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  • Raven Episoe 3.04 "Nemesis"

    Episode 3.4

    Leora(Voice Over): Previously on RAVEN.

    Saffire rising after he is struck with the sword.

    Saffire: No! Don't take me!

    Cut to: Destiny's Garden.

    Tate: I have to stay here, with them! I want to help fight!

    Death: Very well, you may say with your "friends".

    Cut to: Rayne and Carmen kiss in their wedding.

    Cut to: Carmen, bags packed, talking to Leora.

    Carmen: We'll be gone for a month. I hope you can handle things without us.

    Leora: We'll try.

    Cut to: Death and Tate are in The Sacred Circle. A cloaked figure is standing beside Death.

    Tate: Lady Death?

    Death: I found her this morning, she is in your hands now.

    Angle: You can't see the cloaked figures face.

    Tate: Oh my god?.you!

    End Recaps.

    Teaser: Leora and Caitlin walk into The Sacred Circle.

    Leora: Well, now you know my whole history. A bit much don't you think?

    Caitlin: Naw? well yeah. But it's cool. All my parents do is get drunk in front of the TV and mate like animals while they think their room is sound proof. Pfft, I'll show them!

    Leora blinks at her with a "I don't want to know" face.

    Caitlin: Uhh? so! You know there's a law against knowing each other outside of school like this?

    Leora: Yeah, but I think our poor pay makes up for it.

    Caitlin: Fair enough.

    Tate(Off screen): Leora?

    Angle: Tate standing at the top of the stairwell, looking pale and tired.

    Leora: So I see you picked the lock again.

    Tate: Huh? Oh yeah?

    Caitlin: Is something wrong?

    Tate freezes.

    Leora: Tate?

    Tate: There's something I need to show you.

    Cut to: Carmen's bathroom, the cloaked figure is standing by the sink, washing blood off of her hands. Tate opens the door, the figure turns around. Leora and Caitlin follow in.

    Leora: Who is this?

    Tate: Leora? this is?

    The figure turns around and takes off her hood, she is revealed to be Serephina.

    Tate: My lover. Serephina.

    Caitlin: Wait, you mean the vampire slayer from like the beginning of time?

    Serephina: I? would be her.

    Caitlin: Aren't you dead?

    Tate: Death returned her to me.

    Caitlin smiles and nods.

    Caitlin: Cool.

    Leora: Well? why I she here?

    Tate: I don't know. But it doesn't matter! All that matters is if she's here, and safe.

    Tate hugs Serephina, she smiles. The two look very worried. Leora and Caitlin exchange concerned glances.

    Leora: I guess this means another member at Leora's bed and breakfast.

    Tate: I was hoping that we could stay here. Rayne and Carmen aren't here, I doubt they'd mine.

    Caitlin and Leora leave the room.

    Leora: Suit yourself.

    Caitlin: Remember to sterilize the bed first!

    Angle: Outside the bathroom window, across from the building three figures sit watching. Moving closer to them it is revealed to be Feora, a dark women with a Mohawk dressed in a leather vest and tight pants, and Saffire.

    Saffire: So my revenge begins.

    End Teaser.

    Theme Song: Butterflies and Hurricanes ? Muse.

    Kate Beckinsale - Leora Byrne
    AJ Cook - Carmen White-Rayne
    Ryan Phillipe - Tate
    Milla Jovovich - Feora Byrne
    Caitlin Wachs - Caitlin Smith
    Peter Krause - Galen Byrne
    Tygh Runyan - Michael Duran
    And Michael Vartan as Arthur Rayne

    Special Guest Stars:
    Teresa Cruz - Death
    And Wes Ramsey as Saffire

    Guest Starring:
    Sarah Boone - Serephina
    And Vivica Fox as Nemesis the Vengeance Goddess

    Created by:
    Alexander Brown
    And Travis Truant-Simpson

    Written by:
    Alexander Brown

    Executive Producers:
    Alexander Brown
    Joe Sessumes
    Andrew Sutherland
    And Travis Truant-Simpson

    A fanfiction based off of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, created by Joss Whedon. ? Mutant Enemy, and 20th Century Fox. No profit is being made off of the original characters or concepts.

    The character of Death from The Sandman Library is ? to Neil Gaiman. No money is being made off of this character.

    All original characters ? Alexander Brown and Sacred Circle Productions.

    In Association with: SORCERESS OF CRIMSON FALLS created by Travis Truant-Simpson, BROKEN DESTINY created by Joe Sessumes and Alexander Brown, SHADYSIDE created by Thomas Wright, THE PYRE created by Andrew Sutherland, CAMP LAKEVIEW created by Jared Hiers, and MELLOWBROOK created by Alexander Brown

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    Act 1: 6 hours ago, Feora's office within her club. A small blonde vampire dressed up like a nanny is standing in her office with her. Feora's flipping through a spell book. She slams the book on the floor and flips her desk over.

    Feora: Why isn't there any worth it vengeance spells in a vengeance spell book? Mimi, what am I going to do?

    Mimi: Well my lady, I wouldn't know. Why not call one of the vengeance fold?

    Feora: Dearest sister has pissed off the fold. D'Hoffryn won't have anything to do with me.

    Mimi: Well why not go above D'Hoffryn? He musn't be the only master of revenge.

    Feora stands up.

    Feora: Of course! To hurt an ancient warrior, I will need an ancient goddess!

    Feora picks up the spell book and flips to the first page.

    Feora: Nemesis, goddess of vengeance.

    Mimi has begun to dust the room. Feora reads from the book.

    Feora: Nemesis, goddess, I call upon you. I hath been scorned! Come to me and do my deed for me. Strike down my enemies and make them pay for their assault upon myself.

    The books pages begin to turn as wind flows from the book, blowing Feora's long, dark hair. Mimi gets blown by the book, she vamps out.

    Feora: Nemesis! My spell binds you to my request! Do not stop, until death fills the air!

    The wind stops. Feora looks around, nothing happens.

    Mimi: Well that was a-

    A sword impales Mimi. She falls down and a dark woman smiles.

    Nemesis: You have called child?

    Feora smiles.

    Nemesis: I assume she's meant to be the sacrifice.

    Mimi stands up.

    Mimi: Ok, now I'm pissed!

    Nemesis: A vampire?

    Nemesis swings her sword, Mimi gets dusted.

    Nemesis: Please, I prefer things that cry out during torture more. Next time, go with a mortal.

    Feora: I- I am sorry. I had no idea that the spell would even work? it is an old-

    Nemesis: I am not old! Kids like you these days just can't seem to appreciate the finer things in life. Think of me as wine!

    Feora: Better with age?

    Nemesis: Oh heavens no! Do you not pay attention?

    Feora: Uh-

    Nemesis: Please, something that lightens a party! We are going to have a good time!

    Feora: So you can do what I ask?

    Nemesis: Well, first you have to ask.

    Feora: Right? I guess gods aren't what they used to be. I thought you'd know.

    Nemesis: Hey! What did we just talk about?

    Nemesis sits up on Feora's desk, crossing her legs. She licks the blade of her blood stained sword.

    Feora: Anyways. My sister, can you kill her?

    Nemesis: What did she do to you?

    Feora: Uh? didn't die when I asked?

    Nemesis: What, no killing your lover, destroying your parents?

    Feora shakes her head.

    Nemesis: Did she at least eviscerate a pet?

    Feora: No? but I-

    Nemesis: I'm not to one who can help you then! Try a vengeance demon. They're all the rage these days it seems. They don't even check your track record! How can they possibly know what they're doing is right?

    Feora: The goddess of vengeance is a goody good?

    Nemesis: Oh heavens no! I wouldn't pretend to. I just know the laws. You don't want the endless after you, now do you?

    Feora: They already have a grudge against me.

    Nemesis: Huh? good luck!

    Nemesis turns to leave.

    Feora: Wait! Isn't there something you could do? At least knock down one of her pesky friends?

    Nemesis: If they hurt you in any way yeah. Did you even pay attention to the incantation you spoke to get me here?

    Feora: Well, they hurt my men!

    Nemesis: Were your pesky minions trying to murder them?

    Feora: Well- yeah?

    Nemesis: Hmm, maybe I should talk to them about revenge.

    Feora: Please wait! There must be something you can do!

    Nemesis thinks for a minute.

    Nemesis: Your friends have a warrior with them, no?

    Feora: Old and Roman, yeah? why?

    Nemesis snaps her fingers. Saffire appears beside her.

    Nemesis: I bargained for him. He's now my nanny.

    Feora laughs.

    Feora: The great Saffire, turned into a mere house maid?

    Saffire: I prefer household manager.

    Feora: How can he help?

    Saffire: Byrne sister, right?

    Feora: Yeah?

    Saffire: I have a deep loathing of the warrior she is with.

    Nemesis: His wish I can grant.

    Feora smiles.

    Feora: What do you want out of it?

    Saffire: The satisfaction of knowing he's dead.

    Cut to: Leora and Tate sitting in the front room of The Sacred Circle. Serephina is sitting alone at the side of the room, looking out.

    Serephina: It's changed? it's changed so much this world.

    Tate: They have things called cars now!

    Serephina: Cars?

    A car passes by.

    Tate: See?

    Serephina: They emit some form of toxin!

    Leora: Wow! She's a Green Peace member already!

    Tate looks at her.

    Leora: Think horses, only not living and bad for the environment!

    Serephina comes towards them.

    Serephina: This world. We are not meant for it, my love.

    Tate: We make due with the situation at hand.

    Caitlin enters The Sacred Circle.

    Caitlin: Good morning. I see the actual worker at this store is the only one not in it.

    Caitlin outs her purse down at the counter and opens the cash register. Leora goes over to her.

    Leora(Whispering): You aren't missing much.

    Caitlin(Whispering): They don't seem too luby duby? you think something might be-

    Leora(Whispering): Wrong? I just don't think they had flirting or romance in their time.

    She ponders this.

    Leora(Whispering): Or maybe they do? and this is code for screwing here and now.

    Serephina gives Tate a light kiss. He grabs her hand and they go upstairs. Leora just shakes her head.

    Caitlin: Yup, something is defiantly wrong.

    Cut to: Feora, Saffire and Nemesis. They stand around Feora's desk, a large pentagram mat in the centre of the desk.

    Saffire: The soul of his loved one was acquired when I slaughtered her years ago.

    Feora: Your first attempt at destroying the world?

    Saffire looks at her, confused at how she knows.

    Feora: Come on, you think your reputation doesn't go unknown to me? There is a whole book about you!

    Saffire: Really?

    Feora shakes her head.

    Feora: You're a bastard. I kind of like you.

    Nemesis clears her throat.

    Nemesis: Children please, to summer her back and make it believable we'll need less flirting and more magic.

    Feora and Saffire hold their hands out. Nemesis takes put her sword and slashes across both of their hands. She holds our a vase and collects blood with it. Saffire reaches within his pocket and pulls out an orb. He puts it inside the vase. Nemesis smiles, revealing a mouth full of pointed teeth. She snaps her finger, and the vase disappears.

    Nemesis: It will take form, and be delivered at Death's door.

    She laughs.

    Saffire: Phase one is complete. Tomorrow, bloodshed!

    End Act 1: Commercial break.


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      Act 2: Dark, nothingness. Serephina is lying down on whatever ground that cannot be seen. Death begins to walk around, whistling. She trips over Serephina.

      Death: Hey! What?

      Serephina gets up.

      Death: Didn't I already deliver you?

      Serephina: I? umm? I don't know!

      Death: Well that's not terribly useful now is it?

      Serephina: I'm sorry, I don't know where I am!

      Death: I'll tell you where you are! You're in between realms, you are. This is how I get everywhere to deliver the dead.

      Serephina: But I have returned somehow? Where do I go?

      Death ponders this. She looks Serephina up and down.

      Death: I don't understand why you'd get out of? where did I place you?

      Serephina: Hell.

      Death: Right, hell. Did you piss off Lucifer? He has it out for my brother; bad temper!

      Serephina: I cannot recall hell.

      Death mumbles to herself.

      Death: Well, where do you want to go then?

      Serephina blinks at her.

      Serephina: I get a say in this?

      Death: Always have!

      Serephina: Can I go back home?

      Death blinks at her again.

      Death: Well seeing as you came back somehow, why not.

      Death snaps her fingers and they appear in The Sacred Circle. Serephina looks around her, battle ready.

      Serephina: What is this place? It is not home!

      Death: Actually hun, it is. You've been dead a long time.

      The door opens, Tate enters.

      Cut to: Leora and Caitlin in the Sacred Circle at the cash register. Leora's polishing an axe as Caitlin is counting money and looking at receipts.

      Caitlin: I don't get it!

      Leora looks up.

      Leora: How they make money?

      Caitlin: Yeah? I mean they don't sell much!

      Leora: I've developed a theory about an underground diamond mine that involved squirrels.

      Caitlin looks at her with a "What the hell" expression.

      Leora: Carmen and I used to get drunk here before she met Rayne?

      Caitlin: That explains the occasional smell of alcohol and the messed up hair at school.

      Leora: Hey!

      Caitlin: Just saying!

      Leora goes back to her axe grumpily.

      Caitlin: The wedding was beautiful.

      Leora: Tell that to my dress.

      Caitlin: Well you know your dress was that ugly so Carmen would look prettier!

      Leora: Still? I'd much rather have worn a suit.

      Caitlin: Rayne's was really good on him.

      Leora: Carmen is a lucky girl.

      Cut to: Rayne and Carmen in a hotel lobby.

      Carmen: What do you mean they got our reservation wrong!

      Rayne: The manager says he can set us up with a room and he'll half the price.

      Carmen: So we get half the room size than we ordered?

      Rayne: We could go somewhere else-

      Carmen: We don't have reservations anywhere else! At least you called ahead and we got this room?

      Rayne looks away from her and coughs.

      Carmen: You did not! ARTHUR!

      Cut to: Leora and Caitlin.

      Caitlin: I bet they're having such a good time. Mexico is great for honeymoons.

      Cut to: Rayne and Carmen's bedroom. Tate pushes Serephina onto the bed, lips locked on each other. Serephina unbuttons Tate's shirt, showing lots of scars from battles long passed. Tate removes her robe. She flips him around under her and unzips his pants; she moves up and down him, sweating and breathing loudly. He moans. She moves down and kisses him again. She giggles and moves her head down in between Tate's legs.

      Cut to: Leora and Caitlin. Tate's loud moaning can be heard from upstairs.

      Caitlin: I thought you told Carmen to soundproof the room.

      Leora: I did?.

      A glass crashes from behind a book case. Leora and Caitlin look over immediately.

      Caitlin: What's over there?

      Leora: The back exit.

      Leora grabs the axe and moves to the shelf slowly. Shuffling noises are heard from around the corner. Leora puts her hand on the side of the book shelf and swings herself into the aisle, yelling and holding her axe, ready to attack. Michael falls backwards into Galen.

      Michael: Hey!

      Galen pushes Michael up.

      Leora: What are you two up to?

      Galen holds up a book.

      Galen: We need to look up necromancy.

      Leora: So you decided to what, steal the book?

      Michael and Galen look at each other and nod.

      Michael: Yeah.

      Galen: Pretty much.

      Leora: You're lucky I'm related to you.

      Michael: I'm not related to you.

      Leora: You're lucky you're pathetic.

      Michael pushes past her and sits down at the table.

      Caitlin: Didn't we just see them yesterday?

      Galen: What, you don't like us?

      Caitlin: Whatever.

      Caitlin goes back to counting money. Michael watches her do this task as though nothing else matters. Caitlin notices, she puts the money away.

      Caitlin(Muttering): Freak.

      Leora: Why do you need a book on necromancy?

      Galen: Michael's a necromancer, remember?

      Leora: Oh.

      She looks at Michael, he meets her gaze and looks away sharply at the book.

      Michael: D-don't look at me like that.

      Leora: You must have a lot of power. Reanimation is difficult.

      Galen: He can hardly hold a corpse together! That's why we need to book.

      Leora: Why do you need to reanimate corpses?

      Galen: Because we can.

      Leora looks at him.

      Galen: Alright! Alright? I want him to resurrect an old client. He never paid his bill.

      Leora: It's always about money, isn't it.

      Galen: Buys me happiness! And toys too!

      Galen pulls out a thin, long, curved blade.

      Leora: Ohh shiny!

      She grabs it from him and looks at it. Tate and Serephina, both with messed up hair come downstairs.

      Caitlin: Hey! You should try to be a bit quieter, some of us have virgin ears at least!

      Serephina blushes. Tate turns away from her and crosses his arms.

      Leora: Hey, welcome back.

      She gives him a wide smile.

      Tate: Shut up.

      Leora laughs. Theres a knock at the door. Everyone looks.

      Leora: Couldn't be a customer, its way too late for shoppers in this part of town.

      Caitlin: Maybe someone's in trouble?

      Michael springs up.

      Michael: I'll get it!

      Michael runs, opens the door. A sword lunges into his side, he screams.

      Leora: Michael!

      The sword gets pulled out of Michael.

      Leora: What? It can't be!

      Tate: You!

      Saffire steps into the room slowly, satisfied with what he's done.

      Saffire: I have returned to finish a job.

      Tate looks shocked.

      End Act 2: Commercial break.


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        Act 3: The Sacred Circle. Saffire stands opposite everyone.

        Leora: I thought we killed you.

        Saffire: Oh you did.

        Tate: How? how are you here?

        Saffire: Same way your girlfriend is moron. Death isn't the end of existence.

        Galen: I take it is someone you don't exactly click with?

        Michael is moaning on the ground in pain.

        Leora: Step away from him!

        Saffire: Make me!

        Tate: You are greatly outnumbered.

        Saffire: A witch and a warrior stand in my way. That is hardly out numbered.

        Tate: And a slayer.

        Saffire: I don't think so.

        Serephina punches Tate, he flies into the a book case, making it fall over.

        Leora: I knew it!

        The windows explode, glass flying everywhere. Caitlin ducks behind the counter, Leora's wings rip out of her and wrap around her as protection. Nemesis walks through the window. Stepping on glass as she does.

        Nemesis: Well isn't this is a nice little party!

        Leora: Nemesis! Goddess of vengeance.

        Nemesis: That would be right child! Do not forget it!

        Galen charges Nemesis, stabbing her. She falls over, blade sticking out of her.

        Galen: Hardly a goddess.

        Nemesis stands up and yanks the blade out. She knocks Galen into the wall, he falls over unconscious.

        Nemesis: Saffire, I am bored. Finish them!

        Nemesis disappears.

        Serephina picks Tate up by the neck, he kicks at her, she lets go of him.

        Serephina: Sorry love.

        She kicks him into a shelf, things fall off and break. Tate's back gets glass stuck in it all over.

        Saffire and Leora stare into each others eyes.

        Saffire: Same song and dance, witch? You spell me, I surprise you?

        Leora: That would hardly be a surprise then, wouldn't it.

        Saffire: I guess so.

        Leora I think this time I'll just hack you to bits!

        Leora grabs her axe and slams Saffire's face with the flat part. Saffire steps back, holding his face. Leora swings the axe above her head, ready to strike. Saffire kicks her stomach. She flies back, sliding on the glass on the ground, her wings bloody. Leora springs up and sends a fireball at Saffire, he falls over. Caitlin and Leora run to Michael, helping him up.

        Caitlin: Are you ok?

        Michael(Weakly): I'm going to die aren't I?

        Leora checks his wound.

        Leora: It isn't deep.

        Caitlin: Does he need an ambulance?

        Saffire stands up.

        Leora: Yes. Get him out of here!

        Caitlin: I can fight!

        Leora: Go!

        Caitlin: But I can-

        Leora: Get out!

        Caitlin: I'm not a kid!

        Leora: Caitlin please!

        Caitlin grabs Michael and storms out.

        Saffire: That hurt. I'll pay you back for that!

        Saffire takes a jar and throws it at Leora, she dodges it easily.

        Leora: That was it? That was how you paid me back?

        The jar explodes sending Leora flying and breaking many things in the shop and causing a small, not spreading fire where the jar landed. Leora's wings go back in her back, she yells, pausing. Serephina sends Tate into the wall with a mid kick. She stands right beside Saffire, they look at Tate with evil smiles. With blood on his face and his right eye closed he struggles up.

        Serephina: Lover, I'm sorry. But it is time.

        Saffire: Warrior, you failed.

        Tate: I? I can't? no?

        Saffire takes out a saber from its scabbard. He hands it to Serephina, handle out. She grabs it and smiles. Leora stands up, fear in her eyes. Serephina screams as she lunges forward, sword pointed at Tate. Tate stands in shock, unable to move. Serephina doesn't stop. She stabs Tate, he falls over. She stands up, a large piece of wood sticking out of her heart. She looks at Tate.

        Serephina: Lover? You killed me.

        Serephina falls on top of Tate. Saffire turns around, smiling. His vengeance is final. Leora looks beside her, Galen's blade is sitting beside her. She picks it up.

        Leora: Saffire! You and I have unfinished business!

        Saffire smiles and laughs. He turns to her, flipping his cape.

        Saffire: My blood vengeance is final. I have gotten what I have come to do. You should not pick a fight that you do not need to fight.

        Leora glares at him, hatred in her eyes. A tear falls from her eyes and hits for blood.

        Saffire: Poor witch; I seem to kill all your friends. Saffire, Katana, that small boy you sent out.

        Cut to: Caitlin helping Michael onto a park bench. He looks up at her. She pulls his shirt up, his wound is minimal and not deep. He winces as she touches it.

        Caitlin: Stop being a baby! It's hardly a scratch!

        Michael: I feel like I'm going to die!

        Caitlin: Well you aren't! Do you want me to take you to the hospit-

        Michael: No!

        Caitlin: Why?

        Michael avoids eye contact from her. His breathing becomes normal and he sits up. She stares at him.

        Caitlin: You lied! You just didn't want to fight!

        Michael: It saved both our lives!

        Caitlin: Am I supposed to be greatful?

        Michael: I saved you!

        Caitlin slaps him.

        Caitlin: I do not need saving!

        She runs off, leaving him laughing on his own.

        Michael: We'll see about that!

        Cut to: Leora and Saffire, exchanging glares.

        Leora: You will be stopped immediately! You've cost us more than I'm willing to let stand!

        Saffire: Ha! You sound like a slayer!

        He motions to Serephina's corpse lying on top of Tate.

        Saffire: We have one of them in the room already!

        Leora looks grimly down. She paused for a moment and looks back at Saffire.

        Leora: Why did you return?

        Saffire: Slow aren't you? Nemesis was hired by someone to kill you. Someone you know very well.

        Leora(Whispering): Feora.

        Saffire: That's right! But of course that bitch couldn't have vengeance on you, you did nothing to her. So what happens?

        Leora: They bring you in.

        Saffire: That's right munchkin, now if you'll excuse me. My job is done.

        Saffire turns to leave. Leora holds the blade up. He smiles.

        Saffire(Without turning): You couldn't if you wanted to.

        Leora floats the blade up and makes it fly into Saffire. He yells in pain as it pins him into the wall.

        Leora: Try me!

        Leora grabs a mace from the countertop and walks to Saffire slowly, hate in her eyes.

        Saffire: No! Please? please don't!

        Leora: You always beg that way? right before we kill you!

        Leora bashes his head with the mace. His head springs back up, a bruise on his forehead. She swings it again, in his jaw. Again at his teeth, knocking the front two out. Begins to cry as she whacks at him over and over again. Yelling and sobbing at the same time. Galen gets up slowly, he watches his cousin bash Saffire. Saffire's body is limp on the wall, Leora removes the blade and he falls down. She grabs the sword. Saffire looks up at her, very weak and unable to move. She takes the sword and thrusts it into his neck. A gargle sound is all that he can make as he dies. She drops her weapons and gets on her knees, sobbing into her hands. Hair covering her face. Galen stands behind her, looking solemnly down.

        Galen: Leora. I'm? sor-

        Nemesis appears in front of Leora. She looks around her at the carnage, and at Tate and Serephina.

        Nemesis: Ohh this is very good! I didn't know he had it in him!

        She looks around at Saffire. She gasps and then looks at Leora.

        Nemesis: Witch! What have you done?

        Leora ignores her.

        Nemesis: Tell me! You have killed my housekeeper!

        Galen grabs Leora's shoulder, trying to pull her back. She uses her arm to pus him away and continues to cry.

        Nemesis: This behaviour is inexcusable! I will-

        Death(Off Screen): Stop immediately.

        Nemesis gasps. Death is standing at the door, looking extremely pissed off.

        Death: You are a goddess!

        Nemesis: I was in my own right, Endless!

        Death: I don't think you were!

        Nemesis: But I was just? just helping a-

        Death: Cold blooded killed get what he wanted. You knew very well we did not want the warrior harmed!

        Death moves closer to Nemesis, slowly step by step.

        Death: And now you will pay!

        Nemesis trips over Saffire's body as she moves. She begins to yell and holds her hands out to cover herself. Death comes, slowly at her. Death holds out her ankh, white light blares the room.

        Whiteout: A loud scream belonging to Nemesis rings loudly. Leora is suddenly in the light, on the ground asleep. She gets up slowly to her feet. Death stands across from her.

        Death: You have endured enough. I will rid these bodies from here. You shouldn't have to be burdened with them anymore.

        Leora: But Tate! He's-

        Leora's interrupted by Tate's laughter. Behind Death Tate and Serephina are hugging each other.

        Tate: Is? is this the real you?

        Serephina: At last, it is!

        Death: He's where he wants to be.

        Serephina walks off. Tate walks behind her. He glances around and waves at Leora, smile on his face. Leora begins to cry again.

        Tate: Do not weep for my Leora. It is passed my time. Please. Be happy? for me.

        And he is gone. Leaving Death and Leora looking at each other again. Death turns around and walks after them.

        Death: An unexpected twist in the road has happened. This leaves a whole new path ahead of you. You may not know it now, but soon you shall see. Soon you shall all see.

        Leora: What?

        Death leaves, fading into the light.

        Whiteout again. Fading back in shows Leora standing in The Sacred Circle, broom in her hand. The sun is out and people can be heard outside. Sad music begins to play softly as Leora cleans the ruins in The Sacred Circle. Caitlin walks into the shop and looks at Leora. Leora looks at her silently.

        Caitlin: What? what happened?

        Leora doesn't answer her.

        Caitlin: Carmen will flip!

        Cut to: Carmen and Rayne in a cheap hotel room making out on the bed. Carmen pushes Rayne away suddenly and goes for the phone. Rayne stops her and puts his hand on hers as she begins to lift up the receiver.

        Rayne: No no no! Not in the middle of our honeymoon!

        He kisses her, she pushes him away.

        Carmen: I can feel something! Something's wrong at the shop!

        Rayne: Leora can handle it.

        Carmen looks at him.

        Rayne: Please?

        Carmen: Alright, alright! Fine! I'll leave it up to her!

        Cut to: Leora looking into Caitlin's eyes.

        Caitlin: He what?

        Leora: He? he died?

        Caitlin just stares at her, tears come to her eyes.

        Caitlin: I should have been here!

        Leora: No! It would have made no difference!

        Caitlin: I can fight! You know I can!

        Leora: You're a kid! I can't risk-

        Caitlin runs out.

        Leora: Caitlin!

        She begins to cry again.

        Tate(Off screen): Please don't cry. I'm where I should be.

        Leora sits down at the table. She moves debris off of the table top and rests her head down, crying.

        Tate(Off Screen): The fight will go on, with our without me.

        Leora pulls herself together and stops.

        Leora(To self): Ok Leora, step by step.

        Tate(Off Screen): Beat them for me Leora. Beat them!

        Leora stands up.

        Leora(To self, clenching her fists): I will Tate, I will!

        Fade to white. A last shot of Tate turning and walking away.

        End episode.


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