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Raven Episode 3.05 "Firefly"

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  • Raven Episode 3.05 "Firefly"

    Raven Episode 3.5

    Leora(Voiceover): Previously on RAVEN.

    Caitlin and Leora meeting at school.

    Leora: Caitlin Smith. One of my brightest students.

    Cut to: Caitlin's friend getting killed by a vampire.

    Leora: There are things you don't know, and probably don't want to know about the world around you.

    Caitlin: Teach me.

    Cut to: Leora showing Caitlin into The Sacred Circle for the first time.

    Leora: Welcome to The Sacred Circle. You now work here part time.

    Cut to: Caitlin storming out of The Sacred Circle helping Michael.

    Leora: Get him out of here!

    Caitlin: I can fight!

    Leora: Go!

    End recaps.

    Teaser: Caitlin is sitting in her room, tears rolling down her face. In front of her is a bunch of ripped up paper. Beside the papers is a binder that says: "English 12, Room 312, Ms. L. Byrne." The phone begins to ring. Caitlin picks it up, unenthusiastic.

    Caitlin: Hello?

    Leora: Caitlin, it's Leora. Please don't hang up! I have to talk to-

    Caitlin hangs the phone up.

    Caitlin's Mom (Off screen): Who was it?

    Caitlin: Wrong number!

    Caitlin's Mom (Off screen): Alright. I'm off to bed now!

    Caitlin: Night mom!

    Caitlin grabs her jacket, opens her window and climbs out.

    Cut to: The outside of Caitlin's house. Caitlin jumps to the ground, stake in hand.

    Cut to: Caitlin walking through the park, looking around for trouble.

    Cut to: A bush rustling in front of Caitlin, she holds her stake up ready to attack. She closes her eyes, getting sure of herself and then plunges. At that moment, Michael stumbles out of the bushes, beer bottle dropping as he alls to the ground, Caitlin stops herself before she plunges the stake into his heart. He gasps, and then begins to laugh hysterically.

    Michael: You actually almost dusted me!

    Caitlin rolls her eyes and continues on. Michael stands up and stumbles after her.

    Michael: Hey, what are you doing here without the freaky witch?

    Caitlin: I don't need her to kill things.

    Michael: Are you sure? I bet she wouldn't have tried to plunge a stake into my heart. But that's just my guess!

    Caitlin rolls her eyes and continues on.

    Michael: Hey! I totally get it. The two of us, we ain't fighters.

    Caitlin: Well I'm going to be.

    Michael: Not likely with the Byrne's around. They steal all the thunder away. And it's harder than you think, killing vampires.

    Caitlin: Come on, you don't need powers or superb fighting skills to shove a sliver into a measly muscle.

    Michael: Whoa! I'm a necromancer and I can hardly get one!

    Caitlin: That's because you're always drunk or high!

    Michael: Fair enough? I was just trying to help.

    Caitlin sighs.

    Caitlin: I know, I'm sorry. It's just, Leora always comes out the hero of everything. I was even her once and she still was victorious! I just want to try to do something heroic myself.

    She continues walking down the park.

    Caitlin: She makes killing vampires look so eas-

    Caitlin gets tackled. She screams and her stake flies aside. A vampire is on top of her, ready to kill. Michael springs up and grabs the stake. He moves in closer. The vampire knocks him away. Caitlin holds out her hands and screams as the vampires moves to sink it's teeth into her.

    Flash of a Japanese woman in a kimono, holding a fan in front of her face.

    Japanese Woman: Awaked holy child of light. Danger is here, you are needed.

    Cut back to Caitlin. Her hands begin to glow. She looks at them and holds them to the vampires face. The vampires face begins to burn, as if a cross was pushed up against it. She kicks him off of her and gets the stake. As the vampire is down, she stakes him. She looks at her hands, Michael gets up and looks at her oddly.

    Caitlin: Cool!

    End Teaser.

    Theme Song: Butterflies and Hurricanes ? Muse

    Kate Beckinsale - Leora Byrne
    AJ Cook - Carmen White-Rayne
    Milla Jovovich - Feora Byrne
    Caitlin Wachs - Caitlin Smith
    Peter Krause - Galen Byrne
    Tygh Runyan - Michael Duran
    And Michael Vartan as Arthur Rayne

    Special Guest Star:
    Alyson Hannigan as Willow Rosenberg

    Guest Starring:
    Komatsu Ayaka as Japanese Priestess

    Created by:
    Alexander Brown
    And Travis Truant-Simpson

    Produced by:
    Alexander Brown
    Andrew Sutherland
    Joe Sessumes
    And Travis Truant-Simpson

    Written by:
    Alexander Brown

    A fanfiction based off of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, created by Joss Whedon. ? Mutant Enemy, and 20th Century Fox. No profit is being made off of the original characters or concepts.

    All original characters ? Alexander Brown and Sacred Circle Productions.

    In Association with: SORCERESS OF CRIMSON FALLS created by Travis Truant-Simpson, BROKEN DESTINY created by Joe Sessumes and Alexander Brown, LIGHT OF BEACONSFIELD created by Andrew Sutherland and Alexander Brown, SHADYSIDE created by Thomas Wright, THE PYRE created by Andrew Sutherland, CAMP LAKEVIEW created by Jared Hiers, and MELLOWBROOK created by Alexander Brown.

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    Act 1: Leora sits in The Sacred Circle, looking around herself at a pile of crap left the from the battle the night before. She sighs and picks up a broom. She sweeps glass together. Caitlin flings the door open and runs in.

    Caitlin: Leora! Guess what!

    Leora turns around slowly. Caitlin looks around.

    Caitlin: Wow? I don't think Carmen will like what you did with the place.

    Leora: Hey Caitlin. I'm glad you're here. I'm really sorry about last night, I didn't mean to-

    Caitlin: No no no, it's fine. I completely understand! I mean it looks like a lot happened here and you were stressed. I have good news!

    Leora: I don't?

    Caitlin: Ok? you first!

    Leora: Tate is? dead.

    Caitlin freezes. Leora's voice becomes shaky and weak.

    Leora: He... he died because of Saffire.

    Caitlin: Saffire? why does he always have to muck things up this much?

    Leora: I killed Saffire? actually killed him.

    Caitlin: He deserved to die!

    Leora: Tate didn't, and that won't bring him back!

    Caitlin hugs Leora, Leora begins to cry.

    Caitlin: I'm sorry Leora, I'm really sorry.

    Leora: He didn't deserve this! He didn't deserve to die!

    Caitlin: I know? I know.

    Leora: We're alone now Caitlin. Carmen and Rayne are gone? and now Tate too! What are we going to do?

    Caitlin stands holding her role model in her arms. Leora cries for a minute, Caitlin looking around a little embarrassed. Leora steps back and wipes her eyes.

    Leora: I guess we'll-

    Leora can't finish her sentence, Caitlin jumps in.

    Caitlin: Have to deal with it?

    Leora: I'm? glad I have you with me. Someone I can rely on.

    Leora nods. She turns around and walks out of the store, leaving Caitlin with the rubble.

    Cut to: Feora flipping over a table in the bar. No one else in there but her. Feora begins to laugh as she smashes a chair against the wall. She falls down to the floor laughing hysterically. Eyes watering. Eventually she stops and slowly stands, yelling?

    Feora: **** you Death! Really, **** you!

    Feora starts to laugh lightly again. Death appears behind her.

    Death: Did you expect me to stand around and watch you mess with the plan?

    Feora turns around to see Death.

    Feora: Well divine intervention isn't very fair, is it?

    Death: Then you shouldn't have intervened.

    Feora smiles at her.

    Feora: Did that little Nemesis really out your panties in such a knot?

    Death: No, but I could do things to put yours in knots- very tight ones- without moving a muscle.

    Feora's expression changes to her usually gloomy and brooding self. She begins to yell at Death, Death not amused.

    Feora: Look! I only want one little favor! One little thing that would make me satisfied for the rest of eternity!

    Death: I'm sorry, I can't allow that.

    Feora: And why the hell not? I mean, what did Leora ever do to earn your respect anyways? She hasn't been the most heroic protagonist for your brothers little story, now has she?

    Death: I'm still sorry Feora, I can't allow you to do anything to her.

    Feora: Then why don't you just kill me right here and now? I'm going after her and you know it!

    Death stops and looks at her. Feora smiles sharply.

    Feora: Exactly. I'm part of the picture too, aren't I?

    Death turns away from her. Feora laughs once more.

    Feora: Oh how I love these twists! Not even The Endless themselves can stop me!

    Death snap turns quickly around, furious.

    Death: Get one thing straight, ok? And I want you to listen very carefully to me Feora.

    Death is close enough that the two are breathing on each other. Feora whispers out?

    Feora: What?

    Death: The future is already written out, waiting to be read. This meeting between us was foretold and nothing could have stopped it.

    Feora: Then you shouldn't have gotten so angry.

    Death: I'm giving you fair warning Feora, don't take it that far again!

    Death disappears. Feora growls at the place she disappeared.

    Cut to: Caitlin sitting on her bed, brochures and papers spread everywhere. She has one opened and is looking at it. A knock at the door grabs her attention. Caitlin's mother brings in another handful of brochures. Caitlin grunts a thank you and continues to read. Mrs. Smith watches her.

    Mrs. Smith: You know, SFU has a great arts program you can go to.

    Caitlin nods.

    Mrs. Smith: Your father and I met there.

    Caitlin: Yeah I know.

    Mrs. Smith: He was a year ahead of me? political science major. I was in-

    Caitlin: Poetry, yeah I know.

    Caitlin still doesn't look up from her paper. Mrs. Smith rolls her eyes and begins to walk out.

    Caitlin: Thanks, mum.

    Mrs. Smith turns and smiles.

    Mrs. Smith: You have the marks. Go where ever your marks take you.

    Mrs. Smith leaves. Caitlin puts her brochure away and grabs another. She sighs and tosses it against the wall.

    Michael (Off Screen): Aww, that was cute.

    Caitlin jumps. Michael snorts at her reaction.

    Caitlin: What the hell are you doing here?

    Michael: Snooping around and the like, why?

    Caitlin: Well its my room? my PRIVATE room? where no one should be entering!

    Michael: Yeah, uh huh.

    Michael swings his legs over the windowsill and comes in. He picks up a brochure and looks at it.

    Caitlin: Hey!

    Caitlin grabs it away from him.

    Michael: What? I was just looking!

    Caitlin: Yeah, well maybe I don't want you to! They are my brochures!

    Michael: Well maybe I can do what I want because I'm an adult.

    Caitlin looks at him funny.

    Caitlin: You really don't know how the legal system works, do you?

    Michael fiddles with something in his pocket.

    Michael: Hmm?

    Caitlin rolls her eyes and pushes Michael back a bit. She gives him a stern look.

    Caitlin: Get out!

    Michael gets out a cigarette and lights it.

    Caitlin: Out! Come on!

    Michael: Patrol with me.

    Caitlin: What?

    Mrs. Smith (Off Screen): Caitlin? Did you say something?

    Michael: Come on!

    Michael grabs Caitlin's hand. She grabs it back.

    Caitlin: Whatever happened to us two not being fighters?

    Michael shrugs.

    Michael: Certain circumstances change things.

    Caitlin: And you're taking me out because??

    Michael: I'm out of money?

    Caitlin: And that means??

    Michael: No money, no drugs, no booze, no fun.

    Caitlin rolls her eyes.

    Mrs. Smith (Off Screen): Caitlin?

    Caitlin (Yelling to her mother unenthusiastically): I'm going out, mum!

    End Act 1: Commercial Break


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      Act 2: Leora sitting in the Sacred Circle again, this time pulled together and looking more normal than before. The door opens, Galen comes in and sits across from Leora. She stares into his eyes as he looks at her, confused. The silence continues for a few minutes as Galen gets comfortable.

      Galen: Ok? why am I here?

      Leora: Tell me that.

      Galen: Huh?

      Leora: Why are you here?

      Galen looks at her funny.

      Galen: Well I was sitting in my apartment, trying to find cash, but the little bugger I baby-sit took it all when the phone rang. And it was you? and I'm here? now? in front of you.

      Leora stares at him.

      Galen: Looking you in the eye right now?

      Galen sighs and backs into his chair.

      Leora: You know what I mean.

      Galen: Do I?

      Leora: I think so.

      Galen: Well that's funny, you're never wrong? till now.

      Leora: No, I'm not wrong.

      Galen: Well, what is it then?

      Leora: You? what the hell are you here for?

      Galen sighs and shakes his head.

      Galen: We had this story, ok?

      Leora: No? I mean, why did you come here in the first place.

      Galen pauses. He unconfidently says

      Galen: To revisit family ties.

      Leora: Well the reunion ended. You are allowed to leave.

      Galen stands up.

      Leora: Feora is probably wondering the same thing. You said next you saw me I was dead.

      Galen: That's right.

      Leora: And?

      Galen: Things change.

      Leora: What about Feora, what about my sister?

      Galen: What about her?

      Leora: Isn't she supposed to be dead too?

      Galen scratches his neck.

      Leora: I think I've figured out what I had to.

      Galen: What?

      Leora: You haven't picked, have you?

      Galen: Good or evil?

      Leora: Exactly.

      Galen: I'm taking my time, weighing the options.

      Leora shifts uncomfortably in her chair.

      Leora: We both know something big is going to go down. It's fate you know. We can feel it.

      Galen nods.

      Leora: And you're not white like me, or black like her. No, you remain grey as ash. Light and harmless, but with implications of evil.

      Galen smiles.

      Galen: I'm guessing I know the next part of this conversation.

      Leora nods. Confident she has her answers. Galen stands up, gives a slight bow and walks out the door. Leora watches him leave and then returns to cleaning.

      Cut to: The park from last nights patrol. Michael has a sword out in front of him as Caitlin holds no weapon.

      Michael: I really hope those powers of yours are actually real? or else, you know, dead.

      Caitlin raises her eyebrow. Michael scratches his head.

      Michael: I was kind of? well high last night.

      Caitlin continues walking.

      Caitlin: I don't know why I came along with you!

      Michael: Because you're a hero?

      Caitlin scoffs.

      Caitlin: Ha! Sure! If you want one she's busy crying in a broken store! I think she was cleaning your blood or my urine off the floor from the other night!

      Cut to Leora scrubbing at the floor, pale of soap water beside her.

      Leora: Damn blood!

      Cut back to Caitlin and Michael.

      Michael: We're still alive aren't we? And we still fight don't we? That takes courage!

      Caitlin: Leora and the others fight! You get high!

      Michael: Well at least I'm there!

      Caitlin ignores him and continues to walk. She turns the corner and bumps into someone's large chest, she falls down.

      Caitlin: Oww! Sorry!

      Caitlin looks up. A vampire, and two behind him are smiling at her and Michael. She holds out her hands, they begin to glow, Michael covers her eyes.

      Caitlin: Get them!

      Cut to: Leora sits at the counter of The Sacred Circle, phone at her mouth. She dials a number.

      Cut to: Crimson Falls. The phone begins to ring in Willow's apartment. Willow picks it up.

      Willow: Hello?

      Split screen of Leora and Willow. Willow sits down and puts the phone on her shoulder as she clips her toenails.

      Leora: Willow?

      Willow: Hey! How is my favorite Canadian wiccan doing? All maple leafy green there still?

      Leora smiles a bit.

      Leora: Yeah? I guess it is.

      Willow frowns.

      Willow: Is something wrong?

      Leora struggles with her words. She looks stung and in pain.

      Willow: Leora?

      Leora: I'm here? I have something to ask you.

      Willow falls off the couch as she looses her balance. She drops the phone.

      Leora: Willow?

      Willow: Sorry, clipping my toe nails!

      Leora: Oh? I'll call back maybe?

      Willow: Go on, its fine. My podiatric well being can wait.

      She puts down the nail clipper and listens to Leora.

      Leora: Well? it's a really serious question.

      Willow: Ohh?

      Leora: I wanna know what you think about the world.

      Willow: Huh?

      Leora: Are we doing what we should, Willow?

      Willow: Well I don't believe in preset fate much, but-

      Leora: I know? its just I think I'm beginning to get damaged inside from this.

      Willow stops her.

      Willow: Just starting?

      Leora: What?

      Willow: The whole fight has been uphill since the day I met you.

      Leora: Well I'll agree we haven't had the greatest of experiences, but something has happened?

      Willow: What? what happened?

      Leora doesn't respond.

      Willow: Did someone else? die?

      Leora freezes. Her side of the screen fades to black. Willow stares forward for a few moments.

      Willow: Tate? The Roman?


      Willow: Oh? I'm sorry.

      Pause. Leora comes back into the picture, a few tears in her eyes.

      Leora: I'll be ok. I did my crying.

      Willow: I really don't know what to say?

      Leora: What do I do?

      Willow: I don't know?

      Leora: I mean, he's just gone! I'm without any support her and Feora could wipe me out in a pinch because of that!

      Willow doesn't respond yet.

      Leora: And Caitlin's acting weird, Galen always was weird. I can't sleep, can't work? can't do anything Willow!

      Willow's eyes brighten up.

      Willow: Take a break.

      Leora: A break?

      Willow: A vacation. You know, with beaches and hot chicks and? well, not so much for you.

      Leora gives a faint smile.

      Leora: Thanks Willow.

      Willow: Anytime.

      Leora: Are you sure I can take one? I mean, champion as of last year.

      Willow: Just do it, no one can stop you.

      Leora nods.

      Willow: Give my regards to the married couple.

      Leora: Will do.

      Willow: And sorry? again.

      Leora: I'm coping. Bye.

      Leora clicks the phone and looks around the shop.

      Cut to: Caitlin shooting a ball of light at a vampire, dusting him. She laughs. Behind her is Michael cowering in a corner holding his sword out. Caitlin turns to look at him as the last vampire begins to charge her.

      Caitlin: Come on you pussy!

      Caitlin holds both her arms out and light emits from both, the vampire begins to scream and holds his eyes as he dusts. Caitlin laughs again, Michael just looks at her.

      End act 2.


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        Act 3: Caitlin walks in the door of the Sacred Circle, Leora looks up from the till.

        Leora: Ohh? hi Caitlin.

        Leora meets Caitlin near the door.

        Leora: About yesterday, I'm sorry about that, I was just-

        Caitlin: Coping, I know. I'm glad I was some help.

        Leora: I'm very grateful.

        Caitlin glances around, a little on edge.

        Caitlin: So.. you wanna patrol?

        Leora sits down and shakes her head.

        Caitlin: Why not?

        Leora: Well? I've decided that I'd take a break.

        Caitlin: What, right when I get your *does air quotes* permission to go out with you on patrol? To fight beside you? You decided what, I wasn't good enough so you're take a break.

        Leora: No, nothing like that!

        Caitlin: Come on Leora, what are you afraid of? Its just some vampires!

        Leora: Well for one thing, I don't want you to die!

        Caitlin: Oh my god, you were lying earlier, weren't you?

        Leora: What?

        Caitlin: You don't think I'm good enough to fight by your side at all! I'm still a kid to you!

        Leora stands up, a little flustered.

        Leora: You ARE a kid!

        Caitlin: I'm old enough to be out on my own! To make my own choices!

        Leora: And you try to make ones that may kill you!

        Caitlin: Or could save the world! You make those choices too!

        Leora: And that's why I'm taking a break! I want out of it!

        Leora moves beyond Caitlin towards the door.

        Caitlin: You can rely on me.

        Leora stops.

        Caitlin: You said you could.

        Leora closes her eyes and clenches her fists.

        Caitlin: Your lies don't help anything, you coward!

        Leora storms out. Caitlin stands alone, once more in The Sacred Circle.

        Caitlin(Voice Over): Aren't you going to kill me?

        Cut to: Caitlin in the park once more, this time a stake in hand. A vampire opposite her. The vampire hisses at her and stands back, ready to run.

        Vampire: I saw what you did! I'm not stupid!

        Caitlin holds the stake up threateningly.

        Vampire: I'm not fooled by your stake little girl!

        Caitlin: Then why are you still here, dumbass?

        The vampire hisses once more.

        Caitlin: Is it that I have this?

        Pan down to show Caitlin holding a gagged Michael, neck cut open. He looks up at her and breathes heavily and panicked, as if trying to yell.

        Cut to: Feora in her office. She sits meditating on a mat on the floor, legs crossed.

        Cut to the white light, the Japanese priestess flashes on the screen as cherry blossoms fall.

        Cut to: Feora opening her eyes.

        Cut to: Leora packing her bag in her apartment. She freezes as a flash of light goes across the screen.

        Cut to: A flash of the Japanese priestess.

        Cut to: Split screen of Leora and Feora, both alert and speechless. In Feora's frame a vampire comes into the room.

        Vampire: You called mistress?

        Leora heads for the door.

        Feora: I sense purity? find it and kill it!

        Leora leaves her apartment.

        Cut to: Caitlin, holding Michael, she smiles evily. The vampire growls and lunges for Caitlin. Caitlin drops Michael who removes the gag and springs up, stake of his own in his hand. The vampire knocks Caitlin aside. Michael swings at the vampire, hitting him in the side of the face. Caitlin gets up and kicks the vampires leg from the bend, making the vampire fall down. She takes the stake and lunges it into the vampire. Caitlin smiles as the dust blows past her face. Three more vampires appear and Caitlin smiles wider, teeth gleaming brightly as she holds her hands out, light beam hitting the vampires, vaporizing.

        Cut to: Leora running up to the park. She sees the bright light hitting and killing the vampires. She readies herself for attack just as Caitlin emerges from the light, Michael following after, covering her eyes. Leora looks around, shocked.

        Leora: What did you do?

        Caitlin: Vaporized them it seems.

        Caitlin smiles at Leora. Leora looks down at her, a little confused.

        Caitlin: This is why I wanted you on patrol. By some stroke of luck I've been given a gift?

        Michael: Yeah, and I need sunglasses.

        Caitlin hits him on the shoulder, he moves back a bit.

        Caitlin: It's like I'm a flashlight!

        Leora: Do you know who gave this gift to you?

        Caitlin: I have no clue. I only know I heard a voice when it first awoke.

        Leora: A voice?

        Flash of the Japanese Priestess with a katana.

        Japanese Priestess(Voice Over): Awaked holy child of light. Danger is here, you are needed.

        Caitlin: She told me my power was needed, and that danger was near.

        Michael: I guess that much is obvious to everyone.

        Leora looks around with puzzlement.

        Leora: Why didn't your powers awaken last year? We could have used them then too!

        Caitlin: I do not know. I don't really care much either.

        Caitlin begins to walk away. She yawns widely.

        Caitlin: I'm tired. It's been a rough night.

        Leora watches her go.

        Caitlin: Don't worry about getting me home; I can care for myself.

        Cut to: Leora walking into the Sacred Circle the next morning. Caitlin is at the cash register, store all cleaned up. She smiles at Leora.

        Leora: Thanks for cleaning this up.

        Caitlin: Well I am a worker here, it's kind of my job.

        Leora smiles.

        Caitlin: Leora, I'm sorry for being a pain in the ass about everything.

        She walks from the register to Leora.

        Caitlin: I know you were only looking out for my well being.

        Leora: No, I should have listened. You can fight, Caitlin, and there is no reason I should keep you from the real dangers we face.

        Caitlin: Well I was irresponsible.

        Leora: I could have been training you before. These new powers didn't have to be the catalyst to your help around here.

        Caitlin: It's ok, I was in highschool last year anyways.

        Leora: Yeah? I guess so.

        Caitlin gives Leora a hug. She pulls away and smiles.

        Leora: So what do you want to do tonight?

        Caitlin: I don't know, I was thinking of exploring the caves.

        Leora and Caitlin turn and walk to the exit.

        Leora: With the chaos demons?

        Caitlin: Shadowers!

        Leora: Ooh! Perfect!

        Caitlin: Pick me up at eight?

        Leora: It's a date.

        Fade to Black.

        End Episode.


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