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Raven Episode 2.11 "Time Warp"

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  • Raven Episode 2.11 "Time Warp"

    *Note* As of Spring 2007, Season 1 episodes will be recreated as "Raven Remastered" episodes. The entire original run of season 1 and 2 episodes as well as 3.6 will be redone to add to the quality of the series. The purpose is to make seasons 1 and 2 to the quality of seasons 3 and 4. Look in the index for the Remastered episodes. The originals are posted for comparison*

    Raven Episode 2.11 "Time Warp"

    Teaser open to: Carmen walking downstairs into the shop. She walks downstairs and around the corner to another room, she opens it and walks in, it appears to be a kitchen, a white room with a small dinning table and shelves of plates, glasses and various other items found in a kitchen. She walks over to the sink and fills a kettle with water and then plugs it into an electrical socket. She leaves the room and rubs sleep from her eyes. Glass being broken in the room is heard, Carmen jumps. She walks over to a chest and takes out an axe. She edges towards the corner and swiftly jumps around it, ready for action. She drops her axe and stares in awe. The camera pans around, the glass has been stained black and is arranged in a peculiar triangular shape with three lines running through it, one down the center and two going diagonally across. Rayne comes downstairs to see what's wrong, Carmen still stands in awe, tearing from the eyes. Rayne looks at the markings and then back to Carmen, hugging her.

    Rayne: They're here for you.

    End Teaser:

    Opening Credits

    Kate Beckinsale - Leora Byrne
    Michael Vartan - Arthur Rayne
    AJ Cook - Carmen White
    Kelly Giddish - Katana
    Ryan Phillipe - Tate
    And Amy Acker as Illyria

    Special Guest Star:
    Emma Caulfield as Anyanka

    Guest Starring:
    Amber Benson as Tara Maclay
    And Jeremy Sisto as Eric Thomas

    Created by:
    Alexander Brown
    And Travis Truant

    Written by:
    Alexander Brown
    And Sunset Slayer

    Executive Producers:
    Travis Truant
    And Alexander Brown

    Based on Buffy the Vampire Slayer created by Joss Whedon, a lot of characters and lore are owned by him, 20th Century Fox and Mutant Enemy.

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    Open to: Watcher's Training Camp, New Mexico, 1986. Carmen, Rayne and another man are in a building that appears to be a library. Carmen and Rayne are reading textbooks and taking notes, the other man sits playing cards. He shuffles the cards loudly, Rayne looks up. In slow motion he shuffles the cards again, Carmen looks up, angry. Again slow motion he shuffles the cards. Carmen glares at him, Rayne shakes his head and goes back to his work.

    Man: You guys are so lame!

    Rayne: I believe we're going to pass our final watcher exam, Eric.

    Eric: What, you think I, *Over pompous* The Great Eric Alexander Thomas will ever fail a test?

    Carmen: You won't arrive at the test if I ****ing pop one in you right now! So Shut up!

    Rayne: Jeez, pms!

    Carmen: Shut up!

    Eric: Someone's pushy!

    Carmen: Stop pushing me the wrong way!

    Rayne gives Eric a nod and they both solemnly look down. Silence. Carmen looks around at both of them, confused.

    Carmen: What are you two up to now?

    Rayne: Oh nothing, just giving you, our good friend, some piece and quiet.

    Eric: Now go back to studying!

    Eric picks up Rayne's book. Rayne looks over Eric's shoulder. Carmen glares at both of them.

    Carmen: What the hell do you people want with me?

    Eric: There is something, actually.

    Carmen: Yeah?

    Eric: Well, Arthur and I were talking.

    Carmen: Heaven forbid!

    Eric:*Ignoring her.* He's given me advice.

    Carmen: On what?

    Eric: Women.

    Carmen points to Rayne.

    Carmen: This? This little sex pervert? The sex pervert who can't keep a date with him because all he wants is sex?

    Eric: That's our guy!

    Carmen: What did he tell you?

    Eric: Well?he told me about you?and me.

    Carmen blushes.

    Carmen: Wha-what's there to know?

    Eric: Don't play games with me Carmen.

    Eric edges closer to her in his chair.

    Eric: I want?

    Carmen: Me?

    Eric: I want?

    Carmen: To date me?

    Eric: No! God no! I don't want you? Why the **** would I want you?

    Eric begins to laugh. Carmen begins to cry. Rayne glares at Eric. Carmen gets up.

    Carmen: Uhhg! I knew that you weren't capable of anything nice towards me!

    Eric: No need to cry about it, it was only a little joke!

    Carmen: You've screwed around with the wrong persons feelings Eric, just wait! I'll get my vengeance!

    Eric: Come now Carmen, I meant nothing mean by it. Right Rayne?

    Rayne: Huh? Uh, yeah. You're on your own Eric, that was a heartless thing to do.

    Eric: Taking the woman's side, as usual. You're such a player.

    Carmen storms off.

    Carmen: I don't want to see you for the next few days, either one of you.

    Cut to: Rayne knocking on a dorm door. Crying can be heard inside. Rayne is holding and bag of reddened sand, stained by blood perhaps. Rayne knocks again.

    Carmen:*Muffled voice from crying and within the doors* Go away Eric, I'm mad at you!

    Rayne: It's me, Carmen.

    The door opens, Carmen with her face red and eyes watery from tears stands there with a tissue in her hand.

    Rayne: Can I come in?

    Carmen: Knock yourself out.

    Rayne walks past her.

    Carmen: I did mean that last bit by the way, make me more entertained.

    Rayne: I'm not on Eric's side you know.

    Carmen: I know?but I'm mad at all men at the moment.

    Rayne: Good.

    Rayne drops opens the sand bag and drops it on the floor.

    Carmen: What are you doing?

    Rayne: Close the door.

    She does.

    Rayne: Anyanka, scorner of men. I beseech you on behalf of one scored.

    The sand moves into a pentagram formation. The sand glows purple. Loud thunder and crackling is heard, but there is no storm. Carmen grabs onto Rayne's arm. Anyanka teleports into the pentagram with a flash. Carmen is sent back by a shockwave into a loveseat behind her. Anyanka looks at Rayne angrily. She grabs him by the throat and throws him into the wall.

    Anyanka: I do not allow men to call upon me!

    Carmen stands up.

    Carmen: It is I who needs your help.

    Cut to: The exterior of Carmen's dorm room. Eric walks to the door holding a bouquet of flowers.

    Cut back to Anyanka.

    Anyanka: Do you have a wish?

    Carmen: I wish that Eric Thomas was dead.

    Rayne looks at her.

    Rayne: No.

    Anyanka looks over to him angrily.

    Anyanka: Quite mortal or I will have your head. I cannot grant direct spells of death.

    Carmen: Fine, I need something worse.

    A knock at the door. Everyone ignores it.

    Carmen: Want people to look at him and run away in fear, I want him banished from society because he's one of the monsters.

    Eric:*Through door*Carmen? Open up!

    Carmen: I wish Eric was a half troll!

    Anyanka: Well that's a new one!

    Carmen: I want him hated by other trolls as well.

    Anyanka: As you wish!

    Anyanka bows her head and disappears.

    Cut to the bouquet of flowers dropping. Screaming can be heard in the halls. Eric speaks in a much deeper voice, we cannot see him, we stay with the flowers.

    Eric: Carmen? What's happening?

    A big foot steps on the flowers.

    Cut to: Leora, Illyria and Tate standing around Carmen and Rayne on the loveseat, Rayne's arm around Carmen.

    Leora: So you wished, to a very powerful vengeance demon, that Eric's life would be messed up forever?

    Rayne: She had reasons to.

    Carmen: No I didn't! It was all because I was young and foolish.

    Rayne: It was my fault.

    Tate: I have heard tales of the men-scorner Anyanka.

    Leora: I've met her?.although she's recently changed her title.

    Illyria: Willow was a good friend of this Anyanka. She was made mortal and died. Fred remembers Willow telling her this.

    Leora: Well, that's not really important is it. We have a half troll after Carmen and possibly Rayne now. We have to act.

    Rayne: What can we do? I don't want to kill him if we can avoid it.

    Carmen: No! We can't kill him anyways.

    Leora: I can only think of one way to do this.

    Cut to: Leora and Carmen getting some ingredients off the shelves of The Sacred Circle.

    Carmen: Are you sure you want to go in there?

    Leora: Oh I won't be going, I have to act as the spell focus. Plus if we're going to have an attack from a certain troll we're going to need someone that can hit hard with magic. Physical stuff doesn't work against trolls as well.

    Carmen: Well who do Rayne and I have as firepower?

    Leora: Illyria.

    Carmen: Oh?ok!

    Leora: Remember, don't kill Anyanka, much of what's happened these last few years may end up different, we may not be here for all we know.

    Carmen: Or we could have world peace!

    Leora: Yeah?but best not take any chances.

    Carmen: Phooey.

    Leora: Just stop yourself and Rayne from doing the spell, and if Anyanka's there, fight her off as well as you can and convince yourself that it isn't worth it.

    Carmen: Sounds like a plan!

    End Act 1:


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      Act 2:

      Cut to: Carmen, Rayne and Illyria standing in the middle of a circle on the floor at The Sacred Circle, Carmen and Rayne are slightly nervous, Illyria unfeeling; Tate and Leora are preparing to do the spell, walking around them in circles waving incense

      Leora: (stops, Tate does as well, on the opposite side of the circle) I need the three of you to hold hands and form a triangle.

      (Carmen, Rayne and Illyria do as instructed and Leora chants out the rest of the verse, Tate joining in at key moments)

      Rayne: (quietly) Are you all right?

      Carmen: (smiles weakly at him) I think so. I'm just a little nervous is all. It's been a while since I've been to school.

      (Rayne smiles back and Leora finishes chanting. Illyria falls to the ground first, followed by Carmen and Rayne)

      Leora: I think it worked.

      Tate: I would agree. I think we should prepare for this troll; he sounds like a nasty fellow.

      (Leora and Tate find some supplies to fight and then take up post around the three bodies)

      Cut to: Watcher's Training Camp, New Mexico, 1986, outside of the library where Eric, Young Rayne and Young Carmen are studying, close up on park bench in a regular college square. Suddenly there is flash of green light and when it clears, Rayne, Carmen and Illyria are standing there, squinting due to the abrupt change in light

      Illyria: Are we in the correct location?

      Carmen: Yeah, I think we are. (gets her bearings, trying to figure out exactly where she is) There's the library over there.

      Rayne: We should start there, see what we're doing right now. It'll be helpful to know at what time we're at.

      Cut to: Interior of the library, among rows upon rows of shelves; we see Rayne, Carmen and Illyria crouching along the shelves, the argument between Young Rayne, Young Carmen and Eric is about to begin

      Young Carmen: To date me?

      Carmen: Good, it hasn't happened yet!

      Eric: No! God no! I don't want you? Why the **** would I want you?

      (Close up on Carmen's face, trying to fight the overwhelming sense of rejection she still feels, Rayne notices and touches her shoulder gently)

      Rayne: Honey, it's gonna be okay; but we've got to stop us from turning Eric into a troll, right?

      Carmen: Right.

      Young Carmen: ? I'll get my vengeance!

      Eric: Come now Carmen, I meant nothing mean by it. Right Rayne?

      Young Rayne: Huh? Uh, yeah. You're on your own Eric, that was a heartless thing to do.

      (Illyria suddenly jumps up and grabs a person standing behind them by the neck, Rayne and Carmen turn around quickly)

      Rayne: Put her down, Illyria.

      (Illyria glances at Rayne and then puts the startled young woman down, she massages her neck)

      Young Woman: I was wondering if I could help you.

      Carmen: No, thank you. (Young woman leaves) What should we do? It's still a while until you go to my apartment.

      Rayne: I'm sure there's some place we can go and blend in until we need to stop Anyanka.

      Cut to: A small restaurant, a brick front with a large window where Illyria, Carmen and Rayne are visible drinking something and talking

      Carmen: This is weird.

      Rayne: Weirder than what we do on a normal day?

      Carmen: Not really, but it's strange seeing myself twenty some years ago. I didn't realize exactly how much I've change. Yeah, I changed, but I've changed a hell of a lot more than I thought I have.

      Illyria: Change is what human's do. Have you not come to this conclusion yet?

      (Rayne and Carmen glance at one another and smile, Rayne glances at a clock over the cash register, in the far corner of the store, it reads 4:45pm, a young woman is standing behind the cash register)

      Rayne: We should get going if we're gonna make it on time.

      Illyria, Rayne and Carmen make their way up to the cash register, where they receive their bill; Rayne raises an eyebrow at it but hands over the money.

      Cashier: Have a good day, now!

      Carmen: Thanks.
      Cut to: Present time, The Sacred Circle, Tate and Leora look a little bored guarding the bodies, they're talking and the sound begins to fade in as the camera zooms in on Leora

      Leora: ? something blue and yellow.

      Tate: That scarf over there. (Points a blue and yellow scarf framed above one of the shelves)

      Leora: Yeah. That's it, I can't take playing "I Spy" anymore. Can't they hurry up? This is taking much longer than I thou? (BANG!) What was that? (whispering)

      Tate: I'm not sure.

      (Banging continues, until a crack is heard. Loud footsteps and crashing accompany something that is moving toward them. The thing breaks out of the back of the shop and Leora and Tate gasp; it's Eric the Troll, and he's furious)

      Leora: Oh, shit!

      Cut to: A relatively empty dorm, Illyria, Rayne and Carmen racing down the halls.

      Carmen: I thought you said we'd be in time to stop us!

      Rayne: I forgot how long it took to get from the restaurant to your dorm. As long as Anyanka hasn't been summoned we should be fine?

      They turn a corner and we see the flowers drop from Eric's hands, this time we see Eric's transformation into the troll. Eric the Troll is eight feet tall, and massive and looks extremely pissed off.

      Carmen: (weakly) I don't think we made it before Anyanka was summoned.

      End of Act 2.


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        Act 3: Cut to: The Sacred Circle, Present Time, Eric the Troll is clobbering Tate and Leora, who both have numerous cuts and bruises; Tate has a large gash above his left eye that is bleeding profusely, running into his eye and he keeps having to blink the blood away. Leora isn't bleeding as heavily, but is clearly beginning to lose some strength and at that moment, Eric the Troll swings his massive axe at Tate, who is thrown against a nearby shelf and knocked out. Eric the Troll turns his attention to Leora, who looks terrified and grins evilly.

        Cut to: Dorm Hallway, 1986, Rayne, Carmen and Illyria are crouched around the corner from their own Eric the Troll

        Carmen: All right, Illyria, distract it in some way and then once he's out of the building get back here, we're going to need you.

        Illyria nods and takes off down the hall, the focus stays on Carmen and Rayne. A bellow is heard and then lumbering footsteps, which quickly fade away. Rayne peeks around the corner of the hall.

        Rayne: He's gone, let's go!

        Rayne and Carmen race down the hall and burst into the room where Young Rayne, Young Carmen and Anyanka are standing. Young Carmen and Young Rayne look startled, but Anyanka appears threatened.

        Anyanka: I shall go now.

        Rayne runs at Anyanka and tackles her. Young Rayne attacks his older self and Carmen walks over to Young Carmen. Carmen opens her mouth to speak, but Young Carmen punches her in the mouth.

        Carmen: You little bitch!

        Young Carmen and Carmen begin to fight as well. Rayne has successfully kept Anyanka there, she's laying on the ground, apparently knocked out, but he's having a harder time with Young Rayne, who's pretty good, and they continue to fight.

        Cut to: Illyria running out of the dorm, Eric the Troll in pursuit. The sun, which is just setting, blinds Eric the Troll momentarily. Illyria uses this distraction to slip back behind Eric the Troll and into the building.

        Cut to: Leora cowering for a moment, and then she stands up, prepared to fight. Eric the Troll swings his axe and hits her in the stomach. Blood begins to pour out of Leora's stomach and she falls to her knees defeated. Eric the Troll knocks her over the head with his axe and she falls to the ground.

        Leora: Carmen?

        Cut to: Carmen, Young Carmen, Rayne and Young Rayne fighting each other. Illyria skids to a stop in front of the door and momentarily survives the scene, in the background Anyanka sits up groggily and easily retains her strength. Illyria rushes in and attacks Anyanka, but Anyanka isn't as easily defeated this time and fights with Illyria.

        Carmen: (between punches) Carmen, will you stop? I need to talk to you about something.

        Young Carmen pauses briefly from her assault, which gives Carmen the opening she needs. She punches Young Carmen squarely in the jaw and sends her sprawling. Rayne and Illyria hold back Young Rayne and Anyanka so Carmen can talk to Young Carmen.

        Carmen: You need to take back the spell, the one you did on Eric. Nothing good will come from it.

        Young Carmen: (defiant) And how the hell would you know?

        Carmen: Because I'm you, from the future, and I've seen what he does, what he's probably doing. I left some of my friends?

        Cut to: Tate crawling over to Leora in The Sacred Circle, Leora's breathing is labored, Tate's bleeding from the various cuts on his head and he grabs for Leora's hand. Leora looks up at him and smiles weakly. Tate squeezes her hand and smiles back.

        Carmen V.O.: ? to fight him off, and who knows how they're fairing. They could be very injured and there's nothing I can do about it now?

        Cut to: Young Carmen's dorm room, 1986, Carmen standing over Young Carmen, a sad and pleading look on Carmen's face.

        Carmen: ? save having you take back the wish so none of this ever happened. Will you do it?

        Young Carmen: How do I know it's really me?

        Carmen: When you were in grade 10, you had a crush on your Latin teacher, but you never told anyone because you thought that everyone would make fun of you because he was like thirty.

        Young Rayne and Rayne: You had a crush on Mr. Gilberts? Eww.

        Young Carmen blushes and Carmen smiles over at Rayne and nods.

        Young Carmen: Fine, I know you're me, but why should I take back the wish? I still think that Eric deserves to be cursed.

        Carmen: Really? (She goes out into the hall and picks up the trodden on flowers and gives them to Young Carmen) You really think a guy who brings you flowers to apologize is such a bad guy?

        Anyanka: Don't listen to her, Carmen, she's just trying to trick you. For what Eric did to you, he deserves to be punished for eternity.

        Young Carmen is still looking at the flowers that Carmen gave her, something about them hardens her resolve.

        Young Carmen: Anyanka?

        Cut to: The Sacred Circle, present time, Eric the Troll is back. Tate has just gently set Leora down and his back is to Eric the Troll. Eric the Troll knocks over one of the shelves, which gets Tate's attention. He prepares to fight.

        Young Carmen V.O.: I wish to take back the wish I placed on Eric in which he becomes a half troll hated by all other trolls.

        Tate backs up even further into the store, Eric the Troll follows, furious. Tate looks very concerned, but Eric the Troll doesn't appear to show any interest in Carmen, Rayne and Illyria's bodies.

        Cut to: Young Carmen's dorm room, 1986; Anyanka looks pissed, but defeated, Illyria's holding her threateningly.

        Anyanka: Your wish is broken, Eric is now human again.

        Immediately, Rayne, Carmen and Illyria hit the floor and dissolve from sight. Anyanka disappears in a flash of light. Young Rayne and Young Carmen look at one another.

        Young Rayne: Do you think that guy was me when I'm older?

        Young Carmen: He kinda looked like you.

        Young Rayne: And do you think we?

        Young Carmen: No, definitely not! (Glances at Young Rayne) No, not possible.

        Young Rayne: (nods in agreement) I wonder where Eric is.

        Cut to: Outside the library, New Mexico, 1986; Eric the Troll suddenly turns back into Eric. Everyone looks at him funny for a moment, and then goes back to their normal business.

        Eric: What?

        Cut to: The Sacred Circle, present time, Eric is still a troll, and Tate's just reaching the back door when suddenly Eric the Troll turns into a human, the axe he was holding falls to the ground behind him. Tate touches his forehead to find that there's not cut there, nor any blood.

        Tate: Leora.

        Tate runs back into the main part of The Sacred Circle where all four of them, Leora, Carmen, Rayne and Illyria are standing up groggily. Carmen walks over to Leora.

        Carmen: Are you all right? Was Eric here?

        Leora: I think he was. (closes her eyes) Everything's so jumbled, yeah, he came and we fought. And, I think? I think I died.

        Carmen: Well, you're fine now, so I guess it doesn't matter. Every thing okay, Tate?

        Tate: Yeah, I think everything's fine.

        Eric walks out of the back of The Sacred Circle. Everyone turns to look at him, they realize the problem they have.

        Eric: Where am I? And who the hell are you people?

        Rayne and Carmen exchange a look.

        Cut to: Entryway, Carmen and Rayne are talking with Eric, who appears to have calmed down since the last time we saw him in The Sacred Circle.

        Carmen: So keep in touch, we don't want to go this long without seeing you again.

        Eric: I will. Next time I'll bring my wife so you can meet her. You'll love her, Carmen. It's so great to see you two again.

        Rayne: Yeah, it was nice to see you. Have a safe drive.

        Eric: All right, I will.

        Eric leaves and Carmen and Rayne close the door behind him.

        Carmen: Do you think he actually remembers being a demon?

        Rayne: I don't think so, and if he does, I'm sure he'll repress it rather quickly. You don't think we should have told him, do you?

        Carmen: Oh, no. I was just wondering if you thought her remembered.

        Rayne: Unlikely. Are you glad that things still appear to be the same for us?

        Carmen smiles and kisses him. Rayne smiles back and the screen fades to black.

        End of episode.


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