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Raven Episode 2.12 "Escape With Hope And Trust"

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  • Raven Episode 2.12 "Escape With Hope And Trust"

    *Note* As of Spring 2007, Season 1 episodes will be recreated as "Raven Remastered" episodes. The entire original run of season 1 and 2 episodes as well as 3.6 will be redone to add to the quality of the series. The purpose is to make seasons 1 and 2 to the quality of seasons 3 and 4. Look in the index for the Remastered episodes. The originals are posted for comparison*

    Raven Episode 2.12 "Escape of Hope and Trust"

    Open to: Tate in Troy; holding a red crystal blade. Serephina is watching in the background as Tate opens a bad of sand and pours it in a circle on the ground. She walks to him and holds his hand as he places the blade in the middle of the circle. He begins to chant an old mysterious language filled with emotion. He spreads the remaining sand over the blade and walks into the circle.

    Serephina: I wish you luck.

    Tate: I shall keep you in my mind; there is nothing bad that can happen.

    Nothing happens. Tate looks around.

    Serephina: What is wrong?

    She walks into the circle and disappears. Tate looks around.

    Tate: Serephina?

    Cut to: Tate lying on the floor of the Sacred Circle, nose bloody. Carmen and Leora are standing over him.

    Leora: What did you see?

    Cut to: Tate sitting at the table at the Sacred Circle. Illyria and Rayne are in the background, Carmen is at the cash register and Leora is sitting next to him. Katana enters from the back room. Rayne moves towards her, sword ready in hand.

    Katana: Worry not, I was not followed.

    Rayne: Are you sure about that?

    Katana: They dare not attack me again.

    Leora gets up.

    Leora: Do you remember how to do the ritual?

    Katana and Rayne look over. Illyria uncrosses her arms.

    Leora: We have to retrieve the blade.

    Tate stands up.

    Tate: I guess? we have the ingredients here.

    Leora moves to the shelves.

    Leora: Just your typical blessed sand then?

    Tate: You don't understand Leora. I hid the blade because he could destroy the world if he destroyed it. We can kill him with it? but he's too powerful.

    Carmen moves around.

    Carmen: What's our move?

    Rayne: Leora is right. We need to end this now or Katana will forever be hunted.

    Carmen: But will we be able to ensure he won't destroy the blade? There is no other way to kill him.

    Illyria: You are all blinded.

    Everyone looks to Illyria.

    Rayne: Do you have something to say Illyria?

    Illyria: You all believe he will end the world.

    Katana: That is his intention yes.

    Illyria: No.


    Leora: What do you mean?

    Illyria moves around.

    Illyria: One who wishes for the power to destroy the world would not. If the world were destroyed, where would they find a place to rule. Power is what he wants.

    Katana: It is what he has.

    Illyria eyes Katana.

    Illyria: Yes. With this weapon close to us he isn't filled yet.

    Carmen: Then we should keep it from him as much as we can. Until we come up with a plan.

    Tate: What, until he kills Katana? Until he kills me? Even if he kills all of us will we not act?

    Katana: The risks are too high.

    Katana, Carmen, Tate and Illyria begin to argue loudly. Katana and Carmen apposed to moving offensively and Tate and Illyria approving. Rayne slides back, glancing at Leora.

    Leora: Silence!

    Leora's voice echo's, everyone looks towards her.

    Leora: We've hidden from him long enough. Tate, we're going.

    Leora throws a leather bag of sand to Tate. Tate pushes the table out of the way and begins to pour out the sand. Carmen moves close to Leora.

    Carmen: You don't really think this is wise do you?

    Leora: We don't have time to think this through Carmen. We're going in.

    Carmen smirks.

    Carmen: You sand as irrational as a slayer. We need to weigh the possibilities here. We could be putting the only object that can destroy the world as we know it into the hands of a homicidal maniac!

    Leora: You have a point?

    Leora shoves past Carmen and goes to Tate. Tate has begun chanting and Leora joins in with him.

    Carmen goes to move to stop the spell, Rayne puts his hand on her shoulder and stops her. She crosses her arms and pouts at Leora.

    Rayne: She has decided. All we have to do is support her. This isn't your battle to fight.

    Carmen looks to Rayne.

    Carmen: Nor is it hers.

    Carmen motions to Katana.

    Carmen: It's his daughter's.

    Leora and Tate phase away instantly. The remaining group slowly moves towards the circle. The door bursts open. Saffire, Ivory and Nelena, all fully armed appear.

    Saffire: My daughter, I have come.

    Cut to: Leora and Tate phasing into a hotel lobby. No one is around and everything is untouched. Tate and Leora look at each other, and then around. The elevator door opens with a ding, Leora and Tate jump and turn to see Death. Tate and Leora both relax.

    Leora: For a moment there I thought that something evil would come out to greet us.

    Death smiles and continues to walk towards them.

    Death: I am not who you think I am.

    Tate: Are you not Death of the Endless? The family that controls us all?

    Death: I am a being of which neither of you could relate. The Endless have much more power then I. I show this form to you to comfort you.

    Leora: Umm? why show us Death then?

    Death turns around and closes her eyes. Zoom in onto her eyelids. She opens them and we zoom out, to reveal Tara.

    Tara: Does this comfort you more?

    Tate: Why would be need comfort?

    Tara motions to Tate.

    Tara: He holds the fate of the world now. You better be prepared.

    Tate: Prepared for what?

    Tara: The end.

    End teaser.

    Kate Beckinsale - Leora Byrne
    Michael Vartan - Arthur Rayne
    AJ Cook - Carmen White
    Kelly Giddish - Katana
    Ryan Phillipe - Tate
    And Amy Acker as Illyria

    Special Guest Star:
    Tilda Swinton as Scarlet

    Guest Starring:
    Amber Benson - Tara Maclay
    Eliza Dushku - Faith
    Milla Jovovich - Feora Byrne
    Teresa Cruz - Death of the Endless
    Anneliese van der Pol - Ivory
    And Travis Truant as Saffire

    Created by:
    Alexander Brown
    And Travis Truant

    Written by:
    Alexander Brown

    Executive Producers:
    Alexander Brown
    Keara Swanson
    And Travis Truant

    Based on: Buffy the Vampire Slayer ? to Joss Whedon, 20th Century Fox and Mutant Enemy, no money is made of this fanfiction.

    Death is ? to the character created by Neil Gaiman in the Sandman Library series. No money is being made off this character.

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    Act 1: Open to The Sacred Circle. Rayne charges towards Saffire, Ivory and Nelena with his sword. Ivory steps forwards and blocks his attack with her lance. Carmen grabs two swords from the wall, tossing one at Katana. Carmen stands in from of Katana, sword ready. Illyria walks forwards. Nelena grabs Rayne from behind and Ivory takes her lance and begins to stab downwards. Illyria waves her hand; the time stopping waves are emitted and Saffire, Ivory and Nelena freeze. Rayne gasps and gets out of the way. Illyria falls down. Carmen puts her sword down and kneels down beside her. Katana and Rayne move slowly to the back of the room, watching the frozen people in the room. Illyria looks up to Carmen.

    Carmen: I thought you couldn't do that anymore.

    Illyria: It appears I can. At great cost.

    Carmen helps Illyria get up.

    Rayne pushes Katana forward.

    Rayne: We've got to go. They won't stay like that long.

    Rayne helps Carmen and Illyria slip out the door.

    Cut to: Outside the Sacred Circle. The four move across the street and stop.

    Carmen: What do we do.

    Illyria lets go of Carmen.

    Rayne: Carmen, take Katana and meet us at the edge of town.

    Katana: I thought we were going to fight them.

    Illyria: We are in no condition.

    Illyria backs into the wall.

    Carmen: You shouldn't have done that. Now you can't even run.

    Illyria: But I will fight.

    Carmen nods to Rayne. She grabs Katana by the arm and they run.

    Rayne: You sure you can do this?

    Illyria: I shall try.

    Cut to: Tate, Leora and Tara in the hotel lobby.

    Leora: The end?

    Tara: You did not expect to come here and leave as you please did you? There is always a price to magic, witch.

    Tate: What price needs to be payed?

    Tara turns into Serephina.

    Serephina: You must complete the trials.

    Serephina holds out her left arm. The elevator door behind her opens.

    Serephina: No one has ever succeeded. It is the way to your weapon, and the way out.

    Tate walks into the elevator. Leora follows. Serephina holds her back.

    Serephina: This is his journey. You will stay here.

    Serephina splits into two. The second Serephina turns into Death. Serephina walks into the elevator after Tate. Both stand beside each other, Serephina looks to Tate, who ignores her. The doors close. Leora looks at Death.

    Leora: Was that the image of-

    Death: His dead lover? Yes.

    Leora: Is it part of the trial?

    Death: Not yet?

    Cut to: Tate and Serephina in the elevator. There is only one button on the board. Serephina presses it and they begin to move.

    Serephina: It isn't helping you.

    Tate: No. You aren't.

    Serephina: If you cannot face me, then the challenges are beyond you.

    Tate: I never said I was giving in.

    Serephina: Very well.

    The elevator dings. The doors open.

    Serephina: It is time.

    Cut to: Serephina guiding Tate into darkness. The only light comes from the elevator. He looks around. She turns around and snaps her fingers. The elevator door closes. Another snap is heard and a light comes on from above them.

    Serephina: Ready to begin?

    Tate looks around.

    Serephina: We are in a void. There is noting here but us.

    Tate: So?

    Tate wanders around a little.

    Tate:? what do I do?

    Cut to: Katana and Carmen running into an open field. Carmen trips. Katana stops and looks towards town. No one appears to be following them. Carmen gets up, stops and looks around as well. She then grabs Katana's arm and forces her onward.

    Carmen: We don't have time to loose.

    Cut to: The Sacred Circle. Saffire, Ivory and Nelena continue moving again. They freeze and look around, shocked.

    Nelena: Father, what was that?

    Ivory: I feel magical energy around. Was it the witch?

    Saffire: No. It was the old one.

    Saffire walks to the door.

    Saffire: I wonder.

    Saffire opens to door. Rayne and Illyria are across the street, awaiting them. He moves towards his daughters.

    Saffire: My daughters. These two may have her hidden. Go to them.

    Saffire teleports away.

    Ivory and Nelena exit The Sacred Circle.

    Cut to: Tate and Serephina in the void.

    Tate: So I have to answer questions?

    Serephina: Yes. Then you may move onto the next trial.

    Tate: And the questions are all on Leora.

    Serephina: Yes.

    Tate: I haven't known her that long, I don't think I-

    Serephina: Do you admit defeat already?

    Tate: No.

    Serephina: Good. First question. What is Leora's favorite colour.

    Tate looks at Serephina in disgust.

    End Act 1


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      Act 2: The interior of a dark warehouse. There are a few office desks piled up at the far corner of the room and a few chairs stacked neatly near it. Rats run around in the dark searching for food. The room is dusty and likely hasn't had any visitors for a long time. The door gets knocked down. Illyria flies through, landing on the ground. Rayne runs in after. Illyria gets up. Ivory and Nelena enters.

      Ivory: Took it out of you, didn't it time bitch!

      Nelena: No one stops our father. He will stop the world.

      Rayne takes his sword and charges Nelena, swinging at full power. Nelena uses her sais to block the sword. She jumps up onto the desks and he tries to follow. Nelena kicks him in the face and he stumbles backwards. Illyria and Ivory circle around one another, eyes locked. Ivory swings here lance, Illyria swings backwards and swings her legs on the ground, knocking Ivory over. Ivory and Illyria stand up. Rayne slashes at Nelena, cutting her shoulder. Nelena glares at him and jumps over him, landing beside Ivory. Rayne reaches Illyria and hands her his sword.

      Rayne: Ready?

      Illyria nods. Rayne removes his leather jacket and take out a machine gun. Ivory and Nelena look at each other and run in opposite directions. Rayne begins to fire.

      Cut to: Leora and Death. Both sitting on opposite couches in the lobby, looking at each other. Leora breaks the silence.

      Leora: So? do many people come here?

      Death: Not since that blade was hidden by the women he was with. This dimension was created in mystery. We prefer it that way.

      Leora: We?

      Death: The souls of the ones that lost there way here.

      Leora: Oh?

      Death stands up and turns into Feora.

      Feora: You will join us soon day sis.

      Leora glares at Feora.

      Cut to: Carmen and Katana hiding in a few bushes beyond the field.

      Katana: This is foolish. Why do we wait?

      Carmen: We have no where to go? he will find you. We need to regroup and keep you safe.

      Katana: That is not what I want.

      Carmen: You don't get a say in how we stop the bad guys Katana.

      Katana stands up.

      Katana: What I want has not been considered in this whole experience. I have been blocked out by you and your friends.

      Carmen: Well what the hell do you want?

      Carmen gets up as well.

      Carmen: You want to go crawling to daddy with your soul saying "Here take me. I can help you end the world!?" I'm failing to see your logic Katana. Leora and Rayne know what to do, we have to follow them.

      Katana: I am going to fight. I have to kill my father. I don't care if this Tate from the past is here to do so, he is my father. Be it my destiny or not I must be the one to strike him down for all the suffering he has caused. I must be the one to change the past and save the future. I will clear my mothers name by killing my father.

      Carmen looks at Katana with sympathy.

      Katana: I wish for the respect I deserve. I wish to be treated as one of you. Allow me to do this.

      Carmen moves forward. A fist hits her in the face and she is sent flying backwards, headfirst into a tree. Carmen falls to the ground, unconscious. Saffire is revealed.

      Saffire: Very touching.

      He turns to Carmen.

      Saffire: Good guess; we will extract her soul like her sisters.

      Cut to: Tate and Serephina. Tate is sweating as Serephina circles him.

      Serephina: Going through your mind hurts more then you thought, didn't it.

      Tate looks up at her, panting.

      Serephina: It is time for the second trial.

      Cut to: Leora and Feora.

      Leora: Change now.

      Feora flashes from in front of Leora, to behind her shoulder.

      Feora: Who are you to tell me what to do.

      Leora jerks around at her voice.

      Feora: You may have gotten in here, but you will not leave if you upset me.

      Feora steps forward, hand outstretched.

      Feora: You have stayed here too long.

      Feora appears behind Leora again and kicks her, sending her flying into the couch. Leora looks up at her in pain.

      Leora: Wh- what are you doing?

      Feora turns into Death.

      Death: Learning you.

      Death backhands Leora in the jaw, sending Leora to the ground. Leora holds up her hands as Death transforms into Tara to stomp on her. Leora kicks her other leg from under her and she falls to the floor. Leora stands up and holds a fireball in her hand. Tara turns into Faith.

      Faith: You're not going to leave.

      Leora throws the fireball upwards and it explodes into many smaller fireballs, all catching the hotel lobby in flames. Faith punches Leora in the jaw again, sending her beside the elevator. The door opens. Faith turns into Scarlet.

      Scarlet: Go down.

      Cut to: Tate and Serephina. Serephina circles around him again and then turns into Death.

      Death: Remember me Tate? I brought you to the higher plane. I brought you here.

      Tate turns to her and she stops. Death holds out her hand and her nails extend. She slashes Tate on the cheek. He recoils.

      Death: The second trial has begun.

      Tate: What am I supp-

      Tate continues to talk. Nothing comes out.

      Death: Just listen.

      Death turns into Eric the troll. Tate's eyes widen as Eric smashes Tate in the torso with his hammer. Tate flies back, landing on the ground.

      Eric: You have no idea the dangers you put on your world when you made your girlfriend bring the sword here.

      Eric turns into Carmen and helps Tate up, Tate accepts the help reluctantly.

      Carmen: But of course you were too weak. Too weak to stop him.

      She slaps him. He turns his head aside and when he turns back Carmen is now Rayne.

      Rayne: Too weak to save us all. To stop him then and there forever,

      Rayne punches Tate in the gut and turns into Illyria.

      Illyria: What do you have to say for yourself? Humanity is weak due to lazy weaklings like you. Humanity is going to fall because you failed.

      Illyria hits Tate in the face, his lip begins to bleed and his eye is shut closed beginning to bruise. Illyria turns into Katana.

      Katana: Now look what you've done. I'm here because you were weak. I'm going to die because you were too weak.

      Katana turns into Leora.

      Leora: And there is nothing that you can do to stop the world from ending.

      Leora holds her hand forward, sending Tate flying with magic. She appears next to him several feet away and changes into Scarlet.

      Scarlet: The mistakes in the past have ended your future. Everyone's future.

      Scarlet turns into Serephina.

      Serephina: Do you know how far along pregnant I was?

      The elevator door opens with a ding. Leora walks out and sees Tate and Serephina.

      Serephina: The third trial is about to begin. Both of you are prepared.

      End act 2: Commercial Break.


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        Act 3: Open to the warehouse. Rayne starts to fire the machinegun following Nelena and Ivory as best he can. Illyria ducks below the rain of bullets as Rayne spins around attempting to hit someone. He targets on Nelena and fires. Three bullets enter her and the gun clicks empty. He gets out a new clip and begins to put it in. Nelena topples over, holding her bullet wounds in her chest. Rayne gets the clip in and Nelena throws her sais at Rayne. The sais hit Rayne's gun and arm, sending the gun to the ground. Ivory screams as Nelena falls to her death.

        Ivory: Bastard! You will pay!

        Ivory teleports away. Illyria looks at Rayne. Both run to the exit.

        Cut to: Katana and Saffire in the field.

        Saffire: I have collected your sisters souls. You remain.

        Katana: What good will that do you?

        Saffire: To raise the dark one of course. My finest offspring I must say. She comes from the depths of hell herself.

        Katana begins to breathe heavily and move backwards. Saffire moves forwards, causing Katana to move more. Katana trips over a branch and falls down. She screams.

        Saffire: You won't die yet daughter.

        A shot is heard. Katana gasps. Saffire looks down at his chest. A big bullet hole is now in his gut. He falls down. Katana moves backwards more, Carmen is revealed holding her shotgun lying on the tree. Carmen's eyes close and her arms go limp. Rayne and Illyria are seen at the far field. Ivory appears. She sees her father's body and holds her hands up. The bullet raises out of his corpse and disappears. The missing flesh grows back, covering the hole. Saffire gets up.

        Saffire: I should have killed her when I had the chance.

        Katana screams.

        Saffire: Ivory, we must go.

        Ivory nods and grabs Katana. Katana resists as much as she can, but Ivory has her outmatched. All three teleport. Illyria and Rayne reach the place where they just were. Illyria kneels down.

        Illyria: They are gone a long way from here.

        Rayne sees Carmen at the tree. He runs to her.

        Rayne: Shit! Carmen.

        Rayne reaches her and kneels. She has a gash across her forehead and a broken arm. She looks into his eyes the best she can.

        Carmen: They.. took her.

        Rayne holds her head in his lap.

        Carmen: I wasn't? able to stop them.

        Rayne smiles.

        Rayne: You did your best. That's all you could do.

        Carmen smiles at him and then closes her eyes.

        Rayne: ****! Illyria!

        Rayne gabs into his jacket and grabs his cell.

        Rayne: Jean. I need your help.

        Cut to: Leora, Tate and Serephina. Tate is holding onto Leora, trying to stay up.

        Serephina: Which one of you will die?

        Leora: What?

        Serephina: You heard me. There was a price and you will pay. Who will die here and who will leave.

        Serephina holds out her hand a red crystal blade appears in it.

        Serephina: You will need this.

        Tate: We're both leaving? with that.

        Tate spits blood at Serephina's feet.

        Serephina: You entered the trial Tate. You get the choice. Either the warrior, yourself, dies or the leader. Who can you go without.

        Leora and Tate look at her in utter silence.

        Serephina: Speak! I haven't got this millennium to wait!

        Leora looks at him. She lets of him, he staggers on his own and stays as still as he can.

        Leora: I will go. I will die.

        Serephina: Will you? Will you die to save the world?

        Leora: Yes.

        Serephina holds her arm up.

        Serephina: Very well.

        Serephina begins to swing the sword.

        Tate: Leora! No!

        Leora closes her eyes. Everything goes slow motion. Tate begins to run to the sword, to stop it. Leora doesn't move. The sword gets closer and closer. Before it hits her, and hand grabs onto Serephina's. Leora opens her eyes. Serephina lets go of the blade. Death has her hand.

        Death: I don't appreciate you imitating me to do harm.

        Serephina backs up. Death picks up the blade and hands it to Tate.

        Death: Leave. Theres work that you need to do.

        Leora looks at Tate, grabs his arm and they run for the elevator.

        Death: We have some talking to do.

        Leora *Calling out to Death from the elevator*: Thank you.

        Death: Save the world, child. Save the world.

        Serephina backs into the corner of the dark void. Death snaps her fingers as the elevator door closes.

        Fade to black.

        End Episode.


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