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Raven Episode 2.09 "Child of Tourment"

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  • Raven Episode 2.09 "Child of Tourment"

    *Note* As of Spring 2007, Season 1 episodes will be recreated as "Raven Remastered" episodes. The entire original run of season 1 and 2 episodes as well as 3.6 will be redone to add to the quality of the series. The purpose is to make seasons 1 and 2 to the quality of seasons 3 and 4. Look in the index for the Remastered episodes. The originals are posted for comparison*

    Raven Episode 2.9
    Child of Torment

    Open episode to: Tate in Troy, he swings the blade at Saffire. Saffire's uses his hands to hold the blade from hitting his face.

    Saffire: Well, well, well. If it isn't our little general.

    Saffire tosses the blade out of his hands and out of Tate's. Tate punches Saffire in the nose. Saffire swings his arm at Tate and Tate flies into the wall.

    Saffire: I just wished to talk, that was all.

    Saffire grabs the blade.

    Saffire: Dearest general, there is nothing you can do against me. As long as I have this blade out of your reaches I am invincible.

    Tate stands up slowly, hardly able to.

    Tate: I will not allow you to wreck havoc on the world.

    Saffire: it is too late, soon my minions will destroy this dominion and eventually all the known world.

    Saffire's mages appear behind him.

    Saffire: I will end you.

    Saffire holds out his hand and a fireball begins to form at fast speed. Suddenly a blonde woman kicks through the door which hits Saffire, Saffire lets his fireball loose at poor aim and it hits his mages, the mages scream and teleport away. Saffire turns around.

    Saffire: Slayer, I was wondering what happened to you.

    Tate: Serephina, get out of here.

    Serephina: I am the slayer Tate, I cannot leave.

    Saffire gets the blade ready, Serephina strikes a pose. As Saffire swings his sword Tate springs up, Serephina dodges Saffire's blow. Tate kicks the blade out of Saffire's hand. Soldiers enter the door, all armed with spears. Saffire looks around at his foes.

    Saffire: That blade will be mine!

    Saffire teleports away.

    Serephina: I know where to hide the blade.

    Saffire reappears behind Serephina and stabs her through the back with a dagger then leaves.

    Serephina falls down, Tate rushes to her.

    Tate: Serephina! No!

    Serephina: Tate, the dimension is-

    The vision is cut off.

    Cut to: Tate waking up on a couch in The Sacred Circle. Rayne and Carmen walk over to him. Tate is sweating and heavily breathing.

    Tate: I had another vision.

    Rayne: And?

    Carmen: What is it?

    Tate: There is a way to kill Saffire.

    Rayne: Yes?

    Tate: And I can't remember. It had to do with a sword that's hidden in a dimension somewhere.

    Carmen: Well that's pretty useless.

    Cut to: Leora's classroom, Caitlin comes into the empty room.

    Caitlin: Hello.

    Leora: Caitlin! Can I help you?

    Caitlin: I was going to ask the same, I have a spare right now.

    Leora: Well I have to go to the storage room in the basement to bring a few books back before the other English teachers notice their gone.

    Caitlin: Stolen Shakespeare again?

    Leora: As usual. I always return it!

    Caitlin: I know, but giving grade eight students Macbeth is against the curriculum you said.

    Leora: Oh well, too the basement with us!

    Caitlin: Ick, that place gives me the creeps.

    Leora: Are you helping me or not?

    Caitlin: I'll come.

    Leora hands her a handful of copies of Macbeth. Leora takes a few and the head out of the classroom.

    Cut to: A dark basement with a dirty cement floor. School supplies are pilled around the hallway. Caitlin and Leora walk through a door to their left.

    Cut to: The room they just walked in. It's pitch black, light is on. Caitlin trips on something.

    Caitlin: Ow.

    Leora flips a switch.

    Leora: You o?God.

    Caitlin turns to see what she tripped over. It's a newly dead man.

    Leora: Oh my god it's?

    Caitlin: Mr. Gare?

    End Teaser.

    Kate Beckinsale - Leora Byrne
    Michael Vartan - Arthur Rayne
    AJ Cook - Carmen White
    Kelly Giddish - Katana
    Ryan Phillipe - Tate
    And Amy Acker as Illyria

    Guest Starring:
    Caitlin Wachs - Caitlin Smith
    Grace Ceperley - As Herself
    Anneliese van der Pol - Ivory
    And Wes Ramsey as Saffire

    Created by:
    Alexander Brown
    And Travis Truant

    Written by:
    Alexander Brown

    Executive Producers:
    Alexander Brown
    And Travis Truant

    Based on: Buffy the Vampire Slayer created by Joss Whedon. Some characters and lore are created and owned by him, 20th Century Fox and Mutant Enemy. No money is being made in our fanseries.

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    Act 1: Open to Katana walking into the Sacred Circle. Illyria over to her.

    Illyria: I have been asked to guard you Katana.

    Katana: I do not need guarding. They will not get me.

    Illyria: It appears quite the opposite.

    Katana: I do appreciate the concern, but you do not know Saffire as well as I do.

    Illyria: He is your father.

    Katana: That is correct.

    Illyria: You are a fool.

    Katana: I may be. But I will protect myself.

    Illyria: I have met Saffire child. He was around in my days of glory. He was Head priest of my enemies court.

    Katana: What happened to him?

    Illyria: Nothing. The enemies killed me.

    Katana: That is not comforting.

    Illyria: For whatever reason Saffire has lived this long I do not know. But he is weak, like myself. He needs power, Leora thinks you are his target as a way to get it. I will not let you go alone.

    Katana sighs.

    Katana: I will allow you to protect me Illyria. I will not leave Sacred Circle alone.

    Carmen walks in on the conversation from being the cash register.

    Carmen: Don't leave then, not until we find out what's going on.

    Katana: Very well.

    Carmen: Leora and the rest of us will keep you well.

    Cut to the top of the ceiling, Ivory is somehow clinging to the wall with her arms and legs stretched out sticking to the ceiling. Ivory smiles and fades into the shadows.

    Cut to: Saffire and Nelena in a dark cave.

    Saffire: He defeated me last time, prevented my return to power. There is no way I can face him now, he will know my weakness if he remembers. We mustn't let that happen.

    Nelena: I understand that my father. There is nothing we can do for the time being.

    Saffire puts his hand across Nelena's face.

    Saffire: I knew when I rescued you from that dimension you would serve me well, and you will yet.

    Nelena: It is my dream father.

    Saffire: Scarlet screwed up your twin sister, there is nothing we can do for her?yet. Her time will come.

    Ivory appears from the shadow of the caves.

    Ivory: Father Katana is being guarded by the witch and her friends.

    Saffire: I assumed as much.

    Nelena: What will be do father?

    Saffire: Follow the witch. Knowing her will be key for us.

    Ivory: Yes father.

    Ivory and Nelena turn to leave.

    Saffire: Wait a while my daughters. We will leave them?.for now. We will wait until Tate is close to them.

    Ivory: But that could take weeks. We don't have that time.
    Saffire: Patience?if it is possible of you. We have all the time in the world as long as Tate has no memory.

    Nelena: Yes my father. We will wait for you.

    Cut to: Leora and Caitlin in the book storage room.

    Leora: All right, so we managed to keep the body concealed with magic so the janitor missed it completely. And we managed to break the locks.. Now the only problem is, where's the body?

    Caitlin walks around. And trips over nothingness. She falls to the ground and gets herself up.

    Caitlin: Here he is?second time today.

    Caitlin looks at Leora confused.

    Caitlin: How did the janitor's miss the body? They could feel it if they wanted.

    Leora: Guess they never cleaned in here. Show's how low our school system is if the janitors can't even be payed to do their jobs properly.

    Caitlin: God, you're such a teacher. Bitching about the government.

    Leora: It is an issue!

    Caitlin: Well now that I've tripped over it, make it visible.

    Leora holds out her hand. Her eyes glow.

    Leora: Cruntional!

    The body appears?the flesh has been eaten away.

    Leora: Holy shit!

    Caitlin walks out of the room and pukes. She walks back in, avoiding looking at the body.

    Leora: You going to be ok?

    Caitlin: Yeah?why isn't there a smell?

    Leora: Good question. Must have been the concealing spell?but now that the spell done with the smell should be here too.
    Caitlin: And what did that to Mr. Gare?

    Leora: Another good question?well if the flesh is missing there are only a few options.

    Caitlin: What?

    Leora: Well?zombies maybe? Ghouls if they're provoked enough. But he wasn't the kind of person to do that.

    Caitlin: He was a mean bastard!

    Leora: He still wouldn't provoke the undead, he was an activist for the undead after all.

    Caitlin: Oh.

    Leora gets on the ground next to the corpse. She looks it over at every spot possible. She notices claw marks on the left leg.

    Leora: That's funny.

    Leora whips out her cellphone.

    Caitlin: Who are you calling?

    Cut to Rayne picking up the phone in his and Carmen's bedroom.

    Rayne: Hello?

    Leora: Hey, I have a request.

    Rayne: Yeah Leora?

    Leora: Remember Mrs. Ceperley?

    Rayne: How could I forget?

    Leora: Can you go ask her if there have been any poltergeist or ghoul disturbances in the basement of the highschool?

    Rayne: Yeah I guess?why?

    Leora: We have a problem. A teacher was killed in the school Caitlin and I are looking into it right now. We found his partly eaten corpse in the basement.

    Rayne: Zombie?

    Leora: I'd sense it if there was. And it has some weird claw marks on it. Looks like a manifestation of some sort by a poltergeist.

    Rayne: Ok, I'll get on it.

    Leora: Take Tate with you, he needs some air.

    Rayne: Alright. Bye.

    Cut to: Rayne in the Sacred Circle. Tate and him go to leave the store. Carmen stops him.

    Carmen: Where do you think your off to?

    Rayne: A ghost friend. Remember Ceperley? We need her help with a poltergeist.

    Carmen: What if Tate has another vision?

    Rayne: I have my cell.

    Carmen: Still, I think he should stay her.

    Tate: I wish to go. I wish to help settle the restless dead.

    Carmen: But you may get a vision.

    Tate: We will contact you if we find the need.

    Carmen thinks about it. Rayne grabs her and kisses her.

    Rayne: Bye!

    Rayne grabs Tate's arm and drags him out of the store.

    Cut to: Leora and Caitlin.

    Caitlin: He have any idea what it was?

    Leora: No, he's going to find out.

    Caitlin: Ok.

    A bookshelf falls down. Leora and Caitlin jump back. Theres a hole in the wall behind where the bookshelf was. A small girl with razor claws is standing behind it, face scared up, she smiles.

    Girl: You're end is next!

    End Act 1: Commercial Break.


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      Act 2: Open to The Ceperley Mansion. Rayne and Tate break down the door and come in.

      Rayne: Mrs. Ceperley?

      Tate: Who is this Mrs. Ceperley anyways?

      Rayne: She's a ghost that helps us out every while.

      Tate: A friendly ghost then?

      Rayne: Friendliest I've ever known.

      Rayne and Tate walk up the staircase up to the top floor. Mrs. Ceperley is standing at the top, she looks at Rayne and smiles.

      Mrs. Ceperley: Child, you have returned. It has been a long time.

      Rayne: We've been rather busy.

      Mrs. Ceperley: I do know.

      Tate: How shall we solve our problem with the living dead?

      Mrs. Ceperley: Have you not ever dealt with the dead?

      Rayne: Oh loads of times, ghosts, ghouls, zombies, vampires?undead rabbits. I've seen a lot?never poltergeists.

      A flashlight shines in on Rayne, Tate and Mrs. Ceperley.

      Man: Is anyone in there?

      Mrs. Ceperley: You must go. But I will show you something first.

      Mrs. Ceperley waves her hand and a screen-like object appears in the air. In it they?

      Cut to: The poltergeist clawing a little girl to shreds as she drags her into her lair.

      Cut to: The poltergeist ripping out a janitors tongue.

      Cut to: The poltergeist flaying an elderly woman alive.

      Cut to: The poltergeist eating a teenage boys eyeballs and lapping up blood from the teens ripped open neck.

      Cut to the expression on Rayne and Tate, Rayne looks horrified and Tate has gone green in the face. Mrs. Ceperley takes the screen away.

      Mrs. Ceperley: The only way to kill a poltergeist is to smash their skull.

      Rayne: But they're already dead? They're not in their original body.

      Mrs. Ceperley: The skull, the old skull of the poltergeist.

      Rayne: So her bones?

      Mrs. Ceperley: Exactly.

      Tate: Would they not hide their bones if they knew that was the weakness?

      Mrs. Ceperley: They get their power from it, she has hidden hers behind her in her lair. Get passed her and you will be fine.

      A cop shines a flashlight on Rayne and Tate, he holds out his gun.

      Cop: Get down the stairs with your hands up.

      Mrs. Ceperley: I will deal with him, you must leave.

      Mrs. Ceperley glides down from the top of the staircase, she opens her mouth wider then a human can. She shrieks loudly, the cop fires on shot then falls down holding his ears. Tate and Rayne run out of the mansion.

      Cut to: In front of the Mansion, Tate and Rayne run along the path, Rayne takes out his cell and dials Carmen.

      Rayne: Carmen, meet us at the high school.

      Cut to: The Highschool basement, Leora and Caitlin are in a dark room barricaded by a bookshelf at the door. Caitlin has multiple cuts on her left arm and Leora's face has cuts as well. There are continuous scratching noises at the door. Caitlin is cowering in the corner. Leora is sitting on the ground in front of the door with her legs crossed and eyes closed. She chants in latin, the door bangs and the bookshelf falls. Leora closes her eyes tighter and chants harder. The door burst open and falls right in front of Leora. Leora's eyes open wide with rage.

      Leora: Fira!

      Fire begins to flow from the ground onto the poltergeist. The Poltergeist waves her claws and the fire disappears.

      Poltergeist: You're first witch!

      Bang! The poltergeist looks down at her chest, a bullet has flown through it. The poltergeist turns around, the skin that has been disturbed by the bullet heals. Three more shots are fired at it. The poltergeist leaves the rooms. Leora and Caitlin get up.

      Cut to: The main basement hallway. Carmen keeps continuously shooting the poltergeist. The poltergeist edges towards her slowly, each bullet making her weaker. She backs Carmen into the wall behind her. Carmen drops her gun. A spear is thrown into the poltergeist. The camera turns to Tate. The poltergeist removes the spear and snarls at him. She walks towards him. Rayne stands in her way and bashes her in the face with a mace. The poltergeist backhands his head, he flies into the wall beside Leora and Caitlin.

      Leora: Rayne! Magic doesn't work on her.

      Rayne: I know, the only way to kill her is to go for her bones.

      Leora: Caitlin, did you here that?

      Caitlin: Yes.

      Leora: We'll distract her while you go smash her bones.

      Rayne hands Caitlin the mace.

      Caitlin: But?I can't.

      Leora: Why?

      Caitlin: I'm scared.

      Leora: Don't be! If this is what you're afraid of then theres no way you'll be able to face what's coming with us.

      Caitlin: But-

      Leora: Go! Or I'll be scarier then this ghost can dream of!

      Caitlin looks into Leora's eyes for a minute and then grabs the mace. Zip over to the poltergeist slamming Tate into the wall. She looks immediately around as Caitlin enters her lair. She turns around and begins to run. Carmen, Rayne and Leora, standing side by side, stand in front of her. Carmen shoots her in her head. The poltergeist collapses for a minute then gets up Caitlin reaches the skull, the skull is tinted red somehow from blood. The poltergeist gets into a stance and charges, claws out in front of her. Caitlin slams the mace into the skull. The poltergeist stops and glows white. She screams and then fades away into dust. Caitlin emerges from the lair and Leora rushes over to her.

      Leora: See, I told you that you'd do it.

      Caitlin: I was afraid of what you'd do.

      Leora: I just want to know what happened to the girl to make her so evil.

      Cut to: The basement, 10 years earlier. The girl and an older man, possibly a teacher are in the bookroom. The older man takes off his belt. The girl turns around, he whips her in the face with the belt. The girl screams. The man takes off his pants and grips her head in a headlock. She screams more and flails as much as she can. He takes out a knife and slits her throat. She falls the ground dead. He goes down to the ground and takes her skirt off. The camera zooms over to a hole in the hallway, the hole that was the poltergeists lair.

      Cut to: Inside the lair, piles of bones are laid on the ground. The man had done this before?this was the last time.

      End episode.


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