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Raven Episode 3.01"Reflections" Part 1

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  • Raven Episode 3.01"Reflections" Part 1

    Raven Episode 3.1
    "Reflections" (Part 1)

    Open to: A TV announcer outside of a building with the Canadian flag in front of it. She's holding a microphone that says "BC Local News 7". There are people in the background shaking hands and talking to one another.

    Announcer: Good evening, and welcome to Channel Seven's Eleven o'clock news. This is Susan Brendon reporting. Behind me is the parliament building in Victoria where arrangements for making vampirism legal have just been made.

    The camera she's on zooms on a dark haired, short balding man, who has shaken the hands of many people in suits. He comes to the announcer and shakes her hand.

    Susan: Here's the head bloodsucker now. I present to you Alexis, Master Vampire of the City.

    Alexis: Good evening viewers. I am happy to say that the negotiations to make my vampires legal have been laid. It has taken many months, but we have come to n arrangement.

    Susan: What terms did you cover? What did you have to offer to get this deal?

    Alexis: I have an announcement to make to everyone. It will be on every news channel in the country and in the newspapers.

    Susan: Shall you tell us now?

    Alexis: I'd rather not.

    Susan: Aww come on, I'll voluntarily be a meal for you if you tell us.

    Alexis: Then I shall say, I have not fed yet.

    Susan: Good.

    Alexis: All vampires watching, there are to be no more killings of the mortals. Spread the news to your friends and enemies. Make it known to all that vampires can not kill. On those terms we have been allowed to feed to the willing. Like Susan here.

    Alexis takes his arms and puts them on Susan's shoulders. She looks up at him.

    Susan: I was only joking!

    Alexis: I do not joke.

    Alexis sinks his teeth into Susan. Susan gasps and then motions for the camera to be turned off.

    Alexis: Do not turn the camera off. I am not done.

    Susan falls down.

    Alexis: She has fainted, she is not dead and will not die. I expect all will follow my orders unless they wish to die. And I will enforce that rule, among others, upon you. Check for full details tomorrow morning in newspapers for rules about vampirism.

    Susan gets up. Hair messed up, blood on her neck.

    Susan: That's it from here. Mike, take it awa-

    The screen turns off. We turn and see Leora rolling her eyes.

    Leora: They'll do anything for attention, won't they. Damn media.

    End Teaser.

    Theme Song: Butterflies and Hurricanes ? Muse

    Kate Beckinsale - Leora Byrne
    AJ Cook - Carmen White
    Ryan Phillipe - Tate
    Caitlin Wachs - Caitlin
    And Michael Vartan as Arthur Rayne

    Special Guest Stars:
    Alyson Hannigan - Willow
    Amber Benson - Tara
    Eliza Dushku - Faith
    Amy Acker - Illyria
    And Anthony Steward Head as Giles

    Guest Starring:
    Jason Priestly - Jean
    And Robert Dent as Alexis

    Created by:
    Alexander Brown
    And Travis Truant

    Executive Producers:
    Alexander Brown
    Andrew Sutherland
    And Travis Truant-Simpson

    Written by:
    Alexander Brown

    SORCERESS OF CRIMSON FALLS created by Travis Truant-Simpson, SAILOR STARS: THE OUTER SENSHI created by Alexander Brown, CHOSEN ONES created by Luana Roque, SHADYSIDE created by Thomas Wright, and THE PYRE created by Kold.

    Based on: Buffy the Vampire ? Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy and 20th Century Fox. We do not own some of the characters or lore.
    New Vampire lore based off of The Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series ? Laurell K. Hamilton. We merely use it as the ideas were good.
    We make no money off this fanfiction.

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    Act 1: Rayne moves up along Carmen's body, thrusting himself in short motions. They kiss vigorously and she gabs onto his face. She backs out of kissing to gasp for air. Theres a knock at the door.

    Carmen: Ra-Rayne, we b-better get that! *Sigh*

    The knocking continues.

    Rayne: Leave it.

    Carmen tries to get up, Rayne stops her.

    Carmen: But?

    Rayne: Whatever's going on, it isn't important.

    Leora:*Muffled from the door* God, are you to at it again? Every time I come over you're up here making like bunnies!

    Rayne rolls off Carmen beside her.

    Rayne: Come in Leora, it's unlocked.

    Carmen puts the blanket over top of them. Leora enters.

    Leora: Well I could have waited for you to put some clothes on if you asked.

    Rayne: Well it's too late now. Why are you here?

    Leora: What, no hello it's nice to see you? Is it me or does sex make you really moody?*To Carmen* Is he always like this after sex?

    Carmen: Unless you have anything important to say Leora, we're rather busy.

    Leora: Right.


    Carmen: Well?

    Leora: Right?I was watching the news last night?the laws have been passed.

    Rayne stands out of bed quickly and Carmen grabs the covers for herself.

    Rayne: What?

    Leora just looks at Rayne, eyes wide open.

    Leora: A little more then I wanted to see there buddy.

    Rayne's face goes red and he grabs the pillow and covers his manly bits with it.

    Carmen: So they actually passed it?

    Leora: Yeah?theres an article in the paper today about it. There are a bunch more laws being passed with it though. Like curfew for the vampires and restrictions on feeding.

    Rayne: They can't kill, can they?

    Leora*Shakes her head*: The Government would never pass the laws otherwise?unless they were possessed.

    Carmen: Or evil.

    Leora looks at her watch and then just stands there. Rayne looks uncomfortable and just looks at her. Carmen smiles. Leora looks around at the room. Rayne's face flushes.

    Rayne: Get out! You win!

    Leora: That's what I wanted to here.

    Leora leaves the room.

    Cut to: Caitlin walking into the Sacred Circle. She takes a chair in the main table and looks around. Leora, Rayne and Carmen walk down the stairs loudly.

    Rayne: Never do that again!

    Leora: Well it wasn't my choice to see your manly bits!

    Carmen: They're great, aren't they?

    Rayne glares at her.

    Leora: I'd rather not comment on that.

    Caitlin stands up and smiles.

    Caitlin: Hey! I'm back!

    Leora smiles

    Leora: Hey! How was your cruise?

    Caitlin: I really suggest them! Best grad gift ever!

    Leora: I'm glad you had fun?we were left here to live through the political battlefield that took all of five minutes to change our lives?

    Caitlin: Yeah, I saw that in the paper when I got home. Doesn't look good, does it.

    Carmen: Well it's certainly awkward for us?I mean we can kill them, but people will frown upon it. We're not really saving lives anymore.

    Jean enters and comes over and hugs Leora.

    Jean: Bad news circulating.

    Leora: What is it?

    Jean: Well I hit a few places, talked to a few people and it looks like theres a faction against Alexis rule, they want to make vampires illegal again.

    Caitlin: Were they ever illegal before? Not much was said about them?

    Rayne: Well they've never been talked about on a scale like this before.

    Caitlin: I just can't believe they're legal?how did everyone get to know about them over the past few years?

    Leora: Well it doesn't surprise me, we've had some close-to-the-public encounters that didn't do us much good.

    Jean: I'm surprised you guys aren't known to everyone by now.

    Rayne: Yeah?that does surprise me too.

    Cut to: Leora on top of a building fighting a female vampire. The vampire grabs her and slams her into the floor. The vampire stomps her foot on Leora, Leora grabs it and makes the vampire falls. Leora gets up and her wings rip out of her back. Leora yells and the vampire looks at her confused.

    Vampire: What the f***?

    Leora: You've got me pissed now!

    The vampire rushes at Leora, Leora holds out her stake, the vampire leaps onto her and they fall off of the building.

    Cut to: The park below the building. Leora and the vampire fall down behind an old lady with a walker. The old lady turns around and opens her mouth in shock. The vampire tosses Leora over and goes for the old lady. Leora throws the stake at the vampire and dusts it. She gets up and her wings enter her body again.

    Leora: Sorry about that.

    Leora walks away. The old lady looks at her, shakes her head and takes a seat.

    Caitlin(V.O): Of all the powers to have, wings must be the most inconvenient.

    Cut back to Leora and co. in the Sacred Circle.

    Leora: You have no idea!

    Caitlin: I mean, being in your body was weird enough!

    Leora: Hey!

    Jean: Wait a min?you were in her body before?

    Caitlin: Uh?yeah. Where have you been?

    Leora: Wait?Caitlin?you didn't?you know.

    Caitlin: Almost.

    Jean: Oh my god, I'm a pedophile!

    Caitlin: That wasn't the highlight of that day for me either! I fell off the bed?

    Leora: Hey! That's how I got the bruise on my back that stayed there for two weeks!

    Caitlin: Yeah, sorry.

    Jean: I can't believe I almost had sex with a teenager!

    Rayne: Oh, get over it.

    Caitlin: I had a run in with vampires then too.

    Leora: Really? I don't remember that!

    Caitlin: Well, I was you, remember?

    Leora: Gotcha! But you never told me.

    Caitlin: I'm telling you now.

    Note: "Leora" is now Caitlin in Leora's body, we will still use "Leora" for dialogue and actions until further notice.

    Cut to: Leora walking down the main street of Vancouver looking into various shops. She spots an abandoned church with someone moving inside. She walks towards the entrance.

    Cut to: Inside the church. Vampires are feeding on a man in the middle of the monastery. Leora hides behind a pillar, the monastery is made of rotting wood. A cross is hanging from the ceiling above the vampires. Leora looks at it and smiles. The man the vampires are feeding on in the middle to the monastery, trying to gasp for air. Leora smiles and comes out of hiding from the pillars.

    Leora: Hey you!

    The vampires stop feeding and look at her. The man they were feeding on runs away.

    Vamp: Get out of here little girl.

    Leora: I don't think so.

    Vamp: Who are you?

    Leora: I am Leora, slayer of the demons, keeper of peace. Sexiest witch ever and the most literate english teacher in the district! You will crumble before me as I use my magic to turn you to dust. No one will get free!

    The vampires begin to laugh.

    Leora: Hey! I always wanted to say that. Don't mock me.

    Vamp: Look boys, the "sexy witch" thinks she can take us down.

    Leora smiles.

    Leora: Flames!

    Leora holds her hands out and flame emits from them. The church catches on fire. The flames move up the pillars and above the vampires. Fireballs fall from the ceiling. The wooden cross above the vampires catches on fire and falls on one of them, burning it alive. Fireballs hit the other vampires and kill them.

    Leora: Cool!

    The fire spreads around Leora. She goes instantly from happy to scared.

    Leora: f***! Caitlin, what did you just do?

    Leora jumps out a window beside her. Glass flies everywhere, She gets onto the streets where everyone is watching her. Leora nods to them and walks away.

    Note: Leora is now Leora again, and Caitlin is Caitlin.

    Cut back to the Sacred Circle.

    Leora: Wait a minute, you were the one that set the Old Abbison's Church on fire?

    Caitlin: Yeah?

    Rayne: Well I guess the good guys start fires now.

    Caitlin: There were vampires in there though!

    Carmen: That's beside the point. Anyways, has anyone seen Tate lately?

    Leora: I think he's out hunting the vamps.

    Jean: Wait?that's not a good thing.

    Rayne: He's?really old, he can take care of himself.

    End Act 1: Commercial Break.


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      Act 2: Open to Tate walking down the street to the Sacred Circle. Tate separates himself from the crowd of people walking around. He sees a girl being eaten by a vampire. Tate takes a stake out of his jacket pocket and makes his way through the crowd to the vampire. Tate grabs the vampire and throws him off the girl.

      Tate: To hell foul demon!

      Tate stakes the vampire and goes to the girl.

      Tate: How bad are you hurt.

      The girl slaps him.

      Girl: What the hell do you think you just did?

      Tate: Saved your life?

      Girl: I was feeding him!

      Tate: Why? He was evil!

      Girl: God, I hate you people that can't accept the change in the world. Vampires are a part of us now.

      Tate: What?

      The girl leaves.

      Tate turns around, the crowd is staring at him. An old lady glares at him and hits him with her cane. Tate turns around and walks at a faster pace.

      Cut to: The Sacred Circle. Tate walks in and slams the door behind himself. Leora gets up. Rayne and Carmen look over. Jean and Caitlin aren't paying attention.

      Tate: What is going on?

      Leora: Stake a vampire in front of people?

      Tate: I saved a woman's life and she claimed she wanted to give him blood.

      Rayne: That would be because she did.

      Tate: I do not understand.

      Carmen: Feeding a vampire is not just great for the feeder. The victim gets a sexual rush as well.

      Caitlin: You mean getting a vampire to feed off you is like having sex?

      Carmen: Not really?

      Leora: More bloodshed involved in feeding.

      Jean: Theres some stuff you should read in the papers.

      Leora looks at her watch.

      Leora: I got to make a call. Carmen, can I use the phone in your room?

      Carmen: Sure. Don't rummage through my things, you've seen your share of my property for tonight!

      Rayne: Hey!

      Leora: Thanks. Fill Tate in while I'm gone.

      Cut to: Leora in Carmen's room, sitting on her bed, Leora is being cautious of where she sits. She picks up the phone and dials a number. The screen splits in two and Willow appears in her apartment in Crimson Falls in the other screen.

      Willow: Hello?

      Leora: Hey Willow, I have the results for you.

      Willow: Really? This early?

      Leora: I was surprised too. Usually takes ages to get bills passed.

      Willow:*Holds hand over the receiver.* Tara! Leora's on the phone. Pick up.

      The screen splits into three, Leora, Willow and now Tara.

      Tara: What happened? Apocalypse were needed for?

      Willow: Not yet baby. The government has reached a decision.

      Tara: Really? What did they decide?

      Leora: Legalism, vampires can now vote, get legal drivers licenses, get charged with murder and feed on any willing soul.

      Tara: That was the deal right? No killings, just feeding?

      Willow: It would have to be. The government wouldn't go for that?unless they were possessed. All coo coo up there?

      Leora: Not more then usual.

      Tara: So that would be a yes?

      Leora: I'm going to look into after the gangs done their day of reflection. Right now Tate's getting the news. Word of advice, ancient champions from old civilizations don't get politics. So don't try it on any if you come across some. He just started to allow the ideas of democracy to get into his brain.


      Tara: Do you remember that incident when we were at the bar while visiting last Christmas?

      Leora: You mean?with our dearest master?

      Cut to: Leora, Willow and Tara in a bar somewhere in downtown Vancouver. By the looks of it most of the population is vampire. People are being fed on and the vampires are staring at Willow and Tara.

      Willow: Why aren't they doing anything? Most vampires would be all over us right now.

      Leora: I don't think they'd be trying to present themselves sexually just yet.

      Willow: Not sexual, with the killing and ripping of throats out!

      Tara sips her martini looking around cautiously. Alexis appears behind her from the shadows. Tara sees his shadow and jumps.

      Tara: You scared me.

      Alexis: May I offer you ladies drinks?

      Leora, Willow and Tara hold up their glasses.

      Alexis: I see then. If you are not taken, I wish for someone to accompany me on the next dance.

      Willow leans into Tara and Leora looks away, uninterested.

      Alexis: My apologize, I did not know that you were gay.

      Moves past them to Leora.

      Alexis: But this one?

      He runs his hand along her check. Leora tried to look away.

      Alexis: I sense your lust, but it is not for me.

      Alexis leans next to her.

      Alexis: I will kill any of these men that touch you.

      Willow stands up.

      Willow: That might be many!

      Tara stands next to her and holds her hand.

      Leora turns to the two of them and joins in holding hands.

      Willow: Accendum.

      Tara: Pendium.

      Leora: Aremdium.

      All three: SKY!

      The three witches look up at the ceiling. Leora yells to Alexis.

      Leora: Run!

      A small ball of fire appears above the witches. Alexis dives behind a couch. Holding his head between his knees. Vampires around the bar burst into flame. The witches fall to the floor and the ball of light dies. Leora gets up slowly. Willow and Tara help each other up. They look around the room at the piles of dust around them. A few humans are left standing, staring at the witches. Willow and Tara moves towards the door, Leora looks around and then follows. Alexis gets up from behind the couch.

      Alexis: I should kill you! I should kill all of you.

      Leora: But you never will.

      Alexis: I should.

      Leora: Should and doing so are different things, dearest master.

      Alexis: Who are you to say that to me?

      Tara: We are the witches three, of light.

      Willow: Our power cleanses the soul.

      Leora: Consider yourself lucky we spared you.

      Cut to: Leora walking into the main room. Caitlin is basically falling asleep in her seat. Jean is playing with his hair, Rayne and Carmen are conversing with each other and Tate looks at the newspaper in shock.

      Leora: Well, Willow and Tara send their love.

      Carmen: You just got me one big phone bill! That's long distance to California. Not cheap!

      Leora: I'll pay. Get over it.

      Rayne: Well we got our good old soldier friend up to date.

      Caitlin: I never want to go over news again.

      Buries head in the table.

      Jean: I think he's gone to crazy mode again. He's being too quite for his own good.

      Leora: Well, as long as the story tell-

      Tate: I remember.

      Leora: Oh no.

      Rayne: What?

      Tate: I was with Serephina. We found the last band of vampires in Troy during the war.

      Cut to: Tate and Serephina staking a vampire. Serephina moves forward with a sword and Tate stays to her back, guarding her from vampires behind. A circle of twenty vampires is around them.

      Tate(V.O.): We were fighting them. They had surrounded us. We were almost goners.

      Tate gets a blow to the head and a vampire grabs his neck. Serephina swings her sword at the vampires head. She continues to dust vampires as Tate recovers and gets the vampires from the back.

      Tate(V.O.): We defeated them all in less then 10 minutes.

      Cut to: Serephina and Tate making out on a barren field. Dust flies around them.

      Tate(V.O.): That was the last we made love.

      Caitlin(V.O): You had sex outdoors?

      Jean(V.O): I'm not surprised, she was a slayer.

      Rayne(V.O): More then we wanted to know.

      End Act 2. Commercial Break.


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        Act 3: Open to Respect Shore's England. Faith is in an empty classroom reading notes. Illyria is sitting at a windowsill looking out to a lake. Giles enters.

        Giles: Faith, I forgot to mention something.

        Faith: If I do this I gain all the trust in you, I got it. You can go Giles. You left me with enough stuff to do with the girls as it is.

        Giles: I can always get you to come with me and let this place run like some party school.

        Faith: Not without me it won't!

        Giles: Seriously Faith, this is important.

        Faith: Alright shoot.

        Giles: I got word from Leora.

        Faith: Uh huh

        Obviously Faith is not listening and more concentrated on reading. Illyria gets up and comes towards them.

        Illyria: What did Leora say?

        Giles: Well at least somebody is interested.

        Faith looks up.

        Faith: Huh?

        Giles: Vampires are legal in BC now.

        Faith: Legal? As in they have laws?

        Giles: And almost equality to humans.

        Illyria: This does not feel right. The leaders of the place were always incorrect anyways. Nothing has changed, only the problems have cause Leora to be hit more personally. Yet something does not feel right.

        Giles: I will be looking into it. It appears that there is more paranormal activity there then usual. I may have to find out myself.

        Faith: No! You can't leave me here with all these girls like that Giles! We need you!

        Giles: You will do fine. You are the slayer.

        Faith: Yeah, and so are they.

        Giles: But you have been longer then they have. I don't have my faith put into them.

        Faith: Whatever. Just get to your flight. I'll call Leora to see what's the what.

        Illyria: I wish to speak with her.

        Faith: If you want.

        Illyria: I slayed many with her. More then most of the members of this academy.

        Giles: I don't doubt it. Now I am off.

        Cut to: Carmen shooting her shotgun. Rayne and Illyria are both in combat with vampires. Illyria dusts hers and Rayne's behind her. Carmen shoots at a huge black demon with cloven hoofs and horns. The demon flinches and keeps moving. Carmen's shotgun runs out of ammo. She throws the gun at the demon who catches it in his hand and crushes it. The demon smiles.

        Carmen: Rayne!

        Rayne grabs a sword that went astray within the fighting and gallops to Carmen's rescue. Rayne stabs the demon, the blade snaps in half. The demon turns around and bashes Rayne with his fist, sending Rayne flying across the field. Illyria jumps onto the demon and snaps it's neck. The demon falls down limp. Rayne crawls over to Carmen. Carmen grabs his head. Flashlights suddenly flash on them.

        Figures: Police, put your weapons down and hands up.

        Cut to: The Sacred Circle.

        Jean: So how'd you get out? What happened?

        Carmen: We told them we were making a movie and that the demon was just a puppet.

        Caitlin: They feel for it?

        Rayne: No, but they couldn't lay any charges on us, we do have licenses for carrying our weapons for a reason.

        Leora: I remember when you brought it home.

        Rayne: Well were we going to leave out puppet in the middle of the park with the cops?

        Jean: Not the worse thing left there.

        Leora goes to open the door.

        Jean: Where you going to?

        Leora: I need air! This has been one annoying day.

        Jean: I'll go with you, hold on.

        Jean grabs his coat. Leora opens the door to find Alexis standing there.

        Alexis: We need to talk.

        Fade to Black

        End Episode

        To be Continued


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