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Raven Episode 3.03 "Byrne"

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  • Raven Episode 3.03 "Byrne"

    Episode 3.3

    Teaser: The exterior of a church, wedding bells ringing as Rayne and Carmen burst through the doors into the sunny day. Behind them guests follow after, taking pictures and clapping for joy. In the front of the crowd is Leora, she watches as her best friends ride away smiling, in love. She begins to cry, smile on her face. Caitlin stands beside her and puts her hand on Leora's shoulder.

    Caitlin(Off screen as we get a shot of Leora's face): I guess it's just us for a while?

    Flashback: The Byrne house. Teenaged Leora and Feora are sitting down at the kitchen table. Subtitles read: Burnaby, 1989, Byrne residence. Leora is doing school work as Feora has a book open called "Dark Love Spells for Young Witches". Feora starts to laugh, Leora glances over, annoyed.

    Leora: Fe, could you please stop it? I'm trying to study!

    Feora grins at her.

    Feora: You've already got your future planned out, why the hell do you need to do good on one more miserable math test?

    Leora: Why do you have to read that fake magic junk?

    Feora begins to laugh hysterically.

    Feora: It's a joke to see how these little impersonators think the Dark Arts can be used for love. I mean is your stereotypical little wrist slashing, anti-christ goth girl going to want love through the Dark Arts? Don't make me laugh!

    Leora: You shouldn't be reading anything to do with the Dark Arts, and you know that!

    Feora: What? You think mom and dad really care?

    Leora: No, but I do!

    Feora laughs again, slapping her hand on the table.

    Feora: My god big sis, you're so concerned that I'm going to turn out to be some evil black eyed tramp! It's pathetic! Isn't that right? Galen?

    Pan around to show a dark haired skinny boy about eighteen years old. His hair is curly and greasy, and he has clearing up acne. Galen glances up at Feora, and then back down to the paper in front of him.

    Leora*Whisper*: Feora, he just got here. Don't bug him! He's? he's been through a lot!

    Feora*To Leora*: Oh come on Leora! We don't want him to make him feel left out, do we?

    Feora stands up.

    Feora: Hey! Cuz! What are you reading?

    Leora pulls on Feora's sleeve, Feora slaps her hand away. Galen looks up from his paper.

    Galen: No- nothing. Just mom and d-dads will? I have to know the terms.

    He sulks his head down.

    Feora: Cool! Are you going to be rich?

    Leora: Feora!

    Leora stands up.

    Leora: Stop it! He's going through a rough time! Leave him alone! He doesn't want to be here as it is!

    Galen looks away.

    Feora:*To Leora* Oh shut up! *Back to Galen* Well? Your parents were loaded; what do you get?

    Leora slaps her forehead.

    Galen gets up and begins to walk away.

    Feora: Come on! What did I do?

    Leora: What didn't you do Fe?

    Feora: Leave me alone Leora! I'm trying to make him feel welcome!

    Feora goes to stop him, Leora grabs her arm.

    Leora: Stop it!

    Galen leaves. Feora slaps Leora's cheek, a small flash goes off on impact. Leora backs off and looks in the mirror, she has a burn now on her cheek. Feora storms off, nose in the air. Laughter is heard by both a man and a woman as Leora takes her hand away from her face.

    Cut to: Current time, Leora and Galen are laughing at Leora's apartment. Michael is staring up at them, not laughing at the joke just presented.

    Leora:*Still laughing* And then the time that Feora crushed our dog with the car and blamed it on robbers? That was great!

    Galen stops laughing and coughs. Leora stops too and looks down.

    Leora: If you're sadistic and hate animals that is.

    Galen smiles.

    Galen: Well you know, I never thought I'd ever see you again after the last family reunion.

    Leora just looks at him.

    Galen: What? Am I not supposed to bring that up? It's part of your past Leora, you can't just let it go by.

    Leora: No? it's not that. It's just? tomorrow is the anniversary?

    Galen: Ohh. Is it really?

    Michael: Anniversary? For what?

    Leora: Tomorrow, Michael, as you don't know. Is the day my parents died.

    Michael: Ohh? well my dads dead too so it isn't that-

    Leora: It's also the day that has caused my life to change considerably. To the point where it may cause my own death. For that day, was when my sister; your old work associate, turned evil.

    Lighting flashes.

    End Teaser:

    Theme Song: Butterflies and Hurricanes ? Muse

    Kate Beckinsale - Leora Byrne
    AJ Cook - Carmen White-Rayne
    Ryan Phillipe - Tate
    Milla Jovovich - Feora Byrne
    Caitlin Wachs - Caitlin Smith
    Peter Krause - Galen Byrne
    Tygh Runyan - Michael Duran
    And Michael Vartan as Arthur Rayne

    Special Guest Starring:
    Teresa Cruz - Death
    Andy Umberger - D'Hoffryn
    Kali Rocha - Halfrek
    And Emma Caulfield as Anyanka

    Guest Starring:
    Aaron Webbs - Mr. Byrne
    Renee O'Conner - Mrs. Byrne

    Created by:
    Alexander Brown
    And Travis Truant-Simpson

    Written by:
    Alexander Brown

    Executive Producers:
    Alexander Brown
    Joe Sessumes
    Andrew Sutherland
    And Travis Truant-Simpson

    A fanfiction based off of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, created by Joss Whedon. ? Mutant Enemy, and 20th Century Fox. No profit is being made off of the original characters or concepts.

    The character of Death from The Sandman Library is ? to Neil Gaiman. No money is being made off of this character.

    All original characters ? Alexander Brown and Sacred Circle Productions.

    In Association with: SORCERESS OF CRIMSON FALLS created by Travis Truant-Simpson, BROKEN DESTINY created by Joe Sessumes and Alexander Brown, SHADYSIDE created by Thomas Wright, THE PYRE created by Andrew Sutherland, CAMP LAKEVIEW created by Jared Hiers, and MELLOWBROOK created by Alexander Brown.

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    Act 1: Leora sits in her classroom, students sitting in the desks writing a test. Leora's scribbling in a notebook that has the label "Report Cards" on it. The bell rings, Leora stands up.

    Leora: Ok, all tests to the front of the room, no talking. Have a nice day!

    A girl comes up to Leora.

    Girl: Umm, Ms. Byrne? I'm having trouble in class and was wondering-

    Leora: What, you think I don't have a life? If you're having problems in this class then bother somebody else!

    The girl just stands there, about to cry. Leora rolls her eyes.

    Leora: For heaven sakes child, anyone that's failing english has to be completely pathetic! I'm the most relaxed marker ever!

    She holds her scribbled mark book up.

    Leora: See? I don't even write up reports properly!

    The girl looks at her with a confused look. Leora sits back down at her desk.

    Leora: Come in tomorrow morning? I'll go over all of The Lord of the Flies with you then.

    The girl nods and then backs away quickly. Leora goes back down to the notebook. Caitlin walks in, knocking as she enters. Leora looks up and smiles.

    Leora: Caitlin hi! You graduated! Get out!

    Caitlin: But that would be no fun? I have to annoy all my previous teachers as they? give Tommy a scribble mark for term 1.

    Close up of the notebook. Leora grabs it and blushes.

    Leora: You have no idea how boring grade ten english can be!

    Caitlin: I can recall falling asleep a lot.

    Leora puts some of her books in her bag. She gets up and guides Caitlin to the door with her, they stop at the entrance.

    Leora: You must have come for a reason. What would you like?

    Caitlin: I was wondering what you would be doing this afternoon. Thanksgiving weekend, I can't stand being near the family for that long.

    Leora: So you want to tag along with me?

    Caitlin: Well no? not if I'm going to be a burden or anything.

    Leora: You like old stories and cemeteries?

    Caitlin: Huh?

    Cut to: Galen and Michael driving up into a gravel parking lot. Michael sips on a large concession drink, not looking up at Galen. Galen steps out.

    Galen: Are you coming?

    Michael shakes his head.

    Galen: Why not?

    Michael shrugs.

    Galen sighs, slams his door and walks to the other side of the car. He yanks open the passengers seat, Michael jumps and turns away. Galen slaps the drink out of his hand.

    Michael: Hey! I was drinking that.

    Galen grabs Michael out of the car and pushes him along in front of him. He closes the car door.

    Galen: You don't want to go there because Leora's there, right?

    Michael nods.

    Galen: Look, theres nothing wrong with Leora. She's just? a goody.

    Michael: And she's creepy? she sees into me?

    Galen: Everyone can see into you, you're an open book freak!

    Galen walks ahead, Michael looks at him sourly.

    Cut to: Feora's club. Vampires are partying around. Dead and drained corpses are on the floor. The air is blue with smoke, and loud music continues to boom. Feora's sitting on top of a throne in the middle of the room, sipping on a martini. She watches her people partying in front of her, not joining in the festivities. A vampire comes to her and throws a man tied up and beaten in front of her.

    Vampire: Master, please eat something.

    Feora gets up and walks past him.

    Feora: I'm going out for a walk.

    Vampire: But Master, it's only overcast!

    Feora: I'll risk it! The sun will be down soon.

    Vampire: Master?

    Feora throws her martini glass aside, shattering it, and walks outside the door.

    Cut to: Leora, Caitlin, Galen and Michael standing around an old dead tree in a cemetery. In the background is a large and dark forest. Leora has flowers in her hand, she kneels down in front of her, placing them on the two graves in front of her.

    Leora: Here lies Kris and Rebecca Byrne.

    Leora stands up and looks to Caitlin.

    Leora: Are you ready?

    Caitlin: Ready? For what?

    Galen: The Byrne legend.

    Wind blows through the trees violently. It begins to rain hard.

    End Act 1: Commercial Break


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      Act 2: Black, nothing to be seen.

      Leora(Voice Over): Mother and father were old? very old. This tombstone claims that they were only in their forties when they died, but dark magicks kept them alive.

      A woman, looking almost exactly like Leora walks out of a shadowed room, holding a candle. She's dressed as a peasant farm worker. Following her into the next room we see a man sitting in the middle of a pentagram of dead nuns. Blood smeared on his face.

      Leora(Voice Over): I was never told how old they were? and if I wasn't told, neither was the rest of the family. What I do know is that they were powerful? very powerful?

      Cut to: Rebecca Byrne in bed, sick, still appearing to be a peasant. Kris Byrne is beside her ash she coughs, he holds a tissue to her mouth, he pulls away blood.

      Leora(Voice Over): But sickness always overcomes the most power of all.

      Cut to: Kris Byrne talking to a large dark blue demon dressed in a cloak.

      Leora(Voice Over): Selling his soul, father gave himself and mother eternal life.

      The demon waves his hands, yellow light glares from them and Kris falls back.

      Leora(Voice Over): All their lives, except one day in every year, they would be unstoppable.

      Cut to: Rebecca and Kris dressed up more wealthy in a Victorian style. There eyes black as they slaughter nuns in a monastery, fire burning behind them.

      Close up on the fire.

      Leora(Voice Over): At the peak of their power they were evil. Very evil. Performing tricks of the most magically and spiritually draining. Of course they wound down eventually.

      Cut to: Rebecca and Kris hiding in a very small and poorly furnished house. Rebecca's sitting next to the window, Kris is in a chair flipping through a book.

      Kris: Canada? we have to go to Canada.

      Rebecca: But Kris, it's so poorly populated there. It's full of idiot miners and common laboring men. All of them horny, all of them drunk? all of them filthy. We wouldn't fit in!

      Kris looks up at her and motions to the window. Footsteps are heard outside.

      Man(Off screen): We've got to find them damn witches! They've escaped us again!

      Woman(Off Screen): I've got a fresh poker just for them!

      Voices begin to fade.

      Kris: We can't stay here? we're drained!

      Rebecca: But? I really don't want to go to beaver land! Can't we go to America instead?

      Kris rolls his eyes. Rebecca crosses her arms.

      Rebecca: Fine! Doesn't mean I'll like it.

      Leora(Voice Over): They made there way here, just as the very city we're in was created.

      Cut to: A ship leaving a harbor in England.

      Cut to: An old steam train traveling across a flat open land, no civilization in site.

      Cut to: Kris and Rebecca sitting down in a wooden cabin, night time. Rebecca looks into her husbands eyes.

      Rebecca: We just can't kill anymore!

      Leora(Voice Over): Even with no souls, my parents found their ways of killing wrong.

      Cut to: Rebecca standing in the center of downtown Vancouver, holding a voodoo doll of a small Japanese man, she sticks a pin into its leg and a small Japanese man walking across the street falls over. Rebecca laughs.

      Leora(Voice Over): Of corse, that doesn't mean they didn't maim and torture.

      Cut to: Rebecca and Kris in their cabin, a man is tied up in a chair and gagged, cuts all over his face. He looks up at them in fear. Rebecca holds up a hand.

      Rebecca: Ohh please Mr. Raymond, you didn't need your hand. You're a supervisor! I do all the physical laboring!

      Leora(Voice Over): Mother worked in a mill? she didn't like being touched.

      Kris takes a knife out of his suit pocket.

      Kris: Well, I'm sorry sir, but I'm afraid you're going to loose your other hand too as you see? this ass-

      Kris grabs Rebecca's ass, she giggles.

      Kris: -Is my property!

      Leora(Voice Over): Father also didn't like his things being touched either.

      Kris holds the knife up and takes the cloth out of Mr. Raymond's mouth.

      Mr. Raymond: Please? please stop it!

      Kris: Not even a scream?

      Rebecca: Well, if he isn't going to scream, I guess we can have his tongue!

      Rebecca tries to grab the knife from Kris, he doesn't let go.

      Rebecca: Honey, please. It's my ass in all fairness.

      Kris: And you're mine? I can't let such filth touch my wife!

      Rebecca: But I want to!

      Rebecca pulls the knife away from him, he jumps her to the floor and begins kissing her. Mr. Raymond looks at them, confused. Rebecca pulls herself away from Kris and looks at him.

      Rebecca: Ohh don't worry, we'll only be a minute! Maybe you'll pass out from blood loss during that time.

      Rebecca rips the front of her shirt off. Mr. Raymond faints.

      Leora(Voice Over): Time passed as it does. They began to settle down? not so much with the maiming, more with the sacrifices. They bragged about that a lot to their card buddies.

      Cut to: Rebecca and Kris in sixties clothing sitting around a poker table with D'Hoffryn, Anyanka and Halfrek (both in vengeance form) playing poker. Anyanka throws her cards down in front of herself, pissed off.

      Anyanka: ****! I'm out.

      Halfrek: Aww Anyanka don't worry about it. We're only gambling away peoples lives!

      Rebecca: Which our host here has gladly provided to us!

      Pan around to show a bunch of naked people tied and blindfolded behind D'Hoffryn, he smiles lightly.

      D'Hoffryn: Well, I'm sure they'll go to good use.

      Kris puts his cards down on the table.

      Kris: Full house, ace high. Hand them over!

      Anyanka looks at him with rage. She stands up and makes a grab for him across the table. Rebecca waves her hand in front of the two of them, creating an energy field.

      Anyanka: Stupid men! Always gambling away money? money that could be used for the greater kind of the common cheated on woman who has a child with no father because he's out till all hours of the night drinking. Drinking and gambling and knocking up whores!

      Halfrek: Calm down Anyanka, it's just a game! And children are in my place of business.

      D'Hoffryn: Indeed. Calm down.

      Anyanka crosses her arms and glares at Kris.

      D'Hoffryn: Scarlet wasn't invited because I knew she'd do this, don't make yourself off of the invite list for a little outburst.

      Halfrek takes a drink from her glass.

      Halfrek: So? children? thought about any?

      Rebecca and Kris glance at each other and smile.

      Cut to: Rebecca being pushed along the hospital corridors in stretcher.

      Leora(Voice Over): And that's how I was made.

      Cut to: Rebecca and Kris holding a baby, looking down at her.

      Rebecca: Isn't she beautiful?

      Kris: She sure is. Our beautiful Leora.

      Rebecca: Shit? you know what this means don't you?

      Kris: No? what?

      Rebecca: We're parents!

      Kris looks at her blankly.

      Rebecca: We have to be parental! You know? No more killing nuns and torturing perverted bosses!

      Kris: But? that's not?

      Zoom in on the baby Leora.

      Leora(Voice Over): They sheltered me from magic? I hardly knew about it. They always told me I had powerful magic blood in me. But they kept it away? hidden. To my knowledge, the last they killed a human being, was the day my sister turned 14. I can't tell you exactly what happened? all I know is she was different after. Feora Byrne was one of them? you could see it in her eyes. And she'll be that way? until the end.

      End Act 2: Commercial Break.


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        Act 3: Tate walks into the Sacred Circle, he turns on the light as he enters the front door and looks around. He walks to the cash register and sees a note.

        Tate(Voice over as he reads the note): Well, it seems you broke into Sacred Circle without knowing what wrong you did again, Tate. We've gone to the cemetery for a little history lesson; we'll be back late. Don't leave the shop, you've most likely broken the lock, and Carmen won't like her store being robbed while she's off honeymooning the new co-owner. See you later, Leora.

        A crash is heard behind Tate, we see behind him as he looks up. Death is standing behind him holding onto a cloaked figures arm. Tate turns around.

        Tate: Lady Death?

        Death*nodding*: Champion.

        Tate: Who is that?

        Tate walks forward. Death waves her hand in front of her, motioning for him to stop. He does.

        Death: Someone has come to see you.

        Close up on Tate's face, he smiles as the cloaked figure is shown.

        Death(Off Screen): She came across me this morning? I don't know how she got here? but she's yours.

        Galen(Voice Over): Possessions-

        Cut to: A run down room. Galen, around nineteen years old, he's filled out and has rough facial hair. He has his head hung down low is sitting on a low bed. Paint is peeling from the walls and the room is bare except for one dresser and a mirror on top. Move down to show Galen is sniffing in white powder through his nose. He pulls back from its container and drops it. He lays back on his bed for a second, breathing hard. He closes his eyes.

        Galen(Voice Over): I never had a need for them. I was always all I ever needed.

        Galen gets up and walks to the door, opening the handle into the Byrne's rich hallway.

        Galen(Voice Over): My aunt and uncle, Leora's parents, always ignored me. I was a burden to them.

        Galen walks down the stairs. Leora and Feora are seated at the kitchen table. Rebecca is wandering around, an apron and oven mitts on. She gives a look of disgust at Galen as he sits down at the table.

        Galen(Voice Over): I was warned to stay away from my parents ever since I was a child.

        Leora and Feora laugh at Galen. He looks dumbly at them.

        Feora: Idiot! Leave the drug using for after dinner!

        Galen(Voice Over): But situations changed. And family is family; no matter if they were evil. They were all I had after my parents died.

        Galen: Shut up Feora. At least I don't? hi? hide it.

        Galen picks up a fork and begins to shovel food on it, his hand shaking. Feora shuts up, looks down and eats. Leora looks between the both of them.

        Leora: You did drugs?

        Rebecca drops down a pot hardly on the stove top. Leora goes to her food.

        Galen(Voice Over): Unlike my parents, or any other family for that matter, problems that had to do with the Byrne girls were never brought up? ever!

        Kris sits down and unfolds the newspaper.

        Leora: So? I looked at SFU's courses? I want to be a teacher.

        Kris doesn't even look down from his paper. He talks without passion.

        Kris: That's nice honey.

        Leora: I mean? it's not like I'm going anytime soon. But I thought it'd be nice to think in advance.

        Kris: Uh huh.

        Leora puts down her fork and stands up.

        Leora: Look, when you're ready to be a parent, I'll be back!

        Leora storms out. Feora chuckles under her breath.

        Galen(Voice Over): Leora seemed to be the only one who cared. Feora just decided to get away with things.

        Galen stands up and follows her.

        Kris: Be back before Friday!

        The door slams.

        Cut to: In front of the house. Galen stumbles out after Leora. Leora looks frustrated and annoyed.

        Galen: Leora!

        Galen puts his hand on her shoulder.

        Galen: Leora, stop.

        Leora: Or what, they don't care.

        Galen: No? they really don't .

        Leora: And you're high.

        Galen: Yeah. But I'm not them.

        Leora rolls her eyes.

        Galen: Meet me later tonight, at the cemetery. I want to show you where I go at nights.

        Galen walks back in. Close up on Leora's face.

        Galen(Voice Over): I hunted vampires to take out whatever I was feeling. I had taken Feora out once when she was in a bad mood? apparently she already knew how to fire the bastards. I thought it would be Leora's turn at the stake. Teach her something fun perhaps. Something to take her mind off of home. Of corse, she was just a girl, I had to help her through it a lot, right?

        Cut to: Leora yelling as she stakes a vampire. She has a cut across her forehead. She puts the stake down and walks over to Galen, who's on the ground near her.

        Leora: Woo! My first vampire! How'd I do?

        Galen(Voice Over): A natural! She even hit right on target first time! I was dazzled! She was perfect for hunting!

        Galen: You did alright. With a bit more practice, you'll do better.

        Galen(Voice Over): She came out with me every night after that. It was very annoying as she was very loud whenever she killed on.

        Cut to: Leora cheering in front of a car, looking a few years older. Galen rolls his eyes.

        Galen: Good? good job there.

        Leora: I've gotten so good at this the last few years!

        Galen reaches into the car and grabs two beer cans. He throws one to Leora, she opens it and downs it right away, spilling some on her clothes. Galen sips his and looks disgusted.

        Leora: You know, using magic to kill vampires is a lot better than I thought. I bet Feora can't even do that.

        Galen(Voice Over): She was wrong, right from the start. Do I tell her?

        Galen: Probably not! You're a much better witch than her.

        Galen(Voice Over): Even though mommy and daddy dearest had secretly been giving her lessons after Leora and I moved out.

        Leora: Woo? I can't believe it. Thanksgiving next week! I haven't seen mom and dad for ages!

        Galen(Voice Over): That was probably for the best, they had fallen apart slightly. The dent Leora put in their wallet was a little excessive. Also dark arts, not good for a family conversation.

        Leora looks at her watch.

        Leora: Ohh, I've got to go! My practical start tomorrow and I don't want to be tired for the little buggers!

        Leora walks off. Galen looks at her as she leaves.

        Galen: Bye.

        Galen(Voice Over): The last time I'd be on speaking terms? thanksgiving would prove interesting.

        Cut to: Leora, Galen, Caitlin and Michael in the graveyard. Night has fallen. Leora looks at the grave, wind and rain pounding on them. She looks to the forest ahead of her, as if something, or someone was there.

        Cut to: Feora looking out from the trees of the forest at Leora and Galen. She growls.

        Feora(Voice over): Black, black magics run through me. They awaken to the call of time before them. Today? marking there first full boom. I am a leech. I search for blood and life in the living, and magic and power in the super natural. My jaws open wide, ready for the kill, and the search for these that keep me there slave.

        Cut to: Feora, dark long hair over her pale face sitting at the kitchen table.

        Feora(Voice over):For blood, life, power and magic. These I crave.

        The doorbell rings.

        Cut to: Rebecca opening the door to Leora. She smiles and hugs Leora, behind Leora's back she rolls her eyes.

        Leora: Mom how are you?

        Rebecca: Ohh, I'm good dear.

        Kris comes down the stairs to the entrance of the house.

        Leora: Special day, huh?

        Kris and Rebecca look at each other.

        Kris: You know it!

        A car door slams.

        Kris: That must be Galen.

        Cut to Feora at the table, food in front of her. She doesn't eat as the rest of her family does.

        Feora(Voice over): They always cared about her school? it's the damn money they spent on it. All that cash gone to waste on a small education. What soft parents I had.

        Leora: So my first week of my practical went well.

        Feora(Voice over): I was Nineteen. Very powerful for my age? and reckless. I was almost going to move out

        Feora holds out her hand a makes an apple float from the table into her hand. Galen glares at her.

        Rebecca: Oh really? I'm sure the students love your teachings. Math is it?

        Leora: Umm, no? it's-

        Kris: Come now Rebecca, can't you remember that you're daughter is going to teach biology?

        Leora's smile fades away.

        Galen: Umm, english actually.

        Kris and Rebecca look at each other and smile.

        Rebecca: Of course! We were just teasing you!

        Kris: I'm sure you have quite the knack for the subject.

        Leora laughs pathetically.

        Leora: That's the plan.

        Feora makes a fireball in her hand. No one but Galen notices, and he shakes his head at her.

        Feora(Voice over): I knew what the day brought. They don't think I have ears or something.

        Cut to: Feora sitting outside of Leora's room. She appears to be a little younger.

        Kris(Off screen): Leora, you're mother and I have to tell you something before you leave the house. We don't want you to repeat a word.

        Rebecca(Off screen): For Christ sake Kris, we don't have to do this!

        Leora(Off screen): What is it that you want to tell me?

        Rebecca(Off screen): Nothing!

        The door handle starts to turn, Feora jumps. The door handle stops.

        Kris(Off screen): Don't, Becca. She has to know.

        Leora(Off screen): If you're planning on having a talk on magic with me, it's a little too late. I've already taken some books from your shelf!

        Rebecca(Off screen): You what?

        Kris(Off screen): Calm down dear. That's what we have to talk about.

        Rebecca(Off screen): I can't believe we're actually doing this.

        Kris(Off screen): You know how old we are Leora?

        Leora(Off screen): Well? you both look like you're in your thirties. But that's impossible. I always guessed you looked good for your age.

        Kris(Off screen): We're a few centuries old Leora.

        Silence. Pacing can be heard. Feora smiles.

        Rebecca(Off screen): See, bad idea.

        Leora(Off screen): How?

        Feora(Voice over): I knew this night was their day? there one day.

        Cut back to the dinner table. Leora is still conversing about school with Kris and Rebecca, Galen eats quietly to himself. Feora holds her hand up, the chandelier begins to shake and the light dims. Leora and the others stop talking.

        Leora: Feora?

        Kris: What are you doing?

        Feora: Light creates shadows, doesn't it? So does darkness.

        Leora looks at her, puzzled.

        Feora: A duel, I want a duel.

        Leora: What?

        Galen: A duel?

        Feora: That's right. I know you can do tricks.

        Feora stands up. Kris and Rebecca rise immediately after.

        Leora: Yeah, I do. And so do you!

        Feora: I've been taking lessons.

        Leora: I know!

        Galen: You do?

        Leora looks at him.

        Galen: I tried to keep that away from you.

        Kris: It doesn't matter, there will be no dueling.

        Feora: Why? You can't stop me, you're just an insignificant, powerless bug today! Both of you!

        Rebecca holds Kris' arm. Feora pushes the table aside. Leora stands.

        Rebecca: Hold up! This is what we were trying to stop you from doing! That's why we stopped!

        Feora: Yeah, well you failed. I do recall you teaching me how to properly cut out organs!

        Leora: Mother!

        Rebecca blushes.

        Leora: I've had it, the lack of communication in this house has been an issue for years! I can't stand it anymore.

        Feora(Voice over): Idiot.

        Feora's eyes turn black. The lights go out. Kris stands in her way.

        Feora: This is between me and her! Just a friendly sister fight. We never really had a childhood, I figure we may as well cat fight sometime!

        Leora steps forward.

        Feora: Out of the way!

        Feora swings her hand, magic pushes Kris into Rebecca, knocking them against the wall, knocking them out. Leora stares.

        Feora: I have had enough crap Leora. I want to fight!

        Galen dashes to Kris and Rebecca.

        Leora: Fine.

        Leora slaps Feora in the face.

        Leora: Bitch!

        Feora covers her face. She pulls her hand away to reveal a burn mark.

        Leora: Remember the last time you tried that?

        Feora: Never will, we were like fourteen!

        Feora hits Leora in the stomach, somehow cutting her clothes and her skin.

        Feora(Voice over): We used a type of magic not many practice. I had no idea she knew how to do it.

        Leora kicks Feora in the jaw, sending her back. Feora holds her bottom jaw, a small burn now on it as well.

        Feora: Fire huh?

        She holds both her hands out to the side and flame sparks from them. Her eyes go black. Leora holds her hand up and wind blows Feora. Feora is pushes back as she throws a fireball. Leora ducks as it hits the window. The curtains catch on fire and the window shatters.

        Feora(Voice over): And then it really began.

        Leora cups her hands in front of her and makes a dark purple ball of energy. Feora waves her hand in front of her again. The purple ball of energy hits an invisible barrier, bounces off and hits Galen in the back. His shirt splits open to reveal a fresh wound.

        Leora: Galen! Get out!

        Galen looks at her. He nods and jumps out the window, onto the lawn.

        Feora(Voice over): There goes their chance.

        The curtain falls, and the rug catches on fire. Kris and Rebecca catch on fire. Leora and Feora's eyes both dart over to them.

        Leora: Mom? Dad?

        Feora: Bitch! You caused this!

        Leora: me? I didn't start this fight!

        Feora begins to run at Leora, right through the flames as Leora tries to reach her parents. Feora tackles Leora, taking her right out the window.

        Cut to: Outside on the lawn. Feora is on top of Leora, punching her face continuously.

        Feora(Voice over): I admit it, I lost it there.

        Leora tries to get up, but Feora continues to hit her, crying. Leora also has tears in her face.

        Feora: You did it! You did it!

        Galen bashes a plant pot on Feora's head, she falls off Leora, stands up and glares at them both. Galen helps Leora up. Sirens can be heard. They look at they house, its in flames.

        Leora falls to the ground again, wailing. Rain begins to pound down. Galen walks to Feora, who's backed into a tree holding herself.

        Galen: Did you see what you did?

        Feora(Voice over): He was right.

        Galen: Did you see what you did?

        Galen shakes Feora.

        Galen: Both of you! Both of you did this!

        Feora(Voice over): There went my family? Leora's family? and Galen's family. He wasn't even close.

        Galen: Magic!

        Leora cries harder. A fire truck pulls up to the side of the house, men jump off of it.

        Feora: She let it happen!

        Galen: I don't care!

        Feora looks at the too of them, gulps and runs off.

        Galen: I don't want to see you again Feora!

        Galen walks to Leora. Firemen pull out a fire hose and begin to put out the flames. Leora looks away from Galen.

        Galen: I can't believe you let her do that? and you even reacted! How could you?

        Leora stands up and looks him in the eyes. Stares at him, tears falling from her face. She begins to mumble, and holds it back in. She lets out her rage.

        Leora: It was only magic!

        She collapses into her cousins arms. Galen pushes her to the ground.

        Galen: This is your mess. I don't want to see you either!

        Feora(Voice over): Stupid bastard's talking to her right over across that field right now.

        Galen runs to his car. A Fireman runs to Leora and looks at her.

        Fireman: Ms. I need to ask you a few questions.

        Leora cries into the firemen.

        Cut to: Feora looking across the field at her sister.

        Feora(Voice over): We pretended nothing had happened at the funeral. The stove caught on fire they said. A broken gas pipe caused it.

        Close up on Leora's face.

        Feora: The next I really talked to her was at Mrs. Ceperley's gallery.

        Close up on Galen.

        Feora(Voice over): Galen was effected the most. He came to me with that twerp and Drusilla. Betrayers!

        Leora grabs Galen's arm and guides him away. Caitlin and Michael follow.

        Feora(Voice over): My wrath will begin eventually.

        Feora steps into the field and walks across to the grave. She looks down at it.

        Feora: Mother and father, I'm sorry.

        She looks down with sorrow. Then, spits on the grave and leaves.

        Feora(Voice over): Good riddance to the past!

        Fade to black.

        End Episode.


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