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Raven Season Two Special "One Hell of a Christmas"

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  • Raven Season Two Special "One Hell of a Christmas"

    *Note* As of Spring 2007, Season 1 episodes will be recreated as "Raven Remastered" episodes. The entire original run of season 1 and 2 episodes as well as 3.6 will be redone to add to the quality of the series. The purpose is to make seasons 1 and 2 to the quality of seasons 3 and 4. Look in the index for the Remastered episodes. The originals are posted for comparison*

    ?One hell of a Christmas'

    *Digilee's Note: This is the x-mas episode gift to the fans! I hope you guys like it, its only two acts, its a mini episode and has a pile of old characters who make their guest appearances*

    As Leora speaks, shots of the city are shown covered in snow, shots of People finishing last minute shopping, children playing in the snow, carollers singing. The scene continues various shots of people just enjoying the snowing winter night. Leora can be seen flying in the shadows over the city.

    Leora (V.O): 'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
    Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse;
    The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
    In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there.

    Leora stops and lands on top of a large building and watches over the people of the city as her wings rip back into her back. Her long black hair blows in the wind with her long leather jacket.

    Leora (V.O): That's what they say.

    She holds her hand up, blood runs down it. She sits down leaning against a few boxes. She pants as she cleans up the cut on her hand.

    Leora (V.O): The moon on the breast of the new-fallen snow
    Gave the lustre of mid-day to objects below,
    When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
    But a miniature sleigh, and eight tiny reindeer.

    Cut to Rayne with a bloody sword sitting on a swing in a park. The snow still falling, covering his black leather jacket and blond hair, blood ran along his face and jacket, creating red snow under him.

    Leora (V.O): And then, in a twinkling, I heard on the roof
    The prancing and pawing of each little hoof.
    As I drew in my hand, and was turning around,
    Down the chimney St. Nicholas came with a bound.

    Rayne drops the sword and holds tightly onto the swing chains so he doesn't fall. The back of his jacket has a large cut into it.

    Leora (V.O): How were we supposed to know? It's not like we knew?

    Cut to Illyria holding passed out Carmen. The two stood in an ally way. Carmen has blood over her, so does Illyria. Illyria holds tightly onto Carmen so she doesn't fall. Illyria pants as she tries to keep her balance. Her body shivered, not being use to the cold of winter. Blood stained her face.
    Leora (V.O): His eyes -- how they twinkled! His dimples how merry!
    His cheeks were like roses, his nose like a cherry!
    His droll little mouth was drawn up like a bow,
    And the beard of his chin was as white as the snow;

    Cut back to Leora, who is now standing looking over the city.

    Leora (V.O): Bastard almost killed them all? Who ever believe in Santa anyways?

    End of Teaser

    Kate Beckinsale - Leora Byrne
    Michael Vartan - Arthur Rayne
    AJ Cook - Carmen White
    Kelly Giddish - Katana
    And Amy Acker as Illyria

    Guest Starring:
    Mitchel Musso
    Patrick Dorn
    Carter Jenkins
    And Jim Murray as Santa Clause

    With Special Guest Appearances by:
    Sarah Michelle Gellar, James Marsters
    Nicholas Brendon, Emma Caulfield
    Eliza Dushku, DB Woodside
    Tom Lenk
    Amber Benson
    Alyson Hannigan as Willow
    And Anthony Stewart Head as Giles

    Created by:
    Alexander Brown
    And Travis Truant

    Written by:
    Travis Truant Simpson
    With Help from Alexander Brown

    Executive Producers:
    Travis Truant
    And Alexander Brown

    Based on Buffy the Vampire Slayer created by Joss Whedon, a lot of characters and lore are owned by him, 20th Century Fox and Mutant Enemy.

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    Open to Leora's apartment. Leora and Carmen decorating a Christmas tree while Rayne sits watching and Illyria stands watching in confusion.

    Illyria: A tree for a sacrificial ritual with a fat man in a red suit and a dozen flying reindeer with red noses?

    The other three paused and looked at Illyria.

    Leora: No. No sacrifices or rituals?

    Rayne: We do sacrifice our money to the stores.

    Rayne sighs looking at his empty wallet. Carmen smiles and sits on Rayne's lap.

    Carmen: To buy pretty gifts for the people you love. Nice pretty GOLD gifts. Right?

    Illyria: And the man in the red?

    Leora: Santa? He brings gifts for children to-

    Carmen interrupts her as she picks up the ringing phone.

    Carmen: -Eat them up.

    Rayne turns to Carmen who was on longer sitting on his lap.

    Rayne: Carmen?

    Leora tilts her head.

    Leora: Eat?

    Carmen: Yes. That's a pretty sight huh?

    Leora: So that makes it Santa ate them?

    Willow (on speaker phone): On TV. There was a report of missing kids around the world.

    Carmen: You don't think.

    Rayne: Santa ate people?

    Illyria: You worship of child-eating man who time travels?

    They all turn to Illyria.

    Leora: No. I mean, I don't think so. Why would??

    Leora tries to figure out what she just heard. Rayne picks it up.

    Rayne: Who told you Willow?

    Willow: A friend of mine.

    Rayne: A friend of yours told you about Santa eating children? Who would know something like that?? I mean, that's like a horrid twisted myth.

    Willow: Anya.

    Rayne: Anya?

    Leora: Anya!

    Willow: Just be careful. It was Christmas Eve last night in some places, and with kids missing from a verity of different places so the chances its Santa is high. Tara and I will keep watch here we have also already contacted Giles and Faith.

    Rayne: We'll watch out. Don't worry.

    Willow: Oh! And our gifts will be there shortly, we are trying a teleportation spell, to get all our gifts around the world!

    Carmen hung up the speaker phone. Rayne picked up his sword, which was lying beside the couch.

    Rayne: Looks like we got some St. Nick hunting to do.

    Leora: We're going to kill Santa Clause. Why does that sound so dirty?

    Illyria: It will get dirtier by the pictures I've seen of him. I do not think swords will parish him.

    Carmen: We may need some magic.

    Leora: I can handle that.

    Rayne: Carmen, you and Illyria go downtown.

    Carmen: Okay.

    Leora: I'll try to do a locator spell to see if he comes. I'll contact you guys, but be on the look out. He may be blocking the spell with some other magic.

    Cut to Leora sitting in the living room with candles around her. A spell book lies beside her.

    Leora: Goddess of the hunt, Artemis. I call forth you to guide me. In the darkness I seek the prey.

    The flames on the candles start to change various colors as Leora goes on.

    Leora: Miss guided light. Open prey. Artemis I call. Artemis I call. Point out to me the-

    Leora gets cut off as the window behind her smashes open. All the candles go out as Leora jumps up to her feet. She turns around to see Santa with large black bat wings standing in her living room in front of the window.

    Leora: Santa?

    Santa's black eyes pierced through her. His voice was dark and robotic.

    Santa: Ho? Ho? Ho?

    Leora: I thought you came down the chimney.

    Leora started to back up as Santa came closer.

    Santa: Witch, you've been a bad girl this year. Just like all the other years.

    Leora held out her hand.

    Leora: You're the one who broke my window!

    Cut to a park were Rayne walks he held his sword firm. He walks in the snow and comes up to a dead body and a teenage girl sitting beside it emotionless. Rayne, carefully, walks up to her.

    Rayne: Miss? Are you okay?

    Girl: He promised he wouldn't do this?

    Rayne: Who? Who said he wouldn't do this?

    Rayne walked closer, still unable to see her face.

    Girl: Why did he do this to me? Mommy I'm so sorry?

    Rayne: This is, your mother?

    Girl: He said he wouldn't let me?

    Rayne: Let you? Let you what?

    He examined the girl. The girl turned her face, she was a vampire, he neck wound still fresh.

    Girl: Live!

    Cut to Illyria and Carmen walking down a long street. Carmen groans at the thought of this.

    Carmen: Its Christmas Eve and we are hunting Santa? Why?

    Illyria: He killed? small children.

    Carmen: I know but, it's Santa!

    Voice: You're right.

    The two turned to see three elves in green outfit. Their cloths were stained with blood.

    Elf #1: You have been bad girls this year?

    Elf #2: And must be punished.

    The third elf pulled out a candy cane, which had a long metal blade attached to it. Illyria and Carmen got in fight position for a smack down with elfs. Leora's hand sent out a bright light, which gave her time to run to the door. Santa followed floating behind her. Leora ran down the hall and jumped out the hall window. As she started to fall her large black wings ripped out of her back. Leora let out a scream as the wings caught her. She turned around and saw Santa flying right above her. The two met eye to eye as it started to snow.

    Santa: Ho, Ho-

    Leora kicked him in the gut, sending him into the building.

    Leora: Give it a break?

    End of Act.1 fades to black.


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      Act 2 starts with Leora and Santa fist fighting in the air. Leora is punched into the building and starts to slide down. She grabs onto the wall and tries to flap her wings. Santa grins and fires a blast of red and green magic at her. Leora screams and jumps out of the way. Cut to Rayne swinging his sword as the girl jumps up at him.

      Rayne: Stay back!

      Rayne swung his sword, slicing the girls head off. As he did she turned into dust which blew away. Rayne walked over to the dead women.

      Rayne: Miss?

      Rayne noticed the bite marks on her neck.

      Rayne: That's what she ment?

      Quick black and white flashback to before the act break of Rayne and the girl:

      Girl: He promised he wouldn't do this?

      Rayne: Who? Who said he wouldn't do this?

      Rayne walked closer, still unable to see her face.

      Girl: Why did he do this to me? Mommy I'm so sorry?

      Cut back to Rayne standing over the dead woman's body. He held up his sword and swung down, chopping off her head, causing her to combust into dust. Cut to: Carmen and Illyria, the three elves down the ally, holding the candy cane blades.

      Elf #1: We will do Santa's bidding. He says you've been bad Carmen.

      Carmen: What did I do?

      Elf #2: You and that blonde man have sex every night, premarital sex is against the word of god.

      Carmen: What, Santa's Christian now?

      Elf #3: He is a Saint.

      Illyria: I grow tired of this talk.

      Illyria holds onto a small pipe going down the side of the building next to her, she rips it off and swings it aground. Carmen brings out her shotgun. Elf #1 cartwheels in front of the two others and swings his candy cane at Illyria's pipe. Carmen aims her shotgun as Illyria swings her pipe at the small creature. The other two elves just watch. Elf #1 jumps up to head level with Illyria and swings his blade, cutting Illyria. Carmen loads ammo into her shotgun and tries not to aim at Illyria.

      Carmen: Illyria.

      Illyria grabs the elf and throws him into the dumpster beside Carmen. Carmen shoots the little bugger and elf guts fly onto her and Illyria. The elf gets up with his candy cane, a big hole where his stomach used to be. The elf can't breath anymore, with his last ounce of strength he throws the candy cane at Carmen, Illyria swigs her pipe as the candy cane is flying past her, she breaks off the blade. The blunt part of candy cane slams into Carmen's forehead, who topples over unconscious. Cut to Leora fighting Santa. Santa grabs her and slams her into the ground. As Leora hits the ground her wings rip back into her back. She lets out a loud scream.

      Leora: Bastard!

      She got up and turned to face him. Her eyes were black.

      Leora: Neitherist Meck Eshnix Vook!

      A beam of white light appeared in the middle of the two, sending both of them flying backwards.

      Santa: Bad girl, hurting Santa Clause!

      The two got up, the bright light still between them. Leora held out her hands and closed her eyes.

      Leora: Menis Oku Vusnick Astroth!

      A few blades flew out of Leora's apartment and down to Santa. Santa pulled out an Elf from no where and held him in front of him. The elf screamed as all the blades cut into him. Santa laughed as he dropped the now dead elf.

      Leora: Hey! Now that's not nice.

      Santa: You don't get to decide.

      Leora looked at the elf. Then back to Santa.

      Leora: Meiskiu Ashukiaka Nu-

      Santa sent out a blast of gingerbread arrows before Leora could finish. This sent Leora smacking into a giant truck that was parked outside the fight. Leora screamed as she smashed almost into the truck, pieces slit into her. Leora screams in throbbing pain as she tried to break free with out hurting herself.

      Leora: Rayne!!!

      She cried. Cut to Illyria taking a shard of candy cane out of her arm and going over to Carmen. She takes Carmen's head in her arms.

      Illyria: She is unconscious. I will defeat you.

      The 2 remaining elves jump kick Illyria, slamming her into the wall behind her. Illyria leaps forward with her pipe and whacks elf 3 backward to the end of the ally. She takes the dumpster beside her and tips it over on elf 2, squishing it. Blood splatters on Illyria. Illyria faces Elf #3

      Elf #3: Santa wouldn't be happy! Trust me! You are all in for-

      Before he can finish Rayne comes up behind him and slices him in half (much like Anya). The elf falls to the ground a blood pool started to create around him. Rayne looked up to Illyria and Carmen.

      Rayne: Take care of Carmen; I'm going to go help Leora.

      Illyria: Be careful.

      Rayne nodded and ran off. Rayne stood atop the truck Leora was stuck in. He saw Santa and grinned.

      Rayne: Mr. Clause, I've been waiting a long time to do this. How dare you not bring me that Pony!

      Leora looked up, she was in pain, but had to give him an odd look.

      Leora: A pony?

      She said, forcing the words with out screaming. Rayne coughed.

      Rayne: I mean, Pony-ticilicemeferish Sword!

      Santa growled.

      Rayne: It's on Clause.

      Rayne jumped down and stood in front of Leora. Rayne and Santa charged at each other. Rayne with his sword, and Santa with his spiked bag of hard things Santa swung, hitting Rayne and sending him to the ground. As Rayne fell, Leora's wing ripped out again. Leora let out a louder scream; luckily her wings were concealed by the van. Rayne got up and turned to Santa, Rayne had broken a few bones with that hit.

      Rayne: Hard toys? Ow.

      He held up his sword.

      Rayne: Sharp sword, Owyer!

      Rayne swung slicing Santa's head off. As he did Santa blew up in a large show of colourful Christmas guts. The guts splattered all over Rayne and Leora who were already stained in their own blood. Rayne fell back and as he did Leora broke free and flew off with out Rayne seeing.

      Leora can be seen flying in the shadows over the city. Leora stops and lands on top of a large building and watches over the people of the city as her wings rip back into her back. Her long black hair blows in the wind with her long leather jacket. As Leora Voice Over starts a shots of Rayne, Carmen and Illyria from the teaser start to play.

      Leora (V.O): As I sat there I wondered. I watched the snow fell from the heavens. My body shivered from the cooling blood that stained my. We won, yet? It was a victory I didn't want to face.

      Cut to Andrew opening a Christmas present. He squeals as he opens the Star Wars box set. Behind him are Willow and Tara, acting as the parents to their 3 year old son on Christmas. Tara points up at the mistletoe and the two share a kiss.

      Leora (V.O): Since I was a child I pictured of meeting the real Santa? sitting on his lap, asking him to bring me a gift since I had been good all year. Christmas day I ran down to the tree. I wanted to see if had brought it, something, anything to let me know I was good.

      Cut to Xander and his girl friend drinking eggnog in front of a fire place. The two share in a kiss, their faces covering the screen. As they break the kiss Anya's spirit stands in front of the fireplace. She is unseen but watches, a smile comes to her face.

      Leora (V.O): The years did go on and I woke from the dream. I no longer dreamt of sugar plums dancing in my head? I knew the truth, but somehow? Santa Clause helped me. I guess, even when you grow up you have the feeling that every year it will end with him coming to you. Come giving you a gift for your hard work over the year, a kiss on the forehead, a "sweet dreams".

      Cut to Buffy sitting in front of a window. She lied asleep as it snowed outside her window. Spike appears his spirit frowns as he places his hand on the glass window. Unable to touch the women he loves.

      Leora (V.O): It helps you through the pain and death of the year. Is that what it is? Adults wish on Santa to make the pain go away after they lose their loved ones? Santa is not just for the kids, as must adults try to believe.

      Cut to Giles and Faith hanging up stockings. Wood appears beside the fireplace, unseen but he watches Faith laugh and be joyful. He tries to place a hand on her shoulder.

      Leora (V.O): His Myth was for everyone, for the world, for peace. The real he brought forth the deaths of children, the one thing he was legend to protect. His elves? I wonder what they really are, vampires with a growth disorder?

      Cut to Leora sitting and watching the moon. Fade to black, Leora still talks as it cuts away to the black.

      Leora (V.O): I kill Santa Clause? What words. I never planned on saying them. Did I take away the hope people had, the knowing that he would come to help, the joy of the man who killed hundreds? thousands. I'm sorry for what I did.

      Brittany Ishibashi ? Xander's Girlfriend
      Keri Lynn Pratt ? Dead Women's Daughter
      Pamela Gidley ? Dead Women


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