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Raven Episode 3.02 "Dance of Insanity and Massacre" Part 2

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  • Raven Episode 3.02 "Dance of Insanity and Massacre" Part 2

    Episode 3.2
    "Dance of Insanity and Massacre"

    Teaser: The Sacred Circle. Leora is in a deadlock stare with Alexis. Rayne and Carmen move behind her, ready to fight. Jean and Caitlin grab weapons from the back, Caitlin can hardly hold hers. Tate glares from his seat, ready to pounce if needed. Alexis is alone. He laughs lightly, it is not a happy laugh, it sends shivers down the spines of our everyone in the room.

    Alexis: This is quite a way to invite your guest. And an unacceptable way to present yourself in the presence of the new master.

    Carmen: You are no master of ours.

    Alexis looks at her. He goes to enter the shop. Leora just smiles.

    Leora: Someone lives here.

    Alexis crosses. Leora's smile turns into a frown and she backs up.

    Caitlin: How did he- isn't there rules against that?

    Alexis points at the welcome mat at the door.

    Alexis: I have been welcomed. I am allowed here at all times.

    Rayne: Why are you here, oh gracious master. *Rolls his eyes.*

    Alexis: I am here for the witch.

    Leora: I'm sorry, but I'm too busy with not listening.

    Alexis: If I were here to fight, you would know as half of these people would be dead.

    He motions to Rayne, and then Carmen, then Tate, Caitlin and Jean.

    Carmen: Why are you here then?

    Alexis looks at her more carefully. Then smiles.

    Alexis: I do like this one. She sure is something. But-

    He looks at Rayne.

    Alexis: But I smell him all over her. I know where my boundaries are an-

    Rayne: If you knew where your boundaries were you'd never have entered.

    Alexis: Perhaps.

    He looks at Carmen again.

    Alexis: I will have her. If it takes me all of my immortal life I will get her. There is nothing that can be done to stop me.

    He motions to Rayne.

    Alexis: I will crush in his skull if I must. Your more beautiful than that?that rough street scum! Although?you're already losing the battle. There is only sex, nothing else.

    Carmen looses and avoids eye contact, Rayne looks around. Alexis moves towards the two of them. Leora moves in between.

    Leora: Speak, then leave.

    Alexis: Very well. You owe me witch. You and the other two of the "Witches Three".

    Leora: I owe you nothing.

    Caitlin: Yeah, she vaporized your vampires fair and square.

    Jean: Caitlin, shhh.

    Alexis: Oh no, that is why she owes me. For what she did she should be dead. If I followed the rules, you and your friends would all be dead?or one of us.

    Leora: That's beside the point. What do you want us to do about it.

    Alexis: That wasn't a question, it was a statement.

    Leora: Yes, now answer my statement with your facts.

    Alexis: I wish for four of you to come to my club.

    Leora: I've been there, I liked the food. The staff didn't take to me well, they seemed to catch on fire too easily.

    Alexis: Hold your tongue. I was not finished.

    Leora crosses her arms.

    Alexis: Christian will be there.

    Jean's eyes widen.

    Jean: The Messengers are here?

    Rayne: Messengers? Of what?

    Alexis: They rule the vampires, supposedly. She is here, I believe there are other members with her.

    Jean: More then one?

    Leora: That's sort of serious. Why would I care?

    Alexis: They want me dead. I need guards.

    Carmen: Sorry, we don't help vampires.

    Rayne: Except for Angel.

    Carmen: Except for Angel.

    Alexis: These vampires are fierce. And they will make it look like it were an accident, or one of your kind did it.

    Leora: So you're saying we may get blamed?

    Alexis points to Tate.

    Alexis: Did he not just kill one of mine?

    Tate looks in shock.

    Tate: I do not understand laws!

    Carmen: So you want us to come to the party so all of us will be safe, not just from the vampires, but from bad publicity as well?

    Alexis: Yes. I only need four of you.

    Leora: We'll think about it. We want all your information on these "Messengers".

    Alexis hands her a file.

    Alexis: There are all their names and last locations. I will go. The party is tomorrow, be at my club then.

    Leora: We'll see.

    Alexis leaves.

    Caitlin: Well that was fun filled.

    Carmen: I imagine this isn't the last we've seen of-

    Leora opens the folder. The first picture is of Feora.

    Carmen: Lee? What is it?

    Leora: Feora.

    End Teaser.

    Theme Song: Butterflies and Hurricanes ? Muse

    Kate Beckinsale - Leora Byrne
    AJ Cook - Carmen White-Rayne
    Ryan Phillipe - Tate
    Milla Jovovich - Feora Byrne
    Caitlin Wachs - Caitlin Smith
    Peter Krause - Galen Byrne
    Tygh Runyan - Michael Duran
    And Michael Vartan as Arthur Rayne

    Special Guest Stars:
    Juliet Landau as Drusilla
    And Catherine Zeta-Jones as Desire

    Guest Starring:
    Jason Priestly - Jean
    Sarah Morey - Christian
    And Robert Dent as Alexis

    Created by:
    Alexander Brown
    And Travis Truant

    Executive Producers:
    Alexander Brown
    Andrew Sutherland
    And Travis Truant-Simpson

    Written by:
    Alexander Brown

    In Association with: SORCERESS OF CRIMSON FALLS Created by Travis Truant- Simpson, CHOSEN ONES Created by Luana Roque, and SHADYSIDE Created by Thomas Wright, and THE PYRE created by Kold.

    Based on: Buffy the Vampire ? Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy and 20th Century Fox. We do not own some of the characters or lore.

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    Act 1: Rayne and Carmen in bed. Rayne is facing her back as she stares at the walls. The lights are turned out, and the only light source comes from outside. Carmen lays wide away, Rayne equally restless next to her.

    Carmen: Is that all we are now?

    No reply.

    Carmen: A relationship built on sex?

    No reply.

    Carmen: Lately I've been feeling?well, like we've just not been going anywhere.

    No reply.

    Carmen: Rayne? This is serious? Are we only in it for the sex?

    Rayne takes a few minutes to think about what to say.

    Rayne: Is this about Alexis? What he said?

    Carmen: What he knows you mean.

    Rayne: What does he know? What can he possibly know?

    Carmen: A lot more then he appears to.


    Rayne: I'm going to sleep.

    Rayne turns around and grabs some of the covers.

    Leora(V.O): So much for having a nice relaxing evening to myself after the day of chaos.

    Cut to: Tate, Jean and Leora in Leora's apartment, sitting in her kitchen with drinks. Files spread out on the table. Leora holds up a picture of Drusilla.

    Leora: They seem to think that there are three council members here.

    Tate: That does not sound pleasant to me.

    Jean: I don't think we're going to have much luck stopping them if we're in a tight position.

    Leora stands up and walks to the window, glass in hand. Jean looks at her.

    Jean: You don't want me involved, do you.

    Leora: No.

    Jean: You don't want my help at all, do you?

    Leora: It's not that.

    Tate gets up.

    Tate: I'm going to go home now?

    Leora and Jean ignore him, Tate leaves.

    Leora and Jean stay still in silence.

    Jean: I can help.

    Leora: No, you can't. You really can't Jean.

    Jean: I can heal people! I've healed you before!

    Leora: But you can't fight worth shit Jean! I can't loose you!

    Jean stands up, angry.

    Jean: I grew up with demons, I know how to handle myself.

    Leora turns around and walks to the cabinet, weapons are inside.

    Leora: I don't think you can.

    Jean: What makes you think that? You've never watched me fight.

    Leora grabs a rapier from the cabinet and throws it to Jean, Jean tries to catch it and drops it. Jean picks it up. Leora takes a rapier and attacks him.

    Jean: Leora, what are you doing?

    Leora jabs at Jean.

    Leora: Watching you fight.

    Cut to: Drusilla and Feora sitting in a dark room together. Two men, one older, taller man, about 5'9'', in his thirties with light brown hair and blue eyes, the other, a smaller, 5'5'', insecure man with dark eyes and dark hair looking no older then eighteen walking behind the older man, tracing his foot steps. The older man paces, the younger man paces behind him. They do a few laps around the room, Drusilla seems to be looking into nothingness and Feora is watching the two men with hunger. The older man gets pissed off and turns around, the younger man gasps.

    Older man: Michael, if you don't stop, I'll feed you your own liver! You've seen me do it before.

    Michael: Ye-yes sir, I'm sorry sir!

    He cowers, closing up.

    Drusilla laughs.

    Man: What's so funny?

    Feora: Everything's funny to her Galen.

    Drusilla stands up and walks to Michael.

    Drusilla: You play with the dead little one.

    Michael avoids looking into her eyes, his breathing gets heavy.

    Drusilla: The dead wish to play with you. They spoke to me, told me your little secrets.

    Drusilla moves behind him, putt her hands on his shoulders.

    Drusilla: The dead play with me. We do a little dance.

    She grabs Michael by the arms and rocks him around the room, he tries to get away, but her grip is to strong. Drusilla laughs maniacally, dropping Michael to the floor. Michael picks himself up slowly, glaring at Drusilla. He walks behind Galen, not taking his eyes from hers. Feora moves to leave the room, Galen looks at her.

    Galen: What do I do if I run into your dearest sister?

    Feora: Leave her to me. She wouldn't even hold a threat to you.

    Galen: Ain't it the truth.

    Feora: Sociopath killers get more sympathy then vampires with her, she's your typical goody goody human.

    Cut to: Leora and Jean making out on her bed. Jean's cold, pale, shirtless body is full of cuts, Leora's cheek is cut as well. Jean moves his tongue across Leora's face, her scratch disappears as he takes his tongue away. Leora grabs the back of his head and forces a kiss, she takes his hand and rubs it over his cuts. Jean looks into her eyes as she does it, his cuts disappear.

    Cut to: Jean and Leora lying in bed. Leora looks at the ceiling as Jean looks over to her.

    Jean: You won!

    Leora: Get out!

    Jean: What?

    Leora: Leave town! Now! I never want to see you again!

    Jean: Leora wh-

    Leora gets up and points at the door, the door opens and Jean just looks at her, broken. He gathers his clothes and walks out. He turns around before he leaves.

    Jean: I lo-

    The door slams. Leora digs her hands into her hair and cries.

    Cut to: Alexis in an office. Muffled techno music can be heard in the background. The office is plain, nothing on the plain red walls. Only a desk with no paper on it and an old looking chair are present. Alexis sits down in the chair and looks at his watch. A person appears from the shadows. The person is neither man nor women. It's face is pale, skin very thin. It's eyes are yellow, a pale yellow that would catch the gaze of any helpless person. It's hair is black; colour seems to be attracted into it only to disappear. It is dressed in a red dress suit made for a woman, the top has been cut off just above it's breasts. It looks at Alexis in a slightly pissed off mood.

    It: Why am I here?

    Alexis: Desire of the endless?

    Alexis throws a picture of Carmen on the table.

    Alexis: You owe me a favor.

    End Act 1: Commercial Break.


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      Act 2: Open to: Leora's room, morning. Leora gets up, slowly at the sound of her alarm clock.

      Cut to: Leora's bathroom, Leora is now properly clothed in a business suit, hair tied back properly and fully awake.

      Cut to: Leora in her kitchen, a bagel pops out of her toaster.

      Cut to: Leora grabbing her suitcase beside the door. The doorbell rings. Leora looks at her watch and then opens the door. Leora's eyes widen, we pan to see Galen, followed by Michael. Leora tries to close the door, but Galen uses his foot to stop it from being closed. Leora looks at him and her eye twitches.

      Galen: I called in for you, you aren't going to work today.

      Cut to: Leora holding herself in the kitchen, looking out the window. Galen sits in a chair at the kitchen table, Michael is pouring himself a cup of coffee, watching Leora move. Leora paces around the kitchen a few times, stops and looks at Galen, then goes back to walking again. Galen sips his coffee, Michael watches Leora.

      Michael: It's in the family to pace, isn't it.

      Galen and Leora look at him, then at each other. Leora goes back to pacing.

      Leora: I'm clearing my head. Most family members stay away after they try to kill you!

      Galen puts his coffee down.

      Leora: I guess I shouldn't be surprised, it has been five years after all. You did swear you would come after me again.

      Galen grabs a handgun from his pocket and points it at Leora. Leora moves back, not loosing eye contact with the gun, she grabs around with her hand to feel for something to use as a weapon. Galen smiles and locks the safety on. He places the handgun back in his pocket. Leora relaxes.

      Galen: You would be dead already if I was here to kill you. You know that already, Lee.

      Leora: So why are you here then?

      Galen looks at the file of Feora on the kitchen table.

      Galen: Same reason you are.

      Leora laughs.

      Leora: I doubt it. I really do. You're an assassin! You assassinate people!

      Galen: And we are going to assassinate Christine? and your sister.

      Leora's eyes widen.

      Leora: That isn't my goal.

      Galen goes back to his coffee. Michael stands up and moves uncomfortably around the kitchen, observing things as he walks around.

      Michael:*Muttering* She wants you dead.

      Leora looks at him.

      Leora: What did you say?

      Michael: Nothing! Just ignore me!

      Leora looks at Galen.

      Leora: Who hired you?

      Galen: Drusilla.

      Michael winces at the mention of her name.

      Leora: You were hired by a member of the council, to kill other council members?

      Galen: I've done it before.

      Michael: Crazy bitch payed us, we have to do it.

      Leora looks at Michael, then at Galen.

      Leora: Isn't he a tad bit young for murder?

      Galen: I never said he's murdered anybody.

      Michael looks at the ground, contemplating.

      Michael: I am a necromancer. He needs me to raise corpses sometimes.

      Galen: You haven't successfully risen anyone since I murdered your father.

      Leora glares at Galen.

      Leora: He killed your father? Why are you with him?

      Michael: I payed him.

      Leora looks away, confused.

      Leora: Isn't that wonderful? You two are perfect for each other then!

      Michael storms out of the apartment.

      Galen: In payment for the job, he works for me.

      Leora: Oh.

      Leora goes back to the windowsill, and looks outside.

      Leora: Why did you return? Why now?

      Galen: Do I really need to answer that for you?

      Leora turns around and looks him straight in the eye.

      Leora: I suppose not. It has been five years since the...accident.

      Galen looks at her with blank eyes.

      Galen: Your sister, my cousin, is worse then dead Leora. We can't stand by and let her go on.

      Leora: You're here to kill her now?

      Galen gets up and moves right up to Leora.

      Galen: Will you let her live like this? Will you let her soul be trapped for all eternity?

      Leora: Damnit, she's my sister. I will deal with her alone!

      Michael enters carrying a black dry cleaning bag. He lays it on the sofa.

      Michael: We've got to go.

      Galen moves away from Leora.

      Galen: We have more to talk about.

      Galen leaves, Michael follows with:

      Michael: You'll need to wear these for the party.

      Leora walks over the bag and glares in.

      Leora: No way!

      Cut to: Feora sitting in her room at a table. The heavy black drapes cover her from sunlight, the black walls make the room bare and gloomy. Feora unwraps a letter and begins to read it.

      Feora:*In her head* Dearest cousin.

      Galen (V.O): I write this on behalf of one that is insane.

      Feora grins.

      Galen (V.O): I regret to announce that Drusilla will be leaving the council for good. She sill stop contact from you and from the other members.

      Feora looks in shock.

      Galen (V.O): If anyone can look into the eyes of horror it is Dru. She wishes not to be part of what is to come.

      Feora glares at the letter.

      Galen (V.O): The future does not hold stability for you Feora. It has been foreseen so it will be. Leave now and live.

      Feora stands up.

      Galen (V.O): And a side note from me. Come near Leora and face death. She wishes it upon you. I will not kill you, but she will. Take my advice and stay the f*** away! We have been down this path in the past, you know she is serious! I may be a cold blooded killer, but she has complete dedication! If you kill her, I will kill you. If you come near her, I will do what it takes to protect her! If you break her arm, I will make sure your arm is broken. If she looses an eye, you will loose an eye. This is my promise, dearest cousin. I have sided with her, you loose. With love as always, G. B.

      Feora rips the paper and tosses it to the ground. She spits on the paper in disgust and sits back down. A small blond haired girl, no older then 17, moves behind her. Feora glares morbidly in front of her. The blond is pale, her cheeks rosy and her hair long and fine. Her eyes are red. She wears a white formal dress. She walks behind Feora and puts her hands on Feora's shoulders.

      Girl: My darling, it was expected she would do this. She is not as once she was.

      Feora looks up at her.

      Girl: We will defeat the dearest master ourselves?and that tramp together. Feora and Christian will own this town!

      Feora: I did not see her doing this. How could you?

      Christian: She was created by my bloodline. I know what she thinks.

      Christian's face vamps out, her face is more defined then other vampires, save The Master's.

      Feora: But this was impossible.

      Christian: Do you question my ability?

      Feora frowns.

      Feora: You are of the original vampire bloodline. You were the right hand of The Master himself, and his mate. I trust your judgment.

      Christian: Drusilla is not as she used to be. She has been corrupted by policies and laws that should not apply to vampires. We are animals, not people.

      Feora: We have a party to crash.

      Cut to: Carmen sitting in Leora's bedroom. Leora can be heard in the bathroom beside her room messing around with clothing.

      Leora: Uhhg! I hate what he has me wearing!

      Carmen: Well it is a party?for vampires! We have to have a little smut!

      Leora: Yeah, but still! Leather panties are not in style! I don't care how undead they are! I am not wearing leather lingerie!

      Carmen: It wasn't lingerie Leora. It's a miniskirt.

      Leora: A miniskirt that you can't fit anything under! They really don't breath?even their skin!

      Carmen: Again, they are undead!

      Leora: Again! Undead smut!

      Carmen rolls her eyes and opens a magazine.

      Leora: I don't get why we have to go as sluts anyways! Rayne and Tate don't have to dress up!

      Carmen: Well Rayne?

      Carmen stops after she flips to a page in the magazine. We turn to see it is a picture of Alexis. Leora's head pops around the corner. Carmen zones in on the page with her eyes.

      Leora: What?

      Carmen: Huh? Oh, right. Rayne is already intimidating as it is. And Tate wears old clothing, he'll fit right in.

      Carmen zones out on the paper again.

      Leora's head pops back into the bathroom. She appears a moment later wearing a short and tight black leather skirt. Her top is a tight black leather bikini with straps crisscrossing around the rest of her stomach down to the skirt. She has mid thigh high black leather books. Throughout her outfit are a bunch of small metal spikes sticking out of the leather. Leora's hair is tied back in a ponytail. Her face has been heavily makeuped with crimson eye shadow and mascara.

      Carmen looks up and grins. She covers her mouth, keeping herself from giggling.

      Leora: Oh shut up!

      Carmen goes back to her magazine.

      Carmen: So why are we bringing Tate instead of Jean?

      Leora freezes. Silence.

      Leora: He left town for a while.

      Carmen: I'm sure he would have loved seeing you in this. When will he be back?

      Leora starts to answer, but theres a knock at the door.

      Leora: Must be the boys. I'll distract them while you get ready.

      Cut to: Leora opening to door. Rayne and Tate stand, unable to speak. Rayne begins to laugh; Leora hits him lightly on the arm.

      Leora: Shut up, at least I don't have to wear what Carmen's wearing!

      Cut to: Leora, Rayne and Tate standing around the door.

      Rayne: So?smut really what you're trying to go for?

      Leora: Shut up! Alexis set up the dress code, he's paying for it. Besides we have to fit in with?

      Carmen: The worlds smuttiest.

      Carmen walks out of the bathroom. Her hair is curled. She is wearing a white trench coat with a fir interior and fir trim. Inside her jacket, Carmen is wearing a tight white leather bikini. Her white lace up boots stop below her knee.

      Tate: Leora, if that's smut?what would that make what you're wearing?

      End act 2: Commercial Break.


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        Act 3: Open to a nightclub, pink neon lights blazing at a bar with female stripping vampires in slutty outfits walking about. Loud techno music pounds over the speakers; making it hard to hear. The air is blue with smoke. Leora, Rayne, Carmen and Tate all walk into the building, grouped together, Rayne gripping Carmen's hand. They walk around the crowd oh people, looking at the bazaar nightlife of hookers and criminals in the club. In the centre of the room is a platform, Alexis is sitting atop it with Drusilla, Galen and Michael at her side. Desire is drifting in the background.

        Close up on Desire's eyes. Cut swiftly to Carmen's eyes. She gasps.

        Flashback to Raven Episode 2.13 "Collision" in Destiny's Garden. Desire is standing at the back near other members of her family.

        Cut back to Carmen. She shakes her head, when she opens her eyes Desire is looking away. Rayne notices her troubled look.

        Rayne: Is something wrong?

        Carmen:?no, it's just. That woman over there.

        She motions to Desire.

        Rayne: Yes, she does seem familiar? I can't quite place it.

        Alexis stands up on the platform, heading down to Leora. He calls her aside from everyone else.

        Alexis: I have been informed that this outfit you're wearing causes you great discomfort. You may remove it if you wish.

        Leora: Ha ha, very funny f*** head. I'm not here to be one of your strippers in your titty bar.

        Alexis: My apologies witch.

        Tate moves towards them.

        Tate: Are the people that would have you killed here?

        Alexis runs his hand through Leora's hair, she doesn't look at him.

        Alexis: She is right beside me here and now. Isn't that right.

        Alexis moves his mouth to her lips and whispers.

        Alexis: I know what it is you seek from me. She would kill you on sight; I can't point you in her direction.

        Alexis moves away.

        Leora: You can.

        Alexis stops.

        Leora: You choose not to.

        Alexis smiles.

        Alexis: She will appear to you when she is ready. Then there will be a family reunion.

        Alexis laughs and moves up to the stage. A microphone is set up for him on stage, the music stops and everyone looks towards Alexis.

        Alexis: Creatures of the night, show yourselves to the visitors of this realm.

        A line of vampire hookers stand behind Alexis, one by one they vamp. In the crowds a few whispers and murmurs can be heard. A woman screams. Vampires in the crowd have also revealed their game faces.

        Alexis: Tonight shall be revealed to them a little piece of what we live through.

        Desire lights a cigarette, not amused. Drusilla stands up and smirks. Leora moves to the back of the room, Tate close behind. Carmen and Rayne stand in the middle of the dance floor.

        Alexis: We will show them the elegance of the vampire; in our Dance of Massacre!

        The lights dim down, the music begins again as a slow eerie ballroom dance, full of sorrow and anger. Drusilla laughs and grabs Michael.

        Drusilla: I love a massacre.

        Michael: Let go of me you crazy!

        Drusilla: It smells like melancholy.

        Galen: Dru, melancholy isn't a noun.

        Drusilla: You especially smell of it my lovely. Go visit the unholy as I show this young man of darkness his true colour.

        Michael: What?

        Galen: I think she wants to dance with you.

        Drusilla laughs.

        Drusilla: Yes, a dance of massacre and insanity.

        Michael: No way! I won't.

        Galen pushes him into Drusilla, she grabs him and forces him to join the other ball dancers on the dance floor.

        Cut to: Alexis coming down from the stage, he sees Carmen and smiles. Desire appears behind him.

        Desire: She is yours for now, vampire.

        Alexis: Of course she is. The Endless always keep their end of the bargain.

        Desire: I have more business to attend to here. Do what you want with her but know this, vampire: My family is not happy that you are tampering with the champion and her companions.

        Alexis: We had a deal.

        Desire: For now.

        Desire fades away. Alexis continues to Carmen, Rayne nowhere to be seen. She looks at him, fixated on him.

        Carmen: Uhh.. good speech!

        Alexis takes her hand and kisses it.

        Alexis: Thank you, ma cherie.

        Carmen grabs Alexis in and kisses him. She pulls away quickly after and tries to leave, being held back by Alexis.

        Carmen: I... don't know why I did that.

        Alexis: Because I am what you desire.

        Alexis tries to kiss her again. She puts her finger on his lips.

        Carmen: Is this what you want?

        Alexis: Very much. More than this position? the power I have isn't worth as much as your love.

        Carmen:? I still can't.

        Alexis: And why is that? Is it because that f***ing leather boy lusts with you?

        Carmen:? My fianc?.

        Alexis looks around, Carmen sighs and grabs him in for another kiss, putting all the passion she has into it.

        Cut to: Rayne walking towards Carmen, a drink in both hands. He sees her kissing Alexis and drops his drink.

        Close up on the glass shattering. A scream is heard.

        Cut to: The doors of the nightclub being kicked open. Feora and Christian burst in, vampires swarming around them. The vampires rush past them, stakes in hand attacking the other vampires on the dance floor and any humans they find.

        Cut to: Rayne pulling out his sword, starting to run at Alexis. Screams are heard all around and Alexis is about to move into action. Vampires swarm past Rayne as he runs, yelling towards Alexis and his fianc?. Carmen sees him but is too late, Rayne reaches them and slashes Alexis across the arm, causing Alexis to yell in agony. Rayne drops his sword and jumps Alexis to the ground, punching him constantly. Alexis tries to move Rayne off, but his hurt arm is beyond that ability.

        Rayne: You f***ing bastard! What the f*** do you think you're doing!?

        Alexis, bruised and bloodied, knocks Rayne back with what force he can. Carmen pulls Rayne off and he punches her. Rayne grabs his sword and starts dusting vampires around him. Carmen holds her cheek where he hit her and moves to Alexis, lying on the floor. Alexis gets up.

        Cut to: Tate attacking vampires around him. Some humans are grouped near the stage, a vampire catches site of them and moves to them, a few of the humans scream, Tate throws his stake into the vampires heart, dusting him before he reaches the girl closest to him. Tate reaches the and leads them to the exit, punching a vampire on his way out.

        Cut to Leora dusting a vampire. Feora punches her sending her flying.

        Feora: Hello sis.

        Leora gets up, coughing.

        Leora: Get out of her Feora!

        Feora: Why?

        Leora: Ask him!

        Leora points behind Feora, Feora looks around to be whacked in the face by a fair sized plank of wood Galen has. Feora gets knocked down, face now red. She licks blood off her lip where there is now a cut and stands up.

        Feora: Bitch!

        Cut to: Drusilla dusting a vampire, Michael in the background holding his own. Christian jumps up and kicks her across the face. Drusilla takes her leg and holds her back. Christian smacks at Drusilla's face with her right hand, Drusilla blocks and grabs onto her shoulders, Christian also grabs her shoulders. They struggle with each other for a while.

        Cut to: Rayne slouching at the wall nearest him, blood and sweat on his forehead, weapon dirtied. Piles of dust are around him. Carmen approaches him.

        Rayne: What were you doing?

        Yells can be heard, but the general fighting has began to slow.

        Carmen: I? I don't know. I can't explain it.

        Desire appears beside them.

        Desire: I can.

        Cut to: Alexis, slouching up to the stage. He speaks into the microphone as loud as he can.

        Alexis: Stop!

        Everyone comes to a stop, Rayne, Carmen and Desire at the side of the room; Leora, Galen and Feora look towards the stage; Michael and Drusilla, surrounded by piles of dust; Christian moves towards the stage.

        Alexis: We can deal with this in a civilized manner.

        Shot of dead corpses and piles of dust on the ground. All that remains in the building are Leora, Galen, Feora, Rayne, Carmen, Desire, Drusilla, Michael, Christian, Alexis and a few of his vampires.

        Christian: I believe you are a fool for these actions!

        Alexis: The council has said otherwise.

        Christian: I am higher than the council!

        Christian grabs a stake and walks up on stage.

        Christian: Leave me your position, and I will spare your miserable existence.

        Michael speaks up.

        Michael: Umm, unless you haven't noticed, we have you outnumbered by? well a lot more than double.

        Christian smiles.

        Christian: Very well small one? speaking for your elders has gotten you killed.

        She throws the piece of wood into Alexis' heart. Carmen screams. Desire and Rayne restrain her, Desire grabs them both and they disappear.

        Christian: I believe that I outnumber you now.

        The remaining vampires begin to growl. Leora, Galen, Drusilla and Michael back into the wall slowly as they get surrounded.

        Christian: Kill th-

        Christian looks down, a piece of wood is through her heart. She grunts and falls to her knees, dusting. Feora is standing behind her. The vampires look at her in confusion.

        Feora: Now you may kill them!

        Cut to: Leora and co.

        Michael: Oh boy? what now?

        Drusilla: Another massacre!

        Cut to: Alexis' office. Desire sits in his chair, putting it's legs up. Rayne and Carmen materialize in front of her.

        Desire: Children of Desire. There is something you must know.

        Rayne: You? did this didn't you!

        Desire: Why I have no idea what you refer to.

        Rayne points at Carmen, furious.

        Rayne: You made my fianc? kiss that shithead!

        Carmen looks to the ground sullenly. Tears form in her eyes.

        Desire: Well I think he's dust now. You weakened him enough that that blonde did him in.

        Rayne: That doesn't matter to me?

        Desire: Of course not. But I can reverse what he did to her. Can you forgive your fianc? for she has been victim to my power?

        Rayne: Why would you, one of The Endless, play with us mortals as you please.

        Desire: Alexis saved my little sister from doom once.

        Rayne: So?

        Desire: Whatever he desired was to become his?

        Carmen: Me?

        Desire: Yes, you.

        Carmen moves to Rayne and holds onto his arm.

        Carmen: I didn't mean to?

        Desire: You two are my children, you constantly desire one another? Alexis was blind to this and thought that he had control over the situation. I made him die by giving him the desire for the young man; he looked at him instead of saving himself.

        Rayne:?So you cause us this mess, yet fix it.

        Desire: I am Desire, I do what suits me.

        Rayne: What suits you? Well now my fianc? is suited to love a pile of dust.

        Desire: No more.

        Desire moves close to Carmen, she blows her cigarette smoke on Carmen, the smoke is red and Carmen breathes deeply in and begins to cough vigorously, she starts to cough out red smoke. Rayne holds onto her as Desire moves back into the chair, taking another puff. Carmen finally stops, teary eyed and gasping for air. She looks at Rayne and he looks into her eyes. They begin to kiss.

        Desire: Sorry to ruin what I do best.

        Rayne and Carmen stop and look at her.

        Desire: I have to save you and your friends now.

        The three disappear.

        Cut to: Leora and the others, vampire attacking them, Michael has received a bite on his neck, Galen has a bleeding nose, Leora is limping and Drusilla is cut across the forehead. Desire appears, she holds out a rose and throws it to the ground, everyone disappears as the rose produces a smokescreen of pollen, the vampires look confused after the smoke clears.

        Cut to: The Sacred Circle. Everyone appears in the main room, Tate and Caitlin are sitting on a couch, they jump as everyone appears before them. Desire stands in front of them.

        Desire: You have been saved. Now it is time to save the world? all of you. Together is the only way. Do not disappoint us.

        Desire disappears.

        Drusilla: The he she tasted like grand mommy and daddy. Was It Destruction?

        Leora: Desire of The Endless? was she behind everything that I saw you doing?

        Rayne: Unfortunately, yes.

        Carmen comes up beside him.

        Rayne: We've? figured it out?

        Galen, Michael and Drusilla leave.

        Galen: We'll be around. I don't think we need to know about the office romance here.

        The door slams.

        Rayne: We're getting?

        Carmen: Married.

        Caitlin: Congratulations!

        Leora burst out in tears, she runs out of the room.

        Carmen: Alright, not what I was expecting the maid of honor to do.

        Music: Missing by Evanescence ? to them.

        Shot of Leora crying in her apartment.

        Leora(V.O): That could have been me? and him?

        Lyrics: Please, please forgive me. But I won't be home again.

        Leora(V.O): With Jean?

        Lyrics: Maybe someday you'll look up, and very consciously you'll say to no one. "Isn't someone missing?"

        Cut to Jean, driving away, passing a sign that reads "Now entering the province of Alberta." He looks tired and still sad.

        Leora(V.O): They won't know that he left. I can't tell them what I made him do.

        Lyrics: You won't cry for my absence I know. You forgot me long ago. Am I that unimportant? Am I so insignificant? Isn't someone missing? Isn't someone missing me?

        Cut to: Rayne and Carmen, making out in their bedroom.

        Lyrics: Even though I'm the sacrifice, you won't try for me not now. And though I died to know you love me, I'm all alone. Isn't something missing?

        Leora(V.O): God, they will have the best wedding! I'll force it upon them! They have to love for me.

        Lyrics: And if I bleed, I'll bleed; knowing you don't care. And if I sleep just to dream of you, I'll wake without you there. Isn't something missing? Isn't something...

        Leora(V.O): I have no time for love anymore?

        Cut to: Feora in her new club. Vampires are standing around the stage as she gives a speech.

        Leora(V.O):? circumstances changed that.

        Lyrics: Even though I'm the sacrifice, you won't try for me not now. And though I died to know you love me, I'm all alone. Isn't something missing?

        Cut back to Leora.

        Leora(V.O): But maybe? just maybe there will be hope.

        End Song.

        Cut to Jean driving away.

        Leora(V.O): Goodbye love.

        Fade to black.

        End Episode.


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