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Raven Episode 2.13 "Collision"

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  • Raven Episode 2.13 "Collision"

    *Note* As of Spring 2007, Season 1 episodes will be recreated as "Raven Remastered" episodes. The entire original run of season 1 and 2 episodes as well as 3.6 will be redone to add to the quality of the series. The purpose is to make seasons 1 and 2 to the quality of seasons 3 and 4. Look in the index for the Remastered episodes. The originals are posted for comparison*

    Raven Episode 2.13

    Teaser: Open to flashback of Troy. Tate's dead body lies on the ground where Saffire struck him down, the blood has dried on his corpse. Death appears looking solemnly at Tate's corpse. She walks over to him and taps him on the shoulder. Tate's eyes open and Tate yells. Tate sees Death and stops.

    Tate: It is my time after all.

    Death: What, no "Who the hell are you?"

    Tate: You are Death, who else could you be? No, answer my question.

    Death: Yes?and no.

    Tate: What else is there for me to do. I have been slain by Saffire. There is no return.

    Death: You stopped him from destroying his own tool of demise. In an attempt to find the weapon Saffire has lost much of his power. The world is safe for a great many centuries to come. That does not go unrewarded my simple soldier.

    Tate: Then where do I go my lady.

    Death: Have you heard of the Powers That Be?

    Tate: In myth, yes.

    Death: You do not know it, but this life has been plotted out for you, and it is not over yet. You must be judged before moving on though.

    Tate: Where will I be judged? And who will do it? The Powers That Be?

    Death: They are insignificant compared to me and my family. No, you shall be judged by my eldest brother.

    Cut to: A garden in the middle of a desert. The sky is orange with a tint of pink. Clouds are scattered in the sky. There is no sun in the sky. Statues of people, Death one of them, are placed along side a stone path leading into a great building. Death and Tate are following the path, they walk into the building.

    Cut to: The interior of the building. An old man, hooded in a grey cloak that covers his eyes holding a book that is chained to himself greats them in the hall.

    Man: Death, and Tate. I read your coming.

    Tate: What does he mean read?

    Death: This is Destiny. All that happens, including this conversation, is recorded in this book. The book is life itself, without the book there would be nothing. Destiny is the beginning of all.

    Destiny: That is all you will say sister.

    Death: I have brought him, now I shall leave.

    Tate: Don't go.

    Death turns around to leave.

    Destiny: He has comfort in you sister. Do not go until this affair is handled.

    Death: Alright. I could stay. The dead will still be dead when I return.

    Destiny: Tate, you do not know why you are here.

    Tate: No I don't.

    Destiny: You have done the work of a champion, and you shall be rewarded like one has.

    Tate: What, do I get immortality? Money? A few brides to have short bursts of passion with? What can I be given from you and these Powers?

    Destiny: You will remain dead. But you shall watch from above, in a place many refer to as heaven. You will watch until the time is right.

    Tate: Why? I've done my job supposedly, what else is there?

    Destiny: Saffire is weak, but he is not dead.

    Tate: Will he return to finish the job one day?

    Destiny: Yes, but not in Troy. In the new world.

    Tate: New world?

    Destiny: Your knowledge is limited. You shall see what unfolds over time.

    Death: Saffire has a plan already, he has begun his work.

    Tate: What is he going to do?

    Destiny: That you will watch yourself. Study his plan, you will have to return to finish your job.

    Tate: What if I don't want to.

    Death: There is no option.

    Tate: Will I be rewarded then?

    Death: You will live your life onwards in that time.

    Tate: What do I do next?

    Destiny: The Powers will inform you. You are to leave now, and go to them.

    Screen goes white as Tate transports out of the room.

    Screen fades to normal at: The Sacred Circle. Rayne and Jean are talking.

    Jean: I used my powers to help stop the cut from bleeding, but she's still unconscious. I don't think she's going to wake up for at least a week. She doesn't need medical treatment from the hospital, I can keep her under control.

    Rayne punches the wall.

    Rayne: Thanks Jean, I'm glad you're here to help.

    Jean: She'll be ok.

    Tate and Leora walk into the Sacred Circle. Rayne springs up and looks towards them. Tate has bruises on his face and a cut along his cheek.

    Rayne: Oh my god you look like hell!

    Tate: I don't feel as bad as I look.

    Rayne: You got it right?

    Tate holds up a blood red crystal blade which gleams in the light.

    Tate: Right here.

    Leora: You know what that means.

    Tate: Saffire will get what's coming to him.

    Leora: All we need is a plan.

    Rayne walks to the coat hanger and grabs his jacket.

    Rayne: No! I'm tired of waiting for a plan! We have the blade, lets go save Katana and kick his ass!

    Leora grabs onto his arm, he shoves her back. And leaves.

    Rayne: I'm going to find Katana.

    Rayne exits, Illyria follows after him.

    Cut to: The exterior of the Sacred Circle. Rayne is walking away from the store, Illyria stops outside the door.

    Illyria: You are being reckless.

    Rayne stops, but doesn't turn around.

    Rayne: I have lost my mercy and my recklessness.

    Illyria: You will die.

    Rayne continues to walk.

    Rayne: It may not matter soon.

    Illyria goes back in the Sacred Circle.

    Cut to: On top of the Sacred Circle. Ivory watches Rayne walk away below. She jumps from the roof.

    End Teaser

    Opening Credits:

    Kate Beckinsale - Leora Byrne
    Michael Vartan - Arthur Rayne
    AJ Cook - Carmen White
    Kelly Giddish - Katana
    Ryan Phillipe - Tate
    And Amy Acker as Illyria

    Special Guest Star:
    Tilda Swinton as Scarlet/ Streea

    As the Endless:
    Alan Stevenson as Destiny
    Teresa Cruz as Death
    Derek Baldwick as Dream
    Lilah Dorr as Desire
    Sasha O'Neil as Despair
    And Hannah Williams as Delirium

    Guest Starring:
    Alyson Hannigan - Willow Rosenberg
    Amber Benson - Tara Maclay
    Eliza Dushku - Faith
    Jason Priestly - Jean
    Anneliese van der Pol - Ivory
    And Wes Ramsey as Saffire

    Created by:
    Alexander Brown
    and Travis Truant

    Written by:
    Alexander Brown

    Luana Roque
    And Travis Truant

    Executive Producers:
    Alexander Brown
    Keara Swanson
    And Travis Truant

    Based on Buffy the Vampire Slayer created and owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy and 20th Century Fox. We make no profit off this fanfiction.

    The Endless are ? characters created by Neil Gaiman in the Sandman Library series. No money is being made off these characters.

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    Act 1: Open to Rayne running through an amusement park. All the lights are off and everything is still and dark. Rayne stops, his sword in hand. He looks around carefully walking not to make any noise.

    Rayne: Come on, show your selves!

    Rayne shouted out to get this finished. Just as he does a male vampire in all leather jumps off of a pirate ship ride and jumps right onto Rayne. The two hit the grown. Rayne turns around swinging his sword, with his various swings he slashes the vampire's head off, crumpling it to dust. Rayne jumped up his sword tighter in hand. Three vampires jumped down circling Rayne.

    Rayne: Okay, you want to play, let's play.

    One charges at him, Rayne jumps over him and throws his sword straight down, the sword slices right into the vampire's skull and goes straight threw, causing the vampire to burst into dust. Rayne turns around and pulls out a small bottle of holy water. In a quick motion he throws the bottle at another vampire, which gets smashed in the face by the bottle and burst into flames then dust. Just as Rayne is about to pick up his sword the third vampire pulls out a round bottle of orange translucent liquid. The vampire threw it to the ground, near Rayne and the second the glass broke a large flame was let out. Rayne step back, crossing his arm over his face to protect it. Rayne takes a few more steps back as the vampire laughs.

    Rayne: Damn it. I will not be done out by a vampire!

    Just as Rayne is about to run into the flame the vampire pauses and turns into dust as the dust clears Ivory is visible with her triton out where the vampire just stood. Ivory tosses a bottle of water onto the flame which makes it go out.

    Ivory: I wasn't going to let a foe like you be done out by a laky vampire like that. Now, we will do this the right way. You killed my sister, now I kill you.

    Rayne: Who kills me after I kill you? You have another sister I should know about?

    Ivory: I wouldn't be making jokes there, I am here to rip your head off, then stab out your eyes and shove my lance threw your heart one hundred times!

    Rayne: Does sound found, but to tell you the truth, I really do like my head where it is.

    Ivory lunges out full force at Rayne, as Rayne dodges Ivory catches the end of his leather jacket and tears it off. Rayne now in his white t-shirt falls face first to the ground. Ivory kicks him over so he is lying on his back. She raises her lance and right as she pulls it down she is pushed into the house of mirrors. Ivory and the woman who pushed her go smashing into the window falling through a few mirrors until they land on their backs, glass shattered everywhere. Ivory turns to see her weapon no longer in her hand. She also looks to the woman who pushed her. As she does, the woman gets up, her face still covered in darkness. She pulls a switch which turns all the lights on in the house of mirrors. The reflection of the woman spans through all the mirrors in sight. The light shows Faith standing there holding a dagger in her hand.

    Faith: Sorry gal, but you were pounding on my man there and well? I don't like you picking on him.

    Ivory pulls herself up, spitting out blood from her mouth. She quickly jumps up and knocks into Faith with his right shoulder sending Faith through another mirror. Faith lands on her knees and pulls herself up. Ivory comes charging again, Faith dodges and trips Ivory into a mirror. The mirror Ivory falls into leads her into a black room with out any mirrors. Faith follows her in and the two break into a fight. Ivory punches Faith while Faith kicks Ivory in the gut sending her into the wall and through it. More mirrors shatter as Ivory lands on her back. Ivory turns and grabs a pile of glass and throws it at Faith. Faith jumps down onto her stomach to dodge the shards of glass. Ivory stands up and charges once again, Faith grabs a large piece of glass which resembles a sword. As Ivory comes closer Faith shoves the glass into Ivory's chest, Ivory laughs.

    Ivory: Aha, you see it's going to take more then a shard of glass to-

    Before she could finish, Faith lifts the piece of glass ripping it up Ivory's body and through her skull. The glass is now sitting between Ivory's eyes. Ivory falls to her knees then to her side falling limp. Faith sighs and slowly walks back to Rayne. As she gets out of the house of mirrors she spots Rayne and walks over to him embracing him with a hug.

    Faith: Been a while, hasn't it.

    Rayne: Faith! Thanks. You've come at a good time.

    Faith: So I've heard. Sounds like you've got your ass deep in problems.

    Rayne: More like neck deep.

    Faith: Well what are we waiting for? I say it's time we kick some ass!

    Rayne smiles.

    Cut to: The Sacred Circle. Leora is standing beside the cash register sharpening an axe. Jean walks over to her.

    Leora: How is she doing?

    Jean: She's? well honestly she's pretty damn bad Leora. I'm doing the best I can do with the supplies I have, but it isn't enough.

    Leora: And have you told Rayne this?

    Jean: No? he'd have stormed off earlier? I'm trying to keep the body count down. I lied to him, told her she'd be ok.

    Leora: Is there anyway that you can use your power to help her? Anyway to heal her a little bit to keep her here? I don't need to be questioned by medical staff right now, we don't have the time.

    Jean: I suppose? I'll go look.

    Jean goes to leave. Leora puts the axe down and grabs him. She pulls him in and kisses him. They pull away and she smiles.

    Leora: I've been a harsh bitch the last twenty four hours, I need an excuse to be nice.

    Jean: You're always good to me Leora.

    Leora: I can say the same about you.

    Jean: I want to fight by your side in this. Give me a weapon and I'll be at your side to save you.

    Leora: No! I don't want you risking yourself on my behalf!

    Jean: But you'll need me!

    Leora: Cut the hero crap, you're better here watching Carmen.

    Jean: If there is a Carmen to watch soon.

    Leora: We won't need your help fighting in this. We've got what we need.

    Jean: And how could you know that.

    Leora: Because she's about to walk through that door right now.

    The door opens. Rayne and Faith walk in. Leora, without looking tosses the axe to Faith. Faith catches it. Leora and Jean turn around.

    Leora: I sensed your presence here. I kept your axe for you.

    Faith smiles.

    Faith: Thanks. I'm here to help.

    Leora hugs her.

    Leora: Always appreciated.

    Illyria and Tate walk into the room. Faith looks around.

    Faith: Looks like things have been getting pretty odd around here.

    Rayne: You have no idea.

    Faith: No biggie, I bet you've never had to live in a school full of slayers before. Makes prison look like a walk through the park.

    Leora smiles. Rayne, Illyria and Tate go to the weapons chest. Jean goes to stop them.

    Jean: What do you think you're doing? We don't even know what Saffire's doing yet!

    Faith: Looks like lover boys got some balls standing up to three warriors with weapons.

    Leora: He knows I'd stop them first.

    Faith: So, what are we against?

    Leora: We aren't sure yet.

    Carmen: I know.

    Pan around to a weakened Carmen, barely being able to stand up, holding the side of the door frame.

    Cut to: Katana being outstretched on a table, bound by the arms and legs. She wakes up and tries to struggle free. Saffire comes beside her.

    Saffire: I don't think so.

    Katana avoids eye contact with her.

    Saffire: Well daughter, I was hoping you'd be more like your sisters. Giving yourself to me with no question.

    Saffire paces around.

    Saffire: But of course it was your mother that we can blame for that. She raised you to think for yourself... unlike those two. See, at least you're still alive.

    Katana: If only I live, then you can't do anything to your own power.

    Saffire: Ahh, so you have been paying attention have you. Do you know what part of them I needed?

    Katana shakes her head.

    Saffire: Their souls.

    He holds out his hands, in each hand forms a white ball of energy, unbearable to look at. He closes his hands and his arms glow white for a second.

    Saffire: They gave theirs freely. I'll have to extract yours. It's a pity? I hear it can be very painful.

    Saffire holds out his hand.

    Saffire: Oh? and you'll probably die!

    End Act 1: Commercial Break


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      Act 2: Open to Troy, night, outside the city. Saffire is walking down a dirt road away from the city, which is burning behind him. He staggers, blood filled on a cut on his forehead, stained sword in hand. He walks towards the woods.

      Cut to: Inside the forest, night. Saffire sits down on a rock and starts to clean his weapon. Leaves rustle behind him, he looks up and a woman knocks him over from behind. Saffire falls to the ground, the woman on top of him.

      Woman: Do not speak! I know who you are!

      Saffire tries to struggle, the woman stops him the best she can, she whispers in his ear.

      Woman: I am a seer. I know of your intentions. I know what you will do.

      Saffire: How do my actions many lifetimes from now effect you now?

      Seer: The woman you leeched on was my sister.

      Saffire's eyes widen.

      Seer: Her child is well on the way. The first of the four of your spawn is it not?

      Saffire: That has nothing to do with you.

      Seer: I know what you told my sister before you went off.

      Cut to: Saffire and another woman (The seer's sister) in a bedroom, the sheets are messy and there is no natural light. A candle is all that lights the room.

      Seer(V.O.) : You told my sister?

      Saffire:?I have some news.

      Seer(V.O.) : "Is that so?" she replied in confusion.

      Saffire: Yes. There is something I need to tell you.

      Seer(V.O.) : "Well, out with it then!" my eager sister awaited.

      Saffire: It appears I knocked you up.

      Seer(V.O.) : Don't you find it odd that you knew she was pregnant before she did? She didn't. "Oh? that's? oh?" was all she could say.

      Saffire: I must leave for some business? I will not see you for many years. I have a gift for the child, Ivory is to be her name.

      Saffire places a large object covered in a grey cloth onto the table. He then leaves the room.

      Seer(V.O.) : You put my sister out of business for the last six months. The men in town won't do a whore if she's pregnant!

      Cut back to Saffire and the Seer. Saffire struggles more.

      Seer: I can end this all now! I will be the one that saves the world! Not some warrior of our time that comes to smite you in the future! I will be praised with the gods!

      She laughs. Saffire grabs for his sword and flips her over him. She rolls on the ground and gets up. Saffire springs up as well. He puts his sword in it's sheath. She looks at him.

      Seer: You give in already? Won't fight me will you? Are you afraid that you won't win?

      Saffire smirks.

      Saffire: But darling? I already have!

      The seer looks at him with puzzlement. He motions for her to look at her back. She does, dropping her blade. She tries to look around and sees nothing.

      Seer: Hey! Theres nothing-

      Saffire appears in from of her, he stabs his sword through her, unsheathes it and walks away. The seer falls to the ground dead.

      Cut to: Carmen in bed Leora, Tate and Faith around her. Carmen is propped up by a pillow, eyes staying open as well as they can. Faith and Leora stay to the back of the room, Tate standing next to Carmen's head.

      Leora: What is he planning on doing exactly?

      Carmen: Well, I'm not exactly one hundred percent sure? but I think-

      Tate: Thinking isn't going to help us right now! What do you know?

      Leora moves to put her arm on his. Faith stops her.

      Carmen: Well excuse me for getting hit into a tree!

      Tate: Look, I'm sorry you got hurt. We don't have any time to be doing this right now!

      Carmen: If you're so pouncy for what I know then do please continue to yell at the injured! Maybe it'll give me the will to die!

      Leora: Back off Tate! Don't start anything that can be avoided!

      Tate calms down.

      Tate: Sorry? I just want to get out there before? whatever it is that's being planned happens.

      Carmen: I'll forgive you on the terms that you're the one that gets to kill the bastard! You better make him bleed extra for me!

      Leora smiles. Faith moves around.

      Carmen: From what I heard, Saffire's intentions are to extract Katana's soul.

      Faith: What do you mean extract?

      Carmen: Again, I don't know! I was getting knocked against a trunk that was thicker then most pro wrestlers shoulder span.

      Leora: I'll do a spell, find anything mystical.

      Tate is leaning against the wall, hand on his jaw.

      Tate: How could he do that to his own daughter?

      Tate storms out of the room.

      Faith: What's his big deal anyways.

      Carmen: He's old?

      Leora follows after.

      Cut to: Tate sitting on the sidewalk in front of the Sacred Circle. Leora exits the shop and sits next to him. Tate looks down at his hands.

      Leora: Tate, listen, we all know tha-

      Tate: I killed my sister.

      Leora: What?

      Tate: She was possessed. Something had crawled into her in the night? a demon. A soul eater they called it. It collected souls and used then for dark magicks.

      Leora: Erendi demons are known to do that.

      Tate: Is that what it's called? Really wouldn't have made a difference would it. Mother made me kill her. Father was out to war, I was twelve. My sister was six.

      Leora: I'm sorry.

      Tate: You can't be sorry if you've never experienced it. The things she said to me. It took five men to hold her down while I did my task. It was simple really, just run the blade along her neck as fast as possible. Make it quick and easy.

      Tate stands up.

      Tate: Her eyes went black. The demon had left her and she was looking at me with her last breath. In her eyes I saw the things we shared together. Playing through the fields as young children, chasing after each other and pretending we were warriors. I saw her getting beaten by some of the older kids and myself protecting her. I saw her when I was four and injured? she had helped me up after I scraped the skin off my knee.

      Tate walks to the door.

      Tate: That was my first encounter with demons.

      He opens to door.

      Tate: And Damnit, I wish it were my last.

      He moves to go inside then stops suddenly and kneels beside Leora.

      Tate: You have a sister do you not?

      Leora: An undead sister, yes.

      Tate: I am sorry for you then. I'm sorry you couldn't save her.

      Leora winces. She closes her eyes and clenches her fists for a second.

      Leora: So am I.

      Tate: We will stop him. He is taking away his blood kin's souls.

      Tate walks into The Sacred Circle.

      Cut to: Saffire's lair, Katana is no longer chained to the table, but is lumped in the corner, unconscious. Saffire has three jars in front of him on the table, three bright lights are inside them. Scrolls are placed to his side, and Ivory's lance, Nelena's sais and Katana's whip on the other. Saffire closes his eyes, a white figure appears before him. He smiles. The figure takes form into Scarlet.

      Saffire: Excellent. You're still alive after the years of being trapped in space.

      Scarlet: Silence! You know very well that what you do guarantees you a spot in hell!

      Saffire: I am from hell! That holds no weight to me as threats generally go.

      Scarlet: I would make you pay myself! You have made me wait thousands of years Saffire! You took your time in obtaining these souls, and now we must create one!

      Saffire: You are the frame I created for Streea. I made you from the image of m last love. I produced two souls with her. Are you ready.

      Scarlet: For the last thousand years, yes.

      Saffire smiles.

      Saffire: Then let the end begin!

      Cut to: Scarlet in an open field, wind blowing the wild grass around. She holds a child in her arms and another is in a stroller beside her. Saffire appears behind her. Scarlet smiles.

      Scarlet: I know the scent of betrayal when it is around me.

      Saffire: Are these my daughters?

      Scarlet: Perhaps? and what if I say they were indeed of someone else.

      Saffire: I can smell only me on you.

      Scarlet: Deceit smells itself all the time. Are you sure I bluff?

      Saffire: You can try to get me away from these children. Sending them to D'Hoffryn when you return to him will hide them for a while, but these actions can't possibly keep them both from me.

      Scarlet: If you think so.

      Saffire: I will see you again.

      He disappears.

      Scarlet: I know?

      End act 2.


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        Act 3: Fade to Katana walks along a desert path. She is dressed in a blue leather suit. Her arms un covered and her hair out and blowing in the light wind. The path seems to get longer and longer as she walks, un-known where she is going. The desert fades into a forest filled with many-many tree's which are all orange and red. The leaf's are falling out and cover the ground. She stops at a grave stone. She kneels down and reads her name carved into the stone, blood splatter all over it.

        Nelena: Interesting sight no? The end of your life sister, the end of what you have come to know.

        Nelena stands beside her sister in black. She places a hand on her sister's shoulder as she continues.

        Nelena: I am sorry it has to end like this? unable to be with those you have come to cherish? but you knew it was coming.

        Katana: Not like this.

        Nelena: I know you thought it would be different, less alone and less scared.

        Katana: It will not end by your hands Nelena. I will not die tonight.

        Ivory: Prey to your god? to your what ever, but it will end tonight. No more running.

        Ivory appears beside Nelena and behind Katana. She is also dressed in black, her triton in hand. Katana jumps up, flipping over her two sisters and landing on her feet behind them. Ivory and Nelena turn to face their sister as they do Katana does a cartwheel backwards and into the falling leaves. Everything seems to slow down as the fight begins. Nelena pulls out her sais and Ivory holds out her triton.

        Ivory (her lips not moving): It will go down in the fight.

        Katana (her lips not moving): Let it!

        Slow motion stops and the leaves flitter about as Ivory and Nelena charge for Katana, both with weapons in hand. Katana jumps up as the two reach her she spin kicks knocking Ivory to the ground. Nelena grabs Katana's leg and bashes her into one of the trees. Katana lets out a loud scream as she hits it. Katana kicks up, knocking Nelena back as Nelena falls Ivory gets up and charges at Katana. Katana ducks down and Ivory's triton gets jabbed into the tress. Katana crawls away and stands up. She pulls out her long black whip. Katana whips the whip at Ivory, slashing it across her arm. Katana turns to Nelena and slashes her with the whip.

        Katana: Okay, you wanna do this? You wanna finish this off once and for all? Then fine.

        Katana kicked up some leafs off the ground and sent them out too Ivory who jumps out of the way, leaving her triton in the tree. Ivory lands on her side cutting herself on the leaves. Katana whips the whips the whip around Nelena's neck and starts pulling. Nelena wraps her hands around the whip trying to pull it off. Nelena grabs one of her sais and slices the whip causing both her and Katana to fall down. Katana gets up as she does it starts to snow. Everything fades to black and white as the snow covers the ground.

        Scarlet (VO): You can't run any more. The harder you try, the harder you will fall. Just let it come, like an arrow into the skin. Break it through the blood, the guts, the bones. Your body seeks air, screaming, pain. Take it child? Die!

        Scarlet appears in between Nelena and Ivory. In her hand a gold bow and arrow. Everything is black and white except for the bow and arrow. Everything slows down as Scarlet lets go of the arrow the arrow shatters threw the air hitting Katana in the heart. Katana gets pined to the tree behind her. Katana lets out a loud scream, which causes all the color to return. Everyone except Katana fades away. Katana stands there, the arrow sticking out from her now dead body.

        Katana (VO): Why can't I win?

        Fade to white.

        Cut to: Leora in a circle on the floor of the Sacred Circle. Eyes are closes, lights are off, candles around her. In the center of her circle is a map. She begins to chant in latin, the same verse over and over again. The fire from the candles begin to dim, the map begins to float. A big black spot appears on the far corner of the map. Leora opens her eyes. The lights turn on and the candles go out. Tate and Faith are beside her. Leora smiles and picks up the map.

        Leora: This whole time he's been hiding in the woods in a run down shack. Typical of us not to look in the simple places.

        Faith: What have we got to wait?

        Cut to: The Garden of Destiny. Death is sitting on a bench in front of a fountain flowing with water. Destiny walks down the stairs, book in hand. He approaches his sister.

        Death: Hey, I was wondering when you were going to show your face out here.

        Destiny: The book had me stay in there.

        Death: Of course it did. Have you thought about what we talked about last time?

        Destiny: I am going to make my opinions clear; I do not think it wise of us to mettle with these mortals.

        Death: No, of course not. But we set him up to this, brother this was our doing. We set him up for failure.

        Destiny: We will do as the book says.

        Death: The book is the world. There is no other way. What we say now has already been determined.

        Destiny: Yes. We will gather them.

        Death: All of them?

        Destiny: Everyone.

        Death smiles.

        Death: It's been a long time since we've had a family reunion. Destiny walks back into his temple.

        Destiny(V.O) : It shall begins shortly.

        Cut to: Saffire and Scarlet holding hands. The souls are in one jar on the floor, weapons around them. Saffire and Scarlet stand chanting, eyes closed. Saffire begins to chant english as Scarlet continues in latin.

        Saffire: I call you daughter from beyond. I call you to this host I have created.

        The souls rise out of the jars containing them.

        Saffire: Warrior of my bloodline, created from the powers of heaven, sent to the depths of hell, arise here now and fight for me!

        The weapons glow and begin to merge together.

        Saffire: Take this host, and this weapon, and be mine!

        Scarlet begins to glow, the room goes white. Saffire is knocked to the wall from a powerful source. As the light dims, the figure is revealed. Scarlet is now dressed in black, holding a scythe. Blood red war paint is on her face. She stands over Saffire and helps him up.

        Saffire: Streea? my daughter

        Saffire kneels before Streea.

        Streea: Father, why do you kneel before me? You will be god, I am not one.

        Saffire gets up.

        Saffire: We have vermin to kill first.

        Saffire and Streea look into each others eyes. The wall behind Katana rips off. Saffire and Streea move aside as debris flies at them.

        Cut to: Outside Saffire's shack. The location is in the middle of the woods. Leora, Rayne, Faith, Tate and Illyria stand around the shack, weapons ready.

        Tate: Saffire! Stop hiding and face us like the horrible monster you are.

        Saffire(Off screen): I apologize my friends, but I'm not the one you need to worry about.

        Leora and Faith move to the front line, meters away from the house. A wall of flames comes up around them. Leora and Faith move back. The fire spreads around Leora, Rayne, Tate, Faith and Illyria in a complete circle, trapping them in.

        Rayne: Shit.

        Illyria: We are trapped inside.

        Saffire(Off screen): Do you still wish to stop me warrior of the past?

        Tate: Yes.

        Saffire(Off screen): Very well.

        The fire lowers down a bit. Streea walks through the flames, scythe in her hands. She begins to swing it around. Saffire follows after her, a scimitar in each hand.

        Leora: Scarlet?

        Streea smiles.

        Streea: Hardly, witch!

        Saffire: This is Streea, my hell spawn. She will be this worlds end.

        Streea moves forward to Leora.

        Streea: Where are your wings pretty birdie?

        A faint rumble can be heard as Streea holds her scythe out to Leora. Leora's wings rip out of her back, Leora screams in pain. Faith's eyes widen.

        Faith: I've been gone too long.

        Leora falls to one knee and looks up at Streea.

        Streea: I have called the beast within. You may fight me now.

        Illyria holds up a crossbow and fires at Streea. Streea uses her scythe to block the bolt. Streea looks at Illyria.

        Streea: Your time will come.

        The crossbow breaks in Illyria's hands. Leora holds out her sword and it ignites on fire. She smiles.

        Leora: I haven't killed an evil bitch such as yourself all year.

        Streea: Thank god for surprising climax's.

        Leora swoops to Streea, sword out. Streea jumps to the roof before Leora can get her, Leora flies up after her. She lands off the roof and slashes at Streea.

        Cut to: The ground around the shack. The fire around Rayne and co. dies down. Saffire walks back into the shack. Faith jumps at him. Saffire knocks her back with his fist, sending her flying. Saffire glows and a wall of flame starts to block him off from everyone else. Tate grabs the sword and jumps through the flames as Saffire begins to glow blue. A hand reaches out of the ground near Rayne making him jump. Another raises near Illyria and Faith. Hands all over the place. The bodies begin to rise.

        Rayne: Faith, he's raising zombies!

        Illyria: The undead. I shall have no trouble with these.

        Zombies begins to stand up and attempt to walk to Rayne and co. They continue to rise. Rayne begins to slash off limbs, but there are too many zombies. Faith takes off as many limbs as she can, but they begin to grab hold of her. Illyria flips over a zombie and grabs one off Faith.

        Illyria: There are too many of them.

        Rayne: Shit? we need help.

        End Act 3.


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          Final Act: Carmen is laying on her bed. Jean is sitting beside her.

          Jean: Look, I'm not sure this is going to work, but I think it's worth trying. And you won't be as good as new, but it should keep you here long enough to...

          Carmen: Ok, I get it. Can we move on?

          Jean nods and puts his hands at both sides of her head. She closes her eyes. His hands glow blue for a second, then the light fades. Jean breathes heavily for a second and then collapses backwards on bed. Carmen sits up slowly and bends forward to check on Jean. When she sees he's breathing, she takes a deep breath and slowly gets up from the bed and leaves the room.

          Cut to: A phone over a desk, ringing.

          Willow: I'll get it!

          She picks up the phone and the screen splits in two to show Carmen on the Sacred Circle.

          Willow: Hello?

          Carmen: Willow, hi!

          Willow: Carmen? Oh my goddess, it's been so long! You're lucky I changed I got the phone company to put our old number to our new place, we were kicked out of the apartment. How's everything?

          Carmen: Not so good. Look, the reason I called you is because I need you to be ready. In case we fail. We are going to fight Saffire.

          Willow: But... what about his powers?

          Carmen: We found the...

          Carmen coughs for several seconds. Willow makes a worried face.

          Willow: Carmen, are you ok?

          Carmen closes her eyes and takes a deep breath.

          Carmen: I'm fine.

          Willow doesn't look very convinced, but sighs and continues the talk.

          Willow: So you found the blade?

          Carmen: Yeah. Leora and Tate went after it. But we're not 100 percent sure we'll get there in time to stop him, so...

          Willow nods.

          Willow: We'll be ready.

          Carmen hangs up. Tara comes into the room.

          Willow: We have to help Leora.

          Cut to: Saffire and Tate fighting inside Saffire's shack. Tate slashes at Saffire with his sword, Saffire kicks Tate in the gut, sending him beside Katana. Katana's eyes open and she looks at Tate. Tate doesn't notice and continues to pursuit Saffire. Saffire backs to a stairwell. He swings is right scimitar at Tate, Tate blocks it with his blade. He swings his other scimitar cutting Tate on the cheek. Tate stops for a second and Saffire runs up the stairs. Tate exists as well. Katana gets up a moment later and makes her way to the stairs.

          Cut to: On top of the roof, Streea swings her scythe around as Leora sends three fireballs at Streea The scythe spins at a pace that stops the fireballs and deflects them back at Leora.

          Streea: Cheap parlor tricks don't work on me witch!

          Streea swings her scythe at an unprepared Leora. Leora blocks it with her sword, the sword breaks in half on impact. Leora flies back a few feet. Streea swings the scythe again , slashing into Leora's right wing. Leora yells and goes down to her knees. She looks up at Streea with rage and send another fireball at her, knocking her back for a few minuets. Leora's wings disappear into her back.

          Cut to: Willow and Tara on the floor in a living room. They hold hands on a mat with a pentagram on it. The chant.

          Tara: Goddess of light, goddess of magic

          Willow: Allow Leora all our power.

          Tara: Goddess of light, goddess of magic.

          Willow: Allow Leora to be pure.

          Tara: Goddess of light, goddess of magic.

          Willow: We bind our spell, transfer what is ours to her.

          Tara and Willow open their eyes and look at each other.

          Tara: Did it work?

          A loud ringing noise can be heard. Willow and Tara begin to yell as blue energy transfers from them out of an open window beside them. They fall down.

          Cut to: Leora standing, holding what's left of her sword in hand. The blue energy hits her, she screams. Streea takes her scythe at this moment and swings at her head. Leora is frozen and cannot move.

          Cit to: Rayne, Illyria and Faith trapped in a corner in front of the fire as zombies surround them. Rayne swings his sword, killing a few of them, but more continue to rise. They hear Leora's scream and blue energy takes the flames away. Rayne looks up to the roof.

          Rayne: Leora?

          A zombie jumps on Rayne, singing its teeth in his arm. Rayne yells. Illyria and Faith try to wade their way through the zombies to help him, but they too get captured. A gunshot is heard. All freeze and turn to see Carmen with a shotgun, the bullet she fired exploded the head of the zombie attacking Rayne.

          Carmen: No one gives my boyfriend a hickie except for me!

          Carmen tosses her gun aside and picks up a flamethrower. She smiles. Faith, Rayne and Illyria get out of the way.

          Carmen: Now for the fun part.

          Cut to: The roof. Streea swinging her scythe at full power. Leora stands still, looking to the sky. She opens her eyes, the pupils now blue. Thunder is heard as Leora holds out her broken sword, the scythe slips out of Streea's hands as she swings it. Leora holds he free hand up and grabs it.

          Leora: Don't like parlor tricks, eh?

          Lightning emits from the tip of Leora's broken sword. Dark storm clouds roll in and lightning hits Leora. The stream of electricity continues to fry Streea.

          Fade to white. We hear heavy breathing, a sword falls to the ground. Fade back in. Leora is holding the scythe, Streea on her knees before her, face burnt. Leora looks at her in disgust and swings the scythe with all her power. Streea's head comes clean off. Leora tries to walk, but fails dropping the scythe and falling unconscious near the ledge of the roof.

          Cut back down to Carmen frying zombies with her flamethrower. She yells as the zombies fall and burn before her. When she's done the only ones left are her, Rayne, Illyria and Faith. She tosses the flamethrower aside, sweet on her brow and face dirty. Faith walks forward.

          Faith: Wicked!

          Cut to: Tate lunged for Saffire, sword tightly in his grip. In rage and hate Tate started swinging wildly to attack his foe.

          Tate: Bastard! You killed everything around me!

          He swings, and misses Saffire. Saffire smirks as the fight goes on; he knew Tate would fall soon.

          Tate: Now you stand, and now you will die!

          Tate slices, cutting Saffire on the arm. Saffire lashes back, blood dripping from the skin and onto the ground. As the blood hit the ground, the scene faded to Katana, pinned to the tree in her mind, the arrow in her heart. Everything turns shades of red as it starts raining Saffire's blood. Katana fades away, along with the tree. Fade back to the fight with Saffire and Tate; the two continue the brawl as Katana, still pinned to the tree, appears. The tree, very large, digs its roots into the ground causing a small quake, forcing Saffire and Tate to stumble. Saffire catches himself while Tate falls, losing the sword.

          Katana (in a whisper): Saffire?

          Saffire swings his head, slashing Tate with the beads in his long hair. Tate is whipped across the ground falling, hard. Saffire and Tate don't notice Katana watching, slowly dieing.

          Saffire: Pity, pity. I really thought you would win this one?

          Saffire's hand glows blue with sparks as he starts to power up. Tate tries to pull himself up but it seems to fail, but Tate does pulls out a small silver stick, about the size of a pop can. As he does it extends to 5 feet turning into a small silver stick and into a staff, the point of the staff was a sharp spear. Tate whacks Saffire's feet, causing him to stumble. This gave Tate the chance to get up.

          Tate: I will!

          Saffire sends out bolts of blue energy as Tate spins his spear, blocking every attack. Tate comes closer as Saffire sends out more.

          Tate: Adushin Acumali Vanu Atol Mai.

          The spear started to glow a purple color and Tate smacked it across Saffire's face. Saffire growled jumping onto Tate and cutting along his chest. Tate pushed Saffire off and started spinning his spear again.

          Tate: It's over.

          Tate hits Saffire a few more times, but Saffire starts to predict the movements and grabs the staff from Tate's hands.

          Saffire: Opps!

          Saffire grabs the spear and breaks it in his hands. I stops glowing and falls to the ground in pieces, like glass. Katana watches, her eyes almost lifeless her hands firmly on the shaft of the arrow pinning her to the tree and keeping her somewhat alive.

          Tate: No! Stop this now, it can change for you. I promise.

          Saffire: No deal.

          Saffire sends a shocking wave into the ground breaking it open and smashing into Tate. Tate rolls onto his back, blood running from his nose and mouth. Cut all over his face and body, his clothing ripped and his pride crushed.

          Saffire: Now, it's over.

          Saffire grabs Tate by the ripped collar of his shirt and holds him off the ground. He holds up his other hand to reveal it glowing blue.

          Katana: No!

          Katana rips the arrow out of her chest and gets up with one last ounce of strength. She runs and stabs the arrow right threw Saffire. The point of the arrow rips threw his body, cutting up organs and veins. The point sticks out of his chest. Saffire lets out a loud grunt and drops Tate, who passes out. Katana smiles as her father turns out looking at her last act.

          Katana (sincerely): Thank you.

          She falls to the ground, eyes closed, as blood drains from her lifeless body. Saffire gasps and falls to his knees.

          Saffire: You'll need more then a wooden arrow to kill me.

          He pulls out the arrow and holds himself with one hand to the ground. As blood drops he laughs looking at his daughter and his fallen foe. Katana lies lifeless, her body peaceful and pure, the tree still stood there. Tate slowly opens his eyes looking at Saffire laughing. He turns over to his side and starts coughing up blood.

          Tate: Damn.

          Saffire: Morning sunshine. Ready to finish this?

          The door bursts open. Rayne, Carmen, Faith and Illyria run in. They see Katana dead on the ground, Saffire with blood dripping from his chest, Tate bloodied up and Leora unconscious. Rayne steps forward with his sword.

          Rayne: Get the hell up. Now!

          Saffire eyes him and begins to fall over. Everything freezes but Tate. Death appears before him. She holds out her hand to him and helps in stand up.

          Death: I am here to collect you.

          Tate: Is it finally my time?

          Death: Hardly. I am here to collect all of you.

          Saffire unfreezes, he falls over. Death walks over to him.

          Death: You have a price to pay Saffire. You have made my job more difficult.

          Saffire smiles.

          Saffire: What do you think you're going to do to me.

          Death: I will do nothing.

          She holds out her hands. Saffire begins to float before her.

          Death: It is what he will do to you.

          Saffire tries to get back to the ground.

          Saffire: No.. no I can't face him!

          Death: You have had your last chance.

          Saffire: Please! Don't do this! Spare me!

          Death shakes her head, lifts her hands up and Saffire flies into the sky, not to be seen. She turns around to Tate.

          Death: It is time to go. They are waiting.

          Fade to black.

          Fade back into Destiny and Death standing in Destiny's Garden. With them are four other beings. To Deaths right is a small blond girl wearing fishnet stalkings, a bikers jacket and a pair of fairy wings. One of her eyes is green where the other is blue. She stands behind a short man, dressed in white. His skin paler then Death's. His hair as well is white and only his eyes are black. He wears a white cloak. Beside him is a short fat naked women, her arms are scared up and she has a sewer rat on her shoulder. To Destiny's left is an unidentifiable being, looking both like a man and a women. It's eyes are a pale yellow. It is beautiful. Before the endless are Tate and Leora. Rayne, Carmen, Faith and Illyria are behind them, looking in awe.

          Faith: Ok, am I back in Sunnydale in some weird dream or something? ?Cause this is a little odd.

          Carmen: That goes for all of us.

          Leora: What is this place.

          Illyria walks forward.

          Illyria: The Garden of Destiny. It existed in my time. Along with this family.

          She motions to Death and the others. Death steps forward.

          Death: This is my family Leora. They will not speak as I have been chosen to speak for them. The less that you make contact with them the better. I have already overstepped my rights many times to help you, Champion.

          Leora is left speechless.

          Leora: Me? A champion?

          Death hands Leora Streea's scythe.

          Death: The world is saved thanks to you.

          Leora steps aside.

          Leora: It was Tate's destiny. He is the champion.

          Death: But he already is. He has done his task and now it is time for him to return to the higher plane.

          Tate steps beside Leora. He takes her by the hand and then hugs her.

          Tate: I wish to stay with them.

          Destiny stands up.

          Destiny: You have done your job, you may die as you wished many centuries ago.

          Tate: I do not wish that fait anymore. I wish to do good here. With my friends.

          Destiny: Friends? Your friends are what wills you to stay in your mortal capsule.

          Tate: You can foresee what happens, don't pull this un needed bull shit on me. These are my friends.

          Shot of Rayne.

          Tate: I fight beside them.

          Shot of Carmen.

          Tate: I feel beside them

          Shot of Illyria.

          Tate: I bleed beside them.

          Shot of Leora.

          Tate: And I live, with them.

          Destiny sits back down.

          Destiny: Sister, you are Death. What is your say on the matter.

          Silence, Death looks around at the others.

          Death: Very well. The powers may call you back some day. You will never be at rest Tate.

          She walks away to her family.

          Death: That is all I have to say. Save the world again? there is much evil to come.

          She waves her hand.

          Fade to black.

          Fade back to The Sacred Circle. Leora, Carmen, Rayne, Faith, Illyria and Tate teleport into the main room with a flash.

          Illyria: That was unpleasant.

          Leora: I don't know, I got to be a champion? I think it's all good.

          Faith: Damn did I choose the right time to pop by. I'm going to be sore for ages.

          Carmen goes to the blinds an opens them. The sun is rising.

          Tate: We lived to another day.

          Zoom slowly out of the shop, through the window we see Leora holding her scythe, Faith standing beside her, Rayne holding onto Carmen, Illyria standing in silence and Tate, in front, watching the sun rise.

          Cut to: Tate's view. He looks above the building across the street. A shadow, vaguely shaped like Katana jumps across the roof.

          Fade to Black

          End Season.


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            Chosen created by Heather
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