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Raven Episode 2.08 "Back Again"

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  • Raven Episode 2.08 "Back Again"

    *Note* As of Spring 2007, Season 1 episodes will be recreated as "Raven Remastered" episodes. The entire original run of season 1 and 2 episodes as well as 3.6 will be redone to add to the quality of the series. The purpose is to make seasons 1 and 2 to the quality of seasons 3 and 4. Look in the index for the Remastered episodes. The originals are posted for comparison*

    Raven Episode 2.8
    "Back Again"

    Open episode to a place of pure light. The outline of a persons shadow can be seen faintly. The person merely stands there doing nothing.

    Devine Voice: Champion of Troy, awaken. Your power is needed once again, Saffire has plans of worlds end. Go to earth with haste and assist the Champion Leora. Awaken and find the blade you hid from the evil one. Awaken and bring great glory to your name. Awaken and save us all. Tate.

    The shadow moves, and suddenly falls.

    Cut to: The skies of Burnaby. Leora and Jean watch on a rooftop as shooting stars are everywhere. Jean kisses Leora as the sky turns suddenly white.

    Jean: What the-

    The white light fades and the shooting stars stop.

    Jean: That was weird.

    Leora: Kiss me!

    Leora and Jean kiss again.

    Jean: I've got to go, patient in *looks at watch* 2 hours. Can't be only an hour will sunrise!

    Leora: Time flies when your having guilty fun.

    Jean: We'll do this again.

    Jean goes to the side ladder and goes down. Leora waits a few minutes and then follows.

    Cut to: Interior of the Sacred Circle. Leora unlocks the door and walks in. She looks around. Half the store is in a mess, papers everywhere. Light comes from above. She covers her eyes as it fills the room. When the light dies a naked man with brown hair, brown eyes, medium build and medium height is revealed.

    Leora: Who are-

    Man: I am Tate.

    Leora: Why are you here?

    Tate goes to talk but can't seem to think of what to say.

    Tate: Are you champion Leora?

    Leora: What? Champion? Umm?yeah. So you better leave unless you want your ass kicked!

    Tate: There is danger?but I can't remember.

    A shot of Saffire flashes on the screen and Tate grabs his head violently.

    Tate: Saffire. I was sent to stop him.

    End intro.

    Kate Beckinsale - Leora Byrne
    Michael Vartan - Arthur Rayne
    AJ Cook - Carmen White
    Kelly Giddish - Katana
    Ryan Phillipe - Tate
    And Amy Acker as Illyria

    Special Guest Star:
    Tilda Swinton as Scarlet

    Guest Starring:
    Jason Priestly - Jean
    Anneliese van der Pol - Ivory
    And Wes Ramsey as Saffire

    Created by:
    Alexander Brown
    And Travis Truant

    Executive Producers:
    Travis Truant
    And Alexander Brown

    Written by: Alexander Brown
    And Travis Truant

    Based on Buffy the Vampire Slayer created and owned by Joss Whedon. Some lore and characters are being borrowed from Joss Whedon, 20th Century Fox and Mutant Enemy, I own them in no way.

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    Act 1: Carmen and Rayne come in the door of the Sacred Circle. It's light outside now.

    Carmen: We're ho- *notices the papers on the floor and random books which have fallen over, her voice changes to a displeased tone.*-ome

    Rayne: What the hell happened here?

    Leora comes around the corner.

    Carmen: What the hell have you done with my shop?

    Leora: Glad to see you too, Carmen.

    Rayne: Was it a demon, something attack you?

    Leora: Theres someone you need to meet.

    Leora drags them around the corner. Tate is sitting at the table, he's has a blanket wrapped around himself. He looks up, his face pale, he looks back the table.

    Carmen: Is that man naked in MY blanket?

    Rayne: Our blanket.

    Carmen: In OUR blanket?

    Leora: Well?.he kinda doesn't have any clothes and Rayne's were too big.

    Rayne: Why do you have a stranger, completely naked in the shop which happens to have a bunch of messed up papers and books.

    Carmen: You didn't?you know. On my floor did you?

    Leora: NO!

    Carmen: Just checking.

    Rayne: Who is he?

    Leora: He's Tate. Theres trouble and Saffire's causing it. That's all he's said. He was sent to help us.

    Carmen:*Goes to Tate* Hello? Can you talk?

    Leora: That's all he does. Looks at the table and stares off. I think he's thinking.

    Rayne: Well does he know what kind of trouble Saffire's brewing? It'll be a bit hard to attack him without knowing anything.

    Cut to: Katana walking down an ally. Saffire appears in front of her. She unsheathes her sword swiftly and swings at him, missing him by a hair. She swings again and he kicks it out of her hand. Saffire grabs her.

    Saffire: Come now daughter, do you really think I would let you kill me?

    Katana: It was worth a try.

    Saffire: That's no way to treat me in the company of your sisters.

    Katana turns around. The women that were with him the other two times. One is in a red suit, holding a pair of sais with her, ready to attack. The other has a lance out and ready for combat. Katana looks at the red on.

    Katana: Mother?

    Saffire: Looks like her does it not?

    Woman in red: I am Nelena, twin sister.

    Katana: Twin?

    Saffire: Yes, your mother had twins.

    Flashback, cut to Scarlet in a black dress with a black veil. She is crying holding her child close to her. The wind blows her veil around, she is standing at the edge of a cliff above the ocean.

    Scarlet: Nelena, your future will be dark and destructive. It is the life I lead and the life your sister will leave, but I wish you not to leave it. There has to be some good in this bloodline.

    Scarlet drops Nelena. Nelena falls and Scarlet begins to cry harshly. Before Nelena falls to the water, she disappears in a transparent portal.

    Scarlet: May that dimension be full of caring people, unlike myself.

    Saffire appears next to her.

    Scarlet: I knew you'd come.

    Saffire: Where are my daughters.

    Scarlet: D'Hoffryn has Katana. Nelena is?dead.

    Saffire: You lie!

    Scarlet: You will leave her alone. As you will leave me alone and Katana alone.

    Saffire: I do believe the spawn are mine as well. You do not have the right to them yourself.

    Scarlet moves in closer to Saffire.

    Scarlet: Saffirtion.

    Saffire: Yes Scarlet?

    Scarlet: What we had. The relationship we shared?it's?

    Saffire: Yes?

    Scarlet: Over.

    Scarlet unsheathes her sais and slashes Saffire's face, leaving a cut on his cheek. Saffire jumps back and runs his hand through his hair. He twists his head and his hair whips Scarlet backwards. Scarlet flips and lands on her feet. Scarlet takes her sais and charges Saffire, weapons at her sides ready to strike. Saffire holds out his hand and a gladius appears is his hand. He raises his sword in front of him as Scarlet slams into him, sais locking with the gladius. Saffire holds his weapon out in front of himself and then jumps into the air flipping to the other side of Scarlet. Scarlet twists around and knocks Saffire off the edge of the cliff. Scarlet gets herself together and looks down the side of the cliff. Saffire is nowhere to be seen in the rocky abyss at the bottom of the cliff. Scarlet turns around and walks away.

    Cut back to Saffire, Nelena, Ivory and Katana in the ally. Saffire rubs the fading white scar on his left cheek.

    Saffire: You are to come with us or die.

    Katana leaps up into the air, katana ready at Saffire. Saffire leaps out of the way. Nelena springs into action and punches Katana in the gut. Katana leaps again leading the 4 onto the street. Saffire slams Katana into?

    Cut to the Sacred Circle. Katana slams through the window. Rayne and Carmen rush down the stairs. Tate and Leora jump and turn around. Saffire walks in through the low window. Tate sees Saffire and grabs a shard of glass from the table.

    Tate: Saffirtion!
    Saffire turns around immediately to Tate.

    Saffire: It can't be!

    Tate: I believe you are him!

    Saffire: Tatenial, general of the Troy army.

    Tate: We meet again.

    Saffire: All to soon.

    Saffire takes a fighting stance and gets ready to strike. Tate grabs the shard of glass and also takes a stance. Saffire fakes out Tate and runs out the window.

    Nelena: Our father will be back.

    Nelena follows.

    Ivory: We will be back for you Katana.

    Ivory follows. Tate turns around to Leora, Carmen and Rayne looking confused and slightly angry.

    Leora: Tell us about yourself, and about Saffire.

    Tate: I don't-*Tate grabs onto his head and falls to the floor.

    End Act 1:


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      Act 2: In an open field a women in all red is thrown into a stack of hay. The girl passes right through the hay landing on her stomach. Saffire walks over to her in a stained red white jacket. His hair all braided and tied into a long pony tail. In his hand an orb of blue energy.

      Saffire: How dare you attack me?

      The girl, Scarlet stands up and from her boots pulls out two long sais and throws one at Saffire, which stabs him in the right shoulder blade, sending him back a few steps. Scarlet grins and looks at Saffire who as bumped into the hay.

      Scarlet: I was sent to kill you. My master fears you may try to invade in his work.

      Saffire pulls out the sais and breaks it.

      Saffire: Invade?

      Scarlet: Saffirtion, warrior of death, solider of the end. My mission is to finish you're damned soul.

      Saffire: Ah, yes. You must be that pitiful fool's playmate. Scarlet? I doubt you'll cause us any trouble.

      Scarlet held out her other sais, holding it sturdy.

      Scarlet: Us?

      Saffire sent out a blast of blue and black energy at Scarlet. She goes flying back. Behind Saffire steps two mages dressed in all blue with blue art on their faces.

      Saffire: Being someone like me, I grow a fan base.

      Scarlet gets up, yet again and looks at the two mages behind him.

      Scarlet: Dirty bastard.

      Saffire: Watch your mouth women!

      Saffire sends out another attack. Scarlet jumps out of the way, her sais laid about a few feet away from her. Saffire's mages started to chant and glow.

      Saffire: I think we should just get this going? I have things to do? people to kill.

      Scarlet snarled at his remark, as if her death meant nothing. The two charged at each other. Scarlet ducked from Saffire's blast and kicked him in the stomach. She got up doing a back flip giving Saffire a kick with her high heeled boots. Saffire grabbed her boot and flipped her over punching her in the gut. Scarlet fell to her side and looked up. Saffire sent a blast at her, sending her flying in the air. Scarlet lands on her feet with the support of her hands, she raises one of her hands.

      Scarlet: Blade of my soul, my eyes. Find your target?

      Scarlet's sais started to levitate from the ground.

      Scarlet: Leave my side!

      The sais fires at Saffire he puts his hand up grabbing the blade with both hands. He forcefully flings it the ground. His hands started to drip blood, with two large cuts on his hands. Saffire whips his hands on his suit, which stains it more.

      Saffire: Okay, now I'm pis-

      Before he can finish Scarlet kicks him in the gut sending him back near his mages who are still chanting. Saffire gets up, very pissed.

      Saffire: I hate people who interrupt me!

      Meena, Saffire's mage steps forward.

      Meena: Broken child, open flow. Reprise the child or his woes.

      The cuts on Saffire's hand heal from the spell. Scarlet sighs.

      Scarlet: Damn it.

      Scarlet does a cartwheel over to Saffire and spin kicks him, tripping him. Saffire lands on his side as Scarlet picks the sais up from the ground.

      Scarlet: Save me a seat.

      Just as she is about to stab Saffire in the chest, he kicks her with both his feet. The sais falls out of her hand as she tries to retain her balance.

      Saffire: No, I think you're the one to save me a seat in hell.

      The two get into a fist fight. Saffire punches her in the face while Scarlet kicks him in the gut. Scarlet scratches him across the face, and he slashes her with his hair. Scarlet jumps back and lands on a hay stack.

      Scarlet: We finish this now. Tell your witches to stop. A fair battle.

      Saffire laughed.

      Saffire: Fine? fair fight.

      Saffire waved his hand and both his mages vanished. Saffire got up and removed his white jacket to reveal a white shirt underneath, still stained with blood. The two locked eyes as they got into their fighting poses. Scarlet held her sais and Saffire held an orb of magic. The song ABOUT HER BY MALCOME MCLAREN starts.

      Scarlet(V.O): We fight to the death.

      Saffire(V.O): No healing, no mercy.

      Scarlet(V.O): First to fall?

      Saffire(V.O): ?To their death.

      Scarlet/Saffire(V.O): Let this begin.

      The fight in slow motion starts with the two charging. As the two are about to collide, the scene cuts, music still playing. In a candle lit room Saffire and Scarlet are under the covers naked. Saffire's body atop of Scarlet's. His long white hair ran along his back. With no sound, just the music Scarlet pants heavily as the candle light flickers on the two. Cut back to the fight with Scarlet punching him across the face and Saffire kicking her in the chest and sending her back.

      Saffire(V.O): You can't beat me. You should just go back to your master.

      Scarlet(V.O): I will not leave until you are lying lifeless.

      Back to the two in the bed, the two panting heavily. Scarlet's hands running along Saffire's back. Back to the fight, Saffire sends out a blast of blue energy while Scarlet sends out a purple one. The two attacks collide causing a blast, both getting sent back. Scarlet gets up and so does Saffire. The two charge again and continue to fight. Back to them in bed, Saffire gasps as he continues.

      Scarlet(V.O): Die you heartless bastard!

      SaffireV.O): You first witch.

      As the two fight, Saffire grabs Scarlet's hand. As the two look at each other, eyes lock they share a deep kiss. The music ends on the kiss and cut back to them together in the bed. Scarlet gasps as all the candles go out. A loud pleasure full scream is heard from Scarlet in the dark.

      Flashback to: Troy, the screen is black and white. In a small city warriors are fighting in a town square. Tate is among them at the back of the battle talking to another man. Tate and the other man walk into the closest shop. Cut to the shop, the floors are plain and the room is virtually empty. Tate walks to the window and looks out at the siege going on. The other man paces around.

      Tate: Five years, it has been five years Storr. Five years since we began this civil war. Five years since we left our lovers at home awaiting our return. Five days Of hell.

      Storr: Tate, we must keep strong. The rebels are loosing, it is almost won.

      Tate: It is not the rebels I fear.
      Storr: Saffire, you fear Saffire.

      Tate: We must defeat him soon or all will be lost.

      Storr: We have what we need. We just have no idea how to kill him.

      Tate takes his sword from his scabbard.

      Tate: The only blade that can kill Saffire.

      The blade is a gladius with a crystal blade. The handle is silver with a bright bloodstone built into the hilt.

      Storr: If we can ever-*A hand rips through Storr's chest. Storr looks at Tate and then falls to the floor. Tate swings his sword. At the clashing of his blade and Saffire's hand we?

      Cut to: Tate waking up on the ground of the Sacred Circle. He looks at Rayne and Carmen next to him.

      Rayne: Morning.

      Tate: I remember?

      Carmen: What do you remember.

      Tate: I am-was a general of Troy. I was fighting against rebels?and Saffire. I had a sword that could kill him?but I stopped there.

      Rayne: So you had some sort of vision?

      Tate: I assume so. It was not a vision. It is reality.

      Carmen: It's the past.

      Tate looks around the room.

      Tate: What time am I in?

      Rayne: Far away from your time.

      Tate: The technology seems new to me, yet old at the same time.

      Leora walks in the door.

      Leora: It's a curse.

      Carmen: What is?

      Leora: Tate, he can't remember much about himself?or anything. I think it was a curse.

      Rayne: Who or what would curse him.

      Leora: Saffire.

      Rayne: Ah.

      Leora: I felt high magic levels last not, not just coming from Tate, but flowing into Tate's mind.

      Tate: Into my mind?

      Leora: I think, this is just a guess, Saffire knew one day you would return. And that you would find this weapon you mentioned and kill him.

      Carmen: You've done your homework.

      Leora: I know of a spell that can take away ones memory on their return to a plane. Tate was brought here from a higher place, he is a higher being. Whoever sent him here knows Saffire is a threat, and Tate can stop him. Saffire knew this, that you would return one day and kill him. He must of taken away your memory, so he could strike before you regained it.

      Tate: I believe that would explain why I am not lost in this world. All of it is familiar to me. I must have watched it evolve.

      Leora: Yes. You will remember soon, the spell will reverse.

      Carmen: Then we will have Saffire's head on a pike.

      Everyone looks at her.

      Carmen: Or, you know, he'll just be dead.

      End act 2: Commercial break.


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        Act 3: Open to Katana and Illyria locked in battle with Nelena and Ivory. Ivory has her Lance currently at Illyria's throat, Illyria on the ground. Nelena and Katana's weapons are locked, neither moving from their position.

        Ivory: The great old one is pinned against the ground to my lance, there is no hope for the rest of you if your most powerful and knowledgeable is about to die.

        Katana kicks her twin in the face sending her to the ground.

        Katana: There was no fairness to our battle. You jumped us.

        Ivory: She was a god, she should have sensed us.

        Ivory lightly pierces Illyria's throat. Blood slowly pours down her neck. Katana takes out her whip and hits the lance, making Ivory loose her grip on it. Ivory looses balance and falls back. Illyria immediately gets up and moves past Katana into Saffire who jumps from the trees above them in the park. Katana swings her sword at Ivory, Ivory takes her lance and deflects the blow. Illyria kicks Saffire in the leg, Saffire flips his ponytail around and knocks Illyria back. Illyria flying kicks Saffire. Katana takes control of her duel and manages to fling Ivory into Illyria. Illyria begins to beat on Ivory, the camera pans from Illyria to Katana and Saffire exchanging glances.

        Saffire: Is this fair fight my daughter.

        Katana: There is never a such thing as fair fight. One of us has a far more superior weapon, or more experience.

        Saffire: You and your mother share common things.

        Katana: Oh?

        Saffire: She fought me just like that, pleading for a fair fight. I gave it to her. Want to know what happened?

        Katana: You used any means to cheat.

        Saffire: I seduced her, and you came of it.

        Katana: Are you saying your going to **** your own daughter from this fight.

        Saffire: No, I have no point the speech.

        Katana: We will fight.

        She tosses away her sword. And steps forward.

        Saffire: To the death.

        He steps to her. The two both pull back fists and swing before they hit each other a gust of wind sends Saffire into the park bench several feet behind him. Leora is revealed to the side of the battle.

        Katana: Leora.

        Illyria stands by Leora.

        Leora: Tate is the one who can kill your father. You will die if you try.

        The camera cuts to the park bench, Saffire is gone. The camera goes to where Nelena fell, she too is gone. And so is Ivory.

        Katana: They will hunt me more.

        Leora: You have to keep in contact with us.

        Katana: You know me enough to know I am a lone wolf, Leora. I am sorry but I will continue to fend for myself.

        Leora: They won't stop.

        Katana: No they shan't.

        Katana picks up her sword and runs past Leora.

        Cut to Rayne, Carmen and Tate sitting around the coffee table.

        Rayne: So?you're a higher being.

        Tate: Yeah.

        Carmen: Sent to kill our enemy.

        Tate: Looks like it doesn't it.

        Rayne: You have no ideas who you really are and what you did to make your way here?or anywhere.

        Carmen: And you remember everything in this world as if you were always here.

        Tate: I assume that much is true. I have no answers.

        Rayne: And you have visions.

        Tate: Yes. Dreams.

        Rayne:*To Carmen* And the more we make, the stranger they get!

        Cut to: Saffire and Scarlet again in bed. Scarlet gets up out of bed. She knows something's wrong. Saffire sleeps at his side, longing for her return it would appear. Scarlet looks at herself. She begins to breathe heavy and looks to Saffire.

        Scarlet: Lord, what have I done?

        Screen fades to black, Saffire's laughter can be heard loudly. End Episode


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