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Raven Episode 3.06 "Joseph Greaves, Six Feet Deep"

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  • Raven Episode 3.06 "Joseph Greaves, Six Feet Deep"

    *Note* As of Spring 2007, Season 1 episodes will be recreated as "Raven Remastered" episodes. The entire original run of season 1 and 2 episodes as well as 3.6 will be redone to add to the quality of the series. The purpose is to make seasons 1 and 2 to the quality of seasons 3 and 4. Look in the index for the Remastered episodes. The originals are posted for comparison*

    Raven Episode 3.6
    "Joseph Greaves, Six Feet Deep"

    Open to: Michael in a dark ally, looking around the dark corners for other people. He pulls a tray out of his pocket onto the dumpster lid beside him. He then grabs a bag of white powder and puts some on the tray. He stumbles with putting the bag back into his pocket, eventually dropping it to the ground.

    Michael: Shit!

    Michael shakes his head and takes a straw from his pocket. He puts his nose to the straw and sniffs ups some of the powder, squinting his nose as it goes up. She puts the tray back in his pocket and throws the straw to the ground. He stumbles back into the wall just as the door beside him swings open, knocking him over. Galen walks through the doorway and sees Michael.

    Galen: There you are!

    Cut to: Michael's point of view, things are blurry and distorted, the lights and colours are blurred.

    Galen (Voice sounding distant): What are you doing on the street like that? Get up you idiot.

    Galen walks to Michael, Michael backs away as Galen grabs him and pulls him up. Everything rushes by with a blur on the way up. Michael leans into the wall.

    Cut to: Regular view once more. Galen shakes his head.

    Galen: You're high, aren't you?

    Michael stares at him, sweat beginning to roll down his head. Galen shakes his head. After a beat-

    Michael: Y-yes I'm high.

    Michael tries to stand straight, Galen shakes his head more.

    Galen: Well we have stuff to do. Come on!

    Michael: Wh-what?

    Galen: What do you think; I was speaking German or something? Come on!

    Galen grabs Michael and shoves him along in front of him, Michael stumbling as he walks.

    Cut to: Leora standing in a graveyard, a vampire growl comes from the right. Leora seems to be watching something, eyes fixed. Its Caitlin fighting a vampire. Caitlin gets knocked down and grunts. The vampire smiles and grits his teeth. Caitlin flings herself up and smiles, almost mocking the vampire. She holds out her hand and a small flash of light comes from it, but not enough to do anything. Caitlin looks at her hand in shock.

    Caitlin: What?

    The vampires looks at her in puzzlement.

    Vampire: A parlor trick?

    Caitlin: No! I'll kick your ass eventually!

    The vampire growls once more, Caitlin holds out bother her hands as he charges at her, minimal light comes from each. She screams as the vampire almost hits her. Suddenly a fireball engulfs the vampire, dusting it. Leora stands beside Caitlin and breathes in deeply.

    Leora: Control, you have none.

    Caitlin: What?

    Leora: I've come to the conclusion that you have to be in a certain state of mind in order to properly use these powers. You've been getting weaker as your excitement about them has been wearing off.

    Caitlin: So what, I have to drink a lot of expressos before I fight?

    Leora: I'm sure other moods bring it one too. Powerful ones; angry, depression, bliss. Control just seems to be our problem right now.

    Caitlin: You'll help me, right?

    Leora: I will? if I can.

    Caitlin smiles.

    Caitlin: We've got a long night ahead then!

    Cut to: Michael standing over a grave. He tosses some long bones right beside the headstone that reads "Joseph Greaves, 1987-2005, Beloved Son For Too Short A Time". Michael looks to Galen, leaning on a nearby tree.

    Michael: A-are you sure I can do this?

    Galen: The Greaves are paying good money to see their son again. You flanked on me last time due to drugs, you can't again.

    Michael turns back to the grave.

    Michael: Something might go wrong.

    Galen: In which you will have to fix it or I will bust your ass!

    Michael: Ok? ok.

    Galen: I don't care if you smoked all the weed in Vancouver, get your ass going!

    Michael sighs and takes out a knife. He winces as he slashes his right wrist, blood dripping immediately. He holds out his arm as he walks around the grave, blood dripping as he goes. He stops when he completes a rectangle around the newly places earth. He kneels down and closes his eyes, gripping onto one of the bones. Sweat pours down his forehead and he almost stumbles, probably from the drugs. A loud rumbling comes from the earth as it shakes. Michael opens his eyes in fear just before a spark of energy slams into him, sending him back. Galen becomes alert immediately, he helps Michael up slowly.

    Michael: I could feel it? evil? great evil!

    Galen: What?

    The earth shakes as a teen in a tuxedo crawls up to the top, he flings himself up fast. His face is going grey, his hair is long and stringy brown. He's very unrealistically skinny and tall. His eyes are dark and inhuman. He hisses as he jumps, really fast, onto Galen. Galen yells as Joseph sinks his teeth into Galen's shoulder.

    End Teaser.

    Theme Song: Butterflies and Hurricanes ? Muse

    Kate Beckinsale - Leora Byrne
    AJ Cook - Carmen White-Rayne
    Milla Jovovich - Feora Byrne
    Caitlin Wachs - Caitlin Smith
    Peter Krause - Galen Byrne
    Tygh Runyan - Michael Duran
    And Michael Vartan as Arthur Rayne

    Guest Starring:
    Teddy Dunn as Joseph Greaves

    Created by:
    Alexander Brown
    And Travis Truant-Simpson

    Produced by:
    Alexander Brown
    Andrew Sutherland
    Joe Sessumes
    And Travis Truant-Simpson

    Written by:
    Alexander Brown

    A fanfiction based off of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, created by Joss Whedon. ? Mutant Enemy, and 20th Century Fox. No profit is being made off of the original characters or concepts.

    All original characters ? Alexander Brown and Sacred Circle Productions.

    In Association with: SORCERESS OF CRIMSON FALLS created by Travis Truant-Simpson, BROKEN DESTINY created by Joe Sessumes and Alexander Brown, And LIGHT OF BEACONSFIELD created by Andrew Sutherland.

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    Act 1: Back to Joseph on Galen, Galen throws off Joseph and leaps up into action. He bashes Joseph in the jaw with his fist. Michael tries to elbow Joseph in the side, but misses due to his current condition. Joseph knocks him with his own elbow in the nose, sending Michael back into the tombstone that once laid above where Joseph was at peace. Michael stays on the ground, bloody nose as Galen gets smacked by Joseph in the chest. Joseph runs off towards town. Galen gets up and limps to Michael, furious.

    Galen: What the **** was that? They aren't supposed to be able to do that!

    Michael holds his nose as he gets up.

    Galen: What the hell did you bloody well do to him Michael?

    Michael: I raised him, just like you said I had to!

    Galen: Did you also throw in the part about the zombie of the dear Greave's boy was a super hero among his kind?

    Michael: I? I didn't-

    Galen: Shut up!

    Galen slams his fist into Michael's stomach, Michael doubles over in pain.

    Galen: You piece of shit! You can't even control a damn zombie!

    Michael: I (he stumbles with his words due to pain) I coul- I did

    Michael tries to catch his breath, blood still pouring out of his nose slowly.

    Galen: Do you have something to say? You're a ****ing waste of my time and money, you know that? A ****ing waste!

    Michael: I never meant to-

    Galen: No, of course you didn't. That's no excuse for getting high when you have a raising.

    Michael: I didn't know it would turn out this bad?

    Galen: And now I have to fix it! Just typical of the Michael and Galen relationship; You're a **** up, and I have to ****ing clean it up!

    Michael: Maybe I can reverse it somehow? or gain con-

    Galen: All I want you to do is stay the hell away from me and Joseph Greaves!

    Michael: But I can-

    Galen: Don't waste your breath, you jackass! I'm going to clean this up, you wait the **** here!

    Galen runs off, Michael still on the ground, still holding his nose. He begins to cry.

    Cut to: A highschool, text on the bottom reads Washington, 2 years ago. Students are sitting in a commons area outside at lunch tables. The students appear to be going by regular highschool teenager regulation of being loud, obnoxious and immature. At a table near the outer cement area towards a field is a group of teens, Michael sits on top the table, smile on his tanned face. He doesn't appear to be a mess in any way as he talks to his friends.

    Red-head Girl: So Michael, are you coming to Mindy's party this weekend? I heard it's going to be a total bomb! Like, everyone important will be there, and that would be you!

    Blonde Boy: I heard Mindy especially wanted you to be there. You should go bro!

    Blonde Girl: But Jenn already invited you to her party, Michael!

    Michael: Relax, theres enough of me to go around.

    Blonde Boy: That's right, party machine at work again!

    Michael stares at him.

    Michael: Stop talking.

    Blonde Boy: Sorry.

    The bell rings, Michael's friends all get up and begin to walk away.

    Blonde Girl: Ain't ya coming to class, Michael?

    Michael: And get good grades? What do you take me for?

    Red-head Girl: We'll tell Ms. Grundy you're sick.

    Michael: Thanks a bunch.

    His friends leave. His expression changes to regular Michael. A dark shadow is cast on the cement near the table Michael's sitting on.

    Michael: It's risky showing up here, ya know?

    Galen(Off Screen): There isn't really any room for you to have any control of the matter, Mr. Duran.

    Michael: Well, control is what I'm aiming to get out of this, isn't it.

    Galen takes a seat beside Michael.

    Galen: Do you have the money?

    Michael takes out a wad of bills and tosses it at Galen, Galen flips through it

    Michael: Millionaire like me has money coming out of his ass.

    Galen: Then why hire a cheap assassin to destroy your income?

    Michael: Like I said, I want control.

    Galen: So what am I dealing with here?

    Michael: A necromancer. Most powerful in the country.

    Galen: Shouldn't pose an issue for me.

    Michael: Unless you wind up dead.

    Galen stares at him.

    Michael: He could torture you for what would seem like eternity then.

    Galen: Magic always gave me the heeby geebies.

    Michael: Its in my bloodline.

    Galen: I have relations with magic too?

    Michael: Really. What are-

    Galen: You don't ask, I don't tell. Its part of the job. Which, by the way, has just increased in price.

    Michael: What? I don't have-

    Galen: We'll figure out an arrangement. Tonight, don't come home.

    Michael: Where should I stay?

    Galen: Right here. I'll come for you and we'll work out how much you owe me.

    Michael: What do you want me to do about it?

    Galen: Later kid.

    Galen walks off.

    Cut to: Leora and Caitlin walking together along a vacant street.

    Leora: Control is the most important part of any magical gift, Caitlin.

    Caitlin: And emotions are a teens worst enemy.

    Leora: You'll gain more control over time. For now you'll just have to stick with me.

    Caitlin stops walking and backs up a bit.

    Caitlin: Magic up ahead? moving fast.

    Leora: You can feel that too?

    Caitlin: Apparently so.

    Leora: Like the hairs on the back of your neck rising?

    Caitlin: Is what power feels like?

    Leora: Exactly.

    A scream is heard in an alleyway in front of Leora and Caitlin, they begin to run towards it, Leora's wings rip from her back. She grabs Caitlin's arm and pulls her up to the room of the building, the look downwards to see Joseph Greaves, bloodied mouth, face and hands, tearing apart the remains of a woman. Two slower, less competent zombies move from the shadows and begin to feed on the remains of her. Caitlin gulps and backs up, a look of disgust on her face. She runs to the edge of the roof and barfs down the side, Leora pulls her back so they go unnoticed.

    Leora: There's something peculiar about the younger zombie. Are you going to be ok?

    Caitlin: Yeah? I'll be fine.

    Leora grabs Caitlin again and they jump from the roof, Leora's wings expanding to allow them to glide down safely. Caitlin jumps off from Leora and lets out a yell as she puts her hands to her sides, they begin to glow powerfully. Joseph looks behind himself, eyes red.

    Joseph: Witch!

    His voice is low and inhumane. The two zombies beside him begin to move towards Caitlin. They pick up pace as if something has just hit them, something magical. Caitlin gasps and holds her hands in front of her face, her hands dim down. Just as the first of the zombies attacks Caitlin, Leora stabs it in the chest with a dagger.

    Leora: I would be the witch.

    The dagger begins to burn and catches on fire. Leora smiles and pulls it from the zombie, twirling the dagger around herself to create a few circles of flames. She shoves her hand forward and one of the rings hits the attacking zombie, but Joseph Greaves tackles her right away. Leora drops the dagger as Joseph bites into Leora's neck and pushes her down with his weight, Leora lets out a scream. Caitlin lights up and blares her power at the other zombie, incinerating it. She falls down from using her power, weakened almost instantly. Greaves, still on Leora, continues to push her down. Caitlin grabs for the dagger beside the two and stabs it into Greaves' neck. He backs off of Leora immediately and Caitlin helps her up. Greave grins evily at the two of them, and then runs off at an abnormal speed. Leora's wings retract back into her back.

    Caitlin: Are you-

    She falls down, weakened, but still conscious. Leora helps her walk back into the street.

    Cut to: Leora laying Caitlin down on the table of The Sacred Circle. She takes her now torn sweater and rests Caitlin's head on it. The door opens and Michael comes in. He looks stressed out and worried. Leora crosses her arms as he enters.

    Leora: The zombie that attacked us felt like you Michael. Care to explain why I have an eighteen year old girl on my table?

    Michael: It was Galen! He made me raise the zombie!

    Leora: Which isn't morally right, but I don't give a damn about that. I want to know what the hell went wrong!

    Michael: Well there was this dealer I get from every once in a while-

    Leora: Drugs? Drugs and magic? Michael!

    Michael: Well I didn't know what was going to happen! One minute happiness, next a bloody mouthed zombie was on me grabbing at my neck.

    Leora: You want sympathy?

    Michael: A bloody zombie Leora! - Bloody! And fierce! And evil!

    Leora: Maybe you had it coming!

    Michael: I raised him out of the kindness of my heart! So not karma that is appreciated!

    Leora shakes her head and calms down.

    Leora: Well we're alive, but your friend out there-

    Michael: Greaves, we call him Greaves.

    Leora: Whatever! Your friend "Greaves" is out there killing people as we speak.

    Michael: Galen is hunting him down. All should be well now that the all mighty bounty hunter is on it.

    Michael rolls his eyes and heads to the door.

    Leora: Where are you going?

    Michael: Out to see if I can do anything.

    Leora: I guess I'll come. I don't trust you with magic at the moment; and my cousin just may need our help.

    Leora and Michael leave Caitlin in The Sacred Circle.

    Cut to: Galen cornered against a wall, zombies crowding him.

    Galen: Now would be a good time, Leora?

    End act 1: Commercial break.


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      Act 2: Back to Michael in highschool, sitting at the table. Galen suddenly stumbles towards the table, blood and cuts all over him. He throws a large bag into Michael's lap.

      Galen: Two million; and if I turn into a zombie, you get it.

      Michael: You can't turn into zombie by being bitten by one?

      Galen: So you say! Your father raised a few and had them bite your butlers - they all turned into zombies!

      Michael: Well who said they were exactly alive in the first place?

      Galen's eyes widen.

      Galen: That's just wrong!

      Michael: Welcome to my world !

      Michael picks up the bag.

      Michael: So what's this?

      Galen: Your reward.

      Michael: Goodie! A gift!

      Michael opens the bag.

      Cut to black: A scream is heard.

      Fade back in to see the scream is a woman, getting ripped apart by zombies. Galen is currently slicing zombies around him with his sword, Leora is sending fireballs out in every direction she can; there are just too many! Michael stands behind Leora.

      Michael: I can't stop them, there are too many! And my power is drained!

      Galen: Well do something.

      Joseph steps up behind his zombie army.

      Joseph: Witch! You're back!

      Galen takes his sword and slashes at zombies on his way to Joseph, Joseph dodges his every blow and slams his face with his fist. He gives a deep, frightening laugh.

      Joseph: I am unstoppable!

      Leora grabs Michael's hand.

      Leora: Try now!

      Michael concentrates. The zombies around them all suddenly fall down, and Joseph falls to the ground, holding his chest in pain. Leora lets go.

      Leora: It's over, Greaves!

      Joseph springs up and runs off.

      Leora: Or not?

      Galen gets up, Leora walks next to him.

      Galen: Thanks there? had a little bit of a problem.

      Leora: I saw, I defeated. Where's my prize?

      Galen: Well I think I may know where he's headed.

      Leora: Goodie! Where?

      Galen: His families.

      Leora: Or not so good?

      Galen: Well it may get him to stop.

      Leora: We're not really ones to talk family?

      Galen: But this is different; Greaves came from a wealthy caring family.

      He glances at Michael and Leora.

      Galen: Sans magic and necromancy.

      Leora: Oh please! Necromancy is magic!

      Galen rolls his eyes.

      Leora(Under her breath): Amateur.

      Galen: Well still, the family seemed perfectly fine to me.

      Michael falls down to the ground behind them, tears coming from his eyes. Leora and Galen turn to see him.

      Galen: Oh great!

      Leora: Shut up!

      Michael: I? I killed them? all of them!

      Leora looks around and counts. She comes to Michael and puts her hand on his shoulder.

      Leora: There's only 19 of them! I mean Galen kills more a week!

      Galen shakes his head.

      Michael: I made a mistake!

      He lunges up, rain begins to poor down, thunder roars as a storm starts. View goes above Michael, Galen and Leora, all looking up.

      Michael: Father! I made a mistake!

      Flash of Galen taking the head off of a man, Michael's father. Black and white.

      Michael: I ****ed it up! I ****ed it up bad!

      Flash of Michael inserting a needle into his arm at a vein.

      Michael: But I will make it better! I swear on your grave that I will get my redemption!

      Leora and Galen kind of roll their eyes.

      Michael: These hands will see blood tonight! And then see it no more!

      Leora: Gone with the Wind moment?

      Galen: Oh yeah.

      Cut to: Michael confidently walking down the street, Leora and Galen on either side. They go slow motion, heavy metal music playing. Leora and Galen look at each other, Michael smiles, then trips on the curbside, falling on his ass.

      Cut to: Joseph Greaves in the middle of a living room, glass and blood everywhere, furniture rearranged. A blonde woman, supposedly his mother, is covering herself and shaking in the corner. A little girl, his sister, is watching from the stairwell the events going on. Two older men are dead on the floor.

      Joseph: Lucy, come downstairs.

      The little girl lets out a small squeak.

      Joseph: Please, Luc, I've done this all for you.

      Widowed Greaves: Joseph, please.

      She begins to cry, and can not longer talk.

      Joseph: Silence!

      Lucy edges her way down the stairs.

      Joseph: I only have a little time to do this, Lucy. Please come.

      Lucy looks at her mother, her father, and the other many - maybe an uncle.

      Joseph: Do you want me to kill her, Lucy?

      Lucy runs and clings to her brothers leg.

      Joseph: I thought so.

      The door breaks open. Galen tackles Joseph to the ground, he doesn't struggle. Lucy runs to the corner of her room opposite her mother. Leora and Michael come in holding hands, a purple energy flowing between the two of them.

      Michael: Goodbye Joseph Greaves, I release you from your calling!

      Lucy screams as Joseph's body begins to jerk.

      Leora: Release!

      Michael: The earth calls once more!

      Leora and Michael: May your spirit rest once more, Joseph Greaves.

      Purple energy fills the room. When things return to normal Joseph is lifeless. Lucy stands up to Michael and Leora.

      Leora: I'm sorry that we had to-

      Lucy: What did you do to him, you bitch?

      Leora stares in amazement, Galen snorts.

      Lucy: I wanted him to do it!

      Leora: Excuse me?

      Michael: What is going on?

      Widowed Greaves: Lucy, come back to your mother!

      Lucy: I don't think so!

      Leora: Why did you want?

      Leora gestures around the room at the dead corpses.

      Lucy: Figure it out yourself, dumb shit!

      Michael and Leora glance at each other.

      Lucy: You are dense! Money, duh!

      Michael: What?

      Lucy: Did you really think you raised my brother while under the influence of dope?

      Michael scratches his head.

      Lucy: I did it, numb nuts! So I could have him kill my family so I could get rich!

      Leora: And you cowering on the stairs was?

      Lucy: Staged! Of course!

      Widowed Greaves: Lucy Greaves? it hurts me to hear you say these things!

      Lucy: Shut up!

      Leora: Is she possessed? Is your daughter always like this, Miss Greaves?

      Lucy takes a deep breath.

      Lucy: Thanks for ruining my plans you -

      Cut to black. The screen stays black for several moments until it fades to Leora, looking straight at us, smiling, but distressed.

      Leora: Sorry about that back there? what was said did not need to reach your ears!

      She pauses.

      Leora: The moral of this story was drugs are bad? its that simple, my sweets. It leads to zombies and death and little possessed children.

      Shot of Lucy, being pulled away in a police car.

      Leora: Again I apologize for this event and?

      She freezes.

      Leora: Boy I'm camera shy!

      Leora runs off screen, fade to black.

      End Episode.


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