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Raven Episode 2.10 "Exposed"

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  • Raven Episode 2.10 "Exposed"

    *Note* As of Spring 2007, Season 1 episodes will be recreated as "Raven Remastered" episodes. The entire original run of season 1 and 2 episodes as well as 3.6 will be redone to add to the quality of the series. The purpose is to make seasons 1 and 2 to the quality of seasons 3 and 4. Look in the index for the Remastered episodes. The originals are posted for comparison*

    Raven Episode 2.10 "Exposed"

    Open to Leora and Jean in a very romantic restaurant. The two sit be a giant window looking to the street. The two sit at a small table with candles and wine. The small restaurant is packed with other couples on dates. The two cheer their classes and take a sip of the wine.

    Leora: This was such a nice idea.

    Jean: Well, we haven't been able to spend that much time together.

    Leora: Yeah, I know. Things have been very? odd.

    Jean: Don't worry Leora.

    Leora: I'm just glad we get this night to our selves.

    Jean: Me too.

    The two smile as a waitress comes with their meals. She places down a steak for Jean and lasagna for Leora. The two thank the girl and start to eat.

    Leora: You're right; they do have amazing food here.

    Jean: Told you, its fun by an Italian family, so it's all really good.

    Leora: Any where would be good as long as I'm with you.

    The two share a kiss over the table. Out side a women stands in the street watching the two. Her face is covered as she holds a trident in her right hand. The moon reveals her face, Ivory smiles.

    Leora: I still can't believe you got a reservation.

    Jean: Yeah, like a month ago.

    Leora: What if I couldn't come?

    Jean: I would of taken my mom.

    Leora: Well, that's a great thing to do.

    Jean: But I'm glad it's you.

    Leora: Me too?

    Jean: Cause, I think? I'm falling in Lo-

    As Jean is about to finish Ivory smashes open the large window the two are in front of. Cut to Rayne and Carmen's room. Rayne is in his bed cleaning the blade of his sword while Carmen is putting curlers in her hair.

    Carmen: How do you think its going?

    Rayne: What?

    Carmen: Their date! What else would I be talking about?

    Rayne: I don't know? maybe the real issues that have been going on like Tate or Saffire's band of off spring.

    Carmen: No, I want to know how Leora's dates going.

    Rayne: I'm sure its great.

    Rayne puts his sword down and Carmen gets into the bed. She sighs wishing she could see how their date was going.

    Carmen: Maybe we could do a spell to see!

    Rayne: Carmen?

    Carmen: It wouldn't hurt.

    Rayne: Can we just go to sleep? since you seem to tense for the sex.

    Carmen scoffs.

    Carmen: You know you can't go a night with out sex.

    Rayne: Carmen?

    Carmen: I mean, its not even 11 yet and you want to go to bed.

    Rayne: Carmen?

    Cut to black.

    Carmen: I mean, its not like I don't mind.

    Rayne: CARMEN!

    End Teaser:

    Kate Beckinsale - Leora Byrne
    Michael Vartan - Arthur Rayne
    AJ Cook - Carmen White
    Kelly Giddish - Katana
    Ryan Phillipe - Tate
    And Amy Acker as Illyria

    Guest Starring:
    Jason Priestly - Jean
    Anneliese van der Pol - Ivory
    Caitlin Wachs - Caitlin Smith
    Rebecca Budig as Serephina
    And Alyson Hannigan as Willow

    Created by:
    Alexander Brown
    And Travis Truant

    Written by:
    Travis Truant Simpson
    With help from Alexander Brown

    Executive Producers:
    Travis Truant
    And Alexander Brown

    Based on Buffy the Vampire Slayer created by Joss Whedon, a lot of characters and lore are owned by him, 20th Century Fox and Mutant Enemy.

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    Act 1:

    As the window shatters open Leora falls back, her wings rip out of her back cause them to swoosh open and knock over tables and people. Leora screamed as she fell with her wings open. She turned to see Jean who was looking at her shocked.

    Leora: Jean!

    Leora screams as Ivory jumps down in front of her and kicks her in the gut, sending her flying into a wall.

    Ivory: Tisk tisk, do you really think I'm going to let you get away that easy.

    Leora got up, her dress ripped and her hair a mess. Leora looked down to Jean who looked passed out.

    Leora: I was trying to have a date!

    Ivory: Sorry dear?But no.

    Ivory charged at Leora smacking her with her Trident. Leora smashed into the wall again. Leora picked up a plate and smashed it over Ivory's head. Ivory dropped her weapon and Leora kicks her. Leora's wings rip back into her, which sends her to fall onto one knee.

    Ivory: Those must be a bitch, like you.

    Ivory grabbed Leora by her hair and pulled her up. Leora let out a loud scream.

    Ivory: Sorry to wreck the hair, you must of spent hours on it.

    Leora: Put me down. Or I'll-

    Ivory: You'll what? Zap me with a bolt of ma- AH!

    Ivory let out a loud scream as Jean jabbed a fork into her back. Ivory turned around and sent him flying through the smashed window. He landed on a parked car outside. She turned back around to Leora.

    Leora: Acush Mekinis!

    Leora sent out a small blue light at Ivory, which sent her slamming into a table. Ivory got up and growled.

    Ivory: Don't worry Leora, I'll be back and next time you won't be so lucky. You and your sex mate will die.

    Ivory ran off as Leora stood up from the impact of the spell. She walked over to the window to find Jean who was no longer there.

    Leora: Jean?

    Cut to the next day at school. Leora walked into her classroom, which was noisy.

    Leora: Okay everyone please quit down.

    They all looked up to her.

    Caitlin: Your 20 minutes late Leora.

    Leora looked up to the clock. As the class held back laughing at Caitlin.

    Leora: I know? I'm sorry class. Can everyone please turn to chapter 14 of the text? I want to go over last night's homework. Okay?
    Student: Um, Ms. Byrne, you didn't give us homework.

    Leora looked to the class.

    Leora: Huh?

    Caitlin: Are you okay?

    Cut to Caitlin and Leora talking in an empty class room. Leora locked the door and walked over to Caitlin.

    Caitlin: Are you sure you're okay?

    Leora: Yeah, I just haven't had much sleep.

    Caitlin: I don't believe Leora. I know something is going on.

    Leora: Caitlin, don't you have a class to get to?

    Caitlin: Nope.

    Leora: I don't really think I should be talking to you about this. Its also none of your business.

    Caitlin: Oh come on, what? Do you have like some big secret that-

    Leora: -I have wings.

    Caitlin stared at Leora for a moment. She just paused and watched her.

    Caitlin: W-Wing?

    Leora forced a smile.

    Leora: It's a long story, but they're in my back.

    Caitlin looks at Leora's back.

    Caitlin: Does Rayne and ?them' know?

    Leora: No? I haven't been able to tell them.

    Caitlin: Okay, so wings? What's the trouble with them?

    Leora: You see?

    As Leora is about to start Jean walks into the room. Caitlin and Leora both turn to see him.

    Jean: Leora!

    Leora: Jean!

    Caitlin: Jean?

    Jean: Leora, we need to talk.

    Caitlin: I think I'll go.

    Caitlin picked up her bag and walked out of the room leaving Leora and Jean.

    Jean: We really need to talk.

    Leora: I can't.

    Jean: Leora!

    Leora: Jean! I have class okay? Now please leave or I'll have to call the cops.

    Jean: Leora!

    Leora: Jean! I mean it! I don't have time for this.

    Jean: Fine. I thought we could just talk about this, but since you seem to be to hard headed I'll just go.

    Leora sighed as Jean left. She whipped her eyes from on coming tears as Jean slammed the door. Cut to Leora on the phone in her apartment. Cross cuts to her and Willow.

    Leora: I know I should tell him?

    Willow: I think he'll understand. He seems like a nice guy.

    Leora: Maybe I don't need to tell him.

    Willow: Huh?

    Leora: Maybe I could put a mind spell on him.

    Willow: No! Those never work. Well they do? But!

    Leora: But nothing!
    Willow: Trust me; I have had some bad experiences with those kinds of spells.

    Leora opens a spell book and starts reading a few pages.

    Willow: Leora?

    Leora: I found a good one!

    Willow: Leora! No, trust me. Those never end well.

    Leora: What? Did you do a spell on Tara or something?

    Willow: *silence*

    Leora: Oh. Well, this is different.

    Willow: Leora you can't do a spell on him. If you do you will break everything you have been working for to be with him. It's not worth it. You don't need magic for a relationship. You don't make fights go away with magic, you just don't fight.

    Leora: No. I have to.

    Leora hangs up the phone and turns to the spell book.

    Willow: Leora! Leora!!!

    Leora sits on her bed and starts reading out the spell.

    Leora: With the spell I cast, bring forth the mind to me. Jean, open inside and forget. I light this candle for Jean.

    Leora lights a candle in front of her and places a flower over it.

    Leora: Tabula Rasa, Tabula Rasa, Tabula-

    Rayne swings open the door and blows the candle out before Leora can finish. Rayne knocks down the candle and steps on the flower.

    Leora: Hey!

    Leora gets off the bed and slaps him.

    Rayne: Leora! What the hell do you think you're doing?

    Leora: I have to!

    Rayne: Placing a spell on Jean? How can you?

    Leora: Why not?

    Rayne: Leora!

    Rayne smacks her across the face. Leora falls to her bed. Cut to black End of Act 1.


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      Act 2: Flashback to: Troy, Tate jabs a person in the back with his spear. Another man comes from behind him, he turns and stabs him too. Three more men charge at Tate, he impales two of the on his spear at once, but he cannot get his spear out in time. The man comes closer, Tate grabs for a knife at his belt. The man holds his blade up, Tate braces for the attack. An arrow flies into the man's head. Tate looks over, a blond woman holding a bow in Roman armor waves. Tate runs to catch her, the woman runs.

      Cut to: Tate and the woman in an open field. She faces him. The wind blows her long blond hair, Tate approaches her.

      Tate: Women do not fight in wars.

      Woman: I am no mere woman.

      Tate: You aren't now are you?

      Woman: I am Serephina, the vampire slayer.

      Tate: A slayer? Here? There are no vampires here since the war began.

      Serephina: I am not here for vampires. I am here for a man you already know, Tate.

      Tate: Saffire.

      Serephina: Yes, I know of what you do.

      Tate: The sword.

      Tate unsheathes a sword from his belt and hands it to Serephina.

      Serephina: It is yours to kill him.

      Tate: That is impossible, I cannot kill him, it can only be hidden.

      Serephina: I will hide it for you.

      Tate: You saved my life; I pledge my life for you.

      He kneels on the ground in front of her. She kneels in front of him and kisses him.

      Serephina: You must be very lonely out at war.

      Tate: Yes, you have no idea.

      Serephina grabs him and kisses him again. She then tackles him to the ground and removes what armor she can. Cut to Rayne and Leora in the bedroom.

      Leora: Get out!

      Rayne: You know you can't use magic on him. Why are you trying anyways?

      Leora: I said leave.

      Rayne: Leora, you can't hide a secret from me.

      Leora: Out!

      Leora blasted him out of the bedroom and slammed the door. Cut to the Sacred circle. Carmen is putting some books as a few people walked around the shop looking at items.

      Customer: Miss.

      Carmen turned around.

      Carmen: Yes?

      The man held up a piece of paper.

      Customer: Can you help me fine the things on this list? I need them for a bluric spell.

      Carmen smiled and took the piece of paper.

      Carmen: Lets see, a gem of nericnic, 57.82. Blood of a Kelini demon, 2.50 a liter. And the feather of a raven, oh? I'm sorry. I don't have any of those.

      Customer: The other items will be fine.

      Carmen walked to the cash register and rang up all the items. She took the money and handed him the bag.

      Carmen: Thank you, please come again. And I hope the spell works, bluric spells come in very handy when running from demon dogs or things with good smelling.

      She smiled as the man walked away. As he walked out Jean walks in. He quickly walks over to Carmen. Carmen, a little surprised smiles at his entrance.

      Carmen: Doctor Sorrento, I mean, Jean? What's wrong?

      Cut to the two in the back talking.

      Carmen: So how was the date? Get steamy?

      Jean: We got attacked?

      Carmen: Attacked?

      Carmen tried to cat surprised by the idea of Leora getting attacked.

      Jean: Some women with a large fork?

      Carmen: *to herself* Ivory? *to Jean* Are you alright? Leora never said anything about a fight with anyone.

      Jean: I'm fine? but. Leora? she had?

      Cut to Carmen on the phone, finishing his sentence.

      Carmen: WINGS!

      Rayne: Wings?

      Carmen: That's what he said.

      Rayne: Leora has wings? What kind of wings?

      Carmen: Black wings?

      Rayne: Like a raven?

      Carmen: I don't know. I didn't see them!

      Rayne: That's why she was trying to do the spell?

      Carmen: Spell?

      Rayne: To make him forget.

      Rayne turned to Leora's bedroom door.

      Rayne: I think she still may be doing it!

      Rayne ran to Leora's door and knocked it down. Inside the room no was there. The window was wide open.

      Carmen: Rayne?

      Rayne dropped the phone and ran out of the room.

      Carmen: Rayne? Rayne? RAYNE!?

      Cut to a graveyard where Leora is sitting on a stone, wrapped in a large winter jacket. She sighs as she looks around wanting to just fight something.

      Jean: Leora?

      Jean walked up to her. He had a smile on his face.

      Jean: I'm glad I found you.

      Leora: Jean I-

      Jean: No! I get to talk.

      Leora: You don't-

      Jean: I don't understand? I do. Take off your jacket.

      Leora: What?

      Jean: Take it off.

      Leora: I'm not getting naked, its freakin' cold out here.

      Jean: Trust me.

      Leora did and removed her jacket.

      Jean: Now your shirt.

      Leora: I'm not in the mood for sexy fun.

      Jean: Leora?

      Leora removed her top, and stood there with her bra on.
      Jean placed his hands on her back. Rayne ran up and watched, hidden behind a tree. Jean's hands started to glow a light blue. As he does this Leora's wing ripped out of her back, which Jean knew would come and took a step out of the way. Rayne's mouth dropped as he saw Leora's wing. Cut to black. End of Act. 2.


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        Act. 3, fade to Leora turning and facing Jean.

        Leora: No!

        Leora's wings ripped back into her back. Leora toke a few steps back.

        Leora: I-I-I?

        Jean: Trust me.

        Jean places his hands on her back.

        Jean: I can help?

        Jean placed his hands harder, they started to glow blue again. He lifted his hands and the scars vanished from Leora's back.

        Leora: The pain?

        Jean: Is gone.

        Leora turned to face him.

        Leora: How did you?

        Jean: Its just a gift I have. To heal. I've tried to tell you.

        Leora: Thank you.

        As the two were about to kiss Ivory's Trident slammed between the two and hit right into a tree. The two turned as Ivory stood in front of them.

        Ivory: I'm sorry, did I break up the little kiss?

        Leora: Ivory!

        Leora quickly grabbed her jacket and put it on.

        Ivory: Aww, and the bra was so cute.

        Leora pushed Jean out of the way and held out her hand to Ivory.

        Leora: Get out of here!

        Ivory: I wouldn't miss this.

        Ivory charged for Leora and punched her to the ground. Leora fell on top of Jean.

        Rayne: Leora!!!

        Rayne comes running with his sword charging for Ivory and digs it into her back. Ivory let out a loud scream. Cut to: Tate holding Serephina's dying body. Tate cries and then yells. Serephina looks up at Tate.

        Serephina: The blade is in the Trivural dimension.

        Tate: The trial keepers?

        Serephina: Yes, they will keep it?safe.

        Silence, Tate looks into her eyes.

        Serephina: Do not weep Tate, I?.will...see?you?so-

        Serephina's eyes go blank, her head tilts back. Tate begins to cry again. Cut to Tate sitting on his bed, in a broken sweat. Beside his bed he grabbed a glass of water and took a sip of it.

        Tate: Not again. I can't even sleep anymore with out having those visions of the past. So much blood?

        He looked at his hands. Cut to the fight with Rayne and Ivory. Ivory hits Rayne, pushing him to the ground. She takes the sword out of her back.

        Ivory: Going to take more then that to finish me off.

        Carmen: How about this!

        Carmen and Illyria stood by Leora and Jean. Carmen held up a large old book.

        Carmen: Avacuness, Lachu, Metishio!

        The book started to flip pages but before it could do anything, Ivory threw Rayne's sword at it, which went into the book which stopped the spell. Carmen jumped back.

        Carmen: No!

        Illyria jumped up and kicked Ivory in the face, sending her back a few steps. Ivory got up and grabbed her weapon. The two started in combat. Illyria blocked the trident as Ivory swung it back and forth. Illyria punched Ivory in the gut, while Ivory punched Illyria back. Ivory flips Illyria over and kicks her in the back, which sends her flying into Carmen. The two hit the ground.

        Ivory: I came here for Leora, not you all.

        Ivory groaned and faded away. Rayne got up and looked at the four on the ground.

        Carmen helped Illyria up and Jean helped Leora up. Leora looked to Rayne.

        Leora: What are you doing here?

        Cut to Leora and Rayne in Leora's apartment.

        Rayne: Why didn't you tell me?

        Leora: Well?I?didn't know how. I was going to after my break from Whistler but I met the-

        Rayne: Harpies. You though you'd become one of them.

        Leora: Yeah?

        Rayne: Well your not. So it's all ok.

        Leora: No it isn't. Rayne, I didn't mean to keep it away from you like that.

        Rayne: Yes you did, of course you did. You don't do things just ?cause Leora, theres always a reason, a motive. To fight, to win, to move on and to live.

        Leora: Stop it, that's not true.

        Rayne: Modest or not that's what you do. That's what I admire about you.

        Leora: Aren't you mad at me? Don't you hate me now?

        Rayne: Oh I am pissed. I'm very pissed. There will be talking soon. But I can't stay mad at you. You're a champion now. You combined with your familiar and live with the consequences. You did it to save us all. Whoever it is that's watching over us all sees that, they see your sacrifice.

        Leora: Well I guess I am.

        Rayne: What happened to modesty?

        Leora: Screw it.

        They laugh. Theres a knock at the door. Leora goes over and gets it. Jean walks in.

        Rayne: Now I'll leave you two alone.

        Leora: See you.

        Jean: Bye.

        Rayne walks past them then turns around. He talks to Jean.

        Rayne: I expect to see you more. Your life is as bazaar as ours. You can't escape that.

        Rayne leaves.

        Cut to Leora and Jean in Leora's bedroom, dimmed lights.

        Leora: Can we just, do this over again?

        Leora laughed as she put a sweater on.

        Jean: I know what you mean.

        Leora: I just? I didn't think you would take it this easy.

        Jean: So what? My girlfriend has wings. Like an angel.

        Leora: Oh yeah, I'm a real angel, lying to my friends, to you.

        Jean: I kept my secrets too.

        Leora: I know, but I just? I don't know.

        Jean: It's all good.

        Leora: It really is.

        Jean: But, not all at peace? is it?

        Leora: No. I guess you're in danger too of Ivory and the others.

        Jean: But I can handle it.

        Leora: Handle? I can't even handle it.

        Jean smiled and gave Leora and kiss on the forehead.

        Jean: Tell me what I need to know.

        Fade to black. The End.


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