back, covered in blood. Cut to the Hotel, Andrew tightly holds Dee, who has her eyes closed.

      Andrew: Just hold on? Dee? Just-

      Dee's eyes jet open, her arms spread, sending Andrew flying off the bed and into the wall. The bed breaks underneath Dee, causing a shake. Tor slowly stands up, looking up to Dee, his head feeling achy.

      Tor: Dee?

      Dee stands up off the bed, her clothing ripped, her face stained in purple. Her eyes glowing a bright purple. Her hair filled with purple and blue high lights. She slowly makes her way over to Tor, getting a feel of the new shell.

      Tor: Dee. What happened to your face?

      Dee: Dee? I am Chinue? Goddess of the dark skies.

      Tor: Okay Dee, now this is just getting a little freaky.

      Chinue, the creature possessing Dee, walks closer, placing her hand on Tor's chest, slowly caressing down his abdomen. Tor takes a few steps back.

      Tor: O-Okay Dee. Now, stop this.

      Chinue: Human? This entire place smells like humans. It makes me sick at the thought that humans have grown. Bodies stronger? smooth.

      Tor: No longer funny Dee.

      Chinue tilts her head.

      Chinue: Funny?

      Chinue quickly grabs Tor's face, in a quick swing, snaps it. Tor gasps. Cut to black.


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        Act 3:

        Open to Tor's dead body, lying on the ground. Chinue standing over it, amused.

        Chinue: Still so fragile. It amazes me, they are like glass dolls.

        Andrew slowly looks up to see Chinue. Seeing the dead body at her feet, he quickly rises.

        Andrew: Dee!

        Chinue turns, her eyes glistening with death.

        Andrew: What have you done?

        Chinue: Another one?

        Andrew makes a run for the door, but Chinue pulls him over to her and in a single swoop, through the window. Chinue turns around to the door.

        Chinue: This is getting to easy.

        Cut to the Vancouver Hospital. A pentagram is made on the ground in black dust. In the center of it is the Crystal of Ehlwyen. The lights are dim, but candles are lit all around the room. Carmen sits on the hospital bed, holding the passed out Caitlin's hand.

        Willow: I think we got it.

        Tara: Now we just have to wait for Leora and Illyria.

        Tara lights the last candle and places the box of matches down and turns back to Carmen and Tara.

        Tara: This should work. We should be able to separate the bodies from the old ones, and in doing so, the old ones should disintegrate into the air and become pretty much dust.

        Carmen: Will your powers be strong enough?

        Willow: I hope so. This is a world wide spell? But, with the three of us, we should be able to pull it off.

        Tara: Lets hope.

        Cut to the Hospital halls. Rayne runs down but is stopped by a nurse.

        Nurse: Hey! You can't be here.

        Rayne stops, and looks at her.

        Rayne: What?

        Nurse: The hospital is being locked. No one can be in here.

        Rayne: But my wife, she's-

        Nurse: Sorry sir. No one is allowed in. You have to leave.

        Rayne pushes the nurse aside, and runs off down the hall.

        Nurse: Hey! Security!

        Cut to the dark streets of Vancouver. Feora walks alone, covered in dark clothing. She watches the bodies on the ground, each one slowly dieing.

        Feora: What a waste?

        Voice: Isn't it?

        Feora turns around, Orrela stands behind her. In her full demon-armor. Blood splattered over her.

        Orrela: Some of these bodies aren't strong enough to hold us. Both the shell and the god die.

        Feora: No. It's a waste all these meals un-use able. If we eat, we get infected.

        Orrela: That is not my problem.

        Feora: No, but Leora is.

        Orrela: Leora?

        Feora: Oh yeah. Sister of mine, she has her mind on stopping all your fun.

        Orrela: She will fail.

        Feora: She would, but with the lesbian duo with her, she stands a much better chance at beating you and your? friends.

        Orrela: Trust me, they don't stand a chance.

        Feora: What ever you say. But its your death wish.

        Feora turns, Orrela grabs her shoulder.

        Orrela: Wait.

        Feora turned back around, crossing her arms.

        Orrela: You really believe this girl can stop the end?

        Feora: She has stopped much worse? Including me. Trust me? There is no stopping them. Her, that blond-cow girl, watcher-wanna-be and blue.

        Orrela: Blue?

        Cut to an alley way. Illyria lies on the ground, looking up to Amaris.

        Feora: Illyria?

        Amaris: ?Why do you fight? We own the world now. Humans are nothing but? but shells.

        Illyria: I fight because I can.

        Amaris kicks Illyria in the face, sending her into the brick wall. Illyria falls onto her chest.

        Amaris: Is that so?

        Illyria: (coughing up blood) It is?

        Amaris: These humans are nothing but flesh and blood. Why do you care?

        Illyria picks herself up.

        Illyria: I fight? Because they fight.

        Amaris: Is that so?

        Illyria: Do you think I cared? When I first awoke, I would have killed them all if I had the chance, but it wasn't that easy. I picked the wrong body to take. Though, they didn't kill me. They showed me.

        Amaris: Showed you?

        Illyria: Humans fight for the things the care for. They will die in battle for the better. They will lay down their lives, and fight. That is what makes them better then you.

        Amaris: Me? And you?

        Illyria. No.

        Amaris: So, you no longer consider yourself one of us then? Well sorry Illyria. You are not a human. You don't have a soul, or a heart. You don't care. You are nothing but a monster.

        Illryia stands straight up.

        Illyria: Not anymore.

        Illyria punches Amaris right in the face, sending her into the brick wall. A piece of the brick stabs right through her chest, causing her to gasp.

        Amaris: (blood rushing from her mouth) You? Are? Nothing? But? A? Killer?

        Illyria walks off leaving Amaris to die. Amaris smiles, blood covering her teeth.

        Amaris: Idiot? you can't stop us now.

        Cut to the Crimson Falls Hospital. Liz sits by Edan's bed side. Edan's eyes are open, as he looks to Liz.

        Edan: So, another watch down?

        Liz: Don't say that.

        Edan: Come now.

        Liz: I promise Tara and Willow are doing what they can to stop this. I wouldn't let it take you.

        Edan smiles.

        Edan: You are a good slayer. I wish I had been better to you, I do apologize Liz.

        Liz: Don't worry Edan. You were the best.

        Liz holds back the tears as she holds tightly onto Edan's hand. Cut to Caitlin's hospital room. The door burst open and Rayne runs through. Carmen jumps up.

        Carmen: Arthur!

        Carmen wraps her arms around Rayne. Rayne smiles, and turns to Willow and Tara.

        Rayne: Thank God you two made it.

        Willow: Thank God you made it past that God.

        Rayne: Thanks to Leora.

        Tara: Leora?

        Rayne: Yeah. She came in the nick of time.

        Carmen: Where is she now?

        Rayne: I'm not sure. She said she had to finish something.

        Carmen: Did she tell you anything else?

        Rayne pauses, and walks over to Caitlin. He pulls out a small dagger, kneels down, and places the tip to Caitlin's neck.

        Carmen: Rayne?

        Willow: What the hell are you doing?

        Rayne turns up to the girls.

        Rayne: Leora told me? Leora told me, not to let Caitlin suffer. And I will do so.

        Willow: You're going to kill her.

        Rayne: I have to do what she asks. I can't let Caitlin become one of them. I have to let her die in peace. Or Leora will do something crazy.

        Tara: You wouldn't have to? We found away to stop this.

        Rayne: How?

        Tara picks up the crystal of Ehlwyen. It glows in her hands.

        Rayne: That really don't explain, but oh, pretty.

        Willow: To bad you're late. You would have gotten the full explanation.

        Rayne: Sorry for being the hero.

        Willow: Wait, when is Leora getting back?

        Rayne: She had things to do.

        Tara: Then for now, we just wait.

        Carmen: I guess.

        Carmen sits on the edge of the bed. Cut to Crimson Fall's Hospital. In a dark room, Mrs. Sheers lies asleep. Irine sits in a chair looking at her, feeling out of place. Mrs. Sheers slowly opens her eyes, looking up.

        Mrs. Sheers: Kendal?

        Irine looks up.

        Irine: Huh? Well?

        Mrs. Sheers: Is Kendal here?

        Irine: She's? On her way.

        Irine takes Mrs. Sheers' hand.

        Irine: Mrs. Sheers, she is on her way.

        Mrs. Sheers: I don't think I have a lot time? And I need you to tell Kendal something.

        Irine: No, no. You'll have lots of time. You'll have a full-

        Mrs. Sheers: No, dear. I know what's going on. I know I had cancer? I know my death is on its way.

        Irine: Wait.

        Mrs. Sheers: Irine? Tell Kendal?tell her that I am sorry. I know after her father's death that I haven't been there for her like I should have. I haven't been the mother I wanted to be. I promised myself I would be the cool mom, the one that she would look up too, but I just became the horrid bitch my mother was.

        Irine: Mrs. Sheers, you should really wait for-

        Mrs. Sheers: Please tell her this. Tell her I love her, and I want her to be happy. I am proud to be her mother. She will be a very lucky woman when she grows up and she has all the potential she needs.

        Irine starts to cry, really not wanting to be here.

        Irine: No, you can't. You have to hold on, and you have to tell your daughter yourself.

        Mrs. Sheers: I'm sorry dear. My body can't hold on much longer.

        Irine: Mrs. Sheers?

        Mrs. Sheers: Tell her it's not her fault and? to be happy. Be what she wants to be. Let her live the life she wanted? let her be the princess she wants to be.

        The earth starts to shake. Irene screams as Mrs. Sheers closes her eyes. Cut to Edan's hospital room, Liz falls back, Edan braces the bed. Out in the hall Kendal falls forward onto the ground, around her things fall off the walls, and onto the ground. She tries to pick herself up, but the ground starts to crack. She rushes into Edan's room.

        Kendal: Guy's, the building is starting to crack.

        Liz looks up.

        Liz: We have to get Edan out of here.

        Kendal: What about the other people?

        The building still shakes. Kendal holds onto the door, not to fall down again. Liz pulls herself up holding onto Edan's bed.

        Kendal: We have to get them all out as well. Don't we?

        Liz: Pull the fire alarm or something!

        Kendal rushes out to the hall as she does, she is greeted by 3 men, all now possessed by the gods. Kendal screams, and runs back into Edan's room, quickly closing the door behind her.

        Kendal: Maybe we should just stay here.

        Cut to Caitlin's hospital room. Things still shake.

        Tara: It's started!

        Willow grabs the crystal, and holds it close to her body.

        Willow: We need to start the spell now!

        Rayne holds Carmen tightly, as he pressing against the wall.

        Rayne: You can't do it with out Leora!

        Willow: We got to do something!

        The windows smash open, Willow and Tara scream, backing away from them. Leora flies in, her wings bring in a gust, blowing the candles out.

        Tara: Leora!

        Leora lands, her wings rip back into her back.

        Leora: I'm here.

        Carmen: ?Bout time!

        The earth stops shaking.

        Leora: Let's get this thing going then.

        Carmen: We can't. We need Illyria.

        As Carmen says her name, Illyria burst through the door.

        Leora: Anything else?

        Willow: A million dollars!

        Everyone turn and look at Willow, who smiles. Tara sighs.

        Willow: Just checking.

        Tara: Baby.

        Willow: Sorry.

        Carmen quickly grabs a small brown bag. She re-creates the pentagram.

        Carmen: Leora, Willow, Tara. Sit!

        The three do as she says, and takes their spots in the pentagram. Tara places down the gem of Ehlwyen in the middle of them. Rayne quickly lights the candles again.

        Leora: Okay. Ready?

        Tara: We need to chant the same spell.

        Carmen places the spell book in front of Leora. Rayne steps back towards Caitlin, ready to attack incase. Carmen stands on the other side of the bed.

        Willow: Okay. Illyria, are you sure about this?

        Illyria nods.

        Leora: Wait? What?

        Tara: We need a sacrifice?

        Leora: But?

        Illyria: I got this one. It is my time to return the favor Leora.

        Leora nods.

        Illyria stands over the crystal. Closing her eyes. Cut to the Crimson Falls hospital, no sound, Liz holds onto Edan's hand.

        Leora/Tara/Willow: (VO) With this gift we call on the powers of the changing day.

        Cut to the streets of Crimson Falls. Dee/Chinue leads a pack of gods. Blood covers their hands, around them fire and destroyed buildings.

        Leora/Tara/Willow: (VO) We call you to aid in our troubles.

        Cut to the streets of Vancouver. A pack of gods fighting people.

        Leora/Tara/Willow: (VO) We call.

        Cut back to the hospital room. The lights are low, the only light is on Illyria, Leora, Tara and Willow.

        Willow: With this gift we ask for a trade. The life of one for an other.

        The crystal starts to glow.

        Tara: With this trade we ask you restore what has been broken.

        Leora: We ask to return the scale to before.

        The light grows stronger. As wind starts to blow around. The three hold each others hands, completing a circle.

        Leora/Tara/Willow: (screaming) We offer you this trade to bring back what was taken. Restore the balance and return to us the ones lost. We call to you. We call to you!

        The light swallows everyone and everything. Zoom up from the top of the hospital to in space looking at earth. The bright light devours it all. Even in space the light grows. Fade to white.

        Leora/Tara/Willow: (VO) We call to you!

        Fade in to the Crimson Falls hospital. Edan quickly jumps up. Cut to the streets of Crimson Falls, all the gods are now back to normal. Close up to Dee who holds her head and stands up, not sure what is going on everything around them is back to normal. Cut to the streets of Vancouver, the same as Crimson Falls. Everything is back to normal. Cut to Orrela falling to the ground, normal human. Blood stains her neck; Feora's feet only in view walk away. Blood dripping. Cut to Mrs. Sheer's room, Irine sits in a chair crying. Mrs. Sheer's dead body lies on the bed.

        Irine: This isn't happening?

        Kendal stands at the doorway. Unseen by Irine. A tear falls from Kendal's eye.

        Kendal: (quietly) Goodbye mother.

        Cut to the Vancouver hospital. Everyone lies on the ground, the crystal smashed. A naked female body lies across the pentagram. Her back to the screen. She slowly pulls herself up, her long brown hair drapes over her back.

        Girl: Wes?

        The girl slowly turns her head to the screen, her brown hair, with a streak of blue, covering some of her face, reveals to be Fred. Her lip quivers.

        Fred: Wesley?

        Cut to black. End episode.


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